THE BRISBANE INSTITUTE IS A BRISBANE PROSTITUTE: A paid mouthpiece of mining and fossil fuel interests

by Geoffrey Chia

“In the best tradition of Merlin (who was said to have lived his life backwards in Le Morte d’Arthur), Geoffrey Chia’s articles are being posted in backward chronology. Here is an old lengthy rant written in December 2011, before his various epiphanies in 2012 when he finally realised there was probably no future for humanity and definitely no hope for civilisation, even if all emissions ceased immediately. Hence his mistaken comment at the end of the essay that humanity would not go extinct, now realised to be incorrect. His rage and anger throughout the essay are palpable, written at a time when he thought there was still hope.

He posted his “Brisbane Prostitute” essay to Rachel Nolan, the State Minister for Transport and one of the sponsors of the Brisbane Institute, who forwarded it to the board. From 2012 The Brisbane Institute ceased convening open public meetings and organised meetings only with the corporate establishment. In September 2013 they disbanded, one month before D3SJ had their final meeting.”

Full pdf: The Brisbane Institute is a Brisbane Prostitute


McPherson’s initial essay for The Next Step was posted 22 December 2013 and is linked here.


McPherson’s 22 December 2013 radio interview on the Lifeboat Hour with Michael C. Ruppert is posted here, permalinked at Seemorerocks and embedded below


The Next Step: Living Courageously in a World of Transition, a 14-day seminar, 12-25 March 2014, Izabal, Guatemala, Central America.

The Next Step: Living Courageously in a World of Transition, a 7-day seminar, 24-31 May 2014, Moho Creek, Belize, Central America.

The Next Step: Living Courageously in a World of Transition, a 14-day seminar, 12-25 June 2014, Izabal, Guatemala, Central America.

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  • @ Artleads
    Thanks for the acknowledgement. If awareness, rationality and self control was common among human beings, we wouldn’t have caused the 6th great mass extinction and be on the verge of our own annihilation. This glaringly apparent scenario makes things that much more frustrating for those who attempt to follow these virtues… and overcome their ignorance, irrationality and compulsions… but, isn’t that just my arrogant grasping infantile control freak ego out on a rant again? Do I really think I’m that big? Hey, the world is bigger.

    Sure, some are more at fault than others. Some are more victimized than others. Certainly the poorest humans on the planet suffer the most, consume the least, and have the smallest ecological footprints. Most of these humans live in cultures that, until the recent past, had sustained themselves for thousands of years without devastating their own biomes, much less the entire planet. I am revolted every time I recall that Native Americans managed to live for more than 40 thousand years in relative harmony, worshiping LIFE… only to be meteorically invaded by evil Earth raping genocidal barbarians who believed and boasted that they had a ‘superior’, ‘advanced’, ‘respectable’ culture… Tsk, tsk.

    Oh well, what difference does it make now… we’re ALL done for. Yet I hear some fool say: “Yeah, but we figured out how to land a man on the moon!” What a tragedy. So, we’ll leave ancient footprints on a dead dusty sphere. Oh boy. And the comets will whiz by and occasionally crash in, thoughtless, amoral, uncouth… well, right… gravity. And the universal grave. Trajectory and target. Larger forces at work. Gravity and the grave.

  • @ Kirk

    Where’s ulvfugl ? I’m here. I’m fine. Nobody should ever worry about me, it’s quite insulting, I take care of myself. I mean, if I’m ok, I’m ok, and if I’m not, well, what you going to do about it ? Not a lot you can, is there ? :-)

    The storm has moved on. It was not worse than many others that have visited, I’d say gusting around 80mph and about two inches of rain in 12 hours. There was a record of 109mph gust somewhere in Wales. There’s broken branches and a lot of water around, but that happens every winter.

    You know, personally, I can face whatever is coming, but thinking about the Tilting Titanic, I think there might be a hell of a lot of very frightened people soon, once they start to understand… We need to think about that. So far on this blog we can explore any crazy stuff and that’s been great, but I’m feeling a twinge that things are beginning to slide, somehow… Once the herd panics, what then ? I suppose, people are going to be looking to anybody they think might be trust-able or have a clue… dunno, just an apprehensive feeling that came over me, desperate people, trying to find someone they recognised amidst the insanity..

    ‘Daddy, I had a bad dream.’
    You blink your eyes and pull up on your elbows. Your clock glows red in the darkness — it’s 3:23. ‘Do you want to climb into bed and tell me about it?’
    ‘No, Daddy.’
    The oddness of the situation wakes you up more fully. You can barely make out your daughter’s pale form in the darkness of your room. ‘Why not, sweetie?’
    ‘Because in my dream, when I told you about the dream, the thing wearing Mommy’s skin sat up.’
    For a moment, you feel paralysed; you can’t take your eyes off of your daughter. The covers behind you begin to shift.

    @ logspirit


    @ RE

    I often don’t eat once a week, or 10 days, so I know that hungry thing.

  • @UF

    Your once a week/10 days fasting sounds like a choice rather than a necessity. However, if it is necessary because you simply do not have enough food, then I am in error making the assumption nobody here is facing food insecurity (sic, Newzspeak for STARVATION).

    Insofar as people worrying about you being an INSULT, I don’t understand that one. It means people here who have come to know you like you and would miss you when you are gone.

    Can anybody DO anything about it? Not likely unless they happen to be nearby in Wales, and besides that given your hermitish psychology I doubt you would even want them to show up to help. I know if you were in trouble, DS would call his friends in Wales to come help you. This is the Diner kind of thing, you know. Riding to the Rescue. We do it on the Cyber level, we will do it on the IRL level. It is the Code of the Diner. You would probably shoot at us and tell us to GO AWAY! though. LOL.

    Anyhow, the doing is not the underlying psychology of missing somebody when they are gone. It’s not an insult. It’s a recognition that you have value to the community here.


  • @ RE

    Heck, you make a simple thing complicated, RE :)

    I have very little money (relative to most people in UK, that is. Relative to most people globally, the comparison is different, of course), so when my food supply is running out, before I buy more, I go for a day or two without eating.

    Yes, I choose to do this. I could buy more food straight away. But it’s something I choose to do for several reasons. It reminds me of the billion or so people who go hungry who don’t have a choice, because I identify with children who can’t sleep because their stomachs are empty, because it is a HELL of a feeling to want food very badly and not to be able to satisfy that need, especially when the body is growing. And I think it is good for my health and my physique and my senses. I become very aware of the effects of food. And many years ago I did really very long fasts, so I like to remind myself of that. And I think this is a very natural human thing, the hunter gatherers must always have been very familiar with days when they didn’t catch or find anything.

    Look, this isn’t an easy place to live. The farmers have been living here for centuries, and the landscape is littered with stuff left over from thousands of years ago. The reason there’s Standing Stones that havn’t been moved for 4000 years is because nobody can make any money here. That’s why it’s not all covered in ‘civilisation’.

    So, there’s a sort of code. Everybody has to be able to look after themselves. They are fiercely independent and very tough people. I don’t expect any of you to understand, because none of the incomers and visitors understand. If you ‘offer to help’ my neighbours, they look at you as if you are mad. Because the question is, why would you have time and energy to be helping THEM, when you should be flat out attending to your OWN survival ? Because if you are NOT attending to your own survival, how long are you going to survive ?

    Now, of something goes wrong, and you have an accident, and you ASK them for help, they are the kindest, most generous, most wonderful people on God’s Earth, because they will drop everything and spend as long as it takes to sort out your problem for you and make sure that you are back up on your feet and everything is running again..and they don’t expect ANYTHING in return.

    But if you can’t look after yourself, and you lean on them and keep begging for favours, that’s different, and after a while they stop being so friendly.

    There is absolutely no point in anyone worrying about me. If you must worry about something or someone, then please apply your concern where it will be appreciated or matter. I’ve spent years taking medicine that could cause me to die any time. What am I going to do, if I find myself dying ? Phone the doctor ? Hahaha. It’s quite hard to get hold of one over the phone, to find one that will be available. There’s an ambulance service, but it takes at least 45 minutes to get here, and that’s if they can find the fucking place, which many people cannot, even with GPS, and then they are just ordinary drivers, and they have to drive 45 minutes back to the hospital before there’s any chance of a proper medical attendant who knows what they are doing.. I know, because I’ve been through all that crap.

    Look, I don’t worry about any of this. I don’t want anyone else to worry about any of this. If you want to worry about someone, worry about yourself. Yes, insult was too strong a word. Just that I know my business, all my survival systems are three layers deep, if the electricity goes down, I have torches, one charges from the mains and lasts about 48 hours, another charges by shaking it, I have candles, I cook with microwave if that goes, I have bottled gas, if that goes, I have woodstove, and so on, I know how to look after myself as well as anyone can…

    This isn’t Alaska. Was it Jack London wrote that story about the guy with one match, and if he doesn’t strike it just right and get his fire lit, then he’s going to freeze to death, for sure… Just one chance..

  • @Kirk Hamilton – It seems to me that you are presenting yourself as a kind of NTE fundamentalist. Could you define for me what you mean by “near term?” That way I can know better whether I am welcome on your beach. I am not questioning your right to hold whatever views you hold, just seeking clarification.

    Some misguided and uninformed souls still hold out hopes that “science will save us.” They are unaware that science, like every other major institution of our culture is totally corrupt and has more to do with get rich schemes than a wise and disinterested search for truth. The “gifts” science has bestowed on us have a lot to do with the NTE that is facing us now.

    I have been watching the TV show Farscape, narrated by James Woods and Michio Kaku. If you have doubts that modern science is dangerously out of control and out of touch with basic human values, watch this insane vision of our SF future, complete with eager young scientists feverishly working to make it “come true.” Of course a lot of it is financed by the Defense Department and DARPA.

    Once one’s eyes are opened to NTE, a lot that is going on that the public blandly accepts is seen in its true light as criminally insane. The masses have been trained to gratefully accept the poisonous offerings of those mindlessly destroying the chances of future life on our planet…

  • My comment from, um, about 6 hours ago, didn’t show… yes, I’m very impatient :-)

    “[A]t one point I made what I thought was the very unremarkable and uncontroversial observation that the reason why we have a free press is because national security officials routinely lie to the population in order to shield their power and get their agenda advanced,” recalled Greenwald, who said it is both the “the goal and duty of a journalist is to be adversarial to those people in power.”
    According to Greenwald, the BBC reporter met his remark with skepticism.
    “I just cannot believe that you would suggest that senior officials, generals in the US and the British government, are actually making false claims to the public,” he remembered being told on-air.
    “It really is the central view of certainly American and British media stars, that when — especially people with medals on their chest who are called generals, but also high officials in the government — make claims that those claims are presumptively treated as true without evidence. And that it’s almost immoral to call them into question or to question their voracity,” he said.
    “Obviously we went through the Iraq War, in which those very two same governments specifically and deliberately lied repeatedly to the government, to their people, over the course of two years to justify an aggressive war that destroyed a country of 26 million people. But we’ve seen it continuously over the last six months as well.”

  • A new essay has been posted at the top of the page, courtesy of RE. It’s here, with my thanks.

  • @ logspirit

    I wrote the following before reading your post. But it seems in keeping with it:

    My second year in art school was devoted to a kind of Cezanne-esque plasticity–representing real object through splotches of paint (of any color) that project forward, bend or recede.

    That teaching methodology was based on the philosophy of Josef Albers, a leader of the Bauhaus movement who emigrated to the USA. and revolutionized art education here. He championed Bach and pre-Columbian art. He painted rectangles with hard edges. His quintessential imagery was squares within squares. His research on color optics was perhaps on the cutting edge of all such research. He made colors bend. The same color that popped forward at one moment would recede at the next. He taught that everything must disappear. A brush stroke does not remain a brush stroke. It locks into place, it disappears in order to support the imagery of something bigger. It should not stand out. There is no such thing as a color. A color is manifest due to what surrounds it, that with which it is juxtaposed. Black was a color. White was a color. The term wasn’t “value.” The term was “light” or “dark.” Maybe value was a loaded term. I was never sure.

    He taught that Greek and Roman sculpture was ridiculous compared to the so-called primitives’. In the former case, the arms broke off, the heads broke off, the dicks broke off… Vincent Scully, among the “greats” of the art history department, extolled all things Greek and Roman. You could assume that’s where “our” world began. The superior world. The world of the civilized. The world not only with its dick broken off, but that has taken down the entire web of life on a planet called Earth.

  • @mike k. I’m not singling you out and if you are allowed to register for NBL, that’s good enough for me. Who am I to exclude anyone? There are wiser and kinder people here than me. But, for me too, this place is special and yes, I may be somewhat fundamentalist in my approach. Over the course of a lifetime I’ve seen every passionate cause I’ve ever believed in relentlessly second guessed, watered down and rendered powerless by well meaning positively minded dick heads. But for heavens sake, don’t let yourself be bloodied by a little negativity. No! It’s pointing out the negative side and rubbing it in that may have saved our asses 30 years ago!

    Define “near term”? That’s already been done by people far more qualified than me. Do your own goddamn research. But I will tell you this, that if you haven’t begun to deal with the fact that you may have to shoot your own loved ones rather than see them carried off alive by a horde of cannibals or worse, than you may actually be petty stupid after all.

    @ulvfugl. Sorry, I don’t mean to make a fuss. You’re cool, that’s all.

    Hey RE, you seem like a steady hand. I hope we can be friends. I need a few.

  • Artleads said, “He taught that everything must disappear. A brush stroke does not remain a brush stroke. It locks into place, it disappears in order to support the imagery of something bigger. It should not stand out.” That entire post was fine art, a pleasure to read, thanks.

    May we all become a stroke within the Frame we may never know. Become now, the color needed by a Hand we may never see. For the Work is unfinished and your placement is as important as the first daub.

  • Thanks, Kirk. Nice to hear your thoughts. You’re quite right.

  • @Kirk Hamilton – Thanks for your response. I have a better sense of where you are coming from now. There was a time when my only friend was a gun. I have friends now, but no guns. It feels better.

  • @Ulvfugl – Thanks for sharing about your life. It helps me know you better. Best, mike..

  • mike k-Being helpless makes you feel better? Maybe you don’t have a family, then I could understand not having a gun. But, even if I was alone I would want to be able to help protect friends and neighbors.

    Believe me, when the SHTF, it’s going to be the best thing that could possibly happen for a lot of very dangerous bad asses. Chances are, if you can fire a couple of rounds they’ll just pass you by the first time. But then you’ll need to move. Remember, the police will be protecting their own families.(Or join the bad asses)

    I goofed on the little ditty I wrote above. The first sentence should have been, “May we all become a brushstroke within the Frame we may never know.” See, I can be positive about some things. But, reality is reality and flapping our jaws won’t change it.

    Sorry about the third post but it was necessary to address this issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • i’m 2 days behind on the comments here, just now responding to part of one of lidia’s typically great posts:

    ‘ I and most posting here have lived large, enjoying more power, comfort and entertainment than any humans before or after us.’

    true, but material ‘wealth’ and all that comes with it don’t necessarily produce happiness or a sense of fulfillment, connection, meaning. that’s perhaps the most tragic part. it was all for nothing but fleeting pleasures and comforting delusions. it was all for nothing.

    this from artleads: ‘I was born into an impossible world, one that provided me no space at all. My only option was for the world to change.’

    i hear u, brother. i’m also afraid and well convinced that just as we had no say/choice about being born, we have no power to ‘change the world’. rest assured of course the ‘world’ will change, as it always has, but we have essentially no power to control the change. we’re just along for the ride. perhaps our only ‘freewill’ is in choosing the time and circumstances of our own death. choose at what point the ride ends. it’s not much, but it’s something.

  • @ Kirk

    Sorry, I don’t mean to make a fuss. You’re cool, that’s all.

    No problem, no need for an apology, no need to worry about me, that’s all, :)

    What The World Eats

  • Thanks, ulvfugl. All the beautiful food! The distribution of such bounty is an amazing accomplishment. It’s too bad that it’s going to come to a stop soon.

  • @ Kirk

    ANOTHER megastorm on its way, due to arrive tomorrow, like effing buses.. none for a century and then three in an effing week ! :-),48.06,355

  • Better strap yourself to a tree, pal! I’ve also noticed that for the last few years the majority of summer Atlantic hurricanes are arching toward the east on their northward course and could soon be reaching your shores with relative frequency. But that picture could change again soon and they could roar straight on into the Arctic.

    More on food.

  • I’ve been away, and will not be posting much because I need to stay away from the glowing screen and participate in the wild world more.

    I appreciate Artleads attempts to enlighten RE and others regarding the conversation on patriarchy. There is still obviously a lot of misunderstanding going on, and I don’t have time to educate people, RE and Bob S. in particular. But I will let Bob know that the reason the threads repeatedly turn to this discussion is inane comments like this:

    “Thanks folks for not tearing me a new one for complaining like an old woman”

    I, and it appears that other women posters here who are not posting, are tired of spending our energy on attempting to help you understand why this is inane. That is why Mary Daly doesn’t give men her attention, as quoted by Artleads.. There are more fruitful places to attend to.

  • Thanks, Christy. As a male, I’m mighty ill equipped to take on the inanity. So it will be a shame not to have you here (and for many other reasons a well), although I quite agree with your reasoning. And Badlands has more to deal with than is fair. Wishing her well too. Do look in once in a while!

  • I posted the following comments yesterday to the forum… I didn’t realize that posts there, on the forum – to blog articles – don’t reflect back to the blog. No one else ever sees them. The only active posts on the forum are to the non-blog threads. The forum only reflects the blog posts, it does not post to the blog. Please excuse the delay.

    @ ulvfugl
    Not sure what you were thanking me for, but glad to get it. Also glad you made it through the storm. I was camping in my van last year up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at about 4000 foot elevation… when the wind came through at over 60 mph… well, it was like being in a row boat on a white cap sea. Sometimes we forget how puny we really are against the backdrop of nature. Anyway, this forum is made by its participants, so lets never surrender to purveyors of fanciful thinking this late in the so called ‘game’. IMHO, one of our important missions here is to honestly discuss whatever information we have, no matter how awful it gets, and not try to bury or whitewash it with manufactured optimism just to sooth our emotional desires. I have seen, even in my short time here, that it takes some folks a bit of time to ‘get it’. Thank You for keeping on.

    @ Artleads
    I guess you’re thinking about how we have been cheapening things for the masses, including art, as human populations have exploded. Our lives have also been cheapened. Not that the ‘great civilizations’ of the past honored human life, or any other life, very much. It was all about pleasing the whims of the aristocracy. If that meant people had to die for the ‘honor’ of the king… they were processed into corpses. Soon we’ll all be corpses just to ‘honor’ the kings of industry and their puppet politicians who preach endless ‘growth’. Pull the string on their backs, and they talk. Perhaps, this year, we’ll see a critical mass of the population break through the illusion… dam, now I’m talking like an optimist wearing Rose Colored Glasses… hmmm, I bet those things really distort the intentions of art.

  • @ Christy

    “Thanks folks for not tearing me a new one for complaining like an old woman”

    Good catch.

    Bilbo Baggins is a girl.

  • @ logspirit

    Thanks wasn’t for anything in pertickler, just yer comments :-)