I’m asked to speak very frequently. Sometimes these are simple affairs in a single city with few events. But very often they are multi-city speaking tours with several events. It’s overwhelmed my organizational abilities, which were sketchy to begin with.

I need help. Specifically, I would appreciate a well-organized volunteer who is willing to interact with people to organize speaking tours. If you’re interested and in a position to work for no money — albeit with the occasional gift — I want to hear from you.

Desired skills include: pleasant phone manner, ability to use Microsoft Word, adept at using social media, and excellent organizational skills. On the latter topic, I desire somebody with the willingness and ability to keep track of many events with many people in many places, all at the same time.

Let’s start with email (guy.r.mcpherson@gmail.com). Describe your skills, let me know your availability, and give me a list of questions. From there, we’ll probably proceed to Skype or a telephone call.

Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Guy,

    I’d like to work with you on your speaking engagements. We’ve exchanged messages, but that’s about it.

    As to experience and organization, I’ve spoken out on environmental issues since high school. I’ve opened over 25 restaurants in the Bay Area, as well as have had two of my own. As a consultant, I’ve opened, as well as held the title of General Manager of two of the largest nightclubs in the Bay Area. I suspect that this would qualify myself as being reasonably well organized.

    In addition I was responsible for feeding information to the reporter that resulted in a front page article in the San Francisco Chronicle on salt water intrusion in the Salinas Valley.

    Presently, I’m considering a change and I find your stance as well as your choice of subject matter worth championing. I’m sure you will have a number of people offering help, and with my past experience, I’m sure you’ll sift through a number of people, and make a “short list”.

    Should you find yourself coming up “short”, please feel free to drop me a line. As I’ve said, I have an idea of what you’re going through, and because I’ve worked in the hospitality industry, I’m aware of what a “guest experience” is all about. Ideally, the travel arrangements, the reception, the speaking engagement itself, and the scheduling your return home and the follow up contacts with the people who had you speak, and possible donations are what needs to be co-ordinated.

    At this point, I’m discussing with some of the schools and groups, you possibly speaking in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas, in which case, I’ll let my work speak for itself.

    Should you wish to speak further, I believe you have my contact information.

    Peter Garin
    (415) 279-9442

  • I’ll be your opening act..for now;)

  • Guy,

    My organizational skills are likely worse than yours. Sorry.

    Somehow, keep up the good work.



  • (Sorry, unrelated to your request for help, Guy, but very related to our worsening predicament)

    The Ocean Is Broken
    -by Greg Ray

    >>The next leg of the long voyage was from Osaka to San Francisco and for most of that trip the desolation was tinged with nauseous horror and a degree of fear.

    “After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead,” Macfadyen said.

    “We hardly saw any living things. We saw one whale, sort of rolling helplessly on the surface with what looked like a big tumour on its head. It was pretty sickening.

    “I’ve done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I’m used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, for 3000 nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen.”

    In place of the missing life was garbage in astounding volumes.

    “Part of it was the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan a couple of years ago. The wave came in over the land, picked up an unbelievable load of stuff and carried it out to sea. And it’s still out there, everywhere you look.”>>

    There is more at the link below. Horrifying & happening now. Now. Argue the details all you want. We are killing her with a thousand cuts. If it was just one or two things, maybe I could drink the hopium juice. As it stands, as it happens, we get to watch. Great sadness.


  • To islandraider:
    Read your article on the link. Thank you so much. This is all too sad.

    About a year ago I heard a man testify at the County Council meeting that our Island, Hawaii Island might get so surrounded with Japan debris that boats won’t be able to come in. I bet a lot of people thought him crazy.

    People go out on their days off to certain beaches and pick up debris but this is the first devastating report I have read.

    How close is this to the Hawaiian Islands and which ones?

    Reta of Kona

  • The “Story of the Century” (indeed, it will be the Last Story), and the man who carries it, with grace and humor. One ray of good luck amidst our misfortune.

    As this awareness accelerates, we, too, are likely to be overwhelmed, and overrun. We’ll look back on this time as the “good ol’ days”, when we were able to discuss all this semi-rationally.

    Cherish this time.

  • Good luck, Guy. Hope you find a match…

  • Overwhelmed… by everything… The Ocean is Broken like Vincent in the Asylum… What is sanity, what is madness, when we are surrounded by an ocean of insanity…

    If the novel has an overbearing literary influence, it’s undoubtedly Jorge Luis Borges. The American Psychiatric Association takes his technique of lifting quotes from or writing faux-serious reviews for entirely imagined books and pushes it to the limit: Here, we have an entire book, something that purports to be a kind of encyclopedia of madness, a Library of Babel for the mind, containing everything that can possibly be wrong with a human being. Perhaps as an attempt to ward off the uncommitted reader, the novel begins with a lengthy account of the system of classifications used – one with an obvious debt to the Borgesian Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge, in which animals are exhaustively classified according to such sets as “those belonging to the Emperor,” “those that, at a distance, resemble flies,” and “those that are included in this classification.”

    Just as Borges’s system groups animals by seemingly aleatory characteristics entirely divorced from their actual biological attributes, DSM-5 arranges its various strains of madness solely in terms of the behaviors exhibited. This is a recurring theme in the novel, while any consideration of the mind itself is entirely absent. In its place we’re given diagnoses such as “frotteurism,” “oppositional defiant disorder,” and “caffeine intoxication disorder.” That said, these classifications aren’t arranged at random; rather, they follow a stately progression comparable to that of Dante’s Divine Comedy, rising from the infernal pit of the body and its weaknesses (intellectual disabilities, motor tics) through our purgatorial interactions with the outside world (tobacco use, erectile dysfunction, kleptomania) and finally arriving in the limpid-blue heavens of our libidinal selves (delirium, personality disorders, sexual fetishism). It’s unusual, and at times frustrating in its postmodern knowingness, but what is being told is first and foremost a story.

    This is a story without any of the elements that are traditionally held to constitute a setting or a plot. A few characters make an appearance, but they are nameless, spectral shapes, ones that wander in and out of view as the story progresses, briefly embodying their various illnesses before vanishing as quickly as they came – figures comparable to the cacophony of voices in The Waste Land or the anonymously universal figures of Jose Saramago’s Blindness. A sufferer of major depression and of hyperchondriasis might eventually be revealed to be the same person, but for the most part the boundaries between diagnoses keep the characters apart from one another, and there are only flashes. On one page we meet a hoarder, on the next a trichotillomaniac; he builds enormous “stacks of worthless objects,” she idly pulls out her pubic hairs while watching television. But the two are never allowed to meet and see if they can work through their problems together.


  • I just caught the last half of the “China Syndrome”, the film that became even more famous because it contained a reference to a nuclear accident rendering uninhabitable “an area the size of Pennsylvania.”

    Everyone in the theatres gasped at that, because 12 days after its release, and before nearly all of us saw it, the film’s warning came true — in Pennsylvania.

    This is how the money powers intend to hold on. Delay, deny, drag us through procedural mud.

    Silence the messenger, just as they silenced Jack Lemmon, the plant engineer who had been warning everyone “I feel a vibration”.

    And then run around like idiots when his warning comes true.

    Only, this time, there’ll be no investigations, and no cover-up, once it all becomes clear, because it won’t matter anymore. Once it is obvious to one and all that there is no recovery ahead, no reversing the climate chaos, upon which either of those would depend, just sheer brute survival, until the end.

    They probably have a plan to ride that baby for a few more years, too; it’ll be interesting to learn what your local warlord finds worthy to continue feeding you.

    Oh, yeah; the “China Syndrome” was released 34 years ago…

  • Requiem of a Phony:

    There once was a man named ulvPHONY,
    whose life was pathetic and lonely;
    Whenever he lit-up a smoke,
    people laughed, this guy’s a joke;
    Because ulv is such a big phony.

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #65

    Huge full moon blushes
    rose dusk – bouncing off purple
    foothills into night.

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #66

    Slime and fetid mud,
    beneath this glassy pond, give
    rise to the lotus.

  • Good Heavens! Where IS everybody?

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #67

    About cows and grass-
    so true. But this girl prefers
    flowers over roots.

  • Guy/Privileged

    If you need someone to make phone calls, I’m game. Some sort of schematic of all the logistical tasks would be helpful for anyone hoping to help. I’m OK for the phone calls and connecting the dots; not good on talking points.

    @ islandraider

    “I asked them why don’t we push for a fleet to go and clean up the mess,” he said.

    “But they said they’d calculated that the environmental damage from burning the fuel to do that job would be worse than just leaving the debris there.”

    Have they considered sail boats?

  • @FriedrichKling
    If you don’t care for someones views, don’t read them. It’s literally just that simple. I enjoy Ulv’s perspective. I ask you, what was written in Ulv’s post above that you felt required a personal attack completely unrelated to Guy or Ulv’s post? The precious few who have come to understand the dire situation we face, and this is what you have to offer? It wasn’t even clever. So much petty sh*t even among the fastest campers here, that I wonder how we’ve made it this long as a species. Truly pathetic. If anything, you remind me that we deserve what’s coming.

  • @Artleads

    Phone calls would be nice…I don’t own a phone:).,,and I think Guys is made of wood.

  • @ FKLING


    @ scott michael

    Thank you so much for that gracious remark.

    @ Denise

    Thank you for the lovely ones.

    Here the wild autumn wind and rain brings down the leaves.

  • Scott M:

    I suppose you have never read ulvPHONY’s nasty ad hominem attacks on any number of posters. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Turnabout is fair play.

    What foolish people like you do not understand is that he is preaching to the choir, like you need to be convinced. His approach falls flat on its face with the general public because normal people never put up with his arrogant boasts.

    “What we deserve” you say. Speak for yourself jack-off. At least I have put my money where my mouth is. What have you done?

  • @ FKLING

    Dear, dear, kling darling, your poetry is even worse than your logic, and that’s saying something. And now you have yet another tantrum.

    Btw, as I understand it, ‘phony’ means fake, in americanese.
    So, for your attempt at a rhyme to make any sense, a phony WHAT ?
    It’s an adjective not a noun. Understand ?

    I bet you don’t even know, do you. You haven’t thought it through.

    Same as you haven’t thought through you ‘aliens’ theory and all that absurd illogical nonsense that you accept just because someone told you, adding insanity to insanity to insanity…

    And let me remind you, once again, whilst you were busy making money selling fucking insurance, I was busy trying to save the world’s forests. YOU are late to the party, money or no money.

  • ulvfugl’s not lonely he’s got all the other inmates to keep him occupied

  • Overwhelmed is good ! That means more and more are wanting to listen.

  • @ privilege

    :-) I’ll use Guy’s email address to ask him to give my contact to anyone higher up in the chain who needs naught but a phone caller.

    @ scott martin

    I agree that if we can be civil here (even with those we dislike) it augers well. If we can see the folly of human relations and how it leads to doom, we should be able to do better here. Is THAT hopium too?

  • My only complaint is the tone – the beating up of posters with mean-spirited attacks. The irony is that “the enlightened” one is so vile.

    scroll bar, scroll bar, scroll bar.

    I am guilty for my part in Industrial Civilization – My consumerism – I am responsible for the trash in the ocean, the child labor in China, the lost rainforests of Brazil.

    My penance is to not aspire.

    The children suffer, there is no redemption.

  • @ulvfugl Thank you so much for the ‘Book of Lamentations’ link. Superb! It was nearly lost on me, but I had a chance to check it out today and glad I did.

    The snippet re: Borges intrigued me, as he wrote one of the more disturbing short stories that I’ve had the displeasure to read, “The Gospel According To Mark”, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a link to Sam Kriss taking Borges’ method of reviewing ‘imaginary’ books to another level, in his attacking the DSM-5 as ‘a classic dystopian novel’. Now that is putting the human mind in all of it’s shrewdness and creativity to good use, in my opinion.
    Kriss says that great dystopian literature has the ability to stand outside time and see the situation in its full hideousness, and then goes on in his ‘review’ to conclude:
    DSM-5 describes a nightmare society in which human beings are individuated, sick, and alone. For much of the novel, what the narrator of this story is describing is its own solitude, its own inability to appreciate other people, and its own overpowering desire for death – but the real horror lies in the world that could produce such a voice.
    Excellent read, especially if you’ve ever had to use the DSM to label people as part of your job requirement, which I have, and which was a disturbing process in itself.

    It illustrates much more creatively than I ever could, that humans need each other, that we are mirrors for each other, some part of us needs to be recognized, to be ‘seen’. And not just ‘hey you!’, but having someone look us in the eyes and say, “I see YOU. The REAL YOU. YOU, not just your image, not the facade, YOU.” And we don’t do that for each other very often it seems.

    @Rob Yes, ‘there is no redemption’, you’ve said it a thousand times, but you are here reading NBL, so some part of you sees what is going on, some part of you is awake and not happy with the status quo any more. So what are you going to do now? You must know that there are people at this very moment fighting for the earth, for the inalienable rights of all living beings, not just humans, to have access to clean water, breathable air, healthy food, safety from war and violence. Is it too late to afford those things to life on earth? Very likely. Should you wake up every day and make the decision to just give up, over and over? That is your right, but I truly hope that people like you, who are here and awake, can find some redeeming quality in life, even if it’s just to reach out your hand to lift up one of those still suffering children you keep talking about. Even one act of grace is better than none.

  • Guy, when I first read the title of this post I thought you where finally feeling overwhelmed emotionaly; because that’s how I’ve been feeling these last few weeks.

    I don’t know how some of you cope, dealing with this knowledge in the circumstances you must deal with everyday, ie in your face industrial civilisation and constant people pressure, and their madness.

    As I’ve said, I live in paradise compared to some of you, but I find myself withdrawing from the outside world more and more.Radio N.Z. National,to which I have been tuned for 40 years, and gave me most of my information prior to the Internet just annoys me more than it informs these days. I have little tollerance for speculations on asteroid mining,planning for the cities of the 21st Century,etc,etc. A constant flow of bright but ignorant people, who should know better but don’t!

    So big ups to all of you dealing with this thing without the benifit of green fields with rabbits and spring lambs leaping, healthy trees full of birdsong at dawn and dusk, and maryjane to keep you sane. I admire you all.

  • Badlands – truly beautiful! – “I see YOU. The REAL YOU. YOU, not just your image, not the facade, YOU.”

    this can always be possible, if we can say “I am ONE with you” to whomever we are with, thinking about, everywhere, all the time.

    it is true – the deepest truth that I know right now, the deepest truth that I could ever see as possible. we are ONE. all of us, from the most completely insane and evil, to the everyday life lovers everywhere…


  • @ Badlands, mo flow

    Imo, an absolutely outstanding piece of writing, superb, tremendous insight, tells us so much about what is so wrong…

    The normal individual in this book is tranquilized and bovine-eyed, mutely accepting everything in a sometimes painful world without ever feeling much in the way of anything about it. The vast absurd excesses of passion that form the raw matter of art, literature, love, and humanity are too distressing; it’s easier to stop being human altogether, to simply plod on as a heaped collection of diagnoses with a body vaguely attached.

  • (Starting from the comments section in the preceding post)

    What, if any, progress is AMEG making toward its aim?


    Are any of the proposed responses plausible?

    Depends – on what they’ve been smoking.

    That is, can time be bought and general ameliorative progress be made if the world were to treat this as a global emergency?

    Maybe – make the road to NTE a little less harsh.

    Why does the AMEG’s message of emergency and response not widely reported or discussed, even on the internet?

    Because it points at NTE. Too damn dastardly.

    More ammo for Guy:

    Not ammo. Another thunderbolt from on high, or another shovelful of muck, depending on one’s attitude.

    we may still have a slight chance of averting NTE — if we address this as the emergency it is

    Go, help those who are already working on it. Quit wallowing in this muck. If you cannot tolerate it, this muck is quite unsuitable for you.

    About what is possible and what is impossible.

    Okay, say with full faith and conviction, “it’s possible!” Then stop wrestling the pigs in this muck: go, help the folks who are trying to do something about. Those who prefer wallowing in the muck should be allowed to do so in peace.

    whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks earlier.

    The wings were flapped by a distant Australopithecine perhaps a couple of million years ago when that gent (or lady?) sharpened a stick or banged two stones together to fashion a tool.

    I remain at a point in my study of the climate crisis / emergency where it seems that point X (irreversible runway catastrophe) MAY still be averted, if only just barely, by the skin of our teeth.

    Good! Plenty of blogs sympathetic to that view. Help those butterflies (and moths) flap their wings.

    If I am right, it is probably only an existential crisis on a global scale that could possibly create the social and psychological conditions

    Aeffingmen! How about a methane burp? When Wile E. Coyote, having run off the cliff, feels around for solid ground with his toes, and gets the message that it’s time to look down!

    Remember, in complex systems leetle tiny conditions may have wildly amazing effects. They can amplify amazingly, though the sequence of events may be difficult or impossible to follow, trace or map.

    Now could that be a reason to spit into the wind?

    all life on Earth is sacred

    Nothing is sacred. The Divine is not lumpy. There is no more of the Divine in one place or thing, or less of the Divine in another.

    I am That, you are that, all of this is That, and there is nothing other than That Divine Reality

    As long as there is an “I” there is a “not-I”. And the “not-I” is something other. Not just in Theravada. (The term “Hinayana” is pejorative, used by other traditions, but not by the Theravadins). And when there is no other, there is no one to say it to.

    A master’s (or any other) degree is like a medieval scholar who has studied many books and is leading his donkey bearing those books on its back. The scholar carries the books in his head, while the donkey carries them on its back. The difference between a realised person and the scholar is many times greater than the difference between the scholar and his beast of burden. (The example comes from Sufism, and in medieval times before printing, books had to be copied by hand: each was worth a small fortune).

    this world and life in it as some sort of cosmic mistake

    Au contraire, it is a Divine Play (“Lila”) and everyone from the amoeba to the saint is an actor in the play. All things are “Prapancha”, the “primordial five”: Existence-Awareness-Bliss and Name-Form. The dyad borrows its existence from the triad. The Awareness and Bliss are also present in every instance of the dyad, even a rock, but are not manifest everywhere. The dyad is the “of” in the “awareness of”.

    All reality that one is “aware of” has its existence borrowed: a dimly lit rope misperceived as a snake is a very real snake as long as it is so perceived. However there is an underlying reality – the rope – from which it borrows its existence/reality. Helluva difficult task to drop the Name & Form. Academic degrees are of minimal to no use in this regard.

    Real love as opposed to a fantasy consolation is a radical departure from protecting and consoling one’s ego.

    All love, no matter how depraved, is real love. It seeks the Self, no matter where it is directed.

    A more profound perspective is in the teachings of the sage Yagnavalkya: tradition has it that he was not only a wealthy person, but was also “enlightened”. When he decided to retire to a contemplative life in the forest, he offered his wealth to his two wives. One of them accepted, but the other, Maitreyi, wanted to know what he was seeking in return for giving up his worldly wealth.

    Brihadaranyaka upanishad, Part II, Chapter 4, verse 5:

    “Then Yajnavalkya said: “Verily, not for the sake of the husband, my dear, is the husband loved, but he is loved for the sake of the self which, in its true nature, is one with the Supreme Self. “Verily, not for the sake of the wife, my dear, is the wife loved, but she is loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, not for the sake of the sons, my dear, are the sons loved, hut they are loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, not for the sake of wealth, my dear, is wealth loved, but it is loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, not for the sake of the brahmin, my dear, is the brahmin loved, but he is loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, not for the sake of the kshatriya, my dear, is the kshatriya loved, but he is loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, not for the sake of the worlds, my dear, are the worlds loved, but they are loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, not for the sake of the gods, my dear, are the gods loved, but they are loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, not for the sake of the beings, my dear, are the beings loved, but they are loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, not for the sake of the All, my dear, is the All loved, but it is loved for the sake of the self. “Verily, my dear Maitreyi, it is the Self that should be realized—should be heard of, reflected on and meditated upon. By the realization of the Self, my dear—through hearing, reflection and meditation—all this is known.”

    If just the idea of love was helpful, we would be a lot better off. But there has to be action,

    That is the path of action. Acting appropriately in accordance with anticipation, but without expectation to secure the good or avoid the evil.

    I see YOU. The REAL YOU. YOU, not just your image, not the facade, YOU

    That happens when the “of” in “awareness of” is shed: the end of the delusion of “I”.

  • ulvfugl –

    If there is a normality here, it’s a state of near-catatonia. DSM-5 seems to have no definition of happiness other than the absence of suffering.


    For much of the novel, what the narrator of this story is describing is its own solitude, its own inability to appreciate other people, and its own overpowering desire for death – but the real horror lies in the world that could produce such a voice.

    I had written a much longer post previously about all this – in some way the complete opposite of what I ended up writing above. it was mostly about the death culture, something right along the above concluding paragraph from your link – full of lamentations.

    but you know, I really don’t see any need for lamentations, when I am honest with myself. all I see is a cycle, one of countless millions that have gone on here and certainly elsewhere, where a certain impulse is finally reaching its natural conclusion.

    yes, it is all so wrong, and all so completely inevitable. the players played their roles, the forces that were set in motion a few thousand years ago are now reaching the logical apex of their original impulse, and it is almost over, this cycle.

    “the real horror that could produce such a voice” – well, what is that horror? only the sum total, the final perfection, of simply seeing everything as dead machinery, and running the human and natural world as a machine whose only goal was to produce more of the machine.

    why didn’t we end up producing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Happiness by this time? why not 2000 pages of all the amazing, incredible, beautiful and sublime ways we can find real joy, love, peace, bliss and righteous good will towards all beings and all nature?

    because when the starting gun fired for this cycle, the stated goal was not the pursuit of happiness, it was simply the pursuit of having-ness.

    the righteous will towards acquisition. “go forth and multiply” – not “go forth and find peace” or “go forth and be kind to nature.”

    so, it is done. we are trapped in the ultimate machine of pure, perfected acquisition – one that will suck the last living and non-living juice out of the Earth in a kind of unstoppable implosion, to be burned up, used, and lost forever.

    we can never escape from this machine by choice – as you mention, none of the billions are going to willingly walk away from it, because they can’t. they are built into it now. it owns all of us.

    down and out. end of cycle.

    what is already dead will be left behind forever. what could never have been destroyed in the first place will carry on. this is the way of the life force.

  • Hmmmm, why do male animals fight? What are they competing for?

    All genes that are here are here because their forebears successfully got passed into the succeeding generations since even before the LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor – of all life – see Wikipedia).

    He said, if humans lost 90% of our offspring to predation we would go insane.

    It’s a matter of r-selection vs. K-selection:
    r/K selection theory

  • Guy: I wish I could quit my teaching job and volunteer, but i’m so broke I can’t even pay attention. I admire and respect all you do and the way you do it.

    44 south: i’m with you on the overwhelming feelings of dread. It’s hard NOT to notice the deterioration, pollution, dead carcasses lining the roads on the way to “work” at some meaningless job that barely pays the bills. At least you can be isolated.

    Everyone: off topic, but just like all the other problems we bring on ourselves as part of “civilization” there’s this little problem of the stuff they put in almost every food you buy to “enhance flavor” and make things sweeter, fructose.


    The battle over the compound fructose now reaches new levels of obfuscation. The food industry is a strong – and loud, and rich – proponent, hard to ignore. The European Food and Safety Agency has just weighed in, in favour of the substitution of sucrose (table sugar: a disaccharide composed of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose) with fructose alone, the sweeter of the two – even to the point of allowing health claims for fructose on the packaging of processed foods.

    And yet the scientific data on fructose says it is one of the most egregious components of the western diet, directly contributing to heart disease and diabetes, and associated with cancer and dementia. Nature magazine has just published a scathing indictment of fructose by Dr Lewis Cantley, one of the US’s leading cancer researchers. But the EFSA says it sees no harm, justifying its stance on the basis that fructose has a lower glycaemic index than glucose.

    The concept of glycaemic index is simple. This is how high your blood glucose rises after ingesting 50 grams of carbohydrate in any specific food, which is a measure of a food’s generation of an insulin response, and is used as a way of showing a food’s potential for weight gain. Glycaemic index is a proxy for how high your insulin level will rise, which determines whether that blood glucose will get shunted to fat cells for storage. Low-glycaemic-index diets promote blood sugar stability and are associated with weight loss. But the EFSA has missed the point. Glycaemic index is not the issue.

    Glycaemic load is where it’s at. This takes into account how much of a given food one must eat to obtain 50 grams of carbohydrate. The perfect example is carrots. Carrots have a high glycaemic index – if you consume 50 grams of carbohydrate in carrots, your blood sugar will rise pretty high. But you would have to eat 1.3lbs – 600 grams – of carrots to get 50 grams of carbohydrate. Highly unlikely. Any high-glycaemic-index food can become a low-glycaemic-load food if it’s eaten with its inherent fibre. That means “real food”. But fructose is made in a lab. It’s anything but “real”.

    Yes, fructose has a low glycaemic index of 19, because it doesn’t increase blood glucose. It’s fructose, for goodness sake. It increases blood fructose, which is way worse. Fructose causes seven times as much cell damage as does glucose, because it binds to cellular proteins seven times faster; and it releases 100 times the number of oxygen radicals (such as hydrogen peroxide, which kills everything in sight). Indeed, a 20oz soda results in a serum fructose concentration of six micromolar, enough to do major arterial and pancreatic damage. Glycaemic index is a canard; and fructose makes it so. Because fructose’s poisonous effects have nothing to do with glycaemic index; they are beyond glycaemic index. (there’s more)

  • maybe you saw this too, interesting and disturbing:


    Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? ‘Both men and women say they don’t see the point of love. They don’t believe it can lead anywhere. Relationships have become too hard.’


    Japan’s under-40s appear to be losing interest in conventional relationships. Millions aren’t even dating, and increasing numbers can’t be bothered with sex. For their government, “celibacy syndrome” is part of a looming national catastrophe. Japan already has one of the world’s lowest birth rates. Its population of 126 million, which has been shrinking for the past decade, is projected to plunge a further one-third by 2060. Aoyama believes the country is experiencing “a flight from human intimacy” (read more)

  • I suggest setting up a database on your website specifically around making personal appearances. Use a calendar widget people can make date requests and Highlight when the request has been Approved, closing the date for further requests.

    Most of the process can be automated I think. Contact me if you want to pursue this and I will discuss with the Database Cavalry from California to see what we can come up with.


  • @ mo flow


    Book of Lamentations is I think a reference to the fall of Jerusalem c.2,500 years ago…

    I had not previously heard of Sam Kriss, find he’s highly sophisticated entertaining reading, I like his take on Dawkins here :-)

    Richard Dawkins is not new. Richard Dawkins has been with us for thousands of years. Xanthus of Lydia writes of the presocratic philosopher Empedocles:

    Having reached the summit of Etna, he threw himself into the flames, believing that with the scourging of his body by the fire he would arise as a god. From that day he was known to the people as Μαργίτηἅγιοσ (Margithagios).



  • @ Rob@thepubliclibrary

    Tone matters, but what is more usually associated with wisdom is silence.

  • @ Martin

    When have we heard anything resembling wisdom from you, Martin ?
    Are you offering this as an example ?

    I mean, if you don’t hear anything at all, and there is only silence, how do you discern what is there ? The Peace the Passeth all Understanding ? Nirvikalpa Samadhi ?

    You want to discuss ? You could start by defining your terms. ‘Usually associated’ by whom ? What’s your definition of ‘wisdom’ ?



  • Afraidia Update:

    Welcome to the world of Fire, the recent manifestation of Catastrophic Climate Change:

    ‘Big winds ripping through SA’

    “Very strong winds have been shredding parts of South Australia on Tuesday, downing trees and peeling off roofs and there is more to come…..
    At 9:30am on Tuesday Port Lincoln recorded wind gusts of 107km/h, with help from thunderstorms, its strongest wind in eight years. Significant property damage occurred as far north as the Coffin Bay area.

    On Tuesday afternoon wind reached about 80km/h in the suburbs of Adelaide, peaking at 91km/h at Outer Harbor and 89km/h in the Elizabeth area. This is still strong enough to bring down trees and power lines.

    In the city wind peaked at 75km/h, the third time in the past month that wind has become this strong, making it the windiest spring in at least a decade.”

    ‘”This will be as bad as it gets”: Blue Mountains fire crews prepare for the worst’

    Weather worse than the extremes already predicted, combined with large bushfires burning out of control, and the real potential for others to spark up, have prompted a very grim warning.

    ”This will be as bad as it gets,” Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said. ‘

    “‘On days like [this], there’s a very real potential for more loss of homes and life.’

    The RFS had warned since the weekend about the potential devastation Wednesday’s weather could cause but the revised forecast on Tuesday was even more worrying, Mr Fitzsimmons said…..
    Wednesday would be hotter, drier and windier than the dire predictions previously forecast, posing a grave challenge to one of the largest firefighting contingents assembled in NSW history. They would have to battle an active 1500-kilometre fire edge in the Blue Mountains where three major fires, one at Bilpin now linked to the second at Mount Victoria and a third at Springwood, burned out of control…..
    The forecast was for temperatures in the mid to high 30s, very low humidity and wind gusts of between 80 and 100km/h.
    Aside from the big four fires, another 53 are burning across NSW, 13 of which are uncontained.”

    7 homes destroyed 7 km up the road from my house. 200 burned to the ground 10 towns down the mountain from my house. All schools and pre schools closed tomorrow, expected to be the worst fire conditions for over 50 years.
    Family has gone to Sydney way from the threats.
    Tomorrows synoptic chart for Afraqidia…


    The LOW is 987 mb, the HIGH is 1032 mb. Total differential is 45 mb. This is pretty high, no?

    ‘Current Fires and Incidents, (Map: NSW-Afraidia)’


    60 fires right now burning.

    This is just October.

    Wait until January.

  • All: please see the last comment on the previous thread, in which Rob makes his case for doing nothing. It’s good.

  • I’ve posted anew, and included a video from my recent presentation in Boulder, Colorado. It’s here.

  • @ Martin

    Good ??
    Already dead, is your idea of ‘good’ ? More of your ‘wisdom’ ?
    So instead of Guy’s advice, we should become zombies like Rob ?
    No thanks ! Life is tooo short.

  • ulvfugl – “the fall of Jerusalem” reference, and c. 2,500 years ago is exactly the right timeline.

    there were multiple key events unfolding in the European, Asian and Middle Eastern worlds at that time – threads that all eventually came together to create our beautifully mad machine.

    the sam kriss links – wonderful! I loved the Dawkins essay. oh man, did I love that. :)

    and yeah, I am about the most unplugged, riotously happy, non-zombie conceivably possible. I have walked away from all convention and cogs. I have almost nothing, and my life is literally the envy of mad millionaires who dance to the song of the machine at every turn. I am so insane with joy it is almost unimaginable.

    my particular road less traveled is not a dark tunnel of fog over dead gravel, with blindness behind me and before me – it is a three-ringed superhighway circus of blinding color, life, love, fire and pure bliss.

    why the hell would i want to walk that bleak gravel path of endless fog? why on EARTH would anyone, with any sense of what the machine has destroyed already, willingly surrender what is theirs by birthright to the very same machine, without even a whimper of protest?

    if you surrender your joy and life without even a fight, how have you done any justice to those whose joy and life was ripped right out of their bare hands?

    all you have said to the world was “oh, sorry you are a slave, but no worries, your freedom and light was never worth having and living anyways. see, I am proof. I am the lamentable dead – verily! see and know, you are missing nothing. there is nothing here worth living.”

    oh my GOD.

  • @Robin Datta:

    “Love seeketh not Itself to please,

    Nor for itself hath any care;

    But for another gives its ease,

    And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.”

    So sang a little Clod of Clay,

    Trodden with the cattle’s feet:

    But a Pebble of the brook

    Warbled out these metres meet:

    “Love seeketh only Self to please,

    To bind another to its delight;

    Joys in another’s loss of ease,

    And builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite.”

    William Blake (1757-1827)

  • @ Lidia

    That’s lovely, Lidia. Thanks.

    The difference between the Theravada Buddhists, the Lesser Vehicle, and the Mahayana Buddhist, the Greater Vehicle, is the concept of the ultimate achievement or goal.

    The lesser saints find perfect bliss for themselves, so they no longer suffer but bathe in eternal love and peace. But the greater saints, having found and achieved that bliss, forsake it, and go back to wrestle in the mud and help the poor benighted wretches who are still suffering and struggling to find some light in the darkness.

    That’s what they say, anyway, in the classical Buddhist understanding.

    There’s a sort of mythic formulation, a story, that the person’s spirit or soul, having overcome all obstacles and become perfect, dies and arrives at the equivalent of the Pearly Gates, where they get a very warm welcome and a round of applause, because only a very few are so pure and immaculate… but the REALLY good ones say, heck, no, I couldn’t possibly sit up here with all these angels and God and whatnot, whilst there’s all that mess still going on, what do you people think I am ? And they REJECT the offer to sit beside God, listening to harp music and head on back down into the mess to try and help some poor devils who are still burning in the flames…

    See what I mean ? So then, if that is the highest ideal, it sort of makes you wonder what the point of all the striving to be pure and good and perfect is about. Maybe it’s not all that important. I’ve met some of those holy buddhist monks. Seemed to me they were so taken up with being holy buddhist monks they had completely forgotten how to be human beings.

    Blake used to sit in his garden with his wife, in London, naked, being Adam and Eve. Crazy fucker :-)

    Hope you’re doing fine.

  • @ulfugl

    Cool story bro.

  • @Tom

    You really do post some of the most ridiculous links I could imagine

    all hot air, no evidence.

    Howcould you get evidence of people “not even dating”

    what total, utter idiotic BS, you are gullible,

    Why would you trust a prostitute of 15 years to tell you ANYTHING?

    Dear oh dear, what an old fool you are. Most of the articles in the press are not reporting news, they are attempting to create it.

    Why don’t you stick to reliable sources: your relationships in the REAL world.

  • A quotation from Guy from 2011:

    I don’t believe people will voluntarily move to a more sustainable set of living arrangements. We appear to be hard-wired for growth of the industrial economy. If so, there is no effective combination of mainstream approaches.

    Shall we despair? I think not. To use a line from the iconoclastic Tucson-based writer Edward Abbey, I think we should instead employ action as an antidote to despair.

    First and foremost, we should abandon the industrial economy to every possible extent. Then we should try to destroy it, because merely walking away is analogous to walking away from the screams as people use baseball bats to slaughter unarmed children. Walking away from such a scene does not address the issue, and it makes one a coward.

    The industrial economy is destroying every aspect of the living planet on which we depend for our survival. In addition, the industrial economy is reducing the habitability of the planet for future generations. At this point, it may have tripped an extinction event for humans, although I believe we must act as if it is not too late to save our species. Doing so becomes self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • @ rob
    Thank you for your posts. They are not too long and they come from your heart.

    @ Tom
    That report on people freaking out over celibacy in Japan! I can’t believe how selfish people can be…begging young adults to have children just so there will be someone to take care of them when they are old, never mind the kind of life these children will have, fighting over scarce resources as global ecosystems crash around them.

  • @ mo flow

    “this can always be possible, if we can say “I am ONE with you” to whomever we are with, thinking about, everywhere, all the time.”

    While I hadn’t thought of it in these terms, it seems similar to what I find myself DOING: praying for people I had long forgotten, who I barely know, strangers… (Even if I can’t define who or what I’m praying to.)

    A very congenial and effortless practice is to spend 30 seconds (more or less) doing some small act of cleaning in public restrooms or other places. I do it where no one can see me.

    I believe that what a small handful of folks do now can affect what a large group of folks will do when they wake up. What goes around comes around.

    There was a plan till we got punched in the face. Plans are fine for those who make plans, but the rest of us just muddle through. Since our very existence is a miracle, we believe in miracles. Reason fails, although reason has its place.

    If we are one, it’s not hard to believe that our awakening is others’ awakening too. You either believe or you don’t believe.

  • @ Artleads:

    Ummm, I don’t have a clue what you are talking about, but, put me down for “I don’t believe.”

    Nick Feik (on-line editor of “The Monthly”, Australia) (2012): “As a movement ushering in solutions to halt or slow climate change, the Environmentalism Movement has been catastrophically ineffective. Worst of all, it appears it’s now too late for environmentalists to win the fight. The problem is simple: it’s hard to see how we will reduce emissions at a rate fast enough to prevent runaway climate change. Global emissions are rising (they were up 3 per cent in 2011), and will likely continue to do so. They need to be falling precipitously. India and China are growing their economies thanks mostly to fossil fuels, as are the economies of much of the rest of Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. Few if any of these countries will commit to substantial total emissions cuts, and most developed nations in Europe, as well as the US, Canada and New Zealand, are now reticent about the emissions targets required. As reported by The Age on Monday, the world is on track to see an ”unrecognisable planet” that is between 4 and 6 degrees hotter by the end of this century. And the latest forecast doesn’t include the effects of thawing permafrost, a feedback loop the magnitude of which we’re only just starting to understand. Trying to reduce emissions is not pointless; any reductions will help to some extent, and should be pursued. But reductions on a scale that’s now required? Almost no chance… Australia’s major political parties say they are planning to reduce our emissions by 5 per cent by 2020, with bigger cuts to follow. Actually, on government forecasts, our emissions will rise by 12 per cent (above 2000 levels) by 2020, even with a carbon price. We will only achieve our 5 per cent ”cut” by purchasing emissions reductions from other countries. And, perhaps worse, our coal exports are exacerbating other countries’ emissions addiction.”

  • @ Rob

    I know you don’t “believe.” You think that you are bad, that you have failed, but I don’t see it that way. Or let me say, if I see a failing it is that you can’t accept a dualistic universe, where two different things are simultaneously true.

    It’s important to live consistent with the world you want to see. But doing so is not going to change the world as you want it to change. It can’t be changed with a sensible plan. Why? Because Earth’s habitability is bigger than anything our brains can produce. Earth is not a machine that you can fix. It is an organism, of which life forms are integral parts. Changing yourself–the way a cancerous cell might change to a healthy one, thus helping the entire body, is all to the good. But a body which has a million severe (even terminal) infirmities will still have them after that single cell has changed.

    Blaming yourself for the fate of the planet is to not understand, a) how that wastes energy while preventing a positive alternative, and b) to take yourself too seriously.

    You appear to have stepped out of the world of consumption to a greater than average extent. What’s not to feel good about that?

  • and b) the futility of taking yourself too seriously.

    To continue, as so many have repeated, to hold your individual behavior responsible for the catastrophe of the planet is to attribute powers to yourself that you do not have. At the same time (duality) your individual behavior is, in a metaphysical sense (which is meaningless to you, the only way to change the world. You are all powerful and you’re not powerful at all. So is God.

    No, I’m not mad. If something is a certain way, you can get hammered for stating what is. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t right.

  • @ Artleads

    You are all powerful and you’re not powerful at all. So is God.

    And you are God’s spokesperson, are you, Artleads ?

    Kinda presumptuous, isn’t it ? or did He appoint you and send you to this blog specifically to speak on His behalf and to tell us what He is and isn’t ?

    You see, I don’t care what you believe, it’s entirely your own business, and if it helps you get along, great.

    But, the difference between this blog and all the End Times apocalypse websites out there, and all the innumerable predictions and prophecies of the end of the world that there have been throughout history, is that THIS blog is completely based upon the science, not upon fanciful or crackpot religious revelations that have no basis, other than in someone’s imagination, and no evidence to support them.

    You don’t understand the science. You are pretending that there is some future coming when your fantasies about changing the world are going to come true. We call this, here, selling hopium. It disregards the scientific evidence and is, basically, dishonest.

    So, Artleads. I’m telling you, not only are you not right, you’re misleading people, you are telling lies.

  • As though only one model of the future has any explanatory power. As though the favoured model has all necessary detail of causation.

  • @ Martin

    I have no idea what you are talking about, or how that remark connects to anything that has been said.

    If indeed you know, perhaps you’ll explain your comment, and whatever it is that you are attempting to say.

  • Wendy: I agree. The government of Japan sees it as a big problem (probably because the tax base is eroding and isn’t being supplanted with new taxpayers; also – they’ll need bodies to help stop Fukushima into next century, as if we have that much time left). It’s worrisome on a lot of levels though – intimacy is dying, relationships are stunted, caring is becoming obsolete, before long maybe human touch will be all but forgotten – well, except by thugs and the goon squad who are only too happy to put their hands on people in myriad ways (most of them unpleasant).

  • In The Land Of Conundrum:

    NBL is a science-based secular zone. A frequently voiced premise thereon is that the masses of people are asleep or worse concerning issues of NTE. But NBL remains a science-based secular zone. Which is fine. Which also means that NBL will not be in the business of awakening sleeping masses, for sleeping masses are neither science experts nor secular. The vast majority of the world’s people are religious or “spiritual.” Therein lies conundrum. Addressing the masses through science and secularism will not reach them. So we say that the masses are too stupid and perverse to get it. That is like tying somebody’s hands behind their back, kicking them, then taunting them when they don’t fight back.