Five Reasons “For,” One “Against”

by Alton C. Thompson

And the winner is . . . “one against”!

According to Juan Cole, there are at least “5 Reasons Solar Energy Will Save the World.”  This article heading appears under the heading:

Thompson graphic for NBL




Since Cole has declared his 5 reasons to be examples of “informed comment,” I guess that we should accept them as such.  (Just kidding!)

Before making a decision as to whether or not we should accept his 5 reasons as “gospel,” it would only be fair to begin here by noting what they are.  Briefly:

  1. “The research and development monies now going into solar energy are great enough to fuel innovation and bring down prices rapidly.”


  1. “Honda is experimenting with a zero-carbon home.”


  1. Thin-skin solar panels will be installed directly on the cars, and a canopy recharger will fill them back up.”


  1. “Even poor countries of the global South like Pakistan are finding it affordable now to create enormous solar parks.”


  1. “After seeing the way Russia is bullying Western Europe over opposition in Brussels to Russia grabbing Ukrainian territory, with Russia threatening to cut off natural gas, many countries will be encouraged to invest in renewable energy sources that cannot be cut off.”

Wow!  Now I will be able to sleep “like a baby” tonight, with no fear whatsoever of the future!  (Again, just kidding!)

I’m not sure what literature Cole has been reading lately, but it is clear that he hasn’t read this statement by Guy McPherson, who states in the Introduction to his Going Dark (2013):

Shortly after the arrival of the 21st century I realized we were putting the finishing touches on our own extinction party, with the shindig probably over within a few decades.

Whose views regarding the human future are more believable, those of Cole—a Professor of History whose specialties are the Middle East and South Asia—or McPherson—a Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona?

The answer to this question is too obvious to state!

What Prof. Cole doesn’t seem to realize is that unless alternate technologies, such as solar, were to replace fossil fuels as an energy source within just a few years, and geo-engineering measures (e.g.,, carbon extraction) were to be implemented—and successfully!—on a massive scale, again within a few years, “runaway” climate change will occur, resulting in a severe culling of the human population—perhaps to the point of extinction.

This leads us to the key question:  What is the likelihood of these “events” occurring?  Unless I am drastically misreading our current political situation, with Pres. O’Bomber (sp.?!), at the helm, I would say that the likelihood is 0—i.e., ZERO!

Prof. Cole, why, then, are you trying to build our optimism, when you should be trying to help us think more realistically?!


McPherson was interview 29 April 2014 by Coral Reef and Free at Santa Cruz Freak Radio. It’s here.

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  • I mean, mike, what sort of an idiot bans people for discussing conspiracies, blows up his own blog, alienates his supporters, and then has another post devoted to what he just said he was not going to allow to be discussed ? Fucking clueless fruitcake you are.

  • @ulvfugl

    I ban people who are conspiracy mongers like yourself. I’m after truth, if you know what that means. Look in the mirror and you’ll see the clueless one.

  • ulvfugl,

    This is an oldie but goodie which I have been saving up for a deserving person such as yourself. You can hate me later. It’s Charles Eisenstein (boo! hiss!), who attempts the near impossible, in his words: “The purpose of this essay is not to debunk conspiracy theories or uphold the dominant historical narrative. Rather, I will advance a third explanation that respects and transcends both.”

    It’s a pretty impressive accomplishment.

  • These are the people whom Obama, Biden, Kerry, McCain, Brennan, Nuland and the CIA are supporting, trying to start another World War

  • xraymike,

    The only gripe I have with you is that you coddled ulvfugl for so long on your blog and then came back here to entice more blather out of him. Please accept Hannibal Lecter’s diagnosis for this type of person, and quit wasting your time: “Garden-variety manic depressive. Tedious, very tedious.”

  • @ xraymike

    You back again ? Yawn. You don’t need to ban me, I have looked at your site once, because of that pingback, I don’t take any interest in what you do, mike, waste of time.

    @ Phillip

    Whoever the fuck YOU are, go screw yourself and troll somewhere else.

    @ Martin

    Yes, I’ve read it before. He’s naive.

  • yes, there are many powerful forces behind the scenes, moving things around and making shit happen.

    there is a conspiracy – vast, spanning thousands of years. pretty sure Dick Cheney wasn’t invited to that planning party. and the Knights Templar? pppfffffftthht. they don’t even have an entry in the ledger.

    Earth cannot be erased and rewritten without having to completely scramble lots of bits. very big magnets and lots of top down planning are required for this level of total wipe. big time conspiracy for sure. ;)

  • @xraymike

    Do you understand that no one wants to believe that something far more nefarious was behind 9/11? I would love to believe it was just blowback, that would be very convenient. My life would be far less confounding if I just accepted the dominant narrative. I mean my life would be filled with endless joy if I believed every dominant narrative for that matter. Who wouldn’t want to believe in heaven and the American Dream? Who in their right mind wants to believe in climate change, or economic inequality, not to mention NTE? However, if I value empirical evidence, which I very much do, it’s not a matter of choice. We don’t get to cherry pick when we believe in science. Empirical evidence exists or it doesn’t.
    Therefore, I would either have to be insane, be blinded by bias, or have absolutely no understanding of how the physical world works to look at building 7 and not know that was a controlled demolition.
    Have you not once thought to yourself this basic fact: How can all four corners of a building collapse simultaneously when three of the corners are completely intact? Even if half of build 7 was destroyed, which it wasn’t, then it would have first collapsed on the damaged side, possibly pulling the other fully intact side down with it at an obvious angle. Same with the twin towers, but you have all four corners on all three buildings collapsing at exactly the same time. That is absolutely physically impossible! How do you not know that?!?!? It’s as basic as removing one leg of a chair. What do think will happen? Well, using the logic of the dominant 9/11 narrative, the other three legs suddenly disappear under the weight of the seat?

  • yes those genius nefarious humans who are behind everything, getting it all exactly right. yeah, those guys are so good, I just know they must be running the whole show.

    I mean really, it is all working so beautifully, how could it not be the work of godlike powers?

    these guys would have no trouble at all dropping two colossal buildings straight down in the middle of New York. just another days work for them bright boys.

    some very smart apes indeed designed this next one. I am so sure it is absolutely physically impossible (!) for wind to blow down a steel suspension bridge. I mean how could wind get hot enough to melt steel? totally impossible.

    I think it must have been top experts from the Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans division, who were recruited away to plan the Twin Towers demolition. and of course after they lost their best and brightest, New Orleans was just left helpless when Katrina came knocking. really too bad.

    but yeah, I’m glad to know somebody out there knows their engineering. gives me confidence that we’ll be fine.

  • Go back to talking about God Mo Flow, you’ll make more sense.

  • @ D,Martin,mo flow,

    What xratmike said

    I ban people who are conspiracy mongers like yourself. I’m after truth, if you know what that means.

    I have NOT ‘monged any conspiracy’.

    I didn’t ever put forward my view on what happened, only that anyone believing the official version was a litmus test for me, as to where they stood on the political spectrum, and in terms of their intelligence and awareness, etc.

    As I said, I was quite shocked to discover that xraymike believed ‘terrorists did it’, ‘blow back’, etc. because I had assumed he was a more sophisticated person, and banned discussion of CTs for other reasons.

    Time has passed, the internet is now completely different. A few months ago if I would have said that ‘they’ are watching you through the camera on your computer, and ‘they’ can listen to you through your mobile phone, even when it’s switched off, you’d have told me I was a mad conspiracy theorist.

    But we now KNOW, from Snowden, that ‘they’ have been doing these things for years !

    I’m not interested in wasting my valuable time getting into protracted haggles with people I don’t like or respect about what happened on 9/11, when there is so much to keep up with now and so much stuff that I want and need to read.

    xraymike’s ego is his problem, not mine, and Chefurka and mike k are pompous, pretentious, vain and I don’t waste any time on either of them either.

    The internet is now a warzone. The covert agencies, from all sides and nations and factions and trouble makers, plant disinfo and stories every day to try and influence global opinion. NSA, GCHQ, and their equivalents in Russia and China can track stories in real time as they move through forums and social media, and they can plant counter stories to muddy the water and make confusion. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    The term Conspiracy Theory was invented by the CIA as a way to discredit and smear anyone who doubted the official Warren Report. Which, just like the official 9/11 report, for anyone with a brain, was obviously junk.

    So my point has been, and is, that xraymike does not understand this, has not got insight into this. He wants to get the truth, but he’s shown he’s not much good at it, which is disappointing. He wanted to draw a clear line around climate and science and keep it separate from all this nasty difficult messy ‘truther’ stuff.

    But that’s impossible and absurd, because millions of people believe that AGW is a hoax and a conspiracy. So they dismiss Ruppert, Mcpherson and xraymike as being idiots who believe in conspiracies that have been foisted on us by scientists and governments and the NWO who want Agenda 21.

    All this is going to get much worse. You can’t believe anything on face value. You have develop your critical skills to evaluate information, just as for 9/11, and come to your best possible estimation. This is incredibly difficult when its all psyops deliberately designed to manipulate and mislead.

    So let’s look at Eisenstein that Martin thinks is impressive. He’s a nice guy, all positive, dolphins and rainbows and sharing.

    Consider, for example, the idea that the World Trade Center towers fell due to demolition charges placed inside the buildings by government operatives. For them to be willing to do this, they would have to exist nearly in a separate social universe, inculcated with values very different from those of the rest of society. Contrary to the impression given by Hollywood movies, people don’t commit acts like this out of pure unreasoning evil. They do so in conformity to a culturally-embedded world-view. I could see how Islamic Jihadists, inflamed by radical imams and outraged by the devastation that American imperialism has wreaked on their society, could hatch a plot to strike a blow at the “Great Satan”. But what would it take for American demolitions experts to commit mass murder against their own compatriots? What would it take for you, dear reader, to do it? What kind of alternate education, acculturation, indoctrination would you have to go through to commit and then keep secret such an act? Who would administer this education? How would the operation, and the whole educational and support infrastructure around it, be kept secret from the rest of society? Are the low-paid works in building security, or the majority of decent folks at the CIA or NSA in on it too? Basically, for a conspiracy of this scale to exist, there would have to be an entire parallel society hidden within our own, complete with a full set of parallel institutions to create people with a very different culture among us.

    Reread that last sentence through a metaphoric lens for a hint of where this essay is headed.

    So, what do you guys think ? Impressed ?

    I read that when it was first published ages ago. What’s the point of reading any further. He’s clueless.

    You know, there are the parallel cultures. I’ve been in them. They rob banks, smuggle dope, set up all kinds of illegal networks. They exist in all soceities, always have.
    Mostly they are small, relative to the ruling elites, but sometimes they are the ruling elites or sections thereof.

    He thinks it would be difficult or impossible to demolish the twin towers with demolition charges ?

    I mean he is an infant. What’s the matter with him. It’s simple. If it was to be done legally, you just install the charges, in the regular fashion, as any demolition contractor would explain.

    You get plans of the structure, work out the exact engineering, all the physics, install the explosives, and the buildings some down.

    Nothing hard about that part. Just that it’s be illegal and would have to be done secretly.

    Could that be done ?

    Of course. All you need is access and time to do it.

    Does that require hundreds, thousands of people to know, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, whoever ?

    No. It doesn’t need anything like that.

    Look what happened, on the record, part of the investigation.

    For two weeks, prior to 9/11, white vans were arriving continuously at both towers with men who were taking in stuff that they were installing inside the floor cavities.

    What was this stuff ? Smallish black boxes placed next to the structural columns and girders inside the floor spaces, something to do with upgrading the wifi system.

    No security checks were done on these guys or on those installations.

    Why ? Because they were given clearance.

    Who gave them clearance ? The company in charge of security for the towers.

    What company was that ? I forget the name, but just happened to be owned by the Saudis and run by George Bush’s brother Marvin.
    (Who happens to have all kinds of dodgy dirty dealings in his past record.)

    So, the workers get told that they have a contract to do the wifi for the towers. They are just ordinary NY workers from Puerto Rico or Poland or Hawaii or wherever, who have to carry boxes into vans and then out of vans, and then crawl through floor spaces and put them in the correct location.

    It only needs about 6 fucking people to know what this fucking plan is really about.

    Those black boxes can have a neat bit of electronics for a radio trigger, and when the time is right, they all go bang in sequence.

    Nobody ever investigated those vans or inquired into what that was about.

    Look, I’m not even suggesting that is what happened or that is how it was done.

    I don’t give a fuck, one way or the other, I’m just indicating that Eisenstein does not impress me, and just because he wouldn’t blow up anybody, he isn’t able to understand that there are plenty of people alive who it doesn’t bother at all how many people they kill, just so long as they get whatever it is that they want.

  • It is pretty clear that XrayMike is not stupid enough to believe the official story,of 9/11. And he is far too vicious in attacks against truthers. I think we can add him to the list of vehemently anti truthers… Very smart analytical people not stupid enough not to understand the insanity of the official 9/11 story…. Add him to the list of: Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Joshua Holland, Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow, and so many other gate keepers. What a disappointment that a site that seemed dedicated to truth no matter where it goes ends up seemingly to defend something, whatever it is (I have my ideas) against the truth of 9/11 and the consequences if that truth ever would become general knowledge.

  • Pfgetty, the humorous thing is that the site graphic not only talks about finding “the truth behind the American hologram”, but it sports a picture of the twin towers in flames!

    I’m feeling there’s sort of a bait-and-switch going on. ;-)

    Ha! Clinton is not going to tell the truth! Goodman and Maddow want a seat at the table, still, as does Chomsky, I imagine. The go. And media have done a pretty good job not only of brainwashing (viz. mike) but of making sure that people get a lot negative attention and pushback for their skepticism. Look at the brouhaha at coic, and it’s only a damn blog with, what, a couple hundred readers?

  • I stand by what I said: Eisenstein does a good job of what Lidia calls triangulation, always a good mental exercise in avoiding the twin-resonator, either-or conundrum. As for 911, I am agnostic about any aspect of it that I am unable to resolve to my own satisfaction (nearly all of it) and astonished that statements that can easily be shown to be false—WTC looks like a controlled demolition (it doesn’t), the twin towers fell at or near free-fall speed (they didn’t), and fell into their footprint (they didn’t)—are still heavily contested.

    No one can make the science stand up. That side of history, when the verdict of science was respected, is over. Now it’s historicity all the way down.

    Those who say CoIC is now a busted flush will soon be proved wrong.

  • Never attribute malice (or conspiracy) to that which is most readily and completely evidenced by stupidity and individual avarice.

    Between the rock of myopically individual ignorance and irrationality (aka “belief”) and the hard place of programmed assimilation nothing will be left when the two collide.

  • @ Martin

    I stand by what I said: Eisenstein does a good job of what Lidia calls triangulation, always a good mental exercise in avoiding the twin-resonator, either-or conundrum. As for 911, I am agnostic about any aspect of it that I am unable to resolve to my own satisfaction (nearly all of it) and astonished that statements that can easily be shown to be false—WTC looks like a controlled demolition (it doesn’t), the twin towers fell at or near free-fall speed (they didn’t), and fell into their footprint (they didn’t)—are still heavily contested.

    No one can make the science stand up. That side of history, when the verdict of science was respected, is over. Now it’s historicity all the way down.

    Oh dear. Well, I don’t care what happens re CoIC, that’s of no interest to me, it’s just blog run by someone who revealed what he’s really like and where he really stands in the scheme of things.

    You’re free to be a fan of Eisenstein, I’m decidedly not.

    I’m not going to waste any of my time arguing over twin towers. Anybody who believes the official version, is, imo, an unmitigated idiot.

    I mean, just how gullible do you have to be. The impact and fire was supposed to have been so intense that no trace of the plane passengers survived, but somehow, miraculously, Mohammed Attar’s passport came fluttering down, in perfect condition, to be found by someone walking in the street below and handed to a Fed agent. And he left his bag behind, to be found, complete with Koran and incriminating notes, in three different places.

    Yes, as Lidia just mentioned, Building 7, Building 6. In fact, if you go through the whole story, the official version, every aspect, all the planes, there is not one bit of it that makes any sense at all.

    But there we are. People don’t like having their beliefs upset, it’s painful and hard to cope with and means making big adjustments.

    Most of my life I used to believe what I was told by the BBC. It came as a shock to me to discover that they lied to me.

  • People don’t like having their beliefs upset, it’s painful and hard to cope with and means making big adjustments.

    Do you mean me? Perhaps the fault does not lie in me, but in your litmus test. If it is giving you false readings, then it must be refined or, if that is not possible, abandoned. I think your litmus test—that what people “believe” about an historical event, any historical event—doesn’t tell you anything about them. It just tells you what their state of knowledge is about the event. The official version about 911? I haven’t read it. Am I familiar with the blaze of anomalies and coincidences concerning this event? Sure. Does the apparent high weirdness of evidence of deep state machinations mean that xraymike is wrong to dismiss the controlled definition hypothesis? I think it’s more likely that your litmus test is giving you a false positive. Does the foregoing mean the Guy is correct to argue that what happened on that day runs counter to the laws of thermodynamics? I submit that your litmus test is giving you a false negative.

    As I’ve been at pains to point out, I don’t have any solidified beliefs about 911. I do think, though, that learning the names of British wildflowers is a better use of my time.

  • @ Martin

    People don’t like having their beliefs upset, it’s painful and hard to cope with and means making big adjustments.

    Do you mean me?

    No,I mean everyone.

    It’s like finding out that your parents or your trusted wife or husband or whomever you dearly love, has been lying to you, has betrayed you, has tricked you.

    It’s one of the most painful things that can happen. It’s what often leads to murder. That’s why the French have crime passionnel.

    In our evolutionary history, as I see it, tribal leaders are the most trusted, relied upon, looked up to, respected, senior members. They are, or were, like super-parent figures. I think we all want or feel a need to have such figures that we can turn to for guidance. Particularly in times of confusion and crisis.

    So, when you discover that such people are not what you had always thought them to be, this is a dreadful experience.

    As for devout Catholics, re paedophile priests, as for kids who loved Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris on TV, as for so many other cases, where iconic figures turn out to be corrupt and depraved.

    When someone discovers that they have been betrayed, and that what they believed is now incorrect, when the matter is really deep and personal, it causes an existential crisis.

    Some people call it cognitive dissonance but really, it can feel like you’re ripped in half, people do kill themselves and others because of the anger, pain and conflict.

    They have to find some story they can tell themselves that resolves the intolerable internal anguish.

    The Neocons follow the teachings of Leo Strauss from the Chicago School, that the only way to hold USA together is to feed the population a fake mythology. So that’s what they have been doing.

    This is basic propaganda going back to Goebbels, to Bernays, and right back to Napoleon, who had himself portrayed in a huge painting gently tending the wounds of his injured soldiers, whilst at the same time he was issuing orders that all sick and injured stragglers should be shot dead because they were slowing down the army.

    What people see on TV which puts them into a state of shock, is what they remember, and what sticks. It gets past the rational analytical mind. 9/11 was a global brain washing exercise to manipulate public perceptions via the TV.

    That’s what I mean when I say I see it as a litmus test. I mean I am aware how Gvt. uses the media to manipulate popular opinion, as a propaganda tool, because I’ve studied the subject. Going right back to the French Revolution, and before that, to Rome and Greece.

    Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Bernays, Goebbels, etc. and now we have the internet.

    So, what, where, are you, amidst this vast amount of information that is rushing past every day ? I think most people have no idea what is going on, they are lost in the trivia and the confusion.

    My guess would be 80% are clueless, really. They will more or less accept anything they are told, and tomorrow they will just as readily accept the opposite.

    Then there’s the 20%. They have got some idea and they all have their strong views and opinions and are pushing towards their goals and aspirations.

    I think 99% of those 20% are human, selfish, concerned with personal or political power and control. I don’t think that the individuals even know, at a really deep level, why they are driven, it’s just their human nature to compete and they follow their compulsion, and their cultural narratives.

    So I see myself outside of all of that, sitting on my mountain, because I’m not motivated or driven by trying to build a larger corporation or by trying to gain greater influence over some other organisation, or most of the urges that many people have that stimulate them to compete and strive.

    I like to have clear insight, in so far as that is possible.

    Re knowledge of British wildflowers and 9/11, these are not mutually exclusive, I recommend Vegetation of Britain and Ireland, M. Proctor, Collins New Naturalist series, which I have in my reading heap.

  • Omg! Xraymike is on it again. Now he says Occam’s razor dictates that the official story is true. It is preposterous. By far, the simplest explanation of literally thousands of bits of evidence is that agents in out own government planned and executed 9/11. Nothing else comes close.
    I have found that when intelligent, very analytical people who are not die hard right wing supporters who become well versed in the details of 9/11 vehemently criticize and insult the truthers, disregarding such obvious inconsistencies in the official story, there is something els going on besides just ignorance or having head stuck deeply in sand. There is an agenda they are supporting, and defending something or some people who would be found to be criminal and corrupt if the real story of 9/11 were known. In Mike’s case it is even more obvious. He has great respect for one person who knows the official story is a lie….Guy McPherson…..and yet he calls these disbelievers in the official fantasy the “lunatic fringe”. It is hard to believe he would not give serious consideration to the claims of groups like architects and engineers for 9/11 truth, and instead spout inconsistent fragments of supporting “evidence” for the theory that Muslims broke down all defenses in the US and destroyed so much. I feel much the same way about Noam Chomsky, Rachel Maddow, Bill Clinton, Amy Goodman, and on and on. There is something, and I have my idea, that they are defending. It is impossible that they cannot see that the official story is so, so ridiculous. Check out XRaymike’s newest. He is trying so hard. Wolfowitz and Pearl and Cheney would be proud!

  • This will assure an even speedier extinction of humans and other species….

    The Koch brothers set to spend many more millions to defeat Democrats and any moves away from fossil fuels….

  • This will assure an even speedier extinction of humans and other species….

    The Koch brothers set to spend many more millions to defeat Democrats and any moves away from fossil fuels….