Edge of Extinction: Take Action


I was interviewed by Reverend Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping last Thursday morning. The interview will air Wednesday, 3 June 2015 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern on WBAI radio in New York City. Catch it on the Internet by clicking here.

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  • Taking action now is akin to managing one’s descent in wingsuit diving atfer realising on the way down that one has not proporly packed one’s parachute.

  • Guy, I too am very grateful for what you do. With your science based approach to what is the the defining event of our history, you have given us order out of the chaos of lies and manipulation. Science trumps the powerful denial industry. You’ve taken them all on, and won! I’m proud to know you.

  • I, for another, am pleased you walked away from empire.

  • Guy, what Kirk and Mike said! Your sacrifice and moral courage are a tremendous gift!

  • Here is a no nonsense on point video of how to run-with-empire, advance oneself, & get the spoils.

    Lawyerfish Janet Napolitano, aka Big Sis, is a classic example of joining the top-down power game & its very lucrative reward structure.

    “GOT MONEY? Will whore for career & status.”

    Well dressed Empire just made her the supreme honcho of the entire U. of California System.

    Just highlight & right click to the Youtube site.

    Why Jews Love Big Sis 2015 – Brother Nathanael

  • Kiwi Kevin, some very new research about the development of rainfall belts in the Southern Hemisphere & a new source of deadly methane.

    It’s a genuinely holistic/democratic approach to our planetary peril.

    Everybody gets a dose.

    Martha & the Vandellas; “No where to run to – nowhere to hide.”

    See Martha & at Youtube – just highlight & right click.

    I’d send it to Wozniak, but I don’t know his address in Hobart.


  • Guy, thank you so much for alerting us. What a difficult job. I’m so glad you’re out there. What could be more important than what you’re teaching us?

  • Great video.

    I have to agree with Mike the interviewer who is glad that Guy is doing what he is doing now.

    Although, should some university offer a position, I think that Guy could do both now that he has seen two sides of the coin.

    Take Action!

  • I use to be told how good I was promoting peak oil etc, people use to thank me for what I was doing with my website, and all the DVDs etc I use to give out, excreta efuckingcreta.
    My thoughts when they said that sort of thing was – “get off ya fat arse and do something, don’t praise me”. I’m a 4th form drop out, with zero money, and I did this much – http://oilcrash.com/articles/thankyou.htm what an utter wast of time and money.
    Same with most of these ‘Guy worshipers’ now.
    I think Guy did enough back when he did his first Horizon interview, it is/was such a pity all these worshipers couldn’t get off their collective fat arsses and do something themselves, instead of Guy having to carry the can all these wasted years.
    Like I wasted my time and efforts giving away over 16,000 DVDs (over $25K)
    Now I’m very happy just sitting and watching, knowing I am in a small group of failures, all 5? of us ) – Kevin, Guy, Derek, Les Knight (vhemt.org), me ie the people who went outside there comfort zone to tell the truth, using their personal resources.

  • Robert A.,

    Yes, too bad more did not respond, as you did, but it was always going to be a failure as we are all just sitting in a never-ending audience watching a terrible movie with an obvious ending. How boring.

    Think of all that answered the call, probably starting waaaay before the Greeks, and in caves no less, but they too were crushed like grapes or simply laughed at and pushed aside with the greatest of ease. At least, death is better, for me. Why fuck around? Go to sleep and stop gnashing.
    No more Cortisol.

    This is the way we have evolved. No pen or conscience is mightier than the sword! That’s just the way it is.

  • People don’t value the truth. That’s why we are stuck with this immense suffering and the real possibility of near term human extinction. If you love all life, then you need to love the truth – real knowledge. You can’t properly care for anyone or anything without knowledge of what their problems are and how you can best help them. If you pretend you can love and care for others without discovering the truth, then you are lying to yourself and to those who need your loving care. To be satisfied with such shallow love that is lacking in wisdom is to betray those who need your loving care and help.

    The simple truth is that we cannot be truly loving if we are avoiding the truth about our situation on earth, and pretending that this willful ignorance doesn’t matter. To get ourselves and others to face the truth about ourselves, our government, our churches, our addictions is difficult. But to not live on the basis of honest confrontation with the truth is fatal – as we are finding out. We are selfish addicts hiding in denial and empty dreams from the truth that could save us. Accept no substitutes – only the real, complete, unvarnished truth will avail us at this point. All the complicated analysis that Bud Nye has put out really boils down to one thing: start telling the truth. Start seeking the truth and sharing it with others. It’s not that complicated, but for people who were brought up from childhood on lies, it takes some real honest work on themselves to learn to discern and tell and act from the truth.

  • Take action is right! Protect your QB. :-)

  • Absence of empathy is not neutral, absence of empathy is in itself a form of violence. ~ Richard Mollica, M.D.


    ‘You will have heard rumours of the existence of the Brotherhood. No doubt you have formed your own picture of it. You have imagined, probably, a huge underworld of conspirators, meeting secretly in cellars, scribbling messages on walls, recognizing one another by codewords or by special movements of the hand. Nothing of the kind exists. The members of the Brotherhood have no way of recognizing one another, and it is impossible for any one member to be aware of the identity of more than a few others. Goldstein himself, if he fell into the hands of the Thought Police, could not give them a complete list of members, or any information that would lead them to a complete list. No such list exists. The Brotherhood cannot be wiped out because it is not an organization in the ordinary sense. Nothing holds it together except an idea which is indestructible. You will never have anything to sustain you, except the idea. You will get no comradeship and no encouragement. When finally you are caught, you will get no help. You will have to get used to living without results and without hope. You will work for a while, you will be caught, you will confess, and then you will die. Those are the only results that you will ever see. There is no possibility that any perceptible change will happen within our own lifetime. We are the dead. Our only true life is in the future. We shall take part in it as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone. But how far away that future may be, there is no knowing. It might be a thousand years. At present nothing is possible except to extend the area of sanity little by little. We cannot act collectively. We can only spread our knowledge outwards from individual to individual. In the face of the Thought Police there is no other way.’
    – George Orwell 1984 chapter 2


    Retweeted deray mckesson (@deray):

    The truth is damning enough that it should radicalize you.


    Wozniak’s trick uses obscure ASCII text code numbers. Can mirror here: http://www.upsidedowntext.com/

    Now if there was just a trick or cool website that could magically remove gigatons of carbon and methane from the atmosphere.

    ɹǝʇsǝM ɯoɹℲ

  • “Like I wasted my time and efforts giving away over 16,000 DVDs (over $25K)” – R Atack

    Hey, I have some of those DVDs!

    $25,000 isn’t so bad a price to pay to learn a valuable lesson. There are folks out there that have paid much more for tuition-loans, and they didn’t learn shit!

    So, you didn’t change anything, but I’m sure my thinking was bent, thank you. I suppose you are guilty of possessing too much passion.
    I can think of worse.

    Correcting propaganda billboards to reflect truth is an especially courageous behavior that takes more effort than many might imagine.


  • mike k, ditto, no need to add a word.

  • Here’s how some other apes are taking action:

    IBMers are building a smarter planet™ for all us apes to live on

    GM-ers, Ford-ers, & Chrysler-ers are building smarter cars for apes to drive

    Googlers are building even smarter self-driving cars for apes to continue spending their lives driving around in without having to look where they are going

    Exxon-ers are building smarter ways to frack more natural gas and suck up more oil for apes to use smartly

    Goldman Sach-ers are building smarter derivatives & smarter financial plans for apes to smartly plan their retirements

    Hill & Knowlton-ers are building smarter advertising to inform the apes of how smart they are

    Raytheon-ers are building smarter explosive bombs and weaponry to use on apes who aren’t so smart

    DARPA-ers are building smarter military toolkits for the army, navy, marine, and air force apes to use in their smarter planet peacekeeping missions on the apes who aren’t so smart

    GE-ers are building smarter nukes to power all the apes smarter fancy electronic apps

    Monsanto-ers are building smarter genetically modified seeds and smarter pesticides in order to keep feeding all the apes, even the not so smart ones

    Starbucks-ers are building smarter coffee beans to keeps apes well caffeinated on their path to a smarter planet

    Ivy League administrators are are building smarter educations, to pump out smarter ape graduates, who will fulfill the smarter planet job hierarchies listed above

    Me, I’m just a smart ass ape whose only belief in a smarter planet is the one that will arise after we are gone.

  • I watched Field of Dreams tonight on TV (for the umteenth time). Cried at some points like I always do. Am I crazy? Yes! That’s the point – we need to nourish the fanciful, magical child within us that is buried under so much cultural shit. I love those tears that prove to me that I can dream even if the whole world denies my dreams.
    Without Don Quixote life is impossible to bear….

  • Haydukes Monkey, now I unnerstan – your handle.

    You are a very witty fellow, very direct, very simple, & almost surely a prevert.

    In Bahstin they would say that Haydukes is real smahht.

  • mike k, re; Field of Dreams & your essay on truth.

    Bucky Fuller held; “The opposite of nature is impossible.”

    Compound interest is impossible – the very opposite of nature.

  • I very well understand Guy feels it was a huge mistake to leave his tenured position as a University Professor.

    It is a regret, very clearly meant by him, but I would like to point out a contradiction Guy is perhaps overlooking.

    At the point where he felt it might be a hypocrisy to stay in a system that is corrupt, and that to stay in it-getting personal wealth from that system- he felt he needed to choose. That point being reached, to continue as it was, was to agree to be an exploiter of all we know is killing the planet, but to leave was a gesture to create an unknown, but creative future of how to live in some manner other than the dominant one.

    Yes, we all see the choice, however, as it was framed by Guy, he was not able to grow further, spiritually, remaining as he was. The word conscience here is a mask for the deeper question -‘by which powers do you live?”

    So I don’t feel it was something to be sidestepped to get the present ‘independence’ of the system, by staying put.

    Sometimes ‘actions’ are the only way to grow, and when it is about a fork in the road there is only the moments when the trail is hot, one can act.

    If Guy had stayed put, he would have lost the greater path to growth, for the needed changes would have ebbed away, and he would probably be embroiled in eternal infighting, sidelining within academia, and wishing he had made another decision.
    Now he has a wider, and lets face it, widest audience possible.

    The economic sacrifice, we can all infer, and the sacrifice of leaving structured teaching, one could say leads now to a very open arena of unstructured teaching, or conversation, debate, and exchange.
    Teaching in the round, which is Guy’s chosen Socratic style, is better suited to egalitarian change, and authentic self-actualised ‘education’, the type where learning to suck up to power is outmoded, for it is now obsolete.

    Whether it was ever so, historically, is moot, but ‘university’ is now clearly a site of uniform thinking subservient to the dominant hegemony of ecocidal manufacture of dim-witted consent.
    You had to leave Guy, and you would not be worth listening to if you had not had the conviction to change yourself-or at least attempt the experiment of doing so-to create a better future, (for all).
    Yes it was a huge mistake, but one you are not able to take back, and they are the best and worst ones to make – equivalent to an initiation moment in the old world.
    The rub is Guy initiated it himself, out of need, and so the emotional freedom is weighed against other life issues.
    I’d take the emotional freedom, any day!

    Justsayin ;)

    Something I’m liking right now:

    ‘Kids In The Kitchen – ‘Current Stand’ 1985′


  • That is not the better version I like, sorry:

    ‘Kids In The Kitchen – ‘Current Stand’ 1985′

    Also for anyone interested, here are the lyrics, very interesting to me.

    Current Stand
    There is no place to hide – this time
    Don’t let affection stray away
    You can be so demanding
    ‘Cause I’m not here to stay
    You know there’ll be no longer
    When I’m not here to stay

    I can’t be holding on to you
    If I believe in saving ways
    I thought it could be fun
    Instead, the whole thing’s blown up in my face
    In time there’ll be no other
    How am I to say no no
    Is love a type of question
    We’re led astray

    So you do what is needed
    Meet till the sorrow
    This is the way we stand
    Caught in the crossfire
    Burnt by it’s anger
    This is the current stand

    It’s what tomorrow clings onto
    Another ending way that never died
    The fun, the hurt, the joy
    You know, we use to have so much
    You understood me
    You never really understood me

    So you do what is needed
    Meet till the sorrow
    This is the way we stand
    Caught in the crossfire
    Burnt by it’s anger
    This is the current stand

    My favourite line is:

    In time there’ll be no other….

    (That’s what I’m talkin about)



  • Mike W.P. Kinsella (Field of Dreams) also has some books of short stories out about reserves north of Edmonton, Alberta. Scars and Dance Me Outside are quite good.

  • Yes re. Robert Atack. Yes Guy almost certainly will find sometime he’s not the flavour of the week anymore (New Zealand saying). A sad fact about human nature is that many will become bored about being told the end is nigh and return to their hedonistic pursuits of money, pleasure and family life. If Guy can get another Uni post I’d recommend that. Basically the human race is not woth being Jesus for! Look what they did to him! :-(

  • Guy is, in the context of the current paradigm/zeitgeist, a heretic.
    That road is fraught with peril:
    Steve Biko
    Lech Walesa
    Susan B. Anthony
    Nelson Mandela
    Virginia Woolf
    Aldous Huxley
    George Orwell
    Dr. King
    Albert Camus
    Franz Kafka
    Galileo Galilei
    Terence McKenna
    Sir Thomas More
    Derrick Jensen
    Emmeline Pankhurst
    Chico Mendes
    Wangari Maathai
    Chief Seattle (Si’ahl, Sealth)
    Vaclav Havel
    Edward Snowden
    Giordano Bruno
    Crazy Horse
    Guy McPherson.

    Just sayin’.

  • …there’s much more to be done than live small, complaisant lives…

  • Outsiders all
    Loosely gathered
    Around a dying fire
    Listening to the ocean’s ancient song
    Whiling away the time
    Telling stories
    Sharing dreams and fears
    Through the long days
    And longer nights
    In search of a soul
    That seems to be dying

    By many winding ways
    We have found ourselves
    With others on this lonely beach
    Wondering where we will go
    When all paths
    Come to an end
    And the great Universe
    Folds us into
    It’s mysterious self….

  • will they tell us when to die?

  • mike k: to you “Field of Dreams” comment – me too, i guess i’m just a big wuss, but there’s something ephemeral and nascent that wells up in me during parts of that movie (i can’t put it into words – but it’s like effervescence of the soul) that touch a tender part.

    like this: The Drive Home

  • for comparison:


    James Lovelock: ‘Saving the planet is a foolish, romantic extravagance’

    [Thanks Guy for being the real deal.]

  • I am always deeply gratified and supported to find that those who come to this site are not only very logical and realistic, sometimes bitter, angry, and despairing – but also capable of real caring, humor, and appreciation of the beauty that remains – in spite of all. Thanks to all of you for being here and sharing your minds and hearts. You make me feel less alone with this horrible knowledge that we each share in our own ways. And a deep bow to Guy who keeps this special stretch of the beach open for all who wish to come….

  • mike k – lovely poetry, thank you for being here.
    And all the rest of you too!

    Are there any screen writers out there?
    An amazing and true story of one aspect of our times :
    Part one of two, very in depth.



  • Get active.

    Urge your politician friends in congress, and the president, to surrender unconditionally (Greenland & Antarctica Empires Invade The United States Empire).

  • Hi;

    What is the K-T boundary? K is actually the traditional abbreviation for the Cretaceous period, and T is the abbreviation for the Tertiary period. So the K-T boundary is the point in between the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods. Geologists have dated this period to about 65.5 million years ago.

    When physicist Luis Alvarez and geologist Walter Alvarez studied the K-T boundary around the world, they found that it had a much higher concentration of iridium than normal – between 30-130 times the amount of iridium you would expect. Iridium is rare on Earth because it sank down into the center of the planet as it formed, but iridium can still be found in large concentrations in asteroids. When they compared the concentrations of iridium in the K-T boundary, they found it matched the levels found in meteorites.

    What do you think will be significant in the inch of sediment that will represent humanity, a layer of plastic bags?


  • Kevin Moore – 2015 Unfortunate Truth
    Tom – If James Lovelock wipes his ass wrong, I wanna know about it.

    Lovely old man who hates wind turbines and the evil zionist-nazi jive ass mutherfuckers who rule America juxtaposes the ignorant helplessness of the average american sucker against the awesome challenge of the next few decades.
    I imagine Lovelock would enjoy this book.

    Good work boys.

    I first became interested in climate heating in 1985, when i bought a political paperback thriller whose name and author i regrettably forget. This work of fiction predicted high pressure weather blocks, runaway wildfires and even predicted oxygen booths would replace telephone booths in cities, but the mid eighties was still fairly liberal compared to now where one anxiously awaits the arrival of suicide booths. If anybody remembers this novel, please let me know the name and author.

  • Arctic Methane Skyrocketing:


  • Re: Takers. In industrial civilization just about everyone is a taker unless one goes off to forage in the woods. Daniel Quinn used the very term in Ishmael over 20 years ago.

  • Martin, I think you’ll enjoy these words of wisdom from my guru, George.

  • H. M; again, much incisive & wise content w/o any chaff

    I’ve read it several times for its depth & wisdom.

    It gets stronger the more that I read it.

    Your terse phrase; ” … to use on apes who aren’t so smart.” is a true classic.

    It is damn good.


    Kiwi Kevin, I plowed through your posted viddy.

    It never mentions Israel or Zionism.

    An Israeli hasbra propagandist would love it, especially the Islamic bad guy theme.

    It does implicate Zionist Dov Zakheim, who signed the PNAF plan for world domination below.

    An alternative hypothesis;



    Caroline, Beckwith’s short viddy is on point, but even he appears too mild & hedging, especially with his refusal to call the near future – not decades in the future. Things are plenty gruesome now.

    I’ll be back with a response to Tom’s direction about 96 yr old James Lovelock’s hope for a rapid reduction in the overpopulation – published in Jane Harman’s Zionist rag, Newsweek.

    So much bizarre craziness, so little time, & so few interested pilgrims.

  • mike k: I second what you say in your post above Wren’s. I feel the same way but cannot string the words together as eloquently as you—-thank you.

    Wren, thank you so much for sharing your neighbor horror stories on the previous post— sadly, I can relate, big time.
    You say, “Only love remains, I know, and I feel it for you and our fellow travelers on NBL, but loving these toxic morons is much harder than loving the evil and invasive fire ant.” YES!!! I feel the same way—-well said dear Wren! And the lux interna Wounded Stag video . . . wow. It elicited so many feelings . . too many, too complex to try and explain, but powerful and sad.
    As I type a wren is singing it’s bubbly song on top of the birdhouse I erected in the woodland. The box is spilling out with twigs from the nest—-amazing how they collect so many sticks/twigs then line the nest with soft things like spider webs.

    Tom thanks for The Drive Home —-beautiful song!!!! What a delightfully soft/lovely counterpart post to your many informational posts (which I always appreciate) So glad you’re here.

    Gerald: agree with you about Beckwith’s conveyance of this dire information in a mild and hedging—-almost la de da-ish manner. In spite of this, he is mesmerizing with the maps/his voice and pointer! I do very much appreciate all he is doing and look forward to the unique manner it is presented (one time with cats and cat food).

  • I still have not got a conclusive answer as to why the world is the way it is but I believe I am not far from the ultimate truth.

    As I see it, the Rothschild family took control of most of the financial-business sectors of most European countries between 1750 and 1900, and established a controlling interest in the USA. They began to operate the world as a family business. Now since the world is rather large for one family to control, the Rothschild family were happy to subcontract various portions of the operation to other money-lenders and their agents, provided they maintained overall control.

    For instance, although New Zealand was set up as a corporation, with the specific intent of looting the place and transferring the profits to Britain (primarily England), the Rothschild global financial empire took a controlling interest around 1875, when the construction of railway systems was initiated. Much the same applied in places like Argentina, where the prime objective was to chop down tree, establish beef farms and canneries, and ship profits to Europe via railways. USA and dozens of other countries similar. Sometimes it was gold; sometimes rubber, sometimes oil. For instance, although oil had been extracted from the Caucasus region for millennia, it was not until Shell started using tankers to move the oil that the extraction rate skyrocketed. And Shell was established as Shell because the founder was a trader in shells and a bit of a money-lender come speculator. Where did the money come from to ‘develop’ the great oilfields of southern Russia? The Rothschild financial empire, of course.

    Gerald wrote that the Unfortunate truth video ‘never mentions Israel or Zionism.

    An Israeli hasbra propagandist would love it, especially the Islamic bad guy theme’

    You are ahead of me Gerald because I only came across it last night and was too tired to watch the whole thing: later today (it now being early morning in NZ).

    As far as I can tell there are two kinds of Jews: ordinary people who have been duped, brainwashed and controlled; the tiny minority that have done the duping, brainwashing and controlling.

    It seems to be that latter group who run the world -well most of it. They are having a bit of bother with Russia (again) and China is starting to get sick of being the underpaid ‘slave’. (Never forget it was Chinese labour that facilitated the construction of the western -by far the most difficult- portion of the trans-American railroad system.)

    Where does that leave us?

    By challenging the mainstream culture we are challenging the most ruthless gang on Earth, a gang that has had near-complete control of business and politics throughout much of the world for centuries. With near-complete control of the ‘news’ media and governments, the money-lenders do whatever they like, as seen over recent years; ZIRP, NIRP, ‘haircuts’, bubbles, derivatives, fraud etc.

    September is one day closer.

  • Humankind on planet earth is unquestionably accelerating into worse & worse climate disruptions & increasing social chaos.

    Ultimate heat death in the not too distant future is our inevitable fate.

    But plenty of weeping & gnashing of teeth as we descend into hell-on-earth.

    As climate & political disruptions increase, our daily lives will become similar to the daily horrors of meager existence/survival now routinely lived by the besieged Palestinians in the GAZA Concentration Camp.

    Accepting the rudimentary fact that the expansionist land stealing state of Israel is a major devilish perpetrator in ongoing world war-making, murder, & chaos; my fear is simply, “What will mad dog narcissistic Israel do?

    Israelis openly claim to be God’s chosen people & entitled to use all Goyim as fodder, so there is no mad dog scheme or option off their table of kosher tricks.

    Openly quoting their Sacred Talmud as proof of their choseness, should tell us how twisted & perverse their selfish narcissistic logic can get.

    All this leads up to a recent overpopulation-is-the-problem piece by 96 year old senile fool, James Lovelock, in Newsweek.

    Newsweek is owned by famous Zionist politico & Israeli mouthpiece, Jane Harman.

    There is no dispute that lawyerfish & Zionist Jew Harman is THE most mad dog supporter of Israeli murder of the captive Palestinians in the Gaza Concentration Camp, & the ongoing vicious theft of the Palestinians’ homeland.

    Jane Baby holds her unwavering support of Israeli murder & land theft as her greatest virtue.

    That Obama seriously attempted to appoint her as Attorney General confirms both her Zionist power tentacles & manipulative lawyerfish credentials.

    So, what is Zionist Jane Harman doing now to advance Israeli designs & bamboozle the Goyim?

    Jane Baby is delivering a healthy dose of dottering Lovelock’s hopeful call for a drastically reduced population.

    Lovelock’s words are an “undisguised” plan & plea for the survival of SOME humans – a very few CHOSEN & SPECIAL humans – just as stated in justifying Jane’s sacred Talmud.

    Plotting & publishing for Israeli/Zionist world domination, Jane Baby endorses senile sniggering misanthrope, James Lovelock’s prescription to reduce the unwashed & unworthy & leave paradise for the selected “chosen” survivors.

    Who will be culled in order that the chosen survive & thrive?

    Could it be the stupid Goyim, including the recalcitrant Palestinians, standing in the way of Eretz Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates?

    Who will be the chosen survivors?

    Abraham’s own chosen Jews inherit a sparsely populated earth just as Abraham ordered?

    Abrahamic prophecy fulfilled.

    Here are just a few selected excerpts;

    “His optimism rests on his faith in Gaia – his revolutionary theory, first formulated in the 1970s, that our planet is not just a rock but a complex, self-regulating organism geared to the long-term sustenance of life. This means, among other things, that if there are too many people for the Earth to support, Gaia – Earth – will find a way to get rid of the excess, and carry on.”

    “Lovelock’s concern is less with the survival of humanity than with the continuation of life itself. Against that imperative, the decimation of nations is almost inconsequential to him. “You know, I look with a great deal of equanimity on some sort of happening – not too rapid – that reduces our population down to about a billion,” he says, five minutes into our meeting. “I think the Earth would be happier … A population in England of five or 10 million? Yes, I think that sounds about right.”

    “But even a wholesale switch to nuclear power, in his view, would come too late to solve humanity’s principal problem, which is overpopulation.”

    Twisted narcissistic Zionist Israelis have one obsession; “Is it good for Israel? How can we make this work for Israel?”


  • It gets more ‘interesting’ by the day:

    “The Fed Has Been Horribly Wrong” Deutsche Bank Admits, Dares To Ask If Yellen Is Planning A Housing Market Crash

    …all along we knew we have been right, and all the career economists, Wall Street weathermen-cum-strategists, and “straight to CNBC” book-talking pundits were wrong. Not to mention the Fed.’


  • dang it! my sabbatical was canceled. again! I so hate it when that happens. ah well, maybe next year.

    anyways… I am seriously loving the Jews more and more every day. they are really starting to get in the groove of things, after all these long years!

    very cool to see it is finally starting to sink in. well, it was a hell of a tough lesson! gotta give ’em some big time credit there.

    To sum up, in being chosen, we have one of three options. Either we’re going to continue to insist we never heard of it. Or we’re going to continue to vacillate and not know whether we’re coming or going, or what to say.

    Or we’re going to stand up straight and say, “Yes, we’re different, we’re special, we’re Jewish, we’re created from G-d’s thought. Yes, we are chosen and we therefore must live up to that title.”


    right. fucking. on.

    standing tall. standing chosen.

  • Late Life circumcision available here, $50.00 +tips.

    The 4 hour video 2015, Uncomfortable Truth is some kind of religious blend of truth and lies. Like Flip Wilson used to say, The Devil made me do it.

    When I first started to read about politics, i thought that all Jewish folk were evil. Ain’t true.

    When I was young I thought all gay people were pedophiles, not true.

    When I was young I thought white is right, wrong again.

    Good thing I lived as long as I did.

  • Mr. Callaghan, I’m wondering if you will use the “tips” to make a nice hat or hand-bag to accessorize a scrotum coat? :) Of course, if you are not familiar with “Medicinal Fried Chicken,” then my query is beyond obscure.

  • Gerald: Thanks for your compliments.

    I’ll admit, I am a pervert. (Also a heretic, an anarchist, and a monkey wrencher)

    Perhaps I should announce my presence here like this:

    The Pervert Is Back!

    BTW, I like you too — even when you piss me off.

  • By many winding ways
    We have found ourselves
    With others on this lonely beach
    Wondering where we will go
    When all paths
    Come to an end
    And the great Universe
    Folds us into
    It’s mysterious self….


    so wonderful, so beautiful, mike k.

  • mo; your support & direct corroboration is perversely satisfying, but a morbid portent for peace not apartheid, in Jimmy Carter’s words.

    Ditto for the Rebbe.

    Cavalierly butchering innocent captive Palestinian women & children in the Gaza Concentration Camp & stealing their land is surely a strange way to demonstrate “living up to being chosen by Gawd.”

    As you say;

    “Or we’re going to stand up straight and say, “Yes, we’re different, we’re special, we’re Jewish, we’re created from G-d’s thought. Yes, we are chosen and we therefore must live up to that title.”

    “right. fucking. on.”

    “standing tall. standing chosen.”


    By Mayo Clinic Staff

    Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.

    But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

  • Gerald ~

    your complete lack of any clarity, insight and appreciation of so many things that are important about the human heart, human history, and humanity in general, makes it pretty easy to dismiss you as a total nitwit.

    and yes, anti-Semitism is going to be called out here for what it is from now on, whenever you or anyone else cares to spew such vileness: unrepentant bigotry.

    a refresher: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigotry


    I am well aware of the state of things in Palestine, and the history of so much of what has unfolded in that part of the world. I have no interest in using these matters, and the suffering of the people involved, as a cowardly shield from behind which I can spew vile hatred, as you seem to enjoy doing so much.

    that kind of energy just does not spin my prop.

    when the day comes that the world becomes so perfectly black and white as you seem to think it is, I am just so sure I will see the light, as you seem to see it.

    until then, get out of my face, punk.

  • With so few posting here, it’s easy for one ‘person’ to ignore the 2 post rule, and totally alter the vibe, especially when that ‘person’ seems to be totally insane with lots of time to fill apparently. Personally I’ll be happy when Gerald crawls back under his rock. I find his posts somewhere between offensive and boring. Both actually.
    And thanks mo. Your response to this floored me with it’s grace and class.

  • Telling the simple truth about the 70 year long vicious Israeli land theft in Palestine, the ongoing captivity & butchery of thousands of indigenous defenseless Palestinian people, & repeating monster Netanyahu’s recent public statement that the Palestinians will never have a state of their own is; ANTI-SEMITISM?

    What pray tell constitutes anti-Palestinianism or rampant anti-Muslimism or constant anti-Arabism?

    What is it when Israelis call the innocent starving, cold, & homeless Palestinian people “not human?”

    Bloodthirsty anti-humanism, perhaps?

  • Gerald ~

    no, your anti-Semitic behavior and attitudes are anti-Semitism.

    this would include your Holocaust denial, your repeatedly professed statements about Hitler being some kind of misunderstood savior of the German people, and actually a very well intentioned kind person, your repeatedly expressed hatred towards Jewish people, and your repeated use of the Palestinians as merely a tool for your own very pathetic ego hatreds: these are all deeply anti-Semitic, to the core.

    as deep as it gets:


    Gerald, do you think I and many others here do not know the exact history of that word, and how it has been used against the Jews for thousands of years?

    do you think I actually believe for one second that you genuinely care about the Palestinians? seriously. you do not. that is not your purpose, at all, as you reveal more clearly here every day.

    you only ever use the Palestinians, or the Iraqis, or any other group, as a tool, for your own vileness. period. that is all you have ever expressed here with this.

    What pray tell constitutes anti-Palestinianism or rampant anti-Muslimism or constant anti-Arabism?

    all of these things obviously exist. what is your point? does the existence of any of these behaviors by others, justify your behavior?

    do you think this consistency of anti-Semitic behavior of yours does not say something quite clear about your character, and your morals? of course it does.

    these are all just expressions of yours, as I mentioned earlier, that reveal something quite sick and evil in your heart.

    that is your business. I am only saying I won’t tolerate it here, unopposed.

    feel free to express your bigotry as you will, as you are obviously completely committed to the total, ugly, history of the energy that you now so willingly have made your own heart’s cause.

    you have more clearly than ever made it plain just what you mean. this is nothing less than the worst kind of hateful anti-Semitic bigotry that exists.

  • Wren: the hari krishna hari rama japa (repetitive recitation) was good. Hari refers to vishnu, the sustaining aspect of the cosmos, of which Rama and Krishna are considered incarnations. Hara refers to Shiva, the dissolving aspect of the cosmos, which deos not incarnate.

    The best known formal recitation is the Chandi, which is invoked in the harvest season festival of Durga Puja / Navaratri.

  • Whooooo?

    Slow down and take an anti conflict, anti ethnic supremacist pill folks.

    Stay on target, the planet dudes, the planet!

    People are all people, even those differentiating themselves into historic ethnic blocs.

    We are one species,

    and ‘we’ are the ‘early’ humans!

    But only if some make it, or morph, through.

    Throw darts by all means, but do it in private emails guys, this place is too precious to clog with the slagging that caused a lot of this mess.

    I’ll probably cop a few for this but,
    when many people die due to earthquake on Nepal, heat in India, or floods in Texas, who really thinks there is a difference?

    People are people,
    we matter all the same.

    Just sayin…


    ‘Michael Jackson – Black or White’

  • ממזר גראלד שפיזיו

  • @Ozman: Throw darts by all means, but do it in private emails guys, this place is too precious to clog with the slagging that caused a lot of this mess.


    I disagree, Ozman.

    I say everything should be said and done PUBLICLY, so that the world can see what’s going on here, there and everywhere. We don’t want a situation like there was with that psychopath Adi Da, who had one face in public and another in private, and one helluva cult going for quite a long time, until he finally croaked.

    – Derrick Jensen and his DGR followers have a bug up their butts about trans folks.

    – Guy has a thing about “caucasian males”.

    – And Gerald Spezio apparently has a thing about the Jews.

    Let a thousand flowers bloom…because only love remains.

  • I think Ozmans correct, it doesent matter by what name you choose to call God, to be quite honest I really dont know what does matter anymore but I am thankful to Dr. Guy for his honesty.
    I think I heard him say “if your (medical) Doctor finds you to have a terminal disease and refuses to tell you, thats malpractice”.

    Personally I believe that the earth will endure, but will probably start again with a few billion extremeophiles.


  • @Gerald Spezio

    Be happy that you are no german guy living in Germany, because here in Germany you’d go right into jail for your ugly, sick antisemitic nazi propaganda. There is only one group that spreads such evil propaganda:

    The Nazis themselfes.

  • Thanks Robin.
    The chanteur is american … Krishna Das (born Jeffery Kagel).
    Yesterday was his birthday.
    His style is considered ‘western’ in chord progression and key.
    It is the breath of the heart.
    The kirtans he leads build from a slow, meditative tempo to a high paced catharsis, an excellent place to lose your ‘self’.
    Happy June everyone:

  • I’ve posted a “new” presentation atop the page.

    ed, if you believe my “thing” involves only white men, then you’ve failed to understand my writings about patriarchy. It’s a common misunderstanding among patriarchs.

  • I feel that power has a corrupting influence on all races. I tried, and I can’t think of any race of people that is free of bigots.

    It’s way too easy to hate, Gerald. I’m surprised that you are stupid enough to fall for that trap. You’ll have a hell of a time undoing that Karma.

    To me, there is no such thing as freedom outside of love and compassion.

    Spreading hate is no way to set yourself free.

  • Paul Beckwith again with some not so good news- extreme temperature anomalies over Alaska, Siberia, Asia, a badly ripped jet stream and high methane readings from NOAA:

  • Gerald:

    You’re a sicko!!

    I wondered how long before someone called your fucked-up ass OUT!

    Mo is absolutely correct for putting the cards of the table.

    You represent hate and have gotten away with it for a looooong time!

    This rant doesn’t include your phallic hyper-conceited OVER-POSTING crap.

  • Gerald +1
    keep the truths coming.

  • Robert Atack ~

    since you don’t bother to distinguish as to whether you are +1 affirming Gerald’s knowledge of climate science, or his black hearted anti-Semitism, I will assume, unless corrected, that you are throwing yourself in firmly in the camp of the gleeful ignorati. good to know. it’s not like this level of stupidity is anything new, and for some, it will never get old.

    of course I am well aware that Gerald and his ilk will “always* have brothers in arms. that is why I am not going to stop mentioning this: it is both evil and sick. and it is your choice.

    but again, you may (or may not) want to clarify. maybe you don’t think any of this matters. I do.

    most sincerely,
    ~ mo