Interview in Zurich, Switzerland

An interview from 21 April 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland is embedded below. It addresses several issues, including my personal journey, civilization, abrupt climate change, summary, and reactions. Big thanks to Miriam Rathke, David Kruger, and Edwin Moser.

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  • Meanwhile, in the real world:

    The image on the right may go down in the history books (if…oh, never mind):

  • The following comment is a cut and paste from the Human Extinction thread.

    Just the other day I complimented your latest presentations for including good humor. However, I find myself disappointed once again. I realize it’s pointless to complain about the principal on someone’s blog. However, is calling RE’s survey “stupid” part of your mission to be all about love?

    I think the time has come for me to leave this site – there’s far too much venom and vitriol.

    Tom, I will miss your consistently interesting news links.
    Sabine, I will miss your consistently pleasant commentary and observations.

    Guy, for what it’s worth, a little more doubt (humility) about your certainty of NTE in 20 years would be refreshing (keeping in mind that you were wrong about your assessment of the collapse of human civilization; you were wrong (or at least regretful) about leaving the University; you were wrong (or at least regretful) about creating a homestead; and you were wrong in accepting the 40 year lag time previously espoused by “science”. I’ve noticed that you updated your presentation with the shorter CO2 time lag and I’ve heard you say many times “mistakes have been made”. However, these mistakes don’t seem to inform your certainty about NTE.) Ahh well.

    Best of luck to all.
    Joe D

  • woodwose, your direction to an outright fraudulent & flagrantly distorting piece at Forbes & the piece’s author,James Taylor, is chock full of enlightenment.

    Taylor is a licensed lawyerfish; J.D, Syracuse, who also graduated from Dartmouth in Poly Sci.

    Taylor openly states that the “Polar (Arctic) ice is NOT receding after all.”

    Is Ivy League “educated” Taylor lying – or just misinformed?

    Taylor is liar & a bullshitter w/o qualification, but we are supposed to “believe” that he helping us “understand the “controversy.”

    Taylor wants us to be MYSTIFIED, & sure enough many are.

    Taylor is an “ethical attorney” – a man to be respected & listened to.

    Forbes & Taylor are dedicated to truthfully helping people, who want to know the truth.

    As required by the monopolistic American Bar Assn. & its high sounding Code of “ETHICS,” lawyerfish Taylor is “representing his Heartland client zealously.”

    Lawyerfish have ethics & therefore are worthy of our respect.

    Therefore, his outright lying, fraud, & deceit are perfectly “LEGAL” & completely “professional.”

    Lawyerfish Taylor is ethical, professional, & very well paid.

    Taylor is always impeccably dressed too, as required by professional standards in order to maintain his status as an oracle of “professional integrity” – a forthright man to be listened to & paid accordingly.

    If you go to the site, you will see him in his best 3,000 dollar Italian suit – his smiling photo wouldn’t reproduce here.

    You can see that he is filled with professional integrity.

    Some other top drawer professional & impeccably suited lawyerfish/politicos controlling our lives; Obama, Michelle, Biden, Hillarious, Bill, Holder, Kerry, Romney, Cruz, Rube-io, Santorum, Lindsey Graham, Menendez, Kirk, Jane Harman, Rick Scott, Jack Lew …

    Whadda system?

    And we are the mystified paying raw material.

    Do we have a government of laws or a government of forked-tongue lying lawyers on the take?

    “In a culture where everything is for sale, the impeccably dressed representatives of the shining Republic are for sale.”

    We posta put our lives on the line for the same lawyerish run republic, & many ARE.

    And the most mystified are being maimed & murdered

    Our elected lawyerfish representatives will speak for their highest paying clients because the lawyerfish/representatives set it up that way.

    “You would have to be a lawyerfish on the take to really understand the power, glory, & reward system of representative government.

    “Have you been injured?

    “Let us help you.”


    James M. Taylor
    Vice President, External Relations; Senior Fellow, Environment and Energy Policy

    James M. Taylor is vice president for external relations and senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute. Taylor is the former managing editor (2001-2014) of Environment & Climate News, a national monthly publication devoted to sound science and free-market environmentalism. Taylor writes a weekly column for Forbes which appears on the magazine’s website.

    Taylor has presented energy and environment analysis on CNN, CNN Headline News, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, MSNBC, PBS News Hour, PBS Frontline, CBS Evening News, ABC World News and other TV and radio outlets across the country. Taylor has also been published in virtually every major newspaper in the country.

    He has been a featured presenter at conferences sponsored by such groups as the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Council of State Governments, the National Association of Counties, the National Foundation of Women Legislators, the State Policy Network (SPN), CPAC, the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the European Institute for Climate and Energy. Video of Taylor’s presentation at The Heartland Institute’s Eighth International Conference on Climate Change can be found here.

    Taylor received his bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College where he studied atmospheric science and majored in government. He received his Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University.

  • I want to better understand how collapse will trigger runaway greenhouse gas. Guy talks about this at 18:10 and again at 40:00 in this video. Someone please recommend another video or source that has more details on this. I get that it involves the absence of solar dimming and ionizing radiation. Thanks!

  • Totally loved Chap. I in the video!

    Will get to the next chapter after my chores.

    Guy is a very evolved person, very likeable, very intelligent, and if we had a good deal more of him and his wife we would be way better off in this world.

    I have been wondering if Guy’s reception in Europe would be better than it would be in Dallas, TX.

    In general, Europeans are not as anti-science as Texans are, if my information is correct.

    Meanwhile, more on my view of SLR (Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization – 2).

  • Gerald Spezio Says:
    May 20th, 2015 at 7:40 am


    What you wrote to the ill-advised was spot on.

    He is an accomplice in The Depraved-Heart-land Institution project to murder the Earth.

    The Depraved-Heart-land Institution is the bastard child of The Marshal Institute and Big Tobacco (The Exceptional American Denial).

    Keep up the good work.

  • mo,

    I can’t compliment G***** S***** again.

    Your pal,

  • Wise patriot & scientist Benjamin Franklin was right on top of the foul lying & double-talking lawyerfish scam more than 200 years ago.

    One of the main reasons that the Pilgrims fled elitist England in the 17th century was their disgust & contempt for the corrupt lordly legal system that was stealing their property & milking their life blood.

    “The bloody fookin laird in his bloody fookin robes.”

    In just 100 years the very same legal lordly scam had spread imperialistically to the colonies & successfully snookered the citizenry

    Franklin coined the vividly descriptive word, lawyerfish.

    Wise & forthright scientist/citizen Franklin summed up the legal extortion racket in a simple message;

    “Tis the fee that justifies the lawyerfish’s pretense.”

    Free-market capitalism can be accurately described as a culture where everything is for sale, so it should not surprise us that the truth is for sale.

    We are seeing it demonstrated every day with malicious hatred of one’s innocent fellow citizens from professional lying lawyers, presstitutes, & peeyar whores with advanced degrees in lying & deceit.

    We are being deceived & thwarted from knowing the truth because our well educated & licensed betters at the top feed us all manner of outright lies & foul falsehoods.

    We can be most precisely described as a nation of lawyers, who use the law as their instrument to deceive & control us.

    Mystification & pretentious masquerade describe the elitist game that keeps us in political & financial slavery to our impeccably dressed & well educated betters.

    Without the truth, we can never be free.

    Those at the top know this full well.

  • I’m gonna digress from the usual themes here:

    Friend of mine and I were talking about the lack of incisive tv dealing with some of these issues (I mean drama). Apart from HBO not much – but over the weekend we discovered two British series that are pretty incisive – on youtube (I don’t watch tv).
    Don’t want to give too much away (spoilers) but Utopia is a brilliantly filmed insight into a modern “final solution” and Black Mirror (of which I’ve only watched the first 3 so far) seem to be individual 1 hour stories: the first is brilliant, the second quite moving and an interesting take on a future (not so far away) dystopia with dollops of “Britain’s Got Talent” mind numbing:

    Youtube: Utopia – (it’s violent at times so be warned) –

    Youtube: Black Mirror – (the main writer Charlie Brooker writes for the Guardian) – (not so violent)

  • Guy,

    Don’t you know that “science” (quotes-REALLY, Joe)NEVER changes. How dare you! On top of this, you have MADE MISTAKES? Well, I RETRACT MY CULT MEMBERSHIP. I assumed YOU WERE PERFECT.


  • Ok, back from my chores of washing and polishing my Harley. /shark

    And WoodWose the depraved-heart is back depriving his heart and anyone else’s s/he can.
    Meanwhile, I watched Chapter II of Guy’s video.

    Wow, just as good as the first chapter.

    I learned a lot about Guy’s perspective on civilization, and recommend that he contemplate Toynbee:

    In other words, a society does not ever die ‘from natural causes’, but always dies from suicide or murder — and nearly always from the former, as this chapter has shown.” – A Study of History, by Arnold J. Toynbee

    On to the third chapter.

  • Wow. Very philosophical. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview series, Guy. Thank you for all that you do. As you said, you’re not doing this for the money. “Meaning comes from within.” That is what I will take with me today. Going to head into the back yard and plant my tubs of flowers. Lots to reflect on after seeing this. Thanks again!

  • I finished the video.

    What (No longer a) Pilot said.

  • Kiwi Kevin, I don’t know if you read Scribbler; but if you haven’t, there is a powerful visual about the rapidly escalating N.Z. drought.

    Its acceleration knocked my socks off.

    I had no idea that it is THAT bad.

    And you tell us that yuppies are coming down under in droves as an escape hatch.

    Guy’s anecdote about Wozniak figuring he can save HIS rich arse & protect HIS family with a N.Z. address is truly depraved yuppism gone mad.

    I can’t copy & reproduce it here.

    It’s posted a few blogs from the end by Andy in San Diego – you can’t miss it.

  • All good stuff, of course, Guy.

    I still have problems with the ‘love’ aspect because the people in power are loveless -well their only love is the love of money and power and the benefits they currently accrue- and when things start to turn nasty, as is already happening in Ukraine and Greece etc. it is those towards the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid who get attacked first. And, of course, those in power are making war on the next generation in their pursuit of greed and consumerisms.

    Fraud? Breaches of the law? The trough-feeders that now make up the bulk of elected council are not interested. And I suspect Audit NZ and the Office of the Ombudsman will not be interested be interested inn doing anything about its: off the cliff at an ever-faster pace.

    I have already mentioned the full-blown fascism which is emerging in NZ. My ‘Information and comment’ to NPDC has been deleted from the public record, I have had a trespass order placed on me to prevent me gaining access to information or speaking within the council building. The maniacs in power are utterly determined to make thing worse as fast as possible, and if you oppose their satanic agenda you ‘get annihilated’, as is the case in the fascist police states of USA nowadays, along with England, Australia and Canada (I think it is no longer appropriate to refer to the UK or Britain, now that Scotland has declared its independence through the voting system, even if it is still tied to England, were ‘austerity’ for the masses is at the forefront of government policy.

  • Woz to hunker down outside Hobart (Tazmania) Extensive Pentagon research is provided to the CEO’s of our data systems contractors for their security decisions. Please be aware a Pan-event is in advanced stages of development at DARPA.

    Dr. Benner at Applied Molecular Evolution & Nobel prize chemist Paul Crutzan will conduct biological tests in 2016. Can not stop methane or the elimination of many people, including my entire family, however the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES remind survivors of our mistakes — with a hope for nature to recover. Full scale IC will be reduced. Mass consumption destroying hundreds of species a week will stop if the carefully planned United Nations Agenda 21 does go into effect after planned military events next summer. Operation Jade-Helm this summer is stage one for larger scale events prior to 2016 elections.

  • I see I opened a bracket and did not notice I hadn’t closed it; a bit bleary-eyed and under a lot of pressure at the moment.

    Gerald Spezio

    I don’t know what you know about NZ but perhaps I should explain that it is very long and comparatively narrow.

    Northern locations are sub-tropical, and have become increasingly prone to torrential rain events, as remnants of tropic cyclone drift southwards; on the other hand, being closest to the equator, such location experience a high-in-the-sky sun and can warm up and dry out quickly (compare southern US states or Spain).

    As far as latitude goers, southern locations are on a par with England or northern US states, so the Sun is generally low in the sky and conditions in winter can be fairly bleak.

    The drought you have referred to is a relatively local drought, with North Canterbury being the worst affected at this point of time, weather patterns and rainfall being very much influenced by the Southern Alps.

    Here in Taranaki, we have experienced three droughts in the past three years, but none have extended for too many months. Indeed, I was speaking with someone who is in a wetter location than me just recently and she commented that she had never known so much rain in such short time intervals -200mm in one week. Where I am about 120mm in 2 weeks.

    You may have missed it: the capital city was virtually cut off from the rest of the North Island recently because of landslips associated with unprecedented rain. That is the reality of living on a rapidly overheating Earth: climate instability or climate chaos or climate mayhem or climate weirding or whatever you want to call it. Three years ago there was snow in New Plymouth, something I had never seen until that time. Last year snow did not form a substantial blanket on Mt Taranaki (30km away) until August.

    The long-range forecast for NZ is for an exceptionally mild winter. But that could change.

  • What you teach is how far you can take your meaningful life experience.
    Thanks for the Civ booklist.
    Well executed “interview”.

    Personal Baggage Department >>>>
    Meaning for me is the riddle of evolutionary life.
    To quote Andreas Wagner’s
    Arrival of the Fittest: Solving Evolution’s Greatest Puzzle

    “Natural selection can preserve innovations, but it cannot create them. Nature’s many innovations—some uncannily perfect—call for natural principles that accelerate life’s ability to innovate.”

    Soil, water, food, energy and mineral depletions are why green energy is unsustainable.

  • Robert, you were wondering how evolution made the wondrous colour/pattern changes of octopi possible.

    Study demonstrates that octopus’s skin possesses same cellular mechanism for detecting light as its eyes do

    Read more at:

  • NBL AND NTE EXPLAINED (For the departed Joe D)


    Folks here know “Only love remains”.

    And yet – at the root of our brains
    Some old reptile sits
    And then howls, farts and shits.

    So we’re off, like a turd, down the drain.


    “Mistakes were made…but not by me”.


    We have met the enemy…and he is that guy over there.


    PROJECTION is not a river in Egypt.


    Real men don’t talk giraffe.

  • This building news in merry old England about rampant sex & pedophilia amongst the elite ranks is interesting to me. Would’nt be surprised if Churchill, Thrasher, Blair, Cameron, all Tories and who knows … were all involved. Goes all the way back to the Greeks. What’s the use in getting married??? All morality, esp. justice, is fake for the elite and as Satish points out in “MAN”, probably for anyone in a position of power.

  • WOW! Here go the elites again, and CounterPunch is, as usual, always first and out front.

    Population control:

  • Mark Austin Says:
    May 20th, 2015 at 3:16 pm
    Woz to hunker down outside Hobart (Tazmania) Extensive Pentagon research is provided to the CEO’s of our data systems contractors for their security decisions. Please be aware a Pan-event is in advanced stages of development at DARPA.

    Dr. Benner at Applied Molecular Evolution & Nobel prize chemist Paul Crutzan will conduct biological tests in 2016. Can not stop methane or the elimination of many people, including my entire family, however the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES remind survivors of our mistakes — with a hope for nature to recover. Full scale IC will be reduced. Mass consumption destroying hundreds of species a week will stop if the carefully planned United Nations Agenda 21 does go into effect after planned military events next summer. Operation Jade-Helm this summer is stage one for larger scale events prior to 2016 elections.

    Dont they have a version of the “Official Secrets Act” in the “colonies”? ;0)

  • Hey Guy – i want to thank you for the interview on PRN (with Mike Sliwa) of Derek Jensen. One of the best shows yet, imho.

    Today (though this is from a few days ago), let’s take a look at soil biota depletion through human stupidity:

    California’s growing concern: Crops raised with oil field water – ‘When I talk to growers, and they smell the oil field crap in that water, they assume the soil is taking care of this’


    Here in California’s thirsty farm belt, where pumpjacks nod amid neat rows of crops, it’s a proposition that seems to make sense: using treated oil field wastewater to irrigate crops.

    Oil giant Chevron recycles 21 million gallons of that water each day and sells it to farmers who use it on about 45,000 acres of crops, about 10% of Kern County’s farmland.

    State and local officials praise the 2-decade-old program as a national model for coping with the region’s water shortages. As California’s four-year drought lingers and authorities scramble to conserve every drop, agricultural officials have said that more companies are seeking permits to begin similar programs. The heightened interest in recycling oil field wastewater has raised concern over the adequacy of safety measures in place to prevent contamination from toxic oil production chemicals. [please read the rest, because you’ll be eating this stuff]

  • More than fifty years ago my beloved & kindly philosophy/logic professor, Herschell Elliott, became completely obsessed with overpopulation.

    He & I have been close friends for 53 years.

    In 2003 as retired philosophy Professor Emeritus – Herschell Elliott seriously made these BIZARRE social Darwinist stipulations as “scientific & logical” solutions to overpopulation.

    He is still alive & very clear headed at 94; but he will not confront his egregious & vicious misanthropic errors.

    When I tried to talk with him recently about how disastrously wrong he was, he responded; “Well, Malthus’s predictions are completely LOGICAL.”

    Dr. Elliott earned his doctorate at Yale studying under world famous logician, F.S.C. Northrup.

    His major intellectual mentors were Garrett Hardin & Paul Ehrlich.

    “Some of our worst mistakes are not the result of faulty reasoning or bad logic. They result from an unexamined & faulty premise – & proneness to delusion.” Stanislaus Andreski.

    He is one of the most honest, forthright, & decent people that I have ever known.

    No academic ever tried to help his students more than Professor Herschell Elliott.


    After a lifetime of ruminating – Dr. Elliott’s concluded;

    Aid to Single Parents and their Children

    Human beings are social animals. Children need to be brought up in stable and loving households that are socially and intellectually challenging. Hence society must take steps to prevent children from being deprived of the regular attention and long-term security that two parents can best provide. Just as society cannot allow theft and murder to go unpunished so also to give birth to children who are deprived of the security and guidance of family life is an antisocial act that must be deterred. Because society has to pay for education, health care, and the added infrastructure and capital investment needed to create employment, it is morally intolerable for society to subsidize deliberate or casual acts of single parenthood.

    That is, without effective deterrents, to subsidize deliberate and casual single parenthood with food, housing, and financial aid only fosters and rewards the anti-social behavior of depriving children of the love and guidance of a full family life.

    Furthermore, society must demand that all who willfully or accidentally have become single parents face appropriate constraints. They should have to confront two choices. Whether male or female, they should either undergo sterilization or else they should have to live under a strict parole sentence that would last until natural sterility sets in. To disregard society’s interest in responsible reproduction is a breach of moral law which society cannot allow to go unrestrained.

    The Obligation to Aid Victims of Droughts, Floods, and Earthquakes

    People are never the innocent victims of droughts, floods, and earthquakes. They choose to live and to have their children where such calamities happen. To be morally responsible for their choice they must take precautions against the natural misfortunes that regularly occur. For example if they live where tornadoes are expected, they must build a storm cellar and take out insurance against damage to their houses. If they live in lowlands which severely flood every year or so, they cannot expect mankind to rebuild their houses every time they are destroyed. If there is no other place for people to live in their crowded country, they have a moral obligation not to have any children – for every extra child will only increase the number of people who suffer from future disasters. A reduction of population may be the only moral way to resolve the suffering caused by living in the earth’s dangerous, disaster-prone regions.

    The Obligation to Render Philanthropic Aid All Who Live in Disease-Prone Tropical Lands

    Again people are never the innocent victims of the endemic diseases of tropical lands. They presume the moral right to live and to give birth to children where they choose. On biological grounds, why is there a moral obligation placed on all humankind to assure that people who assert their right to live in disease- prone tropical lands never suffer the consequences of their decision.

    If it is hard to find any justification constantly to give aid to people who live in dangerous, disease-prone lands. it is even harder to find a moral justification for right of people to give birth to children in these lands. Can it ever be moral to give birth to children in regions which are likely to cause them to live only short and painful lives? It may be that some areas of the earth should best be left to the plants and animals that are adapted to living in them.

    North-South Differences

    Consider some of the physical differences between the well-to-do temperate North and the poverty-stricken tropical South. In temperate climates, winter can be long and severe. Until modern times, people in temperate climates who did not work hard in summer to provide shelter, store food, and fuel for the winter did not survive. Children could not survive whose parents failed to take care of them through the long, hard winters. In addition few children could prosper if their parents did not discipline and train them to meet the challenges and hardships imposed by nature.

    Tropical climates present different conditions for life. There are no winters. The discipline which nature demands is more lenient. There is little reason to deny instant gratification or to train children in the self-discipline needed to save and preserve food, to construct elaborate housing, to make clothing; to collect and dry firewood. Instead different foods can be grown or gathered year round; housing can be a simple, thatched roof; and children can run outdoors with minimal if any clothing or parental guidance. A high birth rate can compensate for a lack of parental care in the tropics but not in the temperate zones. Almost indefinitely people of the tropics can put off until tomorrow what they could do today.

    Unavoidably tropical environments allow human behavior to differ greatly from that which temperate climates demand. Indeed, there are climatic causes for the lack of discipline, for the high birthrates, and the poverty and disease found in the tropics. Environmental differences and the responses they elicit work together to modify the human rights, the moral responsibilities, and the ways of life that nature can support. Until tropical people learn self-discipline, disease control, and reproductive restraint, nature will limit the rights, freedoms, and opportunities that are possible for them.

  • Gerald – that’s really interesting that you posted this. I was listening to Derek Jensen being interviewed on NBL radio (Tuesday’s show), in which he said (paraphrasing):

    Once you establish a bad premise you can logically lead people anywhere!

    synchronicity at work I guess

    Thanks for your thoughtful posts, Gerald (I read them all over the place).

  • Dave Thompson, I read Lindorff’s same piece at CounterPunch this AM.

    His timeline appears way off the mark, even though he clearly grasps the ominous methane threat in the same piece.

    I promptly responded to Lindorff & CP;

    My total & simple response;

    “.. or much sooner – perhaps as soon as 2025 – 2030 – with a abrupt burp of ONLY FIVE Gt of Arctic methane.”

    from Lindorff’s otherwise well-done CP piece, especially the word “honesty;”

    Finally! Some Climate Crisis Honesty » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

    If there is a “conspiracy,” we are now learning, it may be that climate scientists, afraid of creating a sense of hopeless and doom among the public, have been soft-pedaling their warnings, stressing the need to quickly cut back on the use of greenhouse-gas-producing fuels in order to try and keep global warming below 2 degrees centigrade (roughly 4 degrees fahrenheit), when they all really know that a 4-degree centigrade rise is already “baked into” the earth’s near-term climate future, perhaps by as early as 2100.


    Tom, I still go back to Stanislav Andreski’s classic book, “Social Science as Sorcery” for fortitude in these bizarro times – in the same way a preacher keeps reciting from his Holy Bible.

    Andreski taught me one of my greatest lessons ever.

    Possibly, THE greatest lesson, especially when I have the hindsight about my friend Herschell, Garrett Hardin, & that monstrous fookin prick, Paul Ehrlich.

    Andreski’s simple words quoted above are as important as anything I ever learned.

    Never been falsified – ever.

    I’ve pushed it so much on the net that the book is getting difficult to find.

  • shep, Colin Todhunter’s article at Counterpunch, Sowing the GM Seeds of Depopulation?, is subtitled; “The Sinister Ideology of the Rich.”

    Much of the long lineage & pedigree of what “appears to be” a coldly calculated engineered depopulation scheme in process stems directly from Garrett Hardin & Paul Ehrlich.

    When I look at what happened with the published twisted logic of my beloved mentor & friend, who taught me the intellectual life, it is not difficult to consider that such malicious murdering machinations are being designed for the “lesser mortals” by their betters.

    Here is some more twisted “logic.”

    It is becoming more & more probable that the methane monster will thwart the well laid depopulation plans of the lying mad dogs with wealth, linguistic subterfuge, & power

    Garrett Hardin told Hersch to his face at a conference that his “Tragedy of the Commons” had been totally abused & misrepresented by the corrupt double talking compound-interest-free-market colossus.

    Hardin recanted before he died, but he died a broken man.

  • Cool, occasionally showery weather across much of the western U.S. reduced irrigation demands, boosted topsoil moisture, and benefited rangeland, pastures, winter grains, and spring-sown crops. However, the late-season moisture failed to significantly alter the bleak hydrological situation in drought-affected areas, including California. By April 30, reservoir storage as a percent of average for the date was significantly below normal in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon. Storage in California’s 154 reservoirs stood at 18.0 million acre-feet (64 percent of average) on May 1, about 1.6 million acre-feet lower than a year ago. With little snow in the mountains above California’s lakes, further inflow will be negligible, meaning that the reservoir recharge season has ended early.

    An exception to the West’s cool, damp pattern was the Pacific Northwest, where abnormal dryness (D0) expanded to cover western Washington. During the first 19 days of May, rainfall totaled just 0.65 inch (20% of normal) in Quillayute, Washington. Farther inland, USDA on May 17 rated only a little more than one-third of the winter wheat crop in good to excellent in Washington (39%) and Oregon (34%). In addition to less-than-ideal crop conditions, snowpack and streamflows remain at extremely low levels in most of the Northwest. As a result, severe drought (D2) was introduced across portions of northeastern Washington and northern Idaho, while moderate drought (D1) was expanded. Farther south, recent precipitation has been heavy enough in southern Idaho to prevent significant drought expansion, although hydrological concerns persist.

    Despite atypically heavy showers for May in California, Nevada, and Arizona, the drought depiction remained effectively unchanged. Simply stated, the late-season rain and snow showers have improved the appearance of the landscape but have left the underlying, long-term drought virtually untouched. Even with the showers, California’s topsoil moisture was rated 85% very short to short on May 17, while subsoil moisture was 90% very short to short. Similarly, Nevada’s topsoil moisture was 65% very short to short, while subsoil moisture was 85% very short to short. Nevertheless, locations reporting their wettest May day on record included San Diego, California (1.63 inches on May 14; previously, 1.49 inches on May 8, 1977), and Phoenix, Arizona (0.93 inch on May 15; previously, 0.91 inch on May 4, 1976).

    More widespread precipitation has fallen in recent weeks across the central and southern Rockies and environs. In fact, the water content of the high-elevation snowpack climbed above the mid-May average in several river basins in the Rockies of Colorado and New Mexico. Due to the extensive precipitation, improved water-supply prospects, and boost in soil moisture, another round of sweeping improvements in the drought depiction were introduced in Colorado and New Mexico, extending northward into southern Wyoming and westward into eastern Utah. Through May 19, month-to-date precipitation has totaled 200 to 300% of normal in locations such as Grand Junction, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; and Evanston, Wyoming. Parts of New Mexico have been even wetter in recent weeks, relative to normal, with May 1-19 totals reaching 5.45 inches (524% of normal) in Clayton and 1.50 inches (484%) in Albuquerque.


    How the Media Deceive the Public about “Fast Track” and the “Trade Bills”

    [ends with]

    What types of “Trade Bills” are these?

    They are treaties in which only a tiny fraction of the treaty actually has to do with “Trade,” or with tariffs and other legal favoritisms toward one nation as opposed to another. In other words: They’re legislation to cede our national sovereignty to international corporations. Issues of tariffs and other “trade” disputes between nations are tacked onto these multinational treaties in order to be able to fool the public into thinking that all that’s at issue is “trade.”

    Now, it’s true that “Fast Track” does also eliminate the ability of members of the Senate to propose an amendment to the treaty that the President is presenting for their approval. But that’s a relatively minor feature of “Fast Track,” which was included in the concept in order for “Fast Track” to be able to be described by politicians and by the ‘news’ media as being a minor matter — no “big deal,” no ceding of sovereignty to international corporations.

    It’s not a minor matter; it’s the biggest matter in President Obama’s entire Presidency: it’s about scandalously bad international treaties with many nations at once, in which international corporations (that is, the hundred or so individuals who own the controlling interests in them) will be handed our national and democratic soverieignty over labor rights, consumer rights, environmental rights, and investors’ rights — it’s every way that those billionaires can think of to pass off onto the public the harms that they do while keeping for themselves all the benefits of the heads-I-win-tails-you-lose game they’re playing with the U.S. public and that of every other signatory nation. It’s international fascism, not merely fascism of the local type.

    And that’s what we’ve now got.

    [read the whole article, it isn’t long and contains useful information]

  • NSIDC interactive Arctic Sea Ice graph shows;

    May 20th 2012 = 12.933 million km2

    May 20th 2015 = 12.425 million km2

    2015 is 508,000 km2 LESS THAN 2012

    The May 20, 2015 line is precariously on the edge of two standard deviations.

  • Great Q&A session in Yokr. I’d read here that Guy was good and better than that. And that’s true. Great speaker.

    I used to watch his presentations, and then only once in a while. This time I just watched the Q&A. But I watched the Hamburg presentation.

    I thought that last year — answering questions in Chicago, I think, for the Going Dark tour — was great. But this time around, wow. A powerful speaker. And not easy questions. No easy sell there. Unless the angry Guy was Guy’s idea to help him give his best, it worked! Bring him around on further tours. Or hope there’s going to be an angry person in each town. — I just watched the Q&A and I’m amazed at the energy required from the speaker. But after a long presentation… quite a feat. But I agree that humor (humour) falls flat in UK. Some tweek to the jokes is needed next time there.

    It’s important to be aware of a great Q&A, a fairly recent one, when faced with someone who has questions. Because pointing to the climate-change summary and survey is, well, for the braves and willing to read. So, it’s great that this Q&A remains available.
    Thank you

  • “Unless the angry Guy was Guy’s idea to help him give his best, it worked!”

    I meant the angry guy, of course, not the angry Guy

    and in York

  • I think the chap in the audience in York was simply being a Yorkshireman. They are nationally notorious for.. well.. you can do a search on ‘Yorkshire character traits’ or something, if interested. I wouldn’t be surprised if other countries have an equivalent.

  • Arctic scientist indicates that he has studied the Arctic for 30 years and he is surprised by what is happening there.

    Meanwhile, scientists are re-writing their SLR software.

    In the past it has underestimated it so they are going to try to fix it.

    They do not have as much time as they think they have (The Evolution of Models – 9).

  • U. of Chicago “modeling” academic, David Archer, recently published his April 2015 paper denigrating the empirical & observational science & predictions of field researchers, Igor Semiletov & Natalia Shakhova.

    Using his models as evidence, Archer clearly claims that near term abrupt methane release is NOT a problem;

    “The model results give no indication of a mechanism by which methane emissions from the Siberian continental shelf could have a significant impact on the near-term evolution of Earth’s climate, …”

    Archer’s position about near term abrupt methane release is diametrically antithetical to S.& S.’s position that abrupt Arctic methane release “could occur at any time.”

    S. & S. have openly stated & empirically evidenced their observational counter position for more than three years.

    S. & S.’s published predictions of near term methane release from the shallow & vast Siberian continental shelf have been significantly confirmed by observational field research.

    Quantified amounts of more than 2800 ppb methane by several separate field researchers from several levels of the Arctic atmosphere are established indisputable empirical facts.

    One hundred fifty meter wide plumes of methane gas have been observed escaping from the Arctic Ocean & into the atmospheric commons.

    Videos of the escaping methane gas bubbles have been taken.

    One of the major variables in S. & S’s empirically based hypothesis is the simple & basic relationship of increasing Arctic Ocean sea water temperature to sea bed methane melting rate.

    Archer openly contradicts the hard established empirical data with with an absolutely bizarre “could be.”

    Archer claims; “The increased methane flux due to ocean warming COULD BE completely counteracted by a sea level rise of tens of meters on millennial timescales due to the loss of ice sheets, decreasing the efficiency of bubble transit through the water column.”

    Almost mystically, Archer predicts that melting of the Polar Ice caps will increase the water depth sealing off the possibility of near term methane release.

    Although Archer doesn’t say it, this very same increased heating that would cause the the melting of the Polar ice caps “COULD NOT BE” a causal chain to increased methane melting & release – from the very same heating?

    Therefore, abrupt methane release “could be” completely thwarted, as per HIS model.

    Archer “predicts” that sea levels “will” rise from heating & “could” save us from abrupt methane release.

    So, doan worry, be happy – see the long term picture.

    Although it “will cause sea levels to rise” & drown bewildered innocent Bangledesh children first & cause Miami real estate to crash, heating is good for some of us – some.

    It will protect us from ugly abrupt methane horrors & ultimate death.

    Some might have to move, as in Tuvalu.

    Good to know.

    I would have to speculate & psychologize, as in “could be,” in order to consider that the creative modeling Chicago Professor’s claims could be conditioned & constrained by his cultural/political “atmosphere.”

    There are many variables, & some are more important than others; or what is objective science all about?

    Believe it or not – the last two paragraphs of ARCHER’S abstract;

    The strongest impact of the glacial–interglacial cycles on the atmospheric methane flux is due to bubbles dissolving in the ocean when sea level is high. When sea level is low and the sediment surface is exposed to the atmosphere, the atmospheric flux is sensitive to whether permafrost inhibits bubble migration in the model. If it does, the atmospheric flux is highest during the glaciating, sea level regression (soil-freezing) part of the cycle rather than during deglacial transgression (warming and thawing).

    The atmospheric flux response to a warming climate is small, relative to the rest of the methane sources to the atmosphere in the global budget, because of the ongoing flooding of the continental shelf. The increased methane flux due to ocean warming could be completely counteracted by a sea level rise of tens of meters on millennial timescales due to the loss of ice sheets, decreasing the efficiency of bubble transit through the water column. The model results give no indication of a mechanism by which methane emissions from the Siberian continental shelf could have a significant impact on the near-term evolution of Earth’s climate, but on millennial timescales the release of carbon from hydrate and permafrost could contribute significantly to the fossil fuel carbon burden in the atmosphere–ocean–terrestrial carbon cycle.

    Citation: Archer, D.: A model of the methane cycle, permafrost, and hydrology of the Siberian continental margin, Biogeosciences, 12, 2953-2974, doi:10.5194/bg-12-2953-2015, 2015.

  • I’ve posted a new version of Edge of Extinction, along with another short video clip. Catch all the action here.

  • @18000days
    First time I laugh outloud on this site for quite a while. I don’t know about Yorkshire or its “characters,” but I’m with you that “I wouldn’t be surprised if other countries have an equivalent.”

    Well, I confirm. Canada has, indeed, a similar character. It is still too early to say whether it was imported from overseas when Canada was “discovered,” but with proper funding further studies should help clarify this. And writing the word “discovered,” what comes to mind is the collection of short stories titled The Undiscovered, by William Sanders, an American Indian who is a great writer, has an incredible sense of humor, an is an admirer of Oscar Wilde. One of the best stories I read by Sanders is “When the World is all on Fire” about which they say here ( “when climate change and toxic waste have caused Indian reservations to become prime property again”
    It could have been written today, or tomorrow. VERY good.

    I was also just checking the link provided by Woodwose in the very first comment in this thread. A site where they say the ice is not receding… The bigger the lie, the easier to swallow. This is thir strategy. Or repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth.

    Good day to all.

  • Christa said: “I want to better understand how collapse will trigger runaway greenhouse gas.” If you want details, please check the monster climate-change essay. In it, you’ll find the following two relevant links: ,

  • Thanks, temuzjin, for your 5/22 response to my request.