Edge of Extinction: Losing Habitat

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  • From comments at the preceding post:

    “This morning I had yet another session with one of the NPDC officers”

    The more the bucket of s**t is stirred, the more it will stink. But if one savours the aroma, it’s good reason to continue stirring.

    “Why is an elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration a serious problem?”

    Because the liberal mullahs have issued a fatwa against it.

    “How far displaced from normal is the current atmospheric carbon dioxide level?”

    Normal, if you are a dinosaur could be:

    “Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) estimates for the Middle Cretaceous (MK) have a range of >4000 ppm”

  • @Robin

    If 400ppm CO2 corresponds to a sea level rise of 23 metres (once equilibrium is reached), what sea level rise does 4000ppm correspond to?

    (15 years ago I conjectured that atmospheric CO2 could reach 445ppm by 2025 and 550ppm by 2050. It was about 306ppm when I was born, in 1950, and the current concentration is 404ppm, with another month of anticipated increase before this year’s annual peak is reached. Up 100ppm in less than one lifetime; quite an achievement for homo colossus.)

  • On the matter of habitat (or lack of):

    Another Reason To Move Away From California: ‘Conditions Are Like A Third-World Country’

    By Michael Snyder, on April 19th, 2015

    Drought – Public Domain

    As if anyone actually needed another reason to move out of the crazy state of California, now it is being reported that conditions in some areas of the state “are like a third-world country” due to the multi-year megadrought that has hit the state. In one California county alone, more than 1,000 wells have gone dry as the groundwater has disappeared. The state is turning back into a desert, and an increasing number of homes no longer have any water coming out of their taps or showerheads. So if you weren’t scared away by the wildfires, mudslides, high taxes, crime, gang violence, traffic, insane political correctness, the nightmarish business environment or the constant threat of “the big one” reducing your home to a pile of rubble, perhaps the fact that much of the state could soon be facing Dust Bowl conditions may finally convince you to pack up and leave. And if you do decide to go, you won’t be alone. Millions of Californians have fled the state in recent years, and this water crisis could soon spark the greatest migration out of the state that we have ever seen.

    Back in 1972, Albert Hammond released a song entitled “It Never Rains In Southern California“, and back then that was considered to be a good thing.

    But today, years of very little rain are really starting to take a toll. In fact, one government official says that conditions in Tulare Country “are like a third-world country”…


  • Good, Guy, to see you with Paul B.
    I have been back to the AMEG website a few times in the last little while after seeing their rather terrifying videos produced in December. Where are the people at AMEG in terms of moving forward with their, to me, completely scary geo-engineering intiative(s)? Did you have a chance to speak with Paul about these matters? Is their significant financial backing at this point? “Say it ain’t so, Joe, please, say it ain’t so.”

  • Stage 6//Gallows Humor

    (G)uy (M)cpherson = Grand Master = Great Master
    I think not.

    Oh Great Master, thank you for flying on a commercial plane across the vast waters, even though it would have flown anyway. Your efforts to destroy this myth called life is fundamental. I think it appropriate that you live the life of luxury in the Mud Hut as you tirelessly inform the cowards of their imminent demise.
    I can only pledge my useless spark to your immense flame.

  • Spent the weekend immersed in prairies/woodlands, wetlands, pulling invasive species and spreading prairie plant seeds. In spite of the beauty (that is barely hanging on) I was left feeling so sad about our dying ecosystems. Once again, everything felt terribly off—-more so than ever. To make matters worse all this talk of love/NTE seems to have the bizarre effect of my brain being hijacked by an old song from the 70’s—– Australian singer John Paul Young’s Love is in the Air ( yikes—–I will spare you and not post the youtube!) It banged around in my head with new lyrics (yes, I’m keeping my day job). digixplor (sp?)—-please post a decent song to replace this one so I can banish it from my brain!

    ps milendia, like others have expressed in previous thread: I appreciate your posts too—hope you can find some joy this week.

    Doom is in the air
    Everywhere I look around
    Doom is in the air
    Every sight and every sound

    And I don’t know if I’m being foolish
    Don’t know if I’m being wise
    But I do accept near term extinction
    And I heed the advice that is Guys

    Doom is in the air,
    in the dying of the trees
    Doom is in the air
    in the acid of the seas

    And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming
    And I don’t know if I feel sane
    But it’s something that I do believe in
    and it’s there like a runaway train

    Doom is in the air!
    Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit shit
    Doom is in the air!
    F*#k, f#*k, f#*k, f#*k f#*k, f#*k

    oh, oh, oh . . . (sad groan, hum)

    Doom is in the air
    we can’t blame it on the sun
    Doom is in the air
    Now our time is nearly done

    And I don’t know if life’s an illusion
    Don’t know if I see it true
    But it’s something that I do believe in
    And it’s there when Guy’s posted “anew”

    And a BtD inspired something or other:

    To love is what gives us hope
    in the turmoil of life it’s the rope
    but hope is a ruse
    that we must diffuse
    let’s consign it to just being a trope (a la Emily Dickinson)

  • The latest from Chris Hedges:

    “A culture that kills, including for food, must create a belief system that inures people to suffering. This is the only way the slaughter of other sentient beings is possible. This numbness allows us to dehumanize Muslims in the Middle East and our own poor, unemployed, underpaid and mentally ill, as well as the more than 9 billion land animals killed for food each year in the United States and the 70 billion land animals killed for food each year across the world. If we added fish, the numbers would be in the trillions.”

    WE. How many of US are vegetarians? If we aren’t, then, WE are the problem.

    I go sometimes, not because I want to, to a local animal auction. We take our little children goats. They are so damn cute and playful. When ours hit the slave atmosphere like run down stage, they are tossed about like pieces of shit usually, by a very strong, young, asshole. They are frightened beyond any imagination. Do not how long I can put up with this fucked up place.

    WE are the problem on so many levels. We should be executed by each other. The bullies reign.

    Going vegan though isn’t going to help. Only total destruction of this situation is going to achieve total justice.

  • Thanks Caroline, that’s real good!

    shep: i hear ya, man.

    mt: just concentrate on you and what’s ahead

    kevin: don’t i know it – my youngest and family live out there.
    it’s scary beyond belief. the only way they can even cope is to
    continue doing what they’re doing. the state has almost
    completed the first of some number of de-salination plants
    which, OF COURSE won’t be adequate. Everyone’s buying time –
    because it’s the easiest way to continue, in the short term . .


  • my tomato plants looked like they were on steroids this spring, and it’s the earliest I can ever remember having any fruit…good so far right? well now it won’t stop raining and all the fruit are starting to rot. what do y’all think? caroline, the next song I post will be special just for you. chores have saved you all fom my inability to count…cheers!

  • Caroline,

    Doom is in the air, I love it.

    I remember that awful song too but with your new lyrics it’s much improved. I might even be able to stand the sickly melody.

    It’s one of those annoying ear worm songs (do you use that word?) but I will sing it with your words. You’re a star!

  • The Last Laugh

    This is for the mammals that are called humans.
    So you think you can still abuse and rape me?

    I will have the last laugh!

    So you think you can still destroy the life I have created
    with your arrogance and self appointed ego?

    I will have the last laugh!

    Have I not shared my resources way beyond your own comprehension?

    I will have the last laugh!

    Why have you not listened to the lessons taught by the true hearts of your own race?

    I will have the last laugh!

    Why is so hard for you to understand it is of the greatest gift to share, give and love?
    Is that not what I have done for you?

    I will have the last laugh!

    What is the hardest for me to comprehend about your race is why you constantly
    make it harder for your self’s when I have given all that you need with nature?

    I will have the last laugh!

    I guess I should expect that from a species that does to the best of their ability to
    kill their own race and others!

    I will have the last laugh!

    I am mother earth and you seriously do not think I should have the last laugh?
    Well guess what I will be here long after you have gone.

    So I think I will have the last laugh!


    John .V. Pieczykowski III 6/20/13

  • One more comment for today,

    Guy, You know I love you dearly, as I do most of humanity.

    Never met you but feel like I know you as well as is possible on this internet and applaud the fact that you are the first to get it. The very first to figure it out.

    I am pretty depressed as one can tell and recently have wondered: Since we cannot do anything about the climate, why go to the trouble to tell ANYONE. Especially, our loved ones. How the hell do you do this? Why would u do this? Since there is NO escape, why have even a plan?

    Speaking just for myself, I have a son, a daughter and 4 grandchildren. They couldn’t possibly comprehend what is going on specifically because certain individuals, male and female, want their lifestyles to last as long as possible. Truth hardly exists anymore. BUT, what difference, does it really make?

    I cannot see it except to stay busy and thus battle depression. Maybe this is the answer?

    As I write, the wind is swirling around our home. The rain has finally stopped for a short time
    (digixplor – I’m just West of you in Ala-fucking-bama) and the trees around me look so pitiful. I do not even recognize the woods that were here only 8 years ago.

    DAMN IT.

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    Long time no chat!

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    Does wonders for speeding up your daily Doom Surfing. :)

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled Uber-Doom on NBL! :D


  • Duncan Mason – http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org http://www.Energy.gov Most every corporation on Wall Street now has a Geo-tech planning Dept as potential profit portfolio. Research, permits & test projects like phase 2 of iron Ore seeding off Australia coast conducted by largest mine owner Billionaire Gina.

    COLIN – You offered an amazing insight with my comment about the Elite paying our science depts for geo-safety projects so they can “Safely” inherit the Earth after they are done capitalizing on us. They have the huge funding to make these “Manhattan Project” attempts move forward…but what actually gets invented for them might be worse than the growing nuclear nightmare. Once synthetic radioactive eating nano-bacteria are done consuming the reactors my safety team computer models show that the Tardigrade thermophiles will seek trace radiation in everything. Hosp equip, TV’s even the radon vapors contained in Marble floors….”Deck the halls with bowels of billionaires.” The sorcerers apprentice knows it is not nice to fool with nature.

  • Shep,

    your heartfelt comment made me choke up.

    “I am pretty depressed as one can tell and recently have wondered: Since we cannot do anything about the climate, why go to the trouble to tell ANYONE. Especially, our loved ones. How the hell do you do this? Why would u do this? Since there is NO escape, why have even a plan?”

    I was asked on Friday by an audience member after seeing Going Dark, “why bother? Why not just go out and buy a hummer and eat whale burgers?”

    I asked him back “You mean you aren’t already living the American dream?” But then I got more serious.
    We all know we are going to die, just most of us live unconsciously, planning for retirement, rushing around and missing precious moments.
    Even more horrifying, some of us struggle on a hamster wheel day after day, or dive into mud holes to gather diamonds for the fat, pale fingers of rich white women on foreign continents. They deserve to know the truth, more than any of us in our electrified, watered, refrigeratored, interneted homes. (I invented words today)

    If everyone knew extinction was imminent, or even the mere possibility of it, I guarantee people would change their behavior. Guy soldiers on (pardon the term) because he believes it’s our human right to know the truth. THe same man who asked about driving Hummers and eating whale burgers was also upset that Guy took McKibben and Hansen to task for lying. “He said they are lying!” He complained piteously. And I nodded and said, “They are lying.”

    It’s very hard to relinquish our myths and our heroes, especially for those of us who are still very comfortable and whose comforts depend on those myths. A few more months perhaps this gentleman will be singing a different tune, “Why didn’t this McPherson fellow yell louder!!???”

    All we can do now is thank Guy for his thankless, uncompensated work and hope he can ignore the stooopider comments criticizing him for flying and living a life of luxury (really? luxury? Have you seen how he dresses?).
    I mean seriously people, did you read the long essay? The Tim Garret part? Do it and thank a pilot for flying today.

  • @Tom

    I’m concentrating really hard!

    (you do know the post before was in jest?)

  • @ Marc Austin Says:
    April 20th, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    The sorcerer’s apprentice knows it is not nice to fool with nature.

    Nice turn of a phrase!! ;)
    Yes, the “gray goo syndrome” may very well be the final nail in the coffin for ALL humans (and other life). However, I think it would be great “fun,” at least an adequate distraction, for the poor and down-trodden and, especially, the preppers to have an “open season” on the psychopathic bastards that sought to turn everyone else, with a high degree of success, into sycophantic automatons.

    @ pauline Says:
    April 20th, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    It’s very hard to relinquish our myths and our heroes, especially for those of us who are still very comfortable and whose comforts depend on those myths.

    Again, nice turn of a phrase and equally poignant. I’ve tried very hard, for more than a few years, to make people understand that their “heroes,” from ANY “industry,” be it entertainment, sports, business, politics, religion or wherever, are merely “whores” contributing to and exacerbating the pauperization of them and most everyone they know. Alas, it has all fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes, so fuck’em.

  • The ‘navigations’ of all lifeforms are determined by ‘coherent emotion’.

    And the destruction of coherent human emotion is brought to you by the 100 year old UK Tavistock Institute of Social Engineering.

    The (qualities of the) journey is the (only) destination.

  • @Tom.

    What does it take to construct and run a desalination plant? I think we all know, but just in case there are any newbies, to construct a desalination plant requires the consumption of humungous quantities of fossil fuels (in mining, refining, transport, manufacturing etc. let alone the food and transport of the people engaged in construction), and to run a desalination plant requires a humungous amount of electrical energy -usually derived from burning coal or gas (one might fairly assume that generating electricity from the movement of water is in severe decline and approaching the terminal point in the southwest).

    Ah, I forgot: the economy of hope and believe! If enough people hope and believe it will rain and enough people hope and believe a huge ‘previously-undetected’ fossil fuel reserve will be found then it will rain and a huge, ‘previously-undetected’ will be found!

    Robert Scribbler’s name came up recently in connection with barring discussion of fundamental truth; I had a run-in with him a couple of years ago over at CoIC (before Mike went spastic), and Robert called me an arsehole (I think that was the word he used) for daring to point out that the company he cited as carbon-neutral was nowhere near carbon-neutral because of the embedded CO2 in the infrastructure and the daily generation of CO2 by all the employees who ate industrially-generated food and drove to work.

    The truth is too unpalatable for most people trapped in The Matrix. We do seem to have a rather select ‘club’ here -those who can face reality.

    ‘There are two kinds of people, those who seek the truth and those who run from it.

    There are two kinds of organisation, those that embrace the truth and those that try to conceal it.’ (TEW)

  • In San Luis Obispo, CA you wouldn’t know that much was awry.
    Salubrious weather & plenty of everything for those who can pay.

    Grocery stores are chock full – all you want.
    Neatly packaged dead animals ready to eat

    Water still comes out of the tap.
    Mums push strollers with rosy cheeked babies.

    It’s hard to believe that planetary doom & ugly death are right around the corner.

    So, get it while you can because methane death is coming for every last one of us.

  • @ kevin moore Says:
    April 20th, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    Robert Scribbler’s name came up recently… and Robert called me an arsehole (I think that was the word he used) for daring to point out that the company he cited as carbon-neutral was nowhere near carbon-neutral because of the embedded CO2 in the infrastructure…

    1. That example/incident seems directly related to pauline’s astute observation as I noted above.

    2. IF you are, in fact, an “arsehole,” I fully support your position, as such, and thank you for the efforts and contributions you have made, and will probably continue to make, both here and elsewhere. In other words, you’re my kind of “arsehole.” ;)

    3. I no longer have any respect, or even patience, for myopic, moronic techno-utopians of any stripe. I find it laughable that he claims his school-girl fantasy books are “science fiction” when they contain little, if ANY, “science” and the only “fiction” apparent is wholly delusional.

  • @Caroline: Thanks for the new words to an old song. Now I have another song to sing along with the NBL theme song.

    @Pauline: I couldn’t have said it any better than you.

    And now, just a few sentences from a book I’m currently reading.

    “Hate was considered synonymous with patriotism, and preparations for war were thought to be the only safeguard of peace. The world was set upon a wrong course,and,in coming years, it travelled further and further along the road towards disaster.”

    “If the world could live for a few generations without war, war would come to seem as absurd as dueling has come to seem to us. NO DOUBT THERE WOULD STILL BE SOME HOMICIDAL MANIACS, BUT THEY WOULD NO LONGER BE HEADS OF GOVERNMENT.”

    from: Has Man a Future?, by Bertrand Russell 1961

    If he was writing it today, he could still use the same title, but in addition to war with nuclear weapons, he could add NTHE via abrupt climate change. The way things are going at the moment, it’s seems like a close race to the finish line between the two.

  • @Kevin Moore Us humans like our bitter pills coated with some sugar. You have the IQ but your respondents wish more EQ from you despite the end of the world. They do not want to fight a savage chess game but to share insights. Just my opinion. :-) Even Guy does this with his easy personable style and some humour along the way, without that subtlety many would react badly.

  • @Colin&infantyrone – My remark about the difficulty of long division you probably realized was meant to be humorous. Since Cantor’s transfinites were mentioned however, it recalled to me Kronecker’s famous line “God created the integers, all else is the work of man.” When I was much younger I was fascinated by Cantor, but devised a refutation of his diagonal proof based on his questionable use of the concept “number”. I was unaware of Kronecker’s work in this direction at the time. When I showed my disproof to a member of the math faculty at our local university, he airily dismissed it, feeling that a young man outside the mathematics profession could not possibly come up with a refutation of the great Cantor. I lost interest in pursuing my case then, as my interest was redirected to other fields of enquiry. It remains as one of my instructive encounters with established authorities. Reminds me of a saying of Aron Nimzovitch the chess great, “Critics can do much; for instance embitter the existence of young talents”.


    @jay – You make a good point. But it also recalls the saying, “You can’t sugar coat SHIT!

  • I love this site, and I find these conversations really fascinating, but it can get pretty gloomy (with good reason). Someone posted this once before from my blog, but I thought I’d do it again now, just to lighten the mood and hopefully give people a laugh:


  • @Pauline = Well stated! What I appreciate about Guy is that he respects us enough to give us his honest assessment of the situation, dire though it is.

    That this apparently unhinges some folks so thoroughly – to the point they exhibit a pathological disdain for McPherson and his message – indicates to me that he’s on the right track. That he’s hitting a nerve by mentioning what a lot of folks suspect deep down, but aren’t yet ready to acknowledge.

    This will change. At some point in the near future, when climatic events thoroughly overtake us, folks will no longer be able to kid themselves that ‘things will work out, they always do.’ Hopefully they’ll embrace Guy’s message of excellence and compassion. This is why his work is so important.

  • Apologies for the additional post, but do feel I must point out to jay that 20 years ago through to 8 years ago I did try the let’s-examine-the-facts-and-work-together-to-explore-strategies-that-will-benefit-everyone approach.

    That approach did not work because the people in power I attempted to engage with has no intention of changing anything; in fact their whole approach was ‘more of the same’ (as expounded by George Carlin -“We know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everyone else.”) Their agenda comprises of more raiding of the commons for the short-term benefit of corporations and opportunists, more pollution, more transfer of fiat wealth upwards and more more fabrications and lies. Indeed, the worse everything gets, the bigger and more frequent the lies. (Well that is certainly true in the so-called western world.)

    I now take the stance of not submitting to their destructive, corrupt and evil agendas and not even attempting to engage with them: how do you engage with compulsive liars, fascists and psychotic sociopaths? (other than pointing out that impoverished, starving, angry mobs have a tendency to lynch those who have betrayed them, and nobody ‘wins’ on a dead [as far as higher forms of vertebrate life is concerned] planet.

    If you have any suggestion as to how to constructively engage with compulsive liars, fascists and psychotic sociopaths please post them on this site.

  • If you have any suggestion as to how to constructively engage with compulsive liars, fascists and psychotic sociopaths please post them on this site.

    kevin moore,

    Well, kinda depends on what you mean by constructive.
    Here’s one approach.
    When the public servants won’t legitimately serve the public, maybe it’s time for some of the public to ‘serve’ the servants.
    I’m allergic to dairy and tomatoes, so a simple au jus presentation is best for me…no need to get all showy now.

    A good approach if you’re dining alone.

    Of course, sometimes you have to think of other diners, food-web and all that.

    Sometimes a scapegoat can be the difference between life & death.

    Be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for.

  • Great article on Tim Garrett which includes the quote Guy always uses “Civilization is a heat engine.”


    Or check out the documentary “Global Dimming” to see how little difference it makes to not fly.

    Since collapse and abrupt climate change is unstoppable, let’s play and be kind to each other and celebrate what we have now. Our true nature is a playful one, and I say that because when we are playing we are laughing, not crying. It is a joyful thing for us to do. Warring and fighting and bickering are only natural to us the same way Malaria or cancer are natural. They are the result of an imbalance in the system.

    Let us embrace our sweetness and starve the monsters as I have been trying to encourage people to do for so long. With little luck.
    And let’s go down fighting for human rights and social justice and the living planet if we must.
    It’s incredible to see what humans do to each other for money. Abominable.

  • @ Kevin Moore
    Yes fire your ire at them, they are wicked but your allies in understanding this terminal f.u. show some sympathy and don’t score points when they are not 100% accurate. Many are distressed and saddened by all this though you’d never know because EQ is missing and you have no sense of their humanity. No Man Is an Island, do not objectify those actually on your side. Robert Atack makes the same alienating attitude.

  • for clive ,who, as brilliant as he is, thinks that ‘sociopath’ pretty much ”described most of his peers and associates”…”not really my department”(slight paraphrasing) …first you must identify the sicko-pathic…telltale signs…once they’ve gotten your trust, and have an idea of some of your hopes and dreams, desires and defeats…they devise a plan. remember! to them you’re only an insect. you are only worthy of having your wings plucked from your body. they’ve already appropriated for themselves, what they have deemed your worth. money? why not. intellectual properties? certainly if they can find a use. maybe even your face. their only real concern is how you can serve them. that is your true calling, make no mistake. if you should have any empathy or sensitivity you are the perfect meat robot…right robin? to a sociopath these qualities are a weakness, worthy only of scorn and sadistic torture. starting to get the picture? sociopaths were the models for folklores’ vampyres and ghouls. real soul-less suckers. that’s why they covet yours, because they haven’t got one(a soul). if your ever sure you’ve found one, don’t hesitate. pull a proper van helsing on his ass. never encourage a sociopath by voting him into office. right… between… the eyes.

  • A good source of alt.news: http://www.globalriskreport.info

  • Robin, good link. Thanks!


    After Florida banned the use of the terms “climate change’ in government communications:

  • @ Jay
    I’m getting better. It’s taken about 14 years of yelling into a vacuum, to have finally accepted the futility of talking about anything.
    So basically I don’t say much these days. Except maybe I told ya so.
    I don’t think I’ve given anyone a hard time here have I …. except the general dumb public/breeders? And maybe the waste of time it is flying around the world? Especially when over half the audience can’t work out that haveing more people is wrong? sorry Guy.

    Living just enough for the system.

  • I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to one and all.
    You are all bat shit crazy. Which is what I like about you all.

  • contagious,

    In your reply to Pauline you said why Guy’s work is so important. And you’re right, that’s exactly why.
    In the meantime Guy is also doing what he loves and does so well.
    To me, that’s living a life of excellence. I think the ones among us here who have been listening to Guy for some time now know and interpret his motives properly. I for one am glad that he’s around.

    And you too Pauline!

  • Pauline Says:
    April 20th, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    “… to see how little difference it makes to not fly.”

    To whom?
    It probably makes a hell of a difference to all the non human beings who are mangled in the vicinty of airports not to mention the land that is destroyed (habitat) to facilitate said airports in the first place. If flying isnt the epitome of self indulgent, “first worlders” I dont know what is. But hey ho, we’re apparently screwed anyway so it doesnt matter (not even to the thousands of birds/insects etc that are collateral damage whenever a metal beast flies).
    And, I am NOT having a go at DR McP here, just the casual throwaaway line that it doesnt make any difference. No wonder things are screwed.

  • Since I was young the myth of Icarus is a teaching story imbedded in my mind. In my idle fantasies of being absolute ruler of the world, one of my first edicts would be to ban all human flights above the ground (except of course for Michael Jordan’s dunks, and Derrick Jensen’s youthful high jumps) We have proved ourselves unready for unlimited powers of flight. Abuse of power due to lack of wisdom is our fatal tragic flaw. I would also ban human reproductive activity (for a time), and all weapons. There, those would be good laws for a start!

    Oh well. Back to my (relative) powerlessness once more….

  • This life is a hospital where every patient is possessed with the desire to change beds; one man would like to
    suffer in front of the stove, and another believes that he would recover his health beside the window.
    It always seems to me that I should feel well in the place where I am not, and this question of removal is one
    which I discuss incessantly with my soul.
    ‘Tell me, my soul, poor chilled soul, what do you think of going to live in Lisbon? It must be warm there, and there
    you would invigorate yourself like a lizard. This city is on the sea-shore; they say that it is built of marble
    and that the people there have such a hatred of vegetation that they uproot all the trees. There you have a landscape
    that corresponds to your taste! a landscape made of light and mineral, and liquid to reflect them!’
    My soul does not reply.
    ‘Since you are so fond of stillness, coupled with the show of movement, would you like to settle in Holland,
    that beatifying country? Perhaps you would find some diversion in that land whose image you have so often admired
    in the art galleries. What do you think of Rotterdam, you who love forests of masts, and ships moored at the foot of
    My soul remains silent.
    ‘Perhaps Batavia attracts you more? There we should find, amongst other things, the spirit of Europe
    married to tropical beauty.’
    Not a word. Could my soul be dead?
    ‘Is it then that you have reached such a degree of lethargy that you acquiesce in your sickness? If so, let us
    flee to lands that are analogues of death. I see how it is, poor soul! We shall pack our trunks for Tornio. Let us go
    farther still to the extreme end of the Baltic; or farther still from life, if that is possible; let us settle at the Pole. There
    the sun only grazes the earth obliquely, and the slow alternation of light and darkness suppresses variety and
    increases monotony, that half-nothingness. There we shall be able to take long baths of darkness, while for our
    amusement the aurora borealis shall send us its rose-coloured rays that are like the reflection of Hell’s own
    At last my soul explodes, and wisely cries out to me: ‘No matter where! No matter where! As long as it’s out
    of the world!’

    Charles Baudelaire

  • @Pauline

    Always nice to read you. And I repeat it. Thank you. As there won’t be books later on to explain why such doomer discourse could be felt today as so supportive, we have to underscore it again and again.


  • Sabine: Greetings! Sorry to have reminded you of that song—yes, I use that term (“ear worm”)!
    I second your feelings about Guy and Pauline conveyed in contagious’s comment (I intentionally used o, can’t bring myself to typing the u)

    In response to comments above re: Scribbler: (imo) his credibility (as a human that truly gets our predicament) is negated by his dogmatism, his inability to hear any opposing commentary and his 100% support for Hillary Clinton. Yet another example of living in bizarro land; he can write such excellent articles yet exhibit such contradictory behaviors. Oh, and the covers of his novels with those fantasy girls is odd and distasteful too (perfect little bodies, breasts, hair etc.)

    Paul M. thank you for the excerpts from Bertrand Russell who said; “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge” and“ The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

    Robin; Dahr Jamail’s Climate Change Series is excellent, thanks for posting.

    Red Fox: excellent points. There are too many articles to link to that summarize the harmful effects to life on this planet caused by airports and airplanes. But (like you) I am “not having a go at Dr. M”, I’ll not cast stones as my carbon footprint is far from benign.

    Mike K. brilliant little paragraph again re: your “idle fantasies” —- I would ban flights too. Next to the horror that was 9/11 (and the U.S. instigated horrors that followed) came one of the best experiences of my life: no jet noise in the Chicago area. It was as if there was a collective sigh of relief from the wetlands and woodlands where I live. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before—–indescribable peace——sacred silence—- and the sacred needs no words so I’ll leave it there, remembering that brief time when the wind only carried birdsong and rustling of grasses/prairie flowers. I fear the next time there is silence like that there will be no more birdsong.

  • [comment deleted by moderator, at author’s request ~ mo]

  • [comment deleted by moderator, at author’s request ~ mo]

  • “Or check out the documentary “Global Dimming” to see how little difference it makes to not fly.”
    the documentary I saw says it makes a huge difference not to fly and that in a matter of hours after the planes stopped flying on 9/11, the changes in daily temperatures went bonkers. I do not understand this statement. maybe my english is to blame.

    and “Since collapse and abrupt climate change is unstoppable, let’s play and be kind to each other and celebrate what we have now.”
    I am so sick of these admonitions from people who probably still have it very good at this late hour. I receive being told what to do in the situation we are in like an insult and answer: Who do you think you are? What do you know about “what I have now”?

    on the subject of global dimming, I would add:
    What I loved to do was watching the stars. But there are no stars any more over this city since many years. The few visible stars are so dim and far apart. I used to draw a lot of love and strenght from the stars. I cannot do it through the veil of gazes and particles, I just can’t. No amount of spiritual tricks will do it.
    And I know that the very day the stars will be back, because the planes will be grounded for one reason or another, it will mean that global dimming will subside, and there will be a HUGE jump in violent climatic events in the coming days. Like I heard somewhere: What a way to go.

  • Light–en up peeps! Enjoy!!

  • Yes please,

    Let’s not cast stones. It’s a pointless exercise.

    And dear Amy Pike,please, please get some help. I like to think you’re there walking on the beach with your dogs.

    How are they? Please, never forget that they need you.

    Be blessed, and please take care of yourself.

  • Thank you, Pauline. I have been annoyed at Rob Ryan and all persons similar to him, and they are legion, on Guy’s behalf since Mr. Ryan resurfaced, just in case Guy’s too busy to be annoyed on his behalf at this time. Unfortunately, comments like Ryan’s, which are all just judgments and conclusions and zero substance, need to be countered with facts and evidence, not other conclusions. In communications like this, it is impossible to get to real points unless we begin by addressing the irrelevant, the presumptuous, and the false. And that takes a lot of writing, a lot of engagement, and a lot of time that I need to focus elsewhere.

    Rob Ryan, you are very, very big on posturing, but you are more than FOS, and apparently you know it. (We all know the truth deep down inside our hearts.) You lie. You wrote this, “Finally, upthread, someone was “waiting to see” McPherson’s errors pointed out. It’s been done by smarter and more knowledgeable people than I. As I recall, McPherson expressly chose not to address such critics, saying something along the lines of (paraphrasing) he wouldn’t waste time trying to convince people who believed in hopium.”

    Could you be any sleezier and dishonest? That is a bald-faced lie.

    I have read Guy’s “critics,” like you before, like Scott Johnson, and what you people do is argue Guy’s conclusions, never the science, and you attack him personally, as you have done here, with nasty characterization coupled with distortions and lies, which are followed by more of the same.

    From what I can tell, you don’t have anything right, beginning with all your characterizations. Why don’t you stick to discussing substantive and measurable elements, and skip the characterizations altogether. That is so intellectually weak, and less than mediocre. It is a way of dodging the facts and the evidence, and refocusing communications in a direction where other judgments serve in place of facts and evidence. Apparently, characterizations, conclusions and judgments are all you have to offer. Real work to support those characterizations, conclusions and judgments is not something you feel necessary, not even when your characterizations, conclusions and judgments are destructive to other people.

    There are plenty of reasons a man like Guy threatens imitation human weenies like you and Scott Johnson. You really are as mediocre and irrelevant as you fear you are, on every level and then some. In fact, you’re worse than you fear you are.

    Lying is so wrong. It really is. All wrongdoing is formed from a lie and is a kind of murder. Humans in this culture make killing the answer to everything. Poor little Robbie and Scotty and all their little privileged, entitled friends, with their mediocre intellects, their appalling lack of integrity, and their delusional self-importance, are being told that all their killing and dispensing of suffering to maintain their world isn’t okay, and it upsets them. The answer, as always, is violence, in this case, psychological and verbal violence. And lies and characterizations that are false.

    If you had to give up the characterizations, the attacks, in fact, if you had to give up talking about Guy altogether, and simply discussed the reality of the biological world dying before our eyes, I don’t think you could do it. You are not even acknowledging the damage that is occurring, like “if” the ice caps and glaciers melt? “IF”?

    You can’t do it because it would cause you to experience emotional, psychological and identity suffering beyond anything you can bear. Because you’re weak, and not just intellectually. You are weak ethically, morally, and creatively, as well. In fact, you’re just inadequate on every level that really counts.

    Guy McPherson has intelligence, integrity, originality, and courage like few people have. If you feel upset at all of that, it is my opinion that you should. It’s what a real human being looks like. I doubt you see many of those where you are.

  • You know how it is when you are trying to think of the name of a song or a person’s name and you just cannot remember. But somewhere in the brain the answer lies buried deep and a day or two later, or even a week later, the answer suddenly pops into your mind.

    With respect to the Robert Scribbler incident of a couple of years ago, thinking it over, I believe I was not an arsehole for pointing out the basic truth Robert Scribbler did not want to acknowledge (that most so-called renewable energy systems are not carbon neutral and will not provide sufficient power to maintain present lifestyles) but was a prick….which is so much better, is it not?

    On that matter, I have been saying for around a decade that a wood-based energy economy is the only one that can possibly work long term, though we have a massive population overshoot ‘problem’ (commencing around 1600) which means even a wood-based energy economy now only works in a particular locations which have low population densities.

    I am curious to know why Amy Pike believes this site is heavily censored: my experience has been quite the opposite and I have found NBL to be one of the few places where censorship is not generally applied, in contrast to most other discussion websites.

    As for Guy driving Mike Ruppert to suicide, I find that narrative highly implausible: I think it much more likely that a combination of the US government, a crass culture of consumerism, and the ignorance, stupidity and apathy of people in general drove Mike to suicide.

    The more I see of people, the more I understand that the majority are primarily driven by emotion rather than rationality.

    I used to watch advertisements and think to myself: why would anyone be influenced by that load of nonsense? I now know why.

  • Amy Pike, Mike Rupert struggled with depression and suicidal ideation for many years according to his closest friends. Mike Rupert was a prominent doomer before Guy. Mike Rupert was an ex cop and probably saw things most of us get nightmares just reading about. Sadly, somewhere in this world a cop or ex cop eats their gun everyday and it has nothing to do with climate change or peak oil. I imagine it has everything to do with humanity’s inhumanity to children.

  • Cryosat data for Arctic Sea spring ice thickness shows that the shallow Laptev Sea ice is pathologically thin at 1.5 – 2 meters.

    The shallow 50 meter depth of the Laptev Sea has always been THE primary focus & alarm bell for field researchers, Semiletov & Shakhova.

    S & S have been warning us about the possibility of massive methane release from heating this shallow area of the vast Arctic Sea.

  • The defenders of this blue rock are under attack and have been for some time. If nothing else their service to Nature should be shared in my humble opinion.


  • Giant Waves Quickly Destroy Arctic Ocean Ice and Ecosystems
    The biggest waves seen in northern sea ice show how this vital cover can be crushed much faster than expected


  • Habitat to us.

    Stuff Mother to them.

    A Song Of Despair

  • @Pauline
    you always do a great job sitting in for Guy and Mike.

  • Pauline,

    Thank you for your 20th of April thoughts too.

    If there is an imbalance in the “system” (although not sure what system you mean) it is one that resides in our human animal nature.

    The result of an evolutionary species experiment gone awry. We are and have always been both monstrous and sweet. But that is dear old earthly mother nature in all it’s glory — magnificent, and gory.

    The imbalance in us is in the world too. That’s just the way of it.

    Not to absolve us tho, for as Mike K accurately points out: “Abuse of power due to lack of wisdom is our fatal tragic flaw.” And no matter where one looks we have that in spades!!!

    By all practical standards necessary for our survival (baring a miraculous conversion by our species to the dire news), we are on an irreversible collision course with earthly limits; so, please, yes, let’s try and be kinder even as we are mourning our losses. There will be plenty of those, my self included!

    That we are here as a species, fatal flaws and all, on this amazing watery sphere spinning in space is pretty fucking miraculous. And it ain’t over yet!

    Word is springing leaks from the bowels of this imbalanced system of civilization that we are well into shit’s creek and our paddles are smoke and mirrors (as Kevin Moore aptly noted: “the economy of hope and believe”); And that’s potentially a good thing!

    Bad as well, in that techno-fetish geo-engineering schemes may well be tried on for size, even over our objections. There is an abuse of power that needs to be unravelled. Whether it will happen more peaceably so than chaotically violent is the question we get to find out.

    Right now, it don’t look good. Still, whatever acts of life and protest even are left for us who care to grok it, I’m gonna try and do with kindness.

    @ Robert Callaghan: I get a kick out your zany missives! Thoughtful others here too.

    It’s been a pleasure reading here today.

  • I would like to try the experiment where all airplane flights stop. For days. Weeks. Permanently. I think it is a worthy endeavor. And then we can see for sure what’s up with claims of global dimming caused by emissions. Otherwise I see the rationalization working out as based on a single anecdotal 48 hour period from nearly 15 years ago. I am twisted sick with contorting my life to fit with anything that happened or supposedly happened on 9/11.

  • Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and Thom Hartmann Green World Rising is a series of bullshit documentary’s about how we can save the world I guess they do not understand what a self reinforcing feedback loop is ?

    And they truly do not understand the people that control the society’s across the world have a psychosis of apathy the likes of
    the world has not seen before !

    Also the other thing they fall short of in their pea brains is
    exponential growth of the population ( Moore people more waste period)

    Maybe they should go back to school !

  • An economic catastrophe we don’t even see coming not the american dream, anymore
    HTE extinction so close, and most think so far away, so few even looking at the evidence, a cluster phuck of exponential positive feedback loops that are mostly irreversible, and all of them making each other worse. And Earth day in the next few days. We must die and the quickest and surest way is to push the button on nuclear war. I have long felt the majority of people would do the right thing if given the choice. It is pure fantasy to believe that this economy can last for more than this year or next. So maybe I just had a bad day?

  • Callaghan…you’ve got a beautiful mind…now I know what’s right/wrong with me. amy pike…I sincerely hope you’re just having an unusually bad day… are you a little five points alumni by chance? I would help you if I could. if anyone around here were being censored, it would be me or Gerald…and it aint happening. sorry moe, for my past indiscretions, I’ve got a grip now…sometimes you just have to slap me. I’m like a broken atm machine…either you get nothing, or I spit money at you…remember people! always refresh before posting! would an up vote/down vote feature be a good idea, or simply terrifying? hi caroline…I actually dress up pretty well…for a pygmy. god bless us all, every one. except the sociopaths. https://youtu.be/RHrcoe9yEzg

  • From independent.co.uk
    Eight-point plan to save the world

    1. Governments must limit global warming to below 2C in order to limit unprecedented climate risks. (just like I *must* pay my credit card bill, no?)

    2. The limit of future CO2 emissions must be well below 1000 gigatonnes of CO2 to have a reasonable chance to hold the 2C line. (Dunno where 1000gt comes from, but that’s about 30 more years x 33gt per year of business as usual. Fantasy from where I am sitting)

    3. Countries must commit to deep decarbonisation, starting immediately and leading to a zero-carbon society by 2050. (Imagine ZERO carbon in 35 years. My people down south have already done the math and made the choice. It’s going to be comfort and convenience for this generation alone, as this, by choices already made, is going to the the last *normal* generation ever again in history.)

    Rest of the points are rhetorical, vapid and ridiculous.


    I would recommend that folks engage with Plato’s dialogues to be found mostly in The Republic. If you do, and come out on the other side, guarantee you will see things completely different. I did not take the time to engage until well into my 40s, but it is totally worth it.

  • @Caroline
    Glad you enjoyed those excerpts and thanks for the additional quotes from him, as well as the happy video with Willie and Merle.
    Now, here is one more excerpt from the same book.

    “Great States have, at present, the privilege of killing members of other States whenever they feel so disposed, though this liberty is disguised as the heroic privilege of dying in defense of what is right and just. Patriots always talk of dying for their country, and never of killing for their country.”

    Seems like not much has changed since that was written in 1961.

  • Rob Ryan continues to trot out Scott Johnson’s year-old crap. Real scientists continue to express their concern about methane. But not fearful patriarchs.

    I’ve posted anew.

  • Lidia: in keeping with your comment about “web of life unraveling” yes indeed it IS!!! You may have seen this article:
    I’ve been in the midwest documenting the unraveling for many years. Could write a similar article for this neck of the woods. Species do not have enough time to adapt and move. Habitat is too fragmented along with all the other issues (nitrogen/sulphur dioxide/ozone in air, acid in oceans, water pollution, soil degradation etc. etc. etc.)
    Thanks for your contributions here—interesting discussion between you and RR.

  • Ian Dunlop has a new report:

    • Holding to 2°C is only likely at 400 ppm CO2e or below (e.g. long-term 350 ppm).
    This is consistent with a 2006 paper which found: If “the probability of overshooting a 2°C climate
    target … shall not be increased above 30%, it seems necessary to peak CO2 equivalence
    concentrations around 475 ppm and return to lower levels after peaking (below 400 ppm).”
    This is consistent with the Michael Mann result discussed above.
    From this we can see that:
    • For a 70% chance of staying below 2°C: peak at 475 ppm CO2e then return to 400 ppm CO2e;
    • For a 90% chance of staying below 2°C: peak at 400 ppm CO2e then return to 350 ppm CO2e.
    Given that CO2e levels today exceed 475 ppm, we can see that
    not only is there no carbon budget
    left for a 10% risk of exceeding the target, but there may also be no carbon budget remaining for
    up to a 30% risk of exceeding the target.”

    Comment: Of course we here understand the the CO2 in the atmosphere is staying there for thousands of years.

    Here are a few links to send to your technocopian friends:




  • “Habitat is too fragmented along with all the other issues (nitrogen/sulphur dioxide/ozone in air, acid in oceans, water pollution, soil degradation etc. etc. etc.)”

    IMO, it’s much harder to get one’s mind around “nitrogen/sulphur dioxide/ozone in air, acid in oceans, water pollution, soil degradation” than it is habitat fragmentation. There, the issue is extremely simple: land development on open land. Hardly anybody is clear that open land is habitat for that unraveling web of life. And the development of open land, in turn, removes vegetation, topsoil, clean water that could help mitigate existing bad stuff, and enables that bad stuff to proliferate. It’s an absolutely vicious cycle, and it could be stopped by saying NO to developers. So how come development/developers is such a non-issue among us?

  • Sir,
    I’m puzzled by the apparent discrepancy between your expressed beliefs [with which i agree] and your travel [lectures], which damage the environment. Please explain. Thank you.