25. November 2014


California Excursion

My work is mentioned periodically and favorably and during Dahr Jamail’s 19 November 2014 interview with Thom Hartmann. It’s embedded below. 19 November 2014, radio interview embedded below 21 November 2014 letter to the editor in the wake of my presentation: Butte College speaker on climate change inspiring 22 November 2014 video interview embedded below […]

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16. November 2014


Easy Living

The disparagement of my work, hence of me, reaches a fervent pitch during a speaking tour. Although I love interacting with new people, any road trip brings me to the attention of deniers who react harshly. And not merely to the message, but of course to the messenger. It’s as if I’m inventing the information […]

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13. November 2014


DIY Resistance: Grasp Things at the Root

by Will Falk, Deep Green Resistance, with thanks to San Diego Free Press, which first published this article I recently attended another sustainability conference at a local university. The experts sat in a half-circle facing their audience in rank-and-file foldable chairs. I, like most of the audience, hoped to hear a brilliant solution to the […]

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10. November 2014


Seeking Input on Video Clips

Dean Spillane-Walker shot a series of video clips, embedded below. I’d like to use them on a new-and-improved version of Nature Bats Last as soon as I am able to coerce a talented individual into creating a new-and-improved version of Nature Bats Last. I would very much appreciate feedback about these video clips. If you’d […]

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6. November 2014


New Zealand Again

Robert Atack shot video while Kevin Hester and I were interviewed in a radio studio in Kapiti, New Zealand. The result is embedded below. Post by Robert Thankyoufornotbreeding Atack. ______ An article based on my recent trip to New Zealand is linked here. I’m misquoted repeatedly. _______ Catch Nature Bats Last on the radio with […]

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4. November 2014


Wrapping New Zealand

With big thanks to host extraordinaire Kevin Hester, I’m back in the United States. Thanks, too, to filmmaker Shaun Pettigrew and the awesome support provided by myriad hosts and helpers. A few more clips will be posted in the near future based on presentations and interviews. In addition, Shaun Pettigrew’s film documenting my time in […]

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30. October 2014


More from New Zealand

Parts of my latest interview with Reese Jones are embedded below. Part 1 can be found here. Robin Westenra provides a description of a recent event, and he includes several photographs. It’s a bit unusual, and it’s posted here. ************ As indicated below, McPherson will be hosted by Kevin Hester in New Zealand for another […]

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