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Published on the Doomstead Diner on April 15. 2014

mike-ruppert-dogLast Sunday Night Mike Ruppert committed Suicide.

For those of you who don’t know who Mike Ruppert was, he was one of the first bloggers to investigate the ramifications of declining energy production, as well as someone who constantly questioned the narrative offered up in the MSM as explanation for things like the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center. Some would call him a “Conspiracy Theorist”. More like Conspiracy FACT, but that is a subject for another post.

Like many other bloggers and researchers looking at the problems we face now, Mike became increasingly upset and depressed over the progress and the lack of any real initiatives to try to deal with this stuff in a coherent manner. This is evident in the progress of his writing over the last couple of years, and his demeanor in his podcasts on the Lifeboat Hour, his web based radio show.

Mike isn’t the first Blogger/Pundit to come to an early demise in recent years, Matt Simmons also drowned in August of 2010.  Maybe an Accident, maybe a Suicide, maybe an Assisted Suicide by the Cleaner Squad, who knows? Perhaps even more disturbing is the constant talk of Suicide and Hospicing on Nature Bats Last, Guy McPherson’s blog which concerns itself mainly with Climate Change and the hypothesis that we are on the cusp of Near Term Human Extinction, by mid-century if you accept the arguments made that this is an inevitable outcome.

Not unrelated to this outcome is the fact Carolyn Baker was the first Collapse Blogger to break the news of Mike’s suicide. Carolyn posts regularly on Nature Bats Last, often these days with the explicit theme of Hospicing for people who have incurable illnesses and finding a comfortable way to walk into the Great Beyond. The clear analogy being made here is that the entire Human Race is in need of Hospicing, as we are all condemned to imminent Death under the scenario of Near Term Human Extinction. The difference of course is that while an individual can have a fairly certain diagnosis of Imminent Death in some circumstances, it is hardly a provable certainty that 100% of Homo Sapiens are destined for Death inside 30-40 years or so. Really, even in the case of individuals diagnosed with various forms of inoperable and untreatable Cancers, rarely is there 100% certainty of Death. “Miraculous” remissions do occur with virtually all forms of cancer, though granted at relatively small percentages of the afflicted people.

For the really depressed person though who sees NO ESCAPE from imminent Death and who becomes more focused on getting out of pain or avoiding future pain they are certain is coming down the pipe, the ideas of Hospicing and Suicide become attractive alternatives. The idea here is to Accept Death and become OK with it, and pulling your own plug at a time of your own choosing is a kind of Empowerment for an an individual who feels disempowered by the seemingly hopeless situation they are immersed in.

Everybody should have the right to pull their own plug if they so choose, I have no problem with that idea. What I do find to be worrisome is a developing zeitgeist which tacitly encourages suicide as an option, because people who sink into depression are very vulnerable and can and probably do latch onto this idea as rationale for the behavior.

There is little doubt that as a whole the World and the Human Race are in a World of Shit, and it is pretty easy these days to throw up your hands and say it is all utterly hopeless. Climate Change, Fukushima, Global Wars over resources, Drought, Famine…all you gotta do is read the Newz on any given day and you can hear the Thunder of the Hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Many times in my articles and comments in the Collapse Blogosphere I have used the iconic quote from The Sixth Sense, “I See Dead People”.

Today, Mike Ruppert is one of those Dead People. While he was alive, Mike Ruppert made a difference, many people who otherwise would not be aware of the problems which face us now are aware of them because once there was Mike Ruppert walking the earth, passing on to others what he saw and what he learned.

For those of us not yet counted amongst the Dead People, we still have choices to make, and the biggest choice of all is whether you live to fight another day, or whether you give up the fight, hospice yourself and wait for death, or hurry it along with a Bullet meets Brain combination.

I won’t make a judgement here on Mike’s choice, but for me I don’t see hurrying the trip to the Great Beyond as near appropriate yet. There is a good long ways to go here between now and Human Extinction, even under the most rapid of scenarios. The End Game is NOT written in Stone, and each person can still make a Difference, if not for the World at large at least for the people they know, love and care for. Mike had a clear voice, and it would have been nice if he could have found it within himself to speak a bit longer, but that is not the choice he made.

For those of us not yet Dead, we still have choices to make.



McPherson was featured in an article written by a member of the audience during a recent presentation. It’s here.

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  • @ Tony Weddle

    More of the usual stupidity from you.

    Almost all predictions turn out to be wrong, of course,

    You got a citation for that ? People have been predicting the Sun will rise in the morning for as long as there have been people. Every night they could have been wrong.

  • @Artleads
    Thanks. Our words are hollow translations of our heart talk. And they have cultural baggage. Therefor, we’re often misconstrued… and sometimes people lie. Communication isn’t perfect. The Buddha is said to have mentioned the importance of intention in these matters.

    @mo flow
    Thanks. Yes… while we’re here. Present and aware. Centered, connecting to the continuity of now in the midst of the blur.

    “Genuine self-knowledge is one and the same as being fully self-aware in the present moment. As such, it is never static. This fluid level of Self places no demands on life, therefore it fears nothing that life may reveal. Being fearless, it never has to imagine a freedom “to come,” any more than a river needs to imagine how to flow.” ~ Guy Finley

  • Who would have guessed that one of the webs leading practitioners of insult pitching would associate it with intellectual bankruptcy? It seems a bit harsh, but who am I to argue?

  • Kirk,

    I’d separate Michael’s sexual harassment of Lindsay Gerken from his firing her. A man in his 50s pursuing a young woman hasn’t, for most of human history, been regarded as a shocking crime. And the part where he makes himself available to her in his underpants is straight out of French farce. Firing her, though, is a damn disgrace, and shows want of character.

    Not that Michael’s predatory behaviour can be as lightly cast aside as his hastily unbuttoned shell suit. He should have known better. Hell, even that douchebag Anton Szandor LaVey gets it right: “Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.”

  • Half a million each day (x10?)

    If the die off starts in earnest in about 5 years (2019) and the Southern Hemisphere is bereft of humans by 2054 as suggested by some estimates, that will be 7,000,000,000 reduction in population in 35 years or a 200,000,000 excess deaths over births per year (average) over that period. That amounts to 547,945 excess deaths over births (average) each day. Depending on the shape of the curve, the actual peak could be an order of magnitude or more higher.

    Folks who have been born and raised in ‘mericuh with ‘legtricity workin’ at the flip of a switch, water from the taps at all times and always well stocked supermarket shelves will find these ideas as alien as a dinosaur might find an asteroid. Telling them as they enter the bottleneck that its far side is capped will destroy their composure. Using the monkey brains to figure out something along these lines so as to deflect the impact of the message from the lizard brain, is a standard manoeuvre. So if they read something on NBL and then leave a comment that suits them – let it be: a testament to their way of thinking. Should the methane burp materialise, it will be interesting to see how those of that ilk minimise and belittle it.

  • RE; Place a pot of water on a burner and in time it is very likely it will boil. Even with an open window nearby blowing cold air on the pot, it is very unlikely that it won’t boil. It’s all science and math (differential equations) but too complicated to get the exact answer. Think qualitative, not quantitative. There are so many unintended consequences of just a little warming.

    I respect what you do over on the Diner and read it regularly but also respect what Guy is working on. As a farmer, I also respect the ways of nature. It’s like a dance with nature and she leads.

  • “If you are contending Homo Sapiens will be Extinct by Mid-Century, you are saying every last one will be dead by that time. It is a highly unlikely outcome on such a short timeline.”

    “Oh, yeah, that’s how it always starts. Then there’s the running and the screaming and the dying.” (Dr. Ian Malcolm, The Lost World – JPII)

    That’s called “normalcy bias” RE. It’s why no one in the mainstream (so far) is paying attention. People are too busy going about their lives, burning fossil fuels and using electricity without a thought, polluting water, soil and air via the daily routine not noticing the dead and dying trees, all the species we’re killing (they don’t even see the ones by roadsides), the icebergs calving off Antarctica, the acidification and heating of the oceans, the increasing CO2 (and other gases, and now radiation) in the atmosphere and all the rest.

    Ocean Temperature Anomaly Hits Extraordinary +1.12 C Above Average Reading on April 22, All Australian Weather Models Now Predict El Nino for 2014

    With the ever-more certain approach of El Nino, the world ocean surface is starting to radiate more and more heat.

    Over the past four days, GFS assessments have shown positive temperature anomaly values in excess of +1 degrees Celsius (C) above the, already hotter than normal, 1979 to 2000 average (which was, itself, about .5 C above the low averages seen during the period of 1880 to 1920). With each new dawn, readings ramped higher and, by today, those temperatures had spiked to an extraordinary +1.12 C hotter than ‘normal’ for the entire global ocean system. [read it]


    Melting Arctic Permafrost Looms as Major Factor in Warming, Climate Change

    A heavyweight boxer in the climate change match is missing from the fifth climate assessment report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Friday.

    Permafrost, which is frozen ground that doesn’t melt during the summer, covers 24 percent of the land in the northern hemisphere. It also stores approximately 1.5 trillion tons of carbon – twice the amount of carbon currently in the atmosphere.

    When the organic matter that makes up permafrost thaws, the carbon it contains becomes exposed to the elements, which can escape into the air in the form of heat-trapping gases with the potential to knock out efforts to slow down global warming with a one-two punch.

    This effect, called the permafrost carbon feedback, is not present in the global climate change models used to estimate how warm the earth could get over the next century. But research done in the past few years shows that leaving the permafrost effect out of the climate models results in a far more conservative estimate of how our climate will change.

    Scientists predict that greenhouse gas from permafrost alone could lead to an additional 1.5 Fahrenheit degrees of warming by the end of this century, on top of day-to-day human emissions.
    [read the rest and notice the Alaskan landscape picture]

    In some of Alaska’s most pristine parks, fish show traces of banned pesticides [which likely were never used there – read it]

  • Just a life force crime!!!

    ‘Kids die, govt lie!’ Ex-mayor exposes real scale of radiation in Fukushima’

    Only a few officials have the honour in themselves to be honest.

    We are Fuked.

  • RE: It’s not an insult if it is true. And it is true that you’re a coward, a bully, a man-child with fixed schoolyard notions of ethical behavior with a misogynistic bend blended with a survivalist thirst for revenge and typical American shopping mall belief that money will solve everything. In short, you’re a stupid zombie. You repeat yourself endlessly without learning anything and shove your farcical belief systems upon everyone here despite numerous pleas to go away. It is tiresome at best.

    But then you do hit upon some kneeslappers too. A hypothesis deals with experimental data. “Is there a link between self-delusion and a warped sense of the universe?” One can find that out. A hypothetical can be anything “What if aliens are going out of their way to strip eyeballs from cows?” It is completely untied to reality.

    Using climate information and projecting it into the future where humans can no longer live is neither hypothesis nor hypothetical. It is a conjuncture. Based upon what we know about A and B, C is the likely outcome. Obviously in the case of NTE, there is a lot to consider beyond A and B, but the conclusion that the human race is about to run out of track is sound. It’s happening right now. Some seven million people a year die from air pollution causes alone. Everyone (in the First World) seems to accept that starvation for many in the third world is just one of those things, but is steadfast in believing that starvation can’t happen hear. It is happening in the US, but we don’t like to talk about it, so it isn’t talked about.

    The fragile society is only a shock or two away from collapse. Systemic failure along economic, governmental, social and culture lines seems more evident everyday. It’s not going down like a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Of course, depending on how close one lives to a nuclear power plant, it might be more flash and bang than expected. Once people run out of food, we’re down to living within a few weeks. The planet will still be heating up all during the die off. There aren’t going to be any breaks, or safe havens or refugee camps or survivalists domes to hide in until this all blows over, because it’s not blowing over or going away.

  • Along time ago, I worked with a guy who always wore loose-fitting, light-brown pants with a button above the back pocket. Early one morning he pulled a ½ pint of gin out, and he unscrewed the cap and took a slug of the white-poison.
    “Man, how can you do that?”
    “Gin can’t get a man drunk.” He screwed the cap on and put the bottle away.
    You remind me of this guy, RE.

  • I’ve posted a new guest essay. It’s here.

    In news related to this essay, my friend Daniel Drumright had offered to write an essay about Michael C. Ruppert and near-term human extinction. He withdrew the offer upon seeing RE’s essay in this space.

    Mistakes have been made.

  • Thank you Mike. See you on the other side.

  • Guy, so happy to hear that Daniel is still with us! Please, please, write something and spare us anymore drivel from the diner! Pretty please with a cherry on top.

    “Mistakes have been made.” Bwahhahahaha! You betcha! And not just here.

    Tom, keep ’em coming.

    Grant, since we live fairly close to the sewer that keeps “overflowing” into Lake Michigan, perhaps our side is a bit more icky than yours. Our side also released “slightly” radioactive water sometime last year, but then, Indiana has been releasing mercury into the water for a long time, courtesy of BP…that wonderful corporation we all know and love. Gonna just make a wild ass guess and suggest that Milwaukee and Chicago have done their bit too. But hey, like the ocean, it’s big, so no worries, right? As you say, if you take the long swim, it’s not gonna matter.

  • @ wildwoman

    “Mistakes have been made.” Bwahhahahaha!


    I burst out laughing when I read Guy’s ‘Mistakes…’

    and then scrolled a bit further and doubled up to see it had the same effect on you :-)

    Please pass on love and best wished to Daniel D., he doesn’t need to write, we all know it would have been awesome…

  • RE/Ram

    Just want to share some musing (a thought experiment) as to how possibly assess the future that will be affected by so many bewildering variables:

    Could it be like being forced to drive somewhere by no means other than viewing the rear view mirror? If you had an extraordinary sense of history, urban geography, anthropology, town planning, on and on, you would be able to follow the trajectory of the road and make fair guesses of what would succeed the last scene in the rear view mirror.
    You would also have to go slow.

    With luck, you could predict where an earthquake had suddenly removed a bridge up ahead. (I guess we could expect a lot of that in our current situation.) But very little could be certain. Such an approach to the future would require the kind of detailed analysis of the near term past that is now mostly lacking.

  • Hi…I have been reading through the comments and wanted to say a few things,if I may? I realize most of you have no idea who I am however, as I believe Guy knows, I am working closely with those close to Mike and getting the details out to the public since the media has decided to pretend Mike didn’t exist let alone take his life. Sadly the conspiracy “whores” out there are making it difficult to the extent I feel all of the story needs told simply because of who Mike was and what he taught.

    A few things for clarity…

    1. Mike DID in fact take his own life. There is NO conspiracy. No one did this to him.

    2. Mike was extremely elaborate and meticulous in his plan for three reasons, one to be sure Jack and his family were not implicated in his death, two to be sure be knew he did it himself and three to give a final message to all of us. he set-up and secured his own “crime-scene”.

    3. No one really seems to want to name it or talk about it, and I am no Psychologist/Psychiatrist, but aside from the known PTSD and Suicidal Ideation, it is very apparent to me from the countless hours of footage, the many communications and so on that Mike must have had Bipolar-1. The rapid and dramatic cycling of his moods and energy is quite telling and certainly speaks more clearer to the Suicidal Ideation than PTSD.

    4. There were many contributing factors to Mike taking his life. There was not “something” that suddenly happened to “trigger” him that day. In fact there is compelling evidence that as early as the afternoon before, Mike was at the very least contemplating and even saying his goodbyes.

    5. The contributing factors that snowballed into the end result were myriad, but the real true key to understanding is this…Suicidal Ideation is an ugly monster and I highly suggest you research it to truly understand or else you will have no understanding in Mike’s case or another’s. Mike felt death was a birth. Mike had much counseling (hospicing) about death in the years/months/weeks leading up to his death. Mike had embraced the Lakota way. Mike had been done “teaching” us for many many years, he was waiting on us to do something with what he taught and he did not see us doing anything but posting away as if we were changing the world from our keyboards. While there is a little more to it, that is the gist of it. The absolute key though, really is Suicidal Ideation…a sequence of events only reinforced his desire to die by offering him comfort in the act. In Mike’s mind, he literally was giving himself as a sacrifice for all of us. He thought it would galvanize us. The night before he died he commented in a post wrt Bundy Ranch and said basically that it didn’t matter what it took to start the fire, what mattered is the fire gets started and everyone gets off their asses.

    The word “suicide” is an ugly thing and no one should glorify or romanticize the act however, in this case I simply ask that each of you TRY to understand that there is a psychosis that is a part of mental health and in those moments…Mike really believed.

    I have written several pieces on Mike’s passing that include finite details of what Mike did for those who are wanting more information. These can be found on my site or through a simple Google search.

  • Thanks very much for your input, Cheri. Your comment affirms what we’ve long known about Mike and the horrors he faced.

    Anybody claiming I contributed to Mike’s suicide is an ill-informed, lying idiot. Mike was clinically depressed for many years before we met. I’m awaiting your apology, RE. Ditto for a well-known podcaster, if he has the courage to read this space.

  • People who shift the blame or who actively look for someone to blame when terrible things happen, i.e., suicide, are intellectually lazy, intellectually bankrupt.

    Or just plain idiots.

    Sometimes they are also grammatically lazy…

    “who becomes more focused on getting out of pain or avoiding future pain they are certain is coming down the pipe,”

    RE, “What’s coming down the pike” is the correct word usage of that phrase.

    I think you get my drift. I’m not really talking about grammar…

  • Hmmmm, the haunted look and the suicide are becoming more understandable. Mike must have been a very lonely man without much hope. I wonder why he didn’t confess to all his followers…very, very sad. Sad for him and for us.

    @MKing, are you sure this is true?


    It made the official documentation in Oregon. And was reported on accurately, as best I can tell. Mike once made the claim, as his Oregon office was self destructing around him and folks were chasing him for back rent and whatnot, that he would pay back everyone he owed. Never heard much after that, and as his financial affairs appeared to deteriorate to the level they were in at the end, it could have been because he was doing just that with his movie proceeds. Then again, I have never seen any evidence that FTW paid the damages as ordered by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry.

  • How fast can NTHE occur? Would it even take as long as mid century?

    I’m not much of a mathematician but here’s an interesting article about how quickly people can die off just from famine, not including economic collapse. This paper below is about Russians who knew how to grow food, unlike most in the developed nations today…
    I leave the mathematicians to extrapolate and calculate for current numbers of humans to farms… How quickly we could die off from famine. Many of the key situations that contributed to the Russian famine of 1891-92 are already in place here in the US, and Europe, and Asia, etc … And we have to feed 7 billion people, not just 20 million…

    Key Excerpts:

    “The Russian famine of 1891-92 affected an area of around 900,000 square miles in the Volga…once the most fertile and productive parts of Russia…It affected between fourteen to twenty million people, of which 375,000 to 400,000 died, mostly of disease. Due to malnutrition caused by the famine, people were more susceptible to infection.

    One of the largest relief campaigns in Russian history was undertaken by the government to help alleviate the disaster in which eleven million people received supplemental rations from the state.Count Leo Tolstoi was the main critic of the government. He blamed it for its policies regarding the famine itself while also criticizing the relief efforts implemented by the state.

    The famine in 1891-92 was initially caused by the bad weather in 1890 and 1891.The dry autumn delayed the seeding of the fields, and the winter, which began early, was more severe than usual, with only light snowfall. Heavy snow usually protects the seedlings from the cold. Melting snow and ice caused the spring floods of the Volga that spread over the plains whose grass is used as fodder. This year the small amount of snow caused the ground to freeze. This killed the young plants because the late planting did not give them enough time to take root. The poor weather eliminated the main source of feed for the animals. They were crucial to the peasants because they provided the power needed to plow the fields. The cold weather lasted until mid-April, followed by a summer in 1892 that was extremely hot and dry. Five rainless months contributed to the smallest total grain harvest for European Russia in a decade.

    Despite the poor harvest of 1891, there was enough food available to feed the population, but this would only have been possible if the harvest was rightly distributed.
    Most of this grain, however, was exported….
    The peasants were also burdened by their own backward methods of farming which dated back to the Dark Ages. They used primitive methods and medieval implements, such as wooden ploughs that were incapable of plowing deep enough. They were also ignorant of new fertilizers such as phosphates. [we now know their methods weren’t that terrible, as we learned during the US dust bowl]…”

  • We’ve lost one of the trudgers on the road so few choose to travel. His burdens became too great, and he could go no more.

    How is it lately so many seem to talk past each other, rather than with what few seem to grasp. Can we not afford a tiny bit of compassion and empathy for the many whose scars might be what allowed awareness and the courage to peer where so few dare to glance. And then demonstrate the further courage to allow us to share their story.

    So we have the Alamo crowd at the DD, wrongly thinking IMO, that we who gather here are waiting to take our turn walking into the the wood chipper. From our POV, the Admin of this blog has never advocated, hinted, nuanced, that resistance is futile. Haven’t seen one post, audio or video clip of GM saying quit. Yes he has said, ‘we’re done’, and we see a lot of the evidence he is right in the bee fields, besides what gets updated with new dots and more horror, in this blog.

    Did MCR succumb to the terrors of feeling alone, no one he felt he could trust his story to?
    Selfishly yes, but after first hearing this, I couldn’t help worrying about Rags. His story of how Rags and he met, how almost loosing him after separating for a while from Rag’s friend Squishy, their reunion, how could he leave the companion that loved him without reservation.

    No different in any of us who have lived to witness some one loved, leave on terms not of our liking, the mere topic is still taboo.

    In the winter of my life and perhaps all/most life, talking about death and dying is not so scary. I have communicated my wishes of no code, no heroics, if I lack the where withal, don’t let me suffer in days/weeks of pain.

    If ionizing radiation doesn’t kill me first, it will probably contribute enough habitat damage, sooner than expected, and make any effort to not bioaccumulate enough to kill me just as dead. CC is just the guarantee to the whole sordid cataclysm.

    Lucky I guess, but this is driving my partner and I closer. Lucky am I, she shares the visions of the variables that are all in front of us, with no past to act as guide. Humbling to think, ghastly too, her 10 yr hospice stint, may ease my dirt nap. Maybe

    It grows close to time to make splits and once again grow our bees. What will this Spring bring in the way of new colonies and will we make a honey crop? Dunno, but being we plan on making a go of it, again.

    Behind on the plantings, freeze meant loosing most of the peaches and plums. Guess we’ll seek safe local sources for canning/drying goals.
    Hopes for this Spring/Year are simple, good skills to have. We want to start making our own cheese, with local sourced goats and cows. GM has a recipe that if a academic can do it, the rest of us should be able to muddle through. We traded him a recipe for putting up (javalina)in his case, pork in ours. We cured our own hams, last pig, and will do the hams, bacon, and tenderloin, this time. When refrigeration is problematic, good to know how to keep goods in a cool root cellar. Hams and cheeses can age nicely in this manner. Don’t need a farm or acreage to do it, but 18 year olds come in

    Will we be able to replenish the pantry that we ate out of this Winter? Plan to, but who knows?

    Add my voice to those desiring a bit of civility in our posts, we have much more in common, than we have dividing us from more sense of community. I have and will continue to seek a community with many or most holding views similar to those found here, at the DD,, and other sites we deem to have value for the efforts we will continue to put forth. Notice I said similar not the same. No one wants to march in lock step with any one here. Our most precious commodity is time, where and how we spend what no amount of money can buy, is up to all of us. We follow how GM is spending all lot of his, how are you spending yours?

    Living the way we do is not for the weak of back or heart. Faith to a farmer is that the work, (mostly done by hand here)invested in propagating, growing, weeding, watching for pest loads results in something to harvest. Then (groups make this go so much easier) the harvest must be put up. Canning, drying, and how much to chance to freezing,go on long into the night. Before and after, time for music, dance, a poem of thanks all welcome, nay needed. If ever a sense of humor will be needed, is to remember when things are grimmest, that you have to be a least alive, to have or appreciate one.


  • Cheri wrote: “The word “suicide” is an ugly thing and no one should glorify or romanticize the act however, in this case I simply ask that each of you TRY to understand that there is a psychosis that is a part of mental health and in those moments…Mike really believed.”

    I disagree with this 100%. The word “suicide” and the act of suicide are neither ugly nor sad. Death is certainly part of life and choosing to end your life — for whatever reason, perhaps for no reason at all — isn’t something anyone gets to sit in judgement upon. Suicide is perfectly natural. That we’ve heaped shame and mental illness upon it is more about cultural weakness instead of individual weakness. If we’re going to be wrapping up suicide in guilt and shame, we’re denying a basic freedom — the freedom to stop living. Anyone who has not seriously consider suicide or homicide has something deeply wrong with them. Most likely some Christian thought parasite worming into their brain. Suicide should always be an option, if no other reason than to make suicide highly unlikely. That we as a culture cower away from suicide is one of the things that’s killing us all. The goddamn bastards that have plunged the world into death and destruction should be able to feel enough shame to kill themselves, but they’ll too busy counting their silver instead.

  • ” Stupid zombie.”-GS
    “..intellectually bankrupt.”- RE

    Could I please be left out of this conservation? ROFL

  • Hello, Daniel Drumright. If you see this I hope you will reconsider. I would look forward to hearing what you have to say at this time.

  • “Anybody claiming I contributed to Mike’s suicide is an ill-informed, lying idiot. Mike was clinically depressed for many years before we met. I’m awaiting your apology, RE. Ditto for a well-known podcaster, if he has the courage to read this space.”-GM

    It’s not whether you advocate suicide or not, it’s that the pervasive topic here is Death and Grief, often from other authors you publish. A few examples:

    Red Coral: In this story, the author tells of his happy last days at a Jungle Resort before pulling his plug.

    22 After: Here Mark Thoma video a bunch of faux “survivors” who all wish they were dead already.

    The Last Stage: Acceptance: In this one, Jonathan Dejong explicitly raises the issue that suicide is justifiable

    “As a result of all of this, the fish are swimming upside down, and quite literally, the sea stars are melting. Now it is the time to simply live, or not live. Death is death no matter when or how. Can you not justify suicide today?”

    Hospice is a Busy Place: Here Carolyn Baker tells of the torrid love affair of two people waiting to die.

    I could go on and on with the stories of Grief, Grief Recovery Workshops, Kubler-Ross analysis etc. In this thread already one of the commentariat said she recently attended one of your lectures and “of course left depressed”.

    If you weren’t thinking about Suicide before reading NBL, by the time you finish you’ll be ready to pull your plug! It’s non-stop DEPRESSING! Even the jokes are depressing on NBL.

    On NBL

    Sing to the Tune of My Little Town by Simon & Garfunkel

    On NBL
    I started believing
    Ulvfugl keeps his eye on us all
    And he used to lean upon me
    To keep the Batters all in thrall
    Lord I recall
    On NBL

    Signing on after work
    Driving my SUV past the signs
    of the Missionaries
    The world coming to an end
    Drinking the Kool-Aid
    On the way to the Great Beyond

    And after it rains
    There’s a rainbow
    And all of the colors are black
    It’s not that the colors aren’t there
    It’s just imagin-ation they lack
    Everything’s the same
    Back on NBL
    Nothing but the dead and dying
    Back on NBL
    Nothing but the dead and dying
    Back on NBL

    On NBL
    I never meant nothin’
    I was just doing Diner pluggin’
    Finding some readers
    Talking about collapse
    Twitching like the fingers
    on the keyboard of my laptop
    Leaving nothing but the dead and dying
    Back on NBL

    Repeat and fade:
    Nothing but the dead and dying
    Back on NBL

    Mike Ruppert had his own reasons for what he did, which I will never know. I do know what is written on NBL though, and it’s pretty darn depressing stuff with Death, Hospicing and Suicide as recurrent themes.


  • Grant,

    And I disagree with what you say 1%. :) The word is ugly, as ugly as Latin gets, which can be very ugly. It exists in this form because, not very long ago, there were legal sanctions if you attempted or succeeded in killing yourself (If you succeeded, they came for your family). Only in 1961 was the law repealed in England, although caveats were added: if you aid someone, or even suggest the idea to someone, you can be handed a harsh prison sentence.

    As for the word, some want it scrubbed from the language, as the act is no longer a crime. Unfortunately, there is no compact substitute.

    I heard recently, but haven’t corroborated it, that the legality of suicide is the longest-running legal debate in Britain. I can bet the matter has exercised the minds of our rulers, because Christianity has lost its power to dissuade us from doing it in extremis. It suited our rulers that suicide was a sin, because then the sheep wouldn’t escape from the pen. Without the coercive force of fear of punishment in the next life, our rulers apparently decided that legal penalties were no longer “in the public interest.” Read: our rulers realised that legal penalties would make it too obvious to the sheep that they were livestock in a pen.

  • RE, you fault me for what others write in this space. It’s becoming clear you prefer the lies told by the mainstream media over anything written here.

    Most people agree with you. The few who discover this place move along quickly. You could do the same, but apparently you prefer beating the dead horse of patriarchy. Flog on.

  • OK, this is probably not what is going on behind the scenes of the recent dust-up between RE & Guy…but what if they just decided to crank up the volume on both ends to get a little readership boost…it might look & sound something like this, except that both sides are relatively autonomous and of course there is no sinister Dr. Mabuse standing behind both of them, right?

  • @Pauline

    In your last paragraph above “Despite the poor harvest of 1891, there was enough food available to feed the population, but this would only have been possible if the harvest was rightly distributed.
    Most of this grain, however, was exported….”

    What are the odds that that would happen here in America if there was (more) profit to be had selling to a higher bidder? I’d say there would be more starvation here than they had in Russia based on what Orlov has stated. Just saying…

  • +1 Grant, you nailed it.
    This stigma our society places on suicide is yet another yoke from the oppressors cutting off the ultimate escape route.

    Cheri, what do you mean when you say it shouldn’t be glorified or romanticized? Why? Have you bought in to this notion without question? What was/is the native american attitude on this? Why do think that suicide always indicates psychosis?
    Attitudes in western culture were not always like this. Look at Shakespeare, look at the romantic poets and artists.

    I like thinking that I am in control of my life. The thought of losing that control is what scares me, not the thought of suicide.
    And if someone chooses this way out, it is not our place to judge or condemn or accuse them of being mentally ill.

  • “RE, you fault me for what others write in this space. It’s becoming clear you prefer the lies told by the mainstream media over anything written here.

    Most people agree with you. The few who discover this place move along quickly. You could do the same, but apparently you prefer beating the dead horse of patriarchy. Flog on.”-GM

    You’re the Managing Editor Guy. You make the choices of what to publish. There is a persistent theme that is unmistakeable.

    Far as preferring lies of the MSM, no I generally look for people outside the MSM like Richard Duncan, James Hansen and Albert Bates.

    Precisely where that coda regarding patriarchy comes from, I have no idea.


  • @ RE

    You are despicable, RE, what you are doing is exploiting MR’s suicide to get yourself a few hits and whoring some publicity for the Diner and your project by stirring up controversy by inventing your own strawmen.

    It’s not whether you advocate suicide or not, it’s that the pervasive topic here is Death and Grief, often from other authors you publish. A few examples:

    Rubbish. There’s three topics a week here, all kinds of subjects, often diametrically opposed, your claim is not true.

    If you weren’t thinking about Suicide before reading NBL, by the time you finish you’ll be ready to pull your plug! It’s non-stop DEPRESSING! Even the jokes are depressing on NBL.

    What’s really depressing is people like you, and the thought that anyone would WANT to survive and spend time in your company going through a bottleneck.

    You’re the Managing Editor Guy. You make the choices of what to publish. There is a persistent theme that is unmistakeable.

    That’s got to be the lamest remark yet. Guy is a PROFESSOR, he EDUCATES, that means he throws us stuff to discuss, doesn’t mean he agrees or approves or condones, it may well be he thinks it’s a good example of what he hates most, so he shows it to us so we can rip it to shreds, the fact you call him Managing Editor shows you don’t have a clue, it’s not a fucking BUSINESS,

    Yes, you effing loon, there is a persistent theme, it’s Climate Change and NTE, and for people who LOVE the wildlife and nature and have to watch it all go, it’s having their hearts ripped out that hurts more than they can say. That’s something YOU don’t understand.

    All YOU care about is your own fucking skin and eating hydroponic tomatoes in a fucking concrete dome and getting publicity for YOURSELF.
    Some of US find that crass and distasteful.

  • I echo Lidia’s comment…

    Would welcome an essay from Daniel. If you are reading, please do submit your essay! You are a wonderful & gifted writer, and you have been missed here. I truly value your ideas and admire how you choose to express yourself.

    For what it is worth, I also find myself agreeing with Ulvfugl’s comment above, especially the “crass & distasteful” part. I find that RE’s writings & attitude provide us with shining examples of the self-centered, narcissistic, competitive, and selfish aspects of human nature. In that sense, the writings of RE and the diner ilk do have some value: reminding us why we are in this mess, why we are very unlikely to get out of this mess, and why we should cherish every moment.

  • “You are despicable, RE”


  • “Most of this grain, however, was exported….” That’s right Rick, anything to make a buck. Also, during the Irish potato famine tons of Irish grain was shipped to England. It was needed, so it’s said, to feed the thousands of workers in the new factories that sprang up at the beginnings of, of all things, the stinking Industrial Revolution! Dead Irish folk would be found with their mouths a bright green…so much for the nutritional content of grass.

    I too think it’s wrong to say that suicide is something ugly and creepy. I know it will soon be a blessed release for many. Filthy, covered in sores, no more will to go on. I can see digging a hole in the back yard, curling up in the bottom of it and cutting my/our wrists. No problem, and it wouldn’t even conflict with my spiritual ideals. I would leave a shovel up there with a note on it for somebody to please cover me/us up, thanking them kindly for the help.

    Regarding Mike, I say God bless him. He’s still a hero to me and has been for many years. We all have a dark side and that’s that. I also honor Carolyn for continuing to remember the good he tried to share. A true friend is rare thing.

    RE, I know you’re a ok guy. But I don’t like drama so I don’t read your stuff anymore. Same with Tony, I just don’t bother. I’m kind of new to all this and have been a dick at times to some folks I really like now. So, sorry about that. I agree with the members that like to keep it cordial. I think I’m gonna grow up now, life’s short.

  • Mike was not a sweat lodge kind of guy.
    He was his own man, when that was gone, so was he.

  • ” I agree with the members that like to keep it cordial.”-KH

    Me too. I’m not the one pitching the Napalm here. I’m the one getting napalmed. So far I have been called a Fucking Zombie, an Idiot and Despicable. I’m sure if you go back through the comments you can find a bunch more epithets pitched at me. The Thought Police here don’t like my take on Suicide, so they are a good deal less than Cordial to me. I however am taking the High Road and remaining Cordial to them.


  • Student Loan Forgiveness Rant


  • Sunset (by Exist Strategy)

    Mike, this song is for you as my remembrance.

  • This is what’s happening on the ground:

    Solomon Islands flood victims ‘terrified’ after quakes – Food prices quadruple – Thousands of children still displaced

    [a few quotes]

    “It’s terrified the people who are in these displaced centres, they’re very, very frightened,” he told AFP.

    “Most of them went for higher ground but then they rushed back because they wanted to ensure what few possessions they have were safe.

    “It hasn’t disrupted the work we’re doing that much, but it’s put the people more and more on edge.”

    Kenna said food and supplies were being distributed but aid agencies estimated that only 40 percent of the items needed to cope with the disaster had so far arrived in the Solomons.

    With regional stockpiles still depleted after Super Typhoon Haiyan battered the Philippines in November, Hanna said additional supplies were being sent from the Middle East and South Asia but could be weeks away.

    In the meantime, he said preventing an outbreak of dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease already common in the Solomons before the floods, was a priority.

    “All the extra water that’s around is going to make the mosquitoes breed like crazy and I’d say that when it dries out, probably in the next three or four days, dengue’s going to be a major issue,” he said. [more]

    Prices for basic foods in the Solomon Islands have quadrupled following the floods there.

    TEAR Fund chief Ian McInnes says while the focus of the aid effort has been on Honiara, hundreds of other communities are yet to receive any help.

    A lot of market stalls are empty, but cabbages, tomatoes and root vegetables are selling for four times their normal price.

    “Adequate health care supplies are needed to combat diarrhoea, malaria, dengue fever, respiratory, eye and skin infections. Other major concerns for UNICEF include the availability of counselling services, reports of moderately or acutely malnourished children under five and the general protection of vulnerable people including children and pregnant women.”

    This is what collapse looks like. Expand it to the point where there IS NO HELP coming and you quickly “get the picture” of our vulnerability.

  • Kirk Hamilton says:
    RE, I know you’re a ok guy. But I don’t like drama so I don’t read your stuff anymore. Same with Tony, I just don’t bother. I’m kind of new to all this and have been a dick at times to some folks I really like now. So, sorry about that. I agree with the members that like to keep it cordial. I think I’m gonna grow up now, life’s short.

    Bob S. says:
    Kirk – a rattlesnake has crawled into your living room amongst your family and friends – keeping it cordial may lead to a bad outcome. RE is a charlatan – not an ok guy. He’s here to take advantage of us in any way he can – he’s not our friend.

    I can see how one could become confused. Those of us who respect Mike Ruppert – had to sometimes look past his eccentric, sometimes wacky, behavior. But Mike struggled to speak truth to power. Mike told us awful truths at great risk to himself and those he loved. That he had trouble coping with the reality of what he knew is no surprise.

    But RE wouldn’t even make a good pimple on Mike Rupperts ass. RE is not deserving of our respect. He disrespects us at every opportunity and has rightfully earned our scorn. And we should dump our frustration on his highness every chance we get :)

    Connect the dots in his writing to reveal his sick delusions.


    “Will indoctrinate your kids for boozebucks”

    RE says:
    I only need 10 to teach to Break Even. As we are economically structured at the moment, if you want this for your kid, a median income will suffice if you direct it toward the child’s education. However, I will not keep any child in the classroom who will not Listen & Obey. You can’t buy into it with lots of money. Eventually as we move to subsistence level, I expect this to be done by Barter. Unless there are not enough Fishermen and Farmers with kids they want educated, I should do fine with this. I can give a child the equivalent of an Ivy League education such as I had, just with a little better ideological underpinning and some focus change on what is actually worthwhile to learn for the FUTURE we are presented with. Nobody stays in my classroom who will not Listen & Obey though, I have ZERO tolerance for disobedience. I am as intolerant of that as I am of Capitalist Pigmen here on TBP. LOL. I am a TEACHER, not a fucking Babysitter or Prison Guard.

    Bob S. says:
    “Listen to and obey My voice, and I will be your God and you will be My people;
    and walk in the whole way that I command you.” Jer 7:23

    “Listen, obey, and be blessed
    When you hear God’s will expressed.
    If you’d be happy and enter his rest,
    Listen, obey, and be blessed.” Jehovah Witness song

    I will not keep any child … who will not Listen & Obey. RE
    Nobody stays in my classroom who will not Listen & Obey. RE


    “will kill your kids ’cause they are wimps”

    RE says:
    As a pretty strict Darwinist, I argue for what I call the “Test for Survival”, which amounts to taking all Males who reach Puberty and sending them out into the Wilderness for a year equally equipped, and seeing who makes it back alive at the end of the year. Said returnees are then Fully-Fledged members of the tribe and allowed to reproduce.

    Bob S. says:
    The most daunting rite of passage I have seen has been Aborigines sending boys out into the wilderness for up to 6 months. RE wants to double down and send the children for a year to die in the wilderness – cause he”s like 2x super macho.


    “Will die for you ’cause I am a great hero”

    RE says:
    Well, the Last Kayak Trip Out to Sea is not my PREFERRED Ticket to the Great Beyond. I’d more hope to sit in a Blind with my recently Field Amputated Gangrenous Legs by LD with my Barrett .50 Cal taking out the Army of the Illuminati as my friends make their Getaway.


    RE likes to promise great things in the future to lure his victims. To get parents to give their “median income” to him, he tells them he will ” scholarship” their kids when they are ready for the Ivy League.

    RE is here to round up suckers to “monetize” on the Diner. When his IRS letter comes he’ll start begging “contributions”. The larger the audience – the better the chance to land a sucker willing to “pony up” and fund his SUN delusions.

    Don’t be fooled by this asshats charm. As George Carlin would say – he don’t give a fuck about you – he don’t care about you…AT ALL.

  • @Bob S. I’m way too lazy, I completely missed all the quotes you searched out for me the first time they were posted by RE. I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to catch me up.

    My style here is to just skim over or pass, on posts that aren’t directly related to CC. It’s too bad that there are a few turds that insist in floating in our punchbowl. But, I’ve found that to be the case no matter where I go.

  • Me too. I’m not the one pitching the Napalm here. I’m the one getting napalmed. So far I have been called a Fucking Zombie, an Idiot and Despicable. I’m sure if you go back through the comments you can find a bunch more epithets pitched at me. The Thought Police here don’t like my take on Suicide, so they are a good deal less than Cordial to me. I however am taking the High Road and remaining Cordial to them.

    Yes, and we’ve seen you pull that troll trick over and over again, after you’ve stirred up shit and offended everybody and got the attention you sought, when the bees are all buzzing around your head, suddenly you become ‘the innocent victim’ who is always the good guy and on the side of righteousness.

    Except it doesn’t work here any more, RE. We’ve all seen through you by now. Tedious macho self-serving bullshit. Nothing worthwhile to offer.

  • RE, congrats, you have motivated me to make my first comment here. I love reading this place. Even if I don’t care for the article, the comments are always fantastic.

    I want you to know I read NBL because I find it refreshing, rejuvenating, and inspiring. Pretty much the opposite of depressing.

    Some months ago I was on your DD and read for hours. I used to love forums like that. I stumbled onto your SUN project. I read the background threads, saw how the idea matured. I was actually quite interested in it at first, til I saw one fella say something about… betting he would be the first guy to shoot an Elk with his trusty old 30-30. Do you know how depressing that is to me? I’ve never seen an Elk in the wild. And you want to put a group of meatheads like this together? lol have fun with that, I will stay far, far away from you guys.

  • If trying to raise consciousness and raise money to teach sustainable living paradigms and build resilient and affordable living spaces is a sin, I plead guilty.


  • All this thinking blocks feelings ( which prevents you from learning to drive, here, and ‘hereaftermore’)

    We got here by driving blind (without feelings).

    Physics: feelings are the stuff all creation is made of (body or not)

    Feelings are the currency/currentsea of the cosmos (body or not)

    We learn to swim in floods of feelings. (body or not)


    c)”Wormhole Navigation”

  • Kirk Hamilton seems to be caught up in the false dichotomy of good vs. evil and labeling everyone with a judgement and punishment that extends beyond the courts and even beyond the grave. Everyone is the hero of his own life story. Michael Ruppert is no exception and lies defenseless in his grave. We must remember that the judicial system gave us the Dred Scott Decision and President George Bush. Everything judicial decision is always political. I follow the tradition of withholding criticism of anyone who is dead and unable to defend themselves. It used to be considered cowardly. I sure hope Kirk won’t be giving my eulogy when I pass away. I seem to remember a couple of Cs on my report card.

  • RE writes “If trying to raise consciousness and raise money to teach sustainable living paradigms and build resilient and affordable living spaces is a sin, I plead guilty.”

    Once again, he does say some pretty funny things. All the warmth and charm of a used car salesman pleading with his hand upon the bible he’s an honest Christian. What a joke.

  • ” All the warmth and charm of a used car salesman”-GS

    Can I interest you in a Used Laptop with 1M Words on the keyboard?


  • I only wish to state that there is no association between traditional Lakota beliefs and suicide. I know this because I am in possession of a letter from traditional Lakota medicine men addressed to Leonard Peltier, Albert Garza, and Standing Deer. The letter is in response to their questions regarding their own choices in connection with suicide, specifically a death fast to protest their treatment in prison. The response from their elders and wise people was that suicide was not one of their traditions. They added, as traditional Indians would, that no one can tell another person what to do and each person must follow their own sacred convictions.

    I would share more regarding the letter, which is one of the most amazing things I have ever read, but it’s a long letter and it requires a lot of knowledge in order to understand.

    Suffice it to say that Lakota teachings had no bearing on anyone’s suicide unless that person just saw it that way.



    They could use some ferrocement Domes in that neighborhood. :)


  • We, each of us, have different impressions of Mike. Some choose to write large across his life the things we think he meant. Or said, even if he himself could barely claim it with a straight face at the end. I prefer to listen to what he said and then compare that to both the reality he is supposedly representing, and how he himself faced that reality.

    People have talked about his mercurial moods, yet no one but Jenna mentions AA and many here don’t appear to understand the implications of that. I have news, there is no promise that folks who at any time needed AA ever got that monkey off their back. Where did Mike meet Jesse Re? IN A BAR. Mike’s early brushes with psychiatry back in the late 70’s should have been another clue as to underlying issues. Flushed and red raced during Apocalypse Man mean anything to those of us who had ex-AA members for parents? Such personal mannerisms were not evident during his 9/11 Truther years, but they sure have shown up recently.

    And all along there was this internet legend to live up to. We were being told he was a LAPD detective (he wasn’t), that he had backed down Deutch (he didn’t), that he was the first on the CIA/LA drugs story (Webb beat him by months and Mike might well have been just a copycat), that he was the guy who broke the Tillman expose ( and Stan Goff just happened to be the guy who received the credit on the telly), and on and on and on.

    And then, after a vacation in Venezuela that some of us predicted was just that, things weren’t quite the same. Anyone who has ever read Carlos Ruiz story of what Mike was doing in Venezuela, and how he was “poisoned”, knows damn well what I’m talking about.

    Go here:

    for Mike’s version, and then note that Carlos’ story is File Not Found. There is a reason WHY there is a file not found on FTW, a website that otherwise has been working just fine for the better part of a decade. ASK THE DAMN QUESTION…you gang of alleged critical thinking types….WHY?

    So while we eulogize someone, let us not forget that there was a man involved rather than just the make believe internet character that many appear to want to funnel their hopes and dreams into.

    Doom wasn’t the only thing Mike was preoccupied with, and certainly not the only monkey on his back, and if I were to rank all the potential items that drove him to get off the ride earlier, the one that darn well might be right at the top was he knew, deep down, that he had been calling for the end, in many ways, across many years, and was even pimping it to Vice in the end, that any objective analysis of his “career” left the investigator shaking their head and snickering. Mike was a smart guy, no doubt about it, and for some folks, if that is all they have, and they know they are just spinning a tale but they can’t admit it because all of those folks who bought into their story are the only ones left who give them any respect, well, when that goes away what do you have?

    So you are caught between the legend and the truth, and you first squirm. Then it begins to gnaw at you, and it gets internalized. And then you arrive where you are headed. A broken, homeless and destitute man, with a dog and a gun.

    Enough time gone by to have been weighed and measured by the world, and even if you still have some true believers you can sell the legend to, you can no longer sell it to yourself.

  • ulvfugl,

    That’s a pretty lame remark. If you think I’m referring to trivial “predictions” such as that, then you really have far less intelligence than I used to give you credit for.

    If you or Guy can come up with a coherent analysis of why near term human extinction is assured, beyond simply listing a bunch of possible positive feedbacks, I’d be keen to read it. Neither of you has ever done that, despite Guy continually pointing people at his climate change update (which, itself, has had serious criticisms that haven’t been rebutted, that I’ve seen), which does give such an analysis.


  • Of course, I meant “which doesn’t give such an analysis”, at the end of my last comment, though no doubt some clever arse will jump on the original as proof of something.

  • Tony writes “If you or Guy can come up with a coherent analysis of why near term human extinction is assured, beyond simply listing a bunch of possible positive feedbacks, I’d be keen to read it.”

    But that is clearly untrue. You mention “a bunch of possible positive feedbacks” without understanding those are ACTUAL feedbacks. Methane is indeed bubbling out of the Arctic Ocean, etc etc etc. What you’re apparently looking for is a specific date for the world to end and since Guy won’t give one, you’ve concluded he can’t because nothing is happening. At this point, you should take up cigarette smoking. Not only will you look 15% cooler, you don’t have lung cancer and therefore cigarettes will do you no harm.