6. October 2014


Recent Presentations

30 September 2014, California State University, Chico, California, embedded here 29 September 2014, “World Development” course, California State University-East Bay, Hayward, California, classroom appearance embedded below in four parts 28 September 2014, one of four panelists for a local television show in Santa Cruz, California, embedded below _______ Catch Nature Bats Last on the radio […]

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4. October 2014


Earth Changes: A Confluence of Inner and Outer Growth

by Jack Adam Weber When hope is used to reject reality, this is called denial, and denial usually has a darker side than the (fertile and therefore rejuvenating) darkness it initially resisted. When we accept the dark and difficult side of side of life, the experiences that are not rosy and peaceful, we give ourselves […]

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2. October 2014


Yet More NTHE Questions

Apart from NTE, is there any significant philosophical issue at the present time? ** Is there anything redeeming about the path that got us to this point (the last oh, 10,000 years or so) in regards to now figuring out how one can start living a life of excellence? _______ McPherson delivered a presentation on […]

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30. September 2014


Facing Truth

by  Jonathan Woolson (bio follows) These are our choices, that we choose to continue, …and the results of our choices, that we make every day…   …and the fragmented limbs and bodies of South Sudanese, Syrian, Israeli, and Gazan children, …and the Right of Return is ground into the pulverized dust of Palestine’s concrete and […]

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28. September 2014


NTHE Question

What do people think of the slogan and campaign briefly described below?It’s been discussed on the Climate Progress blog. The designer, Milton Glaser (who did the I heart NY slogan), was on CBC national radio last month and made the point that Global Warming sounds like something comforting to those not understanding science (97% of […]

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26. September 2014


5 Reasons Why Some People Insist on Discussing Collapse, and Even Extinction

by Jamey Hecht, PhD Truth-telling. American civilization is an abusive parent who provides more material goods than most, but lies about just how violently he acquired those goods. With hundreds of military bases abroad, American authority is like a Mafioso who brings home big bags of toys and candy with blood all over them, and […]

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24. September 2014


Two More NTHE Questions

What is freedom? How is the concept of freedom related to this predicament? ** I am interested in knowing what people think NTHE will look like. Humans are clearly very adaptable and clever. Will all humans be killed, or just the majority of them? Will some small groups be able to survive, in some tiny […]

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22. September 2014


The Truth about Near-Term Human Extinction

by Emma Fenton, long-time reader in this space As near-term human extinction is debated back and forth, argued for and against (with a degree of condemnation), the signs are already painfully obvious that this is the path we are heading down. Climate change, environmental damage and nuclear meltdowns are the signposts towards the demise of the human […]

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20. September 2014


Even More NTHE Questions

Now that it looks like methane from Siberia and the arctic is really picking up, what would happen if we had a large sudden release of methane a hypothetical extinction-level release, what would be the result in speeding up NTHE? ** Integrating three different perspectives (individual human, all humans, and all other species), what really […]

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18. September 2014


A Tragic View of Human Destiny and the Latest from Reese Jones

by Bud Nye I wanted to respond to NTHE Question #11, “Why is this happening? Or, better yet, When did it start?” Unfortunately, I have found that I cannot comment any longer at NBL due to Page Not Found errors. Partly for this reason, and partly because of its length, I decided instead to write […]

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