Conspiracy theories or conspiracy facts?

Thu, Aug 23, 2012


American writer Tracy Kidder points out: “In order to go on with our lives, we are always capable of making the ominous into the merely strange.” We ignore ominous warning signs at our own peril. But ignore them we will, and have. And we continue to call them strange, thus attempting to build a protective shell around our tender psyches, comforting ourselves with an amorphous web of blatant lies.

Daniel Ellsberg knows about conspiracies and ominous signs. As he says, “Secrets … can be kept reliably … for decades … even though they are known to thousands of insiders.” These include, for example, the conspiracy he exposed with the Pentagon Papers, as well as the CIA’s apparent assassination of JFK. Such conspiracies are particularly likely in a police state such as the United States where habeas corpus no longer exists and American citizens can be “legally” assassinated. Strategic assassination is just another step toward complete compliance of the citizenry.

In other words, conspiracy theories sometimes are fact. If opportunity, motive, and means are evident, don’t rule out conspiracy merely because you’ll be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

English philosopher Bertrand Russell put his own spin on the horrors of uncovering the truth via thought:

Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth, more than ruin, more even than death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.

Small wonder, then, most refuse to think. Thinking is hard, so the majority of Americans prefer television instead. Swimming against a profoundly strong cultural current is nearly impossible, especially when the resulting discomfort threatens our own privilege. And conspiracy theories certainly threaten the ill-founded notion of American exceptionalism.

False-flag terror attacks? Check.

American government agencies buying enough ammunition to kill every citizen five times? Check.

U.S. Supreme Court collaborating with the executive branch to increase corporate power? Check, since 1971 (at least).

Goldman Sachs defrauding its clients with the knowledge of the Securities and Exchange Commission? Check.

Civilian deaths from drones covered up? Check.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is dead, though most Americans refuse to acknowledge that truth. But the former U.S. Marine arrested for patriotic posts on Facebook knows. After his relatively innocuous posts, he was placed in a Stalin-like mental ward. Displaying the “wrong” political view warrants the same treatment. Apparently questioning 9/11 — an obvious inside job, as anybody paying the slightest attention has known for years — makes one crazy. Or a terrorist. Or both. And if you think 9/11 wasn’t an inside job — the evidence for which is overwhelming and physically undeniable — then you believe in coincidence but not the Laws of Thermodynamics.

When will your silence be met with incarceration, then torture, then early death? These United States are well down the road of tyranny, regardless the mantra of the mainstream.

Meanwhile, the man who campaigned on the closure of the torture facility at Guantanamo Bay recently signed a law allowing indefinite detention of Americans without trial. People keep telling me he’s our best hope. And maybe he is. But I cannot support evil, not in the name of lesser. So I won’t.

It’s not just America, of course. The West is a giant banana republic. Just ask Julian Assange.

Fortunately, the entire set of living arrangements known as industrial civilization hovers on the brink. Near-term collapse is inevitable.

How quickly can industrial civilization unwind? Last October, Bank of England deputy governor Paul Tucker warned banks they could collapse before Christmas of last year. And of course, collapse in Europe is absolutely inevitable. I suspect that would seriously influence the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

We’re one step from full-scale completion of a long, ongoing decline, as even the occasional Congressional Representative is willing to admit. The next step will be the big one. The monetary situation is direr than the Great Depression and, according to the World Bank, the economic recession ahead will be more severe than the 2008-2009 recession (the one that nearly terminated industrial civilization, according to Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S.). From an imperial perspective, the ongoing economic depression is good news because demand destruction is the only phenomenon keeping the omnicidal boat above water.

Unfortunately, collapse has come too late to save our sorry species. Greenland’s melting breaks the record four weeks before season’s end. Arctic sea ice likely will set a new record next week. Sea level will rise more than 15 cm (6″) annually in the first few years after 2015. In short, we’re done. Alas, it seems we were just getting started.

That our species is headed for near-term extinction is no excuse to throw in the towel. Resistance is fertile, and there is still plenty to fight for. Coming immediately to my mind: the living planet and freedom based in anarchy.


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243 Responses to “Conspiracy theories or conspiracy facts?”

  1. Rehsab Thgir Says:

    Hypotheses, not theories, though hypothesis is often too legitimate a word.

  2. Guy McPherson Says:

    Rehsab Thgir, I’m using the vernacular. I know the difference between theory, hypothesis, and prediction, as I point out in the paper referenced below:

    McPherson, G.R. 2001. Teaching and learning the scientific method. American Biology Teacher 63:242-245.

  3. John Day Says:

    Guy, this reads like my last 2 weeks of my stuff!
    Good warning.
    Our Hawaii move is in process.
    I’m filing out paperwork for the clinic I worked at before, but it’s agreed. I’ll get there probably December, and Jenny and the container should arrive in January
    Head down, nose to the grindstone, food falls from trees…

  4. OzMan Says:


    It’s pretty difficult to refute any of which you put down here. I agree, throwing in the towel is not an option. You will find there are plenty of people who will be there going down fighting. Such a pity to see, however, such an influential culture as the USA which has been revolutionary in terms of democratic ideals, civil rights and racial equalty to go down the path of totalitarianism. Australia as an ally for now is just nudging behind too.
    I hope the entire written output you have set out here is a record and testament to the motivation, integrity and profound love you obviously feel for all of and in this world. I hope no Winston Smiths get at it in some bunker history revision web log office, and that it remains there to be used as evidence of your integrity when they finally come for you, either physically or in the media, but I guess you have imagined and prepared for such scenarios.
    The sandbox, just as Virginia Axline demonstrated, with a little disturbed boy named Dibs, can be a place of great transformation, and a portal facilitating an outpouring of genuine human desire to change oneself, change the world.
    Earlier today I reread your original speech to that fraternity class titled:
    ‘The end of civilization and the extinction of humanity’
    partly because the Journalist I mentioned had just received the copy I printed and sent him 3 weeks ago, and he said he would read it. I also reread it because it is truly a great commentary on the value of one man’s attempt to change the world.
    It is truely a Dibs moment Guy, in print, but it was originally an oration so it is even better.
    I am hoping the essay will get reread by many, and I could not agree more regarding your statment about thinking and its capacity to mess up a convenient niche life.
    For me, I would not have it any other way.

  5. John Day Says:

    Hi Oz Man,

    I don’t think they’ll have to “come for” Guy.
    They’ll just disconnect his internet and fuel.
    They’ll be worried about the cities, not the little back-country homesteads of unarmed intellectuals.
    I suspect there will even be interest in how things are worked out with so much less.
    Maybe not a lot of interest…

  6. Todd Cory Says:

    this article really hits the nail on the head. people!!! be the fucking change you wish to see in the world, or perish in your ‘comfort’.

    “So ignorance and disbelief, in spite of a small group of influential naysayers, are not really the problems. Nor is the only problem the corporations that benefit from fossil fuel extraction and pay well for that benefit before every election. The bigger problem is the rest of us. We are the great majority who can see what’s going on but do nothing about it. Our complacency is the problem, our convenient cynicism about what can be done, our finger pointing without action, our hoping that someone else will do it for us. Unfortunately, even if we are not concerned about the chaotic collapse of our societies and the world our children and grandchildren will inherit, it appears that conveniently dying of old age before life on earth radically changes may no longer be an option.”

  7. Curtis A. Heretic Says:

    The next tropical storm to come ashore along the east coast could be a prelude of what is to come. Of course the obvious solution to sea level rise, is to do what North Carolina did. Simply pass legislation against it happening.

  8. John Day Says:

    I don’t know if this might have been put up sometime already, but this geoengineering documentary video, “Why in the World are They Spraying” is something I have been watching and auditioning for the past hour, something I never do. It is finally a “big picture” of a whole lot I’ve been seeing and wondering about for years. It’s more than a hypothesis, but those with the really solid data are keeping mum, “Top Secret”, ya’know?

  9. Morocco Bama Says:


    I don’t know if this might have been put up sometime already,

    Wow, never heard of that, John. Thanks for posting it. I’ll take a look see. :-)


  10. Morocco Bama Says:


    Ummm…Todd, I think many here are making strong attempts to “be the fucking change they wish to see in the world.” The problem is, it may not be the change with which you agree, meaning many here have resolved not to save THIS world, and instead, beckon the collapse in order to make another world even remotely possible, even if that’s a pipe dream and highly improbable.


  11. Bernhard Says:

    “Don’t let it happen,….”.

    At least, after millennia of slaughter, we must go gracefully.

  12. Kathy C Says:

    But Curtis there is another storm on its way. It in fact has made me realize that in fact there must be a god

    Hurricane Isaac, currently a tropical storm brewing southeast of Puerto Rico, is on track to hit Florida the same day that Mitt Romney and 50,000 Republican delegates, journalists, protestors and guests descend on Tampa for the Republican National Convention.

    That or a conspiracy by the Democratically controlled White House to use HAARP to send this storm to this location at this time…. hmmmm

  13. Kathy C Says:

    A friend sent me a story about Decatur IL and how the drought is affecting its main source of water, Decatur Lake. The story is not available on line but it says that they are losing some 10 million gal of water per day to evaporation. Indirectly from other numbers in the article their daily usage is about 70 million gallons, of which ADM uses 28% and Tate and Lyle, who grind corn use 31% – not sure why they need so much water in their processes.

    At any rate there are other articles on the web about their problems. This one has some gems in it.
    “The lack of running water can range from a manageable nuisance to an expensive headache. Homeowners and businesses are being forced to buy thousands of gallons from private suppliers, to drill deeper or to dig entirely new wells.

    Mary Lakin’s family drained the last of its well water late last month in the small northern Indiana community of Parr. Since then, Lakin, her husband and two children have bathed and done laundry at relatives’ homes and filled buckets from their backyard pool every time they need to flush a toilet.”
    Later the article says
    “In other cases, well owners have hurt themselves with careless water usage, said Richard Hubert, who owns Hubert Water Hauling Service in Smithville, Ill., about 20 miles southeast of St. Louis.

    “We’ve had a lot of people who were silly enough to take their water out of their well and put it into their pool. Or they ran around watering stuff when we’ve been dry for 10 weeks,” Hubert said. “I don’t know what you’re thinking when you’ve got a shallow well, and it hasn’t rained.””

    I would say it is beyond silly eh? Gives you some idea of how unprepared folks are for what is coming….

  14. Kathy C Says:

    From my source who sent me this I would say the Hog Industry is in Panic Mode
    full article at
    Conclusion below:
    Cutbacks Underway

    Livestock cutbacks have commenced. Dairy cow slaughter is up sharply over the past month, which is a good sign since dairy cows count much larger in the feed/grain balance sheet. Reducing their number will have immediate impacts. Sow slaughter has also increased, but that has little impact on short-term feed use. Lower sow numbers now will mean lower pig numbers next summer, allowing us to stretch feed supplies further. Shipping beef cows does little to save on concentrates, but some will move to town due to poor pasture conditions and skyrocketing hay prices. The poultry sector could have an immediate impact on feed usage as well, but they have already cut back and their losses so far are relatively small. I don’t think we can count on much help from the feathers crowd.

    Substitute whatever you can. Start reducing feed usage in finishers by shipping pigs at lighter weights now! You won’t be able to in a few weeks. Reduce daily sow diets to the lowest possible levels that will maintain welfare and productivity. Make sure nothing goes to waste. Don’t put a pig on feed unless it is going to be extremely efficient. Treat sick pigs appropriately and practice timely, humane euthanasia. And, consider cultivating a roaster pig trade in your area. It may sound ridiculous, but we are going to need all the help we can get!

  15. Kathy C Says:

    Meanwhile, collapse now might save us from this pending disaster among others
    A pair of widely used chemicals in the form of tiny “nanoparticles” have been shown to spread throughout a crop plant or affect growth and soil fertility.

    The use of nanoparticles is increasing, yet their environmental impact is poorly understood.

    A report published in PNAS shows that nanoparticles present in exhaust gases and some fertilisers adversely affect soybean growth and surrounding soil.

  16. Ed Says:

    I have problems getting the “conspiracy theorists must be lunatics” meme. Throughout recorded history governments have engaged in secret operations, and people have conspired to influence the government, particularly when this involved illegal activities. Parts of the U.S. government are probably doing tons of stuff now that won’t come to light for decades, if at all.

    However, there is a paradox to conspiracy theories. If you know about a conspiracy to do something illegal, and can give people an account of it with plausible reasoning and evidence, the members of the actual conspiracy will probably kill or make life difficult for you. So you only hear the really implausible conspiracy theories.

    Incidentally, the mother of all conspiracy theories happens to be the human extinction conspiracy, which is essentially that the elites are deliberately not doing anything to stop global warning because their goal is that the temperatures rise to the point where the human race goes extinct. It has some power because, at least in the United States and China, elites really aren’t implementing policies to combat global warming.

  17. Kathy C Says:

    It would be easy to think that there is some conspiracy to ignore global warming because how could the elite be such idiots as to ignore the danger to themselves. But then how do they benefit. What use a conspiracy to self extinct unless you have some out (buried cities?). However the idea that they are psychopaths probably explains most everything they do. They cannot believe that they die much less go extinct. Given that most people on peak oil sites keep talking about surviving, when in fact all we can do is to extend survival by delaying death, it is logical to assume that the powerful have an even stronger denial going – after all they are so powerful how could death defeat them….

  18. BenjaminTheDonkey Says:

    Kathy C Says: “They cannot believe that they die much less go extinct. Given that most people on peak oil sites keep talking about surviving, when in fact all we can do is to extend survival by delaying death….”

    Some think they’re one of the few
    Who actually will make it through;
    With the heat, radiation,
    And other privation,
    They’ll die, whatever they do.

  19. Morocco Bama Says:


    The Twin Towers Came Down In A Flash
    A Passport Survived The Mash
    Through The Smokey Debris
    Culprits Did Flee
    As The Evidence Turned To Ash


  20. Morocco Bama Says:


    Combining the spray video with what Kathy C posted, we get this study for Big Tobacco concerning the effects of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles on Tobacco Plants. The results are not unexpected. Perhaps Monsanto can come up with an Aluminum resistant tobacco plant so idiots can still voluntarily administer their own cancer via the carefully crafted cancer delivery mechanism known as cigarettes. I can just hear the tobacco companies. “Hey, you can spray that shit all you want, so long as it doesn’t mess with our plans to kill hundreds of thousands of people a year. Don’t be cutting into our piece of the pie.”

    Murder For Profit.


  21. John Day Says:

    Morocco Bama,
    Glad you saw the video.
    The lunatics are running the asylum, and playing with matches.

  22. OzMan Says:

    Morocco Bama

    You wrote:

    ‘…so idiots can still voluntarily administer their own cancer via the carefully crafted cancer delivery mechanism known as cigarettes.’

    Do you really believe these people are idiots?
    C’mon Moroc, they are addicted, and that masks the trauma of adapting to a lot of violent and dysfunctional personal and cultural particulars in their past.
    EVERYONE has addictions, it is the nature of the Ego adaptation to the early stages of life. We all share many addictions, the gross ones are visable to others, like smoking, and alcaholism and out of control substance abuse.
    However, more subtle addictions are everywhere, like belief in authority, dependency devices and music/videos marketed and delivered to coming of age teens; getting angry at cultural collapse is a biggy for me. Thousands of serious interpersonal relational patterns of dysfunction, that litter local courts and marriage counselling sessions also reveal systemic addictions to patterns of behaviour. We who have an array of those addictions are not idiots. We are merely struggling to overcome what I now refer to, without obfuscation, as ‘Abuses Of Empire’, AOE.
    Regarding the tabbacco industries desire to kill people… that is not their objective. It is to create an income stream that has been one of the most dependable types of predictable profit around. The heavy metals and small quantities of added carcinogens in the product is a way of waste disposal, which they channel from the toxic byproducts of other virtically integrated industries from their portfolio of investments. People who buy smokes are paying to dispose of the environmental toxins in their coffins or ash urns. It’s a win/win for big industries, who also have investments in big pharma, and the funeral industries.
    It may seem foolish to us that smokers can’t change simply by noting the facts of cancer, however, the fear and anxiety of adapting to a mess of a culture may be harder to outgrow than you appreciate.
    On a more personal note..
    My mother gave up smoking after 55 years of two packs a day, unfiltered 20 mg heavy hitters. It turns out that at the age of 72 she passed away 8 months later having freed herself of an addictiont that stemmed from the abuses of being abandoned at 6 months old when her mother died as a consequence of complications from the birth. As a depression era child, born in 1920, with few loving relatives, my mother was passed around among distant relations who could not or did not want another mouth to feed. The great anxiety from the infantile need to be loved was quickly displaced by niccotine addiction in her early life as she entered the world of work, and remained an issue that retarded her growth in terms of compassion.
    The fact that she was able to let go of those infantile cravings was a great thing to have overcome. A sad indigtment that that was a triumph of a life faught well.
    Your views are always appreciated, but I do not share your disdain for addicts, for I remember one of those old homolies from my Empire education –
    ‘There but for the grace of God go I’.
    Notwithstanding the refrain to a diety, I tend to go along with that ‘Aquarian’ leveller. Show me someone who is not addicted to something, gross or subtle, and I will show you a fully mature human being.

  23. Robin Datta Says:

    Dr. McPherson is poking a hornets’ nest – the hornets of Empire. But thank you for doing so.

    Jay Rosen: How the News is Made Now

    Conspiracy requires three elements: 
    1) Two or more persons, 
    2) Planning in secret
    3) For an immoral or illegal purpose. 

    By those criteria, there have been plenty of conspiracies. The Gulf of Tonkin and the Downing Street Memoranda are two examples not mentioned in this post.

    To quote from Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in: chop wood and carry water. 

  24. Morocco Bama Says:


    Do you really believe these people are idiots?

    Yes, I do. Back when cigarettes were first introduced, I will grant a pass on the idiocy part, because there was not full knowledge, but these days, with all the information available, it is a knowledgeable decision for people to start smoking. Most know the risks, so if they start, they’re idiots. Of course, what do you expect from people who have had their critical thought processes stunted and or neutered? Oh, that’s right, you expect them to some how save the world. They’ll show us what they’re made of when the going gets tough, right? They’ll buck up and make the right decisions then, of course, because they all have the capability of changing who and what they are at the drop of a hat, when it really counts. Got it.

    My daughter mentioned that her health teacher yesterday asked if anyone in her class smoked cigarettes. It’s no surprise that no one volunteered that they did…even after he promised he wouldn’t rat them out. I told her that there were two videos I would show the class if I were the health teacher. They are as follows:

    She said, “good try, but you’re not allowed to show movies that are rated any worse than PG. Sweet Mother of Jesus!!

    That first video is a true story and another conspiracy revealed. Corporate World is one conspiracy after another, I know, I’ve been there, and I can attest. Conspiracies abound in Corporations, and Corporations are a microcosm of the Macrocosm that is our society and culture, so it stands to reason we are awash in Conspiracy. Hell, Civilization is predicated upon Conspiracy…..a massive Conspiracy in plain sight, for all to see, and a simulacra of ubiquitous sub-conspiracies. And yet, people have the nerve to deny conspiracy, which if you really think about it, is a conspiracy in and of itself….that idiots can be fooled into thinking there is no conspiracy, or there are no conspiracies.


  25. Robin Datta Says:

    For a look at what the map in your area will look like with sea level rise:

    Sea Level Rise Map Calculator

  26. OzMan Says:

    Some newish Oil commentary questioning near term optimism.

    ‘Don’t count on revolution in oil supply’
    by Sadad al-Huseini

    Always hard to filter the noise in these small snippets.

  27. Morocco Bama Says:


    Dude here.

    Whew! I’m safe. Per Robin’s interactive sea level rise map, Atlanta is still high and dry at 60m+ with the added benefit of a much shorter drive to the beach….and nice new beaches, at that. This calls for celebration, and celebration calls for drink. Countdown for Wine Night commences. Eight hours til take off.


  28. OzMan Says:

    Morocco Bama

    Your general point about the incapacity of people to quickly adapt is sound and I think it is unrealistic to assume such a capacity. as you say.
    That said, I was trying to highlight that such a life destroying practice as smoking, as absurd as it seems to a rational assessment, is only really taken up by people for irrational reasons. Some of that is simply for social conformity, i.e. in an adolescent phase, and some is from anxiety from life trauma. Neither of these are particularly rational choices, and any addictive substance begun during a period of high anxiety, will cover the original feelings, but not heal or erase them, merely provide short term relief. Hence the need to return to the substance when anxiety levels increase.
    None of that is rational, but it can be remediated with persistance, self reflection, effort and emotional support. Those things we should be willing to give for that purpose to others wishinng to grow beyond their poor adaptations with such things.
    Yes, I agree, in a situation of servere global dysfunction and crisis, these people will be poorly situted to go cold turkey and pick up a shovel, or walk long distances. No one’s kidding themselves these coming decades will be easy for even the most able and fit.
    Helpling others in times of need, even if we are all in that need, is something I have considdered to be a human characteristic. Obviously some may not live up to ‘my’ high expectations. That is not something I have any power to influence, but choosing to help others is.

  29. Morocco Bama Says:


    OzMan, thanks for that link about the Oil Supply Revolution. I have one little beef with it, though.

    He says:

    Much as all the stakeholders in the energy industry would like to be optimistic, it isn’t an oil glut by 2020 that is keeping oil prices as high as they are. It is the reality that the oil sector has been pushed to the limit of its capabilities and that this difficult challenge will dominate energy markets for the rest of the decade.

    Whereas it may once have been true that oil was predominantly priced via a supply and demand methodology, I don’t believe it is any longer, in fact, I’m quite confident it’s not, so to use the price of oil as part of his supporting argument is flimsy. His argument stands, and is strong, without it, so there is no need for it. The price of oil is largely gamed by Insider Hedge Funds and the large Investment Houses. Like the stock market, it’s not based in reality at large, but rather their own little fabricated reality to which the populace at large is not privy.


  30. OzMan Says:

    Morocco Bama

    Here in NSW, Australia our kids are permitted to watch M rated movies at school with a detailed permission note signed by parient/guardian. Who are they kidding, most ‘affluent’ kids can get anything on an iphone/thingy anytime they wish.

  31. OzMan Says:

    Morocco Bama

    You write:

    “The price of oil is largely gamed by Insider Hedge Funds and the large Investment Houses.”

    Richard Heinberg may disagree with you on that. I considder the info you state on the hedge funds and investment angle is largly a big factor, but real spare capacity seems to be the rub when demand is high, as it was prior to the recent FUBAR. The 2008-9 WFC has left a lot of demand destruction cycling into the mix. Indeed some believe that the spike to US $124 per barrel was engineered to do just that. During this subsequent slowdown in world economic growth, there is that spare capacity now again, and manipulation can run a bit more freely than when a squeeze arrives, (somewhere down the track) as depletion and oil decline kicks in.
    As a complete armchair oil industry doodler, I could be mistaken, however.

  32. Morocco Bama Says:


    Richard Heinberg may disagree with you on that.

    Good for him, and I will repeat, OzMan, dropping the price component from his argument doesn’t weaken it in any way, in fact, it serves to strengthen it, imo. Research the gaming of the price of oil instead of taking Heinberg’s word for it. He’s not the definitive source on all things oil, or all things Peak, although I agree with much of what he does observes.


  33. OzMan Says:

    Morocco Bama

    I think we can safely assume after the recent outings of the LIBOR fixings, any real comodity like Gold, Silver, Oil or Gas has been subject to similar price manipulations, because these bring large constant investment and therefore predictable returns. So why would Oil be different?
    You are right to point to not taking Heinberg’s word for it, but I wasn’t. I should have posted some quotation of him and some others regarding thier analysis of the world spare capacity as being a real physical limit as a factor in World Oil price. I didn’t because I figure it is pretty obvious your point and my point are both factors, and they are difficult to determine which is playing into the market at any one time, especially from an armchair.

    If the demand destruction conspiracy theory I mentioned is correct, then some of TPTB see a slower growth, world depression is a more profitable situation than a very volatile tight spare capacity world market, that also BTW tends to provre to even laymen the arguments of Peak Oilers.
    Keeping some ball rolling may be their main objective, or at least keeping it under TPTB’s control. In an unmoderated Peak Oil volitility situation, the party will be over, as Guy proposes. Playing hide and seek would seem to be the last saving throw for the big money rakers. More blatant military options from now on, would not surprise me.

  34. OzMan Says:

    Further to my last posting…

    If we wait a week or two for the higher world Corn, Wheat and Soya prices, as well as the intermix of reduced USA ethonol production, as a result of the widespread crop failures in the USA, we will see civil unrest again and spiking Oil prices, or at least steady price increase,(from the armchair). That, at least, may cause the music to stop at the party.

  35. Kathy C Says:

    Robin, add to the list of conspiracies known – Iran Contra Affair.
    Conspiracies envisioned – Operation Northwoods
    Conspiracies with good evidence – Operation Gladio, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City Bombing, the first World Trade Center bombing

    A Noble Lie is about the Oklahoma City Bombing and the things that don’t fit the official conspiracy theory between McVeigh and Nichols

  36. Kathy C Says:

    Part 2 of A Noble Lie

    Per wiki: In politics a noble lie is a myth or untruth, often, but not invariably, of a religious nature, knowingly told by an elite to maintain social harmony or to advance an agenda. The noble lie is a concept originated by Plato as described in the Republic.

  37. Steven Earl Salmony Says:

    Economists and demographers are not scientists. Are they political hacks? Who exactly and what precisely are they representing? The 1%? Ideologues?

    The colossal global predicament facing the human community in our time is partly a result of widely shared preternatural demographic theories and consensually validated economic thought. Unscientific models have been presented and defended as science on our watch. Well-established scientific knowledge regarding biological evolution, human population dynamics and well known physical ‘rules of the house’ of Earth has been ignored. These experts consciously and deliberately fail to recognize a difference between the way the natural world works and the way they think. They assume resources of a finite and frangible planet can supply infinite products. At the behest of corporate benefactors and political powerbrokers, they bear some responsibility for directing the human community down a ‘primrose path’ that is marked by skyrocketing overpopulation, rampant overproduction, outrageous overconsumption, unconscionable hoarding as well as extraordinary resource depletion and widespread environmental degradation. Most experts of demography and economics hold onto outdated ideas that serve to confuse the public and deny what could be real. A paradigm shift and drastic action to redo demographic and economic thinking will be required so that researchers in these fields of study embrace relevant science rather than conveniently overlook it.

  38. Morocco Bama Says:


    OzMan, I’ve been looking for the article I read several years back about how the Enron Energy Traders didn’t just evaporate, but rather, were a hot commodity (pun intended) precisely because they knew exactly how to effectively and successfully manipulate Energy prices in the newly unregulated market where traders never have to take possession of the energy they purchase and sell. I can’t find it, but many of them went to the notable Investment houses, including Goldman Sachs, but here’s one who became a Rock Star in the Hedge Fund arena. How much do you want to bet that he made the lion’s share of that 317% return on commodities, to include a substantial stake in energy, mainly oil?

    The official story of Arnold is well-known: a star Enron trader who rose from the ashes of one of the most scandalous corporate bankruptcies in American history, launching his own Houston hedge fund in 2002 with the help of an $8 million bonus and a handful of early investors. While many were wary, Arnold took pains to distance himself from Enron’s blackened legacy and, within a few short years, extracted frothy profits, propelling himself to unprecedented fame and celebrity. (See this 2009 Fortune story The wunderkind gas trader)

    In 2006, Arnold minted returns of 317%, net of fees, at his fund, Centaurus Advisors. At the fund’s zenith, it held around $5 billion, much of it Arnold’s own capital. Centaurus, which charged higher-than-average fees (3% for management and 30% of earnings) closed to new investors shortly after opening, but those who made the cut guarded their memberships fiercely, acting as though they barely squeaked into a VIP room from which they could easily be jettisoned.


  39. Kathy C Says:
    Each time the Egyptian government says the economy will recover soon, as stated amid the visit of the International Monetary Fund to discuss a controversial $4.8 million loan, the situation gets worse.
    Egypt’s industries are suffering blackouts that last for long periods each day across the country. The power cuts phenomenon is not only affecting homes, but also the core of industrial production, which means jobs and national income.

    The increasing number of power cuts in recent weeks has sparked protests in various governorates across the country. Cuts in Cairo and other major cities can last up to 90 minutes and occur every couple of days.

    However, in villages power cuts are more frequent and can last five hours or more. In the summer heat and during Ramadan, the effect can be debilitating for many people.

    Factories have experienced massive loses, especially metals and aluminium factories, which depend mainly on electricity. Blackouts have not only interrupted production but have damaged machinery.

    “Factories blackouts led to LE70 million ($11.6 million) in production losses,” said Mohamed Hanfy, director of the Metal Industries Chamber. One of cement factory in Beni Suef city has lost around LE30 million.

    Industries consume around 23 per cent of the national electricity supply, with 42 per cent for houses. Metal industries, which represent about 15 per cent of all industry, consume around five per cent of available power, Hanafy reported.

  40. Kathy C Says:
    An interesting way to look at extinctions

  41. David W. Says:

    Good start, lets get it all out there.!__conspiracy

    I think a key to understanding many other conspiracy theories is the passing of the dark star, aka Nibiru, or Planet X. Keeping the appearance of business-as-usual until this cosmic event can not be hidden any longer is the goal of the elites. Until they are in the bunkers that have been constructed with our tax dollars. Many
    astronomers murdered to keep this under wraps. The FEMA camps are to control any survivors. Check for how this event unfolds.

  42. David W. Says:

    Make that
    Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

  43. Robin Datta Says:

    A paradigm shift and drastic action to redo demographic and economic thinking will be required so that researchers in these fields of study embrace relevant science rather than conveniently overlook it.

    The researchers in those fields of study could be quite tasty if people are hungry enough. More pragmatically, a miracle will be needed for Wile E. Coyote’s forelegs to be transformed into ADEQUATE wings while accelerating at 32 feet/second/second. 

    The URLs
    both require Adobe Flash Player and are incompatible with the iPhone 3G. 

    Petroleum prices are constrained at their upper limits by the ability of the economy to support high prices: the processes and transactions that become uneconomic above a certain energy cost, cease. Those that are affected severely enough for long enough cease and desist. 

    A factory may reduce production for a certain while, but if the reductions are severe enough and long enough, the factory is shuttered. A person may eat less for a while, but if the reduction in food intake is severe enough for long enough, the person dies. A person may drive around less to compensate for high gasoline prices, but if the prices stay high enough for long enough, they may get a smaller car. Areas of the economy that are discretionary are first affected, and non-elastic demand if not met, is destroyed. 

    Elastic demand rebounds when supply is restored, but is generally discretionary (such as entertainment) and is sacrificed for non-discretionary demand (such as food). The demand for food is much less elastic: one may go entirely without entertainment for prolonged periods, and the demand for entertainment returns with the availability of entertainment. Without food, one dies, and if food again becomes available, the demand for it will have to come from another person/generation. 

    The lower bound of petroleum prices is set by rebounding demand, often discretionary demand. But with each downswing, there is some permanent demand destruction, reflecting impoverishment of people. 

    Reduced petroleum extraction will not result in an unlimited rise in petroleum prices, because the processes and transactions that use petroleum have a limited ability to bear such costs. It will instead be reflected in the impoverishment of more people who can no longer afford those processes and costs.  Likewise decreasing demand driving down prices for the available petroleum will be moderated by the extent to which demands that are elastic enough do rebound – until the deindustrialisation of the economy is so far advanced that the demand for petroleum is insignificant.

  44. Robin Datta Says:

    For all you 9/11 conspiracy nuts:

    9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

  45. Georgetta Laureno Says:

    Hi there, can anybody highly recommend a decent caravan park to stay at on the gold coast?

  46. The REAL Dr. House Says:

    Georgetta Laureno, if you’re referring to the Gold Coast of Florida, good luck finding a place. There are very few RV parks left in that area. Land costs rose so high during the hi-flying 90s that most places such as that were bought and turned into multi-story condos. Of those that remain, the competition for a spot is quite high. That being said, Florida is really geared toward tourists. You can find good up-to-date information on tourist services virtually everywhere once you’re in the state.

    As we all know, if you’re going to be visiting Florida, you better do it soon. It will likely be underwater pretty soon – particularly the Gold Coast.

  47. The REAL Dr. House Says:

    Kathy C, based on the forecast models for Isaac, you and yours should be getting quite a bit of rain soon. You may want to get your water storage containers ready – it will be a great opportunity for water hoarding! (And who knows when you’ll have another chance :-)

  48. Morocco Bama Says:


    Rumor has it that water hoarding is soon to become illegal and anyone caught hoarding water will be considered a looting terrorist and shot on sight.


  49. Robin Datta Says:

    Stuart Staniford’s blog  Early Warning
    Risks to Global Civilization
    TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012

    Interesting Links: Tuesday Edition:

    The above is the global temperature anomaly map for July 2012 – the hottest month in recorded history for the lower 48 states of the US – from NASA GISS (h/t Desdemona Despair).
    New CAFE rules should be finalized this month.
    The price of hay in the midwest has doubled due to the drought.  If there was a cellulosic ethanol industry there, it’d be hurting.
    Making soft robots that can move and camouflage themselves.  Words fail.
    Record low sea ice area in the Arctic already – and still several weeks to go to the minimum.
    United States on track for worst fire year since records began.
    It’s also challenging to keep the Mississipi open for boat traffic.
    Economists discover in 2012 that loan-to-income rules would have been a good idea during the housing bubble.  We’re glad you finally figured that one out…
    Inflation is more cyclical than has been measured, due to store switching (going to Walmart during recessions).

    “May you live in interesting times”?

  50. Kathy C Says:

    Dr. House, yes it does look like we will get the rain from Hurricane Issac – perhaps more than that if it strengthens over the gulf. It will be welcome if it isn’t too strong a storm by the time it hits us. However we have been getting a bit of rain over the last couple of weeks and the remaining crops have been responding well to it. All and all, perhaps because I planted early (starting mid March), this has been a better year in the garden than last year.
    One of the models would have it bringing rain your way

  51. Martin Knight Says:

    If you believe 9/11 was an inside job or anything like that, it is because you have a poor understanding of the power of coincidence.

  52. OzMan Says:


    After viewing the link about William Binney, and his testemony of USA spying on it’s own citizens post 9/11, what more does anybody need to know than this? The party is not just over, everyone has been taken to the county lockup and refused their one phone call !!

  53. The REAL Dr. House Says:

    Josh and I have been trying to buy hay for the last month or so. We were able to get 3 bales. We only want 20, but so far are 17 short. We are fortunate that we have enough land that our 2 goats shouldn’t have any trouble finding plenty to eat this winter – I think. But, it will require that we let them out of their pen and watch them for several hours every day. Of course, I could be wrong about that, too. It all depends on the weather. If the rains are heavy this fall and winter, it will knock down all the leaves and dead grass making it difficult for the goats to get to it. The same with snow.

    I have tried my hand at making a little hay using a scythe. It worked all right, but the goats had it eaten in a day. We don’t have enough pasture to make much hay, mostly we have trees, and I don’t think I have the stamina to make enough to make much difference even if we did have the pasture.

    We may not need it, but, we’ll keep looking for hay. I’m not willing for my girls to starve to death.

    I haven’t heard of it yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of hay being stolen. It’s gotten quite expensive.

  54. Kathy C Says:

    Dr House, wouldn’t that be something – stealing hay. Yes I see you have a looming problem. I don’t know about you but we have coyotes and they are howling ever closer to our house. I am sure that unprotected your goats could be vulnerable to coyotes. Your little one would be vulnerable to foxes I think.

    Do they eat tree leaves. If so maybe you can nab someones leaves that they rake in town. I have a cage on the back of my truck in which I throw bags of leaves from town for mulch on the garden.

    Meanwhile we overdid our chicken breeding again and now have 161 chickens, 59 are chicks we hatched this year – and some are almost full grown so our feed usage is up and feed prices are starting to rise. So our axe will be busy this year – We should aim at about 20 birds but we find it hard to cull the older hens who we have grown fond of. Well if it goes from expensive to hard to get at all, we will have no choice. Time to stop the ethanol mandate.

  55. ed Says:

    Georgetta, it’s not the Gold Coast but we stayed here last winter:

    and loved it. Great facilities, friendly people. Empty beaches close by. If you don’t have a dog, there is private park in Siesta Key, where you can pull right up to the Gulf.

  56. Kathy C Says:

    Martin, ah yes, the official story of 911 is a strong validation that coincidence is operating full time. And of course the official story is also a conspiracy story. 19 men and a man in a cave conspire to do acts that violate the laws of nature and they accomplish it through help from Allah. If one wants to be religious and thinks Muslims brought down the towers the obvious choice for a powerful god would be Allah. Jehovah hasn’t brought down any buildings since Samson and the tower of Babel.

  57. Morocco Bama Says:


    OzMan, the “USA” has been spying on its own citizens….since probably forever, but certainly it picked up pace once Hoover’s FBI was established. It’s nothing new. What is new is that they have now codified into law, so it’s no longer “in the dark.”

    Little Murders

    Conspiracy’s been around forever, and the glorious, ignominious REAL history of the “USA’ is no exception. Here’s a link to a movie made by Michael Cimino entitled Heaven’s Gate. It was not a flop. It is a masterpiece, imo, and it shows the workings and depravity of the U.S. Elite in the latter part of the 19th century.


  58. Tom Says:

    Here’s a surprise. i sent a link to this post to another website i frequent (very independent) and one of their writers actually gave me flack – calling Guy (and me) a “shit shoveller” for the “9/11 was an inside job” statement. i backed it up with a bunch of links to expert testimony about the impossibility of the Twin Towers falling the way they did as a result of the planes impacting the buildings (i didn’t even mention the third building that went down due to bad vibes i guess, since it wasn’t hit by anything). His argument was the lack of evidence and my rebuttal was that they quickly got rid of as much evidence as they could (all the structural debris) without treating it as a crime scene as they should have. i can’t believe some people still swallow the “official” account, as full of holes and obvious lies that it is.

    i found this today and share it for those finding it interesting or informative:

    NSA Whistleblower Details How The NSA Has Spied On All US Citizens Since 9/11

    National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney explains how the secretive agency run its pervasive domestic spying apparatus in a new piece by Laura Poitras in The New York TImes.

    Binney—one of the best mathematicians and code breakers in NSA history—worked for the Defense Department’s foreign signals intelligence agency for 32 years before resigning in late 2001 because he “could not stay after the NSA began purposefully violating the Constitution.”

    In a short video called “The Program,” Binney explains how the agency took part of one of the programs he built and started using it to spy on virtually every U.S. citizen without warrants under the code-name Stellar Wind.

    Binney details how the top-secret surveillance program, the scope of which has never been made public, can track electronic activities—phone calls, emails, banking and travel records, social media—and map them to collect “all the attributes that any individual has” in every type of activity and build a profile based on that data.

    “So that now I can pull your entire life together from all those domains and map it out and show your entire life over time,” Binney says.

    (there’s more)

  59. Kathy C Says:

    Genetic Roulette
    uns and Butter
    “Genetic Roulette” with Jeffrey M. Smith. Genetic engineering unnaturally crosses the species barrier with unknown long-term consequences; serious health risks associated with ingesting genetically modified food including infertility, immune problems, inflamation, accelerated aging, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system; no long-term scientific studies conducted; regulatory capture by the gmo industry; intimidation of researchers; California Proposition 37.

  60. Kathy C Says:

    It begins
    In the small Spanish town of Marinaleda, located in the southern region of Andalusía, Mayor Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo has an answer for the country’s economic crisis and the hunger that comes with it: He organized and led the town’s residents to raid supermarkets to get the food necessary to survive.

    Seven people have been arrested in two raids in which trade unionists loaded shopping carts full of food and left without paying, with the support of the townspeople cheering them on and the mayor watching with approval. (, Aug. 15)

  61. Kathy C Says:

    Bosnia on red alert during hottest summer on record
    by Staff Writers
    Sarajevo (AFP) Aug 23, 2012

    Bosnian authorities put the entire country on red alert Thursday against a heatwave that has seen the Balkan nation bake in its hottest summer on record, the national weather institute said.

    Meteorologist Dzenan Zulum said the months of June, July and August had been the hottest since measurements were first recorded 120 years ago.

    In some places, the mercury has soared to 41 degrees Celsius (105.8 Fahrenheit) and temperatures in the capital Sarajevo have in recent days been about seven degrees Celsius warmer than normal.

    “We predict a similar temperature for the next two or three days followed by a slight cooling from Sunday,” Zulum said.

    Farmers say between 50-80 percent of their crops have been damaged in the heatwave, and water distribution to several towns has been disrupted.

    Bosnia is also battling dozens of forest fires in the south and east of the country, with many hundreds of hectares (acres) of land burned.

  62. Curtis A. Heretic Says:

    I really have no concern about the so called “collapse”, whether financial, political, environmental, or any other. I fully expect that just as we are about to crash and burn, the one running the simulation will say, “OK, there is no reason to drag this out. PROGRAM END. Everyone turn in your final assignment. Next term will run the simulation from the beginning, without homo sapiens.”

  63. Yorchichan Says:

    Curtis A.Heretic

    What’s the difference? Whether we are a simulation or not it still seems real.


    In the interests of balance, here are some details for the UK summer 2012:

    Long after the oceans have boiled away, you’ll be able to rely on the UK for cold wet weather.

  64. Curtis A. Heretic Says:


    Of course we all accept that our senses report accurately.

    I was being a smart ass. Just ask Kathy C. or tvt.

  65. Yorchichan Says:


    Just wishful thinking that it will all end quickly and painlessly 😉 .

    I’d love to believe I lived in a simulation. Only hope I can think of of an afterlife. Similar to a belief in God.

  66. Robin Datta Says:

    I’d love to believe I lived in a simulation. Only hope I can think of of an afterlife. Similar to a belief in God.

    All are delusions, within the duality of the “I” and the “not-I”: the “not-I” includes (but is not limited to) “love”, “belief”, “simulation”, “hope”, “afterlife” and “God”. 

  67. Kathy C Says:

    Curtis wrote “Of course we all accept that our senses report accurately.
    I was being a smart ass. Just ask Kathy C. or tvt.”

    Yep that is entirely accurate :)

  68. Kathy C Says:

    Dr House, latest update on Hurricane Issac might mean that you will get more of the rain than us.

  69. David W. Says:

    The Great Culling

    “Why in the World are They Spraying?” Full Length Documenty

    Looking Inside the Poisoned Chemtrails

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: H.A.A.R.P.

    Tour HAARP and Ionospheric Heaters worldwide 3D Map & Details

  70. Yorchichan Says:


    All are delusions, within the duality of the “I” and the “not-I”: the “not-I” includes (but is not limited to) “love”, “belief”, “simulation”, “hope”, “afterlife” and “God”.

    Thanks, that clears it up 😉 . Sadly, I’ve yet to experience any anomalies in the matrix, so I have no evidence for it and for me it’s not even a delusion.

    Are you saying that the “I’, “not-I” duality is part/all of the delusion? Why aren’t “love” and “hope” (and maybe “afterlife”) part of the “I” delusion as well as the “not-I”? They are things I experience after all.

  71. Curtis A. Heretic Says:

    Issac gives the Republicans a chance to fill sand bags and do something useful for the first time in their lives.

  72. Morocco Bama Says:


    I have to laugh at all the attention Hurricanes get in the news. Living near the Gulf Coast for many years, you learn to respect Hurricanes as part of life, and never to take them for granted, nor overstate their significance. It’s just part of nature. But the press can’t leave it alone. It has to blow the effects of Hurricanes out of proportion. The fact is, Hurricanes have been reshaping coastlines since before humans, and certainly all during human existence. Prior to Civilization, humans were most likely smart enough not to build permanent dwellings in areas consistently inundated with these powerful storms….but not Modern Humans. No, Modern Humans believe themselves to be immune from the vicissitudes of nature, and so the hubris-filled fools continue to construct the coastlines only to have it torn back down again, and then have its Press melodramatize the destruction ad nauseum. I haven’t even followed the coverage of these latest Tropical Storms/Hurricanes, and I will keep it that way. And anyone who is serious about Anthropogenic Climate Change should steer clear of giving any attention to Hurricanes as support for their arguments. It’s the weakest link, and should be avoided.

    Same holds true for political party conventions. Not on my radar, and not worth my time. Kabuki theater, nothing more. A farce of massive proportions.


  73. The REAL Dr. House Says:

    Curtis, Issac gives the Republicans a chance to fill sand bags and do something useful for the first time in their lives. It’s not often that a post on NBL makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for the levity!

  74. The REAL Dr. House Says:

    Kathy C, surprisingly, it rained here pretty much all day yesterday. A wonderful break in our drought! The funny thing is that it wasn’t predicted until a few hours before it began to rain. It sure seems to me that climate change is making it much more difficult to make accurate weather predictions, yet, amazingly a large percentage of meteorologists don’t believe in global warming. Go figure.

  75. The REAL Dr. House Says:

    Morocco Bama,

    I agree that the news makes way too much out of hurricanes than is necessary (can be said about any subject, really). It’s been that way since Hurricane Andrew in August 1992. I lived in Fort Lauderdale then. At that time, there had been many years without a strong hurricane strike, so news organizations weren’t really covering them at all. One lone meteorologist – Brian Norcross – was saying that he thought the storm was going to be major. We knew Brian socially, and he was expressing frustration that no one seemed to be listening to his warnings. Consequently, we decided to prepare. He turned out to be dead on with his predictions and we were grateful that we listened to him. It made his career, of course, but that, along with the burgeoning 24 hour news networks, changed everything with respect to how hurricanes are covered.

  76. Morocco Bama Says:


    David W, per your links, The Great Culling is the sequel to What In The World Are They Spraying, so now it’s no longer a question to be put to the test by the authors, but they’ve jumped to the why, and the why is to cull the human population. That’s foolhardy, imo, and they have now lost credibility, because they’re no longer curious, but rather they seem to be exploiting a particular revenue-producing genre. Oh well, Another One Bites The Dust.


  77. Morocco Bama Says:


    The simple fact is, TRDH, Hurricanes do, and will, happen on certain coasts, and whereas some pre-planning may save some lives, you’re never going to be able to cover all possible destructive permutations. The answer is to not build along these coastal areas, and yet that’s precisely what people continue to do….to this day. Considering what we know about ACC, and rising water levels and the increasing intensity of all storms, be it Hurricanes and/or Tornadoes, it’s hard to feel sorry for people in the U.S. who hubristically continue to put themselves directly and explicitly in harms way.


  78. Michael Irving Says:

    morocco bama,

    Re: oil pricing

    I have to concur. How else do you explain an immediate jump in gas prices here in eastern Washington by $.15 on the heels of a refinery fire in San Francisco? We get our gas via a pipeline from Montana derived from a totally different source. For that matter explain to me how the highest gas prices in the state are usually in Bellingham which has two refineries within 10 miles and another only 25 miles away. Yes, they are jacking us.

    Sorry I’m so far behind the thread.

    Michael Irving

  79. Michael Irving Says:

    Kathy C

    We had frost yesterday! Down to 30°F overnight. I got up at five and check the temp and almost croaked. Luckily we saved the garden. It is not that this is unusual, we usually get a frost the third week of August, but normally it is only after an evening thunderstorm takes all the heat in the air and then it clears off. This time it just dropped 45°F overnight. It dropped even more last night (bottoming at 35°F) but luckily it was hotter during the day.

    At least we don’t have your bugs.

    Michael Irving

  80. Kathy C Says:

    Michael, Yikes – weather sure has gotten crazy. Like Dr. House we find rain coming when not expected or showing on maps. Just appears out of thin (or is it thick)air.

  81. Kathy C Says:

    Max is much better on a show like this than when he is performing on his show. He knows nothing about or doesn’t factor in peak oil and climate change and is fixated on gold. Still he thinks economic collapse in the US by April of 2013 at the latest (if no other trigger gets us he thinks the dismal amount of tax dollars collected will).
    Guns and Butter
    “Countdown To Currency Collapse” with Max Keiser. Escalating financial fraud; pump and dump scams; Wall Street banks; auditing fraud; absence of regulation; default or hyperinflation?; currency collapse; the trigger; Japan; China; bank holidays; social cohesion index; City of London; financial repression; confiscation of wealth; derivatives; interest rates; precious metals; the next nine months

  82. Curtis A. Heretic Says:


    Hey, I’m serious!

  83. The REAL Dr. House Says:

    Curtis – I know! That’s why it made me laugh! I can just see all those uptight, self-righteous folks out there trying to tell all the proles what they should be doing, and how Obama caused all of this, all the while cursing “big government”.

    To be fair, a friend of mine is down there and he’s a decent guy – just wearing blinders like so many.

    I noticed that they’ve canceled the first day of the show.

  84. The REAL Dr. House Says:

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you (my own): the government is essentially forcing all health care providers, hospitals, etc., to have electronic medical records (EMR). They are doing this currently using financial incentives. Soon, those incentives will change to penalties. Eventually, EMR will be mandatory. In order to qualify, an EMR must meet certain standards of security. That security standard was developed by the government. The official impetus for this move was in the interest of improving healthcare by reducing mistakes. You can be sure that the IT companies who stand to profit the most also are eager to see this implementation. But, the real reason for EMR, I think, is so that the government can use that “security” standard as a way to hack into any person’s medical record at any time. They could use it to their political advantage, or maybe even manipulate the information so as to meet their own nefarious ends. I can envision many ways for that data to be used inappropriately.

    I have an EMR in my clinic – one that I wrote using my own security measures. I don’t qualify for the financial incentives since I haven’t incorporated the official security standard. (We also use paper charts for backup.)

    Conspiracy theory aside, this is one more step toward collapse. In order to have an EMR, a clinic must purchase a computer and software for every workstation. Average price for that is about $2,500. Those must be upgraded every few years. A service contract to maintain those computers can be quite costly. Additionally, most EMRs are very expensive – to the tune of $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the number of users. That’s paid ever year – not just once.

    My EMR server is in California at one of those infamous energy sucking data centers we hear about from time to time. Between power outages and internet failures, we are very susceptible to systemic collapse. When the power goes out, everything grinds to a halt. We can’t even print a prescription or make an appointment.

    A paper chart has a one-time cost of about 25 cents per patient. Compare that to about $15 every few years per patient for an EMR. Can collapse of the healthcare system be far away with financial management like that?

    All that being said, if the economy collapses as soon as many think, it won’t matter much anyway.

  85. Kathy C Says:

    Dr House, recently at the eye dr’s I noticed he was having difficulty putting my info on the computer – I talked about it and basically it has made his life much more difficult to have to put everything on the computer. Meanwhile our general practitioner discusses your welfare with a laptop in front of him. It cuts down on eye to eye contact.

  86. Kathy C Says:

    More at
    Is Isaac The ‘New’ Katrina?
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/26/2012 15:14 -0400

    Tropical Storm Isaac has battered the hopes of an on-time departure of the Romney-Ryan express and now looks set to threaten New Orleans and the Gulf. Weather trackers are predicting an increase in intensity given its size and the storm’s predicted paths are set to cross straight through the middle of the Gulf’s oil production in a replay of the terrible August of Katrina (though we can only hope not as severe). All major rig operators are evacuating which leaves output notably down already. (via Bloomberg)

    and as a reminder – the average US retail gas price rose 75c during Katrina…

  87. Morocco Bama Says:


    Katrina would not have been a story if it were not for the levies breaking. The real story was not Katrina, but the levies. Some have conjectured that the levies were purposely breached. Yet another conspiracy.


  88. Guy McPherson Says:

    From a post today at Zero Hedge, comparing Isaac to Katrina, as Isaac is on track to pass directly through oil-field alley in the Gulf of Mexico:


    and as a reminder – the average US retail gas price rose 75c during Katrina.

  89. Rita Says:

    TRDH- I witnessed the burning of an enormous trailer load of hay in Bakersfield. (May this please be the last time I drive through Bakersfield, Dear Lord) and wondered if it would even be possible to haul hay around like that once it gets hotter.

    The forests in northern California are visibly very dry, as they are elsewhere. I remember what this state looked like in the 70s. The forests that were clear cut years ago look especially dry and I cannot see them ever fully recovering.

  90. David W. Says:

    Morocco Bama, yes you are correct, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than just a culling. I am still looking for the true motivation. This radio show with poor sound quality looks a little deeper. Thanks for caring.

  91. Guy McPherson Says:

    This poster appeared on my Facebook news feed a few minutes ago. It’s relevant to the current discussion.

  92. andyuk Says:

    9/11 a conspiracy? apart from being ruthlessly exploited for political ends, there is no reason to think so. as a moronic belief it is on a par with the fake moon landings, alien cover ups and creationism. ie, real wacko, US style loony bin territory.

    i normally agree with what is said on this blog, but we part company on that one, sorry. i’m not sure who wrote the above piece but i stopped reading when they went on about 9/11. i just hope guy does not buy into the idea, as its one way to lose support from the rationalist community.

  93. Yorchichan Says:


    I have to agree with you on 9/11, whilst admitting the Americans who dominate this blog know far more about it than I do.

    I would look on it in terms of what the American government had to gain and lose by being complicit in 9/11. It seems to me that they had little to gain and a hell of a lot to lose. Yes they used it as an excuse for the “War on Terror” but, let’s face it, governments can always find a reason to invade foreign countries if they believe it is in their interests to do so. Likewise infringing the rights of their own citizens. On the flip side, if government involvement in 9/11 were ever proven, surely senior figures would face life imprisonment and the USA would lose credibility around the world.

  94. Robin Datta Says:

    Are you saying that the “I’, “not-I” duality is part/all of the delusion? Why aren’t “love” and “hope” (and maybe “afterlife”) part of the “I” delusion as well as the “not-I”?

    There is no delusion without the duality. 
    The one who “loves”/” hopes”/lives the “afterlife” is the “I”. The loving, the loved, the hoping, the hoped for, the living of the afterlife and the afterlife are all “not-I”.

    It would be nice if some of the current crop of theistic preachers would address this concept. 

    Siva’s (the Hindu god of destruction/dissolution’s) trident represents the capability to destroy the delusion of the triad of experiencer, experiencing and that which is experienced – or the doer, doing and deed. 

  95. Robin Datta Says:

    lose support from the rationalist community

    A “rationalist community” that rejects scientific rationality?