infallible authority

by the virgin terry (bio follows earlier essay in this space)

3 men were freed from death row or life in prison in the world’s bastion of ‘justice and freedom’, the usa, last week. in what has become a celebrated case, the ‘west memphis three’ were finally released after dna evidence exonerated them 4 years ago. by all credible accounts, they should have never been formally charged and convicted in the first place. to delve into this miscarriage of justice a bit more intimately, this site includes several very good in-depth reviews of the best book which has been written about the case and it’s shoddy and shameful handling.

before they were released they had to plead guilty to crimes they almost certainly did not commit, for which they’d already spent nearly 2 decades each living in the unpleasant accommodations of uncle sam’s penal system.

the usa is #1 in criminalizing and imprisoning it’s own sheople by a comfortable margin in both % incarcerated, and total number, of all the world’s nations. even china (with more than 4x as many sheople and a world leader in human rights abuse according to many) imprisons fewer sheople than the usa. what sort of officialdom is responsible for this orgy of ‘law and order’? curious sheople want to know.

officials of the usa have dethroned the popes of roman catholicism as the world’s leading ‘infallible’ authorities. these ‘authorities’ don’t need science or facts to be on their side, or public opinion for that matter, although they do go to some lengths to mislead the public. they are addicted to their own dogma, and to public denials and cover-ups of their serial transgressions against humanity and gaia. they lack the least shred of compassion or empathy for those who become ‘collateral damage’ in their perpetual war/struggle to bring ‘truth’, ‘justice’, ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, capitalism and ‘prosperity’ to deserving dogma addicts around the world.

even the puppydog corporate media establishment blanched a bit in their reporting of this example of mean justice, of years of unjust imprisonment, bullying cops coercing false confessions and sociopathic prosecutors colluding to railroad innocent teenagers into prison for crimes they didn’t commit. scott pelley of cbs piously inserted a wee bit of a ‘tsk tsk’ tone in his reporting of the release of the west memphis 3, implying disapproval of the extraction of confessions of guilt from the innocent before the ‘authorities’ would ‘magnanimously’ consent to their release.

when one looks beyond official charades of ‘reality’ and perceives clearly the surreal truth, this is far from an isolated incident. ‘our’ officials are not only far from infallible, they’re criminals themselves. criminals with great arrogance and impunity, knowing the small minority who are on to them are powerless, easily swept aside or crushed if we get out too far out of line.

the west memphis 3 chose to cop to a charade of guilt in order to avoid remaining incarcerated for more months/years while the wheels of ‘justice’ groan along at their glacial pace, as the infallible state, denying the possibility of innocence in those who have already been convicted in one of it’s ‘courts of law’, was gearing up to force them to undergo yet another trial in a kangaroo court under ridiculously false charges. this time, with powerful exculpatory evidence, even the kangaroo court system would likely have granted their innocence and let them free. thus the ‘controversial’ decision to strike this plea deal and let them go.

what absolute fucking bastards, these sanctimonious judges and prosecutors in high places who would rather keep innocent men in jail for years and let the guilty go free than admit to their own perverse ‘fallibility’ publically. they are the same sort of bastards as the politicians who send innocent young men and women by the millions to fight their deadly wars for wealth and glory, who collude with capitalists and banksters to concentrate wealth as much as possible, as long as they get their share of the booty, who don’t give a damn about all the ‘collateral damage’ from environmental destruction and pollution, de facto human slavery, war, and now runaway agw they are responsible for. maybe they don’t even give a damn about their own grandchildren. these are stupid ‘authorities’ like the sheople who support them.

gaia will certainly breathe a sigh of relief when civilization self destructs and human ‘authorities’ go the way of the dinosaur. so would i if i was still around. so would i.


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  • Great essay TVT. The case you referred to has been a very interesting case indeed. The crime was committed about 50 miles from here and the court which tried them was here in my town, so it’s been even more real for me.

    The whole case has been a microcosm of the larger reality here in Arkansas and the U.S. in general. Those three kids were different – they were into “goth” and painted their nails black, so they were targeted. “Weirdos” like that certainly had to be guilty of something, so why not murder? Or so goes the thinking in many parts of this country, certainly here in Arkansas.

    Their release was political. If there was any hope of keeping those guys in jail, I’m sure the political good ol’ boys would have kept them there. By extracting a guilty plea from them, the state can’t be sued for the almost 2 decades they spent in jail, the convicted can’t profit from writing books or making TV movies about their experience, and the politicians get to claim that they extracted justice. Our state attorney general is rumored to be considering a run for governor. Getting this travesty swept under the rug before the 2014 election is likely to work to his advantage.

    The take home lesson from this tragedy is that this type of situation will likely worsen instead of getting better. As collapse intensifies, the powers that be will intensify their search for someone on whom to lay blame. Anyone who is “different” had best beware.

  • Remember what Dmitry Orlov said, stay under the radar and don’t attract the attention of the civil authorities!

  • Thank you, vt, for sharing your thoughts & feelings. With the absence of capitallzations, your work is reminiscent of e e cummings.

    Most people (sheople?) tend to overlook the premiss that all men are created equal. It should not be forgottes that this is the bedrock upon which this country exists. It should also not be forgotten who men are. The term ab initio did not include women, blacks, browns, reds, &c. To claim otherwise is a distortion of the facts for one’s convenienience: not too much should be expected from a citadel of “Jestice” built on such a foundation.

    Infallibility is a claim that may have stood in medieval times, but it is presumptious to the extreme today. Instead, today’s modus operandi is to wear a cloak of legitimacy cut from the cloth of “the consent of the governed”. To switch metaphors, the consent is rubber-stamped by whichever contorted process seems to best serve the purpose of sustaining a crodible image of legitimacy without ceding too much control. Switching back to the other metaphor, the cloak shrouds the weapon of enforcement, the claim to moral rectitude in retaining the option to initiate the use of force.

    To rectify the situation, we have to give the lie to that claim!

  • the virgin terry,

    I would be interested in hearing Turboguy’s take on this case. Every day a review of the news reveals numerous instances of members of the legal system bending or breaking the laws they are sworn to uphold. It has become so common that the assertion that these acts are carried out by “a few bad apples” seems less and less likely. Too often the police think of the rest of us citizens as “civilians” meaning different from them, however, until recently “civilian” referred to anyone who was not in the military. That would include police. I wonder when the usage began to change. It seems possible that many of our law enforcement officers have made the jump to police work directly from the military and they actually do think of the rest of us as the “others” (not very different from the “enemy” they were fighting in our perpetual wars). Perhaps the continuing militarization (dress, weapons, tactics) of the police is a reflection of that mind-set, a mind-set that aligns the officers with the military rather than with the rest of us. It seems like an end run around the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 in that it allows military-like units to operate within the boundaries of the US (not that Congress, under GWB’s urging, hasn’t pretty much put that Act to rest already with HR 5122).

    Michael Irving

  • thanx, tsdh and robin, for the strong support. i figured with it’s proximity to u that u would share your local perspective on the case, dh. robin, i think in this case the claim to moral rectitude is intimately related to the arrogant behavior of officials, giving them the appearance of believing in their own infallibility.

    re. your comment, randy c., i feel a bit anxious writing incendiary critical opinions of ptb, on the one hand hoping they’re well crafted and powerful enough to attract notice, and on the other hand fearing the consequences if they ever attract so much notice as to come to the attention of an ‘authority’ able and inclined to teach me a lesson in humility/fear. some small amount of risk must be accepted in attempting to speak out indignation, considering the risk involved in holding it all in. we all have to decide for ourselves how to strike a balance between speaking out and being low profile.

    michael, i think u’re right about the large and growing divide between police and the citizens they purportedly serve and protect, at least here in the usa. it seems the older i get and the more i see, the less i’m inclined to trust police or anyone sworn to uphold/maintain the status quo, and the more inclined i am to fear them.

  • here’s a link to a brief report concerning the case of a recent victim of a SWAT team raid, illustrating this divide. note particularly the comment section following. usa police behavior is creating tremendous resentment. when collapse here brings rioting/chaos, expect tremendous violence both from police and at them.

  • tvt

    good points you make about authorities. Lying and obfuscation has become a requirement for any government position of significance. Anything is fair that protects the liar’s ability to hold their position or to advance it.

    And it seems this discussion always brings us around to the subject of the police. It is as if we are continually shocked by the police’s failure to protect the citizen – as if we believe that the slogan ‘to serve and protect’ is talking about us, the citizenry. If you look closely, however, you will see that the police officer is sworn to protect the state, not the people – the laws, not the people – TPTB, not the people. If they protect the people as a result of protecting the state, all the better – but that is not their primary function.

    We should understand that, and its implications. Perhaps what we are seeing now in the days of the Internet, is a widespread awakening of that fact by the people as instant communications allow incidents witnessed by people all over the world to share their experiences with the police. In doing so, a pattern seems to be taking form, and people are realising that the police might by chance be the thin blue line of defence against violence in some cases, but in reality are among the most valued instruments of violence against the people.

    This is at the heart of why so many police departments are arresting people for taking photos and videos of police in action – it shows their true intent and their true allegiance.

  • As resources and the energy to convert them into usable items both dwindle, the largesse of the state wil concomitantly shrink: the other option is to bare it’s fangs. It then becomes increasingly apparent which persons constitute those fangs.

  • Apparently there is now one surveillance camera for every 14 people in Britain. They weren’t much help in preventing riots, of course, but they did help the authorities persecute petty criminals and opportunistic looters.

    Meanwhile, the bigtime looters and criminals award themselves and one another all kinds of honours and bonuses, and arrange for the installation of more cameras and security guards. Presumably the people of Britain can look forward to a future in which there is one surveilance camera per person, or perhaps even two security cameras per person, and lots more employment in the field ‘security’ -Orwell’s Big Brother world on steroids. Well, increasing surveillance will be the trend until the energy supplies necessary to power the system fail catastrophically -the reason for NATO invasion of Libya presumably being to delay that moment.

    And the looting of Libya may just depress oil prices long enough for the markets to finally recover enough for the elites to profit from yet another cycle of boom-bust.

    The proles in developed nations are clearly not suffering enough yet. They are mostly still well fed and well entertained. But an uneasiness is starting the emerge, even in the land of complacency and delusion I live in.

    As for me, I keep watching the environmental data the elites find difficult to manipulate.

    The hurricane season is now underway, I see. Presumably the more parched regions of the US are praying FOR hurricanes.

  • As for me, I keep watching the environmental data the elites find difficult to manipulate.

    So instead they compensate by flooding the news with obfuscated data, cherry-picked analyses and outright misinformation to confuse the masses. And it works brilliantly.

  • Victor.

    Yes TPTB misinform and confuse the masses. But it is nevertheless hard for TPTB to conceal things like unprecedented droughts, unprecedented tornadoes, unprecendeted snow storms etc. at the local level. Or unemployment and rising food prices.

    Presumably all western nations will eventually reach their ‘Ceausescu moment’ but such moments seem far off at this stage.

    From Wikipedia:

    However, he’d seriously misjudged the crowd’s mood. Several people began jeering, booing and whistling at him. Others began chanting “Ti-mi-şoa-ra! Ti-mi-şoa-ra!” Ceaușescu’s uncomprehending expression as the crowd began to boo and heckle him remains one of the defining moments of the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe. He tried to silence them by raising his right hand, and when that didn’t work, offered them a raise of 100 lei per month.[4] Failing to control the crowds, the Ceaușescus finally took cover inside the building, where they remained until the next day. The rest of the day saw an open revolt of the Bucharest population, which had assembled in University Square and confronted the police and army at barricades. The unarmed rioters, however, were no match for the military apparatus concentrated in Bucharest, which cleared the streets by midnight and arrested hundreds of people in the process. Nevertheless, these seminal events are regarded to this day as the de facto revolution.

  • Terry,
    Thank you for your willingness to speak out. I agree that it is important not to let this kind of misconduct on the part of the authorities go unnoticed. I think what Dmitry was getting at was a person’s public or personal conduct so as not to get caught up into the legal system. You probably know about the man in New Hampshire that immolated himself after years of legal problems stemming from an incident with his young daughter that his wife reported. Personally, I will not call the police but will seek to handle the situation if at all possible. For example, I have three right-of-ways that cross a neighbor’s land. He wanted me to sign them all away, and I was not willing to do that, so one night he came over here and made a series of threatening statements: he did not threaten my person but threatened to tear down my fences, sue me because I would not give up the right-of-ways and to build a road across my land. I ordered him off my property (I live in a rural mountainous county of 16,000 people). I then contacted his attorney and told him to remind his client that if he bothered me again we would be going to court. I did not call the cops and my neighbor has not bothered me again on this issue.
    I know the fact that I am well off the beaten path helps, but I also have my property fenced and my yard gated with the intent of not only keeping criminals away from my home but also keeping police at bay as well, at least long enough to run out the other door and into the woods. Better to run and hide than to confront that insane group of people. I have heard to many horror stories of cops using excessive force and killing people when other measures could have been used and yes, a day will likely come when there will be a violent backlash against the civil authorities.

  • Unfortunately (or , more accurately, fortunately) the perpetrators of the justice system will survive in the new world, while the West Memphis 3 (and numerous others in the penal system) will probably not.

    If the push comes to shove, the guards will shoot the prisoners before they run away, or at most just keep it locked so the prisoners will die like the animals in Fukushima.

    (In case you don’t know what I am talking about, some animals in that doomed region were left alone by their terrified owners after the quake, and many starved to death while others survived by eating each other. Later, when the authorities came back and saw the horror, they just killed whatever surviving animals they could find.)

    Sorry. It’s whether you are in the system, or not.

    The best survival strategy is to be in the system. It never failed. No amount of prep will stop an authority from seizing it, with whatever pretext they would bring up.

    Somebody mentioned Ceaucescu. But how about the former king of Romania, a German (and a relative of the Kaiser to boot)? He and his descendants still live in luxury, despite letting the nation be roamed by the Nazis at will.

    And all the oligarchs in Russia… most of them former minions of the State.

    Sorry. There is no hope for those who don’t have the authority to shoot at will. The history of Mongolia proves it.

  • Randy C,

    Interesting story and it sounds like you handled it well. Too often people will get it in their heads that they can get whatever they want through intimidation. Increasingly the media reminds them that violence or the threat of violence is an effective form interaction, and that people who behave in that manner are to be emulated. Having fences is a good thing in that they clearly define boundaries. Rights of way can be tricky and contentious and from my experience they have to be used if they are to be respected, no matter what the legal situation is.

    Dealing with things yourself in a rural setting can make things interesting. The last time someone wrecked their car in front of my house it took an hour for the sheriff to get here, responding to my 911 call. It was dark, there was a car seat, baby formula, and toys inside the upside-down car, and I could not find any of the occupants in the brush; I thought they’d been ejected, but they actually just ran away (drugs). A neighbor from the volunteer fire department made it in 10 minutes, the first fire unit arrived in about half an hour. This kind of thing is normal for a rural setting but will become more the norm for everyone as the slide continues.

    Michael Irving

  • Reread the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, or one of its predecessors. Noah was a Patriarch, which is equivalent to a King or an owner-CEO in modern days, and a direct descendant of the famous Enoch (the Billy Graham of his day). He was no shepherd or no slave. In modern days he would be in a level to be invited to Davos or a Bilderberger meeting.

    Noah could afford to build a huge ark, but he didn’t let anybody share his doomsday vehicle, not even his servants who had helped to build it, nor even the families of his wife and daughters-in-law.

    And Noah’s line survived, while all others in his region died.

    The best strategy for survival is to be born as a King or Queen. Failing that, at least marry one of them. The middleton family will probably continue even after the STF.

  • Wolves kill Sheep – that’s what they do. The Ram is suppoused to be the Gatekeeper – but if the Ram is bribed – or asleep – the Wolves are allowed in to ravage the Sheepfold. This is the way of life.

    Wolves in Sheeps Clothing – these are the psychopaths and sociopaths who rule today. They are our Politicians, Judges, Lawyers. They have enacted laws to protect themselves and their activities – and eliminate Rams. A Ram can kill a Wolf and protect the Sheepfold – a very dangerous being to a Wolf – so they have been outlawed. Remember the Police are there to maintain the Chaos. Is it becoming clear now?

    We often find powerful male figures engaged in homosexual activity -or peodophilia – they need a deflection for the blame of their crimes. These are Wolves in Sheeps clothing. Don’t be surprised. In days of old – the Rams of the Community would find and eliminate the Wolf – today those Rams have been bought off, compromised, or neutered.

    The poor, dumb and stupid Memphis 3 followed the lies of the Wolves, and decided to be different. They were Sheep, unsuccessfully trying to emulate Wolves – they paid a large price for their error. Too Bad. Stay true to your calling, stay away from Wolves, turn off your TV, ignore the mainstream media – the truth is in your heart.

  • Did TPTB say what they are doing now to find the monster(s) who walked free for all this time – the ones who committed the crime?

    I know several local police and fire persons. It is a mixed bag but most of them are good to excellent in character. A couple of them I’ve known since birth and trust completely. They are true professionals and even as kids growing up you could tell they were people you could count on. The cooler heads at parties that got out of hand, or the “pauls” who refused to participate if something looked shakey.

    On the other hand, One goofball of the bunch, while off duty and DWI, hit a fellow local cop on the police motorcycle at an intersection in town and then fled the scene. He resigned and took a job as a county cop, one county over. No criminal or civil charges that I can recall, but I might be wrong on that.

  • Navid, what I’ve heard from one of the local politicians is that since they have a guilty plea, the case is closed. Don’t rely on my understanding of the law, but I think if there is a conviction in a case, the police are not allowed to investigate further – at least not officially.

  • Bit off-topic:

    With the disappearance of industrial agriculture on the downside from Marion King Hubbert’s peak, one might expect

    God helps those who help themselves!

  • Wolves in Sheeps Clothing – these are the psychopaths and sociopaths who rule today. They are our Politicians, Judges, Lawyers.

    Not only those, but every member of the human livestock that averts one’s eyes and continues as if there is no gun even after it is pointed out that the gun in the room – the claim to moral rectitude in retaining the option to initiate the use of force – is the chief party to the conversion. 

  • I think if there is a conviction in a case, the police are not allowed to investigate further – at least not officially.

    Pardon the mixing of metaphors, but when events that could potentially sully one’s individual or collective reputation are safely in the rear-view mirror, one is only too eager to shae it off like

    a dog shakes off water.

  • jaime lopez, this sounds disturbingly like you’re trying to build a case for Social Darwinism.

    Welcome to the site, and greetings and good luck to you! But I should inform you that the people here are usually guided by a sense of “ethics” and “goodwill,” and tend to put not much stock in the Bible, so your idea that only the strong and rich should survive will not be welcome here.

    Know your audience before you post.

  • I just got back from several days away from the web while visiting my aged Dad. His wife always has around old Reader Digests and one had a story of a man imprisoned for 30 years for rape who was finally exonerated. So Terry your article hits home. We in the first world have rose colored glasses provided by TPTB so that few can see clearly what is really going on. Heck people think we live in a Democracy.

    My Dad and his wife are religious, conservative, Republicans and I came home with my usual case of TMJ from clamping my mouth shut. Thankful for a place to talk here at NBL.

  • Jaime, we are talking about the total extinction of the human race. Some here think that that is a real possibility and growing more probable as collapse delays and pollutants continue to spew. In total extinction no one survives, rich poor, powerful weak doesn’t matter – extinction means everyone and their genes.

    Librarian, perhaps I am wrong, but it sounds more like Jaime is describing what he sees happening with anger (an anger we all feel) rather than saying that that is the way things should be. It does often seem like the rich persist while the poor don’t, but in fact as the Bible says “the poor you have with you always” and they have seemed to do a better job progenating than the rich if numbers are what matter.

    As far as seeing your genes go on down through multiple of generations, so what? Does anyone really care if they have great, great, great, great, great grandchildren that share a few of their unique genes? If they really cared we wouldn’t be destroying the planet.

  • Does anyone really care if they have great, great, great, great, great grandchildren that share a few of their unique genes?

    I don’t mid if someone feels that way – as long as it doesn’t hurt the economy… ;-)

  • Librarian, I have known this site since 2008, although I didn’t post till 2010.

    Kathy, although the human race might go extinct, a few will survive and evolve into a new species. And they are likely to be descended from those with guns now.

    People in law enforcement are in a caste of their own. The ancient indians called it the Kshatriya (which included the military and the police), whose greatest hero is the Buddha.

    yes, although it is alien in Anglo-Saxon culture, propagating one’s genes to perpetuity is the most important goal in most Asian cultures. Even the eunuchs. who chose to remove themselves from the gene pool to get wealth and power, adopted relatives to carry on their name and line, so whatever wealth and power they got after making their ultimate sacrifice would stay with their family as long as possible.

    (Adopting someone not from their family or clan is a concept completely alien to non-Western culture.)

  • Jaime
    Per the wiki entry on extinction
    “In biology and ecology, extinction is the end of an organism or of a group of organisms (taxon), normally a species. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species, although the capacity to breed and recover may have been lost before this point.”

    The idea that a family name represents a genetic inheritance is ludicrous. While you can pass on a name indefintely the genetic heritage is constantly diluted. And besides the men have no certainty that they are passing on their genes unless they personally keep tabs on their wife at all times. Heck even eunuchs guarding harems might be bribed to let in a lover at times eh? Tests on children show a surprising amount of cuckoldry. Women know when they pass on their genes, men only know for sure when they pass on their name.

  • Dr. House,

    Thanks for the feedback, that makes sense. So the monster(s) continue to roam.

    Kathy – I can empathize for you and the TMJ you have do endure when visiting loved ones.

    Jamie – There are three giant crawfish species in Australia (they grow to the size of small lobsters). One of them, the Red Claw, is favored by aquaculturists because they are not as aggressive as the other species, so you can raise them at higher densities.

    The Red Claw evolved in areas with less water, more droughts – and in this case the LESS aggressive survived while the more aggressive killed each other off.

    The point being – natural selection does not always favor aggression and violence. “Those who live by the sword go extinct by the sword” in some cases.

    Maybe a few small bands of remaining HGs inherit the earth if we leave any of it inhabitable.

  • Navid, good points about natural selection. The selector is never the selected. The selector is the environment. This can be others of the same species, other species, or external changes in the environment. Thus a huge change in the environment when the asteroid hit changed the balance of life on the planet. Some species that were doing quite well suddenly failed and went extinct. Others that were not dominant gained dominance. Nothing changed about those species. Something external changed. What was once successful became unsuccessful without any change in their genes.

    We well make create a change in environment where no humans will be able to live. Or perhaps small humans that eat little and hide well will carry forward the human race. Or humans with genes for sickle cell anemia who have some immunity to malaria (those of African descent) may suddenly become more fit than those without because warming sends malaria north.

  • The Red Claw lobsters were lucky that the less aggressive of them could live long enough to last till the more aggressive of them were all killed off, and the waters they lived at were not hospitable to outside species the Westerners must have brought on.

    Plus the more aggressive Red Claw critters didn’t have guns.

    One single thug with an AK-47 can wipe out a community of nonviolent, nonagressive people in less than 5 minutes. One single submachine gun can do that.

    Never in history the aggressive part of a population had so much power over the nonaggressive part. Some pigmies could survive in the middle of the Kalahari, and some nomads could survive in the caves of Tora Bora, but when they come out from their hellholes they will be good game of aging mercenaries who need a place to spend their old days.

  • Jaime, if the guys with AK47 and other weapons wipe out all the poor, all the non-aggressive etc then the planet will just be full of armed aggressors who are busy trying to kill each other. Unfortunately you can’t stand guard when you are hoeing a garden. Nor can you stand guard when you are sleeping. No, to survive the aggressors HAVE to have people who would rather grow food than fight. In fact the aggressors main job is to defend them. The lords of the feudal times would have gone hungry if they didn’t defend their serfs. Thus in the stratified world of civilized humans “the poor you have with you always”. The rich need the poor, they can’t survive without them. Individually they may be expendable but as a class they are indispensable. Never has there been a civilization without a lower class that is much much larger than the upper class.

  • That’s why I had cited this guy’s website

    a few times.

    He thinks the human race will be extinct after a massive killing spree.

    Today’s rich and powerful don’t feel they need the poor. The only poor they will ever see in their lives are the servers in their parties; even the domestic ‘help’ in their houses are strictly disciplined to remain out of sight while the rich is in their houses. The rich will probably see the maitre d’, whose job is to keep the rest of the staff away .

    However they do know they need sufficient security to keep themselves safe from the low and downtrodden, and such kind of people come from precisely the people I have described before, aggressive, loyal and ruthless.

    Also, growing food takes a long time, while taking them away only takes less than a few hours. When the cost-benefit of growing food goes down to a certain point, even the meekest farmer will join marauding bandits, like the Chinese Communists who followed Mao even though they didn’t even know who was Marx or Lenin.

    Oddly enough, farming might persist in regions with draconian controls where people will be killed if they don’t grow Food, like North Korea. It won’t be a happy place, for sure, but it will allow ‘some’ food growing.

    Other than such regions, by necessary in a resource-poor and relatively remote locations, people living in open country will be fair game for the bandits.

    The population of Rome was 1 million on about at 390, and about 50,000 at 490. The surrounding areas, which didn’t have walls to protect them, were even worse.

    And the lines of Goths and Lombards who did all the pillaging still persist in Northern Italy.

  • Nature may bat last, but humans umpire games and an umpire can call the result whatever they want.

    Read this again; this guy is really adamant that all the mammals will die. Whatever comes next will not be apparent in a few million years, and won’t be our concern anyways.

    No amount of prep will do anyone any good.

  • The ancient indians called it the Kshatriya (which included the military and the police), whose greatest hero is the Buddha.

    The word is from the same Aryan roots as satrap (which comes to English by way of Persian). The four castes are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra.

    Siddartha Gautama was known to his followers as the Sakhyamuni Buddha – the tradition has it that there were and will be innumerable Buddhas. Siddhartha Gautama was indeed a Kshatriya, but there is no particular distinction to that: for that matter, I am also a Kshatriya. 

    Buddhism rejected the caste system, as did Sikhism more than two millennia later: but both failed miserably in their attempts to root out the customs so deeply entrenched in societal traditions. 

    Humans are social animals, and even in the “primitive” hunter-gatherer bands derived their strength from cooperation.  The person with the weapon would indubitably dominate the immediate situation, and would have the easier time in hunting: they may quickly acquire the necessary skills to dress and cook the kill. But just as petroleum is finite in supply, so too without replenishment, ammunition would be in finite supply, as would be so many other low-tech items of daily use.  The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker will be needed in the intermediate and long term, as might be the brewer, the cooper, the fletcher, the thatcher, the rimmer, etc. etc. 

    Even in the setting of a major armed conflict, the importance of the quartermaster is not overlooked. In the late 1930s there was a transportation  corps (=quartermaster) uS Army Lieutenant-Colonel looking at retirement in a couple of years. But when push came to shove, the quartermaster’s job was critical, and Lieutenant-Colonel Eisenhower was so good at it that he moved ahead of his contemporaries. Robert Edward Lee also wasza transportation corps officer whose genius kept the confederacy going far beyond Union expectations. It is said that when captains chat about battles, they talk strategy and tactics; when generals do, they talk about transportation and logistics. 

    The first sere after a collapse may well be those whose only skill is to enforce their preferences by force, but ecological succession nay favor those regions where subsequent seres have a head start. 

  • The gent at “you stupid relativist . com”, like so many others, plays blind man’s buff when it comes to the economy. Even the complete disappearance of the tertiary economy (symbols = stocks, bonds, currency, CDOs, and the rest of the alphabet soup) does not perforce bring with it any end to the secondary economy (usable items) or the primary economy (natural resources).

    And of course, he proves that he does not know s**t from Shinola about religion: he has not the slightest inkling about Buddhism, Jainism and non-dualist Vedantic Hinduism, all of which reject the concept of a god. 

  • Jaime you say “He thinks the human race will be extinct after a massive killing spree.” Yes I think the human race may go extinct and of course a nuclear war would be a massive killing spree. And extinct means gone, finished, none left. That means the big, powerful, powers that be, the guys with the AK’s all gone. No more human genes to pass on. Previously you said you thought some would pass on genes to create a new species or something like that. Extinct species don’t do that (well maybe in Jurassic Park). I am no longer sure what you think, you seem to keep shifting ideas faster than I can keep up with.

  • Nuclear Plant Near Earthquake Epicenter, with Hurricane Coming

    If this article doesn’t convince you that nuclear power plants are lunacy I don’t know what will.

  • I just conveyed his opinion, which I don’t agree 100%.
    I just got his link because that’s the worst-case scenario which will take place, if things go like this unimpeded.

    My point is that the cruel, aggressive ‘police’ class will probably quickly eliminate any nonaggressive and non-butchering people, and if any descendants of humans might remain, they will be the ancestors of future humans.

  • Easy to say – Robin – “Not only those, but every member of the human livestock that averts one’s eyes and continues as if there is no gun even after it is pointed out that the gun in the room – the claim to moral rectitude in retaining the option to initiate the use of force – is the chief party to the conversion. ” – but when I stood up in thepast – where were you? When I gave my money and time to the U.S. Taxpayers Party – where were you? When I placed “Soverign Citizen” plates on my vehicle – pulled over – confiscated – where were you?

    Amerika – the land of fakes, phonies, sellouts, and liars. Get in line Robin. Ask me when I used sovereign plates to enter Canada. You will be the first to convince your neighbors to enter the Boxcar….

  • Why isn’t Iceland in the news any more?

    If only our countries had the courage of the Icelanders!

    In the March 2010 referendum, 93% voted against repayment of the debt. The IMF immediately froze its loan. But the revolution (though not televised in the United States), would not be intimidated. With the support of a furious citizenry, the government launched civil and penal investigations into those responsible for the financial crisis. Interpol put out an international arrest warrant for the ex-president of Kaupthing, Sigurdur Einarsson, as the other bankers implicated in the crash fled the country.

    But Icelanders didn’t stop there: they decided to draft a new constitution that would free the country from the exaggerated power of international finance and virtual money. (The one in use had been written when Iceland gained its independence from Denmark, in 1918, the only difference with the Danish constitution being that the word ‘president’ replaced the word ‘king’.)

    To write the new constitution, the people of Iceland elected twenty-five citizens from among 522 adults not belonging to any political party but recommended by at least thirty citizens. This document was not the work of a handful of politicians, but was written on the internet. The constituent’s meetings are streamed on-line, and citizens can send their comments and suggestions, witnessing the document as it takes shape. The constitution that eventually emerges from this participatory democratic process will be submitted to parliament for approval after the next elections.

    Some readers will remember that Iceland’s ninth century agrarian collapse was featured in Jared Diamond’s book by the same name. Today, that country is recovering from its financial collapse in ways just the opposite of those generally considered unavoidable, as confirmed yesterday by the new head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde to Fareed Zakaria. The people of Greece have been told that the privatization of their public sector is the only solution. And those of Italy, Spain and Portugal are facing the same threat.

    They should look to Iceland. Refusing to bow to foreign interests, that small country stated loud and clear that the people are sovereign.

    That’s why it is not in the news anymore.

  • but when I stood up in thepast – where were you?

    Standing up or whatever one may choose to call it does not have any effect, for the very reason that the herd of human livestock will turn against the one that threatens to disturb the status quo that the herd is used to and comfortable with. 

    The change will have to be generational.

  • Indeed, the herd will kill the one who stood up , for disturbing their peace. A few lucky ones might be remembered by the future generations and called martyrs, but most of them just fall into the dustbin of history.

    The survival rate is much higher among the people who control the herders.

  • I turned my attention away for a couple weeks. When I came back, I found the comments (this post and the previous) overrun by yahoos (names unnecessary, you know who you are). I have no interest in arguing with fools, so I’ve nothing else to add but to observe that worthwhile open discussion devolves quickly into uselessness if participants fail to police themselves. Diversity of opinion is fine; lunacy, not so much.

  • Brutus:

    Guy’s last article got out into the inmate population and the party was on.
    Lots of know nothings had to show their asses.

  • Brutus, at this point in the game what discussion is useful? Peak Oil and Climate change discussions have resulted in no change of business as usual. But I do admit to finding myself in several exchanges where I say to myself “why are you bothering responding to this person?” I never give myself a satisfactory answer but I think I have proven that free will doesn’t exist.

  • kathy, u can’t prove to me that free will doesn’t exist. it’ll ruin my day! glad u’re back. (smiley face)

    if free will doesn’t exist, what’s the point of our lives? logically, i know u’re right, but illogically, we all need to believe at some level.

    what kind of surreality is this with awareness, passion, pain, and impotency? lack of free will means we’re puppets on a stage in an absurd, tragic, hilarious play.

    curtis, i made the same observation. thanks for sharing yours in such colorful language.

  • lyrics from THIS MASQUERADE, by george benson:

    Thoughts of leaving disappear
    Ev’ry time I see your eyes
    No matter how hard I try
    To understand the reasons
    That we carry on this way
    We’re lost in this masquerade

    last line sums up my feeling about life.

  • i saw on the news tonight that in binghamton, ny, about 100 miles west of here a man was nearly fatally gut shot during an early morning SWAT police raid in a home on a drug warrant. he wasn’t even the guy the cops were after. they did find that guy, and arrested him on a minor misdemeanor charge.

    from what i read, these cowboy cops like executing these raids around dawn, when they can catch everyone sleeping/unaware. they forcefully and noisily break into the home, guns drawn, looking for an excuse to shoot. frequently there are children and other innocent by standers who get caught up and traumatized in the action.

    and for what? demonized ‘drugs’ and ‘drug dealers’? it seems like always that’s what these raids are about. they don’t go after murderers or rapists in this fashion, terrorizing and traumatizing their families. only ‘drug dealers’, and often very minor ones at that.

    in modern day america, to be associated with illegal drugs is similar to back in the day when sheople were accused of witchcraft, were imprisoned, lost their property, got tortured, executed. the anti-drug hysteria may be a kinder, gentler witch hunt, but a witch hunt it is.

    i hate my country. i can’t wait for collapse to put an end to this madness.

  • Terry. Such was the case during the Mexican revolution when various groups of warlords just killed whoever they didn’t like with a pretext.

    And the followers of Obregon, the most successful of them, set up the PRI and they still rule Mexico in one way or another.

    Such is the reality. Unfortunately, the SWAT cowboy cops will have a much better chance to survive and propagate their genes than their victims, since they are under the aegis of the authorities.

  • Putting a real face on austerity in Britain where up to 80,000 people in London alone (plus, of course many more nationwide) are at risk of losing their homes as a result of budget cuts made to pay off the bankers.

    Southfields dad committed suicide after housing benefit cut

    This is only the beginning…..if we don’t suffer ourselves, we will have to stand by helplessly and watch others suffer as Collapse proceeds.

  • The above is called “Natural Selection” by Darwin.

    I wish I was fit enough to have joined the swat force before.

    Like WWII Leningrad, the commisars (including Putin’s parents) will have enough to eat while the people will just be allowed to die.

  • jaime lopez Says:

    The above is called “Natural Selection” by Darwin.

    Please explain how a man that has already fathered children then commits suicide is an example of Natural Selection? Since his children survive him his genes are in the pool, not out of it, and evolution carries on as usual. If he’d done the deed before creating progeny then you might have a point. Since he didn’t your assertion is illogical.

  • jaime lopez Says:

    I wish I was fit enough to have joined the swat force before.

    Someone previously mentioned you seemed to be trying to revive Social Darwinism. The above statement certainly bolsters the claim. Fitness, at least for Darwin, simply means successful reproduction. Since the suicide father leaves behind child(ren) he has demonstrated fitness, at least in Darwin’s terms.

    Disclosure: I haven’t read the article.

  • Terry, yes it sure feels like we have free will. Probably useless to discuss it but perhaps we can separate at least out those things that we know aren’t within our will – like earthquakes (unless TPTB can will to use HAARP to set one off :) ). I think I can will what clothes I choose to put on in the morning, and I think sometimes I can will to write a post or not, but I am quite sure I cannot will my mouth to keep shut when I know I don’t want to say something, because all too often I find myself saying the things I didn’t want to say :) I get in a lot of trouble that way. But perhaps the TMJ I experience after leaving my Dad’s proves that I can will to keep my mouth shut.

  • Irene’s storm surge may flood New York City’s subway system
    The floodwalls protecting Manhattan are only five feet above mean sea level. During the December 12, 1992 Nor’easter, powerful winds from the 990 mb storm drove an 8-foot storm surge into the Battery Park on the south end of Manhattan. The ocean poured over the city’s seawall for several hours, flooding the NYC subway and the Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation (PATH) train systems in Hoboken New Jersey. FDR Drive in lower Manhattan was flooded with 4 feet of water, which stranded more than 50 cars and required scuba divers to rescue some of the drivers. Mass transit between New Jersey and New York was down for ten days, and the storm did hundreds of millions in damage to the city. Tropical Storm Floyd of 1999 generated a storm surge just over 3 feet at the Battery, but the surge came at low tide, and did not flood Manhattan. The highest water level recorded at the Battery in the past century came in September 1960 during Hurricane Donna, which brought a storm surge of 8.36 feet to the Battery and flooded lower Manhattan to West and Cortland Streets. However, the highest storm surge on record in New York City occurred during the September 3, 1821 hurricane, the only hurricane ever to make a direct hit on the city. The water rose 13 feet in just one hour at the Battery, and flooded lower Manhattan as far north as Canal Street, an area that now has the nation’s financial center. The total surge is unknown from this greatest New York City hurricane, which was probably a Category 2 storm with 110 mph winds. NOAA’s SLOSH model predicts that a mid-strength Category 2 hurricane with 100-mph winds could drive a 15 – 20 foot storm surge to Manhattan, Queens, Kings, and up the Hudson River. JFK airport could be swamped, southern Manhattan would flood north to Canal Street, and a surge traveling westwards down Long Island Sound might breach the sea walls that protect La Guardia Airport. Many of the power plants that supply the city with electricity might be knocked out, or their docks to supply them with fuel destroyed. The more likely case of a Category 1 hurricane hitting at high tide would still be plenty dangerous, with waters reaching 8 – 12 feet above ground level in Lower Manhattan. Given the spread in the models, I predict a 20% chance that New York City will experience a storm surge in excess of 8 feet that will over-top the flood walls in Manhattan and flood the subway system. This would most likely occur near 8 pm Sunday night, when high tide will occur and Irene should be near its point of closest approach. Such a storm surge could occur even if Irene weakens to a tropical storm on its closest approach to New York City.
    More at:

  • Interesting event just before Architects and Engineers fro 9/11 truth are about to bring out a new video

    A Dutch building demolition expert who went on record as saying he believed that World Trade Center building Seven was brought down in a controlled demolition, has been reported killed in a car accident.

    Bloggers in the Netherlands have reported that Danny Jowenko was killed instantly on Saturday when his car veered off the road and collided head on into a tree. The reports state that Jowenko’s dog was found alive in the car.

    Jowenko was said to have been driving home from church. It is not clear at this time what caused the car to leave the road, according to the reports
    More at

  • More pictures of the Jowenko wreck at I don’t know if the person who posted the video has valid comments but it gives more views of the wreck and the people killing tree that Jowenko collided with.

  • I wrote about free will in this essay, posted three years ago: “Nietzsche was correct about our lack of free will, and overwhelming evidence accumulated since his death supports this view. Nietzsche recognized that our ability to choose can overcome our lack of free will, but only with great intellectual effort (and, very often, intellectual suffering). Our absence of free will constrains, but does not eliminate, our freedom to choose.”

    With great thanks to the virgin terry, I’ve posted a new essay featuring a book by a friend and colleague. It’s here.

  • The death of the father reduces the chance of the survival of offsprings.

    Few orphans in the older age left a progeny. Reread the “Red Shoes” by Andersen, who himself left no progeny.

    An orphan whose parents could not be determined was expected to remain unmarried since it was ‘bad blood’. Usually they spent their days in a monastery, a nunnery or a Shaker community, not reproducing.

    Karen, the heroine, became a ward of a strictly religious woman, and was not expected to marry, or even have any kind of joy. The Red Shoes gave her temporary freedom woman like her could never enjoy, but she ended up in somebody else’s house, tending the house owner’s offspring while having no hope for marriage or reproduction. The story ends with angels receiving her; it’s just as well for the PTB, since a rebel has been removed from the gene pool.

    Actually Derrick Jensen might like Andersen ; the latter was the anti-establishment of the day, trying to install the harsh reality all the time instead of going for cheap happy ending.