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The disparagement of my work, hence of me, reaches a fervent pitch during a speaking tour. Although I love interacting with new people, any road trip brings me to the attention of deniers who react harshly. And not merely to the message, but of course to the messenger. It’s as if I’m inventing the information I cite.

A line from Farley Mowat comes to mind: “We’re under some gross misconception that we’re a good species, going somewhere important, and that at the last minute we’ll correct our errors and God will smile on us. It’s delusion.”

Trying to balance misinformed criticism with reality, I consider how to spend the days ahead. As post-tour thoughts race through my mind, I try to slow them down to examine and ponder them:

  1. Every day I seriously consider retiring from public service. No more public speaking (I love public speaking but it has some drawbacks as noted below). No more radio show. No more writing. Back to reading philosophy and fiction. Back to spending time with friends. Back to hiking in the nearby wilderness. Back to spending time doing what I love, as I suggest to others.
  1. I’m tired of people telling me how the world should be. There’s no should. There is only reality, and even reality borders on illusion. Promoting solutions based on what people ought to do, according to some abstract moral imperative, will not help. Never mind that each solution produces myriad additional problems. Just as behavioral changes are too little, too late, I’m unlikely to change what people say to and about me.
  1. I am said to be the leader of a death cult, a notion so absurd it’s hilarious. I’ve promoted anarchism for two decades. I am the leader of absolutely nothing. I point out the urgency of living and encourage others to live well and pursue what they love. These tidbits belie evidence of a leader, much less a death cult.
  1. People tell me, and others, that I tour to earn money. These people obviously haven’t ever gone on the road with me. I don’t extract monetary gain for speaking or writing. Rather, these activities cost me a lot of time and money, neither of which I have in great supply. My partner and I live well below the U.S. official poverty line. This is yet another strike against my being a death cult leader, as I’m pretty sure the typical cult has a financial incentive.
  1. I don’t fully understand why every day I receive hate mail. I’m a nice guy! Seemingly every day I am subjected to personal attacks. About once a week somebody tells me to commit suicide. All too frequently, I receive death threats. Libel and slander occur way too often, including by self-proclaimed journalists who know their conduct is unethical. In the part of my mind that longs for retribution, I’d sue one of the “journalists” to make a point — if only I had the time and money. These personal attacks have nothing to do with science. They make no sense to me. They are unfounded and irrational. But they happen to other messengers merely for speaking about gradual anthropogenic climate change, so I suppose it’s all to be expected from a scientifically illiterate society.
  1. Nearly always, attempts to assassinate my character emanate from relatively wealthy white men who worship this death culture. Threatening the privileged class to which I formerly belonged has consequences. Fear is rampant. Empathy is rare.
  1. The civilization these white men love is going away. Good riddance, I say, to the heat engine of civilization. Good riddance, too, to driving 150-200 species to extinction every day. Using civilization as the basis for solutions to the myriad predicaments rooted in civilization clearly makes no sense. I would argue further: It is insane. In response, I’m deemed insane. The words of Krishnamurti come to mind: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
  1. When I’m in the process of post-tour introspection, I no longer expect better from humans, even those I know well. I still love humanity. It’s the people I can hardly tolerate.
  1. It’s not just me under assault. As a minor public figure, I expect disparagement of me and my work. Unfortunately, the people with whom I associate — sometimes only briefly — who suffer the dual wraths of ignorance and stupidity. Although the attacks generally come from clueless trolls who do not reveal their identities, the abusers occasionally include people in positions of power. Consider this email message from an acquaintance I met briefly: “Hey, take a guess who was inquiring what was the nature of my consorting with a ‘Guy McPherson’ … ? Canadian borders agents. I think they zip drove extracted my laptop. At least that’s what it looked like from my window view inside there (sic) customs station.”

Why bother?

Why, indeed. I continue to ponder.

As I’ve pointed out in this space, I don’t know why some people pursue lives of service while others cannot imagine such an approach. I doubt there is a rational explanation beyond vague notions regarding the absence of free will.

I certainly have no excuse to pursue and present evidence, beyond my inability to escape the teacher within me. There are plenty of reasons to forgo these activities (and the profession of teaching is dead). And yet, here I am, against my better judgment and against the wishes of my critics. Apparently I’ve not avoided the ignorance and stupidity rampant in this culture.

My Kiwi friend Kevin recently described how, in a small sailboat with an upper limit of a handful of people on board, the givers and takers emerge quickly. Myriad behaviors that accumulate to irritating levels within a decade or so during periodic contact and numerous distractions become apparent within a week or so onboard. On a boat, shaking out the takers and leavers doesn’t require three months. I’ve come to conclude that every newly budding partnership would benefit from three months at sea — most partnerships would dissolve before they are formalized, because most people are incompatible.

It took me many years to realize that most people are incompatible. Had I secured this knowledge earlier in life, I probably still would be teaching. Had I realized most people are takers, I would still be drawing a paycheck. But the costs would be great.

The greatest cost of early understanding, with respect to the dark side of humans, would have been mediocrity. I could have remained ensconced within the belly of the omnicidal beast had I become a teacher of knowledge, but not understanding. I could’ve been teacher of facts, but not relevant behavior. I could have relayed information, but not discussed how to pursue a life of excellence based on the information. As it turns out, colleges and universities have plenty of mediocre teachers and administrators, as I’m sure most readers have noticed. I’d rather die a pauper than descend into the type of mediocrity that characterizes the culture in which I’m embedded. Barring late-age, adult adoption, I’m certain I will.

I like to believe I could return to academic life at the right institution in the right situation. I love to teach, but it is not what I do. It is what I am. I can kid myself into thinking I could teach anywhere, but I know better … I can’t just teach facts and spread (mis)information, as is the norm in educational institutions. Teaching involves helping students find knowledge and understanding. Teaching guides students to question everything and think for themselves and we all know that institutions of higher learning don’t strive for those standards.

I’m not sure I’ve accomplished much with my meandering thoughts, but it brings me full circle back to retirement. The easy life. A life of leisure, again. Even after many years of thought crystallized in these thousand words, I’m undecided.

Some things I do know, although they are easily forgotten. I’m extremely fortunate to be alive. I’m extremely fortunate to have people who love me in this one, small life. I’m extremely fortunate to have people who support me and join me on this journey I have chosen. I’m extremely fortunate to be living my life, and to be in a position to encourage others to pursue theirs.

It gets better, too: My life includes the occasional serving of ice cream to go along with the likes of Farley Mowat.

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  • I’ve been asking reality to be very very clear in its intent. What should I be doing? The only answer I am getting is a simple one, “Just Walk Away”. You still deserve to be as happy and complete as you can be in this evolution of delusion. People are flat out takers and mostly operate on the level of a 10 year old and worse when they are having tantrums. The deniers are having tantrums. You are the parent symbol making them have to look Into the mirror and admit to being “bad”. You become the object of their rantings like a child in a supermarket not getting the cereal brand it saw on TV. If you can’t detach from the message and are wounded by the arrows, spears and daggers, you need to go into retreat and heal. You may come out again ready for another salvo, but extinction is one thing, killing yourself from exhaustion unnecessarily is entirely another. Walk away from it Guy…. Permanently or temporarily. You can deliver the message but you can’t save the planet. For my part, I’ve shaken the dust from my feet. I’ve walked into the myst. I’ve alked to mydemons, faeries, gremlins and angels, and all I get is, Walk Away. Sage advice me thinks. Sage advice.

  • I think you can’t escape the teacher: I certainly can’t, and it’s not just the teaching TO other students, it’s teaching FROM. I encounter bright students in an environment of teaching. I already work from home a lot (since all I do is modelling which can be done from anywhere in the world as long as I have access to my computing cluster, and even that is not necessary for my personal research which I can now do on my laptop—for the first time, my Unix OS running laptop holds my entire home directory from my Unix system on my cluster) and spend time with my daughter, etc. but I get to mentor students who teach me a lot primarily in the context of academia. It’s just set up that way.

    But I’d say in this case it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. I’m not sure where you were, but once you have tenure, you should be able to do what you wanted and as long as it was teaching, it shouldn’t have a made a difference. I never went to faculty meetings, never did any of the other political stuff, and spent time only on research and teaching, and it has worked for me.

    I know it’s hard, but try your best to let stuff roll off your back: it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. What matters is that you follow the evidence to the best of your ability. The rest is all human created baggage.

    There are also a lot of great teachers out there working in many different contexts educating people and work in all kinds of fields which improve quality of life and I think they are doing a great job too—life isn’t just about how we die, but also how we live it.

    Give more to the world than you take from it.

  • “It’s easy to win. Anybody can win.”
    Philip K Dick: A Scanner Darkly

    And there’s “if at first you don’t succeed,
    maybe you’re better suited to failure.”

    Go where the heart leads. Many times the heart
    gets broken, but it is always worth the journey.

    And finally, from Neil Young:
    “It’s better to burn out than it is to rust.”

  • I was given an amazing opportunity to organise the NZ tour which I took on with trepidation, mostly because I was afraid of failure and not making it a success. From the first radio show we did I realised that I had worried un-necessarily and that the tour was in fact an instant success. I’m not sure how many people we benefited by touring NZ, presenting at Libraries, Universities, local Marae and community museums but the main thing is that we tried. Our message is dire and hopeless which is in our local vernacular ‘a shit sandwich’, no one ‘wants’ to swallow it but swallow it we must. Who wants to be told there is no hope for our bio-sphere??? Right, no one.
    I got to spend a lot of time with Guy on tour, a man I had only seen in presentations delivering this evolving commentary on the greatest train smash in human history and a few skype calls and I can assure anyone, what you see is what you get, straight up and easy going. I honestly don’t know how you manage to raise your head above the parapet so calmly knowing that after every word is the possibility of an attack.
    Years ago I had the opportunity to take my darling mother to Paris, she had what she said was “the time of her life”. She raved about it till the day that she died but it wasn’t she that benefited the most from the trip, it was I.
    I feel the same about this tour, an inordinate number of people have shaken my hand and in a heart felt way said thank you to me for making it happen. The reality is that it is me who got the most out of this tour. Guy’s message has in a weird way liberated me from banging my head up against innumerable obstacles and injustices and set me free. I will continue to fight against racism, the patriarchy and what I call empire as long as I draw breath but what I am not going to do is worry about it, I am over doing that, time is now to short.
    I’m just going to keep benefiting from giving whatever I can.
    The last thing I said to Guy before he left was ” I love you brother” and he said the same back. How many men go on tour and finish with that?

  • How many “harsh reactions” would you be willing to endure to change/save someone’s life?

    You have turned my life of misery into bliss. You have unshackled me from this death denying culture. I now live a life of appreciation and dedicate it to serving others and pursuing a life of excellence. Instead of continuing to pursue a career as a physics scientist, after obtaining my masters in physics, I decided to teach third grade. I am currently a student teacher until I receive my credentials this summer. All I try to do now is love and spread moments of love to everyone I am around.
    My master teacher recently asked me, “But if you think we are headed for extinction, then none of this will matter?”
    I replied, “It matters at the individual level, many of these students will never forget these moments.”

    Thank you for what you have done.

    Having said all that, I would be willing to drop everything to join you if you need someone to keep your spirits up. The only catch is that I too am broke and in a tremendous amount of debt (thank you education system), but am willing to put this 32 year old body to work on your farm to earn my share.

  • Well Guy, at least they haven’t physically abused you, stuck you a cell with vomit, deprived you of water, forced you to walk 12km home, presented trumped-up charges, lied in court, wasted three days of court time etc. because you dared to challenge ‘the system’ -that’s what happened to me. And Robert Atack ended up having to pay a fine and having to do community service for being such an ‘antisocial person’.

    I too was a teacher (educator?) for many years, and deep-down still am. It’s a difficult habit to break but you can do it if you try hard enough: you see some stupid person doing something that you know will cause them harm, and you say nothing and walk away. There are far too many stupid ignorant people in the world, and if they want to ‘kill themselves’, fine by me (the Carlin approach).

    It’s a little different when it comes to the local council because the maniacs there are not only impoverishing the bulk of the populace to enrich a tiny group of sociopaths but are also orchestrating the ‘killing’ of all the young people in the district, and, arguably in the process of rendering the district largely uninhabitable for humans in the medium term. And since the CEO, mayor and senior council officers act in defiance of NZ Statutes, they are criminals, and should be held to account.

    It’s all in the timing, of course. And there is plenty of evidence that you, I, and all the others who have been raising the alarm on a multitude of issues are going to be proven right very soon.

    There is definitely a case for activism in phases, with recovery periods between phases of activism. Constantly beating one’s head against the brick wall is not a good idea.

  • Guy,
    I think the words in your second last paragraph might be what to focus on when the naysayers are getting you down.
    There are so many of us out here who are extremely grateful that we have had the opportunity to spend some precious moments with you, and no doubt you’ve touched more people than you will ever know.
    Still, I wouldn’t blame you one bit, if you decided to just hang out on that bench all day long with Mike and have a few laughs, while watching the sunset on the hills near the Mud Hut. And eat some ice cream as well.
    Counting my blessings, always seems to work for me.

  • The New Zealand Green Party called me an ‘environmental extremest’ and put a complaint into the police about my screwing http://www.dieoff.org to their billboards,(whordings) I told the cop I would only do it one more time (the Thursday night before election day) he said he would tell them and get back to me, I went out and drove something like 50k that night screwing http://www.dieoff.org to every green party billboard ion the Wellington area, fat lot of good that did.
    Then the next election I sprayed Traitor (and spelt it wrong) across the PM and opposition PM’s chests with http://www.oilcrash.com in 300 mm high letters accross the whole whording, did it on 2 of them, cost me $800.00 each, plus another $150.00 for placing a http://www.oilcrash.com sign infront of but not on another of their whordings. Oh and I got my ‘day in court’ wrong, so got arrested, and spent the day going backwards and forwards from the courtroom and my cell. lucky I got real stoned before I got arrested ;) And I got a cell of my own … even got some McDonalds chips,and a blanket & mattress … [see Kevin it’s not what ya know)]
    Kevin got about 10,000 +? votes, I got 500 ))

  • Also forgot about 11 Saturdays doing ‘community work’ The judge said it would teach me some sort of ‘community’ responsibility or some such????
    I ended up with 30 hours off for good behavior of the 150 they gave me, luckily I found something that was utterly pointless to do for those 11 weekends.

  • It cost me about 7-8 weeks of my working life.

  • I was greatly saddened by this post. Certainly Dr. McPherson’s conclusions are horrific to contemplate, and have torn my psyche apart, but the quality of one’s character is directly proportionate to the amount of truth one can tolerate (paraphrasing Nietzsche).
    Since the good doctor is fond of quoting Nietzsche I’ll quote from Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Part Three, On Passing By. Zarathustra runs into a “foaming fool” who the people call “Zarathustra’s ape” because he has appropriated Zarathustra’s style. This crackpot rages and fulminates against the “great city” and its disgustingness.
    Zarathustra hears his imitator out at length until finally, sick of all the negativity, he cries, “Stop at last!… Why did you live near the swamps so long, until you yourself have become a frog and a toad? Does not putrid, spumy swamp-blood flow through your own veins now that you have learned to revile thus? Why have you not gone into the woods? Or to plow the soil? Does not the sea abound in green islands? I despise your despising; and if you warned me, why did you not warn yourself?
    “Out of love alone shall my despising and my warning bird fly up, not out of the swamp.”
    A few paragraphs on Zarathustra concludes: “I am nauseated by this great city too, and not only by this fool. Here as there, there is nothing to better, nothing to worsen. Woe unto this great city! And I wish I already saw the pillar of fire in which it will be burned. For such pillars of fire must precede the great noon. But this has its own time and its own destiny.
    “This doctrine, however, I give you, fool, as a parting present: where one can no longer love, there one should pass by.”
    In conclusion, two points: (1) As someone who has viewed pretty much all of Dr. McPherson’s presentations available online I can say with certitude that it is “out of love alone” that his “despising and warning bird fly up”, and not merely some perverse swampiness of thought; and (2) in many respects Dr. McPherson has already passed by that which disgusts him (in his terminology “walked away from Empire”), and for that he has paid a terrible price…the loss of social prestige…something those of us on the lowest social strata suffer from daily… That is a huge loss, especially in a society as cash-obsessed as our own. Penury is no joke.
    Thanks for that, Dr. McPherson. And as far as those swampy little hominid bastards who attack you, in many respects they’re no longer even human…just infernal consumption machines set on auto-pilot self-destruct mode. Fuck ’em…but then again there’s no need to even say fuck ’em cause they’ve already fucked themselves.

  • I took a year off and did nothing but garden and read poetry by Rumi and Hafiz…
    ” Let the beauty we love, be what we do.” (Rumi)

  • Egoistically speaking I must say, it would be a great loss if you left the public stage permanently. Your teachings inspired me and, I am sure, countless others (this blog is proof of that). And even the ones who react as jerks in the beginning, because they feel that their worldview, their values and their whole lifelyhood is threatened by what you tell them, might reconsider later.

    But as other commentators have already said: It’s your life and you have a right to be happy. And if you feel that withdrawing from public speaking is what you need right now, then do it.

    It is not a point-of-no-return step like your getting out of university. You can just decide not to do any public appearances for a coulple of month or half a year and then see how it feels. And if you miss public service then, you just go back to it. That’s not a bad place to be in.

  • I have been a communist all my life. In that time, I have been mindful of the slippery slope capitalism is headed. I live in New Zealand as well so I can appreciate Roberts predicament. New Zealand is deep in the grasp of world capital at all socio economic levels including most of the so called progressive political wing.

  • It would be a great shame if you gave up guy, but I for one would certainly understand if you did. As mentioned there is still this delusion amongst people that we are the chosen species, yet future history (if there is such a thing) will show that we persevered for less time on the planet than many other species. Perhaps religion pervades people’s lives more than they realise.

    I do see some chinks of light. Many conversations I have with people I regard as very ‘mainstream’ revolve around getting out of the debt game and not having to live in the rat race well into their 60s. However these people are nowhere near the belief that we need to terminate our living arrangements to have any chance,

    I would certainly miss your words and your voice. I very much miss the wisdom of mike ruppert and my preference for you guy would be that you stay sane and above all stay safe!

  • @guy
    I am reminded of what Anthony de Mello (a Jesuit teacher/author) used to scold himself with : “don’t try and teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it irritates the pig” -always makes me smile-but of course only a sticking plaster. If we look at the origin of the word compassion (from the Latin) -it literally means to suffer with. This really is just the case-try as I may I can’t escape the suffering of others.

    You might find this interesting..

  • Guy,
    I suspect you don’t realise how many lives you actually touch, Guy. I too have tried creating an association (sustainability/transition town stuff), but people just weren’t interested, and didn’t want to hear the message. I don’t normally post anything on the internet, but I thought I’d make an exception here. I’m one of the silent many who regularly look at this blog and take it as a source of inspiration.
    I often think “what’s the point of it all”? Few realise that the old addage of “it’s the journey, not the destination”, is very true.
    I’m living in the South-East of France. If you ever want to get away from it all for a while, let me know!

  • Guy: you continue to inspire through your honesty and speaking of the truth. Every day i’m bombarded with the complete opposite of what you say – even the science! Take a look at this:


    Climatologist: 30-Year Cold Spell Strikes Earth

    With nasty cold fronts thrusting an icy and early winter across the continental U.S. — along with last winter described by USA Today as “one of the snowiest, coldest, most miserable on record” — climatologist John L. Casey thinks the weather pattern is here to stay for decades to come.

    In fact, Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, is out with the provocative book “Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell,” which warns that a radical shift in global climate is underway, and that Al Gore and other environmentalists have it completely wrong.

    Now I know this is hogwash and just another denier promoting his agenda, but it goes on and on – Faux Noise, keeping people distracted with the usual “holiday” nonsense, sports, and tv – it’s very hard to keep ones head amid these daily assaults. Even sites I like, like Signs of the Times has articles claiming a new ice age is on the way!

    When it all comes down to your personal life, do what you feel for as long as you feel it. If you want to stop, STOP. If you decide to try something new – go for it! Don’t worry about anything, because in the end we’ll all have the memories of at least having heard the truth from a brave and forthright man along the way. You’ve provided moments of clarity and joy by connecting the scientific dots that most people never even encounter! As long as you’re willing and have receptive audiences, keep up the great work.


  • I have nothing profound or particularly comforting to say except some of us still appreciate the work you do and hold you in high esteem.
    We live in dark times with darker days to come, I fear.

  • I’m with Jonathan DeJong and Paul Kingsnorth on this. Walking away is a miracle cure.

  • Hang in Dude, the best way to heal is to work together getting the word out to the world through the maelstrom of hate.

    That’s why I don’t dog to my dog anymore….

    If you want to have a baby, then this is all you need to know for its future.

    ► Humans and livestock were 0.01% of land vertebrate biomass 10,000 yrs. ago.
    ► Humans and our livestock are now 97% of land vertebrate biomass.
    ► Humans and our livestock eat 40% of land chlorophyll biomass.
    ► 50% of vertebrate species died off in the last 50 years.
    ► 50% of remaining vertebrate species will die off in the next 40 years.
    ► 75% species loss = Mass Extinction.
    ► 1,000,000 are people added to earth every 4½ days. People live longer.
    ► 90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.
    ► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.
    ► 50% of Fresh Water Fish gone since 1987.
    ► 30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.
    ► 28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.
    ► 28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.
    ► 50% of Human Sperm Counts gone since 1950.
    ► 90% of Lions gone since 1993.
    ► 90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.
    ► 93 Elephants killed every single day.
    ► 2-3 Rhinos killed every single day.
    ► Bees die from malnutrition lacking bio-diverse pollen sources.
    ► Extinctions are 1000 times faster than normal background extinctions.
    ► Ocean acidification doubles by 2050.
    ► Ocean acidification triples by 2100.
    ► We are on track in just 13 years to lock in a near term 6°C earth temp rise.
    ► Mass Extinction will become unstoppable and irreversible in 40 years.
    ► Permian mass extinction of 95% of life took 60,000 years 250 million years ago.
    ► Dinosaurs mass extinction took 33,000 years after asteroid impact.
    ► Anthropogenic mass extinction will take 300 years max.
    ► This mass extinction is 100x faster than any other mass extinction event.
    ► Antarctic meltdown now irreversible and unstoppable.
    ► Arctic methane burst is irreversible and unstoppable within current system.
    ► It takes 10 times as much rated “green” energy to displace 1 unit of fossil energy.
    ► Efficiency and conservation only causes more growth within our current system.
    ► World Bank says we have 5-10 years before we all fight for food and water.
    ► We combine bacteria DNA with plant DNA and eat them like corn chips.
    ► We are eating stuff that never, ever existed on earth before.
    ► We put man-made, computer designed, synthetic DNA into our food.
    ► We put nano metals and nano particles into our food.
    ► We put poisonous pesticides and herbicides directly into food cells.
    ► There are thousands of different chemicals in our foods.
    ► We are turning into genetic mutants because of our food.
    ► We are wiping out all life on earth because of our food.
    ► Energy demands to increase 50% by 2060.
    ► Emissions have to decrease 80% by 2060.
    ► 40% Green Energy requires 200% more copper according to John Timmer.
    ► To power England today with “green” power, 25% of its land needs to be used.
    ► Peak copper hits 2030 – 2040. Read Ugo Bardi’s work.
    ► Post peak copper production cannot accelerate at any price says Dave Lowell.
    ► This is true of any post peak mineral production.
    ► We mined 50% of all the copper in human history in just the last 30 years.
    ► 100% green energy requires 500% more copper.
    ► There is no real substitute for copper according to Mat McDermott of Motherboard.
    ► Peak minerals includes more than just copper.
    ► By 2050, expect to be past peaks for tin, silver, cadmium and more.
    ► We now move 3 billion tons of earth per year to get 15 millions tons of copper.
    ► We can’t afford to mine 500% more copper at ever lower concentrations.
    ► We cannot recycle it into existence.
    ► We cannot conserve it into existence.
    ► Green Energy is our solution to Climate Change.
    ► But, Climate Change is only 1 of 6 Direct Drivers for Mass Extinction.
    ► The 6 Direct Drivers of Mass Extinction are:
    ►► 1) Invasive Species
    ►► 2) Over-Population
    ►► 3) Over-Exploitation
    ►► 4) Habitat Loss
    ►► 5) Climate Change
    ►► 6) Pollution
    ► Therefore, Green Energy will not stop the End of Life on Earth.
    ► The only thing left will be our genetically modified trees, if we’re lucky.

    DO THE MATH: The Confluence of Crises.

    Peak Minerals +
    Climate Heating +
    Ecological Breakdown +
    Human Population =
    Near Term Mass Extinction (NTME)

    NTME = Catastrophic Cascading Ecological Extinctions Collapse
    NTME = Hunger + War

    Believe it not, NTME will be ever so very terribly, extraordinarily unpleasant.
    If you read all this, and you still want a baby, then you’re good to go —
    just like Naomi Klein, and she’s a fucking millionaire — not that it’ll help.
    My CV? I cut grass in a trailer park in Canada and graduated grade 8.
    The reason I know all this stuff is because my dog woke me up hung over licking my face and told me aliens gave him telepathy to warn us.




  • Thank you, for having the courage to follow your convictions. You have sacrificed so much to spread the truth about what lies before us which displays a depth of character that few possess. It is an act of extreme selflessness in a very selfish world all for the betterment of others and that is moving, and by doing so you have paid a price that few would continue to endure. Your work has not been in vain, for you have touched the lives of far more than you will ever know, and each life you have touched owes you a debt of gratitude. There are no ends. There are only means, and it is the means by which we live that is the measure of a (wo)man. It is that the wealthy believe the opposite which makes you a target for their hatred and it is a hatred of self and not of you, though they do not understand this. In accumulating their wealth they have committed horrific atrocities against humanity and the planet and you are the light that reflects this truth on to them. Whether you continue to do your work or not your work will continue to be known. You will be referenced and talked about even while enjoying a bite of ice cream. You can bask in the knowledge of knowing this. For what you have done I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For what you chose to do let it be best for you, and this is the wish from all of the unknowns who care about you that you didn’t know cared about you. We do. All the best, and thank you.

  • Guy: Your target audience ARE the provocateurs, deniers, threateners etc; Like it or not, the value of your mission out there is in rattling the cage of industrial humanity. Who knows where that leads?

    Don’t stop! The science speaks for itself. Stay current, adapt to the facts as they emerge, be the witness and a voice to the unfolding of whatever unfolds.

    -john d.

  • GUY,

    This world, as we know, is racked with ignorance and terror. You, sir, deserve to be contented in whatever you do. We all deserve it, including the scared moronic deniers, warmongers and free market creeps.

    Withdraw and do something fulfilling for the near term. We do not have long in my estimation because something big is in the wind, climate change aside. Economic collapse is near as well as the specter of war. We need a ghost dance at this point. I wish I was as wise as the olden Chiefs.

    Crazy Horse rides again.

  • What Kevin Moore said. You are not in prison. You’re not dead, not wounded, not crippled. You are not being prosecuted. You are afflicted by garden variety trolls. Your personal life has not been overrun by spies, infiltraors, provocateurs.
    I did my prison time for nothing more than being a teenager.opposed to the Vietnam war. All the rest was fabricated by the state. Beats me why the ‘leader’ of the ‘death cult’ is running free. Who knows? You are making the best you can of your situation. That’s all anyone can do.

  • Live to fight another day. You have planted many seeds. The joy in that young man in these comments who offered you his service. We elders get to rest more.

  • Who wants to know, that they’re on death row? Sort of catchy, isn’t it. Why don’t you pick a few people you love and chart a course off of the beach before the tsunami hits? The earthquake has already happened, the wave is building or, different metaphor, the thermostat has been turned up and civilization is still turning it way past the comfort zone. The only thing to do now is wait for the scorching heat. Follow the billionaires, they’re headed for remote islands, the Maine woods, New Zealand, Chile and they’re turning their fiat trash into something real and valuable while the common man pays for it with an affordable monthly fee and a three year tour of duty. Are these “good” people that are going to perish? How good are people that refuse to think and entrust their children’s futures to greedy jackals. The cancer spreads every day and even the aerosolized ebola won’t make a dent. Oppenheimer quoted the Bhagavad-gita, “Now, I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” It wasn’t the nuclear weapons the Bhagavad-gita referred to, they’re just a sexy cover story. The real story goes far back into evolutionary history when the technological system emerged. The equivalent of tens or hundreds of nuclear weapons go off every day in our natural environment from our rapacious activity and yet we pretend that we’ve avoided the “big one”, thermonuclear war. We are the “big one”.

  • Oppenheimer quotes “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

    Ken Bainbridge told Oppenheimer, “Now we are all sons of bitches.”

    Still, we do enjoy a good Count Down, don’t we?

  • Hi Guy,

    As you know, I am an academic who had been lulled into a “climate stupor” until your Youtube lecture woke me and my wife from our slumber.

    Your public speaking is a priceless and selfless act and I will always be grateful for you carrying this heavy burden.

    I “pay forward” by being a pain-in-the-ass to all of those who will listen. Lucky for me I have rooms full of trapped millennials that will gladly listen to a unrelated topic for a few bonus points.

    Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is big at my university since Federal dollars are being used to construct a $25 million STEM building. As a token STEM outreach to the mush-heads in liberal arts they will be offering a watered down introduction to science (The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 7th Ed, by Trefil and Hazen, 2013) that reviews the scientific method, basic physics, chemistry, and biology. Under biology, they will tackle the controversial subject of evolution! There is just a few pages on geology and climate.

    I am telling you this because it gave me the motivation to meet with the responsible vice-chancellor last week, who is a research chemist with a publication history. So I gave my climate quack with all the data and the Earth Wind map. He acknowledged the significance of the data and even agreed that the Earth Wind map revealed climate change!

    But at the same time, it was just too much for him. He did not want to explore the consequences much less follow up on the veracity of the data. The only time he gave pause was when I asked rhetorically “think was this means for this institution”. Otherwise he rambled about reducing the number of his grandchildren, lack of antibiotics as a threat to society, insolvable middle-east conflicts, ability to grow is own food, etc.

    My guess is that when a trained scientist is confronted with real data showing 40 positive feedback loops, especially the methane loop, and seeing that summer Arctic sea ice will disappear in Sep 2015 or Sep 2016, and see the elongated and fractured northern hemisphere jet stream, well… they know immediately what it means and it creates a ‘grief response’. (A psychologist would call it cognitive dissonance.)

    Some grief responses, like mine, are to dig deeper into climate data and share the news (seems silly I know, but I cannot help myself). Others push it away, temporalize it and otherwise rationalize minimal effects. Others join a blog like “Nature Bats Last” and participate in endless debates about irrelevant topics.

    In my opinion, your grief response is the burden you bear. We have little control over it and we deal with it in whatever way we can. As part of your burden, you are facing a $1 billion industry who owns government. Some of those who attack you are paid assassins while others are thugs; however, I view most of the push-back as a grief response, not that makes it any easier to take.

    As a final thought, is it not the ultimate irony that the highest institutions of learning, who generate PhDs right and left, yet there is no clue about what is in front of us. We, as educators, have failed society. That is the hardest part for me.

  • I’m one relatively wealthy (meaning I’m not flat broke) white man who appreciates what you’ve tried so hard to do. If you quit speaking it will be our great loss.

    But you don’t owe anything to anybody. You’ve fought a good fight, and if you wanted to retire to seclusion now I’d fully understand.

    You’ve been an influence for the better in my life and a great number of others, I believe. I’m sorry I’ve never gotten to meet you and shake your hand. I admire your courage a great deal, and I like the way you’ve lived your life. You’re an inspiration to many, many people.

  • I’m holding you in my heart.

  • Guy,

    well….sorry you get so much hate mail. We pretty much are a society of polarization at this point. No doubt. For me….As a person who has had a good bit of education myself, but also I am religious, I don’t know if every hypothesis you explain is correct…but the facts are facts and what those facts lead to is a good debate. The sad thing is ….regardless of whether you are completely right…..the fact that people think it is good to tear into the earth at ever increasingy levels of fracking or burning pounds of CO2 every day at massive levels shows we aren’t even thinking real straight anyways. I am not an advocate of going back to pre industrial civilization….but I do advocate clean fuels and renewables that don’t tear nature at the seams. Even is 1/2 of CO2 doesn’t stay in the atmosphere…half of it does.

    I think you try to make people think and be aware….and we need more people like that if we have any hope to make the earth a clean place. While I am still not certain I share in the end of all things in the same way you do…I do believe that science has absolutely proven to anyone who cares to listen or read that we are in for some difficult climate changes in 15 years….and I don’t see how any one who takes time to read anything about the earth can’t see the science behind this.

    Keep up the work Guy…don’t give up…..we need people like you willing to talk about difficult subjects……no one is right on everything…no one…but darn it…..we need people like you who are willing to try to make people think about a very hard future which regardless of how anyone feels doesn’t look so good…..10 billion people to feed, massive upticks in CO2 which have huge changes for climate even if not what you indicate, massive utilization of earths non renewable resources…..ever massively produced plastics and styrofoam which never recycle…and on and on….

    your words are not in vain….keep it up!


  • “We took them all.”

    — John W. Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, in a 2005 lecture on the rediscovery of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Fitzpatrick refers to the enormous trees formerly found in the virgin forests of the eastern United States.

  • Guy, follow your heart and your own sage advice, “Do what you love,” and only your interpretation of that is all that is relevant or required, all other priorities rescinded. You have gone far above and beyond what anyone could conceive or posit as “obligation” to whatever. As always, I tip my cap to you.

    There was quite a bit more I had intended to post but I see that all the comments above have said much of that though less succinctly. Sometimes verbosity trumps conciseness. Ergo, I also tip my cap to all the commentators above with an extra tip to Modern Money Mechanics. I would never have thought to see those words from you based on what I perceived in your earlier comments. Thank you for clarifying my perspective.

  • First I’d like to say thank you for your message Guy, primarily that being human, doing what we love and enjoying this amazing gift called life should be our focus in this time of great peril. I’ve known about the coming human extinction for over two decades but discovering your message in March of this year helped reground me again and make me focus on the important things in my life, thank you so much for making me realize what is truly important.

    Sounds like most here at NBL would understand completely if you walked away from your efforts to educate the masses about the predicament caused by the dominant paradigm and I join them. As you’ve said so many times we all need to do what we love and enjoy our lives, being regularly attacked and disparaged must be very unpleasant and disheartening and despite your clear yearning to educate, if it leads you away from moments of joy and living every moment to it’s fullest you should choose to do what is best for you and those you love.

    I am of the opinion that the pervasive violence and exponential nature of this sick culture are inexorably intertwined, that any opinion “outside the norm” is met with progressively more vitriol as time passes. I see it here at NBL too with some of the recent discussions, the depth and penetration of the “culture of make believe” is staggering as even some of those who recognize the realities of our predicament still cling to the vestiges of a doomed culture.

    Those who attack often do so in front of a mirror they themselves cannot see. Claiming you (or climate scientists) do your work “for money”, when it’s those causing the destruction that benefit most financially. Claiming you (or ecologists talking about human population overshoot) promote/lead a death cult when the critics themselves are members of the greatest death cult ever to have existed.

    Speak your truth and know there are those, like many here, who have benefitted and are better people because of your efforts. Know too (as you do, all too well) that adherents of the dominant culture will respond to your message in the way this culture teaches them: with hate, anger, violence, lies and denial, the very hallmarks of this doomed way of life.

    Whatever path you choose, do what is right for you, and know that to this point your path has bettered the lives of many, here and around the world.

  • Guy, What Colin said above. Mostly I just wanted to thank you. I support you in whatever you choose to do. However, I would miss you if you were to discontinue your efforts and online presence as I don’t see myself relocating to New Mexico.

  • Dr. McPherson,

    As to those questions and decisions you mention today, only you can properly make them for yourself, along with help from your family.

    I will say that from all of the videos and posts of yours that I have read, you have done a seriously good service to our nation and to others around the globe.

    There is a case just filed in the U.S. Supreme Court that asks whether or not “the public trust doctrine” still applies to the federal government.

    It is a climate change case urging the Supreme Court to rule that the federal government must consider the impact to future generations, not just the current generation, when it makes public policy (The Common Good – 9).

    Thank you for your work heretofore, and your decision to take a vacation or not will be respected.

  • Hang in there, Guy. Oh, go ahead and take a vacation, but if you’re thinking of walking away, remember that essay of mine which you ran in May 2013, resistance is the only ethical response to near-term extinction. Resistance is what our instincts demand, we need to impose some philosophical BS to override them.

  • Dear Guy,

    Like goavs in his comment above and many here, I’d known about NTE for quite some time before I discovered NBL. And what a discovery! Thanks for that.

    I’ve got so used to the knowledge provided here. I say knowledge because it’s so much more than just information being made available by you and many others I respect and like, that I can’t imagine doing without.

    You really are a true teacher, sharing knowledge and promoting understanding, something that was always rare and now is almost extinct, here in Europe too.

    Now, maybe just trust your intuition when it comes to choosing the path you feel you must take.You are one of the sanest people I’ve ever come across in my life and one with impeccable integrity.

    Until the end, there will always be people who’ll respect and love you for that.

  • Hey Guy, don’t know if you ever seen this it may help some http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkx1njE95fs

  • If you need to recharge your magic, take a tip from Professor Crowley:

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

  • Guy, you should stop most public tours, even all, for a while. But if you have a little bit of energy left, please keep the NBL blog open. Your target audience is the very small minority (1%?) for whom facts can change their opinion. This audience can get your message from the web while it lasts. If you need help to keep the blog open, in particular to moderate spam, please say so. Btw, can you post updated stats on NBL readership?

    Kelly, I empathize with you. We regular readers of NBL have something in our genes and in our life experience that makes us able to see what others can’t see, but this also makes us alien to them. It is painful to be separated like this from people we love, even our own family. Seeing reality is also painful because reality is so often much darker than what is shown on tv. Those who stay on NBL do it because they find there like-minded people, it helps.

  • .
    yes, we can dismantle the toxic infrastructure of industrial civilization, decommission all nuclear power plants, safely dispose of all nuclear weapons, and enforce world-wide birth control… Yes, we can.
    …plant no crops, build no cities…
    …kill nothing, live only on that which falls from the trees, sleep on the ground, drink from the river…

    …a breakdown of society could arise from rapid global population growth and unsustainable resource exploitation.
    Just ridin’ on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.

    The Voluntary Extinction Movement
    Thou shalt not procreate.
    The Church of Euthanasia
    Save the planet, kill yourself.


  • I lost interest in what Kunstler had to say when he attacked ME for pointing out the truth that he did not want to see. However, his commentary does occasionally appear elsewhere and is amusing to read, simply because of the language he uses. And he does get some of the big picture quite well:

    ‘Plummeting oil prices are a symptom of terrible mounting instabilities in the world. After years of stagnation, complacency, and official pretense, the linked matrix of systems we depend on for running our techno-industrial society is shaking itself to pieces. American officials either don’t understand what they’re seeing, or don’t want you to know what they see. The tensions between energy, money, and economy have entered a new phase of destructive unwind.

    The global economy has caught the equivalent of financial Ebola: deflation, which is the recognition that debts can’t be repaid, obligations can’t be met, and contracts won’t be honored. Credit evaporates and actual business declines steeply as a result of all those things. Who wants to send a cargo ship of aluminum ore to Guangzhou if nobody shows up at the dock with a certified check to pay for it? Financial Ebola means that the connective tissues of trade start to dissolve, and pretty soon blood starts dribbling out of national economies.’

    Yesterday it was reported by the Guardian that David Cameron warned of another financial crash. ZH relinked, with commentary, Forget all the nonsense about Putin -we know who the real liars and clowns are- there is no smoke without fire:


    ‘David Cameron warned last night that the global economy risked another crash and said in an article that ‘red warning lights’ were ‘flashing on the dashboard of the global economy’ and the eurozone was ‘teetering on the brink’ of another recession.’

    Anyone with a brain that functions properly knows what is coming between now and 2018 is not just another pothole on the road to economic recovery but is the end of historic economic arrangements.

    Therefore, Guy (and anyone else), now is the time for final preparations for the mayhem that is to come quite soon. Perhaps I should say the vastly increased level of mayhem that is coming soon, since we are already living through mild mayhem under the despotic system that has been imposed on us.

    A few months ago friends rang to tell me they were in the process of buying a section (piece of land suitable for house construction or gardening) in Wanganui for $5,000. I said: “Don’t you mean $50,000?” No. $5,000. Unlike in Auckland, where a modest house recently sold for $1.7 million, in Wanganui you can buy a house for $50,000.

    It’s all going to ‘blow up’ soon. It is not possible for a system predicated on continuous fraud and continuous squandering of energy and resources in order to inflate financial bubbles, promote overpopulation and overconsumption and transfer wealth from the commons to a few greedy sociopaths to keep going for much longer.

  • At last you’ve come around to my way of thinking Guy, I told you before your 2012 tour of New Zealand what an utter waste of your time and the fossil fuels used to transport you it all was.
    You had the mayor of a 70,000+ pop city introduce you @ your talk in Petone/Lower Hutt, a few months later the mayor went on to open and celebrate a renovation of the biggest cigaret factory in NZ, and his councils long term 10 year plan, reads like every other fuck the plant as fast as we can plan put out by every other council, maybe Ray’s ears were just painted on? or he was a cardboard cutout? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZCNlXPlwmw&list=UUKNxQ6yt_kubd59Yxm55zJw
    Being driven by hate and revenge I love the slings and arrows people hurl at me, I just laugh at the fools and tell them to go out and have more babies, the thought of them suffering even more through their ignorant pig headed breeding gives me a warm feeling all over )))
    Now I just enjoy the I told you so’s
    …. I think this is another one?

  • “As a final thought, is it not the ultimate irony that the highest institutions of learning, who generate PhDs right and left, yet there is no clue about what is in front of us.”

    Most PhDs are one-trick dogs. There are a few fields that are necessarily eclectic, such as anthropology, ecology, etc., but too many others exist in separate silos: that is why so many cannot see the forest for the trees. And then à la Dunning-Kruger they go about their merry way with nary a clue.

    “I’m sorry I’ve never gotten to meet you and shake your hand.”

    The Buddha advised that those living far away in distant places in distant times who followed his teachings would be as if they lived in his own household, while those in his own household who ignored his teachings would be as though they were living in distant times and places.

  • Dear Guy:
    You remind me of Noah. in the Biblical story of Noah and the ark. You
    do not need a special message from a higher power to see that a destructive event is on the way. Your “higher power” is the earth itself, sending out all kinds of warning signals which you have called to the attention of everyone who is able to look and see.

    People are beginning to notice that conditions are not what they used to be. To those who stand about, wringing their hands and moaning “But how can we stop this from happening?” You have gracefully pointed out the fact that once the well is dry, it cannot be filled again.

    message no one wants to hear. People are used to their (modern) prophets telling them that
    “Everything will work out all right, just put some money in the pot, boy” If people are not ready to hear the truth, that is their problem, not the problem of the prophet. Not the problem of you and
    those who have also seen where we, the members of western civilization are headed.

    By all means take a rest and re-charge your batteries. Get some reading done. Some good texts are being written – catch up!

    You will always be an inspiration.

  • Guy,

    The following comments, consisting mostly of either direct quotes or my paraphrasing of them from various places in the book, come directly from The Science of Trust, Emotional Attunement For Couples by psychologist relationship researcher at the University of Washington, John Gottman (2011). I consider Thinking, Fast and Slow (2011) by Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman an essential companion book. A large part of my interest in Gottman’s work comes from my belief that the processes and principles he and his colleagues have learned from almost 40 years of intense observational and controlled studies research on couples at U.W., and at other institutions, apply in critically important ways to the relationships between most people, most of the time. That motivation remains only my untested opinion. Meanwhile, Kahneman’s work definitely does apply to essentially all people. (My comments within a quote in brackets, [ ].)

    Gottman: “The overall life pattern is that people in our culture continually increase complexity in their lives until many live at what mathematicians call “the cusp of a catastrophe”. That word “catastrophe” doesn’t mean disaster; rather, it has a precise meaning for mathematicians. A catastrophe state means that people keep slowly increasing the complexity of their lives until they are at risk for entering a new qualitative state. Mathematically, catastrophe means that small increases in a parameter (like complexity, or stress) can suddenly, once a precise threshold of stress is passed, completely alter the QUALITATIVE nature of their relationship. …and after we cross a particular threshold, our lives may change qualitatively, suddenly, and in very big ways. Usually that qualitative change will be that things will fall apart, and entropy will increase. Chaos in our lives multiplies. Small events suddenly have huge consequences. Resiliency has suddenly evaporated. It is likely that we will have our own individual and finite ‘carrying capacity’ for stress, and most of us gradually increase the amount of stress we are bearing, thinking we can handle it because our relationships are balanced at a functional level of positivity-to-negativity.”

    “There is now strong scientific literature about the physiological and health benefits of trusting relationships. Researcher James House reported that there is a group of people—spread around the planet—who reliably die young. They are the lonely, the socially isolated, and the disconnected people. They are usually men.”

    “The most important concept for organizing these results is what we call ‘diffuse physiological arousal,’ or DPA. Here’s what that means. Our bodies have a GENERAL ALARM MECHANISM that we have inherited from our hominid ancestors, who developed it through natural selection. The adaptation is what happens to mobilize your body so it can effectively cope with emergencies that might injure you. The way this works is that in situations you perceive as ‘dangerous’ (this perception can be very rapid and require very little complex or cortical thought), a series of things happens in your body. It can [and probably much more often than not does!] happen without your awareness.

    As you have experienced so often in person and email, and as we all have seen in blog comments here at NBL and at other blogs, more Gottman: “The amazing thing is that all these things can, AND DO, happen during relationship conflict. But whereas the diffuse physiological arousal (DPA) response can be adaptive in dealing with emergencies, in relationship conflict it has consequences that are quite negative. With DPA there is a reduced ability to process information. It is harder to attend to what your partner is saying. Peripheral vision and hearing may actually be compromised. As much as you want to listen, you just cannot do it. There is less access to new learning and greater access to over-learned behavior and thought. Fight and flight routines become more accessible. The sad result for relationship conflict is that creative problem-solving, active listening, empathy, and your sense of humor go out the window.”

    Your message certainly triggers the physiological general alarm mechanism with its accompanying diffuse physiological arousal within most people! It also elicits related THINKING: stories we tell ourselves about how the world, including other people and ourselves, presumably “should” or “must” work, and this often elicits accompanying, massive cognitive dissonance. But here, Gottman focuses on the physiological responses. Given these powerful cognitive and physiological fight or flight responses to your message, OF COURSE many people often respond with great anger and rage, at you—and, more importantly related to your “Living Easy” essay, you surely tend strongly to respond in kind to them.

    More Gottman: “Why is the relationship between flooding and physiology so crucial? Just as there is an optimal heart rate for aerobic exercise, there is also an optimal level of heart rate for relationship interaction, and it should be well below 100 bpm. That is called the ‘intrinsic rate’ of the heart because it is the rate at which a healthy heart’s natural pacemaker cells fire. The research of stress physiologist Loring Rowell has shown that when the heart rate exceeds 100 bpm, the body starts secreting adrenaline and the sympathetic nervous system responses of fight or flight begin to activate. Also, physiology is crucial for the couple because of the importance of soothing. Couples [people] need to learn how to help restore calm in each other, to reduce stress. In this way, the relationship becomes a port in the storm instead of the source of flooding. Couples [people] need to learn to do this on their own, not have a therapist do it for them. So the antidote for flooding and the distance and isolation cascade is soothing. The partners [people] need to learn how to SOOTHE EACH OTHER. To use any recently acquired learning when in a state of DPA, a couple [people] need either rehearsal of the new behavior while they are in those states of DPA, or the ability to recognize DPA in themselves when it occurs and be able to SOOTHE each other.”

    “When your heart rate exceeds the intrinsic rhythm and adrenaline is secreted, your perception changes to what it called ‘tunnel vision’. You begin perceiving stimuli as dangerous and focus only on becoming safe, either by fleeing or aggressing, and have little access to social processes like a sense of humor, creativity, or empathy. The ability to listen accurately or with compassion becomes inaccessible to the physiologically aroused person. The therapist who is unaware of this physiological arousal and asks a person to be a good listener or express empathy is setting this client up for failure. Perceiving threat and danger, the partner seems like the enemy, and it becomes impossible to listen with empathy.” (Thus, much of the commenting I have done during the past few years on various blogs, in email, and in person I have done specifically and consciously to practice recognizing the diffuse physiological arousal within myself, calming myself, and responding to others in a neutral or positive way, not in an escalating, negative way.)

    Clearly, MANY of the things that you (and I, and others) write and say makes us seem like enemies to many others! It then becomes impossible for them even accurately to read or listen to what we have said, much less to listen with empathy!

    More Gottman: “As I have mentioned, Ekman’s concept of ‘flooding’ can be extended to couples. In the context of couples’ conflict [and to conflicts to people more generally], ‘flooding’ refers to (1) an internal state of feeling overwhelmed by one’s partner’s negative emotions and one’s own emotions as the partner brings up issues, (2) an inability to avoid becoming defensive, (3) an inability to avoid repeating oneself, [seen quite often in blog comments!], and (4) a wish to flee [also seen often with blog commenters]. This internal state is only weakly related to autonomic physiology measures, because it probably represents the cumulative cognitive and emotional effects of repeated experiences with DPA during many absorbing-state [emotional trap] conflict interactions.”

    “In previous research Bob Levenson and I suggested that flooding might be a variable behind why some couples [people] get increasingly more distant and isolated from each other in reaction to their conflicts. They grow more distant and hopeless over time, their lives more in parallel, and become increasingly lonely. We call that the ‘distance and isolation cascade.’”

    Regarding the hormones related to trust: “Bernie Madoff, probably one of the most successful liars in history, was arrested in 2008 for a Ponzi scheme in which he swindled about 13,000 innocent people (and the entire U.S. government oversight apparatus) out of approximately 50 billion dollars. There were many moving tragedies in this story. People’s entire life savings were lost; the capital of benevolent foundations evaporated. People trusted Bernie Madoff, but they shouldn’t have. Many people wondered how so many individuals could have trusted such an evil crook for so many years.” [Note how the Madoff Ponzi scheme, with its tiny number of people and negligible negative consequences, amounts to an utterly trivial game compared with the Ponzi scheme of historical human supremacist thinking with its climax in today’s short-lived industrial capitalism!]

    “New research may shed some light on the physiological basis of this phenomenon. A Swiss research team had volunteers play an investment game in a research study. The volunteers earned various amounts of actual cash. Six of the 29 volunteers received a placebo nasal spray and the other subjects received a nasal spray of the hormone oxytocin. The volunteers knew that they could make a hefty profit if they trusted an investment trustee with their money, but they were also told that there was a risk that the trustee could decide not to give them any of their money back. People who had received the hormone oxytocin were far more likely to trust the fake investor. When the trustee was replaced by a computerized random-number generator, the effect disappeared.”

    Related to all of this, notice the implications of what I would call “existential trust”: the trust a person who has a deep, pantheistic sense of relatedness and connection with biological Earth and its living and dying processes, in contrast with a person, like so many in our society today(!), who feels alienated and disconnected from Earth. I think that these differences in trust significantly affect the quality and intensity of people’s physiological and cognitive arousal in response to hearing your message.

    Contrary to a comment Ram made a few days ago, I have NO interest in “psychoanalyzing” anyone, and never have. On the other hand, I do have a strong interest in what neuroscience and psychology have to say about human nature. For an excellent, important focus on many of the often subtle and unconscious cognitive processes related to all of this, see Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow.

  • Guy, I agree with the ‘Don’t Stopers’! I also agree with those who think it’s always good to find ways to simplify your life. I guess I’m trying to say not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You bring a special perspective and a gift that is real. Don’t let the cheap shots and the blind sidings keep you on your knees.

    The first thing I want to suggest is to get yourself situated so that you are never exposed to hate mail or threats. Even if you have to miss out on some good mail, only open mail from people you know, at least do this for awhile. Teacher, heal thyself.

    Next, think about what upsets you or bothers you the most. Personally, I’ve completely eliminated the MSM and things like Facebook. I don’t talk to idiots about anything important. And I have become very conscious about how I spend my spare time.

    I’d like to see you make NBL and your mission more of a hobby so you can have the time to do more of the fun things you love. I think that if you had a lot of time to meditate, do yoga, take long walks, read novels and generally just goof off, you would find a fresh approach that would make your mission more satisfying.

    Thanks for all you’ve done. I join many others in acknowledging the sacrifices you’ve made to get the word out. From my perspective you are a great success, a splash of smarts in a sea stupid!

  • LOL- OK, so your not the LEADER of a death cult. Presumably it is organized in an occupy-like participatory fashion.

    But more seriously, I don’t really agree with you all the time, but I take it to be more a matter of degrees than absolutes. And you make a very good point, it doesn’t matter what we think should happen, it’s a matter of what does happen.

    One thought I had, and maybe it isn’t original, but if you feel as though you are burning out, is there a group of like minded folks who might spell you. Presuming you get a lot of requests for talks, is possible that you could get others to go in your place to some of the events. My wife gets asked to talk on matters occasionally, and often what is wanted is a representative voice, rather than notable figure. I guess my point is that while it probably is at least as much work as what you are doing, trying to enable others to do it seems like a good anarchist way of possibly snowballing the effort. Maybe there aren’t folks out there who would step in, but maybe there are folks who just don’t know how.

    It seems like a little while ago somebody put out a manual on persuasion that featured global warming as the subject matter. That seems like a different way to do what I am getting at.

  • Never Cry Wolf. Read that back in the nineteen seventies. I was living in Canada at the time. A few months after I had read the book I observed two timber wolves copulating in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. I was on my way to go trout fishin’ when I happened upon them.

    Neil Young – After The Gold Rush (From Rust Never Sleeps)

  • Guy, the fact that you’ve got the asshole haters are hating on you is an indication that you’re on the right track! Deep down they know you’re right. Being exposed to the truth is what makes them uncomfortable. You should wear their derision as a badge of honor!

  • All this Near Term Extinction stuff with all the hand wringing and anguish and OMG cubed is on the wrong track. Hello people, this is the 6th mass extinction, not the first.
    It is not the 2nd mass extinction.
    It is not the 3rd mass extinction.
    It is not the 4th mass extinction.
    It is not the 5th mass extinction.
    Am I getting a bit repetitive?
    That is the point.
    Mass extinctions are repetitive and this is the 6th, which comes after the 5th and before the 7th. This is the 6th one in the past 500 million years. That’s an average of 83 million years between mass extinctions. The last one was 65 million years ago so it’s not like we just had one and here we go again.
    Us Earthling humanoids think we’re sooo special. And you might say that we are somewhat unique in that we get to be first hand witnesses to a once in 60 million year event. We carry on about the 4th of July …..238 years ago, and Christmas…..2014 years ago, and Halloween……3 or 4 thousand years ago and here we are having a once in 60 million year event and no one is celebrating??
    We’re all watching that stupid television and going to stupid movies when we’ve got STARWARS, THE ROAD, DOOGIE HOWSER, ANIMAL HOUSE, and 1984 all going on at the same time right before our eyes.
    We don’t need smarter inventers to produce a perpetual motion machine. We don’t need smarter biologist to make a vaccine for Ebola. We need smarter writers to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration for this great event. Where are the innovative marketers when we really need them? Everyone is all ate up with numbers…… Dow is down 400. Royals win 4 in a row. McElroy shoots a 68. CO2 is at 400ppm. Mississippi State is number 1. This is 1 in 60,000,000.
    Extinctions are currently happening at thousands of times the background rate. And we Humanoids are the cause. Congratulations to my fellow Americans. We are leading the pack. We are the most consumptive and emissive of all the 7 billion Earthling Humanoids that are creating this 6th mass extinction. Think about it……. Rejoice. It’s something to tell your grand kids about…………no wait.

  • Guy sez: I still love humanity. It’s the people I can hardly tolerate.

    Funny, I’m quite the opposite: an avowed misanthrope who enjoys the company of (some) people.

  • Brutus Says:
    November 17th, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    “Guy sez: I still love humanity. It’s the people I can hardly tolerate.

    Funny, I’m quite the opposite: an avowed misanthrope who enjoys the company of (some) people.”

    I thought the same thing. There are a lot of individual people that I love and enjoy the company of but when it comes to Humanity I say


    Guy, Thanks for who you are and what you do!

  • My motto is ‘follow the energy’. If it isn’t there right now, walk away, and if it returns, come back. Decisions never have to be permanent. I have thought of walking away from it myself – in my own sphere of attempted influence.

  • I, for one, would be pleased if you find it in yourself to at least keep up NBL or a successor even if you finally decide -completely understandably- that you’re no longer up to the slings & arrows you suffer when you’re out on the road. Even the toughest infantryman gets tired of being shot at constantly and requires at least periodic R&R, but finally a day comes when he has to rotate out to the rear and let somebody else take the point. It doesn’t necessarily mean the end of her/his contribution, it can be just a metamorphosis to a new form.

    Though there are a number of us here frequenting NBL and similar prescient sites (Jay Hanson comes to mind) that, either before experiencing the immense satisfaction of FINALLY finding somebody with the academic credentials, (and if I may -the BALLS) publicly connecting the dots the way we’d been connecting them, or becoming convinced that our collective days are numbered only after having seen-heard-read and reflected on your presentations here & elsewhere, really we’re just a handful and as obscure as a Higg’s boson. But we aren’t the ones barking up the wrong tree, now are we?

    Those of us that have gotten this far not as the result of years in establishment approved institutions for study & investigation seem to share at least one other quality with you in addition to our common curiosity & open minds, and that is sensitivity. And that makes the role you have chosen for yourself -or that was chosen for you- these last several years an especially tough row to hoe. (“Now tell me somethin’ I don’t know!”, he said) I’m not gonna sit here and tell you you have to keep taking hits for the team. Hell, we both realize that in 40 years there probably won’t be anybody left to even remember what a “team” was, so what’s the point. But if a teacher is what you are, like Ian Anderson sang: “And I have a message that I must impart to you…” We here are your class professor, and it sure is nice to know we aren’t the only one to see what we have seen.

  • Hey Guy, I feel terrible that you are subject to all this. Without getting all gushy, and I’m not–I definitely regard you as a fellow human being, not some kind of saint–I wish to express my deep appreciation of you for taking your stand and standing with it. I think it is important that you are a fellow human. I am not surprised that you evoke/provoke a radical response, so much crazy going around in our current “civilization.” I don’t know what comfort it gives you to know that those of us who are begrudging in admiration and more focused on the inner story nevertheless appreciate your truth-telling. Important if only to balance the pain caused by idiots. With regard and appreciation, Marlowe

  • Guy, The reaction = success!!! :-) You’ve overturned the smug honey pot of a lot of aholes. Don’t worry harden up and stick it to them mate! Time to dominate.

  • Essentially I’m pretty much at a loss for words except to say that what you have written in your essay has resonated with me.

    As much as it is possible to understand I feel some of the pain of having something so important to tell people and being abused for the effort. What can one say, except that at every moment of human history prophets and those with vision have been reviled and hated. Some have even lost their lives for their efforts.

    You are so right when you point out that once seen it cannot be unseen. One simply cannot escape one’s destiny.

    I have been riled no end in recent times by angry and deluded deniers – so much so that I felt the need to vent my spleen publicly on my blog. I think, since then, I have learned to simply switch them off and not read the nonsense they write and I have not felt at all bad about immediately blocking people on Facebook who are abusive or argumentative for the sake of it.

    Cutting out toxic relationships.

    In the era of social media where people can throw off instant opinions and prejudices just as quickly as they can type, it is important to cut ourselves off from people that are never going to stop to consider anything other than their own prejudices.

    Thank you, Guy for sharing with us all your innermost thoughts.

  • Guy, pick your moment to exit public speaking/life.

    IMHO many others ‘out there’ will need some assistance in making some sense of the chaos now and over the next few years raining down from the Biosphere, and no one is better placed to field the issues and questions than Guy. I say that because Guy has moved on from the typical ‘scientist-in-a-straightjacket-with-a-paypacket’ model to one of being a human, knowingly connected to all beings.

    I can’t thank Guy personally enough for helping me on that bit of my journey. Now having gained a lot more experience in dealing with the assembled mob, I feel Guy is able to lead many to what remains after letting go, a more human world, beyond the galling, humiliating and ultimately self destructive achievements of child and adolescent culture on an industrial scale has taken over.

    Bail when you feel you can no longer make a difference with people.
    Just sayin.

  • Guy,

    As you well know, your life is your own. Pursue happiness – to the degree you can. We all deal with dukkha, there is no perfect path through life, free of discomfort.

    Again, as you know, the masses are less sophisticated and far more aggressive and uncouth than the relatively genteel occupants of college campuses. They’re a tough audience. A culture where macho idiocy is revered, where the cerebrally conspicuous are suspect, isn’t conducive to intellectually challenging ideas – especially those which illuminate insecurities and emerging miseries. They’d probably prefer mud wrestling.

    Then we should not forget the paid provocateurs. Hacks well trained in psychological disruption, and those with a natural talent for… irritation. Psycho ninjas. Detestable ki suckers.

    Sharks don’t say grace before dinner. Discernment is essential. Brave and alert, the attacks are deflected and left behind in a strong wake.

    Galileo Galilei knew your dilemma – to rise and tell the obvious truth, or live in cognitive dissonance. Found to be “vehemently suspect of heresy” by the Holy Office, Galileo recanted his scientific observations, compromising for his life. Might as well when surrounded by such dense insanity. Some want to put science on trial, but the ultimate arbiter is reality. We’ll see.

    May you obtain balance between your absolute personal needs and your great educational mission.


    Anyway… if I can change the subject and mood a bit, here’s something I doodled a few days ago but couldn’t post. The flavor of it is out of sync now, please take as a stand alone piece. (caution: doom & gloom, no happy endings, best read slowly, deep breath requested before proceeding)

    Exploring the Depths and Finitudes of a Darkness

    In this darkness turmoil and anxiety boil and churn. A guilt trip circles around a wide inner flyway, pulling an intimidating banner: “WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE TO PREVENT EXTINCTION?” Oh… that’s my darkness dreaming. Opaquely self-absorbed darkness. A dark drop of id that imagines itself more powerful than the river. One crystallized drop of 200 proof hubris.

    I have no such influence, nor practical pristine solution. There never was a dam thing this flake could have done to prevent the culmination of consumption from delivering broadscale annihilation. Merely a snowflake in a storm that buried the town.

    What a small fraction one of seven billion is. So small it’s hard to see the whole from here. My darkness thinks it’s it. Thinks it is the whole blooming world. Thinks it owns it. It’s mostly wrong.

    Something bigger has been going on. Something larger than this particular peculiar darkness. Some in it cast a longer, darker, heavier shadow. Here everyone knows that this extinction was caused by the entire bizarre collective of darkness’s, the complete catalog of id’s gone wild, the whole grotesque extravaganza of gloomy excess. It’s so dim out there it’s difficult to see a glimmer reflecting that monstrous truth. The gathering of darkness is closing in fast, the box trap of extinction sealed.

    But lo, ordinary Homo sapiens death wish compulsions continue to emerge relentlessly… handicapped by rose colored glasses, they are incapable of observing the dire consequences of their own insistent manifestations. Reality never fazes the ceaselessly demanding darkness of the id. Seduced into the happy utterance chorus, they blithely stroll on, unawares, madly converting the planet into their own altered flesh and contrived surroundings. They call the padding a good thing.

    Doomers are just as trapped in the masquerade of ‘survival’, the almost insignificant difference is awareness of the futility. So why not ignore the apocalypse, smile like a likeable idiot hardwired for fun, and join the frantic quest for instant gratification? Well, consider this: Those unopened satisfactions vanish as rapidly as they appear. There is also a hidden cost. Reality holds everything of value… losing touch with it is prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately sanity is painful, so fantasy remains a powerful temptation and imprisoning addiction. One path goes where the bell of doom rings loud and clear, the other to a place where it can’t be heard at all. However, like a forlorn character in a classic tragedy, either way you lose.

    Darkness tries to comfort me. Deceive me. Foster doubt. Obfuscate mortality. Of course, mortality ultimately rules over the id. This darkness is deep, but limited.

  • Yes. Don’t quit please. You have been my inspiration in this hour of confusion, dilemma and crisis. Thanks for that.

    You may want to spend less time on NBL which should be fine. Criticism and brickbats have a curious way of turning into a good resource for laughter and purposeful living.

    But it is your call ultimately!

  • Hey Guy: Dmitry Orlov has said that he is “done” with collapse–done with that as his major topic of writing and speaking. I don’t think that means he has somehow changed his mind about it, but feels he has said what he needed to say and now it’s up to people to use that information and run with it, or not. I know what it’s like to be a teacher and feel obliged or moved to teach, but maybe you should just let people come to you. I think a life of excellence also includes being excellent to yourself.

  • Best wishes to you,Guy.
    Orlov may be over collapse,but collapse isn’t over with us. The inevitable sad trajectory will unfolding over the coming decades.The battle to institute some resemblance of biophysical reality to the governing institutions of
    our civilisation was probably over when the limits to growth report was rejected in the 1970s.
    The G20 meeting has just concluded in Brisbane.The world leaders are unanimous that further economic growth is a top priority.Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman recently vigorously defended the concept of economic growth extending into the distant future.
    To briefly finish,we are surrounded by an insane civilisation .
    Even if we were able to institute a steady state economy world wide,we would then have the problem of changing to a civilisation that didn’t use fossil fuels at all to avoid the looming problem of the manifold effects of climate disruption.
    Discovering that energy bonanza of fossil fuels led us into a terminal progress trap we couldn’t resist.
    There is nothing any of us can do about it now.Each of us have to deal with it in whatever way we can.

  • chillin’ at bat
    this guy’s okay

  • Aubrey Enoch Says:
    November 17th, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    All this Near Term Extinction stuff with all the hand wringing and anguish and OMG cubed is on the wrong track. Hello people, this is the 6th mass extinction, not the first.
    It is not the 2nd mass extinction.
    It is not the 3rd mass extinction.
    It is not the 4th mass extinction.
    It is not the 5th mass extinction.
    Am I getting a bit repetitive?
    That is the point.
    False framing.

    There is only 1 anthropogenic mass extinction in the record now being made.

    1 is all it takes for some types of mass extinction.

  • Um? Let’s see… I really like “cajun slide” guitar

  • i want to hate grudge the math button,
    you guys know math is hard for me

  • This essay really speaks to you inner feelings, Guy. Please know you have a huge and supportive community here at NBL. Speaking the truth must certainly get exhausting. It’s easier said than done, but try not to get demoralized by the small percentage of deniers and nay-sayers. They’re uninformed idiots who’d rather just continue to bury their heads in the sand.

    Perhaps you really should spend a bit more time for yourself (hiking, reading, and enjoying life, etc) and speaking a little less. I’m certainly not trying to advise that you fall silent. You NEED to keep getting the word out to the world. But it’s important to create time for yourself and what you like to do, while balancing work. Certainly I don’t need to tell you that. Anyhow, we all support you. Keep the airspeed up!

  • Guy, in light of your article/feelings/thoughts, I understand the pseudo-captcha you’ve implemented using elementary arithmetic. Of course, I would have used a question a little more “discerning,” e.g. What is indicated by the differential of some function f(x)?, but I digress. What I really want to know… What’s up with the asterisk?!

  • Either way, whatever you decide—THANKS.

  • Hey Guy,

    I’m sure you will end up doing whatever it is that you have to do.

    For whatever you have done so far, which IS a lot, I thank you.



    Back to the fiddling :)

  • Many of those who chronicle the insanity and the criminality of mainstream institutions are waiting for the ‘Nuremberg-like trials… evidence presented to the prosecution or the hangman’


    A new expression for the folk who come here to think about: ‘using the ridiculous to justify the absurd’.

    NBL is one of the few ‘places’ I know of where the ridiculous is not used to justify the absurd. Well not by the more intelligent of the commenters.

    Guy, you made the same mistake that everyone involved in truth-telling and environmental activism makes: you overestimated the intelligence and ethical standards of your audience. It’s part of the learning process.

    Yesterday I was called ‘an idiot’ by an ignorant young fool for pointing out his stupidity. The stupider they are, the more they attack.

    ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.’ Unfortunately that old saying is just not true at all and words can do immeasurable harm. We’re not talking here about the idiotic words of some fool in the street, but the words printed on government documents and international treaties, the words that come out of the idiot-boxes people have in their lounges and which rule their lives etc.

  • Guy,

    From a dream about three weeks ago: You were a refugee at someone’s home and couldn’t return whence you came. When asked by the host for advice, you took some time to reply. The timing of that reply, very understated, was akin to the interval between when a rock is thrown into a deep well and the distant sound of contact. That response resonated a rock bottom truth, hard, unyielding, neutral. It was also extraordinarily generous. You needed cover till the clouds rolled by.

  • @ Kevin

    You state:

    “Guy, you made the same mistake that everyone involved in truth-telling and environmental activism makes: you overestimated the intelligence and ethical standards of your audience. It’s part of the learning process.”

    Odd that YOU would say that Kevin….sounds to me like that might be something you have just figured out for yourself, because you’ve only left me with the impression that you have yet to learn from having long made the same mistake.

    Remember Kevin, you’re the one morally arguing the relevance of human agency!

    You have written, that your time and energy spent at your local NDRC is so that you can at least get your opposition “on the record”.

    On the record for exactly who in the audience to read? Who in the audience is going to care what is or isn’t on the record? Who in the audience is going to care that there even is a record?

    And those were rhetorical questions long before the advent of NTE.

    What’s the point of doing anything, if it is rather self-evident that there can never be a ‘critical mass’ capable of serious change, if statically no one in the audience is even capable of understanding where/how/why/what needs to change?

    Seems to me, that you’re the most likely candidate for your own advice Kevin. I think we have a word for that as well…….

  • getting 404’d – this is my third try

  • Tom and All,

    After trying MANY other things, some coordinated with Guy, making sure that I created all of my text in a PLAIN TEXT FILE, and subsequently copying and pasting that to the NBL page—not copying anything from, say, a Word document, or anywhere else with more complex formatting codes included—completely eliminated my Page Not Found error problems.

  • Dear Dr. McPherson,
    Thank you for your brilliance & your dedication to truth-telling, especially in science. Many are in the stages of grief, anger & denial being the nastiest. It is getting more insane. Here we awaken to blue skies & by afternoon, the geoengineers have turned our desert skies grey & pearly. Thank you.

  • Impossible Dream

    If you’re obsessed with a quest
    But find that you’ve given your best,
    And have to conclude
    We’re still totally screwed,
    It’s probably time for a rest.

  • Hi Guy,

    You’ve made a difference my friend, a huge difference. You made me ask questions.

  • Best Stand Up Comic

  • drop kick me heysus through the goalposts of life
    thanx for Rudd vid

  • Chris Rapley – Director of the British Antarctic Survey from 1998 to 2007

    Has co-authored a play with Duncan Macmillan called ‘2071’. He performs it as a one-man show at London’s Royal Court Theater.


    …As the lights dim, and this unlikely star of the stage takes a bow, we are left with the testament of a man deeply fearful for the future of his granddaughter and his world. He ends by asking: “What kind of world do we want to create?”


    In spite of his familiarity with the Antarctic, Dr. Rapley does not appear to be aware what is going on with Arctic temperatures much less any positive feedback loops; nevertheless, here is the good doctor pontificating on stage and deeply worried about 2071. Bawhahaha. Err… Ho Hum.

  • Dear Guy
    When a country has feed the populous a dream for 400 plus years under the guise of personal freedom while dominating many people and many countries how can you expect the 350 millions to face reality.
    But I agree with those who wish you well and your voice is still needed as it is obviously, APPROBATELY, appreciated. I believe in prayers and you are in my prayers because Queenie is right, you are very much like Noah. I pray for your inner strength to keep spreading the truth.


  • From skimming Guy’s post, and most of the comments so far, I’ll venture this before reading completely (and before my computer craps out on me). Guy has created, or brought together, a community that needed to happen, or was waiting to happen, amongst us all. Call it a fellowship of realism, an attempt to be sane in an insane world, and so of course there is heat to be taken for doing this, for us all. With Guy taking the largest portion of it. Stress to the Nth.

    Assange, Manning, and — there’s a building across from me with his name on it — oh, that’s right — Snowden. Spooking the herd is the ultimate crime under soft fascism.

    To close quickly here, typos and all, the saying goes: “Men go mad in masses; they come to their senses one by one.” That is us, though no one gives us credit, such is the blind determination of humankind to self-destruct.

    I take huge vacations from the mass society, and carry always Guy’s premonitions as my lodestone. One could do worse.

  • You can bet that the gist of Guy’s predictions will be intuitively obvious even to the most casual observer very soon. Consider ‘some’ titles in MSM articles of late..

    – 40% decline in wild animal species numbers in the last three decades.
    – Over 425 million bird losses in the Europe alone in the same approximate time period.
    – Vital invertebrates decline by 45 per cent
    – (and a shocker) Salt water fish expected to be extinct by 2048.
    – Every month since June has reached or tied all time world records for global warming.
    – Warmest Ocean ever recorded (just out).

    This ought to keep you invigorated as to the path of truth..

  • ..I meant ‘Warmest ocean temperatures ever recorded’

  • Daniel, your persistent attempts to score points off me just won’t work because I am way ahead of you, and have been for a long, long time (including discussion of the concept of NTE, though I did not specifically use that term in 1999). Of is that you still don’t get it?

    I’ll go over it again.

    In 2008 I wrote:

    ‘You too may try banging on the walls of denial and complacency that characterise our political bodies, as other have done for years. But I do not recommend you spend too long at it unless you can persuade thousands of others to do the same.’

    Between 2000 and 2005 I did have the false impression that government servants were interested in their own communities and were capable of rational thought. My experiences with Manukau City Council between 2002 and 2005 dismissed that delusion. And when I moved to New Plymouth I was under no illusions that the place was full of Orcs. What did surprise me was the viciousness and nastiness of the CEO, Barbara McKerrow. Another lesson well learned by 2010.

    What I now do with respect to NPDC is mostly just a hobby to keep my brain in top form, and also to document the criminal behaviour of the CEO, mayor and senior council officers. And what is really interesting for me is that junior council officers know I am right, and in the past have gone to considerable trouble to support my efforts to expose the insanity of the policies promoted by those at the top.

    You could call it a war of attrition, I suppose.

    And I never argue unless I know I am right and am going to win in the end (even if it takes decades).

    Although, from your viewpoint it may all look to be a complete waste of time and energy, in practice it is not. Just last week I discussed the criminal behaviour of the mayor with two significant players in the ‘grand scheme of things’ around here. And again at the weekend. And last night. And again this morning. You could like it to punching holes in the leaky boat that is taking on water fast, that is our council.

    Whereas some people might make off the cuff remarks about the criminal behaviour of local politicians etc. I have it all very well documented. And much of it is in the public arena. It is only the ability of NPDC to generate masses of propaganda that allows those in power to remain in power. And just as Harry Duynhoven (the previous mayor) went down ‘in a screaming heap’ last year, Andrew Judd, our corrupt and duplicitous current mayor will go down in a screaming heap shortly.

    What is really interesting for me is the unreliable, duplicitous, cowardly Labour list MP, Andrew Little, who only just made it back into parliament after a miserable performance at the last election, and runs (literally) when confronted with the truth could well be leader of the corrupt and ineffective NZ Labour Party. His duplicity and cowardice are on record.

    All this makes life rather interesting, especially now that the system is so near to collapsing.

    Let the treason trials begin soon.

    I have not thought long and hard about the above comment; it is just what comes to mind in the brief interlude between doing one task and another outside.

  • Guy, best wishes whatever you decide to do.
    Meanwhile, many thanks for all that you’ve already done. It’s been beyond helpful to me and the path I’ve chosen.

    Doing what you love:
    (my apologies if this doesn’t come through…)

    CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford from Nigel Stanford on Vimeo.

  • Daniel. An afterthought.

    32 years ago I trusted someone (my ex-wife), and the trust was betrayed. Also, around that time I was bullied into doing something I had reservations about. The consequence of all that was that my daughter ended up in a situation of abuse that I was unaware of for many years, from which she has never recovered. And the NZ Family Court system failed abysmally in protecting my daughter. My daughter was eventually rescued by her grandmother (her mother’s mother) but that rescue led to further undesirable repercussions.

    Following the my near second near suicide that resulted from the ‘destruction of my life’, I vowed never to give in to bullying again and to fight betrayal on every occasion.

    Indeed, this morning, in the discussion I had, I used the word BETRAYAL repeatedly to describe all our political leaders and the system as a whole; those who vote are betrayed, those who don’t vote are betrayed. But the greatest BETRAAL of all is the BETRAYAL by people like Andrew Judd, Andrew Little, John Key etc. etc. of young people everywhere, including their own children (as I have said many times before, our so-called leaders are worse than the Nazis who ran the death camps).

    Andrew Judd’s BETRAYAL is especially notable, since he campaigned in ‘bringing honesty and integrity back into local government’.

    I, know, we got sucked in by the slogan, but it goes far deeper than that, since I had about 20 hours with Andrew Judd discussing all the crucial issues of the times, including:

    I’ll keep fighting the bastards as long as I have breath.

    PS. The other important aspect is the difference between attempting to talk with the ‘walking dead’, the ‘zombie masses’ and talking with people who know the system is corrupt and destructive. I do almost none of the former and quite a lot of the latter.

  • Guy, Keep the radio (podcast) and chill out at the mud hut for a while. The touring is a grind that will kill your spirit if done to much. Thanks for your work.

  • Well, Guy, I think you’re one of the more interesting people around. I appreciate the information you provide, and I’ve followed it for a long time. I respect your integrity, and the way you handle yourself in the face of the mean-and-stupid. And yeah, it isn’t fun. Being a person of honesty and integrity is not for the weak or the needy. People are literally murderous, hence the death of everything. Sometimes people will humble me with their goodness, but not often. We are where we are from unbridled destruction, and it has clearly outweighed all the rest of our questionable achievements since the destruction is going to destroy those, too.

    Thanks for writing this and putting to words how really bad it is, and how insane. It is insane.

  • Hey Bud, thanks for the advice. Too bad i’m so computer illiterate that I wouldn’t know a text file from a nail file. I just copy and paste stuff and comment – and it hasn’t been a problem until now. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong (or even what i’m doing, for that matter) so i’m unable to fix anything on my end.

    i’ll try again


    After months of research, scientists have identified the pathogen at the heart of the starfish wasting disease that’s been killing starfish by the millions along the Pacific shores of North America, according to research published Monday.

    They said it’s a virus that’s different from all other known viruses infecting marine organisms. They’ve dubbed it “sea star associated densovirus.”

    “When you look on a scale of hundreds and hundreds of animals, which we did, it’s very clear that the virus is associated with symptomatic sea stars,” said Ian Hewson, a microbiologist at Cornell University and lead author of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    But densoviruses don’t usually cause their hosts to die. What seems to be happening, Hewson explained, is that the sea star associated densovirus weakens a starfish’s immune system. That makes the starfish more susceptible to bacterial infections, which ultimately lead to the gruesome deaths associated with the syndrome – lesions forming, arms falling off and stars melting into piles of mush.

    Hewson said it may be possible to use antibiotics to help starfish fight off those bacterial infections.

    “That’s not a great strategy for the entire ocean or even small bays and inlets,” Hewson says. “But it does give us some ability to keep them in captivity and potentially grow up resistant stocks in aquariums.”

  • http://robinwestenra.blogspot.co.nz/2014/11/looking-at-interconnectedness-of-life.html
    Wednesday, 19 November 2014

    Looking at the interconnectedness of life

    Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh: only love can save us from climate change

    Leading spiritual teacher warns that if people cannot save themselves from their own suffering, how can they be expected to worry about the plight of Mother Earth

    Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the world’s leading spiritual teachers, is a man at great peace even as he predicts the possible collapse of civilisation within 100 years as a result of runaway climate change.

    The 86-year-old Vietnamese monk, who has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world, believes the reason most people are not responding to the threat of global warming, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, is that they are unable to save themselves from their own personal suffering, never mind worry about the plight of Mother Earth.

    Thay, as he is known, says it is possible to be at peace if you pierce through our false reality, which is based on the idea of life and death, to touch the ultimate dimension in Buddhist thinking, in which energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    By recognising the inter-connectedness of all life, we can move beyond the idea that we are separate selves and expand our compassion and love in such a way that we take action to protect the Earth.

    [there’s more]

    from JJFH blog, couple items from Sunday:

    2014-11-16 – Wetland fire breaks out near Wanaka (New Zealand), near Lake Wanaka

    Quote: “Fegan said it was not clear why the bush caught fire, given how wet the ground was, ‘but it was going pretty well when I was coming along to the fire station’.”

    2014-11-16 – WWII military vehicle bursts into flame while parked inside museum in Edinburgh (Australia), near the coast

    Quote: “The blaze took hold at the National Military Vehicle Museum at the Royal Australian Air Force Base, Sturton St, about 5.30pm on Sunday. The fire triggered the museum’s sprinklers which contained the fire to one vehicle.”

    Note: Vehicles spontaneously igniting inside museums – totally normal!

    2014-11-16 – Man, 52, goes hunting, next seen burned to death in burning hunting stand near Medford (Wisconsin)

    “Note: This is the second hunter to burn to death in two days. A man, 85, was found dead in a burning hunting blind in Gratiot County (Michigan), mentioned in the 2014-11-15 update. I’ve lost count of how many people have been found dead in burning vehicles just in the past week, but it’s a fair number. Plus there was the man who ignited on a street in Phoenix and ran into a Taco Bell for help, mentioned in the 2014-11-13 update. More flammable gases blowing around in the atmosphere, more people burning to death, especially outdoors…”

    2014-11-16 – Wastewater treatment plant getting explosive-proof due to hydrogen sulfide concerns in Washington (Missouri)

    Quote: “The process of explosion proofing the facility is fairly simple. ‘You take a regular outlet, and you modify it with a case where no gas and air can get in,’ he said. Board member Rob Vossbrink said he was ‘baffled’ such action would have to be taken so soon after the facility opened.”

    Quote: “Because of the threat, the city has been advised by its insurance provider to upgrade and explosion-proof the equipment and electrical devices at the plant.”

    “Note: Right! Aha, finally somebody who gets it. Figures it would be an insurance company too. Heh, they’re taking a huge beating with all the fires and explosions. Hydrogen sulfide is blowing around the atmosphere now. And that’s causing vehicles and utility poles and porches/decks to burst into flame, and it’s causing all or most of the underground electrical explosions and fires, and the power plant and electrical substation fires and explosions, and the Boeing Dreamliner fire problems (both of them), and so on. So you have to keep the electrified copper isolated from the atmosphere, else fires may break out, often with those ‘popping sounds’ that people have been hearing right as many fires have erupted in the last coupla three years…”

  • Kevin Moore fan club.
    Full Stop.

  • I criticized your flying, but not your message.
    You called me “ignorant.”
    I always respected you for your character & your content
    I still do.
    I am practicing your wise advice about living as though I am in hospice.
    You pursued science & truth, & you succeeded.
    Keep telling the truth.
    Your fellow grunts need you & your wisdom.