Reminders about economic collapse, love, hope, and making other arrangements

I’m headed to the mud hut for a long weekend. Comments on this blog, the absolute cluelessness of the mainstream media, and my email in-box suggest I should issue a reminder or two before I leave.

If you’re still in denial about economic collapse, check out this article, bearing in mind that we’re not halfway into the housing mess, the bank failures have only begun, and the vaunted American consumer is stretched like 2-pound-test fishing line with 20-pound bass on the hook.
If you think I don’t understand hope and love, check out the posts here and here.
And if your idea of making other arrangements is to contact me periodically, promising to show up at the mud hut when it all comes down, read (or re-read) this post. And remember: At the mud hut, we’re heavily armed.

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  • Godspeed, Guy.
    No worries about the mud hut from this end, you won’t have to use any ammo on this bunch. As for other plans, my plans seem to fall apart nearly as soon as they come into being, which, leaves me with plan Z. Plan Z involves being Zen about becoming a member of the soon-to-be human flotsam.
    Actually, I should say, a new found acceptance of my flotsam status. LOL
    When posting comments here is impossible, just know you’re not alone in your frustrations over the failings of what might have been a very good, human society.
    There are no winners and losers among the living. We may think otherwise at times, but Death has always been of a different mind on the subject.
    Again, Godspeed to you and yours.

  • Dear Guy —
    Kunstler says all of us will have to make other arrangements. You are showing us how to do this with grit and focus and intensity. Very difficult choices will soon be the norm for millions and most will be matters of personal preference, but with immense ramifications. Do I want to survive and live to see a new world literally emerging from the shadows and ruins of the past one, or do I want to cling to the old and go down with it? Clearly, you have embarked on a course of strong effort to survive and to find joy and reward amidst profound change and even danger.
    Meanwhile, the real economy continues to be sucked into a giant Black Hole of artificially, but skillfully produced debt contrived in the waning years of capitalism as we have known it. There is not enough real money in the world to begin to truly bail out the almost infinite losses contrived by those with infinite greed. But Obama and Pelosi and the Republicans are going to try to stuff a Black Hole with taxpayer money until they can no longer do so. At some point, it will be every man for himself.
    If you begin to have problems with rats or mice, I might be able to loan you Boris the cat, who started keeping me company after his previous owner moved off the farm here to his brother’s place in Oregon. Boris is a good cat, and big and strong, and may yet learn to recognize rodents as food. I killed a rat recently and offered it to Boris and he didn’t recognize it as food at all until I sliced open the rat with scissors, and then Boris got hungry and feasted, carrying the rat into my office and leaving the long rat tail under my computer desk. But he also east leftover pasta, leftover pancakes with butter and syrup and even cornbread. I think I would understand why you have not left a physical address for the Mud Hunt (2009 Infinity Lane) for me to ship him to you via UPS, but if you get desperate and are willing to continue training Boris in the arts of predation, I could loan him to you on a provisional basis :)
    Or we could talk about getting you into a falconry apprenticeship so that you could go and trap a Harris Hawk eventually and keep your pot full of meat the old-fashioned way.
    Harris hawks catch things humans can eat, or maybe you could even get a Tucson-produced Cooper’s hawk and feed yourself off the doves that inhabit the area, but watch out for potential zoonotic diseases.
    Anyways, good luck with the execution of your plan. Hopefully all your needs will ultimately find fulfillment in one way or another, but you can’t seek to fulfill those needs unless you ahave a pulse, a source of food and water and shelter, and the ability to hunt and gather what you need.
    Stan Moore

  • Professor Guy:
    —————and yesterday a coyote left a gift for me on my front door step:the entrails of a dead rabbit.
    I’ll try and keep Our Stan and Charlene in line in your absence.The Cognomen Committee has yet to come up with an appropriate appelation for Charlene.
    I’ll not come to the Mud Hut until invited–you wouldn’t want to waste your valuable ammunition on me.Besides,at my age Frank is not much of physical threat.Pardon me for referring to myself in the 3rd person singular,I never did that before I learned from all the narcissistic egomaniacs on your blog site.If only everyone could me sensible and modest like me !!

  • Thinking of all the more fitting appelations for yours truly, I think I’d appreciate it if the Cognoment Committee just stick with my Christian name (so as not to offend any other blog-viewers with foul language n’ such).
    “…I learned from all the narcissistic egomaniacs on your blog site.If only everyone could me sensible and modest like me !!”
    Yes, if ever there was someone to keep the rowdies straight, it’s Frank. :) Ever the sage and dutiful moderator…
    I will try my level best to keep my shenanigans to a minimum.

  • Charlene:
    You’re the only regular blogger here without an official agnomen.Don’t you feel lonely?
    The Cognommen Committee is willing to work with you on this.

  • During the thirties, my grandmother took lard sandwiches to school for lunch. The only way that she survived was to trade molasses cookies that my great-grandmother made expressly as a maneuver to con the rich kids out of their fried chicken lunch pails.
    Some folks find realization of life in not procreating.

  • Hey Charlene:
    Don’t we have fun?

  • Narcissistic? Egomaniac? Only on the weekends my friend! All the other days I’m only modestly remarkable, yet in posession of rugged good looks.
    Seriously though, I’ve had people use the tired line, “If things get bad, I’ll just come to your place, you’ve got guns!” My reply: “Exactly the reason you should stay far away.”
    That there are those that believe that they could help themselves to my readiness was quite a wake up call when I was young. My advice is to pass Guy’s place on by unless invited.

  • Oh and as for why you should pass on by: Lead breakfast isn’t good for anyone, and in the desert he’ll be able to see you a long ways off.

  • Total Turboguy:
    Shame on you for your shameless immodesty !! We have no idea what you look like,so don’t tell about your good looks.Here I’m trying to maintain a semblance of grace while
    Professor Guy is away.

  • Awww C’mon Frank. It’s almost the weekend anyway, and you know what that means!
    I saw on the news that your illegal aliens are protesting the sheriff for doing his job. I applaud him for doing the right thing, even though it might not be popular. I hope to shake that man’s hand one day. If only we had more sheriffs like him we wouldn’t have many of the problems we’re inflicted with now.

  • Joe Arpiehole is just a media whore with an ego the size of Texas. You have to take what he does with a grain of salt and understand his “work” as a series of stunts. Think of him as 3 parts circus clown and 1 part elected official. Which, in my book, makes him 100% feckless.
    Anyway… yes Frank, we do have fun. :)
    As for a proper epithet, well, I still think if you’re to select an accurate one, you’ll probably just offend the finer sensibilities of the other blog patrons. I still advise against it, however I do understand the Cognommen Committee will do as it must…
    Speaking of loneliness, all I have to say is, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, you have NO idea…

  • Charlene:
    I’m glad you are so understanding–I’m just one member with one vote on the Committee,
    and if decides on an appropriate blog site identifier for you please accept it with equanimity.

  • Why, yes, Frank. Of course. I’m known for my unflappable nature…
    (waits to be struck by lightning)

  • Is going away for a ‘long weekend’
    a euphimsim for heading for the exit?
    ie this is it, ‘the end is nigh’
    memo to Guys wife put him back on the meds,
    I will miss the weekly diatribal woe
    and having my gloom confirmed.
    One crazy prof with an apocalyptic cache
    of ammo and lentils – and we all know what
    lentils can do to the human body!
    ciao professori

  • Hey, the weekend’s just starting, and I’m back to the blogosphere. We finally have a functional internet system at the mud hut, so I’ll be able to check in between working my fingers to the proverbial bone. We acquired a satellite internet system — the same one used by the U.S. military — because we think it’ll be the last communication system to fail.
    Frank, you’re relieved of duty. Nice job.

  • Thanks Professor Guy:
    We had a lot of fun.Note Charlene’s comment that I made her laugh so hard that she lost an important part of her anatomy in the process.
    Total Turboguy said he goes crazy on the weekends.
    Welcome back.

  • Hey matt:
    There is nothing more delicious than a good lentil soup.Try it and please report back to us.
    Professor Guy is not as crazy as me.

  • Wow the Internet at the mud hut…very nice Guy. Now you can follow the sheriff and his white supremacist philosophy clean up this god forsaken territory. Jingoism will save the day.
    Direct TV could be nice.

  • Darn cops and their evil ways! Darn them all to HECK! They’re all racists too, especially the nonwhite ones. Those ones hate themselves.
    They’re like the “Unlce Ruckus” character in the Boondocks cartoon series. If you haven’t already, give it a watch. It’s funny.
    Oh and Jingoes tooo! ARG! There’s a special place in heck for Jingoes. It’s full of Pizza and Capriatti’s “Bobbi” sandwhiches. Only they don’t fill you up, quite the opposite, they make you hungrier.

  • Thanks for your wisdom now back to the cave.

  • Yes, the Batcave calleth! Good thinking!
    Shouldn’t you too be off finding safety with your fellow criminals?
    I really laughed at your postings last time and had to show others. They wanted me to sincerely thank you and wanted you to go hang out in General population if you felt safer amongst them. I’d actually like to see that one too!

  • I’m sure the people you share w/ are a fascinating group. Fear is a wonderful force to live live by. Entitlement comes to mind when I read your posts. Which is exactly what put the planet in peril.

  • Obviously, lol. Thanks for the good laugh, there’s just not enough Privileged people to laugh at. The fact that you’ve started posting made my, and those I’ve shown this site to’s day.
    You call entitlement on everyone else, yet here we are equals on this site. Seems like you’ve got a bad case of guilt.

  • Guilt is a waste of time. I leave that for god fearin’folk. Makes me smile when people want to enforce the law when it’s convenient for them or their kind. Forget the law when we have to look at acquisition. Those days are ancient history and in the past to be forgotten. People are just told to get over it. ENTITLEMENT
    I wonder if all those who you’ve shared my posts w/ are white males? We tend to agree w/ one another in most cases. Kinda like yes men if you will. “Yep, kick those F*@%&! Mexicans back to where they came from.” Maybe we should go back first? Nope…entitlement.
    Keep teein’ em up TG.

  • Actually no, one is a Cook County IL Deputy and a Minneapolis city officer who are both Black. I and one other are damn dirty white guys.
    Guess they’re entitled too. You simply don’t live in anything close to reality, what color is the sky? Thanks for the laughs princess.
    I’m off to oppress!

  • The police?! C’mon! Entitlement is at least part of the job description. I’m sure two black guys in law enforcement speak for the entire race. Unfortunately I live in a reality where people are racially profiled and persecuted by those in the dominant group. I don’t recall the profiling of white males when Mcveigh blew up the Fed Bldg or when Kaczynski was busted for making pipe bombs.
    Gosh the princess line hurt. Why is it men use female references when being critical of one another? My favorite is when guys call each other pussy.

  • You forgot the two black guys in and around DC with an AR15. Wasn’t it originally a white guy in a white van they were looking for? Nice try.
    I used “Princess” because it’s what the Cook deputy said you’d be in genpop sitting safely with the criminals you’d rather be with. It wasn’t my word.

  • Wow I feel targeted already. Every time I walk into a gun show I know all those people will be watching me. I just can’t escape my whiteness. You actually have the stupidity to follow that comment w/ NICE TRY? You’re comparing the piles of data and statistics attached to racial profiling w/ that story? The profiling that goes on every day in airports,during traffic stops, in shopping malls, and in neighborhoods is being compared to a guy in a white van? What reality are you living in? The dominant group reality…and I don’t mean dominant as in IQ.
    Thanks for clearing up the “princess” line for me. It’s nice to know you only use those references secondhand. Hey genius it’s your word as soon as you use it.
    You’re really wasting your time w/ me. I’m obviously not part of the caveman club.
    You’re in desperate need of a hug. I’m here for you TG!?!:

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