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30 September 2014, California State University, Chico, California, embedded here

29 September 2014, “World Development” course, California State University-East Bay, Hayward, California, classroom appearance embedded below in four parts

28 September 2014, one of four panelists for a local television show in Santa Cruz, California, embedded below

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    Do The Math

  • “Scientists suggest ocean warming in Southern Hemisphere underestimated”

    “Prior to 2004, research has been very limited by the poor measurement coverage,” he said. “By using satellite data, along with a large suite of climate model simulations, our results suggest that global ocean warming has been underestimated by 24 to 58 percent. The conclusion that warming has been underestimated agrees with previous studies, however it’s the first time that scientists have tried to estimate how much heat we’ve missed.”


    Ebola in America. Get off a plane from Liberia, go to a hospital in Texas and tell them you’ve just come from West Africa and are desperately ill, they give you an aspirin, send you home and tell you to hug and kiss all your friends and family, it will make you feel much better. (Only that little tiny last part is made up. The rest of it, I wouldn’t dare.) When it becomes obvious that you do in fact have the Ebola virus, they put you in isolation, lock down your family under armed guard in the place where you were sick, then move them and nine days later send a firm called “The Cleaning Guys” to sanitize the place. (BTW, I am aware that most sources are now saying that he “lied” about having come from Liberia, by which they seem to mean he omitted it from a form. However, he did tell the ER nurse about it, on his first visit, and she recorded it on his electronic record. That part of the record apparently was not displayed on the screen displayed for the ER doctor.)

    In the face of questions about whether this was the best possible response to a worsening global health emergency, the governor of Texas stepped forward to reassure his people that he was on top of the situation (actually, he was nowhere near the situation, he was in Iowa, site of the earliest events in the 2016 presidential election). This, verbatim, is part of what he said (it might or might not be the most important part, it’s kind of hard to tell):

    “Again, uh, I think, uh, we respect the right decisions that have been made, uh, at this particular point in time, and again, uh, to try to second guess them, uh, at this particular point in time, is not particularly, uh, a healthy thing for us to do….” (Think I’m exaggerating? Watch it here.)

    Meanwhile in Washington a gaggle of high-ranking bureaucrats take to the media pulpits to announce that everything is under control, and because of our perfect health-care system and our unparalleled technology, Americans have no reason to fear Ebola. I don’t fear Ebola. But I am deathly afraid of these people.

    Ebola in Africa. A shipping container stuffed with supplies desperately needed by healthcare workers who have been losing the battle to contain Ebola in West Africa, and losing their lives in the process, has been sitting on the dock in Freetown, Sierra Leone, since August 9th. It’s $140,000 worth of protective clothing, sanitary gloves, mattresses, hospital linens, all desperately needed by the collapsing health care systems of three countries, and it is sitting there because the government won’t pay the $6,400 shipping fee (although the government has been given $40 million in donations to help it fight Ebola) because, it says, the shipment was not properly authorized in advance. (Such authorizations are said to involve the exchange of folding currency.) Two more shipments just like this one are on the docks in New York, waiting for the situation to be resolved.

    Since that shipping container was dropped into the bureaucratic muck on August 9, West Africa has seen more than 5,600 cases of Ebola and more than 2,400 deaths from it.

    Secret Service. So this guy jumps the fence around the White House and nobody notices him. He runs across the White House lawn, and the dog that is trained to interrupt such runs is not released because, we are told, his handler fears that this superbly trained guard dog might ignore the running, highly stressed perp and attack a senescent guard. The running man reaches the White House door which is supposed to be locked but isn’t. He charges through, which is supposed to set off an alarm but doesn’t (it was going off so often it irritated the staff, so they turned it off). Fortunately, there is a guard inside the door. Unfortunately, the running man “overwhelms” him. That is the word used in every account. I would love to know more about that, and about the future career of the overwhelmee. At length, the caper is stopped, deep in the White House, by an off duty agent who is there by accident. This is not going to be a major motion picture anytime soon.

    Look around. Every threat to our continued existence is being dealt with by Keystone Kops who lack motivation and information, who strut upon the stage beating their breasts about American superiority in all things and deny that anything could possibly go wrong here.

    Dark conspiracy memes swirl around all these events, of course. The Secret Service is deliberately exposing President Obama because he’s black, Ebola is being used by — well, somebody — just as the British used smallpox-infected blankets in their American Indian wars. But there’s no need to go there.

    It’s not the feat, it’s the stupidity.

  • @ Kirk Hamilton: Good one! And thanks!

    Yeah, we all kind of help each other keep going, don’t we?

    “Stage four. Resignation and Commiseration: We know enough to realize that this civilization is headed toward an imminent collapse etc., and finally realize that activism (blogging, preachin’, demonstrating, rallying, and marching will not make a significant difference….”


    Presenting doom’s features combined
    Most likely will get you maligned,
    But I’m more inclined
    To find peace of mind,
    So that’s why I’m feeling resigned.

  • Great writing, Tom.

  • I quoted the entire article artleads. The author does turn a phrase, though, I agree. You wanna see phenomenal writing, look no further than our resident master of the limerick BTD, above.

  • I don’t read Collapse of Industrial Civilization anymore – as Monsigniore Miguelito, el fromagio gigantico, is a general cur with the manners of a ponce. Most disrespectful and dismissive of our own inestimable Mr. Moore.

  • Hear, Hear! Concur with Wester!

  • Oceans Getting Hotter Than Anybody Realized
    By John Upton,, October 06, 2014 05:03pm ET

    Research published Sunday concluded that the upper 2,300 feet of the Southern Hemisphere’s oceans may have warmed twice as quickly after 1970 than had previously been thought.
    Durack and Lawrence Livermore colleagues worked with a Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist to compare ocean observations with ocean models. They concluded that the upper levels of the planet’s oceans — those of the northern and southern hemispheres combined — had been warming during several decades prior to 2005 at rates that were 24 to 58 percent faster than had previously been realized.
    “We continue to be stunned at how rapidly the ocean is warming,” said Sarah Gille, a Scripps Institution of Oceanography professor… “Even if we stopped all greenhouse gas emissions today, we’d still have an ocean that is warmer than the ocean of 1950, and that heat commits us to a warmer climate,”


    Oh hum, more evidence that we are past the methane tipping point.

  • Robin, thanks for “Do the Math”. What a nightmare! Tom, you can’t make this shit up. As awful as all this is, it did bring us together. Some silk lining, I know but it’s a tip of the hat to you and many others whose prose can be found here. So, thanks. And of course, thanks to Guy for the platform if not the message.

  • Wester At least mike didn’t make up fake identities and go trolling like a paranoid cowardly conspiracy freak.

    Fuck you Robin you phoney guru prick.

  • @ Robin Datta

    As Rick says, thanks for the link.

    Recommend reading the comments. Docs, hospital staff, and airline pilots discuss Hemorrhagic fever virus vectors, procedures, and policy.

    Oh my, stay home or die. Distance is life.

  • Hear, Hear! Still concur with Wester! Unless it’s the Gestapo or the KGB that’s objecting to the concurrence.

  • Apneaman

    ‘At least mike didn’t make up fake identities and go trolling like a paranoid cowardly conspiracy freak.’

    What/who exactly are you referring to there?

    What Mike Lee did was to refuse to examine evidence that challenged his preconceived notions about 9/11, and became manipulative and abusive when confronted with his failure to abide by his agenda, which was supposedly to discover the truth and expose the lies behind the American hologram.

    CoIC served its purpose for a while but is effectively redundant now that NBL technical difficulties have been resolved.

  • “What/who exactly are you referring to there?”

    it means when the ‘masters of the universe’ ‘doing god’s work’, friends in low places, add you to their masada 2000 list and ban you, all sorts of head games befall your online presence, facilitated by megaphone alerts and hasbara agents.

    – and mentioning this garners labels such as “paranoid conspiracy freak” (but cowardly only appies to interpersonal relations so it’s not relevant here)

  • [this link comes from seemorerocks]

    – looking forward to Kevin’s comments on this (remember – it applies to us as well here in the U.S.)

    Fascism In 10 Easy Steps: Whereabouts Is New Zealand While John Key Is Trying To Sell Us the TPPA

    [read how these ten steps are described]

    1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
    2. Create a Gulag
    3. Develop a thug caste
    4. Set up an internal surveillance system
    5. Harass citizens’ groups
    6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
    7. Target key individuals
    8. Control the press
    9. Dissent equals treason
    10. Suspend the rule of law

    Tuesday, 7 October 2014

    Incident at Parchin, Iran

    NYTimes: “Enormous orange flash” seen around suspected nuclear site as mysterious explosion rocks one of world’s largest cities

    – US Gov’t: We are “monitoring the situation closely”

    – Reports: Windows broken 9 miles away, all trees burned over large area


    The Atlantic, Oct 6, 2014: The timing and location… should raise more than a few questions… late last month, Israel accused Iran of conducting nuclear implosion tests at [Parchin]… Miraculously enough, on Monday, reports broke about an incident that took place at or near the Parchin site… It’s widely believed that the United States and Israel have engaged in a heavy regimen of sabotage against the suspected Iranian nuclear program including… computer viruses, the assassination of nuclear scientists, and a series of mysterious explosions… This development comes just hours before Iran and the [IAEA] were reportedly set to meet in Tehran… If the episode in Iran is some kind of sub-rosa attack, the timing couldn’t be better.

  • o hey – anyone catch NBC news, in which they appear to be saying that the gas bubbling up off the eastern coast of the us was probably there all along and we just didn’t notice it til now? I assume this is going to be the new tack in climate denying, “this is how it’s always been, those obtuse scientists just missed it til now, so obviously nothing has actually changed and we’re all fine.”

  • In the last 4 months, in Thailand, we have gone through this fascism list point by point in exacting detail. It is now a terrorist gulag police state enforced by violence, stasi snitching, 30 year prison sentences for facebook posts and government by openly kleptokratic lying insane sociopaths with guns, tanks. I’m betting this is the laboratory and that’s your future out there in the lovely first world. Consider yourself warned.


    I watched the presentations listed here, and found the last one most interesting. Glad that at least somewhere on American TV they got a clear rundown of the horrific, omnicidal nature of the current arrangements and the necessity to terminate them. I sincerely hope the next stop is Nightline, Today or Sunday morning talkies. I won’t hold my breath but you never know.

    I was particularly entertained by all the hysteria about “collapse” of civilization. I was actually laughing out loud. It’s like that table of smart people can articulate the problem, but, like good Americans, when the implications of their analysis are made manifest, they recoil in shock horror, denial and rationalization of comfort and privilege at any cost. In a matter of just minutes, and on TV. Wow. Although I am sure they could not even recognize that turn on a dime.

    As I figured out at New Years 2013, the actual list of solutions, or beginning of solutions look something like this:

    Adopting a set of living arrangements that the recently deceased Fred Branfman articulated clearly as living on the scale and in the manner and disposition of Lao villages. You can actually go on google maps and look at some of the rural roads outside Siem Riep in Cambodia and get a pretty clear picture of what sustainability and negative carbon living looks like.

    Unfortunately, for Americans, that way of life equals COLLAPSE. It is utterly unthinkable and unimaginable. A more wretched and lost set of humans you’ll likely not find outside the shopping malls of Seoul, Shanghai and London.

    I was also quite chuckled by Joe Jordan’s reaction to Mr. McPhearson’s proposition that the industrial economy and set of living arrangements needs to go to the flames. Jordan with chagrin proposed that the “Renewable” “Solar” economy would not necessarily look like the old. Except for all the electricity…uh…to run the dishwashers….uh…computers….yah…uhm….cars….eh…suburban development…You know. He later went on to say that a significant part of the new economy would revolve around taking carbon out of the atmosphere. Great. That’s nice. Will it allow me to keep a mortgage on a nice little 4 bedroom ranch house in Mountain View? Or will that kind of work barely be able to allow me to be able to eat? I think the Americans are still living in delusional happy land.

    I was impressed as well with Mr. McPhearson’s presentation. He was clearly well prepared and well read, especially with the references to Tim Garret’s work, which I will now need to go track down and review.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    However, I am sure

  • Well Tom, we don’t have brownshirts patrolling the streets yet but we do have ‘The Smiling Assassin’ elevating himself to a new role centred on lying to, spying on, and control of, the general populace [for their own ‘protection’, of course).

    It is now abundantly clear that the NZ government will do nothing whatsoever to protect the populace from the ravages of peak oil, economic collapse, environmental collapse and social collapse, of course, and is working hard to ensure everything that matters is made worse as quickly as possible, in line with the policies adopted throughout the western world and most of the rest of the world.

    As I have mentioned previously, I am no longer attempting the wake the ‘walking dead’ from their state of apathetic complacency and am focused on my own ‘brace for impact’ preparations. (I’m still picking 2016 as ‘the year’, though the coming months are clearly going to be ghastly for people in many countries.)

    The really scary is aspect of all this is that a large portion of the NZ dumbed-down masses voted for The Smiling Assassin -the maniacal looter-and-polluter and mendacious, self-serving opportunist. As I commented to NPDC some time ago, the only ‘cure’ for stupidity is death. But Aldous Huxley did warn the world back in 1965 that people in the future would seek and love their own enslavement.

    The ‘good news’ is the implosion of the global economic system is clearly accelerating, so the delusions won’t persist for too much longer. And it does take readily available fossil fuels to operate a police state effectively.

  • apologies for this third post:

    CDC Forced to Admit that Ebola Might Be Spread to Healthcare Workers through Coughing and Sneezing

    “I’m Not Going To Sit Here And Say That If A Person Who [Has Ebola] Were To Sneeze Or Cough Right In The Face Of Somebody Who Wasn’t Protected, That We Wouldn’t Have A Transmission”

    Scientists have said for some time that Ebola may be spread through coughing, sneezing and other aerosol transmission.

    The top American health agency – the U.S. Centers for Disease Control – has denied this for months. But CDC has finally been forced to admit that it’s true.

    The Los Angeles Times reports today:

    Some scientists who have long studied Ebola say such assurances are premature — and they are concerned about what is not known about the strain now on the loose.


    Dr. C.J. Peters, who battled a 1989 outbreak of the virus among research monkeys housed in Virginia and who later led the CDC’s most far-reaching study of Ebola’s transmissibility in humans, said he would not rule out the possibility that it spreads through the air in tight quarters. [read the rest]

    The goalposts keep being moved!

    Thanks for your response kevin. I gave up recently trying to plan anything at all and am just waiting until the shtf. We’re running out of time much more rapidly on all fronts than was previously thought – we’ve reached the steepening of the exponential curve and it will only get worse faster, probably to the point that practically everyone will be feeling some pain by next year at this time – especially if 2016 is “it.” My prediction is still for 2019, but it’s looking like we may not make that before “everybody knows.” Whenever the real steep downturn in this collapse hits it will be too soon.

    Everyone keeps making plans for a fictitious future that won’t be there.

  • Thanks Tom, you’re always so supportive! ☺

    Success at Last

    As soon as no humans remain,
    Extinction will help us attain
    Something long desired
    But never acquired:
    The end of suffering and pain.

    H/T: Kathy Cassandra

  • .
    “Deaths from Ebola infection, tragic and frightening though they are, will pale into insignificance when compared with the mayhem we we can expect for our children and grandchildren if the world does nothing to check its carbon emissions,” wrote BMJ editor Fiona Godlee in the editorial.
    Check. Will somebody please check?

  • Kind of amazing, seeing that medical doctors are among the most pathologically conservative people on the planet.

    pat, if there are any on that train with you, they’ll be in first class.

  • “Think Tank”? Is there any such thing as a “think tank”, really? “Think tanks” seem to produce the most pathetically stupid drivel to be found anywhere. But wait! We’re dealing with humans here, shouldn’t we expect pathetically stupid drivel, even from humans who proclaim themselves to be the smartest? Of course we should, because pathetically stupid drivel is what most people want to hear!

  • Yes Kirk, which is why I call them stink tanks. and “climate alarmist” is the calling card of fossil fool stink tanks, while ‘green energy’ is their new brand.. when a person posts anti-‘green energy’ fossil fool sourced stink tank talking points, what they’re doing in reality is demonstrating they’ve swallowed the entire framing, both sides of, what in actuality is only 2 sides of the same PR product, created by said fossil fool stink tanks.

    parroting such disinformation tends to crowd out any real or deeper discussion or concepts, because it has an element of psychologically comforting, emotionally appealing ‘anti-thought’, which is precisely what PR is – making you feel, not think.

    and people tend to jump on such bandwagons since doing so requires no thought, only feeling

    PR is insidious..

  • My own experience with doctors has been nothing short of terrifying. I was first appalled in university when my best HS friend went into med school. I went to one of their holiday parties and to a person, they were all about the money. Period. End of discussion. It didn’t click with me at the time, but it is a generalization that I have found to hold across the years.

    Second was my father’s friend who is a suburban doctor who agreed to see me for free. When my payment came out as zero, I was automatically put into collections which ruined my credit score. Something I didn’t realize until weeks later. I fixed it, only to have the same record come up again in their billing and have them put me in collections -again. I felt like firebombing the place. And my right wing Republican dad only made excuses for his doctor friend, because don’t you know it’s all about the cash. Now I have waking nightmares about poor Americans who go to the doctor to get help, only to be systematically targeted, assaulted – if not outright gang raped – emotionally, physically and psychologically. Andy Warhol once said “If I go to the hospital, I will die.” Believe him.

  • …people tend to jump on such bandwagons since doing so requires no thought, only feeling.

  • ah fetustyrone, still speaking in youtube clips

    the billion dollar a year PR industry

    the reason why they spend billions of dollars on PR (which is a shorthand way of saying propaganda) is because everyone you ask swears up & down it doesn’t work on them – no one ever admits to being duped by these paid professional liars, and herein lies it’s success and the reason why such huge amounts of money are spent on it.

    because it doesn’t work

    pride, ego and exceptionalism are the roots of it’s success. PR speaks directly to, and glorifies, the lizard brain – the part of us that doesn’t think, only feels.

    this glorification has many facets, from the elevation of feelings in various essays, over objective, fact based critical thinking, to feel-good murmerings about how everyone’s to blame therefore no one’s to blame, to positive thinking, to living lives of ‘excellence’ while excellence is defined exclusively in positive terms, and so on.


    the masters of the universe doing god’s work, exploiting everything and everyone, looting & polluting, using PR to turn feelings into a commodity to be bought & sold, exploited & abused, and ultimately controlled, re-directed and rendered harmless and in-effective, keep spending big money on PR which implements this, and thus shields & protects them, allowing them to continue profiting off the ruination of the earth, it’s people and animals.

    and most people are so taken in by this onslaught, they not only put up no resistance, they actually kiss their ass and enjoy it, while acting as their lizard brained soldiers, enforcing this lizard brained existence through peer pressure, popularity contests and other benefits accorded the going-along-to-get-along mentality

    and the worst one’s also just happen to be the least ‘gifted’ in conventional measures of intelligence, it turns out (I won’t name names you ^ know who you are)

  • Sept. 8 Seemorerocks: Beckwith says methane has a short term heating value of 150 times CO2. Whole site deals with climate change.

  • good morning (I see dairymandave is already up and runnin’ – thanks for that post!)

    The most ambitious environmental lawsuit ever: Oil and gas industry should pay for destruction of Louisiana coast – ‘What took 7,000 years to create has been nearly destroyed in the last 85’

    (The New York Times) – In Louisiana, the most common way to visualize the state’s existential crisis is through the metaphor of football fields. The formulation, repeated in nearly every local newspaper article about the subject, goes like this: Each hour, Louisiana loses about a football field’s worth of land. Each day, the state loses nearly the accumulated acreage of every football stadium in the N.F.L. Were this rate of land loss applied to New York, Central Park would disappear in a month. Manhattan would vanish within a year and a half. The last of Brooklyn would dissolve four years later. New Yorkers would notice this kind of land loss. The world would notice this kind of land loss. But the hemorrhaging of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands has gone largely unremarked upon beyond state borders. This is surprising, because the wetlands, apart from their unique ecological significance and astounding beauty, buffer the impact of hurricanes that threaten not just New Orleans but also the port of South Louisiana, the nation’s largest; just under 10 percent of the country’s oil reserves; a quarter of its natural-gas supply; a fifth of its oil-refining capacity; and the gateway to its internal waterway system. The attenuation of Louisiana, like any environmental disaster carried beyond a certain point, is a national-security threat. [read the rest]

    [check out the lists of known animal, fish and bee die-offs in the past year – all cited to original sources – scares the sh^t out of me!]

  • Hey Wolfbird. What up?
    Thanks for the compliment. Hope you’re doing well.

    As if glyphosate wasn’t enough. Now they want you to eat 2,4-D (Agent Orange) with your cornflakes. Like the movie ‘Idiocracy’ soon they’ll be irrigating crops with Gatorade®™ then wonder why the crops are failing.

  • A guest essay by a first-time contributor in this space is accompanied by all four parts of a presentation and a link to last night’s radio show. It’s all here.

  • .
    Ever since 2011, oil prices have stayed consistently high, hovering around $100 per barrel. But this year, they’ve dropped as much as 20 percent since June — and some analysts now think they could keep nosediving in the months ahead.
    One final, major caveat to keep in mind: It’s hardly guaranteed that world oil prices will keep falling. Yes, some analysts are now suggesting we’ve entered a new era of oil “abundance.” But the world is highly unpredictable. Perhaps new conflicts will arise in oil-producing regions. Or perhaps the US oil boom will lose a bit of steam. Or perhaps something else unexpected will happen. Predicting the future is always difficult — but it’s especially difficult when it comes to oil.
    Burn baby Burn!

  • @pat, low oil prices could well be an indicator that supply will actually diminish further than it otherwise would, because it’s less ‘economical’ to get out of the ground.

    See Gail Tverberg’s recent post:

    and Steve Ludlums’ “Triangle of Doom”:

  • I spent hours looking through Gail Tverberg’s blog, linked to by Lidia. I have to stop at this point. Much of what she says has to do with the need she sees to keep the economic system going. Even though she doesn’t see it going for very long. My image of it is like riding a tiger, where one is relatively safe only as long as one doesn’t fall off.

    “The ‘assets’ of the wealthy are mostly an illusion, unfortunately. Their paper wealth isn’t really worth much–it doesn’t add square meters of arable land, or food, or fuel for cooking or transportation. The wealthy eat a little more than others, but not a lot more. We can do as those in the Soviet Union did, and break up large houses into apartments for several families, but does that get us anywhere? To save heating fuel, we would want people in apartments, in central cities. But will there really be any jobs there? What do we manufacture in central cities today?

    Won’t we want people working the land, in smaller plots? If we do this, we would need a huge amount of training for would-be farmers, and homes near the small plots. In our rush to create huge farms, we have knocked many of these down.”

    What would she say to the fact that there could be endless employment in reworking the urban and rural environments that are there now?
    Does she not see how this could relate to her question?:

    “But will there really be any jobs there? What do we manufacture in central cities today?”

  • Guy presents Paul Beckwith’s “prediction” incorrectly. Paul mentions the situation in which temperatures could rise by 6C over a period of one to two decades, in this interview (about 20 minutes in). It is not a prediction that temperature will rise by 6C over the next 10 years. He’s frightening those kids on the basis of misrepresentation.

    By the way, Beckwith did predict that Arctic sea ice would be gone by September 2013. That didn’t quite work out.

  • I looked into Gail’s friends and found they’re bankster crooks.

    One of her main sells besides BAU, is deflecting attention and blame away from her friends, by pretending not only is everyone to blame therefore no one is to blame (singled out) but all past humans are to blame as well, therefore industrial civilisation isn’t to be singled out either.

    – the closer you look at what she’s trying to pass off, the more illogical and incorrect it reveals it’self to be. And she’s been repeatedly corrected (mainly on COIC) with citations that refute her demonization of ancient and indigenous cultures & people, but she simply ignores all the citations and keeps repeating the exact same misinformation again, to the point where she’s made herself unwelcome on COIC and other venues, including with some people who post here.

    Then there’s what she did with Orlov, starting with that get-together they had. She orchestrated a showdown, exploiting feminism, which cast a pall over the proceedings. Then, when that wasn’t enough to disrupt it to her satisfaction, she immediately went back to her blog and wrote a blatantly dishonest hit piece on Orlov, which started a chain of events that greatly damaged his public image.

    Certain accomplices were in on it as well, which just happen to keep linking to her now, even though these accomplices are aware of these facts..

    @ Weddle

    you’re still quibbling over tiny details attempting to cast FUD while still ignoring the big picture (the 3 dozen positive feedbacks for example) as well as ignoring several measures of climate chaos which are accelerating presently (cherry picking in other words)

    as has been pointed out to you several times already, this game you play of trying to find a flaw in any aspect of the dataset, pretending said flaw(s) invalidate the entire set, is a foolish and useless investment of your time

    concern trolling the data helps no one, despite your protestations of good intentions, now

  • @c_i, Gail Tverberg ≠ Gail Zawacki.

    @artleads, you are right about the tiger. Remember that to portion out land and houses in the short term, according to a more ‘fair’ or ‘sustainable’ plan, would take a violent revolution.. it’s not going to happen within the current system. If we had a lot of time, and a lot fewer people, this could happen organicallly, catabolically, as JMG would term it.. and in fact it is happening already to a small degree, slowly, relocalizing, etc. But it’s too little too late. I live in a town of 5k people. 250k new people just showed up on the planet yesterday, another 250k today.

    Bartlett: “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is the inability to understand the exponential function.”

  • ok Lidia got you

    I went by what Art said about “the need she sees to keep the economic system going” without double-checking to see if they were actually the same person

  • now checking:

    * BASIC PREMISE + Research Links about Dying Trees

    Graphic by Gail Tverberg

    # Stop blaming people. Others are as much victims of the times as we are – even the CEOs and politicians.
    # Blame, anger and outrage is pointless. It wastes precious energy that we will need for more useful work.
    # Laugh a lot, at everything – including ourselves.
    # Forgive others. Forgive ourselves. For everything.


    The author of Our Finite World is Gail Tverberg. She has an M. S. from the University of Illinois, Chicago in Mathematics, and is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. Some of her writing can be found under the name “Gail the Actuary,” a pen name she used while writing at The Oil Drum between 2007 and 2013.

    gee they’re so much alike, Gail even directly linked to Gail’s work ^

    (and also to radioecoshock and doomsted diner)

  • crazy_inventor, that’s your sixth comment today. I asked, politely, to limit yourself to two. You’ve tripled your quota. Please give it a rest.

  • Sorry Guy

    – guess I need some sockpuppet accounts too

    but not here :

  • “Remember that to portion out land and houses in the short term, according to a more ‘fair’ or ‘sustainable’ plan, would take a violent revolution.. it’s not going to happen within the current system.”

    Sobering points. Meanwhile, I’m mulling over creating habitable/useful mini structures out of discarded materials. I’ve always been doing related things, most often underestimating the power of the wind or the rain. Or neglecting aesthetics entirely. Maybe I can pull off something better next time. So there’s the self-help aspect to consider…

  • Guy –
    Regarding the lady in the first clip who wondered what the numbers are about – this is something that would be a good addition to your standard presentation.
    It’s easy for someone to look at a 2C number and say “what possible difference would that make? I can’t tell you if it’s 75F or 78F in the room right now, I certainly can’t tell if it is 22F or 25F outdoors. I function in a temperature range of over 100F over the course of a year. Why is this something for me to worry about?”. It’s a very reasonable question and deserves a substantial answer.
    A helpful chart would be global average temperatures over geologic time, with significant events like ice ages and perhaps (if we have projections back that far) previous mass extinctions.
    Someone published a book a few years back (so it’s probably obsolete now) of what to expect at each degree of warming.
    Then you bring out your temperature projections from various sources. The audience would have some basis to understand the potential impacts.