Hidden cost of toilet paper

by Emily Stewart

For most of us, it’s hard to imagine a world and a life without toilet paper. But actually, less than a third of the global population uses toilet paper daily. And as it turns out, foregoing the T.P. might just be the best thing for our bodies and our planet.

Most of us assume that toilet paper protects us from dangerous bacteria and disease, but studies show that alternatives, like bidets, are actually safer and more effective. The chemicals found in a standard issue toilet roll will surprise you. Toilet paper fibers contain the much-hated chemical BPA, a xenoestrogen that the FDA has indicated is linked to increasing the risks of cancer, heart disease and infertility.

Of course, the primary problem with our toilet paper addiction is that we go through an enormous amount of it. Everyday, 27,000 trees go down the toilet as waste paper. And we consume thousands of gallons of excess water to flush the wad of paper through our sewer systems. If we each swapped just four rolls of traditional paper for recycled paper this year, we would save one million trees and 356 million gallons of fresh water.

To learn more about the impact of our $30 billion T.P. habit, check out this latest video from the Hidden Costs series.

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  • Off topic…

    Has anyone any idea what has happened to the End of Empire site. It was bought out from Matt Savinar last year( that is the mpression I got), and the person who was running it has some notifacation on the site that due to family issues she can’t do the site for the moment, its been September last year.

    It looks rather like a shut down operation to me, that is on the face of it, with no background info on my part.
    A good way to turn the tap off is to scoop up the ‘nodes’, and then turn them off. Could be, Just sayin…

    If there is a real personal story there, well OK, I don’t need to know the personal details, just be nice to know if it is legit. Its a pitty such a site, which was pretty good for convergent info, is effectively off line for now.

    Anyone got any good oil….eh…pardon the pun, on any of that?

    Or, on topic,

    The Hidden Cost of…. being one of the first out of the gate on Peak Oil and Industrial Civilisation’s complete dependence on cheap oil, Matt Savinar and LATOC.

  • How High Could the Tide Go?

    “She has zeroed in on the Pliocene epoch, roughly three million years ago. The level of carbon dioxide in the air then appears to have been about 400 parts per million — a level that will be reached again within the next few years, after two centuries of fossil fuel burning.

    The previous estimates of Pliocene sea level, based on spotty evidence, range from 15 feet to 130 feet above today’s ocean, with 80 feet being a commonly cited figure.”

  • K When the grid goes down for good pressurized water will end

    U Mine will not. The well is several hundred feet higher than the house, and gravity takes care of everything.

    K Point taken. So Ulvfugl you hand pump water into a reservoir so you can get pressure in the house or does your well run on solar power?

    I have a hand pump well besides the electric well. Not above the house but no matter, no way am I going to hand pump into a reservoir just so water can flow freely from taps – that encourages wasting water. No way am I going to hand pump water for anything but the most necessary of uses once the grid is down. I already hand wash clothes in a James Hand Washer – for the two of us 1 load every week or so. If I have to hand pump that water it is going to be far less frequent. I certainly would never waste water to flush away a valuable resource such as human feces as if it were waste.

    I have read that Chinese farmers along roads used to build outhouses and decorate them so that travelers would be encouraged to leave their valuable piss and poo at their outhouse, not at someone else’s. Fecophobia has blinded us to the fact that what we eat needs to be returned to the soil daily and at our death. So we sequester it in septic fields or wash it to the sea and then have to grind up rock and turn fossil fuels into nitrogen. The cycle of life in the natural world puts the minerals right back where they came from.

  • @ Kathy C. So Ulvfugl you hand pump water into a reservoir so you can get pressure in the house or does your well run on solar power?

    Eh ? No, of course not. It falls out of the sky, onto this mountain. It flows downhill everywhere, mostly unseen, emerging here and there as boggy patches, springs and streams. At a point on the mountainside above me, where it collects naturally underground as a reliable source even in droughts, is a well, and from there a pipe carries some of it further downhill to the plumbing in my home. All of the rest just continues its natural journey down the mountainside, to a stream in the valley below me, which becomes a riverlet and thence to the sea.

    Here, it is not a matter of wasting water, there is usually too much of it falling down on me. But the good part is that when other people get flooded, I do not, because however much water falls from clouds, it soon finds its way downhill and is gone.

  • on GM foods:


    A virus gene that could be poisonous to humans has been missed when GM food crops have been assessed for safety.

    GM crops such as corn and soya, which are being grown around the world for both human and farm animal consumption, include the gene.

    A new study by the EU’s official food watchdog, the European Food Safety Authority(EFSA), has revealed that the international approval process for GM crops failed to identify the gene.

  • Perhaps you don’t understand the physics, Kathy. If I open the tap at this end of the pipe, and let water out, that makes suction at the other end of the pipe, half a mile away, up the hill, in the well, and pulls water into the pipe up there.

    The weight of water in that half mile of pipe, all pushing, pulled by gravity, wanting to flow down the hill, is considerable. That’s what provides the water pressure. No pumps.

    The only problems that can arise are if something gets into the pipe, like silt, or a frog, which has happened, or if the pipe freezes, which has happened, but those problems are easily prevented. In theory, it’s maintenance free and should last indefinitely.

  • Traditional vertical drilling for gas and oil could lessen in favor of state-of-the-art horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing of rock layers, perhaps as shallow as 1,000 feet underground and not far from drinking water aquifers.

    At least one Western Pennsylvania company is fracking rock about 3,000 feet down in Westmoreland County, slurping oil out of formations about half as deep as the heavily tapped, gas-rich Marcellus shale.

    If the technique catches on — industry experts suggest shallow fracking is inevitable — it could be a boon to smaller drillers. It could reshape state law and increase concern about the safety of drinking water, experts say.


  • In testimony before a Senate subcommittee, Ken Cook spoke passionately about 10 Americans who were found to have more than 200 synthetic chemicals in their blood.

    The list included flame retardants, lead, stain removers, and pesticides the federal government had banned three decades ago.

    “Their chemical exposures did not come from the air they breathed, the water they drank, or the food they ate,” said Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, a national advocacy group.

    How did he know?

    The 10 Americans were newborns. “Babies are coming into this world pre-polluted with toxic chemicals,” he said.

    Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/01/20/180443/were-in-contact-with-uncontrolled.html#storylink=cpy

  • Ulvfugl – ah a siphon – Neat – how did you prime it? Or do you tap into it at the level of the water? My wells the water is all down a significant number of feet – the pipe in my handpump well has a small hole in it so the water accumulated in the top slowly drains out when not in use so that it never freezes in the pump itself.

  • U – just saw your previous comment – so it is not a dug or drilled well but some sort of depression or hole that catches the water?

    You do know of course that this is a unique solution not available to many or perhaps even most and therefore my comment about losing water pressure is valid, if not for you – don’t you?

  • Mr. President: A Plaintive Plush Plea
    2 1/4 minutes – enjoy

  • You can shit in the loo or the can
    In your bathroom install a fan
    Flush down our shit
    Don’t have to smell it
    And talking about it we ban

    Nice that at least at NBL we can have this conversation

  • how did you prime it? Or do you tap into it at the level of the water? My wells the water is all down a significant number of feet – the pipe in my handpump well has a small hole in it so the water accumulated in the top slowly drains out when not in use so that it never freezes in the pump itself.
    so it is not a dug or drilled well but some sort of depression or hole that catches the water?
    You do know of course that this is a unique solution not available to many or perhaps even most and therefore my comment about losing water pressure is valid, if not for you – don’t you?

    @ Kathy C.

    I don’t know the exact nature of the well, because the person who lived here before me made it. Afaik, there was a natural upwelling, marked by a very wet boggy patch from which a small stream emerged. The guy dug out a deep hole with a mechanical digger inserted the pipe, and filled it with rocks, so the spaces between the rocks stay full of clean water. It doesn’t need any priming, because once there’s water in the pipe the suction is very strong. It sometimes gets air in it, because there’s a couple of joins, but the bubbles work there way out.

    Yes, of course I know this solution is not available to everyone. I don’t live in a desert, I live on a Welsh mountain where it rains a lot. Climate change probably means increased rainfall here. It may also mean some unusually hot dry summers. However, people have lived on this site probably for thousands of years, chosen because it is half way between the top and the bottom of the mountain, on a level patch, where water naturally emerges ( not that well I mentioned, a natural pond ) meaning a reliable supply for people, cattle and other animals, which has never dried in the driest summers since I have been here. People used to notice that sort of thing and chose their dwelling places for those kind of reasons, water, shelter from weather, access to winter and summer grazing ( transhumance), etc, etc.

  • Dairymandave: Here’s another phenomenon that fascinates me (The Hum)

  • Tom, in a previous thread you mentioned reports of foreign troops in USA, and I sort of smirked to myself, because there’s US troops all around the world, so it would seem likely that there’d be reciprocal training agreements whatever… however, here’s something that strikes me as quite odd… I watched a video of armed police searching a house beside SH school, and they seemed to be speaking a foreign language. Unfortunately, I’ve lost that one, forgotten where I found it, but here’s part of the same, shorter and poorer quality. There are plenty of foreign troops, as part of NATO that would train in UK, but it would be unheard of for any foreigners to take part in any domestic police incident similar to SH, you know, wtf is that about ? Who are they ? Do they even know what they are taking part in ? Seems very weird to me. As I said there’s a better vid somewhere, if I find it I’ll post it.


  • Tom: My thoughts. Didn’t anyone, during the past decade, ever think to measure the hum and show it on a screen. It’s called a sound wave. At least we would have something to look at besides peoples opinions.

  • which lead to this:

    even if they’re hoaxes (very doubtful), it’s pretty spooky. Let’s you know there are forces beyond our control or, as the video says – something is definitely wrong.

    There are so many fascinating topics from UFO’s to the weird noices, space happenings, topics like the new world of quantum physics and some theoretical math, to the placebo effect and other facets of our reality. It takes you away for a moment from the inexorable march off the cliff that humanity is undertaking. Thanks for the distraction.

    Thanks to Guy for this great site, Emily for the hint at where we should be concentrating and to everyone who commented and for all your wonderful links!

  • U – People used to notice that sort of thing and chose their dwelling places for those kind of reasons, water, shelter from weather, access to winter and summer grazing ( transhumance), etc, etc.

    Sounds like a great place to live. Not many humans get to choose where to live anymore. Too many of us for the less abundant ideal sites.

  • ulvfugl: EXACTLY! Welcome to Orwell’s world. It especially makes sense if the whole ordeal was a training exercise, from selected reporting and set up screen shots to paid “expert” smokescreens and controlled media – while the whole thing may be a CIA/NSA psy-op!

    yeah, DMD – there ARE recordings, but only a small percent of the population can detect it (and they can’t believe we can’t hear it)!
    Follow the links (or Google the topic) and it goes on and on.
    Here’s one i like:

  • For consideration on the topic of toilet paper:

    The human diet before agriculture was very low in carbohydrates. Humans were leaner, had stronger leg muscles and no excess butt fat. A healthy lean human, with a diet proportionately high in fat, with a strong and wide squatting stance would produce slippery, greasy feces that leaves no or very little residue.

    And regarding humanure:

    If the stumbling block to making humanure is not wanting to use it on fruit trees or veggies, donate it to non-edibles. Any plant would appreciate the return to nature of one of the greatest gifts an animal has to offer. No one HAS to deal with worries about poop on their food.

  • ulvfugl and Tom

    The article that was referenced earlier about the US military constructing a simulation of the society is very ominous. If they have allowed this much information to leak into the public domain, one can only imagine how extensive the real thing must be. It seems that they are scraping information about everyone from online sources(including, I’m sure, our postings on this site). In the US, we already have over 70 “fusion centers” which have been surreptitiously compiling information from every available data base on the planet and creating profiles of everyone in the population based on unknown criteria. Presumably, this information will eventually be used to target individuals who might resist a police state, or perhaps even have the temerity to publicly express an adverse opinion about the governmemnt. This is not so far fetched, anyone who has read Solzhenitsyn knows that the gulag system was insane. Some people were sent to the camps just for being late to work because the government had established secret arrest quotas.

    A manufactured incident like SH could be used to test the predictive reliability of the simulations and determine, for example, how effectively the public’s perception of the event can be manipulated, guage the political impact (in this case with respect to gun control legislation), see which alternative internet players deconstuct the psyop (how quickly was the connection to Dark Knight Rises made?)and so on.

  • DL: yeah, it’s gettin’ really weird wrt spying, Minority Report type-stuff actually happening, and now drones to carry out instant “justice” without regard for “collateral damages.”

  • @ depressive lucidity

    Yes. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with ‘grabbing the guns’, or that could just be a useful byproduct. It could be a selection filter, sieve the sheep into categories, the ones whose instant response is emotional, how easily confused they are, those who dig, those who find the correct answers, those who go down the crazy wormholes… all recorded and classified, ready to be further refined and manipulated by the next event… they’ll know exactly where everyone stands, in terms of political, psychological profile, beliefs, loyalties, demographic, networks, etc. They could colour code every individual and every address, based on SH, Facebook, forums, emails, and all the rest of the data… Arbeit Macht Frei

  • regarding quick and easy home suicide remedies:

    Do not forget the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. It should be included in every “re-wilding” first aid kit raw and as laudinum (mixed with alcohol) as an analgesic. Poppies are easy to grow, grow almost everywhere and they look nice too. Processing the latex sap from the seeds is easy and a few plants can provide enough narcotic to put an entire family to sleep for eternity. Dr House or some one other could confirm this, lots of info available on the InterWeb. I am pretty sure it would be a relatively painless way to go. You would take to much, become profoundly intoxicated, fall asleep and stop breathing. Simple as that.

  • GreenGenes; I agree with both of your points, what we should eat and what we should do with the results. Right on. The way it was.

  • Guy, I am no expert but that link looks extremely sketchy to me, and sensationalized as the title suggests – “stunned scientists” when there are none in the actual acticle who claim to be stunned. Right off the bat it talks about Keeling being “worried…very worried” about lower oxygen levels but there’s no quote, and no link, plus, he is credited with inventing the Keeling curve when it was his father who did. Then it says sloppy things like “… the rate that it’s losing oxygen is now on the verge of accelerating.” What does “on the verge of” mean?

    Then, this sounds purely speculative and is asserted without any attribution other than that most scientists are ignoring it: “…the connection between solar activity and volcanic eruptions: massive solar activity can lead to massive volcanic eruptions”.

    Next the article talks about ocean dead zones as though they are caused by a lack of oxygen which is sort of upside down – the dead zones are caused by pollution, leading to explosive growth of algae, which use up all the oxygen and cause depletion and anoxia so really, the lack of oxygen is a result of the dead zone, more than a cause.

    Then it says vastly lower oxygen is “well documented” by a difference in the charcoal in forests from fires, but provides zero documentation!

    Assuming it’s the same author, he publishes stories in “Before It’s News” with titles such as:

    Death Platforms Appear in Sky
    Man Transported to Another Universe
    HAARP Unleashes Tesla Deathray

    It’s a very funny list: http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/5/446/stories.html

    Apparently in an interview when asked why he writes he replied “…to entertain”. I think that’s about right.

  • oops, somebody much more knowledgable than I has written about the author:


    There’s also some evidence he is a global warming denier, who thinks “political correctness” – you know, sensitivity training in corporations so women won’t be harrassed on the workplace – is a 60-year old Marxist, Jewish plot to destroy the American way of life, and wrote: “The insidious growth of Marxism has crept across all sectors of America. It took root in economics with the introduction of the Marx-inspired progressive income tax system designed to limit growth, restrain wealth and redistribute it, and undermine capitalism…The handmaiden of Marxist economics is cultural Marxism and its centerpiece is political correctness.”

    But never mind.

  • Follow-up to the Hum in Canada:


    WINDSOR, Ontario, Jan. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — On behalf of Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, Bob Dechert, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, today visited Windsor, Ontario, to announce the launch of a study to identify the cause of the so-called “Windsor Hum”–the recurring vibration and noise that have been disturbing people in the area for almost two years.

    “Our government takes this issue seriously and is following up on its commitment to find a solution that works for the people of Windsor. Promise made, promise kept,” said Parliamentary Secretary Dechert.

    Acting on a recommendation from the International Joint Commission, the Government of Canada is funding the study to try to identify the source of the Hum. The study, to be conducted jointly by scientists at the University of Windsor and Western University, will be a key step in developing a possible solution.

  • @ depressive lucidity, Tom,

    The official death certificates are released. Hard to believe that whoever is responsible would be completely unaware of the controversy ? When the SH Hoax video is viral, with 10 million hits or something ? Are they consciously trying to bait, to goad, to feed what they call the ‘conspiracy theory’ ?
    All the alleged deaths are dated Dec. 14th, the day of the incident, except A. Lanza’s, which is dated Dec. 13th.
    ( In line, perhaps, with the patsy theory, that he was murdered beforehand and his body dumped at the scene ).
    In addition, he is not mentioned on Nancy Lanza’s certificate, only her husband and son Ryan.
    (This is what the forums say, I’d have to pay to check the official record directly myself)

  • Now we can’t even trust the effing food labels:


    …..Group Finds More Fake Ingredients in Popular Foods
    By JIM AVILA and SERENA MARSHALL | Good Morning America – 5 hours ago
    ….Email 0Share Tweet0Share0Print……
    It’s what we expect as shoppers—what’s in the food will be displayed on the label.

    But a new scientific examination by the non-profit food fraud detectives the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), discovered rising numbers of fake ingredients in products from olive oil to spices to fruit juice.

    “Food products are not always what they purport to be,” Markus Lipp, senior director for Food Standards for the independent lab in Maryland, told ABC News.

    In a new database to be released Wednesday, and obtained exclusively by ABC News today, USP warns consumers, the FDA and manufacturers that the amount of food fraud they found is up by 60 percent this year.

    USP, a scientific nonprofit that according to their website “sets standards for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements manufactured, distributed and consumed worldwide” first released the Food Fraud Database in April 2012.

    The organization examined more than 1,300 published studies and media reports from 1980-2010. The update to the database includes nearly 800 new records, nearly all published in 2011 and 2012.

    Among the most popular targets for unscrupulous food suppliers? Pomegranate juice, which is often diluted with grape or pear juice.

    “Pomegranate juice is a high-value ingredient and a high-priced ingredient, and adulteration appears to be widespread,” Lipp said. “It can be adulterated with other food juices…additional sugar, or just water and sugar.”

    Lipp added that there have also been reports of completely “synthetic pomegranate juice” that didn’t contain any traces of the real juice.

    USP tells ABC News that liquids and ground foods in general are the easiest to tamper with:

    •Olive oil: often diluted with cheaper oils
    •Lemon juice: cheapened with water and sugar
    •Tea: diluted with fillers like lawn grass or fern leaves
    •Spices: like paprika or saffron adulterated with dangerous food colorings that mimic the colors
    Milk, honey, coffee and syrup are also listed by the USP as being highly adulterated products.

    Also high on the list: seafood. The number one fake being escolar, an oily fish that can cause stomach problems, being mislabeled as white tuna or albacore, frequently found on sushi menus.

    National Consumers League did its own testing on lemon juice just this past year and found four different products labeled 100 percent lemon juice were far from pure.

    “One had 10 percent lemon juice, it said it had 100 percent, another had 15 percent lemon juice, another…had 25 percent, and the last one had 35 percent lemon juice,” Sally Greenberg, Executive Director for the National Consumers League said. “And they were all labeled 100 percent lemon juice.”

    Greenberg explains there are indications to help consumers pick the faux from the food.

    “In a bottle of olive oil if there’s a dark bottle, does it have the date that it was harvested?” she said. While other products, such as honey or lemon juice, are more difficult to discern, if the price is “too good to be true” it probably is.

    “$5.50, that’s pretty cheap for extra virgin olive oil,” Greenberg said. “And something that should raise some eyebrows for consumers.”

    Many of the products USP found to be adulterated are those that would be more expensive or research intensive in its production. “Pomegranate juice is expensive because there is little juice in a pomegranate,” Lipp said.

    But the issue is more than just not getting what you pay for.

    “There’s absolutely a public health risk,” said John Spink, associate director for the Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection Program (A-CAPPP) at Michigan State University. “And the key is the people that are unauthorized to handle this product, they are probably not following good manufacturing practices and so there could be contaminates in it.”

    Spink recommends purchasing from “suppliers, retailers, brands, that have a vested interest in keeping us as repeat customers.”

    Both the FDA and the Grocery Manufacturers Association say they take food adulteration “very seriously.”

    “FDA’s protection of consumers includes not only regulating and continually monitoring food products in interstate commerce for safety and sanitation, but also for the truthfulness and accuracy of their labels,” the FDA said in a statement to ABC News.

    Most recently the FDA issued an alert for pomegranate juice mislabeled as 100 percent pomegranate juice, as well as one for the adulteration of honey.

    The Grocery Manufacturers of America told ABC News in a statement that “ensuring the safety and integrity of our products – and maintaining the confidence of consumers – is the single most important goal of our industry,” and that their members have “robust quality management programs and procedures in place, including analytical testing, to help ensure that only the safest and highest quality products are being offered to consumers.”

  • Good grab Guy! Not only do we have a glut of unsold homes but now they’re building more! Who’s gonna buy them is anyones guess in this economy.

    Another day, another shooting – this one at Lone Star College in Houston.

    and now

    Senator Asks CIA Nominee When Drones Can Kill Americans


    The man in charge of America’s drone wars will face Senate questioning about perhaps their most controversial aspect: when the president can target American citizens for death.

    Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) sent a letter on Monday to John Brennan, the White House’s counterterrorism adviser and nominee to be head of the CIA, asking for an outline of the legal and practical rules that underpin the U.S. government’s targeted killing of American citizens suspected of working with al-Qaida. The Obama administration has repeatedly resisted disclosing any such information about its so-called “disposition matrix” targeting terrorists, especially where it concerns possible American targets. Brennan reportedly oversees that matrix from his White House perch, and would be responsible for its execution at CIA director.

    “How much evidence does the President need to determine that a particular American can be lawfully killed?” Wyden, a member of the Senate intelligence committee, asks in the letter, acquired by Danger Room. “Does the President have to provide individual Americans with the opportunity to surrender before killing them?”

    Wyden’s questions about the targeted-killing effort get specific. He wants to know how the administration determines when it is “not feasible” to capture American citizens suspected of terrorism; if the administration considers its authority to order such killings inherent in its Constitutional war powers or embedded in the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force; and if the intelligence agencies can “carry out lethal operations inside the United States.” Wyden also expresses “surprise and dismay” that the intelligence agencies haven’t provided him with a complete list of countries in which they’ve killed people in the war on terrorism, which he says “reflects poorly on the Obama administration’s commitment to cooperation with congressional oversight.”

    Thus far, senators on the intelligence panel have been more concerned about Brennan’s possible role in national-security information leaks and the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program than in using Brennan’s nomination to peer into the decision-making surrounding Obama’s counterterrorism strikes. Wyden writes that it is “critically important” for Congress to understand “how the executive branch understands the limits and boundaries of this authority.”

    In September 2011, a U.S. missile strike in Yemen killed Anwar al-Awlaki, al-Qaida’s most prominent English-language propagandist and an American citizen. Weeks later, another strike fired by a U.S. drone killed Awlaki’s 16-year old son, Abdulrahman.

    i don’t think this is in the Constitution, but i guess that’s just me.

  • Insurance group Swiss Re have worked out six possible future energy scenarios….

    Hahaha, their ‘best case’…

    In the best-case scenario, a successful mix of political, social and technological factors would mean that low-carbon technologies could supply 92% of the global power supply by 2050. This would cap the global temperature increase at 3°C. However, reaching this goal would involve global policy consensus, relatively stable economic conditions and strong public support for the replacement of fossil fuel technologies with low-carbon energy sources.

    in other words, we’re f****d but they don’t dare to say that…


  • yeah U, that sounds like a thinly veiled “throw in the towel” since we’d have had to have begun well before the year 2000 throughout the globe to put solar, wave and wind into play and be fully transitioned to it by now in order to meet that 92% mark by 2050, not to mention that 3 degrees C is game over anyway.

    Hey speakin’ of game over (J. Hansen’s statement regarding the XL tarsands pipeline:

    US state governor notifies officials he approved new Canadian pipeline route through Nebraska


    …..LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman has approved a new route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline that avoids the state’s environmentally sensitive Sandhills region.

    Heineman sent a letter Tuesday to President Barack Obama confirming that he would allow the controversial project to proceed in his state.

    The pipeline has faced strong resistance in Nebraska from a coalition of landowners and environmental groups who claim it would contaminate the Ogallala aquifer, a massive groundwater supply.

    Canadian pipeline developer TransCanada and some workers’ unions say the project is safe and will create thousands of jobs.

    The original route would have run the pipeline through a region of erodible, grass-covered sand dunes. The new route skirts that area.

    bwah-hah-hah-haaaaaa, (choke, gasp) “safe” he says! Yeah, like nuclear power!!

  • okay, last one for today

    apparently mankind is much older than we thought or whoever inhabited this planet way back left some interesting stuff behind:


  • This has got to be one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. Professor Cornel West expounds in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King with a whole lot of Malcolm X mixed in. Essential viewing for all human beings…

  • From a comment at a preceding post

    Maybe I could get some advice on setting up my own blog

    And there are others. Starting a blog is the easy part. The care and feeding of the blog is quite another matter.

  • i don’t think this is in the Constitution, but i guess that’s just me

    For the Native Americans and Afro-Americans who were exterminated like vermin, the constitution was not worth the toilet paper it was not written on.

    Laws are not worth the sonorous sequel to a feast of beans nor to the toilet paper they were not written on. What matters is who interprets them and who enforces them.

  • Here is a twenty minuet video on Arctic Methane. It has probably already been posted, given that much of the footage is familiar, but as a whole, I consider it to not only be very concise, but probably the best up to date video montage on methane……therefore it’s worth repeating, for those who missed it the first time.


  • Nice overview of the Kulture of Lies the U.S. has become.

    We have the Ministry of Propaganda in the Land of the Brave that Joseph Göbbels and his soulmate and dancing partner Edward Bernay would swoon over.
    Lance Armstrong and America’s growing culture of psychopathic liars


  • Guy, thank you for your permission, and Robin – you’re correct about the public nature of comments here, technically I didn’t have to ask, but because I’m interested in collaboration and collective intelligence and such, it matters that people are more-or-less okay with knowing the communication is being thought about in a scientific way.

    fyi, someone who wanted to quote somebody from NBL could probably get around a Creative Commons license or even a traditional copyright via “Fair Use” like rebellious pixels Right Wing Radio Duck: Donald Duck Discovers Glenn Beck.

    Kathy C, I have no problem sharing whatever I’d like to you use for your case-by-case permission, the mechanism is Conditional Affirmation. I do know how things can be taken out of context, and also (on the flip side) that creative interpretations are sometimes more effective than literal ones.

    This possibility of misrepresentation is another reason to have made the request publicly: anyone who’s interested can help provide a check-and-balance on the apparent level of (in)sanity. Speaking of which, here’s this week’s reflexivity entry:

    Mudfire! May the world be good to you.

  • @ Tom

    I had an uncle who used to volunteer to assist on archaeological diggings, who told me that on one such, they went down through the layers, Mediaeval, Anglo-saxon, Roman, Iron age, and came upon an intact and perfectly preserved light bulb from the 1950s, with no explanation as to how it had arrived deep in the ground. I don’t think I’d be inclined to rewrite European history on the strength of that anomaly though, and likewise with those bizarre Russian and American oddities found in the coal. Although they are very peculiar and it is hard to see what the explanation could be, perhaps there is one that does not involve aliens or rearranging evolution, etc. Maybe there was earlier unrecorded illicit mining that was backfilled or something. Who knows ?

    Re SH. Seems that the death certificate thing I mentioned is not actually official. It comes from a commercial site. Seems official death certificates are not made available to the public. So Adam Lanza’s Dec. 13th could be a typo or could be someone making mischief and confusion. Remarkably, seems that there is not one single official documentary record of any kind showing that someone called Adam Lanza ever existed. Nothing.

  • ulvfugl: and here i was going to start the day with this, from your side of the pond


    i agree that it’s odd, but i recall a few journalists cataloguing all the anomalies from archeology and putting out a book, some time ago, which was summarily dismissed as rubbish by the established archeologists. No one ever provided any other explanation though. How the frack do formed metal parts become embedded in million year old coal seams? Curious. The one above is evidence of life from a meteorite that fell to earth. Another strange occurance.

    On Sandy Hook, i’m leaning toward a psy-op because the msm lack of consistency and botched explanations don’t say anything about an actual event. Compare it to the college shooting yesterday and you can see that the whole thing smells like an “exercise” by law enforcement, complete with little to no actual details and the like. i think we’re being corralled by the powers that be, slowly but surely (maybe into FEMA camps, as Alex Jones says). Their explanation of the carnage in such a short amount of time by an amateur gunman was called into question by a military person on some blog who is familiar with guns and what it would take to hit each target multiple times (better than experts, according to him). It’s all really fishy.

  • @ Tom

    Yes, I saw that diatom in the meteorite. But it doesn’t mean there’s life in outer Space does it, it could more likely be from when massive meteorites impacted Earth and flung debris out into Space, and that piece has returned.

    I don’t think that metal parts do get embedded in million year old coal seams millions of years ago. I think it happens more recently. How, I don’t know. That would need detailed investigation of each site and the surrounding circumstances. Some coal is quite soft and sticky. Could also be like Piltdown Man, forgery kinda thing ? maybe.

    Yes, SH goes on and on. The authorities and MSM are not honest and straightforward so the amateurs and the kids do the digging and it does get crazy…


    You know, the first time I saw the A L photo, I thought it looked photoshopped and made to fit a classic scary-psycho-weirdo stereotype, specifically chosen to fit a narrative. The MSM have told the public a story, which they mostly now believe. What really happened is something completely different.

  • U: Agree – just like with the other “happenings” and their official versions of the Orwellian truth (JFK, RFK, 9-11, and who knows what others up to SH).

    Saw this and began wondering how pervasive mosquito and tick-borne diseases are becoming for humanity. We’re worried about a flu epidemic here while these people have some really scary shit to deal with in dengue fever!


  • @ Tom

    Yes. Ticks have increased a lot here in recent years. Hard to feel any ‘buddhist compassion for all sentient beings’ when it comes to ticks…

    There is a theory that this is some sort of internal power struggle between, say, CIA and DHS, or similar factions. DHS/FEMA were doing the simulated drills at the time, someone else moves in to do the ‘reality’ version under their noses, sending a signal, a message…


  • I think that all megalomaniac psychopathic kings, dictators, czars, pharoahs, presidents, whatever, probably right back to Sumeria, have had to have networks of spies under a spy master. And then the problem arises, can they trust the spymaster ? Because he’s actually got more power than they have themselves. So then they set up another network of spies to spy on the first lot, to check out the stories the spymaster is telling. And soon the paranoia increases, because if someone gets assassinated, and both spy networks deny any knowledge, then who was it ? And so a third secret spy network is needed to watch the first two… and the spymasters themselves do not trust their own spies and subordinates, many of whom will be double-agents, and so employ additional off-the-record criminals to find out what’s really going on. And then these agencies grow and take on a life of their own…. And so it goes….

    CIA… Indeed.


  • People are not conscious of it, but ‘conspiracy theory’, as a negative term, is a CIA invention, a mental association, meme that has been planted into everyone’s brain by the CIA. Think about that for a moment.

    “Conspiracy theory” is a term that at once strikes fear and anxiety in the hearts of most every public figure, particularly journalists and academics. Since the 1960s the label has become a disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly effective in defining certain events off limits to inquiry or debate. Especially in the United States raising legitimate questions about dubious official narratives destined to inform public opinion (and thereby public policy) is a major thought crime that must be cauterized from the public psyche at all costs.


  • A family member just sent me this.

    Think there is a message there?

  • .
    Nothing Don’t Matter No More

    Ain’t sweeping no dirt off no floor,
    Don’t seem like no reason what for;
    Climate heat’s high degree
    Plus failed nukes guarantee
    That nothing don’t matter no more.

    Each day we see more to deplore—
    Still in store, much more horror of war;
    With nowhere to flee,
    There’s no escapee,
    So nothing don’t matter no more.

    At first it seems somewhat hardcore,
    Using language that’s hard to ignore,
    But si, senor, si!
    And monsieur, mais oui!
    Nothing don’t matter no more.

    Dunno today’s circus game score,
    Daily bread’s always less than before;
    Our NTE
    Means nothing don’t matter no more.

    Ain’t sweeping no dirt off no floor,
    Don’t seem like no reason what for;
    Climate heat’s high degree
    Plus failed nukes guarantee
    That nothing don’t matter no more.

  • Wildwoman, I just had a chance to watch that little video. Interesting thing to watch on a short break between patients.

    The advice to just live life and stop living in fear was good. The rest of it was typical denial. True, there have been many predictions of the end of the world, and thus far, all of them have been wrong. But it only takes one. It reminds me of the daredevil who says “I’ve always been okay before” just before he crashes. There’s a difference between those who predict the end of the world based on mysticism and religion and those who predict that our way of life is leading to our rapid demise. One is based on fantasy, the other is based on scientific observation. Big difference.

  • Wildwoman, that made me laugh so hard I literally have tears in my eyes!! Of course the Dr. is correct…but it was funny!!

    Collapse has a terrific video posted today, way better than the insipid story of stuff series:


  • It is a hilarious little video. If only squirrels were powerful! But yes, I’ve tried very hard to emphasize the difference between data and calendars, Aliens, comets and whatever else. I’ve written two blogs about becoming a doomer, and I talk about denial, etc. If there must be denial, let it be this funny.

  • This may be of interest:


    In an unprecedented move, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has shifted 47 Japanese nuclear reactors from the category “In Operation” to the category “Long-term Shutdown” (LTS) in its web-based Power Reactor Information System (PRIS). The number of nuclear reactors listed as “In Operation” in the world thus drops from 437 yesterday to 390 today, a level last seen in Chernobyl-year 1986 and a dramatic step of the IAEA’s official statistics in recognizing industrial reality in Japan. This is without doubt a unique revision of world operational nuclear data. […]

    Hey, at this rate we’ll be nuclear free by about 2200!! YAY!

  • this does not mean that the power plants “not in operation” are not dangerous…

  • BtD you have outdone yourself. I think you need to publish a book. :)

    Reminded me of this song I first heard sung by Pete Seeger

    The Housewife’s Lament

    One day I was walking, I heard a complaining
    And saw an old woman the picture of gloom
    She gazed at the mud on her doorstep (’twas raining)
    And this was her song as she wielded her broom

    Life is a trial and love is a trouble
    Beauty will fade and riches will flee
    Pleasures they dwindle and prices they double
    And nothing is as I would wish it to be.

    There’s too much of worriment goes to a bonnet
    There’s too much of ironing goes to a shirt
    There’s nothing that pays for the time you waste on it
    There’s nothing that last us but trouble and dirt.


    In March it is mud, it is slush in December
    The midsummer breezes are loaded with dust
    In fall the leaves litter, in muddy September
    The wall paper rots and the candlesticks rust


    There are worms on the cherries and slugs on the roses
    And ants in the sugar and mice in the pies
    The rubbish of spiders no mortal supposes
    And ravaging roaches and damaging flies


    It’s sweeping at six and it’s dusting at seven
    It’s victuals at eight and it’s dishes at nine
    It’s potting and panning form ten to eleven
    We scarce break our fast till we plan how to dine


    With grease and with grime from corner to center
    Forever at war and forever alert
    No rest for a day lest the enemy enter
    I spend my whole life in struggle with dirt


    Last night in my dreams I was stationed forever
    On a far distant isle in the midst of the sea
    My one chance of life was a ceaseless endeavor
    To sweep off the waves as they swept over me

    Alas! Twas no dream; ahead I behold it
    I see I am helpless my fate to avert
    She lay down her broom, her apron she folded
    She lay down and died and was buried in dirt.

  • I was accused today basically of wanting and rejoicing in end time events. I guess once you get OK about NTE you look to others so crazy that they have to attribute crazy ideas to make you go away. Usually no one accuses a Dr. of wanting his patient to die when he signs the papers that allow them hospice care, ie saying they have 6 months or less to live. But I had one hospice patient who finally went to the hospital – the Dr. prescribed pain killers in a min and max amount. The daughter asked the nurses to give the max amount and one of the accused her of trying to kill her father.

    I did a huge hunk of mourning when I realized over 10 years ago that a great dieoff was coming so by the time I realized that NTE was what it was probably going to be, it was more like a little blip – oh 100% instead of 99.9%

    The thing is that the end comes to each of us anyway – personal end that is. It is of course harder to think about most or all people dying, but in fact everyone alive today will die. Timing is what we are looking at, method of death, and whether our genes carry forward or not. (Except for those to be snatched directly to heaven in the Rapture :) ) Squirrel missed the one about the end of the sun which scientist seem to agree will happen….

  • Tom good news – only 390 nuclear plants to go Fukushima when the grid goes down!!! Not such good news concerning San Onofre and the NRC

    Podcast by Arnie Gundersen – he talks about the hearing in the first 20 minutes and then it goes into the hearing itself I have only listened to the first part so far. The NRC doesn’t care about us, that is clear. As he made his presentation one of the NRC folks fell asleep and another tried to hurry him up he said.
    In this week’s podcast, Fairewinds looks at how difficult it is for the public to meaningfully participate in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s licensing process. Arnie Gundersen was retained by Friends of the Earth to assess major problems at the San Onofre nuclear plant in California that have caused a year long shutdown. Arnie met with the NRC this week concerning his analysis of what went wrong and how the problems were foreseeable. In this podcast, Arnie discusses how Southern California Edison deliberately withheld information to make his technical analysis more difficult to accomplish. Fairewinds taped the meeting, so our podcast listeners can hear for themselves the difficulties Arnie encountered and the games the NRC and Southern California Edison played to prevent his participatio

  • Thanks Kathy. Now, I have to confess and belatedly give you your share of the credit. I’ve been trying to make the idea work for a long time, but it was your recent post at America2Point0 which provided the final stimulus:

    Does anyone think anything makes any difference now????? Kathy


  • Kathy, or rather I should say, you provided the direction—as usual!

  • Kathy C said “It is of course harder to think about most or all people dying, but in fact everyone alive today will die.”

    There’s that, which is undeniably true – but what is far more difficult for me isn’t all people dying, it’s all of nature – the trees, the insects, the corals and the whales – which took so unimaginably long to create the exquisitely enormous variety of life that we are so quickly destroying…that, and the marvelous paintings and the music and the literature and the sculpture and the magnificent buildings from Machu Pichu to the Greek temples.

    That breaks my heart, because I just don’t see it ever being re-created. When we die, and take many other forms of life with us, other forms will likely come along, eventually (unless of course we have unleashed a Venus effect, but that’s hard to know). But all that other stuff, I can’t see that being preserved, let alone resurrected. It will be just, gone.

    Now, that is sad.

  • Gail yes sad, but when the sun dies it all goes. And while it is all beautiful in the whole, in the parts it is each one eat another, rabbits eaten by foxes, baby birds swallowed by snakes etc. Lots of horror in the details. And probably only a few species other than humans can begin to look at it an find it beautiful and certainly only humans have ever looked at the big beautiful planet in the sky from the sky. Don’t know if that helps you, it helps me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uimut0dYZ7s

    So sad, the one species that could look over the whole planet and call it good is the one species that is bringing it all down….

  • Hah! Kathy I watched that video. It’s really heartbreaking and reminded me of my local schoolchild contest:


  • This country (Québec and Canada) is a cold country. Which means it cannot support more people than it can sustain with energy on the coldest day. It is very cold now, for many days, and the grid is stretched to its maximum. And all my life I heard people say: «There is so much space in Canada, there should be more people.» Like if one dimension, in this case space, is enough to evaluate a complex situation…

    Should the grid fail for many days in a period as cold as this one, it could be massive die-off. And nobody really knows the real state of that «grid». We have to rely on the little information and lies we get from the enegy company. The grid fell before, and it will fall again.

    It is difficult today to imagine Australia baking. It is so cold here. It is difficult to heat the houses. Schools are closed. And the MSM is very busy telling us how to start our cars in such a weather. That is the important thing: the cars. Keep the cars on the road. eternally.

  • Thank you Gail, what a testament to the wisdom of children and the fog of adulthood.

    Michele come summer I think we live in the worst of places, but you remind me that right now we have it good – got sunny and went up to 60 today. Guess you can freeze sooner than you can starve from lack of food due to drought….

  • So…Can we Mothers do something? I wonder, constantly, how it is that mothers obsess over stupid shit like grades and not a word about near term extinction.

    Is there some way we can join together to demand a global survival plan?

  • «So…Can we Mothers do something?» dear Gail, I just learned today that 7 weeks ago, a young alchoolic woman on welfare who already has a very difficult 3 year old son with no father got pregnant from my son who cannot and do not want a child. She did not tell him she had stopped contraception and she now says it is her «choice» and she will keep the child. They were never a couple and he will never have a life with her. I am simply desperate. I will be the grandmother of that child! I have no «choice». I have very somber thoughts. I am completely powerless. I wish I never had children.

    And my answer is no, we mothers cannot do anything.

  • Andean glaciers melting at ‘unprecedented’ rates

    Andean glaciers are retreating at their fastest rates in more than 300 years, according to a new study


  • Dave Pollard’s

    May 2, 2005
    The End of Philosophy

    How to Save the World – Dave Pollard’s blog

    “We humans have not changed and cannot change what we are, what we do, how we behave or what we value. We are doomed by the coding in our DNA to continue along our inexorable path of self-destruction, and to inflict large-scale but ultimately transitory damage on our planet in the process.”

    “the good life is only the natural life lived skilfully; it has no particular purpose, and nothing to do with the will or trying to realize any ideal…The core of ethics is not choice or conscious awareness, but the knack of knowing what to do. It is a skill that comes with practice and an empty mind; it means living effortlessly, according to our natures.”

  • They’ve found a shale oil deposit (somewhere between 3bbl and 200bbl) in Australia, and the only question anybody asks is where to get a few hundred billion dollars so they can start extracting it from the ground. File under “we’ve totally got it coming to us.”


  • Nature’s Way by Spirit

  • RD, thanks for the link to Pollard, who talks about my favorite British pessimist, John Gray.

    Gray, correctly imo, claims that the Enlightenment was a rationalist fantasy because the hairless monkey is burdened with too much evolutionary baggage to compensate for the aggressive territorial tendencies, cognitive deficiencies and other hard wired distortions that a successful intelligent species would be required to overcome. The myth of progress, according to Gray, is nothing more than a secularized version of Joachim of Fiore’s “revelation” that history has a formal structure and is progressing toward a final consummation during the coming age of the holy spirit. Hegel and Marx and, finally, Twentieth Century capitalism derived their view of history as progression towards inevitable betterment of the human condition from Joachim’s millenarianism.

    If one had to pick one reason for our demise, it seems to me that the “delusional drive” (to coin a term) would be it; i.e. the need to construct master narratives that are disconnected from reality and which posit the hairless monkey as the central protagonist in a cosmic drama (or, now a days, the central protagonist in a reality TV show … don’t most people act and think as if they are living in a television show?). These narratives always rationalize hierarchical systems of exploitation and oppression. Monotheism fits in perfectly with the notion of One Folk, One Nation, One Ruler. It is the deep psychological need to embrace mythologies (Christianity, nationalism, racism, consumerism, asshole-ism, etc) that has prevented us from recognizing the bio-physical limits to the sudden expansion of our species that occurred in the last 200 years and the depth of the destruction it has caused.

    The transhumanists think that soon we will be able to genetically and cybernetically create a better model. That’s probably what the ETs did when their civilizations reached a similar singularity ages ago in a hyperdimension far, far away. It seems that we’re probably going to run out of time before we can manufacture human 2.0 (or, maybe someone, somewhere has already done it for us).

  • Guy, just a note of respect and appreciation for your remarkable work/videos I’ve viewed on You Tube. To the point, good timing/delivery, no-nonsense and easy-to-follow, even riveting. Wow. (Don’t let my compliment get to your head.) ;)
    Keep up the good work.
    ~ Caelan

  • The Residence time of oxygen on the atmosphere is 4,500 years per the Wikipedia article on the Oxygen Cycle. This means that in one year 1/4,500 of the atmospheric oxygen leaves the atmosphere and is replaced by an equal quantity of oxygen entering the atmosphere. If all entry were stopped, and the rate of depletion continued the same, in 2,250 years half the oxygen would be removed. If the rate of depletion were doubled (as for example, from phenomena such as forest fires) in 1,125 years half the oxygen would be removed. In one year, 1/2500 of the oxygen in the atmosphere would be removed. Nothing that would concern Homo destructus var. myopicus.

  • Robin; OK, so it doesn’t matter in the near future. But runaway warming does.

  • Snip below, more at the link….confirming what I thought about some of these folks….


    Unfortunately, the content on many of the “alternative” websites often exhibit the same revenue-driven linking behavior I described above with respect to MSM or SCM websites, to wit”
    There are few (if any) links to outside sources, even when the topics under discussion demand some kind of documentation. For example, Jim Kunstler’s website is a veritable “black hole” in the sense that, once you enter there, you can hardly follow an outbound link to another content source. You can follow links to materials (video, audio) which promote Jim’s writings. And you will find mostly the same thing on Smith’s blog, Greer’s blog or Martenson’s website. There will be occasional exceptions, as I noted above, but these only serve to prove the rule.
    When outside sources are cited, they tend to support the point of view being presented, which creates what I call a closed world. Sources with different views are rarely linked to. The point of view presented is thus confirmed and reinforced by restricting access to conflicting information. On DOTE, I do my best to present an open world. I always link to (and quote) the sources whose wrongheaded views conflict with my own
    Many “alternative” websites are “self-centered” because they want grab and hold your attention in order to generate revenue in one of these two ways”
    subscriptions Martenson uses this revenue model, so he puts content in front of and behind a pay wall. Stuff in front is meant to get you to subscribe so you can read the stuff behind the wall.

    book/DVD sales, speaker fees Greer, Smith and Kunstler are “selling their book” as the phrase goes. The Automatic Earth is selling DVDs. It’s a good bet that all these people accept speaking fees.

  • Kathy: Well, yeah – bloggers have to generate an income stream to stay “alive” so of course they’re going to “talk their book.” What’s funny, to me, is the sentence by this critic “I do my best to present an open world. I always link to (and quote) the sources whose wrongheaded views conflict with my own” automatically disparaging opinions other than that which he accepts as ‘wrongheaded’ – JUST LIKE THE REST. We all have “confirmation bias” to some extent, and i appreciate this guy at least admitting it up front in that statement, but think it’s funny nonetheless. i don’t find this surprising, just typically human. We decide what truth we want to believe in, be it the myth of religion, environmentalism, capitalism, or whatever and tend to shun that which contradicts it (if we’re lucky the truth whacks us in the head and can’t be ignored – changing our worldview in the process). i think most people live in ignorance their entire lives.

    ‘collapse’ has a great follow-up to yesterday’s article, worth the read:


    Robin: Pollard is a good read. Thanks for the old link (i had forgotten about).

    Guy: thanks for the link to that article. People don’t count nature for more than its use (okay ABuse) by humanity – to their detriment. The quote by Thoreau makes it clear that nature heals us without even trying and that segregating ourselves off from it is tantamount to suicide.

  • Michele I am so sorry. My biggest fear is that one of my daughters will decide to start a family. I’m hoping in an awful sort of way that they’ll realize what a mistake it would be before they reach a time in their life where they are ready to start a family. Either way it’s awful.

    Guy, that study made me want to scream!! The forest service is as corrupt as the FDA and the Federal Reserve. They have a revolving door with lumber companies just like other agencies have with big banks, big pharma, Monsanto, etc. One of the authors actually told me that he thinks “stress” is the reason people die with less trees, as opposed to a known toxic gas that is inexorably increasing in concentration! Thanks for the link, I put this comment at the Atlantic:

    “…they are unable to satisfactorily explain why this might be so.” That is because the Forest Service – which is entangled with timber and other extractive mining industries linked to fossil fuel interests – doesn’t want to admit what they well know: the pollution from cars and power plants is toxic. How many times have you heard – plant a tree, they clean the air? Well, they do! That’s why people are healthier when the trees are absorbing tropospheric ozone.

    The other thing this study ignores is the rather obvious question – what happens to trees when they so obligingly absorb poisonous gases? Answer: THEY die, instead of us! Studies have proven that trees are dying all over the world, and it’s because they are damaged from pollution, which makes the more vulnerable to other pathogens – insects, diseasae and fungus. The grid went down for so long after Sandy because hundreds of thousands of trees fell, and it was easy to see that they were rotted on the inside. Trees should live for centuries, some for thousands of years. They’re not supposed to be rotted when the are 50 or 150 years old. More on this “flawed” (coughs politely) study here: https://witsendnj.blogspot.ca/2013/01/a-travesty-of-mockery-of-sham.html

  • Tom I noted that as well (automatically disparaging opinions other than that which he accepts as ‘wrongheaded’), OTOH saying we will have endless energy from fossil fuels is wrongheaded. Saying that climate change is not human caused is wrongheaded. I don’t know if those were the opinions he was referring to but if they are he is right. There are some opinions that we can safely call wrongheaded. Like that the earth is Flat. And some that you can’t be sure about but strongly suspect are wrong. I haven’t read enough of his blog to know what he labels wrongheaded, but I did note that he has a donate button.

  • @ Tom

    Here is a video clip of ‘State Police’ at SH, the ones who appear to be speaking a foreign language.


  • @ Tom

    Also came across this interesting incident that I had not heard of before, where a false flag event was used to manipulate public opinion.

    To make the attack seem more convincing, the Germans brought in Franciszek Honiok, a German Silesian known for sympathizing with the Poles, who had been arrested the previous day by the Gestapo. Honiok was dressed to look like a saboteur; then killed by lethal injection, given gunshot wounds, and left dead at the scene, so that he appeared to have been killed while attacking the station. His corpse was subsequently presented as proof of the attack to the police and press…….American correspondents were summoned to the scene the next day but no neutral parties were allowed to investigate the incident in detail and the international public was skeptical of the German version of the incident


    Imo, it is as yet too early to say for certain, but if the video from the state of the art security system that had just been installed never appears, and the entire building is soon to be demolished, without any further independent forensic investigation, as has been suggested will now happen, and all the outstanding questions remain unanswered, I think it would be safe to conclude that SH was an ‘unconventional operation’.

  • From that wiki page, Hitler.. : ..told his generals, “I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn’t matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth.”

    Which I find interesting. You see, it really does not matter whether people are sceptical about what the media has told them about SH, or whether they think it is all lies. It’s part of a propaganda war. Just like “We know he’s got WMD’s” was an outright lie, that didn’t matter and didn’t make any difference to what followed.

    If/when more SH incidents occur, they’ll provide the justification, in rhetorical, propagandistic, terms, for action of some kind. And after the deeds are done, who cares what the ‘truth’ was ? Nobody has the power to drag Bush and Blair and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Powell, et al, in front of a War Crimes Tribunal, have they. Whoever ‘arranges’ the SH-type incidents knows that much, for sure.

  • Thanks for your first-time comment in this space, Caelan MacIntyre. If you insist upon being complimentary, please keep ’em coming.

  • The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View from the Future by Naomi Oreskes & Erik M. Conway


  • Kathy: i was talking to a friend whose girlfriend wants to have kids (she’s a bit younger than him) whereas he decidedly doesn’t want any. He said he can’t even bring it up to her because she’s so optimistic and “looking toward the future”. He says she firmly believes that all will turn out well because she believes in God (the catholic version).
    i sent him both Guy’s “We’re Done” essay and the collapse blogpost i linked to this morning. People who are just SO SURE that their religious convictions are the unvarnished truth of the world are in for a rude awakening in a few years. But of course that’s just my opinion and like the squirrel demands – i keep it to myself.

    Gail: yeah, all our “watchdog” agencies have been infiltrated with people from the very industries they’re supposed to be regulating. This has been going on for a while.

    Ulvfugl: have you seen this?

    It won’t effect you but i’m gettin’ a little nervous.

  • Observations on Arctic ice:



    Baffin Bay ice has particular features which ease the presence of cyclones over the entire Bay. It seems obvious that Arctic Ocean new ice morphology is doing exactly the same thing, but on a far larger scale, Baffin Lows are a repository of Cyclones, they die there because of Greenland. Recent cyclones on their way north dwarf Greenland a great deal more than the spin off lows which usually die over Baffin Bay, they have no quick place to expire but live a whole lot longer over the Arctic ocean, this ultimately changes the nature of long standing weather cycles going way back in time. At this stage of thinner ice, we are not experiencing the full effect of the change. But have some ideas of what will happen. Massive cyclones will keep the Arctic even warmer, they will linger longer bringing northwards all the heat they carry, instead of “bouncing” off cold anticyclonic air frontier and therefore keeping the mid-latitudes warmer. The interim view is a colder mid-latitude winter only in some spots, while the further warming of the Arctic.

  • @ Tom

    I think USA sees UK as a convenient air base, whatever happens over there has its effects here…

    There are four groups categories of people emerge with events like Sandy Hook:

    1- A sub-group of people who automatically assume that every shooting/terrorist attack is an “inside-job”. This sizable minority group will dogmatically remain entrenched in this position regardless of the evidence. The inevitability here is that they will cherry pick evidence and advocate whichever alternative theory their pied-piper puts forward regardless of the facts.

    2 – There exists another sub-group who hold a healthy scepticism of government and media. There will be some crossover with group 1, but not much. The inevitability here is that many of these people will dilligently pour over the evidence with a fine tooth comb before reaching a conclusion which isn’t afraid to go against the grain.

    3- Another sub-group would be those in the all-important majority. They generally accept the MSM as fact, are privately open to alternative theories but are conditioned to be fearful of the Orwellian perjorative of “conspiracy theorist”. Alternative blogs and news sites combined with the repetition of government/media lies have had a tremendous impact in nudging little-by-little this group towards group 2. I would expect this large group to be the primary targets of government disinformation campaigns.

    4. The final group would be essentially the other side of the same coin with group 1. These zombies will accept everything the MSM and government proclaim as fact and “will dogmatically remain entrenched in this position regardless of the evidence.”

    Groups 1 and 2 are a problem for the government. Group 3 must be prevented in merging with group 1 at all costs. This is why Obama’s former “informations Tsar” Cass Sunstein called for action against “conspiracy theories” in a 2008 paper he authored entitled “Conspiracy Theories”. He said:


  • Did you all see this? A momma right whale and her calf were spotted in Plymouth Harbor TWO AND A HALF MONTHS earlier than any have ever been seen before. (They normally calve near Florida and reach New England waters in April. These two were first spotted on Jan 12th.)

    Whale sighting worries marine experts.

  • States Considering Laws That Would Make it an Act of Terrorism to Report on Abuses at Factory Farms:


  • Another distress call from the scientists at Arctic News:

    This is potentially a United States and world food security emergency, and an Arctic methane feedback planetary emergency. The pace is outstripping the capacity of the international published climate modeling science to assess the risks. The climate science assessment process is unable to rapidly assess all the risks and the combined risk of all risk factors.

    We are on track for 6C by 2100. Even an all out emergency scale response would not see any reduction of atmospheric GHGs for many decades.