Rally time

It’s rally time on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average eked out a positive day for the eighth day in a row to hit a year-long high amidst the longest streak since April of 2007. Before you get too excited about this bit of green-shoots news from the boys on murderer’s row, let’s consider the cause and consequences.

The surge is attributable to the four horsemen of the ongoing apocalypse in the banking sector. Running the printing presses full-out hasn’t hurt, either. All that cash has to go somewhere. And since it’s landed in the wallets of the financially wealthy instead of in the hands of the middle class, it’s pouring into the markets instead of into homes, durable goods, or salad shooters. The mainstream media are begging you to buy a house, though, to further enrich to the folks who currently have nearly all the money in the country.
The consequences of an economic recovery are the same as the consequences of economic growth: death. Yep, death to species, cultures, and even our own species. The consequences of economic growth are so well known it’s hardly worth pointing out. But I can’t help myself, so I’ll include a single token link about the demise of the world’s last great forest.
And here’s a cause and a consequence: Every American household is on the hook for $55,000 for expenditures this year. New total balance, per household: $668,621. Yeah, we’ll pay that. Just as soon as the recovery is complete, and we indenture every man, woman, and child in the country for life.
While most of the child-like idiots in this particular empire are cheering for a recovery without having a clue what that means, a lone voice is wisely pointing out, “This war is not coming…it is upon us now.” You know where my money is.

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