Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind

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  • Sounds like a great read. I ordered my copy over six months ago and it still hasn’t arrived. Paid for a hard cover version but its anyone’s guess at this point what is will be – if it even arrives. I am out a few bucks that I paid for it and hopefully someone gets some advantage of what has become a gift to that special someone.

  • The publisher has been remiss at delivering books in a timely fashion, although apparently the issue has been addressed (but obviously not solved). John, please send an email message to the publisher: kermit@tayenlane.com.

  • from Carolyn Baker’s “LIFE COACHING” website.


    What does Carolyn want the money for?

    Life Coaching

    Life Coaching Packages With Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.

    ***2 One-hour Sessions @ $50 per session:

    $100 value$75

    ***5 One-hour Sessions @ $50 per session + signed copy of my new book “Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths For Turbulent Times”

    $275 value$185

    ***10 One-hour Sessions @ $50 + signed copies of “Collapsing Consciously” and “Navigating The Coming Chaos”

    $550 value$375
    In the spirit of the Gift Economy, these are suggested prices. Anyone who feels benefit from this service is also welcome to pay more.

    Contact me to get started.

  • from Carolyn Baker’s “LIFE COACHING” website.


    What does Carolyn want the money for?
    I think it was Richard Heinberg who said as this system crashed there would be lots of profits in prophets.
    Carolyn has just latched on to a money making scam, spouting touchy-feely crap, just utter bullshit, sadly a bit like the end of ‘What a Way to Go” as we hold hands and walk into the high tide.
    We are going to kill, rape,suicide, and eat each other, no amount of navel gazing or hospice BS is going to prevent this.
    Gift Economy – yeah right, I will ‘gift’ you my last glass of water, come one come all. crap crap crap crap

  • Unusual Geological Events | Mysterious Booms And Shaking

    [The pluming clouds of methane/hydrogen sulfide wafting through the atmosphere exploding in the air from lightning, and reaction with catalysts like rust, metal, and other chemicals is Jonny Mnemonic’s theory]

  • Is everybody who disparages Carolyn Baker for participating in a gift economy living a money-free existence? Or are you merely taking cheap shots at a minor public figure?

  • Hi Robert Atack.
    I actually do believe that many out there would literally choose to exit in a touchy feely way like holding hands and walking into the tide.Look at the Jews on Masada who once the Romans were breaking through committed mass suicide to avoid their women and children being sold into slavery.

    Your scenario of death by crazed zombies will operate too but like the Masada zealots we will have a choice.

    I believe Carolyn is doing a good job and approaching things from the feminine point of view. It’s not for everyone that’s ok.

  • Kirk Hamilton,

    Liked the hippy video.

    The opening scene ,of course, was Iwo Jima. There is a tragic aspect of the flag raisin’ as documented in the song “Ira Hayes”. The lyrics say it all with this version, by Dudley Connell of Seldom Scene fame!

    “Ah, they’d let him raise the flag and lower it
    Like you’d give a dog a bone.”

    Ira Hayes was a Pima Indian, Phoenix Valley, Arizona. Joined the marines and helped raise the flag over Iwo. Died in a ditch.

    To the individuals that would tar and feather Carolyn Baker,

    You are very small cockroaches!

  • Thank you, Guy and Carolyn, for this conversation. Thanks, Guy, for continuing to keep on truckin’, as we used to say in California in the 60s. I appreciate the clarity you bring to language. Words confuse us so much. Everything that is common isn’t necessarily normal.

    To “pursue,” to me seems to indicate focusing on attaining something that is “out there.” I do not find as much value in the six questions, and this is certainly my cultural background. There are certain things that are innate, inherent to life. One of them is joy. It is not possible to “pursue” something we are. Virtue is an inner state as well as behavior. Compassion is also a feeling. It is in the feeling that wisdom lies.

    There are things in life that we can only cultivate. We attribute a great deal of creativity to ourselves, and we are correct to do so, but not as much as we frequently think. We cannot “create” joy, but we can cultivate conditions for it to flourish on its own. Everything we need to know we can find by observing babies and the spontaneous joy and love they express all the time. (Between crying for something to drink and a new diaper.)

    I have had so many wonderful experiences here in the north. Years ago I was walking up my road and I passed a large property with a natural pond on it. It was spring and in this small pond was a Teal hen and about nine brand new little golden fuzzbutts. The hen was swimming around the pond and all the little guys were in line behind her, swimming along all in a row, just like the sayings says, one after another. Except for the last baby. This duckling was swimming in figure eights, swimming backwards, swimming forward to swim next to the baby directly in front of her. She was all over the place, just born to be wild!

    As the mother hen rounded the pond she saw the last baby rocking out at the end of an otherwise perfect line of ducklings. She let out a particularly loud and long “QUAAAAAAAKKKKK!” The last duckling immediately got in line behind her sibling and swam with military precision as Mother said to do.

    She is already teaching them what they will need for the migration in the fall. She has already taught them to swim in a near perfect line. Later, in the last weeks of summer and the early weeks of fall, they will learn to fly in two lines, and to move forward and to drop back so the entire flock will share in bearing the physically taxing forward positions.

    There is so much intelligence in nature, and love. It’s all right there.

  • Bob S.,

    February 2nd, 2015 at 3:07 am you wrote “No of course not – not today or any other day. If you have evidence to the contrary, I suggest you contact the authorities, as assault, child abuse, and animal abuse are criminal offences. See something – say something. Of course you wonder why not – I’m an abusive bully in your word salad footnoted world. **It seems to me, Bob, that you would have much more appropriately written something like this:** Yes – sadly, it prolly does seem that way to you.”

    Since you continue to defend emotionally abusive behavior (part of bullying), attempting to make my questions and points appear irrelevant and ridiculous, I will continue with my questions:

    When you hear about a junior high, high school, college student, or adult community member who has committed suicide as a result of bullying in school, in their neighborhood, or on line, do you rush to defend the people who did the bullying and to make fun of the victim’s parents, friends, and so on who express concerns about bullying as you do here? If not, why not? In the video posted here, Guy mentions Michael Rupert’s suicide. I think it highly likely that decades of vicious bullying contributed significantly to his decision, if not, in fact, playing the most important causal role. Do you wish for your wife and children, of any age, to find themselves on the receiving end of bullying? If not, why not, given your support of bullying here? Suppose your daughter has to leave college and spend a week in a psychiatric hospital as a result of bullying. Will you make fun of her, perhaps calling her a moron and a shithead for her weakness while stressing the bullyer’s needed freedom of speech, as you and others do here? If not, why not? If you do not, after all, advocate for bullying in other places, why do you so strongly support it here at NBL? Please help me and others to understand the social benefits you see for the bullying that you so doggedly advocate for here.

    Suppose you found out that someone who comments here at NBL committed suicide directly related to the emotionally abusive bullying that so commonly occurs here. Would you make fun of them and their family? Perhaps we find you one of the 1/100 in the general population, or 1/20 in military or business leadership, who meets criteria for the psychopath label who, by definition, has severely blunted, or no, emotional responses, and you would do exactly that?

    To the best of my knowledge, in most places emotionally abusive behaviors do not qualify as illegal, either criminal or civil. Because you can do so legally, do you emotionally abuse your children and wife? If not, why not, given that you advocate for and support that behavior here? The only thing that makes sense to me regarding your (and many other’s) active support here of bullying involves you having a strong need or desire to emotionally abuse or bully others, you feel frustrated that you cannot do that in other areas of your life as you wish, you love having the freedom to do that here largely because of the sense of power it gives you, and so you hate the idea that I and/or others here might take that freedom away from you. But I certainly may have that wrong so I await your (and other’s) corrective feedback regarding your motives for supporting bullying here at NBL, which includes emotionally abusive behaviors.

    If interested, see here the Tacoma ESG’s recently revised respectful interaction paragraph, which now includes references to bullying:

    Respectful interaction: During our meetings and in other communication we intend this group democratically to give equal time and “power” to all opinions, including all religious and non-religious perspectives, whether we agree with each other or not. People who stay with this group will surely need to have a high tolerance for openness, flexibility, honesty, and respectful, non-violent dialog, including active listening and empathy, willing and able to use methods that produce Balanced Talk Power (BTP). We have an important, fundamental rule: no one will attack another person’s character, use insult-intended, abusive language, nor do any bullying in their speaking or writing to each other. (Bullying involves actions or comments that may hurt a person psychologically and/or physically. Examples of bullying include: (1) derogatory remarks, insults, epithets, or berating, especially in a public venue, (2) intimidation or threats, (3) undermining or deliberately impeding another person’s goals, objectives, and efforts.) Per John Gottman and others, we do not work to avoid or “resolve” inevitable conflicts, but instead to manage them in productive ways.

    Robert Atack,

    In my opinion, you need to do a little reading about how people behave in horrific situations. Certainly, as you suggest, a large percentage of people have, and will, “kill, rape, suicide, and eat each other, no amount of navel gazing or hospice BS is going to prevent this”. In this somewhat trivial sense I disagree with Guy: unfortunately, love does not only remain. Murder, rape, genocide, and so on, also remain. Even so, just as certainly a significant percentage of people ALSO have, and surely will, behave in compassionate and loving ways. For example, Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search For Meaning would give you a good start. More recent scientific work confirms many of Frankl’s themes. No question exists about your dying, or mine. I find myself doing a good bit of “stress inoculation training”, preparing myself—hopefully!—to make the more loving, compassionate decisions at those coming, key turning points. I wonder: which way do you want to prepare yourself to behave when the time comes? What do you suggest regarding this for your family and friends?

  • No one alive today will ever know if humans went extinct or not. Civilization will pass away first and you can watch it on the nightly news at least as long as the grid stays up. We’ll be like newborn babies left in the jungle without a technological mother to nurse us. Some will die, others will go crazy and die, but some will survive and thrive in the new environment. The meltdown of 400 nuclear power plants or fuel pools may happen, but if capitalists are replaced with military government, there is no reason they can’t all be shut down and be maintained until ready for long-term storage. Why grieve when you should be preparing to thrive in the new hot-house environment sans the trappings of civilization? Put on your shorts and a tank top, pop a cold one, watch the crops die, the forests burn, the grievers grieve, the politicians call for growth, the religious pray for miracles. Don’t grieve for technology as it goes to the bone yard, it never had a long future, but life, the technology that just keeps on ticking, will still be ticking for a long, long time. Also consider that technological humans are a cancer and that the entire ecosystem is really one big family. The rest of the family undoubtedly will be better off without us. Even in civilizations defeat there will be victory.

  • Somewhere along the way our ancestral cells developed cell membranes between cells. That’s why we are not syncitial slime molds.

    Our lungfish ancestors are responsible for staying out on land for longer and longer periods over lifetimes. That’s why we don’t have functioning gills anymore.

    A thing can be defined in three ways:

    By distinguishing it from others (Vyavartaka Lakshana);
    By pointing out its apparent attributes (Tatastha Lakshana); and
    By describing its essential nature (Svrupa Lakshana).

    For example a particular house may be defined:

    It is to the north of another house.
    That is the house whereupon the crow is now perching.
    That is the house which has four storeys.

    Each of these ways of definition leads to different narratives and actions.

  • Guy and Carolyn,

    Thank you both for all of the work you do!

  • To the ad hominem weenies:

    As Shep said, you are indeed very small cockroaches and you demonstrate it so well!

  • Good talk, Carolyn and Guy. I’m wondering if your book may soon become a textbook for shrinks and other health professionals as the word gets out on NTE. They’re going to need crash courses on ways to serve masses of freaked out people. You should be very proud of the work you’ve done to lay some of the groundwork for this.

    Check out the new stuff on Arctic News. Time is getting shorter and shorter, folks. Thanks to NBL, we’ll be able to help our loved ones and friends face what’s coming. Remember, being there for others is what it’s all about.

    Gotta say, I saw a beauty of a bright red cardinal take a bath today! He was so into it that he didn’t see me only 10 feet away. He soaked himself down good, shook, strutted, preened, and chased away some finches and sparrows (my wife calls those ‘extra circles’). I think that made my whole week. Not bad for a Monday.

  • Thanks, Shep, and thanks for the Ballad of Ira Hayes. I’d never heard that story. At least he didn’t take anyone with him. The nutcases in DC are so wasted on stupid that they’re gonna land us all in the ditch!

  • Tom, thank you for all the great links you provide. After Guy’s work, the best part about the site is the information provided by the posters.

    I also really liked the Hippies video.

    Hi, mo and shep!

  • hi ogf!

    I really love your whole post above, and especially the story of the ducks.

    and this: There is so much intelligence in nature, and love. It’s all right there.

    in our nature, and in nature all around us. so true!


  • “The meltdown of 400 nuclear power plants or fuel pools may happen, but if capitalists are replaced with military government, there is no reason they can’t all be shut down and be maintained until ready for long-term storage.”

    I beg to differ. I don’t think it “may” happen, I think when IC occurs, it will happen, period. And even if the gloves come off on empire and the police state is revealed for what it is, there is not enough tyranny in the world to stop all 400 from melting down at once. Hell, we can’t even decommission safely the ones we have now, and we are supposed to while the rest of the world comes crashing down around us at that point and that point only shut them all down? It won’t happen. No, the thing is, we have one planet, and we fucked it up. Irrecovably and irredeemably fucked it up, from the ocean acidification to the plastic everywhere to the toxic chemicals and poisons and pollutants, it’s past the point of repair. I don’t think I will be around for the “final” extinction of the human species, but yes, I do think it is inevitable. Unlike some, however, I don’t think it had to be this way, that this was the only path we could have taken, and that the human species is “bad”. And I don’t think that believing in an immortal soul and believing in NTE are incompatible, either, for that matter.

    And as far as bullying is concerned, I have had a lot of personal experience in that regard, and have been a victim of it more than once in my life. I would have to honestly say in my case that it went beyond bullying and into the realm of terrorizing. And I respect everyone’s right’s to have whatever feelings they want to have, because I certainly can run the gamut where feelings are concerned even in the process of a single day myself. But I do think a line should be drawn somewhere between where someone is bullying another..and just being a rude sonofabitch. There is a difference. Both are wrong of course, just two different things is all. There are different forms of bullying, of course. One of the most obvious is when someone is “ganged up” on, or an attack comes from different directions. At times like that honest opinions or constructive criticisms that are directed at the same individual can feel like part of that, whether that is true or not too. And of course when any individual has only that form of interaction with others in any environment, it can become a very hostile one, and only a constant and conscious effort by those willing to work to overcome that will improve matters.

    I’m still awaiting a copy of my book that was pre-ordered by the publisher as well, but at this point, if it doesn’t come in a few more weeks, will just reorder from amazon to see if I can get it that way, as I do want to read it. I have sent emails to the publisher, but never received any response.

    and for the record, the disparaging of Carolyn Baker and the entire concept of the gift economy speaks volumes as to the low character of the poster, and is nothing more than an attack by another troll..if it is “another” troll ?

  • Robert Atack-

    What a shameful statement. My God, in case you have not noticed, we all have to earn a living in order to survive. Like the system or not, money is necessary or do you live a monkish existence? Fricking hypocrite.

    What a stupid comment to make about GOOD PEOPLE.

  • Shep- Shut your pie hole with the slanderous statements unless you can prove otherwise. Your jealousy of individuals who have accumulated financial wealth and apply their resources for the betterment of the planet is quite apparent and pathetically sad. What have you done for the betterment of the Earth? No need to answer this rhetorical question.

    NBL Friends- Following is an example of my work as reported by The Rainforest Trust:

    Yellow-eared Parrot Conservation Corridor Established

    In April 2009, World Land Trust-US was presented with an urgent appeal to purchase critically endangered habitat in Colombia, home to five endangered parrot species at imminent risk of extinction. Recognizing the critical importance of this appeal, a WLT-US donor – Frank Friedrich Kling- committed to funding half the acquisition cost as part of a matching gift campaign.

    Colombia’s Andes Mountains are home to a highland cloud forest that supports an exceptional amount of biodiversity and numerous endangered species. Five endangered parrot species are present in this forest, including two of the rarest parrots in the Americas: the indigo-winged parrot and the yellow-eared parrot. There are only 200 individuals of the Fuertes’s Parrots remaining in the entire world and none are held in captivity. They are extremely specialised – feeding on mistletoe and other fruits – and can not survive behind bars.

    This is also the case for the Yellow-eared Parrot that have such tight social bonds between families and groups that when captured they almost invariably die. For example, in the early 1990’s illegal trappers in Ecuador caught 20 Yellow-eared parrots and placed them in captivity. Within two weeks every bird had died. There are no options for either species – their native habitat has to be protected if they are to survive.

    Other rare and endemic species found here include the endangered Mountain Wooly Tapir and the Spectacled Bear, both of which are frequently targeted by hunters.

    The rich volcanic soils of the Central Andes support the highest concentration of rural farmers and residents in all of Colombia. As a result, less than five percent of the original native forest remains standing. Every year, more forest cover is lost as ranchers buy and clear more land for cattle ranching and agriculture.

    For eight years, our partner ProAves Colombia has surveyed and studied the cloud forest parrots in the Central Andes of Colombia (see map of site) with the support of Fundación Loro Parque. This comprehensive research project identified key areas and threats that permitted targeted and effective conservation actions to be undertaken.

    The generous matching support offered by Frank Kling persuaded many WLT-US supporters to donate to this important appeal, who together allowed our partner to acquire 7,448 acres. Our donors also helped leverage additional support matching support from American Bird Conservancy, IUCN Netherlands/SPN in conjunction with the Netherlands Postcode Lottery, Conservation International and Robert Wilson, which allowed a further 2,614 acres to be acquired.

    In total, our partner acquired and saved 10,062 acres on the eastern slope of the Central Andes of Colombia which connect to a further 6,653 acres of cloud forest already under their protection on the mountain chain’s western flank.

    Spanning both slopes of the Central Andes and encompassing an extraordinary diversity of threatened and endemic flora and fauna, we have established the 16,715 acre – 14 mile long Yellow-eared Parrot Conservation Corridor so that today, the Yellow-eared Parrot and many other threatened species have a sanctuary to call home.

  • Good Morning –

    Bud – let me begin by saying that I am now one of the growing number of posters who will no longer respond to your irrational emotional fueled sermons. You seem to have some sort of emotional investment in insuring your silly declarations and/or accusations go unchallenged. Your rabid false accusations, insinuations — and your viscous shaming attack meant to paint me as an insensitive monster is wholly without merit. You know exactly 0 about me – all the behaviors you attribute to me [which you then use to base your attack] are 100% constructs from woo-woo land.

    To date, with absolutely 0 evidence, you have insinuated and pseudo-accused me of being all the things most despised by society today. You have insinuated that I am a wife beater, a child abuser, and an animal abuser – you have name dropped Michael Ruppert insinuating that abusive bully’s like me most likely ’caused his suicide.

    You declare that the only thing that makes sense to you is my **having a strong need or desire to emotionally abuse or bully others, you feel frustrated that you cannot do that in other areas of your life as you wish, you love having the freedom to do that here largely because of the sense of power it gives you, and so you hate the idea that I and/or others here might take that freedom away from you. But I certainly may have that wrong so I await your (and other’s) corrective feedback regarding your motives for supporting bullying here at NBL,**

    You are obviously a PC zealot with 0 tolerance for intolerance – and to you in the land of woo-woo – where you brandish the Sword of Righteousness -it all makes perfect sense.

  • To all the Bullies..what ya gonna do when the planet shifts? I have this suggestion

  • ogf: your observations are like poetry here. Thank YOU for being.


    Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study


    Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by one of the world’s largest oil companies to undermine a major climate change report due to be published today.

    Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

    Travel expenses and additional payments were also offered.

    The UN report was written by international experts and is widely regarded as the most comprehensive review yet of climate change science. It will underpin international negotiations on new emissions targets to succeed the Kyoto agreement, the first phase of which expires in 2012. World governments were given a draft last year and invited to comment.

    The AEI has received more than $1.6m from ExxonMobil and more than 20 of its staff have worked as consultants to the Bush administration. Lee Raymond, a former head of ExxonMobil, is the vice-chairman of AEI’s board of trustees.

    The letters, sent to scientists in Britain, the US and elsewhere, attack the UN’s panel as “resistant to reasonable criticism and dissent and prone to summary conclusions that are poorly supported by the analytical work” and ask for essays that “thoughtfully explore the limitations of climate model outputs”.

    Climate scientists described the move yesterday as an attempt to cast doubt over the “overwhelming scientific evidence” on global warming. “It’s a desperate attempt by an organisation who wants to distort science for their own political aims,” said David Viner of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. [read the rest]

    [and this]


    Scientist Slams Daily Caller For Distorting His Research To Suggest Climate Change Is Fake


    Last week, a new, peer-reviewed paper from scientists at Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute was published in the journal Nature Geoscience. The paper is important: for the first time, it shows that scientists can use incredibly old permafrost to find out what temperatures were like in Siberia thousands of years ago. By using this permafrost, the scientists found that temperatures in Siberia have been gradually rising for the past 7,000 years.

    Enter the climate denier media. After the findings were published, notorious climate denier Anthony Watts re-published portions of the Alfred Wegener Institute’s press release for the research on his site, Watts Up With That. It was then picked up by Michael Bastasch at the Daily Caller, who wrote that “solar radiation has been melting Siberian ice for 7,000 years,” evidence that “global warming is nothing new.”

    In other words, the Daily Caller is using the research to reinforce a common trope among climate deniers: that the climate has always been changing, and humans therefore have no effect. In this case, it implies that Siberian permafrost is thawing due to natural causes. Greenhouse gases have nothing to do with it.

    Here’s the problem. The research does not say any of that. It does not show that Siberian ice is “melting,” and certainly does not show that “solar radiation” is the cause. It also does not imply that global warming — a term that describes the effects of man-made climate change — is a phenomenon that has existed prior to the Industrial Revolution, when humans began pumping exorbitant amounts of carbon into the air. [read it all]

  • orgasm is called the little death for a reason,
    so i usually “suffer” a little death about once a day.
    i’m not really into hospice, as likely many young.
    old people talking death is a niche market.
    consider reaching a younger crowd with a new angle
    because NTHE affects them more.
    weed and wine works for me
    not everyone’s cuppa tea.

  • Bob S.,

    Your response involves nothing more than yet another ad hominem attack on others, in this case me again? Do you have the capability of doing anything other than personally attacking those you disagree with? If so, please demonstrate that capability by responding in a direct, mature, respectful way. We continue to await your explanation of the social benefits you see for the bullying that you so doggedly advocate for here, as well as corrective feedback regarding your motives for supporting bullying here at NBL, which includes emotionally abusive behaviors.

    A mere 2% increase in carbon charred soil could offset 100% of all emissions going into the atmosphere. Carbon-charring soil also rejuvenates and renews soils. Stop gloom’n & start doin’

  • 2-3-2015 Post # 1

    oldgrowthforest (resident poet – yes),

    It’s time to order a pair of those golden (comfy) slippers – One pair for my daughter and one for my daughter in law! Yeehaaaa! I’ll email you, soon with sizes etc.

    Paul D.,

    Tks. For Hiatt. There are so many great musicians, the common voices of the world.

    My favorite way to pass time is MUSIC!! EVERYBODY LIKES MUSIC.

    Senor infanttyrone (BTW, how do u put that squiggle thing above a letter with a computer?) is the champ for greatest posting in this area.

    I’ve experienced a million unknown musicians too that don’t get to the top because of the glut of humanity. Have a great friend that is a wonderful writer AND player that will never get recognized. I am envious of musicians!

    Here is a tune I gleaned by watching Demorest’s vid from Mr. Hiatt (Great mandolin player – he’s got BIG STYLE)(also, Iris Dement – one of my Hall of Famers – I’d marry her, never live with her and leave her my two, old, broken-down tractors, as long as she would call me from time to time and sing and talk to me.)

    Lyrics to “In Spite of Ourselves” John Prine


    Here is the link to the movie that John Prine talks about.


  • Some religion, science, and philosophy as seen by the blind men analyzing the Elephant in the room.

  • Oldgrowthforest,

    I love your duck experience. You’ve connected and therefore see.

    In my experience, some people, like you, have always been able to do that and don’t have to reclaim this “feeling sense” as Stephen Buhner calls it. And he’s absolutely right. I feel that that too. That’s why it’s so good to have you here.

    I also agree with you that there are states of being you can’t “pursue”. Happiness, joy: in that context it is a very silly word (the pursuit of happiness, what a lot of damage that has done!)Every thoughtful person would soon realise that these “states of being” are byproducts (for want of a better word) of conditions you’ve created for yourself. And that’s the point. Nobody can create these conditions for you. You live, feel, see and therefore know that.
    Thanks for putting it so well.

    And dear Bud,

    your replies to Bob S are like lectures for a naughty boy and can seem very PC. I’m all for politeness and don’t like competitive posturing. It would be nice not to have it here at all. Your comments are always polite but can seem terribly patronising, at least to me.
    You really do come across as “holier than thou” but I’m sure that’s not your intention.
    He doesn’t deserve this, and he’ quite right in saying that you “know 0 about him”.

  • Mr. Kling! –

    all of the nature, bird, and life-loving members of this planet salute you!!

    super fantastic. many thanks!!

  • Great video today, of Carolyn and Guy detailing some more aspects of the book.

  • 2-3-2015 Post #2

    I do not have to offer any proof. It is in the pudding.

    It is my contention that there are legions of individuals that INHERIT ridiculous wealth and are no better than a so-called “welfare queen” (a label created to look down on people) and pretend to be do-gooders. At least the robber barons ‘earned’ it even if it was at the point of a gun. Bullies and hypocrites. That’s all.

    The accumulation of financial WEALTH is the worst DISEASE on this planet and is the sole cause of the total extinction of ALL species.

    Wealth is identical to charity. It is a lottery; for the few who receive it, and therefore, should be banned.

    Saving a few parrots struttin’ & squawkin’ round like a peacock after the damage has been done is a sin in my book.

    The sight of the yellow eared parrots probably incite drool glands of the wealthy because it looks like GOLD.



    Wowee! Thank you thank you for Stephen Fry clip on the charade of God. Many wealthy people think they are god u know. But they are only court jesters.


    Damn, the bastards have probably pulled it off!


    Probably through the US of Assholes via their client drug state of Columbia. The USa hates Venezuela and will do anything to crush justice there and any where so wealth can flourish.!!

    One more thing while I’m at it: here is another Dement song for all u philosophers and long winded gents called “Let The Mystery Be”.

  • Actually, shep, you do need to offer proof. Otherwise, your writing is libelous. Sweeping statements about bullies and hypocrites don’t excuse the libel.

  • @Atack,
    To the bizarre question “What does Carolyn want the money for?”
    One may counter, what does anyone WANT money for? We of the 99% usually need money more than want it. Yet those two often get entangled in our economic little league.
    We confuse “need” with “want” and vice versa.
    We “need” money to pay the bills, to buy food, to buy gas, to pay our debts, to pay our towns their taxes, their licenses, etc.
    We “want” money to buy ice cream and expensive shoes. To us, our “expensive” is peanuts to the 1%. They laugh at us when we beg them for a couple thousand bucks to compensate us for a dead spouse that died in one of their mines. (really happened)

    The “wants” and “needs” with the 1% even the .5% are much clearer. They need for nothing except a heart and a functioning Vega nerve, proven now to lose its capacity to feel emotion or empathy the richer a person gets. They “want” everything.

    Which reminds me of the saying credited to that wonderful hippy, Jesus:
    “Behold, it easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the gates of heaven.”
    I think that’s the main idea the author was trying to impart to his/her readers, via the life story of the character of Jesus.

    But back to the question: What does Carolyn want the money for?

    Seriously. Do you not have a mailbox like the rest of us that spontaneously fills with unwanted bills? Are you a unique sort of human? Please share your secret.

    Everyone thinks a gift economy means THEY GET STUFF FOR FREE!
    Just today I heard a voicemail asking me to do free video work for my local Sierra Club.

    NO. Most of those members are well-to-do and could pool some funds together to pay me for my labor! OR my time. Or my gas. Or something! I’m not independently wealthy.

    Gift economy means we respect each other’s need to live in Empire (no choice there really), and respect our right to be compensated for our work fairly. And we can agree to barter, exchange services, share work, and make other accommodations that both parties feel is fair.

    And when we offer services, no matter what they are, we need to have the courage to put a price on them, whatever that price may be in the form of (a massage for a night babysitting one’s kid, pet, bird, etc.).

    Shaming other people about placing a price on their services only reveals one’s own self-hatred and lack of self-worth.

  • A bit off topic, but I couldn’t help but think of Mike Ruppert today, as it would have been his 64th birthday.
    I’m quite sure that many here at NBL owe a debt of gratitude to Mike, for waking us up to many uncomfortable truths.

  • Mo flow-

    Thank you for your kind recognition. Should you ever wish to visit amazing wildlife sanctuaries in Colombia just let me know and I will arrange everything in country at no expense.


    There you go again with the pathetically desperate attempts. You remind me of a cornered criminal lashing out in all directions. Once again, I hate to disillusion you, but I earned my financial standing by working and saving since the age of 12.

  • Mr. Kling –

    wow – thank you. cloud forests in the Columbian Andes? that would have to be one of the most wonderful places I could possibly imagine experiencing. I will keep your very generous offer in mind, for sure.

  • btw – I love all birds, but I have a particularly deep love for parrots of all kinds, more than any other birds, except owls. so your work in helping establish this sanctuary means a lot to me personally. really, way to go.

  • Mo Flow-

    Then you will be pleased to know that since safeguarding the parrot’s nesting and feeding habitat wildlife populations have significantly rebounded almost to the point that ICUN is now contemplating removing both species off the endangered list, which proves Mother Nature is resilient if given a chance.

    We also entered into a perpetual agreement with the neighboring municipality to provide a secure and reliable source of clean drinking water for the inhabitants at no cost. Further, as a consequence of new employment opportunities working at the reserve along with eco-tourism, the town for the first time is prospering. And the citizens feel a sense of civic pride. Roncesvalles has adopted the Yellow-eared parrot as the communities official symbol. Poaching from outside criminal gangs is now non-existent thanks to members of the community protecting “their” wildlife reserve. The last criminal group that tried taking wildlife was captured, given a thrashing, and taken to jail by newly empowered residents of the community.

  • pauline Says: @Atack,
    To the bizarre question “What does Carolyn want the money for?”

    I was just quoting – Gerald Spezio Says:
    February 2nd, 2015 at 10:26 am
    from Carolyn Baker’s “LIFE COACHING” website.
    What does Carolyn want the money for?
    And pointing out people being people will exploit whom and whatever we can to make a buck, or get a feed.
    I don’t give a fat rodents bum what people do, it is all just dark humor now 🙂

  • Everyone has seen this right?


    A lovely graphic.

    And finally, a date to hang our hats on.

  • Friedrich, thanks!

  • Like the ability to amass so-called wealth exists in a neutral vacuum. Pah. Count the number of union organizers who were tortured, killed and their families one-and-only lives ruined so that imperial capital could colonize, if not enslave the entire continent of South America? Yeah. How about instead of eco-treking all over the lives of miserable people, go read Eduardo Galeano for once? Pinochet and Neo-colonial occupation of capital is so 1980s, bro.

    I am philosophically a Freegan. Not in practice so much as before when I was a young piker (so yeah I am a hypocrite). But the sentiment remains. I am forced to work to get my Disney-world E-tickets like everyone else, so I can go get my allotment of cheez whiz at the stupidmarket. It is by any estimation a hamster wheel existence, compromised every step of the way – so I don’t end up in prison, killed or starved.

    That said, there is no reason why me or anyone else cannot begin to ratchet down the insanity. See the trip to the market for the co-erced horrorific nightmare that it is. Plans for escape, literal or metaphorical can begin once you see the outlines of the bars on your cage, Neo.

    Yeah – Of course I want to live in a Norther Plains potlatch gift economy. I read where one guy drove his friends to a potlatch in southern Ontario and then had to get a bus home because he gave away his car. No jive. Is anyone ready to start there? Critical mass must be reached on this collectively and that starts first with intention to do it.

    In the middle of the night, I’ll meet you all in the dumpsters back of Home Depot and Safeway. Money be dam-ed. Cheers and good luck.

  • Pascal on the condition of humanity:

    Let us imagine a number of people in chains, and all condemned to death, where some are brutally killed each day in the plain sight of the others, and those who remain see their own fate in that of their wretched fellows. And wait their turn, looking at each other sorrowfully and without hope. It is an image of the condition of men.

  • Wester-

    Are you speaking to me in regard to the first paragraph of your post?

    I suppose you would have preferred the alternative scenario, which would have resulted in a very wealthy Bogota doctor buying the property, razing the forests, forcing the extinction of two parrot species, and denying the local people the right to free and clean drinking water along with good paying jobs? Instead they would have been hired as farm laborers at $250 a month subject to termination at will and NO health, pension, or workers compensation benefits, which ProAves provides to all associates at no expense.

    Finally, title to the reserves is transferred to a Colombian operated NGO, ProAves. There is no foreign ownership control.

    Finally cleared for take-off now that the blizzard has subsided.

  • Lidia-

    THANK YOU for the words of support, which mean everything!!!!!

  • pauline: “Gift economy means we respect each other’s need to live in Empire (no choice there really), and respect our right to be compensated for our work fairly. And we can agree to barter, exchange services, share work, and make other accommodations that both parties feel is fair.

    And when we offer services, no matter what they are, we need to have the courage to put a price on them, whatever that price may be in the form of (a massage for a night babysitting one’s kid, pet, bird, etc.).

    Shaming other people about placing a price on their services only reveals one’s own self-hatred and lack of self-worth.”

    That was very well put, thank you. There are many different ways of practicing a gift economy, but what they are all based on is mutual respect and cooperation, and those that don’t have any self respect usually fail to give it to others too.

    and Paul, I am very aware of it being Michael C. Ruppert’s birthday today. That Beatles song is no joke…is IS my birthday too. I’m 49..so yes, he is on my mind at least, and definitely not forgotten. He lived a life of great courage and integrity, and opened my eyes to a lot as he tracked the truth.

  • Works Hard for the Money

    I worked hard all my life and scraped and saved but somehow my fortune has eluded me.

  • Wildlife Conservation Efforts Are Violating Tribal Peoples’ Rights
    Tuesday, 03 February 2015 09:57
    By Stephen Corry, Truthout | News Analysis


    Big conservation organizations have long been considered in the same bracket as development banks, road and dam builders, miners and loggers. All, tribal people would say, are outsiders bent on stealing tribal lands.

  • http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2015/02/mohawk-nation-news-chinatown.html

    Mohawk Nation News ‘Chinatown’

    MNN. Feb. 2, 2015. At the recent meeting with the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. to object to the attempted illegal expropriation of our Kahnion’ke:haka land known as the “Seigneury”, Chief Mike Delisle said, “You won’t be forced to leave!” Permits will be given out by the provincial government to multinational corporations to build pipelines, railways, highways and canals throughout Kahnawake to transport oil and resources from the West. Living conditions will become unbearable. We will be criminalized and sued for resisting for millions. Oil company sued town. Our land will be grabbed. We will be relocated out of everybody’s way!

    We don’t owe China any money. Our land is not for sale. US President Obama is offering to pay off the Wall Street bankers’ debt to China with stolen Ongwe’hon:weh land. Read:: Ongwe’hon:weh land to pay Chinese debt. Our land and resources will be illegally used as collateral. Proposed Chinese development zones with Chinese workers will be set up in the middle of Ono’ware:geh [Great Turtle Island]. China will be given ownership of U.S. businesses and U.S. infrastructure guaranteed by the U.S. government.

    Our land cannot be converted to fiat currency according to the Kaia’nereh:kowa. Our real estate is the only real asset the US government is clinging to. If China wants to collect their debt they can put USA Inc. into collections.
    The proposed area will be near the North American Free Trade Agreement super ‘autobahn’. It’s a private toll road to be protected by private military forces, stretching from Mexico to Canada to transport resources, troops and weaponry.

    The Northeast route [see map] is supposed to be along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River through all Haudenosaunee communities. Eviction notices have already been given out in Kahnawake to select people who have been ordered to leave. Read: MNN 1970 – NAFTA Autobahn Mexico to Canada.
    Pink Floyds sings to the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc: “Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?” Hey, MCK Inc., come join us in the small condolence.

  • http://www.desdemonadespair.net/2015/02/global-warming-will-drive-el-nino-and.html

    Global warming will drive El Niño and La Niña to greater extremes, says new study – ‘The results are very, very convincing, and terrifying in a way, because we know the impact can be dramatic’

    (National Geographic) – People living around the Pacific Ocean, including in parts of Asia, Australia, and western North and South America, should expect wilder climate swings in the 21st century.

    Extreme versions of El Niño and La Niña, the sibling Pacific weather patterns that can translate into torrential rains or searing droughts, will likely occur nearly twice as often—approximately once every decade—if greenhouse gases continue increasing on their current trajectory, an international team of scientists has concluded.

    “The results are actually very, very convincing, and terrifying in a way because we know the impact can be dramatic,” said Wenju Cai, a climate scientist who was the lead author of two recent papers about the research, the second of which was released Monday.

    If the predictions prove true, it could mean tens of thousands more weather-related deaths and devastating economic damages.

    The paper published Monday reveals the La Niña side of the equation and appears in the journal Nature Climate Change.

    Using computer models that simulate how increasing greenhouse gases alter ocean and land temperatures and wind patterns, the study finds that particularly intense La Niñas will occur approximately every 13 years in this century, compared with every 23 years in the past one. And those La Niñas will follow more frequently on the heels of a severe El Niño—which according to the earlier study is to be expected every 10 years rather than every 20.

    During the most recent extreme La Niña, in the late 1990s, the southwestern United States endured a severe drought, while more than half of Bangladesh was underwater and flooding in China killed thousands and displaced over 200 million people. The preceding El Niño is blamed for weather that did more than $33 billion in damage and claimed 23,000 lives worldwide.

  • Behind all great wealth lies an even bigger crime.

    Pretty soon I’ll have to get the ol’ slide rule out to compute the math on the login script. 😎

  • Friedrich,

    du bist wirklich ein guter Mensch, im wahrsten Sinn des Worts!

  • I’ve posted a new guest essay, courtesy of Alton C. Thompson. There’s more, too. Catch it all here.

  • Hi, Sabine. I loved that experience, too! I cracked up. I am always learning from watching the animals around me. I have so loved living in Alaska for that reason. I have had so many incredible experiences here.

    The tiniest animals are so like us. I have put up bird feeders and houses for years. In this way I get to watch the birds raise their young, because they all teach their babies to feed at the feeders.

    I remember one year the chickadees had separated and my resident couple for the year was real estate shopping in the trees on my property. I was outside working all the time so I was able to observe them long-term. Like most human buyers, the female was the decider for this big task. She was flying from the eaves of the buildings to bird houses, to old woodpecker holes, looking for the right place. I could see her looking about briefly, noting this and that, and then she would flit off to another spot and examine it.

    Her mate followed behind her. As she was inspecting one possible residence, he was momentarily distracted. She flew away without him noticing, but then he saw her movements as she was off to the next lot. He had this surprised little expression and quickly flew off after her. It was just like watching people. He had far less interest in the whole thing than she did, and she was shopping with intent. :O)

  • For those who are interested in animals,we were excited to find another
    Australian Red Mahogany tree ( Eucalyptus resinifera ) with recent wounds in the trunk in our forest here.The wounds are caused by the Yellow Bellied Glider (A species of gliding Possum ) which feeds on the sap which oozes from the wound.They are quite rare.You can no doubt google further info if interested.

  • @ Friedrich Kling

    While you have been very generous in offering to match donations to support Guy, and you are clearly a kind man who obviously cares deeply for conservation work, which probably everyone here respects, I must side with Shep and Wester on this one. You don’t really want to defend the ‘accumulation of wealth’ as somehow being a positive on an anarchist blog do you?

    And as for Shep acting like a “..cornered criminal..” because he wholeheartedly is ideologically opposed to wealth accumulation, as a significant percentage of people here are as well…..please don’t continue to back yourself into an indefensible position.

    That said, thank you for choosing to spend your wealth in the best of ways. Good luck down south.

  • “You don’t really want to defend the ‘accumulation of wealth’ as somehow being a positive on an anarchist blog do you? ..please don’t continue to back yourself into an indefensible position.”

    yes, because both accumulating wealth, and defending the choices of ones life, are obviously pure evil.

    this kind of thing makes sense to my moral compass.

    also! the arctic methane bomb is actually billions of flatulent geckos, who had to escape from the overheated tropics, and, while desperately fleeing for their little lives, had to forage on cheez whiz from the nearest Walmart.

    we are all now suffering the horrible consequences.

    it all makes sense! thank god I could finally stretch my tiny brain around it, it is ever so vast and complex: the geckos are anarchists!

    and this is their blog.

    do not cross the flatulent geckos. you will regret it.

  • I Can Still Remember the Time Before the Crash

    I can still remember the time before the crash
    when we all drove around in cars and I had lots of cash
    and anything I wanted, I’d just go out and buy
    I’d even drive a mile or two – just to buy a pie

    but then the oil wars started and everything collapsed
    the supermarket shelves were stripped before a month elapsed
    and people all turned really grim and gained a hungry look
    we’d steal from anyone at all we’d kill for things to cook

    and everywhere disease and grief and bodies left to rot
    while gangs of grim and brutal men would kill and steal and plot
    and people fled the cities and countless numbers died
    and everything was so so bad not even mothers cried

    our house was one of many then, a normal family home
    but it was stripped and burnt for fuel when we had left to roam
    and I remember mum and dad, my little sister too
    but they were killed and eaten back sometime in ‘22

    and now I know I’m dying, I’ve left no living heirs
    nobody is alive to know there’s not a soul who cares
    there’s only me so damned hungry I’m gnawing at the trees
    there’s no-one left to kill and eat oh God please help me please

    and as I stagger on and on through burnt and plundered homes
    I see the the signs of rage and ruin and countless human bones
    I hear the starving pack of dogs that follow close behind
    and I am now so close to death I hardly even mind

    I fall and screaming dogs begin to rip and shred my life
    my mind drifts back to days of oil and to my kids and wife
    oh life was so so simple then and life was so so good
    but all we had we wasted, we never understood

  • Actually it’s amazing. Some fake bird lover flashes a little cash and folks are falling over themselves to heap praise.

    Is it any wonder we are slaves?

  • SOME, not necessarily anyone on this blog, advantaged people flock to places like Gold Sacks, think tanks (in the main, despised by even Paul Craig Roberts), lobby firms (Most ex-Congressional people) ambassadorships, off shore Switzerlands to privatize their accounts and NGOs (some MAY be legit).

    I believe it is the CIA that has formed many an NGO to further their sickening agendas through the years. I know this is true with respect to Venezuela and Chavez but it did not stop him from going to the U.S. manipulated U.N. and calling out rich frat BOY, George the Bush that God speaks to: the devil. Castro and Chavez have/had the same agenda to free ALL people from the death grip of power, pompous prestige, and wealth.

  • ‘We are going to kill, rape,suicide, and eat each other, no amount of navel gazing or hospice BS is going to prevent this.
    Gift Economy – yeah right, I will ‘gift’ you my last glass of water, come one come all. crap crap crap crap’

    rob atack, have u dropped using your lengthy ‘thankyoufornotbreeding’ middle name? anyway, i appreciate your blunt bleak view of our relatively near term collapse. it’s going to be a surreal nightmare, alright. such reminders help me to remember to appreciate lots of stuff i and many others no doubt have come to take for granted, things like relative security, prosperity, ease, and comfort, while they last. so thanks once again… carpe diem. nice poem, too, about an awful subject.

  • @Robert Atack, loved the song. I kinda made up a blue-grassy melody in my head for it.

    I miss your moniker, too… went to a meeting tonight and everyone wanted to be “net zero” but they all had 4 kids (one guy had 7!).

  • Daniel-

    Let me set you straight. To begin, you failed to read the chronology of statements so you assumed Guy was defending the accumulation of wealth. No, Daniel, Guy told Shep to cease with the constant barrage of fallacious accusations against me unless he can demonstrate proof, which he cannot.

    This is a public forum and I have my good reputation to protect.

    So get your facts straight before passing judgement or you will continue to suffer from a chronic case of foot in mouth disease.

    If you were a gentleman, Daniel, you would read the order of comments and conclude matters by issuing me an apology.

  • **This is a public forum and I have my good reputation to protect.**

    Then why insult a regiment of marines, many of whom went off to die so rich pricks could be richer?

    Then why lie about being drafted and seeing *more blood and guts than you can imagine* ?? Like the posers who buy a uniform at the salvation army and head for the mall to look for a date.

    Get a grip. Crusty, crazy homeless veterans who beg for dollars on a street corner have a better reputation than you.

  • Bobby the Booby S.-

    Have you no shame? Since you have proven yourself to be a pathalogical liar, I now copy and paste responses.

    For starters, I have no need or desire to prove my 6 years of military service. So SHUT THE FUCK UP with the phony guilt about the enormous sacrifices you made just to make me safe. Do you have any idea how completely absurd you appear? At a minimum you suffer from Borderline Personality Syndrome. For your benefit, you should seek mental healthcare.

    I never called an entire regiment of Marines cowards. SHOW ME where I wrote this UNLESS you are referring to my disgust with your jocular characterization of the “blanket parties” you inflicted upon your fellow Marines. For those who are unfamiliar with this terminology, don’t be fooled by the seemingly innocuous language. Let me describe what happens Using the concealment of darkness along with the element of surprise in order to ensure the victims are defenseless, the attackers skulk to the victims bunk. Swiftly a heavy woolen blanket is thrown over the victim. Then the victim is beaten senseless with towels containing heavy bars of soap. The perpetrators then sulk back into bed thereby preventing their identification. These attacks are committed with such intense aggression that victims have been killed. At a minimum, the victim is hospitalized and although the physical injuries may heal, the mental anguish lasts a lifetime. When the perpetrators are identified, a swift court marshal under the UCMJ occurs, rightfully so, resulting in a dishonorable discharge.

    What sort of human being boasts about their participation in such wickedness?
    Answer: Bobby the Booby.