15. August 2015


Geoengineering, Real and Imagined

Humans have been geoengineering since the dawn of agriculture. Plows turn living soil into lifeless dirt while releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This process is properly termed geoengineering, and it has clear implications for climate change. We continue to geoengineer every time we fire up an internal-combustion engine. Or turn on the lights powered […]

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13. August 2015



by the virgin terry in his autobiography, PROVIDENCE, daniel quinn wrote of a fascinating life altering experience of his. i don’t remember many of the details he wrote of. it was in his youth, at a monastery in a beautiful natural setting. i don’t recall what, if anything, brought it on. it seems it came […]

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11. August 2015


Answering Questions About Empathy for ASGs, ESGs, and Life

by Bud Nye The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing. —Blaise Pascal All our so-called consciousness is a more or less fantastic commentary upon an unknown text, one that is perhaps unknowable but still felt. —Friedrich Nietzsche The human body is the best picture of the soul. —Ludwig Wittgenstein Introduction Please read […]

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9. August 2015


I Am Dead. Won’t You Join Me?

by Grant Schreiber, who writes of himself: “I remain Grant Schreiber, in the great city of Chicago where one can see civilization in the death throes up-close. Despite city streets there is a lot of green, a thriving coyote population, an increasing number of birds that normally don’t appear in this area. Almost as if […]

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7. August 2015


Which is Worse?

by Alton C. Thompson To continue with the question posed by my title: Recognizing Problem X, but not recognizing the problem’s degree of seriousness, and making announcements of one’s knowledge/research findings that lull those who hear or read them into a sense of complacency. Recognizing Problem X, even recognizing its seriousness, but being unwilling to […]

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5. August 2015


Abrupt Climate Change Part I: A Tipping Point

The film embedded below was created by Marc Haneburght, and it features Paul Beckwith and me. It’s the first of two parts. The video clip below popped up on my screen this morning. It’s extracted from an interview in January 2014. Linked here is video from a presentation I delivered in Lonay, Switzerland on 23 […]

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3. August 2015


Honorable Pursuits?

I don’t care whether the world’s going to end tomorrow or it’s going to go on forever. What difference does it make to me? I’m still going to do the same thing I do every day which is to love, serve, remember, love, serve, remember, love, serve, remember … (Ram Dass) I’ve written about pursuing a […]

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