Edge of Extinction: Take the Radical Approach

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  • Dr. McPherson – in the video above “Civilization is a heat engine” and here at http://www.energy.gov our International team is building the biggest heat engine on Earth. I wonder how many people even know what is the largest and most expensive multi-national project on this planet?

    Near CERN in FRANCE we are building the ITER Fusion Reactor which will generate temperatures of the sun. “Iter” will be hotter than a Hydrogen star. Far more extreme than the molten core saturates deep inside the Earth. (Deterium particle injection)

    Maybe someone might be concerned? Any questions about safety issues igniting the sun upon the Earth to see if we can contain it in a chamber? Anyone interested in ITER? INTER is already be the absolute most massive & potentially most destructive mega science “machine” now under construction. 5 countries are spending trillions on INTER, with out resistance from the public. Maybe I’m a gvt contract whistle blower, however, the most intense heat reactor now being built is something everyone should care enough to know a bit about. In a flash ITER could melt all of Europe. Something to add to your instant Extinction list. http://www.ready.gov

  • Thanks, Mark. The way you write about it here makes it very clear. What possible up sides are there to make for such a high level of expense and risk? How could such a budget pass muster in hard times? What does anybody hope to gain by this? Is there even minor opposition to the project? If so, what’s happening with that? For most people, this is even farther off the radar than climate change.

  • Paul is 100% in happy chapter mode.
    Lets hold an organic cake stall against climate change?
    Dumpster diving for the environment
    Free hopium
    Talk to a politician? Yeah right !!
    You might as well have a red neck climate change denier on as this hope filled crap.
    Sorry not bad attitude, just how I talk )

  • Hang on a minute
    I get the joke now, you just stuck this on to see if you would get a bite, didn’t ya?

  • mike k., thanks for your spot-on comment in response to Robin on April 23rd, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    The one who strives for non-attachment and non-desire by turning away one’s eyes from the things that would otherwise engage the ordinary man is extremely helpful to the sociopathic ruler. All the Upanishads and other “sacred” scriptures of the East arose during the reign of one ruler or another. Statecraft was quite advanced even 5,000 years ago. If I were a ruler back then, I would have definitely promoted the views as espoused in the scriptures. Sometimes I wonder if non-attachment is a nice way of saying, “I’m waiting for death to come get me”.

    Re-incarnation is similarly suspect. Many a concerned man must have looked at the street beggar in an Indian kingdom 5,000 years ago and wondered about his unfortunate condition. It’s easy to hear, think, or believe he must have done something wrong in a past life and karma is catching up with him. It keeps society from spending too much time wondering about the role of the sociopath, the uneven economic conditions, etc. in the beggar’s life. Re-incarnation is an easy way to remain unconscious of what’s going on right around the corner. “Be good and you will be delivered from the infinite cycle of birth and death.” There are many takers for these stories. Cut off from the circumstances we evolved in, born and brought up in artificial settings, we’d believe in just about any story we’re given. It’s The Truman Show at scale!

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    Marc and Artleads, the public isn’t complaining about the particle-smashing experiments because the public thinks it’s cool. Or they don’t know enough about it. I don’t know anyone in my circle who’d get in an uproar over this. It’s Science, right? And Science is good. Well, there are always risks with everything we do, we just calculate it and move on. That’s the mantra.

    We placed ourselves at risk many times in the past, like when we blasted off rockets into space and the rockets carried dangerous nuclear matter that could contaminate the atmosphere forever if the rocket exploded on its way up. A Russian rocket did explode and contaminated the atmosphere exactly this way. But what’s that compared to the intentional detonation of nuclear bombs in the hundreds of under-sea and over-land tests carried out by a number of countries for decades, intentionally contaminating the planet for thousands of years to come? Then again, all that’s nothing compared to the attempt to create a sun in the lab. It’s as if we’re surprised we’re still around and we try harder.

  • “My life has been based on questioning everything, and I recommend that stance to everyone, especially with regard to anything I might say.”

    Good. What one says is not directed to all.

    “Those that seek to take away people’s hope should consider what they can give them to replace it.”

    Taking away doesn’t cut the mustard. As long as one identifies with the clay pot (or the body-mind complex) one will continue to see limitation in it. Nothing is needed as replacements, as nothing was ever needed: the Void is the Plenitude. The space inside the clay pot is not other than the space outside it; when the pot moves, the space inside and out remains unaffected; when the pot breaks the space continues unaffected.

    Different persons have different qualifications. If something is not comprehensible to someone, it is not for that person. What one says is not directed to all.

    “The one who strives for non-attachment and non-desire by turning away one’s eyes from the things that would otherwise engage the ordinary man is extremely helpful to the sociopathic ruler.”

    And also is bolstering one’s own Ahankara (“I” maker, the source of the sense of “I”-ness).

  • Thanks for your comments Satish and Robin. One thing I took away from my study of Krishnamurti was his statement, “There is no authority.” “Authority” is a total fabrication and delusion. The existence of such a fraud depends entirely on the misguided acceptance of it’s reality by large numbers of people. It is like the Emperor’s new clothes, it falls apart on being directly questioned. But there is a problem, Even if a an innocent child mind points out the fraud, people still cling to it and defend it. People become addicted to belief in authority, which confers on them all sorts of secondary benefits that they are loath to surrender. It spares them the difficult activity of vetting their experience and weighing the uncertainties and misunderstandings that cloud their ability to make clear decisions on their own without the crutch of “authorities”.

    As you pointed out Satish, religion and spirituality have throughout history been a rich field for all sorts of fraudulent “authorities” to exploit. The absence of means for directly evaluating their claims has given such folks free reign to make the most fantastic pronouncements, and have them accepted by their “flock of sheep”. But this is not the only area where the authority scam is worked. Politics, economics, psychology – and just about every human activity can be riddled with supposedly authoritative pretenders and narratives. For the seeker of truth, cutting through this jungle of disinformation is a necessary prerequisite to gaining a clear view of reality.

    As to the controlled fusion reactor, there was a revealing article in the New Yorker a couple of years ago. It concluded that the overwhelming probability was that the project would fail, and the considerable expenditures wasted on it would represent a total loss. Catching solar fusion in a bottle is proving to be impossible with our present level of capability. The bottle keeps breaking… Also the huge amount of energy needed to power the electromagnets that create the fragile “bottle” is becoming economically unfeasible.

    The whole crazy project reveals the obsession of our “leaders” with power. The corruption that stems from this power addiction is the theme of Tolkien’s tale and many premonitory myths. Abuse of power is the fatal flaw that looms over us on this beach of doom…. Perhaps only the crazy quantum leap into universal love can break the iron chains of addiction we suffer in….

  • Way back when there used to be ‘eco-warriors’ (which got re-branded to ‘eco-terrorists’) people would risk jail time, serious harm and death to defend whatever it was they were acting against – a new development on former farmland, the cutting of trees to make more room for people (and less for other species), stream and river protection, etc. i thought these people were heroic (and still do). The government protects the corporate eco-rapists at the expense of everyone (including themselves, but they’re driven by profit and refuse to acknowledge that they’re selling themselves, their children and loved ones out to their narrow, fictitious worldview). kevin has spoken about this at length.

    Retrospectively, that was kind of the last stand, which, like Wounded Knee, was a futile attempt to stop the madness of ‘progress’ and unending growth. It didn’t work because the government valued something else aside from pristine forests, clean rivers, unpolluted air and rich soil. This country (and this might apply to most developed countries – at least any in the capitalist domain) has been doomed from its inception because of this warped worldview of growth. Back then there was no such thing as ‘cancer’ (i imagine), so leaders had no idea that they could possibly have any effect on this GIANT planet of ours – so pollute all you want, there’s lots of fresh water, clean air and open space; fish all you want, the sea is ‘boundless.’

    Here we are at the end of that paradigm, our following generations to pay the heavy price for the sins of the Industrial Revolution combined with overpopulation, resource depletion, capitalism, consumerism, ‘wealth’ extraction, and all the rest of the blind growth of cancerous humanity which looks to end in extinction (via climate change induced habitat destruction).

  • TOM – “It didn’t work because the government valued something else aside from pristine forests, clean rivers, unpolluted air and rich soil.”(I wish you were President of any country.)

    Mike K. – “Abuse of power is the fatal flaw that looms over us on this beach of doom.” A mistake at this level of power abuse = instant extinction. Our consequence management team does understand that they are like kids blinded by BIG toys & misguided hope for any sort of clean new alternative energy source to run the global economy.

    Satish – “It’s as if we’re surprised we’re still around” April 15th funding for ITER centrifuge was approved. However it is not getting approved by my safety team. The buck stops here for awhile. (I can also disapprove contract advancement because Putin’s $468 Mil pledge is locked in Switzerland)

    “quantum leap into universal love can break the iron chains of addiction we suffer in” It is not crazy because the 100th monkey principal in evolution proves it can happen with critical mass.

    ARTLEADS – Simply knowing & suggesting to others to look at ITER on any search engine helps. Education & interaction brings dark matters into the lights. Many thanks to all who care, exactly as Dr. McPherson suggested in his video above. Physicians for Social Responsibility http://www.PSR.org

  • Anyone know how CO2e is specifically calculated? How is CH4, NO2, water vapor etc. . . accounted for? Is the 481 figure accurate?

  • Hi Mark,

    I picked up on the same quotes a you. The one by Satish made me LOL.

    I must disagree mildly with my two much admired posters above. I can’t bring myself to do away with superstitious (crazy) notions (like reincarnation). Sometimes I think there’s a universe in which all things might equally be true or false, and that throwing out some belief or other doesn’t leave you any wiser than before. At such moments I revert to strict basics: does it promote what is desired or does it not? And choose the thing that is desired. My to cents. :-)

  • If ITER works out, we could accelerate our path to doom at warp speed!

  • Anthony

    CO2e is ‘calculated’ by assigning relative multipliers [of CO2] to other gasses in the atmosphere and totalling.

    The ‘problem’ with official CO2e is that the values assigned to other gasses are not correct. The whole mess dates back to the time when the maniacs wanted to rush through ‘carbon trading schemes’ in order to allow them to orchestrate ‘death of the planet’ as a financialised for-profit scam.

    CH4 was assigned a multiplier of 23 over 100 years. That figure was changed to 34 3 years ago. The over-20-year multiplier was 72. The that was changed to 86.

    The methodology of the UNIPCC is phony, as discussed at length on NBL more than a year ago, and is based on the assumed decay graphs for gasses in the atmosphere. If you check the actual absorbance-reradiation data and look at the methodology you will be horrified to discover that the multiplier for CH4 for time frames that matter (1 to 5 years) commences at around 300. This value still has not been fully characterised, though Paul Beckwith did say a year or so ‘around 250’. Others have suggested a figure as high as 1000 as the instantaneous multiplier, i.e. immediately after a major burp of methane into the atmosphere.

    Guy has played it safe by saying: “more than 100”.

    At approximately 2ppm, the methane in the atmosphere has a Co2e of between 2-34=68 and 2×1000=2000, depending on who you choose to believe.

    Then there are the multipliers of other very significant gases to consider.

    Having looked into this matter as fully was able to do at the time it was my greatest concern, I am of the opinion that the present Co2e is well over 1000. Hence the rapid meltdown of the ice sheets and glaciers etc. which is ‘faster than anticipated’ as far as officialdom goes.

    The official stance, as is always the case is not to prove me wrong on the figures I present but to ignore the whole matter.

  • Thanks Kevin.

  • Kevin’s clearly stated more precise information about methane multipliers & CO2e makes our extinction that much sooner & much much worse.

    Recent scientific commentary about accelerating methane release from permafrost adds to our soon to be realized skid into extinction.

    I have been blogging this rudimentary observation & prediction for more than two years.

    Scribbler claims that my position about abrupt methane release in the Arctic is some of his reasons for banning me.

    Poor Scribbler spends his energy pushing monster careerist Hilarious.

    I posted this yesterday under Guy’s Konstanz presentation & also at comments.

    In his presentation Guy used the now well publicized 50 Gt abrupt methane release stated in 2012 by honest empirical scientists, Semiletov & Shakhova.

    I would add that even one measly one Gt would get the final job going on us pronto because of the massive feedbacks that such a tiny release would force.

    We can readily deduce as much from Kevin’s correct updating of the CO2 multipliers for methane.

    A multiplier of 100 is surely low but still more than adequate.

    … 200 is game over sooner.

    This is my post at Guy’s Konstanz lecture.

    Gerald Spezio 2 days ago

    It doesn’t have to be 50 gigatons of methane release.

    A measely 3 gigatons would make for catastrophic heating in only one year.

    Three Gt is miniscule – one/tenth of one percent.of exisiting stores.

    10 to 100 Gt would then be promptly released by feedback.

    3 Gt could be easily released from Arctic stores this summer

    We are observing our own extinction.

    We are doomed.

  • Mike k says:
    “For the seeker of truth, cutting through this jungle of disinformation is a necessary prerequisite to gaining a clear view of reality.”

    I have to disagree mike. All that is required is for a person to make the effort (yes effort is extremely propitious :) ) to look at themselves directly- this limitless background that is the reality of what one actually is. Another way of saying that might be – to move the beam of one’s attention to the simple feel of one’s presence here. I know I am here- what does that feel like? How do I know that I am here? What is it that makes me so certain of the fact that I am? What am I really? Move attention there. This act of looking is so simple a child could be instructed to do it. It might feel like nothing (even when you have actually accomplished this act) but the confirmation that you have succeeded will be that you will do it again and again for as long as it takes to eradicate all fear and it’s effects from your life leaving you sane and self reliant.

    Nothing of any real value can be said about your actual nature- language is contained within you and cannot encompass you. Some useful pointers might be: you are permanent- you are unmoving- you are the same now as when you were 3 years old..

    Have fun. Be well.

  • good one Spezio

    Paul and Guy are interestin’.
    Guy reacts to solar power… funny.
    geo-engineers fix things, can’t help themselves.
    good vid, go viral folks, do what u can do.

    i do my part saying cray cray shit
    backed up by piles of data


  • I’d asked the CO2e question due to Robert Atack had asked it, with some calculations of his own, on scribblers site on one of the recent posts. As far as I can tell, unless I’ve missed it, Robert’s post was removed. It was a worthwhile question IMO.

  • One GT of abrupt methane release multiplied by 100 would be essentially equal to almost tripling the 37 GT of CO2 that we ejaculate into the atmospheric commons per year today.

    One GT would increase the CO2e by a factor of almost three.

    Two GT would increase the CO2e by a factor of almost six.

    Kevin mentioned the not-at-all far fetched possibility of trying to endure the mind boggling effects of increasing the methane doom factor by 300.

    It is not a reach to claim that “at least” one/quarter GT (250 million tons)MINIMUM is spewing into the atmospheric commons NOW.

    One gigaton of CH4 out of 3000 Gt total methane stores in the Arctic Sea bed & Arctic/Siberian Permafrost is analogous to a 200 pound person gaining or losing ONE OUNCE!

    One cubic meter of methane clathrate produces about 160 cubic meters of methane gas.

    We will soon be looking this horror in its deadly face.

    So, the next question is; What will we do with our innocent children?

  • I’ts still there Anthony
    robertscribbler / April 22, 2015
    Looking like 484 CO2e as of now. Maybe 485 if this El Nino keeps ramping up and we get more carbon out of the Ocean.

    Wasdell includes amplifying carbon store feedbacks (and added carbon on top of what we already have as a result) which are a tough measure to nail down. But even if we stabilize at current CO2e levels we’re looking at a range near 4 C long term and 2 C this Century.

    Robert Thankyoufornotbreeding Atack / April 23, 2015
    Sorry Robert
    But where do you get 484 CO2e from?
    404 CO2
    172 ish absolute minimum CO2e via CH4 @ the BS rate of 86/1 over 20 years.
    100 CO2e with NO2 (Sorry not total sure on this??)
    60 Co2e negative feedback when the particulates ‘wash out’
    ?? water vapor ? + other stuff
    = 876 ppm CO2e?
    And that’s without adding the real forcing factor of possible 300/1 – CH4/CO2 , and the more of it there is the longer it hangs around.

    Thanks for your stuff.

    And carbon negative worth a darn = 10 GTs per year withdrawn and stored atmospheric CO2/CO2e. Or so I heard the other day?

  • @ Marc Austins’ post on ITER,

    The acronym ITER stands for the *International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor”

    Yep, nothing to worry about with that. As if that doesn’t say it all, listen to this loon talk about it.

    Quoting a Guardian Jan 2015 news article [with my remarks]: “Steven Cowley, who has been working on the theoretical physics of nuclear fusion for three decades and is now chief executive of the United Kingdom’s Atomic Energy Authority” said:

    “It’s not ordinary [indeed] by any stretch of the imagination [you got that right] and when it’s working, you know, it will be one of the great wonders of the world.”

    Oh really, do tell Why?

    “When this machine works I will be here, you know. The end of my career is going to be watching this machine do a fusion burn,” he says. [like a kid with a toy] “There are probably, over history, a handful of historic moments where in a flash the future changed. In a flash the future will change with this machine… What this is going to show is that man can make a star.”

    That *man* can make a star. How’s that for hubris.

    Look, dickwad, a *star* IS NOT something in a box to begin with.

    Besides that, his history is lacking or he’d understand why the Greeks knew that messing with powers of Creation — like *making* stars — led one to Nemesis; the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.

    And the purpose of all this:

    “We don’t know where we are going to get our energy from in the second half of this century, and if we don’t get fusion working we are going to be really stuck,” he says. “We have to make [Iter] work. It’s not just because I work in it that I think that: it has to work and all this effort of thousands of people all the way round the world is… [wait for it] …to make sure that in 2100 you can flick a switch on the wall and have electricity.”

    What a fucking monstrous Frankenstein boondoggle this is minded over by madmen.

    Not to worry tho, the job is far from finished according to a May 2014 New Scientist article:

    “ITER remains dogged by its own complexity, however, and its director-general says that it may not now fire up until 2023 – three years later than the most recent official deadline.”

    But that’s just to get the working plasma in the box. “The all-important fusion reactions are not likely to occur before 2027,” per the Guardian’s article.

    See, folks, it’s not as bad as you thought! I’m sure the weather by 2027 will be just dandy. And besides:

    “The plasma is a bit like a lump of jelly and you are holding it with a magnetic field which is a bit like knitting wool – and imagine holding a lump of jelly with a few pieces of knitting.”

    Yep, piece of cake! You sound like just the right person to do this.

    Can’t wait.

  • Greek for [Turning Point]
    Peripeteia, the moment we,he,she finds out everything it knows is wrong
    The noun peripety an abrupt turn of events or reversal of circumstances

    This recalculation of gases making ecological collapse faster then
    anticipated, makes it necessary to recalculate the economic crash-downturn

    It’s all going to just stop working, business as usual that is. As soon as just enough of us know whats really going down, then it snowballs. No one will want to go to work, would you I don’t. And now people, are not just posting on there smart phones on the net, they are talking, that’s a good thing. But substantial geophysical changes ? That’s the bad Boogie Monster!

  • @Diarmuid – I am happy for you that you found a meditation method that works for you.

  • Tom Says:
    April 24th, 2015 at 4:54 am

    Way back when …
    I am not so old that I have not been sent to a federal joint for refusing to take up arms against Earth species …

    Anyone else here a peace radical?

    Anybody here seen my old friend Martin?
    Anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?
    Anybody here seen my old friend John?

  • Anybody here seen my old friend Martin?
    Anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?
    Anybody here seen my old friend John?

  • Fooken buteiffull DREDD ! ThankZ

  • I’ve recently seen a couple of instances of people appearing to confuse the meanings of “self-actualization” and “self-realization”. That apparent confusion prompted this short note on my understanding of those two terms.


    “Realization” used in this context refers to becoming aware of something.

    In Hinduism self-realization (atma-jnana) is knowledge of the true self beyond both delusion and identification with material phenomena.

    I believe this is what Diarmuid and Robin are talking about.


    “Actualization” used this way refers to the process of making something a reality.

    In humanist psychology (e.g. Maslow), self-actualization is the process of expressing of one’s full personal potential.

    When used this way their meanings are not even remotely. In fact, they even belong to different metaphysical frameworks.

    Self-realization is an idealist concept, from the metaphysical view that reality is fundamentally mental, mentally constructed, or otherwise immaterial.

    Self-actualization on the other hand is a materialist concept, from the view that reality is fundamentally composed of matter, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are the result of material interactions.

    To bring these ideas home, I operate from a materialist perspective when exploring the behaviour of the world around me, and I operate from idealism when examining my own consciousness.

    Of course all of these ideas – self-realization, self-actualization, idealism and materialism – are just concepts. As such they may all eventually be seen through and set aside.

  • ^ “not even remotely similar.”

  • This new NOAA time lapse video is data at its best.

    It has only been posted for a few days.

    It is a quick time lapse video showing the disappearing old sea ice in the Arctic.

    The last years ice demonstrate how close to the methane monster we are getting.

  • “to look at themselves directly- this limitless background that is the reality of what one actually is”

    At one point a paradox jumps out at oneself… why am I not a dog or a bird or an insect?

    “Nothing of any real value can be said about your actual nature”

    It is not understood by those who understand
    It is understood by those who do not understand.

    – Kena Upanisahd II.3.

    Where there is duality, there you understand another, you think of and think the other, but by what do you understand the understander or think the thinker? for you cannot see the seer, you cannot understand the understander, and know the

    – Brhadaranayaka Upanishad, III. 4.2.

    In the Vedantic tradition, within the realm of space-time-causation nothing comes into being de novo. Most things are a rearrangement of preexisting components at the gross matter-energy level or the subtle mind/intellect/emotion/values level. Each rearrangement has a cause in which it is implicit, and therefore has not manifested de novo.

    The subtle is dependent on the gross, and may even be considered an emergent epiphenomenon of the gross. Both of them are insentient. Actualisation refers to rearrangements.

    Sentience is conscious awareness, which is not constrained by space-time-causation. It has no form, just as sunlight has neither the colour or shape of a red flower or a green leaf, but has both and more implicit in it. And sunlight is pitch black even though it is streaming out in all directions throughout the night sky. The Void is the Plenitude.

    Realisation is the recognition not of a rearrangement, but of that which is unconstrained by space-time-causation: the very nature of being, inclusive of all beings. For most people this is akin to asking a deep sea fish “Is your nose wet?” The response would be “Wtat’s “wet”?”

  • Dear Haydukes Monkey,

    I read the article in January and couldn’t come up with a dose of gallows humour at the time. It just horrified me.
    Oh, to have seen it like you at the time. It’s the only way to be in this mad, mad man-made world.
    Humour/irony like yours helps to keep me sane. Luckily, I have a husband who can do that too.
    We can’t make stars like that madman thinks he can, but you ARE a star!

    And thanks for using the word boondoggle. Here in England, I’ve never heard it. I love it!

  • Let’s see: Quake in Nepal, volcano eruption in Chili,drought in Cal,ice melting rapidly in Greenland,Wars and riots all over, but the BIG NEWS-Bruce Jenner is really a woman

  • Chile…can’t edit

  • Paul,

    I for one used the term self-actualization as I learned it many years ago in Psychology. Self-realization is a newer term for me. Thank you for pointing out the differences, although it can be argued, a little anyway, about the assurance that both terms are “not even close” in terms of their similarities.

    For arguments sake, you wrote that:
    1 ) “Self-realization is the act of becoming aware of something”, 2 ) “self-actualization is the process of expressing of one’s full personal potential”.

    The two, depending on the perspective one wishes to involve, are for all intents and purposes almost identical. One cannot express one’s full “potential” unless one becomes “aware” of what that potential involves. In that sense, they complement each other.

    But no big deal…. Essentially both are desirable conditions….

  • A Sufi Story from the Middle East
    A scholar asked a boatman to row him across the river. The journey was long and slow. The scholar was bored. “Boatman,” he called out, “Let’s have a conversation.” Suggesting a topic of special interest to himself, he asked, “Have you ever studied phonetics or grammar?”
    “No,” said the boatman, “I’ve no use for those tools.”
    “Too bad,” said the scholar, “You’ve wasted half your life. It’s useful to know the rules.”
    Later, as the rickety boat crashed into a rock in the middle of the river, the boatman turned to the scholar and said, “Pardon my humble mind that to you must seem dim, but, wise man, tell me, have you ever learned to swim?”
    “No,” said the scholar, “I’ve never learned. I’ve immersed myself in thinking.”
    “In that case,” said the boatman, “you’ve wasted all your life. Alas, the boat is sinking.”

    Our civilization is sinking. The hope that advanced levels of spiritual understanding might save us has unfortunately come to naught, however wonderful such studies might be in a world not so threatened with extinction. I have spent a large part of my life pursuing such studies and practices, only to find out that the world has no use for them at this time. We need to solve our present crisis by whatever means we can devise. Esoteric philosophy will just have to wait for better times, if such relief ever comes….

    Now it is true that some among us can use the pursuit of ultimate philosophies as a distraction from the angst of watching our whole species destroy itself, and even buy into some super-detached attitude that shelters one from pain and concern. I choose not to opt for that “solution”. I will feel the heart suffering that is a responsiveness that makes me human, all too human – and even entertain hope that somehow we may survive this ordeal….

  • nice little parable there(really!)…it’s great some of you come out of your ivory towers now and then…excuse me…I’ve got to puke now… (really!)

  • Interesting comments Mike k.

    On the other hand, (we should have more than two) I don’t think that we can solve climate change without solving what has caused it in the first place. Realizing that we are in trouble does little to remove that trouble. For instance, there are many species which collectively consume more energy than we do, but yet are not a threat to life.
    Therefore, what is it in the way we do things which causes our species to derail just about everything we come in contact with? In that light, don’t we need to do a little introspection and soul searching?

    We’ve been faced with nuclear annihilation for more than 5 decades for instance, with hair-trigger generals chomping at the bit to find an excuse to be the dumbest person ever to have existed and launch his missiles because he had no breakfast that morning. And yet here we are still armed to the teeth with weapons that could make global warming feel like walk in the park. We’ve got to fix our psychological hang-ups before we can ever hope to remove nuclear weapons, or fix climate change in any significant way.

  • Jean T…

    I’m hurting my small brain trying to name another species that, as you write, “…collectively consume more energy than we do…” Help me, I can’t name it.

  • I guess I can’t blame you all too much though…’cause it’s hell down here in the lobby…

  • …and the subterranean parking deck…holy shit. https://youtu.be/kc7AHguqG5g

  • Hello Jean – My last comment was focused on questioning how far the advanced states, experiences, and understandings of esoteric spiritual traditions can take us in healing the terminal illness that is leading towards total human extinction. There are no simple quick techniques or ideas that could take a significant number of people to these advanced levels. Most folks are not only unwilling to devote the amount of time and effort needed for these developments – they would be actively opposed to doing so on the basis of prior religious, humanistic, or atheist commitments.

    I agree with you that we need to find ways to alter people’s thinking. The trouble is that all of us are multiply addicted and unwilling to acknowledge this, or to undertake the difficult and prolonged work needed to be free from this basic cause of all our problems. There are solutions to our malaise, but they depend on us being willing to engage them. Nothing deep or lasting can be achieved through coercion. Denial is the river we must cross to find the land of freedom beyond it. Even psychotherapy requires clients to voluntarily present themselves and admit to having problems, and committing to the time and effort involved in seeking a solution to their problems. And the truth is that every person in the modern world is in need of healing. Our massive outer problems are the result of big problems in our minds.

  • Since the matter of methane burps and CO2e has been raised, firstly apologies for the typing error: 2×34=68, not 2-34=68, of course.

    How the hell anyone can come up with [overall] CO2e of 478 (which was being quoted until quite recently) is beyond belief….unless it is part of a misinformation campaign.

    I pointed out well over a year ago that the instantaneous methane multiplier [relative to CO2], the comparative absorbance-reradiation factor, is arguably the most important number to be determined by modern science, and ‘nobody’ is interested. I asked the question repeatedly with no success through 2013 and 2014, and I know Robert Atack put the question I had composed to numerous (dozens?) of people with the ability to make headway on the matter and got little in the way of response.

    I gave up asking about methane factors a year ago, and have been focused seven days a week, and usually up to 16 hours a day, on finishing off projects and preparing for the economic mayhem which must come within 2 years, if not later this year.

    The Independent UK screamed loudly when atmospheric CO2 broke through 400ppm for the first time. And has fallen silent since, now that atmospheric CO2 levels have increased by another 1%. (Well, I have not seen or heard of anything reported as a banner headline.)

    A new narrative now seems to be emerging: atmospheric CO2 has been as high as 4000ppm and life on Earth continued (thrived), so there really is no need to do anything about CO2 emissions. The fact that ocean acidification will render much of the current ocean food chain defunct in a matter of decades (possibly less) seems to be of no interest to officialdom. Nor is the fact that climate instability and wild weather events are both increasing at a ‘disturbing rate’ seem to be of any interest to officialdom. I know that in NZ it is still all about economic growth and building stuff. And buying stuff. And tourism. And corporatized sport. Always. All the time.

    Back the matter of atmospheric methane. For the benefit of newcomers, I again point out that the oxidation of methane to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is largely dependent on the presence of OH ions and OH radicals -somewhat ironic in view of the title of the current NBL item.

    OH ions and OH radicals are generated in the atmosphere through the breaking of binds of water molecules by though energy light (UV) and these highly reactive chemical species trigger other reactions when they collide with other molecules in the atmosphere.

    We are now into the field of conjecture, but it is perfectly rational to assume that a large burp of methane would consume all the OH ion and OH radicals in the vicinity. thereby causing oxidation to come to a stop, and allowing methane molecules (with their very high absorbance-reradiation characteristics) to remain spectrally active for quite a long time, i.e. 300xCO2 for days or weeks. This would be particularly so if a methane burp came late in year in the Arctic, when light levels are low and eventually drop to near-zero for many weeks. And late in the year is exactly when methane burps are mostly likely to occur, due to the cumulative effect of Northern Hemisphere summer insolation.

    Again, this rather obscure but nevertheless crucial aspect of the geochemical life-support system is of little or no interest to officialdom or the majority of humans.

  • Dear GS

    I love the way you stay on topic, “The Methane Monster” that so many people are just hoping will not happen. I was listening to the Radio Ecoshock program and the host says in regards to a possible methane release, “it is something that we do not need right now.”

    What is that suppose to mean??????????????????????????????????????? What natural disaster can humans beings stop? Wishing, hoping, and talking is never going to make it so. I admire people like Dr. McPherson who make it clear, there is no if, and, or but about anything. There is only the inevitable.


    I say “Justice delayed is Justice denied.”

    Injustices upon injustices in “Christian America”, but my heart breaks because of the poverty levels the Native owners of this land are enduring right now with children as young a 11 committing suicide. The American government will never look at let alone admit the tight, inextricable connection between this type of despair and the level of poverty forced upon the original owners of this land from “DAY ONE” of the “founders” operating under the guidance of the so-called “Doctrine of Discovery.” It was a sordid history and now it is a sorry ruins.

    I have innocent children. It is a valid question, how to prepare?

    Living these fifty years, I have arrived, though daily observation, at the conclusion that most people will not listen. Most people live in a state of delusional “Hopium” and they love to be this way. Isn’t chasing “THE DREAM” and by necessity the dollar bill more blissful; much easier on the brain cells and heart/mind?

    This hoping and dreaming is so deeply embedded and ingrained in the error-filled “American Religions Tradition.” Christ is not only love. Being the complete opposite (360 degrees opposite) of the “AMERICAN DREAM OF MATERIALISM, GROSS MATERIALISM AND ME FIRSTISM” which has been easily exported to its now global levels, if He lives, as the “American Religious Tradition” says, then He surely sees such great levels of inhumanity and injustices, especially in “Christian America.” (quote marks are intentional)

    How to prepare? Seek truth,speak justice and be at peace.

    But Pontus Pilot did ask, “What is truth.”

    “I am the way,
    the truth and
    the light.”

  • Mike t,

    Yes! Altering people’s thinking needs a leap of faith that we’re not as bad as some people would have us believe. Darwin pointed out just how similar we were to other species in the natural order of things, but religious aficionados wouldn’t go for that, and have been debating the issue of our origins ever since Darwin suggested that our origins were more earth-like than God-like. Kinda rubbed a few people the wrong way it seems. And so if that is our lot, then we could add to his work by studying how other species manage to exist on the planet without destroying its environments.

    To your question about other species consuming more than we do…. Now they’re not walking on two feet, some not walking at all in fact.. but how about ants?: I’ve read that some species of ants consume more energy than the entire human species. How about krill, the most abundant species on Earth? Some species of trees, i.e., pines, spruce etc. absorb and exchange more energy than we do. Even the buffalo herds of the Wild West, apparently 100 million strong at one point, if consuming 50 lbs of grass, would just about equal the energy consumption of the entire human race. Grasses are another, even some of the cod fisheries of the Northern Atlantic may have contained more in terms of simple mass than all of us combined. I haven’t researched this assumption in any way and so there might be better examples , but, in short, collectively, some species need more energy than we do, and that’s all I really was getting at. I was thinking more of what we NEED to survive, not what we USE.

    Some people have proposed that the number of humans could be much greater than it is, a concept that seems ok with me. It’s not our number that is as much of a problem as much as what that number needs to do in order to survive in our human jungles. If ever we can get out from under that canopy, this universe is ours to explore. Only time will tell whether or not intelligence was a viable asset for a species or a liability. So far, it doesn’t look too good.

    Third post for me today…. I better tame it down….

  • In so many cases it is quite difficult to distinguish the infrastructure from the power plants (Sea Level Rise: Impact on Energy Infrastructure).

    The radical problems are getting ready to bat.


    “I am the way,
    the truth and
    the light.”

    Last time I heard that it was from General Jesus (Hypothesis: The Cultural Amygdala – 4).

    He told us everything except how long his AR-15 was.

    I am sure you have a clue about that eh?

    So, let that little light shine baby.

  • Jean Turcot.

    Your suggestion that ants consume more energy than humans is so absurd it is laughable.

    As anyone with any knowledge of biology knows, ants are not mammals and do not have internal chemical systems geared to maintaining a temperature well above the normal ambient in most of the world by burning ‘burning’ carbohydrates.

    The concept of scaling up does not apply particularly well, but I have observed an ant carry an object (an insect wing) five times its linear size and probably thee times its mass, straight up a concrete wall the ant equivalent of a skyscraper without a bead of sweat’ and just keep marching on when it got to the top. If scaling were appropriate, we would say that ants have the capacity to walk a hundred kilometres carrying a 60kg pack without stopping for a meal, and then turn around and do the same thing again….so efficient is their biochemistry.

    Now the fact that ants vastly outnumber humans might give some weight to your argument, were it not for the fact that all the energy ants normally consume comes from more-or-less infinitely renewable sources, whereas 95+% of the energy humans in ‘civilised societies’ consume does not and is predominantly derived from the combustion of fossil fuels formed from energy delivered to Earth millions of years ago by ancient sunlight.


  • Great book.
    I know the ppl. In general from the US, with their shallow hedonism and their inherited consumer mentality, will never understand this work from ´´ Arthur Schopenhauer´´ one of the biggest genius of all times, but maybe also there could be some ppl. out there who will think about it.
    The question is, is it not better for the world to get rid of the human’s and is it not better life in this form will stop on this planet ?
    Schopenhauer was right, completely right, live is suffering and the world is miserable.

    Look around at you, is it not terrible what humans do and did to them self. Ask yourself, does it have a creature more cruel, more greedy, with more egoism and less compassion, look around the system ( which by the way crashes at this very moment ) THEY created, look at the wars they like to have and with these they show the despise they feel of other people.

    You do a little research and you also find out which group does have responsibility at last, for this things.
    Do you know what, I do hope they feel the full sadness and will repent what they did do this world in the end. But I also doubt this one.

    Read this great work of philosophy, no, better read all of his work and yes you need some years to understand it in the deepness and profoundness. But like they say the good is never easy.
    Arthur Schopenhauer had it right after all. Here some excerpts of ´´On the Sufferings of the World´´

    If you try to imagine, as nearly as you can, what an amount of misery, pain and suffering of every kind the sun shines upon in its course, you will admit that it would be much better if, on the earth as little as on the moon, the sun were able to call forth the phenomena of life; and if, here as there, the surface were still in a crystalline state.

    Unless suffering is the direct and immediate object of life, our existence must entirely fail of its aim.

    It is absurd to look upon the enormous amount of pain that abounds everywhere in the world, and originates in needs and necessities inseparable from life itself, as serving no purpose at all and the result of mere chance. Each separate misfortune, as it comes, seems, no doubt, to be something exceptional; but misfortune in general is the rule.

    The best consolation in misfortune or affliction of any kind will be the thought of other people who are in a still worse plight than yourself; and this is a form of consolation open to everyone.
    But what an awful fate this means for mankind as a whole!

    We are like lambs in a field, disporting themselves under the eye of the butcher, who chooses out first one and then another for his prey. So it is that in our good days we are all unconscious of the evil Fate may have presently in store for us — sickness, poverty, mutilation, loss of sight or reason.

    Tell me wasn’t he right after all?

  • kevin moore Says:
    April 25th, 2015 at 2:29 pm
    “Jean Turcot.

    Your suggestion that ants consume more energy than humans is so absurd it is laughable.”

    Imagine that, Jean Turcot making an assertion which cannot be backed scientifically.:-)

    Here’s something which can be;
    It’s time to ‘Do the math’ again, David Spratt, 4/23/15.

    Have we gone mad? A new report released today explains why contemporary climate change policy-making should be characterised as increasingly delusional.
    As the deadline approaches for submissions to the Australian government’s climate targets process, there is a flurry of submissions and reports from advocacy groups and the Climate Change Authority.
    Most of these reports are based on the twin propositions that two degrees Celsius (2°C) of global warming is an appropriate policy target, and that there is a significant carbon budget and an amount of “burnable carbon” for this target, and hence a scientifically-based escalating ladder of emission-reduction targets stretching to mid-century and beyond.
    A survey of the relevant scientific literature by David Spratt, “Recount: It’s time to ‘Do the math’ again”, published today by Breakthrough concludes that the evidence does not support either of these propositions.
    The catastrophic and irreversible consequences of 2°C of warming demand a strong risk-management approach, with a low rate of failure. We should not take risks with the climate that we would not take with civil infrastructure.
    There is no carbon budget available if 2°C is considered a cap or upper boundary as per the Copenhagen Accord, rather than a hit-or-miss target which can be significantly exceeded; or if a low risk of exceeding 2°C is required; or if positive feedbacks such as permafrost and other carbon store losses are taken into account.
    Effective policy making can only be based on recognissng that climate change is already dangerous, and we have no carbon budget left to divide up. Big tipping-point events irreversible on human time scales such as in West Antarctica and large-scale positive feedbacks are already occurring at less than 1°C of warming. It is clear that 2°C of climate warming is not a safe cap.
    In reality, 2°C is the boundary between dangerous and very dangerous climate change and 1°C warmer than human civilisation has ever experienced.
    In the lead up to the forthcoming Paris talks, policy makers through their willful neglect of the evidence are in effect normalising a 2.5–3°C global warming target.
    This evidence in “Recount: It’s time to ‘Do the math’ again” demonstrates that action is necessary at a faster pace than most policy makers conceive is possible. [Chart]

  • Dear Dredd

    It is important to read carefully. It is clear that this general is of the “error-filled American Religious Tradition,” I make constant reference to in the post; therefore his error of speaking about a AR-15 for a returning warrior reveals his own error of thought and teaching.

    The ongoing error of the reference to the “divine purity” of the so-called “founding fathers” again point to the glaring problem of “The American Christian Tradition,” which is full of error as it combines much materialism, greed,and unpunished murder, slaughter and even genocide condone by the American government and plenty of American soliders and generals from it’s beginning as a nation until now.

    It is good to know the difference.

  • Kevin Moore,

    As a newcomer I’ve appreciated the lessons given in how CH4 in CO2e is calculated and all. Thank you.

    Sorry to say I may have contributed to the NZ boomtown mentality you described so well by visiting your lovely country back in 1991. Just as the 1st Golf War was ending. Good time to travel around the world when no one else wanted to i figured. Hiked over the Milford Pass — on a clear day too! — and camped out at other NZ park treasures. Anyway, until any methane monster burp cleans our clock for good, keep us posted.

    Marc Austin,

    Best of luck to you slowing down ITER from wherever you’re perched. I’m sure a wrench can be had at the job site if needed to do the job too. But i didn’t know about this, so thanks for the heads up.

    Mike K,

    Thanks for the New Yorker link. That story has some doozy statements in it too.

    Well, here’s to another daze in paradise. There ain’t gonna be no universal love fest to higher whatever. It is what it is. Time enough still to try and get comfortable, buckle our seat belts with knowing acknowledgement, and lament the utter stupidity and recklessness of the ride while it lasts with some loving laughter. What else better is there to do?


  • Oh, and to Sabine,

    You are star in my eyes too!

    My 19 yr. old son just arrived in London. Doing the post High School Eurail junket. Care to show him about? kidding that last part.

    My grandfather, a navel officer during the run up to D-day, died of appendicitis in England (not your fault tho) and is buried in your lovely green earth in Cambridge. I’m sure he’s quite comfortable there.

    I visited him with me Mum when I was a skinny young chap many a moon ago. Made me momentarily queasy seeing my name engraved on a cross among a field of hundreds. His first and last name are my first and middle.

    But I survived the experience as you can see. And I believe we can survive this lunacy too. Well, not survive it like that but try and rise above it. That’s my strategy i guess, at least here. Ok, shoot me; this is my 3rd post. I’m a bad boy. gotta run now, bye…

  • I suspect he was a naval officer.Navel officers are only found in the belly of the beast.
    Some here might find an article on population,’Environmentalism’s Dirty Secret’, which includes a recent interview with Paul Ehrlich,worth reading. See secondnexus.com

  • “The hope that advanced levels of spiritual understanding might save us has unfortunately come to naught, however wonderful such studies might be in a world not so threatened with extinction.”

    “Spiritual” is a misperception that divides reality: there is nothing spiritual about reality. There is no “us” in this regard.

    From early infancy one performs Turing tests to categorise and separate puppies from stuffed toys, wind-up dolls from humans. The results are as arbitrary as any Turing test. One’s self is not matter & energy in space-time-causation; it is made manifest in space-time-causation through specific configurations of matter & energy just as sunlight is manifest in a room through a window. The sun does not need to be saved if the house collapses. Even if the house had 7+ billion windows.

    “super-detached attitude that shelters one from pain and concern”

    Detachment is callous disregard, an absence of compassion. It is quite different from non-attachment, which is an absence of attraction and aversion, without disregard.

    “There are no simple quick techniques or ideas that could take a significant number of people to these advanced levels.”

    There are no advanced levels to the light of the sun, but varying amounts of grime on windows may make it appear so. There are various levels of preparedness or qualification. At one extreme is the individual who only needs to hear only once, even in passing, the statement “You are That” or “You are Buddha”. The other extreme …

  • david higham,

    “I suspect he was a naval officer.Navel officers are only found in the belly of the beast.”

    I knew you’d pick up on that! I wonder if the Navel officers were involved in the 1st Golf War.

    I can’t help but pick up on typos that make for inadvertent yet silly good humor. Like when someone recently spelled your last name “highman”.

  • Thanks,Satish. I didn’t mean any nastiness to Haydukes, just pleased that at least one person had a laugh .Laughs can be hard to come by these days.
    You are very observant.

    April 25th, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Dear Dredd

    It is good to know the difference.
    It is also good to know the same.

    Got Mithra? (The Virgin MOMCOM – 6 )

  • I’ve posted a new guest essay. You can catch it here.

  • Dear Queenie Child,

    Your comments are always insightful, and I try not to miss them. Your sadness for the “native owners” of your land America “and the poverty levels they have to endure” and that children as young as 11 are committing suicide reminded me of a book that you might not have read and which might truly break your heart. Still, I think it would help in the way that it helped me finding out as much as possible about the holocaust caused by my “Christian” people, Germans, exterminating Jews, Gypsies, socialists, gays, in fact anybody they had declared as the “Other”. Always the same story! This book is called “American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World” by David E. Stannard.
    Please read it if you can and haven’t done so yet. It will help you to fill all the gaps and join many dots about the history of your continent.

    As Satish mentioned typos in the way that he did in one of his comments, please don’t think me patronizing if I say this:

    It’s Pontius Pilate, and in “proper” Latin Pontius Pilatus (Peelahtus). In Latin and most other European languages the “i” is pronounced “ee” as in seed. Therefore, the English pronunciation can be very misleading.
    My name, for instance, should be pronounced “Zabeenah” with the emphasis on the “bee” but I rarely hear that here in England so I’m used to responding to all sorts, rather like poor Pontius, if he were alive now, would have to respond to “pilot”.
    Best wishes!

  • Sabine, A holocaust is a holocaust is a holocaust. It doesn’t matter if it is an American holocaust, a native holocaust, or a Jewish holocaust. If we don’t change the way we do things, it will be a Homo Sapiens holocaust. And, according to this very blog, that is already written in the stars. The question is, if the end is not as near as some would suggest, what can prevent the next holocaust? To prevent a Homo Sapiens holocaust, we need to start at the very base of what constitutes any holocaust. When the base is secure for all, the pyramid that we have built for our species can be maintained, without the need for reinforcement. Until then, holocausts are here to stay.

  • For the humble seeker of truth, trying to have a discussion with a fundamentalist is a very frustrating experience. Early on it begins to be apparent to one that the fundamentalist is not interested in, or even capable of an open enquiry or egalitarian sharing of viewpoints. From their point of view there is only your complete ignorance and their obligation to correct you from their unquestionable and certain knowledge.

    And fundamentalism is by no means limited to religious matters. There are political, philosophical, scientific, artistic, vedantic fundamentalists. There is no field of human activity that does not have it’s coterie of fundamental thinkers. There are even, as we all know, NTHE fundamentalists. One thing we learn over time is that it is a fool’s errand to try to refute or convert such persons. The best option often is to simply state your own position, and leave it at that. To respond to their criticisms of your ideas will only strengthen their conviction of your stupidity and their superior knowledge. There is not a single word that you speak that they will not accuse you of not really understanding. Their agenda is for you to confess your total defeat and surrender to their point of view unconditionally. Nothing less will really satisfy them, and you must henceforth accept your absolute endorsement of whateve they may put forth.

    I have a lady friend who has very definite opinions on a range of subjects. If after patiently listening to her, I voice some mild disagreement, she will become emotional and say, “You’re not hearing me !” Of course what she means is that if I heard her I would obviously agree with her absolutely unquestionable position…

    A poem by Alexander Pope:

    A little learning is a dangerous thing ;
    Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring :
    There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
    And drinking largely sobers us again.
    Fired at first sight with what the Muse imparts,
    In fearless youth we tempt the heights of Arts ;
    While from the bounded level of our mind
    Short views we take, nor see the lengths behind,
    But, more advanced, behold with strange surprise
    New distant scenes of endless science rise !
    So pleased at first the towering Alps we try,
    Mount o’er the vales, and seem to tread the sky ;
    The eternal snows appear already past,
    And the first clouds and mountains seem the last ;
    But those attained, we tremble to survey
    The growing labours of the lengthened way ;
    The increasing prospect tires our wandering eyes,
    Hill peep o’er hills, and Alps on Alps arise !

  • Jean Turcot,

    I was just reacting to Queenie’s mentioning of the suffering of Native Americans and that she might like to read that book. It’s an important part of American history.

    I’ve been reading Guy’s blog for a long time now and just try talk to people on this beach of doom, saying what comes into my head when I feel the inclination to do so. You’re probably the same there, often just reacting.

    For me NTE is ever present, and please note that I call it NTE not NTHE. The human factor is the least important for me there. I accepted NTE a long time ago. It’s life as we know it here on our Earth that will experience “holocaust” (for want of a better word). Our “final solution” or “Endlösung” as the Nazis would have said.

    We are destroying life support for every species of plant and animal, not only ours. I think that’s THE most important thing to understand rationally and emotionally. Homo sapiens is just one species, the one that’s causing extinction of Life and will consequently become extinct very soon.
    Everything else is navel-gazing. I indulge in it like everybody else which is fine, as long as it’s always seen in perspective.

    In this context, my mentioning the book to Queenie should be seen as navel-gazing.

    In the meantime, as Guy recommends, live a life of excellence whatever that means for you.

  • It is a race
    to see who can eat
    the most of the corpse
    that remains
    of Mother Earth.

  • mike K,

    you’re a truly wise man. You still see the Alps arise – so do I.
    Everybody knows the first line but not many people know the whole poem.

    Thanks for posting it.

  • I very much appreciate your NTE comment, Sabine. I so agree.

  • Satish,

    “the public isn’t complaining about the particle-smashing experiments because the public thinks it’s cool. Or they don’t know enough about it. I don’t know anyone in my circle who’d get in an uproar over this. It’s Science, right? And Science is good. Well, there are always risks with everything we do, we just calculate it and move on. That’s the mantra.”

    The scientific fundamentalism Mike K. speaks of. It’s “science,” therefor it is acceptable, right and righteous. Just like how stuff is in the Bible and “the word of God.” Hey, it’s all justifiable. I’ve said for a few decades that I can’t tell much difference between the religious fundamentalists and the other fundamentalists.

    “We placed ourselves at risk many times in the past, like when we blasted off rockets into space and the rockets carried dangerous nuclear matter that could contaminate the atmosphere forever if the rocket exploded on its way up. A Russian rocket did explode and contaminated the atmosphere exactly this way. But what’s that compared to the intentional detonation of nuclear bombs in the hundreds of under-sea and over-land tests carried out by a number of countries for decades, intentionally contaminating the planet for thousands of years to come? Then again, all that’s nothing compared to the attempt to create a sun in the lab. It’s as if we’re surprised we’re still around and we try harder.”

    Madness has overrun the place. People from all over the world are gathering to divvy up the Arctic, and Alaskans want to push for economic development first in connection with the Arctic as the ice melts further, and are upset that environmental concerns are given any prominence in the discussions. Not that it matters what they talk about at this point . . .

    There are psychotic serial murderers everywhere around us in this world, and they are average and common people. They are the walking brain- and heart-dead, they are dangerous, and it is a real zombie apocalypse out there.

  • What is wisdom?

    Wisdom carefully considers both the past and the future before acting or not acting in the present.

    Wisdom always acts from universal love.

    Wisdom serves all equally without any distinctions or limitations.

    Wisdom seeks to heal the deepest basis of problems, not just the surface symptoms.

    Wisdom is humble, and admits it’s limitations.

    Wisdom is free and creative, not bound by common knowledge or authority.

    Wisdom is non-coercive, never imposing itself by force.

    Wisdom is an ongoing enquiry that is never completed….

    (Just some thoughts, not dogma. Open to refutations, questions and additions….)

  • @Sabine, thank you for that compliment. I try to look for truth. Searching for truth does help in gaining insight.

    @Dredd, I see the antonym that you presented but the link once again only exemplifies the problem with the errors ingrained in the “American Christina Tradition,” which largely keeps the masses blind to the problem of evil with our own government; throughout the history of the American government, from the near genocide of the Native owners of this land to the now real mass incarceration of the human millions whose history in America has already been fraught with centuries of injustices: legalized brutality, legalized social exclusion, legalized marginality and disenfranchisement.

    Seeking truth for my own self, I see that there is an “American Religion Tradition” that is erroneous because its actions does not match its words. Words that say: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” and then thusly proclaim “In God we trust.”
    These words are not matching your actions as a nation of people America. So I have found out for myself what “In God we trust” really mean.

    This brings me back to the point of my post in regards to the valid question posed by GS. How do you prepare when you have innocent children?

    In seeking truth for myself, I see the histories of man’s inhumanity to man around the world and I embrace the ideas and words that comfort and bring peace to my mind/heart/spirit/soul;” “I am the way, the truth and the light.” These words brings comfort to me.

    Knowing that Dr. McPherson’s research is absolutely accurate, I have found peace for mysef which will be of benefit and help to my innocent children.

    April 26th, 2015 at 10:56 am

    @Dredd, I see … the “American Christina Tradition …”
    There was no America then, back when Christina was hot.

    That was centuries upon centuries later.

    There is no Christian god here even now, and “I am the way, the truth and the light” is the motto of Charlatans anywhere.

    It means nothing.

    It comes from the same ink on paper that also has written on it that the god of this world is evil: “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light …” (2 Cor 4:4)

    That is evidently the same one who proclaimed to “the Christian god” as follows:
    “Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them … And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” (Matt 4:8).

    I can’t tell which one you think is light “and stuff like that Wally” other than your god is better than the American god.

    Not really.

    Which is what I would tell American god worshippers if they said that their god is better than your god.

    This is a murder suicide planet so just let it go.

    Any gods who put this fiasco together need a good ass kicking IMO.

  • @Dredd

    There is an American Religious Tradition. Its influence can be heard in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance: “One nation under God.” It can be seen in the beginnings of the American government by words written in the American Constitution: “endowed by our Creator.” These words and more are due to the heavy influence of a Christian Tradition that were spoken by the American leaders but not lived up to at all as they called fellow human beings three-fourth of a person: three-fourth of a human being.

    I as a thinking person choose to speak what is on my mind and my thoughts. That is the purpose of most blogs.

    Yes, the history of man has been of murder and injustices but anyone who so choose can and do have a right to speak of it.

    And yes that was a typo.

    Thank you for your comments. I will move on.

    April 26th, 2015 at 1:48 pm


    There is an American Religious Tradition …

    There is an “every civilization that has ever existed thousands of years before America existed tradition” too.

    They are all false.

    Get over it.

    Die as a peace radical.

    All these my religion is better than your religion shit fests are warmongering illusions.

    Including your “I am the way, the truth and the light” …

    You are here.

    When you move on dot org, as I will too, stop picking on Armenians. ;)

  • @Mike k
    I think that if you might look a little deeper beneath any possible emotional reaction you may find Robin’s response to be extremely helpful. The truth is being pointed towards – inasmuch as anything can be said about the ‘truth’ directly. The ‘truth’/reality/you when it is looked at/tasted directly is undeniable and not really open to discussion.

    If one is to be of any real help to other human beings (and not create any further mischief) one needs to solve the fundamental problem of being a human being for oneself. There is no authority in this regard. The fundamental problem being this sense of being at stake or in danger in this life- the sense that there is something missing that I still have to find – the searching/seeking for truth itself.

    I have offered you the ‘how’ as regards settling this issue not out of any dogma or authority or fundamentalist perspective. I have seen the effects of this ‘looking’ in my life and the lives of others. It infallibly brings the seeking/searching for truth to an end and lets you settle into your life with and ease and intimacy that is unimaginable. From this side it is very clear what is being referred to in robins utterances and the spiritual texts – which is not at all like what I thought they were saying when I was driven by the fear and the search for a solution.

    When the fear is gone the boundaries between ‘self and other’ become even more porous. This the suffering of others is felt even more intensely. There is no shelter. This is the nature of compassion- which is ‘to suffer with’. There is no individual realisation- if you suffer-i suffer. None are free- until all are free. We are all in this together- we always have been- and we each know this (but live in denial).

    I am not a guru or a master- I am your servant really- I come here to be of use – to share this magnificent good news about this infallible method of ‘looking at yourself’

    Try it and see- as an experiment :)
    If you are not happy with the results I will give you your money back ;)

  • @Diarmuid – Thanks for your comments. The practice you recommend sounds a lot like the enquiry “Who am I?” favored by Ramana Maharshi. I explored that for a time many years ago, but with little result. I appreciate that you are quite enthusiastic about what you espouse, but that is no guarantee it will work as well for others as it seems to have for you. I feel that on a spiritual quest one needs to be in touch with one’s inner self for guidance in regard to what practices or teachers will be most appropriate. I am happy that this practice has met your needs, but I must respectfully decline to do it myself – due to guidance from my higher self.

  • Queenie CHILD, In reality, aren’t we all innocent children? What exactly did we have to do with the existence of a universe? Nothing… What did we have to do with its natural state? Nothing… What did we have to do with anything really?? Nothing much…. We live with our hang-ups, the hang-ups that we inherited from just being alive, an event which is so unusual as to defy the laws of probability. We are all innocent. Even the rich and wealthy live according to the cards they were dealt, not the cards they asked for.

    You wrote:” Knowing that Dr. McPherson’s research is absolutely accurate, I have found peace for myself which will be of benefit and help to my innocent children.” Nothing in the known universe is an absolute, including what I just wrote. You are free, of course, to believe or not believe that something can be absolute. I guess it’s the ‘absolute’ that bothers me. Nature itself, being imperfect, evolves, which in and of itself is not an absolute. Everyone of us can be wrong, and I think we are more often than not… So despair or acceptance of an inevitability may be your choice, but may not be the best for the children you have involved. Just imperfect thoughts…..