Another Offer to Help

I’m raising lowering the stakes. My long-time offer to deliver presentations and help you make other arrangements is hereby modified: If you’re serious, I’ll speak, moderate, and participate for no charge to you. You’ll need to provide venue(s), a place to lay my head, the occasional bite to eat, and transportation. Bear in mind that I speak about ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE. It is definitely not a conversation for everybody. Additional information follows for prospective hosts.


Conventional Hosting

If you’re reading this, you are likely considering the prospect of inviting me to visit to your area to speak and to help you make other arrangements. Herein, I offer some ideas and tools for a successful visit. You might want to read the perspective of a host from late 2012 in the wake of my departure.

In a nutshell, I will consult with you, in detail, about your living arrangements, focusing in particular on water, food, body temperature, and community. In return, I ask you to pay my travel expenses, provide me with food, lodging, and local transport, and perhaps assist me in setting up speaking engagements in your area.

I will spend a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 10 days in a given location, depending on the number of venues arranged. I do not charge fees for speaking engagements or consultation services. I will, however, accept stipends from conferences and well-funded organizations. Although it is not expected, I will also accept gifts if deemed appropriate by my hosts.

Outreach to Groups/Venues

As the initiating host, you are an important part of the planning process. As a local resident, you are in a unique position to identify local groups that might be interested in hearing me speak and coordinating logistics. This is not an overwhelming project, even if you have never previously done something similar.

Identifying relevant groups/venues

1. Start with the low-hanging fruit. Are you already part of a group that you know would be interested in arranging a presentation? Launch into the planning process with them as a first step.

2. Ask friends to brainstorm with you about other interested groups/venues. If they can take on other tasks as well, that’s even better. Assembling a team of helpers to whom you can delegate tasks can be very effective.

3. Reach out to those “well-connected” people in your community, the ones who seem to know everyone and everything that’s going on.

4. Reach out to a wide variety of groups who might be interested. List all the groups you can think of, and then do more research to find others. Some groups you might consider approaching include:

“Green” or “sustainability” groups within larger institutions

Schools and universities


Transition initiatives

Occupy groups

Permaculture guilds

Resilience circles

Voluntary simplicity groups

Producers of food (farmers, gardeners, and so on)

Religious groups

Activist groups focused on climate change and/or energy constraints

Sample text for outreach email message

Subject: gauging interest in inviting Guy McPherson to speak


I’m writing with a request for your assistance. I’m a climate change activist in [City, State], and I’m assisting Guy McPherson, a writer/speaker on climate change and energy depletion, in setting up speaking engagements throughout the region from [start date] to [end date]. I’m wondering if your group might be interested in his message and in providing a place for him to speak, or if you might know of other groups in [location] that might be interested.

I think Dr. McPherson’s message is compelling and would give the community plenty of food for thought. His blog, Nature Bats Last, can be found at and his writings and videos there can give you a sense of what his presentations are like, although each one is customized for the local audience. His book Walking Away from Empire details why and how he left his university position to live off-grid in the desert in New Mexico. (Online description and ordering information is found at Amazon, among other places. McPherson will provide electronic page proofs of the book.)

Thanks very much, and with appreciation for your work,
[your name]

Scheduling, booking locations, and record-keeping

From the beginning of this process, you will want to keep track of details. You probably have your own systems of managing logistics and record-keeping.

Items you will need to keep track of:

A list of those to whom you plan to reach out.

Where things stand with each of those people/groups (Have they been contacted? By whom, on what date, in what format? Any reply? What follow-up is needed?)

Persistent follow-up. Do not be discouraged by those people/groups that decline interest. Let them go. Continue politely pursuing those who express any level of interest. You may want to develop your own, personalized elevator speech about why you feel strongly about mu presentations and what you feel I can offer to your community.

If you are delegating responsibility to helpers, you need to check in with them regularly and get a detailed report of where logistics stand.

Confirmed dates and locations. I prefer to deliver one or two presentations per day, if possible. Depending on the geographic extent of the presentations, we will need to account for travel time.

Directions to each venue, and accounting for parking needs.

Planning meals (home or elsewhere).

Once a location is confirmed, find out what publicity the venue will provide; availability of electrical outlets/LCD projector/surface to project on; who will introduce me to the audience; and offer them a press release and/or text to use on their website or newsletter as well as a photo of me.


Email lists, Facebook/Twitter, local media (newspapers, radio, television)


I am very flexible and need only simple accommodations, including a bed and meals. I reside in a warm region, so warm bedding in the winter is appreciated. I desire access to shower facilities daily and also customary meals. I will be very pleased if ice cream makes an occasional appearance on the menu.


Hosting the Only Love Remains Workshop

You’ve come to grips with near-term human extinction. It’s a lonely conclusion, one that interferes with many relationships. You want somebody with whom to discuss the most important topic in the history of our species. It seems most of your friends and family are in denial.

Now what?

In response to numerous requests, Pauline Schneider and I have developed a workshop to address this issue. The workshop follows naturally from my presentations. It’s the logical next step for those interested in pursuing healthy psyches and healthy relationships after concluding the worst.

Ms. Schneider and I began creating the workshop in January 2014. We facilitated various versions of the workshop and came up with a version we believe is quite good. Our current version distills hundreds of hours of scholastic reading, deep introspection, and facilitated practice into an eight-hour workshop.

This is not a grief-recovery workshop. Rather, it is a synthesis of our professional expertise in light of near-term human extinction. It is an active, interactive workshop focused on the topic of living fully in light of evidence pointing toward the near-term loss of habitat for humans on Earth.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please send an email message to and copied to Subject line should state, without quotation marks, “workshop.” Guy and Pauline will assist with all logistical issues, and we will send a planning packet to the organizers to help streamline their work. The packet will include hosting advice, housekeeping advice, flyers, reading materials, links to reading materials and required viewing, and printable handouts.


The workshop is titled, “Abrupt Climate Change: How Will You Show Up During Humanity’s Final Chapter?” It requires about eight hours of time in a group of humans numbering between five and twenty (inclusive). We offer it online and in person, as described below.

A two-hour session on a weekday evening is followed by a six-hour session the following weekend. We ask that at least one full day pass between the workshop days (e.g., Wednesday and Sunday or Thursday and Saturday, but not Friday and Saturday).

We are strongly committed to offering a workshop that is valuable and valued. As such, we expect participants to be familiar with McPherson’s message. A short video clip and other germane information will be sent sufficiently far in advance for all participants to study the evidence before the workshop commences.

A local host will assume responsibility for securing and filling a venue (which may be a personal home). S/he also will be charged with local marketing and finances.


McPherson and Schneider both practice and promote a gift economy. As such, we will facilitate this workshop for a very low financial cost. We will deliver and facilitate the workshop in your venue for $200 per person and reasonable travel expenses (including food and lodging). The workshop will be offered for no fewer than five people and no more than twenty people.

Biographical Sketches of Facilitators

Guy McPherson is professor emeritus of natural resources and the environment at the University of Arizona, where he taught and conducted research for twenty award-winning years. His scholarly work, which has for many years focused on conservation of biological diversity, has produced a dozen books and hundreds of articles.

Guy developed a comprehensive set of durable living arrangements in response to the ongoing collapse of the industrial economy and global climate change. There, he shared property in a rural area developed specifically to provide abundant supplies of food and water as well as maintaining comfortable body temperature in the absence of fossil fuels.

Because the topics of his presentations often induce despair, Guy became a certified grief-recovery specialist in January 2014. The certification came from The Grief Recovery Institute.

Pauline Schneider, nee Panagiotou, was born in Nigeria and moved to Flushing Queens as a toddler, then back to Nigeria for only two years until her family was forced to leave due to the Biafra war. She was then raised in Greece until the age of 15, by which time she was fluent in Greek. At the age of 15 she moved to Texas with her parents and three younger siblings. She received her Associate’s Applied Science degree in Radio TV Production, and moved to Los Angeles where she met her future husband and father of her three children while working at Dream Quest. They raised their family in New York where she studied art and film at SUNY Purchase. She received her Bachelors in Sociology and Anthropology, Magna Cum Laude at Pace University and went on to receive her Master of Education in Social Studies with a focus on Special Education and Visual Arts, with honors.

Always interested in social justice and in protecting the environment as the home for human and non-human children, Pauline has been an activist for several decades. From 2011 to 2014 she was a core, organizing member of Transition Westchester Hub. In 2014 she completed her first feature documentary, Going Dark, a 30-minute film based on the work of Dr. Guy R. McPherson who lectures on abrupt climate change and near-term human extinction. In 1993 Pauline created a 10-minute documentary film at the State University of New York-Purchase, about a local fight to prevent the Department of Environmental Conservation from installing a toxic waste incinerator on the Hudson River.

An avid gardener, in 2005 she received certification from the New York Botanical Gardens in Landscape Design. Pauline is also a certified facilitator in Alternatives to Violence Project, a certified specialist in the Grief Recovery Method and holds New York state education certifications in Visual Arts, Social Studies, and Special Education.

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  • Eastern Proselytizers: Muslims. Not the Jews, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.

  • You and Robin won’t admit you’re wrong and misguided,

    I admit that I may be misguided. Enlighten me that it is indeed the case, if it is indeed the case.

  • I feel sympathy and empathy for you. At first, you aroused anger in me, and I debased myself….in hypocritical fashion…but I’ve been working hard, and now I pity you. You don’t make me angry anymore. Now, you make me laugh at your contradictions….and then I feel shame for laughing at someone who is so deluded.

    Proud to be humble. Verging on overinflating it.

  • Cease and desist with the personal attacks and insults, and yes, that latest from you is just that.

    An attack to the hypocrite, not to the contrite.

  • ulvfugl and Morocco Bama, stop fighting.

    You’re right. I’ll stop.

    Sadly, the bucket continues to stink on even the slightest stirring by the Zen Master.

  • Does somebody have a little bugle to play some TTAPS?

    But of course!

  • Wisdom and compassion–the two wings that work together to enable flying.

    Michael Irving

    Likewise there are two wings, supplication and gainsaying.

    Luke 12:9

  • If your work is DONE…then you are finished, complete…and there would be no reason for you to have this blog, or for anyone to post to it.

    Just in case our host or anyone else had anosmia, that might overcome it.

  • Psychopaths, amongst other behaviours, disregard rules of consensus and lack tolerance for threats to their grandiosity. Their excellent social skills enable them to succeed in society. Those with the characteristics of psychopathy but lacking in social skills end up as sociopaths, blaming everyone and everything.

  • If you follow the digression of this thread to its root, Robin made a false implied personal remark about an experience I related

    Stirred the bucket a bit to find out what was under the surface.

  • I wasn’t going to let that insult slide

    An insult to a hypocrite, advice to the contrite.

  • From this day forward, I will moderate my behavior and refrain from personally attacking people who comment to this blog, and I ask that you do the same. If you don’t, I’ll call you out on it and flag you, and I would hope you would do the same to me and anyone here.

    A faster composting rate could not be expected. Let’s see what happens when Zen Master stirs the bucket. Be sure to stir deep and relevant, not just at the surface.

    No, obviously not like that. I did say that, and I reneged on it. I take full responsibility and accountability for going back on that. I couldn’t help myself.

    Still time to help oneself. With disillusionment about the walker Walking Away From Empire, it could be sagacious move to walk away from NBL altogether, not just the comments as resolved the last time around.

  • MB : …I did say that, and I reneged on it. I take full responsibility and accountability for going back on that. I couldn’t help myself. I’ve always had a penchant for a good bed of nails, so I started reading and posting again. I will do my best to keep my end of this extended arrangement up. Obviously, there can be no promises, but I will give it my best effort.

    Erm, so, when I say that I see you as a confused and silly person, then that’s a statement of fact then ? Not an insult at all ?

    Because, you admit that you ‘can’t help yourself’ – Why not ? – You ‘like your bed of nails’ – Why ? – You complain about it all the time…

    You’ll ‘do your best to keep to your arrangement’ – ah, but it’s YOUR arrangement, isn’t it, I have not noticed anyone else agreeing to it. I suppose nobody else here matters, just so long as YOU get your way ?

    ‘there can be no promises’ – why not ? You mean, you are so useless, that you can’t even keep a promise to YOURSELF ? And yet you want to claim authority to tell others what to do, and admonish them on THEIR conduct ?

    Why should anyone here be the slightest bit interested in your ‘best effort’, MB ? Are we all supposed to find your antics entertaining, as you set yourself up in front of the audience, to succeed or fail at your latest trick ?

  • MB : Yes, and also very much like your resolution in a thread way back where you said you were done wasting your time with me. We can continue this senseless activity of backdoor personal insulting by reviewing past infractions, but it’s not constructive and progressive, rather its destructive and regressive. That’s behind us now…we have both sinned many sins and said many things that should not have been said. The mature thing to do is to reconcile ourselves with the past and move forward in a peaceful manner. Are you up for the challenge?

    You mean, you’d prefer that I didn’t waste my time on you ? Erm, right, I’ll bear that in mind…

    What do you mean ‘it’s behind us now’ ? Does that mean you going to apologise for saying I’m a rapist ? amongst the various other smears ?

    ‘Sinned many sins’ what ? Speak for yourself. I have not sinned any sins. i don’t even believe in ‘sin’ as a meaningful concept, and I certainly have not said anything that should not have been said…and now you claim to know what the ‘mature’ thing to do is ?

    Up for what challenge ? If you mean am I going to let you get away with a slimy tactic to try and get your own way with a load of disingenuous weasel words, the answer is decisively, no.

  • However, there are plenty of reasons I’m a hypocrite

    And hence plenty of reasons that advice and suggestions will be considered personal insults and personal attacks.

  • “This is nothing but one long personal insult and attack. Please refrain from doing so, Ozman. We can do this if we try.

    Hear that, Ozman ? Do as you are told, the boy knows best. He loves to insult and attack and smear everyone at every opportunity, but he wants a rule that says nobody can insult or attack or smear him. And that includes YOU ;-)

    He wants to fill the whole effing thread with every detail of the festering garbage that swills around in his psyche and expects us all to find it fascinating, so listen up and pay attention… you know you can do it, if you try really hard ;-)

  • Robin, the same applies to you. Cease and desist with the personal attacks and insults, and yes, that latest from you is just that. Do the mature thing and back down and back off. If you can’t be constructive, then just refrain. You cleverly frame your statements as though they’re not insults, but they are insults, just cleverly disguised. Please stop it now. Do the right thing and move forward in a peaceful and mutually respectful way.

    Hear that, Robin ? Go and lie down in your basket, like a good dog, and don’t cause MB further embarrassment by pricking his inflated ego, the boy demands respect for his stupidity !

  • Wow, now, to restore dignity and credability like a true modern day politician, we have the Clockwork Orange Syndrome, where the bover boy becomes the police.
    I don’t need your moderation Morocco Bama. My last comment arose before your new phase was posted, and updated on my computer here, so in that light I hope any offence will be neutralised. Sometimes the comments run faster than I can type and I get behind.
    I commented previously about your attitude to others, and you are a top rate debator. The sort of kid you wanted on your side of the debating team at school.
    If you care to check the last essay comments I stuck up for you about you tale of the lost unborn you and your family suffered, and I include here any extended family, for as much as I can’t find a good thing to say about my inlaws, I acknowledge that a loss of the kind you described cuts them to the bone too.
    As I said, your new policeing role is going to take a bit of your time, because I presume it will apply to all discussions, not just your own.
    BTW, which bits were you referring to that you laughed at in my earlier comment? That would be nice to know.
    Also, Morocco Bama, how about explaining why you are cautioning me around the issue of children? I can only recall using an example of teenagers in a classroom demanding some adult attention.

    I’ll probably just see this ‘turn around’ as a very deft way of resurrecting any credability with the thin guise of academic volley debating rules, intended to negate any ownership of offensive comments written earlier.
    Do you still feel Guy lacks integrity, or was that in your earlier phase? best now quickly forgotten, and not referred to now we are in a conveniently new phase of good cyber citizenship.
    What a load of crikey-batshit-obfuscation-frogs-ate-my-homework-Mr-principal-I’ll-write-neater-tadpole-in-my-mother’s-bras-I-promise-mice-munching-grassy-knoll-caper.

    Anyone else see some astute agent agendas here?

    Just think about how many of these regular Avatars could be run by the same entity, and the simple coordination necessary to manufacture spoiling Guy’s messages, and who would want to do that exactly?

    Guy must now be getting traction in places, and there will be a concerted covert action to negate his message, notwithstanding its radical core arguments, by spoiling comments, in their early phase, to ward off new commenters.
    Like for instance, I can see how Librarian, Morocco Bama, ulvfugl and OzMan could all be run from the same NSA terminal, and who would know?

    Skilled counter ops are what these Agencies are best at. I mean they do this for breakfast probably untill they get a pass up to other harder targets.
    Never mind all the personal insults, its Guy that is the target.

    That is why I cautioned on an earlier thread I won’t be downloading any manifestos of a convicted terrorist at the behest and gushing recommendations of anyone.

    Wake up people, these Agents play the long game, and take a lot of work time regulated drugs to keep them alert and super vigilent.

    Guy is the target, because he is advocating something opposed to TPTB and Empire, for very sane and rational reasons, not least is the living planet. We have seen his concerns and views evolve into moments of dispair, and yet all that is a testament of commitment to the Walk, in the title, Walking Away from Empire.
    I’m staying the course, and will walk my own walk, probably sooner rather than later.

  • There’s some weird people out there, with some weird ideas, Transhumanism as Religion… I actually find this stuff quite sinister and horrible myself.

    Know then that the purpose of our fellowship is to seek eternal life and reunion with those who have passed before us. To seek knowledge and perfection of spirit and soul that we may become worthy to resurrect the willing dead and in turn be judged worthy to be resurrected into the worlds beyond. Such powers may lie in our past or in our future. Meanwhile we shall remember those who have passed and we shall speak for them as family so that come the Awakening none will be forgotten. We shall be the calm in the storm, the eye of the hurricane, the refuge in the night, the hope for tomorrow.

  • Extraenvironmentalist podcast #51:

    Culture of Dying

    The globally dominant culture is suffering from an economic, ecological and social crisis that has deeper roots than failing budgets and environmental degradation. Do we have a role to play if our culture is headed towards its eventual death? Though our economic system has trained us to be needy, can we approach these challenges as if we were needed?

    In Extraenvironmentalist #51 we speak with Stephen Jenkinson about our cultural difficulty with death. Stephen draws on lessons learned from decades of working with death to describe how we can frame our civilization’s trajectory. We ask how to find sanity in a time of alienation and if we can be a human in difficult circumstances. Stephen describes the distinct jobs given to us as our family members die.

  • Latest from Down Under:

    ‘Antarctic climate facing ‘rapid’ changes: chief scientist’

    Some snippets:

    Australia’s chief Antarctic scientist says claims by climate experts about environmental changes in the southern continent are not alarmist.

    The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) told a Senate estimates hearing today “rapid changes” taking place across the icy land mass would have significant impact on global climate.

    Changes in ocean flows and shifts in Antarctic ice cap levels were occurring at rates faster than at any other time in history, chief scientist Nick Gales said….

    Scientists were detecting major changes in the circulation of deep, dense salty water off Antarctica.

    This water, which drives the circulation of the world’s oceans and in turn climate patterns, was reducing, while becoming warmer and less salty.

    Meanwhile, parts of the Antarctic ice caps were melting at unprecedented rates.

    “The findings around changes in Antarctica and the southern oceans are critically important to driving world climate,” Dr Gales said.

    “That is the engine room of a large amount of world climate, so changes there are important.”

    He dismissed suggestions the claims were alarmist, adding scientists were “by definition” sceptics and based their conclusions only on testing data.”

    There is a good case for the seismic activity over the last decade being in part driven by the relaese of deep crustal tension and redistribution of tectonic forces as the Greenland ice sheet and the poles melt, especially the Antarctic.
    2004 Boxing day tsunami, and Fukushima, as well as those in China and Turkey and Pakistan, all come to mind.
    Those redistribution of forces will just keep coming, and we have no way to stop any of them.

  • More info here on global temps for September 2012:

    State of the Climate
    Global Analysis
    September 2012
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    National Climatic Data Cente.

    Some relevent quotes:

    “•The globally-averaged land surface temperature for September 2012 was the third warmest September on record, at 1.02°C (1.84°F) above average. The globally-averaged ocean surface temperature tied with 1997 as the second warmest September on record, at 0.54°C (0.97°F) above average.

    •Australia experienced its third warmest September since records began in 1950, with the nationally-averaged maximum temperature 1.94°C (3.49°F) above the 1961–1990 average. The minimum temperature was also above average but not quite as extreme as the maximum, at 0.42°C (0.76°F) above the long-term average…..

    •As indicated ….. Japan observed record warmth during September. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the greatest warmth was observed across northern Japan (regions of Hokkaido and Tohuko), which was 3.7°C (6.7°F) above average. It was below average across Okinawa, which had been impacted by Super Typhoons Sanba (middle of the month) and Jelawat (end of the month).”

    Much more in the report but this image shows the devastation in North America re temps from January to September:

    ‘Land and Ocean Temperature Percentiles, Jan – Sept 2012’

    From the map, just a rough estimate it looks like about 30-40% of the Earth’s surface was in the category, ‘Much warmer than average’.
    Wait till January and Feb.

  • Doomerism entering the mainstream…

  • The Quiet Year, a map game about the struggles of a post-collapse community.

  • M Obama, it’s quite clear where you are at. You spent most of a previous thread insisting that you are never going to be bound by ANY rules, and insulting and abusing every other person who posted, and now that that didn’t work, you’ve appointed yourself as moderator here… which is offensive and unacceptable, IMO, seeing as it is not your blog, and you spent several above comments insulting and abusing Guy.

    It’s not the first time you’ve provided us with one of these silly paranoid rants, trying to smear people, is it. Idiot.

    As for your ‘rapist biker’ theme, that’s your own ignorant stereotyping. I have never know any woman in my whole life get raped, certainly not by any of my friends who like motorbikes. All the girls who hung out with us did so because they like us and we were fun. if some guy had ever raped a woman, I expect he’d have received summary justice for shaming us all, and then handed over to the police to finish the job.

    By your perverted logic, if Americans murder people in cold blood in Fallujah, and you are an American, therefore you must be a murderer.

    As for the rest, you’re merely demonstrating what a nasty shallow confused creepy little person you are, IMO.

  • Anarchism is tricky

    No doubt it is, for someone like you, with a mindless will-to-power and no respect for any other point of view.

    For many others, it’s very simple and straight forward. To say that Anarchism helped to lead to Franco’s fascism is simply ignorant and idiotic, but as usual you shout your mouth of without having done the work to understand anything about the subject.

    How can ‘Anarchism’ develop a strategy ? It simply means ‘absence of rulers’. Just shows how clueless you are.

  • Empty Promise
    October 15, 2012
    Could scientists have got the impacts of climate change on food supply wildly wrong?
    By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 16th October 2012

  • ”I’m concerned the U.S. corn crop is going to be a billion bushels less than what they’re telling us,” says Basse, president of AgResource Company, an ag price research firm in Chicago. “So we’re talking about a sub-10 billion bu. corn crop, maybe 9.6 or 9.7 billion bu., relative to the yield data we’re picking up.”

  • What Robin did in this thread is disgusting.

    To hypocrites.

    Robin’s comment to me was meant to inflict damage.

    From a hypocrite’s point of view. Meant to help the contrite see things differently, but with the suspicion that the stuff in the bucket was unchanged. That suspicion proved correct. And the comment was not addressed to anyone. One who is not a hypocrite would not identify oneself as the person to whom it was addressed.

    Nothing I have said in this thread warranted such an attack by a pack of ravenous wolves out for blood.

    And nor was it an attack at all, except as might be perceived by an unreformed hypocrite.

    They senses blood….vulnerability,

    The vulnerability is hypocrisy. And it stinks.

  • Morocco Bama

    I invite you to reread my post closer to the top of this comments section where I defended your difficulties and pain and stated no ‘knifing’ nor confessions of ‘hypocracy’ were warrented.

    OzMan Says:
    October 14th, 2012 at 10:14 pm
    Sticking Up For Morocco Bama!

    You are great at hyperbole and exaggeration.

    Reminds me of the scene in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, where Emperor Palpatine feigns weakness to get Aniken’s help, all the while having the strength to destroy Master Windu, he just needs to get rid of his light sabre:

    Revenge Of The Sith: Windu Vs Palpatine

    Agent MB, you are found wanting something to contribute here beyond your: ‘they ganged up on me Sir, see, they’re bullies’ contrivance.

    I defended you then I questioned such an arrogant tell tale baiting as:

    “It’s painfully obvious that no one posting to this forum has DONE the hard work. If anyone had, they wouldn’t be posting here…”

    Although you try to wriggle out of this with diversions about the tense of the word DONE, and such, it is plain you are baiting others, anyone, and leaving yourself a tiny bolthole.

    Also I introduced the concept of the Messiah Complex, but you totally misrepresent my characterisation of it by suggesting it was an endorsment and of advocacy, but it was the opposite if you go back and read it. I explained that taking Sin from others and suffering was not going to bring individuals the ethical maturity to ressess thier own life choices, and grow beyond them, not enn masse at least. Pain and suffering can be destroyed and healed, but first it has to be surrendered, and that is the beginning of its transcendence.

    I was critical of the Messiah Complex. Got that??

    All I can say is your views appear to be very intellectually advanced but insecurely posted and defended, as though you were under some pressure to always be right. The only reason I go at your arrogant views is because you are deliberately creating dissent. I suggest you are not fit to defend yourself from criticism here about heartfelt matters, so don’t reveal them if you can’t cope. That is not to stop you, just be a bit more self protective, with something so painful. Remember, I originally defended you with that kind of motive, even though you are presumably a grown up.

    I also suggest you accept that life in the two armed form entails a great potential for pain and suffering, and don’t blame others for their apparent causing of your pain. You are the vessil for pain and suffering, it is up to you how you regulate it. Lack of sensitivity by others is woeful, yes, but you need to regulate what gets through, and what you can ‘Bat’ away.
    Emtional sensitivity is very difficuklt to deal with when the mind is highly developed, because it seems others are not so sensitive. My experience is that everyone suffers, and it will always at first appear to us that others suffering is not so deep as our own. But if you are human you have that great capacity to feel the great wounds of love, and it should be no other way. Where would we be without such sensitivity?

  • michele/montreal,

    I just watched the link you provided. Thank you so much!

    In my family, we have gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. All have been connected to GMOs. I’m so angry!!!

    No wonder those murderers are spending a millions dollars a day to confuse the voters in California.

    I fucking hate this culture.

  • An ex-anarchists explains why he is no longer an anarchist, as follows:

    My early work is politically anarchist fiction, in that I was an anarchist for a long period of time. I’m not an anarchist any longer, because I’ve concluded that anarchism is an impractical ideal. Nowadays, I regard myself as a libertarian. I suppose an anarchist would say, paraphrasing what Marx said about agnostics being “frightened atheists,” that libertarians are simply frightened anarchists. Having just stated the case for the opposition, I will go along and agree with them: yes, I am frightened. I’m a libertarian because I don’t trust the people as much as anarchists do. I want to see government limited as much as possible; I would like to see it reduced back to where it was in Jefferson’s time, or even smaller. But I would not like to see it abolished. I think the average American, if left totally free, would act exactly like Idi Amin. I don’t trust the people any more than I trust the government.

    ~Robert Anton Wilson

    Imagine living in a world of ulvfugl and Morocco Bama without government; as wildwoman put it, “It appears to me, with my small little brain, that anarchy is just another word for allowing entitled males to dominate.”

    Besides, anybody with an understanding of anthropology and neurobiology realizes anarchy in a densely populated world of 7 billion is quite impossible; sociopolitical typology in populations larger than Dunbar’s Number are always observed to be hierarchical.

  • Imo, MB, you are a confused, ignorant, individual, stuck in arrested adolescence, and as BC Nurse pointed out, this is not the first or only forum that you have poisoned with your spite and stupidity. You don’t even understand simple words like ‘violence’ and what they actually mean.

    Here’s your own words quoted back at you MB. Does this sound like a mature, intelligent, stable, reasonable, adult person, to you ?

    And now the gloves come off. I’ll stay, because I want to kick the punk’s ass….and he is a punk, and a rapist….just as I suspected. He’s a human piece of refuse, and yes, OzMan, if we were together physically, I’d rip his head clear from his shoulders. He’d wish for the days of migraines. Anarchist? Bullshit. Bikers aren’t Anarchists…they’re scum. And they’re rapists. I know. My sister-in-law was gang-raped by bikers outside of a bar when she was nineteen. She’s had to live with that trauma her entire life….she’s in her fifties now. I hate bikers….HATE them. They’re vermin….and they’re cowards. This just takes the cake….and some of you have egg all over your faces. What complete and utter fools. Embrace a sadistic, violent, rapist thug and tell me I poison blogs? No wonder your children don’t want to have anything to do with, BC Nurse, I wouldn’t either if I were your child. With judgement like that, you’re not fit to be a parent, and apparently your children figured that out soon enough. Certain Someone, it’s a good thing we’re not in physical proximity to one another. I’d like nothing more than to avenge my sister-in-law’s rape, and you need some atonement for taking advantage of the vulnerable your whole life. I knew I had you pegged….I just knew it. You haven’t changed. You’re still a cowardly piece of crap. Gawd, I love it!!

    depressive lucidity, you’ve been more honest than the entire lot put together here could ever hope to be….and they don’t hope to be. Wow, you deserve each other….you really do. This has to be an ARG, I don’t know what else could explain such insanity. Sure, it’s crazy out there, but holy smoke, this is beyond the pale. Larry David can’t write better satire than this. The Gay Christian Atheist and The Rapist Biker (redundant, I know) buddying up like ol chums. Glorious!! Welcome to Paradise.

    That’s it. That felt good. I’ll continue to read Guy, but not these comments. There’s a dishonest malevolence that’s taken hold. I read the archives per Martin, and I see where the pattern and trend emerged. There were some people here once upon a time that did just want to share and discuss….and then came the teachers and proselytizers. That was The End.

    I mean, what sort of messed up person addresses other people like that, then vows never to come here again, then decides that they are now the moderator and tells everyone else how they must behave.

    Look at yourself in the mirror, petulant brat. Look at yourself. You are far, far more guilty of all the things you are complaining about than anyone else on this forum is.

  • “Who would plant the fields…?”

    Who in hell wants to plant fields, i.e., agriculture?

    “Agriculture creates government [i.e., hierarchy, Lording-it-Over, which is why “agrarian anarchy” is an oxymoron].” ~Richard Manning, Against the Grain, p. 73

    “…We chose the latter [agriculture] and ended up with starvation, warfare, and tyranny.” ~Jared Diamond, PhD, (UCLA School of Medicine,) The Worst Mistake In The History Of The Human Race

    “…Agriculture is the triumph of estrangement and the definite divide between culture and nature and humans from each other.” ~John Zerzan, Agriculture: The Demon Engine of Civilization

  • Ivy Mike, fundamental difference between libertarianism and anarchism, as I see it, is that libertarians are selfish individualists, whereas anarchism is about community.

    Sure, ‘no rulers’, may be impractical under some circumstances, where a bureaucratic and hierarchical system is necessary to perform some public service, and if people freely chose to opt for that, I’d have no objection. My ideal would be close to Guy’s agrarian anarchy, which has a long and noble history in UK, going back to the 1600s and earlier.

  • Agriculture is not the same thing as horticulture, gardening, permaculture.

  • Robin, your tactics, and their intent, have been exposed for what they are. What you do is purposeful and you are conscious of the abuse you wish to inflict.

    They were not “exposed”. They were always obvious. Abuse in this context can only be perceived by those who are hypocrites. Those who are not hypocrites will not see any abuse.

    On the other threads you have referred to me as human excrement and a fly to be swatted away….on numerous occasions.

    The stench emitted was prompted the metaphor, but that metaphor clearly in error: composting cannot be applied to improve this situation. The reference to flies was to transients who do not stay long.

  • Corrigendum:
    The stench emitted prompted the metaphor, but that metaphor is clearly in error: composting cannot be applied to improve this situation. The reference to flies was to transients who do not stay long.

  • anarchism is about community

    LOL! Mention the word “community” to free-market anarchist, and observe what happens; my educated guess is that you’ll be called a “communist” or “collectivist.”

    So many anarchists aren’t necessarily against “rulers,” they’re just against anybody who gets in the way of them being the rulers (government.) As one libertarian-anarchist admits:

    “”We libertarians do not oppose hierarchy or command or authority…” ~Stephan Kinsella

    Now that’s funny, coming from a prominent self-proclaimed “anarchist.”

    Agriculture is not the same thing as horticulture, gardening, permaculture.

    Correct; as Jason Godesky puts it on the nomenclature between horticulture and agriculture, words do matter. Which is why I keep saying that “agrarian anarchism” is an oxymoron. Agriculture is always associated with Civilization, i.e., hierarchical State society.

  • What can you say?

    Great link to GM Cathy C.


    Great winebar interview Guy!

    Way to go all….

  • Robin Datta has dignity, wisdom, insight, self-respect.

    Clueless vain petulant brat displays nothing but ignorance, egotism, stupidity, and a rather nasty poisonous confused personality.

  • Yes, of course, Ivy Mike, there’s a wide spectrum of anarchist opinion, and free market anarcho-capitalists appall me.

    Okay, forget agriculture. Anybody who confuses horticulture and gardening with agriculture has obvious never actually doneeither.

  • No need to call for the clowns…

  • …so too does George W. Bush.

    Not that I have ever observed. He reminds me much more of you, MB, a spoiled, insensitive, uneducated, loudmouthed egomaniac.

  • Kangaroos are easier to talk to…

  • Now that’s the damn truth.

    And I wonder how many anarchists you have ever met, MB, and how many anarchist communities you have worked to set up, and have lived in. My guess is zero. All you know about is being a creepy corporate shill, so your opinion on the matter, is, as usual, absolutely worthless.

  • I don’t want your snake oil religion

    Matthew 7:6

  • P.S. Thomas Jefferson was decidedly NOT an anarchist:

    “The voluntary support of laws, formed by persons of their own choice, distinguishes peculiarly the minds capable of self-government. The contrary spirit is anarchy, which of necessity produces despotism.” ~Thomas Jefferson, to Philadelphia Citizens, 1809

    “…repairs to the standard of the laws. Do this, and you need never fear anarchy or tyranny. Your government will be perpetual.” ~Thomas Jefferson, Manuscript, 1801

    “Our falling into anarchy would decide forever the destinies of mankind, and seal the political heresy that man is incapable of self-government.” ~Thomas Jefferson, to John Hollins, 1811

  • Pretty much sums you up, MB. Paid internet troll.

    This section also contained a number of hints for de-railing conversations that went too far away from what we were attempting. These strategies included various forms of personal attacks, complaining to the forum moderators, smearing the characters of our opponents, using images and icons effectively, and even dragging the tone of the conversation down with secksual innuendo, links to [..]ography, or other such things. “Sometimes we have to fight dirty,” or trainer told us. “Our opponents don’t hesitate to, so we can’t either.”

  • MBIf you allow yourself to, you can learn from me…

    What ? How to be an offensive and ignorant moron ? No thank you.

  • You can just imagine Morocco Bama and ulvfugl sitting at adjacent terminals at OSI or NSA or Haliburton swappping abuse and just cacking themselves at how much further they can push it. Not that any of them are, but it would explain all the taunting.
    Then in the mess hall they could high five and spend thier bonus’s on the White Ox. There is so much rapour there, it is mind boggling how well they dance.

    Sucking the Oxygen. Good word for Scrabble.. is Oxygen.

  • If you think putting yourself into the same category as Bush is a compliment to you, MB, then that tells everyone all they need to know about you, doesn’t it.

  • Except, Ozman, that I have never ever worked for any corporation, in my entire life, nor any other kind organisation which I did not approve of, on political and ethical grounds, nor would I ever do such a thing.

  • No problem. You’re quite welcome. Any time.

    Thank you for your comment. All your comments are valuable to us. Please keep disrupting this blog. We all appreciate your contributions.

  • Go and lie down in your basket, like a good dog


  • Kangaroos just generally chew at you… then hop away…. very plain and wise…

  • Ivy Mike, words matter ?

    “Our falling into anarchy would decide forever the destinies of mankind, and seal the political heresy that man is incapable of self-government.” ~Thomas Jefferson, to John Hollins, 1811

    He’s obviously using ‘anarchy’ as a synonym for chaos, because anarchy, as in the original Greek form, means ‘self-government’.

  • I never click on your links, MB, so i wouldn’t know.

  • No, I don’t discuss anyones ‘uendo’…

  • Start growing wheat and corn, and non gmo soy. We are going to need it.

  • Because you are a nasty little hypocrite and a creep yourself, MB, you naturally assume that everyone else must be just like you. You sold yourself for money. That’s not something I have ever been willing to do.

  • I’ve had my share of ‘Uendo’, I can pick my moments.
    Prune juice helps…

  • None of us know it all.

    I don’t need to know it all to recognise the strench of excrement, MB, and you are smeared all over with it.

  • There’s hope for you yet. I think you’re seeing the light.

    The instructions were from a Zen Master. The stench, however is unabated.

  • Left Anarchists, e.g., Chomsky, Trotsky, etc., are as completely confused as Ayn Rand herself.

    The left anarchists want to have no hierarchy (yes, quite admirable) while keeping all the machinery that produces hierarchy (or Lording-It-Over, or government.)

    • The sickle (Agriculture) is one of the machines that produce hierarchy. [“Agriculture creates government.” ~Richard Manning, Against the Grain, p. 73]
    • The hammer (Industry) and work and factories is also the machinery that produces hierarchy. [see The Power of the Machine: Global Inequalities of Economy, Technology, and Environment, by Alf Hornborg]

    Left-anarchism is as hopelessly contradictory as right-anarchism; neither faction realizes egalitarianism (nobody Lording-it-Over others, or anarchy) is impossible in a society with population above Dunbar’s Number. As Jason Godesky explains well, above Dunbar’s Number, human society is observed by anthropologists to inevitably becomes hierarchical.

    P.S. The only non-contradictory anarchists are anarcho-primitivists, who seek to return to an egalitarian Non-State band or tribal sociopolitical typology.

  • For the safety of workers at Louisiana’s giant sinkhole, boats are not permitted on it anymore because removing hydrocarbons could cause pressure changes that could affect the expanding hole blamed on one company, while unexplained and dismissed gas bubbling 50 miles west of the sinkhole, at Lake Peigneur, increasingly worries locals there, who say the, too, experience energy human rights abuses.

    Texas Brine, blamed for the Bayou Corne sinkhole and other environmental problems of late in the area, continued cleaning at the rapidly expanding hole site Monday, it was limited because boats are no longer allowed on the sinkhole due to the activity of removing hydrocarbons from the cavern, according to officials.

    “This is for the safety of workers as the removal of the hydrocarbons may cause pressure,” officials report.

    The sinkhole is now expands over 4 acres and appears to be a lake in the Oct. 15 flyover video.
    Full story and vid at

  • See how you lie and how you distort and how you sink into your own filth and slime.

    Still, it’s obvious you lost all your pride and self-respect long ago, so it’s easy for you to degrade yourself, it’s what you do every day, isn’t it. Wallow in your own excrement, and boast about it.

    No, you took the high road (hahah), and hung with cowardly blokes who stole money, abused drugs and alcolhol, and engaged in brutal and senseless violence including the raping of women.

  • Radiation? If it doesn’t kill me, it makes me stronger…
    But my kids will be able to breathe under water, and recieve sonar and talk with dolphins.

  • Anarchy “typically is used to refer to a society without a publicly enforced government.” [source wiki:anarchy]

    “Government” (State) means a few Lording-It-Over others, i.e., hierarchy. Unless you have multiple personalities interacting, “self-government” is another one of those pervasive oxymorons that even Jefferson himself used in a now failed attempt to incorporate into American government the egalitarian aspects of a Non-State society, and its 1000 year long Great Law of Peace (Gayanashagowa), he helped destroy.

  • Lake Peigneur is now bubbling as well as the new sinkhole. Here is a video of the sinkhole disaster that happened there

    per wiki
    “On November 20, 1980, when the disaster took place, the Diamond Crystal Salt Company operated the Jefferson Island salt mine under the lake, while a Texaco oil rig drilled down from the surface of the lake searching for petroleum. Due to a miscalculation, the 14-inch (36 cm) drill bit entered the mine, starting a chain of events which turned what was at the time an almost 10-foot (3.0 m) deep freshwater lake into a salt water lake with a deep hole.”

  • took the high road

    Indeed i did, I worked for 12 years renovating old cottages and farm houses, as a carpenter and joiner, and I did it because I enjoyed it, and i was grateful for the opportunity to do that work, and the fact that i got fairly well paid made it even nicer. The came Thatcher and economic depression and nobody had money to renovate old houses, so life got hard, and I came across a whole bunch of kids who had left school with no prospects, some of whom loved motorbikes, which gave them a reason to live, and that’s how i got into that way of life for a few years. Nobody ever got raped. That’s just you playing out your own repressed fantasies, MB, same as your own fantasies about being stabbed, and all the other garbage that you cultivate in your being.

    Disgusts me, but you seem to revel in it, not knowing any better, you prefer filth and vomit.

  • I agree….and thanks to adding to it with your every post.

    That is because the bucket is agitated so easily.

  • Methane, like the rest of the alkanes, is odourless.

  • That’s a good thing, right? Do I get a Gold Star from Robin for having achieved this monumental milestone?

    Not a good thing at all, it means being less than human, in a state of depravity, and that’s why you get treated as the arsehole you are, as someone who has no respect for themselves so is unable to respect anyone else.

  • Petulant brat, it means being less than fully human. It means being less than the full potential if an adult human being. Although you have never learned it, never achieved it, human beings are fundamentally wonderful and noble creatures, so long as they have their full dignity and self-respect intact, as human beings.

    Birds are not meant to be humans, they are meant to be birds, and like all other living things follow their true natures.

    It’s only humans, like yourself MB, who manage to mutilate themselves out of all recognition, so that they become so completely unaware of their true nature.

    You sold yourself. You gave away something precious in return for a load of shite. Now you suffer the consequences of that. No dignity, no self-respect, lots of self-loathing, a toxic personality, etcetera…

  • Well, we could debate the wiki definition, Ivy Mike, which I don’t quite agree with, but I prefer to think about the circumstances where the term originated, in ancient Greece, and what they meant by it.

    I don’t think it should be thought of as a static fixed thing, because human soceities are always in flux, they develop and change over generations, hence anacyclosis

  • Oh I see, so when you’re unable to mount any intelligent remarks anymore, you resort to Godwin’s Law.

    I should have expected that. Just proves what a pathetic arsehole you are MB.

    You showed you were capable of making a sensible comment and I complimented you upon it, but because of your infantile condition, you always revert to attention seeking, because you are so desperate, it doesn’t matter how low you need to grovel, how many kicks you get, how often folk spit upon you with contempt, how pathetic and offensive you appear to be, how much pain and injury you suffer, just so long as YOU are in the limelight, it’s worth it to you…

    And the rest of us have to put up with your idiotic clowning and disruption of the blog.

  • Greer, LOL! Those who dress up in any priestcraft garb are probably trying to scam you, just like first priestcraftery in the Tanakh.

    And Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God. And he blessed him, and said, “Blessed be Abram to the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth, And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand”. And he gave him tithe from all. ~Genesis 14:18-20

    But sometimes their stuff they offer for free is good, like Greer’s blog, from which I’ve gleaned several good observations.

    P.S. I’ll give anybody a blessing for free.

  • If I want to discuss anarchism, I’ll do it with someone who knows something about it, or someone who wants no know something about it.

    You, MB, don’t fit either category. You are proud of your own stupidity and ignorance and incapable of serious thought and conversation, a waste of everyone’s time. Best go back to your shit and vomit that you enjoy so much.

  • I’ll give anybody a blessing for free.

    But would it be worth having your blessing, even for free ?

    Do you know what it means ? It means being sprinkled with blood.

  • I bet you know all about that

    Of course i do, because unlike you, – clueless petulant brat and self-proclaimed ‘poet’ who can’t write poems – I love languages and words and have studied both.

  • So “have a blessed day” and “have a bloody day” are equivalent? Bloody hell, you’re right!

    Blessed are the meek vegans – not! LOL!

  • MB I think you have a Man Crush for me.

    No, I pity you because it must be extremely unpleasant to have to live with all that festering garbage in your being. But I don’t pity you all that much, about equal to the degree to which I find your disruptions of this blog irritating. I don’t waste my pity, there are too many people who deserve it far more than you do, people who endure real suffering and maintain their grace and self-respect.

    I think you bring shame and disgrace in the whole human species, because you typify a certain sort of person. Ozman had you perfectly sussed. A ‘man’ with a wife and kids, who is stuck at being about 9 years old, where he provokes the teacher and the other kids until he gets his pay off. Someone who has never yet had the courage to grow up.

    Other than that, you don’t figure in my existence at all.

  • You’ve done it all, and you know it all…

    That boring jibe again. No, not all, just much more than you, and more than you are capable of comprehending, because you so enjoy your shit and vomit. What a waste of precious lifetime and precious opportunities you have been.

  • Hahahaha (thanks annie) ;-)

  • OzMan,

    “Sucking the oxygen”

    Good call. My sentiments exactly. Comments at NBL used to be the highlight of my day, but they now border on unreadable. If the goal is to drive users away from NBL then the trolls are winning.

    Michael Irving

  • Graham Chapman: Shut your festering gob, you tit! Your type really makes me puke, you vacuous, toffee-nosed, malodorous, pervert!!!
    Michael Palin: Look, I CAME HERE FOR AN ARGUMENT, I’m not going to just stand…!!
    Graham Chapman: OH, oh I’m sorry, but this is abuse.
    Michael Palin: Oh, I see, well, that explains it.
    Graham Chapman: Ah yes, you want room 12A, Just along the corridor.

    ~The Argument Clinic, Monty Python

  • MB : I think you bring shame and disgrace in the whole human species

    I mean, you’re quite literally paraphrasing from the book Hitler authored.

    Just showing how ignorant and uneducated you are again, MB.

    Hitler’s project concerned the Germanic people’s as a superior master race.

    Despite all your shabby and disgraceful attempts to smear me on this blog, I have never ever said anything remotely similar to that, but you don’t mind telling lies do you. You have no honour or self-respect to maintain, so it comes easily to you.

    What I say is that every human being has the potential to reach to their own true human nature, which, is actually something rather noble and impressive and wonderful.

    I mean, you, petulant brat, have the potential to be a noble and dignified man, every bit as much as say, Ghandi, or MLK, or any other brave and splendid personality.

    Instead, you actively choose to be a wanker and to play with your own turds. Can’t blame Hitler for that can you. Or me.

  • MIComments at NBL used to be the highlight of my day, but they now border on unreadable. If the goal is to drive users away from NBL then the trolls are winning.

    Sorry about that. I suppose it’ll pass. Maybe it’s like putting a load of cattle from the market into a field. They spend a couple of days fighting, jostling, charging about, until they’ve all found out what their new home and company are like, and then they settle down.

    Could have been a good discussion about anarchism, etc. I did try.

  • MB, you complain about people who are violent, and then you talk about ‘inflicting flesh wounds’ not to mention your rape fantasies and being stabbed in the back, blablabla.

    I can assure you, you have not ‘wounded’ me in any manner whatsoever. I’m no different now than I was this morning before commenting here. The fact that YOU see it that way is indicative of your infantile mentality. That’s all. Time to grow up, brat.

  • I am not following the arguments so I don’t know who is involved besides MB and ulvfugl. But whatever could you guys get each other’s e-mails from Guy and spare the rest of us. Or one of you set up your own blog and argue there. This has gotten out of hand.

  • As usual you are never slow to show how stupid you are, MB, read up what the Collective Unconscious actually means. Time to grow up, brat.

  • Hi Kathy C. it’s not worth reading. No, thanks, i don’t want MBs emails. i’d prefer to have and interesting and intelligent adult conversation here.

  • MB : That much is true. You’ve obviously not committed yourself to a life of growth, and have instead committed yourself to a static life of nastiness and brutishness.

    No, I have a most excellent life, I couldn’t imagine anything better than this, O wouldn’t swap with anyone alive anywhere.

    Go ride your bike, brat, squander and waste the energy that you could be using to do something useful, like growing food. Let the grown ups here have a chance to talk.

  • Ignorant brat, just go away. If you understood any of the interpretations you would not have said such a stupid remark. Stop wasting your life wallowing in your own vomit and excrement. Nobody benefits, not even you. I’m weary of your stink and stupidity.

  • One of the early times I went to stay at a zen monastery retreat, the zen master gave a brief talk one evening about people who try to force themselves upon the monastery.

    In those days, it was a new and trendy thing in UK, or at least, perceived as such amongst the counter culture. He said individuals would sometimes arrive in the middle of the night, uninvited, when everyone was asleep, and demand to be admitted because they wanted to find the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

    The master or a monk or nun would explain to them politely that everyone was asleep and they’d have to follow the regular procedure, and apply, and then some of these people would sometimes get very angry and aggressive and insist upon entering, as if they could somehow get spiritual understanding by bullying and force.

    I remember he said one person had walked 20 or 30 miles across the mountains, and then was refused admittance, and flew into a rage, and refused to leave. As if a long and arduous journey somehow justified having no respect for the monastery and the monks and the teachings. He said one sat outside for a few days, when he could easily have applied through the recognised procedures and been accepted in a week, but he refused to do that.

    He said that one of the buddhist virtues to be cultivated is patience. He said he had to struggle with it himself. People would sometimes arrive and insist upon meeting him, and be admitted into his office and refuse to leave, and spend hours insulting and ridiculing him, as if to prove to themselves that somehow his understanding of buddhism was faulty or that he was a fraud or that he was really an evil person just pretending to be a zen student….

    Some people are like that. They project all the unpleasant and horrible things inside themselves out onto others, and the very idea that someone might not fit their stereotypical projections, is an affront to their understanding of the world, so they challenge themselves to prove themselves right by finding faults in anyone who might have risen above the general sordid level…. Because it suggests that it is possible for a human being to be truly good, pure, virtuous, not a hypocrite… and they do not like that at all…. because it shows how ugly they are, how ugly they have become, how far they have fallen from what they might have been..

    That’s what that master told us. He said expect it. He said don’t be troubled in the slightest. It has nothing to do with zen, and everything to do with human psychology and the appalling ugliness of many people’s inner worlds.

    He said that if it was troubling, then try and avoid such people. But if you cannot, and if you feel strong enough, then just be patient. Let them rant and rage and spew out insults. Eventually the demonic energies will exhaust themselves, like spoiled little children who go into tantrums and try to get sweets by emotional blackmail, screaming and rolling on the floor…. if you give in, they’ll just do it even more, which is not really being kind to them.

    I asked him, what about the real psychos, the ones who murder and rape and try to get their way by playing more violent games. He said just deal with them in the usual fashion that soceity uses, the police.

    He said that when he was training to be zen priest, in San Francisco, one of these ‘would be provers that there are no good people’ came into his room and abused him a bit, then told him to guess what he had done, with an evil grin, which turned out to be that he had raped and stabbed a girl and left her to die. So the priest asked where was she. And the rapist said he’d only tell if the priest promised not to tell anyone. So the priest promised, and then immediately phoned ambulance and police, and the girl was saved.

    Some humans are extremely evil and take pleasure in being so.

  • Reddit. First World Anarchists. A representative sample ? Kinda hope not ;-)