Goatlets, updated

It’s a boy! And a girl! And another girl!

One of the three goats we’re tending had triplets last night. This morning, Ruby and the as-yet-unnamed kids are doing well. Our infrastructure has passed another test. More importantly, we were witness to the miracle of life. And not just once, but three times.

That’s right, I used the word. And you know I don’t believe in miracles.

Click here for video

Next day update
: We’re awash in baby goats. Cocoa had triplets this morning, adding two girls and a boy to yesterday’s two girls and boy. This short clip shows the babies immediately after they hit the ground, and this one shows them feeding less than an hour after birth.

Awash in baby goats. Awash in miracles. Life is good.

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  • Congratulations !!!

    I think an appropriate name for the boy would be “Frank”.

    That name just has a certain ring about it.

    Frank Mezek

  • Congratulations Guy McPherson,

    We too have an animated environment but most of our hand-scale farmers market business is generated with horticulture. At present we are hatching chicks in an incubator. As they hatch they go to the brooder–a unit that is heated with a small floodlight where, after a few weeks they go to the smaller laying units we have, culled for roosters, and used for a couple of years for egg production.

    I’m new to this site and like what I’m finding. Indeed, urban dwellers have little chance.

    One gets more than security from rural living but I think, most of all, it fosters our love for other living systems as described by Harvard biologist E O Wilson in his book “Biophilia”. This, in turn provides us with an overriding sense of well-being which makes our future seem less grim.

    Good wishes all,

    John Warner–Hand-scale market grower since 1996 near Fresno, CA

  • Hey, I know those goats!

    Milking the Goats

    Milking the Goats

    Milking the Goats

    Milking took much more concentration and manual dexterity than I imagined. The mosquitos were infernal too. Yet I still enjoyed it, and the rest of our visit, immensely. Keith says he wishes he could go see the baby goats. Thanks again!

    — Chad

  • Guy —

    An amazing coincidence: when I was a teenager in Texas, my family friend Charles McDowell bought a property in the town of Anahuac and obtained a goat, also named Ruby. But she never had offspring during my period of acquaintance.

    However, a California friend of mine had goats and goatlets and I found them to all be “good people”. A goat can look you in the eye and you know that he/she is not hoodwinking you. And the youngsters grow fast, get frisky, and start to climb atop and stand on the oldster’s backs for a better view, as if they wish they could be raptors.

    Happy goat husbandry in the mud hut environment!

    Stan Moore

  • Well, Our Frank, you old goat!! ;)

    Happy birthday to you, by the bye bye…..xox

  • That’s so fabulous! Watching animals give birth is truly a beautiful experience.

  • So awesome. Thanks for posting these Guy. I love the little guy who keeps bleating in the first vid.


  • What a treat for you. Goats are wonderful people, and a hoot to boot.
    Good poop, too.

  • Congratulations, Guy! They’re beautiful kids. And I’m glad to see you use “that word”. ;)

  • But let’s be frank now, Guy. You had better prepare yourself for the miracle of goat mischief. Goats are guileless. A goat will look at you as if to say: “I know you don’t want me to push down this fence post, but I’m gonna do it anyway.” And he will. But he will do it with goat style and goat pride. And he will make you stronger for your resilience and patience and for the “meeting of the minds” that comes with your surrender to the will of the goat.

    Ah yes, goats are good people.

  • ProfEmGuy:

    Congratulations once again.

    You must be a very proud papa.


  • Congratulations on another hard-earned accomplishment, on your newest stepping stone back to the basics. Who knew it would take witnessing goat procreation to smack some positivity into your psyche and have it emanate through your blog. (Ok, so I’m jealous!) But I could get used to this. Life IS good! It may just be a matter of perspective… and goatlets, of course.


    P.S. Making some career choices, so watch out for an e-mail from me soon.

  • Dawn, you’re miles ahead of me – must stop writing and doing mischief, and getting on with the basics. Not sure what we’d do with goats, though – now chickens, on the other hand… :-)