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  • Mike k:

    This post may have got lost in migration. Feel free to copy and paste it to the appropriate thread.

    Charles Eisenstein’s new site is up now. This essay casts a revealing light on the scientific/materialist/realist/selfish/technological/economic critics of the essential value of love for all beings….

  • Guy posted, but I think it got lost:

    Gerald Spezio lives in Phoenix, Arizona. His water is pumped uphill across the desert from as far as 250 miles away. His food comes from as far as thousands of miles away. The fossil fuels he uses to heat and cool is home comes from thousands of miles away. He depends completely upon the nanny state for his survival.

    Gerald complains about the carbon footprint of others. He fails to recognize the irony.

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  • Mister BelleIslander said:

    @ wildwoman – Thanks for your kind comments.

    But, I was right! I knew yesterday as I could just somehow feel it coming by means of my aching bones. Detroit’s background radiation rate has today soared to a serious Rad IV level of 281. And, Grand Rapids, which in recent weeks has also been providing usually elevated readings, is presently not so far behind. One interesting thing I’ve learned from monitoring the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC) site for many months is the usually strong correlation between the upper atmosphere’s jet-stream location and those parts of the country which are presently being hardest hit with the highest radiation readings. Michigan is currently being hard hit because it has just in the last 48 hours or so slipped below what had formerly been the rather stationary southern edge of the jet-stream. And, one interesting cross-over fact between the climate change sciences and radiation monitoring, is that the very same slow and meandering jet-stream actions which in recent years have caused some parts of the globe to either bake in high temperatures or freeze in cold temperatures for extended periods of time, can also cause high-radiation zones to become stationary over different parts of country for similarly long periods.

    Also, if you ever go visit the NETC.com site for radiation information you’ll see that your part of northern Michigan is largely devoid of any privately maintained tracking sites. But, if you or one of your neighbors should want to volunteer to do such monitoring NETC will provide you with much assistance and a free hook-up to their network. Or, if anyone else is interested in setting up their own radiation monitoring station at another location, then please view the ‘Post Your Monitoring Information Here’ forum at the ENEnews.com site for much possibly useful information.

    But, here’s one of the obvious down-sides to that sort of information. Because even if we should know that our own area is currently suffering very high radiation readings, there still isn’t a damned thing that most of us can actually do about it. For instance, if your job requires you to work out of doors – you’re still going to have to do exactly that whether there are high radiation level readings or not. Thus, if you can’t actually control the extent of your radiation exposure – then taking a cue from the old idea that ignorance might sometimes be well equated to bliss – perhaps it really would be better for some people not to actually know the precise limits of what there in any case going to have to be exposed to. Does it sound like I’m presently being too hardheaded when I suggest that persons having no real control over their lives should perhaps not trouble themselves with the effort of trying to be kept informed of today’s very high radiation level readings, since in most cases they will also be completely unable to do anything about it?

    And, at this point perhaps many are thinking of all those mothers and father who would have an obvious concern that their own children not be unnecessarily exposed to the harmful effects of radiation. And, that certainly seems like a worthwhile point. But, the sorry fact of the matter is that absolutely no one – not our children, not our pets, and not ourselves – can be expected to be kept indefinitely preserved from the terrible effects of the massive amounts of radiation which has already been unleashed into this world. And, which will continue to be released into our environment until long past the point that we’ve all been made quite dead from it. I unfortunately tend to nowadays suspect that most of humanity with have already been made either dead or dying from the various effects radiation-poisoning quite before the very worst expected consequences of global climate change shall inevitably be lent its own opportunity to finally finish us all off.

    I’m sorry to have responded to your post in what might presently seem to be such a downer fashion. But, I’ve also been wondering if much of the black-mood tainted funk which I have been recently been exhibiting might be somehow related to that unfortunately much too long succession of increasingly bleak and dreary days which must always immediately proceed the December 21st occasioning of the Winter’s Solstice? Hopefully, maybe everything might soon be looking better in respect to all of us should we soon start getting a bit more sunshine into our lives.

    One final note. I used to so love the woods and the beauty of that part of the state which you have previously said you live in. But, as you have also previously described the currently sickly condition of the trees up there. And, I must mention that I think that it would just break my heart completely to now see what has been happening up there since I last visited that vicinity three or four decades ago. After having lived in the city for so long I suppose that I’ve already become quite used to seeing all the usual signs of man’s continuing ruination of the environment on every side of me. Yet, I don’t think that I could ever become used to having to see those same saddening signs occurring up there. How do you stand it?

  • Badlands said:

    @ulvfugl Maybe good thinkers, but often terrible communicators!

    @Christy Thank you for a clear articulation on patriarchy. (I wonder if you ever got my e-mail some time back? I think I had the address written down incorrectly, but I did send one!) Artleads is right that it was exactly what needed to be said.

    @Bob S. I’m not positive, but I think feminazi is a bad word, right up there with being called ‘Rush’. If we want to grow beyond this sick system, no matter how much time we have left to do so, we have to be open to the possibility that our views have been shaped, skewed, twisted by that system, and that if we listen to and validate each other, there is a chance for understanding and growth.
    When you say, regarding sexual violence, that our society does not tolerate it and has laws against it, I say, as someone who has experience in this area, that our society not only tolerates it, but looks the other way and often condones it. But then, I was sexually abused as a young girl, one long term situation, several single incidents. When that happens, it colors very aspect of your life, no matter how hard you work to heal and move on.
    I don’t hate men, but my first instinct is to be suspicious, so my ability to trust has been completely warped. And I don’t think I could ever articulate the agony and horror of having brought two daughters into this nightmare. No wonder I can’t just go on my merry way when the topic comes up. Triggers everywhere! Land mines! This conversation reminds me very much of the recent post on ‘White Privilege’, which also resulted in some painful discussions. Hard work, these discussions, but worth it to gain understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

    Anyway, I gotta go. I won’t be able to drop in until next week sometime, so I would like to wish a Happy Winter Solstice to all! A way I like to celebrate is to write down what I need to let go, as well as a few prayers to the universe, go out under the stars and put fire to paper. https://youtu.be/ITpDrdtGAmo Peace.

  • ulvfugl said:

    Re the ‘scientists’ and ‘academics’ who criticise Dr McPherson, I think this quote and comments in the thread re the Bill Black link are illuminating. Seems to me the entire education system in many countries has now been captured and co-opted by the corporate machine.

    We will not hear voices from within the establishment that criticise the establishment, they do not bite the hand that feeds them, they are the obedient house negroes, they have to love their master and their enslavement, for fear of being cast out to toil in the harshness of the fields.

    Conformity is built into the system: who gets accepted into grad school, where, who gets published, who gets hired at the assistant professor level, and the whole set of promotions from there. It is a process that preferentially selects for those who know how to work within the system and are willing to do so. So there is no need to be concerned about the fate of bombthrowers and iconoclasts in academia. They aren’t there.


    The message is always the same, technology will fix everything, don’t worry, go back to sleep, and then go shopping…

    Trouble is, where are your children going to live when you have made this Earth uninhabitable ? Because THAT is what you are DOING, you stupid fuckers. And for all your cleverness and education and learning, you have NO ANSWER.

  • Artleads said:

    A little entertainment:

  • (oh good, video embedding works)

  • ulvfugl said:

    @ Badlands

    @ulvfugl Maybe good thinkers, but often terrible communicators!

    But there is no author, is there, only the reader, who creates the author in their own mind, from the text on the screen, and the english language is so full of ambiguity and so messy, it’s like a really bad crappy computer code that’s full of errors, so the program keeps crashing.. but it’s all we have, so we must muddle along…

    I don’t think that it works to ‘blame men’, because there are plenty of appalling women, who collaborate and endorse and support the way things are, and I also don’t think that ‘women’ are at the bottom of the heap, some women do very well out of maintaining patriarchy.

    I think it’s the culture, and it’s not simple to untangle. The whole culture is absolutely horrible, the way it treats everything, animals, humans, land, the way it corrupts everything it touches and turns everything into a commodity to be exploited and ruined…

    I think a person has to begin by decontaminating, decolonizing, their own mind. Then, they have to find others, and stand together and say ‘This is going to stop. We insist upon our dignity, our self-respect, our sacred rights’, and so on..

    Guy says be kind to one another. But they will just steam roller over us all, like the Black Friday crowd at Walmart. They are blind, ignorant, depraved, demented, and they are never going to understand what we are saying, because what we are saying is too difficult and beyond their comprehension. They are lead by the most despicable, corrupt, worthless individuals who have no sense of responsibility or morality.

    How does one build a new culture ? The last chance we had, imo, was the 1960s, and now it’s too late. I think we are in a time of immense ferment and chaos, global corporate fascism tries to dominate, and they will do the equivalents of the insane witch burning and make a horrendous dystopia.

    In the first Elizabethan period, when there was a famine and starving desperate people walked the land in search of food, the authorities, instead of providing relief, treated it as a sign of rebellion and disorder and punished the victims, so anybody who offered a vagrant food or shelter was fined, vagrants had holes burned through their ears, were flogged, and if caught again, were hanged.

    This is the sort of idiotic response we see from governments that have no answers. They just want the problems to go away. So the way to ‘solve’ Fukushima is to shut down all the news outlets and put whistleblowers in prison.

    This is what we see from these morons. If they imagine that there isn’t a problem, then there isn’t. Because there can’t be. It’s shocking and hard to believe that adults can be so infantile, so poorly informed, so badly educated, so reckless, so venal, but this is what we are surrounded by.


  • Christy said:

    @ ulv

    Yes, there are women who work within the patriarchal system and in doing so accumulate money and power. They are ‘tokens,’ setting the false illusion that women have “equal rights,” equal access to resources, etc. That quells some of the questions about the system, makes it seem okay, fair even. Token women with “worldly success” also enable the system to put women into positions of power so that they can become the oppressors and torturers of other women/girls. They are used by the system to do its dirty work, distorting perceptions, distracting and confusing women. They are still at the bottom of whatever hierarchical game they are playing at.

    Not sure who you were talking to, ulv, but to be clear, I am not men blaming all men for all problems. However, it is worth noting that, by far, the majority of the perpetrators of every kind of crime against life are men. (We are all perps, in some form, in industrial civ, as we all know. But I refer here to the decision makers, the elite, tptb, the government officials, heads in the system’s institutions, violent criminals, etc.) The article you linked to about the witches was great, by the way, and an in depth explanation of how this came to be. I always feel sick when I read that stuff, but it all needs to be known. Everyone needs to know what happened. That book it puts important pieces of this puzzle together. I need to read it.

    Women must reclaim their power, find their courage, help each other. We must step into our creative power and stand for life, even though it is dangerous. Even if we do it just in time to die knowing exactly who we are, better than never knowing at all. If men want to do this too, great. I am simply focused on women because I am one, and I know that we really need to support each other, and we are so afraid, and so trained to acquiesce to men, and to compete and put each other down. This is not about men being the bad guys. My focus is about who we are as women and remembering that and standing for that and living that. And acknowledging and naming what has transpired up to this point, and what is going on now, is part of this process. It has to be done.

    @ Badlands

    I did get your email and I responded. I was waiting for you to reply :) I will check and make sure it got sent.

  • ulvfugl said:

    @ Badlands, Bob S., Christy, wildwoman,

    When you say, regarding sexual violence, that our society does not tolerate it and has laws against it, I say, as someone who has experience in this area, that our society not only tolerates it, but looks the other way and often condones it.

    I don’t think that women are the primary victims, I think the oppression and violence and exploitation cascades downwards and fans outwards, in every direction.

    Children who are orphaned are raped by paedophiles, vulnerable young women are trafficked and forced into brothels, any minority – gypsies, homeless, mentally ill, disabled – are subjected to abuse, domesticated animals are treated in the most callous and cruel fashion, wild animals are hunted and killed for fun, and on and on and on…

    If you work through the whole structure of mainstream modern dominant Euro-American industrial culture, what is there that is good or virtuous or positive or benign or of merit ? I think you could argue that some of the arts are amazing, dance, music, literature, movies, and some of the engineering and some of the science is awesome..

    But seems to me, the good bits are DESPITE the horror of the system and culture and corruption and the power structure

    They’re just the ones who get arrested and convicted (based on media reports). In a country where no more than 5% of reported rapes end in conviction, there’s plenty more that, with the right power and influence, are sure to remain at liberty all the while we’re forced to live under a regime as fundamentally corrupt as ours.

    Check out the ‘paedos in power’ at the bottom


  • Reverse Engineer said:

    Nature Bats Last


    (supported added) Yep, video embed is working)

  • Christy said:

    I think I understand Gerald Spezio’s indignation. I know a guy who lived a long time in the local community here, a guy with a trust fund, living the privileged version of a hippie lifestyle. Had a BAMBOO bumper sticker on his big truck, lived off grid in a commune on a farm, is a skilled carpenter and knows how to build stuff. When he got married and had a daughter he went to Indonesia and bought a kit for a big house made of beautiful, durable wood. It is the perfect material for our sub-tropical climate, mold and bug proof, long lasting. Wood that comes from the most rapidly decimated rainforest on the planet. Orangutans, and certainly other creatures, the trees among them, are going extinct in this region. This disgusted me so much I wanted to spit in his face. I asked him, calmly, with genuine interest, why, knowing fully the situation of the destruction of nature where his house was being shipped from, WHY would he buy that wood? And he said, because if I don’t do it, somebody else will. That was 7 years ago and I have not spoken more than 10 absolutely necessary words to him since. His wife has since left him, and neither of them are even living in the house — or in the country for that matter — anymore. They rent it for a good sum.

    Just because other people are going to do stupid, harmful things, that doesn’t mean we ought to be doing them since they are going to get done anyway, so why not benefit ourselves. I am not saying that is what Guy is doing, but that perspective might be part of Gerald’s rancor.

    When I sorted through all of the repercussions of NTE in my own life, I actually finally settled down here in Hawaii after 15 years, and decided that because of the community I have built here, I am making my stand here. I realized that what we have left is each other, while we have each other. To minimize my own pain in all of this I will live as simply as I can, helping to prepare by growing food with permaculture to mitigate suffering if possible. I will do this without disrupting the routine of my family too much, since they prefer not to think much about it all and carry on, and I am not going to push their reality threshold any further at this time. I realized that I really need them, I need to love and be loved. But that’s me. And you are each you.

    Guy, and I am not speaking on his behalf, but speculating, has his own history, his own situation, and his own kuleana (responsibility) which none of us can fully grok because we are not him and don’t know all the details of his life. We know and appreciate that he spreading a message, the one that brings us all together on this community forum. Someone invites him somewhere to share his message, and it is his decision if he goes. Maybe he needs to pay the bills. Maybe he needs to be appreciated and supported. Maybe he wants to create and be a part of a community of people to work together with. Maybe he needs to do ayahuasca with a certain shaman in the jungle there. Maybe he needs time away from the mud hut and the US to think and be re-inspired. Maybe he is considering moving there. Who knows exactly what is going on? I know I certainly don’t.

    All things considered, there is no saintly way for most of us to do this. I drive my car, I buy stuff from afar, etc., knowing I am contributing to the pollution and the wars and the climate chaos and species extinction, don’t you? I drive to my workplace, to help people and to make money, and I drive to connect with people and to help my kids. I take care of my kuleana in this world in the best ways I can figure it out, don’t you? I think that is basically what Guy is doing too. You can say it is a matter of quantities. But it is all part of the same soup.

    Hope this helps.

  • Gerald Spezio said:

    Christy, haven’t we all heard this one? – “And he said, because if I don’t do it, somebody else will.”

    Yabut, why didn’t he invoke the deep wisdom of the Jevons Paradox & the profound Kazzoom-Bazzooms Postulate?

    Guy’s rationalization & intellectual justification IS the Jevons Paradox & Kazzooms-Bazzooms Postulate.

    “Even if I conserve, some other less intelligent self-indulgent non intellectual will do it even more.”

    Guy says; “Can’t I keep doin it until I have to get eyeglasses?”

    “Or just before I go more blind & the whole planet burns to a crisp?”

    Another standard from the “rationalizing class;” “The plane is going anyway.”

    “Into the wild blue yonder flying high …”

  • Grant Schreiber said:

    Mike K: Poe’s death remains a mystery. Well, not his death which was easily certified, but the cause. He might have been swept up by a gang of thugs and forced to consume rum in his already weakened condition. We really don’t know the circumstances leading up to his demise.

    Death was certainly a central theme to his work, but death wasn’t removed from life like it is today. Most people die in hospital care instead of at home, most bodies are whisked away almost instantly instead of lying in state on the dinning room table for a week, blocks of ice set up to keep down the decay. No one really wants to talk about DEATH any more, which is another roadblock to understanding NTE.

    Ulvfugl: It is almost impossible not to encounter some blinkered swine on the subject of NTE. Denial by ignorance is one thing, denial by deciding the facts are wrong is another thing entirely. And then there’s denial by illogical, unconnected, superfluous information — which usually followed by the invocation of that demon, Al Gore.

    I recently unearthed from the mound of papers on my desk the rules for HOW TO BE POPULAR IN PUBLISHING:
    1) Don’t criticize anything the public loves.
    2) Don’t demean any social icons.
    3) Don’t evaluate dogma, superstition, or strongly held beliefs.
    4) Don’t question the current trends
    5) Don’t ask for evidence
    6) Don’t criticize religion.

    the last one no doubt should be updated to include Islam is fair game in most social circles.

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    Post any problems you encounter here, and I’ll do my best to resolve them.

  • ‘Do you want a long and healthy life? Then this is where you need to move to’ (northeast Hampshire, UK)


    See, there is an escape from collapse of civilisation, climate chaos and NTHE after all.

    (Just testing the new site’s friendliness to links)

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  • Dear Professor, It seems that your site has developed a serious security problem. I was just visiting there and I noticed that another poster’s screen name as well as their email address was showing up in the comment section of my screen. I include screen shot of that event as proof. Also, when I have posted in recent days an annoying pop-up (like I have never seen before) has been appearing when I went to type in my own address.

    NOTE – This is a 15:30 follow-up contact relating to a 14:50 email sent to Guy. I am now going to press SEND but both the screen name and the email address now appearing on my computer screen belong to some other poster. (BelleIslander) Also, I am now not sure what website name to type in.

  • One more item: various names and emails keep appearing in the boxes above the comments box. Not necessarily those of the user. Needs to be corrected, most definitely!

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    Woodsdweller’s name and address showed up on my iPhone as well, in the appropriate boxes above the comment box.

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    I appreciate users’ help in debugging!

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    Maybe it was just a local cache that did not get refreshed with no new comments loaded. Not a huge deal, just interesting.

    Anyway, the comments are appearing immediately, so deleting the cookies should not longer matter. I suspected it was a server side caching misconfiguration anyway, and it looks like it is not a problem now.

  • So I’ll leave my cookies set and wait for someone else to post, but I think it’s fine now.

  • There was a plug-in called SuperCache and I suspect that was causing the issue. It had been installed in the last two weeks, probably as an attempt to deal with issues at the prior hosting site. I made a copy back then, did some tests, added a few features:

    A user forum for those who want to discuss in more depth or start spin-off discussions.

    Video embedding in the comments.

    Other multimedia in comments, but it requires a little html, I’m working on improving that.

    With the new hosting we should not need it, the speed is significantly faster, based on my testing between the two servers.

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  • Reverse Engineer mentioned the problem while he was still looking at the old site, which was a significant clue that the problem was not the migration, but a something to do with wordpress 3.8 and and the SuperCache.

  • I sent Guy an email about it a month or so ago.

    My theory was that the SuperCache page was correctly updating, but that additionally the host was running a web server plugin for caching that was not updating correctly.

    Doesn’t matter now, all seems to be fine.

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  • This one did.

  • Woodsdweller, I’m seeing a comment from you at 2:12pm

    “New comment showing up. Cookie problems appear to be vanquished.”

    And another one just now, at 2:24pm, to which I’m replying:

    “Hmmm … last comment did not show up. Will this one?”

  • I posted (I think) one in between about SuperCache. We don’t have a cancel button to hit by mistake, so either it vanished or I closed the tab without posting (possible I suppose).

  • Oh, now it’s showing up (2:23).

  • WoodsDweller, your post about emailing guy a month ago was delayed, I’m looking to see if I can figure out why.

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  • Turned cloudy again and the batteries are low, going to have to power off. Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks to the Database Cavalry from California. Cool



  • Yippeeee for Database Cav !!

    @ Grant Schreiber

    It is almost impossible not to encounter some blinkered swine…

    Yeah, but it’s a cultural variable, depends on where you live…

  • I have not owned a TV in over a decade, but I had to pop over to the neighbors and they had on “The News”, so I no choice. There was a story about former NBA star and full time attention Whore, Dennis Rodman doing something in North Korea. The other story was on some apparent controversial statements by “The Patriarch” of an in-bread Red Neck Duck hunting clan I’ve never heard of. As I was walking back to my place it struck me that the world is now a fucking cartoon………That’s all folks

  • RE and other fixers, thank you so much!

  • Just to let you Uber Doomers know, I now enabled the new NBL Forum and NBL Event Calendar.  These links now appear on the right side menu bar.

    To participate on the NBL Forum, you will need to Register there.  Registration Link is at the top of the Forum Homepage.  For those of you who like to Thread Jack and pursue your own philosophical debates off topic, this is the place to do that stuff now.  You can begin your own discussions there and maintain them long as you like.

    Also, there is a Personal Messaging function on the Forum, if you wish to send a Private Message to another NBL Member. This only works with Registered Members on the Forum, not with everyone who posts up on the Blog since Guy keeps this Open.

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    Just to let everybody know, 90% of the work done here on the back end is not my gift, it is from Haniel (aka The Database Cavalry from California), one of the other Diner Admins.  He does all the back end stuff and he is fabulous with it.  I just tweak up the Front End and try to make it user friendly after years of doing Forum moderation.

    I personally am still having some propagation issues but I expect those will all resolve within the next 24 hours.
    Doom should run smoothly here on NBL now. :)


  • WOMEN (musing of the day…toward understanding, and nothing more)

    Of course, under a paradigm of oppression, nothing is spared. But I think that, in the Euro-American empire anyway, oppression rests upon three legs, from which all other oppression flows:

    1) Animals, 2) Blacks, 3) Women.

    These three legs hold up a stool of homicidal, patriarchal mania. Although we tend to see these three legs as separate, it is entirely missing the point to do so. Why?

    The foundation for oppressing blacks and women is the oppression of animals. Since animals are deemed unintelligent, unclean, lowly and dangerous, they are used as the measure of the lowliness of blacks and women. In the 19th century, scientists studied the brains and physiology of blacks and devised theories as to the animal likenesses thereof. In a similar fashion, women were seen as incapable of managing property or making worthy political decisions, or running their own lives. They were therefore not authentic human beings, but closer to low, unintelligent animals than men.

    Just as how our language is laces with animal metaphors–deceitful serpent, piggish greed, stupid jackass, etc., it is laced, with metaphors about blackness-the dark side, black mark on the record, etc. Women face it too: you can’t tell the woman to be manly, not be sissy, etc. In the bible, the woman is often associated with “uncleanliness.”

    The scorn of women or blacks flow from and contributes to the scorn of nature…

    One enormous problem in how we are conditioned (in general) is for these three groups not to care about and have common cause with each other. Blacks don’t care about women, women don’t care about blacks, and neither care about animals. But in order to get anywhere, both groups must forget about their home constituency insofar as it separates them from the others. This separation is fatal.

    AIR TRAVEL (more musing of the day…)

    I’m glad to have an excuse not to fly, but I’d fly (which I have little interest in doing) if there was a big “reward” on the other end. If I were Guy I’d certainly see as rewarding getting my unique (just about) message out as widely as possible. Especially since I’d compensate for flying in so exceptionally many ways.

    I don’t think many people understand the philosophical implications of Guy’s work. Because he can back up what he says, there is strong support for the philosophical argument that everything must change. If it doesn’t change it’s not Guy’s fault, and he himself doesn’t think it will change. But he’s nonetheless laying out the philosophical grounds for change, take it or leave it, and no other similarly credible person is doing that in the whole wide world. This potentially affects all pedagogy, all behavior, everything we do.(I’m trying to work on how it affects art.)

    His having this function (forgive me if I’m just dreaming again), if nothing more, is a good reason to fly.

  • My first post at 10:07 pm came up instantly. A second, longer post has still not surfaced.

  • Longer posts take longer for the spam checking software to parse. Hence the delays.

    We will be replacing that with a Captcha verification process to minimize spam, and turning off the slower anti-spam system. Considering how long and thoughtful most of the comments are,it’s a small additional overload and will cut down on Guy’s administrative burden considerably.

    To get to the new forum, click on the link at the top of any of the recent posts, it will take you to a thread already started, with the comments from here pre-populated. When you post here, it appears there as well.

    It’s a one-way system, the discussions there do not do not appear here.

  • There’s now a simple captcha when you enter a comment. If too much spam gets though, I’ll change it to a ore complex one, but I want to start with the minimum inconvenience for users.

    The akismet anti-spam is switched off, so posting time should no longer be affected by post length. Keep me informed of your your experiences.

  • Factoid of the day:

    Current spam levels are 4-5 for each legitimate post.

  • “To get to the new forum, click on the link at the top of any of the recent posts, it will take you to a thread already started, with the comments from here pre-populated. When you post here, it appears there as well.

    It’s a one-way system, the discussions there do not do not appear here.”DCFC

    This is a very important point for anyone who chooses to use the Forum for discussion.

    For any Articles that are up, in order to keep the discussion uniform, you should post up on the Blog, not the Forum. This is the historical means here, so requires no change in posting behavior.

    For the other Boards and Threads NOT on the Blog, you HAVE to use the Forum, what you post will appear nowhere else.

    Actually, IMHO Guy should Lock the Forum Threads which mirror the Blog. Could get confusing otherwise.


  • With thanks for your patience regarding the migration, I’ve posted a new essay. Courtesy of Carolyn Baker, it’s here.

  • RE & cavalry: great job, people! Thanks a TON! Now, hopefully I won’t instantly respond to someone with a heartfelt, logically coherent, pithy (& shithy too!) remark only to have it evaporate into hyperspace.

    Lemme test drive this new platform with this:


    ‘Untrue statements’ anger over work to make H5N1 bird-flu virus MORE dangerous to humans

    Some of the world’s most eminent scientists have severely criticised the arguments used by some influenza researchers who are trying to make the H5N1 bird-flu virus more dangerous to humans by repeatedly infecting laboratory ferrets.

    More than 50 senior scientists from 14 countries, including three Nobel laureates and several fellows of the Royal Society, have written to the European Commission denouncing claims that the ferret experiments are necessary for the development of new flu vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

    They also said it is “untrue” to state that the new mutations in the laboratory strain of H5N1, which have enabled the bird-flu virus to be airborne transmissible between ferrets and, potentially, people, have already been seen in nature.

    The letter signed by 56 eminent scientists, many of whom are national science academicians, was designed to correct “misstatements” made by the president of the European Society of Virology, Professor Giorgio Palu, who they claim made “incorrect” assertions about the need to carry out the research in an earlier letter he had sent to the Commission.

    The ferret research is being carried out by Ron Fouchier and colleagues at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. He has been involved in a legal dispute with the Dutch government which has insisted that he needs an export licence before his H5N1 work is published in a scientific journal.

    The Dutch government claimed that the work to study the mutations needed to make H5N1 airborne transmissible between ferrets or people has a possible dual civil-military function and could be misused by bioterrorists. Meanwhile, Dr Fouchier has argued that an export licence hampers his academic freedom to publish the results of his experiments in the open scientific literature.

    Professor Palu wrote to the president of the European Commission in October to lobby for a change to the EU regulations covering export licences on behalf of Dr Fouchier, arguing that the Dutch scientist has already suffered from bureaucratic delays that have enabled other researchers in the US to publish before him and so claim priority.

    Professor Palu said that Dr Fouchier’s “gain of function” experiments are designed to see what kind of mutations are necessary to enable the bird-flu virus to be transmissible between mammals in order to make better vaccines and drugs, and that these mutations have already been seen in nature.

    “It has to be mentioned that, in this specific case, the ‘gain of function’ was used to reproduce what nature already selected (as demonstrated by sequencing of field mutants) with the variation that the aim of the study was to predict/anticipate biological evolution and to provide us with critical information to specify preventive and therapeutic measures,” Professor Palu wrote.

    However, the letter from the 56 scientists, including Lord May of Oxford, a former government chief scientist, states that this assertion is wrong and gives a false impression about the medical need to undertake such dangerous research.

    “The sole purpose of the experiments in question was to generate H5N1 viruses that could be transmitted between mammals as readily as seasonable flu via respiratory droplets ie coughing and sneezing,” the letter says.

    “Despite intensive field surveillance conducted by national health authorities, government agencies, local and regional disease surveillance networks in Southeast Asia and elsewhere over a period of 16 years, there is no evidence that efficiently mammalian transmissible H5N1 viruses have ever emerged naturally in the wild,” it says.

    “In summary, the statement that ‘gain of function’ was used to reproduce ‘what nature already selected (as demonstrated by sequencing of field mutants)’ is simply untrue,” it adds.

    The signatories of the letter, who include eminent virologists, microbiologists and vaccine experts, as well as Nobel laureates Sir Richard Roberts, Harald zur Hausen and Richard Ernst, warned that there is a serious risk of an accidental release of a pandemic H5N1 virus from laboratories undertaking such research.

    “The potential for accidental release of a hazardous pathogen is real, not hypothetical, as demonstrated by an alarming increase in the number of potential and actual release events in laboratories working with high-threat pathogens,” they say.

    “We are in a situation where the probabilities of a laboratory accident that leads to global spread of an escaped mutated virus are small but finite, while the impact of global spread could be catastrophic,” they add.

    Professor Palu was unavailable for comment.

  • I posted to “Genesis” about an hour ago, and it still has not appeared. i am using google chrome incognito. Sometimes my posts appear right away, but sometimes there is a considerable delay…

  • @ mike k

    I don’t think you need to use incognito anymore.

  • Mahalo nui (great thanks) to Haniel and RE for their work to make NBL run more smoothly and reducing Guy’s admin burdens.

    I went to cut and paste a comment onto the DeJong thread, but it is now closed. So, its here. Is that it then, just leave it this way and move on? Ot is there some way to put it where it belongs?

  • I’ve change the Captcha, the math one was letting too many spams though.

  • Christy, I’m going to leave that decision to Guy, it’s his blog. He can open the thread back up, or message me to do it while he’s on the road.

  • okay, thanks.

  • I have never participated on any other internet forum before, so filter my comment through that light…

    I am noticing that I am not wanting to create new, separate forum threads to have discussions with other posters… I have the idea that it will scatter the flow of conversation into various locations, sort of diminishing the total momentum, and making it more complicated to keep up with everything that is going on. I get that the way it has been might detract from the focus on the content of the essay or whatever, but that never seemed to be a problematic issue to me. In other words, I like it the way it is. I know that is a human quality to resist change, and I may have no idea of the benefits of this more delineated way. I just know my time to converse here is limited and I do not wish to increase it, and I also want to keep up with all the posts as much as I can. It seems easier to scan through the whole lot at once, to see what pearls I might find…

  • I just posted a paragraph, not showing up yet…

  • @Tom (dec22. 5.45am)
    That’s interesting- Turns out that mutilating captive animals in laboratories in a pre-emptive attempt to fix a non-existent problem creates that very problem… Who’d have thought it? …or have I got that wrong?

    @Ulvfugl- “I don’t think you need to use incognito anymore.”
    Strongly disagree. If anyone deserves the use of a few ‘K’s of watts to put out some decibels (not that they need it) it’s this crew:

    Sorry… couldn’t resist… :) (or embed, probably)

  • @ 18000days

    Didn’t seem to show whatever it was ?

    @ Christy

    But this is a temporary unpheaval and Haniel has achieved marvels and now we have the option of long coherent discussion on the Forum if we so wish…

    This is advice to me :-)

    Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today. – Malcolm X


  • In the past Guy cut off discussion on blogs to cut back on his spam problem. He might keep them open longer now.

    You could go over to the forum and comment there on closed WP threads. Only visible on the forum though.


  • I turned on Verification for posting up on the Forum to cut down on the Spam issue over there.

    For your first post on the forum you will have to do the captcha. After that you won’t get it again.

    If that isn’t enough, I’ll add verification questions.


  • @Ulvfugl:
    an embedding fail on my part. Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hifL4cDh1Gw

  • SPAM still hitting the Forum hard.

    I added more Noise to the Captcha and now you have to answer a Verification Question for your first two posts on the Forum.

    If this doesn’t work, I will set the MASTER Haniel on wiping out the Spammer Scum. :D


  • Not sure why your Embedding is FAILING UF. Here’s the Embed.


  • Registration on the Forum now requires Admin Approval. The number of SpamBots that have autoregistered here already is ridiculous.

    I am going to delete any ID I don’t recognize from the NBL Blog here now.

    Guy’s URL is a freaking MAGNET for Spambots!


  • Thanks, RE ! ‘Twas 18000days youtube contribution, thanks for it.

  • Yeah thanks RE. Strong likelihood my embedding failed ’cause I’m an embedding novice! I got the code, but didn’t know what to do with it. Just to be clear, I know this ain’t the ‘incognito’ you were talking about, U…. any old excuse to post some music.. :)

  • @ 18000days

    I KNOW it was just an excuse :-)

    I think you need to use the code from the ‘share’ on the youtube page.

    I haven’t even got an excuse…


  • Ah, one of my favorites, ulvfugl – thanks!

    This captcha code thing has me baffled. It would seem that you simply have to reproduce what you see in the box and press submit. It didn’t work this morning and I don’t expect it this time to work either.

    Gonna be pretty hard to explain it to you if you can’t get the message.

  • HAH-HAAAAAAAAAAAA! so that time it worked. sheesh

  • Checking to see if I’m still viable here…

    “ERROR: Okay, we suspected you of being an alien, but since you don’t read their language, you’re probably human.”

    Okay, first attempt failed, will try again

  • Awright! apparently the Captcha is case sensitive…

  • No problem, Tom.

    The storm that I’m in, apparently the jet stream that is usually 1-200 miles wide is now 900 miles wide, and going 280mph which BBC weather man said is unheard of ! I checked the records, there are a few faster.

    Extreme weather event, as we are getting used to calling them…

    You can see the shit that’s hitting me here, it looks quite pretty, like I’m being sucked down vortex into a plughole :-)


    Click on ‘earth’ and adjust the parameters

  • Odd captcha error codes will pop up occasionally. They are annoying, so I treid to make them amusing.

  • It’s appreciated! :)

  • Nice model, thank’s for that!

  • “Awright! apparently the Captcha is case sensitive…”

    I tested it and it accepted lower case when the captcha was upper case. Case should not make a difference, at least on the Blog.

    The levels of Spam here are off the scale. I suspect that elements opposed to the message are publicizing the address to spammers in the hopes of overwhelming the servers, and previously it seemed to be working. For persons too stupid to see the reality of climate change outside their window, it’s as close to “denial of service” as their little minds can come up with.

  • Okay, whenever Guy marks a post as “spam”, the IP address now gets blocked, so they cannot spam a second time.

    If I see repeated spam coming from the same service, like OVL Systems, then I’ll ban anyone on their servers from connecting to the blog. Looking for similar abilities for the new forum. It would seem that a significant amount of the spam is coming from OVL Systems.

  • Thanks, 18000days. This was good to see.

  • @Badland and others. It’s all good with me. I wrote a long explanation that got eaten in the migration.

    Yes feminazi is a derogatory term just as male chauvinist pig is the same. I used them both in my opening – openly implying myself a male pig. My sarcastic joke was in reply to wildwoman beginning her last post with a two foot chip on her shoulder, saying she knew women were suppose to keep quiet, but …

    I merely attempted to use sick sarcasm to illustrate how silly it is to argue things that can never be resolved – PC issues that have been around forever.

    The resulting explosion only served to make my point – the mis-communication [I never heard of a dog pile used in that context] – the hyper-sensitivity. The ad homs. The never ending shit slinging and all it entails.

    There are a thousand sites for every flavor of hate. Can’t we try to rise above here at NBL?

  • I know this is off topic but the more publicity this receives the better, these stories have been suppressed and blocked for decades and it is long past time to force this shit out into the open and put these bastards on trial and into jail. The BBC, the Gvt and legal system and the Police have all been complicit in keeping this stuff secret because MI5, MI6 and the CIA have found it very convenient to use these paedophiles and let them carry on because they can be blackmailed into doing whatever TPTB want them to do. This has been going on worldwide probably ever since WW2. Once the public understand this it can be stopped.