Presentation in York, England

I delivered a presentation in York, England on the evening of Thursday, 9 April 2015. With big thanks to Nick Breeze, Mike Ferrigan, David Kruger, and Edwin Moser, the presentation and subsequent Q&A are embedded below.

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  • I jumped when you said “18 months.”

    It needs to be said because the evidence demands it.

    In just 4 months we will have much more hard & inescapable quantified information.

    When the hard temperature data goes over just ONE DEGREE above baseline,& that could very possibly happen in much less than 18 months; we will be living in the throes of more massive climate disruptions & escalating social chaos.

    Our eventual heat death from Arctic methane release will be glaringly obvious.

    There is absolutely no data or information to indicate anything else.

    The real question is simply, how could it NOT happen?

    How soon is the question, & it will be answered in rather short order whether we like it or not.

    In 18 months or even much sooner we will be living in hell on earth, & suicide will be the toughest question to be addressed.

    W/O mincing words we will also have to deal with outright murder & mayhem within our own society.

    It could be as simple as; how to commit suicide?

    Many battered & bewildered innocents are living in hell now.

    Many devastated & despairing Indian farmers take their own lives every day.

    What do do about suicide & innocent children is a question I have pondered, but I cannot answer.

    I cannot answer!

    Much serious discussion here in the last few days about whether to “educate/tell” little tykes & teens about distressing climate change.

    Bigger (biggest?) questions loom, & we will soon have to confront them.

  • I watched the first video.

    Loved the huMANity cartoon (three frames).

    And the closing three words (“live here now”).

    Some other pogology: Why The Military Can’t Defend Against The Invasion

  • Guy,
    I think this was your best presentation so far. And your interactions with the audience were simply incredible. Amazing. Thank you.

  • While Guy is out there telling the truth as measured and discussed by scientists and illustrating the implications of some of it, this is what he’s combating:

    Exclusive: Major Climate Denial Funders
    Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund
    Handled $479 Million Of Dark Money

    More than $470 million of cash flowing into a key funding arm of the climate science denial movement in the United States is untraceable, a DeSmog investigation has found.

    Sister organisations Donors Trust (DT) and Donors Capital Fund (DCF) declared an income of $511 million between 2005 and 2012, tax records show.

    But a DeSmog analysis of the sources of DT and DCF income finds that some $479 million of the income is “dark money” coming from individuals or groups who do not have to declare their donations.

    The amount of untraceable cash moving through DT and DCF is likely to be increasing substantially. In 2013, the two groups had their biggest year to date with a combined income of $152m and cash assets of $138m. Donors Trust itself saw income more than double from $46m in 2012 to $103m in 2013 even though the value of grants it handed out remained stable at about $40m each year.

    Great job Guy – please keep up the good work! The truth cannot be denied. Whether we’re all completely unaware of the changes taking place, they’re taking place – and the effects will follow like smoke and fire.

    i’m beginning to think that ‘we don’t know the HALF of it!’ – that there are WAY more unseen things down at the sub-atomic level, all the chemical reactions happening from the many mixed gases, solids and liquids on Earth, the steady erosion of infrastructure, the ticking of the economic time-bombs of derivatives and other “financial instruments,” combined with global currency wars, disease outbreaks in plants, animals, and vegetation, and, waiting in the wings: war, drought famine, plagues, natural disasters on an unprecedented scale, sea level rise, continuing methane release, global avg. temp spikes, and more than i can even list! All these factors are inter-related!
    It’s mind-boggling how subtle and inexorable it all is!

    i gotta go lay down.

  • At the rate things are going and as close as we currently are to the edge of the habitable zone, at least we won’t have to go to Mars in order to try and re-establish human civilization on a dead planet.







  • I watched the second video too, wherein Guy was powerful.

    Guy is way cool, got game, and stuff like that Wally.

    Some other pogology: Why The Military Can’t Defend Against The Invasion.

  • Guy THX, Way Powerful stuff! hang tough, it’s getting rough, no more fluff, you called their bluff,took their guff,your off the cuff, made of the real stuff and soon enough we’re all screwed mcduff. Because the world’s crops are already under heavy pressure from adverse weather conditions. Yet we go on bring carbon out of the ground and putting it into the atmosphere. It is a fallacy to think that conservation of anything will prevent nature from going ahead with the process which is well under way. It’s to late and I have no time line or ideas about saving us from starvation,etc. mistakes made will be the fatal mistake for all of us

  • Guy, the NZ lifeboat is getting overfull. Could you please suggest Alaska or Greenland or Norway as suitable places to run to. All will have a lot more ice-free land area in years to come. And if migrants really try they might be able to use a combination of imported food and composting toilets to build up soil fertility. (Just don’t mention the possibility of more nuclear reactors in the Northern Hemisphere overheating and blowing up).

  • I incessantly marvel at, cogitate on, the “how” and the “why” so many of “you” express “thoughts” that are, on the face of it, merely “selfish.” You ALL proclaim to “know” something, yet exhibit that you don’t “know” anything at all! Do any of you KNOW, or “understand,” static and dynamic loading on a structure, e.g. a “house” or “protective” structure? Do ANY of you “understand” the difference in those terms?

    Fuck, do ANY of you “understand” the “disclaimers” stated in EVERY advertisement for ANY/EVERY pharmaceutical drug in existence? EVERY “doctor” or “physician,” even those commenting in this space, are playing the rest of YOU for fools, regardless of their rhetoric. Their SOLE reason for existence is their own FINANCIAL benefit. Many, most(?), will deny this but you can rest assured that they have significant “investment” in Glaxo-Smith-Kline or Pfizer or other pharmaceutical purveyor, which “dictates” the drugs they prescribe. Is that REALLY how you WANT to live YOUR life, as a “test subject,” a guinea pig, for some miscreant who is ONLY, EXCLUSIVELY, interested in their own self-aggrandizement and personal wealth, however you interpret that. If so, you have NO right or basis to claim membership to the genus homo sapiens sapiens! Sign up for more “meds,” RD and every “MD” will “thank you” for “enriching” their lives. Go ahead, I fuckin’ “dare” you.

  • I’ve never wanted to believe Guy McPherson since day One. But this time in the second video clip, when faced with a barrage of questions that would make most people wince in self-defense, he was able to be convincing enough so that the few detractors in the audience may even have been reconciled in their views.

    Guy McPherson was as convincing in this presentation as any of his previous talks. Being the stubborn animal that I am, my own rejection of what Guy is suggesting is the end of humanity is somewhat hanging in the balance. I think Guy is genuinely personally convinced that human extinction is most probable in the next 20 years or so. That is a timeline which most people cannot accept, and nor can I.

    Guy proposes that at the end ‘Only Love Remains’. But that presupposes that there was love to go around in the first place. Love is not a common occurrence within the social enclaves of humanity. I once played golf with a career banker who declared: “People hate each other. ‘. If anybody would know that, as a banker, I figured he would. I listened because if there is any place where love is absent it has to be at a bank.

    From my perspective, perhaps Guy will be proven right in that love may indeed remain. Maybe it was there in the first place and few people perceived it as such. When all is said and done, and the last humans stare in silence at what might have been, it will be too late to realize that the more we would have taken care of each other, the more the Earth would have taken care of us. It was simple really.

  • Ok, now that we have all the really dire horrible news out of the way, who wants to go night swimming?

    A show of hands, please.
    I know of a lovely little kettle pond surrounded by forest, and in the summer time it’s a great place to go skinny dipping under the stars and moonlight. By the sound and fury of it all, as promoted above, I’ll be hanging out there (as will my wee monkey, swinging free) quite a bit over the next 4 months. Beyond that, who knows, it may stay so hot I’ll be chilling there in the non-existent winter months too.

    One thing I won’t be doing is committing suicide. Not today, or tomorrow, or even in the next 18 months. And that’s the important thing to remember right now. There’s the answer to your “Bigger (biggest?) questions looming” — stop harping on the murder and mayhem and maybe get a fucking life that isn’t a broken record.

    Speaking of records, I think I’ll go and listen to A Little Night Music by Mozart.

    Later, alligators.

    :: As Hayduke’s Monkey strolls out of the hospice common room, first he pauses at the nurse’s station ::

    “Paging nurse Ratched. Paging nurse Ratched. Please, come quick! Cheswick is having another one of his fits, and is seriously needing some meds.”

  • :: Strolls in, downing meds ::

    @Gerald Spezio “Much serious discussion here in the last few days about whether to “educate/tell” little tykes & teens about distressing climate change.”

    Not that I speak for all parents/caretakers of children, but they, the kids, are suffering the physical effects of bioaccumulation of manmade chemicals, air pollution, waste of the natural world for material gain by their elders, in the form of cancers, asthma, food and environmental allergies, autism, etc… Who are we to “keep” anything from them? They don’t have virtual paradise to hold up as comparison to their current physical reality, which is grim. Not in the future, but now. What we are mourning the loss of, they have never really known, so while we hesitate to break the news, they are a step ahead.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m honest with the kids and answer all questions as directly as I can, but they generally make their own observations. I don’t bother lying or sheltering them from facts. They know roses aren’t supposed to bloom at Thanksgiving in South Dakota, and tell me as much. We are often cooped up in the house due to air quality alerts, unseasonal blizzards, thunderstorms, flash flooding, heat domes, etc…, their world is slightly apocalyptic when you look at it from their perspective. We adults generally resist change to the point of neurosis, but chaos is their base-line. I say, yes, tell them now, but keep it casual and a natural part of conversation. Hiding the truth of climate change from children will do no good when they are the walking proof of it’s ill effects on human/animal health.

  • I think this will be the year it goes mainstream (and a vindication for Guy in the offing). My concern is that the disappearance of Arctic ice in late summer will be used to justify “geo-engineering” and so “mainstream” may become yet another series of fear-induced problems.

    A great article today from a Norwegian psychologist who echoes much that the sensitive and awakened hearts who frequent this website already feel (“Good grief, Charlie Brown!”):

    The Great Grief: How To Cope with Losing Our World
    In order to respond adequately, first we may need to mourn
    byPer Espen Stoknes

    “Across different populations, psychological researchers have documented a long list of mental health consequences of climate change: trauma, shock, stress, anxiety, depression, complicated grief, strains on social relationships, substance abuse, sense of hopelessness, fatalism, resignation, loss of autonomy and sense of control, as well as a loss of personal and occupational identity.”

  • Thanks to the audience at York who really engaged with Guy and brought him out at his most passionate and brave witness.

  • Wow, excellent q@a, Guy!

  • “yeah, but I should not have used the word “balance”, because things are always hewing in a certain direction (towards instability). Nonetheless, the dance of self-organization and destruction has many steps, rhythms, and variations in its music.”

    It would certainly seem so: things have been becoming more unstable, unequal, and erratic lately. I believe you mean this in a more thermodynamic sense though, in terms of energy and entropy. One way to look at it is in terms of constant change, more or less constant but sustained continuous change. When we zoom out far enough this is perhaps how it looks but up close we also see some areas where there are resting points and transitions between resting points making for a more uneven rate of change, sometimes unpredictable and sudden, sometimes predictable and slow. A bit like plate tectonics. The forces build up gradually and at a certain point, they are no longer contained and the plates give way until a new resting point is reached. And there they sit for a couple thousand years and they move abruptly again. The process repeats.

    Overall, I am not even sure there’s any one direction that things unfold in. Our notions of space and time sometimes give us that illusion. To the extent that there is either order or disorder, it’s the result of the many interactions between participants, human and non-human. The need for predictability, a set direction, and a consistent rate of change are all precursors to the paradigm of control. A little uncertainty and a little unpredictability never hurt anybody and actually makes for a more wondrous and joyous life. You say it so well when you say, “the dance of self-organization and destruction has many steps, rhythms, and variations in its music.””


    Artleads Says:
    Doesn’t unpredictable weather and a thousand attributes of collapse not make for resurgence of what you term, “genetic mutation” of human intelligence? (Although I suppose many will say there isn’t time for that to happen.)

    Hi Artleads, I don’t know if it’s intelligence that needs a turbo-charge. Not the way we define it anyway. I don’t know what it is but for now, I rather listen to what the indigenous peoples of the world are telling us. I’ve learned and continue to learn from them. I doubt there’s much left to do other than to become more aware by listening to people who are very unlike us, to see if we can understand where we’ve gone wrong. One way to look at it is to say our species is doomed, was always doomed from the start. Broadly that’s true. But when we drill down a bit, seek more clarification and a better resolution, we see two types of people – the vast majority who consider themselves civilized, the winners, the chosen, and the small minority who have been telling us we’re screwing up our planet, our home. I don’t understand why we insist on finding a way out all by ourselves. This is perhaps another delusion that civilized man engages in. That he doesn’t need any help. He has it together. When do we realize we not only lack the answers but we lack the very thought framework, the foundation that any answers could spring forth from. We’re like an astronaut who ventures far from his spacecraft in search of something, to explore this or that and forgets that he’s tethered to the spacecraft. Firing up his little backpack thrusters, he’s going this way and that and doesn’t realize that the tether has been severed. Meanwhile, he’s killing off other astronauts who are still tethered and who are trying to tell him what they see, that his tether is broken. But he has come to so love his backpack rockets that he doesn’t even think he needs the tether. What would make such an astronaut realize what’s really going on? In what language must the tethered astronaut speak to such an astronaut? While they are struggling to figure this out, he is shooting laser weapons at his spacecraft because it’s obstructing his view. That’s how bad it is.

    To the extent one is inclined that way, to the extent the process is somewhat tolerable if not enjoyable, and to the extent one has the means, one could slow down and sit back and meditate on their condition, their relationships and such. A good portion of humanity lives paycheck to paycheck, day to day, and is unable to afford to do anything about the news that keep streaming in. If they are not so financially or physically constrained, they are psychologically constrained by the stories they believe in. For the rest, meditation is a half-hour session in between meetings where a new product or service is being planned, that is, the next phase of destruction of the Land is laid out. Both ways, we seem screwed. The devastation we see on the physical plane is a reflection of a sickness in the mind. That’s what we need to cure. It’s the cause. We might not save anything tangible anyway but at least, we’d know what happened and we’d address a maladaptive consciousness. We’d go back home before we go to the grave. There are people wanting to help us. We should be grateful for them and take their help. Now, that would be a resurgence of intelligence!


    J. Z. Colby Says:
    Satish, I see you have stumbled into the thorny problem of defining a “young adult.” To complicate the issue, the average age of puberty has been dropping, from 16 about 150 years ago (when data started to be collected) to 12 today. Theories of why abound. With that change comes many mental/interests/values changes.


    Strange indeed. Kids are forced to grow up too early these days. They are burdened with all the adult problems of the age – juggling calendars, managing timelines, planning futures, and all that serious stuff we pride ourselves to engage in. Play has disappeared. First the adults forgot how to play, became all serious and now, they are making kids become all serious about everything. The adults have taken away their very childhood. First graders are being taught computer programming.


    Talking about computers, that Woz story stuck with me. So a rich man finds out we’re doomed and makes plans to fend for himself and his family. Guy’s story doesn’t make him pause and wonder but impels him to move to Tasmania. I’m beginning to wonder if the state of affairs is such that the people who are in any position to do anything about Guy’s message are exactly those who have contributed the most to the mess. They are using his message, his analysis, his citations and his output to further their individualistic agendas. On the other hand, their victims, human and non-human, continue to suffer and aren’t really in any position to do anything different from what they are currently doing to make ends meet. They don’t have the luxury to fret about impending doom. They’re hanging by a thin thread as it is. So we have Woz moving to a safe place in one final show of the colonial and imperial mentality that has dragged us down this way. And a bunch of Tasmanians are having to grapple with this new influx of the filthy rich and their filthy riches. I hate to see Guy’s message being misused this way. Mike K. has been saying something to the effect of: the wise must use caution when talking to the public at large so their message doesn’t end up being misinterpreted in dangerous ways. Somehow, Woz thinks moving to Tasmania is how he wants to pursue a life of excellence.

    Just complaining about people. I’m glad to see Guy doing what he’s doing.

  • Colin,

    I share your sense of reality expressed in your comment, the cynicism that’s realism. No meds for me either.
    I was always under the impression that many of us here share your disgust for our dominant culture which seems to thrive on personal pathology, making lots of money, telling people that it’s not the society we live in that breaks them but something in their personal lives – deflection. For that there are 1000s of therapies, keeping it personal. So many steps…It’s really an excellent way of keeping people separate (never mind support groups etc)so institutions and corporations cannot be blamed for the alienation they create which is the real pathology. People concentrating on their own “journeys” will learn to turn inwards, often neglecting the world outside, the real world, especially the one that’s being destroyed by this separation, alienation. No wonder there’s so much mental illness. People have been convinced that experts, professionals can sort every problem for them and lose their vital intuition to get to know their own bodies, minds and spirits.
    That said, of course contemplation, reflection, meditation, gathering knowledge, reading etc etc should ideally be part of everyone’s live. But a person shouldn’t get stuck there because it’s only preparation to make you more aware of the reality outside you skin. Too many people get stuck and concentrate on their “own journey”.

    You are right, it’s a big con. But don’t blame the people. This culture was/is created and most people are complicit without really being conscious of it. It’s all quite complicated. How to unravel it? I don’t know.

    Yet I “know” that I am surrounded by what can only be called love in the tiny circle full of living beings (plants, animals and humans) who are happy to participate in keeping the magic going for a little while longer. My garden is better than ever this year. This little community really wants to be here and thrive.
    See, this I do know, I can see and sense it. In other words, this is where connection is still accessible. People that can’t see that are the poorer for it. But therapists can’t help you there. It’s something you have to discover (take off the cover society has made) all by yourself.

    With that in mind, maybe it would be a good idea to join Haydukes Monkey by his lovely little kettle pond and not commit suicide, definitely not in the next 18 months. Who knows, my garden might be beautiful and thriving again nest year.

  • The new COLLAPSE LIBRARY is now UP on the Diner Blog!

    If you want to make a contribution to the ATAVACHRON, click the link for instructions on how to do it.


  • More precisely, I’m glad to see Guy doing what he *loves* doing: teaching. I liked the Q&A video.

    I also liked the story of the English professor from Georgia State University who reached the same conclusions as Guy without looking at any scientific evidence.

    I’d imagine most people who are ardent students of History, Anthropology, Sociology, culture, even the Arts and Literature are able to grasp Guy’s message easily. It doesn’t surprise them. There are several trends evident to the careful student who avoids mainstream narratives and goes for alternate versions. The scientific evidence is helpful to those who are scientifically inclined but the vast majority of the world’s population is not so inclined. The tribal person has seen the writing on the wall for a long time. He’s been going extinct for a few hundred years. The rural folk have a much easier time coming to terms with reality too. It is the most educated, progress-oriented liberals, urban residents whose critical thinking skills are severely compromised by 20+ years of modern schooling that have the most difficult time. Drunk on techno-optimism, they talk about some new algae that is supposed to eat all the radioactivity after it’s done sequestering all the carbon.

    I also noticed Guy’s attempts at humor didn’t jive with the British folk very well. Just as well that British humor doesn’t always click elsewhere :)

    And after all these years living in the West, it still freaks me out to hear a black woman speak in a British accent. My brain goes, “how did that happen?” It’s considered awesome in the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities, all that diversity, all the variety, the way we have come together to learn each other’s languages, try each other’s cuisines and celebrate each other’s festivals. All so cool. Go to New York, San Francisco, Singapore or Hong Kong and it’s evident how alive and full of vitality the culture is. That’s one way to think about it.

    I know, I’m just complaining a lot today. I know you can all handle it. So here goes… another way to see this… we’re mutts. Some of us are mutts in a biological, racial, ethnic way but almost all of us are cultural mutts. We’re told we can pick whatever story we like from whatever region, culture, and time period to put together a coherent worldview that explains to us how things are. This is what makes a Liberal. I used to consider myself a Liberal at one point. Mostly because they’re supposed to be cooler than the conservatives. That’s what this place had me believing anyway. Then it occurred to me that Liberals are not those who believe something different from the Conservatives. Liberals are those who believe anything and everything. As long as it doesn’t hurt their careers and jobs. Liberals are just lost. They are better defined by what they dislike and abhor than by what they actually believe in. The ruling elite has very skilfully tapped into this support base. They make up much of the educated professional classes that serve Empire.

    But Liberals or Conservatives, if you’re reading this, if you’re on the Internet, you’re probably a cultural mutt. You don’t have a creation story, you have a hodge-podge of creation stories. If you don’t like what’s out there, you’re free to make up your own. Just don’t talk about it at work too much or they will look at you awkwardly next time.

    Thanks for reading… love you all!

  • Sorry, I didn’t edit that comment properly, a few typos. Silly old thing that I am.

  • In the second video Guy shows that he thinks very well on his feet in a real-time question answer period.

    The subject matter was difficult, but he has a handle on the subject matter.

  • From Bankei:

    “A man who’s free in birth and death is one who always remains unconcerned with birth and death, knowing that so long as we’re allowed to live, we live; and when the time comes to die – even if death comes right now – we just die [realizing] that when we die isn’t of great importance.” (Bankei Zen, p. 64, translated by Peter Haskel)


    “Since the Buddha Mind is perfectly managing all things with the Unborn, it doesn’t know anything about ‘birth and death’ or ‘nirvana.’ From the place of the Unborn, birth and death and nirvana too are just a lot of empty speculation. That’s why even for someone who up till just the other day had been involved in [the realm of] arising and ceasing, if from today on he fully realizes his mistake, and doesn’t exchange the Unborn Buddha Mind for the Three Poisons (of ignorance, attachment, and aversion) or involve himself with birth and death or nirvana, he’ll abide in the Unborn Buddha Mind. Then, when the time comes for the elements that compose his physical body to disperse, he’ll just let them go, and die without any attachment. This is a man for whom birth and death are nirvana, a man who is free in birth and death.” (67, italics added)

    From Siberia to British Columbia Arctic Wildfires Begin an Ominous Ignition


    Now, fires are starting to flare around this broad stretch of once-frozen lands rapidly warmed by an unprecedented belching of heat-trapping gasses into the Earth’s atmosphere. Though the fires are not yet widespread, many are rather large — erupting over a smattering of areas. It is not typical for large fires of this kind to appear at all in May. Nor is it usual to find them in regions girding the Arctic at this time.

    The first set of blazes ignited during mid April of 2015 through a permafrost zone in the Lake Baikal region of Russia. Though the fires appear to have backed off from the towns and settlements they threatened at that time, they have continued to burn unabated — fading and flaring more than most of the past month.

    [ends with]

    The early and intense fires we are seeing now represent just the beginning of what is likely to be an extreme fire event for these regions. At this point, we are looking at a worsening fire potential stretching from now through mid September for these vulnerable Arctic zones.

  • “And after all these years living in the West, it still freaks me out to hear a black woman speak in a British accent. My brain goes, “how did that happen?””

    British accents are of four kinds: English, Scots, Welsh and Irish. The English accents (there are many, varying with locations in England) are the ones that sound natural with the English language.

    The how of how it happened is the process of creating Brown Englishmen. These were to be the middle managers of the British Empire, but Hitler upset the apple-cart. However, but for him, anyone studying any scientific discipline at graduate level anywhere in the world today would be studying it in German.

    ““A man who’s free in birth and death is one who always remains unconcerned with birth and death, knowing that so long as we’re allowed to live, we live; and when the time comes to die – even if death comes right now – we just die [realizing] that when we die isn’t of great importance.” (Bankei Zen, p. 64, translated by Peter Haskel)”

    – obeisance to the great Master Bankei

    That is why the answer to the question “Is there life before death?” is “Yes, but only for the unrealised persons”.


    This ties in with a lot of what goes around here on NBL.

    (And since it was a Common Dreams commenter who steered me to NBL in the first place, what goes around….)

  • There is an individual on this blog who can be considered the conscience of NBL. There is no finer explanatory prose nor romantic poetry or Art that is as clear & understandable that constantly comes forth from this person. Thank you for being a friend to all of us.

  • Satish,

    your take on Liberals is absolutely spot on.
    And I love the expression “cultural mutt”. How true.


    are you talking about Satish? Of course you don’t have to say but he’s the one that I immediately thought of.

  • I usually just come here to vent my own self-reinforcing narcissistic feedback loop, but i have to say that Guy is actually growing as a speaker and presenter. Best wishes to our egomaniacal death cult leader. I do wish to know which study says ocean plankton will soon be gone.

  • I noticed from the question and answer period that people still are generally unaware of stuff, so I will periodically post this information here for the benefit of the casual anonymous reader.

    Collapse Data Cheat Sheet
    ► 99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.

    ► 97% of Tigers gone since 1914.

    ► 90% of Lions gone since 1993.

    ► 90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.

    ► 90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.

    ► 90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.

    ► 80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

    ► 60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.

    ► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.

    ► 50% of Human Sperm Counts gone since 1950.

    ► 50% of Fresh Water Fish gone since 1987.

    ► 40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.

    ► 40% of ocean phytoplankton gone since 1950.

    ► Ocean plankton declines of 1% per year means 50% gone in 70 years, more than 1% is likely.

    ► Ocean acidification doubles by 2050, triples by 2100.

    ► 30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.

    ► 28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.

    ► 28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.

    ► Humans and livestock are 97% of earth’s land vertebrate biomass.

    ► 10,000 years ago humans and livestock were a mere 0.01% of land vertebrate biomass.

    ► Our crop and pasture lands caused 80% of all land vertebrate species extinctions.–Facing-the-Mass-Extinction

    ► 1,000,000 humans, net, are added to earth every 4½ days.

    ► We must produce more food in the next 50 years than we have in the past 10,000 years combined.

    ► We need 6 million hectares of new farmland every single year for the next 30 years to do this.

    ► We lose 12 million hectares of farmland every single year due to soil degradation, depletion and loss.

    ► Earth has only 60 years of farming left at current world soil degradation rates.

    ► We already passed world peak growth rate production in 2006 for wheat, soy, corn and fish.


    All IPCC mitigation, sequestration and adaptive strategies assume m-o-r-e farmland is available,

    says Dr. Kevin Anderson

    ► In 10 years, 4 billion people will be short of fresh water, 2 billion will be severely short of fresh water.

    ► One billion humans now walk a mile each day for fresh water.

    ► Humans and livestock eat 40% of earth’s annual land chlorophyll production.

    ► We are running out of cheap, accessible potassium and phosphates.

    ► These irreplaceable fertilizers cannot be manufactured by humans.

    ► We can recycle phosphates, but we don’t because of because of mining interests.

    ► The nitrogen cycle is so badly corrupted it kills off river and ocean life.

    ► We face mounting crop losses due to drought, flood and extreme weather.

    ► There are 80,000 untested chemicals in our environment.

    ► Mixed together in our bodies they are even more dangerous.

    ► We add thousands of chemicals to our food in a untrustworthy regulatory environment.

    ► We spray so much herbicide and pesticide, our croplands are “Green Deserts”.

    ► GM foods destroy soil ecology and poisons us without our permission.

    ► GM crops destroyed 90% of Monarch Butterflies in 20 years.

    ► GM cotton stalks kill livestock that eat it.

    ► 3 neo-nicotinoid infused seeds will kill one bird. Nicotinoids are water soluble.

    ► Monocultures cause bee malnutrition due to a lack of bio-diversity in pollen sources.

    ► Bee malnutrition weakens colonies against poisons, disease and extreme weather.

    ► We add nanoparticles to our foods without testing for long term safety.

    ► We add computer designed, synthetic DNA to our food.

    ► We kill elephants and orangutans in Indonesia to clear forests to grow palm oil.

    ► This palm oil is burnt as “green” bio-fuel in Germany’s diesel cars in Europe.

    ► Rainforests are slashed and burned in South America to grow soy.

    ► Pigs in China eat half of all the soy grown in South America.

    ► Soy oil is burnt as bio-fuel in Northern Europe.

    ► Our food is killing off life on earth.


    How a farmer described growing wheat over the last 20 years…


    ► Plant seed harvested from previous year

    ► Allow wheat to grow naturally

    ► Harvest cutting ~1 foot from ground (storing some seed for next year’s use, selling the extra)

    ► Plow (turning chaff, stubble, and weeds into ground for nutrient breakdown)

    ► Remove from planting rotation for 1 year

    ► Plow (cutting off roots)

    ► Plow (turn plant material into soil)

    ► Repeat


    ► Plant seeds bought from GMO manufacturer

    ► Drench with GMO’s herbicide to prevent anything else from growing

    ► Spray with chemical fertilizers (because the ground doesn’t have enough nutrients)

    ► Spray with herbicide to kill the whole field at once to ensure the whole field is ready to cut at the same time.

    ► Harvest, cutting the wheat all the way to the ground because it doesn’t grow tall enough due to lack of nutrients

    ► Sell all seeds that came off of plants (it’s illegal to keep anything)

    ► Burn off minimal stubble and turn once into the ground with disc.

    ► Repeat until soil is gone.




    ► Runaway mass extinction is unstoppable and irreversible once started.–Facing-the-Mass-Extinction

    ► Green Energy is our solution to Climate Change.

    ► But, Climate Change is only 1 of 6 Direct Drivers for Mass Extinction.

    ► 50% of land vertebrate species died off in the last 50 years.

    ► 50% of land vertebrate species will die off in the next 40 years.

    ► +50% = Unstoppable Irreversible Mass Extinction.

    ► 75% Species Loss = Mass Extinction.

    ► The 6 Direct Drivers of Mass Extinction are:

    … 1) Invasive Species

    … 2) Over-Population

    … 3) Over-Exploitation

    … 4) Habitat Loss

    ….5) Climate Change

    ….6) Pollution


    ► Humans and livestock are earth’s number one invasive species.

    ► We are in the last doubling of resource demand.

    ► At current growth rates our energy demand will exceed the output of the sun in 1,500 years.

    ► Energy demand is set to double in 50 years.

    ► Emissions have to go down 80% in 30 years.

    ► Renewable energy uses more minerals for less energy than fossil fuels.

    ► Post-peak minerals will hit in 20 years – more energy needed for less minerals extracted.

    ► It takes 10X more intermittent electrical energy to displace one unit of fossil electrical energy.

    ► It takes one ton of coal to make just 6 solar panels.

    ► Solar and wind turbine production is deadly toxic.

    ► Green energy systems only last 30 years and have to be replaced.

    ► We can’t replace billions of green systems every 30 years and save earth.

    ► Recycling their alloys is difficult and uses more energy than mining.

    ► Green energy doesn’t run on the sun and wind, it runs on mining minerals.

    ► Green energy is driven by short-term greedy capitalism and corruption.

    ► Green energy products will have to be replaced in 30 years during extreme shortages.

    ► Especially under current emissions-depletions-extinction scenarios.

    ► 40% Green Energy requires 200% more copper says John Timmer of Ars Technica.

    ► Peak copper hits 2030 – 2040 says Ugo Bardi.

    ► Post peak copper production cannot accelerate at any price says Dave Lowell.

    ► This is true of any post peak mineral production.

    ► There is no real substitute for copper says Mat McDermott of Motherboard.

    ► We mined 50% of all the copper in human history in just the last 30 years.

    ► 100% green energy requires 500% more copper.

    ► Peak minerals includes more than just copper.

    ► By 2050, expect to be past peaks for tin, silver, nickel, zinc, cadmium and more.

    ► Most new hi-tech green energy exotic mineral requirements are energy-cost prohibitive.

    ► We move some 3 billion tons of earth per year to get 15 millions tons of copper.

    ► We can’t afford to mine 500% more copper at ever lower concentrations.

    ► We cannot recycle it into existence.

    ► We cannot conserve it into existence.

    ► Substituting aluminum for copper wire takes 5X the energy and is a brittle fire hazard.

    ► Google’s own Stanford Phd, green energy experts, Ross Koningstein and David Fork, tell IEEE Spectrum why
    … green energy “simply won’t work” and is a “false dream” without major lifestyle changes.

    ► You can see humanity fly off the charts here:

    ► In just 13 years, we will “lock in” an inevitable near term 6°C earth temp rise because we continually exceed the worse-case emissions scenario set out back in 2007 says climate scientist, Dr. Michael Jennings.

    ► Why Trolls Are Green

    You will notice I barely mentioned climate change. That’s because green energy boosters focus exclusively on climate change and ignore everything else. They know we don’t have enough resources to provide renewable energy for 9 billion people every 30 years. Green energy is based on mining, not the sun, the wind and the stars. The number one concern of miners is, supply and the profit-loss break even point. Solar panels and wind turbines are sold by giant conglomerates who just want to sell us as many panels and turbines as they can before we run out. Divestment is just a distraction for rich old and young. Learn why Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein and the NIC (Non-profit Industrial Complex) are funded by Wall Street.

    The Most Important COP Briefing That No One Ever Heard, Lies, Racism, Omnicide

    The Corporate Sponsors Of Bill McKibben’s Divestment Tour

    If you are still skeptical, get help, otherwise…


  • “When all is said and done, and the last humans stare in silence at what might have been, it will be too late to realize that the more we would have taken care of each other, the more the Earth would have taken care of us. It was simple really.” – Jean Turcot

    Sometimes the simplest most obvious and basic truth is the hardest to see. Our culture has trained us so deeply in the ways of unlove that most of us cannot see that lack of love is the root cause of all our dysfunctions. The very word love is lost to us, buried under layers of misunderstanding and distortion.

    One of the ways I use to remind myself of the supreme value and relevance of love is to imagine what a world whose prime aim and practice is love would be like….

    There would be no war, no poverty, no over breeding, no massive destruction of nature. The happiness and nurture of all beings would be the aim and purpose of every human’s life.

    This truth has been put forward and practiced by some from the earliest times. However our history shows that others have ignored it in favor of greed, violence, lying, selfishness and multiple forms of unlove. The world we live in today is the result of this struggle. Obviously the forces of darkness within us are very much in the ascendant now, and threaten to destroy all of us.

    In a loving world every new born human is nourished with loving care by parents who themselves are deeply loving in all they do. We were not born into this kind of care and nurture. At this late date how can we who are already wounded by our unloving upbringing, bring into existence a loving culture?

    A first step would be to realize our lack of developed loving in ourselves. Next we would commit ourselves to learning to love in the real way. We would realize then that this reeducation project would best be practiced in the company of others similarly commited. And so forth….

    Will that ever happen on a time schedule that can avert the oncoming NTE? Who knows? It may be a very long shot. But the love I am speaking of is unconditional. It remains determined to express itself no matter what. It is in a certain sense invulnerable and unalterable. Nothing can dissuade it or turn it from it’s course.
    Without it intelligent life will become a fatal self-contradiction.

    Jean Turcot, I apologize for implying you were a troll. My error. I forgot my own long and winding road to realization of the overwhelming probability of NTE. You are changing, and discarding false hopes and beliefs just I did, but much more rapidly, to your credit. Sorry I misjudged you.

  • Gerald says: “W/O mincing words we will also have to deal with outright murder & mayhem within our own society.” Yes, I think that’s here and getting worse by the day.

    “It could be as simple as; how to commit suicide?” See below*

    Many battered & bewildered innocents are living in hell now.
    Many devastated & despairing Indian farmers take their own lives every day.”

    Yes and yes—-sadly agree.

    *I wish the “how to commit suicide” was “simple”. Isn’t there a song “Suicide is Painless”? ( just googled it—–singer/songwriter Ania Dąbrowska has a beautiful version) From what I’ve read, most options for suicide are NOT painless. Wish it were so. You’d think we could figure out a way to make it an easy option for those who are ready to check out—-based on rational reasons. That is the only “hope” I have left. That suicide will someday be easy and painless, perhaps even peaceful (a la Sol in Soylent Green). If I must relocate, I will move to a state/country with legal assisted suicide.

    @ Jean Turcot: “Guy proposes that at the end ‘Only Love Remains’. But that presupposes that there was love to go around in the first place.”

    I’d like to believe that Only Love Remains but I’m not fully convinced that it was there in the first place either. Perhaps because I came from a “dysfunctional”, alcoholic family . . . . perhaps that is why my foundation/belief in love as a constant is a bit shaky. But I continue to live a life with love and believe there are mysteries that we will never fully understand in this human form.
    But these things are easy to contemplate with a full stomach, thirst quenched and body temperature perfect.

    In the meantime—- not suicidal yet! Still much joy, much love; my daughter, my friends and all the creatures that I am blessed to share this planet with! I share my home with others: phoebes, swallows, chickadees that live on the porch, bats under the chimney cap, bees, chipmunks (although a pair of Cooper’s Hawks ate 2 residents in April) and now all the wildflowers that miraculously survived previous owners attempts at destroying them by planting turf grass and using Roundup.

    on the downside:
    The facts that Guy conveys in these videos have taken away the belief that one day my body, post death, will decompose into and join with the glorious earth. Unless one’s definition of “glorious” is a massive Co2, sulfuric acid infused radioactive wasteland devoid of most life this clearly is not going to happen!


    My dread/fear of death was tempered with the thought of post death melding with some form of life!! Even if I COULD meld into a prairie or wetland my body is most likely considered hazardous waste and I would do more harm than good! Drat!

    That’s what makes all this so hard . . . time to change my death wish of melding with prairie soil to melding with . . . . any thoughts? Stardust? Nothingness?

    @Satish (and everyone else) great posts!!! Agree with your thoughts about the Woz story. I feel it is unpleasant at best (won’t say my thoughts about at worst) Check out how he & his family is going to live in Australia. I don’t think it’s in a way that is back to the land or helping the earth.
    Critics/moviegoers made fun of the movie 2012 but in many ways it is coming to reality in the way the wealthy are seeking refuge; i.e. million dollar bunkers (sold out) in Kansas and people like Wozniak (who –yes– helped exacerbate the ruin of the planet) fleeing to seemingly safer places. Personally, I could relate to the Woody Harrelson character in that movie—— hilarious gallows humor!

    Speaking of apocalyptic movies: I think one of the best movies as metaphor for NTE is Melancholia. This is a VERY long article but quite interesting:

    May all you NBL visitors find joy this May weekend.
    Peace and kindness,
    ps not sure if many will get this far in this too long post but Badlands if you’re there
    it was so good to hear from you a couple articles back. Hope you and your family are well. Miss your contributions here.

  • “the Golden Apple of Discord (Greek: μῆλον τῆς Ἔριδος) on
    which, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Eris (Gr. Ἔρις,
    “Strife”) inscribed “to the fairest” and tossed in the midst of the feast of the gods at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, thus sparking a vanity-fueled dispute among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite that eventually led to the Trojan War” – wiki

    Or, “Magic Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?” The spell that marked Snow White for death….

    @anon – Perhaps thou sowest this dangerous spell unaware of it’s possible dire consequences?

  • How many times can we lose half our bees?
    I guess until we’re down to just one.

  • Mike k,

    Nice to wake up and have such warm thoughts waiting on my PC.

    Wow Mike, your own analysis of the human condition is humbling. You wrote:” Sometimes the simplest most obvious and basic truth is the hardest to see. Our culture has trained us so deeply in the ways of unlove that most of us cannot see that lack of love is the root cause of all our dysfunctions. The very word love is lost to us, buried under layers of misunderstanding and distortion.”

    The above pretty well sums it up. You used the word ‘love’ to describe the lack of it in our lives. So true. But I think we should not feel ‘guilty’ about our way of thinking any more than lions should feel guilty about killing their prey. Nature is designed to encourage a survival of the fittest environment, and to display love within a bunch of hyenas is not recommended. What we could do however is try to practice what you suggested: “No war, no poverty, no over breeding, no massive destruction of nature. The happiness and nurture of all beings would be the aim and purpose of every human’s life”.

    In a perfect world, you suggested that “Every new born human is nourished with loving care by parents who themselves are deeply loving in all they do.” So true. As the result of millions of years of competitive evolution however, as you pointed out “We were not born into this kind of care and nurture”, but unlike all living things, we do have the capacity to will the changes that we need, and that is where we are failing.

    “Obviously the forces of darkness within us are very much in the ascendant now, and threaten to destroy all of us.” Not many use the word ‘us’ and include themselves in that darkness. If more of us did just that, we may just be able to survive our own hang-ups.

    Thanks again Mike, your comments are indicative that you have done much introspection and that inside all of us, as Gandhi suggested, lies the answer to a longevity to which our species could aspire, given that there may still be an opportunity to do just that.

  • Caroline,

    I think I know how you feel. My mother loved me, but her alcoholic addiction trumped everything. I remember dreading to bring friends into our home as a young boy, as I had to explain to these friends that my mother’s inexplicable and confusing states of slurred stupor and vindictiveness were only temporary. It was a humiliating experience, but the hardest of all to try to reason that I was not responsible for her condition, something which I think all children of alcoholics find very difficult to forget.

    Your description of sharing the land you live on with all of nature’s creatures is precious. Unfortunately most people never get to experience that condition as they are too busy just trying to survive in the jungles that we have brought with us when we left our forest abodes. The jungles are still there, deeply embedded in our psyches, and the natural environment is basically gone from human experience, replaced by electronics, vehicles and, worst of all, banks. lol. At one time all some of us had to do in order to survive was to pick a fruit from a tree. Now we have to hope that the banker facing us likes our credit score before he/she ask us to sign on the dotted line.

    When I think that the amount of money involved to save the banks could have fully paid for every single mortgage in the U.S., with a lot left over, and that those same banks just continue to foreclose on the very people who saved their hides, it makes one think that an edge of madness is not far from our collective mindset.

    As far as I know, it seems that Icelanders understood that concept a little and tried to do something about it.

  • Re Mutts and Aborigines:

    I doubt that the aborigines have any idea how to deal with the civilized hordes around them. I’m certain they see the deadly trajectory, and sincerely hope that WE can find some way to not ALL go off the cliff.

    If so, what can WE do? In honor of Shep, I’ll try a thought experiment. The new religion is environmental collapse. There are those who attend this church and those who don’t. That’s one cut. Then there’s another cut: you’re either black or white, and that’s a choice as much as a genetic condition.

    The blacks are in prison. The ruler who imprisoned them are so cunning and evil that it seems inconceivable that every bar on every window has not been tested, and that the prison is not one within and endless series of larger ones. Thus begins the joyful process of team building among the prisoners and the testing of every door, every window, every metal bar, even to the point of figuring out whether finger nails, over time, can cut through metal bars…

  • Apneaman… that scene… simply awesome.

  • Caroline said:

    “*I wish the “how to commit suicide” was “simple”. Isn’t there a song “Suicide is Painless”? ( just googled it—–singer/songwriter Ania Dąbrowska has a beautiful version) From what I’ve read, most options for suicide are NOT painless. Wish it were so. You’d think we could figure out a way to make it an easy option for those who are ready to check out—-based on rational reasons. That is the only “hope” I have left. That suicide will someday be easy and painless, perhaps even peaceful (a la Sol in Soylent Green). If I must relocate, I will move to a state/country with legal assisted suicide.”

    There are many ways to commit suicide that are painless.

    Heroin OD.
    Hollow point through the roof of the mouth at a 45 degree angle.
    Having your head near the source of an explosion, like a stick of dynamite.
    Skydiving and landing on your head at 230 mph.

    Im sure theres more.

    But sure, a person could kill themselves in much more painful ways… but it doesnt need to be so. Those serious about suicide can easily research within minutes painless ways. The most accessible option to most in the US would probably simply be a bullet.

  • Caroline;

    Here is a suggestion in the form of a book (Banned in Aussie land – sorry) that is available for self euthanasia which I believe is appropriate in many cases, esp. painful, vegetative, radiation, nuclear war and economic collapse conditions.


    “Updated Annually”

    Exit International US


    I assume they still exist. My copy is from 2012.

  • Into Destiny

    For a period of about two years a certain person (I will not name) used to ring me regularly and raise the topic of painless suicide. He frequently referred to the helium displacement method, whereby oxygen in the lungs is displaced with helium and the subject becomes unconscious as oxygen in the body used up and not replaced.

    For those with no access to helium, he suggested the caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) method: in a closed system oxygen is converted to carbon dioxide and the carbon dioxide is absorbed into NaOH solution or granules.

    After managing to get out of the ‘big smoke’ and relocate to a semi-rural region my correspondent ceased to talk of suicide.

    Ron Resnick, now deceased, used to refer to hemlock rather a lot.

    Consuming a large amount of alcohol while standing on a high balcony provides an uncomplicated means to an end. Many people manage to end their lives unintentionally that way.

    Matters are coming to a nasty culmination with respect to the criminal gang that comprises the bulk of NPDC. Unsurprisingly, those with much to lose are attempting to block the public consultation process….. and will probably succeed in the short term.

  • Satish Kumar says a lot of what I try to say better than I can –

  • If you want to wallow in morbidity, here’s the tune to do it with…

  • I know that if we get to die, it means that we get to live. But one of the main reason that used to motivate one (and most humans methink) to live was the fact that there would be a suite after one’s individual life and death. We were sustained by the knowledge that life would go on. This is the part that disappeared. The future. And I think we are not “organized” to deal with this new dimension.

    This is the difficult part. To find the motivation to live with no future. It certainly is the most terrible part of my communications with my 2 adult sons. They need to have projects. And I no more tell them it is useless to make projects because there is no future. They begged me not to tell them anymore. So our relation, although full of love, is also a constant lie. Which leaves me extremely frustrated and completely alone in my collapse soup.

    This is just the expression of my thoughts and not a complaint.

  • Kevin, I thought about hemlock, but wasnt sure it was painless. Hemlock is a sedative and paralytic, and death occurs from not being able to breath. Im not sure if that is actually painless due to the sedative qualities of hemlock, or if it feels quite uncomfortable, or if there is little to no feeling at all.

    Its extremely poisonous though, with just 100mg of fresh leaf material being deadly to a large human, and the seeds being even another order of magnitude more deadly than the leaves.

    Maybe eating enough, like a handful of the leaves, would put one into unconsciousness from the sedation before the paralytic effect stopped breathing. I guess it could be painless.

    It also grows pretty much all over the planet now, wild.

  • R U Ready

    Do not venture outside for any reason, until the nature of this crisis has been determined.

  • @mo, I try to “tune in” to what you are sharing but find the music very aggressive and fake. The whacka-whacka beats feel like they are the antithesis of life-affirming. Maybe this is just me, but I can only listen to acoustic music these days…

    Here’s something equally good-trance/annoying, but at least not electronic..

  • ah Lidia, you are such a delicate flower.


  • Why, yes, I am darling.. thank you!

    Seriously, though you may pooh-pooh this as my “material” nature talking: when I listen to music that is full of synthesized whiplash sounds.. for some *bizarre* reason it makes me feel as though someone is lashing me with a synthetic whip. I have a bad visceral reaction to it. YMMV, obviously, but I appreciate the change in programming.

  • for the best kind of visceral reaction, I much prefer real whips.


    “Effluence, affluence: inundating the world and the air it breathes are floods of crud and torrents of words—expert reports, speeches, government declarations, solemn international accords that no one observes, and other expressions of official concern for the environment. The language of power diverts blame from consumer society and from those who impose consumerism in the name of development. The large corporations who, in the name of freedom, make the planet sick and then sell it medicine and consolation can do what they please, while environmental experts, who reproduce like rabbits, wrap all problems in the bubble-wrap of ambiguity. The state of the world’s health is disgusting, and official rhetoric extrapolates in order to absolve: “We are all responsible” is the lie technocrats offer and politicians repeat, meaning no one is responsible. Official palaver exhorts “the sacrifice of all,” meaning screw those who always get screwed.

    “All of humanity pays the price for the ruin of the earth, the befouling of the air, the poisoning of the waters, the disruption of the climate, and the degradation of the earthly goods that nature bestows. But hidden underneath the cosmetic words, statistics confess and little numbers betray the truth: one-quarter of humanity commits three-quarters of the crimes against nature. Each inhabitant of the North consumes ten times as much energy, nineteen times as much aluminum, fourteen times as much paper, and thirteen times as much iron and steel as someone in the South. The average North American puts twenty-two times as much carbon into the air as an Indian and thirteen times as much as a Brazilian. It may be called “global suicide,” but this daily act of murder is being perpetrated by the most prosperous members of the human species…”

    Eduardo Galeano – ‘Upside Down’

  • Is extinction radio being blocked or is soundcloud just an incredibly unstable platform? Are others able to listen with no problems? Every file I try to listen to freezes up. Surely I am being paranoid?

  • “Then it occurred to me that Liberals are not those who believe something different from the Conservatives.”

    You should try and float that idea at your local planned parenthood and see how it goes over.

    Sure, no difference at all.

    “I used to consider myself a Liberal at one point. Mostly because they’re supposed to be cooler than the conservatives. ”

    I dare say if that’s ‘mostly’ why you considered yourself a liberal, then my friend I’m afraid you never quite possessed the necessary value in understanding the liberal perspective.

  • Please excuse the “foul” language, it’s exactly how i feel about this. i’ve been opposed to nuclear energy from before it started [it’s always been a bad idea precisely because there’s no safe place or safe way to deal with the “spent” fuel].

  • Once again we see the difficulty of what Guy does. The Q&A session at the top of this page was hard to watch. Most particularly because we can see various members of the audience recapitulating Kubler-Ross’s five stages.
    The angry man at the back demonstrates one common phenomenon of the “Anger” phase: “The doctor who diagnosed the illness and was unable to cure the disease might become a convenient target.”
    Guy, I understand now that you may not wish to continue your globe-trotting mission of bearing the message for very much longer. It must take its toll. Nevertheless, kudos!

  • Thanks Tom,

    I enjoyed that man ranting. That’s exactly how I feel about it to.


    This alarming article & graph doesn’t include deadly methane, & it is gruesome.

    An ABRUPT methane release of only a miniscule amount of existing stores – only 2 Gt out of at least 2000 – 3000 Gt from Arctic sea beds & Siberian permafrost.


    Roberts scenarios & projections here are based entirely on JUST CO2 w/o any additional methane, & it is absolutely fatal on its face.

    A MINISCULE 2 Gt of methane release combined with present 480 CO2e would put us at 652 CO2e; 86 + 86 = 172; 480 + 172 = 652 CO2e.

    Two Gt of deadly & extinction causing methane could easily & readily be released this summer or next summer at the latest.

    an excerpt;
    There has always been an odd tenor to discussions among climate scientists, policy wonks, and politicians, a passive-aggressive quality, and I think it can be traced to the fact that everyone involved has to dance around the obvious truth, at risk of losing their status and influence.

    The obvious truth about global warming is this: barring miracles, humanity is in for some awful shit.

    Here is a plotting of dozens of climate modeling scenarios out to 2100, from the IPCC:
    (Global Carbon Project)


    We recently passed 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere; the status quo will take us up to 1,000 ppm, raising global average temperature (from a pre-industrial baseline) between 3.2 and 5.4 degrees Celsius.

    That will mean, according to a 2012 World Bank report, “extreme heat-waves, declining global food stocks, loss of ecosystems and biodiversity, and life-threatening sea level rise,” the effects of which will be “tilted against many of the world’s poorest regions,” stalling or reversing decades of development work. “A 4°C warmer world can, and must be, avoided,” said the World Bank president.

    article with the OMINOUS graph; The awful truth about climate change no one wants to admit.

  • Vivaldi is alright, but in BC we just have Valdy.

  • Apneaman: had not heard of Valdy—–great new addition to my music library thanks to you!!

    Badlands, so good to read your posts here again. As a mom (afraid to admit that here sometimes), I appreciate your compassionate, honest insights/thoughts regarding being a parent in the midst of “chaos as baseline”. And always appreciate REM.

    Woodwose, yes, the Q and A was hard to watch. Well said regarding the angry man at the back demonstrating the anger stage. Yikes . . . wasn’t sure where that was going to go, almost had to turn it off but lo and behold, Guy handled it very well.

    Tom: LOVED the rant! Between this guy and the brave, steadfast gyrocopter man (kudos to Dough Hughes) —-yee hah! Catharis works wonders. As does channeling the despair, anger, grief into something positive.
    As Emily Saliers points out in the Indigo Girls song Hammer and Nail: “a refuge never grows from a chin in a hand in a thoughtful pose, gotta tend the earth if you want a rose.”

    And more catharsis from Bob Seger — this song a departure from “Tight pants points hardly reknown”!
    Quality of video not the best . . .
    Glad he mentions mining in Wisconsin which is turning into one giant hole with silica dust wafting through the air from massive frac sand mining–though doubtful if his mention of it will help:

  • Guy, your message is awesome. Some of it sounds familiar, a lot like some of my lifetime favorite reading. Thank you so much for being smart enough and caring enough to see the truth, and brave enough to speak the truth to others.

    By about 1972, at age 19, I saw the entire industrial civilization way of life as an enormous, bloated construct with the most fragile foundation. Between 1972 and 1974 I lived in Tucson. I loved it there. It was so beautiful and magical, even then. I saw the last living red wolf at the Desert Museum. I was there for the oil embargo, when people waited in line for hours for gas. It took three days for the shelves at the grocery stores to be bare. I told my aunt over the phone that I was holed up in my apartment envisioning someone breaking in and killing me for my last can of beans. My aunt thought I was hilarious. I knew then that if anything ever went wrong with the power, the American desert was going to be an ugly place to be. I left.

    I have also always wondered why people do most of the things they do, especially all the destruction. Are they happy yet? Clearly, no. So, why keep on? It was always insane and heartless.

  • My favorite rant? This one from Daniel (good to see you commenting, D.):

    “Let us not forget, the ‘man’ in this strangled metaphor is human overshoot/NTE. So, the greatest thing I could have done to slow the man down would be to make sure he was never born, which is something I deliberately did do, for the very reason of not wanting any more dead gorillas. Everyone who has chosen to have children since………let’s say, 1962, has done nothing but bestow their blessings on planetary serial rape and sodomy of the natural world. Oh, but there I go blaming the human race for breeding itself beyond the planet’s carrying capacity. Sorry for the antinatalist rant; please go back to gouging out the eyes of your children.”

    Great overpopulation clip from xraymike (and the woman is right…when the starving starts, love is not going to be the response):

  • Tom Says:
    May 16th, 2015 at 4:51 am

    … i’ve been opposed to nuclear energy …
    The artist rants about Indian Point because their number one priduct is lies.

    Incidently, I wrote about Indian Point on April 27 (FERC Plan To Limit Overpopulation?) and it blew up on May 9, about 2 weeks later.

  • Gerald Spezio Says:
    May 16th, 2015 at 7:32 am


    Did I miss the link to the article?

    Anyway, here is an accord: (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 41).

  • My comment with a certain name in it was gobbled by the Comment Gobbler.

    Tom is an ok name, but G***** S***** is not evidently.

  • Gavin Schmidt?


  • The one-l lama, He’s a priest.
    The two-l llama, He’s a beast.
    And I will bet A silk pajama
    There isn’t any Three-l lllama.*
    — Ogden Nash.

  • Lidia – good one.

    Dredd – not sure why quoting GS would be flagged (too many all caps? ‘-) but I unblocked it. as always with NBL weirdness, mention it and I’ll take a look.

  • mo Says:
    May 16th, 2015 at 11:22 am


    Dredd – not sure why quoting GS would be flagged (too many all caps? ‘-) but I unblocked it. as always with NBL weirdness, mention it and I’ll take a look.

  • Doug Stanhope on Global Warming, Overpopulation, etc.


    Did I miss the link to the article?”

    There wasn’t one.

  • acoustic & electric (and omg, she’s smoking, too…)

  • Robin Datta Says:
    May 16th, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    Thanks for the link.

    Here is one that will help some kick some of the hopium habit.

    It is a paper on fusion indicating that ITER was designed with a flaw:$14+billion+nuclear+fusion+reactor+now+in+5th+year+of+construction+in+france_116622.html

  • Daniel,

    I don’t put much stock in theories and philosophies that enunciate “the liberal perspective”, whatever you mean by that. I do what the common man does: observe people and observe what they do. I’ve talked to and observed plenty of liberals in the very liberal area where I live. You’re right, there are differences between liberals and conservatives. But it’s not so important to me at this point that liberals are pro-choice and conservatives are not. These issues make for good talking points on TV and during elections and give us all something to debate. Don’t drag me down that road, bro! It’s way past time for that, one would think.

    But both liberals and conservatives have, in their own way, contributed to the mess we’re in. It is the role of the liberals that I was focusing on. In particular, their complicity in bringing about the state of affairs we see on the planet today. Sure, they are good people. I know many decent people who self-identify as liberals. But that shouldn’t keep us from analyzing/understanding their role in the world they have helped create, should it?


    Robert C.,

    That’s an exhaustive list you’ve been compiling. Thank you. Now, this one bullet point could have been a good thing but alas, it’d been unable to put the kibosh on population growth…

    ► 50% of Human Sperm Counts gone since 1950.



    Good to see that piece of writing by Galeano. He lives on.



    “I have also always wondered why people do most of the things they do, especially all the destruction.”

    I wonder about that too. And I ask myself why I did the things I did. Ignorance, fear, just plain stupidity even. That’s one way to see it. Another way: we mostly do what others around us do and participate in the unfolding as it were without much fore-thought. Because we have no reason to believe what we do could be so bad. We know it as some deeper level because much of what we do, we force ourselves to do. It doesn’t come naturally to us to go sit in a classroom for hours and hours every day. It doesn’t come naturally to us to compete with our friends for the same job. I could list a dozen other ways we overrode the signals that have been coming our way from day one. Perhaps I should speak for myself here but I believe this is the story of most of us.

  • There is a new post at the top of the page. It’s a survey, courtesy of RE:

  • When CNN has the headline: “Bad News for our Planet” in huge bold letters, you know things are going down fast.
    Guy, I’ve always had tremendous respect and appreciation for you but it grows with each day.
    It is beyond eery in the midwest today. Drenching dew points, foreboding calm as we sit at the junction of another unstable air mass with a massive amount of moisture in the atmosphere. 50% chance of tornadoes. My border collie is exhibiting even more neurotic/anxious behaviors than she normally does!
    And now this:
    ps: Apneaman, sorry you got Mike’s knickers in a knot over the “aging rocker” Bob Seger.
    I guess if Mike had his way anyone over . . . 40? . . that wants to perform, dance, entertain and inspire folks should be shoved off to assisted living. Not a fan of ageism.
    Maybe if it were Abby Martin singing that song he would feel differently!

  • Apneaman,

    My favourite Valdy song is this one: Hot Rocks

  • Satish

    You say:

    “Don’t drag me down that road, bro! It’s way past time for that, one would think.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more, but it’s a little odd that you don’t wish to be dragged down the road you just went out of your way to foolishly pave.

    You want to ‘analyze’ the ‘complicity’ of liberals?

    Spent much time in any of the conservative enclaves that completely comprises of most of the U.S. outside of only a few liberal centers that dot the east and west coasts?

    Are “we” the common man as you say, supposed to somehow look passed the organized religion, racism, patriarchy, misogyny, militarism, jingoism, patriotism, Rush Limbaugh adoration and bigotry that far more comprises the conservative perspective than its liberal counterparts?

    Last time I checked, the oil industry, virtually all resource extraction industries for that matter, every local chamber of commerce, climate denial industry, militarism and any number of fascistic coups and their supportive churches weren’t bastions of liberal philosophy.

    And if you think a woman’s right to choose not to have a child, is somehow just talking points for television, well then, I would again suggest you try and make that point at your nearest Planned Parenthood and see how it goes over.

    You don’t need to inform us that you “…don’t put much stock in theories and philosophies that enunciate “the liberal perspective”………that is already rather self-evident.

  • “Daniel Says:
    May 17th, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    “Are “we” the common man as you say, supposed to somehow look passed the organized religion, racism, patriarchy, misogyny, militarism, jingoism, patriotism, Rush Limbaugh adoration and bigotry that far more comprises the conservative perspective than its liberal counterparts?”

    HORSESHIT! You wanna talk militarism/patriotism? Then let’s talk of Woodrow Wilson, who took the US into WWI, mere months after winning re-election on the basis of “he kept us out of war,” on behalf of Wall Street banks (to which he handed over the US financial system a few years earlier via the creation of the Fed Reserve), and also put in place the Espionage Act which was used to crack down on all dissent, including after the war, smashing groups which were in any way critical of capitalism. Or FDR, under whose administration the US government maneuvered its way into WWII (the McCollum memo from US Naval Intelligence revealed how the US government undertook steps to get its Japanese equivalent to attack US installations and thus justify entry into the war), and then designed the post WWWII global order, including the IMF/World Bank and the dollar as the global reserve currency, enabled by US domination of Middle East oil. Or Truman and the Cold War, the creation of NATO, subversion of elections in Europe, the Korea War. Or LBJ and Vietnam….. Or right now, as i write, Obama and his drone war, his extension of the “war on terrorism” into ever more countries, his domestic surveillance program, his crackdown on whistle blowers,

    Face it, Daniel, liberals are nothing more than right wingers with more sophisticated jargon who try to make people believe that rapacious capitalism can be made more fair and more humane. See Phil Ochs’ song “Love Me I’m a Liberal.”

  • Jeff S.

    If you are using any U.S. president (or any politician) as a template to define liberal values than of coarse the facile distinction between capitalist tweedledee and tweedledum is complete horseshit!

  • Daniel, “liberal” as has been the case since roughly the 1930s in the US was more or less defined by the New Deal and subsequent agendas pursued by Democratic Party presidents and supported by Democrats. That’s where “liberal values” come from, they didn’t fall down from the moon. At their essence, even in the most sincere form, they amount to nothing more or nothing less than the notion that capitalism can be made more humane, more just, within the social relations which constitute capitalism. “Liberal” politics were totally discredited by the mid 1960s amongst people who wanted to see actual social change instead of rhetoric. Liberalism has been from the start an ideology designed to hep perpetuate capitalism and even expand it and its empire while co-opting intellectuals. Face it, that’s historical FACT.