16. January 2015


Edge of Extinction Episode #3

With my thanks, this episode of Edge of Extinction was created by Ivey Cone at Fuki Cafe _______ Tech note, courtesy of mo flow: Random issues have been appearing with posting comments. Sometimes a “Submit Comment” click will return a 404 Page Not Found, or another error, for no apparent reason. To ensure you don’t […]

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14. January 2015


Owning Up

“The American Dream” was popularized by James Truslow Adams in his 1931 book, The Epic of America (Little, Brown, and Company, Boston). My 2004 book, Killing the Natives, begins with a comparison of Adams’ ideas to the version of the American Dream articulated by First Officer Spock from the television series Star Trek (“live long […]

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12. January 2015


Forbidden Thoughts and Sacred Obligations

by TDoS at Pray for Calamity When I was a younger man, I very much wanted to be taken seriously. To be taken seriously was to be asked your opinion. It was to be allowed a seat at the grown-up’s table in politics, economy, and all other matters that intelligent individuals busied themselves with. I […]

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10. January 2015


On Ownership

Occasionally I see this question, usually in a social-media forum: If you were to eliminate one thing, what would it be? For me, there is no question: ownership. The living planet faces many predicaments. To me, most seem to be rooted in ownership. As nearly as I can distinguish, ownership did not exist until civilization […]

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8. January 2015


Love and Death

by oldgrowthforest,  a senior citizen living near Wasilla, Alaska. She lives with a tiny standard poodle named River, and a devastatingly handsome but troublesome mutt named Arlo.   I lost a great love recently. It was sudden. The eldest of my three aging dogs collapsed and died soon after. Her symptoms confused me for a […]

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6. January 2015


A Deep, Deep Sadness

by Reese Jones Whether one believes in climate change or not, or that humanity can indeed scale back greenhouse gas emissions and maintain stable, livable global temperatures, there still seems to be a prevailing undercurrent of sadness, hopelessness and even despair for many around the globe. Are we on the path to annihilate ourselves, or […]

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4. January 2015


Edge of Extinction Episode #2

_______ Catch Nature Bats Last on the radio with Mike Sliwa and Guy McPherson. Tune in every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, or catch up in the archives here. If you prefer the iTunes version, including the option to subscribe, you can click here. Pauline Schneider will serve as guest host of the show […]

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