Planetary Hospice: Rebirthing Planet Earth

by Zhiwa Woodbury at Work That Reconnects

“Truly the blessed gods have proclaimed a most beautiful secret: death comes not as a curse but as a blessing to men.” (Ancient Greek Epitaph from Eleusis)


The pace of climate change continues to accelerate, and it now appears inevitable that the Great Anthropocentric Extinction currently unfolding will include the end of life as we know it. Characterizing this ‘Great Dying’ as equivalent to a terminal diagnosis for the human race, and assuming an ecopsychological perspective that sees a close relationship between planetary health and mental health, the author applies the stages of grief to this Great Dying, exploring connections retroactively and prospectively between societal mental health trends in the U.S., our awareness of the severity of the threat we pose to the planet, and the stages of grieving the loss of life, and questions the role mental health professionals should play in this context. Looking ahead from this same perspective, the author asks if it is possible to alleviate the pain and suffering that will be associated with the widespread extinctions, mass mortality, and forced migrations that are anticipated by scientific experts as a result of climate disruptions, beginning with the idea of what a “good death” would look like in relation to the end of life as we know it, applying principles from hospice and palliative care. Finally, he offers a hopeful vision that, with an expanding planetary hospice movement and appropriate containing myths, it might be possible to re-cast this Great Dying as a difficult, but spiritually progressive, death/rebirth experience for homo sapiens.

View Planetary Hospice as pdf here.


Zhiwa Woodbury is a long time dharma practitioner, hospice provider, and environmental attorney. He presently serves residents at Zen Hospice Project and is teaching Buddhist Theories of Self, Mind & Nature while completing an M.A. in East/West Psychology at California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco. He can be reached via email at


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Tuesday, 1 April 2014, 7:00 p.m., Paul Henry’s Art Gallery, 416 Sibley Street, Hammond, Indiana, “Climate Chaos” (follow on Facebook here)

East-coast tour (detailed information to come, including exact locations and times; follow on Facebook here):

5 April 2014, Ithaca, New York

6 April 2014, Niagara Falls, New York

Monday, 7 April 2014, 7:00 p.m., McMartin House National Historic Site, 125 Gore Street Perth, Ontario, Canada. RSVP and follow on Facebook here.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014, 7:00 p.m. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Conversation With Paul Beckwith (to be live-streamed)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014, 6:00 p.m., Steelworker’s Hall, 66 Brady Street, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, “Climate Chaos” (Facebook announcement and invitation)

Thursday, 10 April 2014, 12:00 noon, Meeting Room 1, Greater Sudbury Public Library, 74 Mackenzie Street, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, “Responding to Climate Chaos” (Facebook announcement and invitation)

Saturday, 12 April 2014 6:30 p.m., East Hall, 2 Lippitt Road, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island, “Climate Chaos”

14 April 2014, Westchester County, New York

20 April 2014, Potluck dinner with attendees of last May’s presentation at the Mt. Kisco Library

The Next Step: Living Courageously in a World of Transition, a 14-day seminar, 12-25 June 2014, Izabal, Guatemala, Central America. I will be included with an otherwise-excellent group of facilitators for this remarkable two-week experience.

Late October through early November 2014, European tour. Details forthcoming. Follow on Facebook here.


Going Dark is available from the publisher here, from Amazon here, from Amazon on Kindle here, from Barnes & Noble on Nook here, and as a Google e-book here. Going Dark was reviewed by Carolyn Baker at Speaking Truth to Power and by more than two dozen readers at Amazon.

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  • Tomorrow’s big fantasy report comes out about how much it will cost to save us all. It will be filled with small numbers for temperatures to rise and little big numbers for mitigation costs. 2°C is the only number they seem able to countenance, which is only 1°C more degree above where we are now. $15 trillion is the other magic number they’re fond of. $15 trillion is about the annual GDP of America.
    It is also the total worth of the U.S. commercial banking sector.
    What if one dollar equals one second?
    ► $1 = 1 second
    ► $1,000,000 = 12 days
    ► $1,000,000,000 = 30 years
    ► $1,000,000,000,000 = 30,000 years x 15 = 450,000 years.

    Remember the deepest darkest days of the 2008? The world economy was crashing big time and all eyes looked to China nascent banks to save us. And save they did! The Chinese banks were worth $10 trillion in 2008 and in 5 years they were worth $25 trillion, up $15 trillion in just 5 years. That’s as much as the whole U.S. banking system, which took 100 years to build. This is, as with all things Chinese, the biggest and fastest financial bubble in human history.

    In the next few days we are going to hear a lot about efficiency and conservation, but as Tim Garrett says, Energy conservation or efficiency doesn’t really save energy, but instead spurs economic growth and accelerated energy consumption. To wit, the future.

    ► 1/100th watt = $1 of global economic activity
    ► 500 megawatts = 1 average power plant
    ► 600 megawatts = China’s increased coal use every 10 days for the next 10 years
    ► 500,000 megawatts = 500 planned new nuclear plants for China by 2050
    ► 25 billion megawatts = World power output in 2014
    ► Each Day, C02 per megawatt of power increases
    ► Every 4½ days, 1,000,000 new carbon users are born.
    ► How many windmills, solar panels and batteries will give us just today’s 25 billion megawatts?

    The Dark Side Of Renewables:
    ► Wind Turbines
    The manufacture of 5, one-megawatt, wind turbines produces 1 ton of radioactive residue and 75 tons of hazardous waste water used to extract and process the needed neodymium. Neodymium is a rare earth mineral. Rare earth minerals are not rare, but they are found in very low concentrations. Neodymium is extracted from crushed rocks using sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Then it is processed using solvents, heating and vacuum techniques that require plenty of coal power. Vast unregulated tailings ponds of poisonous water have destroyed whole villages in China.
    There are 16 other rare elements. All with the same story.
    There is no known replacement for neodymium. During its mining, metals such as arsenic, barium, copper, aluminum, lead and beryllium are released into the air and water, and are toxic to human health. Neodymium is only one of many rare-earth metals that our smart phones and green energy systems need, and Canada is making efforts to mine them right now. While neodymium is not used in very small wind turbines, can you imagine how many small windmills would be needed to run a huge city like Toronto?

    ► Solar Panels
    Each solar panel requires 4 tons of coal to manufacture them because the required silicon has to be baked for some time at 3,000°F. The manufacture of solar panels lets off some of the deadliest greenhouse gases known to humankind. These include hexafluoroethane (12,000 times stronger than CtO2), nitrogen trifluoride (17,000 times stronger than C02), and sulfur hexafluoride (23,000 times stronger than C02). Solar manufacturing plants produce 500 tons of hazardous sludge each per year. This sludge is never included in the solar industry carbon footprint data. All shiny new electronic things are super-poisonous and deadly serious for all life on earth.

    ► Bio-Fuels
    Bio-fuels are ecologically unsustainable. The crop mono-cultures are biodiversity deserts that increase soil erosion and have a myriad of unexpected consequences. Stand in a corn field and you will see nothing lives there, not even bees. 95% of food comes from just 30 crops. Food supplies are at risk going forward. We can’t cut trees for cars when people starve. Our foods and animals already dominate the planet. We are earth’s most invasive predators raping all life’s diversity from her loins.

    ► Rechargeable Batteries
    The rechargeable batteries we use in everything from the Tesla Electric Car, and Prius Plug-In Car, down to our smart phones, all rely on one critical component―graphite. Graphite is one of the main causes of the terrible air pollution in China. It comes from airborne particles given off by mining operations and often washes down from the sky with the rain. Graphite particles foul the air and water; they also damage crops and human lung tissue.
    This type of smog has gotten so bad that China has shut down several of their graphite mines, creating a shortage and higher prices. Right now, Algonquin natives in Kipawa, Quebec are fighting Toyota over a rare-earth open pit mine planned for that area. Toyota wants that mine pit to make the batteries for its Prius. There is no such thing as a “green” car.

  • “Good morning, I’m Frank Distraction and this is, THE FINAL DEBATE. WE are here today to talk with Senator Blowhard about his new book, BEATING DEAD DOGS, and to discuss the viral video of him allegedly killing a dog.
    Senator, did you kill that dog?”
    “Well, the dog is dead. We both know that.”
    “Did you kill him.”
    “Frank, I have fed a dog. I pet a dog. I have a dog. There are times I even do my wife “doggie style.” Sometimes after that I say, I killed it. Now, would I ever do that to a dog? Of course not. That is sick. I would never do that to a dog. Are you suggesting I had sex with a dog? Frank, I DID NOT have sex with a dog.”
    “Let’ move on, senator, Climate Change. Do you believe in Climate Change?”
    “My new book comes out on Easter Day, nationally.”
    “Yes, BEATING DEAD DOGS, by senator Constant Blowhard. Comes out Wednesday.
    Senator, is CLIMATE CHANGE happening?”
    “Yes, Frank, the climate changes. It always has. It always will. Change does not have to be bad.”
    “But, senator, but, but, Global Warming….”
    “I’ll stop you there, Frank. It was pretty cold outside when I got here. Warm, I think not. Now Global Warming, Global Warming, let’s just say the debate is ongoing.
    “But many, 97% say….”
    “Frank, the debate continues. I could give you names, names of top scientist. Many of these scientist own dogs. They feed those dogs. They pet those dogs….”
    “Sorry, we’re out of time, senator.
    There you have it. The debate rages on.
    Thank you, senator. Buy, BEATING DEAD DOGS, by senator, Constant Blowhard.
    Next week we visit with Foney Pos, the pop sensation that is storming across the Midwest right now, and we get her opinion on the tax code. She has a new book out, BITE ME.
    Remember to get your copy of, BEATING DEAD DOGS, by senator Constant Blowhard.
    This has been, THE FINAL DEBATE. Good night.”

  • The Nation Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) has issued a paper that reaffirms the hypothesis presented by Dr. Richard Bonenfant. A summary of the NIDS abstract is presented below.

    Conclusion and Hypothesis:

    The primary conclusion of this paper is that the animal mutilation epidemic is a monitoring operation for an infectious agent that is spreading through the human food chain (cattle, sheep and wild & farmed deer/elk). In North America (Canada and United States) the infection comprises a full-blown CWD epidemic in deer and elk and a sub-clinical BSE infection in cattle. The infectious agent, unlike all known viruses and bacteria, is almost indestructible and the symptoms in people appear very difficult to diagnose pre-mortem, and the latency period lasts from 20 to 30 years. In short this TSE agent is the perfect stealth killer. If the hypothesis is correct, animal mutilation operations are carried out by a knowledgeable group that is cognizant of the biochemistry and infectious potential of prion diseases and their fatal spread. Beginning in 1958, Dr. Gordon Gajdusik began dispatching human brains infected with kuru from the wilds of New Guinea to the central neuropathology unit at the NIH in Bethesda and Fort Detrick. Hence, these neurodegenerative diseases have been known in the United States, but not widely publicized since the late 1950s or early 1960s. High levels of prion replication is now known to occur in the eye, tongue, anus/large intestine, reproductive organs of animals. These are the specific tissues removed during animal mutilation procedures.

    The identity of the mutilators is believed to be ET entities, but in addition to knowledge of prion infectiousness research, a high level of technology, surgical skill and stealth has been a feature of animal mutilations. It is a recurrent theme in law enforcement circles that not a single “person” has been caught or charged for the crime of animal mutilations in the thirty year history of the epidemic.

    As discussed above, some of the harrowing consequences of the spread of this TSE
    infectious agent may lie in a subset of the epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease that is currently ravaging the United States healthcare system. According to CDC estimates there are now 8 million Alzheimer’s patients in the United States, with annual health care costs between $500-900 billion. With the aging population, this cost is projected to soon rise to $1 trillion when 11 million have the disease. There is also the question of the mysterious early onset Alzheimer’s, currently afflicting about 450,000 Americans. We have presented the evidence that thousands of possible CJD cases may be misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s and therefore the extent of this CJD epidemic in the United States lies beneath the public’s radar. We hypothesize that the animal mutilators know and have known of the potential damage to humans of this infectious agent in the human food chain. Thus, we hypothesize that animal mutilations serve as both a sampling operation AND a warning.

    A central implication of this paper is that animal mutilations serve two purposes: as
    both a covert monitoring operation for the prion infectious agent and as a very graphic
    public warning, a display that monitoring is being done. The body on the ground, with
    glaring evidence of highly skilled surgery, serves as a calling card and a warning. From the evidence presented in this paper, we believe the warning is: “A major human food source (beef, elk, deer) is contaminated.”

  • Ziwah – just a quick skim the pdf, and there are many great things in there. very many! thank you.

    one thing though in the article, that jumped out at me, that I also mentioned in the “Alaska Roads” thread – this: “and to challenge the human race to transform itself through the Great Dying into a species that deserves to survive…” (emphasis yours).

    we really, and quickly, need to get away from this kind of thinking. there is absolutely nothing about “deserving” anything, good or bad, or “punishment” for anything, involved here.

    our current outcome in this Great Dying is ultimately just an experience, – purely neutral – neither good or bad – and any new outcomes, will be just more, and different, experiences as well.

    these reward/punishment notions are pure projections of the fearful human perspective, based on thousands of years of social conditioning manipulating our biology and brain chemistry for purposes of control.

    that kind of experience is over, at least over for those who want to move on, ready for new experiences. there is no place for this kind of old-style, control-based projection, in any future that our greater Beings may have for themselves.

    we will not, I am sure, come to any new understandings, here or anywhere, through a path of thinking – “if we act better, we will deserve better” no, no, no! old stuff. must go.

    I love the opening quote: “Truly the blessed gods have proclaimed a most beautiful secret: death comes not as a curse but as a blessing to men.”

    but this does not necessarily mean the physical dying process itself is the only blessing. as I said a while ago – you can die alive now, and experience, or one you die dead later, and experience. one way or another, you will experience.

    and – the experience after physical death is a blessing – to put it mildly, and also the mother of all shocks, if you aren’t ready for it. but one can learn from a form of dying now – the ancient tradition of just letting go of all fear, going within, and expanding into a new reality, here and now.

    again, thanks for what looks to be a great article, and a great opening for discussion.

  • and my apologies, of course make that “Zhiwa”

  • and will the comment system here ever work properly?

  • sorry again, meant to say (in a post that will remain invisible for an undetermined amount of time for no apparent reason – as might this post also, or any other post I or anyone else will make on NBL, so who really cares any more – it really is all broken)

    “you can die alive now, and experience, or you can die dead later, and experience. one way or another, you will experience.”

    apologies for the overpost – when and if it becomes a post at all. call it a quantum overpost – it may or may not have happened, depending on if you observe it.

  • Zhiwa Woodbury says: “…re-cast this Great Dying as a difficult, but spiritually progressive, death/rebirth experience for homo sapiens.”


    To keep living forever’s my aim,
    But extinction means losing that game;
    Even worse, what I dread
    Is when everyone’s dead,
    No one remembers my name.

  • In the past few months I have noticed a number of commenters express anger and irritation because of the minor technical glitches on this teeny weeny little blog. How much anger will there be when the system really starts to fall apart?

  • One of the core beliefs among we Buddhists is the concept of reincarnation. Although this tenet means different things to various branches of dharma practitioners, and among the practitioners themselves, the number of species into which we and other creatures may be reborn is shrinking, and shrinking fast. Regardless of how one views this concept it poses a considerable conundrum, of sorts. Maybe we’ll simply have to pause the process after the coming extinction event and wait, maybe delay it, put it on hold, until we can somehow skip ahead a few million years when the Earth has had sufficient time to recover and life is once again flourishing. I thought it would be interesting to add this thought to the various ideas we consider during the final years of this epoch.

  • “How much anger will there be when the system really starts to fall apart?”

    – the will be oceans of anger, tsunamis of rage – and you know what? there is nothing wrong with those things. never has been.

    yes, a teeny weeny blog, yes minor things. all true. still annoying. 🙂

    I see your point – another point: shame is soul murder, and one of the greatest tools ever devised and used for control by the power lords.

    if we only had known how to really be angry, and rageful in new, more effective ways – perhaps that would have lead to a different, happier outcome.

    I said I deeply appreciate why Guy is doing. it could only be better if the comment system worked!

    way out there now… oops.

  • I was not trying to single you out, mo flow. I’m just as guilty as anyone when it comes to the irritation and anger at the imperfect technology. I have abused and murdered many cheap tools over the years for not performing to my unrealistic expectations. I will continue to work on it.

  • Well, is someone really angry or annoyed at the comment system here? (In the spirit of the article being discussed, what is real, as Morpheus asked Neo?)

    I play with my daughter a lot (she’s six now) and over the years, I’ve noticed that for no apparent reason that I can fathom (or certainly no issue of import to me) she bursts into tears once in a while. Five minutes later, it’s over and she’s the happiest kid I know. It happens often when she’s hungry and tired. She’s a sensitive child, like her mother, but more so under those conditions.

    I recall being that way when I was her age. So I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s not really sad when she is that way – her natural state is happiness (like most children) and this is a temporary phase that’ll blow over and it always does. The more serious concerns I address if I can but otherwise I teach her “this too shall pass.”

    The bacteria who’ve been on these planet for billions of years will continue to evolve long after we’re gone. Perhaps evolution’s offshoot in the tree of life that represents humanity wasn’t meant to work after all. We will have an opportunity to find out for sure shortly, and I may even live to see that. Fascinating, as Spock would say to Kirk. 🙂

  • I want to complain because I can’t remember what I posted here.

  • Thanks, Mr. Woodbury, for your insightful piece.

    Quite appropriate, following on the heels of a post about the mischief arising out of New Age sewage.

    The NBL site is still chock full of problems. Using IOS 7x on the iPhone, sometimes it will show no comments, sometimes some of the comments under Safari. Adding the /?switch=0 extension to the URL in the address bar does not switch from the abominable mobile view to the desktop view under Safari or Chrome. One has to click on the “Desktop View” which for some inexplicable reason is at the very bottom of the window: anyone who wants the desktop view wants it right away, and it should be at the top. Switching to IOS Chrome also very frequently hides comments, “Request Desktop site” does not work (“Desktop View” at the bottom has to be clicked).

    Are the Monolithic concrete domes and the permaculture instruction etc. are anything like this? If their brains work like the NBL blog, it would explain their thinking on NTE.

  • Hospice care should start at one’s birth.
    It’s taking me so long to die,I’m thinking I might be immortal. rofl

  • I want to complain because video embedding isn’t working for me lately.
    Any tips?

  • I want to complain because catastrophic cascading extinction collapse is the most important topic since the first ape used tools and controlled fire.

    Plankton are the foundation of all life on earth. Their bio-chemistry is extraordinarily dependant on ocean temperature. The heat lowers their numbers, which form the food chain. Some think we have lost 40% of earth’s plankton in 50 years.

    In the following link, you can see how a UK sea bird called the kittiewake is 87% gone since 2000.
    The kittiewake eats the sandeels, who need to eat the plankton, that can’t survive in the warmer oceans. This is the essence of catastrophic cascading collapse leading to planetary state shift affecting basic ecological services such as every second breath you take. This is because plankton produce 50% of earth’s oxygen. How long do you think this can go on?

  • Well, okay… sometimes.

  • “I was not trying to single you out, mo flow.” – thanks Apneaman – I did understand what you were getting at, and that you weren’t singling me out.

    I have an exceedingly high tolerance for frustration. I have really missed being at this blog because of other time commitments, and when I finally make some time to really dive in and BE HERE, my posts, which I do put a lot of thought energy into, get frisked away into the ether like they never happened.

    my original post is still not there, and yes I am definitely annoyed now. it messes with my flow, man! I can’t deal. 🙂

  • seriously going off the overpost rails now – mea maxima culpa – but I overlooked commenting on BtD’s brilliant gem. completely awesome!

  • The “embedded” videos take up too much real estate and are a waste of space. Almost all of them are not worth watching. Better to provide a link an a brief account of why they may be worth watching.

    Also, overly long, rambling comments would do better if dumped in the forum instead of fouling up the comments section.


  • Saw Guy speak again today, over in one of the many sections of Chicago “near the express way” with a group of various earnest activists battling against fracking, coal, BP and tar sands in the Chicago area.

    Guy is very generous with his time, and the Q&A portion of the talk was fairly lively.

    Anyway, coming soon: Guy spent four hours in studio the other day with his presentation given a higher quality than we’re typically used to seeing. At some point in the near future there should be a clean, professional looking video link of Guy’s presentation. Also be on the look out for some new radio podcasts and other presentations as he heads over to New York for more interviews and talks.

    While seeing him in person is great, I know many people are unable to due to location and other factors, but there should be more and better material out in the next several weeks including a possibility of Guy being interviewed by Amy Goodwin. The message is slowly getting out there and by the time there’s a sizable number of people fully aware of what is going on, it will still be too late, but what the heck.

    As the apprentice carpenter said, “I’ve cut this board three times and it’s still too short!”

  • i want to complain because now that I can see everything I posted earlier, I’m embarrassed.

  • fo mo flow.

  • this blog is getting so jacked up — whatever.

    Just sittin’ on this runaway train, staring out the window.

    The Voluntary Extinction Movement
    Thou shalt not procreate.

    The Church of Euthanasia
    Save the planet, kill yourself.

  • i’ve read most of the comments posted on this thread up to now (that have thus far been published) and skimmed over the rest, looking for someone to express appreciation for this hilarious contribution from ‘mt’. can’t believe i’m the first one:

    Planetary Hospice: Rebirthing Planet Earth

    thanks also for the immediately preceding comment (the very first one posted in this section) from Robert Callaghan, a very succinct, broadly knowledgeable debunking of ‘green’ tech. it’s a shame more sheeple don’t read blogs like this one. one can get one hell of an education surreally fast here, from such articulate/informed contributors.

    wren, that jesus will survive video was great! thanks for the laughter.

  • Sorry, but I LOVE embedded videos! They are a gift from another dimention!

    What a freaking bummer it would be to chase a link, find a dud, then have to make your way back.

    Robin, I think our friends here post some hot stuff. In fact, I think they go out of their way to post their best. I bet that you could share some related videos that would knock our socks off.

    @Zhiwa. You said all people are basically good-hearted. What a load of horse patooty! You surely must have lived your life with your head in some sort of twinkle-time privileged fantasy limbo lala land. Where were you during the last 50 years, or did you suddenly appear out of nothingness a couple of days ago?

  • There are plenty of contributors expressing the view, with varied angst and disenchantment, that humans do not deserve to survive.

    i well understand this view, i ‘fell’ into this slough of despond at the age of 15, after having ‘felt’ that we were a corrupt world culture – notwithstanding the many varied indigenous peoples who seem to have a deeper sense of respect and connection with all life.
    Through various personal intrinsic values, and effort and some very profound life events, i do not see this is the case anymore.
    To me the issues are about maturity now. By that i do not mean ‘conformity’ by threats within culture to adopt certain patterns of habitation, kinship(or alienation therefrom), consumption and screen- conditioning viewing time. I mean the entry beyond the concerns of the first three stages of life.
    For detailed clarification on the Seven stages of life please see:

    ‘The Seven Stages of Life’

    Essentially the first three stages of life are concerned with:

    “The First Three Stages of Life

    The first three stages of life are primarily associated with the gross dimension of existence. They are the only stages in the schema with a chronological framework.

    Each of the first three stages takes approximately seven years to be established. Hence, by roughly the age of twenty-one, an individual should have completed basic adaptation in these first three stages of growth.

    These stages are the domain of basic foundational human maturity, including, respectively:

    development of the physical body
    development of the emotional-sexual functions, and
    development of mental functions and the function of the will.

    Successful completion of these first three stages should include psychological individuation, full development of the will, and a strong moral character, oriented naturally toward the disposition of service. In short, to fully complete the first three stages of life is to be a true adult, an emotionally mature human being.

    Regrettably, very few adults today have successfully handled the business of the first three stages of life. But maturity in the first three stages of life is only the foundation for true Spiritual practice.” (from the citation above)

    Although these issues are quite complex, and beyond any textual communication means, my present view is that humanity is stuck there, unable to move to the Fourth stage….
    The Fourth Stage is what traditional spiritual cults and tribal shamanic movements, (world religions and ‘ways’), attempt to acknowledge and support, in orienting the initiated individual toward accepting and ‘living’ in the world that is understood to be a manifestation of ‘the Divine’.
    The first three stages are almost exclusively about adapting the individual to adulthood to survive in the biosphere, and participate in tribal, hunter gatherer life practices.
    In contrast the Fourth Stage is a turning of attention and concern, individually and culturally, toward self realisation processes – but I must stress, in my view, this is a voluntary and not a socially motivated impulse/transition Stage.
    The Fourth Stage impulse, was forced into a codified and violently sanctioned social practice within Christianity(at least).
    This is what has killed any sense of true numinous living for many generations within the Abrahamic traditions,(very sweeping i concede).
    Undergoing Fourth Stage orientation to life, if originating intrinsically, one begins to ‘see’ existence with the overwhelming ‘experience’ of all arising phenomena, events and interactions as modifications and expressions of a single divine source condition.

    Humans as living today are locked in a cycle of dysfunction to the life requirements, indulgences and illusions of the first Three Stages of life.

    In my view, the Western Tradition through Christianity was debased and corrupted in two respects historically, such that it now, (if ever) carries the initiates forward into a life affirming relation to the ‘world’.

    1. Fourth stage existence can never be socially codified as ‘the way to live’. It is only an impulse that emerges from within, and when it does this, in an individual’s life cycle, mature elders can initiate them and move them on. Codes and ethics that seem to conform to Fourth Stage ‘beliefs’ from books and documents are not the same as intrinsic realisations.
    2. At a certain stage(or stages) when Science was seriously challenging the Roman Catholic cosmology in the 1500’s in Europe, with the advent of detailed naked eye observations by Tycho Brahe, and telescopic data from Galeleo, the Roman Catholics were under pressure. The contested cosmological space was also filled with other very old Gnostic and Animist traditions, still strong in local areas. The ruling elite within Catholicism had a choice about how to proceed after suppression and murder no longer worked. So they chose to ally with the early Scientists by making a ‘secret’, or unpublished pact. The Catholic power elite said to the Scientist, we will give ground if we have the ‘Soul’, (Spiritual universe including causation, creation) and you have the ‘Body'(material universe).
    The other rivals to the ‘Church’ waiting in the wings – the Animist, Shamanic, and Gnostic traditions, beaten aside in the 1500 years previously, seeing the shaky ground were, in the opinion of the ‘Church’ Elite, more of a threat than the early Natural Philosophers and Scientists. The bargain struck was easier to manage and remain powerful. Were any of the other traditions to re-emerge, the whole area of ‘the unseen spiritual’ relations for culture would unravel – loss of power and wealth and control for the ‘Church’ elite.
    So the deal was done! One of the oldest telescopic observatories in the world is the Vatican Observatory !!!

    Although not the exclusive reason for the de-animation of ‘European Western cosmology- i.e. Scientism – and its corruption as a ‘way’ to live sanely in the Biosphere, it explains the institutional bias not to proceed with later findings of Science, that bare on our role as sentient(conscious) beings. For example, following gravitation, instead of Electromagnetism as an organising fundamental force in the universe, and pushing beyond the quantum physics perception POV issues, and the Heisenberg Uncertainty principal. Apart from the very big profit motive, where money and wealth can be made from weapons, fridge magnets and pharmaceuticals, these issues are pertinent to the ‘questing’ side of many scientific enterprises and individuals.

    These factors,( and undoubtedly others), led modern conceptions of ‘reality’ to remain separated into Spiritual and Material, where in truth, this period of early Scientific exploration was an inflection point to look at the issues and run with them. Sadly the powers would not yield to a greater investigation into what is Real, and what is True.
    So I understand contributors dis-enchantment with ‘Humanity’ at large, because collectively the destruction we all know is leading to a cliff is driven by the exclusively managed, over stimulated, service and delivery of first Three Stage Needs and Wants.
    The primary tools used by Industrial Economic Elites, to keep the status quo, in my view, is the exclusive positioning of humans and reality as only utilising Sensation and Thinking as educational tools.
    Just reflect, how would an Intuitive, Feeling type goi in a maths exam, or a Science or Geography test.
    What evidence of events and real causes would be accepted by a Judge in a court case?
    That tells us where we are at with institutional power and consensual ideas of what is Reality.
    Last time i checked it was still allowed to go about with Fourth Stage leanings, but while i was walking things could have changed and it would not surprise me if it had.

    Rave over.

  • The Church of Euthanasia
    Save the planet, kill yourself-P

    You First.


  • On NBL

    Sing to the Tune of My Little Town by Simon & Garfunkel

    On NBL
    I started believing
    Ulvfugl keeps his eye on us all
    And he used to lean upon me
    To keep the Batters all in thrall
    Lord I recall
    On NBL

    Signing on after work
    Driving my SUV past the signs
    of the Missionaries
    The world coming to an end
    Drinking the Kool-Aid
    On the way to the Great Beyond

    And after it rains
    There’s a rainbow
    And all of the colors are black
    It’s not that the colors aren’t there
    It’s just imagin-ation they lack
    Everything’s the same
    Back on NBL
    Nothing but the dead and dying
    Back on NBL
    Nothing but the dead and dying
    Back on NBL

    On NBL
    I never meant nothin’
    I was just doing Diner pluggin’
    Finding some readers
    Talking about collapse
    Twitching like the fingers
    on the keyboard of my laptop
    Leaving nothing but the dead and dying
    Back on NBL

    Repeat and fade:
    Nothing but the dead and dying
    Back on NBL

  • This is for our friends on xraymike’s Collapse of Industrial Civilisation blog who need a little assistance to catch up with modern science.

    Until a few years ago, many physicists insisted that quantum effects has no relevance on the macro scale of our human world. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that that a priori assumption is not true, and that when they look, they find, and the more they look, the more they find. There’s a list of some links here, they are a bit old, not sure if they all work.

    Quantum Biology is the synthesis of quantum physics and biology. The term Quantum Biology was first coined by Erwin Schrödinger over 60 years ago, but it is first in recent years that Quantum Biology has emerged as a research field in its own right.

    To understand how Quantum Biology works, it is necessary to gain a basic understanding of the quantum mechanical processes of entanglement and superposition.
    Superposition basically means that objects at the microscopic level are positioned at many positions at once, it is first after an observation has been made of an object at a certain position that the other positions collapses. Experiments have proven the existence of superposition by observing atoms as either compact objects or as wavelengths all depending upon the way the experimenter is looking at the atoms.
    Entanglement means that objects with no physical connection whatsoever is able to influence each other. Experiments involving light photons have proven that two physical separated photons have been able to affect each others polarization and therefore indicating proof of their entanglement.

    Similar quantum effects indicating superposition and entanglement have been found in biology. Indication of superposition has been found in the photosynthesis in plants. It was previously believed that the energy from photons (light particles from sunlight) travelled randomly inside the plant to reach the photosynthetic reaction centre of the plant. It has recently been discovered that the energy from photons does not randomly go in different paths, but instead goes simultaneously at many different paths at once and collapses the wavelengths for those energies that are travelling a path not fast enough. By sampling many paths at once and collapsing those that are not working efficiently, the energy from the photons shows signs of being at many places at the very same time and thus indicating superposition.
    Another interesting sign of quantum mechanics in biology is found in the navigation of birds. It has previously been a great mystery of how birds manage to navigate with such a precision and it has only been speculated that they are somehow navigating by way of sensing the earth’s magnetic field. Recent research has offered an explanation indicating that the navigation is actually done with the help of quantum entanglement of photons in the retina of the bird’s eye.

    If you can survive the ordeal of the sponsorship, and the ‘popular tv’ presentation style this video is quite good although already out of date in some respects.

  • The worst catastrophic event that has happened to the planet is the point when man started to procreate,bringing forth more offspring that will consume the planet faster & ignoring the need for any balance.
    Jon Lovitz: “Yeah!That’s the ticket!”

    The best argument for abortion: “Look in a mirror.”lol

  • the number of species into which we and other creatures may be reborn is shrinking, and shrinking fast.

    That’s Abrahamised Buddhism fer ya: has to stay on the rails. For others, the concepts about multi-dimensional multiverses, go back to pre-Buddhistic Vedic times, well before the musings of today’s physicists.

    overwhelming ‘experience’ of all arising phenomena, events and interactions as modifications and expressions of a single divine source condition.

    As long as one “experiences” whatever one experiences as an “I” doing the experiencing (“I experience”) one ain’t there yet.

    Anatta/Anatma is accepted in all of Buddhism – – including Theravada:
    Anatta (= “no soul” in Pali & extant Bengali, Anatma in Sanskrit)

    and is also valid in two of the three non-theistic Vedic (“Hindu”) schools. The only sane way to go.

  • Well, I’ve been hanging around here a long time but this is my first post, so go easy on me. I haven’t finished reading planetary hospice but I will. But I’ve done a fair bit of hospice work and want to give an allegory.

    A dying man needed 24 hour care. As he approached the end he would call out “mom”. The night time caregiver would talk to him loudly “Don’t be silly, your mom died long ago! You’re 92 years old!” When the confusion on his face would clear you could see pain. I was the daytime caregiver. When he called for mom I would hold his hand, stroke his forehead, whatever I thought would be comforting. I said little or nothing.

    In moments of clarity he would sometimes say things like “I think I’m going to die tonight!” The night caregiver would say something like “don’t be silly, you’re fine” and “I’m right over here” as if her close proximity would stop death. I would ask him if he were afraid, and if there was anything I could do to help. Once he said clearly “tequila” and we both laughed, and settled on morphine instead.

    I bring this up because I’ve been trying, like many, to bring climate change to people’s awareness. Now I’m beginning to think, if its as I think it is, if people cry out for comfort, talk of techno fixes, spiritual/religious fixes, any expressions of denial, perhaps it is best just to nod and smile, hold their hand, give whatever comfort possible. And if they are aware, and bring up their impending doom, to just acknowledge, commiserate, and ask if I am able to alleviate their suffering without implying I could fix anything.

    Thanks, Wren, for the embed. Made my night.

  • The US is prepared to plunge Europe into a war with Russia in order for Washington to preserve its hegemony over the transatlantic axis.

  • In the mean time, amid all the “doom-n-gloom,” I planted 1,200 heritage tomato seeds in soil blocks, and began conversion of a 1981 VW Vanagon diesel to electric drive, and started cleaning out the goat shed.

    “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

    Take a step in “the right direction,” folks. Pause. Re-evaluate. Take another step. Enjoy the process. Be not connected to the outcome.

  • OMG, group, this has been a LOL thread and thank you very much for it!
    Wren, that vid was terrific! I stole it and posted it on FB. Might even put it on my teapotter “representative” site just to see who’s heads explode first….his or his followers. And Hobby Lobby’s site. This is my new way of dealing…..going to the most idiotic places on FB and making fun of them. Laugh or cry, you know it’s the same release, and I can’t cry anymore.

    Somebody accused me of fear mongering when I pointed out the population growth realities. Tells you everything you need to know about how this stupid-ass country is going to “deal” with what is coming. Reminded me of RE. Ugh.

    Oh, and Apneaman, I loved Feelin’ Doomy from the last thread!

  • Jan Steinman

    Nice post. Robin Datta had something similar. To paraphrase, act in accordance with anticipation, but without expectation.

  • “Don’t you know that it’s true…”

    What we have allowed to happen to others has come back upon us…

  • They carve us up.
    Separated by ideologies of my ways and by ways, we allow the very few to pick us off, group by group. We’re going to go out, but let’s not go out as slaves.
    As long as we fight each other, we don’t fight them.
    You know-THEM.
    Are we submissive cosmic dogs? Fuck, if we are, I’m really in the wrong place.
    Hey Pat, is there room in your church?

  • Eventually (or as the problems get worse), I see this issue of AGW being amenable to two kinds of solutions that are applicable correspondingly: a global solution that works globally, and an individual solution that works at an individual level.

    The global solution, which is political, I believe first requires agreement between most peoples of the world to certain limits and penalties. Once agreement is achieved, failure to adhere to these agreements must be treated the same way rogue nations are treated on this planet (incrementally, of course). Once we’re locked into 2 degrees C of warming (a generous limit), this solution starts to become increasingly unlikely. Once we’re locked into 4 degrees C of warming (also a generous limit), this solution becomes no longer available to us.

    Individual solutions, which still require some technical hurdles to be crossed, are things like constructing self-contained biospheres that allow small numbers of people to survive indefinitely. A country capable of constructing nuclear powered submarines should be able to cross these hurdles. Once a global solution becomes unavailable, this is the only way available for humanity to survive as a species.

    Overall, I believe nothing done at an individual level matters in terms of AGW unless most people in the world agree to the limits that can be discerned from various analyses put out by climate scientists.

    I also believe that this is a fascinating experiment being conducted by humanity with regards to its own survivability.

    I believe hospice becomes more relevant as global solutions become completely untenable.

  • Apneaman – I fell off my chair lmanuso

    mt – we need to get Frank Distraction a permanent slot on 60 minutes.

    W. R. Flynn – there are so many more possibilities than what is here on earth – that is not what we have to worry about.

    Ram – “her natural state is happiness” – yes, like most all children. and somehow, they need to grow up, go through all the stages mentioned by OzMan, and then still know, with unshakable certainly, how true this is.

    Wren – that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. thank you!

    Kirk – thanks for the great song. and you are right – not all people are basically good-hearted. Zhiwa is actually incorrect here on a couple of levels, unfortunately. both human animals and souls can have major issues in the “good hearted” department, for all kinds of reasons.

    this is something we have to come to terms with in some way where we can both find some measure of healing for these people, if at all possible, while escaping the age-old needs for condemnation and damnation, where we end up hurting ourselves in the process.

    whatever we decide we need to do, with clarity and compassion, to protect ourselves from the irredeemably destructive peeps, we have to remember they chose their paths and their experiences, with all the resulting outcomes, just as we choose ours.

    to escape from the old misconceptions of evil and all the bogus baggage attached to that, we need to know that we indeed are ONE – all of us. we share exactly the same Ultimate Nature as the souls that are on various unenlightened and destructive paths. if we can truly know this and accept it, we can also deal with it directly and effectively, always with compassion, to the deepest of our abilities.

    but yes, we do need some new, and very clear, thinking here. “all people are basically good-hearted” is not it, for that is flat out not true, and I am not expecting that to magically change.

    OzMan – that is a wonderful collection of analysis and insights. thank you very much! I really love the information on the Fourth Stage. that seems so on the mark.

    RE – keep digging!

    after another 2 dozen posts here, you should be right at the core of the earth. you can then build your camp, and set the alarm clock for 10,000,000 A.D.

    Finally, your great-great-…-great grandson can step out into the bright sunshine of a new earth. the termites will know Him as God, and He can rule in His Benevolence, dispensing His Tiny Boons.

    (wait a minute… I think this whole story was actually an episode from the Twilight Zone)

    Zhiwa’s article has so much going for it. really one of the most incredibly on target things I have ever read here. and I am loath to find any quibbles. those things that are off or incorrect, I believe, do need to be set straight, so all the other wonderful ideas can shine through with even more power.

    yes, we are closer to really understanding “reality” and yes these insights, especially the insights on the quantum and non-local levels – these are so hinting at some new truths, oh yes! – yes this is true. but not true.

    because “reality” as we have come to know it so far, is still very far away from the total truth. we need to start grasping just how much more room there is to “grow into” out there. it is beyond huge, beyond all conceptions of huge.

    but we are seeing the doorways, and getting a handle on how to start knowing these things. this article, especially in the second half, really shines a light on that.

    another thing – there is some confusion in the article on just how important it is if the “human species” survives, or not. one one hand, Zhiwa says we need to never give up hope, and on the other, that the human species that might survive will have to be a new species. if it is possible that a new species of human could be resurrected from the old, that still means we go extinct. we would then be the defunct Neanderthals, in that scenario.

    Robin – “As long as one “experiences” whatever one experiences as an “I” doing the experiencing (“I experience”) one ain’t there yet.”

    yes. however, there is a reason this field of dreams, and many other fields, do have so much time and space, and other forms of “this and that” in them. something that wanted experience, a whole freaking lot of experience, is playing the way it wants to play. as mentioned, the amount of spacetime that we now know about – it is still just a drop in the ocean.

    one step at a time, one cosmic leap over a chasm at a time, however anyone chooses.

  • Ram: I think global solutions already are completely untenable. As recent analyses by Nick Cohen and Naomi Klein (both on Commondreams) make clear, the only solutions at this stage are that countries commit to ‘de-growth’ and reduced living standards. This is exactly why politicians will not touch the issue. Obama has locked in a non-commitment to respond any time before 2020. Then there is that 40 year lag time that nobody seems to pay any attention to. Finally, the point of “Planetary Hospice” is not that humans are certain to go extinct, but rather that life as we know it is over. We need to get ahead of that curve for a change.
    Kirk: I understand cynicism — it is based on fear. I let that go a long time ago. People actually do have good hearts, it is their heads that create the problems. I live in San Francisco, surrounded by people. I’ve yet to find one with a malevolent heart. I’m sorry you are too gripped with fear and cynicism to see the beauty of humanity. Try volunteering for hospice, maybe, if you want to see what people are really like, when all pretense has been stripped away. Then talk to me. I offer this, knowing you, too, have a good heart inside that dark shell. Cynicism sucks, dude.

  • Welcome chaogrrl.

    Thanks Wildwoman, the virgin terry, and Kirk ! It’s hard to beat the combination of disco, jesus, and survival ! That video gets taken down occasionally, and keeps a moving target.

    But when I get really depressed I always go back to the psalms for comfort.
    Here’s a version of the beloved 23rd … I stole the best line about lying down in green pesto from someone here (thank you!) in a discussion about pastafarianism:

    The 23rd Spalm

    The world is in freefall, not what we want.
    It maketh me to lie down in green pesto,
    and dream I play bass with Muddy Waters,
    Who resoleth my shoes,
    And walketh me through the moves and the tunes of the Righteous Brothers
    for fame’s sake.
    Yea though we talk in the valley of the crossroads to hell,
    We will not post twice
    For Guy and his staff have scolded us
    and prepared this website before us
    despite the presence of his enemies.
    Surely chaos and misery shall follow me all the days of my life,
    Still I will hang with the clowns of the house for ever,
    and ever, amen.

  • things like constructing self-contained biospheres that allow small numbers of people to survive indefinitely.… A country capable of constructing nuclear powered submarines should be able to cross these hurdles.

    It is easy to equate the establishment and maintenance of a durable self-contained biosphere with the design and manufacture of a nuclear submarine, but the former is many, many orders of magnitude more complex.

    Single plants with some soil have been grown sealed in glass for decades with no input or output other than incident sunlight. As yet, however, the same has not been possible with visible fauna included in the ecosystem. The three experiments including humans in such biospheres (Google “biosphere” for a summary) all ended in failure in less than a couple of years.

    With regard to submarines and with regard to nuclear reactors, engineers and physicists can resort to precise (albeit complex) mathematical equations and models.

  • props to the one and only BtD

    Waking Up Is Easy To Do

    We were born with zillions of clues
    Got lost in rooms with no views
    Now death’s on the way
    With freedom we say
    Your cluelessness is only for you.

    another great place I know that is rich with clues is – Gail the Actuary is just like Guy, wonderfully clued up, and so down to earth and ever so calmly, brutally clear in her explanations.

    as I wait patiently for my invisible friends to green light my invisible posts… oh I do love me some many meanings… so much delicious non-local uncertainty everywhere, waiting for collapse.

  • The Wikipedia link to soil biology leaves out an entire domain/kingdom of life (perhaps because they are not well understood), the Archaea.

  • Robin Datta, as I mentioned, technological hurdles need to be overcome, but my belief is that countries with the capacity to have nuclear powered submarines can overcome this, if anyone can. I also don’t doubt that it’s more complex than anything humans have done to date since it requires it to work indefinitely.

    I think the only real issue with regards to nuclear powered submarines and self-contained biospheres is the self-sustaining growth of food. If a current nuclear powered submarine could grow food indefinitely, then I’d argue it could be self-sustaining indefinitely.

    I also don’t think either of these solutions are easy, definitely doable, or are even likely to happen. My view is that it is most likely humanity will indeed go extinct and evolution of life on this planet will continue once we get past the 4 degrees C variance mark.

  • “RE – keep digging!

    after another 2 dozen posts here, you should be right at the core of the earth. you can then build your camp, and set the alarm clock for 10,000,000 A.D”-mf

    What’s the option? Roll over and die? That will happen in due time. Meanwhile, digging keeps me busy.


  • @ Apneaman
    I was not trying to single you out, mo flow. I’m just as guilty as anyone when it comes to the irritation and anger at the imperfect technology.

    As bizarre as it might seem, I’m OK with the seeming glitches that often occur when posting (or attempting to) here. Here’s why: without the CAPTCHA code, it is much easier for computerized attempts at logging on, while commandeering someone’s ID. Here’s what has happened to me:
    At another site, I had not posted for a week or so, and when I did attempt to log on a couple of days ago, got the message saying I had attempted too many times and to wait 15 minutes before trying again.

    I tried several times that day and realized there was probably a computer-generated attempt, using my user name, at least every 14 minutes. In that way, I can never log on again. I tried to contact admin who merely showed me how to change my PW.

    So, am glad to see the CAPTCHA code and the often-times delays here.
    Fingers are crossed….

  • Hopefully Guy or Pauline are reading the main thread.

    I’m not interested in joining Facebook, but I’ve been checking the page for updates on the East Coast dates.

    It appears from the information at NBL as if the April 14 Westchester date is no longer on the list. It has been replaced by an April 16 date in NYC sponsored by Deep Green Resistance.

    Yet on the facebook page the April 14th date still appears in the list of dates and nothing is there for April 16th.

    I’d like to know what dates are correct. Is there any information regarding location for either date yet?

    I’ve done a google search which hasn’t returned any useful information.

  • @mt

    There is room for all.

    Did you see “Soylet Green?” The movie where the overpopulation is so out of control that they actually turn the dead humans into crackers for the surviving masses to eat… Edward G. Robinson plays an old man, tired of it all, he checks himself into the “Euthanasia Facility” where they humanely euthanize him – and that’s that, but his body is shipped off to the Soylet Green facility where he is turned into green crackers.

    We will all soon be green crackers.

    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, eating some fine green crackers.

    The Voluntary Extinction Movement
    Thou shalt not procreate.

    The Church of Euthanasia
    SAve the planet, kill yourself.

  • Some good news, even at this late date this is fantastic. Japan might still try to evade and avoid this ruling, still it’s a huge step toward freedom from death and persecution for whalekind!

    “n a stunning victory for the whales, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague announced their binding decision today in the landmark case of Australia v. Japan, ruling that Japan’s JARPA II whaling program in the Antarctic is not for scientific purposes and ordering that all permits given under JARPA II be revoked. The news was applauded and celebrated by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society USA and Sea Shepherd Australia, both of which have directly intervened against Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean.”

    I’m off to celebrate!

  • To FriedrichKling

    It seems the cattle mutilation is important to you.
    What I see is that is important in the end because it may become a problem to you.
    The fear of death.
    But then comes question of always, why we need to live (longer)?
    To keep on destroying our world?
    I guess, NBL is the place to cover different views, in a moment when the world we have known, is about to disappear.
    I gave you a brief view of mine regarding cattle mutilation.
    We are already more than 7000 millions, if some of us will die, because this infection, as Al Bartlett said, it is better (for the rest). The hard truth.
    The risk of Alzheimer is the price to pay if we want to live longer than needed. Only for ourselves by the way. Because living beyond 70, all we do is use resources that should be kept for the younger generations, and we give nothing in exchange (average people). Another hard to accept truth in this society were we only live for ourselves.
    And in the end, who and why do cattle mutilation is irrelevant, if we consider the real problems we have ahead.
    If the hypothesis presented by Dr. Richard Bonenfant is correct, the train will not stop because of that.
    And one last thing, if the mutilated animals are sedated previously, and they die peacefully (highly probably), there is no suffering. The mutilation that comes after would be even better than our industrial procedures we practice with cattle, chicken, pigs, salmon and other animals to turn them into meat for human consumption.

    About NBL site, totally OK to me. Glitches? Not to me.
    Longer posts may take some time to show up. So we have to wait, before posting a shorter one, that may appear before the previous. All it is required is some patience.
    And always refresh captcha before posting.

    About the problems we are about to face once our system begins to tear apart, related to human relations, this movie covers some of them. But I guess, most of the time, the good ones will not prevail. The cold world here is a secondary issue by the way.

    Ozman, good post.

    We become a sort of green crackers when we die. Biosphere is full of green crackers. The soylent green idea is just a copy of how nature works, everyday.

  • Godofredo-

    During my military service as a 17 year old I stared death straight in the face. Save the patronizing statements for someone else.

    You commented that the animals are sedated and therefore die a peaceful death. This statement demonstrates you have not studied the evidence. Autopsies reveal the existence of vital reaction. In other words, the victims were alive during their dissection.

    Then you claim that if Bonenfant’s hypothesis is correct, “the train will not stop because of that.” If you believe TSE infections spreading among domestic and wild hoofed mammals does not represent a serious threat, than I guess you are right.

    As far as your statement about terminating those over 70, if collapse does not occur prior to your 70th birthday, I suppose you will self-terminate.

  • One more reason we’re doomed: people eat flesh. Click the title below for the full article and a graph that clearly shows why consumption of flesh guarantees human extinction, all by itself as a sole factor… via catastrophic climate change.

    To Fight Climate Change, the Entire World Will Have to Eat Less Meat

    Serious about battling climate change? Then you might want to consider going vegetarian. That’s because it’s looking like world temperatures will continue to climb unless people stop chowing on so much meat and dairy, according to new research from Sweden. …

    Emissions from agriculture threaten to keep increasing as global meat and dairy consumption increases. If agricultural emissions are not addressed, nitrous oxide from fields and methane from livestock may double by 2070. This alone would make meeting the climate target essentially impossible.

    “We have shown that reducing meat and dairy consumption is key to bringing agricultural climate pollution down to safe levels,” says Fredrik Hedenus, one of the study authors. “Broad dietary change can take a long time. We should already be thinking about how we can make our food more climate friendly.”

    People just don’t feel like they want to stop eating flesh. They just don’t feel it, that’s all. Without much thought they simply believe that they enjoy chewing on flesh, and swallowing it. Spooky. Prions complicate things further. But people don’t care whether flesh makes them sick, or kills them, or leads to the death of… all sentient life on Earth. They just won’t stop gnawing doggedly on cuts of flesh. Aught to tell us something’s wrong with this picture. Aught to. Cut. Movie over. Doomed. Way beyond well done. Burning to ashes on the big barbie.

  • Robin Datta

    You wrote:

    “overwhelming ‘experience’ of all arising phenomena, events and interactions as modifications and expressions of a single divine source condition.

    As long as one “experiences” whatever one experiences as an “I” doing the experiencing (“I experience”) one ain’t there yet.”

    Yes yes,
    but the description refers to ‘only’ the Fourth Stage POV, brother, still in a form of identification with the Body-Mind, but starting to become sensitive to ‘a larger universe'(OBWan Kenobi).

    All that said, that change is a big leap from 1st-2nd-3rd…to 4th, perhaps the biggest cosmological change in the whole realisation process, (after body birth, perhaps -wow what a shock is birth)
    and the beginning of a whole new adventure, with one’s own consciousness and mortality in the ring.

    “Remember me and Fight”.



    You really do provide some of the best links in the noosphere brother! Thanks.
    Also you wrote:

    “The US is prepared to plunge Europe into a war with Russia in order for Washington to preserve its hegemony over the transatlantic axis.”

    The strategy is well laid out in:

    “The Grand Chessboard” 1998.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    I am almost certain you are aware of this book, however, others may not.
    In sum, the geopolitical game it describes with respect to Russia, if i read it correctly is to block Russia from expansion into central Asia(energy there), and use Nato and Europe to do the dirty work. i guess if that is still the game, then war is a means to achieve that end.

    Look what happened to Saddam H. when (even as a CIA puppet) he wanted to profit from the oil and gas reserves under Iraqi soil? What an upstart. But Depleted Uranium….? Absolute bastards!!

    A new turn on flouridation in NZ:

    ‘New Zealand: Hamilton Council Makes Astounding U-Turn in Fluoridation Dispute’

    The last few paragraphs are very alarming…

    “Puzzling occurrences and events with regard to the fluoridation debate in Hamilton have otherwise become common.

    One such puzzling event was the reversal of poll results. In December 2013, New Zealand’s Waikato Times was caught out reversing its online survey results about the Hamilton City Council’s previous decision, which then was to defer its fluoridation decision.

    waikato_times_opinio-1The poll asked people if they supported the council’s decision to wait until the after the legal challenge which was then before the High Court. 68% of people said “yes” and only 32% said “no” but the Waikato Times misrepresented this as 68% saying “no” and 32% saying “yes”. When awake residents posted comments on the newspaper’s Facebook page to draw attention to the flaw, the comments were systematically deleted.

    Another thing that may puzzle many is that the council’s decision came against the backdrop of the latest study by Harvard and Mount Sinai researchers Grandjean and Landrigan, who clearly placed fluoride among those industrial neuro-toxins which have a strong correlation to the epidemic rise in neuro-developmental disorders including autism, ADHD and dyslexia.”


  • “Did you see “Soylet Green?”-P

    The Church of Euthanasia
    SAve the planet, kill yourself-P

    You First


  • A slight improvement over Soylent Green.


    Now, as the realization dawns that global food systems are neither resilient nor sustainable, small-scale urban plots are sprouting up everywhere – 2,000 new projects in London alone, by some accounts. In their wake a new phenomenon is evident: design-led proposals to optimise urban food production that combine elements of permaculture, technology, and a whole-systems approach.

    One such project, proposed by Except Integrated Sustainability, is called Polydome. It offers, say its designers, “a revolutionary approach to greenhouse agriculture with the possibility of commercial scale, net-zero-impact food production” .
    Intrigued by the bold claims made for the project, I talked in Amsterdam with one of Except’s partners, Eva Gladek, to find out more…


  • OzMan,

    […] perhaps the biggest cosmological change in the whole realisation process […]
    and the beginning of a whole new adventure […]

    A talent for self-realisation
    Will get you only so far as the vacant lot
    Next to the lumbar yard, where they have

    — John Ashbery

  • Cynicism sucks, dude.

    “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who don’t have it”.–George Bernard Shaw

  • Looking at the plausibility of returning to a Precious Metals monetary system when the Fiat system fails.


  • @ Ozman

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Re The Grand Chessboard, yes, filthy evil psychopathic bastards indeed.


    The greatest taboo among serious intellectuals of the century just behind us, in fact, proved to be none of the “transgressions” itemized by postmodern thinkers: It was, rather, the heresy of challenging a materialist worldview.
    —Victoria Nelson, The Secret Life of Puppets (2002)

  • ulvfugl,

    Have you had a dream like the one described by Twain? I have. Sort of.

    I know other people’s dreams are exceedingly boring, so I’ll try to be brief. There was an attractive young woman working the counter at a record shop I frequented. She was, I suspect, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but I never found out for sure. One evening I offered her a lift, and she accepted. It was pouring rain and, as she sat beside me, water beaded off the bright red plastic hood she was wearing. She told me she wouldn’t go out with me, because her life was too complicated. I told her I had been to Burma, to impress her (I lied).

    A few weeks later, many miles away, on a beach, I had a premonition that she had died. On my return, as I walked into the record shop and noted her absence, my heart sank. I asked, “Where’s L—?”

    “She’s dead. She had an epileptic fit in the bath and drowned.”

  • Martin

    Well … err….I at least am living at the vacant lot !!


  • OzMan,

    I am sure it is to your liking. Viewing the goings-on at the lumbar yard with calm detachment? 🙂

  • @ Ozman, Martin

    I live in that stuff, my difficulty is not having such experiences, it is excluding or limiting such experiences from my – what word shall I use ? sensorium ? – so that I can function on the concrete material level without being completely distracted and overwhelmed.

    Inner qi gong masters suggest a ratio, c. 60% internal attention, 40% external attention, that sort of thing. You can’t, for example drive, or operate machinery, as they warn you on the packets, if you are 100% internal.

    But then for the materialist folks, this is all meaningless. There’s a whole section of the population who don’t know what the ‘internal’ even means, because they never noticed it. I consider these people to be damaged, they are casualties, their psyches are shrivelled and impaired by the culture that they are raised in.

    In his Institutio oratoria the Roman rhetorician Quintilian says: “What the Greek call phantasiai we call visiones, imaginative visions through which the images of absent things are represented in the soul in such a way that we seem to discern them with our eyes and to have them present before us.”

    I was recently visited by the spirit of a woman I lived with briefly. She was so pleased to see me, and she still keeps re-appearing. I assume she has died, indeed, I’m certain she has died. I laugh and cry. I see her face just as if she was real and alive in front of me.

    People will say, indeed, the invariably do, that all this is because I suffer from a mental illness, it’s all psychopathology, blablah.

    Years ago, I would have had doubts, I would have remained silent. But now I have great power. I know for certain that this is nothing to to with pathology or malfunction.

    The people who pass judgement on me and say that I am ‘abnormal’ are taking the position that they are ‘normal’. But LOOK what their position is ! It’s the position that maintains that it is SANE to destroy the living planet, for the sake of power and money and obedience to authority.

    In their materialist paradigm, everything is ‘just stuff’ and humans are ‘just machines’ and life is meaningless.

    Nobody can defeat me in any argument on any topic. Nobody can say that I am mentally impaired. I can provide rational, clear, logically articulated support for any position that I take.

    I can present a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis as to why we are in this fucked up state. It may not be correct in every detail, and I know there are plenty of gaps, but it’s a lot better than the shabby lies and bullshit that comes from most of the ‘respectable’ sources out there in the mainstream.

    I just got banned from xrays blog because he and kevin and Chefurka want to cling to the materialist scientific paradigm.

    They are exactly like those surgeons who refused to wash their hands between operations. ‘We don’t believe none of that germ theory woowoo’.
    And so they shoot me, the messenger, because they are scared to let go of 19th C steam engine physics.

    As Ozman knows, from our previous fight, this stuff is very complicated and difficult to untangle.

    You can’t just say, science is right, mysticism is wrong. Only the idiots take that approach (and there are plenty of them, of course).
    I do my best to try and untangle the insane muddle and explain to people how it can be understood.

    When people insult me, say I am insane, whatever, that means nothing to me. I have to be crazy to do what I do, in the sense that, when I was I kid, I went to a circus in a big tent, my parents got free tickets for some reason.

    There was a high wire trapeze act. A woman fell. She was dead. She just hit the ground in the arena and never moved. That was the end of the show. They gave everybody their money back.

    Some people make their living doing that shit. They have to be crazy. ‘Ordinary’ people don’t do that job. I did not choose the illness that I have. Shamans do not choose to be shamans.
    It’s possibly the most demanding and weirdest calling or vocation or way to be that there is. What’s the job description ? Especially now, and especially in a culture where there is no tradition.

    I do this. I am ulvfugl. There are no words for this.

    I suspect that soon it will become clear that quantum effects operate throughout the natural world. Then there will be scientific explanations for much that has been inexplicable. But it will not change our fate will it, because everything still remains totally fucked up.

    I try to gather my thoughts in more comprehensive fashion on the forum.

  • Started an IPCC thread over in the forum.

    April First, or April’s Fools Day is a day of pranks and jokes and I thought this would be a good spot to spread the latest punchline:

    Climate change report ‘should jolt people into action’ says IPCC chief

  • I don’t think that human remains will be turned into crackers to feed the masses. In a system where everything must be transferred into “resources” and hence into dollars, I imagine the remains will be mixed with a little monsanto corn, a little palm oil, shaken well and processed into ethanol to be sold to the last ATV or Hummer owner who has money so that the asshole can go vroom vroom vroom one last time.

  • A couple of images from my place this morning.

    Picea abies ‘Pendula’ – Weeping Norway Spruce – from my conifer collection. I refer to the plant as ‘Cousin It’ from the 60’s sitcom Addams Family tv show.

    See Lidia. It’s easy. Compose an image with your camera, give it a name, upload it to your server, give it an address and share it with the world. 😎

    Sialia sialis – Eastern bluebird. The nesting box is my design. Aluminium flashing is used to discourage climbing predators like raccoons. I have several nesting boxes on my property. For some reason this particular nesting box is always the one the first nesting pair chooses. It has a view overlooking my pond. Location, location, location. LOL

    Approaching 100% seed germination with recently planted garden vegetable seeds. Gonna try to plant some snow peas today. Ground is still frozen here mostly. Y’all have a nice day.

  • To FriedrichKling

    If the animals were alive, as you say, why worry about that so much?, because we have several thousand people killed everyday, that were alive when killed, and many of them mutilated (wars, car accidents, job accidents because of bad maintenance, to name a few). And we keep on doing it, day by day. Why don´t we worry about our own mess before. We do terrible things everyday. To nature, to ourselves.
    And, if we look at nature, nature works violent too. We are violent, we act violent, nature acts violent everyday (just watch a lion killing a zebra, or a shark attacking a human, or so many examples like that), cattle mutilation is just a few more cases of what happens everyday all around the world. Pain is part of life. Why paying so much attention to this rare cases.
    My excuses about being so rude about this, but what I hate about us is the double standard we have for everything. When it is about others, we don´t care, but if something may become a problem that may affect us, we care (a lot).
    I guess is enough about cattle mutilation from my side. I won´t comment this issue again. It takes to nowhere.
    Although I do not agree with you, I respect your position, as I respect the freedom of believing.

    About me, I am not afraid about dying.
    I know that I can live:
    -without doing the 1000+ things that I “must” do before dying
    -without reading the 1000+ books I must read,
    -without visiting the 1000+ places I have to visit
    and so on.
    What I had to do in my life is mostly done. What is pending is to become more mature, and take the lessons of life, to be given to younger generations. I may have some 15 or 20 years to do so. But If I can´t, nothing terrible is going to happen.
    If I get to 70 or beyond, I will have to think in self terminating as you say. First, I do not want to be a problem to others, and second, there is a resources issue. I support euthanasia.

    We have to grow up.
    We, as society, have to stop thinking only on how to live longer, to make money (the more the better), enjoy (so many things we must experience before dying… ) , consume, reach success, reach a position of power, or become rich (and powerful). And finally, stop being the center of the universe.

  • ogardener

    I try to reuse aluminum foil all I can, having seen the effects of bauxite mining on the land. Thanks for your tip.

    Sitting on the porch this morning as the sun rose over the hill, I started wondering how much time the sun’s light took to reach me. So the sun was “actually” somewhere other than where I was seeing it? And nowadays (thanks to NBL) I’m completely in suspense as to what is real anyway. 🙂

  • And it’s one, two, three
    The carbon is not yet four
    The methane, a deadly gas
    Trapped heat will kill or ass
    And it’s five, six, seven
    That hurricane is now an eight
    I ain’t got time to wonder why
    Whoopee! we’re gonna die

  • @Ulvfugl
    In his Institutio oratoria the Roman rhetorician Quintilian says: “What the Greek call phantasiai we call visiones, imaginative visions through which the images of absent things are represented in the soul in such a way that we seem to discern them with our eyes and to have them present before us.”

    Many are becoming more open about their experiences. In 1995, I began to experience “episodes” where I would see scenes scrolling before me, and it was nearly always upon awakening after a night’s sleep, and while still in alpha or even theta state. I have many notebooks full of drawings along with the accompanying text describing what I “saw”.

    In order to make sense of it I visited a psychic, then a counselor, then a hypnotherapist (twice), and finally in hypnosis some strong clues came. Still the images/visions occur, but at least now I am more in tune with what they mean or might mean.

    Ordinarily there is no reason to mention it/them, but sometimes it helps to remind someone else in the same boat, that yes, it is quite normal and possible to glance a peek at other possible realities/realms/worlds.

  • starting to become sensitive to ‘a larger universe…

    The one “starting to become sensitive” is another mental construct, but unlike those fabricated on sensory inputs, it is put together out of all other constructs, including memory.

    the beginning of a whole new adventure, with one’s own consciousness

    The “pot” of a clay pot does not “own” clay, it is clay. It is a name and form superimposed on clay. The wave does not “own” water, it is name and form superimposed on water. Likewise all names and forms are ultimately superimposed on consciousness: “one’s own consciousness” is not “one’s own”. It starts with reification of the “I”, and then as in saying the clay is owned by the pot, or the water by the wave. There is no “new adventure” (or “old adventure”) for consciousness, only for the name and form.

    The Church of Euthanasia
    SAve the planet, kill yourself-P

    You First

    And hopefully, all “Diners” next.

  • ulvfugl

    “You can’t just say, science is right, mysticism is wrong”

    I would say, science is wrong about many things, especially about things it cannot explain. And there is so much of that. It simply denies what it cannot explain.
    And about mysticism that it is too ahead of time, we as individuals are not wise enough (so far), the concepts are still too fuzzy to be properly understood and handled. And also, we have to become wiser as society. In our modern self destructive society, there is no room for mysticism.

    I do respect those who believe and practice mysticism, but at the same time, I believe we have more urgent things to tackle. If we can solve the urgent matters, there may be the time (in the future) to properly give the necessary time to study and learn about. I am sure that if we all die, some other society will eventually reach the level required.

    In the end, science and mysticism should become a unified knowledge. Logic tells me that there is no room for two so different universes. Our lack of knowledge builds a wall between them, and treats them as separate areas, but it seems to me that they are simply two different roads that take to the same place.

  • ulvfugl,

    I do my best to try and untangle the insane muddle and explain to people how it can be understood.

    As indeed you do. You have an ally in John Gray. In his latest work, The Silence of Animals, he writes: “[S]cience and myth are alike in being makeshifts that humans erect as shelters from a world they cannot know.”

    Gray quotes the poet T.E. Hulme: “Never think in a book: here are Truth and all the other capital letters; but think in a theatre and watch the audience. Here is the reality, here are human animals. Listen to the words of heroism and then look at the crowded husbands who applaud. All philosophies are subordinate to this. It is not a question of the unity of the world and men afterwards put into it, but of human animals, and of philosophies as an elaboration of their appetites.”

    But you know all this.

  • Yet another FEEDBACK LOOP? Guy McPherson?

    Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming

    “If air and ocean temperatures are similar, the ocean is not going to lose heat to the atmosphere as fast as it would when the differences are greater,” said Linette Boisvert, co-author of the paper and a cryospheric scientist at Goddard. “In the last years, the upper ocean heat content is much higher than it used to be, so it’s going to take a longer time to cool off and for freeze up to begin.”

  • A flock of 11 white pelicans sailed over this afternoon at about 200 feet up. They caught the sunlight just right, wow what a sight to see. Being farsighted, their details stood out and I had a superb view of an increasingly rare bird. But it gets better. They suddenly banked hard to the right and I was able to spend a quarter hour watching them in a tight spiral as they caught a thermal updraft and climbed to almost out of sight. Then they faded to the west and were soon gone to sight. All of this, and I was observing closely, with not one wing flapped, even once, during the entire time! They were on their way to the gulf. I hope they found some nice fat fish.

    That experience reminded me that there’s still a lot of majesty to be experienced from nature. I started to notice some of the changes brought about by the dawning of spring here in Florida. Later I saw an Osprey fly by with a fish.

    Sometimes I get too caught up in seeing everything as already spoiled and it is. But, there are still wonders to experience!

    The only thing I don’t have is a Cousin It!

    On another note, gas prices here have soared in the last 4 to 5 weeks, from a steady $3.29 to $3.69. Could this be how the collapse finally sneaks up on us? Could THIS be it?

  • @ ilinda, ozman, martin,

    Thank you for that.

    My personal analysis is that we are given inner vision as our natural birthright, just as we have taste, smell, hearing, etc, but in this aberrant dominant Western materialist culture, ruled by the Cartesian Paradigm, only certain ways of understanding reality are permissable, all others are extinguished by all manner of means, from ridicule and scorn, to punishment and pathologisation.

    If you listen to the secular humanists, the atheists, the materialists, they will constantly tell you how the religious bigots they oppose, and the Communists, etc, in fact, everyone else except them, suppresses freedom of thought, but they themselves are absolutely ruthless in their regimentation of everyone, they force all to comply with their standard orthodox model of what the world is and how it is to be understood.

    If you question the doctrines and dogmas you will be whipped back into line or ostracised and excluded. You are required to believe in the fundamental tenets of science (or scientism) just as rigidly as the other tribe demand that you believe in the Virgin Birth and Original Sin or whatever.

    We see this in the blog posts here by Geoff Chia, where he describes any form of internal mental experience as hallucination, etc.

    I regard his belief system as pernicious and oppressive, I’d call it secular humanist scientism and I’m strongly opposed to that position.

    At the same time, I strongly, support him, because I understand why he argues his case, and that’s because the people HE is fighting against are EVEN WORSE, that is, the religious nutcases and the capitalist nutcases, who I also see as dreadful, ignorant and benighted.

    So, it’s the enemy of my enemy is my friend, sort of thing, even though I disagree with what he stands for 🙂

    As far as I know, all other cultures at all other times, have honoured the faculty for inner vision, it’s only this dreadful brutal Western capitalist scientistic culture which has sought to deny its very existence, and that’s because of the political struggle against the Church, over who gets to define what ‘reality’ is. Everybody gets screwed up, as colateral damage in the crossfire.

    The problem is, if someone does suddenly have a blast of internal experiences, they don’t know how to deal with it, and there is no sensible resources to turn to.

    The medical profession is mostly captured by Big Pharma, which means that every human state can be defined as a sickness, in fact, the more human misery that needs treating with chemicals and products the better, because that means more profits, under the capitalist model. So a diseased and pathologised population is a very good thing, very profitable. Psychiatry is part of that machine.

    As a very crude analogy, I’d suggest understanding the inner source of this stuff as like one of those old fashioned radios with hundreds of channels from all around the world. If you have several all talking at once, then, yes, you are going insane, because you can’t think straight, and your head is full of meaningless garbled junk.

    Then you need someone to help you sort things out. Some psychiatrists are good at this, if you are very lucky. There are drugs that’s switch off the radio, so to speak. There’s other approaches too, via meditation, etc. but the only approach that I know of that’s any good in UK is Rufus May.

    What if you want to keep the radio on ?

    I mean, that’s what I do. I sorted everything out so that can choose what I want and what I don’t want. That’s a skill that’s learned by a lot of practice and which regular psychiatrists and therapists know absolutely nothing about.

    However, there’s masses of people researching now, what’s called non-physical realities, it’s a huge area of serious scientific study.

    This is similar to the kundalini emergency thing, it’s not meant to explode all in one big rush, it’s meant to trickle out every day, but it gets repressed in this culture and when it does emerge nobody knows what to do because it doesn’t fit the paradigm, so people get hospitalised with ‘mental health problems’, whereas under a spiritual paradigm the diagnosis and remedies would be completely different.

    Probably, this would be my working hypothesis, we are all connected, at a quantum information level. Mind is much more than brain. This would be something like Hameroff’s thesis. So information passes instantly, mind to mind.

    It’s already known that information in encoded in DNA in a quantum state, rather than via classical chemistry. Plants can decide not to use the genetic code that they have inherited if they ‘think’ it is unsuitable for the circumstances they find themselves in. They can revert to the code of their grand parents or great grand parents, which is not there in the chemical DNA, but stored as quantum information.

    If that can occur in warm wet plant biology, there seems little reason not to expect that similar sorts of complexity can occur in our own brains, which will explain how apparently bizarre experiences, such as telepathy, precognition, past lives, etc, can occur.

    The main obstacle to acceptance is purely prejudice based on fear and dogma. A paradigm shift frightens people. They have to let go of their old worldview. That’s almost impossible for them to do.

    It’s like telling them that the world isn’t round after all, it’s not flat either, in fact… it’s only there if and when you think it’s there… 🙂

    I exaggerate for effect 🙂

  • ulvfugl – “I just got banned from xrays blog because he and kevin and Chefurka want to cling to the materialist scientific paradigm.”

    the same materialist scientific paradigm which at its core holds to the fundamental principle of causality. brains cause consciousness, for example. there are emergent phenomena, but this is complexity arising from a material cause.

    brains cause consciousness, for example. there are “emergent” phenomena, but this is complexity arising from a material cause.

    I consider these people to be damaged, they are casualties, their psyches are shrivelled and impaired by the culture that they are raised in.”

    more cause and effect at work. culture causes impaired psyches.

    “A woman fell. She was dead.” cause = gravity, effect = dead.

    “I did not choose the illness that I have. Shamans do not choose to be shamans.”

    cause = biology, including genetics and possible environmental agents, effect = CH.
    cause = culture + biology, effect = shaman.

    it is clear to me that the materialist scientific paradigm holds, right down the line.

    free will obviously does not hold, as any form of real choice would violate the fundamental principle of material cause and effect.

    again, with the example of Mark Twain’s dream, if Twain observed, in his dream, an event that happened in the future, that future event, including every “choice” Twain made up to the point where he observed the event, was completely determined by all events in the Universe both before and after Twain’s dream, up to the point of observation in current time.

    accepting for the subtleties of QM as mentioned in the Wiki article, only a completely deterministic Universe, following the fundamental principle of causality, could allow for and observation of a future event, as in Twain’s dream. the fact of precognition is a powerful argument for complete determinism.

  • ogardener

    Great woodland! you live on/next to. Where is your neck of the woods, BTW?

    Robin Datta

    Yes Yes,
    however, that consciousness needs realisation,(!) ‘from’ this particular presumed separated/self adaptation,and even as we textually communicate, (we) are disposed to creatively make a path to realise that ‘reality’ of zero point consciousness. Every reference to a separate (human) subjective vehicle, or presumed conscious separative vehicle, – the ‘I’, is INCORRECT-yes, and when referenced with the ‘I’ moniker, is INCORRECT, so lead the way brother on how to refer to the ‘temporary’ error-state-I-adaptation-for-now we are presently realising, (presuming) without referring to ‘it’ and thereby giving it validity!
    Please proceed to ‘be’ an illusory ‘I’, and then communicate with any ‘other’ as ‘real’. I’d like to see it!

    Failing that, maybe a quick read below and considder that …..

    ‘Scientific Proof Of The Existence Of God Will Soon Be Announced By The Whitehouse’

    “This is a mighty book of insight… a penetrating, comprehensive critique of popular cults and mass culture. This book does two things absolutely critical for the survival of Man. First, it exposes the fundamental flaws of organized religion, science, and politics. Second, it gives clear indications for establishing a culture based on wisdom and love. Anyone who is the least bit concerned about his or her own well-being…physical, mental, spiritual… and that of the world should consider the words of Da Free John. He teaches and is a living demonstration of the present Divine Condition and evolutionary future of the human race.”

    And Ken Wilber’s Forward to the book, the Forward being titled: On Heroes and Cults

    And Excerpt:

    “Perhaps you will disagree with my interpretation of Adi Da’s life. But I think you would at least have to agree that his intellectual brilliance and moral fortitude mark him as a true Hero—a beneficent hero, a good hero. Disagree with him if you want; fail to be moved by him if you choose—but please do not toss him off as a “weird cult hero.” Besides, Adi Da himself has spoken out so often against “cultic hero worship” that it would be very odd to overlook his own thoughts on the matter.

    From the start, in fact, cultic hero worship is precisely what Adi Da has tried to expose and argue against. And he was doing this years before the present-day national hysteria about “cures” and “hero-frauds.” And he has spoken out not just against the cures of so-called spiritual masters, but against cultic allegiance in any ultimate form: scientific, political, religious. Six years ago, as but one example, he was already explaining that “the cult of this world is based on the principle of Narcissus, of separated and separative existence, and the search for changes of state, for happiness. All of the cultic ways are strategic searches to satisfy individuals by providing them with various kinds of fulfilment, or inner harmony, or vision, or blissfulness, or salvation, or liberation, or whatever. But the truth is that there is no such one to be fulfilled. Therefore, it is the fundamental responsibility of all to continually undo the practice of the cult. Such a cultic existence has no fundamental value at all. Not only hasn’t it any value, it is an absolutely negative influence in the life of persons.”

    Adi Da acknowledges that certain (truthful) cults have an intermediate function—as we said, all truths tend initially to be cultic/heroic, so why press it? However, as Adi Da puts it, “The negative tendency in cultism is the tendency to forget that mere enthusiastic association with an object, an idea [whether of a new scientific discovery or of an evangelical revival], a person [a hero-figure] or whatever, is basically a superficial or ‘beginner’s’ state of mind. All mere enthusiasm, or belief, or ritualized consciousness is at the novice level of human existence, and if it persists beyond its appropriate term [emphasis added], ie becomes an expression of either childish or adolescent neurosis.” Such has been Adi Da’s stance from the start, and such remains his stance today. In this book he states unequivocally—and probably for the thousandth time—”I don’t believe there is stupidity, delusion, and casual ill-will manifested anywhere more than in the domains of religion and spiritual cultism.”

    Ah, we may say, Adi Da speaks against other cults—from science to religion—but what about his own? Does he not encourage his own cult of Heroism? Does he not also ask and claim followers? Is he not himself the perfect example of the new cult Hero?

    Those are harsh questions, but I think they are ultimately fair, and so deserve a fair answer. First of all, Adi Da, like any genius, is and will forever be surrounded by a group of followers. There is no way to avoid that, and no reason to—any more than we would want to prevent Jung and Adler and Rank and Jones from gravitating towards Freud. Eventually, Freud was wildly praised by Jones and wildly denounced by Rank—so what? When we judge Freud, let us look to Freud, and not hold him responsible for the vicissitudes, often irrational, of his followers.

    But more importantly, we have the whole example and teaching of Adi Da himself to those who would be his followers. And nowhere is he more critical of the “cultic” attitude than he is towards those who surround him. This is a short foreword, and so I will not inundate you with supporting quotes. But make no mistake about this affair: I have never heard Adi Da criticize anyone as forcefully as he does those who would approach him chronically from the childish stance of trying to win the favor of the “cultic hero.” Look at his writings, and you will find the constantly repeated argument that those who see him as a personal, cultic hero do not see him at all, but are merely involved in narcissistic self-love and “movie star” fantasy-hallucinations about their relationship to him. I have seen no other Spiritual Master take that anti-cultic stance from the start so consistently, so forcefully. Fortunately, I do not need to document that point—Adi Da’s writings are in print, dated from the start, and thus what he has been saying for the last seven years can only be taken more seriously—not less seriously—in light of the recent “cult disasters” and belated national panic about “cults” in general and “hero-frauds” in particular.

    The last thing I would say is this: Perhaps your approach to Da Free John will not be that of a pure devotee; perhaps it will not even be that of a helpful “friend” of his work. But it is becoming quite obvious that no one in the fields of psychology, religion, philosophy, or sociology can afford not to be at least a student of Adi Da Samraj. At least confront the teaching; at least study what he has to say; at least consider his argument. Since he is indeed a true Hero—an authentic and supremely enlightened Spiritual Master—please make use of him while he is alive, while he can serve you in direct, living relationship. Do not repeat the past mistake of denying such a Spiritual Master while he walks among us. Do not meet him with benign neglect. Do not wait until decades or centuries after his death to acknowledge what he is. As a simple start, study his written teaching. And I think that if you will work carefully through even one of Adi Da’s books, you will find you have been taken apart and put back together again in a form that will be only Mystery to you, only Release in God, only Radiance in the Divine, and only Joy in the obviousness of it all.”

    Most of the details are there to have a gander at.

    Ken Wilber had second thoughts on Adi Da, but as Adi Da himself critiqued of publishing spiritual philosophers of the time, to paraphrase:

    they are of the talking school, eager to advocate My teachings, but notice, none of the Alphas have become my devotee!

    (I haven’t used quotation marks, out of respect, as I may have not properly recalled the exact context, so seek out the original words if you wish to. To be clear Adi Da used the term ‘talking school’ to describe those eminent scholars who do not submit themselves to surrender of the ‘academic’ or ‘mind based’ approach to spiritual matters, and Ken Wilber, certainly a scholar and teacher worthy of respect and praise, did not see fit to ‘surrender’ in such a manner, but strangely, all the traditions seem to point to that activity and life commitment, if one wishes to actually move towards and ‘Enlightened’ disposition.

    No way to cut it up better than to say you can dance around the fire, be warmed and supported by it radiance, but to become the fire, or realise it, you have to go into the fire, and have all the ‘extra’ dross burnt away. Just to clarify).


  • ulvfugl,

    I do my best to try and untangle the insane muddle and explain to people how it can be understood.

    As indeed you do. You have an ally in John Gray. In his latest work, The Silence of Animals, he writes: “[S]cience and myth are alike in being makeshifts that humans erect as shelters from a world they cannot know.”

    Gray quotes the poet T.E. Hulme: “Never think in a book: here are Truth and all the other capital letters; but think in a theatre and watch the audience. Here is the reality, here are human animals. Listen to the words of heroism and then look at the crowded husbands who applaud. All philosophies are subordinate to this. It is not a question of the unity of the world and men afterwards put into it, but of human animals, and of philosophies as an elaboration of their appetites.”

    Gray adds: “Human beings are animals that have equipped themselves with symbols. Helping deal with a world they do not understand, symbols are useful tools; but humans have an inveterate tendency to think and act as if the world they have made from these symbols actually exists.”

    There is nothing new here. xraymike’s most recent article notes that mankind is “now ensnared by its own intricate web of myths and outright lies that it had spun for itself.” It’s the familiar problem of reification, as Robin Datta has just mentioned: taking the symbol for that which it represents, or taking the ever-shifting sands of sentience for a unitary and unchanging “I.”

  • brains cause consciousness,

    The word “consciousness” represents a concept referring to something that is the substrate of my experience here and now. Whether other brains do or do not experience it is unknown to me. Those brains (at least the human ones) seem to have thoughts, put into words, but this does not imply sentience. In the Vedic tradition, thoughts are insentient. The word used for insentience is jar(d)ha (pronounced as as in gourd, sword, etc. with a terminal “-a”). There is only one example of consciousness that I am aware of, and it is what I experience. For all I know, until I have another’s experience, all the rest could well be biological automatons – meat robots. Sans consciousness. No one can prove to me that they are conscious, nor can I prove to them that I am conscious.

    however, that consciousness needs realisation,

    Au contraire, vide supra.

  • @Martin

    John Gray’s book, “Black Mass, Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia”, is another one that would appropriately comment on many of the threads here. I advise anybody interested in Mythos and Logos, one of our perennial subjects on NBL, to read him. Unless you’re someone who thinks that our species will be “saved” somehow because it will learn to do better next time around (sorry Zhiwa and RE), you might find some resonance in his insights. In this book, he also shares his views on the “secular” religion Neo-Conservatism which is spreading like an unseen plague throughout the world and is responsible for many of the present crises. He joins many dots.

  • I’ve posted a new, brief essay, along with links to interviews and embedded presentations. It’s all here.

  • @ Robin Datta

    No one can prove to me that they are conscious, nor can I prove to them that I am conscious.

    What nonsense you do talk. What do you think professional anaesthetists do all day long for a living ?

    And for the hundredth time, the old English anglo-saxon word ‘soul’ never did, never has, and never will mean the same thing as Hindu / Sanscrit ‘atman’, you continue to spread confusion in the world while posing as being such a very wise person sitting on your guru plinth.

  • @Robin Datta,
    your thoughts on consciousness:
    Is that really how you feel, perceive etc?
    You poor thing! I know we’re all “islands” but I’m glad I don’t “understand” as much as you because I really like connecting to other conscious beings and not just meat machines and plant material. What goes on in your head?

  • Robin, have you read anything by Jed Mckenna yet? I highly recommend his latest book “Theory of Everything”. It’s dedicated to the proposition that one and only thing that can be called “truth” is my subjective awareness of existence: “I am.” The solipsistic aspect of consciousness that falls out of that awareness is the foundation for the book. You’d like it.

  • Thanks, Sabine.

  • some the various levels of consciousness and experience (note, consciousness is spelled without the uppercase “C” – this is intentional… Robin!)

    human animal, includes:
    – all states of consciousness dealing with animal/bodily needs, focus and fears, many of these states are continuously underway below the level of normal waking consciousness

    soul within and melded with human animal, includes:
    – normal waking consciousness and awareness
    – states of unconsciousness including anesthesia, non-dreaming sleep, unconsciousness due to injury

    soul more or less free from human animal, includes:
    – many dream states
    – OBEs
    – many meditation states and other states of inner-focused concentration

    soul completely free from human animal, includes:
    – states where communication occurs between soul and other souls, or soul and other Light Beings. many of these states are continuously underway above the level of normal waking consciousness
    – states when recently free of body after death. many of these states overlap with states that are similar to states above that occur while still melded with the human animal, as the soul, while aware of human bodily death, has not yet been fully re-absorbed by the totality of its Light Being

    soul in its complete, total Light Being state, includes:
    – states completely free of habituated and reflexive responses from being melded with human animal
    – states where the soul consciously chooses to use its abilities to recreate experiences similar to states it experienced while incarnated
    – zillions of states that have no relation to anything we are (more or less) familiar with in the above various states

    note – there are several facts that must be appreciated to understand just how complex this question of “consciousness” can get:

    – the energy of the soul is holographic in nature. this means the “total” soul can divide itself in all kinds of ways, and each part is still fully individual, with individual experience, memory and so on.

    – while each part can be individual, the mercurial aspects of its holographic nature also allows a soul to meld with other souls, and share their experiences from “the inside”

    – some of the “lower” (this lower/higher thing is not really accurate, but descriptive within the scheme above) levels of awareness are generally aware only of themselves.

    – many of the higher levels of consciousness are simultaneously aware of multiple other levels, on their same level, levels above, and levels below.

    – this simultaneous nature of experience, and the ability to know multiple levels at once, is as natural to the higher levels of experience as our sensory experience is natural to being part of a human animal.

    – there are hundreds of gradations, overlapping levels and states within the above scheme.

    – there is communication going on all the time between different levels within your Being, and between your Being on its multiple levels and other Beings on their other levels.

    – much, if not all, of this communication is experienced as one complete individual communicating with another complete individual. this is done for reasons of clarity – the messages are important, and the need for the message is specific to the “individual” at that level.

    – on the highest levels of Being, at the level of Light Being and above, these messages are integrated into more of a “total experience” – along with the rest of the experiences from each level.

  • Thanks all, for the resounding talk on visions and the spiritual side of things. That aspect of life has always meant a lot to me and affirmation from people I respect means a lot.

    @Martin. I’m sincerely happy you’re back! I can be a real turkey.

    Elizabeth Kubler-Ross has been an inspiration to me for many years. I have a CD of an interview about the afterlife and associated visions. I hoped to find it for you all but the following will have to do.

  • Thanks, Kirk.

    I regret my ungallant and insensitive comments about women.

  • Thanks, Kirk.

  • RE’s “fixing” of this site ain’t no fix. It has more problems for users than before. The reason one of the lines is missing from my 10:54 pm comment above is because I thought it might be responsible for a warning I received and so I deleted it. Instead, both comments get through when I had every reason to suspect that neither had.

    And I second Robin Datta’s comment that the “Mobile Version/Desktop Version” toggle should be at the TOP of the page.

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    you post ended up repeated eight times in the spam folders, I suspect it came in as the new package was installing, and may have glitched. I cleaned out the duplicates.