Falling in love again

When I was young, I fell in the love with the girl next door. Well, maybe it wasn’t love. But she was lovely and it felt like love, to my young heart. It wasn’t about sex, although she was sexy. Color me smitten.

Fast-forward a few years, and I fall again. I’m older, perhaps more mature, maybe even wiser. But I fall just as hard. She’s seductive, and I’m seduced. This time, it sticks for a long while. This time, she’s alluring, attractive, dream-like, sexy, desired by every man I know. She plays hard to get, but I catch her and the dream she represents. For decades, I switch to cruise control, taking for granted the dream I’ve corralled. For decades, she’s always there for me, and me for her. Thinking we’re working hard, we entertain often, buy the expected baubles, and travel when we want.

It’s coming apart now. She’s familiar with the thoughts of Marcus Aurelius, which makes her afraid of the future: “Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.” I’m excited about the future, and I can no longer live in the past. I’ve done the entire Kübler-Ross cycle of grief, slipping back-and-forth as frequently as I once dined with her.

My denial was profound. How could it be over? We’re perfect for each other. We’ve never really known another, not like this. Please, tell me it’s just a phase.

My anger was brief and deep. Sometimes I look back on those days through my Buddhism-inspired lens, aghast I could have been so ridiculous. It was nobody’s fault, really. We grow. Sometimes we grow together. Sometimes we grow apart.

I still bargain, if only in my mind. What about shorter showers or, better yet, longer showers together? Surely we can merely cut back a little on our excesses, and we’ll be fine. I’m willing to compromise. But of course I know better. There’s no putting the air back in these shredded tires.

Depression visits, too. Trading in the comforts of familiarity for a new and different set of experiences is difficult at my advanced age. Dark nights alone at the mud hut drive me to tears. Tears come on sunny days, too, as I lean against the stem of a big cottonwood tree or lie on the ground near the river, reduced to a trickle by the insults of industry.

Acceptance came late, and skips away too often. But I’m building a new relationship now, one based on trust and mutual respect. It’s not about the sex, though she’s sexy. It’s about love, and she’s lovely. She’s kind, playful, and passionate. She doesn’t judge me, though my inadequacies are legion. She’s courageous and strong, in sharp contrast to my ever-present fear and fragility. I’m a tree-hugging dirt worshiper, and she likes to play in the dirt; when I’m feeling particularly flirtatious, I refer to her as my dirty girl. She accommodates my whimsy, and I love hers. I can scarcely believe she’s the same one I knew, and left, so many years ago. This time, I’ll not let go. I want to spend my remaining days with her.

After constantly taking from others and occasionally giving to me, Athena is dead to me. I miss her now and then, but I’m back with Nature now. Although I was slow to the realization, Nature provides all I need, and all I’ve ever needed. Color me smitten, yet again.


Same-day update: I’m one of a few interviewed for the C-REALM broadcast released today and titled, “The rhetoric of doom.”

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  • that was just beautiful Guy!
    I feel the same way too. Keep up the wonderful work you do, and enjoy your lady love. :D

  • Any essay with a link to England Dan and John Ford Coley is alright by me.

  • Thoughtful, inspiring and beautifully written, Guy. I’ll think of this essay again as we all give thanks tomorrow. Warm wishes to you.

  • could not be better put.

  • What a Guy ~ what a catch. Enjoy life. Cherish love.

  • Thanks for sharing from the heart.

  • Excellent Guy! I find the way you put this particularly helpful for me. As one who has never found Athena attractive, I have always had difficulty understanding and communicating with those who are deeply enamored with her. Clearly, I should try to imagine what it must be like to experience the break up of such an important life-long relationship. Seeing it this way makes it easier to understand all the denial, grief, etc. Thanks.

  • guy, the end of your essay has me bemused. here i thought u were referring to hooking up again with a long lost human lover, but this ambiguous ending seems to hint that this newfound love may not be human, but rather, gaia/nature. i’m curious which it is, but perhaps the mystery is even better. either way, thanks for a creative, succinct, provocative, uplifting prose. whether she be human or divine or both, guy, i’m happy for u and your reunion with that long lost love, and wish u both adventure and fulfillment. good music, too.

    speaking of music and encountering an old lost love, here’s a video i just so happened to share with guy and sue day in an email earlier this evening on this very subject. ‘same old lang syne’ by dan fogelberg. one of the most poignant love songs ever, imo. as it’s associated with the holiday season, it’s timely as well. enjoy, and happy thanksgiving to all:


  • Walking away from Empire is a decision based on rational thinking. The motive force modulating the direction of those rational thoughts is pre- or meta-rational and pre-verbal: walking away from Athena. 

    Bringing It Down To Earth

  • Sometimes I look back on those days through my Buddhism-inspired lens, aghast I could have been so ridiculous.

    The second step is to learn how to get along with the nonrational side of your own inner life. There are any number of ways to do that; various schools of psychology, philosophy, religion and magic all have their own toolkits for this kind of work, and what appeals to one person is certain to repel somebody else.

  • Beyond that, there’s another problem with activism in this context, which is that it amounts to demanding that somebody else do something. There are times when this is an entirely appropriate thing to do—when, for example, it’s precisely the actions or inactions of a government or a corporation that need to be addressed. Not all the difficulties that beset a modern society come from such causes, though, and when a problem is actually being caused by habits of thought and action that are shared by everyone—even when some people engage in them more, or more profitably, than others—trying to make a handful of the worst offenders take the blame for everybody is not an effective strategy. Nor is it any more helpful to insist that a few people, however rich and powerful they may be, are to blame for changes that have their origin in factors entirely outside of human control.

    The Occupy Wall Street protests that are still struggling gamely on as I write this, despite a rising tide of police repression, have fallen into both these latter traps. Though the culture of larceny that defines Wall Street these days amply deserves criticism—not to mention the legal charges of racketeering and fraud that the Obama administration has steadfastly refused to file, even in the cases that most stridently call for it—the misbehavior of bankers and stockbrokers doesn’t actually have that much to do with the decline of the American economy that has deprived a great many of the OWS protesters of the chance to earn a living.

  • Almost a commentary on The Mud Hut:

    By growing a garden and raising chickens in your backyard instead of buying packaged and processed vegetables and eggs that are shipped halfway across the continent, conserving energy relentlessly and getting as much as you can from local renewable sources, and sharply downscaling the pursuit of material excess in favor of a life that’s rich in experiences, relationships, and meaning, it’s possible to get by very comfortably on a small fraction of the energy, stuff, and stimulation that most Americans think they need. This isn’t simply a good thing on abstract grounds, though it is that. On the individual scale, such steps provide a margin of safety in hard times that the ordinary American lifestyle simply doesn’t have; on the community scale, those who embrace such steps are positioned to act as role models and mentors for those who decide to make the same changes later on, when the advantages of doing so are likely to be much more evident; on the wider scale, even a very modest movement in this direction, amidst the widening failure of the political and economic mainstream to do anything worth noticing in the face of the widening crisis of our time, might just possibly fill the role of a seed crystal around which a much larger movement could take shape.

  • Robin Data:
    Your last two entries have struck a chord with me. Very well written!
    Thank you for helping me more clearly see the trap of the blame game. And thank you for explaining so eloquently the path that most of us who visit this site are striving to follow.

  • Guy:

    Seems to me you’ve been banging your head against the wall for some time now, and I feared the pain and frustration would get the better of you. I’m glad you’ve found some love, happiness and joy in your life. From a real person (or from Nature-per vt’s musings).

    I listened to the C-REALM broadcast and I’m puzzled by a few things. In reading his blog site Dr. Warwick comes across as a very knowledgeable and articulate person concerning our various predicaments. But he criticized the notion that Nature, in the ecological sense, should be our concern. Our concern should instead be in our use of her. Now it’s quite possible I did not understand his point correctly. But I expected you to strongly contest that notion, when you had the chance. And I can’t understand Kurt Cobb’s sentiments at all. By suggesting that speaking of collapse is akin to cursing in front of children, it would follow he doesn’t actually believe a catastrophic collapse is possible. Sort of like saying “The Titanic? No. She’s unsinkable. We just hit some ice, and we might be in for some minor delays or inconveniences.”
    How much water are we going to have to take on before such people begin to see?

  • Beautiful post Guy. Thank you for articulating the process of letting go and grieving those who cannot take the journey we have been called from deep inside to take.

  • Thanks, everybody, for your kind comments and relevant links.

    I listened to the C-REALM broadcast and I’m puzzled by a few things. In reading his blog site Dr. Warwick comes across as a very knowledgeable and articulate person concerning our various predicaments. But he criticized the notion that Nature, in the ecological sense, should be our concern. Our concern should instead be in our use of her. Now it’s quite possible I did not understand his point correctly. But I expected you to strongly contest that notion, when you had the chance. And I can’t understand Kurt Cobb’s sentiments at all. By suggesting that speaking of collapse is akin to cursing in front of children, it would follow he doesn’t actually believe a catastrophic collapse is possible. Sort of like saying “The Titanic? No. She’s unsinkable. We just hit some ice, and we might be in for some minor delays or inconveniences.”

    Thanks for your comment, John Stassek, which provides an opportunity for me to expand my explanation. I strongly disagree with Warwick’s notion of nature as commodity, as well as with his use of the term “ecology” (and, by extension, “ecological”). Ecology is a science, not a commodity synonymous with nature or the environment (writ large). And if nature is a commodity, why are we so intent upon consuming it all as rapidly as possible? Beyond those points, I was largely confused by Warwick, and I did not (and do not) have time to explain how and why I disagree with every misguided person on the planet.

    I’ve never agreed with Kurt Cobb’s human-first, John Michael Greer-style stance on issues of energy and the environment. But I wasn’t interested in hijacking KMO’s show by commandeering the conversation to point out the inadequacies of those with whom I disagree.

  • Guy, thanks for a beautifully written essay. I, too, was led into believing you were writing of a human-human relationship at first instead of your love of and for nature. Very well done!

  • WOW…, very powerful piece Guy. And very tough duty. Sometimes we choose our duty stations in life…, sometimes they choose us. It is never easy to discern the difference. Thanks for sharing your personal dilemma with us…, and right on partner…, write on.

  • John Stassek: 

    Robin Data:
    Your last two entries have struck a chord with me. Very well written!

    You have John Michael Greer to thank fed those two entities, copied from his most recent post on his blog, Fhe Archdruid Report. 

    You certainly may thank me for copying and pasting. 

  • That’s: “for those two entries”
    and: The Archdruid Report”.
    Sorry about the typos and Steve Jobs’ autocorrect.

  • Robin Datta:
    That’s Datta with two t’s. Sorry. Afraid I can’t blame that one on Mr. Jobs. Anyway, mighty fine job of copying and pasting!

  • That’s Datta with two t’s~/i>

    The word has its origins in Sanskrit (Buddha’s cousin was a Datta). The pronunciation varies in different regions of India with the evolution of modern Indian languages, although the spelling is the same across all of them. But the variation is reflected in English variations of the spelling: Dutta, Dutt, Ditta. All of them are acceptable to me, but in our socio-cultural and legal context, individual constancy is required. 

  • Guy, you better watch out. If you keep writing beautiful, uplifting stuff, you’re going to alienate your base of doomers! :-)

    Loved it — keep up the good work!

    (We need a new word or description for: “I’ve seen the future, and it’s WONDERFUL — the fall of civilization!”)

  • Jan, we who predict that a crash of industrial civilization is coming ARE NOT DOOMERS. Those who are polluting the planet that we love, destroying the soil, changing the climate are the doomers. However negative we feel about the economy and the coming depopulation, we did not create the situation. Like Guy I love the natural world, but unfortunately the only way to save it is to crash civilization. Luckily the powers that be are doing that for those of us who love the natural world. They tried to doom the planet but if we are lucky they will doom their unnatural world soon enough to save the planet.

    I post on Guy’s blog because he seems to be one of the very few who can see what must happen. He has framed the doom that civilization is facing as the salvation of the natural world.

    Please use the word doomers for those who are actually creating doom, not for those who see what they are doing and where it will lead.

    Cassandra was not a doomer – she was a truth sayer.

  • Doomer:murderer::doom:murder.

  • i think u should lighten up, kathy, re. the liberal use of the term ‘doomer’. as used by jan above and many others, it doesn’t convey the meaning of bringing on doom, merely acknowledging it. being aware of it.

    thanks for the lakota peyote healing song, po’k.

  • merely acknowledging it = doomsayer.

  • When I was a child I thought like a child, I acted like a child, when I grew up I put away childish things. But for a time I put away my own soul with them.

    Growing up was hard. Terminally ill children are rarely appealing to look at and I added sulleness into the bargain. So I wondered alone through the woods and the fields when energy allowed. Amazed at the abundance of life and vigour I saw before me. Avoiding others of my race when I could. To me the trees lived and breathed and had their being. Some I loved and would talk too like old friends. Others I feared and would shout insults at from a safe distance. All I respected and revered as strong and longer lived than I would ever be. Even now when I am alone I will place my hand upon the bark of a tree and feel the life beneath my fingers. Rarely now do I talk to them as I once did.

    Whispered words like a prayer of love and protection carried on breath to the hills around me.
    At night the sea, her tide a constant heartbeat in my dreams, dearer to me than a mother’s lullaby.

    Life and beauty returned to me in full measure as I grew older. People stared at me with new eyes and did not look away. I forgot my old friends and made new ones. The tree’s no longer called me and the streams and valleys looked on with unseeing eyes when I walked past.

    But no longer. This blog stirred me from my sleep and I gaze with fresh eyes in wonder at the creator and the created.

    Thank you for that Guy and for reminding me with this post of what I had forsaken.

  • Ah Terry, you advise “lighten up”. does that mean I can now include sexual slavery as part of a post without getting blasted by you?

  • Jan, I apologize for taking out my anger about the label “doomers” on you. I know you had a smiley face next to it. The word has been used so widely to discount anyone who dares question the growth/progress paradigm that I feel it is worth a reminder as to who the real doomers are, even among ourselves. But I should have worded my post more carefully.

  • Guy

    A beautiful tribute to the love of your life. If only the world of humans had not abandoned that love and instead sought selfish gratification.

    Sue Day

    A lovely response to Guy’s confession. I wish you well on your return to the path you left behind.

  • Just wanted to keep you all updated as to the progress of the E-Cat device invented by the Italian Andrea Rossi. As I related to you on an earlier post, he successfully tested the 1MW device for a mysterious customer who then took delivery of it. Since then, the customer has handed over $24M for 12 more devices to be located in cold, remote areas.

    Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, he apparently met in Boston with Massachusetts state government officials and representatives of MIT, UMass, and Northeastern U to discuss developing and producing the device in Massachusetts. (He is also working with universities in Europe as well)

    Right now the device produces low level steam (~100-120 C) useful primarily to heat buildings, etc. Within 2 years Rossi expects to further engineer the device to produce high grade steam, the quality required to generate electricity on an industrial scale (something like 600 C), and also to begin producing devices small enough for individual houses. He has indicated in the past that there is high opportunity for further miniaturisation of it. The device can be made small and interconnected both serially and in parallel to scale up to most any need in the future. Such an architecture holds promise, in my view, to radically change the energy picture for the world in a very short period of time if it is handled correctly.

    As indicated before, the device produces no harmful radiation, no CO2, and no other greenhouse gases or other harmful emissions. It uses only a nano-particle grade of nickel, regular hydrogen gas under pressure, a bit of heat from an internal resistor to kick the process off, and a secret catalyst to facilitate the interaction between the nickel and the H2 which will be disclosed as soon as he is able to get an international patent on it. But that is not stopping him from accepting orders now. Today, because the device is handmade, it costs you around $2000 per Kw. He hopes through industrialising the process, he can get that down to around $200 (I think that is what he said) per Kw.

    Will keep you updated as progress is made.

  • Victor

    I think most of your posts are great and I look forward to posts from yourself and Kathy more than any others. However, I really think you are barking up the wrong tree with your faith in the E-cat. “Black box with electrical cable going in manages to produce steam”; I mean, come-on, this has scam written all over it.

    I’d have a little more hope for something like laser fusion (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8485669.stm), but “little” is the operative word and hope something of a misnomer, because I don’t want a source of infinite energy to be found. Better dead than under total control of TPTB, both for myself and nature.


    I thought you were brilliant in the podcast. You came across as easily the most clear and convincing of the speakers. Do you really have an income of only $2500 per year? I really must get your book bought.

    As it’s almost the end of November, I feel obliged to point out the collapse you said seventy others were predicting by now (https://guymcpherson.com/2011/09/couchsurfing-with-my-soapbox) has yet to take place. I seem to remember, though, that you said you personally were sticking to your forecast of collapse by the end of 2012. (Was it lights out?) The closer we get to 2012 the more I find myself agreeing with you. On the surface life in the UK is carrying on much as normal, but scratch a little below the surface and many businesses are struggling to survive and bad economic news is coming in faster all the time. I can’t see the UK and many of the Eurozone nations getting to the end of 2012 without monetary default. I still don’t believe this will mean the end of industrial civilization quite yet, however.

  • Yorchichan, that “couchsurfing” post includes >70 people who believe collapse will be complete by the end of 2012, not 2011. This means lights out, no water coming out the municipal taps, and so on. And yes, my income this year will be in the neighborhood of $2,500. But our goal here at the mud hut is to thrive in a world where money doesn’t matter, and we’re getting there.

    Today’s big headline at Business Insider: European Banks Frantically Trying To Dump $7 Trillion Of Crap Assets — But No One Will Buy Them. Will Helicopter Ben save the day, thereby propping up the Eurozone for a few more days while also furthering weakening the U.S. dollar (which is desired, by Bernanke and Obama)? Stay tuned.

  • “This means lights out, no water coming out the municipal taps, and so on.”

    Oh well, there goes the new online poker career…

    Is anyone else out there brave enough to make a forecast? I’m very interested to know where all the regular posters stand on the “doomer” scale (with apologies to Kathy). I like the Duncan end of industrial civilization defintion as the permanent shutdown of the electricity grid. Obviously this will happen at different times in different places, but I think if I were forced to choose a year for the UK, I’d plump for 2018.

    Reading your main post, Guy, it’s perhaps not so strange how your love affair with nature parallels my own. I spent my childhood enjoying playing in unfarmed fields behind my house, then sold out in my mid twenties because I saw a job, house and car as the best way to a wife and family (I have some sympathy with Orlov’s view that women are to blame for all our woes ;) ). Now in my mid forties, I find I no longer have any interest in the trappings of civilization and want a house in the countryside with some land to farm in a permaculture way. I expect many of your posters have similar stories.

  • Yorchichan

    Yes, I can see how you feel that way about E-Cat. It might be a scam, but too many things are happening around it that says otherwise. We will have to give it a bit of time before the truth comes out. The universities are certainly taking it seriously. But we shall see. I, personally would like to see it take off for no other reason than the excitement of something so ground-breaking and with the potential of changing the entire landscape of civilisation. That is just the technical side of me, I’m afraid.

    The practical side of me sits on the other shoulder and says something like, ‘Too little way too late, eh mate?’. I am one of those who believes that climate tipping points have already been exceeded and things are rapidly accelerating out of control – we can no longer reverse the damage coming our way. I also believe that we have more problems than an energy problem to deal with – potable water, soil erosion, over-population, pollution, and a host of others. Solving one problem simply won’t do it (not that E-Cat could solve that either – how do you convert a billion petrol burning vehicles to steam? And then, of course, you have the financial/monetary problem, which Guy refers to – about to explode. And lastly you have the real axis of evil – US/UK/France/Israel – who seem determined to start WW3, possibly nukes and everything else they can throw at the ‘terrorists’ of the world.

    Hope for E-Cat? Don’t think so, but it would be exciting to watch…. ;-)

  • Victor, from a purely scientific viewpoint, I agree that it would be interesting to see the E-Cat proved to be actual nuclear fusion. However, I am quite skeptical. The fact that many universities and other “esteemed” folks are showing interest doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. Just ask all the so-called sophisticated investors who got on board with Bernie Madoff. As the old saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”.

    And, as you so rightly point out, even if E-Cat is what it is purported to be, nothing really changes. Climate change is happening already and 7 billion people aren’t going to suddenly stop reproducing, eating, and consuming.

  • Yorchichan: I’m sorry, what do you need 71 people that think collapse is here, now? Personally, I think we collapsed in 08, and we have been in an unwind since then, patched up by alot of banking cartel intervention. Today we had Portugal and Hungary downgraded to junk, and Belgium downgraded from AA+ to AA. It’s all falling apart now.

    For all of you trying to learn to cook on woodstoves, there was a very cool article in Permaculture magazine about a product called Mr D’s Thermal Cooker. It appears as if you can not only cook stews and casseroles on the top of your wood stove, but you can also cook breads and cakes on the top of the stove as well. We are going to order a bunch of them on Monday. http://www.mrdscookware.co.uk/ Guy, if you can, can you send that website to jean? I’m thinking his group would really find them beneficial. The review at Pm was positive, and the concept looks pretty amazing.

    Best to all of you!

  • Yorchichan, prognostication has never been my strong suit. My one big prediction which turned out to be accurate and helped me make a nice living for a while was that the internet was going to be huge (I founded one of the first internet service providers and sold it a few years later*). Other than that one, my record for predictions is abysmal. Taking that into consideration, I will forge ahead anyway and answer your challenge.

    Here’s my forecast: collapse is underway currently. It started in 2007/8. But as with any huge beast, collapsing the global economy takes time. This next year (2012) will be pivotal as we start to see even more tangible signs of collapse, some of them appearing quite suddenly. Mostly, I think we will see punctuated decline. In other words, a general sloping downward with major drop-offs from time to time. With each drop, we will attempt to adjust to a new normal, only to have it get worse again suddenly. There will be areas, perhaps within the same country, where collapse will be near total while other areas will seem to carry on with business as usual. I can envision how the U.S. government might write-off entire areas of the country as they become too costly to support. For example, the Mississippi delta region is one of the poorest in North America. The federal government pumps lots of money into the region to keep it functioning. As there are so few people there when compared to the large urban regions, it would be very simple for that money to stop flowing. The same can be said for any poor rural region of the country.

    As others here have pointed out, the key will be the electric grid. As it begins to fail, then watch out! There are any number of scenarios which could bring about its demise here in the U.S. including large outbreaks of powerful tornadoes, a couple of major hurricanes, a terrorist act or two. If these happen with enough frequency and close enough together in time, then the entire system could collapse. We’ve come close already. Of course, global financial system collapse also could bring down the grid.

    Probably the most likely scenario for this next year will be collapse of the monetary and credit systems. As the Eurozone implodes, taking down their banks and governments, contagion will spread to U.S. financial institutions. They in turn will collapse. Domestic and international credit will freeze up. Without credit, commerce stops. That means no oil flowing, no food shipping, etc. I don’t believe that the people of the world can tolerate much more – the powder keg will blow. The U.S. government will then have some major and difficult decisions to make. Most of those decisions will almost certainly involve the military turning on its own citizens. I really would not want to be the president next year. I would not be surprised to see attempts at revolution followed by martial law being enacted across the country. (I doubt it could be done with complete effectiveness, but I think it will be tried.)

    So, 2012/2013 will be “lights out”. The only way that doesn’t happen is by sheer force of will by the powers that be. I guarantee you that the president and other world leaders see this handwriting on the wall and are doing absolutely everything in their power to forestall it as long as possible. They may still have some tricks up their sleeves that none of us has yet imagined. If that’s the case, then the drop may be pushed back a few years. Regardless, none of us will be discussing this in 10 years – the internet will be a relic of history by that point.

    So, there you go. That’s my prediction. Enjoy! :-)

    (*Point of clarification: I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. Before I became a doctor, I was an entrepreneur. I’ve also been a preacher, a corporate executive, and other things. All of them pale in comparison to my new endeavor of learning to survive in a post-collapse world.)

  • Yorchichan – with thanks to Robin I will say where I am on the DoomSAYER (Cassandra) scale. I hope Guy is right because the longer lights are on, the worse it is for everyone and everything on this planet. I would give 100% agreement except that TPTB have managed to hold things together already longer than I thought possible, thus I would feel more certain about 2013. But as Dr. House notes, the deed is done, the world just doesn’t know it yet. All those 0’s in the fat cat’s bank accounts make everyone think that there is stuff to buy with it. But they have more 0’s than there is stuff in the world to buy. I am afraid it is all propped up with 0’s, not a very stable base eh?

  • Karl Denninger has this to say, under the headline, “The game is about done,” at Market-Ticker: “It’s coming folks, and I guarantee you this: Whatever your ‘nightmare’ scenario is for such an event, it’s not bearish enough.”

  • Ah Terry, you advise “lighten up”. does that mean I can now include sexual slavery as part of a post without getting blasted by you? -kc

    i’m sorry if anything i’ve written has come across as personal attack. i’m very passionate about some things, like u. i’ll try to be gentler.

    yorchichan, re. timetable for permanent electric grid failure, i don’t buy into predictions of imminent (within a year or 2) failure. other than that, i feel quite ignorant and unqualified to predict when it happens here or elsewhere. way too many variables involved, too many black swan possibilities. i think it’s wise though to act now to prepare as if it could be imminent.

    po’k, i’ve checked out several different youtube video versions that i think share the same audio as the link u shared with us which was titled ‘lakota peyote healing song’. some have images which are quite arresting, like this one i like:


    thanks again for this. i wish youtube had a long playlist of similarly styled native songs. i find it soothing listening.

  • I, personally would like to see it take off for no other reason than the excitement of something so ground-breaking and with the potential of changing the entire landscape of civilisation.

    I also believe that we have more problems than an energy problem to deal with – potable water, soil erosion, over-population, pollution, and a host of others.

    Very perceptive, Victor.

    A new source of limitless energy will power the conveyor belt from resource to product to landfills with environmental pollution both enroute and at the end of the line. It will do nothing to replenish depleted resources. More severely depletion of all other resources (besides energy) will progress to the point where the lack of those resources forces collapse.

    As the sasge Yogi Berra said: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

  • As the sasge Yogi Berra said: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

    But that never seems to stop us, does it? … ;-) So here I go.

    I believe we are only in the initial stage of a multi-stage global movement towards consolidation of power – economic, political and social. What we see happening around us has all the markings of intentional manipulation – psychologic and economic warfare against the people of the world and nation-states. 2012 will bring rising calls for desperate action around the world, more likely on a regional basis (North America, Europe, MENA, EurAsia, etc.), to do SOMETHING to save us all from financial collapse. This will not be a quick thing – days, months, a couple of years – but will drag out as economic, followed by regional political powers will shift and consolidate. National sovereignty as we know it today will no longer exist in the main. We are being driven to a world of vast wealth divide. The top 0.1% will rule behind the scenes, the top 30% will form the global technical and management base of production skills and expertise, and the bottom 70% will be composed of disposable unskilled and semi-skilled labour. The top 30% will maintain some form of privatised retirement/health benefits, market-driven wages, and a highly consumer-driven life-style. The bottom 70% will suffer great repression, lose virtually all job and social benefits, many will die quietly in the streets. Public education will fall to the side and will be replaced by privatised institutions of learning for future skilled labour and middle management, and will be affordable only by the top 30% who will themselves be debt slaves from an early point in their lives beginning with their education. Though they will live far more prosperous lives than the bottom 70%, they will be owned by the top 0.01%.

    During this period of adjustment to the new paradigm, there will be great upheaval with nations churning with social violence and the rise of the modern police state operating behind the facade of ‘representative democracy’, the perfect political mask for global fascism. For those of you who believe in democracy we will still have elections…. ;-)

    Continued resource depletion and over-population will mean that many of these regional economic factions will become even further consolidated through financial pressures, trade wars or outright military adventures. There might be limited nuclear exchanges. There might well be biological warfare using ethnically targeted engineered diseases to dispose of enemies and to help reduce population.

    We will keep pumping CO2 into the air even as the global climate increasingly shows its ability to abruptly change. We will continue to pollute the air, the land, the seas and fresh water sources as the power of the corporation and its owners the .01% continues to grow and the nation state becomes an impotent force whose last remaining powers will be to direct the privatised police, privatised military, a corporate-sponsored privatised court and a vast privatised penal system.

    Food and water will be privatised the world over. It might well be a criminal offence to grow your own food and capture your own water. Medical care will be privatised and accessible only to those who can afford it. A&E centres (Emergency rooms) might well continue to provide care for the masses but they will operate on strict budgets, and have to turn many away.

    The Internet will continue to operate and it might even survive attempts to restrict its use. But people will be so isolated and so debt-laden as to become impotent politically even though they might hold strong opinions about what is happening around them and fearful of losing their jobs. Technology and monetary consolidation will advance to the point that hard currency disappears being replaced by digital transactions, and people are given a tattoo or activated mark on their bodies that both identifies them and authorises them to make purchases or sell items. This mark is centrally controlled and can be switched off, thus denying the person the ability to sell goods or make purchases of any kind.

    Oil will continue to deplete, causing more tumult around the world. Eventually, the grid will be affected as spare parts are harder to come by. The lights will begin to go off across the world.

    By 2030 you would see no lights from space, and the world will once again be silent.

  • Great inputs, all of you.

    The past week I’ve been thinking of who the Huxleys and Orwells might be today, they must be around, myself just falling short to identify them.
    Your article above, to me reads like the introduction on the cover of a nowadays Huxley/ Orwell book.
    Are you sure you don’t want to go ahead and elaborate on this?

  • Many thanks for all your forecasts. A number of you are in agreement with Guy and think that total collapse is imminent. I remain wary because human beings have a habit or believing what they want to believe; those who have left a lot behind to attempt self sufficiency in the countryside would like to be proved right. Not necessarily for egotistical reasons but for your love of nature. Not that this means you are wrong, and given I have predicted lights out by 2018 I don’t think anyone could call me an optimist.

    I see civilization going on around me as normal: public sector workers are striking next week for changes to pensions they might not be due to receive for decades and Emirate Airlines recently ordered billions of pounds worth of new aircraft. Sure, public sector workers could have been kept in the dark but wouldn’t the owners of Emirates be clued up as to economic reality? Is it simply that they know of no other way to act apart from carrying on as per usual?


    With a near unlimited source of free energy we would have the potential to solve many of the problems you mention. We could run some sort of mechanical photosynthesis that both removed carbon dioxide from the air and produced carbohydrates for liquid fuel. Drinking water could be produced from sea water on a far grander scale than it already is. It won’t happen, because there won’t be a free energy source. Given your nightmare forecast above, you should be glad of this: the more power available to TPTB the greater the control they will have over us.


    I don’t disagree that collapse has already begun, but if one desires to define collapse as a more discreet event (as I do) I think that this event has yet to happen. Many people are already hurting, but we still have fuel for our cars and to heat our homes, electricity coming out of power sockets and food in the supermarkets.

    The REAL Dr. House

    Never underestimate the resolve of TPTB! In whose interest would a short term collapse be? Nature’s yes, but TPTB? I don’t think so. I think they will be able to maintain BAU until energy considerations make it impossible. On the other hand, never overestimate the intelligence of TPTB, so who knows?

    Kathy C

    I don’t much like the word “doomer” either and think of myself more as a realist, but sometimes I can’t resist being a bit of a WUM. I resolve to try not to use the word again!

    the virgin terry

    The wisest of us all and I intend to heed your advice to act as if collapse is imminent asap.

  • I believe we are only in the initial stage of a multi-stage global movement towards consolidation of power – economic, political and social.

    To run such an empire would require even more energy and natural resources than available to empire today. The shrinking resource and energy flows will erode what authority is exercised today by The Powers That Be. 

    Governments have already begun their decline towards inconsequentiality. Having no viable options, like a cornered animal, they are baring their fangs. But unless the Rossi cold fusion technology and/or the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor pan out soon, these are the first signs of the beginning of their end. An abundance of energy from a new technology may buy them a reprieve, but its brevity will be enforced by the continuing depletion of other (non-energy) resources. Megalomania requires commensurate resources for its fruition.

  • To run such an empire would require even more energy and natural resources than available to empire today.


    Not so certain about that. A highly centralised structure would likely create another huge bureaucracy – not their style, I think, and a major energy consumer as you indicate. Instead you might be looking at highly distributed centres of power (like present governments scaled down) to manage economic/financial/political policy formed by TPTB – much like it is today only on a grander, much more efficient scale.

    Given your nightmare forecast above, you should be glad of this: the more power available to TPTB the greater the control they will have over us.


    Not necessarily, at least not in the scenario I think most likely as I believe they will exercise almost total real power over the globe regardless of the power source in the coming years. They are extremely close to their goal at present. A few more financial nudges and the world will be faced with a clear choice – destruction of the global economy, or hand power over to them – much like they did to the US when demanding that the banks be bailed out. How long did it take for the Congress to capitulate? Was it over a week?…. ;-) But that was just a minor practice run. The European capitulation will be next, it seems.

    Are you sure you don’t want to go ahead and elaborate on this?


    I admit the thought occurred to me once. But I was afraid I would get too depressed to finish it…. :-)

  • With all seriousness and much respect, to keep a balance between this and that, and to remember the lovely, cracked-open words that our dear friend Guy wrote, I inject a poem written by a wise old lady,named, Ruth Stone:

    So What

    For me the great truths are laced with hysteria.
    How many Einsteins can we tolerate?
    I leap into the uncertainty principle.
    After so many smears, you want to wash it off with a laugh.
    Ha ha, you say. So what if it’s a meltdown?
    Last lines to poems I will write immediately.

  • Victor, your prediction is interesting and compelling. However, I think we’re pretty much already there. The question is, how long will it last? I tend to agree with Robin. The larger the organism, the greater its energy requirements.

    Yorchichan, all of us tend to become invested in our own particular beliefs. That’s part of the power of religion. But I like to think that I’m flexible enough to adapt when new data confronts me. When I became “collapse aware” two years ago I figured we had a good decade until things fell apart. But, as you can see, I’ve shortened the horizon by more than 50%. Not because I’m preparing my farm, but because the data is overwhelming.

    I was speaking to someone the other day who responded to this current topic of discussion with “we’ve had global depressions before and the world didn’t collapse. We’ll get through this time as well”. However, there are multiple differences in our situation today – all are crucial.

    1) Government largesse. The money to the masses is being cut off. I think the political right has greatly underestimated the pent up anger that will be released when the money stops flowing. Egypt/Libya/Syria are just the tip of the iceberg. Can you imagine the nightmare that will unfold in places like L.A., New York, Miami, Houston when food stamps, housing assistance, disability, medicaid, medicare, unemployment, and other types of government assistance is stopped? And it won’t be just the gang members and thugs who will be mad enough to hit the streets, but the working and lower middle classes as well. London and other parts of England had a taste of it earlier this year. That was just the warmup. The big game has yet to begin.

    2) Government debt. As everyone with a news source is aware, governments have reached their limit with debt. The problem is, they can’t pay it back either. The current maturing bonds are being paid off by the selling of new ones. What happens when new ones can’t be sold? Raise taxes? Reduce spending? See number 1 above.

    3) Peak resources. All of the chaos being felt around the world is the result of peak energy. Energy is the name of the game no matter if you’re a caveman keeping warm by a fire or the most powerful leader in the world. If you don’t have energy, you can’t survive. Never in recorded human history have we had such energy available to us. That has been the enabler of our historic global growth. Now that we’ve hit the energy ceiling, we’re feeling the pain. Cheap energy is done (excluding some unexpected source such as Victor’s e-cat). Of course, we’re also at peak phosphorus, peak water, peak almost everything.

    4) Global population. We are in overshoot. As cheap energy becomes scarcer, so too will our food supply. At best, the earth can support about a billion people without fossil fuels. Unfortunately, we can no longer expect “best”; more likely, we will experience “at worst”. What will we do about 6 and a half billion hungry people?

    5) Global warming. In recorded history, we’ve never dealt with serious climate change. But, it’s upon us now. It’s the end of November and I’ve been working outside in short sleeves. Not just one day but almost the entire month! I noticed that some of my spring flower bulbs are starting to pop up already. Sure, we’ve had unusual weather my entire life. But it’s becoming more common and more persistent. Sooner or later we reach the point where our crops begin to fail.

    I could go on but I realize I’m preaching to the choir. The point I’m trying to make is that I don’t make my prediction lightly or because I’m trying to justify my lifestyle. I’m adopting this lifestyle because of what I see happening. Sure I could be off by a few years but ultimately, it doesn’t matter. We’re toast.

    “Lights out” coming soon to a community near you!

  • Speaking of failing infrastructure, see this article from Natural News as it pertains to recently built wind turbine farms. You mean we have to maintain these things?????


    (NaturalNews) Literal beacons of the “green” energy movement, giant wind turbines have been one of the renewable energy sources of choice for the US government, which has spent billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing their construction and use across the country. But high maintenance costs, high rates of failure, and fluctuating weather conditions that affect energy production render wind turbines expensive and inefficient, which is why more than 14,000 of them have since been abandoned.

    Before government subsidies for the giant metals were cut or eliminated in many areas, wind farms were an energy boom business. But in the post-tax subsidy era, the costs of maintaining and operating wind turbines far outweighs the minimal power they generate in many areas, which has left a patchwork of wind turbine graveyards in many of the most popular wind farming areas of the US.

    “Thousands of abandoned wind turbines littered the landscape of wind energy’s California ‘big three’ locations which include Altamont Pass, Tehachapin and San Gorgonio, considered among the world’s best wind sites,” writes Andrew Walden of the American Thinker. “In the best wind spots on earth, over 14,000 turbines were simply abandoned. Spinning, post-industrial junk which generates nothing but bird kills.”

  • Victor, to run a global empire, takes a global army. Look what it took for us to fail in Afganistan and Iraq – http://costofwar.com/en/ over 1 trillion dollars so far – what amount of fuel and resources does that represent? If a trillion is what it takes to fail in two countries, how much would it take for us to succeed in the whole world? If everyone agreed to be dominated by the US perhaps we could manage it, but tricky little problem, they don’t agree. Pipelines are longer than ever – they can be blown up. Trucks transporting fuel can be blown up. Ships can be seized by pirates. When people have nothing left to lose, the PTB lose power.

  • Kathy

    You already have a global army – the last remaining worth of the US. But that is not where the real power comes from. The real power is on the psychological/economic front. You control the economy, you control everything. To control the economy, you need to control the money. And that’s where TPTB are – they are out to control the money. And through the money they will control the budgets of the world.

    But the action also takes place on the psychological front. The science of human behaviour has literally exploded over the last 50 years. TPTB will not only convince people that they are the only hope of the world, but that to think otherwise will endanger their personal lives – their savings, their retirement, their jobs. The police and the military are only there to mop up the last remaining centres of resistance who will be people without power, or real weapons, or influence. The police and military will have technology in the form of advanced weaponry, crowd control devices, electronic surveillance, drones, etc. to police weak points in the infrastructure. It’s already happening, and much more is coming. They are developing miniature drones as small as insects to fly about spying everywhere. Computers and software are being developed to process masses of global information – you write something on the Internet and based upon key words and expressions, they are almost instantly aware of you. The few who can cause trouble are like fleas on their backs – a nuisance but not fatal by any means.

    Today much of the damage inflicted on the ‘system’ such as you mention is often financed and supported by TPTB to create instability across the world – blowing up pipelines, other acts of sabotage, people’s revolutions, social software, the Arab Spring, OWS, etc. The media is controlled. Crowds are controlled. TPTB want to create instability with the ultimate purpose of Balkanising the entire world into smaller units of tribal power – weak, chaotic, divided, full of selfish interests, susceptible to foreign influence, and no longer threats to their economic interests.

    In the developed world they want people obsessed with shopping, entertainment, sports, and the Internet – all geared to keep them happy and just comfortable enough to fear losing it. They want people in debt up to their eyeballs, and desperately fearful of losing their jobs. A person desperately hanging on to their job is a person who can be readily controlled, even in the privacy of their home as they will never want the possibility of being caught doing something that will send them to the depths of the 70%. And for those who have no jobs and those of the 70%, they want them to know that they not only have no jobs but no power to effect change.

    And they have the behavioural science to support all this. And they are using it today very effectively.

    The world we are entering is a far different one than any of us has known or experienced.

    It will ultimately fail, but not because of anything the people do or don’t. It will fail because it has already run out of time and TPTB just don’t know it yet.

  • Victor, its called sabotage. People do it when they have nothing left to lose. When they feel their lives are so worthless, they strap bombs on their bodies and blow up people and things. They stop caring about whether they live or die and only want to inflict damage on those who control everything. The PTB call it asymmetric warfare as if somehow it was unfair to wage. In case you haven’t noticed it has worked quite well in Iraq and Afghanistan despite our Shock and Awe and control of their economies. I think you mistake the psychological power the Western PTB have over their own populace with the inability for them to project that power over other nationalities. Just imagine what Iran could do if they block the straits of Hormuz. Unfortunately for us the energy that is the lifeblood of our power is in countries where they would increasingly prefer to die striking back at the infidels than bend.

  • Thanks Guy.

    I have been ‘fighting fires’ by the dozen over recent weeks.

    The NZ election is now over. Maniacs remain in control and delusions reign supreme, but the number of people enthralled by the system has dropped considerably if the extremely low voter turnout is anything to go by.

    There are definitely a few more people who are fully awake (up from 0.1% to 0.2%) and few more who are partially awake judging by the increased green vote.

    It will be interesting to see whether ‘the system’ holds together till 2014. There is plenty of evidence the downward rush will commence in the next 12 months.


    Regarding the nickel scam: has anyone looked into the horrendous environmenal damage caused by the manufacture of nickel?

  • You control the economy, you control everything. To control the economy, you need to control the money

    No amount of overproduction of symbols (the tertiary economy of green pictures of dead presidents and  of magnetized particles on hard drives) will replenish depleted resources (the primary economy) or make up for the depletion of the  energy needed to convert the resources into items of use (the secondary economy). The symbols are perceived to be of value only so long as they seem exchangeable for goods/services/resources  When too many symbols start chasing too few items of use and too few resources, faith in the symbols will be lost and their power as an instrument of control will fade away. 

    TPTB want to create instability with the ultimate purpose of Balkanising the entire world into smaller units of tribal power

    Keeping multiple petty oligarchs in line requires resources at the disposal of the sovereign. Shrinking resource flows result in atrophy of the sovereign’s power and are responsible for the collapse of empires. 

    And for those who have no jobs and those of the 70%, they want them to know that they not only have no jobs but no power to effect change..

    Neither TPTB nor the masses have the power to replenish depleted resources or replace shrinking energy flows (cold fusion and Liquid Fluoride Thermal Reactors excepted, but only if they pan out). 

    And they have the behavioural science to support all this.

    Behavioural science is the finesse with which the carrots and the sticks are manipulated. Carrots will soon be short in supply  Sticks alone are consistently unsuccessful, which is why socialism fails to maintain productivity. 

  • Robin Behavioural science is the finesse with which the carrots and the sticks are manipulated. Carrots will soon be short in supply Sticks alone are consistently unsuccessful, which is why socialism fails to maintain productivity.

    Yeah that is it – well put :)

  • Regarding the nickel scam: has anyone looked into the horrendous environmenal damage caused by the manufacture of nickel?


    What would be the greater impact to the environment – nickel production or the replacement of fossil fuels used in heating/electricity generation? I am not defending it. Neither am I advocating the continuance of industrial civilisation. I am merely stating that it has the potential to completely change the energy landscape – and to me that is rather exciting. I know that sounds a bit hypocritical on my part, but I can’t help it… :-)

    As for scam. How can you be so strongly convinced that this is a scam? You don’t even seem to question it. You have no proof of a scam. The customer that took receipt of the first 1Mw e-cat certainly doesn’t think it is a scam. It was they that ran it through the latest test cycle using measurements that they themselves defined, not Rossi, the assumed ‘scammer’. They had every opportunity to run whatever measurements they desired. Their own engineers tested it. In the end, they paid Rossi $2M for it. And they ordered 12 more. That doesn’t sound like a scam to me. If it is, it is a remarkably clever scam.

    But hold on. Over the coming year or two, both MIT and the University of Bologna, and possibly a couple more universities will be studying the device more closely. Let’s see what they say. In the meantime, the market will surely decide its value.

  • Kathy

    Of course there will always be resistance. No one would rationally think otherwise. But much of the most organised and effective resistance is usually well funded and politically supported. That is where we are today. Once all the pieces are put together, it will likely be very difficult to operate a truly effective resistance movement. And by effective I mean one that threatens the powers of TPTB in a significant way. You will always have local resistance. That is what the police and military are there for.

    The political system across the world has sold the people out already. Now it is but a matter of bringing those political powers in line through the right pressures. In the end, the will of the people will be ignored entirely, no matter which way it goes.

    And as Robin indicates, energy and resources are the real limiting factor no matter what. That I can accept based upon the evidence before us. But I can not accept that the people will rise up in a massive global rebellion against TPTB and overcome them. They might have been able to do that at one time. But I fear those chances have been used up now. We await only the final consolidation of power.

  • Victor, I didn’t say The People would rise up and overthrow TPTB. I just said that they would keep TPTB from achieving any aim for world domination. Two different things. The Afganis and Iraqis haven’t brought down the US, but they have made it extremely difficult, dangerous and costly to be there. Over extension leads to demise as various empires throughout history have found out. We have tried going the local strong man, puppet type government and golly those puppets get uppity. Bolivia and Venezuela are still thumbing their noses at the US because we are over extended elsewhere.

    And what do you think would happen here if the draft was instituted so we could dominate more of the world. OWS X Vietnam type resistance. That would be something to see.

  • Anyway Victor the grey aliens probably will step in at some point and say ENOUGH.

  • Anyway Victor the grey aliens probably will step in at some point and say ENOUGH.

    Those are TPTB I am talking about…. :-)

  • Victor, I think you are talking about the shape shifting reptilian aliens. The little grey aliens with the large head and almond eyes are the good guys. :)

  • I knew those little grey fellows looked a bit suspicious!

  • Italy Is Closer To Collapse Than Anyone Realized, And So Is The World
    Bruce Krasting, My Take On Financial Events
    Nov. 27, 2011, 1:29 PM
    Some stories in European press (La Stampa – Zero Hedge link) suggest that Italy is working on a very big loan package from the IMF. I have no doubt that there are ongoing discussions. There has to be. Either someone puts a finger in the dike or Italy goes tapioca.

    That thought is difficult for me to fathom. How could we be so close to the brink? At this point there is zero possibility that Italy can refinance any portion of its $300b of 2012 maturing debt. If there is anyone at the table who still still thinks that Italy can pull off a miracle, they are wrong. I’m certain that the finance guys at the ECB and Italian CB understand this. I repeat, there is a zero chance for a market solution for Italy. Either the ECB (aka Germany) steps in and underwrites the debt with some form of Euro bonds or the IMF (aka the USA) steps in with some very serious money.

    I have acknowledged in recent articles that I misread the Italian story. I didn’t see this coming at the pace that it has. Italian bond yields more than doubled in a month. I was not alone in this very big misread. I believe it has caught everyone flatfooted. Central bankers and finance officials all over the globe are crapping in their pants.

    I think the Italian story is make or break. Either this gets fixed or Italy defaults in less than six months. The default option is not really an option that policy makers would consider. If Italy can’t make it, then there will be a very big crashing sound. It would end up taking out most of the global lenders, a fair number of countries would follow into Italy’s vortex. In my opinion a default by Italy is certain to bring a global depression; one that would take many years to crawl out of. The policy makers are aware of this too.

    So I say something is brewing. And yes, if there is a plan in the works it must involve the IMF. And yes, it’s going to be big.

    Please do not read this and conclude that some headline is coming that will make us all feel happy again. I think headlines are coming. But those headlines are likely to scare the crap out of the markets once the implications are understood.

    In the real world of global finance the reality is that any country that is forced to accept an IMF bailout is also blocked from issuing debt in the public markets. IMF (or other supranational debt) is ALWAYS senior to other indebtedness of the country. That’s just the way it works. When Italy borrows money from the IMF it automatically subordinates the existing creditors. Lenders hate this. They will vote with their feet and take a pass at Italian new debt issuance for a long time to come. Once the process starts, it will not end. There will be a snow ball of other creditors. That’s exactly what happened in the 80’s when Mexico failed; within a year two dozen other countries were forced to their debt knees. (I had a front row seat.)

    I don’t see a way out of this box. The liquidity crisis in Italy is scaring us to death, the solution will almost certainly kill us.

    Read more: http://brucekrasting.blogspot.com/2011/11/italy-next-week.html#ixzz1eziDqmJe

  • More on the eurozone – Italy’s disastrous bond auction on Friday tells us time is running out. The eurozone has 10 days at most.


  • Victor.

    How do I know the nickel ‘thingy’ is a scam? I don;t but I am always highly suspicious of any ‘black box’ that supposedly creates more energy that it consumes.

    I guess it comes back to the study of [chemical] bond energies, nuclear chemistry and thermodynamics.

    Stars manage the job of converting matter into energy, but only if they are the right size and temperature.

    If the nickel device is simply oxidising hydrogen to water to produce hot steam the obvious question is: where do we get the hydroogen from to run the device?

    Talking of lizards I came across this little gem in connection with the recent election here:

    “You mean they actually vote for the lizards?”
    “Oh yes,” said Ford with a shrug, “of course.”
    “But,” said Arthur, going for the big one again, “why?”
    “Because if they didn’t vote for a lizard,” said Ford, “the wrong lizard might get in.”

  • I’m surprised that there are so few investors who believe in Father Christmas, elves and fairies because they seem to believe every positive rumour that touches the Media. With the whiff of rumour that the IMF is going to bail out Italy, the ASX (Australian Stock Market) recovered somewhat today. The chance of IMF actually doing so would, I think, be minuscule. We’ll see how many days it takes for the Markets to realise that they’ve been led up the garden path – again.

    An interesting article in Der Spiegel on 25th November – apparently the upgrading of the German electricity grid is way behind schedule. So even in a country known for its efficiency, there are deep seated problems brewing.

    Guy, loved your article.

  • Clarke and DAwe the way forward for Europe – enjoy

  • I guess it comes back to the study of [chemical] bond energies, nuclear chemistry and thermodynamics.


    The reaction that takes place is not a chemical reaction – it is what scientists are now calling a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. The hydrogen is not oxidized – it collides with the nickel atom within its lattice structure to form copper as a by-product and in this process excess energy is released. The catalyst apparently allows this. Chemical reactions have already been eliminated as a possible source of the energy, as no chemical reaction could produce this much energy over this period of time given the amount of components, the temperatures and pressures. That leaves the nuclear option. It either is nuclear or it is not working at all. The fuel for one 10 Kw unit(~100g Ni contained in a 1 litre reactor vessel) can supposedly last for at least 6 months. After that time the remaining Ni (~90%) can be extracted, reprocessed and re-used. The initial reaction is kicked off after heating the inside of the vessel to around 450-500C – after that, the reaction is self-sustaining.

  • Kevin

    Forgot to mention – only around 0.2g of H2 is consumed every 24 hours – not much.

  • In my mind these last few days I keep going back to Jan’s comment “Guy, you better watch out. If you keep writing beautiful, uplifting stuff, you’re going to alienate your base of doomers!” I over reacted in my response, and yet it seems that there is an idea out there that beautiful uplifting stuff is alienating to doomers who are only interested in dark, depressing stuff. I know Jan knows that, but on other discussion sites, it is assumed that those who predict the collapse of industrial civilization must be misanthropes.

    Yesterday I saw and enjoyed a lovely tenuous rainbow. I worked on cleaning out the garden and putting down fresh leaf mulch. That is always deeply satisfying to me and sometimes I think I like cleaning up the garden as much as planting the garden (I don’t like cleaning the house tho). My husband and I as we enjoy our new pullets are already thinking of which rooster to cross to which hen for next year’s crop, despite knowing that it may not be possible next year. We have interbred so many colors and breeds that seldom do we get any that look exactly alike, and it seems every year we get something new to us. But we also vastly enjoy watching them as the interact – our own little soap opera. Two of our pullets have started laying little pullet eggs. We delight in that.

    It is not a given that a negative outlook on the state of the world results in a dismal, dull, depressing existence. Some of the results of collapse will be horrific, but still it may save some of the beauty that I enjoy and some part of humanity to become one again with the world that gives them life.

    More importantly we humans are not uniform, we are mixtures of feelings, hope and fear can reside together. Joy and sadness make a complete human. An always happy person is usually faking, especially to themselves. A perpetually hopeful person is usually in major denial. I can despair over the way we humans have farmed away topsoil, and yet thrill to see my little plot of soil become rich and full of life. My plot won’t save the world, but that makes it no less real and dear to me.

  • Kathy

    Totally agree. Just because someone sees catastrophe in the future for civilisation does not in any way imply that that person is negative at heart. Indeed, I think most of us would agree that the wonders and beauty of nature are to be preserved at all costs, and we are upset at the impact civilisation is having on nature. We believe as we do BECAUSE we enjoy the sunset, the forests, the diversity of life on this planet. And we hope for the collapse of civilisation for the same reasons. We are not doomers. We are life savers.

  • A new guest essay is here, courtesy of Gary Peters.

  • ‘It is not a given that a negative outlook on the state of the world results in a dismal, dull, depressing existence. ‘ -kathy

    if not for my friend maryjane and the delightful humor of sheople like clark and dawe and a few other redemptive aspects of life (good food/music/companionship/sex are a few), i’d be terminally morose. maybe i already am.