Three Interviews

I was interviewed by Reese Jones, an individual unaffiliated with any company or organization. After following my work for several months, she contacted via email and asked to conduct an extended interview via YouTube. The latest clip, which is her favorite, is embedded below. The interview was conducted 17 July 2014. The full slate of video clips can be found here. I very much appreciate Reese’s efforts.


by Reese Jones

This video in the series is important, but then, they all are. This video is particularly stark — Dr. McPherson dares to cite predictions regarding the timeline for the end of the banking industry and the power grid as we know them to be. Predictions are always a dangerous thing to do. The universe seems to take umbrage and turn on its ear just to make a mockery of this very type of hubris.

I applaud Dr. McPherson’s courage. Every word he speaks is important; whether you agree or disagree, the messages are provocative and given with great care, and will provide one much to think about. And sometimes, predictions do indeed come true.


Interviewing Dr. McPherson, you may discover he is a lyrical man; he seems to be both sensitive artist as well as prodigious dispensary of scientific facts. He seems given to philosophy, poetry, speculative wonder, expressing deep appreciation for both cruel reality as well as the ephemerally sublime.

He is one of the most unique individuals I have ever come across on Youtube, a video world populated with already very unique individuals. And few if any of these come with the academic credentials that adorn Dr. McPherson.

How many have given up a lifetime of such solid investiture to follow their higher truth? Very few it seems, and those who have seem most often to fall by the wayside, mere shadows of their former, compliant, successful selves. They dared dance on the peripheries of accepted dogma, only to become pariahs held in utter disdain by their more conservative peers.

Not only is Dr. McPherson lyrically erudite, but he is also very entertaining. You might find yourself mesmerized by his every word. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, his message has the power to spur us to action. As he says, all we really have is this one moment. Let us make the most of it; who knows how many more there will be?

Abby Martin interviewed Carolyn Baker about our forthcoming book on RT’s Breaking the Set. The result is embedded below, with relevant action starting at the 6:50 mark.

The second half of my months-old interview with the Doomstead Diner is linked here. It’s also embedded below.


My forthcoming book is co-authored by Carolyn Baker. Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind has been submitted to the publisher and is scheduled for release before 1 October 2014.


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  • Quite funny the pop-on AD on the video is for OIL INVESTMENT

    A quick personal alphabet of a crash.
    A. financial/economy
    B. energy
    C. water shortage
    D. drought
    E. storms
    F. heat
    G. food shortage
    H. nuclear
    I. war
    J. separation in wealth
    K. police states
    L. lies
    M. manipulation/medias
    N. confusion
    O. desperation
    P. violence
    Q. dictators
    R. capitalism
    S. education
    T. diversion
    U. overpopulation
    V. pollution
    W. nationalism
    X. acidification of oceans
    Y. ice melt
    Z. rapid climate change
    Just one leads to bad stuff.
    All together lead to…well, you know.

  • Dammit, I meant to include DISEASE.
    I ran out of letters.

  • @MT

    Haha, that’s quite humourous, about the ad. If the company knew, perhaps they might wish to pull the ad. ON the other hand, those in denial would much appreciate the ad, and might be inclined to make purchase.

    That’s an impressive list you have… well done. Just add 2 D’s… thinking outside the box, there’s no one to say we can’t have multiple letters of the alphabet in our lists.

    D. drought
    D2. disease

    oh… and another:
    D3. denial

    Please do stay tuned for the upcoming videos… they are doozies, so to speak.

    And that makes for D4: doozies. We humans are committing quite a few of them.


  • @mt

    Not enough letters. Use numbers, and then you can include ignorance, stupidity, greed, stubbornness, irrational thinking and irrational behaviour etc., which are the cause of most of the predicament and the reason nothing is done to avert or even mitigate the escalating continuous catastrophe.

  • Good interviews, Reese; you are a kindred spirit, to Guy, and I feel, to many of us. Please stick around as we go through all of this together.

  • Ha. Bigger cars. Is it not true that a large of Americans have become so fat they can no longer walk more than a few metres and need huge contraptions to move them from place to place.

    In a recent discussion with a district councillor I pointed out that oil has to be constrained in the $100 to $120 range; if it drops below $100 a barrel oil extraction becomes unprofitable; if it rises above $120 the global economic system implodes.

    I too have 2016 in mind for major disruption. The criminals and clowns can keep playing their idiotic games (more idiotic games) till then.

    Here in NZ we seem to be living in the ‘Age of Boondoggles’. Anything to maintain the illusion everything is wonderful.

  • If anyone has any interest, I have posted the following comment at Fractal Planet:

    I have ten interrelated questions regarding the process here. Calm, unemotional, non-attacking, non-defensive, well reasoned responses would help greatly. Of course anyone reading this has the option of just ignoring these questions and not responding at all:

    (1) Will someone help me understand why no one here has any interest in or concerns about complexity theory and nonequilibrium thermodynamics and their implications as they relate to global warming, ecological, and nuclear collapse?

    (2) Do these fields just seem too distant and “irrelevant” regarding the clearly stated agenda of “proving” that Guy McPherson supposedly has it “wrong” and that he presumably “harms” other humans with his message? (Complexity theory and nonequilibrium thermodynamics do tend pretty strongly to support his conclusions.)

    (3) Does the evidence these fields point to detract too strongly from the narrow-focused, exclusive, scientific approach of “fact checking”, constructing, and deconstructing the “proof” against GM, which the participants experience as a fun and intellectually stimulating game within their strongly preferred Newtonian physics playfield despite its many, well known weaknesses, especially as related to complex ecological and climate systems?

    (4) Do complexity theory and nonequilibrium thermodynamics, and their implications as they relate to global warming, ecological, and nuclear collapse, elicit too much anxiety by pointing to and emphasizing the lack of control, the unpredictability, and the irreversibility of the complex Earth systems under discussion?

    (5) Do these fields and their implications, elicit too much cognitive dissonance with respect to the preferred, much simpler, presumably more predictable Cartesian-Newtonian, physics-based analyses by pointing to and emphasizing the lack of control, unpredictability, and irreversibility of the complex Earth systems by comparison?

    (6) Do the participants find these fields too abstract and too difficult to comprehend?

    (7) Do the people here really believe that the facts regarding climate change, ecological, and nuclear collapse, while excluding complexity theory and nonequilibrium thermodynamics, present a more accurate and more relevant view of Earth’s complex climate and ecosystems than facts that include these fields? Really? Based on what reasoning, evidence, and logic?

    (8) Do the people here really believe that you can make meaningful statements and predictions about Earth’s climate and ecosystems while excluding complexity theory and nonlinear thermodynamics from your reasoning? Seriously?

    (9) Do complexity theory and nonlinear thermodynamics threaten too directly and too strongly the human supremacist fantasy of dominance over and control of nature in general, and of Earth in particular, inherent in Cartesian-Newtonian values and assumptions that most people who comment here remain committed to and insist on maintaining?

    (10) Any other motivations for the strong, often highly emotional avoidance of complexity theory and nonequilibrium thermodynamics, despite their clear relevance to the conversation?

    As Luc Ferry suggests in his book, The New Ecological Order, deep ecology serves as the first significant challenge to Cartesian thought in 300 years. It rejects anthropocentrism and finds intrinsic merit in all forms of life, natural systems, and natural phenomena—even if no humans ever existed or cease to exist. I have held deep ecological values for several decades, so I do not feel at all surprised that so many commenters, here, upset themselves so readily with many of my questions and comments.

  • I have savaged Carolyn Baker on many prior posts,so I don’t even know why I continue. “She has know shame”. All this talk of earth being in hospice is so pathetically anthropocentric. We FUCKING murdered the earth!!!!! And she sits at the pinnacle of empire with her sickening degree in deluded patriarchal psychology. Like that is something that lends her credibility. Again, she knows know shame. That the only thing to consider after we gang-raped, sodomized,and brutally tortured every living non-human being on the planet she promotes grief counseling for the murderers. Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thoughts on Power Grid & Bank Failure Timeline, The Tyranny of Oil

    Like other contributors here, I am in full agreement with the consensus that we have, at best, a bleak future. Nevertheless, I feel the need to clarify a few points that Guy made…

    1. The USA financial system will lead the world into collapse.

    This opinion goes against the history of empires, which do not collapse from the center. Rather they collapse from the periphery towards the center. Thus, it seems more likely that Japan, due to many factors, will be the first. And as before WWI, Japanese Capital will move to the perceived safety of the center of empire, the U.S. Second in line is the European Union with its unsolvable conflict among savers in the north, spenders in the south, banks loan-leveraged 60:1, and the new bank bail-in legislation. Again EU Capital will flee to the perceived center of safety, the U.S. So yes, the U.S. mega banks will collapse, but they will be the last. From start to finish the process may take hours (making this argument pedantic) or, with Capital flight into the U.S., perhaps years.

    2. If another Lehman Brothers failure occurs, it will take down the entire financial system.

    The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers called into question the value of its financial collateral causing banks not trust one another and, in turn, froze credit creation and lending across the nation. Since the Lehman Bros. bankruptcy, the Federal Reserve has stepped in and created a fountain of credit (debt) based on even poorer quality financial collateral. Over the last five years, the national and international financial system has avoided further bankruptcies by creating over 4 $trillion in credit at 0.25% interest in the U.S. and trillions of Euros and Yen. As large as that these sums are, the U.S. increase is about 4% of GDP. In other words, the economy as a whole can probably sustain that amount of dilution of the money supply (inflation) for years to come.

    3. John Williams predicts hyperinflation in 2014.

    John Williams has been presenting annual well-reasoned white papers since 2008 all predicting hyperinflation in two years. How could John, a solid numbers man, be so wrong? For one thing, John has underestimated how resilient the American public has been to inflation. Using his numbers, there has bee an average 9% yearly real inflation. That means Americans have seen their purchasing power decrease by 50% over the last 7.7 years and decrease by 75% over the last 11 years! John has also underestimated how a tight-night U.S. Treasury, The Exchange Stabilization Fund, The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, the private banking cabal known as the Federal Reserve, and a highly concentrated mass media, have been able to create the necessary credit, boost the Dow Jones, and convince the average person everything is fine.

    To have hyperinflation, the average person must believe that the dollar will not hold its value in the short-term and that another currency or purchasing tangible assets provides more financial security. In spite of the obvious, the average international firmly believes the dollar is the most solid of fiat currencies (as evidenced by flight of Capital).

    Again, the big picture is massive world-wide $1.25 Quadrillion (1.25 petadollars) in debt that the World’s economies cannot pay to a highly interconnect Western banking system. Such unpaid debt is deflationary in spite of Federal Reserve currency printing (credit creation).

    4. Oil will become too expensive to use.

    Oil priced in fiat dollars is becoming more expensive, but oil price in grams of gold has been constant, compared to dollars, for more than a half a century. Inflation aside and rather than an all-or-nothing cost-based use of oil, it seems that as oil becomes more expensive, it will be reallocated to more precious activities.

    It is interesting that oil production has remained constant over the last five years of global recession. In other words, while retail sales of oil have decreased, we appear to be using more and more oil to produce less and less retail oil.

    When it takes a barrel of oil to produce a barrel of oil, then the game over.

    5. Failure of the electrical grid would stop industrial civilization.

    The current (no pun intended) electrical grip is aging and highly vulnerable to attack. The problem, of course has been centralization, privatization, and trading infrastructure maintenance in exchange for increased quarterly shareholder profits.

    As the West, East, and Texas centralized grids fail, a distributed patchwork of micro, neighborhood, community, county, and even regional power will probably replace centralize systems with ten times the cost per kilowatt combined with intermittent service. This will certainly slow down or even stop heavy industry, but it seems likely that light use would continue for awhile.

  • Hi Bud, I don’t know what the audience of Fractal Planet is like (though I have browsed it once or twice) but from your description it sounds like an audience I wouldn’t want to know.

    I couldn’t understand how anyone would reject complexity theory and science and still claim to appreciate climate science. The earth’s climate is a great example of a complex system, as is the entire earth system itself. I think the Club of Rome people have some of the most salient analyses on this topic with their Limits to Growth simulations. The models used in climate (change) science are generally based on taking nonlinear dynamics into account.

    Chaos arises out of Newtonian dynamics (see the textbook Mechanics by Sheck). You can’t accept Newtonian dynamics and not accept chaos (and complexity). One just flows from the other as the system being dealt with gets more and more complex.

  • Preaching to pigs pleading that they clamber out of their fractious plainshit wallow only betrays ones own folly. The sage advice about radio stations – eff’em – may be applied to better effect here.

  • Reese: well done! Out of all the interviews Guy has given, you seem to be one of the few who actually grasps what all this implies. It’s commendable that you don’t shy away from the enormity of the issue. Thanks. I hope there are more of these coming with you as moderator. Perhaps you could convince Michael Mann or Mr. 350.Org to sit down with Guy and have a conversation. That would be something to hear.

  • @ Steve, I appreciate your passion for the subject, but can you honestly say that we are murderers? Most of us only started to have an awareness after it was too late. Plus, we are part of nature, so in some sense what we have done is natural. Additionally, we have reason to believe we are in the midst of a great cycle, foreseen by the ancients, possibly planetary in nature. What ‘we’ have done that has led to this great death was mostly in the name of life, with the exception of the careless and greedy acts, mostly only in the past several decades. Can you honestly say that those of who grieve the situation at hand deserve no empathy in our grief? I find that unnecessarily harsh, personally.

  • Northern Canada is On Fire, And It’s Making Global Warming Worse

    Dry and warm weather have fueled large forest fires across Canada’s remote Northwest Territories.

    The combined boreal forests of Canada, Europe, Russia and Alaska, account for 30 percent of the world’s carbon stored in land, carbon that’s taken up to centuries to store. Forest fires like those currently raging in the Northwest Territories, as well as ones in 2012 and 2013 in Russia, can release that stored carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Warmer temperatures can in turn create a feedback loop, priming forests for wildfires that release more carbon into the atmosphere and cause more warming.

  • There are few people, mush less professional people, that have taken the time to seriously attempt to help the rest of us through this seemingly god-forsaken disaster. Guy, is a great example of how educated and caring individuals can provide awareness and comfort to the rest of us caught in the downward spiral to extinction. Several of the regulars here at NBL are providing the same kind of service. I have the utmost respect for you all. Another person I want to acknowledge is Dr. Carolyn Baker. Over the last two years she has provided me with valuable insights. Her steady and professional manner runs deep and is very much appreciated by me. As a professional myself, I’m comfortable with the way well trained professionals express themselves, I expect nothing less from Dr. Baker. One thing about Dr. Baker that I’d like to add is that she appears to be continually growing, growing along with the rest of us. I can remember, quite awhile back, before she had accepted the inevitability of NTHE. Now she joins Guy in attempting to bring an even higher level of care to the afflicted in co-authoring his new book. All I can say is, “Congratulations Carolyn, and thank you for sharing your knowledge and your heart!”

  • Guy
    Many scientist and “well-learned” people agree with what you say—your interpretations and connections of other scholarly work. They just stop a little way before you do. I would be interested to know how these others that disagree with your conclusion, e.g. NTHE, feel their particular disastrous future is all that much better.
    In most scenarios civilization crumble, sickness, pain, suffering prevail, most people die and, I could go on, but why.
    It’s damn obvious that I.C. has no intent on stopping itself, even if that would help now.
    My point is whether it will be twenty years or a hundred… we’re fucked. Whether all die or 99% die, confuses me, in that all we have done will be lost/forgotten, anyway. I don’t wish this harsh and cruel situation on anyone. It is surely not for me. Perhaps some have a romantic notion of “toughing it.” Perhaps some don’t mind facing murdering others to stay alive. I prefer not to face that.
    I mean, yes, it would be nice if some make it, I guess. Other life, yes. Us, not so much.
    Seriously though, what if a few H. Sapiens do happen to squeeze through? Might we begin it again?
    Maybe we had better go.

    I know, I know: “You first”
    I’m too chicken for now, and besides, I’m not an advisor. Make up your own mind.

  • Let us assume here for a moment that the NTHE hypothesis is correct, and we will experience Extinction by Mid-Century.

    Why should this engender any more Grief than extinction a Millenia from now? We are going to go extinct no matter what, extinction is a regular process.

    The biosphere always had a limited lifespan, so somebody at some point had to live at the time said biosphere no longer would function. Mars and Venus both left the window for this some time back.

    PRIOR to actually GOING extinct, you live as long as you can. Besides the suicidal (which is strictly a Homo Sapiens thing, you don’t see Goats offing themselves), the imperative of life is to live so long as you can.

    So, here we face innumerable parameters threatening immediate survival. Clathrates, Fukushima, NATO Militarists, you name the poison here. During this period, you can get all Weepy and go to Grief Workshops, or you can see if you can make it through to tomorrow. The day after that, WTF knows?

    I am not predisposed to getting Weepy over Extinction. I’d rather spend my last days on earth figuring out how to live until tomorrow. The end will come for me, as it will come for all the Batters here on NBL at some point, as it will for Homo Sapiens, as it will for all Life on Earth too.

    That day is not here YET. In the mean time, why be all Weepy about it? See if you can make it through another day. That is all any living thing does.


  • RE
    I missed the “weepy post. If it refers to sadness, I’ve seen those, even wrote some. Are you never sad?

    Way over my limit, but no one’s awake—-RIGHT.

  • mt. I think there are other possibilities that I don’t see being considered at this point, and it’s not something I care to get into at this point either, but I do think there other possibilities. I’m not talking about some infinitesimal chance of an utopia happening but there’s a lot of things that could happen beyond NTHE and collapse of IC.

    Some humans may survive and start over. I think this is unlikely. but you can imagine a number of post-IC scenarios.

    NTHE may happen and most modern life become extinct and the planet restarts from where it was tens or hundreds of millions of years ago leading to a different kind of sentient creature. Somewhat likely.

    I think considering what happens to you personally (I prefer to life live as though NTHE would happen tomorrow) and what happens to humans are two separate issues. We’re going to ride this one out and we’ll get to see what happens.

    USENET existed during the 80s and perhaps the 70s. Did anyone make predictions about the future 30-40 years from then (i.e., from 1970-1980), and who are the ones who got it right, that in 2014 we’d be at 7+ billion people, we’d still be around with a 400ppm+ CO2 and in a highly consumer-capitalist-driven civilisation?


    Post #2.

  • Of course I am Saddened by the progress here over my lifetime. I witnessed the shit just as you did. My reference to “Weepiness” is not to a specific post, it is to the zeitgeist here on NBL in general, which you may or may not perceive, but I certainly do every time a Grief Workshop or Carolyn Baker’s Hospicing ideas are brought up.

    However, I don’t let Sadness over the state of the world or possible outcomes rule my life. The world is as it is, it operates on many parameters you have ZERO control over, and in fact which the “Leadership” has zero control over also. See Paul Chefurka’s Thermodynamic arguments in this regard.

    Ultimate outcomes here are deterministic, Extinction is a Guarantee, always has been. The only issues are timelines, and insofar as that goes for you, only what occurs through your lifespan. So your choices during this period are to see whether you can live another day or not, as each day passes by in the course of your lifetime. Clearly, it gets harder all the time, and is likely to get a good deal harder than this, but that just provides a challenge really.

    Being Sad about it, getting Weepy about it is a very depressing way to live overall IMHO. I’d rather see if I can figure out just how to survive another day, until finally the Grim Reaper calls my name, and I Buy My Ticket to the Great Beyond, along with everyone else who ever lived or will live sometime into the indeterminate future.



    Bless you, thank you both so much, it would indeed be quite intriguing to have Dr. Mann directly address the questions that Guy asks. Perhaps we can find a way to gently ‘induce’ him. They are important questions, deserving of his learned response.


    7/20/2014 — Strange EXPLODING Sinkholes in Central Florida + Siberia Russia

    A strange geologic event occurred in Central Florida.

    Residents of Spring Hill, FL were surprised to see (and feel) a large underground “explosion”, which sent the ground UPWARD before collapsing into a sinkhole. [lots of pics, ends with]

    Don’t know quite what to make of these “exploding” sinkholes, other than to assume we’re seeing some kind of Methane / Natural gas / Hydrogen Sulfide exploding underground.

    Now Official — The Internet Is Total Horseshit

    [another fun essay by Dave Cohen; one quote]

    Looking at the internet, I’m reminded of something Kurt Vonnegut said in the first chapter of his last novel, Timequake, published in 1997. He said it in a different context, but I don’t think that matters.

    So it is not one whit mysterious that we poison the water and air and topsoil, and construct ever more cunning doomsday devices, both industrial and military. Let’ us be perfectly frank for a change. For practically everybody, the end of the world can’t some soon enough.

    The internet is another weapon of mass destruction! And what is being destroyed? Hope.

    “can’t come soon enough” … score one for the Doomers.
    [read it if you’re interested]

  • Wow to the Florida sinkhole news. Just awaiting the conclusion re the Siberian sinkhole and watching a program on H2 channel where a scientific theory of past extinctions due to methane releases was featured. Someone posted the site below here a while ago and I’ve been checking it out. This Florida sinkhole might be a tipping point of sorts in that an explosion was observed.

  • RE
    I’m sad, too, every day at 6 am. We all go at it slightly differently. I’m not a defender of Carolyn’s. I’m not attacking your method. I have no answer.

  • I watched several of the first set of interviews you posted on Friday. Great stuff.

  • RE
    Explain why and how you and your group can make it while you will be competing with ultra rich sociopaths like Bill Gates, psychopaths like Dick Cheney and many other determined creeps with previously unlimited funds that helped them to store huge quantities of food, water and weapons, along with building deluxe underground bunkers (others, beside you have a plan. Billionaires, government leaders and such, have plans).
    If miraculously you survive the initial calamities of Mother Nature, which I doubt, you will then be competing with them—the self-important and greedy.
    If any group will make it through, I suggest these well-supplied moles will outlast you, and if it comes to it, enslave or kill you.
    The stormy, hot, radiated earth with the dead acidified oceans will be quite the welcome for these buried rats.
    What happens next? I don’t know. I think they die. Perhaps they live.
    If they live, we will have sent our worst to start anew.
    Since this is quite fantastic, let’s picture a world grandfathered by Dick. I don’t want to be there, and that ain’t weepy.
    Tell me where I’m wrong.

  • Are you still driving a car?
    Are you still working at a job and paying taxes?
    Are you still running your air conditioner?
    Are you still watering your lawn?
    Are you still buying stuff?

    Creating beauty and joy? Really? With glitter glue and colored balloons?

    Repent and Atone!

    Making the best of things is… a damn poor way of dealing with them. My whole life has been a series of escapes from that quicksand.
    – Rose Wilder Lane

    Rose Wilder Lane:
    In the early 1940s, despite continuing requests from editors for both fiction and non-fiction material, other than helping her mother produce the final volumes of the “Little House” series (Little House on the Prairie), Lane turned away from commercial fiction writing and became known as one of the most influential American libertarians of the middle 20th century. She vehemently opposed the New Deal, perceived “creeping socialism,” Social Security, wartime rationing and all forms of taxation, claiming she ceased writing highly paid commercial fiction to protest paying income taxes. Living on her small salary from her newspaper column, and no longer needing to support her parents or adopted sons, she cut expenses to the bare minimum, and lived a modern-day version of her ancestors’ pioneer life on her rural land near Danbury, Connecticut. She gained some media attention for her refusal to accept a ration card, instead working cooperatively with her rural neighbors to grow and preserve fruits and vegetables, and to raise chickens and pigs for meat. Literary critic and political writer Isabel Paterson had urged the move to Connecticut, where she would be only “up country a few miles” from Paterson, who had been a friend for many years.[6]

    A staunch opponent of communism after experiencing it first hand in the Soviet Union during her Red Cross travels, Lane’s initial writings on individualism and conservative government began while she was still writing popular fiction in the 1930s, and culminated with the seminal The Discovery of Freedom (1943). After this point, she tirelessly promoted and wrote about individual freedom, and its impact on humanity. The same year also saw the publication of Isabel Paterson’s The God of the Machine and Ayn Rand’s novel The Fountainhead, and the three women have been referred to as the founding mothers of the American libertarian movement with the publication of these works.[7]

  • “The world is as it is, it operates on many parameters you have ZERO control over, and in fact which the “Leadership” has zero control over also.”

    A lot of merely stupid things are being done. Why is there no way to at least stop doing those things? I understand that people are socialized or pressured to do stupid things, but is that the same as saying that Leadership has no control over any of it?

  • Are California’s Aquifers Poisoned?

    artleads. Actually the so-called “Leadership” promotes stupidity in Murka.
    *See above article for clarification.

    Harvesting garlic today.

    Haven’t had much time to post these days. Having too much fun in the garden reckon.

  • Those who fortify their positions will be buried under them.

    The successful will have to be mobile.

    “It happened that a fire broke out backstage in a theater. The clown came out to inform the public. They thought it was a jest and applauded. He repeated his warning. They shouted even louder. So I think the world will come to an end amid the general applause from all the wits who believe that it is a joke.”
    ― Søren Kierkegaard

  • “Explain why and how you and your group can make it while you will be competing with ultra rich sociopaths like Bill Gates, psychopaths like Dick Cheney and many other determined creeps with previously unlimited funds that helped them to store huge quantities of food, water and weapons, along with building deluxe underground bunkers (others, beside you have a plan. Billionaires, government leaders and such, have plans).”-mt

    I have no idea where Bill Gates or Dick Cheney have their bunkers set up, maybe in Chile with Doug Casey or by the Bush Plantation in Panama?

    In any event, I don’t expect to be anywhere near them and since I expect things to be very local, not in competition with them either.

    I also don’t look at this as a singular group, but many groups in different neighborhoods to enhance redundancy. In each place, you look at the water supply and precip patterns, which are already becoming apparent as to which neighborhoods get little water and which get alot. Then you start building systems to cope with changes as best you can for as long as you can.

    “A lot of merely stupid things are being done. Why is there no way to at least stop doing those things? I understand that people are socialized or pressured to do stupid things, but is that the same as saying that Leadership has no control over any of it?”-AL

    As Ugo Bardi mentioned in the recent vidcast we did with Gail Tverberg, you are looking at a Network System, and the Network Intelligence is less intelligent than the stupidest individual in the network, which is to say quite stupid.

    I wouldn’t say though that “nothing” can be done, but for anything substantial to be done the system has to be perturbed more than it currently is, aka it will take a major crash before you see a mass mobilization of any sort. In the mean time though, you and your community can get a head start and start making the adjustments necessary now.


  • yes, plant a garden and store water in your basement, buy lots of guns and ammo. stack old tires up to at least 8′ and surround your property.

  • If we go by the prognostications that Dr. McPherson derives from the collation of news (now popping up at ever faster rates), then any individuals or groups “undertaking” survival strategies will be in it for the long haul: centuries if not a millennium or two. Not at all like the timeframe of a hurricane, tornado, forest fire, etc.

    Like some Native Americans, whose plans looked ahead for seven generations, in this case too, the plans will need to look ahead seven generations: seventy generations might be better, but precious few can even look ahead two or three generations.

    The survivalist options are anchored vs. mobile, and solitary vs. communal. Looking ahead several generations pretty much excludes the solitary option. Mobility would imply carrying all one’s possessions on one’s back in a post-industrial post-fossil-fuel world, unless one can include the care, breeding and use of draft and pack animals in the survival plans.

    Anchoring in place by a large non-renewable infrastructure may pay off handsomely if one has the insight and/or good fortune to be at the right place in the climate disruption. At the other extreme, an immobile infrastructure could end up as a death-trap.

    A mobile existence as small hunter-gatherer bands may sound appealing, except for the facts that most of the supporting biosphere has been despoiled, and with climate disruption will not return to its former state. Moreover, any remaining useful bits could well be hotly contested by others survivors, leaving no place to hunt or gather.

    That is why someone wants to get to Mars before 2030. No huntin’ ‘n gatherin’ there either. Nor fossil fuels. Nor the oxygen to combust fossil fuels. Not enough atmosphere for Earth type windmills. Think solar. Just think, that’s all. No factories to make solar panels.

  • Over the last few years I’ve done quite a bit of doomstead consulting for relatively well-heeled clients on the Big Island– and it’s interesting to see their concerns play out. These people are often smarter than most, and more informed about the issues than most “progressive” people I know, but maybe thats only because they can afford to be. There’s a lot of solid prepping going on out there, I’ll affirm that.

    It’s also interesting that most of these people(with some real wingnut exceptions, for sure) are quite good at figuring out the importance hierarchy of concerns– something I think a lot of people miss. Most of the “more regular” people I find who might have a concern about climate change but mostly as a fashion statement and are far more interested in fringe issues like GMO’s, alternative energy, organic practice– all sorts of those rather too late for the party kinds of strategies that are more or less moot points now. I would also say as a class “normal people” are generally less technically savvy, and much more mathematically illiterate than their richer peers.

    The wealthier folks learn quite quickly how poorly they’re prepared–few of them have any practical skills or even much in terms of the aptitude to learn them– as without the coercive power of capital you find you need to pick your own lettuce– and there’s likely not going to be too many people out there eager to do that for nothing. Of course violence is likely to be a major technique for sealing deals, but if your farmer won’t farm for you it’s not really like shooting him helps a lot with the food production– especially as there’s almost no one out there with the skills to replace him.

    In reality, I think money probably will trap more people in destructive strategies than save people. . .I think there are things one can do for sure to maximize ones survival chances/duration/quality of life, but it’s a rare bird indeed that is willing to look at the issue objectively enough to make good decisions.

  • Reese said: Dr. McPherson dares to cite predictions regarding the timeline for the end of the banking industry and the power grid as we know them to be. Predictions are always a dangerous thing to do.’

    Collapse is taking much longer than many of us thought it would a decade ago. In 2004 Matt Savinar was suggesting it would all be over in 2005. Around that time Matt Simmons was signalling collapse around 2008 to 2010 via the peaking of Saudi oil extraction. It didn’t happen. Colin Campbell was the closest when he said the price of oil would rise and there would be a recession, and the price of oil would fall, and there would be a partial recovery, and the price of oil would rise and strangle the ‘recovery’, and that the global economy would stumble on, with Americans being able to buy gas-guzzling vehicles for a few more years.

    We now know TPTB will do everything they can to keep their Ponzi system running, including lying continuously to the general populace, pumping phony money into markets, manipulating and falsely reporting economic data etc.

    As said before, we are drowning in a sea of lies. But apparently most people are still oblivious and cannot be shaken out of complacency.

    It must be time for North Korea to re-emerge as an axis of evil nation that poses an existential threat to the US; we haven’t heard about any missile tests for several months.

  • “Over the last few years I’ve done quite a bit of doomstead consulting for relatively well-heeled clients on the Big Island– and it’s interesting to see their concerns play out. These people are often smarter than most, and more informed about the issues than most “progressive” people I know, but maybe thats only because they can afford to be. There’s a lot of solid prepping going on out there, I’ll affirm that.”

    Thanks for confirming this. I also believe that a significant proportion of TPTB (which might include some of those folks?) have a shitload more smarts than most of us libs do. So I hope they are reading this blog.


    I take perverse pleasure in seeing what stupid people do when one door after another gets closed to them.

  • jaywfitz

    There are hundreds of millions of people in the western world who are being scammed by the psychotic sociopaths towards the top of the pyramid. One of the worst scams currently operating is one that says if you ‘invest’ a portion of your computer digits now you will be able to collect a handsome return 40 or 50 years from now, the scam being sold to young people as pension/superannuation schemes. The people involved in these kinds of scams are clearly not going to desist, since their incomes are dependent on such scams continuing.

  • For sure, and it’s a major problem for anyone who wants to try to take on a project of the “sustainable/resilient” sort as all assets such as property or materials are priced according to the demand created by this fictitious wealth effect– and makes responsible lifestyles even harder than they would be otherwise.

  • From the monthly Jim Willie gossip column…

    The Banco Espiritu Santo story points out the mischief and patches and paint job on the broken PIIGS financial structure. Recall back in 2011 the Dollar Swap Facility placed by Bernanke for aid to European banks. It was reportedly $2.3 trillion, which we were told enabled the problem to be fixed. It was not fixed, but rather patched over and not very well. Other sources indicate that the total Dollar Swap patch was at least $6 trillion and possibly $10 trillion, kept well hidden. The dole channel was flowing in force up to 4Q2012. Apparently the $2.3 trillion was an initial installment on an emergency rescue to prevent a pan-European banking collapse stemming from the PIIGS sovereign bond bust. The USFed released the swap funds to cover the many types of Euro IOUs in a massive USDollar infusion. The same channels were re-utilized. They had to stop the meltdown. The best part is that swaps never show up on the USFed balance sheet. Swaps conceal gimmicks. The public story was of a fixed problem, quickly addressed, effectively managed. But it cured nothing, the result being a can kicked down the road for two to three years.

    This time the current environment is entirely different. The QE programs are stuck in the system, whereas before they were being hatched. Another multi-$trillion Dollar Swap unleashed would trigger a revolt against the USD. The global revolt is already underway, with Russian sanctions, BNP prosecutions, Belgium Bulge, German Bundesbank resistance, and even LIBOR & FOREX & Gold scandals seeing actions taken. The revolt was triggered by demands for gold repatriation. The environment has turned hostile against the King Dollar Fortress, the attacks on several flanks. Conditions are far more fragile both in the United States and Western Europe than they were six years ago at Lehman and four years ago with PIIGS collapse. The impact craters will will become far more economically visible perhaps within the next two months, with more severe bank bond downgrades and more ripple effects. This time around, the entire equity market has been manipulated and managed in the same way, with slush money of questionable origin, as in the Weimar basement, machines burning oil and hissing with smoke seen out the windows. Thanks to COMEX George for his contributions.

    As footnote, he adds that the USFed practices are profound, enormous, hidden, loaded with accounting charades, with the $10 trillion was pushed around, distributed domestically, and offset on the balance sheet. There is even a section in the basement of the New York Fed which is not considered part of the United States. George has absolutely no doubt the USFed balance sheet is $50 trillion and potentially twice that figure.

    A lady told of her father living in Minnesota. His $110,000 CD just matured at a major bank. He asked to transfer it out of the bank. They refused his request, offering instead $30,000 with the rest to be kept at the same bank in a savings account. Another friend was just given a $10,000 gift in the form of personal check. He expected to use the money to pay off a $3,000 car loan and to pay some bills. The bank instead told him they were putting a two-week hold on the check, and he couldnt touch it. He screamed like a lunatic, at which point they finally told him they would allow access to $5,000 in three days.

    The Steve Quayle website mentions a Chase Bank in Riverside California, which does not accept cash unless the depositor has a bank account with them. The details are of Susan trying to place some cash urgently needed by her daughter, who was stranded in Israel. She needed the money to return home. The bank refused her cash deposit. Chase said they no longer are accepting denominations over $10 from anyone except their own banking clients. Another Quayle story has a woman in Parker Colorado, who tried to deposit cash in a Chase Bank into her son’s account. They also told her they dont accept cash unless from an account with them. The bank manager actually admitted that they had a policy designed to stop money laundering and counterfeit money. The task was resolved by means of a bank check secured at her own bank where she had an account. The teller also mentioned that all US banks would be doing the same within the next year.

    My source George of COMEX fame (mentioned often in the MFGlobal fiasco crime scene) claims that the big banks are entirely dependent on appreciation of the equity market. The USFed and Wall Street banks are increasingly struggling to pump it up higher, not due to higher value, but greater liquidity needs for the banks themselves. If the stock market suffers a decline to any degree, the five-year equity pyramid built from the Weimar room will implode on them. The big banks do very little conventional lending, and they are largely out of the commodity business. They dont issue much in the way of bonds, and the IPO stock channel is empty. They cannot squeeze out too much in equity trading profits without running the extreme risk of creating some unwanted volatility. They cannot afford to risk a stampede toward even a 5% correction, since it could go out of control. Even a 1% equity correction is as rare as an honest politician. No 5% correction in the monster bull market has occurred in two years, a testimony to the powerful upcoming recession that has made urgent QE bond buying and hidden stock buying. The reason is simple, the utterly huge equity holdings the banks are maintaining and managing.

    So soon may mean two months?

    As you may know, Jim Sinclair goes around the country (and various international locations) offering $100 seminars in which he tells the participants over and over and in every possible way to Get Out of The System (GOTS)!

    But here is the question;
    can one person convince another,
    even your significant other,
    that GOTS is prudent action?

  • You know what people? Throughout history there has always been hope that something was going to turn things around. We now know it’s over. Simple!i
    There is no way, so fiddle around, or kill yourself, or whatever…

  • It’s totally possible to convince someone who is sufficiently informed, rational, and persuadable that a GTOS strategy is going to become necessary at some point–I urge at SOME POINT as at this moment it’s not necessary–and as it’s a one way trip so there’s very little good sense to do it early as there’s a lot of opportunity lost with it. One has to be ahead of the curve, as it will take time to transition to a legitimately resilient lifestyle– it’s much more complex than most imagine– but to make the attempt too early will come at the cost of significant disadvantage relative to one’s peers. And as the stakes are so high, the penalty is potentially fatal.

  • In the near term, (decade or so) your individual survival is going to come down to how efficiently and humanely you can satisfy your survival needs – after Guy: clean water, nutritious fresh foods, workable shelter, (nomadic and portable, IMHO) and thermo-regulation, and some decent human community(honourable associations, on the run!IMHO).

    If you get together with others this may help if you have good trust between you all.

    They call it these days…REWILDING. I feel it is a much bigger task to do quickly than one would think. I started Jan 1st 2014, and each day is one step closer to walking away. Honorable relations are going to be much more relevant.

    Money, fiat currency reduces the need for relationships, and the reciprocation relationships require, i.e. it destroys community at a collective level.

    Try getting your needs met without raiding your larder, for 3 days without money or plastic credit- you quickly find relationships are all very important – “Hey buddy can I have some carrots, what kind of deal can we do?”

    Try that for all your needs and the needs of those you are responsible for, not going to be simple, but if people collectivise at a reasonable small scale, and honor, something might actually happen
    Never know, 😉

  • jaywfitz

    your caution is noted, but too much caution leaves the frog in the hotpot-AGAIN.
    Each person needs to hop out when they feel it needed, and screw the assets.
    Fatal? How so?
    Just asking.

  • “yes, plant a garden and store water in your basement, buy lots of guns and ammo. stack old tires up to at least 8′ and surround your property.”-Pat

    This is a poor way to approach the problem, although it is a step above Pat’s usual “Save the Planet and Kill Yourself” meme.

    What you want to do is create an environement where you can bring people in rather than exclude them as the spin down proceeds.

    Albert Bates on The Farm for instance figures they could take in 1000 or more Refugees and feed them.

    Once your community is large enough, the likelihood of being attacked by roving gangs diminishes, because then you have the numerical advantage. My target is for a community of around 1500. Many of the other heliopaths think Dunbar’s Number should be the limit, but in this situation I don’t think this provides sufficient security.

    If you start with Dunbar’s Number though and just plan to be able to feed 1000 or more people with your systems, then when TSHTF you take in as many as you can until you can take in no more. With those people, you offer to help them set up similar systems to yours down the road a piece. Give a person a fish, you feed her for a day, teach a person to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

    Obviously it is wise to set up fairly remote, I would not for instance buid a SUN community withing 100 miles of any population center of over 500,000 for instance. With a large enough community, bunkering up really is not uber-essential, although a Secure Longhouse for the community to retreat to is a worthwhile structure to build. Being Dome Builders, our building is likely to be more spherical than long, but it’s the same idea.

    The key of course is to develop your systems and have them as much in place as possible before things really break down. You want the ability to be able to rapidly ramp up production of food, hydroponics and aquaponics systems allow for that. You can have your production stream moving inside 6 weeks. Then over time you add to your permaculture system and perennials, as well as your Dairy, Bee Keeping, Worm Farm, Ant farm etc. Remember folks, you don’t actually have to eat the bugs yourself, you can feed them to frogs and eat the frogs instead.

    Nobody is going to last long as a Lone Doomsteader bunkered up with Old Tires. This survivalist paradigm is pretty much the same as Killing Yourself to Save the Planet, neither will work. You have to form community, you have to know how to make it productive, you have to know what kind of parameters you will face and be prepared for outlier possibilities.

    Can this methodology save Humanity from NTHE, and hold together long enough to allow Mother Earth to regenerate? I have no idea really. I just consider it the best use of my time here and it provides the best opportunity to meet the goal I set when I got rolling on the project, which is to SAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN.

    Perhaps that will be nobody, but at least we are making an effort.

    It Ain’t OVAH untill the Fat Lady Sings.


  • Teach a person to fish and send them to marine engineering school, and they will build a trawler and overfish.

    Communities can cooperate with other communities. Robin Dunbar’s number does not preclude selective cooperation to further common goals.

    Dr. McPherson lists singing fat ladies in his Climate Change Summary and Update. Of course many if not most will not recognise any of them as THEIR preferred fat lady. But that’s perfectly fine, since now non-recognition will no longer affect the outcome either way.

  • Not so fast!

    According the NSIDC the Arctic ice area is still greater than the 2012 level for the month, El Nino is off for the moment, the CO2 level is experiencing its seasonal fall at last, the NZ dollar recently shitted itself after a series of falling dairy prices led to another fall, and oil has stabilised around $108, despite all kinds of news that would normally send it sky-rocketing. Rigging works and the empire lives. It might even rain in California later this year.

    I feel we are quite safe until October.

  • Robin, Marine Engineering Skules will cease to exist in this environment, and so will fossil fuel powered trawlers. This is not a a terrific problem once you get a crash of the monetary system, in fact you already see numerous of the ocean going fossil powered craft being mothballed here as the trade system collapses, thus the collapse of the Baltic Dry Index. Do you follow economics at all?

    Normalcy Bias tends to make people believe things will continue on as they always did, but they will not. Systems like these are simply too energy dependent, they will cease to function in fairly short order.

    Understanding the parameters of a low per capita energy world with a different set of climate parameters and then adapting to those parameters is the only way to make it through the Zero Point. it may or may not work, but it is worth trying on the way out the door.

    Also, don’t miss the Latest Rant, Malaysian Flight 17: Close Encounters of the STUPID Kind on the Diner.


  • Even chopping wood and carrying water are not unmediated survival chores. At the very least you need an axe. Someone had to chop plenty of wood, someone had to turn it into charcoal, and someone had to get it to the smith so they could generate enoough heat to forge your axe. The people who chopped the wood to make the charcoal needed an axe too. That’s without even considering the raw material for the axe itself. The pail that holds your water has a similar story. The people that do all this stuff that enables you to ‘chop wood and carry water’ need food clothing and shelter.

    Follow every trail you can find through this morass of human labour to the bitter end, and you find you just built civilisation in your head, all from a desire to ‘simply’ chop wood and carry water.
    Building civilisation ‘in your head’ is one thing, doing it ‘in the field’ is something else.

    It seems like pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. I can never quite get my head around how it works, or how it ever worked, and yet here we are, it seems, for a while yet, with our lumber yards, reservoirs and water mains.

  • It takes quite an imbecile to project the idea of marine engineering into the future, and a rather sophisticated imbecile to launch into an explanation on an NTE blog like NBL as to why it is not possible.

    Such imbeciles are not likely to foster community-building.

    Ecological Economics

  • “I feel we are quite safe until October.”

    Unless, of course, one lives in Gaza, or Ukraine, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Syria, or Yemen, or Somalia, or Bangladesh, or Camden. or Detroit. In which case kissing your ass goodbye might be time better spent than praying for October. 🙂

  • “It takes quite an imbecile to project the idea of marine engineering into the future, and a rather sophisticated imbecile to launch into an explanation on an NTE blog like NBL as to why it is not possible. “-RD

    Robin, if you have to resort to calling me an Imbecile in order to respond to one of my posts, you immediately validate the fact you do not have worthwhile argumets to pursue. Napalm is the last resort of the intellectually bankrupt.

    Let me respond in kind. You are an idiot.



    Goldman Managing Director Found Dead In Apparent Kite Surfing Accident

    Police are still investigating the tragic death of 39-year-old Goldman Sachs Managing Director Nicholas Valtz this weekend. As Bloomberg reports, Valtz, a “novice kiteboarder,” was found dead yesterday by family members who went searching for him after he didn’t return from a kiteboarding outing. While there is no accusation of suicide in this case, it sadly brings the number of young financial services executives deaths to 16 this year.
    [read the rest, see the list of others]


    Surprisingly there were few changes to the Unofficial Problem Bank List this week given that the OCC released an update of its enforcement action activity this Friday. There were two removals this week that push the list count down to 463 institutions with assets of $147.4 billion. A year ago, the list held 734 institutions with assets of $267.2 billion.


    CR Note: The first unofficial problem bank list was published in August 2009 with 389 institutions. The list peaked at 1,002 institutions on June 10, 2011, and is now down to 463.

    [begs the question, how are the OCC and banks related? Seems like just so much shuffling around to avoid problems.]

  • “you do not have worthwhile argumets to pursue”

    Not with imbeciles, anyway.

  • You are an idiot.

    Clicked on the Flight M17 Diner link, what a waste of 6 minutes that was. I’ll not be making that mistake again. The 2 or 3 factual statements were wrong, and the rest was neither amusing or entertaining. Three hundred people die in a most horrible way, and RE treats the incident in this disgusting facetious and disrespectful manner and tells us nothing useful at all. Fucking ignorant self-serving imbecile.

  • Reese Jones does a fine job with questions and Guy, as always, does a fine job responding. “Starving to death in a traffic jam” is the ultimate goal which is why people should stay put where they are. Running off to the wilderness at this late date isn’t going to help anyone.

    The suicide train is fully loaded. Keep love in your heart and your hands to yourself.

    Then there’s this: “Give a person a fish, you feed her for a day, teach a person to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

    Gender swapping within the sentence is one thing, but what if there aren’t any fish left? Then what? But it’s all blather. Endless, disingenuous blather from a bomb shelter pitchman. I wish we had spam block.

  • Situation: UNSUSTAINABLE. And there is no viable alternative. No effective action. Nothing to rally the troops to do, if the troops could be rallied. Too late for Terra Preta, Humanure, Compost Tea, Earthships, Windmills, Communities… birds singing in the trees… too late. Too late for dragon flies. Some tried… yes, the beautiful losers. We danced into the sunset. We’ll all be saying last goodbyes soon. Summer camp long over and shuttered, memories erased by frosty winds and frosty hair. Our last will and testament has been drafted and its distributions may be read in the scars of our mines, toxic plumes gone ubiquitous, a sudden vacuousness in the fossil record that will be archived… geologically. The candle burns low, our moment here nearly over. The grandest thoughts wither in the dwindling light. The edifice crumbles as home and heaven implode. Pain becomes the loudest thing you ever heard, while waiting for silence.


    Due to the way these comments are posted – by special human proxy… I won’t comment as often. No rapid multi post hot discussion. Don’t take it personally. I miss the spontaneity of direct posting, but this way… maybe… I’m a bit more ruminative.

    To say that for thousands of years humans had no knowledge of their destructive actions is incorrect. Unsustainable agricultural activities were observed in ancient times:
    “Writers such as Solon, Plato, Theophrastus, Cicero, Pliny and Lucretius described land degradation and were aware of its consequences…”
    Unfortunately throughout history in every region societal decision makers and influencers have not always been well informed or well intentioned. They’re usually just bullies. Sociopathic bullies. Prophets and gadflies get bullied. But the truth was spoken and heard. This battle of awareness has been going on for a long time.

    It’s almost over.

  • I am learning. This is a tough lesson for me.
    When the shield of a proud ignorance blocks all arrows of truth, quit firing. It truly seems to reinforce the willful stupidity if you continue firing.
    My tongue is sore from the bites. For I have realized the frustration is only hurting me.
    One of you posters advised me to “smile and nod”.
    This works, but it is so incredibly difficult when some folks say the dumbest shit.
    I guess I will soon be tongueless. Next I start pulling my hair out.

  • Describing some criteria for a word does not constitute a specific application of that word. Even if the shoe fits, wearing it is optional.

    Failure to recognise whether a remark on NBL about energy-intensive activities applies retrospectively or prospectively identifies one as ignorant of the basic premisses of NBL.


    Walmart planned for endangered forest lands in South Florida – ‘You wonder how things end up being endangered? This is how.’

    One of the world’s rarest forests, a section of Miami-Dade County’s last intact tracts of endangered pine rockland, is getting a new resident: a Walmart.

    About 88 acres of rockland, a globally imperiled habitat containing a menagerie of plants, animals and insects found no place else, was sold this month by the University of Miami to a Palm Beach County developer. To secure permission for the 158,000-square-foot box store, plus an LA Fitness center, Chik-fil-A and Chili’s restaurants and about 900 apartments, the university and the developer, Ram, agreed to set aside 40 acres for a preserve.

    Ram also plans to develop 35 adjacent acres still owned by the university.
    [read the rest]

    We continue to do what we’ve “learned” (prodded by fiat reward) to do.

    No one in any position of power is going to change anything.

    No matter what – it’s too late.

  • @re

    A statement like:

    “Let us assume here for a moment that the NTHE hypothesis is correct, and we will experience Extinction by Mid-Century.

    Why should this engender any more Grief than extinction a Millenia from now? We are going to go extinct no matter what, extinction is a regular process.”

    Makes me want to scream.

    The planet is being murdered.

    It’s been happening for centuries and plenty of people (including many who post here) have dedicated their lives to try and stop it. Yet IC marches on fingers firmly planted in ears to block out the tortured screams of the living world.

    When you say “Why should this engender any more grief….” its as if I have a loved one being murdered right in front of me and you the look at me and calmly state:

    “Why are you getting all weepy? They were only going to live another 40 years or so anyway. Death is a regular process”

    I and others here have the right to grieve for the ongoing murder of life on this planet. We didn’t just wake up one day to discover global climate chaos or super volcanoes erupting all over the Earth leading to a mass extinction event.

    We know what’s causing this and have known for a long time. We could choose to stop extracting and burning fossil fuels. We could stop IC from murdering the planet.

    But we don’t and as most of us here fully recognize, and you’ve stated, TPTB will keep this train rolling as long as they possibly can and its extremely likely that it will only stop when the system collapses itself.

    That’s why we grieve.

    I would argue that it is the proper response by highly intelligent emotional beings. That it is absolutely necessary, an essential part of being human.

    I would therefore argue that any human fully aware of this situation, who does not feel grief, has something seriously wrong with them.

    I do not mean that as an insult in any way. I mean it as an honest statement.

    Also, human beings are complex. I can grieve for NTE AND I can love life and be happy. The two are not mutually exclusive, and grief does not occupy my thoughts 24/7.

    It does occupy some of the discussion here (not all of it like you imply) precisely because the people at NBL are aware of NTE AND the causes.

    We can discuss the state of the ESAS, global conflicts erupting, our favorite songs to listen to, peak energy, our favorite work of art, and about our grief and how to deal with it in the face of NTE.

    I realize I am wasting my time responding. However, I am here to discuss NTE and all associated topics. This includes grief over the situation and how to deal with it. You were the one who chose to post thinly veiled insults (weepy) minimizing and questioning our grief. You can chose not to do so in the future.

  • Well,

    The planet is being murdered, for sure. . .murderers abound.

    So what kind of strategy can we expect from the murderers when they discover that other murderers are murdering their children and destroying their future?

    A lot of serious and heavy murdering of murderers.

    How much murdering can we expect? As much as is necessary.

    So while it’s worthwhile to grieve a bit about looming NTE a few decades hence, the real and present danger will be the wave of violence that will arise first. . .hardly conjecture there– a lot of people around the world live with this reality already. Murdering murderers is a crude strategy at best, but clever monkeys with powerful toys will have a pretty serious impact on the projected trajectory of the world. Running out of fossil fuels isn’t much of a concern, as once the fighting gets started for real there will be some very serious “demand destruction. Climate change will be still underway, of course, but it won’t be very apparent as the blanket of particulate caused by the burning of large cities in the Northern Hemisphere will have things several degrees cooler quite quickly. No worries about the permafrost in this environment– it will be frozen rock solid straight away. A grim future for sure, and closer at hand than many would wish. . .unfortunately also survivable one which makes it even more inevitable. One will find with a little casual investigation that the subjects of climate change and nuclear winter have shared modeling for quite some time. . .the most recent work with the best models are surprising in the detail and resolution and clarity about just how many MT’s and where they need to land to achieve the necessary climatic forcing.

    So the choice is really– Just who is it that we’ll choose to inherit what remains of the Earth?

  • Murdering the murderers will take a lot of time and effort…

    As Frankl said: “The survivors were not the best of us.”

  • logspirit: as usual, I agree with your assessment. But see, the awareness isn’t the problem. Anyone can see what happens when things are out of balance – the populace LIVES it, they starve if they don’t get it right. We never change! Despite having language and reciting the story (history), then later writing it down – we keep making the same mistakes. We’re NOT THAT SMART apparently.

    I think the main problem is being born. But another is trying to figure out why mankind and all other species must go extinct by design.

    Is there no way to get it right and live in harmony (and probably in a constant state of mysticism) in a kind of steady-state?

    Was humanity just an exercise in futility, a species of ape infected with the “intelligence” DESIGN FLAW, completely missing the point (the zen awareness that “THIS” IS “IT”) throughout his “evolution” and always wanting more?

    Meanwhile Fukushima gets worse by the day. Civilization is crumbling and the shockwaves will get to each of our areas in due time.

  • another attempt a posting a youtube video

  • Yes, the ‘we’ is we who have access to more-or-less continuous electricity supply, Internet, water supply, food supplied via the industrial system etc., all of it predicated on blatant abuse of other humans and blatant abuse of the natural world.

  • Though RE’s emotional immaturity where it concerns NTE, sticks out like a Carolina pig farmer at a Manhattan bar mitzvah, his predictable perspective/behavior is so thoroughly archetypical–as we fellow archetypes can contest–his words aren’t actually his anymore, for “he” is less a thinking individual at this point, and far more an unconscious emotional reflex.

    What RE is habitually acting out, is just his particular attempts to compensate for his fraudulence, and in that, we can all find common ground; it’s just his coping mechanism meme.

    His vested interests are naturally threatened by those who espouse acceptance of NTE, so while obviously taking offense, he has little choice but to be offensive in turn.

    The ‘holding on to the bitter end’ motif does help one imagine anything is possible, and not unlike a placebo, it engenders a personal belief in uniqueness by clouding the boundary between ‘the exception’ and ‘the norm’. Imagining we can possess ‘the will’ to overcome impossible odds is the root of every ‘hero’s journey’. Survivalism is every man’s little ‘monomyth’. It is practically indiscernible from any role playing game.

    But, if preparedness wasn’t so thoroughly played out at this late stage, it would be as worthwhile in exploring as it once was, but since that train left the station years ago, and compulsive behavior usually exists at the expense of emotionality, his egotism is far more deserving of our pity, than our continued goading, even though such blatancy is often times hard to resist.

    His folly is not unique, and will be revealed soon enough along with all the rest. Maybe, sometime before the power goes out, RE will actually have something meaningful to contribute as how to live with the unfolding unprecedence, but as long as his offering is just the same old tired tropes, all he will effectively prove will to have been a complete waste of everyone’s time……at least at NBL. At this point, all RE has to teach, is how not to behave.

  • @ goavs

    In my opinion, many important points very well said! I do not think you have wasted any time at all in writing your response.

  • Re: The US, Zionism and all that jazz. What else is new? We are a country founded on slavery, racism, the slaughter and infection of almost every indigenous tribe, capitalism, and now spreading industrial empire to the remaining world. Ultimately, the US will get what they need or want.

  • ” Upsetting the balance of creation,threatens existence” is seen as a scientific and a spiritual truth.

  • Lamenting the mischief done to others and to the planet is valid from a dualist perspective, “I” vs. “not-I”.

    A highly insightful and aware person once said words to the effect “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these beings, you have done it unto me”. That is a state of absolute Oneness, in which there is no “other”: hence it is also absolute Aloneness, an Aloneness that excludes loneliness, just as the Oneness excludes otherness.

    Everything one has done, from stepping on an insect to a greater killing, whether as a lone mugger or a soldier of an empire; from a kind word to sacrificing one’s life – is really done to and for the One, regardless of what name is assigned to the One. When one finally recognises the One as OneSelf, no name can or need be assigned, for the “I” has been sloughed along with the “not-I”. And it remains nameless also because with it also comes the recognition that that finality ultimately accrues to all beings.


    The time will come
    when, with elation
    you will greet yourself arriving
    at your own door, in your own mirror
    and each will smile at the other’s welcome,

    and say, sit here. Eat.
    You will love again the stranger who was your self.
    Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
    to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

    all your life, whom you ignored
    for another, who knows you by heart.
    Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

    the photographs, the desperate notes,
    peel your own image from the mirror.
    Sit. Feast on your life.

    Derek Walcott

  • 18000days

    An Ax?

    The Indigenous Australians didn’t use metal axes, had stone ones. They pulled down dead branches without any axes. Just breaking it up seemed to be sufficient, and used less human energy, (modern term: ‘labour’). I don’t think they had big stone fireplaces so wood used as fuel for fire did not seem to be needing much modification.

    I am using the same system in the bush/forest now, (this period of my existence, ‘now’ I am actually typing these words). So an axe is not altogether needed, but I grant it all depends on your local wood/fuel supply and needs. Some places only have big trees left. fortunately I live near a great lot of regenerating wooded/scrubby bush, ideal for small stuff.

    Nature not only Bats Last, Nature Bats Eternally.


  • I imagine that there’s been probably an ax manufactured for everyone on planet earth, and for the next half 500 years or so if someone wanted an ax all you’d need to do is go look, and in the historic perspective even that’s lot less work than trying to find tool grade stone.

  • I have three axes; one large one has a plastic handle and the head is drifting towards the end; I’m not sure what to do about that; one small made-in-China-from-crap metal axe has a split head that resulted from me hitting it with a hammer; one small axe has a short handle because the handle broke and I refitted it.

    The Maori did well with axes until Europeans with ‘fire sticks’ arrived.


    I always find statements such as the following highly amusing in a black comedy sort of way:

    ‘But Andrew Watters from farm investment company MyFarm says predictions of the end of the good times in the dairy industry fail to take into account the long-term fundamentals.’

    Full item below follows on from assertions by our ‘illustrious leader’ that NZ has a ‘rock star economy’ (probably means high on dope and doesn’t know whether it’s night or day):

    ‘News of 110 job losses in the Waikato heartland of the dairy sector has union representatives questioning New Zealand’s rock star economy status.

    Fonterra is cutting 110 jobs at its Canpac packaging plant in Te Rapa, Hamilton, where it employs 330 people.

    As with everything the co-operative does Canpac has scale. The plant produces enough cans of milk powders each year to stretch end-to-end from London to Los Angeles.

    In future it will operate 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, instead of seven days a week, and will focus on baby and infant products.

    Critics are not mentioning the botulism scare last year which affected the infant formula market in China and left Fonterra in dispute with French food giant Danone, the maker of Nutricia.

    They point to a reliance on dairying and the Chinese market in particular, and the high New Zealand dollar as issues in need of better management.

    Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union national secretary Bill Newson says the Canpac plant has experienced a downturn in business, and its restructuring shows the dangers of relying on dairy exports to China.

    “It’s not good enough for the government to sit on its hands and talk about a ‘rock-star economy’ while our regions continue to suffer and well-paid, skilled jobs are vanishing,” he said.

    EPMU members are entitled to redundancy compensation and the union will be working with Fonterra to ensure job losses are minimised.

    Fonterra says it still employs 2000 people in Waikato and an expansion at its Lichfield plant will add 50 jobs.

    Fonterra’s Robert Spurway does acknowledge “this will be a blow for our people”.

    Hamilton-based Labour list MP Sue Moroney says hundreds of Waikato workers have lost their jobs in the past few years including those from Solid Energy, Carter Holt Harvey and Goodman Fielder’s Huttons Division. A further 180 jobs will be lost at AgResearch at Ruakura next year.

    Labour’s Economic Development spokesman Grant Robertson says Fonterra is facing tough times with falling milk prices and increasing competition.

    “Questions must be asked about whether these jobs are being lost because our overvalued dollar is squeezing out manufacturing in New Zealand.”

    Since February 18 the average whole milk powder price has fallen by 38 per cent, after reaching record highs.

    “The culprit here is a marked slowdown in consumer demand in China, exacerbated by a classic inventory cycle,” Westpac says.

    But Andrew Watters from farm investment company MyFarm says predictions of the end of the good times in the dairy industry fail to take into account the long-term fundamentals.’

  • “Though RE’s emotional immaturity”

    “Not with imbeciles, anyway.”

    Res Ipsa Loquitor.

    Drink the Kool-Aid on NBL, or get Napalmed.


  • RE.

    I have deliberately avoided attacking you because I prefer to discuss facts when I post on NBL.

    However, you really have gone too far this time. Accusing NBL followers and commenters of ‘group-think’ must be one of the most absurd thoughts ever expressed on NBL, on a par with ‘Sean the Mystic’s rants about interstellar space travel.

  • “Res Ipsa Loquitor”

    Indeed. As an allegory, one should not attempt to teach algebra to a bullfrog.

  • Hmmm, that’s like coming to a basic math board and accusing them all of groupthink because they believe 2+2= 4. If you have noticed, besides the main theme we all believe different things.

  • A reference to trawlers and overfishing in the past is understood by folks on NBL as a reference to past excesses and to the resulting environmental despoliation. Imbeciles may take this as a reference to the future.

    NBL needs no explanation about why trawlers and overfishing will not be a feature of the future. Imbeciles may think that such an explanation is necessary.

    However, imbeciles may not grasp any of this. It may continue to be futile to teach algebra to bullfrogs.

  • Maybe we have it all wrong. It just might be that the trawlers will run on water or garbage in the future and we’ll be catching jelly fish by the tons and feeding 8 billion people with peanut butter and jelly fish sandwiches and live happily ever after, the end.


    Chinese Officials Seal Off ‘Plague’ City, Puzzling US Experts

    A city in China has reportedly been sealed off after one resident died from bubonic plague, but this way of trying to contain the disease is puzzling to infectious disease experts, who say the response seems extreme given the information released about the case.

    [there’s more]

    Four Liberian nurses contract Ebola virus while treating patients

    Four Liberian health workers have been admitted after contracting the Ebola virus while treating patients. The health workers, all nurses, were working at Phebe Hospital in Suakoko, Bong County when they contracted the virus. This comes three weeks after a Ugandan senior surgeon succumbed to the Ebola in Liberia where he had been working for three years as a specialist. Dr. Samuel Muhumuza Mutoro died at the John F. Kennedy Medical Centre, Liberia’s biggest hospital in Monrovia where he was being treated. The West Africa countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are currently battling an outbreak of Ebola which is highly contagious with a high fatality rate. According to the Liberia News Agency, the nurses had been transferred to Monrovia where they are being treated and monitored by doctors. Dr. Jefferson Sibley, the medical director of Phebe Hospital said the nurses may have contracted the virus from an unidentified patient who was admitted at the hospital.

    Uganda is on alert and monitoring neighboring DR Congo where suspected cases of Ebola have been reported in Aru, in the north eastern Orientale Province. The samples were taken to Kinshasa for testing, according to Dr. Asuman Lukwago, the ministry of health permanent secretary. Ebola symptoms include fever, bleeding through body openings, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, skin rash and red eyes. At the moment, there is no known cure for Ebola. The disease can be spread through direct physical contact with body fluids like saliva, blood, stool, vomit, urine and sweat from an infected person as well as linen used by a patient. It can also be spread through skin piercing instruments used by an infected person. –New Vision

  • From the Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis site, two of the way too many incidents listed each day around the world:

    2014-07-21 – Drone video shows devastation from the wildfires in Washington State:

    2014-07-21 – Carlton Complex Fire now largest fire in Washington State history:

    Quote: “The Carlton Complex Fire is 237,890 acres. It is 2 percent contained. 3,500+ personnel are fighting it. About 200 homes have been lost, 1,200 homes have been evacuated.”

  • (media) (/media)

  • Yes, we all believe different things, not the least of which is the guilt and shame for having lived in these times, trapped in a system that requires our acquiescence to unimaginable crimes.

    Repent and Atone!

  • The latest post has contributions from numerous sources, in various media. Catch the latest from Bud Nye, Reese Jones, and Daniel Drumright here.

  • @
    Daniel Says:
    July 22nd, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    …sticks out like a Carolina pig farmer at a Manhattan bar mitzvah…

    Hiluckin’farious! Thanks. 🙂

  • Perhaps the most influential figure in the transition to an environmental justification for
    population control is American biologist Paul Ralph Ehrlich, who in 1968 published his influential book The Population Bomb
    Ehrlich predicted that the human population is too large and
    poses a threat to the environment of the planet and ultimately to human survival unless strong actions are taken to curb population growth
    and avert future ecological and social disasters.

  • pat

    You wrote:

    “…trapped in a system that requires our acquiescence to unimaginable crimes….”

    I agree there is a ‘system’, however, I think the ‘trapped’ bit is not so accurate.

    We have a travel section in a leading National Afraidian newspater titled…’Escape!’
    Escape is only necessary if one is trapped, however, there is wriggle room to decouple from the said ‘system’. People here and elsewhere have described how to optimise that process, and doing it as fast as possible.
    Get out of debt, especially exhorbitant wage-slavery debt is the first , but not always easy for many. I simply say one has to radically reassess what one is living ‘for’ or to describe it better, ‘as’. All the 1990’s shift to tree-changing, and sea-changing(locations), was a simple way of people to decentralise where they live, when they can do some work via digital technologies, however, the big move is really where, and by what systems, one gets one’s daily needs met.
    The rule is simple, if you feel trapped, you are-for the moment. But, one just has to look at what is needed to give up, for some real freedom, and just go toward it.
    Waking up to being ‘trapped’, rather than responding to a plethora of advertising products that guarentee a short term experience of ‘freedom’ is one key IMO.
    What an irony, that the big Automobile sellers advertise the standard mid sized SUV as a ‘vehicle ‘ with which to escape, when most here know such horizontal transport machines have been instrumental in accellerating both population growth, and anthropocentric induced world sea and atmospheric temperature increases – ‘trapping’ every life form in an ever increasing warm coccoon.

  • @goavs

    Well said, yes, yes, yes. I carry sadness with me all the time in response to the steady and accelerating destruction of this beautiful planet, so abundant, so diverse and colourful, so wonderfully balance – harsh at times, but a challenging (rather than a cruel) kind of harshness that strengthens the whole. Sadness for me is NOT depression – or depressing. I get on with life with a deeper sense of appreciation, wonder and gratitude, and a greater resolve to be kind and care-full, because I know and feel and experience the loss down to my core.

    And I participate in IC – as little as possible, but still too much. As much as I might like to – I never NEEDED to – I’ll never fly again. Big deal, but there it is.

    RE this survival thing: I’m no prepper and yet am as well placed as almost anyone to ‘survive’. With a couple of friends, I grow and store (mostly without supplemental energy) a year-round supply of vegetables of all kinds, including the kinds you can ‘live on’, like potatoes and winter squash. With a few enormous sacks of beans and brown rice, I/we could live for years(?)from the land. Close friends raise birds for eggs and meat, as well as rabbits, ducks, goats and pigs; they also hunt. That’s food covered. Beer is another matter but there are a couple of good beer makers in the neighbourhood, so I could learn.

    I live within walking distance of the shore of one of the Great Lakes, an enormous body of fresh sweet water, drinkable as is. And there are a couple of fine hand-pumps attached to good wells close by. Water covered.

    Almost everyone I know can or does cut wood – tons of trees around, lots of them dying and dropping and drying. We have two excellent wood stoves in our modest dwelling and have heated with wood for 40 years. Heat: check.

    I’ve lived for almost two decades (in the past, not presently) without electricity, and could do it again.

    Do not think for one moment that I give a flying fuck about personal survival. Do not think for a second that my sadness at the murder of this lovely Earth leads to suicidal depression or resignation – or idiotic hope that recycling and wind turbines (or any action taken) matter in the least.

    There are peas to pick and enjoy, new seedlings to transplant for harvests in autumn and winter storage in the cold cellar. In a month, I’ll start bottling 3 or 4 dozen jars of tomatoes -yum! Meanwhile, the garden is bright with flowers, bees buzz, butterflies (yes, few than before) flutter, birds (sadly diminished)sing their sweet songs and the warm water of a friend’s pond call me in for a swim. Life is good.

    And we’re fucked as a species and are – this is the saddest part – taking the rest with us, in this insane murder/suicide pact we call civilization. I wish like hell it weren’t so. I’ll continue to tend the land that will one day claim my sorry ass – and welcome to it.

    Everyone around here seems to be jumping on the local organic food bandwagon. The Transition Group in a nearby small town has been promoting a community garden; the school has a new garden. It’s all anxious hopeful trendiness, and guess what? the school garden is a mess, seedy weedy and neglected, and the TG has managed (in 3 years) to put up a nice sign: Future Site of the TG Community Garden, and plow a plot and plant…nothing. Makes me laugh every time I go by there.

    I appreciate this site and actually don’t ‘hear’ much ‘group think’.

    (Maybe shouldn’t add this, but methinks that RE doth protest – and possibly project (in both senses of the word?) – too much. But hey, so what, another flawed human being like the rest, eh?, with blind spots and swiss-cheese thinking. I’m certainly not immune from that.)