Presentation in Hamburg, Germany

I delivered a presentation in Hamburg, Germany on the evening of Tuesday, 14 April 2015. With big thanks to David Kruger and Edwin Moser, the presentation is embedded below. The German translation is embedded below the English version.

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  • Thanks for all of the hard work everyone puts into these things. The people are waking up.

  • Hamburg, one of my favourite German towns. I have many relatives there.

    And a fantastic simultaneous translation too. I’m proud of my former compatriots.

    Gut gemacht liebe Hamburger!

    Here’s a frightening link to a report from a British submariner (whistleblower) about the terrible state of security etc aboard the submarines carrying the British nuclear “deterrent” Trident:

    It’s worth reading. Not many of you will be surprised.

  • NBL featured on

    Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) 5 cases this weekend in Gulf of Mexico reported to CDC. Haliburton Corexit chemical used to clump/sink the BP surface oil is having an unexpected molecular mutation.

  • Mark, just think of the lucrative lawsuits coming – possibly billions in lawyerfish fees for drooling impeccably dressed lawyerfish, who will “speak” for the maimed & murdered.

    In a continually expanding economy it must follow that there be continually expanding battered, bloody, & dead innocent citizens, expanding pretentious lawsuits in public courtrooms, & expanding lawyerfish fees.

    Pompous Lawyer/judges in black bathrobes on the public payroll will oversee the “legal transfer” of massive sums of money into the pockets of “creative professional” lawyerfish.

    Due process is where powerful lawyerfish in slick expensive suits & power ties get their due.

    More than 60 per cent of the U.S. Senate is composed of “suited lawyerfish” on the take.

  • Yesterday, I responded to Kiwi Kevin’s long term NTE prognostication.

    Kevin wrote; “Just how quickly industrialised humans will manage to completely wreck the habitability of the Earth for most large vertebrate species, including humans, is still open to debate but we can confidently say it will be before the end of this century, with a very high likelihood most of the Earth will be rendere3d uninhabitable by the middle of this century.”

    I answered using as few words as possible.

    Gerald Spezio Says:
    May 17th, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    Kevin, we will almost surely be extinct long before the middle of the century.

    Even 2030 appears late, even if there are some survivors by then.

    Long before extinction becomes evident, we will be suffering all manner of “uncivilized” nefarious horrors.

    Every day now the evidence for near term violent extinction hits us smack in the face, but only for those who are looking for evidence.

    Abrupt Arctic methane release will kill us, & sooner than later.

    If it weren’t for our own clearly evidenced upcoming extinction, the issue/problem would be quite easy, logical, simple, & largely confirmed, as in a rudimentary scientific problem.

    Methane release can only increase with increasing heat.

    It won’t stop at 2 degrees C.

    The evidence is monumental.

    Back to basic Darwinian technique & methodology, as opposed to natural history; “You can’t count every grain of sand on the beach – what are you looking for?”

  • Guy, just caught Episode 8 ON Extinction RADIO, your convo and the name of the band PHAT BOLLARD
    Had to share this
    Will watch this next

  • Episode 6?
    Will watch your vid next—I meant to write….

  • I love these wonderful guys for their on point factual content, but also for their simple basic instruments & their fancy “suits.”

  • I love these wonderful guys for their on point psychotic content, but also for their throbbing electronic beats & their disturbing “suits.” a pure gem of Garbage.

    (Lidia, you have been warned! :O)


    I am taking an indefinitely long sabbatical from all things “blog reading and commenting” ~ just to completely focus on other things for a while.

    I’ll be popping in and out of here occasionally, mostly to whack spammers on the forum.

    if something goes awry with a comment or some such, feel free to email me. moflow at outlook dot com

    remember the bad words! do not try to post a comment with these words, when spelled correctly:


    and of course:

    Two Posts to Rule them all,
    Two Posts to Bind them,
    Two Posts to Help them all to heal,
    And in Harmony, Confine them.


    ~ mo

  • Caroline,
    There’s a little explanation about the “Hungarian chess champion” on RE’s extinction survey post. It might make you smile some more.

    Gerald, you might like it too.

  • Anyone thought about how SLR will impact the TPP?

    The epigovernment hasn’t (The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Sea Level Rise (SLR)).

    SLR will take out the ports whether TPP happens or not.

  • Gerald Spezio

    When you are sitting on an exponential curve which is subject to both positive feedbacks and negative feedbacks and headed into completely uncharted territory it sure is difficult to determine the timing of catastrophe, even though you are certain it is coming.

    For me, fighting the local fascists is currently top priority. The greatest ‘problem’ at this point of time is determining whether people staffing any official body have any true intelligence, credibility or integrity.

    I have recently been in contact with Audit New Zealand, which supposedly is an independent body charged with oversight of local government.

    I have also been in contact with the Office of the Ombudsman, which is supposedly the place of last resort when all else fails, but which previously advised me has no jurisdiction over local government; now I am told it does.

    The NZ Serious Fraud Office ran a mile when confronted with the truth about the criminality that characterises NPDC, as did the Minister of Local Government -‘contact your local council if you have any concerns’, the local MP, Jonathan Young -“unable to assist, please don’t mention any of this again, I won’t be available”, the local police -“sorry, too hard, no jurisdiction”…… all the perfect killing machine in which everyone covers everyone else’s back and the looting and polluting continue.

    Just thinking about what I have written, the greatest ‘problem’ is the ignorance and apathy of the bulk of the populace.

    The only things I am sure about are:

    The Earth’s surface is mostly covered with water and it takes a long time for heat energy to significantly change the temperature of that water.

    The hotter a body becomes the faster it loses heat.

    The more CO2, CH4, N2O etc. there is in the atmosphere the more the natural rate of heat loss is interfered with.

    The warmer the ocean become the more they evaporate and put water vapour into the atmosphere.

    Clouds can decrease warming through refection of incoming radiation from the Dun and can increase warming through reflection of radiation from the Earth back towards the earth.

    At any given moment half the Earth is facing away from the Sun and is radiating heat into space.

    The are periods when some parts of the Earth receive no solar radiation and continue to radiate heat to space..

    Anyone who says that can accurately evaluate that lot is much cleverer than me.

    On the other hand, we are certain the peak of conventional oil extraction has passed and that every day that passes it gets more difficult to maintain historic financial-economic-social arrangements, and that the biggest financial-economic-social crash in history is on the horizon.

  • penicillin

  • Gerald Spezio – so true about Lawyerfish. I had not even thought of that aspect this morning as I looked at State Dept reports. I think your being too conservative about 60% of the Senate. I swim through schools of lawyerfish surrounding every Senator in this capitol of corruption.

    Not that I am above any of the allure & antics here on capitol hill, however, I did not register to run for 2016 Congress this past Friday. I’d probably only get one vote from McPherson to shut down IC. (unfortunately even Guy is no longer a Tucson Arizona resident so there goes my district!)

    The superfund pac that made the offer to me to run for my fathers former seat does approve of AGENDA 21 so that will be a huge shift toward NWO population control if they do find the right candidates to push the United Nations AGENDA 21. Immanent domain to move many mid-west towns to create massive Monsanto agriculture zones to feed the future is a big part of the Corp agenda for 2020.

    Personally I’m only hoping to reduce nuclear facilities before the 2022 meltdowns begin. We are constantly estimating how far we can push the water exchange cooling systems here at

    Developing nuclear weapons with which to insure our survival against our enemies is a dead-end adaption attempt as our mental models tell us that leads to an environment that would wipe-out us all. Likewise we recognize that continued use of fossil fuels will lead to climate changes that could be catastrophic to life. Intelligence says we should avoid situations and conditions that our models indicate are threats to life; and that is what makes evolution work successfully.

  • Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF
    ‘Shocking’ revelation finds $5.3tn subsidy estimate for 2015 is greater than the total health spending of all the world’s governments

  • kevin moore Says:
    May 18th, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Gerald Spezio

    When you are sitting on an exponential curve which is subject to both positive feedbacks and negative feedbacks and headed into completely uncharted territory it sure is difficult to determine the timing of catastrophe, even though you are certain it is coming.

    Well said.

  • “For those of you who wish to attain enlightenment, do not study
    many teachings. Only study one. What is it? It is great compassion. Whoever has great compassion has all Buddha’s qualities in his hand.” – Buddha

    “My religion is love.” – Dalai Lama

    This love cares for and blesses everyone and everything equally and unconditionally. It deeply wishes for each to become aware of their intrinsic goodness, and beauty, happiness, and love of all, and to express that truth in every moment of their existence. This is why we are here. The meaning of our lives is to transform ourselves and our world through the power of love. No other path or aim can achieve this highest consummation of our destiny in the universe. To fail in this is to fail utterly and be destroyed.

    If you should agree that developing love in yourself and in the world is very important, why not share with us how you understand love, and how you help it grow in your life?

  • Mark Austin,

    That’s too bad Mark. It would have been nice, just once, to have someone run with the realization that they would only get one vote. The world is crashing anyway and there is NO future that anyone would choose.
    It must be a great fear of either party to have someone in the race that is truly not bought.

    BTW, Who is ur father?

  • Attraction & aversion: attachment, exclusiveness rather than inclusiveness.

    Attachment (attraction) + compassion: love.

    Compssion: no intrinsic attachment (attraction), no exclusiveness.

    An example of compassion in grief, and a better narration of the same story.

    Compassion is beyond attraction and aversion.

  • Lifeboat Hour – 05.15.15:

    Carolyn has a conversation with Dahr Jamail

  • Lifeboat Hour – 05.15.15:

    Carolyn has a conversation with Dahr Jamail

  • i’m enjoying the European Tour, Guy – thanks for sharing!

    seemorerocks has a couple good lede articles today:

    Unprecedented rise in heat content in Indian Ocean
    Indian Ocean storing up heat from global warming, says study

    Ocean has seen an unprecedented rise in heat content over the past decade due to a transfer of heat from Pacific Ocean, reports Climate Central


    By running ocean circulation models, he found that the heat stashed in the Pacific had hitched a ride on the ocean conveyor belt and danced its way through the Indonesian archipelago, ending up in the Indian Ocean. The Indonesian shuffle means that the Indian Ocean is now home to 70% of all heat taken up by global oceans during the past decade.

    [this one is from zero hedge via seemorerocks]

    Financial collapse – “the terminal phase”
    David Stockman: “We Are Entering The Terminal Phase Of The Global Financial System”


    The result is that all of the massive stimulus from the central banks has gone into the financial inflation, not goods and services. The financial inflation is obviously the great bubble that afflicts the entire financial system of the world. It’s becoming increasingly unstable and it will eventually collapse. And when it does I think it will mark the complete failure of a monetary system that has basically been metastasizing since 1971.

    What I think we are facing now is a terminal phase of a monetary system that isn’t viable, stable or sustainable. Therefore gold has but one characteristic — massive upside in the years ahead.”

    [yeah, especially when there’s no food – gold won’t help]

  • life boats! get your life boats here! sorry no paddles.

  • Hi Shep, nice talking to you in the past on where a photo of myself is posted along with shared comments by all the tribe about our fathers.

    Sadly my forefathers include the first Senator of Arizona (Mark Aurelius) who pushed Woodrow Wilson toward World War One. Ancestors can be embarrassing like Ben Afflac being a descendant of slave owners. The Austin family established the capitol of Texas. My uncle who was Arizona rep in U.S. Congress is John B. Conlan. John McCain, Udall & Goldwater are all connected to Tucson Tyndal Airforce base administration. When I was born my father was on duty inside the Titan missile silo. Later when he was on the board-of-directors for UofA I’m afraid he was one of the problems/reasons McPherson decided to leave the university. Old political dynasties are often corrupted by huge weapons manufacturing contracts, drilling & banking. Mark Aurelius goes back to original colonist J. Smith. History is a bloody mess.

    No doubt I too am guilty of using family connections for my position. In the 1990s I stayed off the grid sailing around the Pacific then serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. Yet I did return to D.C. power circles after 911 during the formation of Homeland Security teams. I was recently encouraged to develop my social media skills since my family was hoping I would register to run. But the buck stops here with me. I am the last of this generation. Most likely this will even be my last comment on NBL or anywhere. Time to stay off the radar. My great concern is for nuclear safety as Operation Jade-Helm commences in Texas, Arizona & New Mexico this July. A massive world impact military “Event” is also planned in specific detail for Sept 2016.

    In the next decade all family history will be erased. There will be no trace of who any of us were. No internet. No history to judge forthcoming pandemic/depopulation events. I am very sorry but in 2011 major powers already received inoculations against extensive pre-planned bio accidents. Hunker down in Hobart, Patagonia or inside the Norway seed bank. There will be survivors and a much better Earth for other species (as long as we can avoid Nuclear war & radioactive meltdowns before the Pan-event) Synthetic nano-biogen is in development at DARPA. If you are interested you can read about Dr. Benner at Applied Molecular Evolution. Also advanced chemistry Nobel prize to Paul Crutzan. Tests will be conducted. The global superpowers have developed technological systems that will most likely be applied. This does not stop Methane or the elimination of many people including myself. Yet before I am gone I am certain the Pentagon is very prepared for great changes upon the Earth. With control parameters there is a chance for nature to recover. Unfortunately destroying hundreds of species a week can not persist. Hopefully we are all connected to a father of the highest power who is guiding the changes that will unfold on mother Earth. All my very best.

    the world is afflicted with death and decay, therefore the wise do not grieve, knowing the terms of the world. In whatever manner people think a thing will come to pass, it is often different when it happens

  • hhhhg…luke, I am your father…hhhhg

  • “. . . the attention span of a gnat.”

    I cracked up. So true. Guy, you are touching on all my favorite complaints as well as my favorite truths.

    I remember a conversation I had in the 80s with a woman who was a technology devotee. She told me we don’t need the environment, that “we” could even make synthetic fur so close as to be indistinguishable from the real thing. I pointed out to her how much nature was needed to build the laboratories and manufacturing, and transportation, and raw materials, and all the infrastructure required to “not need” nature.

    She had a bachelor’s degree. She didn’t like me after that. It has always been painful to see and experience all this. But in recent years, everything is much clearer.

    Humans don’t feel like they have much to give. They feel empty and needy. They are told all the time how much they need, to be loved, to get attention, to be successful, told how to get this thing they want and that thing, too. They are doing damage to each other and everything else as they go, getting all that they want in life.

    Great job, Guy, talking about what matters. Thank you. Your willingness to do just that has been a gift in my life.

  • I think I know why SLR is not being discussed in the context of the TPP (Economic War Of The Pacific – 6). The TPP is a strategy of the pacific trade war we are losing.

  • Guy,
    Very funny material being added into your presentation. I think the sophistication of your message/delivery has improved dramatically over the past few years since I have been following you (and, by the way, it was already good when I first started listening!)

    One note: Aaron Sorkin producing that particular episode of the Newsroom does NOT prove that he personally believes in NTE. If you have some other citation that expresses his personal opinion then I think you’re good. Otherwise, I think putting his name on your list is less than accurate.

  • Under stressful conditions, separating paranoia from legitimate skepticism becomes a difficult but important concern. Too much ill founded distrust can be dangerous, but so can excessive trust in sources that need to be questioned. Keeping one’s balance in such times as these requires conscious attention and emotional stability.
    Otherwise, devoting attention to the dark side can spin out of control, and end up endangering one instead of making one safer.
    Let’s face it – the information we are dealing with on this and other collapse blogs is powerful and could be deadly to those dipping into it, unless properly handled. There is a reason for the note Guy included re: suicide….

  • I am getting so sick of any government: turns out that Corinthian College defrauded 1,000’s of students and now the government wants them to be responsible for their student loans. WTDamnF.

    Thank the Lord, the end is near. Praise GOD!

  • my only hopium, shep, is that you’re right.

  • shep/digixplor

    Sorry folks, it’s death-by-a-thousand-cuts, and you/we have only had 150 so far.

    Full-blown fascism is only just emerging in New Zealand. The really nasty stuff is yet to come.

    I continue to feel sorry for anyone under the age of 60.

  • “I continue to feel sorry for anyone under the age of 60.”

    ..and for the benefit of fellow annophobics (without accompanying OCD)…. that’s 21,915 days… Just imagine…..