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Going Dark Documentary from Pauline Schneider on Vimeo.


McPherson was interviewed on Paul Henry’s television program in Auckland, New Zealand last night. Catch the description and video here.

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  • Very nice work on this film. I am particularly inspired by your passion!

    Here’s a great resource and study of carbon sequestration dynamics that disputes the 1,000+ year staying power of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the atmosphere referenced in your movie and many of Guy’s talks.

    These two scientists (Euan Mearns and Roger Andrews) basically contend (and demonstrate) that with zero new emissions atmospheric CO2 reverts to the pre-industrial level in 120 years.

    Whether you are interested in science or not, the logic of their approach warrants at least a walk through.

    And their papers on energy and other matters are top notch as well.

    John D
    Virginia Beach, Va.

  • that’s great, but zero ain’t nearyo
    75% of animals gone by 2050 +
    11 billion not 9 billion +
    50% more energy demand by 2030 +
    flood drought food decimation +
    increase livestock biomass demand +
    catastrophic cascading forcings +
    magnetic field collapse +
    solar radiation increase +
    ecological economic energy collapse =
    watching someone eat your leg
    saying you taste better than they thought

  • JohnD, clarification clearly is needed. It may be possible to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide in a relatively short period of time, albeit not nearly as quickly as Bill McKibben would have us believe. But the temperature rise associated with the current level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is locked in for the next 1,000 years. At a minimum, that’s 6 C.

  • “a great resource and study of carbon sequestration dynamics that disputes the 1,000+ year staying power…(Euan Mearns and Roger Andrews) basically contend (and demonstrate) that with zero new emissions atmospheric CO2 reverts to the pre-industrial level in 120 years.”

    Perhaps this is a study based on a fantastical and improbable scientific hypothesis?
    How do these two propose stopping ALL CO2 emissions on the planet? Corking up volcanoes and actually ending all life on earth?

    Their study does not “dispute” the 1000 year finding which has been peer reviewed, it offers a fantastical alternative. Like wishing for pink unicorns if only wishes could come true.

  • JohnD

    ‘Rates of geological (permanent) removal appear to be very slow, roughly 0.4 GtC per year. And so it would take about 3250 years to remove a 1300 GtC slug of C.’

    It’s all bollocks anyway because CO2 emissions are not going to be
    ‘switched off’ they are going to be increased.

    Even if the economic system were to rapidly collapse that would not help because (as discussed years ago on NBL) humans will burn whatever is available to keep warm and cook food, i.e. every tree within sight. This phenomenon has been well documented in the sub-Sahara, where people who are short of firewood cut down the last remaining trees to obtain it, thereby exacerbating their firewood dilemma (and bringing even greater ecological catastrophe).

    Of course, there will be plenty of things for humans trapped in cities to burn when the economic system collapses and all the trees in the parks have been burned: old tyres, plastic chairs, plastic tables, components of abandoned buildings etc. Also, there could well be large numbers of decomposing human bodies for a while, and guess what they generate? CO2 and CH4.

    The there’s the Global Dimming aspect (or rather the lack of Global Dimming aspect). I’m still in two minds on that one. The rapid decline in atmospheric pollution associated with economic collapse would tend to clear the atmosphere quite quickly and cause a rapid increase in solar radiation reaching the ground and oceans, and therefore cause a rapid rise in temperature. Against that prospect is stacked to possibility of large regions of forests and jungle burning as never seen before and perhaps blocking out the sun temporarily, subsequently adding the warming via the increased CO2 content and lowered photosynthetic capacity.

    Any way you look at it we are headed for 450ppm, and will reach it in a decade or two. Unless there is a methane burp. In which case we will reach 450ppm CO2 even faster.

    I hear a lot about ‘taking CO2 out of the atmosphere’. It is chemically impossible to do this by such methods as absorption into CaO ect. because producing CaO results in more CO2 than could ever be absorbed by it.

    The only known reliable system for removing CO2 quickly from the atmosphere is natural photosynthesis. And not only are we generating CO2 much faster than photosynthesis, ocean absorption and weathering of silicate rocks can handle it, but we are also chopping down trees at a faster rate than they are growing. That is true even in NZ, which was operating the carbon-trading-so-called-sequestration scam for a while.

    The whole point is, humans have developed systems (and numbers of humans) sufficient to totally overwhelm all natural recycling systems (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, soil, water) and are about to pay the very high price for doing so.

    As previously noted, that does not stop the mad bastards who are in control of the system (and who are constantly lying to the masses) from thinking up new ways to increase CO2 emissions and attempting to expand the traditional ways of generating emissions.

  • Further to Kevin’s correct historical accounting of American POW camps in Germany (98% of the American soldiers in German captivity returned while many thousands were beheaded and starved to death during Japanese captivity)…….History does not fit into neat little black and white cubicles. There is never any such thing as “good guys” and “bad guys” in the real world. Only in the world of propaganda and fantasy to such divisions exist.

    150,000 self-identified Jews served in the German Wehrmacht including 2 Jewish Field Marshals; 2 Jewish Full Generals; 8 Jewish Lt. Generals; 5 Jewish Major Generals.

    From 1939 to 1945, Adolph Hitler personally awarded Germany’s highest military award, the Knights Cross to the Iron Cross First Class, to 23 Jewish soldiers for exceptional military conduct during the course of battle.

    A man named Werner Goldberg was identified to the public as the model german soldier.

    If you are interested in reading more about the 150,000 Jews who served in the Wehrmacht read, “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” by Bryan Mark Rigg and published by Yale University Press. The movie, “Europa Europa”, is based on the life of Solomon Perel who served with distinction in the Waffen SS and became a nationally recognized German war hero for his role in the capture of Stalin’s son. After the war he subsequently retired to Israel.

    Late April 1945: Heinz Janssen, a survivor of the Rheinberg camp, described conditions as they were at the time. “Amputees slithered like amphibians through the mud , soaking and freezing. Naked to the skies day after day and night after flight, they lay desperate in the sand of Rheinberg or sleep exhaustedly into eternity in their collapsing holes.” In 1944: Eisenhower told the British ambassador to Washington that the 3,500 officers of the German General staff should be ”exterminated.” He also favored the liquidation of perhaps 100,000 prominent Germans.

  • Excellent documentary! Pauline, you did such a fine job!

    For some reason, at about 10 minutes into the video, I jumped up and rushed to the kitchen to make a couple of root beer floats. I can’t figure it out!

  • Re the raised CO2 levels. There’s the lecture by the geologist/palaeo guy at the Smithsonian, sorry I don’t have the bookmark, can’t remember the name, where he says there is just too much carbon released from the coal and oil for it to be taken up by the ocean and vegetation, the levels will stay high for 10-30 thousand years, if I recall correctly.

    @ Friedrich Kling

    …….History does not fit into neat little black and white cubicles. There is never any such thing as “good guys” and “bad guys” in the real world. Only in the world of propaganda and fantasy to such divisions exist.

    Very well said. And no sooner have events become last week’s news, than they begin to be re-written to suit the agendas of the vested interests of whoever writes and re-tells the stories. Trying to discover what really happened, to whom, and why, and why we are not told the truth is a constant challenge.

    I think it is important to attempt to get an accurate and correct record. There are people who should be publicly revealed to be the disgusting shameful demonic individuals that they were, and there are people who tried their best to act with honour and decency under the most appalling conditions, whose character and actions should be recognised. Many will never been known. As it is, a large portion of what I was told and taught early in my life, by people I trusted and looked up to, turned out to be untrue, it was lies, whitewash, propaganda, and that makes me quite angry.

  • @Kirk Hamilton,
    hold on, before I reply I need to run to the kitchen due to a sudden urge to peek into the freezer.

  • @ ulvfugl Says:
    October 21st, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    As it is, a large portion of what I was told and taught early in my life, by people I trusted and looked up to, turned out to be untrue, it was lies, whitewash, propaganda, and that makes me quite angry.

    I’m right there with ya’! However, I think we both know that “an accurate and correct record” is quite irrelevant as there will soon be no one to read it much less learn anything from it. The cake is baked and the goose is cooked, as well as the gander, so all that remains is to say, “Goodnight, Gracie.”

  • Names and Addresses

    “The earth is not dying. It is being killed, and the people killing it have names and addresses.”

    Emotional thinking obscures
    What overshoot always assures;
    But if blame is your game,
    There are people to frame,
    And their names and addresses are yours.

  • Pauline-

    Your film is fantastic!
    Great cinematography, editing, music, voiceover; and the message comes through spot on.
    Many thanks for doing this.

  • Love the closing song, so beautifully done, ‘stripped’ is it? ‘I have killed God’ seems more representative, but the lyric ‘stripped of divinity’ makes me think I have it right. Such a perfect ending!

  • Great video Pauline, but I do not wish to register with vimeo. Do you have a PayPal account I may donate to?


    Y’all have seen this before, I assume, but it continues to resonate with me.

    Global Warming 56 Million Years Ago at the Paleocene-Eocene-Thermal-Maximum (PETM): What it Means for Us

    1. Massive release (approximate current total fossil fuel reservoir) of carbon led to increased global temperature and severe ocean acidification.
    2. Increased global temperature led to multiple exponential feedback loops which quickly exacerbated global temperatures 4-6C.
    3. Flora and fauna adapted to climate change through migration north and reduction in local fauna body size due to poor nutrition.
    4. Approximately 200,000 years elapsed before global climate reset to pre-conditions.

  • Ebola 2014 mutating as fast as seasonal flu:

    Take away: Don’t hold your breath for a vaccine.

  • Kevin,

    I agree with most of the things you write, and I greatly appreciate your activist efforts—much more than I have done! I do disagree with one thing you wrote in your response today (October 21st, 2014, at 5:17 pm) to JohnD. In your last paragraph you strongly implied that someone presently “has control”, or that some person or group of people have in the past had control. I see no evidence of that extremely popular, indeed cherished idea of control, anywhere in human history related to global heating, ecological, or nuclear collapse. The idea that someone had, or has, control of any of these processes, even taken individually, much less as they occur interactively together in unpredictable, irreversible, complex, synergistic ways, seems a bit naïve to me as well as a little grandiose. Perhaps you or someone else can point to some evidence of this fantasized human “control” of global heating, ecological, and nuclear collapse, which I have missed? It seems to me that this idea of some human’s alleged control comes directly from deep, human-supremacist psychological indoctrination that has occurred with most of us from birth. I expect that this wishful thinking probably occurs generally as a species trait, not just a cultural phenomenon related to post-agricultural civilization.

  • I think that the idea that if we, personally, have no control, then some other powerful person or group must, helps reduce our anxiety.

  • Trying living without money. Try eating out of dumpsters. Try not flying, driving, or boating. Ever. Try copping out on the meat. Try complaining to your congress people or appointed representatives. Try slugging a cop when the next brown person goes down for no reason. Try re-doing the Paris Commune or more recently the Korean Gwang-ju uprising. Try occupying the New York Fed, or the offices of Exxon Mobile or Gazprom. Try blocking the freeways in lower Manhattan.

    Try any of that and see who has and doesn’t have control. Of the global heating or anything else.

    Sez Adam Smith: “We rarely hear, it has been said, of the combinations of masters, though frequently of those of workmen. But whoever imagines, upon this account, that masters rarely combine, is as ignorant of the world as of the subject. Masters are always and every where in a sort of tacit, but constant and uniform combination…To violate this combination is every where a most unpopular action, and a sort of reproach to a master among his neighbours and equals. We seldom, indeed, hear of this combination, because it is the usual, and one may say, the natural state of things which nobody ever hears of…These are always conducted with the utmost silence and secrecy, till the moment of execution, and when the workmen yield, as they sometimes do, without resistance, though severely felt by them, they are never heard of by other people.” – Wealth of Nations Book 1 Chapter 8 Paragraph 13

  • setting and making examples

    @ BtD

    Utah Phillips is rolling in his grave, saddened to hear you rhyme that:

    “Dedicated to our elders that flow like tributaries into the main stem of consciousness.”

    “Yes, the long memory is the most radical idea in this country. It is the loss of that long memory which deprives our people of that connective flow of thoughts and events that clarifies our vision, not of where we’re going, but where we want to go.” Bruce “Utah” Phillips 1935 – 2008
    Corporate Ecocide

    @ Wester

    Careful there, you’ll be smeared too as “forever boasting about how smart and superior you are, and talking down to the rest of us”, if you try to set such positive examples and living the change you want to see in the world.

    @ [just] a fucking technician

    I’ve invented a new form of hybrid DRM :

    “no one’s ever thought of this before”

  • Well Done Pauline!

  • Bud

    I hate to accuse people here on NBL of being uninformed but it turns out many of them are.

    And I do not wish to sound patronising but perhaps we need to go to the basics of all this.

    At the bottom are the people; above them are the enforcers, above them are governments; and above them are the controllers. Politicians are merely the visible representation of power that comes from the controllers, who are never seen.

    Around 1875 the Rothschild banking empire made a loan to the NZ government for the establishment of a railway system. The Rothschild banking empire also became heavily involved in the oil business in the nineteenth century. The notable oil extraction in the British empire occurred in Taranaki. To this day oil companies decide what government policy will be.

    The Key government is currently quietly pushing through Trans-Pacific Partnership legislation, to open up NZ society to greater control by [overseas] corporations. Like to guess who ‘owns’ New Zealand?

    At the local level, a city like New Plymouth is controlled by banks, corporations and a ‘gang’, comprising of business people and opportunists. Peter Tenant, owner of one of the biggest hotels in the city, was mayor a while back, and established policies that were good for hoteliers. Although he is no longer mayor, the policies of NPDC are directed towards what is good for hoteliers.

    If you have not watched Bill Still’s ‘The Money Masters’, I urge you to do so urgently. You will begin to understand who is in control.

    My particular targets, however, are not international corporations and banking cartels but the local politicians/mayor/councillors/CEO and council officers who continuously sabotage the future of the district for the short term benefit of local opportunists. And continuously lie to the general public. And of course, the media, which are described elsewhere as ‘prestitutes’ (prostitutes), having sold out in terms of any investigative journalism and acting merely as shills for corporations and money-lenders.

  • Also highly recommended:

  • Can’t even trust this expert. He talks about prevention, mobility, spread, connecting the dots, seeing the big picture, but then goes on to talk about getting Ebola under control, treatment and cure. Air travel is just a “given” like gravity.

  • @ BtD and Bud

    Everyone knows these times are really tough
    And we need to band together and say we’ve had enough
    All the jobless people need to learn to be content
    Cause what we need to do is protect our one percent

    Save the rich
    Let them know you care
    Don’t leave them to languish
    In their penthouse of despair

    Save the rich
    Let their bonuses be swollen
    And let them keep it all tax free
    Even if it’s stolen

    Save the rich

    Let’s give our job creators
    More than their fare share
    So they can go to Asia
    And create jobs over there

    There’s loopholes and exemptions
    And children to exploit
    So give them special tax breaks
    Go fuck yourself Detroit!

    And those who don’t create jobs
    Really need help too
    Cause without their 7’th home
    How will they make it through

    It’s not time for complaining
    Not the time for class war
    It’s time sacrifice yourself
    To give them more and more and more
    And more and more and more

    Save the rich
    America’s built on corporate greed
    It’s not Wall Street’s fault
    If you can’t get what you need

    Save the rich
    Don’t go crying to mommy
    Cause if you don’t agree
    Than you’re socialist commie

    Save the rich

    Blame yourself for your problems
    Not the bad economy
    So what if those who have the most
    Are the ones who put it in jeopardy

    Fuck your student loans
    Fuck your kids and their health care
    It’ll only take 10,000 of your jobs
    To put another private jet in the air

    Save the rich
    It’s so easy to do
    Just let yourself be ignorant
    To what’s been done to you

    Save the rich
    By doing nothing at all
    Deny all sense and logic
    And just think really small
    You should think really small
    Or just don’t think at all

    And save the rich

  • Pauline: thanks for the well done video which poignantly illustrates Guy’s journey and message.

    How Did We Become a Society Suspicious of Science?


    But something has been lost. Fifty years ago science was king. Science had respect; it was bigger than ideology. No longer. Radio blowhards contemptuously dismiss scientific findings and endorse ideological claptrap. Anti-science stalks the halls of Congress and kooky ideas are rife among Boards of Education. Formerly, all parties in public debate, liberal and conservative, displayed deference to science. Now we have Senator James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, openly denouncing the findings of climate scientists as a hoax. The Texas State Board of Education, which is dominated by religious fundamentalists, prefers the propaganda of ax-grinding cranks over the recommendations of hundreds of qualified scientists and scholars.

    How did this happen? How did bay-at-the-moon lunacy come to occupy a more prominent place in our public discourse than textbook science? How, indeed, has it ever come to be thought that there is still a scientific debate over evolution, or that pluperfect nonsense like creationism is worthy of a hearing? How did there come to be a multi-million dollar “creation museum” in Kentucky, with full-scale models of dinosaurs fitted out with saddles? (Why saddles? So Adam and Eve could ride them around Eden. Duh.)

    The left, like the right, has its own antiscientific ideologies. During the “science wars” debates of the 1990s, members of the “academic left” assailed the objectivity and rationality of science. Radical feminist science critics attacked scientific ideals of objectivity, brandishing the slogan that “objectivity is just what a man calls his subjectivity.” Other critics belittled scientific achievements, claiming that so-called scientific discoveries were merely “social constructs.” Some historians of science insisted that the course of science is driven by politics, not logic and evidence. Others claimed that scientific methods are nothing more than rhetorical devices to browbeat opponents into agreement. Even some philosophers got in on the act. Berkeley philosopher Paul Feyerabend’s critique of scientific methodology caused some to label him “the worst enemy of science.”

    Paul Feyerabend was not the worst enemy of science. Radical feminists and others of the “academic left” are not the worst enemies of science. Neither are the right-wing radio bloviators. Big money is the worst enemy of science. [read it all]

    Wall Street Journal Runs Op-Ed Advocating Against Action on Climate Change

    Georgia Tech’s Judith Curry has authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal claiming that “there is less urgency to phase out greenhouse gas emissions now” than in the past. This could not be further from the truth.

    She ties her argument to a new study she has co-authored, as well as the global warming speed bump (or faux pause). Neither offers a compelling reason to avoid reducing emissions. Her study looks at recent temperatures and uses them to try and determine how much the atmosphere will warm from our CO2 emissions.

    The result is a figure low enough for contrarians to trumpet, but still not really that far from the official figures provided by the UN’s IPCC, the gold standard of climate science. This is why the new study (and the others very similar to it) have elicited only a collective yawn from serious academia.

    So the piece repeats the same tired claims about lowered sensitivity, using the “pause” meme and her own study as justification for delaying action. According to her (and of course the contrarians) a limited set of studies using a single incomplete methodology are reason enough to put off getting serious about climate change. One of us (Dr. Mann) addressed this misguided claim about climate sensitivity to CO2 earlier this year in a detailed piece in Scientific American.

    To summarize the article, it turns out that even if one assumes these recent studies are correct, this buys us only a decade of extra time before crossing the internationally agreed-upon limit of 2°C of warming. This means that even if Curry’s correct, it may just be the difference between bad and terrible consequences of our inability to get emissions under control. [read the rest]

  • Tom; we aren’t going to do anything until we must. If I connect the dots pertaining to Ebola like Guy did regarding NTE, I get 80% of us gone a year from now. Does anybody else get this? That video I posted earlier this morning has a lot of “hopefully this” and “hopefully that” towards the end.

    Excellent video, Pauline, but Ebola popped up since you undertook that project. Any thoughts?

  • @ crazy_inventor: Yes, I agree, it’s all very saddening.

  • “I think that the idea that if we, personally, have no control, then some other powerful person or group must, helps reduce our anxiety.”

    It is abundantly clear that absolutely no one is in charge. The power elite are only concerned with making money, nothing else. This is one of the reasons everything is spinning out of control — no one is steering. As the only goal and purpose to life has been reduced to making as much cash as fast as possible, idiotic things like restraint, caution, empathy and plans for the future are tossed aside for the rewards of the immediate present.

    The best way to reduce anxiety is to appreciate the total absurdity of our demise. We didn’t have to murder the planet, but it paid off so well.

  • Well, I’m living it up.

    We just sold some property in soon to be flooded Florida. The fools who bought the crap are over joyed. Good for them!

    Meanwhile, I have so much to do I can’t keep up. Enjoying this beautiful place (to me) and waiting for the end. Two gorgeous deer this morning in the front pasture.

  • Wonderful and beautiful film Pauline, thank you for the film and sharing it here at NBL. Really enjoyed the timeline narrative of your journey from activism through discovery of Guy and his message and it is all very well presented, most especially Guy’s candid and clearly heartfelt response to the question of his thoughts on others thinking of “walking away” from empire.

  • We are all “in control”. As Pauline says, we all feed the beast.

    But remember, the energy in each barrel of oil is worth ~$200,000 of human labor (energy). How can anyone resist it I ask my self as I putt-putt around town?

  • Kevin,

    Regarding your October 22nd, 2014, 1:36 am comment, I guess that we will need to agree to disagree. I remain quite aware of financial and economic principles that these and similar documentaries and books that you and others have pointed to explain. Meanwhile, none of this suggests to me that the rich power-elite have control now, nor ever did. In some sense they may have some short-lived social “control”, but certainly not related to the processes of global heating and ecological collapse. I think it important not to confuse short-term social control with control of Earth’s biosphere. Certainly, we arrogant humanists wish to BELIEVE that someone has ecological control, and these stories about the methods that the power-elite presently use tend strongly to support these wishful beliefs related to the mythical human control of the world, but I don’t think that this focus on financial and economic issues gets anywhere near “the basics of all this”. It appears that you and I have different understandings of the kinds of processes that the word “basic” points to. Belief in human control only provides reassuring comfort, helping us to manage our anxiety and terror related to our alienation and disconnection from the world that produced us and keeps us alive. I agree with David Ehrenfeld that “Absolute faith in our ability to control our own destiny is a dangerous fallacy….”

    I think that the methods the power-elite presently use serve only as a continuation of the methods that various power-elite humans have used throughout all of the approximate two million years of human history, and it all just serves as an expression within human social communities of the maximum power principle and non-equilibrium thermodynamics. I think that THOSE THERMODYNAMIC PROCESSES “go to the basics of all this”, just as they go to the basics of ALL life and death on Earth and probably throughout the universe. Nowhere in human history, with its climax now in techno-science, do I see any more than a blustering, wishful fantasy of human control related to ecological collapse and global heating. I think that, as David Ehrenfeld said, “The world is not only more complex than we think, it is more complex than we are capable of thinking”, and we suffer from delusions of grandeur to believe that we, personally, or some other human or group of humans, control much of anything, or have controlled much of anything.

    Of course the idea that we have no control produces massive cognitive dissonance for human supremacists such as ourselves, and people can, and will, believe anything that they wish to believe in order to relieve their discomfort, their anxiety, related to that dissonance. Besides that, believing that some (bad) human or humans have control gives us someone convenient to blame and rage against in our self-righteous anger about the world not working as we grandiosely demand that it supposedly “should” or “must”. Meanwhile, to quote Ehrenfeld yet again, “In a contest between evolution and human brains it is not wise to bet on brains.”

  • Belief in human control only provides reassuring comfort, helping us to manage our anxiety and terror“..

    see what I mean – the issue of class warfare exploiting fossil fuels, is framed entirety within an emotional paradigm.

    this is the hallmark of propaganda – concentrate entirely on feelings while ignoring the facts to keep us ignorant, confused, disempowered / powerless.

    – meanwhile the planet continues to be raped by a tiny minority of looters & polluters who spend billions per year on PR / propaganda specificity focused on doing exactly this, the 4-D’s; distract, dismiss, deny, discredit.

    the internal stratfor documents I mentioned 3 times and linked to, that Jeremy Hammond liberated, go into detail about how they have symposiums where they openly brag about this – how effective they are at sabotaging any resistance to their looting & polluting via PR / propaganda expenditures, and how high a return they get on their ‘investment’ – for every PR dollar they spend, they get back over 80 dollars in direct profits, and how the ‘externalized’ costs continue to be shouldered onto the working class and the ecosystem.

    polluting and emitting fossil carbon is something they don’t have to be concerned with, or worry about cutting into corporate profits, because this PR / propaganda expenditure prevents people from even conceptualizing the looter’s responsibility, much less holding them accountable. wouldn’t be so usual, if the looters & polluters had to cover the costs of their own pollution, and be responsible citizens. The vast majority of the damage to the ecosystem ON A PER-PERSON BASIS is committed by this tiny minority.

    So making examples out of them, and altering the media airscape to include this empowering information and facts, would greatly reduce the damage, and go far in preserving as many species as possible, for the climate’s eventual recovery.

    but the spinmeisters are hard at work, in every media space (including here), constantly trying to re-frame this very important issue, with it’s factual list of names & addresses of the looters & polluters, into a disempowering narrative about nothing but personal feelings.

    anxiety and terror are strong emotions that cloud your thinking, and fear mongering is PR’s first line of attack, it’s the easiest most effective way to atomize the masses, keeping them scared, fearful, passive and self-absorbed.

    whenever someone tells you to be afraid or focuses on fear and other strong emotions as part of their narrative, this is a big red flag that propaganda is in play.

  • Bid.

    I’d say we are both right in different ways. Yes, humans are the most dangerous species on the planet. In the past I have pointed out that I can kill anything from an aphid to a whale, and using heat can kill bacteria.

    However, I would like to point out that society has been forced into using fossil fuels by a tiny clique towards the top of the pyramid. I particularly refer you to the Luddite movement in England in the early 1800s, which opposed the dehumanisation of manufacture by the introduction of machines. The term Luddite has been corrupted by the empire to mean someone who irrationally opposes progress, but as far as I am concerned the Luddites were right. It is all hypothetical now, but if the Luddites had won we would not have a highly industrialised society in which the production of food is largely dependent on the use of rapidly depleting fossil fuels. As it was, the maniacs of the time (around 1819 from memory) crushed those who opposed the introduction of steam-driven machinery by all the usual methods -murder and incarceration. Ordinary people were driven off the land and into coal mines and factories, not for their particular benefit, but for the benefit of the greedy few near the top of the pyramid.

    Another instance of increased fossil fuel dependency being forced on society by those who were in control is the cartel that controlled American rail systems and petroleum refining in the late 1800s, and let us not forget the cartel that bought up electric tram systems in order to close them down and force people into petroleum-driven vehicles.

    I believe it was in 1949 that the US government adopted the General Motors’ plan for a national transport system based on, you guessed it, cars, or automobiles as you call them in America. ‘Build more roads.’ We have the same lunacy right now in New Zealand, in fact a prime example not far from where I live, with a substantial chunk of semi-natural environment being sacrificed, even as I write there words, to expansion of road transport via petroleum-driven vehicles.

    Back in the 1970s, the NZ Government response to the oil shock was not to think of ways to reduce dependence on petroleum but to find a way to increase dependence on petroleum. This was achieve, with the help of Mobil (or should we say at the behest of Mobil) by the construction of a grossly inefficient plant to convert natural gas into petroleum.

    The privatisation and expansion of the broadcasting system provided vastly increased opportunities for indoctrination of the masses into believing in their ‘right’ to own and operate petroleum-driven vehicles, and the message was rammed home via celebration of the activities of eco-vandals such as racing drivers by the mainstream media. The Shipley government described the mass importation of second-hand Japanese cars as ‘good for the economy’ when it deregulated the car importation sector. (Contrast that with the situation when I arrived in NZ of there being a very limited supply of vehicles and great difficulty in obtaining funds for the purchase of vehicles.)

    So, I believe I am fully justified in saying that particular people have driven all western societies much faster towards ‘the cliff’ than need have been the case. Indeed, as I have pointed out many times before, in the late 1960s and early 1970s there was a substantial movement to do something to prevent humanity reaching the terminal state we now find ourselves in but that movement was deliberately crushed by bankers and industrialists, just as the Luddite movement was deliberately crushed by bankers and industrialists.

    Bankers and industrialists are still in control and are still driving society, but are now driving it towards extinction, and are doing their best to bring forward the time frame for extinction.

    And ‘idiots’ on my local council continuously vote for increased levels of suffering in the future and for destruction of their own progeny’s futures.

  • Perhaps relevant to much of the above conversation and in case anyone ‘missed’ it, a follow-up/pile-on piece from an author on Huff-Po whom Tom linked to earlier.

    Texas-Sized Stupidity


    Epistemic duties require us to subject our beliefs to critical examination and willingly revise or release them when they are contrary to evidence and logic. On the other hand, we violate our epistemic duties when we believe irresponsibly, for instance, when we accept preposterous scenarios rather than plain facts, leap to conclusions in defiance of the most elementary canons of inference, or permit wishful thinking to substitute for sober judgment. To neglect your epistemic duties is to act irrationally, to be voluntarily stupid.

    There is also a narrower and even more pernicious sense of irrationality that I wish to distinguish from the sort of dereliction of epistemic duty mentioned by Clifford. I make the distinction at the end of this essay, after developing a detailed example. I draw upon Texas politics, the wellspring for every type of stupidity and irrationality.

  • Kevin and the eight hundred pound gorilla named Harvey

    Kevin is standing behind the podium before a massive lecture hall, and Harvey’s sipping a Margarita while he sits on a stool behind him.

    Kevin begins to address the audience, “I stand before you today, because I believe it is important to expose all the lies….”

    Harvey reaches out and taps Kevin on the shoulder, while licking the last of the salt off the rim, “I just wanted to make sure you know I’m sitting back here”.

    (And yes Harvey is a talking gorilla)

    “Yes Harvey, I see you, but would you please allow me to continue” Kevin retorts.

    “Well then by all means”, Harvey replies while looking around to see if he can order another drink.

    Kevin, “now where was I, oh yes, and the empire of lies can be exposed through questioning the moon landing narrative….”

    Harvey, again taps Kevin on the shoulder, “you’re sure you can see me back here, because your back is turned”.

    “Yes Harvey! I know you’re there, but now is not the time, because I have got to get this message out, so would you please stop interrupting me”, Kevin exclaims.

    “Ok man, go right ahead, just wanted to make sure”, Harvey says as he hurls his empty glass all the way up into the back row of seats.

    Kevin resumes, “And there is a direct correlation between what appears to be a faked moon landing and the false flag operation that took place on 9/11…..”

    “You know the moon landing whether faked or not took place over forty years ago”, Harvey rudely interrupts.

    “Do you think I don’t know that?!?!” Kevin shouts out of the side of his mouth, “of course I know it happened over forty years ago, but it’s never too late to expose the truth?”

    Harvey replies, “I’m sorry Kevin, but in having no idea who you think you’re exposing the truth to, I’m not at all convinced of what you think you know, because apparently you’ve failed to notice you’re addressing an empty lecture hall”

    (cue the sound of crickets, one goes by the name Hoi the other Polloi)

    “And anyways”, Harvey continues, “wasn’t this suppose to be a lecture about NTE, because that would at least explain all the empty seats, but carrying on about exposing the truth to an empty room, when no one even showed up for the actual scheduled lecture….well, that’s just weird. And not because you’re wrong about the supporting evidence, which I just so happen to agree with, but I fear you’re missing the larger point, which maybe a larger empty lecture hall would help you see…..though I doubt it”.

    Kevin, “Harvey, you’re a god damn liar, they’re people here, look way up there in the back corner, behind their laptops there’s a few”.

    “Well no shit”, Harvey admits while squinting his eyes, “you’re right I didn’t see them up there. Sorry I’m rather near sighted….well then by all means carry on. And can someone please bring me another drink”

    Kevin continues, “…the relevance of both 9/11 and the faked moon landing as we progress towards human extinction, near term or otherwise…..”

    “I’m sorry to keep interrupting like this Kevin, but when you say “otherwise”, I get the impression that not unlike most everyone who isn’t here, you don’t really accept the near term timing aspect of this whole extinction thing, therefore, you still feel you’ve the opportunity to lecture about political science 101″.

    Suddenly a huge elephant truck holding a chilled Martini glass appears over Harvey’s shoulder.

    “Hey thanks, I guess I’m not the only one in the room after all”, Harvey gestures while noticing a parade of elephants walking past as they begin to fill the lecture hall, “please Kevin, continue I’m sure this is about to get really interesting”.

    Kevin begins again, “well…..before regions of the earth become seriously uninhabitable, we are going to pass through a phase, in which the psychotic sociopaths who are in control, will cheat, lie and steal, and expand their fascistic control system, unless the truth about their nature is fully exposed while there is still the opportunity. Because at the bottom are the people; above them are the enforcers, above them are governments; and above them are the controllers. Politicians are merely the visible representation of power that comes from the controllers, who are never seen”

    By now, the elephants in the room have pretty much filled the lecture hall, and Harvey is seriously tying one on, and is having a hard time staying on his stool.

    Scratching his head with the empty martini glass Harvey opines, “Ahhhh I see, so we got to somehow get the word out about the corruptive influence of wealth and power to the historically incurious masses, so that we, I mean they, can expose the true roots of evil, and then storm the gates demanding their heads, so that we, I mean they can reinstitute a fairer system of world governance before our well advanced and intractable extinction event completely wipes us off the face of the earth within the next couple of decades. Is that pretty much your gist?

    Harvey looks out at all the elephants in the room, “well, what do ya’ll think about that, any of you know of any reasons for why that might not happen between now and then?”

    One of them, who goes by the name ‘Mr. D. Niel of Self-Elephants’ rears up on his back legs as if to perform some circus trick and proclaims, “do you think that even if we all cried out in a deafening cacophony of what is otherwise patently obvious, we could in any way help Kevin here with his rather peculiar hopium addiction?

    (Cue the sound of crickets again)

    “What about you group of online warriors way up there in the back”, Harvey calls out to those who can no longer be seen behind the rows of elephants, “what do you think the chances of that happening are?”

    A barely audible voice which sounds as if it’s coming from the bottom of a deep well can barely be heard coming from behind the impenetrable wall of pachyderms, “I thought this was supposed to be a lecture about coming to terms with the recent evidence that supports the theory that we’re all probably going to be dead within the next twenty years”.

    “Oh no”, Harvey responds, “you see the empty lecture hall metaphor works for both NTE as well as hopium addiction, it’s just that one requires a talking gorilla and a herd of elephants in the room to get the point across, because while the first is actually rooted in dire empirical evidence, the latter, well it’s always been a fairytale, just one that’s very difficult to let go of.

  • Another global warming contrarian paper found to be unrealistic and inaccurate
    Abraham et al. show that a paper by denialists Spencer & Braswell is rife with unrealistic assumptions in an overly simple model:

  • 2014 on track to be hottest year on record, says NOAA: Global average temperatures in September were highest ever, following warmest year to date since 1998

  • As far as I can see each moment is the culmination of a vast web of cause and effect going right back to the beginning (if there is such a thing). How things have played out is exactly how they have played out and in one sense couldn’t be any other way. This is certainly obvious to me in my own life -how much say have I had in the outcome of any of it? In a deeper sense ‘I’ have never been touched or harmed by any of the passing parade of phenomena however wondrous or horrific any of it may be. In a sense it is all being enjoyed- the horror, the pain, the beauty, the wonder-all of it- in the same way one might enjoy a really good horror movie at the cinema. This may sound escapist but it’s actually quite the opposite. Pain is still pain but now there is a gradual deepening into this life and no longer the desperate need to keep it-however painful- at arms length. Enjoy yourselves! Life if indescribably beautiful. How can any of this be? The source of all energy was reached the other evening. A couple of days of abject suffering and then there I was- the pristine/untouched shining light of awareness- never not seen and never absent and no big deal but such deep relief.

  • Pauline:

    Thank you for a beautiful film.

  • Daniel. You still don’t get it, do you? It’s not about the elephant(s) in the room. (I wrote about officialdom and the masses ignoring the elephants in the room back in 2011.) It’s about the conditions we have to endure between now and the Earth being rendered largely (or completely) uninhabitable for most vertebrate species.

    The present mob in control are making living conditions rapidly worse for no purpose, and are getting way with it because they lie to the masses. They psychotic sociopaths are increasing the suffering for no other reason than they can.

    You seem to be advocating doing nothing and accepting increased levels of fascism, arbitrary arrest, torture and rampant destruction of the environment without a even fight. What a dismal outlook you have.

    I still maintain it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

  • Kevin, now that you put it like that, I find your argument quite compelling. All we indeed have is what is between now and potential NTHE and it would be nice if we could live up to our ideals but instead, as you say, have to suffer the excesses of a few plutocrats/oligarchs. But are you personally suffering?

    Even though I am not optimistic about humanity’s survival I don’t think the powers that be will permit anything else. I think you can look after you and yours and if you live in a comfortable western-style life, that’s about as good as it’s going to get – might as well enjoy the small moments that make life worth living. IMO, it’s best to live by example (expect a lot from yourself, but whatever makes you happy) and not expect much from others.

  • Human societies have some of the characteristics of Slime molds, or of eusocial species with one of the main exceptions being the lack of limitation of reproduction. A lot of these characteristics have been bred into humans through domestication, with positive reinforcement of desirable behaviours and negative reinforcement of undesirable behaviours, ultimately resulting in selection for or elimination from the gene pool.

    Disruptive behaviours, even stemming from wise motives, continue to be quashed, while conformism, even when leading to catastrophe, is encouraged. It is the nature of the system. The successful ones may appear to be in control, but they are unwitting products of the system, mechanisms through witch the system exerts its control.

    Some systems are adaptable, and others are hidebound. That affects which ones survive the vicissitudes of time.

  • Ram.

    Yes, of course I am suffering.

    In my younger days I suffered career sabotage because I was not part of ‘the club’, suffered my children being put into an abuse situation when the Family Court failed to do its duty, suffered abuse by Auckland police when I attempted to draw attention to crucial issues of the times, had my time wasted in corrupt Auckland courts when Auckland police pressed trumped-up charges because they could, suffered listening to police witnesses lie in court because they could, suffered ridicule at the hands of district councillors, had the microphone snatched away by a council staff member (Anthony Wilson) when I spoke unmentionable truths in the council chamber, suffered misreporting and sabotage by the local press because I dared to challenge the nonsense churned out by NPDC and challenged mainstream culture,, suffered watching criminals connected closely with NPDC loot the local public purse and loot the local ‘commons’ and line their own pockets, suffered presenting masses of the best scientific data and analysis to NOPD and seeing it all ignored in favour of utter nonsense, suffered substantial financial losses, suffered broken relationships, and am now suffering watching destruction of nature and squandering of the last of the districts financial and energy resources by ‘The Orcs’ on construction of infrastructure which will have no utility a few years from now, and am suffering from the knowledge that my grandchildren’s lives will be unnecessarily miserable because of the corruption and lies that characterise ‘the system’.

  • Hello Pauline:

    Thank you for an excellent film and I am pleased to support your efforts; however, I take umbrage by your characterization of President Jimmy Carter as, “one of the monsters”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Individuals I know who worked with Carter ALL say what a fine and supremely honest person he is. Carter refused to play the Washington game so he was drummed out of office. Of the presidents shown in your photo, Carter is the only president not to have authorized military action. Carter is the only president to have negotiated a true and lasting Middle East peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. Why? Because both parties knew Carter could be trusted. Carter was a true environmental president. He had solar panels installed on the White House roof (Reagan had the panels removed and they have remained off the White House roof ever since), and he protected millions of acres of wilderness via executive order. There is much more of course.

    I hope you will reconsider amending your description of the monsters.

  • @ FriedrichKling,

    Sorry u think Jimmy Carter was a saint. Far from It. Try these articles out for starters.
    Foreign Policy was a disaster just like all the other popinjays who have ruled this country. Iran, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Haiti,,, u name it. American Presidents…Bastards all.

    Jimmy Carter

  • kevin, wester, c_i:

    Keep at it…eventually the health of enough people of a certain age (baby boomers) will get bad enough that many of them will get terminal diagnoses with pull dates of 6 months or less. Some will accelerate their pursuit of normal bucket list items…some will opt to spend time in the company of family and friends…a few will take note of what folks like you wrote and will undertake (sic) to become karmic balancing agents. A few years ago a man flew his light plane into the building that housed the IRS offices in Austin…just the beginning…I’m surprised things like this aren’t already happening daily…but there’s still water at the taps and food on the supermarket shelves…it only steam engines when it’s steam engine time.

    Seems like some folks are pointing at y’all and saying that none of the elite “have control”, by which they mean, but, through self-hypnosis or semantic subterfuge, conveniently avoid using the longer, more explicit phrase, “have complete control”. This is a strawman that can be immolated by substituting “influence” for “control”. You have influence on the future when you choose paper over plastic. Not much influence, but it’s there. Ride your bike instead of a car and don’t ride in planes ? Fine, there’s some more little bits of influence that you get to have. But in looking at the macro picture, your/our influences are about as significant to the outcome/trajectory of NTHE as the quantum effects within a cannonball have on its flight…AKA, they’re not. The Koch brothers have influence too. Probably something like 7/8/9 orders of magnitude more than you/I/we do…and they’re connected directly to many others with similar levels of influence. To believe otherwise is, to borrow a phrase from up-thread, a dereliction of one’s epistemic duty, or just being voluntarily stupid.

    I do not fight fascists because I will win.
    I fight fascists because they are fascists.
    Chris Hedges

    I believe this is a basic idea for each of you. If any of you think that by exposing corruption in business or politics you are going to significantly delay, much less avert, our Coyote-ish plummet to the bottom of the canyon, now would be a good time to own up to that belief. If you’re fighting fascists without any belief that success (which I don’t think you’ll have much of, at least not until the water & food run out and it’s heads-on-pikes time) will stop/slow NTHE, then please feel encouraged to point that out to anyone who accuses you of or diagnoses you with having such an (h)opium dream.

    they weren’t shamed into changing or leaving by being exposed.

  • On a relative level it does appear that the root of the problem is the market/monetary system. It’s core drivers are inefficiency, unsustainability, consumption and debt. It locks people into a focus on survival and narrow self interest. It is very difficult for any individual to step out of it. Peter Joseph has some good talks outlining this (social pathology lecture on YouTube is very insightful)-though it may very well be too late for their proposed solutions. Behind all this again is a hidden context (which seems universal) which says ‘I am in danger here’ and ‘I need to protect myself from you’ – an almost universal dissatisfaction that is the engine of all the insanity (as far as I can see). Hence it is my perception that the only real hope for humanity is the eradication of this ‘disease’. Even if only for the time we have left. It is wondrous that this human creature should even exist-such vivid self awareness would seem to have little evolutionary advantage. It is sorrowful beyond description that a creature such as humanity should snuff itself out.

  • @ Daniel

    “storm the gates demanding their heads, so that we, I mean they can..”

    storm the gates and cut off their heads and place them on pikes (the world could do with less people, right?, so why not start with the tiny minority doing the most ecological damage), so that we / they can show them as shining examples of what happens to looters & polluters

    – but of course the looters & polluters have their own stooges and shills who are busily engaged in:

    (direct quotes follow)

    ..engaging in “Dissimulation—Hide the Real,” while propagating “Simulation—Show the False.”

    ..the “psychological building blocks of deception” and the “map of technologies” used to carry out the deceptions, including blogs.

    “people make decisions for emotional reasons not rational ones,” behavior is driven by “mirroring” (“people copy each other while in social interaction with them”), “accommodation,” and “mimicry” (“adoption of specific social traits by the communicator from the other participant”).

    “Magic Techniques & Experiment”

    “Constructing experience in mind of targets which should be accepted so they don’t realize”

    ..monitor and influence Internet communications and disseminate false information

    ..employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-“independent” advocates for “cognitive infiltration” of online groups.

    (end of direct quotes)

    now looking at these ‘liberated’ secret documents quoted above ^ decide for yourself what that parable I started this comment with, tries to accomplish.

    and now I have my own parable;

    say there was a virus that only kills rich people (use your imagination here, like it only kills people who eat an expensive food that only rich people can afford, or something, or only kills people with weakened immunity from high altitude radiation exposure from commercial air flights)


    would you shed a single tear if you woke up tomorrow and all the rich people were dead?

    would the earth? would animals? would anybody miss them?

    be the change you want to see in the world ;)

    DING DONG the wicked rich, the wicked rich are dead!

    Wake up you sleepyhead
    Rub your eyes, get out of bed
    Wake up the wicked rich are dead
    They’ve gone where the goblins go,
    Below – Below – Below
    Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong’s the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low
    Let them know the wicked rich are dead!

    Yes, let the joyous news be spread
    The wicked old rich are at last dead!

    “Shocking New Report: Superrich Have Grabbed Half the World’s Assets”

    “Fossil fuel industries spent $213 million on lobbying last year”
    ..and they receive $1.9 trillion in subsidies each year.

    “In promoting climate change denial, the fossil fuel industry has done more than just endanger the environment. It has undermined democracy.

    There is a vast difference between putting forth a point of view, honestly held, and intentionally sowing the seeds of confusion.
    Free speech does not include the right to deceive. Deception is not a point of view. And the right to disagree does not include a right to intentionally subvert the public awareness.”

    @ Kevin
    though we disagree on some issues, I’m in complete agreement with your stance regarding holding those most accountable’s feet to the fire, starting with local councilpersons.

    although we have abundant water here, the municipal bonds taken out to fund the water expansion project were gamed by the banksters and the interest rates being extracted as a result, makes our water 3 times more expensive than average, while water is given away to other nearby towns who fail to pay their share, with the city attorney then declaring the bill un-collectable due to his and the council’s own corruption and incompetence. While our water rates keep going higher & higher to make the interest payments on these scammed bonds.

    and this is just one of several issues. A few years back during council meetings they had a citizen comment period, and let me tell you, they were getting an earful. Which I was broadcasting, concentrating on just those public comments, plus adding the results of my own investigative efforts, making my community affairs a thoroughly embarrassing 30 minutes.

    So the council met in closed door sessions and then made some changes:

    1.) they axed the public comment period

    2.) they tried to eliminate any media coverage, tried to stop recording the sessions. but due to public outrage (including private citizens stepping forward to cover the cost) they reached a compromise where they

    3.) only carry the sessions on cable TV, which just happens to have a sweetheart monopoly deal as well as taking strict steps to ensure I couldn’t gain access to the live feed without subscribing to cable myself (which I can’t afford)

    so they basicly locked me out by pretending the publicly funded council session feed is their private ‘copyrighted’ content

    our taxes pay for the feed, then they make it subscription only..

    they promised ‘some station’ would maybe eventually carry the publicly funded council sessions live, but of course that never happened..

    4.) they set up a establishment friendly media website (run by a former newspaper employee) to replace the privately funded website which was exposing them.

    this website always parrots the council, city, admin and mayor’s talking points, and actively censors anyone to tries to comment who doesn’t..

    so they basicly took over and locked down the whole affair.

    I run clips saying “the mayor is the problem, the flagpole is the answer. we hung the first one, we can hang another one”

    and clips making fun of and exposing the cable TV company..

    but the community affairs program it’self concentrates on ecological issues, using pre-produced shows, whereas before it was specifically about the city council, admin and mayor..

    they only want people with money to participate, and only (what we call) the ‘inner circle’ has a voice here.

    meanwhile the situation is slowly getting worse for the working poor.

    the blowback however is that businesses are failing due to lack of customers, and the corporate media is being squeezed ever harder by lack of ad accounts.

    (businesses run ad’s which cost money, but the ad’s don’t increase business enough to cover the cost of the ad’s, so they don’t renew them)

    the corporate media is forced to rely more & more on national advertisers, and they’re becoming less & less like real local stations.

    as it is, they only have 4 hours per day (5 days a week) of live DJ’ing and even then he’s been forced to pretend to be a DJ for another station in a distant town during the same 4 hours so he’s really only 1/2 a DJ at best..

    that amounts to only 20 hours per week, or 16 % of the time. 84 % of the time the station is voice tracked – including all weekend.

    they’re also carrying more & more syndication trying to boost their market share, but it’s not working :)

    anytime, especially during the weekend when rain approaches, I issue live weather alerts, and expose how “you won’t get these alerts from the other stations because there’s no one there, they’re fake voice tracked all weekend”.. the ending of the live alert

    I rub it in, in other words ;)

    they have other screwups too, like sometimes when a syndicated show ends there’s dead air, for up to an hour or more.

    anytime I catch them, I make fun of them for that too, “the reason why you’re hearing dead air is because there’s no one there to flip a switch or press a button to put something on”

    I can’t have dead air, because I made an alarm that goes off if there’s more than 45 seconds of silence, and I fix the problem immediately (every once in awhile the playout box ‘freezes’ requiring re-launch or re-boot which takes only a minute or so)

    sometimes a storm will knock their transmitter off-air too (which is 20 miles out of town)

    “the reason why they’re still off-air is because they have to call an engineer, who has to drive 20 miles out to the transmitter site and fix it. but I’m right here only a few feet from the transmitter, and I’m the engineer, so I can fix it right away”

    “you don’t need to wait until the national weather service issues a storm warning” (which they have to do before any of the other stations will relay that warning, and which has failed us – we had a tornado tear through downtown with NO warning at all – no CD sirens or nothing), “I’m right here looking out the window and checking radar”

    “I have my own lightning detection and know the signs of a tornado” (constant static, a roaring sound) “and I will warn you no matter what, no matter what day it is, weekend or holiday, or how late at night, because I live here too“.

    they test the CD sirens and the whole system once a week (usually wednesday at noon) but sometimes a sudden storm blows in, (or forms right on top of us) that the national weather service doesn’t catch until it’s already happening, plus any rain or storm (below severe) all weekend, and anything less than a severe storm or tornado warning (period), is ignored by all the other stations – except me.

    so while they put on a weekly 1 minute annoying siren show, pretending to care, since they don’t make enough money over the weekend, there’s no one around – the studios sit empty, with fake voice tracking and syndication, pretending to be real stations (and the fake voice tracked DJ’s use ‘local color’ actively trying to fool the listeners – I have a clip that exposes and makes fun of that too)

    – but since I really am live and local, I provide the most important service radio stations are supposed to provide, real-time actual local alerts, on any day and at any time.

    I don’t do “tests” like they do, only during banking / business hours, to give listeners a false since of security – I do the real thing, only as needed, but always..

    to me, an alert is required if:

    you need to roll your car windows up, get kids or animals inside, secure loose lawn furniture or shut windows, cover plants or things that shouldn’t get wet, just really high winds even without any rain or lightning – if I expect tree limbs or branches to fall, any noticeable lightning that’s actually moving toward us, hail, sleet or ice storm expected or forming, if the power is likely to go out (associated with those hazards), actually starts to flicker or sustained fluctuations / brownouts even without associated hazards (power quality alert, which covers severe geo-magnetic storm events) and high radiation readings – counts above 400.cpm (I state the actual count in 5.cpm increments, along with a special radiation alarm tone, once per minute, and keep doing so until it falls below 400.cpm, then go back to music)

    in other words a comprehensive alert system, not just only NWS issued, severe storm or worse alerts..

    in fact I don’t even automaticly issue any alert when the NWS does, my alerts are completely independent.

    sometimes the NWS issues alerts for storms that go right by or are dissipating, not actually producing the conditions the alert warns about, and very often the storms aren’t as bad as they alert on – what they call ‘severe storm’ I usually call ‘medium rain” or just rain, and I’m almost always more accurate. If the storm actually is strong / severe, I change the alert to reflect that. There’s been numerous cases of the TV stations doing 1 hour, even 2 hour ‘weather shows’ (which is simulcast on the radio, because they’re ‘partnered’ which is another way of saying the radio cluster is too cheap to do it’s own weather) of weather they have to end up chasing way out of town to find, while here in town we only got some rain..

    I’ll make fun of them for that too, specifically citing them for needlessly alarming people, but this is a grey area, since they can claim credit for any weather damage anywhere in their service area which includes other towns up to 50 miles away, while I serve only in town and say so.

    – like ambulance chasers they’re ‘storm chasers’ and if they go far enough outside town, they’ll often find something, and they’ll end up spending (and justifying) airtime, covering ‘a tree fell over in this person’s yard’ or ‘an attached porch’s roof was damaged’ or ‘a car was damaged’ – 20 even 50 miles out of town..

    when weather becomes a commodity and ‘if it bleeds it leads’ sensationalism becomes the goal, live local accurate weather goes out the door..

    @ infanttyrone

    Hedges is one of my favorite speakers – I air him all the time

    but you’ve mis-characterized the plunge to the bottom / altering it’s course scenario. I (and Kevin too he just explained) have always been doing this, way before awareness of the climate issue became a predicament and the 6’th extinction.

    Such knowledge simply doesn’t change my preferred way of relating to the injustices of fossil fuel civilisation. And I do make a clear distinction between pre-fossil fuel populations in the hundreds of millions living in balance with nature for thousands of generations, and post.

    Since fossil fuels, how many generations did it take to create the 6’th extinction?

    ..and not to alter NTE regarding humans but to lessen the impact on non-humans (who’s spirits are just as important – it’s modern civilisations loss of this respect that allowed fossil fools to run the show and ruin it for everybody

    @ Galvin
    it’s the banksters exploiting fossil fuels, like they exploit everything and everyone else

  • Dear Pauline,

    I only just watched the film, and I loved it! Seeing you all, and all those people on the road trip. It’s so good to know that you are really out there.

    In my “activist” days, I worked as a translator for I felt quite proud to give what I could, my time and skill. It somehow felt worthwhile. How naïve could I be! But I think that’s so human. You want to DO something. I’m far beyond that but still do exactly what you do.

    I came to the conclusion that our biosphere was dying, and that this would have profound consequences even in my lifetime (I’m 66), before I found NBL. One of Daniel’s essays was one for the first I read here, and it made a deep impression on me. Thanks Daniel!

    By the way, and I hope you don’t mind me saying. Among other things, you have a beautiful voice. So right for the voice-over. A lovely voice is always compelling. And you’re very graceful.

    Thanks for making the film.

  • Re: Kevin’s “activism”: Unless it’s just the newest passing phase, I’m convinced that to get officials to listen, you need a lot of people to show up. They don’t have to agree with half of what you believe; they only need to be vociferously in favor of the particular point you wish to relay to (local) TPTB.

  • As some have noticed, the latest post is up. It’s here.

  • Pauline,
    Excellent video, thanks for your efforts.
    Clicked on the “Tip this video” button but got a “feature unavailable at this time” message.
    Any alternative way to send funds ? Paypal ? Other ?

    kevin, c_i,
    Maybe I have misunderstood what you (and kevin especially) is trying/hoping to accomplish by exposing national & local lies.

    I don’t think either of you believe that ‘holding their feet to the fire’ is going to substantially change the trajectory toward NTE, but I’m not sure Daniel isn’t correct in the characterization presented in his gorilla skit, i.e. that kevin believes that if he exposes enough lies it could bring about ‘a fairer system of world governance before our well advanced and intractable extinction event completely wipes us off the face of the earth within the next couple of decades.’

    Nothing I have seen in over 6 decades makes me think this is going to occur.
    If you haven’t read them and want to get thoroughly discouraged about the prospects of the citizenry of the USA (or just about anywhere) ‘waking up’ and taking power back from corporations and their financiers, check out Joe Bageant (RIP). His stuff goes back to 2004 and is still up at
    If either of you think a fairer system of world governance *might* happen, please tell me what sort of sequence of future events between here and there makes sense to you.
    Otherwise, I’ll assume you’re fighting (at least an info war) against fascists because they are fascists, which in my book is entirely laudable.

  • Right now I’m sitting on a folding stool outside Webster Hall in NYC
    I’m with two 17 yr olds going to see Gerard Way for the second time this week.
    I’ve promised to be a good mommy and wait as long as needed AFTER the show for his autograph. It’s cold and drizzly. It’s 4:52pm. Doors open at 7pm.
    I dont think I get an award for this.
    But hey, the world is about to end.
    Do what you love and help your loved ones do what they love too.

    Thanks again for all your positive reactions to this film.
    I will try to respond as best as my frozen fingers will allow.

    In answer to using paypal, yes & my email is

    Ebola: yes. It’s very likely to wipe most of out.
    So don’t be afraid to ask for your 100%. Never hurts to ask.
    If you’ve wanted to do something, tell someone you admire them, go somewhere, do it now.

    Carter: taking down the veil of illusion is the first step. Uncovering the truth is the second.
    If we live with illusion, we can never accept truth when we see it.
    i.e. Three buildings falling in pure demolition fashion.
    Carter signed the Carter Doctrine authorizing military action to secure all the oil.
    It’s why he’s standing in that photo.

    Take away:
    A friend called me today to tell me a long and awful tale about her landlord.
    The jist of it was that she and lanlord and his family got along fine while she obliviously served their needs, and unknowingly paid their electric bill.
    When she made the realization (removal of veil of illusion) she asserted herself and said “No.”
    This assertion of personal dignity and empowement triggered the landlords (authorities) to become beligerent and abusive. Her simple, non-violent “no” triggered a brutal “police state” .

    We can all remove our veils of illusion and say “no” to this brutal culture, and it will strike back. OWS remains legendary as an example of what is possible. And what WILL happen.
    I think it’s worth saying “no”. I want to know the truth. I cant handle the lies.

  • Pauline,

    Have you told your child(ren) ?
    If so, how?
    And what was their response?

    Thanks again for your beautiful film.
    Ogni pensiero vola.
    (Every thought takes flight.)

  • i’ve just watched the first 1/2 of pauline’s new film and i must say it’s great. guy, with his public speaking talent and pauline with her filmmaking zen form a formidable collaborative duo whose work i hope to see more of in the future. (an aside: how sad is it in the face of probable nthe that a need is felt to still sensor ‘offensive’ language like ‘motherfucker’ (from the nbl theme song by afrizen) in order to not offend anyone)

    just finished the film. good ending, with guy musing on the difficult path he has chosen (or, more accurately, has had foisted upon him, as we’re all victims of circumstances much greater than ourselves).

    as is often the case i’m a couple days behind on the comments here.

  • Pauline, you say, “It’s why he’s (Carter) standing in that photo (i.e. the Carter Doctrine).”

    You must be kidding or I don’t understand your logic. President Obama had invited all living former presidents to the White House for lunch.

  • Mr. Kling,

    The logic is that Carter, even though he was our least contemptible Emperor, did declare that the oil in the Middle East belongs to the USA.

    If he had not done so, he might not have been on the invitation list for whatever event provided that photo-op.