Call to Action: Reclaim the Climate Movement; Radio Interview Alert; and Tonight’s Radio Show

Call to Action: Reclaim the Climate Movement

by Kari McGregor, co-founder of the Australian grassroots non-profit, Sustainability Showcase, where she manages various degrowth-oriented projects. Kari is also editor of SHIFT magazine, an independent advertising-free magazine that provides a platform for voices of the degrowth movement and deep ecology. A committed downshifter herself, Kari devotes much of her time to volunteering for the movement, and is a passionate environmental activist.

I’m sure you’ve heard that everyone – or, at least, everyone who cares – will be marching for the climate this weekend. If you’re not marching, then you’re not doing anything at all, or so we’re told.

False dichotomies aside though, I won’t be marching this weekend. I’ll be taking action instead. I agree with Chris Hedges: the march is nothing more that street theatre. It won’t lead to any policy changes; it won’t wave a magic wand over corporate ecocide; and it sure as hell won’t get middle-class white folk to give up their privilege and downshift. It will be a colourful (well, mainly blue t-shirts) climate-themed street parade, complete with back-slapping and high-fiving over how amazing the climate movement is for managing to get so many people outside on a weekend for a stroll around a city.

Where the climate movement has got us so far

Here in Australia we’ve watched the situation go from bad to worse in the year since we elected the worst of all possible governments to power. To say Australia lacks the political will to address ‘the greatest moral and social challenge of our time’ is to state the obvious. Instead of being shocked, perhaps our response should be disgust, followed by action.

We should be disgusted by  the scrapping of the Climate Commission, the repeal of the carbon tax and mining tax, and the removal of funding for the Environmental Defender’s Offices. The irony of these backward steps, taken while greenhouse gas emissions are increasing faster than at any point in the last three decades, should not be lost on anyone with a finger on the pulse.

For all our polite letter-writing campaigns and clicktivist petitions, for all our colourfully theatrical street rallies, these policy backslides are evidence that this government doesn’t give a damn what ‘we the people’ think, or want. They’re not intimidated – they know there’s no ‘or else’ clause in any of those letters or petitions. They know the rallying troops will never threaten direct action, or show up on their doorsteps to demand action.

Approvals for mega-mining projects in Queenland’s Galilee Basin – including the largest coal mine in Australia, Indian company Adani’s Carmichael mine – and for dredging and dumping on the Great Barrier Reef are a poignant reminder that we are ‘in the coal business’. So much so, in fact, that Queensland’s newly passed Mineral and Resources bill prohibits anyone not ‘directly affected’ from objecting to carbon-intensive mining proposals while also prohibiting all objections to so-called low-impact mining, effectively exempting some 90% of operations. Concerned citizens have effectively been legislated out of the conversation in an appalling attack on democracy.

One can criticize the incumbent government for many things, but not for failing to cover all bases. A return to witch-hunts against environmental NGOs looms large on the horizon, with a number of organizations facing legal and financial ruin by the very government whose policy gaps they are working so hard to close. Recommendations to strip environmental NGOs of their ability to receive tax-deductible donations and the proposed repeal of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) are effectively moves to de-claw the climate movement, and ensure that business as usual proceeds without so much as a hiccup.

So what can a climate movement with no backbone achieve?

Time to reclaim the movement

Historically, gaps in policy have been met with strong civil society action. It’s time we rose to our historic moment, as Naomi Klein urges. ‘We the people’ need to reclaim the climate movement.

While mainstream climate activists emphasize market-dependent initiatives such as divestment from fossil fuels, getting behind renewable energy, and putting in place carbon-pricing mechanisms, there are a handful of voices from the margins promoting alternative strategies, including the controversial and challenging measures of economic degrowth, and direct action. A few pariahs are even urging preparation for the tough times ahead.

But these alternative voices are weak, drowned out by the mainstream mantras of ‘we’ve got to put a price on carbon’, ‘move your money!’, and ‘100% renewable for the win!’ What the climate needs right now is for transitioners, degrowthers, permaculturists, and other resilience-oriented folk to stop watching from the sidelines as the movement is declawed at best, and at worst, co-opted by spurious sales reps for greenwashed industry.

So this weekend I won’t be marching for the climate. And I won’t be sitting around doing nothing either. I’ll be at the sixth annual Australian Climate Action Summit held this year in Queensland, our Sunshine State. And I’ll be delivering some inconvenient truths. My presentation on degrowth is my offering as an apostate from the churches of economic growth and techno-optimism. The climate movement needs to hear this – that the pursuit of perpetual growth is what got us into this mess, and that tech-fixes won’t get us out of it. We are going to have to make major changes to our way of life.

A call to action for Australians to engage with opportunities and solutions, the Summit is also an invitation to debate which tactics will actually work to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Most transitioners, degrowthers and permies are just as guilty of groupthink and huddling together with like-minds, in my view, as the mainstream climate movement is. If we never emerge from our silos then what do we really stand to achieve? Preaching to the choir is a reassuring experience, well within the comfort zone, but it’s not going to get those inconvenient truths across to the movement in the tiny window of time we have available. We have to transcend comfort zones and network with unlike minds if we are to have a shot at making a real difference. And the more people we can work with, the better chance we’ll all have.

I’m not alone in this view, thankfully.

Challenges and controversy

The climate movement’s pet projects receive plenty of scrutiny and critique from climate deniers and right-wing political pundits, but these are not the only folk who have questions, or challenges. The movement is not without its controversy, and the Summit is an excellent opportunity to law a few cards on the table and get talking about tactics that will really slash emissions.

Consumer actions such as ethical investment and divestment from the fossil fuel industry are presented as simple, empowering moves that anyone can make. Money talks – and those who have the most are heard above all others, thanks to their well-paid lobbyists – so it makes sense to put your money where your mouth is. But divestment as a tactic is not without its critics, and questions need to be asked regarding how far it will get us, and how quickly it will get us there.

The market forces of supply and demand hold sway, revealing two inconvenient truths: fossil fuel supply must be disrupted, and demand must be reduced or eliminated. The extent to which divestment can disrupt supply hinges upon how much money can be pulled out of the industry, while failure to impact demand renders divestment moot. An industry that is still profitable is vulnerable to share buy-outs at fire-sale prices by unscrupulous investors who stand to make a killing. The divestment debate is clearly one that needs to be teased out, and Sustainability Showcase’s David Zwolski will do just that at the Summit.

The push for 100% renewable energy is a major aspect of the climate movement, touted as not only essential, but also entirely possible to achieve within a mere decade. Renewable energy lobby group Beyond Zero Emissions has achieved rock star status in the Australian climate movement with bold claims that 100% renewable energy is achievable, affordable, and can launch Australia to the status of renewable energy superpower. Too good to be true? Perhaps.

The climate movement is not without its renewable energy skeptics, although they are generally considered apostates in the church of fossil-free energy. The skeptics have a point though. Renewable energy delivers low returns on energy invested, is dependent on fossil fuels for its implementation, and brings a series of environmental hazards of its own. Replacing one environmental disaster with another is an approach that would have many old-school environmental activists spinning in their graves. Radical environmental group Generation Alpha’s Ben Pennings may make himself less than popular at this year’s Climate Action Summit by calling into question the ecological viability of aiming for 100% renewable energy in lieu of slashing our energy requirements. He won’t be alone in doing so.

Non-violent direct action is a controversial last resort in our most civilized of civil societies, but let’s not beat about the bush. Wins were inarguably achieved by the Suffragettes, the American Civil Rights movement, and Gandhi’s Indian independence movement, thanks to the willingness of a few brave activists to go a step beyond begging the powers that be to instigate change. Make no mistake: the suffragettes would not have won votes for women had they not taken direct action; they had no recourse through the electoral system. The Civil Rights movement would have achieved little if they’d waited for sympathetic white folks to recognize the rights of African-Americans. India would still be under the rule of the Raj had Gandhi opted for simply imploring the colonial overlords to play nice.

Now that we have been stripped of our policy safety-nets and the right to even object to carbon-intensive mining projects, imploring politicians and polluters to maintain a safe climate threshold seems less than adequate. Generation Alpha’s call for extensive non-violent direct action tactics regarding Queensland’s Galilee basin could well come in handy.

Business as usual is not an option

With the recent vindication of the 1970’s Limits to Growth study an even more inconvenient truth than climate change looms large. It’s not news to transitioners and degrowthers that we are set to hit hard limits in the not-too-distant future, relegating perpetual growth to the realm of fantasy. Apostates from the church of economic growth, Sustainability Showcase will explain, in no uncertain terms, that it is precisely our pursuit of infinite growth on this finite planet that is the cause of our climate change predicament. Mother Nature does not negotiate, so it is we who will have to change our ways.

Reaching limits to growth poses a double-edged sword, however – one that can effectively slash our emissions, but also one that poses immense challenges for our economic future, and one that starkly defines techno-fixes as mere wishful thinking. This tough news will be inconvenient indeed for pro-growth true believers and techno-optimists. But one must ask: if we so readily accept what science tells us about climate change, then why is it so hard for us to accept what science tells us about limits to growth, the carrying capacity of our finite planet, and the ability of our biosphere to absorb all that we shock it with?

This year’s Summit features controversial commentary and solutions worthy of consideration, from the fringes not usually present at such events. Sustainable Population Australia’s Dr. Jane O’Sullivan will provide a critique of population overshoot and what can be done to address it. Peak oil and finance analyst Nicole Foss will provide a reality check on financing the future, pouring cold water on claims that we can innovate our way out of the mess we’re in. And Doing It Ourselves’ Theo Kitchener will invite attendees to consider climate action through the lens of a potential economic collapse. One inconvenient truth resonates loud and clear: business as usual is not an option.

Wherever you stand on the controversies of climate action, for the sake of our future, don’t let the movement move without you. As with politics, the decisions are made by the folks who show up, so stand up and be counted if you want to see meaningful action on climate change.

Details of the Climate Action Summit are as follows:

  • Dates: Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st September (all weekend) 
  • Venue: QUT Gardens Point campus, corner of George and Alice Streets, Brisbane CBD

Further information about the Summit can be found at, and the full program can be viewed here.


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  • Kari, thanks for this — and thank you for your efforts to help stir others to action.

    Disclaimer: I*m an American. While I can read the world news, I have little understanding of cultures outside the US.

    IMO,articles like a *Call to Action* have been around for 50 years. The only significant action they have produced is an army of folks behind keyboards and/or podiums *spreading the word*.

    Popular movements may fail to take into account what I like to call the activists fallacy. And that is, activists believe that once folks hear *the inconvenient truths* they will be outraged, or saddened, or afraid, and will spring to action. Ain*t happening. Like WikiLeaks, Snowden, and Glenn Greenwalds *revelations* — anyone with a skeptical view – and many without – have suspected for decades That the population was under surveillance. That*s why these new *revelations* are falling flat. They are just the sordid details of what many have suspected (and voiced) all along. Likewise the climate. We have known since Limits of Growth that if we don*t do something, we will soon be in deep do-do. And here we are. And now, a parade in New York or a podium in Queensland can*t save us.

    And if an org *succeeds* and folks begin to wake up and take organized action – they basically *seal their fate* — TPTB aren*t going to permit a gaggle of tree huggers to interfere with their profits. The minute an org becomes noticed, TPTB set the wheels of it*s destruction in motion. Effective action won*t be planned at a *climate march* – or at a conference in Queensland. It will be planned in secret, in a garage in an alley – it*s secrecy will be it*s only protection.

    That*s how I feel about this fine mess we*ve gotten ourselves into.

  • Ever since I heard about Peak Oil a decade ago, and especially since the failure of COP15, I’ve been trying to find out why activism has been so ineffectual at shifting our collective behaviour, even in the face of an unfolding existential crisis.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a large number of psychological factors involved, many of them having to do with our evolved brain structure.

    One factor is our self-protective decision-making that is largely driven by evolved neural circuits that do their work on a pre-conscious level, and are powered by emotion, not reason. The self-protection applies to both our actions and our belief systems.

    Associated with that is our evolved psychological discount function for both risks and rewards. We have evolved to apply a steep discount to rewards and especially to risks that are abstract and distant in time. The short-term thinking we rail against appears to be largely biological.

    To make matters worse, the effect of both those factors is magnified when we act collectively, due to the universal human tendencies towards group cohesion and status-seeking.

    So while I wish the activists well, and encourage everyone to do what they feel is right, I have pulled my horns in on this issue. Nowadays I devote all of my energy to keeping my personal, family and immediate community life on the rails. We will change, but not until we feel the force of external circumstances.

    I’m gradually coming to terms with the idea that destiny will take care of itself – as it always has.

  • Yes Bob S., absolutely!

  • Paul C.

    You’ve got it figured out. Make the best of the ride wherever it may lead.

  • I agree with Bob and Paul.

    The psychotic sociopaths and econ-vandals at the top of the pyramid will not stop being psychotic sociopaths and eco-vandals. Evil will have its way. Until it can’t. And there’s an awful lot of coal and frackable oil and gas yet to be extracted and converted into computer digits.

    On the other hand, the sirens are screaming ‘1929 all over again, but much worse this time’. Whether it’s this October or next October, or perhaps even as late as October 2016, the ‘boiler-house’ of the global economic system is going to blow up some time in the not-too-distant future. Massive, and expanding, financial bubbles are not compatible with falling net energy supply, diminishing EROEI and diminishing financial return on money invested.

    In my experience it is nearly impossible to get people to even look at the evidence, let alone start taking appropriate action. For example, a couple of weeks ago I left a couple of folders of ‘vital information’ for U, at the Taranaki Environment Centre, to read. A week later she ‘hadn’t had time to look at them’.

    I said to her: “You are like a woman at a village pump. Every day you spend your time filling buckets. I say you need to check the water level; But you say you haven’t got time to check the water level because you have so many buckets to fill. A week later I say you need to check the water level, and you say you haven’t got time because you have to fill the buckets.”

    Now U is a good person and means well. But she is trapped in a system that make petty demands on her time and keeps her distracted from doing what she actually needs to do, which is become informed about the true state of the planet and the real nature of the economic-political system. Until she does that, all her efforts are wasted (or even counter-productive).

    A few days ago I had another session with the Green Party candidate (again a good person who is well-intentioned but not well-informed) and did some ‘education’ about the real nature of the society we live in, the real state of the planet, and why the green movement has failed to bring about any change in direction society is taking. During the conversation I discovered that another person I know quite well has a copy of The Easy Way but “hadn’t got round to reading it yet” (3 years after publication). He said he had read ‘Dirty Politics’. I suggested he would learn a lot more from reading TEW than ‘Dirty Politics’.

    So it goes on.

    Another dozen trees fell victim to chain saws yesterday, to make room for road widening. Needless to say, all the tree trimmings were reduced to ‘pulp’ via a piece of diesel-powered machinery: using oil to destroy nature and create unsustainability -that’s the game.

  • Paul,

    The destiny of America has always been:

    “…a quote from Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. It’s extraordinary that a book written in the 1830s about America holds so strikingly true today:

    I see an innumerable crowd of like and equal men who revolve on themselves without repose, procuring the small and vulgar pleasures with which they fill their souls. Each of them, withdrawn and apart, is like a stranger to the destiny of all the others: his children and his particular friends form the whole human species for him; as for dwelling with his fellow citizens, he is beside them but he does not see them. …”

  • Since we first started using fossil fuels around 1750 we’ve behaved like bacteria in a petri dish.We’ve assiduously built a bubble civilisation of 7.2+ billion people that is completely dependent on the use of fossil fuels to function.If we shut down the industrial agricultural system which requires fossil fuels ,4.5 billion people would be dead within months.
    As Bob S mentions,informed people have warned about the trajectory of disaster we have been on
    for centuries,if we include Malthus.
    We have run out of time.Adding more CO2 to the atmosphere will result in an altered ocean ecosystem,changing to a jellyfish dominated system.Adding more CO2 will result in an uninhabitable climate.Building solar panels and wind turbines requires the use of fossil fuels for the mining of the requisite minerals and for their manufacturing.
    Geoengineering cannot stop the trajectory of decline of the ocean.(Read ‘Earthmasters’ by Clive Hamilton if you doubt this.)
    An impartial observer from another planet would conclude that the only hope we have now of retaining a productive ocean and inhabitable climate would be to stop the use of fossil fuels immediately,accept the huge population die off,and for the remaining populace to not use fossil fuels at all.
    Is this going to happen?Of course not .Instead we spend our time weaving dreams.

  • “I’m gradually coming to terms with the idea that destiny will take care of itself – as it always has.”

    That’s how I see it too.

    I’m never sure I agree with Bob S, but I’m sure this time.

    Nice post, Kevin.

  • The assumption there is still time to do things is in and of itself a red herring meant to pacify the growing concerns of us all. I cannot help but think that these popular domestically controlled events are just a safety valve designed to let the ‘environmentalists’ blow off steam… and of course i am sure that the security face recognition cameras will also be in attendance. The powers that be want to know who will step over into ‘protest’. That being said i still think the smoke and mirror theatrics are just that. The decision to kill the planet has been made. Nothing else makes any sense. Redreamer.

    Thanks for the article Kari. Great stuff.

  • Just jotting down a few ideas ,so a bit disjointed.
    To walk away from empire doesn’t have to mean heading to the hills,though it might be a temporary good idea. The more powerful perspective is to understand the forces behind empire,and thereby be truly free.
    We took the law of the jungle ie of nature and interpreted it as antagonistic ,eat or be eaten ,good vs. evil, survival of the fittest strong over the weak.
    We applied this interpretation into our societal institutions political ,economic and religious . These three institutions work together in many self reinforcing feed back loops to keep the continual war (antagonism )in play.
    Antagonism is conflict ,high entropy as a physicist would say,psychologically a state of fear. As we know fear divides and love attracts. We mentioned the antagonism of opposites which is true but there is a third superior principle ,the very principle of existence of creation and that is the dynamic balance of the two inferior principles. Without balance we cease to exist ,too little too much. The experience of the union of opposites is known as love , an understanding that has been hijacked . The base has shifted 180 degrees and we love the positive principle as good and fear the negative evil. This is an ego centric love supporting the patriarchal sociological mantra of power wealth and prestige. Remember there are two players in the Empire game, suckers and chisellers and experience shows given half a chance the sucker would be a chiseler.
    We got hijacked that is for sure ,actually happened a long time ago ,it has everything to do with consciousness and the Garden of Eden myth is about this fall of consciousness. Anyways that’s another can of worms and I have taken up too much of your time.

  • “Effective action won*t be planned at a *climate march* – or at a conference in Queensland. It will be planned in secret, in a garage in an alley – it*s secrecy will be it*s only protection.”

    Jane Goodall advocates for secretive backyard gardening. Say nothing, she explains. “They can’t arrest us all.” So, secrecy in that sense. But I also like a sort of madness, preposterous things that make no sense to TPTB. Maybe those need not be secretive in the former sense. Were we to follow Goodall’s advice there as well, I bet it would make some sort of difference. But everybody would have to do their own mad thing. I think it’s the “everybody (not just a few or an organization here or there) doing it secretly” that counts. In the spirit of your jottings, Bob S. :-)

  • missed tonight’s show. please let me know when the archive is up

    for you all:

    (learnin’ how to let go)

    The Rise and Fall of Irvine Meadows West

    thanks for sharing this time and space with me

  • For anyone interested in up to date information on the state of the oceans,read ‘Stung’ by Gershwin.

  • As I said yesterday, this climate gathering will only succeed if it fosters and engenders pain. Serious serious pain. -Not- if it raises consciousness, informs, calls to task, inspires, cajoles, protests civilly or chews and blows bubble gum. Remember if you can, that the emergency sirens are wailing now, full blast, cacophonous, deafening, day and night, 24 hours without letup, every day of every week month and year until the ship is saved or everyone is dead. Capisce? Can anyone still sleep or sleepwalk through that ? Probably this climate march will try to put everyone back to sleep.

    And THEY will be watching wont they? The Lizard People. Better Mask up and ->compromise those cameras and mechanisms of observation by any means necessary and just flat do what needs to be done. Remember – the powers that be, their infernal system, and the status quo are a suicide cult. A suicide cult backed by violence. You’ll be gotten one way or the other whether you resist or sit passively by your window and take care that you and yours don’t run off the rails. They only question is what do you want on your epitaph. How do you want the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 7th generation to remember you? As the one who sat by the window? As the one who quaked and shivered? As the one who “accepted” the abattoir with equanimity? The ones who went quietly? The one who sold all of it at a ridiculously, ludicrously, tragically cheap discount?

  • .
    You know, Guy has already said “We’re done.” There is no escape. Even the so-called “solutions” are stupid – except to return to the wild. Plant no crops, build no cities. Kill nothing, eat only that which falls from the trees, sleep on the ground, drink from the river.
    What nobody will admit to is that we are already dead. Civilization killed us long ago. We are nothing more than zombie consumers – eating ourselves but saving our selves for last.
    Divest Now.
    Just sittin’ on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement
    Thou shalt not procreate.
    The Church of Euthanasia
    Save the planet, kill yourself.

  • .
    When gigantic reserves of diamonds were discovered in South Africa in the mid-19th century, two things happened. Diamond mining took off, and there was a sudden flood of diamonds on the market. Before that time, diamonds were rare indeed. But this hasn’t been the case for well over a century, so why are diamonds so expensive?
    …because people are stupid.
    .Diamond engagement rings are a lie – they’re an invention of Madison Avenue and De Beers. Not to mention the sheer amount of human suffering that we’ve caused by believing this lie: conflict diamonds funding wars, supporting apartheid for decades with our money, and pillaging the earth to find shiny carbon.
    Diamonds are not actually scarce, make a terrible investment, and are purely valuable as a status symbol.
    Diamonds, to put it delicately, are bullshit.

  • We first started raping Gaia, our “Mother Earth” in the mid Eighteenth Century.

    Since then, we have behaved like monkeys, assiduously bonking and fornicating, and creating a bubble civilisation of billions of people. The wealthiest of these are completely dependent on the use of fossil fuels in order to function effectively as a society. The not-so-wealthy 99% are frankly stuffed.

    If we shut down the industrial/military/capitalist/agricultural system which requires and demands the fossil fuels, half of Gaia’s human population would be dead within months.

    As informed people have warned in the past about the trajectory of disaster we have been on for centuries, we have run out of time.

    Adding more CO2 to the atmosphere will result in an altered ocean acidity. Adding more CO2 will result in a climate that suffocates human beings.

    Unfortunately, building solar panels and wind turbines requires the use of fossil fuels for the mining of the necessary minerals (often “dirty” mining), and unfortunately for their manufacture.

    Even Dr Tim Flannery’s investments in Geoengineering cannot stop the trajectory of decline of Gaia.

    An impartial observer from another planet would conclude that the only hope we humans have now of retaining a productive ocean and inhabitable climate would be to immediately stop the use of fossil fuels, and simply grin and bear the Malthusian impacts upon the African continent as its population dies off, as they reluctantly (although rightly) agree not use fossil fuels at all.

    Is this going to happen? Of course it will. The UN, the IMF, the unelected people who are behind the European Union, have much more time and resources than do any of us, and instead we spend our time weaving dreams.

    The time to move from dreams to reality is right now.

  • “They only question is what do you want on your epitaph. How do you want the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 7th generation to remember you?”

    There won’t be anyone left to engrave an epitaph, and there will not be any further generations. My granddaughter will not live to see old age. It is that cut and dried.

  • The non-rational, non-verbal, reptilian brain associated with emotions and values, dictates where the verbal, rational mammalian / primate brain, in the driver’s seat chauffeurs us.

    The mistake is to address the chauffeur with precise verbal, rational arguments. Almost always it is ineffective. Advertisers and propagandists know that behaviour-changing methods have to be appeals to emotion and values, couched in terms that alter the dominant narratives.

    With so little time and resources left, any activism now should direct its efforts to palliation: mitigate suffering. Any interventions such as reducing GHG emissions that are fancied to put the Methane Monster back to sleep are mostly wishful thinking.

  • “We’re done” is a cop out. Nihilism is a cop out. An easy excuse for doing exactly what everyone has done for the past 60 years of glorious golden plenty while the planet and most of the people on it are sent to the flames. Bullocks. Too often this program at NBL is a neo-theological exercise in de-motivating the most responsible parties – because hey – it’s over. Pooch screwed. Nothing can be done, so why do anything? Just like rape, might as well relax and enjoy all the privileges and carnage we’ve caused and benefited from so royally. Why fight it, eh? Just accept. Just sit back. Do you all have any idea how wretched and pathetic this looks from outside the bubble?
    “I was completely in the thrall of fear. I was no longer the master of my life. My work, my abilities, turned out to be worthless to everyone. The future didn’t look any less bleak. At that moment, I desperately wanted to disappear. It was the only possible way out. I thought of the possibility of suicide with relish. And in that critical period, my familiarity with [playwright] Zoshenko’s ideas helped me greatly. Zoshenko said that suicide was a purely infantile act. It was the mutiny of the lower level against the higher level of the psyche. Actually, it’s not a mutiny, it is the victory of the lower level. Complete and final victory. These and similar considerations prevented me from making extreme decisions. I came out of the crisis more stronger than I went in, more confident of my own strength. The hostile forces didn’t seem so omnipotent any more. Even the shameful treachery of friends and acquaintances didn’t cause me as much pain as before. I managed to separate myself from other people and in that period, it was my salvation. Some of these thoughts you can find if you wish in my 4th Symphony. ” – Dimitri Shostakovich

  • @Wester:

    Those of us who understand “We’re done” to be the truth have the freedom (in this culture, at any rate) to speak their minds. We know there are plenty of people like you who don’t see things this way, and are for some reason fearful of the words of our tiny (but growing) band. So you try to shout us down. Railing against the optics of our position is one of the strategies, alongside contemptuous dismissal and accusations of nihilism. Oh well.

    I for one don’t much care if the optics of my position cause you angst. I have done enough research over the last decade to know where my truth lies. If you disagree, bolster your own argument, don’t just try and shout down others who are speaking in good faith. Such bully tactics do your position no favours at all.

    We’re done, and all the words in the world won’t change that simple fact.

  • Re: 9/11, oil spills, mass recalls and other corporate crimes

    by the time the corporate media deems it safe to frag upon, the info-OP has served it’s purpose and TPTB no longer even pretend to care anymore what you know.

    The entirely man-made disaster (from Japanese Diet report) at Fukushima is a perfect example – when it happened we were blatantly lied to about all aspects of it, now, 3 years later even shit channel hosts talks about it on their ‘coast-to-coast AM’, because the original infoOP was successful and it doesn’t matter anymore.

    Matter to the consumer sheeple. (panic would interrupt business-as-usual and this must be avoided at all costs)

    I have actual air traffic tapes during 9/11, the PUT’s were routed through banks in Toronto & Germany but the actual client’s names remain classified. Of the people who directly profited from the foreknowledge few are known (like Kobi Alexander), but again, no one really cares..

    TPTB completely depend on the average first-worlder being so wrapped up in their first-world lifestyle, that they just don’t give a damn.

    And it’s successful, and that success depends on us.

    why pretend any different ?

    “propaganda isn’t designed to fool the critical thinker, but only to give entitled moral cowards and excuse not to think at all”

    this basic aspect of human nature which is fostered and encouraged by TPTB so they can profit off it, IS the cause of the 6’th extinction

    this couldn’t have happened without the U.S. population being 4 % yet consuming over 25 % of the world’s resources

    we can go back further to the origin, the enclosures of europe and the rich banking families who started it, with the burning of coal (London was so black with coal smog & ash, sometimes the day looked like night), but again no one really cares, because the people who should care about it the most are descendants of them, crusaders who to this very day of endless war, continue to loot & pollute to maintain their first-world entitled lifestyle, complete with career activists, career protesters, career consumers.

    people will only even discuss it, only bring it up disconnected from these facts. as soon as the [i]real[/i] situation is pointed out even they go silent – it hits too close to home to talk about

    and so on, with everything else we don’t talk about. our environment is a mirror, a reflection of us

    the only subject here that has traction, that has become the focus of this website, essays, interviews, is our early escape from the very issues, the very self-denial of our own psychological dysfunction that brought us to where we are today to begin with

    these dying fluff pieces are more than just “inappropriate and unappealing” – they’re the ultimate escape from the very mess we ourselves created.

    they don’t have this kind of focus in third-world venues where people are actually living, not already half dead

    we are the dead

    mindlessly chattering like we’ve mindlessly lived

  • @ c_i

    we are the dead
    mindlessly chattering like we’ve mindlessly lived

    Speak for yourself, you don’t speak for me.

    Previously, you accused me, other people on the Forum, of being responsible for the Pentagon being the largest consumer of fossil fuels on the planet, and amongst the privileged elite consuming the world’s resources, blahbalah.

    When I asked you what, in practical terms, you expected me to DO about the Pentagon and all the rest, you gave no answer.

    You are actually just one self-righteous loud mouth, throwing shit at other people, who are actually all just as frustrated at this situation as you are.

    as soon as the [i]real[/i] situation is pointed out even they go silent – it hits too close to home to talk about

    That’s just a lie. The fact is, it’s all BEEN talked about, here more than anywhere else. You pretending that YOU are somehow morally elevated and superior is bullshit.

  • Just been reading up on the Great Climate Walk taking place in New York City, far away from anything on a Sunday so no business will be horribly upset.

    Here’s some pointers the organization is issuing:
    “We will use no violence (physical or verbal) towards any person.
    We will not destroy or damage property.”

    So it is to be a polite march done in perhaps respectful silence for the all the businesses in the area. That ought to bring about the powerful change in attitude Wall Street wants to see.

    In solidarity, I will hold a protest. I won’t tell anyone what I’m protesting against, the time and place of the protest will be a secret and during the protest I will make no sound no take any action that might upset anyone anywhere. Take that society! Boy, I sure will show them!

  • so consumed with war, with fighting, with winning, with being right, with competing, with axe grinding to soothe our huge bloated wounded egos that we spend all day and half the night being keyboard warriors, burning coal with every second, every word, pretending we’re doing something worthwhile, making a difference, in our otherwise useless & empty lives, acting like flinging shit at others makes us something special

    ..notice I said US not YOU

  • Tom

    I truly enjoyed the IMW video. IMW is/was the manifestation of what I’ve been dreaming about for so long. Why are old buses and RVs rotting away unused somewhere?

    Although I loved the window in the wall to access the loo, I wondered:

    – Why didn’t they collect pee in a container and use it in the compost?

    – Climbing through that window was hell even for a young kid. Where he first stepped to climb back up to the opening…why not put a ladder there? Then put a ledge below the opening to step on, but with vertical handrails for support as he stepped through the hole?

    – Naivete notwithstanding–the university is a corporation with all the wrong goals, after all–it was a glorious interlude. What joy and creativity while it lasted, and even in its demise!

    – I don’t know whether it would be consistent or even possible with money-less students. But could they have tried camouflage? Get so many flowering plants to hide the shacks that the university would have seen it differently. Not as an in-your-face refutation of its values?

    – The kids seem to have moved on to OWS, where some of the living modes were adopted? Maybe. Maybe not. This is how millions of kids see things today.

    – This is a fun (and I think efficacious) way to address collapse/change. If kids can disguise it better, they should certainly keep doing it everywhere. Some experiments might succeed, especially if they can be aligned with the (temporary) interests (or non-concern) of TPTB. So what if they all fail? How better could those kids proceed?

  • @ c_i

    so consumed with war, with fighting, with winning, with being right, with competing, with axe grinding to soothe our huge bloated wounded egos that we spend all day and half the night being keyboard warriors, burning coal with every second, every word, pretending we’re doing something worthwhile, making a difference, in our otherwise useless & empty lives, acting like flinging shit at others makes us something special

    ..notice I said US not YOU

    More self-righteous bullshit, you pretending to be so fucking superior to everyone else here. Yes, you do say US, when it suits YOU, but who do you speak for ? Not ME ! You and your hoard of 4000 fucking movies and shows that you have to have to fill your useless empty life and make you somebody special…

  • “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


    Bring out Your Dead

    Three blue ribbons were earned at the county fair this year. First place entries were:

    Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum – Long Red Hot Cayenne Pepper

    Capsicum chinense – Habanero Pepper

    Curcubita moschata – Butternut Squash

    Observations at the county ag fair reveal more entries in horticultural activities than seen in recent years. This can only be good as more people familiarize themselves with growing food and what kind of effort is required to successfully do so.

    A winning pumpkin weighed in at 853 pounds/386.9 kilos
    That’s a lot of pumpkin pie man.

    Some garden/farm/forest notes and observations:

    2014 has been one of the best gardening seasons yet. Surplus from an abundance of crops led to several trips and donations to the local food bank (charity). The irony being that the organically grown produce was of better quality and taste than what the local food market offered at premium prices.

    Simply benign summer weather with adequate rainfall and excellent summer temperatures were conducive to optimal plant growth. It was not a hot summer by any means in this neck of the woods.

    Indigenous earthworm castings were produced in abundance this year. Large piles of Betula alleghaniensis were gathered in the fall and turned (aerated) around twice a month until the winter freeze and snow then aeration was resumed in spring when the leaf piles thawed. Worm castings were harvested the first week of August and stored in tied off, large, heavy duty, black plastic bags (reusable) in a frost free environment until needed the following Spring as a soil amendment/fertilizer. It’s a win-win situation with earthworms. Soooooo beneficial!

    Say hello to Agrilus planipennis say goodbye to Fraxinus americana, F. pennsylvanica, F nigra
    Fucking globalization.

    If that weren’t enough… Check out Anoplophora glabripennis

    Apis mellifera – Honey Bee feral population appears to be in good health and thriving in this neck of the woods. Interestingly enough Apis seems to prefer Ilex pedunculosa flowers over Trifolium repens that is until the brief flowering period is over then the honeybees return to the clover. Apis mellifera was additionally observed frequenting Oxydendrum arboreum and at this writing are still frequenting its flowers. Further observations reveal Apis frequenting Zinnia elegans, Sedum spectabile, Helianthus annuus, Echinacea purpurea,Liatris spicata ‘Kobold’,Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’ and Monarda didyma ‘Cambridge Scarlet’

    A large Ursus americanus was observed in the neighborhood this year by a community member and friend. The end of suburbia is a good thing.

    No instances of Danaus plexippus were observed this year even though the garden is butterfly friendly. Supplemental plantings of Asclepias syriaca are planned for next Spring.

    Hey wildwoman. Ace had twins. Cute as buttons.


    In order to place simple html code on the message board/blog like italics and bold text markup must be surrounded by greater than and less than tags instead of brackets. In other words the NBL blog uses html code instead of bbcode.

    italics text

  • Second guessing Mike Ruppert’s state of mind when he pulled the trigger, hoping for a preview of what will be going through our mind if we should press a gun to our temple. Will it be a serene moment? Or will it be lived in the grey area, where many of us live our lives, and where serenity has not played a leading role. Do we strive for serenity when we prostrate ourselves before the franchised images of others struggling, killing and dying. Living through the main character on his or her way to an entertaining resolution.

    It would seem appropriate to die as many of us have lived, serenely fixated in front of the TV. But I have watched the elderly, and you always know the game is up when they are no longer fit to be entertained, sitting there as blank as the screen in front of them. Even my father who lived in hyperbole, had nothing to say in the end. No that’s not true. On his final day, he awoke and reached towards me, his mouth working but nothing coming out until he fell back into his dying coma. I can say that was his last struggle, and he did not succeed.

  • .
    None of us succeed.
    Life is failure.

  • @ pat

    None of us succeed.
    Life is failure.


    All you got to do is get from one end to the other. In between, there’s obstacles. So you deal with those. Depends on your character what you make of it. Some whine and complain and give up, some laugh and have fun, some are heroic, some help others, tend those who suffer, some think, create, fight for a cause, whatever gets you through the day and night…

  • @ Pat:

    In what specific way or ways do you insist that “None of us succeed”? In what specific way or ways do you insist that “Life is failure”?

    Every day in many more ways than not it seems clear to me that I “succeed”. (If I did not, I would have died many decades ago trying to get out of bed and failing, trying to put my clothes on and failing.) When I look around me today and throughout history, it seems to me that “Life is anything BUT failure.”

  • I believe it is just a simple choice of wanting to live in our over
    polluted world unfortunately most capital/industrialized countries
    think they can science their way out of it, well guess what guys you gave mother earth enough empty promises now time for the lady to
    get some payback!

  • Here’s what you do to IndCiv:

  • Our human-centric position in the universe makes all of our value judgements tautologies at best. We’re great because we say we’re great.

    i tend to agree with pat that everything humanity is doing is damaging to the planet, its ecosystems, other species, and to some degree each other. That’s where the “failure” part comes in (imho – i’m not speaking for pat). There are way too many of us and everything we’re doing is wrong in that we aren’t stewarding our planet, but rather, exploiting it for all its worth. Flush toilets are a problem, eating other species is a problem, all the pollution that our activities generate are big problems – and we aren’t taking care of any of it!

    Marching on New York (and all the other cities involved) would have been great if it had occured at the beginning of the industrial revolution (or even the advent of agriculture) and if it would have lead to a huge turn-around in our basic ideas of living in the world and if it would have stopped industrial civilization before it got out of control. Now of course it’s far too late and this act or mass protest, though noble, is a feel-good moment for the participants that i hope brings awareness to many.

    just my 2 cents

  • Michael Klare at MIT on 9-11-2014 Question & Answer Session on Climate Change and Warmaking:

    Radio Curious – Spencer Wells – The Unforseen Cost of Civilization
    [audio src="" /]

  • Another awesome job of misrepresenting the facts and my view by Alex Smith. Note the failure to mention Tim Garrett’s work, and misquoting me regularly. He can’t even get my title right.

  • As much as I respect Alex Smith and financially contribute to his podcast.. I lament the fact that he’s afraid of the Truth… that we’ve done too much damage to the Earth’s life support system. I enjoyed listening to your interview with him, Guy, a couple of weeks ago. Don’t despair. I don’t think that it’s a matter that he doesn’t believe you.. I think that (he knows deep down that you’re correct) he doesn’t WANT to believe you, on the account of his grand children. As I’ve always said to “non-believers of Science”…. sorry.. but the Laws of Nature and Physics will prevail… :P

  • Tom

    I found the above link :”The Rise and Fall of Irvine Meadows West” to be a great and insightful example of the ‘IC Machine’ rolling over real people, displacing their human scale habitation, and communal living arrangements to ‘somewhere else’. No Heart in the Machine meme-no Consciousness neither.


    From the previous thread about Death,as such….

    ‘There Is No Individual self That Dies’

    by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

    An excerpt:

    “…..”Consider” this: You are conscious in this moment. If I look at you and call your name, it is the body-mind-self that assumes I am talking to it. But it is not the body-mind-self who is actually here. There is only One Identity here. There appear to be individual conventions of separate selves, but they are phenomenal constructs superimposed on the Divine Being. The notion that each of us is a separate identity in the ultimate sense, and therefore conditioned, limited, and controlled by the destiny of this body-mind, is false.

    Thus, the reason you survive death is not that the ego is immortal. You survive death because the Ultimate Identity of all phenomena and of the apparently individuated consciousness is Transcendental, and Inherently Spiritual, and necessarily Divine. Every feature of your temporary ego-identity is itself constructed out of a universal Field of Transcendental Consciousness and Eternal Spirit-Energy. The body-mind simply arises in a universal Field, and at death it is broken up into its various parts.

    Therefore, the ultimate proposition of the great sacred traditions is that there is only one Reality, the Divine Self-Condition and Identity of everything and everyone. Divine Enlightenment is the tacit and direct Realization of that Truth. Once the conditional being is established in that Realization, then you participate in the arising patterns of existence in an entirely different manner than is conventionally presumed. Then the gesture of ego-identification has no force. Only the Ultimate Identity is presumed.

    The difference between ordinary individuals and Divinely Enlightened beings is that ordinary individuals identify with the conventional or phenomenal self, while Divinely Enlightened beings Identify with the Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Reality. This is the only difference. Thus, depending on which of those two presumptions you choose, you will live in either one of two ways. One is the usual round of obsession, fear, and seeking in which the egoic self is the actor and the meaning of the drama. The other is the way of illuminated Intelligence, Love, Freedom, Spontaneity, and Infinite Happiness. Therefore, if you are going to live as Divine Enlightenment, you must understand this phenomenal convention of the egoic self with all the mechanics of existence that you have built upon it.

    Previous to such Divine Enlightenment you fear death, and, therefore, you want to discover something about death that can make you feel hopeful about surviving. That is why people like to study occult and “life-after-life” phenomena. They like to hear conventional religious stories, such as the legend that Jesus was resurrected and ascended to heaven. Whatever the factual or historical authenticity of these stories may be, they are all interpreted as hopeful signs for the ego. Thus, you will remain fascinated by death, even to the point of being relatively self-destructive, because in some sense you want to get into it, even though you fear it. You will continue to read studies about “after-life” phenomena, always hoping to hear that it has been proven to the satisfaction of both science and you personally that you are going to survive death.

    However, it is not the mystery of death that you must penetrate in order to be free of fear. Rather, you must transcend this concoction of ego-stress and self-contraction while alive. You must be in a different disposition toward life altogether in order to die free of fear. Instead of presuming this ego-position, you must rest in the Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Reality. Then both your present existence and all its future changes and dying will be allowed very simply and naturally, much like going to sleep at night. You will not merely have gained some consoling knowledge about death. Fear does not result from the lack of such knowledge. Fear is caused by ego-stress, and it must, therefore, be transcended while alive. The Spiritual Process is a way of transcending the mechanism of fear in every moment…..”

    It is pretty clear what is meant.


  • Yes That Ecoshock interview was quite a piece . These two sounded like two ,male pigs f.cking each other while congratulating themselves one for being the great host the other who just knew everything better than all the scientist and research put together the last 150 years and yes yes there are some minor problems around but nothing to worry really about no methane that was always around and the oceans they are all cool and just dismissing everything beginning from Hansen to Lovelock to the Russian lady in alaska university yes they do research up the arctic but they just started and they don`t really know shit ..Of course Mc pherson is a mental with slight sinister tendencies and mental emotional issues These two idiots discounted everything and everybody i Guess MR Pinhead can now close his program he just shot in his own leg with saying and stating with this interview it is all ok and groovy isn`t it ?! now what sense will it make for him to continue with his great eckoshock reporting i want to know .. well maybe he will give some cooking advise next time i`ll be curious can`t wait

  • I take issue with that KMO who decided awhile back that the laws of physics do not mesh with his and his girlfriend’s urban hipster life vision so he flipped flopped and dumped his shit on Guy.

  • KMO is a weenie. Gone full blown child of the woo. Lovely place that obscenity, New York, isn’t it?

    I know several western Euro/Anglo of the world conquering and colonizing invader culture are fond of Buddhism and the generic Buddhist way. Yada. I lived in a Buddhist country, surrounded by self-proclaimed Buddhist people for years now, and I can tell you that in practice, it is just as corrupted, and just as effective at wiping good sense out of your head and sending you down the la-la path of self immolation just as surely and as effectively as any of the monotheistic cults. The end result I have lived through is ascendency of psychotic Fascist totalitarianism and even outright slavery.

    So in response, included are several observations of Ichikawa Hakugen – a Rinzai priest and scholar at Hanazono University in Tokyo- observations on the characteristics of Buddhism which have contributed to its support for fascism, militarism, and social pathology:

    1. Subservience of Buddhism to and sponsorship by the state.
    2. Buddhist doctrine of Karma used as a “moral justification for social inequality
    3. Protection of the state and the hierarchical social structures.
    4. Emphasis on sunyata and selflessness, “leaving no room for the independence of the individual”.
    5. Lack of Buddhist dogma, which left no “compelling basic dogma a believer would fight to preserve” (let alone any concept of urgent need for the realization justice)
    6. The concept of, “the teaching that a debt of gratitude is owed to those from whom favors are received”. In the case of Japanese Zen, this gratitude was also owed to the Emperor, as “the head of the entire family”.
    7. The belief in mutual dependency, which “led in modern Japan to an organic view of the state coupled with a feeling of intimacy towards it”
    8. The doctrine of the Middle Way, which “took the form of a constant search for compromise with the aim of avoiding confrontation before it occurred”.
    9. The tradition of ancestor veneration, in which “the entire nation came to be regarded as one large family in which loyalty between subject and sovereign was the chief virtue”.
    10. The value given to “old and mature things”. Since society was based “on a set of ancient and immutable laws”, opposition to this was unacceptable.
    11. Emphasis on inner peace, which “contributed to its failure to encourage and justify the will to reorganize society”.
    12. The Buddhist logic of Soku, “just as it is”, which leads to “a static, aesthetic perspective, a detached, subjective harmony with things”.


  • nice to see the 2 post per day guideline promptly abused by the man responsible for it being created in the first place

    of strawmen and axes

    ..and I typed that as soon as I refreshed the landing page before reading your reply since strawmen are so predictable.

    the context of using we/us/our is of self-reflection to whatever extent one thinks it applies

    but when every exchange becomes a competition, to see who’s right, by proving other’s wrong, and even employing strawmen if need be, the entire intent of this venue is tainted with the blood of war

    but speaking of empty pointless lives, I’ve got real life things to do, the latest concerns revolving around

    (this is another forum I’ve lurked for years without ever posting)

    PS people tear through gigabytes per month on streaming services like netflix and youtube which they don’t save, so the BW and energy is wasted. I simply save everything I D/L and keep it so that other people can watch it, or I can rewatch it without having to D/L it again. BW equals burning coal, the carbon footprint of even posting useless corporate media info-Op of packets traveling thousands of miles, through dozens of routers, in NOC’S consumes a tremendous amounts of energy.

    – any data sent over long paths should be saved or not sent at all

    ..but nevermind, there’s a war of words to win ;)


    us and them

    the US and YOU is another strawman

    but let’s see..

    BP is the single biggest supplier of oil for the pentacunt, and BP’s home office is in..ENGLAND

    so US could fly across the ocean emitting as much CO2 as years worth of driving a car, apiece, only to be deported back here


    YOU could travel a short distance and bomb their headquarters for US

    ..just an example


    you asked for a strawman so I provided one

    naturally being an useless effort it provided fodder for even more ad hominems, when ad hominems are the sole objective

    Lidia’s characterization is also a strawman. I did begin the comment of what the real problem is – our addiction to our high consumption lifestyle that a tiny minority profit from feeding, along with the multi-billion dollar PR industry that commodifies culture into mindless consumerism

    within that framework there is no ‘solution’ – it’s designed that way

    but bringing up our commodified branded culture strikes too close to home – it’s a social taboo to discuss, so instead strike out at anyone who brings it up while you remain safe and secure in the knowledge there’s ‘nothing you can do’

    – nevermind the cultures like the Amish and indigenous peoples who live as one in balance with nature and have for hundreds even thousands of generations

    bringing them up is even more of a social taboo, since at best all one can say is they must be ‘morally superior’,’full of self-righteous bullshit’ and ‘pretending to be so fucking superior to everyone else’.

    – so talking about such people is condemned as heresy, heresy against those who have ‘no means of.. [doing] ..anything’

    the great handy false dilemma – people who don’t ‘want to have the good life too’ are completely ignored, but if by chance they’re acknowledged at all, then they’re ‘fucking morally superior’ and ‘self-righteous’, because the minority of the world’s population consuming far more than their share of resources (another taboo) have ‘no means of.. [doing] ..anything’

    pretty nicely wraps up my original point

    between the denial, the nihilism, the defeatism and the false outrage, topped with colorful sprinkles of false dilemmas and candy strawmen, we have a complete desert, fit for the masters of the universe


    SO calling Alex an estiblishment hack, less fair than even
    establishment funded stations wasn’t so awful after all. but where’s his defenders now?

    @ Wester

    Another Buddhist precept is, our environment is a reflection of us

    Look what’s happening to Japan..

    The US is having so many troubles, you’d almost think it was it was built on thousands of indian burial grounds or something.

    … oh, wait…

  • “There Is No Individual self That Dies”

    In the Vedantic, Buddhist and Kabbalist traditions, it is the apparent individual self that is subject to space, time and causation, with a beginning and and end: it dies, whether recognised as apparent or real. Its infinite accumulation of karma is said to have no beginning, but if that accumulation is no longer owned with the cessation of “I-ness” it ceases to have effect.

    “Divine “Being””

    Ain’t any such thing.

    “You survive death because”

    As long as there is something that is recognised by itself as that “you”, it does not survive death.

    “Inherently Spiritual”

    Spirits have to be distilled before they are bottled.

    “Divine Enlightenment”
    Light does not attain enlightenment. Water does not attain wetness.

    “you must rest in the Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Reality”

    As long as there is a “you” perceived as real, the spiritual for it to rest in is a vat of whiskey. No “you”: nothing to rest in.

    “2. Buddhist doctrine of Karma”

    ‘Tain’t a Buddhist doctrine. It is a commonality of the Vedic and Jain traditions as well. An absolute system of order in consequences. It justifies nothing: to each one’s own. Invoking it as a cover for mischief does not count as a mechanism for personal evasion of consequences.

    The US is having so many troubles, you’d almost think it was it was built on thousands of indian burial grounds or something.

  • Brass Balls or Marshmallows?  What’s Beneath a Scottish Kilt?

    Also, don’t miss the Upcoming Cli-Fi Podcast on the Diner with Ugo Bardi and Jim Laughter, author of Polar City Red!



    The NSA sent someone bearing the nametag “Neal Z.” to the University of New Mexico’s Engineering and Science Career Fair today, in the hopes of recruiting young computer geniuses to help manage the yottabytes of data it is collecting about you. But instead of eager young applicants, Mr. Z. encountered University of New Mexico alumnus Andy Beale and student Sean Potter, who took the rare opportunity of being in the room with a genuine NSA agent to ask him about his employer’s illegal collection of metadata on all Americans. Mr. Z. did not like that one bit.

    In two videos posted on YouTube—each shot from a slightly different perspective—you can watch Beale politely question Mr. Z. about NSA programs, and watch Mr. Z. attempt to parry those queries with blatant falsehoods like, ”NSA is not permitted to track or collect intelligence on U.S. persons.” As Beale continues to attempt to engage the recruiter on the legality of the NSA’s mass surveillance initiatives, Mr. Z. becomes increasingly angry, calling him a “heckler,” saying, ”You do not know what you’re talking about,” and warning, “If you don’t leave soon, I’m going to call university security to get you out of my face.”

    After a few minutes of back-and-forth, Mr. Z announces, “You’re done,” and attempts to grab the phone that Potter had been using to film the encounter, literally at the very moment he says, “I’m not touching your phone.” Beale and Potter were later ejected from the facility by campus police for “causing a disturbance,” though their on-camera behavior is unfailingly quiet and civil. The officers declined to act on their complaint that Mr. Z’s phone grab constituted assault. The videos are below, judge for yourself. And be careful if you catch an NSA staffer in the wild, they’re wound pretty tightly these days. [with two short videos]


    Obama delays key power plant rule of signature climate change plan

    A week before major UN talks on climate change, EPA extends comment period for rule to cut carbon pollution from plants

    •Barack Obama unveils historic climate change plan

    Barack Obama applied the brakes to the most critical component of his climate change plan on Tuesday, slowing the process of setting new rules cutting carbon pollution from power plants, and casting a shadow over a landmark United Nations’ summit on global warming.

    The proposed power plant rules were meant to be the signature environmental accomplishment of Obama’s second term.

    The threat of a delay in their implementation comes just one week before a heavily anticipated UN summit where officials had been looking to Obama to show leadership on climate change.

    In a conference call with reporters, the Environmental Protection Agency said it was extending the public comment period on the power plant rules for an additional 45 days, until 1 December.

    The delay follows heavy lobby by Republicans and industry lobby groups to delay the rule – or withdraw it outright. Fifteen governors had called on Obama and the EPA to withdraw the proposed regulations, which would cut carbon pollution from existing power plants.

    Some electricity companies had argued that the rules were extraordinarily complex, clocking in at about 1,600 pages, and they needed extra time to study the full implications.

    But a delay puts the EPA on an even tighter deadline to finalise the rule before Obama leaves office in 2016. Even before Tuesday’s extension, the initial comment period for the new EPA rule was already longer than the norm.

    Report from Day One of the 65th meeting of the International Whaling Commission – ‘Arms are twisted, deals are made, and the whales are pretty much left to fall by the wayside’ [read it if interested]

    The monthly global temperature records just keep falling…

    Despite no El Nino declared, an extraordinarily hot global ocean surface keeps dumping heat back into the atmosphere. This transfer resulted in the hottest March-through-May period in the global record and has pushed numerous record spikes in the global measures this summer. By August, according to NASA, the global average had again climbed to never-before-seen levels. [check out the comments too]

  • The latest post includes an essay from Bud Nye and Reese Jones’ latest interview with me. Catch it here.

  • Oz Man

    “I found the above link :”The Rise and Fall of Irvine Meadows West” to be a great and insightful example of the ‘IC Machine’ rolling over real people, displacing their human scale habitation, and communal living arrangements to ‘somewhere else’. No Heart in the Machine meme-no Consciousness neither.”

    FEIW, I posted something on the subject on today’s forum :-)

  • After reading the comments above regarding the latest Radio Ecoshock (what a misnomer) and not having the vaguest clue who (or what) “KMO” is, I decided to give that section a listen. I’ve gotten RSS-feeds from Ecoshock for a couple years but have only listened to a few as the first one (many moons ago) plainly indicated that Alex Smith really isn’t aware of much, did not present anything remotely “shocking” (except, perhaps, when Guy was on), and ultimately has a voice and “style” that would put dead people to sleep. I could only stomach a bit under half of the Smith-KMO “interview” and have since decided that they are both among the dimmest of dimwits (like Tobis and that other asshat from Fractal Planet) so need to be reclassified as nitwits and I have removed that feed from my aggregator.

  • .
    @ Tom
    Yes, that’s it.
    @ Bud Nye
    Tom got it right.
    My thoughts are that none of us succeed because we are all culpable in the atrocities of humanity upon each other, upon innocent children, upon innocent other life forms. If you have any children, you are especially guilty. Although I have no children, I am guilty – many times over, much beyond the average human, and I’m sorry. Life is failure for none of us succeed.
    Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.
    Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair.
    Live in the knowledge that you are the enemy of all living things.

  • @ pat

    Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair.
    Live in the knowledge that you are the enemy of all living things.

    What rubbish and nonsense you do spout here. I suppose, in Denver, it must look that way.

    I am the friend of living things. In the porch, a goose, cockerel, dog, a little pool of love and delight, no terror, bewilderment, frustration, despair. All living things here are loved, except ticks, which are loathsome and unlovable, but still a marvel.

    It is the humans who do not view the world this way, that are the enemy.