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I’ll be interviewed by Michael C. Ruppert for The Lifeboat Hour Sunday, 15 April at 9:00 p.m. Eastern (6:00 p.m. on the Left Coast). Tune in here.

My recent trip to the northeastern United States included 13 presentations. At least one was recorded. I presented on the topic of three paths to near-term human extinction to the New Roots Charter High School in Ithaca, New York on Tuesday, 3 April 2012. The incomplete video, in four parts, follows (big thanks to Wendy Bandurski-Miller for the venue and the video, and also big thanks to Vickey Kaiser for organizing the trip and hosting and to Karl Klein for hosting and loaning his vehicle to a stranger for nearly two weeks).


There’s still time to support Mike Sosebee’s film. Click here.

I’ll be presenting on Saturday, 2 June 2012 at the Bueno Vista Audubon Nature Center, 2202 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, California. Topic is “The twin sides of the fossil-fuel coin: Prospects for humanity in light of global climate instability and energy decline.” I hope to see you there.

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  • As clear and pointed as Guy’s presentations are, I see no evidence of the sturring of interest by new commentors to followup on NBL. It seems that his presentations are going in one ear and out the other. It would be encouraging to see an occasional new commentor say, “I heard you speak, and am here to find out more.” No, just dead silence. Very sad.

  • Unacknowledged does not equate with uncomprehended or rejected.

  • Curtis,

    When I first discovered NBL, I lurked for a while. It’s a tough message to accept. No one wants to hear that our American lifestyle is a disastrous nightmare for every other living thing on the planet.


  • Thanks for the “props” in this post. It was an honor supporting your efforts here in the NE. Glad you returned home safe and sound.

    We live in the most interesting of times and “So long and thanks for all the fish!”


  • The silence is indeed deafening… and at the same time, speaks volumes.

    The silence in my own life is the same kind probably shared by some here at NBL: that of the lone Cassandra, surrounded by friends and family and various associates, none of whom sharing the same worldview. To speak out risks being further ostracized. Spouses and children are embarrassed. Parents and relatives are bewildered. Contact with long-time friends dwindles. Society itself becomes alien. So the silence is less awkward, making the day-to-day existence of the “collapse aware” somewhat easier to bear, in a respect.

    Guy’s path… I cannot imagine. I compare my own feeble steps towards “walking away from empire,” and find my efforts wanting. I become my biggest critic. I find my views and opinions sidelined by self-doubt, by the failings of my own example, and the words stick in my throat, leaving only the silence.

  • A new essay, courtesy of the inimitable John Rember, is up. It’s here.

  • I wanted to comment on what Curtis wrote about the possibility that no one is listening. Guy did a presentation in Western Massachusetts to about 60 residents of a sparsely populated area. the talk he gave to us was very similar to the TEDs talk that he has up on his site now.
    Now, one week later, it is THE subject of conversation with everyone I run into.
    “Did you get your peas planted…When do you think we will reach 2 degrees warming?…..My chickens are up to 3 dozen eggs a day again…Are you prepared for an economic collapse? …I just brought a used hoop house…Do you think this extinction thing is why there are so many fewer songbirds in my yard? Etc,Etc.

    The people that I interface with on a daily basis are actively in the process of leaving Empire and the info in the talk is not new to them but when they went to the talk they brought family and friends to hear the message from someone other than themselves. It is alot harder to dismiss the “man on the stage” than your sister or co-worker.
    The popular local minister and his wife were at the talk and he was sufficiently alarmed to make Climate Chaos the subject of his next sermon. His sermon was alarming enough to his congregation to cause an impromtu meeting of people(instead of the usual coffee and chit chat)to discuss climate,extinction,economic collapse, etc.
    I was told there was alot of anger at the message and and the minister for bringing it up as well as alot of talk about what to do about it. It’s a start. Peoples eyes are being pried open.
    I looking forward to seeing what it leads to in this area. I suspect that where Guy did his presentations there are many people talking and thinking about his message.

  • Barbara,

    Thank you for the positive info. Even though there was some anger, now as things happen, they can be linked to Guy’s message and generate more positive action. Hope things go better as a result.

  • I heard Guy on The Lifeboat Hour the other day and decided to check out his website. So at least one person came for more after hearing him speak.

    On the other hand, I have to admit the topic matter isn’t that new to me. I remember talking about many of these topic while attending Grad school in the early 1990’s.

    As for the silence I have talked about some of these issues with people in the recent months and the responses have been interesting. The most common response is they look at me as though my tinfoil hat has slipped, which I expect from the slumbering masses.

    The responses that puzzle me most are from people I know who seem to be more on the ball and have a clue about life beyond what the mainstream media tells them. While recently talking about the possibility of industrial decline with one lady she told me “oh, I don’t like to think about negative things.” It caught me off guard, but I know where this comes from, it comes from the movie The Secret and all of that other “life of abundance” and “Law of Attraction” crap out there. Just don’t think about it, and it won’t happen. So, we have that to contend with too in all of this.

    The key to me is that slowing life down a little and doing away with “the hustling culture” as talked about by Morris Berman sure seems like a positive move to me. Oh well.

    I now have to go “hustle” for the system so my family can eat and live in a house this month. I’ll come back to explore more when time allows. This looks like an interesting site to explore and discuss.