How to Feel Better

by Reese Jones

The world seems to be falling apart … WHAT TO DO?

In contemplating near-term human extinction, if one believes it to be coming to pass shortly, there is likely a terrible inevitability that can wrench the gut and tear the soul. And, if one has young children, the agony can be exponentially manifold.

For some, the suffering can be momentary; they simply dismiss, ignore, forget, disbelieve. Others may seek a place of peace and calm, acquiesing to that which they cannot change whilst making conscious decisions to create beautiful moments in the here and now.

But, for many, deep within the recesses of their conscious and subconcious, there can foment unresolved grief, bitterness, loss and rage that can gnaw at their every waking moment, subtracting from the life they have left.


Actionable steps always seem to offer a sense of control and purpose that can give us peace, even joy. I wrote the below for myself, for loved ones; well, that should likely include all of us … but perhaps especially for those who suffer deeply because they care so much.


First of all, live a good life; do be kind and good to others as well as yourself. Live moderately and modestly, finding the greatest pleasure in sharing and communing with friends, family, neighbors, all you meet.

Try to be tolerant; so many are suffering so deeply within, bereft of love and understanding in their lives. Your tolerance and empathy can be a form of healing. And in healing others, you can heal yourself. And be tolerant of yourself; forgive, then improve. Improvement need never end.

Stand up for what you know to be right, good and true. Be intolerant of cruelty and hurtful behaviors, speak up in defense of the innocent. Be firm in your support of that which is right and condemn that which is wrong. Speak softly, but with each word having the force of your conviction and determination behind it.

Understand that love is a harmonious force; it can tame a wild beast, soothe and heal a wounded heart. It can bring together that which seems irrevocably torn apart. Love the bad as well as the good; love can free and release the dark injuries that may bind and oppress us.

If you are ill, love your illness; honor its ability to motivate you, incite you, inform you in ways otherwise ignored. Understand it, learn of it, know it so that it can finally be released from you. Through it, your body speaks to you … listen …

Fight greed, false ambitions, dark addictions; fight the insidious cravings and longings born of past hurt, neglect, abandonment, rage. These demon sensations resultant of inner turmoil will steal your your heart, soul and mind, your life’s blood.

Touch the face of Nature. Let it reinvigorate you. See in every blade of grass, every living thing, every precious being on Earth, its autonomous, self-actualizing wondrousness and beauty. All were once bits of a seeming stellar cloud of flittering, lifeless particles. But then, defying all human logic, came together to form life.

Is there a knowingness greater than us, a power of perfect spirit and will? Many have seen the white light; each believes they touched the face of God. Believe what you will; but humbly, ask the Universe over and over for yourself; you will receive an answer. Of this, do not give up.

Believe in miracles … they do happen. And when all seems lost, continue forward. Seek the light at the end of the seemingly interminable tunnel, no matter how dark. Whatever you are going through, know that “this too shall pass.”

We all pass. Some sooner, some later… but those who choose goodness, kindness, compassion and the love of all else, can find heaven on Earth. We are surrounded by majesty that is mysterious and magical in beauty and scope. Every night, if we are lucky, before us sparkles the panorama of endless stars … every day, the azure skies. Existence is a puzzle; and you are the keymaster. We must use our key wisely … perhaps it is our only one.


The following five clips are based on interviews with Reese Jones about a month ago. The first two appeared in this space then, and the final three were uploaded yesterday.

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  • EBola from a somewhat wider and longer-term perspective:

    Ebola and the Five Stages of Collapse

  • From the oldest recorded and continuous tradition, the titles used to describe one who has achieved “How to feel best”

    Established in supreme wisdom.
    Transcending the qualities of nature (inertia, momentum and a balance of the two).
    Free while embodied.
    Knower of supreme awareness.
    Supreme devotee: without an “I”, there is no “not-I”.
    Totally accomplished: has no need to do anything more. The body-mind complex will continue all functions under its own momentum for as long as it will.
    Eternally new.
    Totally contented: with the realisation that one is consciousness, and of all awareness of objects that appear in it; just as everything in a dream is none other than oneself.
    Hopeless: no need to hope for anything.
    Egalitarian: seeing all objects as intrinsically equal.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list: they are just road signs pointing the way. When all of these qualities and more become not second nature, but are recognised to have ever been first nature, then the person also knows that there is realisation is not possible, since one has always been realised, albeit without being aware of it.

  • In the previous thread, ed says:

    “There once was a donkey named Ben
    Who wrote limericks now and again
    That spoke of extinction
    With wit and distinction
    But that didn’t mean shit in the end.”

    @ ed: Haha very well done, thanks, and you’re absolutely right:

    We’re Not Writing For Posterity

    Each day doomers meet one more dawn,
    With words about what’s coming on;
    Two days and a night,
    No one reads what we write,
    And once the grid goes, then it’s gone.

  • Good essay Reese; I love your work!

    Regarding the recent conversation about “climate change” terminology, I have copied below six paragraphs from the chapter titled “Powerful Words” in George Marshall’s excellent book, Don’t Even Think About It, Why Our Brains Are Wired To Ignore Climate Change (2014):

    This is just one of a number of dangerous false friends (words that sound the same but mean something different) that bedevil climate change [discussions]. In general scientific terminology, uncertainty, theory, error, and manipulation all have far more precise meanings in science than in general use. All the terms in the core lexicon of climate change (anthropogenic, albedo, aerosols, radiation, emissions, greenhouse gases, mitigation, adaptation) emerge from within the scientific discourse without any consideration for their framing. The words “enhance” and “positive” suggest an increase or change to scientists when, to the general public, they suggest an improvement.

    It is the U.S. scientist Wallace Broecker who has the dubious claim of having invented and then first used both of the core terms for this problem in a single I975 article: “Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?”

    Having two terms is, in itself, a problem, generating confusion and a politicized battle to promote the term that each side assumes will serve its interests. In the late 1980s, the United States and Saudi Arabia lobbied during the world climate negotiations for the language of early resolutions to be changed from “global warming” to “climate change” on the assumption that this sounded less emotive and, more important, had less connection to the burning of fossil fuels.

    In an internal memo to Republicans in 2003, communications consultant Frank Luntz argued that the term “climate change” sounds more moderate and controllable. As evidence, he cited one focus group participant saying that climate change “sounds like you’re going from Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale.” The Bush administration duly followed his advice, and President Bush adopted the term “climate change” in all subsequent speeches. Ironically, climate deniers now accuse environmentalists of seeking to suppress the phrase “global warming” because, they claim, temperatures are no longer increasing. Maybe they should all have waited for some better research: Testing conducted with greater rigor shows that Republicans are more likely to believe in “climate change” than in “global warming.”

    Environmental campaigners hate both terms and seek, intermittently, to introduce new phrases. Earth scientist James Lovelock for example, complains that global warming sounds like “a nice duvet on a cold winter’s day” and advocates for the term “global heating.” Other proposals have included “global weirding” and “global climate disruption,” and Al Gore has contributed neologisms like “climate chaos,” “climate crisis,” and more recently, “dirty weather.”

    However, although neither “global warming” or “climate change” is ideal, neither is disastrously bad either, and “climate change” has a sufficiently bland emptiness that it allows people to fill it with their own meanings. Seth Godin, a communications specialist, wonders whether calling it “Atmosphere Cancer” or “Pollution Death” might not have garnered more concern. It’s unlikely, since to anyone conservative the terms sound outrageously biased, and to anyone else they sound like heavy metal bands.

    From now on, I will take James Lovelock’s suggestion and use the term “global heating”. Why? Because this term accurately refers to Earth’s increasing average temperature without euphemizing it with the inappropriately comforting and misleading “warming”. It comes much closer to telling the truth.

    Replacing the “global warming” that Marshall uses in his book with global heating, I have copied here two more paragraphs, these regarding metaphors:

    Because global heating is a wicked problem, these metaphors then frame how we come to think about the issue as a whole. [A “wicked” problem equates with a COMPLEX problem, as in complexity theory, NOT a simple or complicated problem, as in linear, Baconian-Cartesian reasoning, which Scott Johnson and most others at Fractal Planet limit their reasoning and discussion to, and require others to, as well, if one wishes to comment there.] If we think of global heating as a ticking bomb, we see it quite differently than if we think of it as a fever, or a gamble, or a new Apollo space mission or a World War II battle. In each case, we imagine different causes, outcomes, and solutions.

    But all of these framings are misleading. They encourage us to see climate change as a finite challenge that can be cured, overcome, or won rather than as an open-ended and irreversible condition that can only be managed. This shapeless multivalent issue readily takes on the form of the metaphors we apply to it and, as I will argue later, this can create a dangerous illusion of familiarity.

    I think we need a powerful, much more accurate metaphor than those commonly used, and the following one seems quite good to me. I think that I will frame global heating to myself and others as “Like all of the nuclear power plants and bombs on Earth changing over a few years to Fukushima-like melt-down conditions.” This brings to mind many out-of-control, devastating, emotional images, including the tsunami, along with the process, not event, nature of it. I also like the idea of “A huge, fast asteroid on a direct, collision course with Earth” but this feels too much like an event, not the more gradual processes actually occurring.

  • The La La Life
    I like to call it global blooming because it makes me think of pretty flowers and dancing naked in the meadow. Love my sickness? Seeing as I’m mentally ill with a cast of afflictions, I feel like loving my sickness is a cart-before-the-horse, chicken-and-egg thingy.

    There once was a man from Nantucket
    who’s balls were so long he…

  • As a member of 11 different 12-step programs, I suggest we start one here. We can call it Palliative Gloomers, or maybe something more positive like Your Time In The Light.

  • Reese, such an enlightened and beautiful spirit you have. Thank you.
    I would like to see your response to JoeD’s question though.

    “Still, if history and science have taught us anything,
    it is that passion and desire are not the same as truth.
    The human mind evolved to believe in the gods.
    It did not evolve to believe in biology.
    Acceptance of the supernatural conveyed a great advantage throughout prehistory when the brain was evolving.
    Thus it is in sharp contrast to biology, which was developed as a product of the modern age and is not underwritten by genetic algorithms.
    The uncomfortable truth is that the two beliefs are not factually compatible.
    As a result those who hunger for both intellectual and spiritual truth will never acquire both in full measure.”
    ― Edward O. Wilson

  • Thank you Reese, that was exactly what I needed to read at this particular time: Simple words of comfort and wisdom. Such has worked in my life to make me a better man. And no matter how far we think we have come, spirit wise, frequent reminders are important.

    Reese said, “And, if one has young children, the agony can be exponentially manifold.” This inspired me to come up with a new word for Bud’s, Climate Change Terminology. AGONOPONTIALITY-the total shock one feels when they realize that their children are going to die; and the accompanying expanded vision of unbounded helplessness that overwhelms them.

    I’m a believer in scream therapy. I’d rather call it yell therapy, because that’s what I do, I yell. Every once in a long while, if I’m by myself, driving my car and no one is around, I’ll roll up the windows and yell my head off! Maybe I’ll lay on a lamentable howl or two. If you want to feel better, it works. Probably not as well as a good cry, but I guess that’ll come soon enough. :'(

  • Reese.

    ‘finding the greatest pleasure in sharing and communing with friends, family, neighbors, all you meet.’

    A funny thing happened on the way to the truth. I discovered most folk are utterly repelled by it and will go to great lengths to avoid dealing with it, indeed even mentioning it. And many will argue incessantly about things they know almost nothing about. We now know the entire economic-political system is corrupt, and the majority of people are utterly deluded and unreachable.

    Hence, I find myself reducing my interaction with others -something Robert Atack suggested many years ago when he spoke of the wisdom of ‘sticking with your own kind’.


    The best descriptor seems to be Global Overheating. No cosy images associated with overheating.

  • @ Kevin

    I do like “global overheating”, even though it does seem to harbor some human supremacist assumptions about the temperature that Earth’s atmosphere presumably “should” have (for OUR benefit, of course). Perhaps for this reason I will probably stick with the more neutral global heating.

  • @ Wren, Joe D

    The uncomfortable truth is that the two beliefs are not factually compatible.
    As a result those who hunger for both intellectual and spiritual truth will never acquire both in full measure.”
    ― Edward O. Wilson

    E O Wilson is mistaken. Iain McGilchrist has resolved that conundrum.

  • “Global fever” has a ring to it now that Ebola is on everyone’s mind.

  • You express yourself well, Reese – thanks for sharing your thoughts. Some of what you wrote resonates with me, too, but for some – well after a while some things aren’t as simple as we would like or suppose – as kevin points out in his response.

    ed and Ben – great repartee there!

    Is That So?

    The Zen master Hakuin was praised by his neighbours as one living a pure life.

    A beautiful Japanese girl whose parents owned a food store lived near him. Suddenly, without any warning, her parents discovered she was with child.

    This made her parents angry. She would not confess who the man was, but after much harassment at last named Hakuin.

    In great anger the parent went to the master. “Is that so?” was all he would say.

    After the child was born it was brought to Hakuin. By this time he had lost his reputation, which did not trouble him, but he took very good care of the child. He obtained milk from his neighbours and everything else he needed.

    A year later the girl-mother could stand it no longer. She told her parents the truth – the real father of the child was a young man who worked in the fishmarket.

    The mother and father of the girl at once went to Hakuin to ask forgiveness, to apologize at length, and to get the child back.

    Hakuin was willing. In yielding the child, all he said was: “Is that so?”

  • Glenn Greenwald was one of the first reporters to see the Edward Snowden files. In this searing talk fresh from the TEDGlobal stage, Greenwald makes the case for why you need to care about privacy, even if you’re “not doing anything you need to hide.”

    TED Talks
    TEDGlobal 2014 · 20mins:37secs · Filmed Oct 2014
    Subtitles available in 1 language

    Glenn Greenwald:
    Why privacy matters

  • I have also discovered what Kevin Moore at 5:03 PM posted about. The whole “build communities/ stick close to family and friends” thing isn’t working and isn’t likely to work in the future.

    The simple reason for this is that just by accepting climate change as an actual process that is affecting you, let alone the possibility of NTHE, categorizes you as a nut for 95% of other humans. Generally people will say that they accept what the scientists say, but then turn around and hold that it doesn’t affect them, which is denial just as much as the more obvious denial, though polls in the US are showing that the simple denial of “this isn’t happening” is gaining adherents.

    There are two deeper reasons. The first is that people really can’t handle the truth, it is really depressing and dampens social interaction for obvious reasons. Most people instinctively suppress it anyway so they can remain somewhat functional. The second is that if NTHE really happens, as it approaches people will sense it and will subconsciously abandon the idea of maintaining a society that can function in the future. I think this is the reason all sorts of sociopathy has been flourishing, and should HE approach it should only get worse.

  • Bud.

    Just to widen the perspective, Global Overheating does apply boreal forests, plankton, corals, polar bears etc., as well as rice paddies and wheat fields.

    I’m comfortable with using Planetary Meltdown, even though I’m not comfortable with Planetary Meltdown.

    I was surprised to read that agricultural production from California is only down about 6% at this stage. I suppose lowering the water table to maintain agricultural production still makes sense to most people.

  • “As a result those who hunger for both intellectual and spiritual truth will never acquire both in full measure.”
    ― Edward O. Wilson”

    The dichotomy goes back to the nature and function (mind) of the brain. The reptilian brain is non-verbal, non-rational, associated with emotion and values and is anatomically caudal (tailwards), in the brainstem (particularly in the ventral periventricar grey) and basal ganglia. Intellect and rationality is associated with the mammalian brain, including a very recent acquisition unique to the human species, complex recursive language. The two aspects of brain function are non-aware, and rest in the same ground of awareness.

    By grokking the nature of the knower, the knowing and the known that triad resolves itself, and with it all pretence to “spirituality” fades away. The issues have been dealt with for millennia, starting in Vedic times.

    “if NTHE really happens, as it approaches people will sense it and will subconsciously abandon the idea of maintaining a society that can function in the future. I think this is the reason all sorts of sociopathy has been flourishing, and should HE approach it should only get worse.”

    Societies are based on hierarchies that control resources (including energy), moving and concentrating it upwards away from the proles and towards the elites. Shrinking energy flows and resource depletion will increasingly constrain societies.

    Sociopaths are psychopaths deficient in social skills and therefore poorly adjusted in society. Psychopaths get away with wars, misappropriation of billions of dollars and other great mischief, and control enough levers of power to relabel their actions as lawful, not criminal. Sociopaths are guests at the crossbar motels for muggings and petty theft.

  • @ BUD

    Thank you so much, likewise! :)


    I want to address each and every comment here addressed to me, really stimulating thoughts shared that have my mind deep in thought. So much to say! Love this forum and the entire group here. Hoping to be back quite soon after getting supper and chores done… :)

  • Global Cancer. Replicating until the host is dead.

  • Kevin,

    I think you may have missed my fairly subtle point. Though I agree with you completely that we find our human-produced global heating killing Earth’s ecosystems, and I consider this a massive moral, technological, and social failure on our part (including, to the extent that I have contributed, my part), it remains a human supremacist idea that we, presumably, “know” that this “should not” have happened. In saying that it should not have happened, we assume an unwarranted, omniscient position of supposedly “knowing” that evolution should not have produced us with our outrageously destructive insanity and thus also the sixth mass extinction. I agree with David Ehrenfeld that “The world is not only more complex than we think, it is more complex than we are capable of thinking”, and I just wish to emphasize the extent of our ignorance, all of our wonderful science and technology notwithstanding. We simply do not have supreme knowledge of how life on Earth supposedly “should” or “should not” unfold, of what species should or should not become extinct, when, or where. I wish to suggest that we find the self-righteous rage many of us often express resting ultimately on unwarranted beliefs in a supposed but non-existent human supremacism, ironically the same human supremacist thinking that brought us to this point.

  • First Voices Indigenous Radio 2 hour interview with Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
    [audio src="" /]

    Excellent, compelling interview tracing origins of capitalism in the English enclosure movement, the colonization of Ireland and the intertwining of capitalism with global colonialism and it’s root relation to the problem of climate change. First rate brilliant analysis from the author of An Indigenous People’s History of the United States


    I often wondered if the Earth has some ulterior motive to evolving humans. That there may be some larger project at work that required a pack of drone monkeys to do the dirty work of digging up all the carbon and expelling it into the atmosphere.

    Contrarily, I go back to a Philip K Dick novel (Man in the High Castle, it think) where he terrifying relates the mindset and motivation of right wing reactionary authoritarian militarists as wanting to expedite the return the living world project to the bare existence of the rocks. Looking at anthropocentrism in a less generalizing reductionary light makes elements of the proposition seem more political than an overarching hubris of all segements of humanity.

  • Bud.

    I assume you are aware that the global overheating predicament was identified in the early 1960s, and that a presidential task force was charged with making recommendations; the details slip my memory for the moment but I do recall that when industrialists got wind of what was being proposed they sent in their ‘fifth columnist’ to sabotage anything that might impinge on business-as-usual. The ‘what’s good for General Motors is good for America’ philosophy reigned supreme. And bugger the future.

    In other words, hijacking was successful in the short term. And the criminals who did the hijacking are now dead, leaving their progeny to face the catastrophe.

    I tend not to think in terms of ‘should have’ or shouldn’t have’ but think in terms of natural consequences of repeated stupid (selfish, greedy) actions.

    Most nations are governed by criminals: what they or their predecessors have done is to legalise criminal activity. That legalisation of criminality does not stop them being criminals in my book.


    Saturday, 11 October 2014

    Martial law in America

    Public Health Emergency Declared In Connecticut Over Ebola: Civil Rights Suspended Indefinitely

    We warned a week ago of the various possibilities surrounding an Ebola outbreak in America, and today we get some degree of confirmation of a medical-based martial-law coming to the US. Governor Dan Malloy has declared a Public Health Emergency in Connecticut, authorizing the “isolation of any individual reasonably believed to have been exposed to the Ebola virus.”Simply put, as we noted previously, the State of Public Health Emergency allows bureaucrats to detain and force-vaccinate people without due process – despite not one single case being found in CT. If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone. [read the rest]

    Super typhoon hits Okinawa

    Vongfong the largest typhoon and possibly an unprecedented Category Six storm is about to strike Japan just days after Typhoon Fhanfone struck Wayayama Province. This time the Typoon is heading straight towards Fukushima and the storm itself is larger than the state of Texas.

    Earthquakes, a Tsunami. The worst nuclear disaster in the history of the world, a lethal volcanic eruption and now Climate Change is about to inflict yet another typhoon assault on Japan.

    This approaching storm with be the strongest Typhoon to strike Japan in it’s entire meteorological history

    And yet the Prime Minsters of Canada and Australia continue to deny climate change and the Prime Minister of Japan and his government do not seem to learn any lessons regarding the threat of nuclear reactors on fault zones and in close proximity to the sea.

    We have not heard much about the on-going Fukushima disaster but it looks like we are about to hear much more.

    The Japanese people seem to be bearing the brunt of Climate Change more than most. Meanwhile the priorities of the Japanese government are focused more on killing more whales and dolphins and continuing to diminish fish populations around the world.

  • Bud Nye,

    Seems to me it is logical that, if you could miniaturize yourself and conduct an anthropological study of ants; cameras, interviews, etc., that you would find there is something operating within their societal structure called Ant Supremacy. The difference seems to be an economy of scale vs human supremacy. Seems to me that if ants could take over the entire planet in some way then they would run out of room & kill themselves too, eventually.

  • Tom,

    Pretty smart, these jackals we call elites. Boy their minds never stop plotting. The pretext for marshal law in the states is ebola.

    Come to think of it, it makes perfect sense, not to stop flights into this country from Africa, but to get the disease going in order to cover the plans of the wealthy. Genius, I tell u. We have the smartest criminals. That’s for sure.

    Also, Vongfong is hard to believe. It is almost providential. God has had enough. Pat Robertson must know what he is talking about. (I’m an atheist)

  • @ Shep

    Seems to you ? Why don’t you look it up ? Other people have.

    The reason appears to be that humans have developed complex social systems a few thousand years ago, there has been insufficient time to integrate those systems into the larger global ecological system of the biosphere.
    Ants developed theirs over millions of years and are a vital component of the larger system.

    There was the possibility that we could have integrated our systems harmoniously with the rest of life, but we blew it, for a variety of reasons.

    Here’s a start for you

  • Thanks Tom!

    How Animals Work

    Creatures, by methods arcane,
    Evolved different ways to maintain;
    But from their perspective,
    There’s just one objective:
    Pursue pleasure, and avoid pain.

    The Arts

    The arts, which description defy,
    Which please both the ear and the eye,
    Fixed beauty sublime
    To last throughout time
    Will soon disappear. Say goodbye.


    I once worried life would decline
    In the Gulf of Mexico brine;
    But, save some small amount
    Of folks who don’t count,
    Everything worked out just fine.

    I thought Fuku was a bad sign,
    But no news suggests it’s benign;
    Seems I overreact
    To each small doomer fact:
    Everything worked out just fine.

    I almost was going to opine
    This new virus would trigger decline;
    But no doubt Ebola
    Is just more crapola—
    I’m sure it will work out just fine.

  • Dear Reese. I enjoy your way of being and the interviews with Guy are getting better and better. I think you two should periodically revisit these matters as it is clearly an evolving process of emergent growth. The mystery is beginning.

    Dear Ulvfugl, thanks for questioning Mr. O Wilson’s conclusions. I chuckled. The patriarchal mire is deep indeed.

  • BtD:
    Seems I overreact
    To each small doomer fact:
    Everything worked out just fine.


    A stopped clock has something to say
    To those who prefer it that way.
    Though often it’s wrong
    Yet as time moves along
    It gets to be right twice a day.

  • ed Says:

    “A stopped clock has something to say
    To those who prefer it that way.
    Though often it’s wrong
    Yet as time moves along
    It gets to be right twice a day.”

    Hey ed, you don’t happen to play music do you? You have very good rhythm!

    A stopped clock:

    “We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture…’Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.”

    Great Moments in Human History

    We learned to produce daily bread,
    But then we became too widespread;
    And, looking ahead,
    From the stuff that I’ve read,
    Now we are all become dead.

  • I am an intelligent ape.
    By the way, would you care for a grape?
    As for naming our plight
    Before our final night
    I like the phrase “global rape”.

  • Shep and ulvfugl (and Kevin too),

    Based on the evidence and reasoning I presented in my earlier “What ‘purpose’ do I have” and “A tragic view of human destiny” essays, I think your (Shep’s) ant analogy makes good sense. I think that our insane human supremacy beliefs, and many prior human beliefs and behaviors, serve as examples of the social and psychological expression of non-equilibrium thermodynamics and the maximum power principle. This suggests that, ultimately, no one has control now nor ever did. It suggests that, given our genetic programming with our pathological human psychology, plus an excess of energy as fossil fuels, we find ourselves experiencing the results of inevitable energy gradient reduction processes.

    For these reasons it does not make any sense for us irrationally to demand that things presumably should not happen as they obviously do any more than it makes sense to demand that gravity should work differently than it does. If things actually work this way, as non-equilibrium thermodynamics, the maximum power principle, and the parable of the tribes all strongly suggest that they do, then it makes no sense to rage against either the self- and other-annihilation trap, or against each other, for what we have done. Work and fight against the insane, human-caused waste? Certainly! But, contrary to popular belief, we do NOT require anger, hatred, rage, guilt, and/or shame to motivate effective behavior within and among ourselves.

    This raises the question: For activists, if anger does not motivate effective behavior, what DO we need to do to motivate people to make needed changes regarding overpopulation, overconsumption, and global heating? I agree with George Marshall in Don’t Even Think About It, Why Our Brains Are Wired To Ignore Climate Change that, despite their popularity, moralistic slogans do not persuade people. A combination of peer pressure, trusted communicators, social norms, and in-group loyalty do. (Notice that all of these occur based on behavioral contingency relationships between behaviors and the positive and negative consequences that follow.) I think that those of us who wish to fight while the ship goes down (which includes me) would do well to understand these principles and, hopefully, to experience a sense of peace and acceptance while working, fighting, and dying.

    I also agree with ulvfugl that “The reason appears to be that humans have developed complex social systems a few thousand years ago, there has been insufficient time to integrate those systems into the larger global ecological system of the biosphere. Ants developed theirs over millions of years and are a vital component of the larger system. There was the possibility that we could have integrated our systems harmoniously with the rest of life, but we blew it, for a variety of reasons.” Here I see ulvfugl pointing to the issues I raised in my previous two essays. On the other hand, I may disagree in that I don’t think we blew it based on some kind of conscious “choice”. I think that in this tragic process, no one had any control or “choice”.

    Or so it seems to me. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Indeed, given that as David Ehrenfeld says, “The world is not only more complex than we think, it is more complex than we are capable of thinking” I probably DO have it for the most part wrong!

  • @ Bud

    “humans have developed complex social systems a few thousand years ago, there has been insufficient time to integrate those systems into the larger global ecological system of the biosphere.”

    Native Americans go back more than 12,000 years, always in balance with and respect for nature. The prairies used to be covered with Buffalo as far as the eye could see, along with huge herds of wild horses, abundant fish and birds, healthy forests over most of the continent (excepting the grasslands and desert south-west)

    – then the white man came

    “Americans were responsible for propagating what might very well be the worst genocide in all of human history: the genocide of the Native Americans. European settler colonialists murdered 100 million indigenous Americans, 19 out of 20 of those who had lived on the continent before their arrival, as American historian David Stannard shows in his book American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World.

    Adding extra insult to injury (a custom as American as apple pie, violence, and imperialism), the country continues to torture the remaining Native American population to this day.”

  • @ WREN

    Bless you and thank you, I can only assume we ourselves are that which we accredit to others. :)

    Apologies, couldn’t find JoeD’s question?

    What an interesting quote, thank you for sharing. Wondering what YOUR thoughts are about it?

    As for me, cannot really say, as I’m not sure whether I can accept his basic premises. And, whether we can ever truly acquire intellectual or spiritual truths in full measure, given humanity’s limited senses and intellectual capacities, do you think? Even were God Himself to set upon a city street and proclaim His existence along with performing unassailable miracles, many might likely choose to disbelieve or simply dismiss, as, we haven’t the abilities to prove anything of what we see with our senses absolutely, i think. Even the birds see and feel things we cannot…

    Everything is so subjective; each of our experiences so solitary. Is there’s proof any of us actually exist, perhaps except for one’s self? For everyone else could simply be imaginary, created by forces we may not nor cannot be aware of nor understand.

    All I can acknowlege is what has happened to me in my little lifetime as regards faith and spirituality, bereft of scientific evidence. I travelled to a place of light where I experience inexplicable benificent love of such magnitude that defies understanding, and was brought back with artificial respiration. Later, I repeatedly begged the Universe for answers regarding the existence of God, and experienced a visitation of light.

    There is no scientific explanation or proof of exactly what transpired. All I can do with honesty is to acknowledge what happened as my experience, realizing I will likely never know if it was simply brain chemistry or something else, and move forward. But miraculous-seeming things regarding my relationship with my God have occurred hence, this being my most humblest of opinions.

    Most everything I do and write is so unlike the child I was, the former me… anything blessed and good I can share comes from this alter-place and a form of spirituality sparked by these “light” experiences. But this is mine alone. Without these experiences, how different I would be.

    So sorry if I missed your question or point! <3


    Oh yes, frequent reminders indeed for me, too, like they are a refresher for my soul. : )

    @ TOM

    A beautiful story… I think I’m in love with Hakuin. : )

    @ TIAA

    Thank you so much TIAA, am so glad you enjoy the interviews. Comments such as yours and those above help so much make this seem worthwhile to do. <3


    Ah yes, QUITE the challenge given so many different personalities and beliefs! I think I know exactly what you mean. :) Perhaps this is where that magical thing of benificent love may come into play…

    There is a fellow online who visits with the homeless. HE shares with them and takes their photograph. They often seem to be the most derelict of human beings; prostitutes, drug addicts, the mentally ill, alcoholics, the meekest of the meek.

    However, amidst his conversations with them, he discovers extraordinary things about many of them. And, he often draws from within them, a poignant and lovely eloquence.

    Finally, when his photographs are done, something shocking happens. Their images exude a sublime beauty, a sweetness, a touching openness. And their smiles lift one's heart, toothless or not. Each of these people, with this man's loving kindness, opened their covering to reveal their shining glory beneath. It's astounding, really.

    What does this mean? Well, not sure exactly, but perhaps it means that when we commune with this beneficent, munificent sort of lovingness, a transcension can occur, and joyful communing is possible even when it seems impossible.

    May I share one more little story with you?

    Thank you… :)

    One holiday late evening, needing a very quick gift, my family stopped into a liquor shop. There was a line of customers at the checkout stand where a very surly, scowling young man stood, angrily taking people's money.

    Tall and beanpole thin, sloppily dressed, hunched over with bleak, dark hair hanging in his dreary eyes, my first thought was, (apologies, dear Lord) what an UNATTRACTIVE young man is he. I'll bet he'll NEVER be able to EVER get a girlfriend, poor chap. Yes, that's the sort of judgemental person I was. Attribute it to wastrel youth…

    The line seemed interminably slow, as if this clerk was deliberately attempting to cause us all a bit of grief. The customers grew increasingly impatient, angrily shifting their feet, mumbling curses beneath their breath, piercing him with scathing stares. Poor young man I thought… a terrible job, a terrible personality, an ugly face, an ugly life.

    I felt a pang of conscience, and tried to empty my thoughts.

    When we finally got to the counter, he appeared even more unattractive than ever. Yes, I thought, ugly man. But, something inside me twinged. I JUST WANTED TO SEE HIM SMILE. So, as we were paying, I looked up at him, directly into his eyes, searching for something to say. I told a little quip, made a funny remark or two, then gave him the sweetest most genuine smile I could muster. There HAD to be SOMETHING good about this young man. After all, he once was a very cute baby…

    Well, to my surprise, he smiled at me. I almost fell over. NOT because he smiled, but because WHEN he smiled, he became an absolutely HANDSOME young man. Beyond handsome. Ethereal. My immediate thought, was, if he smiles like that at almost any girl, he could SURELY win her heart. For, it was one of the most beautiful smiles I had even seen.

    Out of all that ugliness in that garish liquor store, I learned one of life's most beautiful lessons. What I might think is the least of us, the most uninteresting of us, may be the most worthy of us. Why, we're all worthy.

    I have not judged hence, and I remain in awe at how beautiful peoples' smiles can be when coming straight from the heart. Smiles can warm me, thrill me, give me peace and joy.

    I spoke a few more words to the young man briefly, despite the people behind us, wishing him the best, thanking him, hoping that he had the best of holidays ever. As I waved at him good-bye, it seemed as if he had changed the entire atmosphere of the shop.

    I hope he found the most wonderful girl of his dreams, and lives happily ever after. : )

    What does this all mean? Well, am thinking that even in my crustiest neighbours and compatriots, there likely lies something very beautiful, and it's mine to find. In doing this with store clerks, I am continually finding out how truly lovely they are beneath their hello-how-are-you-did-you-find-everythings. If they are just pretending to be thoughtful, then they're the best-ever pretenders. : )

    Just my little 2 cents. I'm still learning. Apologies for such a long post! <3


    Key Figures In CIA-Crack Cocaine Scandal Begin To Come Forward

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    LOS ANGELES — With the public in the U.S. and Latin America becoming increasingly skeptical of the war on drugs, key figures in a scandal that once rocked the Central Intelligence Agency are coming forward to tell their stories in a new documentary and in a series of interviews with The Huffington Post.

    More than 18 years have passed since Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb stunned the world with his “Dark Alliance” newspaper series investigating the connections between the CIA, a crack cocaine explosion in the predominantly African-American neighborhoods of South Los Angeles, and the Nicaraguan Contra fighters — scandalous implications that outraged LA’s black community, severely damaged the intelligence agency’s reputation and launched a number of federal investigations.

    It did not end well for Webb, however. Major media, led by The New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, worked to discredit his story. Under intense pressure, Webb’s top editor abandoned him. Webb was drummed out of journalism. One LA Times reporter recently apologized for his leading role in the assault on Webb, but it came too late. Webb died in 2004 from an apparent suicide. Obituaries referred to his investigation as “discredited.”

    Now, Webb’s bombshell expose is being explored anew in a documentary, “Freeway: Crack in the System,” directed by Marc Levin, which tells the story of “Freeway” Rick Ross, who created a crack empire in LA during the 1980s and is a key figure in Webb’s “Dark Alliance” narrative. The documentary is being released after the major motion picture “Kill The Messenger,” which features Jeremy Renner in the role of Webb and hits theaters on Friday.

    Webb’s investigation was published in the summer of 1996 in the San Jose Mercury News. In it, he reported that a drug ring that sold millions of dollars worth of cocaine in Los Angeles was funneling its profits to the CIA’s army in Nicaragua, known as the Contras.

    Webb’s original anonymous source for his series was Coral Baca, a confidante of Nicaraguan dealer Rafael Cornejo. Baca, Ross and members of his “Freeway boys” crew; cocaine importer and distributor Danilo Blandon; and LA Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Juarez all were interviewed for Levin’s film.

    The dual release of the feature film and the documentary, along with the willingness of long-hesitant sources to come forward, suggests that Webb may have the last word after all. [read the rest]

    NYFF: Edward Snowden Doc ‘Citizenfour’ Reveals Existence of Second NSA Whistleblower

    At the end of the Laura Poitras doc, the famed informant registers shock over another who outranks him

    A second National Security Agency whistleblower exists within the ranks of government intelligence.

    That bombshell comes toward the end of Citizenfour, a new documentary from filmmaker Laura Poitras about NSA informant Edward Snowden that had its world premiere on Friday at the New York Film Festival.

    In the key scene, journalist Glenn Greenwald visits Snowden at a hotel room in Moscow. Fearing they are being taped, Greenwald communicates with Snowden via pen and paper.

    While some of the exchanges are blurred for the camera, it becomes clear that Greenwald wants to convey that another government whistleblower — higher in rank than Snowden — has come forward.

    The revelation clearly shocks Snowden, whose mouth drops open when he reads the details of the informant’s leak. [there’s more]

  • Thank you Reese, I will bookmark your post to read and share, and look forward to your future posts. You are truly the Mother Teresa of Doom! :)

    “Sometimes when we have reached the end
    With the velvet hill in the small of our backs
    And our hands are clutching the sand…
    Will our blood become a part of the river
    All of the rivers are givers to the ocean
    According to plan…”

  • Dear friends, a song to share from the goddess mother in training and her dark little angels. Enjoy! :-)

  • “This raises the question: For activists, if anger does not motivate effective behavior, what DO we need to do to motivate people to make needed changes regarding overpopulation, overconsumption, and global heating?”

    Native Americans go back more than 12,000 years, always in balance with and respect for nature. The prairies used to be covered with Buffalo as far as the eye could see, along with huge herds of wild horses,

    The early progenitors of the equid lineage, did first appear in what is now North America. But the later progenitors and all modern equids are from the Old World: horses were imported into the New World by the europeans.
    “– then the white man came”

    “Americans were responsible for propagating what might very well be the worst genocide in all of human history:”

    Lost in the mists of time is the extinction of Homo sapiens neanderthalis and Homo sapiens denisovanis so many millennia ago. At least in the case of Homo sapiens neanderthalis the event is temporally related to the entry of Homo sapiens sapiens on the scene, although not with consequences quite as sudden and sharp as for other megafauna. But then again Homo sapiens neanderthalis may not have been lumpable with “other megafauna”.

    As an aside, none of their mitochondrial DNA made it into our lineage. Since in Homo sapiens sapiens it is the females that move to new tribes, and no Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA has survived in our species, it might be surmised that no Neanderthal women moved to our tribes. And if our ladies left for their tribes, we shouldn’t be having their autosomal DNA. And if some of our men are descended from their men, we should be carrying their Y chromosome. That would make our “Y chromosome Adam” much, much older than our “mitochondrial Eve”, older in fact than Homo sapiens sapiens itself, because the Neanderthals had been traipsing around for more than a couple of hundred millennia before us. Why we don’t have their mitochondrial DNA and their Y chromosome could perhaps be ascribed to a lack of relative fitness associated with those two items and their consequent elimination from the gene pool.

    “As for me, cannot really say, as I’m not sure whether I can accept his basic premises. And, whether we can ever truly acquire intellectual or spiritual truths in full measure, given humanity’s limited senses and intellectual capacities, do you think? Even were God Himself to set upon a city street and proclaim His existence along with performing unassailable miracles, many might likely choose to disbelieve or simply dismiss, as, we haven’t the abilities to prove anything of what we see with our senses absolutely, i think.”

    “Intellectual and spiritual truths” are constrained to the domain of time-space-causation. That which is not so constrained has neither descriptors nor characteristics – not even this one. As long as one perceives a duality (“I’m here and God is over there”, or even “I am and God is”) one ain’t there yet.
    In the Kabballistic tradition, the Yiddish “Alles ist Gott” (All is God), the Vedic “all this indeed is the Divine” and the Buddhist “Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form” are all attempts to get an intellectual handle on it.

    One can doubt everything, but one cannot doubt the doubter. That is why “Who am I” is an enquiry to be pursued to its end in Kabbalah, the Vedic and Buddhistic traditions. An advance milestone on that quest, en route to no “I” and no “not-I”:

    “Everything is so subjective; each of our experiences so solitary. Is there’s proof any of us actually exist, perhaps except for one’s self? For everyone else could simply be imaginary, created by forces we may not nor cannot be aware of nor understand.”

    Imaginary: that’s even more advanced than meat-robots, thank you! But for many (most?) people it is like advanced mathematics to a bullfrog.

    With regard to Gary Webb et al. it has always been known that the bucket of s**t stinks. There is no need for journalists or anyone else to stir it up to make it stink all the more. Those who climb out of those buckets, like Bushdaddy, a former director of the CIA, have a dried layer of the stuff on them which moderates the stink. Also to be remembered is that any suicide called “apparent” is first an foremost apparent, and a suicide only as an afterthought.

  • @ Datta

    you left out the key aspect –

    always in balance with and respect for nature

    which due to lack of this quality in the colonizers, who instead make everything and everyone a commodity to be exploited, is why the whole world is now facing extinction

    history is usually re-written by the ‘victors’ and this is no exception, and the re-writing continues to this day and this very space, but this time there will be no victor

    peoples and cultures long forgotten practiced what we now call sustainable living and they even foretold this state of affairs. Much hand wringing occurs by the decendants of the colonizers, because for them extinction is something new – an experience they’ve never known or had to face, but instead only inflicted on others.

    But when your people are already 94 % extinct and the forests already 75 % gone, along with the other spirits, from our perspective as foretold by prophecy, this is the expected and natural outcome.

    Nature isn’t killing us – we’re killing ourselves. The environment is a reflection of us. Everything in the environment has spirit and our spirits transcend between animal, plant and inanimate forms, but we’re gifted with volition to change forms.

    To us what’s happening is simply the spirit world re-balancing it’self. Too many spirits abused the gift of volition and so must return to the realm of spirits without volition.

    The world makes no distinction between the two. and we’ve learned, over thousands of generations of living here, to not make much of one either.

  • Here is a post from a FB friend on the farming practices in SE Asia:
    “I have all sympathy for the fight of the underprivileged rural population. But Thai farmers are great environmental sinners and generation after generation has contributed to an environmental holocaust of epic proportions leading to almost complete loss of primary forest cover in Isan.

    Slash and burn, land encroachment, illegal timber and wild life trade have been joined by excessive use of pesticides and herbicides as well as ground water contamination by life-stock farming. Illegal charcoal production is also responsible for scores of large forest fires every year.

    In addition to that they are the largest air polluters in Thailand turning our skies from blue to a murky yellow to brown haze during much of the dry season. (burning unusable plant parts) They are, thus responsible for the smog that kills tens of thousands of people every year and makes many more sick – respiratory diseases, asthma and lung cancer all are very high in areas prone to smog caused by agricultural slash and burn (incl. burning off fields after harvest).

    So [we are] looking at a epic smog cloud that reduced visibility on the street to 150m and thinks about the guys that cut down my alley tree and the neighbor that dumped so much poison in his rice field before planting that all and everything in his land was laying dead – even the flies. He then let the run off drain into the public irrigation canal. Similarly farmers do the same all along Isan rivers and are the real culprits in causing the annual fish dying in local rivers during the dry season. The later is a combination of hot weather, lack of oxygen and influx of sewage with very large quantities of animal manure from pig farming and rice field run off after wet leaching in a solution of highly concentrated pesticides.

    OK, lets blame local industry with accusations from 20 years ago but the science doesn’t live up to that. Small scale farmers are the main culprits in the vast number of pollution cases and present and past deforestation as well as land encroachment. While they might be themselves victims in the greater scheme of things when it comes to the later that is no excuse to decline responsibility.

    As concerns the yearly haze and smog – only harsh penalties and enforced regulations will work and there is no sign anyone in this country is ready to make this his agenda.


    Apologies, I’m still not sure how to hook up HTML tags on this comment text box. So until I figure it out, any links or videos I post have to be cut and pasted. Cheers.

  • And this was my response to the above:
    It is the economic system and the triune lizard brain. The first has worked so well for 150 years, and the second for millions. In combination, it is the Ecocide Apocalypse. I always go back to Michel Foucault’s thesis that the primary nature of human society and the human condition is carceral – or prison-like. And William Burrough’s line – “Look at the prison you are in, we are all in. This is a penal colony that is now a Death Camp… Only those who leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.”

    I have looked at this environmental situation with dismay over and over for the past several years, feeling a kind of soul death. I have nearly broken my back trying to effect some change for the past 20 years. And it has driven me to despair. Maybe only mass death and destruction will bring about any transformation, but even then, I am not sure. Ultimately it may be too late.


    What an ascendant, transcendant list… so sublime, mho. Not sure how it is all accomplished, beyond me, but sounds so worth working towards. It’s as if the ancients with their great, well nourished intellects had the time to gaze at the stars, observe Nature, and think through such things in such a brilliant way.


    An interesting link. Thank you for that..

    @ WREN

    Thank you for sharing and appreciating… can’t tell you how much that means to me.

    As for your Mother Teresa comment, i think that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me – love it. : ) She has always been such an inspiration… but i of course am but a tiny sliver next to her, a forest of giant redwoods infinitely tall. Thank you for sharing your video! <3

    @ SHIZEL

    How wonderful… am loving the idea of time in the light… 'our time together in the light.'


    How Animals Work

    Creatures, by methods arcane,
    Evolved different ways to maintain;
    But from their perspective,
    There’s just one objective:
    Pursue pleasure, and avoid pain.

    love it, although that makes 2 objectives? :)


    Half the animals in the world gone since 1970, while human population doubled. Nobody sees that the mechanism for eliminating animals is land development, one parcel at a time. And if emphasis were put on adapting cities (that already exist) to house single people–singly or in groups–who asks what effect that would have on reducing human population (if any)?

  • “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

    “It’s a digital. It’s stuck at 88:88.”

  • actually Grant, digital clocks ‘stick’ at 12:08 due to the way the internal counters operate. (most clocks can’t even display the leading 8, only 1 and sometimes 2 for 24 hour displays)

  • Crazy,

    Yes, the world’s greatest blights occur when the white man cometh. So sad. Also, I think hx is ALWAYS dominated by victors thus destroying prophetic messages. Why truth seems to dissipate so easily is based on ignorance through propaganda. It is amazing how white people have controlled this planet for so long.

    12,000 years is a long time to live in this world and stay sane. Congratulations on being a part of the greatest race ever.

    You, sir, are the best teacher/mentor that is active on this blog. Too bad *most* folk are too blind to really see true wisdom.

    I do not think spiritually, as yourself. To me it is all physics. We control very little except within our tiny almost imperceptible spheres and that is sickenly, fleeting because of the force of greedy fools.

  • Notwithstanding the mountain of eBulls**t dished out by O’emmeffingBama Inc. …

    Second US Ebola case confirmed

    Texas health officials said early Sunday morning that a healthcare worker at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola, even though he followed CDC precautions and was not part of a high-risk pool.

    “A health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who provided care for the Ebola patient hospitalized there has tested positive for Ebola in a preliminary test at the state public health laboratory in Austin,” the Texas Department of State Health Services said in a statement.
    The healthcare worker treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. Duncan, a Liberian man who contracted Ebola prior to visiting Texas, died last week. Officials did not detail the contact between Duncan and the new Ebola patient.

    Further testing will be conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, the Texas Department of State Health Services added on Sunday.

    “The health care worker reported a low grade fever Friday night and was isolated and referred for testing,” the department said. “The preliminary test result was received late Saturday.”

    Officials said the patient has been interviewed and any contacts or potential exposures are being identified. People who had contact with the healthcare worker after the symptoms emerged will be monitored, they added.

    “We knew a second case could be a reality, and we’ve been preparing for this possibility,” said Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services. “We are broadening our team in Dallas and working with extreme diligence to prevent further spread.”

    “That healthcare worker is a heroic person,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said at a news conference Sunday morning, adding that the patient and the patient’s family are “going through a great ordeal.” Jenkins said the patient’s family has asked that their privacy be respected and their name not be released.

    Officials in Dallas are confident the CDC will confirm the results, Jenkins added.

    Dan Varga, Texas Health Resources’ chief clinical officer, said the patient’s condition is stable.

    The healthcare worker was not considered at high risk of contracting Ebola, Varga said. The individual was following full CDC precautions, Varga added. “We’re very concerned.”

    Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings (D) said that the citizens of the city are safe, adding that Hazmat team has decontaminated common areas of the patient’s apartment complex. Police are guarding the complex, he added.

    A team will decontaminate the apartment’s interior later Sunday, Rawlings said. A pet has been reported in the patient’s apartment, he added.

    The patient’s car was decontaminated at the hospital, Rawlings said.

    Officials have “knocked on every door on that block” near the patient’s apartment and talked to everyone who responded, Rawlings said.

    Officials will revisit the neighborhood later Sunday morning.

    The CDC will hold another briefing later Sunday morning.

    The new Ebola diagnosis comes as the Obama administration has ordered heightened screening at five major airports to try and prevent the virus from again entering the country undetected.

    Administration officials said the screenings at Washington Dulles, John F. Kennedy, Newark Liberty, O’Hare and Hartsfield-Jackson international airports will reach 94 percent of passengers who are arriving from the African nations that are battling Ebola.

    A group of 27 lawmakers, including three Democrats, signed a letter last Wednesday urging Obama to immediately halt flights from West African countries that are at the center of the outbreak.

    Administration officials have repeatedly said that canceling flights to Ebola-stricken countries would be counterproductive by hurting efforts to combat the deadly virus at its source.

    This breaking news report was last updated at 8:47 a.m.

  • I’m just a dumb farmer without a PhD., but I can say that I have been dealing with infectious diseases for the last 60 years in my animals. So I have trouble understanding how saliva, which the PhDs finally admit is a bodily fluid, (I think I knew that) does not transmit Ebola upon being sneezed out when the same PhDs say that Ebola is transmitted by bodily fluids? Perhaps someone could educate me about this.

    Also, as a farmer, I know what a quarantine is…and isn’t.

  • The latest essay in this space comes from the keyboard of Emma Crosby. There’s much more, too. Catch it all here.


    This is the Democracy Now interview with Naomi Klein.
    I know I was hard on her last week. After listening to this, though, I do have more respect for her analysis. Especially in regards to the (1)pathology of a green capitalist economy, (2) that there are no more non-radical solutions, and (3) the urgency for a massive ideological debate.

    Although, I still don’t think she has even a beginning concept of reinforcing feedback loops or the methane questions. She talks about 2 degrees as a kind of manageable target, but then again, she just had a child and, like EcoShock Alex, I think she’s not psychologically amenable to staring into the black sun. Can someone get her on the phone and break it down for her?

    Sincere apologies for the too frequent post, I am experimenting on the HTML. Thanks for your consideration.

  • @ Reese, TIAA

    Thanks, yes, the conflict between the intellectual and the spiritual is a false dichotomy, and completely unnecessary, has been resolved, just that many people have a vested interest in divide-and-rule and want the fight to continue. I am a very rude man, a Mother Goddess is a good influence to remind me of the virtue of being gracious. Sometimes ;-)

    @ Shep, C_I

    Seems to me you are a pair of racists. Civilisation was started by brown people in the Middle East, not white people, and all this praise for the indians, well, very likely, if it had not been for the Spaniards, those lovely cuddly Aztecs, who were just as much INDIANS as anyone else in the Americas, would have expanded their Empire, and taken over both North and South. That would have been fun.

  • Crap. Now I have to unplug my clock, plug it back in, get a digital camera and take a picture of it flashing 88:88, upload the picture to this sight and post it so C-I can say “Is that photo shopped?”

    It is endlessly refreshing to know that no matter how dire the situation, bullshit lives on as healthy as ever. One can’t swing a cat by the tail without hitting two or three experts here. Bless them all.

    Three cheers to meaningless drivel! It will outlast us all.

  • Hi Reece,

    Thanks for your words, the interviews and the writing. I find them very satisfying and enlightening.

  • Reese,

    1) You’re interested in ‘light’ experiences, and above Wester mentioned Philip K. Dick in a different context.
    You might want to check out “VALIS” by Mr. Dick.
    He had an experience with light (his was pink) that might be similar to yours.
    Nothing in his account about needing to be resuscitated, but you only mention artificial respiration in reference to your first light experience.
    I’d be interested in your compare/contrast thoughts after/if you read VALIS.

    2) Thumbs up for all of your interviews with Guy. The early ones were a bit distracting to me because each one was so short. Sort of like listening to old 45-RPM single records without benefit of the stacking spindle. Things got better after I gave your short clips the nickname of “Reese’s Pieces”. The newer clips are mostly too long to be pieces, but they’re still a wonderful blend of chocolate & peanut butter. Please continue.



    1) I often wondered if the Earth has some ulterior motive to evolving humans.
    If you don’t mean this literally, could you expand a little on what you *do* mean ?
    Taken literally, this seems far-fetched…a sort of limited terrestrial version of sky-god types of religion.

    2) I’ve read an awful lot of P.K. Dick’s work. Not all of the short stories by any stretch, but most of the novels. The basic plot you refer to doesn’t ring a bell. TMITHC was a long time ago for me, but a quick scan of the Wiki page for the book didn’t turn up anything like what you referred to. If you figure out which PKD book does have the plot idea you mention, please mention it in a post sometime. I’d love to find one that I missed during my PKD phase or re-read one whose plot I managed to forget so well.

  • I think there is after a game a reshuffling of the cards . We have this erroneous and arrogant attitude that this ‘only one game ” in town OURS ! I.E. /time space and universe / but thats only a wishful thinking and as i have said arrogant and erroneous …. Get óVá It folks ! Time has run out on this game óvá by by now at best maybe see ya on the otha side . And an afterthought ..every moment of your existence was a gift given free to you to experience . Up until now it was all a winning game anyway now it will turn around big deal


    Not rude at all mho, and the false dichotomy is an excellent way of putting it mho. : )


    Thank YOU Artleads, grateful that you find them so, you are why I do this. So glad you’re here. <3 : )



    Reese's Pieces… you are too delightful. May I steal it from you? :)

    Thank you SO much for your comment on Philip K. Dick… brilliant. Your bringing up Valis hit me to the core; I never had the time to truly delve into his Exegesis. Would you not like to join me in conversing with him, were he still with us? Can you imagine…

    YES. YES… there are in his experiences things that touch mine, perhaps more in my second light experience rather than my first. I was with a very young, dark haired Christian fellow, Philip K. was with a young, dark-haired woman. He asked about her necklace with the Ichthus, I beheld a Bible in the hands of a young, dark-haired man. And as he bid me, I looked upward and asked for heavenly answers… and suddenly with an ethereal rush, I felt a presence, a light, and then accepted Jesus on the spot KNOWING he was my beloved Saviour. It just WAS. But being childishly young and quite foolish, I knew little of what had really happened to and with me, other than it being profound and absolute.

    My first light was white beyond white; and any knowledge stream such as Philip K. saw, was for me in the simplistic form of the purest, most perfect, benificent, INFINITELY expansive love. I saw colours that do not exist on Earth; clips of my childhood flew by at seemingly beyond the speed of light but with perfect detail. In fact, in one clip, I saw dust floating in the air in the kitchen, clearer than any eye can see. I believed I was on the way to touch the face of God, unworthy child that I was, nonetheless was to be with Him. That He loved me this greatly, to take me in exactly as I was…

    Not too long ago, I also had another extraordinary experience. But I musn't wear out my comment welcome here. : )

    Do you want to go through his Exegesis? Me, more than EVER… thank you for bringing this up, love this forum and that you're here, love what you shared! <3

  • ah but Grant if I unplug my clock it flashes 12:08

    – and nevermind I build the damn things from scratch, that means nothing.

    you see it depends on whether it’s just a clock, what type of clock chip, what type of display driver and so on.

    the first digit only ever needs to display 1 or 2 even for 24 hour, so common practice with clock chips is to have a single drive pin hardwired to just two segments (b&c) to display 1 and a single drive pin wired to segments a,b,d,e and g to display 2. which saves 5 pins..

    some clock displays have no segment f at all, because it’s never used but that’s rare

    and some displays have only b & c segments for a 12 hour clock:$T2eC16R,!zUE9s38+F+OBR0fsYE5LQ~~60_35.JPG×400-1/7_segment_led_display_single_numeric_one_numeric_digit_led_display_red_color.jpg

    both of these facts are ‘old school’ for those of us who make our own clocks:

    and these old clock chips display 12:08 on reset, (some just 12:00) because it takes less logic, the first digit counter only needs to count to 2 insted of 8 which saves 2 flip-flops (and power)

    but some newer clocks are really just PIC’s programmed as a clock and so none of this applies – apparently you have such a clock

    usually you get non-standard displays and operation when the clock performs some other function as well – like index counting, then it’s a more complicated circuit which also includes a clock function

    I was referring to just clocks..

  • Hi Reese,

    Re: Using “Reese’s Pieces”
    Feel encouraged to use it freely and as often as you find it useful. I’m sure it’s already copyrighted and trademarked in 100+ countries, so, if you try to make money using the name, a certain candy company’s legal department might be contacting you if the amount is enough to warrant their attention. Take a page from Kathy Griffin’s playbook and try telling them it’s an “homage”.

    Re: PKD Exegesis
    I saw a copy of an early version on a bookstore (new) shelf about 1988 or so, but didn’t buy it. I/we can get one now on for under $10 including shipping. I remember reading a review somewhere that said that Dick’s belief (or one the things that he believed was possible) was that our section of the universe might be under the control of an unstable (or otherwise sub-optimal, as far as we are concerned) god…sounded like maybe one of many gods was his idea…and the one in charge of our zone is on probation after some mis-step or in some sort of minor league category (analogy to sports teams) working his/her/its way back into the big leagues. That’s such an interesting conjecture that it made me regret that I passed on the book way back when.

    But now there’s a 2011 edition that is 976 pages (fairly sure that’s longer than the one I didn’t buy in SD). And cheap, too. I can probably get a friend of mine who is in Seattle now to bring a copy back in luggage to Costa Rica and save the minimum $25 or so that USPS now charges to send stuff here.

    I can probably get a copy of Valis down here, or at least borrow one.
    If we’re going to talk about light experiences, then I should reread it.

    I’ll work on getting a copy of the Exegesis and let you know when it arrives.
    If it arrives in my friend’s luggage, that won’t be until about mid-November.

    Alert: You can have your perspective/belief about the light and associated perceptions having their foundation in some sort of contact with some sort of divinity. I am an open-minded skeptic of fairly high degree, so your analysis might be perfectly correct. But, my guess is that my explanation for the Valis type of experience will have its foundation in the fact that DMT is produced by our bodies and that some people may be subject to having abrupt and massive (higher-than-normal, anyhow) releases of it (via the pineal gland, if memory serves). If you look at a film called “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” (should be available on Youtube at http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=8-9AHa9YXmM swap the (dot)’s for periods) you’ll probably appreciate the (not an exact match, but close, at least on many levels) similarity between other folks’ experiences with DMT and your & Dick’s experiences where the light was a big factor. Anyway, I won’t dump on your explanation if you won’t on mine. Oh, and if it wasn’t DMT, then I’m open to a UFO explanation too, but UFO’s won’t be my ‘Plan A’ by a long shot.

    OK, please continue…and if you want to do this 1-to-1, feel free to get my email address from Guy and we can not have to worry about cluttering up the blog comments section.

    Of course, another explanation for PKD’s Valis experience might be that he was in San Francisco on 23 August 1968 and heard this…which one commenter says ‘is literally drugs’. If it’s new to you, the time sequence for the 3rd section is (1-2-3) (1-2-3) (1-2-3) (1-2). Hence the name The Eleven. Just think of it as a dozen doughnuts that you ate one of on the way home from the bakery.

  • Haha, an homage? How absolutely lovely and clever. Done! :)

    And a kudo for The Eleven. What an interesting find!

    How exciting that you’ll be getting this book – can’t wait to hear about it, truly. I too may very well be joining you in this endeavour.

    Re: DMT A wonderful link, how very interesting. So similar, and yet so distant. In reading and watching other experiences with this chemical, i have yet to equate the two experiences up to this point. Nothing of what I’ve seen thus far has resonated, but am so definitely open to it.

    Personally have tried to evaluate all of this with as much non-bias as possible, for any search has been for the truth rather than the existence of a god. Now having accepting my God has opened for me more questions, more perplexity. It is so much easier to accept the logical and scientifically provable, yes? : )

    Being a child, I came from a place of total ignorance, especially of a divine Godly Presence such as I experienced.

    Logically, death seems a state of nothingness. But… that said, had another experience that opened the door to more thought…

    Once, not too long ago, when we held our beloved dog in our arms as she passed, my head above hers, I experienced the oddest thing… a force seemed to pierced through my head from hers, shot as if from a cannon, upward and away like a flash of light. Taken aback, I couldn’t fathom what I experienced.

    These days, I muse, if it was her ‘soul,’ she didn’t choose to stop and say good-bye. Nonetheless, it would be the loveliest of the absolutely lovely to know she went to the place of the White Light. Imho, all animals are deserving as such… digressed. : )

    Such mysteries there are!

    Yes! Would love to keep in contact via email. But as I respond whilst studying and working simultaneously while also wathching videos, please forgive any lack of clarity or sporadicism on my part. And also, begging forgiveness for using words that do not exist… :D

    Thank you Infantryone, such a delight conversing with you!


    Apologies, forgot to note above comment was for you. : )


    Just saw you comments about my comments,

    I think, therefore I am, is that what you meant? Someone just mentioned to me a tautological argument… ah, such is life! Or not. :D

  • Hi again, Reese. You are so brave to share your experiences of the Light with us. As for me, it’s like candy to hear other’s, various experiences of the Light.

    It seems that references to the light are infinite. Great efforts have been made to share individual experiences and great efforts have been made to debunk the vast volume of recorded experiences. If I have any hope at all anymore, it is the hope that I have in the Light.

    I enjoy this recording of Alan Watt’s description of the Light. It is exceedingly rare to find any recorded description, so I think you’ll enjoy this.

    You don’t need to listen to the entire presentation. You can start at 45:30 and listen from there.

  • Reese,

    No need to apologize. I can usually tell when a message is aimed at me.

    I too may very well be joining you in this endeavour.
    Well, I certainly hope so. I bought a brand new copy last night at and gave them the address of a friend who is staying near Seattle right now but who will be coming back to Costa Rica mid-November. There are still a number of brand-new copies there for under $10 including shipping. You mention studying, so if it would help, I’d be happy to order a copy for you. Plenty of time since my copy is a month and a couple days away. Get my email from Guy, send me a mailing address, and hurry up and wait for USPS to deliver it.

    It is so much easier to accept the logical and scientifically provable, yes?

  • Reese,

    operator error, sorry…
    or else my laptop has been taken over by some malevolent entity…naaaah

    It is so much easier to accept the logical and scientifically provable, yes?
    Yes, I suppose that’s why science was so popular, at least before the USA got swamped over by purveyors of even simpler answers, both political and religious, which made the moderate learning curve of science seem like an insurmountable mountain of dubious value to the oceans of lazy, stupid people that our education system is providing. (Retired teacher here…indulge me a short rant that it would have been awkward to give voice to six years ago.)
    Yes, when you get into the areas of your or PKD’s light experiences, or other PSI stuff, or one person’s unique DMT/ayahuasca experience, or something like UFO’s…well, then experimental reproducibility takes a nose dive and experimental indeterminacy goes up a lot.

    So, if you have time amid your various endeavors and feel like communicating about any/all of this or more before the course’s textbooks arrive, Guy has my email info and permission to give it to you. One to one I’ll tell you about what happened when the second of our two 16 year-old cats died a month or so apart back in California.

    All for now it seems
    No more resident cowgirl
    Here’s your Dead haiku


    So glad you found it as a sweet. : ) And thank you for the wonderful Alan Watt video. Listened to more than just the light portion – so very interesting. (Have listened to him before, but hadn’t hit home yet.) As for his description of the light, much resonated with me. Mine was different… an all-consuming, beyond-within experience, a UNIVERSE of beyond light where there was absolutely no shadows, no darknesses, just infinite infinite white that was beautiful beyond description. Alan didn’t mention the love… but I have heard others mention it. Oh such mysteries! :)

    YES, I do wish that you see, feel, be within the light as well – may I be so presumptuous to say you’ll absolutely love it, ecstasy beyond ecstasy? :) I am becoming to believe more and more, that we all can see, feel such things… that perhaps it is for ALL of us.

    For, when loved as within this light force, there is no imperfection, no fault. It is as if you are journeying within perfection, and all that is Earthly is cast away as if it were nothing at all. Whatever one suffered upon Earth is infinitesimally small – a point without part. An afterthought. Oh I must stop waxing on… bless you. :)


    You are too kind and generous but you musn’t – I shall visit (thank you for that head’s up) or perhaps add to my overflowing Amazon cart. You’ve talked me into it! :)

    I would absolutely love to hear about what happened with your cat… please do email me straightaway, or message me on facebook, can I find you there?. Did your cat linger to say good-bye?

    Thank you Infanttyrone, and the music video is lovely! <3


    Apologies for the negectfulness of the above post – quite tired then and was remiss in providing email and/or facebook address info. Just received your email address from Guy, am looking forward to contacting you shortly. And more apologies for all those smilies. : )

  • Reese,

    Apologies for what ?
    Or better, fugeddaboudit…

    Email me when it’s convenient amidst your other endeavors.
    I sent (you, I think) a message to ClimateChange12 on Youtube with a different address than the one that Guy gave you. Use either if one is easier for you than the other in some way.

    I didn’t notice any abundance of either similes (no ‘i’ needed for plural…my turn to apologize…retired teacher with an English degree here…and part-time no-charge proofreader) or metaphors…maybe the simile-rich post went to someone else ?

    But, ah…what music to hit you with (metaphorically) like a ton of bricks (simile) ? I’m certainly no forensic audio engineer, but your voice sounds too young and from too far away geographically to know why this clip is proof of what Prof. Lisa Randall calls ‘extra dimensions’. But I suspect you have American resources ‘of a certain age’ that can give you a sense of what the juxtaposition of this tune on that show entailed. If there weren’t extra dimensions, then where would the universe store all that irony ?

    But, wait…we started with something about light…



    Haha, my reference was to ‘smiley’ faces rather than similies. It’s rather similar to my noting your name as INFANTRY ONE rather than infant tyrone. : )

    There are those who deplore the use of profligate smileys after every sentence or paragraph. : )

    As for music hitting like bricks, not sure what it’s in reference to, but did enjoy a bit of your One Step Over the Line piece, what a sweet generation. (in concept, at least : )

    And, one for the road! :D