Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump: McPherson’s 6th Stage of Grief (Gallows Humor)

by Joe Dellatore, a lifelong tree-hugger who also wanted to earn a lot of money (ergo, his employment as a business adviser, currently with IBM). Joe learned the foolishness of the monetary path about seven years ago and has been changing his route since then, and is now a practicing Buddhist. He is a grateful father of 3 young children, ages 7, 4, and 4.

As we move through another endless presidential campaign cycle in the United States, it occurred to me that I’ve broken through the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief and now find myself on the other side. Much to my surprise, gallows humor seems a perfectly fitting moniker for this state — kind of a snarky form of acceptance. ;-)

It’s funny how I’ve been unaware of my progress through the stages. Although I suspect any observant outsider could have identified each step along the way. To me, looking out from behind my own eyes, it appeared as though only other people could be categorized so easily. I am more enlightened than that. I am fully aware of the stages and therefore couldn’t fall prey to them unwittingly. And yet, as I reflect from my perch this morning, I clearly see my willingness to have children several years ago as denial. I see my covert interest in subversive acts as anger. I see my embrace of renewables as bargaining. I see my walking away from it all as depression. And I see my renewed interest in living life fully as acceptance.

But now I’ve come to another step. The forest is still rotten. A cleansing fire is still needed to raze it to the ground and allow for a new cycle of life. This is not the fire of angry protest. The fire is neither destructive nor evil. Rather this is the fire of renewal; the fire of rebirth. This is Shiva as destroyer and guarantor of life. It is the compassion of Buddha without attachment to means.

And so, as I sip my cup of coffee and enjoy the sounds of the birds coming to life with a VERY early spring, I see that Donald Trump is another manifestation of the cleansing fire. He seems to represent everything that is wrong with modern American culture and as such, he has secured my vote to quicken the demise — sparking the flame.

If you are one of those folks going through an earlier stage of grief and still finding it hard to accept our fate, let me remind you that atmospheric methane peaked well above 3000 ppb a few days ago for the first time in recorded history — blowing through the previous all-time high. Even if things pull back for a few years between 2017 and 2020 as we shift back to La Nina, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the jig is up and time is short.

In context, my goals for today include being kind to someone, smiling at a stranger, and calling a few friends to convince them to vote for The Donald.



McPherson was interviewed by Wolfgang Werminghausen for the premiere episode of his podcast. You can hear it on Soundcloud here.

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  • Warning to Guy and the readers: “MARK AUSTIN” is an internet hoaxer, or worse.

    Artleads posted a link to a fake story about “geniux” and this fake story was then bizarrely affirmed by “MARK AUSTIN”.

    Guy – your site’s logs will show if the “real” “MARK AUSTIN” made the attributable comments. Judging by the writing style it look consistent to earlier posts but logs will show who is who.


    1. Link from Artleads (WARNING: forbes-health-news.com is a FAKE IMPOSTER WEBSITE AND THE STORY LINKED TO IS A FAKE STORY, dont click on it unless you know how to deal with a potential attack on your PC from such a fake website):

    The Role of a Social Critic

    If you did find yourself visiting this fake website after the “dupe” Artleads posted it you could well have been infected with MALICIOUS MALWARE. To be safe, securely wipe your hard disk and re-install the operating system from the installation media. If you need conformation this site is a hoax, type the domain name in google and see what you get as a result, which is not typical.

    Here is a quote from the fake article: “In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Stephen Hawking said that his brain is sharper than ever, more clear and focused and he credits a large part to using Geniux.” That is just one example of the many lies. It also mentions Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc… you get the idea.

    2. “Mark Austin”‘s BIZARRE follow up reply:

    The Role of a Social Critic

    Think about that reply to the clearly fake link Artleads posted.

    3. Actually what Geniux is, cheap mind altering drug:

    4. PONDER AGAIN Mark Austin’s reply. Why would he say what he did, i.e. repeat the claims made in the fake article, if he wasn’t invested in the fake article someway? Clearly he is promoting either geniux, the product, via the fake website OR he is promoting the fake website in order for it to serve as a platform to get malware on the target’s PC

    5. Now look at this: How fake news articles and lies about billionaires were used to market cheap supplements in the past:

    6. Finally, compare this link to ANOTHER of Mark Austin’s about Geniux:

    Between Two Dreams

    7. Conclusion / going forward

    a. We need to ask how/where “Artleads” got the fake web link from in the first place. Is Artleads what he seems?
    b. We need to ask why Mark Austin made that completely phony reply to Artleads about the cheap product called Geniux. But, we know for certain now at best Mark Austin is fantasist spreading complete disinfo, at worst he is a fraud and a criminal
    c. As such, Guy should delete the radio interview by Mark Austin and ban him from this site
    d. If the NBL logs tie Mark Austin in legally to the hoax website, Guy should report him.

    Guy it’s clear you have a duty to properly investigate this and let your readers know what is going on, particularly as the hoaxer is on your radio show.

    In the meantime no one should trust any links on this site, especially not from Artleads, no matter how innocent they look.

  • The “worlds leading country, God’s own country” (that’s what american presidents always say) now wants Trump for president? Funny. Hiho, well then, go for it! I don’t care, if it’s Donald Trump or Donald Duck. I have no children, lucky me. I never voted for anyone. And I am no Buddhist, just a nobody. I am long gone.

    Some seem to be in a hurry for extinction and death. Don’t worry, Death is never late.

  • Uhm, every party needs some rockin Music. Here’s Heintje, just to show Lidia, how sensitive I am:

  • This is a very refreshing article! I like the connection between Buddhism, Five Stages of Grief and the fire of rebirth (Shiva).

    I personally think it is important to bring in wisdom in order to fully embrace Abrupt Climate Change. Why?
    Because even though Abrupt Climate Change is real for climate scientists it is still an abstract theory for the general public.
    By abstract I mean that abrupt climate change is easily forgotten in everyday life.
    However, if we bring in wisdom then we can see that death and change is part of life and there is nothing wrong (nor right) with abrupt climate change and the near-term end of humans on Earth :)

    In fact, once wisdom comes in we can see abrupt climate change as a liberating force giving us the opportunity to live life to the fullest and fulfill our dreams as long as we can :)

    All the best from partly sunny Bavaria :)

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #122

    Flooded-out earthworms
    traverse the drying sidewalk
    after a downpour.

  • @Cindy Lane …

    Good for you re Mark Austin!!

    I outed him upon his first appearance on Guy’s site some months ago, continue to do so with each of his appearances, and am delighted that now finally this subject is gaining some traction.

    @ Robert Callaghan…

    … don’t start in on me yet again re my long sentence structure! My Corpus Callosum just happens to fire from both directions simultaneously.

  • March 11, 2016, the 5 year anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster:
    Three reactor cores melted through containment, into the earth, where a subterranean river unceasingly washes through the corium lava tubes, into the Pacific Ocean. At least one fuel pool vaporized into the atmosphere. No one can stop this extinction-level event.
    Get your excellence on, y’all.

  • Joe could get into Zoroastrianism. I think they worship fire or something. Come to think of it the red wolverine that lives on Donald’s head does look like flames. Maybe Donald is a fire-god.

    Fred, my father’s name was Frederick Patrick Shaun, born on St. Patrick’s Day and couldn’t tell the truth to save his life.

    Cindy, thanks for the heads up, ought to make for fine fireworks.

    Guy, someone named mr_dong posted your Mar 8 webinar on the collapse subreddit.

    Two predictable and risk-free links for those who like to think or laugh at how stupid we are, or at least at how stupid I am.

    50 Shades Of Solar Power

    Have Ye E’er Been To Sea Billy

  • “Mark Austin” is an anagram of Murki Satan, which means “the walls of Satan”!

    Satan is a divider who builds walls. The Hebrew word “bara” means “to divide”.

  • I’ve had serious doubts about certain people from the time they made their first comments on NBL because I like to focus on scientific and historical evidence. Many comments just do not stand up to scrutiny.


    The date corresponds (within a day or two) to the Arctic sea ice ‘normal’ maximum, and the ‘worm’ has been wandering in and out of the 2015 worm, which had a March minimum this day of the year before the somewhat unexpected refreezing.

    March 2016

    6th 14.375 millionkm2
    7th 14.364
    8th 14.367
    9th 14.379
    10th 14.370

    So the next few days may be the most interesting since Arctic ice measurement began.


  • I will still vote for Bernie. If we’re going down on a sinking ship, I’d still rather have him at the helm than the Donald. Plus, I can’t stomach having to look at his face for four years. Yes… if elected he’ll be a one-termer.

    @Kevin Moore

    I’ve been monitoring the sea ice, also. We’re 817,000 km2 down as of March 10th from the same date in the 2012 season (the previous lowest season ever). I’m still not sure if we’ll have a “blue event” in September.. but I do believe it’s likely we’ll have a new record low minimum in September. Time will tell….

  • On the Mark Austin scam
    I have picked on that Mark Austin already a long time ago . I have even pointed out that all he is doing here was trying to peddle some useless health products or procedures not directly but by trying to gain trust first by becoming friends here among the commentators .. I have called him on that openly here . Of course nobody took notice back than ,, Well welcome to the club Cindy Lane good morning to you

  • Nemesis,
    I mentioned you in my comment because you have posted comments here stating that the planet is not overpopulated.
    Re. the Ehrlichs having one child,if everyone had followed their advice
    when they had that child about fifty years ago,which was that each couple have a maximum of two children,would the Earth be less devastated now?
    They have resigned from various organisations when those organisations took a path that they disagreed with. They are certainly not racists,as you would know if you had read some of their books, ‘Human Natures’ in particular.

  • I too fingered Mark Austin as a scam artist.

    As Denise points out above, five years ago today was the beginning of the Fukishima nuke disaster, which is still going, and now this, in Florida,
    Leaking Beachfront Nuclear Reactor Near Miami Threatening Florida Everglades, Claire Bernish

  • Not sure what you all think Mark Austin is trying to do here. He’s not selling anything. He’s not recruiting anybody for any causes, he’s not an agitator. Personally, I take almost everything on here with a grain of salt anyway, regardless of who’s posting it (sometimes including myself). It’s the frickin’ internet, after all. If you have a problem with Mark, why not just ignore his posts rather than vilify him?

  • Trump would make a terrible president, but it would be fun to watch. I think Cruz would get us in a war faster than Trump would though.

    Best Wishes

  • Nemesis,

    Wow, that was an extraordinarily sensitive video you posted.
    Slightly different formats here, but these two are about Mama also.

    He probably looks at the instrument more than 50% of the time, but those other times…wow.
    OK, maybe not as sentimental as other versions, but still achingly sensitive.

  • mod note 1

    Cindy Lane ~

    I have run Artlead’s link that you mention, directly through several systems:


    Full Results for Artlead’s Link from Securi


    VirusTotal Scan Results

    1 out of 67 aggregated scanners marked this link as phishing site. the rest are clean. certainly a “fake news” site could be considered phishing of some kind.

    however, there are no reports of malware, the site being blacklisted by malware/virus scanners, or anything along those lines for this link.

    first lesson: it is easy to check these things, instead of making fear generating comments that Artleads is posting a possible malware link.

    second lesson: always be careful with unknown links! if anyone wants to check in advance, there are many ways to do so, as I have demonstrated.

    ~ mo

  • mod note 2

    Cindy Lane ~

    thank you for attempting to come up with something like a logical chain of evidence, instead of making an unsubstantiated accusation out of the blue.

    from what I can tell, Artleads first posted his link, Mark probably read that, and then commented as he did about Geniux.

    the reasoning for those comments would be for Mark to explain, if he wished. it seems to me like he “bought” the fake news link, and then was just reposting the fake news to us. Mark was duped, as far as that goes (it seems to me. that’s all I am asserting here)


    1. Artleads posts first about something Mark is clearly interested in and has posted about here many times. (brain/body/genetic enhancements, transhuman technology, etc)

    2. then Mark posts two comments as follow up, going along with this fake news post that Artleads linked, purely because that is the kind of thing Mark is interested in.

    I’m not seeing a conspiracy here, at all. and certainly not proof of anything. again, though, I appreciate the genuine effort.

    EtyerePetyere ~

    “I have even pointed out that all he is doing here was trying to peddle some useless health products or procedures not directly but by trying to gain trust first by becoming friends here among the commentators .. I have called him on that openly here .”

    you have done nothing of the kind. however, you certainly are parroting what Apneaman recently said about “Mark trying to gain our trust” etc.

    I have looked back through all your comments, going back to your first post Oct 2013. as far as I could find, you commented to or about Mark three times. twice objecting to his interview with Guy in a totally general way, and once with a general comment objecting to Mark’s ideas that the “powers that be” have any control over anything. links in time order:

    Power Outage

    NTHE Xmas Fable

    NTHE Xmas Fable

    ~ mo

  • Cindy Lane,

    I’ve communicated a lot with Mark Austin. And I can hardly recall even seeing a post of yours. If I were to be paranoid about someone scamming, I’d naturally favor you. Who are you? What are you about? Given that you have such a following, you have been effective in marginalizing me, not to mention Mark. Pretty sick. You just show up and spread poison.

    But no problem, I’ll leave you to it. Adieu.

  • Here’s how congresscritters take care of clueless family members with fake companies and government grants. It’s common practice in DC but is rarly called out as nobody wants to fuck the golden goose.


    Congressman Paul Kanjorski’s Scandal

    “It was just like the Three Stooges meet anthracite,” said Penn State fuel-sciences professor Harold Schobert, who worked on a federal contract with the firm. “These guys didn’t know how to order chemicals. They didn’t understand even the most fundamental aspects of how to conduct experiments.

  • Whether it’s Don or Hill (I’m guessing it’ll be the latter) at some point martial law will be instituted in a last ditch attempt to keep things together as all hell breaks loose on the climate front. Whoever wins the presidency is going to come to regret it.

  • So,You’ve discovered Permaculture,Artleads. Well done. Bill Mollison visited our local permaculture group about 38 years ago. He didn’t know
    a great deal about tropical plants,and he seemed to find the visit worthwile,as he learnt things from us as well as us learning from him.
    I don’t need lectures about permaculture from you,mate.
    Bill Mollison had a good understanding of the biogeochemical cycles of the planet,Artleads,and he would have regarded your comments here about population and Paul Ehrlich with contempt.

  • Trump reminds me of Mussolini. Sometimes he looks like him, and they’re both egotistical fascists.

    As a person who doesn’t believe American Presidents actually run the show, I don’t think it matters whether Trump or Hillary get in. And socialists don’t get elected in the US.

    The idea that some powerful people (or families) have been manipulating world events with the long term goal of establishing a One World Government is possibly true in my opinion. Or maybe it isn’t. But if they are smart enough to manipulate the entire globe, why don’t they know they are doomed to fail because of a really fast or maybe fairly fast or by-the-end-of-the-century fast climate change extinction event? Maybe their lust for power blinds them to everything other than The Plan.

    By the way, I don’t feel confident when in this century the the hammer will come down on us. Methane is the wildcard. That Gavin Schmit(sp) dude says it will be released slowly. Too slow and not enough to be a big player. CO2 is the big player, he says. The Russian, Shakhova (sp,),believes massive methane might be released quickly. But it only “might be”. And Dr. McPherson is sure massive methane “will” be released over the next 20 years or so.

    How do I know who is right? Maybe if I was smarter I could figure it out. But I really doubt it’s Schmit. I’m 66 years old, and I hope it’s clear to even the deniers what’s happening before I exit. But I don’t want to hang around too long. I’ll know I waited too long when I hear roving gangs of hungry post apocalyptic people looking for food banging really loudly on my doors and windows.

  • I Fall To Pieces whilst witnessing the plant and animal holocaust.

  • Thanks, Joe, that was a nice doomy read. I like doom because it’s real. If there is any hopium running through my veins, it is the hope that we’re all gone sooner rather than later.

    The last woman staggers along the Beach of Doom. She sets her baby aside to scrape a dead jellyfish off the sand. Meanwhile, gulls have pecked out its eyes.

  • Since we’re listening to John Prine, here’s a song that points out a major absurdity of American culture.

  • Since I’m as poor as can’t pay attention I’m not inclined to vote for trump since he hates poor people but it might be a kinda fun thing to watch a game show host run the game. Is it possible to be in the 5 stages of grief all at one time? That’s my question and quest, seems so from where I sit spinning. There is a post above about a family running the show, well, it’s true. The majority of our prez’s are related by blood and our marriage, over 30 of them, and yes I’m a member of the fam.. As far as music is concerned I’d suggest Monster by Steppenwolf from 1969. Like any true art it is still as relevant today as it was then.

  • Note: this comment is for those interested in insects.

    Joanna took a photo of a beautiful katydid here today. This species is rare here.
    Please note: It is no trouble to post this image,so please don’t bother posting a ‘Thank you’ comment. I know that at least a few people will find
    it interesting.http://365project.org/joannakate/365/2016-03-12?utm_medium=email&utm_source=user&utm_campaign=notification%3A+media+comment

  • State of emergency in Louisiana, as atmospheric river unloads disastrous rains

    Up to two feet of rain have fallen in Louisiana and three people have died, as historic flood event swamps parts of the South and Gulf Coast states.



  • Cuntagious …I whole heartedly agree.. they definitely will regret it… It is not even really a position of any effectiveness at all at this point… except to mess things up faster…

  • After all, it IS the Kali Yuga. (Has been for some time. Remember Lt. Calley? Whoso readeth, let him understand.) But you knew all that. You came to watch, and be part of the show. After that, who knows where we go?

  • @Henry
    You know, you bring up something that’s been on my mind for a long time. After thousands of incarnations, one gains some control over when and where the flame reappears. For years, before I knew anything about abrupt climate change, etc., I’ve had the impression that I came back now because it’s my last chance at being human. It’s kind of like a reluctant “all right, I’ll go back one more time.” Old souls will understand what I mean.

    Best Wishes

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #123

    West Coast drought relief-
    Fukushima afterburn
    descends with the rain.

  • Flyover footage to facilitate NOT forgetting about five years of Fuku FUBARITY:

  • @david higham

    I mentioned you in my comment because you have posted comments here stating that the planet is not overpopulated.
    Re. the Ehrlichs having one child,if everyone had followed their advice
    when they had that child about fifty years ago,which was that each couple have a maximum of two children,would the Earth be less devastated now?
    They have resigned from various organisations when those organisations took a path that they disagreed with. They are certainly not racists,as you would know if you had read some of their books, ‘Human Natures’ in particular.

    Well, I described my viewpoint about population twice, that’s right.

    the Ehrlichs having one child,if everyone had followed their advice when they had that child about fifty years ago,which was that each couple have a maximum of two children,would the Earth be less devastated now?

    Well, I said already that I do not even have one children, I did not procreate at all and I am very happy, that I didn’t. Anyone who votes for population reduction shouldn’t procreate at all. It’s just fuckin stupid, to force OTHERS not to procreate, like Ehrlich did, but then procreate themselves. It’s typical elitist (eugenic) thinking to force OTHERS to save the planet, while going into opposite direction yourself, isn’t it?! The main cause of the misery the world is just sheer INJUSTICE. A global minority exploits and destroys the planet, while forcing the poor majority to change their behaviour, hahaha. That will never ever work.

    Excerpt from Ehrlich’s book “The population bomb”:

    I have understood the population explosion intellectually for a long time. I came to understand it emotionally one stinking hot night in Delhi a few years ago. My wife and daughter and I were returning to our hotel in an ancient taxi. The seats were hopping with fleas. The only functional gear was third. As we crawled through the city, we entered a crowded slum area. The temperature was well over 100, and the air was a haze of dust and smoke. The streets seemed alive with people. People eating, people washing, people sleeping. People visiting, arguing, and screaming. People thrusting their hands through the taxi window, begging. People defecating and urinating. People clinging to buses. People herding animals. People, people, people, people. As we moved slowly through the mob, hand horn squawking, the dust, noise, heat and cooking fires gave the scene a hellish aspect. Would we ever get to our hotel? All three of us were, frankly, frightened.


    Now tell me, please, WHY did Ehrlich not describe overcrowded, stinking population down in New York or Washington?! Just look at the global, criminal, unequal distribution of goods and the global, criminal, unequal ecological footprint of the rich, western countries and you know why. It is all about elitist propaganda from people, who benefit from Empire, while forcing OTHERS to change their behaviour. We can discuss that topic further, when America, Europe have reduced their exorbitant ecological, per capita footprint. I don’t see that so far.

    Oh, and btw:

    I am no politician and I will never be a politician, so it makes no difference at all, what I as a nobody might think or say about population at all. You know, I am very glad that I am no politician, just a nobody without any responsibility for the future of my children, because I did NOT procreate, I don’t have any children, like Ehrlich and others, who vote for population reduction. And another thing is:

    Population will be reduced through NTE anyway 8-)

  • “I’m all for toughness, until I’m again’ it.”

    — Fire Hair

    Tough guys never die, they just need help gettin’ up.

    Fire Hair And The Zombie Tropics Of Slaughter


  • The one percenter who thought he was a ninety ninner.

    And other stuff (Zone In On Sea Level Change – 2).

  • @infanttyrone

    Hahaha, the first vid with that guy playing that pedal steel guitar is just awesome! His facial expression sends incredible shivers down my spine! Very sensitive indeed :-D

    Now, here’s my statement for this weekend:


    Another sensitive performance, dedicated to Donald Trump, the “elite”:


  • Feed Jake — Most of our lifetime, we live in a “Flat Earth” mentality. There exists a “3rd” dimension, or more, a perspective from which we can look “down” and see and understand (more of) what is going on. I do spend most of my time “stuck” in ordinary obsessional behavior, but when I wish, I can recapitulate a lot of what is going on, for me, at least.

    I find Michael Newton’s books cover about 90% of how I so far understand stuff to work. And yes, once you’ve crossed 60, you start to take all that stuff more seriously. It’s as if, not having to wait so much longer to find out, you can start thinking about it again. I guess I’m glad not to be a 30-something at this time.

    But, having lived our lives surrounded by so much continuing and increasing injustice, mass extinctions being the ultimate, we can still “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”


  • @Denise Did you notice that they didn’t want you to notice how close that plant is to the ocean.Just a single second of the ocean waves lapping right below the plant 2.05sec. That crap is leaking right into the ocean.

  • @Nemesis
    Don’t know if you’re really into steel guitar, but if you are here’s the best. (Buddy Emmons died last year). It’s what I play.

    Best Wishes

  • mod note to the Henrys

    Henry the Original: you should be able to post under your original name as just Henry using the email you are currently using. IF you wish. shouldn’t be a problem. you can of course continue to use the new nick.

    Henry (from Sydney): please continue to post with the modification (from Sydney) you are now using.

    ~ mo

  • As Mark Twain has been quoted so frequently in his ruminations on politics, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”. Might as well vote for Trump, it would at least be amusing.

    As to Mark Austin, I don’t have an opinion other than being in full agreement that TPTB will continue to desperately maintain BAU, this is their “Plan A”. They know that what stragglers might remain after a global collapse on multiple fronts will be living a nightmare worse than the Dark Ages. If history is any indicator, be sure to give the “self flaggelents” a wide birth and a wider birth to the sort that will blame YOU, and state that “I’ll be right back, I need to go get some firewood…”

  • Thinking about Climate Crisis unfolding all around us now I want a lotus who has character with lots of human compassion. Clinton is sociopathic and probably incapable of empathy (regardless of what she says). Sanders would want to save the masses everywhere. Lots of compassion but it is doubtful we will be able to help other countries while our own house is burning down.
    Kasich wants to hug everyone; lots of love & compassion but too much “more of the same” bereaucratic. Cruz is just like Clinton except a privileged male version.
    I really like Rubio. Probably has genuine caring & compassion. But his “boyish charm” makes him seem too inexperienced with just not enough years spent living.
    So that leaves, ding-a-ling, we have a winner, Trump.
    Psychologically he is capable of empathy, human compassion, decency. Despite all the apparent evidence to the contrary.
    I try not to be blinded by what the media tells me I should think about someone. I prefer to make up my own mind, as I have just shared.
    We will need a strong leader, a truth teller, someone who isn’t afraid to put up a fucking wall when he knows 20+ million climate refugees will be coming from South America, Mexico, etc.
    I wonder if Canada has started their wall yet.
    Keep giving it to us straight, Doctor. We can take it.

  • In first sentence should be potus – not lotus.

  • @ Nemesis
    “An American Prayer / Hour For Magic / Freedom Exists / A Feast Of Friends”

    “We live, we die
    & death not ends it

    Journey we more into the
    Cling to life
    Our passion’d flower

    Cling to Cunts & cocks
    Of despair

    We got our final vision
    By clap

    Columbus groin got
    Filled w/ green death”………….& death smiled)

  • Trump reminds me of Hitler.
    Demonization of 1 ethnic group (Jews).
    Nationalistic. Nazis were “National Socialists”.
    And a criminal with Homicidal tendencies because he was quoted as saying its OK to kill Muslim POW’s by dipping bullets in pigs blood before shooting 49 of them. Then let the 50th go tell the story to the others. This is referred to Murder in most “Civilized Societies” and is a crime. The Bible predicts the rise of an “Antichrist” in the “Last Days” and as NTHE unfolds, the World will want someone to blame. This time around it may be the Christians instead of (or in addition to) the Jews. The “Religious Right” will be in the hotseat for politicizing Climate Change and will make a convenient scapegoat to blame for all of our negligence. I amazed that I will get to watch Biblical events happening in real time right here. I have already read the story and know the general timeline. Now we get to see it happen. May God have mercy on our souls .

  • Trump? Now that’s just bad taste, which is just another (as yet unpublished) stage of grief. Feel free to pass through it.

  • Nemesis,
    First ,the Ehrlichs did not force people to have a maximum of two
    children per couple. They ADVISED them. Several of their books were written to explain how ecosystems function,and why population is an important factor.
    It seems very strange that you would post comments here stating that
    the Earth is not overpopulated,and then criticise the Ehrlichs for having
    one child. You do realize that if each couple had one child,the population
    would decrease over time? As the planetary situation has deteriorated,their advice has changed. For around the last two decades,they have advised that each couple should have one or zero children.
    They are completely aware of the much greater environmental impact of higher consumption societies. Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren are the originators of the I=PAT equation,and they stress the need for ALL
    countries to reduce their populations,for the wealthier countries to reduce their consumption,and the book’One With Nineveh’ discusses in detail various measures to reduce global inequality.
    Your last point is correct.The growth of human populations cannot continue indefinitely. It can be addressed by reducing the birth rate,or increasing the death rate. Which option is the better course
    in terms of human suffering and the destruction of ecosystems and the wondrous species that are sustained within them? The Ehrlichs and other
    ecologists know that the better course is to reduce the birth rate,but
    we have collectively chosen the other.

  • Lidia,
    Don’t get angry. My last sentence was incorrect. Our biological drives
    have determined our course for us.I have to go now.

  • I’m not angry. :-) Most people “chose” the only way they knew how to choose… a gambit that has worked splendidly for hundreds of thousands of years. What creature has had more genetic success upon the planet than we? Only our intestinal fauna could be ranked with us. For all we know, they are the ones in charge…

  • Yikes, Paul! My advice is to keep yourself Free of attachment, mental, emotional or whatever, to any of the shit-eating dogs running for president! Voting for the like is America’s karma, or comfortable path of least resistance. Attachment of any sort to such TRASH is tantamount to plopping another turd into the punch bowl of your life!

  • Yeah, as if we needed more evidence on why the public is not so keen on the crap called “science”.

    “Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist glaciology framework generates robust analysis of gender, power, and epistemologies in dynamic social-ecological systems, thereby leading to more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions,” reads the paper’s abstract. The research was published in the peer-reviewed journal Progress in Human Geography in January.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/03/07/feds-paid-709000-to-academic-who-studies-how-glaciers-are-sexist/#ixzz42kTYzzLO

    The dude (as in male) has been paid $709,000 from the NSF (yup our taxpayer $$$$) thus far.

  • @ Paul Russell “I really like Rubio. Probably has genuine caring & compassion.”

    Last I heard, Rubio still doesn’t believe in anthropomorphic climate change. And this in a state that’s already beginning to experience sea level rise, and will be largely underwater in the not too distant future!

  • This in response to 18000 from previous post – had problems posting on that one.

    Re. that old Assyrian rag:

    @18000days –

    I begin to have the suspicion that to “treasure the venue” IS the goal – to walk with equanimity through the apocalypse – even if the venue is an atrocity.

    Or to walk away (in whatever way you wish to interpret that phrase).

    For myself, I haunt this beach looking for precious stones and shells of interesting shape from which I draw, coupled with the waves, the trees swaying, the overarching sky, some consolation – however brief. And yes, here and there, there is spirit – unquestionably.

    “You have noticed that everything an Indian does
    is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles,
    and everything tries to be round….. The Sky is round, and I have heard
    that the earth is round like a ball, and so are
    all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls.
    Birds make their nests in circles, for
    theirs is the same religion as ours….

    Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing,
    and always come back again to where they were.
    The life of a man is a circle from
    childhood to childhood, and so it is in
    everything where power moves.”

    Black Elk

    Best wishes to you all.

  • Cindy Lane – GOOD work. Look into Predictive Programing which includes “Limitless” product placement. THINK about deeper reasons fake ads are created to cause controversy. Interesting way to LEARN how people will respond to things that don’t yet have a real brand name. Poison in every pill. Trillions in the global pharmaceutical industry. Profits in curing every perceived problem.

    BOB S. – Excellent investigative work. We really admire how Bob knows how to dig into the truth. CIA-Hollywood. ARGO program. Everything connected to MARK AUSTIN is a cover. The person who plays Austin does not own his Facebook, Twitter or G-mail. As we previously explained in detail private monitoring programs are operated by small teams. Yet of course, each team requires an actor/agent with photos & cover ID to match the physical person for public appearances. Why do you suppose a cover op is concerned about the NBL group who might be against Empire????

    Congressman Paul Kanjorski, John Mc Cain, Trump cards in the same game. Empire can program your minds. We program elections & even the WiFi electrons that flow through your bodies. MURKI SATAN loves your set of living arrangements. We microwave your cells. Dreams & nightmares.

    Wake up, look at all the things infiltrating your mind. Ideas planted since birth. Look with-in. Where did the infiltration begin?

    Look up, satellites with cold eyes that never blink. Not even a wink. The global elephant of Empire is sort of like trying to see the entire universe with a telescope…or….microscope. All of infinity in a spec of human concept.

    OTHER SPECIES? a pale blue dot in mind for the future evolution of other species. Gosh, I’m sure I heard Guy say something about other species. Are even the few humans here failing the test to care about conditions for other types of life?

    Carl Hiassen, Carl Sagen, swimming in an energy encounter. What part did you love? Honestly, ask yourself – how did being here feel?

    When we finally get our extinction, manufactured in many forms, will YOUR spirit answer the exit form? One to remember. Will only love or radiation remain?

    BABAJINGO, LWA, SATISH, SABINE, LIDIA, SHEP, NEMESIS, MIKE, and many more in Guy’s grad class. ART LEADS us to a Koan. Red pill for a Pale Blue dot. Is this a final test? What really matters? What is a distraction? Does Extinction push the edge?

    Can you detect the next APE MAN agent Austin “cutout” as long as Empire lasts? In other countries a site like this is not even allowed. Xi Xingping is insisting on severe internet controls. Pills, cells, things going viral. Have a nuclear blast in a little while?

    If a school of fish swim into new waters what did they learn? Will it take 500 Fukishima’s to cause the EXTINCTION of all extinctions? A final extinction of all potential species…kill it all…The EXTINCTION of EVOLUTION once and for all????

    While cyber space is consuming your time & attention, physical reality is marching on. Even making nice comments about being Zen qualifies as doing something. Truly unplug from the matrix. The internet runs on massive amounts of energy. Witch hunts & Egg hunts = A bit of extinction in every byte.

  • Marco Rubios “FUCK IT” Moment
    I reckon Marco Rubio, he has been peeking at NBL in his spare moments and has come to the conclusion .it’s too late, we are screwed so just “Drink on and be Merry” and don’t diminish the global dimming…this is clearly an interesting policy? As he says this is good for the American economy(this is true.. less global dimming is better than more? I think?)? Will he attract NBL voters?? (he won’t attract me! as voting in Australia is compulsory and I avoid the fine by ticking my name off when I arrive at the ballot, and then dropping the ballot paper in “unmarked”, have done this for years.)

    However Rubio did miss the part (on N.B.L) that all this is not really all about us, and anything that can be done between now and the inevitable, might save a microbe or a species.

    Definitely the best way to forward is to consciously smile at a stranger each day. I have been doing this for a while now and this has been the best shift I have had in mindset (oh yeah and give up sugar totally)

    Love your comments; definitely our fauna is in charge. Or in the case of adolescent men, 2 large swollen glands are in charge.

    @Mark Austin
    Is that your real name? (Only kidding mate) really enjoy, look forward to your posts, often try and imagine you floating around out there on your boat gently (furiously) tapping at your laptop.

    Back to the mantra
    There is no solution there is no escape….. So smile at a stranger

  • This ones for you Guy

  • This one is for you Mark and Artleads

  • Just when you think you’re safe… BOOM … Snow Penis


    Snow Penis Reported as Bias-Incident

    Bias-incidents, according to the Student Life Website, are “incidents that make people feel targeted because of their social identity group membership.” Based on this definition, it is unclear if the bias incident report was generated because of the perceived white male privilege displayed by the pearly member rising out up from the ground or because of inadequate sex representation as no efforts had been made to create a snow vagina.


  • Fukushima – current day
    TUC Radio: A Conversation with Maggie and Arnie Gundersen
    [audio src="http://www.radio4all.net/files/tuc@tucradio.org/44-2-Gundersens_Interview_Nov2015.mp3" /]

  • mo — thanks for straightening us out. I wasn’t posting or reading enough, and I didn’t want to discourage those great contributions from our mate in Sydney. (Memories of midnight walks around the city: jet lag.) Next shout is on me.

    My first serious attempts to escape were in his direction. Had a job offer in Sydney and a girlfriend in Auckland. Reagan didn’t blow us up, however, though it took several courageous US and Russian missile and sub commanders to accomplish that survival over these intervening 30 years. Pushing our luck, though. And has Australia since removed itself from the nuclear bullseye? And raised its barriers to expats?

  • I guess while Henry II has me thinking on it, I might as well mention a result of my latest “searches”, which is that my present latitude (W. Hemisphere only) contains at least 6 million people (my “neighbors”, and all of them so very friendly and hardly packing so many weapons as elsewhere in USA).

    Flip in the opposite direction, same latitude contains just under 3000. I suppose I could just migrate until my Internet “habitat” runs out?

    Not the most profound song ever, but I suppose a climate change update is waiting to be written, and sung?

  • Mark, Mark, Mark,….did you just wake up from a Pregog bath?, looked around and said…I have to warn them!…this “conditioning” has been happening so long and so way before your time its amusing to me to read what you have been warning us about, get a grip man its all a light show and the vibrations go on and on…one more thing…what does God need a Starship for?…Capt James T Kirk…aka Bill Shatnar Grad of McGill University, the place where the CIA brought purity to LSD….

  • Very informative paper by James Hansen shared by Mr. Beckwith. http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/mailings/2015/20151229_Sleepless.pdf

    Wherein Hansen is selling nuclear as the only alternative. I think Hansen has not met Arnie Gundersen. The energy use stats are very good, and the clear spelling out of what would be required of the Mark Jacobsen project is very revealing.

  • Wester…in the last week I have sniffed out some info. that may astound and amaze you and many of our friends here, including the good doctor. I warn you not to make a snap judgement of the following video! I prize this entire 5 part series. But this episode, #2, is as startling a new perception as I’ve come across in a while.

    For your enjoyment: Have I been duped into an silly, empty cul de sac? Or could there be something to this! Could the failure of science to rediscover an ancient power source have doomed the planet to the coils of the Methane Monster?

    Let the mind candy begin!


  • ‘Have I been duped into an silly, empty cul de sac?’



  • Emergency biscuits flown into UK due to national shortage
    Two cargo planes full of biscuits fly into South Yorkshire in response to shortage caused by flooding


  • New Weather Underground article reflecting on the (dare I call it abrupt?) increase in atmospheric temperatures in February. Second paragraph is quoted below. The last couple of sentences would indicate that we pretty much have surpassed the lofty goals of the Paris Accord already… last I checked 1.65 or 1.85, plus 0.5 > 2.0C. You think there might start to be some impacts as we breeze on by. Faster & faster. Hug someone you love.

    “An ominous milestone in our march toward an ever-warmer planet
    Because there is so much land in the Northern Hemisphere, and since land temperatures rise and fall more sharply with the seasons than ocean temperatures, global readings tend to average about 4°C cooler in January and February than they do in July or August. Thus, February is not atop the pack in terms of absolute warmest global temperature: that record was set in July 2015. The real significance of the February record is in its departure from the seasonal norms that people, plants, animals, and the Earth system are accustomed to dealing with at a given time of year. Drawing from NASA’s graph of long-term temperature trends, if we add 0.2°C as a conservative estimate of the amount of human-produced warming that occurred between the late 1800s and 1951-1980, then the February result winds up at 1.65°C above average. If we use 0.4°C as a higher-end estimate, then February sits at 1.85°C above average. Either way, this result is a true shocker, and yet another reminder of the incessant long-term rise in global temperature resulting from human-produced greenhouse gases. Averaged on a yearly basis, global temperatures are now around 1.0°C beyond where they stood in the late 19th century, when industrialization was ramping up. Michael Mann (Pennsylvania State University) notes that the human-induced warming is even greater if you reach back to the very start of the Industrial Revolution. Making matters worse, we are committed to at least 0.5°C of additional atmospheric warming as heat stored in the ocean makes its way into the air, as recently emphasized by Jerry Meehl (National Center for Atmospheric Research). In short, we are now hurtling at a frightening pace toward the globally agreed maximum of 2.0°C warming over preindustrial levels.”

    February Smashes Earth’s All-Time Global Heat Record by a Jaw-Dropping Margin


  • I have a writing problem it’s like a drinking problem but worse


  • 405ppm. And from around this time of the year to the end of May the atmospheric CO2 concentration normally surges by 3 or 4ppm.


    The situation with regard to Arctic ice is less clear; another couple of weeks will probably clarify it.


  • Laurel Wilt Continues to Spread

    Billions of people living their lives oblivious.

  • Hey Guy’ in the events section you got…

    ‘November 2016: Australia and New Zealand’

    Can you elaborate on where in Australia and what kind of gig it is.?

    I’ll try to get there if I know where it is.

    Maybe have a beer…?

    ‘Icehouse – Great Southern Land’


  • Anyone who still buys into the political parade cannot be taken seriously.

  • kevin moore

    Your reporting on important things like those two above, CO2 ppm and Arctic sea ice anomalies, is outstanding.


    Thanks Kevin.

  • [comment deleted by moderation]

  • mod note ~

    I know exactly the time period and the comments you are referring to. your comments at the time were never censored, deleted, edited or changed in any way.

    you can come up with some evidence to support the claims that you are making now. you must have some evidence to be claiming such things, otherwise you are simply libeling Mark.

    you have not come up with a speck of any evidence at this point. not at this time and not in the past. that is just a whole lot of wild claims above. anybody can write anything like that, spinning whatever they wish out of thin air, but this website does have a policy against libel.

    your comment has been deleted. if you want to post any evidence at all of what you are talking about, feel free. if you don’t and you continue to post these types of comments, they will continue to be deleted.

    ~ mo

  • ominously beautiful weather we’re having…ozman…is that icehouse album the only one you listen to? i did pick that one up, back in the day, ’78 wasn’t it? r.i.p. Kieth Emerson.

  • lucky man?

  • EtyerePetyere Says:
    March 14th, 2016 at 7:53 am
    [comment deleted by moderation]

  • mod note ~

    EtyerePetyere, Okay then. In case you need more clarification on just how far across the line you went.

    What is “Libel Per Se”?

    When libel is clear on its face, without the need for any explanatory matter, it is called libel per se. The following are often found to be libelous per se:

    A statement that falsely:

    Charges any person with crime, or with having been indicted, convicted, or punished for crime;



    I am totally serious about these matters. I do not desire to waste any more time on this.

    for your consideration EtyerePetyere, you were “conveying a provably false factual assertion.”

    case closed. be thankful I deleted your comment.

    ~ mo

  • why Trump will never, thank god, become president of the USA:


    not going to happen in a million years with those numbers. those numbers are devastating, and any more movement there is going further down into the chasm, for sure.

    his massive gender gap with Hillary isn’t going to help either. barring a revolt at the convention, this is going to be an epic blowout.

  • @Mo

    i am vindicated than . Since the Canada statute is the applicable one in my case, and it says;

    “Responsible communication is a fairly new defamation defense established by the Canadian Supreme Court. Essentially it offers libel and slander protection for journalists, bloggers, citizen-journalists and publishers who gathered information in a “responsible manner” even if their reports turn out to be false. The issue at hand, however, must be one of public interest.

    Since i have gathered my information in a “responsible manner ” And in the “Public’s Interest ” even in case the information disseminated ” turns out to be false” (On that one the jury is still out I insist )

    On that note i think the punishment I.E. my comment being deleted is a harsh one bordering the act of suppression of free information . But hej it is not my blog so the rightful owner and moderator here has all the right to do so I acknowledge . Good for him (her) I am also not taking myself ever so seriously that i have to be always right on whatever the subject is .Being Corrected in that case But in my opinion a mano a mano exchange in writing would be the rather fair thing to do not being shot out and scolded like some defenseless school kid .. But tha`s Ok as i have said it . I can laugh at myself from time to time . or as Jim Morrison Put it ” I can forgive for my injuries in the name of wisdom “

  • mod note ~

    EtyerePetyere…. uh, hmmm.

    Essentially it offers libel and slander protection for journalists, bloggers, citizen-journalists and publishers who gathered information in a “responsible manner” even if their reports turn out to be false.

    this actually refers to, you know, information. something you have notably never provided on this matter. not a single word.

    you seem to be unclear on the concept.

    this is information, even if false: “John Brown robbed the market on the corner of First Street and Pine, the night of March 1st, shooting three people dead during the robbery, including a 46 year old mother of six children.”

    this is libel: “John Brown is a criminal wanted by the FBI for murder, and has fled to Mexico to avoid extradition.”

    get it?

    you have never gathered or shared any such information about Mark Austin ~ the Mark Austin who posts on this blog, not any of the other thousands(?) of potential Mark Austins out in the world.

    if you are claiming that you are trying to spread accurate information about Mark Austin and his activities, and you are also claiming Guy or I is censoring or blocking this information, you are making a public statement that Guy or I is also possibly conspiring to prevent this potential criminal activity from coming to light.

    that is a very heavy claim to be making or even insinuating, publicly, EtyerePetyere.

    do you understand why I am being both serious and public about this?

    the specific Mark Austin who posts here does have a reputation, and is known in person by several people who also post here or in other places associated with NBL.

    that is the actual person you have to responsibly provide information about to back up any claims you are making.

    But in my opinion a mano a mano exchange in writing would be the rather fair thing to do not being shot out and scolded like some defenseless school kid

    you could have very easily emailed Guy or me privately about your claims, while sharing your (so far totally nonexistent) “information” about these claims.

    you chose to make a public case out of it.

    your turn. if you want to be a responsible citizen journalist, let’s have a go! let’s see some responsible information. even if false!

    I have a great sense of humor, EtyerePetyere. :)

    “The issue at hand, however, must be one of public interest.”

    I think you or anyone would have a great “public interest case” here (for the NBL public at least) if you wanted to become responsible about this. that would be wonderful.

    claims of both criminality and conspiracy to hide criminality as you are making them, EtyerePetyere, are something of a big deal. that’s why the defamation laws exist in the first place.

    ~ mo

  • It this “John Brown ” an alias for “Mark Austin”?! Yes ? No ? Not the Saint known blogging here but the other one the malicious one selling sneak oil the anti anti proton neutron radiation kind right now since that`s the seller after Fuku and before just regular cancer snake oil and light therapy and what was it oh vaccines against US china government bio-terror and whatnot the gullible would by anything just to make a buck EH? Not your Mark Austin . Well i don`t know one austin who did all these things . Maybe You are that Mark Austin being so freaked out about being exposed . Well i had only Honest intents . When that Mark Austin (the saint one ) posted some links about his “trials” with FDA and FBI and stuff i was looking it up researched it and made a few remarks here on the blog in the publics interest to warn and i moved on since i know when i see a scammer and a con . In what i have researched i drew the conclusion , i posted it and there was little or no response and i have moved on . Now you have jumped on it like a dog on a snot . i am suspecting that you are trying to hide something i do not care i did the deed in best faith . Other people also are suspicious so i am not alone here . Your long convoluted explanations on this libel thing do also not faze me .. Go ahead sue me . Good luck with that . However Yes maybe There is a Mark Austin “The Saint” if there is he wont be concerned about his reputation because there are people who know who he is all the rest don`t matter as i am not concerned about my reputation since i have before me my own clear conscience that i have acted in good faith i have researched it with the right intent and i have published according the results .

  • digixplor

    I guess so…but apologies for re-posting it so much.

    It is just there are few posters here looking at down-under, and it is a big continent now drying out and exhibiting serious ‘abrupt’.


    I’ve written it before here but may as well again…

    the only chance humans have (an all our fellow creatures and lifeforms) of surviving NTHE is for first nations peoples leading all else in an attempt to bring about a communing with the undifferentiated spirit beings which inhabit the continuum of local space in every region to create a deluge, long enough and intense enough to draw the CO@ out of the atmosphere.

    Laugh away….

    It happened long ago in a very long period of time, and so it can happen again, just this time humans, the two armed have to make it so by connecting to older ways of existence with the real Earth, not the cut n paste Earth we have known in recent times.

    Just sayin…

    ‘Icehouse – Man of Colours’

    ‘Icehouse- Paradise’


  • mod note ~

    EtyerePetyere, this is the last comment from you or me that I’ll leave in the main thread.

    I’m going to leave your comment right above, as is, as an explanation unto itself.


    the world as it exists now is actually a bunch of countries that have laws. people are not convicted about anything based on: “Other people also are suspicious so i am not alone here.”

    do you understand the concept of evidence?

    this concept actually has a lot to do with the main subject of this blog.

    science does not work based on “suspicions from a bunch of people, right intent, good faith and clear conscience” and neither does any other rational thing that goes on in this world.

    you are free to believe you have a clear conscience, the right intent and good faith. your defense against libel, legally, still does not hold water.

    I see the exact same kind of intent and behavior that guides a witch hunt. my personal choice is not to feed that kind of energy as we slide into oblivion.

    ~ mo

  • and this too…

    ‘Jimmy Barnes – “Working Class Man” 1985’

    A working class man… a pure construction, a fantasy but many like(d) to believe it. Some who built the empire… but not to forget the financiers, who enabled far more to be made, now our ball(as in Ball n Chain).

    ‘Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth’

    Love the imagery on this one… hard to beat it’s relevance here..

    (maths is getting harder down below !… just sayin)

  • [deleted by mod]

    mod edit:

    as noted, basement for the rest of today, from here on out.

    and stay within house rules in all cases. the rules have been spelled out clearly.

    to repeat:

    1. no libel. learn the law if you need to.


    2. no attacks on classes of people, e.g. racism, antisemitism, misogyny.

    3. keep focused on ideas as much as possible, not the people who hold the ideas.

    thank you.

    ~ mo

  • ‘We can have a living planet,or we can have industrial civilisation,but we can’t have both’ Succinct and accurate. Well summarized,Guy.
    The catastrophe continues:https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/mar/14/severe-coral-bleaching-worsens-in-most-pristine-parts-of-great-barrier-reef

  • Yet more bizareness I have to waste my time demolishing, well here we go…

    Your comments defending Mark Austin are almost as bizarre as Mark’s comments themselves! Let’s agree to disagree about Mark Austin, the post at the top of this page clearly demolishes his credibility. Q.E.D.

    From a technical viewpoint your solution (ironically presented as “lessons”) is inferior to the solution I use and generally speaking the WRONG approach.

    1. First of all you claim I’m fear mongering about malware and to “prove” it you show the results from a free URL tester which actually DOES indicate it’s a phishing scam. Whoopsie!

    2. Further, from one of the links YOU PROVIDED it shows the website is not Blacklisted even though it’s clearly an illegal hoax website:

    Website: http://www.forbes-health-news.com/2016/02/24/stephen-hawking-predicts-this-pill-will-change-humanity/
    Web Trust: Not Currently Blacklisted (10 Blacklists Checked)

    “Web Trust” Proves my point. This website is clearly a fake, and should be blacklisted but it isn’t.

    So your point about using these free sites is actually “a lesson” on why these sites should NOT be used!

    Anyway, even if those freeware sites came back with a clean bill of health there are still issues:

    3. Those sites do not scan on demand when you submit the URL. They will have perhaps scanned several days before, potentially therefore not being up to date with what files are actually CURRENTLY on the site when the link’s clicked on. You can see there is a window of opportunity there. This is similar to a criminal records check which was done 2 months ago which doesn’t include a crime committed in the last 2 months.

    4. No proof against Zero day attacks. In other words those freeware sites only check against KNOWN MALWARE, not something created newly, or as yet undiscovered i.e. it leads to a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY. This is similar to a criminal records check for someone who is a criminal but simply just hasn’t been caught.

    5. The fact is close to no-one will use your solution, checking URLs as they come across them. It’s too slow.

    6. There is a better solution, which I use: A linux Live CD. By using this solution you can browse whatever you want and then just reboot the PC and you have a clean machine every time, regardless if your last session picked up malware or not.

    In summary mo, if you are going to provide “lessons” you need to know your subject (and audience) first!

    If you were a real man you would acknowledge your error and apologize for sharing a bogus link with the group, rather than write the disgusting and fake drivel you just did. Perhaps Mark Austin has been socially engineering you behind the scenes as you are hinting at, that would leave you as a dupe, but at least criminally in the clear.

    @kevin moore
    I’m guessing the people who can think for themselves typically skipped over Mark Austin’s drivel and ignored it. The link from Artleads (whose drivel I normally skip past as well) must have stuck out because of the ridiculous title.

  • HENRY from Sydney – It’s a beautiful evening in Jupiter harbor. Red wine and “sea” weed. Illegal & otherwise no other drugs or aliens on board. No matter what I get accused of I’m still so happy you can enjoy this crazy stuff with me. Let’s add a hologram of Babajingo to this cyber sail.

    Okay SERIOUS NOTE: Earlier today I provided evidence to MO and GUY that gives them full access to exactly who is behind the AUSTIN ID.

    It is very rare that anyone will risk giving real Social Security number & drivers Lic, Passport # and much more but I gave it all to MO and Guy so they can use any ID check source they want. I hope they do & confirm the absolute truth once and for all. Here is an edited example of my proof to them:

    MARK A—- has never ever been in legal trouble in an country. Here is my social security number and you can tell E that you have it for fed & banking data check. Due to potential ID theft giving you my SS# is private & very trusting of me.

    God knows what other people known as Austin have done. As you know I was (redacted) until I entered the Home land security program in Oct 2001. Many contractors in DHS, NSA, DoD, DoE, get cover IDs if they travel. YES all parts of global Empire are bad but I’m not bad ass enough to be writing comments here while running drugs and guns Iran contra style. Fast & Furious quantum tunneling to Mexico then taking a lap top break to post on NBL. Gotta love those Sat signals. LOL!!!

    BOB S. I truly admire your research but why are you so cranky about the Mayor of Delray, Palm Beach county? Guy McPherson has my corporate contract DUNS#. My corp site is required by law to list Fed contracts. But we also have Shell Corps and Law office numbers to protect us from people who are angry for al sorts of good reasons. I’m all for ending Industrial Civilization, and I’ve got a lot to loose. But lets do it better than Nuclear winter or Induced Pandemic. Maybe nature created us to help her bat last. I’m not the drone your looking for.

    PAUL DEMOREST – My entire boat is in a Precog bath. None of that pure LSD to the starfish. You already know the water is full of hormones, Percocet, Draino and steroids. What a stew. Okay lets microwave the heck out of the Methane. At least you know we have all been quite mentally programed from birth. As Guy says: “must go faster” and the V2K direct-to-mind audio is one heck of a leap for us lizzards. I know you know, yet LIDIA gave us a huge list last month of all the stuff people don’t know. Hey we still don’t know who I am?? oh well…

    ETYEREPETYERE – Your talented. Come play with us. One of the largest agencies in the world is International Creative Management. I’m sure Babajingo knows their big building in Beverly Hills. From Rome to Zurich they represent world leaders. Yep, Obama has an agent. The Pope also. The CIA is a client of I.C.M. and so am I. MO has my ICM #

    I’m so very sorry NBL folks are creating trouble and I’m so darn busy now. Much LOVE for whatever you do. I hope and think you understand the exact truth of this….deeper truth in the spirit part but for now it’s about my records you can check.

    I’m certainly not a saint nor Murki Satan but at least my credit rating is excellent. Also try to credit me for being the only person on NBL who is still inside Empire trying to subvert the system a bit. In the end all I care about is humans not leaving Earth a totally radioactive mess. I’ve never pushed any product or agenda not connected to trying to get people to find one minute in their entire lives to write one letter to the NRC in favor of total decommissioning. I am horrified and astounded that nobody has the comment time to care to try. Germany is certainly on the right track to total removal by 2020. No reason we can’t each find a few minutes in an entire year to get the USA to follow the German example. Thank you because YOU are the ones who could change the long term future. We can’t stop the Extinction. But we could still try to reduce the radioactive sources we will leave behind. That truly matters.

  • CINDY LANE – Your wonderful so please do some research into test marketing, product placement & re-branding. PERDICTIVE PROGRAMMING counts links. Counts clicks. Something you can’t afford, which is also not legally contested by the celebrity names = public desire. Your doing an excellent job now buying into an old trick. Look at all the videos about predictive programming on YouTube. Don’t buy into it nut learn. You will see major movies with World Trade Center twin towers and 911 on clocks. The danger is in the attention not some malware. Your Technical knowledge is excellent. Look a bit deeper.

    A new movie called “The Experimenter” is all about the tests. If I give you the clip you will be afraid to click on it so please take a moment to look at the clip. Get the DVD if you want to see a big story about a true extensive public test. Humans get used in the most subliminal and subversive ways. Adolf Eichman trials & the banality of evil. CINDY please think a bit deeper. Your on the right track. Look at v2k and see where it leads. It will get really wild if you adventure a bit further into the rabbit hole. Limitless reasons agencies create false flags. No drugs. Just open your mind. Look at the DARPA Blue brain synthetic tissue. If humans can’t survive Earth what do you suppose Empire will attempt? Your so close it’s hot. Come see who “they” really are. The shell game should keep you interested enough in discovering more truth.

  • The latest round of storms seem to have passed over. A quiet evening with a book of quiet wisdom. Thought I would share:

    Stephen Jenkinson:

    “We have religions that sanctify all sentient beings, which is good for the sentient beings they have in mind, but this still ties “life” to having eyelashes or a central nervous system or a pulse. We are denying this quality of sentience to mountains, rivers, the air, the ground, and all that sustains us at our considerable peril and to the demonstrable corruption of the world. We should rather at least consider that mountains, rivers, the air, and the ground are all ways life has of being sentient. The realization and the humbling power of knowing that life is not a human thing could go a long way toward making us human.

    And so neither is death a human thing. Death is an epic mystery that will mean more than we can possibly mean by it. This is why slaughter, murder, pogrom, war, and ethnic cleansing are all the monstrosities they are –not because they end human lives so much as because the perpetrators take into their untutored hands one of the great mysteries of life unawares and violate it to make it serve their ends. Death dealt by people is Jacob’s ladder climbed, the Holy of Holies torn open and nothing found inside. It becomes Death the Destroyer of Worlds, the act and the consequences too vast for humans to carry. Just as a theme park mountain is not a mountain but the slander of a mountain, and a slag heap not a mountain but the end of a mountain, so our capacity to kill each other or ourselves is not the natural order of things playing itself out, no matter how common it might be in our history and in the papers, no matter how much we are inured to it or numbed by the horror of it. Instead it is a rupture that will not let life live according to its nature.” (Die Wise 204/5)


    “Life, as I said earlier, is not “the human life span.” Life is by every measure a bigger thing, than the human life span. Life is that of which the human life span, for a while, partakes. Our secular humanist religions will not tolerate it, but let us be humble on this point: Life is not a human thing. It is what gives us the opportunity to be human. It is not the stage upon which we play out our humanity or our lack of it, though merely players we surely are. It is the play. And the play’s the thing.”

  • Guy
    I was looking through on old post “only love remains in 2012”
    Question .Do you still suffer from cluster headaches?
    (I understand this is probably a bit out of context)
    I am also a long time sufferer(since aged 5 was the first I remember) finally diagnosed Chronic by a neurosurgeon in 2000, only to find relief in the last 12 months with the wonder drug “Lyrica” and changing my diet…once I stopped the sugar(in all forms) the C.H. have subsided to toleration point. I will get an attack possibly twice a month now.
    Sugar = Corporate poisoning. Free the shackles so when we eat a lemon it tastes sweet