Adventures in Winnipeg

I was invited to Winnipeg by Lama Gerry Kopelow, in part to participate in a retreat at the Dharma Centre he founded. The three-day retreat in early February included a series of meditations, and provided an excellent follow-up to the grief-recovery workshop I attended two weeks earlier.

In addition to the retreat, Gerry organized a few public events and a couple interviews. Recorded results are included in this post.

Winnipeg television interview is here, and is available only in Canada.

Radio interview begins about halfway into this mp3 file.

Radio interview with Michael Welch at CKUW in Winnipeg from 7 February 2014 is linked here. The link includes a few minutes from my presentation a night earlier. The full presentation is scheduled to hit YouTube later today (21 March 2014). I’ll embed here when it is available.

I read from Going Dark and subsequently responded to questions at a local bookstore. Clips from my reading and Q&A, respectively, are embedded below.


My 18 March 2014 radio/television interview with Thom Hartmann is embedded below


In contrast to Hartmann’s professional interview, disparagement of my work continues in other mainstream outlets. Nafeez Ahmed launches an attack from his blog at The Guardian on 18 March 2014. Ahmed cites the work of Scott K. Johnson and Michael Tobis, reaching as far as to call each of them a scientist. Ahmed wants to save industrial civilization — he references his book, A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilisation: And How to Save It — while failing to note that only complete collapse of industrial civilization prevents runaway climate change. Propping up industrial civilization has always meant promoting omnicide, but even the conservative scientific community finally acknowledged the link between industrial civilization and runaway greenhouse about five years ago with Tim Garrett’s paper in Climatic Change.

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  • Thanks for sharing your experiences Guy. Word’s gettin’ out. i’m not too sure about the consequences (ie. if we’re going to reach a ‘tipping point’ in mass audience understanding and possibly invite panic, mass freak-out, financial implosion and the rest). Still the message will become obvious on its own. The consequences need not be as bleak as I see, but it’s realistic.

    Climate Change: ‘Abrupt,’ ‘Unpredictable,’ ‘Irreversible’ And ‘Highly Damaging’

    Via Moyers & Company. John Light, Wednesday, March 19, 2014 1:59:14 PM

    In a rare move, the world’s largest scientific society released a report nudging the public to wake up to the scientifically sound and increasingly frightening reality of climate change.

    “As scientists, it is not our role to tell people what they should do or must believe about the rising threat of climate change,” the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) wrote in the introduction to its new report, “What We Know.” “But we consider it to be our responsibility as professionals to ensure, to the best of our ability, that people understand what we know: human-caused climate change is happening, we face risks of abrupt, unpredictable and potentially irreversible changes and responding now will lower the risk and cost of taking action.”

    “They are very clearly saying that we as the scientific community are completely convinced, based upon the evidence, that climate change is happening and human-caused,” said Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, the director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. “The more people understand that the experts have reached this agreement, the more they in turn decide, ‘well, then I think it’s happening, and I think it’s human-caused, and I think it’s a serious problem, and in turn it increases people’s support for policy.”

    The report noted that even though 97 percent of experts agree climate change is happening and we humans are causing it, Americans remain under the impression that the question is still unsettled. According to a 2013 report by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, 33 percent of Americans said they believed there was widespread disagreement among scientists and four percent said that “most scientists think global warming is not happening.” Only 42 percent of Americans knew that “most scientists think global warming is happening.”

    These numbers suggest that disinformation circulated by the fossil fuel industry, utility companies and their political and media allies has successfully confused the public about the truth of global warming. Spreading the perception that scientists are still undecided is key to their strategy.

    Leiserowitz likened it to the campaign waged for decades by tobacco companies. “This in fact was [Big Tobacco’s] primary strategy — to sow doubt,” he said. “They literally wrote, ‘doubt is our product.’ As long as they could give people a false perception that the health community was still undecided about whether smoking caused human health problems, people would continue to smoke. They used that strategy very successfully to delay action on smoking for many years. And it’s been very well-documented that the groups that oppose climate action lifted chapter and verse the exact same strategy right out of the tobacco playbook.”

    “That’s the backdrop to this particular statement — that is said very clearly by AAAS — and why it is so important.”

    The evidence that human behavior — such as our economies’ reliance on fossil fuels — is causing our climate to change and putting our planet and society at increased risk is overwhelming, the report authors write. “[L]evels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are rising. Temperatures are going up. Springs are arriving earlier. Ice sheets are melting. Sea level is rising. The patterns of rainfall and drought are changing. Heat waves are getting worse as is extreme precipitation. The oceans are acidifying.”

    Whether they link it to global warming or not, Americans already detect that something is changing. In 2013, the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication report found that 51 percent said weather in their local area had been worse over the past several years. That observation is in line with research. “These problems are very likely to become worse over the next 10 to 20 years and beyond,” the AAAS authors write. By becoming aware of the science behind global warming now, Americans will be better prepared to make “risk management” choices.

    The AAAS says that “What We Know” will have an associated outreach campaign to scientists, economists, community leaders, policymakers and the public through media and meetings.

    Read the report and learn more about it at »

  • This is the current version of the NASA sponsored HANDY paper on civilisational collapse, in *.pdf format:

    Human and Nature Dynamics (HANDY): Modeling Inequality and Use of Resources in the Collapse or Sustainability of Societies
    Safa Motesharrei
    School of Public Policy and Department of Mathematics University of Maryland
    and National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)
    Jorge Rivas
    Department of Political Science
    University of Minnesota
    and Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES)
    Eugenia Kalnay
    Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
    University of Maryland
    March 18, 2014

    Guy McPherson’s February 6 speech in Winnipeg on NEar Term Human Extinction

    Michael Welch CKUW Winnipeg interviews Guy McPherson YouTube

  • That last link is to a speech at the Dharma Center, Winnipeg, not to an interview.

  • Great presentation, Guy! Hartmann, fellow science lover, possibly the best interviewer yet (although Michael Welch was very, very on point in the Winnipeg radio interview), almost like Thom has been preparing throughout his whole life for this ultimate topic. He wants to be an optimist (as would we all) but he’s too honest to airbrush the truth.

    I think he’s an appropriate candidate for a positive skepticism, as in “If Guy’s right, or 95% likely to be, how do we live these remaining decades, until we find out what is to be our fate?”

    As for the others, flailing about in their remaining denial (to be followed by their panicked discomfiture), and wishing to shoot the messenger, Gandhi had it down: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Wish there was something to be won this time…

    But you got the essential words out: “Respect”, “dignity”, “seeds” of new life found in other species. All leading, finally, to a humanity of humility, rather than of hubris.

    A repentance, an atonement to all we’ve destroyed, something to make us WORTHY of “being saved”, whether or not we actually ever are.

  • Over the past 50 years a mysterious predator has been stalking and mutilating, on a global scale, tens of thousands of domestic and wild animals (as well as humans) with amazing precision that would challenge the most advanced medical facility. One poster casually attributes this phenomenon to “gratuitous sadism”; however, the facts clearly prove otherwise. Further, if humans are responsible, how is it that despite the best efforts of rancher posses, local, state, federal (FBI), and international law enforcement efforts not a single person has ever been convicted, much less arrested?

    This is all part of a program whose goals remain frighteningly unknown.

    Friedrich Kling

    The subject of animal mutilations is distasteful if not repugnant to many of us. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would inflict such cruelty upon helpless creatures, especially those so dependent upon us for their existence. Yet, deliberate and premeditated assaults on both domestic and wild animals has been ongoing for nearly five decades. Tens of thousands of cases have been reported worldwide. Since livestock are the most common victims of these mutilations, farmers and ranchers have had to bear the financial brunt of these events. In addition, they have endured considerable anxiety over the nature of the mutilations inflicted upon their herds.


    Although animal mutilations may be of prolonged historical duration [2], it first came to the public’s attention in the United States (U.S.) back in 1967. At that time a female horse named Lady was found dead on a ranch near Alamosa in southern Colorado. The unusual nature of Lady’s mutilation led investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe [3], to publish an account of the incident. This brief excerpt describes her initial visit to the mutilation scene: A Horse Named Lady
    “The horse’s entire skull and long neck had been stripped of flesh and every organ in the horse’s chest had been surgically excised. Yet no blood could be found anywhere around the animal…And no tracks were evident.” [4]

    Her article about Lady’s mutilation had far reaching consequences. Its publication opened the floodgates to a host of similar reports that have continued unabated over the years. Not only were horses being mutilated, but so were other domestic animals like cattle, and sheep as well as a host of wild animals; deer, elk, bison and many more. Furthermore, animal mutilations were being found in a number of different regions throughout the world. An estimate of the numbers involved has proven difficult to make because many of these mutilations were never formally reported. However, knowledgeable estimates now place the number in the tens of thousands.

    Hallmarks of Animal Mutilations:

    One of the principal hallmarks of these mutilations is the complete absence of blood in the animal’s carcass or at the mutilation site. Strangely, these animals have almost always been completely drained of blood. Another peculiarity is that tracks or footprints are never found around the animal’s body, even when weather conditions like rain, frost or snow would have favored their presence; no footprints, tire tacks, signs of a struggle – nothing at all.These mutilations also bear a remarkable similarity to one another. Perhaps one of their most notable characteristics is commonly referred to as a “jaw swipe.” This term refers to a condition whereby one or both sides of the animal’s jaw are stripped of all tissue right down to the bare bone. For some unknown reason this often occurs on the left side of the animals face but not always. The right side is occasionally stripped in this way. Less frequently both sides of the jaw are removed. Also immediately evident are the removal of one or both eyes and ears. Not so obvious, but visible upon inspection of the animal’s oral cavity, is the complete absence of a tongue. The organ has usually been excised from deep within the throat. One other common mutilation is the removal of external genitalia including a bull’s penis and scrotum, or a cow’s udder. These organs are also found to have been cleanly excised from the carcass.
    Examination of the animal’s hind quarters often show evidence of “anal coring,” a procedure whereby the anus is cored out to a depth of several inches and used as a portal for extraction of the animals rectum. Other circular or teardrop shaped orifices cut into the torso also appear to be used for removal of organ systems located within the body cavity. Such a feat is impossible to carry out through such small openings, but most of the mutilated animal’s viscera are usually missing. Forensic examination of the incisions used for extraction reveal that they appear to be made by a laser-like instrument. The incisions are clean, precise and carefully executed. A Denver pathologist named John Henry Altshuler, M.D. [5] examined Lady’s carcass a few days after her body was found. According to testimony provided years later, Dr. Altshuler stated: “When I got to the horse, I could see that it was cut from the neck down to the base of the chest in a vertical, clean incision. At the edge of the cut, there was a darkened color as if the flesh had been opened and cauterized with a surgical cauterizing blade. The outer edges of the cut skin were firm, almost as if they had been cauterized with a modern day laser. But there was no surgical laser technology like that in 1967…. I cut tissue samples from the hard, darker edge. Later, I viewed the tissue under a microscope. At the cell level, there was discoloration and destruction consistent with changes caused by burning. …Then inside the horse’s chest, I remember the lack of organs. Whoever did the cutting took the horse’s heart, lungs and thyroid. The mediastinum (central chest compartment for organs) was completely empty – and dry. How do you get the heart out without blood? It was an incredible dissection of organs without any evidence of blood.” [6]
    Other veterinarian examiners remark that the borders of portal incisions show small serrated edges similar in appearance to those produced by a tailor’s pinking shears. Investigators often referred to this characteristic as a “cookie cutter” incision.

    Bodies ‘Dropped From Above:

    In addition to the actual mutilations, other attributes are frequently associated with the animal mutilations. For example, in some cases the ground beneath a carcass is slightly depressed suggesting that the animal was dropped from a great height. Consistent with this impression, their carcass’s are sometimes twisted in unnatural shapes that become frozen by rigor mortis. Necropsies of these cases show major fractures of the animals limbs and ribs which are consistent with impact trauma. Furthermore, when these cases are found in wooded areas, branches of nearby trees are found broken or bent in way that would imply that the animal’s body was dropped to the ground.
    This brings to up another unexplained phenomenon. For years power and telephone companies have on occasion found carcasses of deer and other large animals inexplicably entangled in their lines. Often their bodies are suspended at great heights above the ground and require considerable effort to remove. What is not clear is how they became lodged there in the first place. Until now, these findings have been attributed to committed pranksters. However, animal mutilation cases suggest these carcasses may have been dropped onto the lines from above. It would be informative to examine the bodies of these suspended animals to see if they show any classic signs of cattle mutilation.

    Then there is the factor known as “carcass avoidance.” Dr. George E. Onet, a doctor of veterinary microbiology and cattle mutilation investigator, has claimed that mutilated cattle are avoided by large scavengers “such as coyotes, wolves, foxes, dogs, skunks, badgers, and bobcats” for several days after its death. Similarly, domestic animals are also reported to be ‘visibly agitated’ and ‘fearful’ of the carcass.” [7] Dr. Onet’s claim is supported by numerous anecdotal reports gathered from cattlemen about their mutilated stock.

    I am unaware of any significant statistical data relating to animal mutilation cases other than a finding reported by Dr. Howard Burgess [8]. His data showed that nearly 90 percent of mutilated cattle brought to his attention were between four and five years of age. Since the average longevity of cattle is between 15 and 25 years, it would appear that their mutilators have bias towards the selection of younger bovines. One cannot help but wonder why they seek this particular age group.

    Associated with Extraterrestrial Activity:

    By process of elimination, the extraterrestrial hypothesis remains the most probable cause of animal mutilations. Ranchers who have lost cattle, horses, or even bison have unanimously concluded that the events are UFO related. In support of their opinion are numerous reports of strange nocturnal lights; spheres that glow in many different colors, then divide, merge and release both smaller spheres or beams of light into the countryside at night. The bodies of mutilated animals are often found in the vicinity of this activity shortly thereafter.

    Also supporting this conclusion, is the fact that no tracks of any kind are ever found at the carcass site. Therefore, it’s conceivable that a hovering craft of some kind is used to capture targeted animals and remove them to a different location. Discolored circular patches of soil ranging from 25 to 35 feet in diameter are occasionally found near the remains of mutilated animals. Often these patches remain sterile for years after they are found. And on a few occasions, triangular depressions in the ground have been observed as well. These signs could represent UFO landing traces.

    By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.

  • Rich Man, Poor Man

    “Lets all of us do as I choose:
    We’ll lose everything if you refuse”;
    “You make my life suck,
    Bring it on, you fat fuck—
    I ain’t got nothing to lose.”

  • Pretty shabby when the premiere science organisation in America (and perhaps the world), the American Association for the Advancement of Science, trails behind eating the dust of NBL in a matter so grave as leading to NTE!


  • Benjamin: Just nailin’ ’em left and right! This one is priceless!
    Thanks so much for injecting much needed humor into the
    bleakness of NTE. What a treasure you are.

  • Thank you, Guy, for posting these videos. That was quite a trip you took to “Winterpeg.” Too bad you couldn’t visit between April to October. The people there are wonderful! Anyhow, I just had to post that I saw (for probably the sixth time) “Dances With Wolves” tonight on the TV. It came out in 1990 when I graduated from University. I have seen it many times, but this time I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful BLUE skies in the film (footage shot during the dry summer of 1989 in South Dakota). Am I crazy or does no one else notice the constantly hazy skies we have morning, noon and dusk? I try to bring it up to my friends but they act like “sheeple.” Nothing to see… no changes… Even when the sun rises (nearly every morning).. it casts a very orange light in the yard…no clear sunrise. All that I wish to say is that I DO notice the changes unlike so many drones around me hooked up to their I-PADS and those watching “Dancing With The Stars.” We are seriously altering our atmosphere BY THE DAY… and nobody seems to f-ckin’ care. I’d give anything to “smell” Spring again. I was debating on the phone just three days ago to an old friend in Michigan who blames the loss of smell on us getting “older.” I’m 46! I swear, the air is not as fragrant as it used to be when I was younger. Anyone have any say? This is all another sign that we’ve pumped WAY too much industrial carbon into the atmosphere AND we’re mowing over fields of flora to make way for “coveted” outlet malls. I fear we crossed the “Tipping Point of Tipping Points” years ago. All those tears I cried the Spring of 1987, when I saw the coming Climate Chaos, weren’t for nothing. Awareness has been rattled from it’s dormancy. I only fear that Humanity is too late. Please tell me that I’m wrong….

    Pilot in St. Paul, MN

  • Pilot, I wish I could tell you you were wrong. I look around and most of the ever”greens” are khaki-colored. Even the permaculture dudes, who are supposedly trained in “observation”, don’t notice. I asked my tree farm guy about all the spots and splotches and he just shrugged. Where are all the bugs that used to go splat on the windshields, I have asked? I bought an old VT house last year, and there are no spiders. No flies. No moths around the lights at night. I feel like I’m on some kind of movie set where nothing is real anymore.

    That said, films use a lot of filters and enhancements to get the appealing look they want. Maybe look at some old photos you or friends have taken, or review old local magazines or historical archives for more accurate comparisons.

  • I wish I could watch all of these videos, but alas, my connection speed is too slow in my current location. I have to pick and choose which to let trickle in slowly while waiting patiently on ‘pause’… Guy, I’m sure you’re rising to your own high standards and opening minds.
    Anyway, I thought I’d chirp in on some of the comments here.

    There is an artificial strangeness to ‘civilized life’ – alienated and denatured, often walled in, withdrawn and dreary, frequently full of strife and noise and uncertainty and narrow vision. But the recent discoveries of hundreds of planets in the ‘goldilocks life zone’ -not too hot, not too cold for life- places where water would be in a liquid state… seems to be indicating that what may have seemed like our very own unique circumstance… sentient life… may not be unique at all. The universe is made up of the same stuff everywhere. According to The Guardian: “Two billion planets in our galaxy may be suitable for life”.

    I have started to look into these animal and human mutilation reports and FredrickKling’s hypothesis seems like a realistic proposition that deserves scientific analysis rather than knee jerk, off the cuff denialism.

    I strongly doubt that such investigations would alter the trajectory of our current mass extinction, but since maximal awareness as our time runs short is in order… we might as well keep our minds open to activities in other solar systems.

    Perhaps a little more extroversion would improve our Earthly perspective. There are several hundred billion stars in our galaxy – we float around one of them on this planet, and generally limit ourselves to dismally feeling that’s all there is to life. Making it to the next deadline. Paying bills. Arguing. Although I’m just a poor and homeless homeland refugee, I contend that we are living in a garden universe… that life is larger and more common and inherently worth far more than most humans ever realize. In our final waning, time is ripe to pry open our eyes and at least squint outside the cave.

  • @ RD

    Thanks. A basic bottom line document like this could be helpful for ordinary people trying to figure the issue out for the first time.

  • A basic bottom line document like this could be helpful for ordinary people trying to figure the issue out for the first time.

    Fat f**king chance. Not as long as they are swimming (relatively) unmolested in DeNile. They will not figure out the issues; the issues will catch up with them the moment they feel the chomp of the croc of reality.

  • @Lidia

    Thank you for your kind words. I totally agree with you. I have two Norwegian Pines outside my back porch door and they are turning rust brown. No matter how much or how little water I give them… they are literally giving up the ghost! I honestly believe that they are in tune with the atmospheric makeup and are responding to our atmosphere being over 400 ppm CO2, Anyhow, I have now made it a game to count the dead trees along the commute to work. It is getting truly frightening! The point of my post is that Environmental decay is happening around us every day. And the tragic thing is that people don’t seem to notice. I suppose that A) most of the older generations don’t have computers to relay their feelings and B) the younger people just don’t know of a time when the air smelled of soil, grass, and pine and was actually clear. Am I right?!

  • P.S. In regards to spiders, moths, and flies. Yes! I ,too, have, noticed it over the last fifteen years. When I first visited my god father in 1980 in Fargo, North Dakota…. I noticed the bugs in the headllghts of our car.. At 1am,it looked like it was snowing ….on an 80F night in August (the bugs were SO thick!)! The last time I drove through North Dakota in 2012…there were VERY few bugs on my windscreen. That has volumes to say! And the volumes should be screaming ….We are in great trouble! Please! Please don’t listen to the current media. We are done but the powers that be dont want to admit it!

  • “Half the people are drowned and the other half are swimming in the wrong direction.
    Half the people are stoned and the other half are waiting for the next election.
    And they call it—GLORIOUS LIVING!” (Leonard Bernstein, “MASS”)

  • Yes, Nafeez Ahmad sees the part he wants to see and disregards the rest.

    I suppose it is helpful that he is constantly highlighting energy depletion. But as anyone who has studied enough and sees the big picture knows, industrial civilisation and a future are mutually exclusive concepts.

  • Pilot, Lidia: A few other unnoticed differences are the dying and mangled trees in the background on PGA courses, for example (if watching tv) and all the dead wildlife by the sides of roads left there to rot out – food for the few birds of prey left, and of course nobody sees what’s happening in the oceans. It’s beyond sad. We’ve lost our souls – our connection to the planet.

    It won’t matter for much longer. We’ll be trying to adapt to severe changes soon.

    Collapse and Systemic Failure at All Levels Coming to U.S.-Dmitry Orlov


    Dmitry Orlov is a Russian blogger who writes about the parallel between the U.S and the USSR. Orlov lived through the financial collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s, and he thinks the U.S. is on the same trajectory. Orlov contends, “The trajectory is defined by this sort of incompetent militarism where more and more money results in bigger and bigger military fiascos around the world and less and less of actual foreign policy that can be pursued or articulated. There are massive levels of corruption. The amount of money that is being stolen by the U.S. Government and its various appropriations processes is now in the trillions of dollars a year. Runaway debt, the United States now has a level of debt that is un-repayable. All we’re waiting for is interest rates to go across the magic threshold of 3% and the entire budget of the country explodes. There are also all types of other tendencies that point in the direction of collapse and systemic failure at all levels.”

    So, how close are we to collapse or system failure? Orlov contends, “I am pretty sure that anyone who makes a prediction when the collapse will happen is wrong. Nobody can say when it will happen. It’s the same as saying a bridge that is structurally deficient; you don’t know when a truck is going to fall through into the river below. . . . You can be chronically sick for a long time, and then one day, you go into a coma or your heart stops. You cannot predict what day that will happen. Orlov does say, “The United States right now, from my point of view and the point of view from observers from around the world, is on suicide watch. It’s a country that is going to self-destruct at some point in the near future.”
    [read the rest]


    A super El Niño on the way? Subtle signs emerging

    Mashable’s Andrew Freedman has penned an intriguing and important piece suggesting the possible El Niño in the pipeline may be a doozy, comparable to the strongest ever recorded:

    Since climate forecasters declared an “El Niño Watch” on March 6, the odds of such an event in the tropical Pacific Ocean have increased, and based on recent developments, some scientists think this event may even rival the record El Niño event of 1997-1998.

    Recall an El Niño event is an episodic warming of the eastern tropical Pacific ocean, which often has worldwide weather implications.

    Freedman interviews two scientists, Eric Blake from the National Hurricane Center and Paul Roundy from SUNY-Albany, who see early indicators reminiscent of the development stages of past whopper El Niño events.

    One important possible indicator of the lead up to an El Niño is a reversal in the trade winds observed in the equatorial Pacific, from a prevailing easterly (from the east) to westerly (from the west) direction. In recent weeks and months, there have been strong westerly “bursts”.

    From Freedman’s piece:

    “It’s something we haven’t really seen since the ’97 El Niño,” Blake said of the westerly wind bursts and ocean observations. Instead of having trade winds blowing from the east at five to 10 mph, some locations in the western Pacific have had winds from the west blowing at up to 30 miles per hour, Blake says. This is important because it has ripple effects on the sea and below the sea surface.

    So impressed by the strong and persistent westerly winds, Roundy told Freedman he thinks there’s “around” an 80 percent chance of an unusually strong El Niño. [there’s more]

  • @Tom

    What a treasure you are.

    Yeah. Let’s bury it. :-D


    What kind of evergreens? Rhododendron (sp)? Kalmia? Picea? Abies? Tsuga? Pinus? Juniperus? Generalizations are fine but not for the detail oriented.


    If this bothers you so much then why do you continue to fly for a living?

    King Crimson – I Talk To The Wind (HQ)

  • @ogardener

    Despite my pen name, I am no longer a pilot. But yes, at one time I was. I only flew single engine planes and went as far as to earn my flight instructor certificate. But that is all in the past. Honestly, I’ve stopped flying (as much as I loved it) because I feel we are seriously fucking up the atmosphere, the jet stream, etc. Hope that answers your question. But I can still use my pen name, can’t I?

  • @ Tom, aw man, I don’t know what to say, but you sure help me keep going. Thank you.

    ogardener says: “evergreens…King Crimson”

    “The gardener plants an evergreen
    Whilst trampling on a flower.” :D

    The Court Of The Crimson King

    Neither rite nor old sacred ring
    Can help as we cling to a string,
    Or stop the surreal
    Slow grinding wheel
    In the court of the Crimson King.

  • @ogardener, I will try to take some pix over the next few days and post them here, to show you what I am talking about.

    Re. Nafeez Ahmad…
    I was listening to the C-Realm episode about just this article. At the end there was a TED or TED-type talk from a certain Ramez Nahm (sp?) about how the “power of ideas” will save us! Begins at around the 50′ mark:

    It’s hysterically funny! “Ideas, knowledge, technology, those aren’t depleted by usage! They grow and accumulate over time!”

  • I think we have #32 Guy:

    Far beneath the surface of the ocean, deep currents act as conveyer belts, channeling heat, carbon, oxygen and nutrients around the globe.

    A new study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Irina Marinov and Raffaele Bernardello and colleagues from McGill University has found that recent climate change may be acting to slow down one of these conveyer belts, with potentially serious consequences for the future of the planet’s climate.

    “Our observations are showing us that there is less formation of these deep waters near Antarctica,” Marinov said. “This is worrisome because, if this is the case, we’re likely going to see less uptake of human produced, or anthropogenic, heat and carbon dioxide by the ocean, making this a positive feedback loop for climate change.”

    [there’s more]

  • Already included, Tom. Thanks!

  • Here’s what Bill McKibben’s done for us so far.

    Things Are Way Worse Than You Can Even Imagine!

    Here is why you don’t have to worry about rising seas and temperatures.
    The Sixth Mass Extinction By The Numbers.
    ► 90% of Lion populations gone since 2003.
    ► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.
    ► 50% of all Vertebrate Species may disappear before 2040.
    ► 90% of Big Ocean Fish populations gone since 1950.
    ► 50%of Fresh Water Fish populations gone since 1987,
    ► 28% of Land Animal populations gone since 1970.
    ► 30% of Marine Bird populations gone since 1995.
    ► 28% of All Marine Animal populations gone since 1970.
    ► 40% of Plankton populations gone since 1950.
    ► Species extinction is 1000 times faster than normal.
    ► Ocean acidification to double by 2050, triple by 2100.
    ► We shoot 90 elephants every single day, including Christmas.
    ► We shoot 2-3 rhinos every single day so that their ground up horns can be snorted in Asian nightclubs. This keratin is worth $20,000.00/lb.–Facing-the-Mass-Extinction

    The climate danger threshold point is roughly 2036. 20 years from now, if we are lucky.

    Scientists think a super El Niño is on the way, good news for California’s drought, bad news for the rest of us, except I may not be shovelling as much snow up here in Canada.

    Everyone magically thinks we’ll just switch to renewable energy along with cutting back and becoming more efficient so that voila, earth saved, story over, back to business. Sorry, but that’s just another feel good fantasy. Why?

    Energy conservation or efficiency doesn’t really save energy, but instead spurs economic growth and accelerated energy consumption.

    1/100th watt = 1 dollar of global economic activity
    500 megawatts = 1 average power plant
    600 megawatts = China’s increased coal use every 10 days to 2024
    500,000 megawatts = 500 new nuclear plants in China by 2050
    25 billion megawatts = World power output in 2014
    Each year, C02 per megawatt of power increases
    Every 4½ days, 1,000,000 new carbon users are born.

    Green Energy Is Ecologically Unsustainable For 7 Billion People
    ► The manufacture of 5 one-megawatt wind turbines produces 1 ton of radioactive residue and 75 tons of hazardous waste water to process the needed neodynmium. Numerous rare earth and conflict minerals are required for batteries, computers etc.

    ► Each solar panel requires 4 tons of coal to produce because the silicon has to be baked to 3,000 degrees F. Their manufacture produces super strong greenhouse gases. Solar manufacturing plants produce 500 tons of hazardous sludge per year.

    ► Bio-fuels are ecologically unsustainable. The crop mono-cultures are bio-diversity deserts that increase soil erosion and have a myriad of unexpected consequences. Food supplies are already at risk going forward.

    Electric And Hybrid Car Batteries are Killing Asians
    Graphite is mined in China and smog from the graphite mines is so bad, they’ve decided to close many of them down.

    Bigger Faster And Uncut
    The largest mass extinction event was the Permian event of 250 million years ago where 95% of life disappeared thanks to the hydrogen sulfide gas emissions from over-acidified oceans. We are acidifying our oceans faster than that event.

    The fastest mass extinction event occurred 65 million years ago when the asteroid wiped out Dino the dinosaurs along with Fred and the gang from Bedrock. It still took as long as 33,000 years later to finish them off, long after the initial impact damage. We are on track to wipe out 75% of species on earth within 300 years, and probably much sonner. This is 100 times faster than the dino thang.

    On a final note, ecological cascading extinction collapse is irreversible and unstoppable once it has started. This will lead to an ecological planetary state shift devoid of basic ecological services we take for granted, like breathing and eating. No one knows when the ultimate final tipping point will be past, until after we pass it. Some say in 30-40. Climate change is only one of six reasons for the 6th mass extinction. Invasive species is probably number one, and we and our crops and animals are the most invasive thing there is.

    Death Wish
    ► 5 million dead in the Congo since 1998 because for the conflict minerals our computers need.
    ► 2 million of them were children.
    ► 1 million killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    ► 500,000 Iraqi children died of disease thanks to the 1990s embargo.
    ► Millions of innocent civilians killed by the U.S. since WWII.
    ► 3,000 citizens killed when steel reinforced concrete collapsed at free fall speed into its own small footprint. This is physically impossible without demolition.

  • To Robert Callaghan

    Thanks for reminding us how bad things are. Although I am aware that everything is falling apart, I usually do not have the time to update the status of the situation.
    I prefer to be updated, no matter how dire is becoming the near future.

    To FriedrichKling

    Regarding animal mutilations, I have a theory. It is connected with my theory about the Biogens.
    All life on earth was created by the Biogens (including humans).
    They are behind the UFO´s, and as any scientific would do with any living creature of his creation, they want to watch without disturbing. That is why we rarely see UFO´s. They do not want to be seen.
    The animal mutilations are probably a way to take some certain samples. That is why, very much the same parts of the bodies are missing. Why certain parts?, why no blood?, to me the answer is, who cares? Knowing the answer is not going to save us from self destruction.
    The point is that I wouldn´t be afraid. That happens, is being done by superior beings, they know why, and they are not going to harm us.
    Biogens are not going to destroy us, neither going to save us. They are watching us, and learning. They watch the biosphere, not only us.
    This explanation works fine to me.
    So, animal mutilations do not deserve any attention. We have much bigger problems to deal with.

  • “So, animal mutilations do not deserve any attention. We have much bigger problems to deal with.”

    I guess the animals would see this somewhat differently.”

  • Lidia says: “Where are all the bugs that used to go splat on the windshields…?”

    Happier Motoring

    As a kid, a clean windshield involved
    Soap and scrubbing to get bugs dissolved;
    Now some people say
    That we need bugs, but hey,
    At least we got one problem solved.

  • “So, animal mutilations do not deserve any attention. We have much bigger problems to deal with.”

    I guess the animals would see this somewhat differently.”

    So might those NBLers who would much rather prefer that the dump tricks full of UFOs &c. were backed up to the forum to deposit their loads in the landfill.

  • If only… (Charlie Chaplin — I’d never seen this one before…)

  • Godofredo-

    I have trouble following your logic. You say that our creators have a policy of non-intervention; however, their gruesome activities suggest otherwise. Why are UFOs seen by millions? If this is indeed a sampling program, why the need to return the mutilated corpses for us to find?

    I am not afraid, unless I became one of the unfortunate victims, but I am intrigued to know who is behind this and what is their end-purpose.

    While you believe this not to be a priority issue, I do and so do numerous other readers of this blog who have contacted me. Nevertheless, thank you for your perspective. Your analysis might be correct, although I think not based on the research I have conducted.

  • Good post, ulvfugl – these reports DON’T include the large die-offs of fish, birds, bats, etc. we’re seeing lately and only look at the human factor. Putting them both together, it’s a wonder there’s anything left!

  • UFOs

    Men in Black carries out operations to keep us safe from ourselves. Here is one of their stories that “never happened,” from one of their files that “doesn’t exist.”

    Extinction—the end of the line
    Loomed when MIB stopped our decline:
    It turned out the aliens
    Liked us mammalians,
    So everything worked out just fine.

    And so, never knowing what happened, the people of Earth were saved by a secret society of protectors known as the Men in Black.

  • BenjaminTheDonkey-

    Perhaps you will explain your moniker. I rescued a wonderful donkey from dreadful circumstances. His name is Henry and he is a beloved member of the family. I never knew, until Henry arrived, that donkeys are quite protective of their home. He’s the best security ever.

    As usual I enjoyed your MIB post, although you may be interested to know that these mysterious and threatening figures are real. First appearing in the early 1950’s, these “men” in black suits always visit in pairs the homes of those that have recently claimed to see a UFO or had an alien encounter. Their aim seems to be to hide the truth about UFOs and alien abduction, and to encourage civilians to keep their experiences secret. Their methods are a combination of intimidation, manipulation and confusion. Reported encounters with the Men in Black are often bizarre and vary so much that gathering any useful information about them is virtually impossible. Which is exactly what any secret group would want. One theory explains the MIB’s strange behavior as an attempt to hide their own existence, making reported MIB encounters seem too incredible to believe.

    We like to take comfort in our vast accumulated knowledge when in fact there is far more we don’t know about this reality.

  • Hey guys, check THIS out! This is cool man!

  • Remember the days when people got dressed up to fly? I had my first cut of fill it, mig non on a plane. I wonder where they got it…Dum, Dum, Dummmmmmmmm!

  • Great Twilight Zone episode above; To Serve Man

    Remember the days when we got dressed-up for the train? I sure do and there was no better way to travel. I have fond memories of the Missouri Pacific to Miami, the KATY Flyer, and the Illinois Central to Chicago. The food was first class and it was served on real china. I never slept better in my life while on the train.

    Then the highway system and airports were built courtesy of the taxpayers while the railroads were required to pay exorbitant property taxes. The final nail in the coffin was when the federal government, in a moment of pure stupidity, took away the railroads mail delivery contract, which was used to off-set the losses on the passenger side of the business.

  • @ FriedrichKling: “Benjamin the Donkey” is an old cynic in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

    FriedrichKling says: “Their methods are a combination of intimidation, manipulation and confusion.”

    Bargaining with Aliens (Stage 3)

    MIB techniques are far wiser
    Than mere social tranquilizer:
    With a gift that came down
    From some friends out of town,
    They rely on the neuralyzer.

  • @FriedrichKling
    “Why are UFOs seen by millions?”

    Good question. Here are a few more.

    Why are Ghosts seen by millions?
    Why are Visions seen by millions?
    Why are Sasquatches seen by millions?
    Why are Lake Monsters seen by millions?
    Why are Chupacabras seen by millions?
    Why are Angels seen by millions?
    Why are Jesus face on a grilled cheese sandwich seen by millions?

  • Apneaman:

    The answer to your question is quite simple. Witness reports are just one form of evidentiary material among many. Yes, by itself not compelling, but you have cherry-picked just one form of proof when in fact numerous others exist:

    Witness testimony by ranchers/farmers and local law enforcement
    Mutilated corpses
    Autopsy reports
    Photographs/Video evidence
    Other forms of physical trace evidence

  • Guy,

    Could you please comment on John Michael Greer’s latest post addressing NTE? I respect you both very much. With such differing information I’m at somewhat of a loss.

    JMG writes:

    The same conviction that the past has nothing to teach the present is just as common elsewhere in contemporary culture. I’m thinking here, among other things, of the ongoing drumbeat of claims that our species will inevitably be extinct by 2030. As I noted in a previous post here, this is yet another expression of the same dubious logic that generated the 2012 delusion, but much of the rhetoric that surrounds it starts from the insistence that nothing like the current round of greenhouse gas-driven climate change has ever happened before.

    That insistence bespeaks an embarrassing lack of knowledge about paleoclimatology. Vast quantities of greenhouse gases being dumped into the atmosphere over a century or two? Check; the usual culprit is vulcanism, specifically the kind of flood-basalt eruption that opens a crack in the earth many miles in length and turns an area the size of a European nation into a lake of lava. The most recent of those, a smallish one, happened about 6 million years ago in the Columbia River basin of eastern Washington and Oregon states. Further back, in the Aptian, Toarcian, and Turonian-Cenomanian epochs of the late Mesozoic, that same process on a much larger scale boosted atmospheric CO2 levels to three times the present figure and triggered what paleoclimatologists call “super-greenhouse events.” Did those cause the extinction of all life on earth? Not hardly; as far as the paleontological evidence shows, it didn’t even slow the brontosaurs down.

    Oceanic acidification leading to the collapse of calcium-shelled plankton populations? Check; those three super-greenhouse events, along with a great many less drastic climate spikes, did that. The ocean also contains very large numbers of single-celled organisms that don’t have calcium shells, such as blue-green algae, which aren’t particularly sensitive to shifts in the pH level of seawater; when such shifts happen, these other organisms expand to fill the empty niches, and everybody further up the food chain gets used to a change in diet. When the acidification goes away, whatever species of calcium-shelled plankton have managed to survive elbow their way back into their former niches and undergo a burst of evolutionary radiation; this makes life easy for geologists today, who can figure out the age of any rock laid down in an ancient ocean by checking the remains of foraminifers and other calcium-loving plankton against a chart of what existed when.

    Sudden climate change recently enough to be experienced by human beings? Check; most people have heard of the end of the last ice age, though you have to read the technical literature or one of a very few popular treatments to get some idea of just how drastically the climate changed, or how fast. The old saw about a slow, gradual warming over millennia got chucked into the dumpster decades ago, when ice cores from Greenland upset that particular theory. The ratio between different isotopes of oxygen in the ice laid down in different years provides a sensitive measure of the average global temperature at sea level during those same years. According to that measure, at the end of the Younger Dryas period about 11,800 years ago, global temperatures shot up by 20° F. in less than a decade.

    Now of course that didn’t mean that temperatures shot up that far evenly, all over the world. What seems to have happened is that the tropics barely warmed at all, the southern end of the planet warmed mildly, and the northern end experienced a drastic heat wave that tipped the great continental ice sheets of the era into rapid collapse and sent sea levels soaring upwards. Those of my readers who have been paying attention to recent scientific publications about Greenland and the Arctic Ocean now have very good reason to worry, because the current round of climate change has most strongly affected the northern end of the planet, too, and scientists have begun to notice historically unprecedented changes in the Greenland ice cap. In an upcoming post I plan on discussing at some length what those particular historical parallels promise for our future, and it’s not pretty.

    Oh, and the aftermath of the post-Younger Dryas temperature spike was a period several thousand years long when global temperatures were considerably higher than they are today. The Holocene Hypsithermal, as it’s called, saw global temperatures peak around 7° F. higher than they are today—about the level, that is, that’s already baked into the cake as a result of anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. It was not a particularly pleasant time. Most of western North America was desert, baked to a crackly crunch by drought conditions that make today’s dry years look soggy; much of what’s now, at least in theory, the eastern woodland biome was dryland prairie, while both coasts got rapidly rising seas with a side order of frequent big tsunamis—again, we’ll talk about those in the upcoming post just mentioned. Still, you’ll notice that our species survived the experience.

  • Kelly, I lost respect for Greer years ago when he blocked me from commenting on his website. His selective use of information is quite telling in this case.

    During the Younger Dryas, global-average temperature decreased during a period of general warming. Regional temperatures varied considerably, and probably resulted from variation in thermohaline circulation, as explained by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. But here’s no evidence global-average temperature exceeded 3.5 C above baseline.

    Greer’s use of an obsolete term, the Holocene Hypsithermal, reveals his ignorance of paleoclimatology. According to the National Climatic Data Center, contrary to Greer’s ridiculous claim of a 7 F temperature rise, “there is no evidence to show that the average annual mid-Holocene temperature was warmer than today’s temperatures.”

    In short, Greer is great for entertainment, but he’s no scientist. As nearly as I can distinguish, people read him because he downplays the significance of climate change, extinction of non-human species, and other horrors of industrial civilization. In other words, he makes civilized people feel good about themselves with soothing lies.

  • Sure, in the latter part of the reign of the dinosaurs, atmospheric carbon dioxide, global temperatures and mean sea-level were much higher.

    So if possible, we should resurrect dinosaurs from their DNA in mosquitoes in amber, à la “Jurassic Park”: we should also hybridise Homo sapiens with them (a tall order, not just across species, genera, or families, but entire classes!) and perhaps hybridise angiosperms of today with the gymnosperms and vascular cryptogams of yore (if we can resurrect those plants, and not just their modern descendants) to provide lunch and dinner. That would be an end-run around the sluggishness of evolution, and Homosaurus fūrtīvus might come out on top…

  • @Kelly

    The link Guy provided is from Aug 20, 2008

    No excuse for not doing your own fact checking. Never trust a Wizard.

    Terms like the Alti-thermal or Hypsi-thermal or Climatic Optimum have all been used to refer to this warm period that marked the middle of the current interglacial period. Today, however, we know that these terms are obsolete and that the truth of the Holocene is more complicated than originally believed.

  • @Lidia

    Thanks Lidia. I’d love to see the images of the tree(s) you mentioned in your post. It will be interesting to observe if the trees in my area are experiencing the same symptoms as the trees in your area.

  • @Pilot and Lidia
    Re: disappearing insets and other bugs, it seens like BtCorn,Bt Cotton, and a number of GM insecticidal plants might rank right up there with warming as a cause.

  • To Artleads

    About the issue of animal mutilation and that they do not deserve attention. No matter the number, that I guess is not so big, because otherwise would be an economic problem (in the case of cattle). We have to keep in mind that at the same time, thousands of other animals die everyday and nobody cares. Humans kill thousands of animals everyday, and nobody cares. Why pay attention to this rare cases? Just curiosity. And solving the mystery (if possible, something I doubt) will not help.
    Humans, ourselves, are a much bigger problem. Humans kill thousands of other humans everyday, and nobody cares.
    Why pay attention to this mutilations?. I hope with this explanation, my point is clear enough.

    To FriedrichKling

    For many years I was attracted by the UFO issue. And after many years I concluded that there would never be a solid proof about them. Always blurred images and videos, at most.
    To accept the UFO´s, I have used a logical and practical analysis.
    We have a lot of information about OFO´s sighting. But that is all. There is nothing more.
    Considering that a lot could have been faked sightings. But scientific evidence there is none. That tells me two things:
    -That they possibly exist (I believe they do).
    -That they have a superior technology.
    -And if they do exist, they do not want to be contacted.
    Simple and clear.
    About the mutilations, what can I say, for some reason they do that. They are surely more capable than us, and have their reasons. I guess some specific samples require that mutilation. And the remains are taken back to nature, to follow the normal cycle.
    I believe we are a lab, and everything that happens in the biosphere is under study. Why not? We do that often, only at a smaller scale.

    I have created this figure of the Biogens to explain many things regarding ourselves, our biosphere and the story of life on earth. Things that I cannot explain in another way, supported in logic, things like the UFO´s, God, Jesus, the story of life on earth, the apparent evolution, etc can be explained b y the figure of the Biogens.
    First I have to say that the Biogens are not god, they are simply entities more advanced than us. They have the knowledge to create life, and that is what they have been doing for 650 million years. As living entities are not machines (almost totally predictable), there is plenty of room for unexpected situations. Humans, the last and more advanced creation is also under study. We are showing clearly some faults in our DNA.
    They are not going to save us, because in the worst case, they can create a new human. But at the same time, they will not destroy us, because they have to know how far we can go. And learn.
    So the Biogens constantly watch life on earth, and sometimes take samples.
    MIB could be some kind of human alike entities (sent by the Biogens), that can walk among us, without attracting attention.
    There is nothing to support my theory, but it explains many things that so far cannot be explained to suit my questions. And I am OK with this idea.
    I am not afraid about UFO´s, Aliens, and that kind of things.

    To Apneaman

    Millions? Not sure. I guess thousands in some cases, hundreds in others.
    Besides in many cases (most of them) there is no real proof.
    And in many other cases, there are physical explanations.
    What we surely have is millions of stories.
    We normally exaggerate numbers. Don´t we?

  • Talk of UFO’s and alien abductions reminds me of an amusing quote by William Burroughs that appears in the current issue of The Atlantic. In a journal entry during his final years Burroughs carped: “Why are abductions and contacts always to mediocre or inferior minds? Why don’t they come and see ME?”(:

    Kudos to Guy for continuing to inform folks of NTE. I’d rather have the truth, as awful as it is, than wishful thinking and delusion.

  • @ Friedrich Kling

    As I have recently pointed out to RE and Tony Weddle, the word PROOF has a meaning and a definition. Your sloppy thinking and abuse of language is a disgrace.

  • Guy, nice response to the JMG post. It must be so annoying to have to respond to such inaneness, over and over again.

    @Llinda, If you’re wondering where all the bugs are, I guess they found my neighborhood. Specifically my house!
    We got ’em all. Spiders, stink bugs (wayyy too many), ants, flies, crickets, etc….
    Even in the winter the house crawls with spiders. I let them stay. They do good work.
    The stink bugs, however, get tossed out into the cold.
    The other day a good friend found a wasp crawling in her handbag. It was still freezing temps out, but we’d had a couple warm days… The girl must have awakened from her hibernation and climbed into my friend’s bag.

    But then, this is NY, very wet, always buggy… Growing veggies here is downright depressing for an organic gardener. It’s a long battle the whole growing season.
    What has been scarce are butterflies… :(
    But I guess we can always munch down on locusts when the grid goes down… Until the radiation reaches us…

    As far as the sky and the light, last spring I noticed the light was all wrong… Even on clear sky days. Something was different. Cloudy or clear, the light was hazier, brighter, there seemed less depth of color to it, and it was more intense. Sunburns happened faster.
    I wondered if the pole shift had something to do with it. Eskimos in the North Pole noticed the sun was rising and setting in a completely different spot than it had their entire lives. They also noted the changed direction of the prevailing winds.

    It’s all pretty screwed up.
    Can’t wait for collapse to put us out of our collective misery.
    Or aliens to eviscerate us for lab tests.
    Now that would be a cool way to go. In the name of alien science.
    Kurt Vonnegut would approve.

  • It evokes a particularly embarrassing revelation to posit that life is not unique to planet Earth… and why would it be? We are failures headed for annihilation by our own errant acts, and this compounding proposition implies that we’re doing it exposed out in front of the entire school of life… well, our classmates in the Milky Way anyway. What a bald shame. To consider that we have peers watching us… witnesses out there observing our public humiliation, snickering about our “F” on the mid-term… is sheer ego crush. It means this debacle isn’t just ‘our little secret’ anymore. More like a long loud fart in a crowded elevator as the door shuts. I’m seriously blushing. We wouldn’t be friggin losers hiding in our own private hell, but friggin losers observed by a cosmic audience. Also-ran’s in the glare of election night. Wallflowers at the prom. Lower percentile dunces shunned at the genius awards. Darwinism played out on a galactic scale. So soon… we’ll join the tally of planetary corpses. The notion of being viewed as we kick our own bare ass surely makes the ugly bummer of it all that much worse. Where can I hide from all those beautiful, knowing, starry eyes?

  • Were not an alien science experiment. Were a living toy for some alien’s kid. Anyone remember Sea Monkeys? That’s what we are, Sea Monkeys for alien kids.

  • “we don’t know with great precision, what the future holds”

    Guy McPherson, in interview with Thom Hartmann. It was also littered with “could be” and “can”, indicating uncertainty. Which is what I’ve been saying. Thom also correctly pointed out that life survived the last 5 extinctions and humans got through a very narrow bottleneck in the past.

    I’m still wary about assuming that a single paper, which went against what other scientists had found, should be taken as absolute incontrovertible truth regarding the phytoplankton decline since 1950. I’m not ruling it out but I think it is still controversial.

    Good point on Greer’s misrepresentation of paleoclimate data (he’s been pulled up on it but has waved off the criticsm without denying it was wrong). Just as he blocked Guy from posting, the Arctic-News blogspot also bans all critical comments (I’ve only ever had one go through and never seen any from others), yet it’s still regarded here (and by Hartmann) as a go to place for “news”. It certainly has lots of graphs and extrapolations but don’t think of questioning any of them, because you won’t even get an answer.

  • Amerikan Hologram



    Monday, 24 March 2014

    Fresh water

    Although 70% of the SURFACE of the Earth is covered by water, the total VOLUME of water on Earth compared to the over-all volume of the Earth itself reveals that water is much more precious than we were once led to believe. When you see a visual on just how precious little FRESH water there is on Earth you really get a sense of how important it is to protect what fresh water we do have.

    Today is UN-Water World Water Day. Join Unify in celebrating World Water Day by joining a global synchronized water ceremony today at 3pm PST.

    More info:

    Take a look at the graphic to get the idea, it’s astounding!

  • Remember when the hippies had a poster ‘What if they started a war but nobody went ?’

    Well, looks like it came true. The illegal fascist neo-nazi ‘government’ of Ukraine,- supported by Obama, American neocons, neoliberal politicians in Britain, Canada, EU,- ordered the army to attack… but nothing happened…

  • an in depth look at the Arctic including 3 kinds of warming and 13 feedbacks:

    The studies and data they find may be correct, but their conclusion –

    In conclusion, the situation is dire and calls for comprehensive and effective action, as described at the Climate Plan blog.

    is not going to help and may make matters worse as it relies on us to once again “do something” which is what got us here! When are they going to learn that humanity’s contributions only go in one direction and it isn’t the way Earth is going?

  • ulvfugl – Orlov did an interview with Greg Hunter

    He basically said Ukrainian military is same as Russian military – they dont support government in Kiev – Orlov says 80% of Ukrainian military has accepted Russian passports.

    Other reports say 70% of folks don’t want to join European Union.

    [I keep getting blog and forum mixed up]

  • For ulvfugl and all peace loving folk.

    Even paratroopers, Screaming Eagles, are saying, NO!

    It’s about time! I hope it lasts.

  • “It’s about time! I hope it lasts.” KH

    So do your duty, boys, and join with pride
    Serve your country in her suicide
    Find the flags, so you can wave goodbye
    But just before the end even treason might be worth a try
    This country is to young to die

    Never say die, never quit. In the end, even TREASON is worth a try.


  • Cunt-

    You are correct that William S. Burroughs had a lifetime interest in UFOs. This quote adds perspective to the one you previously provided:

    “I’m also very interested in all of these space aliens – their flying saucers, and all that. I went to see Whitley Strieber, who’s the author of a book called Communion which they made into a film – about experiences with ‘the visitors’, as he calls them. I visited him for a weekend in upstate New York, but I didn’t see anything – they’re really sporadic. But I’m convinced that he’s telling the truth, no doubt about it. All the people living around him all say, yes, they have seen these things, but they don’t want to talk about it. He puts out a Communion Newsletter with thousands and thousands and thousands of accounts. So I’m convinced that it’s a real phenomenon. I’d just like to see some myself, that’s all. As a matter of fact, there’s been sightings in Kansas, and some out at the lake – where I have my house on the lake – but I have not been favoured.”

  • @Pauline
    “Eskimos in the North Pole noticed the sun was rising and setting in a completely different spot than it had their entire lives. They also noted the changed direction of the prevailing winds. ”

    Thank you for your post, especially the video clip. I recognized some of the faces of Inuit elders in a video I saw last year (possibly the same one) created by Innuit filmmaker Zecharia Kunuk (sp). I found the video while searching for corroboration of data I have gathered that suggests sonething is indeed happening to the angle of tilt of our axis of rotation. I don’t think it “has happened” but IS happening now. It is a very slow process, and what I’m seeing is that earth appears to be in a slight “wobble”, the best way I can describe it. I read about the Chandler Wobble and what I’m seeing is not that.

    In a nutshell, here’s my story:
    As a result of beginning in 2011 to install a tiny experimental solar electric system of two panels, and in the process determining the true north-south line for purpose of orienting panels correctly, I have discovered that north-south line is changing. I have taken photos of my “sticks in the ground”, and have a log from 2011 through now. When I try to tell people about this, I get lots of naysaying, ridicule and silence. Because I really need to know what is happening, and I have to mount the panels on a sturdy pole anyway, I plan to erect a concrete-mounted pole before our next solstice, (the best tine for determining true north-south) and will use that pole as part of my “sticks in the ground”.
    I wrote to Mr. Kunuk about my own findings, and did not hear from him, but did hear from a Canadian university professor, to whom I assume he forewarded my letter.
    Research still ongoing, and in the few places where I have posted my findings, I always urge others to do the same project: find your true north-south line and mark it, then continue to observe at each successive solstice. But rather than do that little work, most will just continue to ridicule.

  • “Never say die, never quit.”

    The exact attitude that has them drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and
    fracking everywhere. Tar Sands are hard to do? Never say die, never quit. Suck the earth dry of every last drop, because if you don’t, you’re a LOSER.

  • I’ve posted a new essay, courtesy of RE. It’s here.

  • I wanted to thank Guy for responding personally to the Greer essay. It’s not often that someone makes themselves available to answer questions the way Guy does. Guy is very giving of his time and knowledge.

  • ¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸…¸.¤\ ¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸…¸.¤\
    \¸ ♥ JEVONS PARADOX ♥.,.\
    .\¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤* .\¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*
    / \

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` I CAN FLY!!! I CAN FLY!!!

    but what did Ghandi say


  • I don’t know how you do it, Guy. The stupid is very strong out there.

  • logspirit: “Where can I hide from all those beautiful, knowing, starry eyes?”

    not there, obviously.

  • Re: Disappearing insects. Definitely, DEFINITELY. I have lived in the same general area of NE Florida for 58 years, and can attest that flies, bees, moths, butterflies, spiders…you name it, are so far down in numbers that it is frightening. The rate of decrease in the last 3 years is noteworthy. Of course, I won’t even get into the disappearing bird populations, native plants, etc etc.

  • @Bailey, which leads one to ask what’s happening at the microscopic level, among the critters who are essential to plant nutrition.

    If at Chernobyl they found the leaf litter was just piling up, when will that start happening here, with the consequent starvation of already-stressed plant life? Could just as well be this as ozone affecting the trees in some parts.

    Wonder if anyone is looking into it…