Comedian Louis CK comments on civilization

Louis CK’s hysterically funny commentary on civilization is presented without further comment.

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  • very on-topic and very funny, guy. good choice for saturday night.

  • nice

    primordial world heritage landscapes (tasmania) tend to put things into perspective, for example, you are not permitted to leave the
    track, there are grasslands as far as the eye can see,
    but you would not dare walk over them or disturb them,

    I walked 100km, did not see a car for 7 days,
    drank straight from the creek without the need
    to purify the water.

    amazing experiences to be had taking very long walks
    in national parks

    some of commentary in the vid reminded of Malicks ‘The New World’

  • Vastly more perceptive than he gives himself credit for. And I love the idea of God having no idea what a job is. The idea of God being flabbergasted at the concept of a job and employment is hilarious.

  • excellent, was a pleasure to share.

  • As my good friend DeeJay points out, other than some offensive over simplification and patronization it is pretty funny. Comics always seem to figure it out.

  • i’m in a contrarian mood a day later. wish to point out what’s probably one greatly misleading aspect of louis ck’s comical rant against civilization, the part about the idyllic life of hunter gatherers, lazing around, fucking and dancing to their heart’s content, living off the fat of the land without putting in near the time or stress that civilized workers face (unless they’re fortunate to be involved in a labor of love rather than a drone in a soul-sucking job). no doubt life is much sweeter living as a hunter gatherer if u can.

    however, in order for population to remain in check in the absence of careful conscientious contraception, the death rate must match the birthrate over the looooooooong haul, meaning a lot of people (note i don’t refer to h-g people as sheople, for they’re not domesticated, don’t have to obey ‘authority’) must die without reproducing, meaning they must die young. that’s harsh. that places a damper on any notion of h-g life being a pleasant idyll in the midst of a benevolent natural world. lots of infant/child death, so much that it must be viewed as normal/common. perhaps as a result parents don’t get overly attached to offspring, at least initially. perhaps this is a good thing. perhaps it is merciful to die very young, before much awareness or attachment has developed. perhaps i’m full of shit. does it surreally matter?

    our world, for all it’s charms, leaves much to be desired, foremost being the darwinian rules of survival, which as we’re all too well aware, can be twisted by a species of ‘intelligent’ apes so as to cause a short lived unsustainable population growth. near the peak, it’s hard to imagine the horror to come.

    it’s also hard to be associated with a species of ‘intelligent’ fools. it’s hard to be a fool repeatedly, i know from hard experience, to which perhaps many of u can relate. it’s hard to live in a world one knows is dying because of the foolish beliefs/behavior of civilized sheople (including myself). it’s hard to care, and it’s hard not to care. it’s hard living in a surreality where caring doesn’t matter in the looooooooooooong run. or perhaps the short either. it kind of promotes despair/nihilism/spiritual death. but perhaps that’s a good thing too, or a necessary one, as collapse/die-off approaches. kind of the way that traumatic injury produces ‘shock’ which obliterates pain/awareness, not caring makes acceptance of tragedy/foolishness easier. i suppose it’s a short term survival mechanism. unfortunately, it’s quite maladapted to long term survival, just like civilization.

  • Nice, thanks for sharing. We have been looking for aliens everywhere on earth but still haven’t seen them in the mirror!

    Similar to what is in the video about Jesus getting angry on what we have been doing, I had written a while back satirical comedy situation like this using Hindu mythology. I am not a professional writer and don’t have a blog but I would like to share here for the readers to enjoy [some Hindu mythological facts mentioned here may have been faked for entertainment purposes]:


    In Hindu mythology, Vishnu is maintenance God and incarnates Himself on earth once in a while as needed to solve significant problems that can jeopardize life on earth, Brahma is the creator God who re-creates the universe every certain period. Shiva, the destroyer God destroys the earth when its state becomes uncontrollable by Vishnu and needs a reset when Vishnu requests Shiva to do so. These Gods of course live in the heavens (swargaloka), the earth is the mrityuloka (place of death). Narada is a monk that can travel across lokas, he is occasionally sent to earth by Vishnu to assess the state of the earth.

    It had been a few thousand years or so since Vishnu reincarnated himself as a human with divine powers on earth to clense it of evil and to activate wisdom and morality in the people, that avatar was named Krishna on earth. Generally Vishnu assesses the state of the earth indirectly based on how many souls achieve moksha or liberation from the cycles of birth and death on earth and come to the heavens, these souls are the envy of even the Gods, who don’t get to experience it because they are immortal. Since the last thousand years, the number of souls reaching heavens had been declining exponentially, so Vishnu was gettting concerned. It was time again to send Narada to visit earth to see what is going on, how the human race and the planet in general were doing. Narada went and spend five years on earth and has now returned to the heavens. He enters the residence of Vishnu:

    Narada: Narayana, Narayana (Narayan is another name for Vishnu). Namaskar, my Lord! How have you been?

    Vishnu: I have been fine, I don’t have to do much but enjoy the heavens here with no death, disease and other evils. But I still envy those liberated earth souls, which aren’t coming in sufficient numbers here. I thought you would return in a month or so, but you took about 5 years of earth time, I hope you have found the reasons during your stay on earth. I am very curious and somewhat anxious.

    Narada: Yes my Lord, I have found the reasons. Since you last visited, the human race has become very complex in its workings. It was difficult for me to learn, I had to invoke all heavenly abilities to get an accelerated education, even then it took me about five years.

    Vishnu: I am really curious. Before you go into details, can you tell me how bad is it? I am anxious regarding the challenge ahead for me.

    Narada: My Lord, in short, it is nothing like you have experienced before, the challenge before you is astounding even with the heavenly powers you have. The complexity and scale are tremendous. I was really shocked when I landed on earth, it looked nothing like what we had seen last time. And it took me a while to understand.

    Vishnu (a little uncomfortable): It looks like we may need to just bypass my usual repair work and invoke Shiva to reset earth – if it is indeed so bad, why bother to understand?

    Narada: Narayana, Narayana! I know the Lord is getting anxious but we must do what we can first before the last resort. My suggestion is we have all the three lords come together for this discussion given the gravity and urgency of the situation, so can we call the other two Lords now?

    Vishnu telepathically dials to Shiva and Brahma and calls them at his residence mentioning that it is an emergency meeting. They arrive almost immediately.

    Shiva: What is going on? Why did you call us?

    Vishnu: Narada just returned from earth, you remember, I mentioned you earlier I was sending him to find out why we have a steep decline in the liberated souls coming here? Now he is back and he thinks it is so bad, he suggested to have you both in the discussion.

    Shiva (fires up): If it is so bad, I will perform the tandava (dance of death) right away with my third eye open. Allow me Vishnu.

    Vishnu: Calm down Shiva, not yet. Let’s first understand to see if we really have to take this extreme step.

    Brahma: Yeah, let’s find out. Narada, please proceed.

    Narada: O.k, my Lords, glory to all of you! Let me start now. If you find something incomprehensible, please let me know because I am currently colored by a lot of facts and education from earth which I may be assuming you know, so feel free to interrupt me anytime.

    Narada: Narayana, the humans as we all know have intelligence and although we gave them wisdom to control its use, at some point their demonic (asuri) tendencies took over and they started using their intelligence to increase their dominance. With some luck they discovered that burning the dead bodies of their biological ancestry that were concentrated by natural decay processes over millions of years liberates a tremendous amounts of energy. Using their intelligence, they created machines that could tap this energy. First they found coal, then oil and natural gas. They have gone crazy since they found these. They have become more powerful than the demons back then, more monstrous, numerous and destructive using the power of these poisons. This burning of poisons is poisoning the atmosphere, threatening all life on the planet and even though they know about it, they have become so addicted to the comforts and their growth afforded by these tremendous energies that they are even disbelieving their own scientific conclusions, the same scientific thinking that allowed them to tap the poisons in the first place.

    Vishnu (looks a little puzzled): Hmm.. I never thought they would get so far. This intelligence of humans is always a big problem. And they have never learned to use wisdom inspite of all my previous incarnations trying to awaken it.

    Narada: The demonic tendencies have reached a scale where all moral ethics have been trashed. There are still moral people but they have been sidelined. The control is in the hands of the demons, who are essentially amassing large amount of material wealth and exploiting the poor and honest people. Remember in the old times when we had a class of scholars, the sages and saints that lived in forests very simply and detached themselves from the society so they could attain and preserve wisdom and serve as guides to the society to translate the timeless wisdom into moral codes to maintain a sustainable and happy social order?

    Vishnu: Yes, and I assume that would keep the society going forever peacefully and sustainably.

    Narada: That class is practically no more. All control and decision making is made by the business class with demonic tendencies of everlasting growth in their destruction to become more powerful. The main goals of the human society are now economic growth through material consumption and population growth, they are almost obscessed about this, not realizing these are unsustainable on a finite planet. The scholars are there for the namesake, they have all been bought and controlled by the business class. Most earlier scholars have transitioned to the business class. The society has degraded to a state that is unprecedented.

    Vishnu: That is shocking. I never imagined the sages and saints would disappear. Now I can see why it is so bad. The wisdom’s control over society is basically gone. So only the asuri tendencies and the free will of intelligence remain. I can see where that will lead to.

    Shiva: I am getting so ready to press the reset button.

    Narada: Let me give you some startling facts my Lords:

    Humans obscession of growth is destroying other living species at the rate of about 200 per day. They are causing the 6th largest mass extinction. Their powers have blindsighted them from the fact that they depend on other species for survival, so basically they are paving the way of their own extinction.

    The rich poor gap has widened beyond imagination. There is a large number of poor people exploited everyday, stripped of their land and made to work in poisonous factories producing goods for the consumption of the demons, so that they can continue their destructive activities.

    There is no control on human population growth. They used their intelligence to conquer most of the diseases and so their death rates have decreased dramatically but they do not apply wisdom to reduce the birth rates. Would you believe the number of humans is about 7 billion people compared to less than a million on your last incarnation, and yet we see a decline in liberated souls? The wisdom of living in harmony with other species has disappeared. The humans have no ethics of the rights of other life forms anymore, despite Krishna’s preaching them that he is in everything and every being.

    Vishnu: Enough Narada! I am feeling depressed. This is basically completely undoing my previous work. Let’s take a break. Let’s have some madira (heavenly alcohol).

    They all have a drink, then Narada resumes:

    Narada: Using the power of oil and uncontrolled intelligence, they have exploited every place on earth for its resources they could and inhabited every place they could, uprooting forests, and the rich diversity of life which supports their survival.

    They have also poisoned the lands with the oil poison, growing foods in dead oil poison (which they call fertilizers) rather than the rich organic living soil. The soil has eroded to the point where it will take countless number of years to restore.

    They use the word “technology” which is basically intelligence they have applied to destroy using the oil poison. They have even created weapons of mass destruction using their intelligence to concentrate the nuclear poisons in the earth. Some of these weapons can even challenge the Bramastra (Brahmastra was created by Brahma and considered the most lethal weapon, hearing this Brahma looks a little upset). Using the finite poisons, they are trying to create swargaloka (the heavens) on the mrityuloka (earth), basically trying to conquer death and disease. They are so narcissistically enchanted by their technologies that they have forgotton the difference between technology and energy, they think when the oil poison is exhausted, the technology will create energy inspite of their own discovery of the law of conservation of energy that energy cannot be created, it can only be converted from one form to another. They don’t realize that Sun God showers them with constant energy, they think they can even replace the Sun God with something else using their intelligence, so they have no respect for the energies of nature anymore, which we had codified earlier in the form of rituals.

    Their technology has increasingly made them aloof from reality and ethics. They have created gadgets with some buttons and screen to talk to each other and see images remotely instead of naturally talking to each other face to face.

    There are so many strange things that it will take me forever to enumerate these. They are increasingly living in an abstract world, they think they are already liberated even though they are in fact profoundly suffering. They have become less happier even using their own measurements, yet they continue on this destructive and unsustainable path.

    Vishnu: I have to think there must be some enlightened individuals who have common sense. What about them?

    Narada: There are, but they are in fringe minority. And because there are 7 billion people whose attention is governed by media that is controlled by the demons, they hardly have any visibililty. There is a possibility they can create a revolution, but the chances are extremely low.

    Vishnu: Looks like a tough one.

    Brahma: In my opinion, we should reset. This has gone way beyond anything imaginable. Even if Vishnu reincarnates as a human, who is going to listen to him given such a large population and diluted attention span? And if he performs miracles, they would think God will always come to rescue them so they can do anything and not use the wisdom we gave them in the first place, and the problem will keep repeating. They don’t deserve to exist anymore.

    Vishnu: I think that is the only option. Shiva, let me know when you are ready and I will protect the current bio-diversity while you do your usual earthquake, volcanoes and other death dance so we can let life regenerate after your reset is done, but this time I am going to exclude humans from my protection. I have no choice but to make this harsh decision because if I leave even one pair of them, their asuri tendencies will eventually dominate again, causing needless pain and suffering to their own type and other species. This time I am interested in solving the problem permanently. I have learned my lesson now.

    Narada: My lord Shiva, a word of caution. These humans have concentrated a lot of nuclear poisons and its waste that needs to be neutralized before Vishnu releases the bio-diversity after your destruction, so that these poisons are rendered harmless to life.

    Shiva: Understood, Narada. Looks like once again I will have to eat the poison and make my neck even more blueish [Shiva is also called Nilkanth – one with blue neck because he held in his neck the poison that was generated from churning of the oceans to create nectar, the poison would have destroyed life if not held by Shiva in his neck]. O.k Vishnu. Let’s do this at the earliest, how about tomorrow?

    Vishnu: Sounds good. The meeting is dismissed.

  • Thanks for the great story, Piyush! I really enjoyed it.

    Hard to argue with their final decision, though it’s too bad they couldn’t reset into a world empty of iron, oil, and uranium. I think we might have turned out better without these natural weapons of mass destruction to exploit.

    Then again, probably not.

  • >matt Says:
    >primordial world heritage landscapes (tasmania) tend to put things into perspective, for example, you are not permitted to leave the
    track, there are grasslands as far as the eye can see,
    but you would not dare walk over them or disturb them

    Soon when things fall apart Indonesian pirates, who don’t give a rat’s a$$ about permission, will overrun the wildness like they did in Sumatra.