5. November 2015


What I Live for

I posted the essay below, verbatim, on 7 August 2008. I’m using the same title for today’s essay, and adding a brief introduction and an embedded song. Also, I’ve linked to a new essay for Shift at the bottom of the page. Consistent with my perspective from August 2008, I still live to comfort the […]

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4. November 2015


“Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown” on National Geographic

The National Geographic television show was better than I expected. It aired 1 November 2015. Ultimately Bill Nye returned to Stage 3, bargaining, after briefly visiting stages 4 and 5, depression and acceptance, respectively. The show can viewed, at least in the United States for $1.99, at this link. It’s available here, too, if you’re […]

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1. November 2015


Presentation in Seattle, Washington

I’ve embedded below video from a presentation I delivered in the Royal Room in Seattle, Washington. Topic was abrupt climate change and the event transpired on 17 June 2015. Sorry for the delay in posting here: editing took longer than expected. As a result, some of the information does not reflect my latest thinking on […]

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29. October 2015


The Way Out of Weippe

Way back on 27 October 2008, more than seven years ago, when I was respected by some and I was busily, self-importantly holding down a “respectable” job, I penned the essay posted below. I’ve kept the title, added a brief introduction, and embedded a song. Far too late in an unenlightened life, I realized there […]

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26. October 2015


Mistakes have been Made

It’s one of my favorite phrases: “Mistakes have been made.” They are legion. I’ve made most of them myself. I continue along the same, error-ridden path. I suspect I’ll make my final mistake immediately before I die. It might be the one that kills me. You’ve likely heard this one, too: “Live and learn.” I’m […]

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23. October 2015


On Being a Doomer

On 4 September 2008, as the final academic year of my academic life was barely under way, I wrote an essay for this space bearing the same title as the current essay. It’s pasted below, verbatim, after a few contemporary words provide an update and context. I’ve added a song, too, immediately above the essay […]

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20. October 2015


An Introduction to Post-Insurrectionary Revengism: Politics in Light of Near Term Human Extinction

by Tim Buchanan CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of violence The converging crises that are descending on our planet are the direct responsibility of the powerful who preside over civilization today. The political and economic elite of yesteryear would not have known about the effects of burning fossil fuels, but the elite of today have no such […]

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