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  • My comment didn’t appear ?

  • It was awaiting approval. I think it might be the link you dropped in it.


  • Thanks, RE. Yes, it’s a HEAVY link. People have been killed for mentioning that stuff, so the more it gets circulated the better, they can’t kill everybody. This shit goes right back to J Edgar Hoover, and back before that, the leftovers of the Nazis, the Zionists, the Freemasons, Paperclip, MKUltra, etc, etc, Echelon, NSA, GCHQ, right nest of vipers if ever there was one.. they find out who has these nasty tendencies, provide the bait, catch them in the act, then say they’ll overlook the ‘mistake’ in return for a favour, and they put those people into all the pivotal power points throughout the system, so whenever a deal needs fixing, it gets fixed, all across USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, wherever… that’s why ‘democracy’ doesn’t work, that’s why nothing changes, because nobody who is not ‘approved’ can penetrate through that network. Time to let some sunshine into the dark dirty corners…

  • I tried to post this on the new thread, but the captcha won’t accept my answer. So I am trying to put it here as an experiment…

    @ Friedrich

    If you want to send me some milkweed seeds, I will take some. Shortly after your post about the butterflies showing up late in Mexico, population decimated, I visited a small homestead about 10 miles from my house. They had milkweed and coneflower planted all over their place, and it was a Monarch butterfly-filled paradise. It was beautiful. It was at that moment that I realized that I have not seen Monarch’s anywhere else on the island this year. I have seen exactly three Swallowtails, two in my garden and one on another small farm. I ask people if they have seen any butterflies, and they say no, or maybe one.

    There is a syndrome, or whatever they call it, in psychology, called environmental generational amnesia, describing how we don’t even know what we are missing as each generation experiences nature in a more degraded condition. How can we know what has been done, what has been ruined and lost, if we never experienced the way nature is when she is whole and pure? Or we may not even notice as species gradually disappear in our lifetimes.

    Hey, didn’t there used to be butterflies here at this time of year?
    Um, yeah, I think so…. [face returns to glowing screen.]

    I got a handful of milkweed starts for my garden from the farm of Butterfly Splendor, but I have since decided to plant a whole bunch of seeds and include milkweed and coneflower a part of my guerrilla gardening endeavor. How do I give you my address privately? If you are in the Forum we can connect via email.


  • ” If you are in the Forum we can connect via email.”-Christy

    The Forum has a Private Messaging system between members. You don’t have to hand out email addys, just keyboard in the User name.

    You have to Register on the Forum to use this. The link is on the top menu bar says My Messages.


  • The Climate Change Summary says it was updated on Dec. 20th, but the only “**” that show up are either in the line of text explaining their use, or the comments. Is that correct, or has it to do with the hosting change? –Also unable to post a comment there, I get a WordPress error, and I notice there’s no Captcha on that page.

  • Bob S.

    I know. African American are touchy too! Resenting nigger jokes and all that kind of thing that’s been around forever. I guess we all need to get along, huh?

  • Dear Christy,
    Women and patriarchy:
    You might be too young but did you ever read Gyn/Ecology (the Metaethics of Radical Feminism) by Mary Daly. I was printed by Beacon Press, Boston in 1978. My copy is an English one from 1979 by the Women’s Press Ltd. Mary calls her book a spider’s web, and it really pulls everything you want to know about patriarchy together. Everything that has since been conveniently forgotten and slowly being rediscovered is explained perfectly. All “modern” feminists and true men should read it. But it’s most likely out of print. If you can get hold of a copy, please read it. We knew then that things could only go downhill.

  • Okay, I’ve banned the entire IP range for OVH Systems from France, an internet provider that hosts most of the spam we’re seeing here.

  • I like this fellow, whom I had not heard of before, Genki Sudo, very tough, a prize fighter, a champion


  • That’s what he used to do. Now he does this. He’s done another one on the beach at Fukushima called Last Days.

  • ” Doomer Support Says:
    December 24th, 2013 at 1:25 pm e

    Okay, I’ve banned the entire IP range for OVH Systems from France, an internet provider that hosts most of the spam we’re seeing here.”-DS

    The Orkin Man of Spammers has ARRIVED!


    (inside Diner Joke here. LOL)


  • @ Sabine

    I discovered Mary Daly this past year. I started with Gyn-Ecology, and have since read Beyond God the Father and Outercourse. I am currently reading Pure Lust, and I have a copy of the Wickedary. I am about to order The Courage to Sin Big and any other books she has written. She is my main source of inspiration at this time in my life, and I really wish I had discovered her sooner. I am 43. Yes, everyone should read her work.

  • A Wikipedia quote on Mary Daly:

    “Daly created her own theological anthropology based around the context of what it means to be a woman. She created a thought-praxis that separates the world into the world of false images that create oppression and the world of communion in true being. She labeled these two areas foreground and Background respectively. Daly considered the foreground the realm of patriarchy and the Background the realm of Woman. She argued that the Background is under and behind the surface of the false reality of the foreground. The foreground, for Daly, was a distortion of true being, the paternalistic society in which she said most people live. It has no real energy, but drains the “life energy” of women residing in the Background. In her view, the foreground creates a world of poisons that contaminate natural life. She called the male-centered world of the foreground necrophilic, hating all living things. In contrast, she conceived of the Background as a place where all living things connect.[13][14]”

    Recently, I tried to make a case for the Rorschach-test nature of “reality.” There are two competing images, and we can only see one at a time. Mary Daly’s Foreground seems like the IC-is-normal (all is well) scenario that blinds most people to collapse and the prospect of NTE. Generally speaking, this Foreground (false) reality tends to be the world of male domination…

  • @Artleads:
    Glad you enjoyed Incognito. :) Thing is that now two people have successfully embedded that video! What was I doing wrong? U said: “I think you need to use the code from the ‘share’ on the youtube page.”
    Anyone want to elaborate on the word; “use”? I copied and pasted the code into a ‘word’ type document and then copied and pasted it here. For some reason neither the code nor the embed made it into my post?

    I’ve never read Mary Daly. Your idea of ‘competing images’ reminds me a little of what Ivan Illich used to call: ‘Counterfoil research’- http://www.zotero.org/groups/democratic_theory/items/K8XDDMPM although that might be more specifically to do with ‘tools’…so with that source in mind I am also of course wondering whether or not that ’embed’ feature is a ‘convivial tool’, or manifests “..the incipient stages of murderous logic” ..? Probably just sour grapes ’cause I couldn’t embed that pesky video…:)

  • Seeing if this will post here since it will not come up on the new thread…

    @ Guy

    Regarding Malcolm Light’s “The Non-Disclosed Extreme Arctic Methane Threat”
    I was with him until the end:

    “Nuclear power stations must continue to be used and should be converted to the safe thorium energy system until the transition is complete.

    The U.S. has to put itself on a war footing, recall its entire military forces and set them to work on the massive change over to renewable energy that the country needs to undertake, if it wishes to survive the fast approaching catastrophe. The enemy now is Mother Nature who has infinite power at her disposal and intends to take no prisoners in this very short, absolutely brutal, 30 to 40 year war she has begun.”

    Firstly, I don’t know what thorium is, and I will look it up, but nuclear power should not be continued for many reasons, obviously radioactive toxicity being utmost, but also the construction, mining, refining and transporting, etc., processes that lead up to the nuclear fission process apparently use great quantities of fossil fuels.

    Secondly, Mother Earth did not begin a “war”. After that entire essay, repetitively explaining how human manufactured pollution triggered all of these feedbacks, how could he say such a stupid thing? That is like saying: I cut you, and continue to cut you, and now you are purposefully bleeding all over the place. How vengeful of you! What a terrible mess you are making for me! I going to drown in your blood!

    Humanity, the US, does not need to be on “a war footing” with the earth. This is not a war. Often people I expect to be more intelligent are conditioned with these metaphors, and accept them as useful! I am so frequently surprised, I don’t know why I still so often assume people are more aware than they are.

    Humanity needs to get down on its its knees in humility, make amends beginning with with the awareness and sincere regret of our abuse, and work together with the earth. Why is that so difficult to see? We need to work together, same as it has always been.

    Do you think M. Light thinks there is any hope in the technologies he outlines as necessary? Is anyone with any power to make them happen creating these technologies? Seems yo me like using the methane eating bacteria would be the simplest intervention — though who knows what other consequences that could cause. Is there anyone researching or working to apply this?

    Thanks for posting this.

  • testing…do longer posts take time to show up?

  • @ Artleads

    Not to pick nits, but Mary Daly’s specific use of language compels me to let you know that “foreground” is purposefully not capitalized, while Background is. The summary you quoted is worthy, though nothing compares to reading her books. What were you quoting from?

  • Thanks for the clarification, Christy. It’s an important one. Sorry I did not pick that up from my Wikipedia quote.

    If you get a chance to see “12 Years a Slave,” I hope you go. It’s all laid out there for us: capitalism, patriarchy, greed, violence… Set in the mid 19th century, it’s actually talking about today. Not for the weak-kneed, this movie.

  • @ Artleads

    I read the wikipedia description of the film. That is enough for me. Those kinds of images, from previous movies about slavery I have seen, are burned in my somatic memory and still make me physically ill to remember. I saw Roots as a child, and I remember my horror and despair at the reality of slavery. I saw an even more graphic, independent movie, in a theatre as a young adult, name forgotten, and I cried and cried — and I could not understand why everyone around me wasn’t sobbing and horrified. I later surmised that they were numbed to the violence. When I see things like that I feel on some level what is happening, what has happened, I relive it. I can’t see another one.

    Originally I brought up Mary Daly as a suggestion to Bob S. to educate himself. Then Sabine later recommended I read her if I haven’t.

  • @ 18000days

    Anyone want to elaborate on the word; “use”?

    Go to Youtube page. Click ‘Share’ option. Copy that URL link that’s highlighted. Paste it into this text box. Should mean the video automatically appears here.


  • Ah, thanks, U. That is what I did, I think? ..so for the time being I can blame technology rather than my own incompetence. I shall nerve myself for another embedding attempt.. :)

  • Warning: Embedding test, with additional mangled metaphorical content!
    Just seeing if I can embed a picture. As a subject I chose someone who, as far as I can remember, was my personal ‘gateway drug’ into looking industrial civilisation squarely in the cul-de-sac.

  • Embedding is a tad tricky right now for graphics. Vids pretty EZ. I think DS will be adding a mod to make this easier over the weekend.

    The Database Cavalry from California Rides to the Rescue Again!



    DS added – RE, the galloping 23rd were not cavalry. ;)