SATIRE IS HARD TO WRITE: How long until Monsanto proposes genetic engineering of the human race?

by Scott Erickson, who can be contacted via email at

The hardest part about writing satire is trying to write things that are more absurd than what real life comes up with. I’ve heard this from a lot of comedy writers lately. There’s this idea that satire is dead because real life has become a satire of itself.
Here’s an example: Could anybody have invented the character of Sarah Palin? The vice presidential debate with her versus Joe Biden was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life.

The rest of this post is about a more personal example.

I just published a satirical novel about environmental destruction: The Diary of Amy, the 14-Year-Old Girl Who Saved the Earth.

In the novel, our young protagonist Amy Johnson-Martinez encounters the evil corporation GloboChem. A spill of the agricultural chemical “GrowMagic” has led to a hospital full of sick babies.

Amy does some research into what “GrowMagic” is, and she is shocked – SHOCKED! – to discover that “GrowMagic” is actually ONE OF THE MOST POISONOUS AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS EVER MADE. This is what she finds on the GloboChem website:

Our main product is HappySeeds™ which grow 73% of the world’s vegetables and grains. Most of those seeds are Magic-Ready HappySeeds™ that are genetically engineered to accompany GrowMagic™ “agricultural helper.” As happy farmers around the world say, “I need the miraculous GrowMagic™ to keep my Magic-Ready HappySeeds™ happy!”

If you guessed that “GloboChem” is a thinly-disguised “Monsanto,” and that “GrowMagic™” is a thinly disguised “Roundup,” then good for you! You win 10 points and advance to the semi-finals.

Later in the story, things take a darker turn. Since weeds have evolved into super weeds that are increasingly resistant to agricultural chemicals, bold measures are necessary. Thus, GloboChem’s spokesperson announces a radical new proposal:

“I am proud to announce that GloboChem has developed an innovative new product that will absolutely end all problems with human exposure to agricultural chemicals.

“Our new product is a highly-advanced version of our famous ‘HappySeed’ technology. As you surely know, ‘Magic-Ready HappySeeds’ are genetically engineered to go with our ‘GrowMagic’ agricultural helper. I am proud to announce GloboChem’s brand-new product, which we call ‘HappyHuman.’ It will make human beings — people like you and me — able to withstand the ‘GrowMagic’ that brings us the clean and inexpensive food you serve to your loved ones.

“Each capsule of ‘HappyHuman’ contains specially-engineered radioactive isotopes that go throughout the body, miraculously altering the genetic code to change the cell chemistry in each and every cell. Then, our bodies can withstand the ‘GrowMagic’ that brings us attractive pest-free food at a reasonable price. In other words, it will make us able to withstand ‘GrowMagic’ 100 percent naturally!”

Funny stuff, huh? Well, maybe less funny after the recent announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency. Since weeds have evolved into super weeds that are increasingly resistant to agricultural chemicals, bold measures are necessary. The EPA has decided to allow larger traces of the herbicide glyphosate in farm-grown foods (also see here).

Yes, glyphosate is the key ingredient in the company’s GrowMagic™ label of herbicides. Sorry, I meant to write Roundup label of herbicides.

Don’t worry, though — the acceptable level of glyphosate is only rising a little bit.

The EPA is increasing limits on allowable glyphosate in food crops from 200 ppm to 6,000 ppm. That’s not much – only 3,000%.

Yes, scientists have linked glyphosate to cancerous diseases.

Yes, a study by The Cornucopia Institute concluded that glyphosate “exerted proliferative effects in human hormone-dependent breast cancer.”

Yes, another study concluded that “glyphosate enhances the damaging effects of other food borne chemical residues and environmental toxins.”

Later in The Diary of Amy, the story eventually takes an even darker turn. The public has so far resisted GloboChem’s plan to genetically alter the human race. But the situation has gotten worse, and the economy is in a tailspin due to a sudden oil shortage. We have to act fast! Fortunately, GloboChem comes to the rescue:


We recently announced our new HappyHuman™ product and sought to receive congressional approval to market it. But public reception was less-than-positive and the congressional bill stalled in committee.

We believe that now is the time to pass the bill and rush HappyHuman™ to the American public. Only by genetically engineering a human race able to withstand our products can we preserve our American way of life.

We must increase the “magic” within GrowMagic™ to a level high enough to kill every form of life that has not been genetically modified to resist it. In other words, the only way to sustain human life is to modify ourselves to resist killing the rest of it.

This was much funnier to me when I wrote it. Now, not so much.

I’m just wondering how long it is before I see such a press release in real life, or before I see such a plan being proposed by a GloboChem spokesperson. Sorry, I meant to write Monsanto spokesperson.


McPherson’s latest essaty for Transition Voice was posted Monday, 4 November 2013: Hopium for the masses, renewable energy edition.


An excerpt from Going Dark, which is available from the publisher and Amazon: From Going Dark: “As suggested by the title of this book, this text is not for the faint of heart. Not only are the lights about to go out on industrial civilization, but the lights are about to go out on our species. Marching in lockstep with the dark days faced by society and Homo sapiens is my own heart, heavy with the knowledge in my head and the failure of my personal efforts. My prose in this work reflects the darkness of our final days. It’s time to learn to let go, one last time.”


A presentation I delivered 3 October 2013 is embedded below. It’s already slightly out of date.

Guy’s Climate Chaos Presentation from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.


Thanks to ulvfugl for pointing out a technical fix to the problem of the disappearing comments: “I’m using Chrome browser. Go to top right corner, click three horizontal bars, says ‘new incognito window’, get NBL, and everything is immediately updated. Can’t advise for any other browsers, but I assume it’s something to do with cookies and being tracked, etc, because being anonymous fixes it.”

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  • Karl Marx, one of the least funny of the Marx brothers noted: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

    And what a farce we’re in. From the slapstick fiasco of Fukushima to the one and half ring circus of US government and the clown car excess of the NSA, it’s small wonder were dip in the muck.

    It is nothing short of hilarious the military zeal of the chickenhawk GOP. If it wasn’t for all the actual mayhem and murder, it would be a kneeslapper.

    That the whole of the US elite — both in government and business — have been able to look bad when compared to Nazis is astonishing. Nazis at least believed in things, they had ideals. Be it the Master Race or Thousand Year Reich, the Nazis stood for something. The current collection of criminal clowns stand for nothing besides instant wealth. Some goal. Some dream. You have cartoon characters like the Koch brothers out calling the shots solely so they don’t have pay taxes, which they avoid anyway.

    Trying to pull off satire in a totally foolish world is next to impossible. It’s hard to imagine a bigger laugh than a US war criminal talking about human rights, but oil companies mentioning their care of the environment comes close.

    In both the comic book and movie version of The Watchmen two of the masked heroes are suppressing a riot caused in part by a police strike.
    Looking at the chaos, Night Owl asks “Whatever happened to the American Dream?”
    His partner,(and note the name), The Comedian replies “It came true.”

    Sometimes it gets tough thinking about the seriousness of our situation when everything has become a joke. The joke may not be funny, and is most likely in poor taste, but it’s still a joke and it’s on us.

  • @ Grant

    For once, even Monbiot gets the joke, Grant.

    Seems like every country that signs will get annexed into the Empire, lose its sovereignty, lose its human rights and environmental protection laws, and be forced to pay fines/taxes to corporations or have its resources ripped off and its environment polluted. Means that living in sustainable ways and ideas about eco friendly transition become a joke, because they’ll be ILLEGAL.

    Wake up people, we’re being shafted.

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #76

    Distant comrade’s tune
    becomes kitchen canary’s
    interspecies jam.

  • Anyone who doesn’t think there’s genetic engineering of homo sapiens going on in at least a few labs around the world right now, is quite naive.

    That’s part of the reason I think this whole, homo sapiens going extinct bit is ridiculous. The real geniuses who are well funded are providing outs that most people can’t begin to comprehend. The best I can get on board with is saying that current human beings are being phased out.

  • @ulvfugl: My canary, Griffin, went nuts over your Tests 5 and 6! I wish you could have heard the sublime song that you made together, beyond time and space. Wow and thanks :-).

  • 40 years ago, Tom Lehrer the comedian stated that satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This has been repeated several times, with the likes of Menachem Begin and Barack Obama getting this prize.

  • ulvfugl: I too enjoyed your fingerpickin’, however there was a very loud bass sound accompanying them both (like a constant deep droning) – but it was actually cool and made it “doom-y”!

    Denise: keep up the great writing, they’re picturesque and sublime imho.

    Hey Scott – i’m with you on the satire. It’s gotten so that if humanity isn’t re-engineered to assimilate PCBs, high levels of radiation, pathogenic viruses and skin & brain eating bacteria (to name just a few of the “new features” we’ll need – like the ability to breathe toxic air) we won’t be around for much longer.

    I see that the withdrawal of the fuel rods at Fukushima reactor #4 is being put on hold (due to the latest earthquake, a couple of days ago) for at least a week or so, and that they are now accepting help from the U.S. They’ll be conducting tests, first.

    Meanwhile the severe radiation pollution of the Pacific (and therefore all of the seas) continues unabated.

  • “Meanwhile the severe radiation pollution of the Pacific (and therefore all of the seas) continues unabated.”

    Just NO! Quit posting fearmongering nonsense!

    There is no “severe radiation pollution” coming from Fukushima.

    It’s very, very, very minute.

  • Did anyone see where Michael Sosebee called Guy a phony and then didn’t bother to respond? There’s $20 I wish I hadn’t spent to support his work. What an a-hole.

    Sounds like a person easily run over his beliefs by the almighty dollar.

  • @Ryan Do you have a link for that?

  • “Did anyone see where Michael Sosebee called Guy a phony and then didn’t bother to respond?”

    Links? Story? Details?

  • “How long until Monsanto proposes genetic engineering of the human race?”

    #1. I did NOT read this satire as I think entirely TOO much personal energy that might be more productively applied elsewhere has *already* been wasted with respect to all matters Monsanto-related.

    #2. Monsanto has done and will continue to do *whatever* they desire.

    #3. Unless Monsanto is *already* capable of genetically engineering humans to survive at a wet bulb temperature of 35c or greater… all bets are off!

    #4. End of case. (and a cordial hat tip to Guy)

    My best wishes to all!

  • Genetic engineering of the human race might make sense. Imagine if we could nourish ourselves through photosynthesis. Imagine if “they” could implant a gene that causes its recipient to eschew material goods. Imagine…it’s easy if you try.

  • “Did anyone see where Michael Sosebee called Guy a phony and then didn’t bother to respond?”

    Links? Story? Details?

    It happened on Facebook. I think Guy is being defamed around the internet, and though I spoke up for him when the article on NTHE was posted by the ‘climate psychologist’, I had to detach myself from it. Accusations like Guy is being paid by the Koch brothers to advocate apathy in regards to climate change, comparing Guy to the unibomber, advocating killing people by promoting the destruction of civilization, cherry-picking excerpts from Daniel Drumright’s essay to label NBL as a suicide cult. etc, etc. Really immature tactics. I don’t allow myself to stoop that low, as tempting as it is when confronted by idiocy. I figure, let them reveal their true nature by continuing to open their mouths. As for Mike Sosebee, I have no idea, I haven’t even had a chance to see his film.

  • Sosebee’s comment was posted on Facebook. If you’re interested, follow this link. The full comment is pasted below:

    In “Catcher In The Rye” J.D.Salinger says the word “phony” 39 times. Well I’m only going to say it once on this post:

    I can no longer support nor condone the activities of Guy McPherson as I have formed the opinion that he is a phony. I’m sure his numbers are accurate enough, if trolling the internet and cherry picking the doomiest information is what passes for science nowadays.

    However I met and interviewed many other fine people who were most genuine in the making of this film. I intend to tell that story.

  • Is the cyberfog lifting? I just got a post in near real time.

  • Oh noes! An Internet pissing match and I wasn’t invited.

    I guess real scientists still use paper copies of journals instead of reading them online. And not giving equal weight to happy fairy tales constitutes “cherry-picking”.

    @ Guy

    Do audiences at lectures always look like that? I’ve never taught, and whenever I’ve spoken in front of people I’m too self-absorbed (and the rest of the time, too) to notice. They seemed a little shell-shocked.

    @ muffleupagus

    There is no “severe radiation pollution” coming from Fukushima.
    I’m sure your stand-up comedy routine is well-received.

    @ Denise

    Your posts are treasures. I look forward to them.

  • WoodsDweller, shell-shocked is a good way to describe the typical audience during the last year or so

  • ‘Building a better brighter future’ -NZ National party slogan.

    ‘Building Natural Resources’ -NZ [National] Government brochure.

    ‘appreciate the natural features of the region and will enhance them’ -NPDC Long Term Plan.

    We live in extraordinary times that are probably best described as the Pinnacle of Absurdity.

  • @ Denise, Tom

    Oooh, a canary :-)

    Yes, it’s called a drone, like the fifth string on a banjo, came from Africa, and I try to mimic it on guitar, so I tune DGDGAD, so there’s always open strings vibrating, and many years ago, I was investigating the intermingled roots of Appalachian Old Time from Scotland, Ireland, Africa, and elsewhere, and there was a mention of the Eastern Cherokee influence, but I couldn’t find anything, so I hunted and hunted, and eventually found an old Indian guy in the Smokey Mts who said he was a shaman, who recorded medicine chants, and sent me his handmade computer CD for $5 with banjo riffs and chants, he said he wanted to teach the youth their language and traditions but they weren’t interested, so I tried to copy the drone and scale, and hidden in there, it comes out just the same as Hendrix’ Voodoo Chile and Purple Haze – only, obviously without the volume and Fender and Marshall Stack – and turned out Jimi’s granma was Eastern Cherokee, so maybe that’s where he got it… who knows… anyway… sometimes I love it, sometimes all I hear is the mistakes… but it’s MINE cos’ I stole it and I made it MINE and I can play it for hours, kinda trancy and soothing :-)

  • Vimeo says I cannot view w current set up..will try to figure what is going on

  • You’re a phony, Guy. A big, fat phony. :)

  • I challenge not only Guy, but some of the other regulars on here to prove they are NOT phony by detailing what meters they use to test for evidence.

    For example, if you are concerned about Fukushima you should have a geiger counter, right?

    So what are your expert thoughts on this:

    Oh… wait. Don’t tell me you just sit in front of your computer screen believing everything you read.

  • Solaris (film) 1972, I don’t need — or even want — a geiger counter. Please explain how I’ve just reduced my authenticity.

    Birth is lethal. When and how I die are hardly my primary concerns.

  • How do you square this with Walking Away From Empire?

    I guess one way you could explain it is that you’re still walking, but damn, you sure are taking a hell of along time, and it sure doesn’t seem like it’s away from Empire. As much traveling as you do on those big jet planes, that’s more like Jetting With Empire, not walking away from it.

    Solaris, many of these human haters crave the conceptual idea of gnashing of teeth. Of course, only conceptually. When, or if, that time ever did come, that conceptual craving would be replaced with piss and shit in their britches. One could argue, the gnashing of teeth has always been here and still is, but they’re so inoculated from it, they must conceptually conjure an apocalypse to gather some semblance of death in order to more viscerally experience life.

    Or, it could be one big hoax playing out by some sick sadists who get off by pushing people to suicide. An ARG, if you will.

  • Eddie Gnash, you’re clearly unfamiliar with Jevons’ Paradox or its contemporary version, the Khazzoom-Brookes postulate. I recommend starting here.

  • From Going Dark: “My attempt to walk away from empire has failed in part because empire is stunningly difficult to leave behind. The disaster of American imperialism follows like the ‘evil twin’ of a beloved dog: You know something is dogging your heels, but it’s no longer your loving companion. I’m left with the horrors of American Empire and the abyss of near-term human extinction without my long-time canine friend.”

  • @Guy

    First of all I am not calling you a phony, but I am saying that people should be able to back up what they are claiming by using experimentation or primary source documents.

    In the US fluoride is added to the water across about 50% of the country but how many people have cut open a brain to inspect the effects on the pineal gland? A lot of people talk about fluoride but when you ask them if they’ve cut open a brain they will not answer, for fear of looking ignorant in front of others.

    Now take Fukushima. How can anyone 10,000 miles away really have any sort of opinion about this? Why do people expect the information they receive, FOR FREE, to be accurate? The only way to be 100% certain is first person verification, and since the risk here is radiation, you would need a geiger counter, which is available for under 500 bucks. As for primary sources, this is why whistle blowers like Ed Snowdon are the so clamped down on, because they provide primary sources: he released the actual slides from the NSA training meets which showed real evidence of how data was collected. He gave to us primary source information, so in order to blame TEPCO you would either need a whistleblower to come out, so who is that?

    For a real phony, how about this. If I said to you Paul McCartney of the Beatles died in 1966 and was replaced by a phony, what would you think? Most people laugh this off but when I heard this I researched it properly like a detective and found there was a lot of evidence to support this claim.

    I am definitely in a minority in that I will not accept any old shit from anyone, and I’m happy to dig to the bottom of things, which is mentally painful – the reason most don’;t go there is because it hurts mentally.

    You claim 200 species die every 24 hours, so what was the list from yesterday? I will not accept proportional guesses based on habitat reduction, I want to see a list with names. Problem?

  • Solaris (film) 1972, you’re clearly clueless about the discipline of conservation biology and the process of science. Asking for a list of the species driven to extinction in a single day is like asking for a list of the stars we could discover if our telescopes were stronger. It makes no sense.

  • Some of you people are incredulous. No collapse eh? Why are a record number of Americans on food stamps? (47 million – not a misprint) Why is wage growth stagnant in the U.S.? Why is the U.S. Labor Force at multi decade lows? Why is the Fed printing $85B per month to exchange cash for Treasuries and MBS (hint no one else wants to buy them and without Fed support all U.S. and global markets would crash from soaring interest rates).

    Combined with Guy’s outlook on the environment and you have a disaster of global proportions brewing…

  • See what I mean?
    You wanted satire, well, it just writes itself…theatre of the absurd!

  • Sorry to see Guy coming under such attacks. Life is hard enough without that. I seem to have more naïvete than the fair share, but NBL has shun a strong, clarifying light on many things that were too dimly lit before.

  • Its kind of funny that human beings are at the edge of their existence, like Rumi’s drunk dude on the roof, (Sit down and be quiet. You are drunk, and this is the edge of the roof.) and most bi-peds are either unaware or unconcerned while most definitely drunk on double lie and delusion on the rocks with a spin twist. I bet some think, ‘No worries, if I have to, I’ll just grab the gutter on the way down and hang on’. Well, I think that would be very amusing. A bunch of fat drunk slobs, side by side, hanging off a gutter, with their pants falling down… 100 storeys above a concrete slab. Well, profanely humorous anyway. Meanwhile, another genus figures that a bullet coming from 200 paces away can’t be of much concern to him, well… because its coming from 200 paces away, and bullets are usually smaller than a big toe with a funky hangnail. Some of you might find that brilliant prognosticator as comical (and inevitably dead) as I would. And then there are the drooling demanding dupes of quantum detail entanglement who can’t explain their own ‘logic’, but accuse others of being absent minded professors. Hilarious, if only all this wasn’t about death. Well, OK, death is kind of fun in its own way, shucks, taxes are optional, at least for the stiff. The foxy news reactionary catastrophic climate change denialists should appreciate that. Yes, indeed, finally something to look forward to about human extinction – a great big sigh of flat out tax relief. Like that fart in the elevator… if only we could get some retrospect. A whole electronic virtual audience up on the roof, rolling with anticipation and belly laughter – till it hurts.

  • This Guy vs Mike is so weird and sad, like the rest of the world.

    We don’t really need to cherry pick, all we need is to take a good look at the things around us and be honest…

    A few days back, a well-wisher was trying to convince mi to marry and have kids. I asked him if he had grown up where I currently live. He said, yes.

    I pointed to the mountains in the backdrop and asked him if they were covered in snow all year round 15 years back. He said, yes.

    I asked him, if things continued the way they are, how likely does the possibility of the mountains entirely running out of snow in the next 15 years seem to him. He said, very likely.

    I asked him if anyone was doing anything to stop the snow from melting? He said, we were losing forest, the number of people was increasing and that there was too much pollution, etc, in short, he said no, nobody is trying to reverse the ice loss.

    To put it in context, this guy is no scientist, but still he understands the interplay of man and nature very well.

    I asked him what could be expected if the mountains lost the snow entirely. He said, we would have acute water shortages. I peered into his soul and asked him if I was doing a favor to his children by not having any of my own, who would be competing for the same dwindling water supply. (I have that ability of the Ghost Riders, I’m not sure if you get that reference, anyway it is quite intimidating) He paused for a long time, I could almost hear the machinery in his brains whirring and then, he said yes.

    I smiled and said to him, life is too short, stop complaining dude. Have fun and let others have some fun too, i.e. while the water lasts.

    It was quite mean, I feel sad for him, I shook his foundations. I get very peeved at times, I keep telling myself that I must stop doing this but every now and then someone / something gets the better of mi. A few months back I had done a similar ting to another person, he seems to be all better now. I am hopeful that my latest victim shall also recover soon.


    @ Guy McPherson

    Thankyou for sharing this place with us and please do keep the beach open eh :)


    @ ulvfugl

    Dude how much time did it take you to learn to play like that? The more I listen to them the more they grow on mi…


    Peace to all!

    To the fiddle :D

  • @ KK

    Dude how much time did it take you to learn to play like that? The more I listen to them the more they grow on mi…

    Oh, I don’t know, KK, fifty years of learning and playing what everybody learns and plays, classical and folk and rock and jazz and all the chords and stuff. And then I realised it was all boring me to death because every player I heard was just like somebody else I’d heard, only worse, and it all made me ill, so I decided to unlearn everything and start all over again, and only listen to stuff that I really, really liked, and I couldn’t find anything anywhere, until I found some African guy plunking on a gourd with twisted fibres, and pygmy music, and that lead me back into the notion of proper music being the simplest stuff just fingers picking, no chords or trying to be clever or fancy, and since then I go around, Irish music, American Old Time, Breton, African, back to Ireland, medieaval music, nobody else plays what I want to hear, so I have to try and play it myself, but I can never find it, just sometimes I get close enough to make me want to keep trying and searching… if you know what I mean :-)

    The right hand picking is the hard part. Getting the guitar tuned to suit took a long time, there’s so many different ways, I use a capo to get the action right, left hand is fairly standard, everything depends on the right hand which takes some doing, kind of like banjo, but different. Alec Stone Sweet, Tony McManus, Steve Baughman, a couple of others, know about this, but nobody else does it like I do.

    I could give a hundred youtubes of stuff I like, but here’s four.

    Yes, I don’t know what goes on with Mike Sosebee, but this NTE thing is so heavy it drives everyone crazy, and it’s only going to get worse.

    But I already thought about that a lot. Thing is, everybody is ALREADY crazy, so everybody has to go through this, they have to get crazier before they can come to terms with this thing. Find a new way of seeing themselves in the world. It hurts like hell, and there’s going to be a lot of casualties. Hospice. So maybe some music therapy is in order ?

  • ‘Solaris (film) 1972 Says:
    November 5th, 2013 at 2:52 pm
    I challenge not only Guy, but some of the other regulars on here to prove they are NOT phony by detailing what meters they use to test for evidence.’

    Okay, so having studied chemistry since 1961, and having completed an Honours course in chemistry 1972 which included units on the structure of matter, spectroscopy and industrial technology, I had worked out by 1980 that the majority of humans, and especially those living in industrialised western nations, were on completely the wrong track.

    No, I do not personally measure CO2 levels; I am prepared to accept the published results of Keeling and others. Knowing the basic chemistry of CO2 allowed me to deduce we were in serious trouble, and my concerns were verified by numerous articles published in reputable scientific journals.

    By 1998 I recognised we were in serious trouble, and began writing about our collective dilemma and interviewing so-called community leaders. The responses of so-called community leaders (MPs, ministers, councils etc.) to my questions were, by and large, absurd.

    That was nearly a decade before I had ever heard of Guy McPherson and about 15 years before I met him and went over it all with him.

    Having been involved in education for many years, I personally witnessed the dumbing-down process that reduced educational standards and standards of achievement.

    As an observer of wildlife I witnessed (from early childhood) the omnicidal nature of ‘development’, and the deleterious effects of ‘development’ on humans caught up in it, i.e. social isolation, mental illness, obesity, diabetes, cancers etc.

    Since I became aware (in the early 1960s) I have personally witnessed everything that matters get progressively worse, especially [human] overpopulation, overdevelopment, and overconsumption. I cannot easily share photographs but I can assure you my memory does not fail me in the 1950s there were just two car owners in the street.

    Irrespective of any ‘meters’, there are such things as physical, chemical and mathematical laws. Emeritus professor Albert Bartlett was very keen on applying them to real life situations.

    I do not need a meter to decide whether or not infinite growth on a finite planet -a foundation upon which modern economics is constructed- is absurd It an absurd notion. I do need a meter to decide whether honey bees or pine trees are dying by the million. I do not need a meter to recognise that a local beach is littered with jellyfish in an unprecedented manner: I know whether or not I have seen such a phenomenon before.

    Right now, having interviewed numerous senior council officers and studied their so-called plans in great detail, I know that practically everything my local council says and does either a lie or is founded on a lie, and practically everything is dysfunctional. And it will never change for the better. Same for central government, of course.

  • Did anyone notice, xraymike posted a link, George Mobus has a plan :

    “…I have put together a list of things that, from a systems perspective, seem to me to be necessary actions needed to minimize the negative impacts rapidly approaching. All of the items on this list interact in complex, nonlinear ways so that you can’t just pick and choose the one or ones you think will do the job. All will have to be done, together, for there to be any positive effect. Once you see the list, and ponder the likelihood that our population will do any of them, let alone all, you will understand my conviction.
    Stop all reproduction. No new babies for twenty years at least and then only ten percent of the adult population should be allowed to reproduce afterward.
    Stop capitalistic profit taking. Forever. No more capitalism and profiting ever again. Freeze prices and wages (except for the overpaid executives: reduce theirs).
    Take back the wealth of the top 10% – it will be needed to support survival activities.
    Destroy the financial system. Revert banking to hold savings and eliminate securities and futures markets.
    Reallocate housing to handle the poor. Move those living in squalor and homeless into the mansions in the Hamptons (for example).
    Put all able-bodied men and women to work restoring soils and growing food for local consumption.
    Turn all arable and climate-viable land over to permaculture.
    Begin immediate mass migrations of peoples living in climate danger zones. For example all of the people of the MENA and central Africa regions are in danger from severe climate change. They will need to be relocated north as far as Russia and Europe.
    Eliminate all luxury product/service productions. Re-purpose the capital to producing absolute necessities such as plows!
    Redirect all fossil fuel production to supply energy for recycling materials, food production, and migration.
    Minimize energy consumption by the public to just that essential to support the above…”

    Obviously, the future is impossible.

    I posted a couple more music links but they seemed to evaporate into the cybervoid, never mind, plenty more where they came from :-)
    Very rare Welsh harp music and very rare Moroccan music, the sort of feel I try to emulate when I play these days. Music therapy.

  • @ Solaris (film) 1972:

    You claim to “dig to the bottom of things” to extract answers, yet you rudely question Guy’s statement of fact that ON AVERAGE 200 species a day are driven extinct. If you had done even a rudimentary search, than you would have read 200 of the world’s preeminent scientists collaborated via a United Nations Environmental Program in 2013 that determined mankind has ushered in a 6th mass extinction event, which results in the daily extinction of 200 species; however, in light of ever accelerating human population pressures the extinction rate will not remain static, but continue on an upward trajectory.

    Satisfied that we are not “throwing around any old shit?”

  • @Solaris(film)1972, muffleupagus, Eddie Gnash:

    Hey trollers! It’s always amusing when people come here and stamp their feet and point out the facts of living in civilization (you need transportation to get anywhere by design) and start claiming that all the real evidence Guy and others point out must be bogus because they refuse to believe it and haven’t measured it for themselves.

    Look – if you think any of us here WANT NTE to be the case you’re loony. NOBODY wants this to happen – especially in our lifetimes! Dying by itself is bad enough, but taking all of life on earth with us is too hard to even come to terms with until a lot of time and mental effort is undertaken. It’s a result of overpopulation (which continues daily until it can’t). We all consume, produce waste (of all kinds) and need energy to exist in this weird civilization we’ve been born into. So multiply that by ever-increasing billions of us and you have a problem – where is all this going to come from and go (in the case of wastes) on a single planet?

    You can’t be that thick. So stop being disingenuous and deal with what’s coming – we’re not making it up, it’s more and more evident every day which direction we’re heading. Wake up and think about it.

  • Take your pick, trollers:

    (which is true?)

    Where were you when they told us the world as we know it is over?

    According to a leaked draft of the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), the world as we know it is over. The report presents substantial and well documented predictions of global suffering and massive social disruption resulting from the impact climate change on the water supply, food, and natural resources, and successively mounting human loss. (Image 11/2013 eclipse)

    Oddly enough, the recipient of the leak, the New York Times, acted like it was a story about the “food supply.” In fact, the totality of the draft makes it clear that we’ve gone too far for too long to avoid the dire consequences of man made climate change.

    The documented risks presented include (Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptations, Vulnerability, IPCC, here or here, pp. 6 & 7):

    ✓ Food insecurity linked to warming, drought, and precipitation variability;

    ✓ Death injury and disrupted livelihoods in low-lying coastal zones … due to sea level rise, coastal flooding and storm surges;

    ✓ Severe harm for large urban populations due to inland flooding;

    ✓ Systemic risk due to extreme events leading to break down of infrastructure networks and critical services;

    ✓ Loss of rural livelihoods and income due to insufficient drinking and irrigation water and lower agricultural productivity particularly in poorer regions; and,

    ✓ Loss of marine and terrestrial ecosystems and the services and livelihoods that they provide

    What’s left?
    (read the rest)

  • @Tom

    Thanks for the link to the great article, Tom. Makes me wonder if the IPCC is finally going to take into account the positive feedback loops. I guess we won’t know until we get the next report… in six long years. By then, everything they report will be (like it is now) outdated. Just think of the amount of industrial carbon and methane that will be vomited into the atmosphere over that period of time! Mind boggling, disgusting… and tragic.

  • It’s comforting to know, and I’m sure Kling will agree, that Lebensraum isn’t just the purview of the Germans. Anyone can practice it at any time, and this is one of those many times. This NTE brought about by over-population, as Tom above underscores once again, is yet another permutation of Lebensraum. Final Solutions must be applied. The U.N. will be more than happy to lead the genocidal charge. It should always come from an organization who’s mission claims the opposite.

    Tom hates people. It’s that simple. He hides behind his alleged “love” for all other living things, which of course is a bunch of phony nonsense. If you have to state you care, then you obviously don’t care, at least not any more than any other Regular Joe. He who doth protest too much and all that jazz. Tom’s hatred of people is evident by his carting out, time and time again, the over-population trope. Tom likes Dan Brown’s new book because it addresses why the herd must be culled. Tom ignores facts to embrace his genocidal depopulation fantasies. What will Tom do when it doesn’t happen? Will he make it happen in his own personal space? Tom is dangerous. I’m glad I don’t work with Tom or have any personal physical interaction with Tom. Tom will be sure to take some people with him if the U.N. doesn’t deliver as promised.

    Trend That Is Not A Trend: Dan Brown is an Idiot Edition

    I just finished reading Dan Brown’s new novel Inferno. Dan Brown novels tend to be love-it-or-hate-it things for me. They are structured exactly like computer adventure games, with a series of quests and puzzles that lead to the next quest or puzzle which eventually reveal a larger story line and a final confrontation. Just as this sort of adventure game can be engaging or tedious and repetitive, so too can be Dan Brown books. The Da Vinci Code is excellent, the others are meh, just overly-convoluted snipe hunts.

    So I had expected to either love or hate Inferno. It turns out it was awful, but for an entirely unexpected reason: for some insane reason, Dan Brown seems to have come under the spell of Paul Ehrlich doomsters, and has crafted a book with a deep fear of population growth that is right out of the 1970’s.

    Mild spoilers follow (mild meaning most of this is revealed in the first third of the book)

    It is clear from almost the beginning of the book that Brown’s hero, Robert Langdon, is on the trail of some sort of mad genius who is convinced that the Earth is headed for a horrible collapse due to human population growth. This character is enamored of the medieval black death and believes that the best thing for modern man would be some sort of repetition of this kind of plague.

    The exhausting part for any rational person trying to read this book is that it is clear that the author Brown mostly agrees with this character. We know this because all of the arguments characters marshal against the villain are so lame and half-hearted. In general, the tone of the response to this man is “yes, you are absolutely correct that human population growth will inevitably lead to a complete catastrophe but your idea of a plague is a bad solution.”

    By the end of the book, everyone formerly opposed to this scientist have come around to reluctantly agreeing with his point of view. If you ever read Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6, where an environmental group tries to kill off most of the world’s population, this is essentially the same plot written, incredibly, by an author that seems to agree with the basic idea. If you are not convinced that Dan Brown himself agrees with the terrorist, I will also provide one more convincing piece of evidence — though since it is a much bigger spoiler I will leave it for the end below the fold. If you have read the book or don’t intend to, skip below the fold and then come back.

    This idea of catastrophic population growth is idiotic. Accelerating population growth is a trend that is not a trend.

    There is absolutely no trend towards out of control population growth. In fact, the trends actually run in the opposite direction, with birth rates and population growth rates falling such that most demographers foresee an Earth stabilizing around 9-10 billion people and possibly falling in population after that. Since Dan Brown uses senior UN officials in the book to agree that population growth will result in disaster, I will use UN figures. These are from a 2005 UN population report.

    First, population growth rates have been falling for decades and will continue to fall. They are falling in every part of the world.

    (See link for Graphical Figures)

    A cynic might argue that this is due to death and disease, but in fact birth rates are falling everywhere.

    People focus on the amount the world population has increased over the last 60 years to produce shock numbers, but the real stunner is the drop in fertility rates — nearly in half, which is really astounding. I still have my treasured first edition of Ehrlich’s Population Bomb. It is hilarious reading, all the more so because he gets everything so wrong, yet the media still tends to take him seriously.

    The recurring theme in Inferno is that man’s greatest problem is that he has successfully tackled many diseases and thus increased life expectancy, and it is this longer life expectancy that will be the roots of mankind’s Malthusian downfall.

    However, exactly the opposite is true. There is a ton of scientific work that says that longer life spans lead to lower fertility rates (the other thing that most contributes to lower fertility rates is economic growth). Here is a chart right out of the UN study linked above showing a clear inverse correlation between life expectancy and birth rates. Correlation is not causation, but this is backed by a ton of other empirical evidence to support causation.


    There is no trend towards accelerating population growth — the trend is in the opposite direction, to deceleration. And folks who have underestimated man’s ingenuity in feeding larger populations have always turned our to be wrong. Ehrlich said there was no way — absolutely no way — India could feed an additional 200 million people by 1980. Well, in 2013 it feeds an additional 800 million people to a better standard that the country was fed in Ehrlich’s time. Hell, we could probably feed an additional half billion more just by repealing laws that put a significant amount of America’s food production into automotive fuels.

    Most of the spoilers above are revealed in the first third of the book, so I think they hardly qualify as spoilers. But there is one big spoiler that really proves my point that Dan Brown is sympathetic with the terrorist’s viewpoint on the need for a forced intervention to radically reduced world population, and it is this: The terrorist gets away with it. That’s right, an entire book about chasing a terrorist ends with everyone being too late and the terrorist attack succeeding completely (the plague turns out to be sort-of kinder and gentler than feared as it reduces population not through mass death but rather through mass sterilization, though that is a bit of ethical hair-splitting I would have been loath to endorse as an author). Actually, the book ends a few chapters later, after the person who helped the terrorist the most is given a leadership position at the UN and everyone generally agrees reluctantly that the attack was all for the best. Eee gad. I find it incredible the author thinks that the social and economic disruption of over half** the couples in the world suddenly finding themselves unable to reproduce due to an act of terrorism would be less than the disruption from having a few billion more people on Earth. Yuk.

    ** I suspect Brown got his math wrong. He wanted a plague that would duplicate the effect of the Black Death that he says killed about a third of the population (historians differ on this number, but it is not an unreasonable estimate). So he has his plague making a third of the population sterile. But the math of reproduction is not by individual but by couple. If a third of the people are sterile, then the math says that only 4/9 or about 45% of couples will have two non-sterile partners and be able to reproduce. Of course, whether this would reduce birth rates by 55% is unclear — one could easily imagine fertile couples in this world having twice as many kids. Remember, fertility rates of those who could still reproduce would only have to rise to 1950 levels from those that obtain today for this terrorism to have no effect of population growth.

    Further, he really has not thought through the consequences. The social disruptions would be enormous. Almost certainly the world would be divided into two classes (fertile and infertile) in an apartheid more awful than any racial or gender-based systems in the past. Should Harvard even admit infertiles, or should the best educations be reserved for those who need to educate and raise children? Would infertiles have the same attitude towards wealth creation and savings that we have today? Would fertiles even bother to socialize with infertiles? Would fertile people have more kids and sell them to infertile people? Should fertiles and infertiles pay the same taxes, or have the same health insurance rates? And think of the transition period as the population falls over several generations — we think we have a high ratio of retired people to young folks today, what happens if all the old folks stay around but fertility suddenly drops in half. Would we have a gargantuan rush of divorces, as fertiles divorce their infertile spouses? What a big freaking mess.

  • or this:

    Industry-funded Cambridge astrophysicist adds to partisan divide over climate science – ‘It gives credibility to a crank point of view’

    WASHINGTON (Boston Globe) – The setting was not unusual for a scholarly conference: a bland ballroom in a Houston hotel. But Willie Soon’s presentation was anything but ordinary. As PowerPoint slides flashed on a screen, his remarks crescendoed into a full-throated denunciation.

    “Those people are so out of their minds!’’ exclaimed Soon, a solar researcher at the prestigious Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, in Cambridge. He assailed former vice president Al Gore, among others, for his views on climate change, calling predictions of catastrophic ocean tides “crazy’’ and scornfully concluding: “And they call this science.’’

    Never mind that Soon, an astrophysicist, is no specialist on global sea levels, and his most notable writing on the subject was an op-ed article in the conservative Washington Times last year.

    He has, nonetheless, established himself as a front-line combatant in the partisan crossfire over rising oceans, melting ice, and other climate issues beyond his primary expertise. Coveted for his Harvard-Smithsonian affiliation, and strident policy views, he has been bankrolled by hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy industry grants.

    Working in close coordination with conservative groups in Washington, he passionately seeks to debunk the growing consensus on global warming before audiences of policymakers, at academic seminars and conferences, and in the media.

    Polar bears? Not threatened. Sea level? Exaggerated danger. Carbon dioxide? Great for trees. Warming planet? Caused by natural fluctuation in the sun’s energy.

    Soon’s views are considered way outside the scientific mainstream, which makes him a prophet or a pariah, depending on which side you ask. Some say his work simply doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, that his data are cherry-picked to fit his thesis.

    (read the rest)

    Hey there plenipotentiary:

    thanks for the response, idiotic as it is.
    Though population RATES may have and even be falling – the population is still rising (as if you didn’t know this). i don’t hate people – i just think we’re (as you demonstrate so adequately) idiotic, biased, and oblivious, in general. Dan Brown’s work is FICTION and he’s allowed artistic license to make his book more “fun” to read – suspenseful, interesting and thought-provoking. As for Ehrlich, he’s been around for quite a while and his predictions are bound to come true in the near term – though he warned us of the consequences way back in the 1970’s, but, as usual, we didn’t listen. So you just keep on believing whatever you want – it’s hardly going to change the trajectory we’re on, and we’ll see how you feel about your denial when (or better yet, AS) civilization turns to shit before your very eyes, day after day until it finally collapses.

    As i’ve stated many times before, i sincerely hope i’m completely wrong about all this and that everything somehow works out just fine.
    So far, though, the environment, the economy and civilization continues degrading relentlessly. Before much longer (say, 10 years or so) everyone will bear witness to how bad it really is, because it will be (it, in fact IS) undeniable.

    Enjoy the time you have left.

  • @plenipotentiary

    Buzz-off with the old and tired anti-German meme- it’s so trite.

    You don’t know Tom from any other stranger so buzz-off (again) with your characterization. I DO know Tom. He as a kind, caring, educated gentleman. He represents the type of individual our world needs more of if there is any chance of survival.

    Let me save you from some work. I hate humanity for the genocide that is being perpetrated on the natural world. You may try to convince yourself that our techno-genius will save us in the end, but the fact that you are trolling on this site tells me that you are as aware as the rest of us of the Soylent Green type future we are creating. Nevertheless, I will continue to do everything within my power to make a positive difference. You should try the same. A good starting point would be to remove the rose-colored glasses and acknowledge the world for what it is.

    FACT: Every 24 hours 200 species driven extinct while during this same time period the global human population grows again by 220,000.

  • plenipotentiary Says:
    November 6th, 2013 at 5:31 am
    It’s comforting to know, and I’m sure Kling will agree, that Lebensraum isn’t just…blahblah splutter gurgle dribble

    Jeez, whomever is sending all these shabby morons here who are too cowardly to establish an identity, could we have higher quality trolls please ? I mean, a reference to the nazis and a trashy novel ? We deserve better. You’re not even trying, are you. It’s like those tools from China, that are held together by the layer of paint on the outside and bend the first time you use them, you got to laugh because of how badly it’s been done. Pitiful, absolutely pitiful.

    By way of contrast, here’s someone with real class, someone who has achieved something rare, difficult, something to take a pride in.

    Gautam Sapkota, fondly known in Nepal as “charidada” or “bird brother”, then made another series of sounds. The crows fell silent before disappearing into the grey sky before dusk.

    “I told them to come, sit, be quiet and fly away,” said Sapkota, a 30-year-old school dropout who has been doing “crow shows” at schools since 2005 to entertain students and raise awareness about nature and the conservation of birds.

    He says he can imitate the sounds of 251 kinds of birds and hopes for recognition of his talents from Guinness World Records. He plans to broaden his conservation message with an album that remixes Nepali songs with the sound of a crane.

    “I want to preserve the sounds of birds which may eventually become extinct, by keeping them in recordings,” he said.

  • You left a space between your first and last name, Kling. Try to be more consistent with your sock differentiation. No doubt it requires a good deal of focus, but surely the persona software helps alleviate some of the burden. As has been noted, ulvfugl is a sock controlled by an operator who has many socks, not just at this venue, but numerous collapse venues. If not, we’re sure ulvfugl will provide its name, rank and serial number rather than hiding behind all these identities. We’re waiting. Tell us your name, address and identity number, ulvfugl. Otherwise, you’re a coward hiding behind an identity like all the rest of us.

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #76

    Puppy’s first autumn:
    dry leaves tumble up the street…

  • This Nerodia sipedon sipedon was observed catching the last warm rays of the season this past Saturday. The northern water snake has a tendency to bite viciously if disturbed and I was surprised this one allowed me to get close with the camera without striking at me. Don’t wanna mess with these. This is an unusual sighting for early November as these critters are usually about to go into hibernation. It’s been unusually dry where I live as the lakes, rivers and streams are showing low water levels whereas in past years surface water levels are topped out by October. Additionally there is a great mast of Carya glabra – Pignut Hickory this year. Chipmunks still have not gone into hibernation in spite of the temps diving into the teens °F. during the evening and early morning hours. There are worm castings everywhere and in great abundance found just below the forest leaf litter and in any places where vegetative matter is decaying. Earthworms and night crawlers are healthy, vigorous and in great size and numbers. It just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

  • It’s easy enough to verify people through their IP addresses which Guy has recorded since he is receiving the messages.

    I would like to know if there are regular posters here with the same IP addresses.??

    Of course, if they have a computer at home, at work, their smartphone, the internet cafe, I guess you could maintain several “identities.”

    I was also curious if you are at work at everyone’s computers are on the same network, would you be able to tell if several posters are coming from the same network although separate computers on that network??

  • @ ogardener

    Super cool. I adore snakes. There are only two species here and they have become increasingly rare over my lifetime, and I have seen none for several years.

    The shocking way that some people treat animals


    @ Rob@thekremlinlibrary

    Hahaha, more pathetic dreary anonymous troll scum.

    I almost only ever post at three places these days, here, my own blog, and xray mike’s, and always under my own name, I’ve never used any other, no need to hide, nothing to hide, I’m proud of who I am and proud of my views.

    I’ve been posting for many years, as many thousands of people know, and have never played stupid perverse deceitful sockpuppet games, creepy morroco bama aka carole newquist, etc, etc, and the other pernicious infantile cowardly filth who have nothing worthwhile to say but waste everyone’s time trying to get attention by being annoying, presumably due to various mental derangements, character defects, emotional deficiencies and personal inadequacies.


    Excellent lecture by Ehrlich

    Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?

  • @ pistolpete

    Yes, the web server log caches IP address, it is accessible by the site administrator.

    Yes, a single user can use multiple IP addresses, as you indicate, so it isn’t a reliable way to establish a unique identity (there isn’t one, really). It’s not a bad approach, though since most people won’t have access to a huge number of IP addresses. There are anonymizer servers (I suspect most of them are honeypots, but that doesn’t matter to the operator of a site) as well.

    Generally, an organization presents a single IP address to the greater Internet, and the router does Net Address Translation (NAT) to an internal address. The IP address that is cached at the server is the single “external” address, so everyone posting from any machine on a LAN will be logged on the server as the same IP address.

    A reasonable approach is to require posters (not lurkers) to establish a login via an active email address. Of course, having dozens of junk email addresses is easy and a determined troll can maintain a sock puppet for each email address.

    I’m not sure that this site has enough traffic or trolls (yet) to justify doing a lot of work to manage it.

  • The World Meteorological Organization’s annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin came out today
    Greenhouse Gas Concentrations in Atmosphere Reach New Record

  • Thank you logspirit. I’m a few days late, but I just want to let you know your comment from November 2nd spoke my broken heart.

    “logspirit Says:
    November 2nd, 2013 at 12:08 am
    To the detractor(s?): It should be obvious, but it obviously isn’t to you, that reveling in ignorance isn’t going to protect your gluteus maximus from extinction.
    And the day went like so many others… another 200+ species down the tubes forever.”

  • @ Tom said:

    Dan Brown’s work is FICTION and he’s allowed artistic license to make his book more “fun” to read – suspenseful, interesting and thought-provoking.

    Ordinarily that would be a fair enough statement, but that’s not what you said over at Gail’s place here:

    Anonymous October 30, 2013 at 8:37 PM

    Hi Mary! I too enjoyed Brown’s latest, and thought it fabulous that he went “real” on us! Population IS the problem – and it isn’t going to increase for much longer and once it stops, the slide down will be steep and dramatic, probably to extinction, what with climate change, resource depletion and the rest of our ills quickly overcoming our ability to sustain “civilization.”

    Hey Gail: do you find it strange that the dull leaved trees are taking their good old time falling even though it’s November?


    So tell me, who’s disingenuous besides ulvfugl? I know, not you. It could never be you because, well, because you’re as honest as Abe, by golly. There’s scientific evidence to support that assertion, don’t you know.

    Also, if your latest statement about Dan Brown’s book being fiction is to have any credibility (your motivation for making the statement), then why use it as support in any factual discussion? The only thing a fiction can be used to support is another fiction. Considering that, are you trying to say that you were using Brown’s fiction to support the fiction that over-population is the problem? If so, that’s a convoluted way to go about it. Next time, just say it directly. Say “the statement that over-population is the problem is a fiction just like Dan Brown’s book.” Can you do that, Tom? I didn’t think so.

  • Here’s an equally crude and rustic piece to complement ulvfugl’s offering. I have to agree with Charles, Home Is Where You’re Happy.

  • Well prior to this post I can count the word “troll” 7 or 8 times, what a retarded way of debating.

    How sad…. I think it was Lenin who said “we will win by the use of slogans”.

    Of course the point of a slogan, such as “troll” is to close down debate at that point with a sort of smug self-righteousness.

    In the same way a serious debate about multi-culturalism can be curtailed through the judicious use of the word “racist”

    Of course, slogans work both ways.

    I can call Tom, Guy etc “Conspiracy Theorists” if I want to.

    So then the debate reduces down to you aiming slogans at each other, and then the one with the loudest voice wins.

    That essentially is how mainstream media dictates the conversation. Rational thinking and intelligent debate goes out the window and is reduced to soundbites.

    Pathetic and oh so predictable.

  • Good article. 6 November 2013

    Concentrations of warming gases break record
    By Matt McGrath
    Environment correspondent, BBC News

    “The levels of gases in the atmosphere that drive global warming increased to a record high in 2012.

    According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), atmospheric CO2 grew more rapidly last year than its average rise over the past decade.

    Concentrations of methane and nitrous oxide also broke previous records”

  • @kevin moore

    Thank you for your thought provoking reply, which is something more than the others on this forum manged to muster

    I think we all here can agree IC is not heading in the right way, but Guy’s suggesiton that if IC is not cut off now we are all doomed and if we cut off IC now then all the nuclear reactors will go into meltdown…. well…. I’m calling BS on that.

    That’s why I asked for anyone here if they had any meters… geiger counter, CO2 like you said… but of course, none of these armchair experts have one… I’m guessing Tom is so thick he can’t even spell geiger counter.


    What do you know about the United Nations?

    Did you know the main New York Building sits on land donated by John D Rockefeller, the guy who founded STANDARD OIL, for example.

    No, you probably didn’t.

  • I keep trying to walk away from patriarchy, but it keeps grabbing my ass.

  • @ineffable: the two comments are not contradictory. The “went real on us” meant he didn’t resort to science-fiction because what he used as the plague was bio-engineering – the stuff we’re all up in arms about over at Monsanto and elsewhere. I understand you’re trying to pick some sort of fight here, but there’s nothing to argue about from my end.

    This reality we’re facing is not easy to adjust to with any level of sanity, in fact – we’re all nuts to be living this way. We’re supposed to be smarter than yeast, but that’s not what’s happening.
    We become selfish, conquering, careless cretins and can’t get along for very long when there isn’t enough food to go around. You see what humanity has done with there “sapient” idea of civilization: pollution of all kinds that’s becoming problematic combined with a delayed reaction climate system that has now gone rogue on us, more destructive year after year. There’s nothing to argue about – it’s self-evident if you just open your eyes and stop making excuses for “civilization”, which is clearly not going to work much longer (in that it’s killing us to live this way).

    Nice talkin’ to you though.

  • @soilaris
    “well…. I’m calling BS on that.”
    GREAT DEBAt Point! Did you learn that in grade school?

  • @ dawnl
    Thanks for expressing the simpatico perspective. We’re all in this together. Sometimes that can be a good thing. Enjoy as much as you can… nothing else we can do.


    The anxiety of homelessness is rougher than most who have not experienced it are capable of imagining. Yesterday I sought help from a local charity. The response was: ‘Do you want a tent?’ At first I thought the gentleman was joking. He wasn’t. In the glorious United States of America, today, in north central Florida (which drops below freezing), if you are homeless, the ONLY shelter offered is – a cheap tent, if you are resourceful enough to find one. They don’t come with central heat or air-conditioning. But they are still a ‘hot’ item, to the growing hordes of broke homeless human beings who are attracted to this relatively warm area in the Winter.

    So I asked this overworked exasperated volunteer where the people who take the great tent offer set them up… and he just said: ‘In the woods, somewhere, wherever.’ No water or showers, no kitchen sink, no electricity, no toilets, no refrigerator, no stove, oven or microwave, no heat, no lights, no security. Not much of anything, really, but a thin, uninsulated, nylon shell. No sleeping bag, or sleeping pad to buffer against the hard cold ground. No flashlight. In the U.S.A. … Tonight. Even people with young children. Nothing but a tent.

    Most U.S. citizens don’t know this is the situation, and I’m not convinced that knowing it would alter their attitude towards indigent people at all. The mainstream media essentially portray homeless human beings as a sub-species of lazy grimy vampires who vaguely resemble their former lives. Large in number, but individually weak, politically weak, and easily crushed. Just call a cop, since homeless people have no right to exist anywhere near entitled neighborhoods glowing with flickering TV light. Especially when those people are trying to get some sleep in a muggy tent through a night without a breeze, or a freezing cold night with one. No recognition. No right to comfort. No right to exist.

    Poverty is metastasizing rapidly, as a direct result of the accelerating contraction and collapse of global industrial civilization. Coming to a household near you. That cozy feeling won’t last much longer – a needy homeless vampire will soon be staring back at you from a cracked sliver of a formerly fancy bedroom mirror, that someone, in despondency and frustration and foreclosure, smashed into the mud.

    Start offering the compassion we will all need.

  • So tell me, who’s disingenuous besides ulvfugl?

    “Disingenuous.” Not free-born. A slave. In ancient Rome slaves were regarded as congenital liars. The ingenuous, those born into the ruling classes, were guileless. Honeyed words flowed from them as they counted their sestertii and cheated on their wives.

  • Here’s an oxymoron from the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

    USDA Invests in Research to Convert Beetle-Killed Trees into Renewable Energy

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced it has awarded nearly $10 million to a consortium of academic, industry and government organizations led by Colorado State University (CSU) and their partners to research using insect-killed trees in the Rockies as a sustainable feedstock for bioenergy. …

    (link in title to read full text)


    Uh, WHAT? Beetle killed trees a SUSTAINABLE, RENEWABLE resource? Apparently all we need to maintain Industrial Civilization are more beetles and a ceaseless SUSTAINABLE flow of dead trees. And Ten MILLION tax dollars to SUSTAIN this sort of ‘scientific research’, and, of course, SUSTAIN the industrial sultans of private profit.

    Insanity has surely passed a self reinforcing tipping point.
    Department of DEATH-CULTURE.

  • Yes, they are now making furniture out of Beetlekill Pine and saying it is “Green” furniture.

    Went to an olive oil shop in Breckenridge and all their fixtures were made from Beetlekill Pine and they were very proud of it.

    In Denver, I raked up 7 giant bags of leaves and left them on the curb, along with hundreds of my neighbors bags of leaves. Like magic, they are all gone today. I stood there noting how unsustainable this whole thing is and how wrong it all is. The Denver MSA has 2 million people, if everyone has 7 bags of leaves, that’s 14 million bags of leaves…

    George Mobus is right. If we could just get a moratorium on births, that would certainly be a step in the right direction. However, I’m afraid mandatory abortions isn’t going to go over very well…

    The Voluntary Extinction Movement
    Thou shalt not procreate.

    The Church of Euthanasia
    Save the planet, kill yourself.

  • A question to Guy, does the bold highlighted line below about “..Arctic sea ice facilitates currents that currently cool the bottom of the sea..”, is this considered a new positive feedback loop? I have not heard of this one before framed in this fashion.

    From Arctic News:

    “…Shield breaking down

    Until now, Arctic sea ice has been acting as a shield, in a number of ways, such as:

    Arctic sea ice has been preventing sunlight from warming up water underneath the sea ice

    Arctic sea ice facilitates currents that currently cool the bottom of the sea

    Arctic sea ice has been preventing much methane from entering the atmosphere; as discussed in an earlier post, the sea ice collects and holds the methane in places close enough to the surface for the methane to be consumed through photochemical and biochemical oxidation.

    However, as the sea ice declines, this shield is breaking down. Some of the dangers of this are:

    More sunlight is reaching the water, contributing to warming of water in the Arctic Ocean

    Sea ice decline comes with the danger of weakened currents that cool the seabed more methane is able to penetrate the cracks and openings in the ever-thinner ice.

  • The blog site Collapse of Industrial Civilization is a disinformation site and xraymike79 is a spook. We know the spooks are all over this blog, and many if not all Collpase blogs, in the comments section. ulvfugl is one of them. Why do you think Guy hasn’t blocked ulvfugl, yet he’s blocked any number of other people he considers dangerous. Remember Charley? Guy asserted he didn’t block Charley because Charley was harmless, but Guy has blocked others, so we must conclude the others he has blocked were not harmless, but rather harmful. But harmful to what or whom? To the message of NTE, of course. Any honest and objective person must wonder what the nexus is between ulvfugl and McPherson. Also, there’s the curious timing of ulvfugl’s arrival at NBL. These things are not mere coincidence. The internet is teeming with Snowdens who still give their allegiance to the NSA. Comments sections of controversial blogs are covered up with spooks. They come as friends. Some will offer to provide IT services to blog operators who can’t handle the load and will even go so far as to develop applications to censor the comments under the guise of navigating trolls. That’s code for controlling dissent and thus controlling the message. The spooks, to include xraymike79 and ulvfugl, are keeping tabs on the flow and sentiment of all things collapse and then regurgitating failed logic and disinformation at other venues. They are duplicitous and deceitful. They’re not interested in understanding, but rather in fucking with people. That’s what gets them off. That’s what makes their job so satisfying, otherwise how could they do what they do for a living? Here’s ulvfugl and xraymike79 amplifying Dan Brown’s fiction and making it REAL after reviewing this blog yesterday and the discussion of the same. This is straight out of the disinformation playbook. This says in big bold letters for all to see, Spooks Here. You folks are so obvious to the trained and focused eye. We’re turning the tables on you and beating you at your own game. We see the strategic pattern of blog message control and we’re committed to taking you on at every turn. What else is there to do with so little time left?

  • It is fitting that on an article about the difficulties of satire, so many creepy low-rent sideshow clowns have appeared to do their stand up routines. My favorite has to be the conspiracy peddling yahoos professing to UNDERSTAND STUFF and then rambling on like a drunk in the back alley of a bar that has closed.

    Clearly, word of NTE has gotten out and gotten bigger and various logic contortionists have arrived to troll and blur and confuse. This is to be expected as NTE is spitting in the eyes of Status Quo guardians.

    That the internet is a haven for faceless goons saying whatever pops into their heads without a pause is the price one pays for believing in free speech. Even the most wrong-headed, hate-filled moron gets to have his say.

    I recall a Dilbert cartoon. Dilbert shows Dogbert his poem. Dogbert says “It is said that given an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters, they would eventually produced the complete works of Shakespeare.”
    Dilbert replies, “Yes, but what about my poem?”
    Dogbert answers, “Three monkeys, ten minutes.”

    Let the Comedy continue.

  • Dear Bonhomie,

    Thank you for bringing the blog site Collapse of Industrial Civilization to my attention.


  • Finally have a new update on robertscribbler.wordpress. Here it is

  • @ bonhomie

    Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it will creep
    It starts when you’re always afraid
    Step out of line, the man come and take you away

  • bonhomie, I have not blocked Charley under any of his monikers

  • Someone called bonhomie informs us

    We know the spooks are all over this blog..

    Do we ? How ? Do you have some evidence ? Perhaps you’d like to share ?

    ..and many if not all Collpase blogs, in the comments section.

    Oh. How shocking. Are you certain ? Which blogs are you talking about ?

    ulvfugl is one of them.

    Well shiver me timbers. Is he ? Well that’s a surprise. What exactly do you mean by a ‘spook’ ?

    I always thought it meant someone working for a covert agency, like the CIA or the FBI or similar.

    I might easily consider working for some organisation like that, I’m open to offers if the money was good, because I’m seriously poor, but so far, in the whole of my life, the bastards have never once approached me, so I’ve never had to consider the temptation.

    What I could do for them, I have absolutely no idea. That’s probably why they’ve not offered me a job. I mean, I’m opposed to everything they stand for, never do anything anybody tells me, can’t be relied upon, and my loyalty is to wildlife, not humans, so I’m an unlikely choice to be selected, even if they were short of candidates. I’m also a lot smarter than they are, which would probably cause them some embarrassment and discomfort, because I expect they like to look down on people like me, and they’d find me looking down on them, sort of thing. It would be very awkward. Make for a tense atmosphere. I like a relaxed easy going ambience.

    Why do you think Guy hasn’t blocked ulvfugl

    You’ll have to ask Guy that. I’m sure his patience has been stretched.

    yet he’s blocked any number of other people he considers dangerous.

    As far as I know, he’s never blocked anyone he ‘considered dangerous’, he only blocked three or maybe four people who were offensive and unpleasant and were only here to disrupt discussion and cause mayhem. Trolls. Rather like yourself, in fact.

    But if you really WANT to see me as a spook, I really don’t mind, it’s sort of flattering, charming in a way, and I’m not offended, so don’t let me spoil your fantasy. Please read the essays I’ve written at xray’s site, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of evidence to confirm your suspicions. Quite what Dan Brown has to do with anything baffles me. Have you read any Derrida ? He’s a lot more interesting.

    Did you know that Dan Brown is a thief, he stole his material from Lincoln, Baigent and Bauval ? Fascinating, eh ? As interesting as whose land the UN headquarters was built on, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  • @Grant Thank you. My sentiments exactly. I was going to say something less dignified, but you spared me. Commiseration has been temporarily derailed.

    Denise says: @ulvfugl: My canary, Griffin, went nuts over your Tests 5 and 6! I wish you could have heard the sublime song that you made together, beyond time and space. This was the most beautiful visual and sentiment, along with the haiku. Thank you for sharing.

    we have just one world, but we live in different ones.

  • @pat Says:
    November 7th, 2013 at 6:52 am

    “The Denver MSA has 2 million people, if everyone has 7 bags of leaves, that’s 14 million bags of leaves…”

    Man, what a waste of compost!

    @bonhomie Says:
    November 7th, 2013 at 7:12 am

    “This says in big bold letters for all to see, Spooks Here.”

    Boo! 8-)

    Max Frost And The Troopers – Shape Of Things To Come

  • @ Solaris (film) 1972
    “In the US fluoride is added to the water across about 50% of the country but how many people have cut open a brain to inspect the effects on the pineal gland? A lot of people talk about fluoride but when you ask them if they’ve cut open a brain they will not answer, for fear of looking ignorant in front of others.”

    You have got to be kidding me. I am an ER nurse of 35 yrs, LOTS of healthcare experience, and if you put that glob in front of me, I’d not worry about appearing ignorant, I’d be worried about your sanity. OF COURSE I wouldn’t know the answer. Do you know firsthand every single fact in your mind? How do you KNOW the sun will rise tomorrow? Tomorrow hasn’t happened—you can predict the future?

    If you go from one place in the country to another, how do you get there? Your GPS? Can you take it apart, put it back together again and KNOW you know how it works? And even if you could, how do you get to the satellite it pings off of, to be sure it’s not routing you on roads to Barrow Alaska? (which would be quite a feat, as there ARE no roads to Barrow—this I KNOW, because I’ve been there).

    Okay, so you use maps. Been to Red Mesa Arizona? (I have) You better get a map with really good detail to find it, as it’s a blip in the road. And why would you trust maps? Are you SURE there’s a place in Pennsylvania called Paradise? Been there? Because that seems the only proof you would accept.

    I’ve been lurking for a while, knowing that any idiocy I come across will probably be decried in the next few comments, but I have to sleep before my night shift—but can’t, because I keep composing retorts to this stupid post. Hopefully now I can sleep and be alert enough to keep my patients alive for another day. Geesh!

  • Super Typhoon Haiyan Closes in on the Philippines With 190 mph Sustained Winds

    …one of the most intense tropical cyclones in world history, with sustained winds an incredible 190 mph, gusting to 230 mph… Since 1969, only three tropical cyclones have equaled Haiyan’s 190 mph sustained winds… We don’t have any measurements of Haiyan’s central pressure, but it may be close to the all-time record of 870 mb…Haiyan will be the third Category 5 typhoon to make landfall in the Philippines since 2010…A 50-mile wide swath of 8+ inches of rain is predicted to cross the Central Philippines. The soils are already very wet from the heavy rains that Tropical Depression 30 dumped over the region on Monday, so the rains from Haiyan will runoff quickly and create life-threatening flooding. … Haiyan will cause much higher storm surge damage than is typical for a Philippines typhoon. … The greatest storm tide will occur to the east of Tacloban on the east shore of Samar Island, where a massive 17′ (5.3 meter) storm tide was predicted …

    More, larger storms. Lots of warm water. Good thing global warming is just a hoax, or I would be worried.

  • @ulvfugl

    So you don’t understand the significance of the UN using Rockefeller’s land for their HQ? Not a problem, my posts are aimed at intelligent minds, not you.

    You do claim to be “intelligent”, but you’ve confessed to not having sex for at least 20 years, don’t have any friends and are more or less completely penniless. Not my definition of intelligent “boyo”.

    I can only imagine the people here who support you are experiencing similar circumstances themselves.

  • @cushngtree

    “35 years of experience” doesn’t necessarily mean much. It could be one years of real experience repeated 35 times.

    As a software engineer I know that after 5 years “good” experience it’s enough to last me a career. 15 years experience doesn’t make my salary 3 times that of someone with 5 years experience for precisely that reason.

    For your information I NEVER use GPS as a way of getting around. I prefer to plan my routes beforehand using either my driving maps or google maps. If I get lost I just do the fucking obvious and ASK SOMEONE.

    If the place is difficult to get to I use ORDINANCE SURVEY MAPS, which here in the UK are good enough for navigating in the wild as long as you have a compass.

  • Solaris(film)1972: What difference does it make what land the UN is on, or that the UN even exists? Your knowledge, ALL KNOWLEDGE is useless in the face of NTE! Nothing you have, nothing you can do is going to save your sorry ass, okay? So if you want to come here and be all pompous we’ll probably just start ignoring you, since you don’t have anything to add and nothing worthwhile to say, at least so far. I, for one, would rather hear something from you that’s interesting – like your life story, where you’re from, and what it’s like there. Has it changed since your youth? What are you seeing and experiencing? No one here has time for bullshit anymore, so you have your options. Show us your “intelligence” by acting appropriately and you’ll be received well. Otherwise, fuck off, nobody gives a shit.

  • @ Solaris blah blah aka Dean of Trolling

    I can see why you, in your paranoid torment, think these things are significant, and I can see that you jump to ridiculous conclusions based upon no evidence.

    You spend your time trolling forums and getting banned because you don’t know how to relate to other human beings in any sort of viable fashion.

    You don’t have anything of interest or value to offer, do you. Nobody wants to hear your nonsense, so you get rejected, over and over again.

    You insist that we must all buy geiger counters ? Yeah. Great.
    Nothing you’ve said since you first appeared has anything to do with what this blog is about. You don’t understand what this blog is about.

    You’re like a person who walks into a pub where they’ve never been before and starts yelling incoherently at the locals. How do they see you ? As an arrogant egotistical ignorant effing loonie with no manners, or as someone with a mental problem. So you get banned or get your head kicked in.

    Too dumb and conceited to learn anything different. Can’t even introduce yourself and conduct a civilised conversation, can you. You know, the simple basic stuff that babies learn, like how to hold a spoon themselves.

    You are rude, foolish and offensive. You behave like a troll, so you’ll be regarded by everyone as just one more boring troll. Simple. Your fault, not mine. Your problem, not mine.

  • Solaris (film) 1972 said: You do claim to be “intelligent”, but you’ve confessed to not having sex for at least 20 years, don’t have any friends and are more or less completely penniless. Not my definition of intelligent “boyo”.

    When I was a teenager I saw a sign on a car that said If You’re So Smart Why Aren’t You Rich? I thought that was profound. Then.

  • When I was a teenager I saw a sign on a car that said If You’re So Smart Why Do You Spend So Much Time Trying To Prove It On The Internets. I know, a long sign. In fact, it was so long it wrapped around the back bumper onto the side of the car where you had to pass on the shoulder to read it all, but it was worth risking my life for the profound message it contained. And remember, this was before the internets was rolled out to the public. They were still playing with it as a novelty in a university lab somewhere, so the message was not only profound philosophically, but also amazingly prescient. The message is still profound. It has stood the test of time, and it describes ulvfugl to a T.

    Also, there’s been several occasions recently where the comment has been made “quit wasting our time” or “we don’t have the time.” Talk about satire, this takes the cake. Time, if you truly accept NTE, no longer has any meaning or value. Without a future, time falls flat on its face. It’s a trinity afterall, and if one of the three is taken away, they all fall down. Without a future, past and present are left floundering like fish out of water. The fact that these statements about precious time are being made in the face of NTE tells me those who are uttering such nonsense really don’t believe in NTE. They just like a good scare is all.

  • @ Mollify

    Eternity. See you there.

  • @ Tom said:

    ALL KNOWLEDGE is useless in the face of NTE!

    This is rich. Perfect. I would agree this is the implication of NTE if you accept the idea, but then you feel compelled to impart your knowledgeable (at least you think it’s knowledgeable) of our inevitable doom every day until you draw your last breath, even though that knowledge, in your own emphatically capitalized words, is useless in the face of NTE. Now, if you don’t want to be a hypocrite, you’ll now refrain from depositing the latest knowledgeable fear & loathing link. No more Fukushima news from Tom because it’s useless. Woo Hoo!! And they said it couldn’t be done!

  • Well well well, the tone of the comments section has changed a bit. Ulvfugl the SPOOK! Here I thought you were just an eccentric mystic, martial artist, musician and naturalist. I’ll have to add spook to the list. funny.
    The robins have been migrating through this past week, dozens of them. They love to eat the crab apples left hanging on the now leafless tree. We used to have cedar waxwings come through around the first week of December and eat those fruit but the robins leave them nothing. Haven’t seen a cedar waxwing yet this year. I love those birds.
    We seem to be stuck in a dry weather pattern. Twice last week our well went dry. We got some rain today but no more than 1/4″; the ten day forecast does not look promising.
    Our random apple tree produced such a heavy crop that we can’t use them all. The deer come through at dusk and polish whatever has fallen during the day. We’re two weeks into hunting season so the animals are pretty skittish. We don’t post our land but the hunters leave us alone as far as I can tell. As a result we are a regular stop for deer keeping out of harm’s way.
    Best to everyone on the blog. Guy, thank you for your work. Everyone attacks you and accuses you of “cherry-picking” but I don’t see anyone attacking the actual science. People don’t appreciate how conservative science journals tend to be. Nor, apparently are they aware of the peer review process which weeds out any overly alarming conclusions not fully supported by the data. The real story of AGW is well ahead of the published papers.
    Do what you love. Thanks u. for the fingerpicking pieces_ entrancing indeed.

  • Not everything one swallows can one digest. NTE falls in that category. Some evince their indigestion promptly while others may take a long while. Some posters reveal it within a few posts, some filmmakers may not show it for quite a while after the film. Those who post to NBL in an effort to shoot down one or another breaker in the approaching tsunami may justify it to themselves and others as disrupting a self-fulfilling prophecy, a solace for themselves and others. But human motivation and its effects are the only aspect of reality that can be changed by argument or exhortation. For the rest, argument only changes the perception of reality, yet even that can be a comforting adaptation.

    People living downstream from a major dam when polled regarding their perception of the hazards to themselves in case of a failure of the dam, tend to be more concerned the closer to the dam they live – up to a point. Those living closer than that, block out any possibility of dam failure, avoiding concern.

    Even without Climate Change, we are so far into overshoot that most of us are in the shadow of the fossil-fuel dam. The dam has to be maintained at any cost for as long as possible. The bag of expensive technological tricks to the rescue: fracking, mountaintop removal, tar sand mining, and deepwater drilling are among the few remaining tricks.

    Evaluating the quality of the cherries picked could be helpful before discarding the fruits of cherry-picking. Even when one’s preference is for fruit-salad.

  • “You Reading This, Be Ready”

    “Starting here, what do you want to remember?
    How sunlight creeps along a shining floor?
    What scent of old wood hovers, what softened
    sound from outside fills the air?

    Will you ever bring a better gift for the world
    than the breathing respect that you carry
    wherever you go right now? Are you waiting
    for time to show you some better thoughts?

    When you turn around, starting here, lift this
    new glimpse that you found; carry into evening
    all that you want from this day. This interval you spent
    reading or hearing this, keep it for life.

    What can anyone give you greater than now,
    starting here, right in this room, when you turn around?”

    – William Stafford

  • “I keep trying to walk away from patriarchy, but it keeps grabbing my ass.”

    I guess patriarchy owns the exit roads as well. Unfortunately.

  • Back in the days of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, you’d often hear the claim that the thing which was preventing a holocaust was something called ‘MAD’ – Mutually Assured Destruction. Supposedly it was so fearsome that fear alone would serve to prevent all out nuclear war and human annihilation.

    Now that the obvious consequence of stubbornly unbendable human trajectories which cause irreversible environmental destruction… is their ultimate convergence into human extinction… a form of MAD is actually ensuing, with or without the nuclear fireworks.

    This time, the purportedly protective fear is nearly wholly absent. Perhaps it is due to active obfuscation and blind denial, but sensory failure and dulled perception is a reasonable theory.

    I imagine that some would compare this theoretically apathetic response to that of an animal going numb when facing certain death by predation, as nature’s inherent, instinctive, pain relief. Perhaps there is no point in suffering, no genetic advantage, when it is simply too late to avoid death. Instead of being protected by feeling fear, perhaps we are protected from feeling it. Maybe in the end, nature manifests a little mercy. (faint smoky strains from Pink Floyd swimming in the background I..i have become… comfortably numb.)

    On the other hand, pathetic plain old fashioned, economically motivated obfuscation and denial may be doing the heavy lifting.

    Either way or both, we’re MAD as hell, and we’re just not gonna take it, or make it, anymore.

  • @Solaris(film)1972, muffleupagus, Eddie Gnash:

    Greetings. I note that you’re coming under some fire. That can happen here to us new, or relatively new, visitors to NBL.

    I won’t address any particular issue of yours…just share a recent trend of thought that might be related.

    Population. Have you thought much about it? What’s your conclusion? I can’t figure it out myself. To my way of thinking (which is said to be wildly fanciful and unrealistic) 10 billion people COULD be fed and housed were all the physical and social factors to make this possible aligned. And I’m not one to be stumped by social behavior of the past. In my universe, radical change is always possible.

    But that’s not the issue I’m musing over right now. It’s the sense that there is too much of everything. Everywhere you go, there are more people coming. If you live in a nice spacious home, you (or many) no longer feel that they can maintain this bounty unmolested forever. Too many needy and desperate people everywhere…

    I make up stuff. So my latest meme (for lack of a better term) is that the entire global society started getting unsustainable (in the most immediate and dire sense of the word) around the early to mid 1860’s. I even wonder if the murder of JFK was the murder of civilized values worldwide. At the time, global population was less than half of what it is today, and the MIC, etc. has grown in like manner.

    Is out outsized population somehow OK? I don’t think so, although I can’t figure out whether it is in the category of cause or effect. And what are the implications for the billions born since then? Should they not have been born? That also makes no sense, since so many of those have so much more to offer the world than so many of us born prior. Or is that even an issue?

    Too many people. Too many people. They are not from the India-lifestyle of 40 years ago, where their numbers might have caused hardly a blip on greenhouse gas emissions. It’s as if they came from outer space. The world was not ready for them, and they won’t go away.

    If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening, and do share any thoughts you might have.

  • For those of us interested, more evidence that storms are getting more destructive:

    By Dr. Jeff Masters
    7 November 2013

    ( – Super Typhoon Haiyan has made landfall. According to PAGASA, Haiyan came ashore at 4:40 am local time (20:40 UTC) November 7, 2013 near Guiuan, on the Philippine island of Samar. Forty minutes before landfall, Guiuan reported sustained 10-minute average winds of 96 mph, with a pressure of 977 mb. Contact has since been lost with the city.

    Three hours before landfall, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) assessed Haiyan’s sustained winds at 195 mph, gusting to 235 mph, making it the 4th strongest tropical cyclone in world history. Satellite loops show that Haiyan weakened only slightly, if at all, in the two hours after JTWC’s advisory, so the super typhoon likely made landfall with winds near 195 mph. The next JTWC intensity estimate, for 00Z UTC November 8, about three hours after landfall, put the top winds at 185 mph. Averaging together these estimates gives a strength of 190 mph an hour after landfall. Thus, Haiyan had winds of 190 – 195 mph at landfall, making it the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall in world history. The previous record was held by the Atlantic’s Hurricane Camille of 1969, which made landfall in Mississippi with 190 mph winds.

    If any of you follow dutchsinse, he’s documented two typhoons over Japan at the same time (late October) WITH AN EARTHQUAKE beneath them. A week later it happened AGAIN with another typhoon and earthquake over Taiwan:

    11/2/2013 — Earthquake in Taiwan as Typhoon Krosa passed over

    A repeat event!

    Last week, end of October 2013, two typhoons, Francisco and Lekima were off the eastern shores of Japan….. at the same time, underneath the storms, as they passed over… a 7.2M earthquake occurred in the same spot off the shores of Japan.

  • @ Artleads

    That can happen here to us new, or relatively new, visitors to NBL.

    As you admitted yourself, you are more naive and gullible than most people, and generally clueless as to what this blog is about.

    All these one-off names are not ‘innocent visitors’, they are intent upon defaming Dr. Mcpherson, pushing the pro-oil, pro-nuke, pro-civ, pro-tech, agenda, amongst other motives, and disrupting this blog in any way possible.

    You in your thoughtless foolishness are offering to assist them, merely because you feel compelled to post something to vindicate your own presence here. Great. Just what we need, eh.

    You wonder why I curse your ignorance ?

    Bad-jacketing has been used as a tactic by hostile infiltrators since forever to create paranoia and disruption. The person calling themselves bonhomie is clearly an example of just such a person.

    Your thinking that if somehow you’ve got a good heart and God is on your side then everything you say and do will be okay is just utterly stupid, you have no idea what you are dealing with have you, or the kind of people you are dealing with, you just blunder about.

    For me, that’s not being an adult, that’s being reckless, irresponsible, thoughtless and stupid. You keep on doing it. Do you have no ability to learn ? You said you were here to learn. Why isn’t it happening ?

  • About Michael Sosebee, All I can say is that sometimes we make mistakes. We all do. When I was 40, I made many mistakes. And I keep making them. Nobody is perfect.
    “Ugly” words harm only if you give them more importance than they really have. Words have many meanings.
    And all the discussion about NTE, what means, and what to do, is in the end a matter of personal convictions. There is no such thing as the “truth”, and the right answer. We all share this planet, and we will all experience whatever global changes come ahead, but certainly at the same time, the experience will be unique because we live in different cultures, different places,different local climate, different geography, etc.
    NBL offers different views about the complex image of the world today, and what is going on. But we have to filter. We have to find what suits us.

  • The Day of the Fools
    Native Americans Should Have Let the Pilgrims Starve

    @Scott Erickson

    Fuck Monstersanto and the horse it rode in on.

  • I’ve posted two essays by Carolyn Baker, a short essay with embedded video clip featuring me criticizing Bill McKibben and James Hansen, and more film work by Pauline Schneider. Catch it all here.

  • @ Tom said:

    For those of us interested, more evidence that storms are getting more destructive:

    By Dr. Jeff Masters
    7 November 2013

    Thank you for yet more USELESS KNOWLEDGE (assumed to be knowledge) in the face of NTE, Tom. I’ll give you credit. You’re consistent. Consistently hypocritical. In fact, zealously hypocritical.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I come here to read your fear & loathing links. They get me all pumped up and send shivers down my spine. Of course, I know, it’s not good for acid reflux sufferers, but it’s worth the adrenaline shot. Thank you for the daily fixes, Tom. You’re a reliable gentleman, if nothing else.

  • re Sosebee smack-talking: Isn’t there some sort of documentary filmmaker code of ethics, in which filmmakers don’t throw their subjects under the bus? Wouldn’t doing so violate the trust required to form the level of intimacy needed to create a compelling story? Otherwise, wouldn’t they just be shamelessly using people to pursue their own self-serving agenda?! (Isn’t that the very definition of phony?) It will be interesting to see what Sosebee does next, who consents to be part of it, and who funds it.

    @Martin: Thanks for the laugh – otherwise I would have been bummed out by the back-stabbing hypocrisy!

    Btw, I just had the privilege meeting Guy, who graciously toured me around the Mud Hut, made me a homemade goat cheese “Railroad Sandwich,” and let me pee in his composting toilet. Genuine, kind, down-to-earth, and “tireless do-er” were the impressions I took away from the meeting on my very unscientific meter of the heart. I’ve never met a phony who self-effacingly shares the tales of his own mistakes and failed experiments.

    @Guy: Dude, your “I walked away from Empire and all I got was this lousy documentary” coffee mug is in the mail. Oh, never mind, you don’t drink the stuff. ;-)

    @Christy C: I keep trying to walk away from samsara, yet my sorry ass still exists…

    @logspirit: Thank you for making the effort to share your story here. My thoughts are with you – hang in there.

    @Tom, WoodsDweller, and Badlands: Much obliged for the kind words :-).