Dan Treecraft has the last word on his affliction

Regular reader and some-time commenter Dan Treecraft filled most of the front page in yesterday’s edition of the Spokesman-Review, the local morning daily in his home city of Spokane, Washington. The article is sure to stir some commentary, consistent with Dan’s approach to life. Read the story here.

Dan has been busy writing. You can read his own essays here.


Thanks to my brother for letting me know about the article in the Spokesman-Review.

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  • Thanks Guy for passing on this friend’s story. It seems to me there are so many more dreadful eventualities than one’s own death. One of my greatest fears is to be caught in a state where I have no control or say over my future; not that I have control or that much say. This is one of those cases where having some is infinitely more than none. I forget which existentialist said, “Death is one’s own-most possibility.”

  • Dan sounds like a wonderful man and I’m enjoying his blog.
    I agree with him wholeheartedly and I liked his “America Sick Care” line. Hospitals and the medical system terrify me more than the police. (I’ve been a supporter of Hemlock/ERGO for years). Fortunately he lives in a (comparatively) enlightened state. I’m just hoping for winter and a good bottle of wine.
    Thank you for sharing this.