a topic too hot to touch

by the virgin terry

all earthly organisms are in competition for limited energy and other crucial requisite ‘resources’. the reward for winning is survival, and if one is (un?!)lucky, genetic survival into future generations.

i think most here agree that the best thing that could possibly happen for the prospects of biological diversity of future gaian life, however slim those prospects may now be (although certainly still ‘highly possible’, i think even dr. guy mc (is it hammer time again?!) must admit!) (sorry for my chronic unwieldy thought process / sentence structure) … the best thing for gaian life now would be for industrial civilization to drop dead instantly. that too, although highly unlikely imo, is still ‘highly possible’, i must admit! i digress. the point is, industrial civ. has got to go, the sooner the better for gaian life overall (but certainly not for the better of sheeple like us, in terms of our ‘long term’ survivability!).

what i’m trying to get at here is the crux of an inescapable dilemma some supposedly sentient beings like us face, regardless of how imminent or not, ‘doom’ is. that is, our own survival must invariably come at the cost of at least some other organisms. after all, there’s only so much energy and other requisite resources available on any isolated finite planet. we all must feed off of other organisms, to literally ingest their ‘flesh’, be it animal or vegetable, to survive.

the more enlightened one becomes in terms of awareness of the interconnectedness, the relationships shared by all gaian organisms, as well as a shared ‘sentience’ or consciousness, the more one must be struck by the absurdity and meaninglessness of this life. the idea that it’s ‘sacred’ is just that, an idea, convenient for sentient beings to have in order to value their own lives, arguably requisite to survival in the short and ‘long’ term.

if one isn’t too averse to facing harsh surrealities, one must quickly perceive that there’s inevitable conflict between loving one’s own life, and giving a surreal shit about the life of other gaian organisms. all blather about loving life that’s not your own pales in this harsh light, if one chooses survival over suicide, does it not..?! it’s only via rationalization (‘i’m such an infintessimal part of a vast problem that my suicide shall surreally make no difference to ‘the big picture’) that an enlightened one can justify not committing suicide asap.

sharp sigh. pause for discussion. all are invited to participate.

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  • “The Walk”

    My eyes already touch the sunny hill,
    going far ahead of the road I have begun.
    So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp;
    it has its inner light, even from a distance –

    and changes us, even if we do not reach it,
    into something else, which, hardly sensing it, we already are;
    a gesture waves us on, answering our own wave …
    but what we feel is the wind in our faces.


  • @mike k

    My good friend, you are such an inspiration to me. That piece about Alice, the chesire cat and Alfred E. Neumann is sooo funny, I am still laughing and grining like the chesire cat about that scene you painted, muhahaha :-D

    Phew, it’s getting real hot here in Germany, today we will hit the 40°C mark and I am living right under the roof, so it will be some 50°C or more in my appartement today. You said something about the swet lodge the other day- well, I go to the sauna from time to time, I need that to to clear my brain and beeing together with others just nacked. But man, today I don’t need any sauna, cause I got it right here in my appartement.

    I am a little in a hurry today because I have to prepare myself for a music session with some good friends in the evening. I sing and play songs of Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Van Morisson, The Beatles, Tom Waits, Tom Petty and so on. I could never live without music, it is my medicine all the time, all day, all night- que linda la musica! So, I have to grab my guitar now to warm up, I am preparing some new songs like “Running away” (Bob Marley), “Welcome to the machine” (Pink Floyd), “Don’t let me down” (Beatles), “Master Blaster” (Stevie Wonder) ect…

    Brother, time is sparse for me today, so I feel sorry I am not able to write more to you for now, I will write more later for shure. Thank you so much for all inspiration and fun you give, I love you.


  • Love. A tasty tidbit from beyond. A friend had it on his wedding announcement……

    Believe in a love that is being

    Stored for you like an inheritance,

    And have faith that in this love,

    There is a strength and blessing

    That is so large you can travel as

    Far as you wish without stepping

    Outside it.

  • @mike k

    Well, “Adi Da”… man, just another “western Guru”, bwahaha, sorry, but I can’t take those western Gurus too serious (I can’t take 99.9% of indian Gurus serious also).

    1. “ Death makes your entire life bullshit.


    2. ” Death is not the attainment of any state we can know. Death is sacrifice… Death is the sacrifice of knowledge.


    3. “What will occur after we die? This question can be answered…


    If Death makes entire Life Bullshit, then everything Adi Da says is also just Bullshit. If Death makes entire Life Bullshit, then why become a Bullshit-Guru ?! If Death makes entire Life Bullshit, then beeing a teaching Bullshit-Guru is also just Bullshit.

    The first sentence in number 2 clearly contradicts the following two sentences in number 2:

    If Death is the sacrifice of any knowledge, then it makes no sense to say anything about death at all. How can he know that death is the sacrifice of knowledge, if Death is not any state we can know? Makes no sense.

    And then in number 3 he goes on with self-contradiction by saying that it still can be known what will occur after Death. What now? Can it be known or can it not be known? If Death is the sacrifice of all knowledge, then it makes no sense to say anything about Death (or what will occur after Death) at all. This guy who called himself “Adi Da” is just crazy, nuts, insane. Sorry for beeing harsh with my judgement about Adi Da here.

    Man, one of the easiest things in Life for shure is to fuck one’s very own brain, bwahaha… and to fuck the brains of others by teaching such self-contradictory Bullshit is even worse 8-)
    But in the meantime. . . you bullshit one another, effectively.


    So true. The intellect is like a razor-blade: One can shave with it and one can cut brains with it.

    But anyway, I agree with his critics about science that you quoted so far. Science is very important, but it just can’t explain everything, science is a map, not the territory.

    You feel the phone is going to ring – then it does. You feel you will meet a car round the next bend, or you are browsing in a bookstore and something guides you to a book, you open it at random and it tells you something you have been looking for, exactly. What’s doing that?

    This reminds me of what C. G. Jung called “Syncronicity”:

    Jung’s belief was that, just as events may be connected by causality, they may also be connected by meaning. Events connected by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of causality; this contradicts the Axiom of Causality in specific cases but does not contradict causality generally. Jung used the concept to try to justify the paranormal.


    The socalled “paranormal” is a danger on the spiritual path. We experience the “paranormal” every night within our dreamstate. Those who confuse dreams with reality will get into real trouble, just look within the psychiatries that are full of people who confuse dream with reality.


  • “Die Wirklichkeit in Wirklichkeit ist nicht wirklich wirklich ….Aber wirklich ist sie doch ”

    German language shoes store (Humanic) commercial from Austria in the 1980`s

    “Reality in reality is not really real …..yet it is still real “

  • @Etyerepetyere

    Well, actually there is no english word to translate the german term “Wirk- lichkeit”. It is not quite correct to translate the german term “Wirklichkeit” to the english term “Reality”. There is the verb “wirken” in the term “Wirklichkeit”, it means “to effect something”, “acting on something”, it means to have an effect on anything (Wirkung). For example, Rain can have the effect that anybody or anything gets wet. In german there is also the term “Realität” wich can be translated to “Reality”, the latin root of that term is “res”, wich means a “substantiality ”, a “substance”.

    So, Wirklichkeit is there for shure, as things, actions, forces always have effects on something. But the term “Realität”, “Reality” is somewhat problematic as there is no real core-substance as such in the Cosmos- this is the reason why modern physics is still searching for a core-substance, but will never find any.

    In Deutsch: Wirklichkeit ist da, Wirkung, Wirken ist da, insofern ist Wirklichkeit tatsächlich wirklich. Aber es gibt keine echte physikalische Kernsubstanz, keine “Realität” im eigentlichen Sinn des Wortes.

  • @Etyerepetyere

    In other words: You hit some buttons on your typewriter-keyboard, sent your comment to NBL and it appeared on this page here at NBL, this is real, wirklich, Wirk- lichkeit for shure. BUT if you search for a physical substance anywhere within your comment, within the letters and words you sent to NBL, you won’t find any real (res) physical substance 8-)

    There is the analogy of a cow in buddhist teaching:

    Take a cow to the slaughterhouse and take is apart to find the cow within the cow. You will not find any cow, but nevertheless the cow is (or was) real, it really existed (or exists), it is wirklich.

  • Correction:

    “… take is apart…” should be “… take it apart…”

  • After all, the materialistic view of modern physics is WRONG, there are no materialistic “meat-robots” (to quote Robin Datta), no matter as such (“Matter does not Matter” [Richard Feynman]), there is only arising, emerging in mutual interdependency, a network of relations in interdependency. Heisenberg, Planck, Pauli et al already knew that, but (materialistic) common sense still lives within the Stone Ages, like some thousand years ago most people thaught that the Earth is flat, but in fact it’s not.

    Accordingly, common sense looks at Death purely materialistic, it recognizes a decomposing body, a disappearing body and then concludes “That’s it, when the (material) body disappears then nope else, Final End.” What a vital error that is !!!

  • Love. What happens after death of the gross body is not a major concern of mine. I think of Rumi’s image of himself drunk with ecstasy in the Tavern with the Beloved, saying, “Whoever brought me here will have to take me home…” Kind of a Divine Designated Driver thing, eh? When it comes time to throw in my hand in this Earthly Game, am I going to insist on driving myself home? When does one let go of the reins and surrender to a greater Wisdom and Love? I will let that One take care of my inner funeral arrangements. An advantage of my feeling about this is that I have no concerns for preparing for navigating that trip. I really wasn’t in charge of my arriving here, so I won’t worry about my exiting – it will all be taken care of – in the best possible way, by the best possible Hands.

    The secret of my nonchalance in this matter of Death is that I know I am an idiot in this matter, and so is everyone else. After spending most of my life researching the best sources relative to this kind of knowledge, and finding how the most advanced spiritual souls all over the planet who I consulted (mostly thru their writings) shamans, philosophers, saints – were almost universally totally at sea and in variance with each other as to the real scoop on death. So I can relax about that – nobody knows “The undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveller returns….” It’s a mystery, and as Bubba put it – a perfect insult to our limited ego’s knowledge, however anyone chooses to say otherwise.

    Surrender remains the golden key, and humility the password to divine ignorance and becoming somewhat a holy fool, or baby cat in the all-embracing loving fur of the Great Mamma of us all. When there is nothing more to be proud of, especially presumed knowledge of ultimate things, then one can be guided by something higher and wiser and more loving than one’s little ego. Now I must erase any trace of a trace that I have sure knowledge of these things, or would presume to tell any one – including my dear friend Curious – what is what. Or maintain that I may not be totally confounded in all of my above musings, as has so often happened to my most cherished ideas. All of me is a work in progress that may never be finished…. All we have in this wondrous realm is hints and metaphors and guesses leading us deeper into deeper blessings and dangers….

    The Hesse quote is beautiful. He was instrumental in helping me find my own unique version of a higher Power in my first year in AA – where I arrived as a dead-set militant atheist. I wandered into a bookstore and opened Steppenwolf at random – it was about his guide ? (Spanish name) speaking of the magic theater ‘for madmen only’ – and there was a hint of some hash being smoked… That drew me in. The next book that attracted me was one of DT Suzuki’s first books on zen. Little did I know then that I would have a life changing encounter with him a few years later. Then later on Magister Ludi gave me a clearer vision of the Game I had been intuitively playing for years – the potential synthesis of all knowledge to usher in a higher more spiritual and loving culture catalyzed with spiritual powers yet to be uncovered. But this was not to be the end…..

    (BTW – Have you seen a beer ad on tv -Budweiser I think- in which a beautiful lady with angel wings comes to bless the designated driver of a group of reveling young folks? Don’t know if you get American tv much over there in Germany? I thought it was kinda synchronistic with my Rumi ruminations. Good looking young lady doing the Angel thing – I woudn’t mind her playing the angel of my death. Maybe we could go a couple of rounds at her place before taking off for wherever. Better than some old dried up dude with a black cowl and a sickle, eh?

  • @mike k

    What happens after death of the gross body is not a major concern of mine.

    Ok, no problem here. Anyway, you asked the following:

    > I forget my Curious friend, did you read Bubba’s piece Death is a Perfect Insult? If so, do you know something Adi Da missed?

    … and I just answered your question according to my point of view as best as I could. After all, just take your own path, you will have to take your very own path anyway, so trust in yourself.

    Have you seen a beer ad on tv -Budweiser… Don’t know if you get American tv much over there in Germany?

    Sorry, I don’t watch any TV, I don’t have any TV . But still I like beautiful ladies :-)

  • Love. Curious – You must know how much you are engendering positive motion in my wandering journey. OD is short for overdose. I know you are getting turned on by your music, so it’s not a drug high I’m referring to. My ancient computer lost it’s sound about two years ago which really bugs me. I am negotiating with my wife for a new one. Since I turned all finances over to her years ago due to my tendency to gamble all on a hunch periodically – with BAD results. She holds the purse strings with a more savvy grip than I could manage – so it’s another lesson in letting go for me…. I would love to listen to you making music – maybe I can arrange that some way. Have you done anything on Utube?

    “A magic dwells in each beginning,
    protecting us, telling us how to live.”

    You are so into my mind and heart, I can feel how close now. This has been a favorite passage for me these many years – I often quote it. My former girlfriend was truly psychic, and entered into my subtle form with hers once. My attempts to open to That Divine Reality is based on that and the transcendent experience I shared with you. When That Divine Love/Radiance that I saw outside of me began to be apparent as inside me – It was indescribably wonderful, but a thought arose that I might become permanently changed in a way that would cut me off from others – especially my beloved wife. With that the experience began to fade. I look back on that as one of the worst mistakes I have made in a life filled with mistakes…. But now I think – if it is The Divine Will, it will happen again in due time, or not, and I am OK with that. You can’t force a River that Vast and Powerful and Wise… As Siddartha said in Hesse’s rendition, in naming his powers, “I can wait…” My overwhelming feeling in having that Contact was gratitude to That Power, and a realization that there was nothing I could do or had ever done that would make me worthy of that Grace. It was a generous and unearned Gift.

    As far as the whirling dervish changes that Guy reflects in his ever new journey to wake the world, I too get confused by where to look for your posts. What I now do is quickly use up my two posts per day on the current (upstairs thread), then I schlepp down to the thread below (the first basement for the chatty ones). I try to step lively when the new thread unpredictably pops up, in order not to loose my place in a dynamic affair of musical chairs. So I now only post on and check the two most recent threads…whew! It makes me dizzy just trying to nail that down. My orientation in this so-called reality is not that clear…. But if I wander down into the second level basement, I tend to get lost….