Three peas in a pod: Osama bin Laden, Rush Limbaugh, and me

I never thought I’d see the day I agreed with one of this country’s most wanted terrorists. Or, for that matter, the big fat idiot who calls himself America’s Anchorman (along with America’s Truth Detector; the Doctor of Democracy; the Most Dangerous Man in America; the All-Knowing, All-Sensing, All-Everything Maha Rushie; defender of motherhood, protector of fatherhood and an all-around good guy).

And yet, here we are.
Osama bin Laden claimed oil should be priced at $144/barrel more than 10 years ago. Of course he was correct: Oil is such a dense energy source, it should be priced much higher than $100 per barrel. At the time, with oil hovering at $11 per barrel, the idea of $144 oil seemed absurd. But last May, when bin Laden’s target was approaching, Anne Korin (co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security) presented this chilling line to the House committee on foreign affairs: “$144 a barrel oil will be perceived as a victory for the Jihadist movement.”
By July, the price of oil hit an all-time high of $147.27 per barrel. As the headlines of every newspaper in the country are echoing 1929, it seems bin Laden was onto something. American Empire is clearly crumbling under the weight of expensive oil and the attendant consequences. And that’s a good thing, if not for civilized humans then at least for nearly every other being on the planet.
So much for the skinny guy. How ’bout the fat one?
For the first time in my memory, we have a major media figure pining for the failure of a president, and therefore the country. And, also for the first time in my memory, I agree with Rush. The economic collapse of this country promises a renaissance for non-human species and non-industrial cultures.
Of course, the king of ditto-heads has not thought this whole thing through. As a cheerleader of civilization, I doubt he really desires an economic collapse. As usual, Rush and his minions don’t have a clue what it really means for Obama to fail.
I was reminded how important it is for the world industrial economy to fail, even for our own species, when I participated in a conference on global climate change last week. A full day into the conference, without a single mention of the conference theme — adaptation — my poet friend asked what we can do, other than change our light bulbs. After much hemming and hawing, one of the panelists came up with an answer (to his credit, he was the only one): turn off the lights.
Yep, that’s right. We’ve traded in Al Gore’s inconvenient answer for another absurd response. As we rush headlong into the abyss of our own extinction, we need to turn out the lights.
Actually, I couldn’t agree more. But the panelist meant one at a time, not all at once.

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  • Fuel to your fire: possibly you’ve seen this, but it appears to be too late to turn back the clock on climate change.
    However, I would note that the granddaddy of doom, Dr. Lovelock, asserts that humanity will not go extinct. We’ll just be culled down to a reasonable 1 billion or so, living at the poles, by 2100 or thereabouts. Link here.
    What’s there to do? Not much. Dr. Lovelock says as much, so I guess I’m going to have to believe him. 50 simple things you can do to save the planet, my ass.

  • Guy, after doing some thinking about these issues I’ve come to the conclusion that were America to fail, things would get exponentially worse for the “Other Species” you speak about before they got better. Particularly here in America but we can’t forget everywhere else.
    Here’s why: America is inarguably the world’s breadbasket. We feed everyone else and do a darn good job of it too. Now imagine that situation ending quite abruptly, say in a situation where oil becomes the exception rather than the rule. Trans-oceanic freight comes to a screeching halt. China is extremely reliant on the US for food, just as we are on Canada and Mexico. When the shelves of our local SuperDoopermarts are no longer getting stocked, and people are forced to go self reliant, people are still going to need to eat. As it happens, most of those “Other species” are very edible, and will be. Imagine the various billions that live in China right now figuring out where to get food when 40% of it’s not there and they live in by far the most polluted country that has ever blighted the world.
    Then there’s the fact that we very much rely on oil to keep us warm. There’s going to be a lot of trees getting the chop and being burned for cooking and heat. That will pollute considerably more. We’ll be taking our frustration out on the Earth far more during a crash than we are right now.
    When/If America ever fails you can fully expect the world to go to pot rather quickly. China will invade Taiwan the very next day, and Taiwan won’t go quietly. There are rumors that they’ve got a nuke or two laying around. China won’t take them over nicely either, it’ll be the most brutal invasion ever undertaken. Israel, without its big brother, will lay absolute waste to the Middle East. Think Stone Age. The single reason that Israel hasn’t been attacked lately is because it’s got the might of America behind it. Without America there, the Muslims (Foolishly) think they’ll be able to somehow invade Israel which is laughable in the extreme. Israel’s got nukes and isn’t afraid to use them. Faced with an imminent, horrible death and persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists, they’ll just rain 100,000 degree hellfire on the various Muslim cities and not worry about the epilogue. At that point, China (And probably other regional powers) have a big decision to make. They can either attempt to invade a fractured U.S., potentially recreating a very angry extremely warlike U.S., to get at the extremely rich natural resources we’ve got here, or batting down the hatches and looking forward to the long haul with a starving society.
    Here in the U.S., barring an invasion for farmland, we’ll see quite a bit of upheaval. Cities emptying out, people fighting bitterly over scraps, and the horrors of starvation in the streets. A before unheard of situation! Starvation in America? Who would even dream it could happen?
    As for a failure of the Obama administration, with some of the crap I’ve seen out of that man I can’t completely say that I wouldn’t want to see that one too. Do a Google search for “Obama Youth Brigade” and watch the resultant YouTube video. That the “Horst Wessel Lied” isn’t playing in the background during that video simply astounds me. Arbeit macht frei mein freund! Then there’s how they’re throwing money at housing to keep the price of housing artificially high. Let the market work! The more government gets involved in this the worse it’s going to get. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were exactly the problem; they’re not going to magically become the solution.
    The negative impact that we’re going to see as a result of the garbage bailouts he’s throwing everywhere, not to mention that within the next couple years, when our hens come home to roost, we’re probably going to see 1990’s Argentina levels of inflation. Oh and that we’re in the midst of a recession and taxes are going up on businesses. It just looks like a recipe for economic disaster to me.
    So while you may get your wish, Guy, be very careful what you wish for as you just might get it, and it won’t be anything like what you expect, and everything you’re looking to avoid.

  • I had no idea pea pods were so eccumenical in nature–nor did I realize they could grow so large as to accomodate good ol’ Rush.
    I guess “last one out, turn the lights off” will take on a whole new meaning.
    I agree with Turboguy, at least on the point regarding America. Watching the news, it would seem we’re kind of a linchpin on some things. As for the environmental impact, what he said reminds me of a story on NPR the other day:
    Afghans Feel Ill Effects Of Rising Air Pollution
    Many residents burn plastic and tires for warmth. Those lucky enough to own a car use leaded fuel. Plus, thousands of gas-burning generators in shops and homes across the city provide power that the government can’t.
    Of course, forget about the gas-burning generators in an oil crisis, but think of the plastic. Think of all the other things people would burn. All of the cheap plastic from Walmart would be burned and their toxins blown to the heavens.
    Endangered species would vanish as humans, feeling endangered themselves, preferred their meat to their role in the local ecosystem.
    Collapse, long term, might improve things, but short term, it would be ugly. Very, very ugly.

  • Nattering Nephew and Total Turboguy:
    You guys have nailed it !!
    Your excellence has helped to confirm this as the world’s preeminent blog.
    Professor Guy:Haven’t heard from Big Brother James in a while.We won’t accuse you of nepotism if you bring him back.Is he Court’s father?

  • Memo to NN and TT:
    Don’t let my previous go to your heads.

  • Coming back to say, re: Obama, I do find his following a bit “cult-like” at times. I don’t really see the Hitler=Obama=Hitler argument (outside of the general “creep factor”). The kids and I attended some political rallies–one for Obama included.
    It was kind of a pain in the arse, frankly. I had a stroller and my youngest was still in a baby carrier. The volunteers were in a quandry how to place us so we didn’t ruin the aesthetic of a “packed crowd”. I lugged the kids and the stroller back and forth in stadium seating, tripping all the way, several times before they settled on an answer.
    Then, some jackass ex-hippie in birkenstocks and tie-dye behind me said, “Well, it’s all worth it right? We’re here for Obama! We’re here for hope and change!”
    I said, “All that remains to be seen. We’re here to observe.”
    I don’t think she liked my answer. Nor, did she probably appreciate my pointing out that the volunteers were handing out pre-made “hand-made” signs to people.
    No signs were allowed IN so all the signs present were planted to look like “the people” were speaking spontaneously–rather than waving a pre-programed, approved message.
    They crammed supporterd into one half of Veteran’s Memorial Colisseum, while the other half (behind the video cameras) remained empty.
    In the end, I did vote for Obama, but mainly because I couldn’t stand McCain.
    I do dislike the almost religious fervor with which some cling to “their guy”, but I felt the same way about Bush at times after September 11th. You couldn’t say the president was a jerk–not around here, not in public. That didn’t come into vogue for several years. Lest we forget, there was a time when the shrub had an over 80% approval rating at one point.

  • Obama’s “Twenty or Thirty Years Ago” comment isn’t getting the press it so justifiably deserves.
    On Al Arabaya he said that as little as twenty or thirty years ago there was great cooperation between the Muslim world and America.
    A little math here…
    Okay, exactly what happened in 1989? Oh yeah, Americans downed two Lybian fighters and Hezbollah militants tortured to death Marine Colonel William “Rich” Higgins, who had been kidnapped the previous year while serving as a UN peacekeeper in Lebanon.
    Need I point out what happened in 1979? I mean the Iranian storming of the US embassy and subsequent 444 days of hostagedom is the same as cooperation, right?
    Had the Shrub uttered these words and made such an idiotic comment it would have been plastered on the front pages of every newspaper, late night talk show, and television newscast.

  • Oh and Frank, I’m already the proud owner of a fitting size twenty-three hat. Any more praise from you and I’ll have to get a new size Twenty-four one.

  • Turboguy: Don’t worry, the honeymoon probably won’t last forever.

  • Correct Charlene !!
    Remember when Total told us that every female above the age of puberty in Minneapolis
    longed for him?
    The man has no shame.He should try to be modest and humble like Frank.

  • Ah, too true, Frank, but as we all know, few can match you in the realm of meekness and modest behavior.

  • Frank, Frank, Frank it’s not all of them. Just the ones within range of my seductively rugged good looks, winning charm, and sweet smile. God I wish that were the case!
    In other news I purchased a new Browning Hi-Power from Sarco. It’s Argentine make, but the finish on it is amazing. A very good buy. My only real complaint about it is that the magazine that came with it is a piece of trash. Not a problem because new ones are dirt cheap. When I put new good Magazines in it I couldn’t get any stoppages whatsoever. For the all time low price of $290 I couldn’t pass it up, am glad I didn’t, and am buying another one!

  • Charlene,I’m so glad that you understand.In fact people that know me best say that undue modesty is my biggest fault, and not at all appreciated by my closest friends.
    They consider it condescending.
    They call me Fabulous Frank as a reminder of that.

  • Alright, Frank. I won’t. James isn’t my father, btw.
    Thanks for the excellent link, Charlene. I already experience this every day in the village in Thailand where I live. Only difference is, they don’t burn plastic for warmth, but just to get rid of it. End result is the same, although somewhat less intense here. Ah, one more thing to worry about, when and / or if the end comes.

  • Rush Limbaugh, shake hands with Osama Bin Laden. You are Allies now. You both hope that Obama and America fail. But Rush, I congratulate you. You’ve done far more damage to America than Osama could ever dream of doing. You’ve warped many more minds than Osama has.
    Please visit my Blog: “Conservatives Are America’s Real Terrorists”