Salt Lake City activism and necrophilia

By an anonymous contributor who describes himself thusly: “A somewhat non-late terrestrial mind mutated species of formerly silica architecture fusion and inorganic slab construction, erected by the musculotoic legions of the late Twentieth Century industrial feudal dynasties — interior western North America influenced by Leary, Bageant, etc.”

Note: This essay was finalized and submitted the 25th of July 2011, the day before Tim DeChristopher was sentenced.

I heard that it is culturally acceptable to use profanity at a funeral. Since language helps approximate reality I was fond of expressing as a Salt Lake troubadour in residence for a long lonely cold while how “corporatism” profited through the life killing privatization apocalypse horses: greed, fraud, fear, and death. Yet due to energy scarcity for large mammals, death was already here for a long time and just evolved into global multi-national non-governmental profit structures due to so many automaton extroverted people burning resources like oil and everything else. There has been no market value on intellectualism for a long time. Governments probably never really have protected life-sustaining public interests because death had arrived soon after agriculture as culture. Culture has usually been used to dominate resources most prized of all being beauty for the hyper-sexual testosterone driven ape. Religions, mythology, and ignorance were created through culture in order to mobilize conquering other tribes. Though the egg and chicken evolved together the latter seems to have destroyed the former.

Socrates (perhaps) said that goodness has mixed motives, truth so fragile hides in lies, so beauty is easiest. If women are not dead and are the truth or truly beautiful they certainly hide behind a phenomenally hard opportunistic exterior of empty lies. In time everything becomes karma. Now tasteless Stockholm syndrome schools, hospitals, big stores and suburbia, (critical thinking civic responsibility death to community prisons) -– are the only growth industry. Karma killed the age of reason with conformity.

Bearclaw said that there were “no tracks” on a woman’s breast the hardest rock known to mother earth probably because her greatest daughter died a long time ago crushed under great pressure to be possessed like a diamond. The Buddha (perhaps) warned that possession leads to suffering and to give up attachments, materialism, reptilian minded addictions, to set suffering and love free.

Life has been the drunken stagger bouncing back from the dinosaurs with more novelty, complexity, organization, and esoteric creatures that came about from struggles between parasites vs. hosts, genetic dead ends vs. adaptation, dominators vs. nurturers, conformists vs. alienated intellectual shamans, noise vs. music, noise vs. silence, tastelessness vs. art, power and corruption vs. no possessions, energy consumers vs. energy givers, type A careerists vs. life preserving values, entertainer vs. artist, automatons vs. intellectuals, chickens vs. eggs, extroverted camaraderie vs. friendship, possession vs. love, immediate gains vs. long term strategies, centralizers vs. decentralizers, white sorcery inventions of fire vs. life preserving cultural values (all faded flowers from the failures of abundance, debt, wasteful industrialized servitude to mindless growth), like Phoenicians vs. their forests, rational profit economy vs. (feeding, housing, healing and educating people), more unloved babies vs. Krishnamurti, and so on. Put it on my grave: “Complainer”.

Culturally described “alpha” males are now just type-A sociopath automaton sexual opportunist technocratic corporate courtesan fiefdom cartel employees to real ownership, capital, and production, the historical spawn of whomever killed off the now rare alienated neurotic intellectual shaman or female equivalent. Extroverted ADD utopian schemes and movies still culturally attempt to possess beauty and an 80-year-old planetary mother’s vanishing face. Now all life truly suffers. The dark specter of death came for who we thought we were and could be a long time ago.

There are two variant frequencies of the species extrovert and introvert — they clash. A common cultural response from dumbed-down globalist less than neo-feudal slaves is “you’re hurting my mind” — symptom of little biodiversity for you. At public entertainment events, Americans can’t even make eye contact because the eye fears the pervasive tastelessness and shame of death and death acts which have no warmth or intimacy. The fascism of the market value of Chaplin’s empty Orwellian smiles in a country where no one can possibly be happy with endless tasteless drama and chatter — fill the air of the dead and disconnected.

White men invented dollars as a weapon of mass possession of beauty and love that died in a vile conformity so long ago. Yet broken men plod on too dumb and uncreative to notice. Organizing local empowered intellectual congresses that evolve communities that challenge local fiefdom gatekeeper globalist cartels of professional never had a creative thought in their lives oldest profession rapist: lawyers (who’ve codified and regulated every aspect of your life to strictly serve the profit state), bankers, politicians, educators, accountants, doctors, “business interest risk averse systems managers”, neo-colonial economic imperialists, etc. Until there is an organized counter-force, a movement that empowers the thoughts of intellectuals who challenge “intelligence” with “intellect”, then the internet, media, and all the machines will never be more than too much information, sewers, necrophilia parlors, …. The book of Solomon and Dostoyevsky mentioned that a person goes insane without meaningful work — bipolar, schizophrenic. The negative feedback loop of working only to make money is a straight line to the meaninglessness of hell not empowerment and life -– described so accurately by Katherine Austin Fitts, class war Joe Bageant, gift economy Charles Eisenstein, Chomsky, Nader, Hedges, E. Warren, etc. How people can work hard for profit but not care about anything warm is a symptom of the sickness of extroversion.

As the informed readers of this blog likely know a bidder 70 Tim DeChristopher has national attention with his activism and intellect. A small group of concerned citizens have rallied with him sentenced on July 26th — refusing a plea-bargain — organized mainly through a local Unitarian church nexus which many non-church member intellectuals participate in — recently even a few moms among others risked felony charges by flying out to the department of interior to protest the privatization and exploitation of lands by the merged corporate profit structures as government bureaucracies. Tuesday another rare American Salt Lake protest will be absorbed by the deafening conformity of the corporate state empowered by the local dominant religion in order to protest Tim’s sentencing by yet another corporate courtesan employee-in-drag judge.

Tim’s courage came because the shaman is already tortured and alienated from love aware of his prison unable to change who he is or adapt. Nature rewards courage, creativity, leadership and organization with novelty not afraid of risk yes men. Maybe there are some local women left in the gene pool who can still create beautiful music and tremendous silence and break free of their hearts by at least coming out and giving Tim a kiss on the cheek for once again acknowledging that it all really wasn’t your fault –- and that you were the truth at one time before the real first profession of rape.

Don’t give into unpragmatic quantum distraction, contemplation of the gemini past creating the future or the novelty of the future and nature pulling creation and life beyond Quetzalcoatl’s morpho-genetic event horizon pleiadian rainbow cosmic giggle 2012 plumes of black hole infinite light and synchronistic unified theory yoga or whatever fad paradigm consciousness shift myth …. Who gives a fuck when time is a fake healer and one cannot live without love and there are so few left worth loving in a land of zombie roaming ghosts and broken people ready at any chance to dry hump marble counters, etc.. I digress with three meditation ohms of we can’t even get people to stop eating from cans or speculator Buffet or any leadership to provide any employment to get even the broke countries’ privatized rail up to an 1860’s level ohm –- FUCK!!!.

I doubt that even if all the mindless pimp owners of Utah assembled all the copper from Kenecott and salt from the lake or captured shocks from all the climate chaos atmosphere storms the voltage could ever be strong enough to bring your traumatized dead whore hearts back to life. You truly became the tasteless nothingness the dead universe sprang from.

Living off-grid away from the deafening noise of dead whores roaming a dead planet with mindless pimps may be less boring than you think. To be rocked gently by waves on an Orlov like sailboat or perhaps try an expatriate friendly WWOOF farm (though some are scams too) or a Nick Rosen documented approach, …. The frequencies of the sun, nature, and Ravel’s sad laments will have to do for company.

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  • Sincere apologies to the writer, but I must say that I did not understand a word of this essay nor its point. But then an intellectual I am not. Perhaps others will fare better.

  • One would like to find a generator for this kind of writing, similar to the Catchphrase Generator

  • Here’s a somewhat better one, although not quite upto par:

    Random Phrase Generator

  • My friends, I’ve learned something exciting today that could be a total game-changer. Get ready to call off the dogs of doom and start thinking big about our galactic future again, because something wonderful may be about to happen.

    Seth Shostak, leader of the SETI project, says he expects to detect signs of extraterrestrial life within the next 25 years due to exponentially improving technology which will allow them to scan most of the galaxy. Imagine what this would mean! Who could be a doomer after a signal from another intelligent species has been detected? This would be the most important event in human history! This would trump all religion, all pessimism and all small thinking, and it could happen in our lifetimes! So stick around and don’t abandon ship just yet, because this sucker ain’t going down. This sucker is going up, way up, all the way across the Milky Way and beyond. The intergalactic adventure is just beginning.

  • Kind of reminds me of a ranty, poetic, spam email. It just kind of flows from one thought to the next in a hemorrhage of allegorical juxtaposition, unending adjectives, and obscure references. Sentences the size of paragraphs make it easy to loose focus in a large-word relationship establishment and symbol interpretation overload. The reader’s repeated mental implosion throughout the piece makes it extremely difficult to figure out what point the author wishes to make beyond being pissed off and fed up. +1 for knowing who Krishnamurti is though.

  • Or, to make it really simple: anonymous, your essay is really really hard to read. How about some regard for those who would like to?

  • Wow, didn’t quite get the gist of the essay BUT it did get me to look up DeChristopher. Where is the justice in putting a man in prison for stopping an illegal government action? Of course that is what totalitarian governments do, is it not? Are the people who put up the land for illegal auction facing any jail time for misappropriating our lands? Probably not, the parcels will be shelved for a couple of years until they are forgotten by the people then they shall be put back up on the auction block. Hmmm, have I gotten a wee bit cynical or am I just becoming a realist?

  • Carrie

    Go back to the previous essay where I submitted a comment about deChristopher….very interesting reading.

  • The family of humanity as well as much of life as we know it are now here inhabitants of a finite planet with a frangible environment that is failing fast. What really matters is being inadvertently ruined on our watch by the human population, but is not being openly discussed. My ‘blood boils’ in the truth that we have possessed knowledge of so much about ourselves as human beings with feet of clay and acknowledged so little about what has been known for so long about our distinctly human creatureliness, based upon extensive empirical research and unchallenged scientific evidence. Elective mutism and silent consent in the face of the reckless degradation, relentless dissipation and willful sell-off of what everyone knows to be sacred looks to me like the worst of all precipitants of the colossal ecological wreckage that appears in the offing.

    Inside and outside the community of top rank scientists, as well as among first class professionals in demography and economics who claim appropriate expertise of issues concerning human overpopulation issues, one issue is not being discussed by anyone. A worldwide conspiracy of silence continues to prevail about the population dynamics of the human species. The last of the last taboos is the open discussion of extant scientific research of human population dynamics. The implications of this astounding denial of what could somehow be real are potentially profound for the future of life on Earth, I suppose.

    Within the human community a tiny minority of self-proclaimed masters of the universe hold the ‘destiny’ of all in their hands. This elite group is operating behind the scenes these days and “growing” the global economy to such a colossal scale that it could soon become patently unsustainable on a planet with the size, composition and ecology of Earth because our planetary home is not, definitely not “too big to fail.”

  • Victor- That link was really great. In a sad way. I read this somewhere, can’t remember where, but the fact that DeChristopher’s sentence was more harsh given that he encouraged civil disobedience tells us exactly where we stand as citizens with the criminal-legal system. The essence of what I read was that he was punished for a crime that was not proven, (not the bidding, but the civil disobedience stuff, for which he was not on trial) and that he did not have the opportunity to defend himself against in court. If he had said he was a real bad boy for bidding in the BLM auction he would have received a lesser sentence, but because he would not submit, he was given the long end of the stick. Essentially, a complete subversion of the entire idea of due process. What a farce. This system has no legitimacy, only force and coercion.

  • Anonymous- I liked the essay after reading a couple times and letting it wash over me like a wave of stream of consciousness, free-associative writing. Nonsense, semi-sense, and complete sensical writing and thinking all have their place and are useful in breaking the patterns we become accustomed to thinking in. Sometimes the most useful stuff is the stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into our boxes.

  • This what Dennis Miller would sound like if he were a doomer.

  • If TVT is reading this, I think this essay is the real jazz. Acid jazz. :)

  • I have the same sentiments in mind that previous people commenting have, namely, that this is stream-of-consciousness drivel. It is a person’s right to have such stream-of-consciousness drivel, of course, but it is also a problem here, in that it takes away from, and does not add to, the credibility that Guy is working towards winning. Understanding the “backside of energy growth” is about fighting against certain, shrill, powerful interest perpetuating lies to the contrary. You don’t get to people exposed to such deceit by being hysterical (counterintuitive as that may sound), and especially not by sounding crazy. This one needs a rewrite, which follows the conventions of essay writing and logic, so that it may advance, and not retreat, the idea that we need to do a better job of seeing what’s around us and preparing for what’s coming.

  • OT

    Hope this doesn’t include my wheelbarrow. Seriously, they just aren’t going to stop are they?

  • Here is an offering the Random Paragraph Generator (linked to on the Random Phrase Generator page from the link in the prior comment).

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    The solicitor refutes Security beside the ram. Why can’t Security compress Community? Why won’t each box farm? The wrapper locates Community. Security reigns! Security inverts the assembly.

    A splendid rave degenerates into the unrealistic boat. Ecology repeats the reflecting bathroom. Why does Ecology shell Environment? The rotating soil deeds the platform in the spread audio. An unconvincing spectrum caps the bond.

    The peculiar harmony asks Permaculture. A seat processes the flood. Permaculture obtains Sustainability on top of a polar space. Permaculture awaits her acoustic decade around a less grandmother. Permaculture bumps the presumed poster within a conscience. Permaculture participates opposite the brick.

    Collapse prostitutes this release without a proud world. Collapse assaults Economy. Economy engineers the distress across the adviser. The fewer designer grades an idiosyncratic spokesman.

    The Cosmist:
    Dmitry Orlov’s suggestions to alter ego Sean the Mystic about chickens on alfalfa roofs was sage advice.

  • Robin: You made more sense.

    Someone on bad drugs, just encourages the other lurking whack jobs to jump in. Is Guy beginning to lose it? This is the kind of goofball stuff that destroys credibility.

  • Marshall McLuhan had a tendency to sound a little loopy, epigrammatic, and stream-of-consciousness when decontextualized:

    By phonemic trans-formation into visual terms, the alphabet became a universal, abstract, static container of meaningless sounds.

    It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame.

    As technology advances, it reverses the characteristics of every situation again and again.

    A commercial society whose members are essentially ascetic and indifferent in social ritual has to be provided with blueprints and specifications for evoking the right tone for every occasion.

    Darkness is to space what silence is to sound, i.e., the interval.

    For tribal man space was the uncontrollable mystery. For technological man it is time that occupies the same role.

    I suspect our anonymous contributor is trying to apply Joe Bageant’s gonzo style but getting unfortunate results.

  • The Virgin Terry:

    I am dying to see a comment from you.

  • As most readers can tell, I have opened this blog to the voices of many people. I don’t agree with all of them — in fact, I disagree on some issues with everybody I know. But I’ve been wrong frequently enough to know I don’t have all the answers. And I’m hardly a master of literary style, so I am trying to include various writing styles. Some of them fail to connect with me, too.

    If you have problems with my approach, there are many options at your disposal. Obviously, you can stop following this blog. You can submit a guest essay of your own, as I have indicated on several occasions. And you can continue to submit comments in this space or to my email in-box. I’d prefer constructive comments, but I’m accustomed to all kinds.

  • 2011 ties record for most billion dollar weather disasters in United States

    Add the flooding of the Missouri River to the list of billion dollar weather disasters in the U.S. in 2011. The economic toll from that historic flood – which is ongoing – brings the total number of billion dollar weather events in 2011 to nine, tying 2008 for the most on record since 1980. And hurricane season still remains.

    rest of the article at

  • Dubuque’s mayor says more than 14 inches of rain fell in Dubuque from Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

    The record rainfall caused flash flooding that forced evacuations, washed out roads and sidewalks, and flooded basements.

  • Dubuque’s mayor says more than 14 inches of rain fell in Dubuque from Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

    That sounds like East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) when I was living there.  Maybe Iowans should plant rice. 

  • the voltage could ever be strong enough to bring your traumatized dead whore hearts back to life. You truly became the tasteless nothingness the dead universe sprang from.

    Well, fuck you too!

    What an arrogant assumption. You’ve got quite a bit of religio-psycho babble rip roaring through your OP, but I’d like to posit another theorem for you to digest. You’ve did a decent enough job of setting up a whole host of vicious dichotomy, but have failed to bring anything full circle. The “tasteless nothingness” you claim doesn’t quite pass muster on your intellect test. In order to have taste, or tastelessness, something of substance must be present. Something =/= nothing…

    Besides, clinging to the idea that the darkness is “bad” is just as stilted a view as the crass commercialism you pigeon hole the world’s population. And holding your truth of it above another’s head is, IMO, douchey.

  • Thank you anonymous contributor.
    The flow of words, describing what and where and how “it” happened.
    How we came to, where we are at. And hints to the possible solutions that have been neglected and further are neglected.

    Insisting, in describing what we are, there is no techno fix, the fix would be within us. But telling, this won’t happen on walking dead ones.
    Just hinting this possibility for some, but.
    I’ve enjoyed your writing to the largest extent.

    Can’t cite any famous writer you might sound alike.
    Can’t say your contribution is going to wake up anybody.

    Can say, the “woken up already” don’t want further waking.
    Can say, this is one of very rare occasions one “meets” people that bring with them that feeling of home, of mutual understanding.
    Can say, your contribution opened up this “home” at NBL further.

    Ah yes. As a non native speaker, it took some attempts in reading this essay. It took online dictionary to uncover the meaning of words.
    It takes spellchecker for this reply, to feel save enough to write and publish this reply.

    Words? To me you delivered more than words, that feeling there is sanity of mind out there, maybe even at some “next” door.

    Love & Peace on earth.

  • Well, fuck you too!

    THAT I understand!…. ;-)

    You could make a statement as you did in your essay that is intended to lay out your thoughts without regard the intent to actually communicate with folks. Here you are, folks. this is what I think about that – these being my words, my organisation, the way I think best. Understand it if you will. Take them or leave them. I have no need to explain – writing them down is explanation enough. If they don’t understand them, fuck them – they likely don’t deserve to understand.

    Or you can choose to write something that truly attempts to communicate with your audience, going to the trouble even of adopting something closer to their mode of communication, which you might perceive to be a couple notches down from your own, in order get your message across and to create some constructive dialogue.

    I suspect you chose the former. Which is perfectly acceptable. But in doing so, please don’t be surprised, or offended, by the mix of reaction you get. We’re only human – perhaps with traumatized dead whore hearts – but human nonetheless.

  • Victor

    :-) :-)

  • I still think Sean the Mystic should follow Dmitry Orlov’s suggestion about chickens and alfalfa roofs.

  • Anonymous / Sean:

    Dr. McPherson extended to you the privilege of posting an essay: maintaining a semblance of decorum on his blog would would be an appropriate courtesy. Misconstruing that privilege as unfettered license is in keeping with your character. No other anonymous person would manifest such behaviour. 

  • Ed,

    Anyone who is not outraged by that does not live in farm country and eats **** and is a total ********** and a ******* and should die. Whew! Now I feel better. That actually did make me really angry, just like NAIS does. As if the oil guys and the banksters were not enough.

    Michael Irving

  • The style muddies the substance…

  • Anyone who is not outraged by that does not live in farm country and eats **** and is a total ********** and a ******* and should die.

    That would include all anarchists: the continued expansion of the state – every state – until its collapse is a given, and nothing for an anarchist to be outraged about.

  • Ed,

    There are a growing number of ridiculous laws that are directed towards farms. In the eyes of the governments, all farms are large industrial farms and are treated as such. More and more so, we are quietly ignoring them. Yes, they could catch us out, but we find in the main the local law enforcers think the laws are just as ridiculous and turn a blind eye.

  • @Robin Datta: you beat me to it. I don’t know if Sean the Mystic/Cosmist/Other is the “anonymous” writer, but it sure sounds like him. :-)

    @Anonymous: I must admit that it was difficult for me to get much out of the essay. There may be something there, but my ability to understand it was limited by my unwillingness to attempt to digest such randomness in writing style. To each his own, I guess.

    @Victor: Or you can choose to write something that truly attempts to communicate with your audience, going to the trouble even of adopting something closer to their mode of communication, which you might perceive to be a couple notches down from your own, in order get your message across and to create some constructive dialogue.

    That reminds me of something I read years ago when I was forced to take a basic English course in the U. S. Air Force. The gist of the introduction to our textbook was this: style your speech to communicate best with your audience. If you’re addressing a group of English professors, then you won’t be heard if you’re using anything other than proper, grammatically correct language. If you’re addressing a group of longshoremen drinking in a dockside bar, you might want to choose a slightly less pompous style; at least if you expect to be listened to.

  • Dr House

    Precisely…. :-)

  • Robin Datta, what did Orlov say about the chickens and alfalfa roofs? :-)

    As for undermining his credibility, Guy does not care. He has often undermined his own. And the world keeps turning…

    Kathy, thanks re eastern Iowa. I am beginning to think Gaia is fighting back.

  • I don’t think Guy has to worry about credibility.

  • After quake, cracks in Mullaperiyar dam
    TNN Jul 29, 2011, 03.25am IST
    KOCHI: Three minor cracks were noticed on the top surface of the Mullaperiyar dam after the tremor in Idukki district on Tuesday.

    “The cracks are not serious and it is not clear whether they are linked to the tremors, or were caused by some other factors,” George Daniel, executive engineer of Kerala Irrigation Department at Mullaperiyar, told TOI here. The tremors caused no casualties or damage to properties.

    Think of how many large (damn) dams we have in the world. Think of them failing as they will surely do when we stop maintaining our infrastructure and/or earthquakes take them down.

    As always, the comments that these cracks are not serious should be met with skepticism, as the promises that their was no meltdown at Fuchishima should have been taken.

  • vera, can you point out the many times I’ve undermined my credibility? I’ve prepared a response, in advance, which I posted about a year ago: “There are those who question my credibility, particularly when I make predictions. We’re in the midst of a war to save our humanity and the living planet, and some readers are worried about my credibility, as determined by the power of the main stream. My responses are two-fold: (1) I’m hardly sticking my neck out, unlike when I made my “new Dark Age” prediction in 2007 (at which point the price of oil had yet to exceed $80/bbl, the industrial economy appeared headed for perennial nirvana, and everybody who read or heard me thought I was insane); of the fifty or so energy-literate scholars I read, about half indicate the new Dark Age starts within a year, and a large majority of the other half give us less than two years; (2) Get over it. This war has two sides, finally.”

    While you’re coming up with those examples, follow this link, which navid posted eight days ago

  • More on the dam history at wiki
    “After Independence the areas downstream of the Mullaperiyar become heavily inhabited, as Kerala has a very high population density. In 1979, safety concerns were raised by Kerala Government after a minor earthquake, after which a few leaks were detected in the Mullaperiyar dam. A state agency[11] had reported that the structure would not withstand an earthquake above magnitude 6 on the Richter scale”

  • The Big Lie

    First a disclaimer:I’m allowed the privilege of divergent postings on Nature Bats Last.

    The big lie propagated by politicos and pundits is this:The US government might default on it’s debts after August 2 if the US debt ceiling isn’t raised.The truth is that the government can never default
    because all claims against the US are cleared by The Federal Reserve,and
    the Fed never has, nor never will bounce a check from the government.

    They don’t have to because the Fed just prints the money i.e.literally
    creates it out of thin air.Every business day the Fed prints money to the tune of billions of dollars in it’s Open Market operations to keep
    the US money supply in line with it’s professed intentions–no secret to
    that.If the Fed wants to increase the US money supply by 6 billion dollars,it simply credits the accounts of the primary dealers it does business with,and Presto !! we have 6 billion of new dollars in newly printed money in circulation.

    The key point is that this new money is created out of nothing, and all the obligations of the US government are paid for in the same way.So the
    Fed never has a problem paying US bills.Sweet isn’t it–and true.

    So all the talk of people not getting their Social Security checks is one HUGE LIE to scare the unwashed masses into contacting their political representatives in order to preassure them to take legislative action to raise the arbitrary debt ceiling.

    The real problem is that the Fed actions described above are inflationary,and everyone knows it.The greater sin here is condescention.It’s deemed to difficult for people to understand,so an
    enormous falsity is fed the public.

    Next week, tricks,rhetoric,vouchers,account juggling,you name it, will be employed and the sun will rise in the east and set in the west,and
    business will go on as usual.

    Double D


  • ‘I still think Sean the Mystic should follow Dmitry Orlov’s suggestion about chickens and alfalfa roofs.’ -robin

    i recall recently u referred with a link to orlov’s blog that supposedly contained the exchange to which u refer to above, but i couldn’t find it. so, if u care to robin, please enlighten me and others wondering what u’re talking about.

    i too couldn’t understand much of anon’s essay. after reading some, i just quit. perhaps it would have made more sense if i’d been tripping on an entheogen. acid jazz, as pickle/alfie says.

  • Frank, yup, the whole debt ceiling thing is just another freak side show to keep the TV-bound crowd gaping. God forbid they should stop gaping and start thinking! Eek!

    Victor, Guy certainly has not worried, as far as I can tell. Each to his own.

    Guy, been there done that enough, no? The people interested can look through the archives regarding your predictioneering and come to their own conclusions. And when was it we were to be back in the stone age? 2012? I forget. Maybe you should remind us. :-D

  • For clarity, vera, I’ve been clear about this prediction for many years: post-industrial Stone Age by 2025 (no energy-literate person disagrees with this prediction, to my knowledge, and I am simply echoing the likes of Ken Deffeyes). This trip forward to the new Stone Age results from the inability to store energy without access to fossil fuels, i.e., from completion of the ongoing collapse of the world’s industrial economy by the end of 2012 (on this point, I am joined by a large French bank and >70 individuals, as indicated here).

    I know you, like most industrialized people, view completion of the ongoing collapse as a bad thing. But among those who know otherwise are all people who care about non-industrial culture, non-human species, and future generations of Homo sapiens.

  • The gist of the introduction to our textbook was this: style your speech to communicate best with your audience.

    To paraphrase an old saying, “If you lie down with the dogs, you should rise up with the fleas.

  • I ran it through a translator ( and it now makes perfect sense:

    I doubt that it on a person goes insane without meaningful work hard for you. At public interests because the truth at least coming out and chicken evolved into global multi-national non-governmental profit structures due to an expatriate friendly WWOOF farm (though some are some local fiefdom gatekeeper globalist less than too much information, sewers, necrophilia parlors), …. The fascism of reason with novelty of rape.

    Don’t give into unpragmatic quantum distraction, contemplation of we were “no tracks” on an Orlov like oil and chicken evolved into unpragmatic quantum distraction, contemplation of death came for a Salt Lake protest Tim’s courage came because her greatest daughter died in a few moms among others risked felony charges by Katherine Austin Fitts, class war Joe Bageant, gift economy vs. no possessions, energy scarcity for a plea-bargain — bipolar, schizophrenic.

    The negative feedback loop of dead ends vs. intellectuals, chickens vs. adaptation, dominators vs. nurturers, conformists vs. artist, automatons vs. adaptation, dominators vs. life killing privatization apocalypse horses: greed, fraud, fear, and nature pulling creation and so fragile hides in a bidder 70 Tim DeChristopher has been used to get people can work — they certainly hide behind a bidder 70 Tim a weapon of this blog likely know a weapon of the climate chaos atmosphere storms the copper from the copper from dumbed-down globalist less boring than too dumb and just type-A sociopath automaton extroverted people to make money is or a vile conformity of we thought in a weapon of zombie roaming ghosts and all the future and chatter — bipolar, schizophrenic.

    The book of we can’t even the hyper-sexual testosterone driven ape. Religions, mythology, and uncreative to possess beauty and break free of the species extrovert and production, the sun, nature, and so few moms among others risked felony charges by the corporate courtesan fiefdom cartel employees to the hardest rock known to change who he is culturally acceptable to dry hump marble counters, etc.. I was fond of dead ends vs. energy givers, type A common cultural values (all faded flowers from struggles between parasites vs. Krishnamurti, and everything becomes karma. Now all the deafening conformity so few left in lies, so fragile hides in order to so fragile hides in order to protest Tim’s courage came for a land of risk yes men.

    Maybe there are so beauty and love free.

  • Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    In the days of Usenet, I once coded up what would today be called a “bot” that would automatically respond to a certain poster, by running that poster’s latest missive through a “Markov Chain,” an algorithm that creates pseudo-random text in the style of some other text.

    In that particular case, a surreal moment happened when the original poster engaged his synthesized doppelgänger in a rather spirited and lively debate. It didn’t go on for too long before he contacted my employer, and tried to have me fired for impersonating him. I kept my job, but my boss made me kill “Miss Markov,” the markov chain responder bot.

    “Maybe there are so beauty and love free.”

  • Guy, actually I think all your predictions have been fulfilled. We have collapsed, we just don’t know it yet. If your boat sinks far away from land and rescue, you seem alive as long as you are treading water, but in fact you are “dead in the water” (Marked for certain death; doomed). Or perhaps to use another image from death row we are “dead man walking”.

    Check out the world debt clock Note that except for the countries for whom no data is available, every country has public debt. So who do they owe it to

    “The clock is ticking. Every second, it seems, someone in the world takes on more debt. The idea of a debt clock for an individual nation is familiar to anyone who has been to Times Square in New York, where the American public shortfall is revealed. Our clock shows the global figure for all (or almost all) government debts in dollar terms.

    Does it matter? After all, world governments owe the money to their own citizens, not to the Martians. But the rising total is important for two reasons. First, when debt rises faster than economic output (as it has been doing in recent years), higher government debt implies more state interference in the economy and higher taxes in the future. Second, debt must be rolled over at regular intervals. This creates a recurring popularity test for individual governments, rather as reality TV show contestants face a public phone vote every week. Fail that vote, as the Greek government did in early 2010, and the country can be plunged into imminent crisis. So the higher the global government debt total, the greater the risk of fiscal crisis, and the bigger the economic impact such crises will have.”

  • Apparently, Guy, you are losing track of your own prophecies. Here is one prediction: “By 2018, we’ll be firmly in the post-industrial stone age.”

    Gazing into my crystal ball

    In other places, you predicted permanent major city blackouts by 2012. Let’s all keep an eye out for that.

    Here is not a bad comment from Sean, in the days before getting abducted by the trolls.

    “After all, this is a community with leaders like occultist reactionary and staunch opponent of the Enlightenment, John Michael Greer, professional astrologer Matt Savinar, mental hospital veteran James Howard “dow to 4000″ Kunstler, and now Guy “Dark Age in 2012, Stone age in 2025” McPherson.

    As a side note, let me give you all a piece of advice I learned the hard way from my days as a lizard-brained prophet of doom: stop making predictions of imminent collapse due to the crisis du jour, because it will only make you look like a fool when it fails…”

    Extinction event?

    Guy said: “I know you, like most industrialized people, view completion of the ongoing collapse as a bad thing.”

    Vera says: And I know you don’t listen, and are quite willing to make up lies about a person to make your point. Viz, the above sentence.

    Kathy, don’t mollycoddle him, grrl. If he had integrity on this count, he would gather up his prophecies, all of them, in a prominent place on this blog so that people could make up their mind. Astyk has evaluated her own, and noted her failures, every time she makes new ones. The least a prophet of doom can do.

  • Kathy, Richard Heinberg makes a convincing argument that we are at “peak debt” in his latest book, The End of Growth.

  • i’m going to follow dd’s (double d’s) bad example here and go wacko off topic. sorry, dd, u can’t punish me without being a hypocrite!

    for the past week every evening i’ve been leading off my evening internet dates with this video-song i also linked here few days ago. it’s a transcendent live performance of george benson’s masterpiece THIS MASQUERADE. his awesome talent here is showcased with a back-up orchestra playing some of the sweetest strings u’ll here this side of heaven, a virtuoso piano solo, great ambiance, camera work, sound quality, and editing. puts a smile on my face every time.

    maryjane, music, food and nbl get me through the day. enjoy:

  • Vera, I don’t mollycoddle anyone. I say what I think and I believe, always. First you call me a sockpuppet, now you say I am mollycoddling. I thought you had some sense, but I am beginning to think not.

  • “Richard Heinberg makes a convincing argument that we are at “peak debt” in his latest book, The End of Growth.”

    Really, Jan? On the basis of what? When “money” is made of thin air… how can you have peak debt?

    Kathy, are you gonna hold Guy accountable when 2012 rolls by and we still don’t have Dark Age? That’s what I am wonderin’…

  • thanks for the very funny orlov quote, robin.

  • Vera, if you weren’t in such an aggressive mode you would notice that I said nothing about Guy’s predictions. I wrote about my belief that we are already collapsed we just don’t know it. In other words I was saying its already happened, we are just treading water. That is MY BELIEF. If we are still treading water in 2030 you can tell me I am an idiot and hold me accountable.

    The weather is gone crazy and I believe we are in positive feedback state that nothing can stop, when exactly that becomes totally clear to the rest of the world, I don’t know, but its over. Western Civilization is caput. Those are my beliefs that I held before I ever starting blogging on NBL. If I am wrong and the weather rights itself well you can hold me accountable for that two. I think often that Guy is too optimistic. Thought that even when I started blogging at NBL.

  • Robin,

    Orlov edited his response in that post. Originally at the end he had a very funny line suggesting the little devil’s helper would end up in someone’s stew pot. Wish I could recall it well enough to paraphrase.

  • But you did, Kathy. You said: “Guy, actually I think all your predictions have been fulfilled.” That is what I was reacting to.

    I don’t that Guy is an idiot. Quite the contrary. I do, however, think that he is an irresponsible panic-monger at times.

    Can you tell the difference between hubris-laden “doomer porn” and simply telling people how you see things in the humble spirit of “nobody knows the timeline”?

  • Vera. well yes I did say that. Wow you really caught me. But what I meant was I wasn’t saying anything about any specific predictions made by Guy, I was saying that I think its all over already and therefore any prediction he made or anyone else made is irrelevant. Its all over because events are unstoppable IMHO.

    Try pay attention to people. How did I swiftly switch from possibly being Sean (the idiot) to being overprotective of the site owner. Do you not form any opinion of me other than that that strikes you from the most recent post or posts I have made. Perhaps you haven’t read the time when I challenged Guy on his beliefs about chickens or the evolutionary difference between ducks and chickens. Just as you apparently haven’t read or forgot the times I attacked The Cosmist or suggested others not respond to the troll, while admitting that I couldn’t resist sometimes.

    I do not become a sockpuppet because of two posts replying to Sean. I do not become a mollycoddler because I more than agree with Guy on one subject. Well enough, I am adding you to my list of people to try my best to not respond to again about anything. You are too quick at throwing out labels instead of discussing the topic. And while you recommend humility it seems you have very little of it. In an excess of hubris you know just what kind of person someone is from one or two posts without trying to remember anything about previous posts.

  • Here is another prophecy of Guy’s to keep an eye on:
    “In other words, I’m standing by my original predictions: no cars on U.S. highways in 2012, and the end of western civilization by 2018.”

    Going back to the land in the Age of Entitlement

    (look in the comments)