Edge of Extinction: Faster than Expected

I was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Company on 12 June 2015. The result is embedded here, with my eight-minute session beginning at the 2:19:55 mark. The recording might be limited to residents of Canada, although I don’t know for certain (I’m in Canada, so I have access).

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  • Its an Apoptosis event now, Gaia is very pissed with us

  • its like natures reset button

  • For those who believe exclusively in matter&energy in a temporospatial universe:

    Thomas Warren Campbell, a particle physicist, worked for NASA

    Physics, Metaphysics & the Consciousness Connection Youtube playlist

    Tom Campbell in Calgary Youtube playlist

    Thomas Campbell – The Monroe Institute Lecture Youtube playlist

  • Still Says:
    June 15th, 2015 at 6:58 am
    @ Mike K

    Just to correct a message to you – from which Smiley disappeared!!

    I was quoting you (from the “basement” thread, as you call it):

    [You] “Ok. I was just having fun with some of that above”

    Glad you added that in your post! [Smiley should have been here]
    Because, you know, I was thinking,… I mean, I was trying to be “non-judgmental” there… but I was having very serious problems with it, until you clarified..

    – I had typed that answer in a Word file and then pasted it in the comment field. But… Smiley disappeared, making me sound like I was scolding you. This needed to be fixed. Sorry about that. This is the only thing I have time for this morning here. I’ll come back to recent posts later… and now I see this will be reading a basement thread. Hope it won’t be a second basement one ! :)


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  • I am on the other side of the planet, Guy, and it plays just fine. :-) Larsen B – the B stands for “begorah”!

  • The arrogance of presumed ultimate knowledge is boundless and incorrigible. Our profound ignorance hides behind such presumptions. We deny the truth of our ignorance. Being sealed in such ignorance by our hubris guarantees it’s continuance. The only way out of this self created trap is through humility – the simple acknowledgment that there is much we do not understand; that our being in this universe is wrapped in mystery. The admission of our unknowing is the key to progress in real knowing. The fundamentalist is frozen in his illusion of absolute knowledge. He has slammed and locked the door of his mind against further learning.

    Of all the possible areas of knowledge, spirituality is perhaps that domain most subject to bizarre claims of final ultimate knowledge and understanding. The irony is that because we know so little in this realm, it is very easy for anyone to pretend to themselves and others that they are in possession of ultimate truth. Who can refute them? No one can do so on the level they are asserting, because no one has ultimate knowledge. Thus the one making such claims is seemingly invulnerable to refutation. I remember picking up a hippy hitcher in my van on Maui. He wasted no time letting me know that he was “enlightened.” All I could say was Wow! – Not.

    The question one should ask of such “knowers” is: How did you come by this knowledge? There are two probable responses from one willing to answer. The first is that the knowledge is from some presumed ultimate Knowers or Scriptures. The second is that they received it by revelation. In sorting this out one must acknowledge that there have been and now exist humans who seem to have deeper insights into reality than most of us. It is interesting that among those wise ones, the ones who most acknowledge their ignorance of ultimate truth are the ones most believable. The old adage rings true about them: Those who know that they know, know not; those who know that they know not, know.

    As to knowing by revelation – such knowledge can only be validated, to the degree that is possible, by one experiencing a similar state of revelation. The room for illusory and mistaken “revelation” remains quite large in these cases. And so it remains that the vast reality of our unknowing remains as the field for sincere seekers to plow, avoiding the pitfalls of pride and delusion as best they may.
    This path is long and there is no end in sight, leading us to suspect that the mystery of existence may be truly infinite….

    The above considerations should in no way dissuade us from pursuing the path of learning in all it’s dimensions, and using what partial truths we may glean to improve our individual/collective lot in life, and serve as steps in the process of acquiring more and deeper understanding. We may choose to do that in the spirit of the Zen admonition: Walk On! In face of the Infinite Unknown and perhaps the Infinite Unknowable – what else is one to do?

    Martin – Nature is responsive. This is part of our definition of sentience, aliveness. Does this mean that the entire Universe is alive? Or that the so-called laws of nature are really so many definitions of aliveness? That the whole affair is taking place in and as consciousness from the very (non) beginning? Must give us pause….

    Still – A confession. When I said I was just kidding – I was just kidding. Projection of the subtle bodies beyond the confining outline of the physical envelope is a real phenomenon possible for almost anyone willing to do a few simple exercises, This has been known to those who explore our unutilized capacities since there were shamans about – which goes way way back in human history, even before the Egyptians made it a cornerstone of their religious philosophy. Try it – you might like it. Just kidding! ???

    I think I am stuck in an elevator somewhere between ‘ground’ and ‘first floor.’ Somebody get me outta here!

    Mo – When you say there is no secret – do you mean you are sitting in omniscience? If so, I’ve got a lot of questions I would like to ask you. Just kidding, I think…?

  • Pope calls for new ethics & condemns the old stupid ethics.

    Everything is caused by ethics?

    Good smart ethics are clearly better than dumb & stupid ethics.

    It’s a mentalistic mind change type of phenomenology, maybe?

    New thinking?

    The Pope tells us that the global hothouse crisis is existential for human beings and one that is due to a failure of human ethics:

    “We are experiencing a moment of crisis; we see it in the environment, but we mostly see it in man. The human being is at stake: here is the urgency of human ecology! And the danger is serious because the cause of the problem is not superficial, but profound, it’s not just a matter of economics, but of ethics.”

    The Pope equates the current incarnation of neo-liberal (read US conservative) market capitalism and hyper-individualism to the ancient golden calf idol of the Bible saying:

    “We have created new idols. The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money. Trickle-down economics is a failed theory. Excessive consumerism is killing our culture, values and ethics. The conservative ideal of individualism is undermining the common good.”


    Although I think that the Holy Pope is sincere, I would suggest that many wise observers claim that the sacred law is the supreme tool of control & oppression from above.

    The first rule of legal expertise; The rule of law is really the the rule of elitist lawyers using the law as their instrument to bamboozle & milk the producing citizenry.

    Obama, Biden, Hilarious, Bill, Romney, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Guilianai, Graham, Harman … ad nauseum are all trained lawyerfish with enshrined PROFESSIONAL ETHICS.


  • mike k ~

    When you say there is no secret…

    two things to think about with “knowledge” or true understanding. access and context.

    you are very much touching on both of these above. “How did you come by this knowledge?” is the “access” question. and “such knowledge can only be validated, to the degree that is possible, by one experiencing a similar state of revelation” touches on the context question. but both things need to be extended much further.

    for example, as a quick and dirty thought experiment. let’s say a hyper-advanced craft of obvious non-Earth origin landed in my yard last night at 2am. I walk out the door and go over to see what’s going on.

    now, if I can’t get in, and no one comes out to communicate with me, I have the experiential knowledge of this craft (let’s say there are some burn marks on the lawn after they take off, for some physical evidence as well), but no access to further knowledge.

    but let’s say the door opens and I walk inside. now what? maybe these guys have a civilization a billion years old. will I have the necessary context to know what they know, and understand what they understand?

    there are *NO* secrets involved in this thought experiment, but plenty of knowledge and true understanding which may be totally out of my reach, in all kinds of ways.

  • Super rich buying up New Zealand real estate.

    Everybody has to be someplace, right?

    It’s a material & physical law of nature, except for those who live in their minds.

    The super rich are so obviously severely crippled by material & physical needs.

    In a free market culture where everything is for sale you had better get the best for your belly & your mind.

    Castenada’s shaman Don Juan flies w/o any freakin plane, Man.

    here; Stunning New Zealand boltholes being bought by the world’s super-rich

  • Interesting comments re Knowledge Mike. When I first commented on this blog someone did ask why it was that I seemed particularly annoyed with PHDs, but that was not my intention. Granted, the higher one studies at an institute of higher learning, the more knowledge one may assume to know, but at the same time it is also a potential for knowing less. Nobody can assume knowing anything, because time has a nasty habit of putting knowledge in its place.

    When compared to the collective knowledge of anything, we can probably conclude that it can be compared to what a single drop of water is to the Pacific. Heck, we don’t even know what life is, all we know is that we can see it in action, or not. It is, and it isn’t, all else in between is still a mystery. The more you know, the more you should know that you don’t know anything. In probable fact, the moment one determines that one knows something is the moment one should sit back and wonder where one went wrong.

  • “It is not enough to have more, or to even know more, but to live more and if we want to live more we must Love more… What matters is not to think much, but to Love much.” -Juan Mascaro

  • Guy,

    I have been watching sea level rise (SLR) too.

    And have noticed, as you say “faster than expected” is a phrase that is getting used a lot.

    It would be wise for scientists to ditch some of their dinosaur models.

    Or at least decouple the SLR models from the other models, and simplify them (The Evolution of Models – 11).

    A recent paper indicates that circa 6,000 BC (circa 8,000 years ago) a 1m / 3ft SLR took place “in a few years or less” in the U.S.A. and elsewhere (The Surge: A Forgotten Aspect of Sea Level Rise).

  • Slower than expected at this point of time.


    As discussed previously, September is the month that really counts.

    Gerald Spezio:

    ‘Stunning New Zealand boltholes being bought by the world’s super-rich’

    Yes, only for the super-rich. Ordinary folk in NZ are being progressively screwed by the government and by global corporations and money-lenders. In 2014 John Key described the about-to-collapse economy as ‘rock star’ ….hyped up on drugs for the show and burned out soon after.

    Now it is only mass immigration with the associated construction of houses, roads, shopping, malls, sewage works etc., plus government debt-funded boondoggles that is maintaining the illusion of prosperity.

  • @ Artleads


    Some people here CAN use words
    when I read this I can’t leave this site
    Thank you
    Am I stupid or will I sound stupid thanking someone for their intelligence

    [Artleads Says:
    June 14th, 2015 at 10:37 am]

    “And with you and others, I share the same proneness to egoism and error, the same lostness. Yet, what remains is the “knowledge” that is innate. That innate knowing helps me to take guidance when I stray, or to occasionally recognize what is the correct course.

    As far as I can see, hope and hopelessness are opposite sides of a single coin.”

    And everything else that I understand in your post.

  • CBC are a bunch of ego-maniacal narcissists who only pull their heads out of their asses long enough to look at themselves. Believe me, I’m from Canuckistan.

    A priest will tell you there is life after death.
    A scientist will tell you time travel and worm hole space travel and green sustainable energy are all possible.
    An economist will tell you more debt solves debt problems.
    A lawyer will tell you why torture is legal.
    A politician will tell you any fucking thing you want to hear.
    A guy who cuts grass (me) will tell you everything you don’t want to hear.

    Mike K
    I’m pretty sure I know nuthing except maybe I’m an idiot savant, we’re just not too sure about the savant part. My esoteric knowledge is passed to me by my dog who can only use ESP to talk to me when I’m hungover, so that space aliens can channel their arcane knowledge to me.

    At 400 ppm C02, earth will increase 17°C in 1,000 years.
    At 400 ppm C02, oceans will rise 75 feet in 5,000 years.
    This is how long it takes for the full effects of 400 ppm to be felt.
    The IPCC only tells you what 400 ppm will do in 100 years.
    The IPCC is dishonest.

    You can find it here:

    If you can face the truth:

    If you like being sucker punched and kicked while you’re down:

  • BeezelyBillyBub’s Bafflegab.

    Suggest doomers hang out at reddit-collapse.

  • Mo – Of course the best way to keep someone away from the secret is to convince them that there is no secret. Then they will do nothing to discover it. Of course most people are in this category already, so there is no reason to try to mislead them. But for the few others that might start looking for the secret…..let me tell another version of your thought experiment….

    One night at 3:30 AM I awake with the strong feeling that someone is in the parlor downstairs, but that they do not represent any sort of threat, but on the contrary have something important to tell me. Intrigued, I dress and make my way down to the living room – where I discover an attractive lady, who emanates a feeling of deep comfort, acceptance, and love.

    She began by saying, “I’ve come a long way to tell you something important that you and all your people need to hear and understand.” Her quiet voice had an undertone of power and wisdom that held me in it’s grip, fascinated and attentive, I somehow knew in that moment that she had come from somewhere very far away, somewhere out in the stars. She said, “I know you have always wondered if there were a race of beings far older and wiser than your people here on Earth. I can tell you that this is true. I also know that you have wondered if there was a great secret that would explain the meaning of everything and bestow the power to design a world more to your liking, instead of this present world so full of problems and suffering.

    I said, “You are reading my mind.” “Yes” she said, as if this should be obvious. “There may be a Great Secret which contains all the power possible to know and transform and create anything at all, but there is an essential condition that must be met by any who would wield the power this knowledge makes possible. Our people are committed to honoring the prime directive that tells us everything we do must be designed to relieve all beings of unnecessary suffering. Any race of intelligent beings who wish to share the Great Secret must first learn, then demonstrate their love of all beings in their world and beyond in order to prove their readiness to have the Secret.”

    And as she said that she just vanished, and I was left wondering….

    So mo, maybe it was just a dream….or? But a few days later I came across a photo of a lady who really looked just like her! Of course I realize that most likely an advanced Being would manifest what is known as an emanation body that would conform to what the Being they were communicating with would expect and appreciate….


  • The intro music gives us Guy McPherson the rockstar of NTHE. :-). Interestingly here in Wellington New Zealand huge waves are depositing rocks over the southern coastal road and swamping cars, and there isn’t even a storm happening! The Mayor has acknowledged that climate change is behind this and that coastal roads in New Zealand may increasingly be subject to the sea’s encroachments with thermal expansion and ice melt raising the sea’s level.Climate Change is being openly acknowledged here now where once there was silence.Parts of Canterbury are still suffering drought and are unable to grow feed for their livestock.The snow and ice pack in the Southern Alps has receded quite a bit too over the decades. New Zealand is supposed to be one of the best safe retreats in a hot house World cooled as it is by its surrounding oceans.

  • Gerald: Scribbler erased (two of) my comments(s)(since he couldn’t refute it is my guess) and now calls me a “solutions denier.” Okay, at least it’s accurate, as opposed to his hopium-based “fantasy-tech will save the day” bullshit. i think i’m banned there now (my latest comment on his newest thread “didn’t take.” Whatever. He’ll find out before long. i wish there was a solution that would magically restore the planet to the “paradise” it once was, but mankind is the worst kind of cancer for Earth.

    It’s hard to understand how a person who is so deep in climate research refuses to read the writing on the crumbling wall.

    On a more positive note, there’s an interview with Guy, Gail, and Benjamin the Donkey over on seemorerocks:


  • Our people are committed to honoring the prime directive that tells us everything we do must be designed to relieve all beings of unnecessary suffering. Any race of intelligent beings who wish to share the Great Secret must first learn, then demonstrate their love of all beings in their world and beyond in order to prove their readiness to have the Secret.

    but mike, your friendly visitor already gave you the Great Secret.

    if a race of beings has access to the wisdom and motivation to act from the place of Love and Harmony that is in service to the Prime Directive, and they know and truly understand the context of why this action is necessary, and how this action is to be undertaken, then they are not simply handed the keys to the Kingdom. they just realize they have been holding the keys the whole time, and now they know what they are for, and how they are to be used.

    this is what I am getting at. there. is. no. Great. Secret. it already lives and exists inside every being, in every molecule of Total Reality. Love is already the ground of all existence. there is nothing that can be added to that by somebody giving you, or an entire race of beings, a “Great Secret” with which the Universe can be transformed. it is there, already at hand, just waiting to be used.

    the access to the keys, and the context of how and why they are to be used, is just a matter of growing up. once you are old enough and have passed the driver’s test, viola, you can now drive the car. no secrets involved.

    instead of this: a great secret that would explain the meaning of everything and bestow the power to design a world more to your liking, instead of this present world so full of problems and suffering.

    it is more like this: “ah, now I know what it means to be a driver, and not just a passenger, and now I understand what this power and freedom of driving is all about.”

  • Global Warming is not a new theory. It was first proposed in 1896 by a Swedish scientist.
    Now after 110 years enough evidence has been gathered to make this theory into fact.
    Yet people continue to believe otherwise. That is called willful ignorance.
    Since very little can be done (in fact, nothing but a miracle can stop this), all we can really do is wait and see.
    The ones that live in ignorance will not prepare for what is coming and will suffer the greatest.
    The others will prepare in various forms and will live a little longer.
    Time is the Ultimate Truthsayer.
    On the road of Global Warming that leads to a cliff, Humanity has already gone over the cliff. As we fall to our deaths, some people have decided to flap their arms.

  • Random from Today
    I would ask this: Who is missing from our miserable, cultural family? Who was not extended an invitation? Who has been disinherited? Where are the black sheep of the family — those members not invited and whose names are never uttered when our clan gathers?

    What of the inspired misfits, indomitable freaks, defiant outcasts, and magnificent failures — the sorts who might broach uncomfortable topics, reveal family secrets, or too vividly display our flaws?

    Where are those who have been cast out; therefore, who, like a tragic hero from myth, are free to blunder upon unbearable truths? Where are the scorned and forsaken ones? All those banished from our thoughts because they see our family for what it is, not what it strives to appear to be.

    We need our wayward family members now, more than ever.

    – Phil Rockstroh


    Change whiteness to “Anglo genocidal slave driving colonial imperialism”

    “If you have been brought up to believe the preposterous notion that whiteness is superior via the education system, the media, the film industry, healthcare, employment, buying a house, getting a loan, the beauty industry, dating, the judicial system and law enforcement. If you have been taught that whiteness is normative, universal and default human, it must be very hard to hear of any critique of whiteness without having any kind of knee-jerk defensive reaction. It must be like living in a dreamworld, or hallucinating on a drug and suddenly being jolted back into reality.”

    – Honey Williams


    At first, I thought Babymetal was ridiculous, cheap schlock, but now find it kind of extraordinary and telling that a group of 15 year old Japanese girls (with, as far as I can tell, no future) come out with rather disturbing debut single and debut album a couple of years ago called “Death”….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7XPh1peAkI
    but then, they and their adult sponsors are “selling”,”selling”.
    I think going forward their entertainment corporation stands to make a killing on NTE, even though most recent music is not nearly as morbid.


    I continue to ride my bike to work. I don’t fly. Not as I have been accused of “making a lifestyle choice”, but because if I continue to foreclose on the future of the young people I know and work with, then I would probably just flat kill myself. It’s my opinion that the “lifestyle” choice is not mine to make, as I really don’t seem to have few if any choices anymore since I went on a carbon diet.


    My friend in Warshington state sends this, which is recently the story of my life:

    “I got good honest feedback, from the latest woman I got a crush on, that I’m ok but the bicycle/ simple living thing I’m doing is a niche market. Not the first time! I guess ya gotta drive, eat out, go to concerts and movies and day trips to the mountains and the sea. All the women on dating sites are wearing Seahawks caps and say they love skiing, etc. I’m toast. LOL”


    Already figured and coming to terms that I’ll die alone in a ditch.
    C’est La Vie, N’est Ce Pas?

  • As many here who have read the climate summary are aware, Guy links to an article from Oceansidestar which is now The Parksville Qualicum Beach News (Vancouver Island)that has an interview with wildlife biologist Neil Dawes. That article is no longer available. Seems suspicious given the recent cyber troubles around here. Personally I have posted the link to that article on dozens of sites to help explain just how late the hour is.

  • The ice shelf thing Guy talks about has not been added to the Climate Change Summary and Update, as he said it would be. Or, has it and i just overlooked it while scrolling through?

  • Pope Francis’ open letter to Ted Cruz,

    Hey asshole, I happen to have the science degree that none of you shits have. Climate change is happening just as the scientists say. You claim to have God’s ear. Well he just told me to say the word, and you and the rest of your stupid fuckin’ friends are toast. Literally.

    All I have to do is give him the list and you will all roast in Hell. So, STFUP.

    Go ahead punk, make my day.


  • Thanks for the video by Carl Sagan. Like the religious texts have revealed, the suggestions to care for each other found in all religious philosophies, especially the poor, has been more or less ignored, and, as a result, we thus find ourselves faced with an eventual unparalleled catastrophe. The long term one is climate changes, but the catastrophe Sagan most feared, a nuclear war, is still very real, and pending. Who knows, but if the exchanges between our political reps are any indication, we may just experience a little of both. Now mix climate change and nuclear war, blend in a little dash of uncontrollable epidemics and the hodge-podge of environmental disasters that 500 or so abandoned nuclear plants will become, and anyone who can survive all of them has my compliments, and my sympathy. Yet, much like in the days when carl Sagan was warning everyone that nuclear war was a very bad thing, the only thing that has changed is the number of years that have passed since he first published Nuclear Winter. Otherwise, nothing has changed, except the number of scenarios that await us if we don’t somehow see a light, which is getting dimmer by the day.
    Homelessness, or the threat of homelessness, is the number one fear of everyone. Consequently, if fear continues to exist when there is no need for it, it will eventually morph into the messes that we see today. Cure the disease, homelessness, and the symptoms will no longer remind us that we are still as ignorant at knowing how to live in peace as we were when we walked out of the forests from which we came.

  • Erial Secas and I created this Facebook Note on this subject with dozens of links on this theme.


  • Completely unnoticed and under the radar with all the news about Anglo-world California and Australian droughts, now experiencing a drought in Thailand, one of the biggest rice producers in the world, right in the middle of the normal rainy season. Major dams now experiencing similar losses to Lake Mead and Lake Powell.


    “Army to deploy amid water crisis – Troops to guard sluice gates from farmers”

    Deputy government spokesman (appointed unilaterally by the fascist military coup d’etat of 2014) Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd urged people to help conserve water and refrain from activities using large volumes of water, such as filling residential swimming pools.

    Military coup staffed Office of Agriculture said if the drought continues and affected seasonal rice cultivation, losses could total around 60 billion baht. ($1.8 billion US)

    Farming of four million rai of rice fields covering 22 provinces will have to be delayed until normal levels of rainfall return


    What if normal levels return 2000 years from now or maybe just never return?

  • Anyone ever read Isaac Asimov’s short story The Last Question? The parallels to “now” are quite amazing (esp re Bodhi Paul’s recent posts) but played out across a much larger canvas of time and space (audio versions on youtube). It’s about 9 pages and you can download it here:

  • Mr./Mrs. Canoe,

    These words are of great wisdom and truth. It is too bad they came from an ‘individual’ and not simply reproduced as an unknown source. Then maybe more attention…

    The same could be said of many other personalities in history that I could recount who have raised issues of extreme importance for the survival of the human race. Maybe, tho, even then, this foretold collapse was inevitable and as disastrous as it is. At least a few of us, have been knowledgeable witnesses to the grand implosion of the greatest epoch in human history. It didn’t take us long.

    Now, what to do?


    To each their own.

  • It’s pretty simple really! We can’t tolerate each other in peace, so the Earth simply cannot tolerate us.

  • A poem written last summer upon finishing morning meditation

    I wish I could
    Come to you with a river
    But I come with just a memory
    A vague echo of a river

    I come to you with a river

    There was a river, and I
    felt poor going to it,
    because it had a sound,
    a music so sweet.
    It was so full,
    so rich,
    and I wanted
    to go to it on even terms,
    to dance with it.
    I wanted to go to it
    with a dance in me.
    So that there would be a meeting.
    There was no meeting.
    Going to the river it entered me
    and became my dance.
    Going to it…
    I went with my longing
    and poured it, and it was
    welcomed with a gratitude
    that surprised me,
    filled me.

    How would I have known?
    How could I know that there was
    in me a matching sweetness —
    found by pouring it.
    Found in pouring it.
    I want to thank this river that called me.
    There is really no word,
    no way to thank it.
    But it knows my heart,
    it can read tears.
    It knows the law of water.
    Take me, enfold me,
    let me swim and turn in your curls,
    in your folds,
    in your strength
    ever soft,
    ever moving,
    ever singing.

    I wish I could come to you
    with a river
    But I come with just a memory
    a vague echo
    of a river

    I have come to you with a river

  • Tapping for 50 thousand dollars – more or less – depending on your needs.

  • @ Woodwose:

    It can all be summed up:

    Sebastian: Mr. Tyrell. I– I brought a friend.
    Tyrell: I’m surprised you didn’t come here sooner.
    Roy: It’s not an easy thing to meet your maker.
    Tyrell: And what can he do for you?
    Roy: Can the maker repair what he makes.
    Tyrell: Would you like to be modified?
    Roy: Stay here. — I had in mind something a little more radical.
    Tyrell: What– What seems to be the problem?
    Roy: Death.
    Tyrell: Death. Well, I’m afraid that’s a little out of my jurisdiction, you–
    Roy: I want more life, fucker.
    Tyrell: The facts of life. To make an alteration in the evolvment of an organic life system is fatal. A coding sequence cannot be revised once it’s been established.
    Roy: Why not?
    Tyrell: Because by the second day of incubation, any cells that have undergone reversion mutations give rise to revertant colonies like rats leaving a sinking ship. Then the ship sinks.
    Roy: What about EMS recombination.
    Tyrell: We’ve already tried it. Ethyl methane sulfonate as an alkylating agent a potent mutagen It created a virus so lethal the subject was dead before he left the table.
    Roy: Then a repressive protein that blocks the operating cells.
    Tyrell: Wouldn’t obstruct replication, but it does give rise to an error in replication so that the newly formed DNA strand carries the mutation and you’ve got a virus again. But, uh, this– all of this is academic. You were made as well as we could make you.
    Roy: But not to last.
    Tyrell: The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And you have burned so very very brightly, Roy. Look at you. You’re the prodigal son. You’re quite a prize!
    Roy: I’ve done questionable things.
    Tyrell: Also extraordinary things. Revel in your time.
    Roy: Nothing the god of biomechanics wouldn’t let you in heaven for.

    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.

    The Voluntary Extinction Movement
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

  • I’m resigning from my self-assumed drum-beater’s role.

    This is my framing:

    · Every aspect of the situation on this planet is far worse than we know;
    · Every situation is getting worse faster than we expect;
    · We are past the knee of most of these exponential curves;
    · We will make no global collective effort to turn these curves around, because of the way politics works on the human brain;
    · We are out of time to do anything but nibble around the edges of local security;
    · Local security is no longer even achievable in most places on Earth, certainly not for longer than a few years.

    I no longer need to find out anything more for myself. Even more than that, I no longer see any point in waking people up to the imminent demise of everything they love. There seems to be little kindness in that act, just a sort of malignant, self-congratulatory schadenfreude. In any event, most personality types aren’t even wired to be able to hear the message – see http://physics.ucsd.edu/do-the-math/2015/04/programmed-to-ignore/

    Propelled by a recent burst of self-awareness, the obsessive Shadow energy that has been driving my numerical ruminations about inevitability has finally drained away. I intend to drop whatever communicator’s role I’ve had on these issues, and concentrate on immediate, personal needs instead. I’ve noticed a trend in this direction – previously vocal speakers like George Mobus, David Korowicz, Nicole Foss and Paul Kingsnorth seem to have joined this gentle descent into silence.

    I’ve known for a number of years that my single-minded focus on doom, the thermodynamic absolutism, my utter rejection of free will, my convictions of inevitability, and my gnawing need to shove it all in peoples’ faces with numbers and graphs was – how shall I put this – somewhat unhealthy? But no matter how much I knew that, I couldn’t break the addiction. In order to let it go I first had to find its wellspring in the Shadow of my own psyche. That’s now done.

    And speaking of the Shadow and its attendant archetypes, the image that came up when I had the breakthrough was fascinating. I appeared to myself as an Aztec priest standing on top of a jungle pyramid performing a sacrifice. My helpless victim represented all of humanity, and the still-beating heart that I was holding up in front of their horrified dying eyes was labelled “Hope…” Archetypal schadenfreude indeed!

    Unfortunately, all the facts remain intact. It’s just what I do with them that changes.

    A friend gave me these words, that speak from my own heart as well: “What I intend to do now is grasp each moment in every brilliant sensory experience of what it is to be human on this planet. Savour the slow kiss, the passionate embrace, the decadent wine, the play of twilight on water… And marvel at the untouched, untapped beauty of those we dance amongst, those that are wide awake yet still asleep.”

  • hey pat, nice to see you again! Great scene from the movie Blade Runner. Roy: “Time to die, like tears in the rain.”

    This morning there was a young deer, showing ribs under his coat, eating from my birdfeeder. I sat with my dog on the stairs and watched the deer lick the seeds and crunch ’em, knowing it wasn’t enough, a tear dripped onto my lap.

    I believe the rate of decay will continue to be “faster than expected” until we’re gone.

  • @ Tom

    Yes, I was gone for a long while – just thought I’d pop in and see if I’d missed anything.

    After an unsuccessful bid to cast off this mortal coil, I’ve made a deal with the devil – willing to comply with the minimum requirements of TPTB in exchange for my allotment of free time to work in my yard, watch sports, and take little trips into the mountains…

    “The slaves of developed industrial civilization are sublimated slaves.”
    ―Herbert Marcuse

  • Paul – Wow. Thanks for that.

    Pat and Tom – Just a few nights ago I had watched Bladerunner again for the first time in years. Roy’s was the voice of the poet:

  • shep ~

    now, just what to do? …yes, to each their own.

    Still ~

    thank you! so wonderful.

    Paul ~

    seconding Wren. wow. thank you.

  • @ Paul Chefurka, you’re pretty much where I’m at (and likely others who share our concerns). The situation is beyond hope. It’s too late from a physical perspective. It’s *always* been too late form a political/societal perspective. The natural world’s fate was sealed as soon as homo sapiens discovered technology, thus gaining the ability radically alter our surroundings. All the same, I’ve really appreciated your efforts in communicating your views on our predicament. As Guy says, only love remains.

  • Why did you erase my lakota friends post? Is the United States of America still at war with the sioux? About time you guys took a long hard look at yourselves.


  • mo – I am trying to post on the previous thread, but keep getting “you have not done a correct captcha.” What do I do?

  • hey pat!

    @Paul C

  • “this is what I am getting at. there. is. no. Great. Secret. it already lives and exists inside every being, in every molecule of Total Reality. Love is already the ground of all existence. there is nothing that can be added to that by somebody giving you, or an entire race of beings, a “Great Secret” with which the Universe can be transformed. it is there, already at hand, just waiting to be used.”

    Indeed. Hidden in plain sight. The Being of all beings.

    “Homelessness, or the threat of homelessness, is the number one fear of everyone.”

    Planting a crop tied the planter to the land on which the crop was planted: agriculture. Before that, no home.

    “Erial Secas and I created this Facebook Note”

    Facebook does not give access to this to those who don’t do facebook. Need to use an open platform!

    “I wish I could
    Come to you with a river…”

    Said the water to the ocean – and was silent after it got there. In fact, no “getting there”: you’re already there. The problem is to realise it.

  • Paul –
    “… In any event, most personality types aren’t even wired to be able to hear the message – see http://physics.ucsd.edu/do-the-math/2015/04/programmed-to-ignore/…”

    I had always wondered whether there was a connection between personality type and willingness to accept the nte situation we now find ourselves in. Looks like it’s true – that one personality group predominates …. INTJ.

  • mike k ~

    are you trying to post on mobile, using the mobile phone view of the website? this is the only place right now where the captcha will not work (it is just not visible right now). until I fix this, mobile phone users need to switch to desktop view on the phone to make a post.

    if you are trying to post on regular desktop view, and not getting the captcha to work, double check your arithmetic and your read on the captcha, and then let me know for sure that this is not working for you. that would be a very major issue.

    btw mike, I am not seeing any post hung up in the spam bin or pending approval area from you, so it is indeed not getting past the captcha.

    Martin ~

    any posts over two per day in the main thread will be deleted. no exceptions. check the date stamps on your posts to see how many you have for the day, if you are not sure.

    if someone makes a mistake, or doesn’t know the rule, and posts something rather big in the main thread for a third post, I will give them a warning first, if they want to re-post it to a previous thread.

    ~ mo

    the new two post rule: for any who haven’t seen it, the two post per day limit now applies only to the current (main) thread. unlimited posts are allowed in previous threads. when Guy says he has “posted anew” in a thread, then that thread is now a previous thread, and is open for unlimited posts.

  • @ Paul

    I enjoyed this post from you Paul. I can very much relate. I literally spent most of my life attempting to figure out how best to live ‘alternatively’ within an obvious cancerous society, and where I’ve force fed a dying world down the throats of everyone I once knew for the last thirty years. Now, I have almost no one in my life because of it. Surprise! Surprise!

    There sadly never was a ‘solution’, just the illusion or rather the projection of a collective moral imperative born out of necessity to sustain what had to be, but never could. We just confused enough of forever, with haven’t yet run out of time.

    It’s difficult to accept that one has been correct all along, but that the reason they are-–at least comparatively so–is because they most likely have/had a certain obsessive/compulsive disorder that forced them to pay attention to what most everyone else was/is more than willing to ignore.

    But then again, how is recognizing that civilization is inevitably doomed to collapse, not a compulsion of the highest order? The myth of Cassandra has been with us for a terribly long time for a reason.

    I was first ‘assessed’ at school for “problems at home” when I was thirteen, because I was considered to be overly obsessed with the Native American genocide. It’s strange to look back now, and accept that I am more or less, still that little boy who just could never understand why no one else seemed to care.

    Other than resignation, I don’t know what else describes the moment when one realizes that if they are to remain honest with themselves, they have to let go of the very thing they’ve been fiercely holding onto all along.

    These last couple of years I’ve had to walk away from literally everything; every dream, plan, ideal and thought I’ve ever had; the very concepts and meaning that made me who I am. I would call it an identity crisis, if “my identity”—whatever that is—hadn’t been long attached to a dying planet in the first place. So, it more reads like the last chapter.

    A lifetime of resistance with nothing but cultural isolation and financial destitution to show for it, where now I’m only able to interact with others if I lie, because telling ‘the truth’ has never been anything but a fool’s errand……it just takes a lifetime to realized it.

    Here’s to discovering a way to joyfully wither. I think long kisses might be a good place to start as well as finish.

  • WoodWose Says:
    June 16th, 2015 at 2:29 am

    Anyone ever read Isaac Asimov’s short story The Last Question? The parallels to “now” are quite amazing (esp re Bodhi Paul’s recent posts) but played out across a much larger canvas of time and space (audio versions on youtube). It’s about 9 pages and you can download it here:

    Thanks again.

  • Still – Your poem is beyond beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Paul, Daniel – You are not alone in being crushed by your bitter awakening to our world’s most probable fate. To see everything we have loved and hoped for and aspired to create destroyed by a humanity mostly reduced to unconscious addiction, greed, and violence is ultimately tragic. There can be no greater loss for a caring human being.
    The test we face as individuals is how to live with this terrible knowledge, and the additional pain of being unable to awaken our fellow beings. This is a very profound problem which each of us must meet in the depth of our being. there is no pat answer or solution here. To quote an old saying – these are times that try men’s (and women’s) Souls. I can only say that I deeply respect however you decide to live in the face of this challenge, and honor you for the courage and unflinching honesty that brought you to the place where you have to confront what you have discovered to be the unfortunate bottom line answer to all your questioning and efforts to know the truth. I am grateful that there are still people among us that have lived their dedication to truth despite all obstacles and drained the cup of it’s bitter contents resolutely to the lees. This draught proves to be more bitter than the Hemlock that Socrates drank rather than compromise the truth. May all who arrive at this station find ways to fulfill their lives in peace and happiness, knowing that they have done what they could, and now deserve to enjoy the peace
    happiness, and love that they so much have wished for all others. I feel a deep bond with all my brothers and sisters who have lived for the truth. Thank you from my heart for being who you are.

  • Paul C. wrote: “I no longer see any point in waking people up to the imminent demise of everything they love”

    Here’s the thing, though — I myself was so awakened, ~10 years ago, and it set me on a path that is completely different from what I was doing before. If someone today had 10 years ahead of them, they could go through the same thing again, and serve as an inspiration for their own friends or children.

    I guess I’m saying, I no longer care when it all ends — it’s a good thing to finally be seeing the situation correctly, in any case, and I still think my kids are benefiting from what I’ve learned, even though they dismiss my ravings as early onset dementia….

  • @Paul, I appreciate your last comment very much. A part of me hopes it won’t really be The Last, because you are a minority voice from within a minority.

    Over the past few years, I’ve broached the subject of collapse with a handful of intelligent people I care about. They expressed consternation or disbelief but were, at the time, possibly open to exploring the idea. And I remember saying, “I’ll send you a syllabus”. I had a whole mail ready to go with links to financial books and books on energy and thermodynamics, to the kollapsitarians, to Guy’s site, and more…

    “I’ll send you a syllabus.”
    I even had someone ask me, “where’s that syllabus?”

    I never sent out a one.

    Like Guy, I’m a person that wants to know about when the asteroid will hit, but I can’t assume everyone wants to know. As you say, it can only cause pain, and—cowardly me—I don’t want to be responsible for that pain. The fallout of this is that I don’t end up talking to most friends anymore. I have superficial local friendships, but I just can’t talk to my old life-long friends. I have nothing worthwhile to say to them that won’t ruin their day.

    Paul, I don’t know how you are in person, but “shoving it in people’s faces” doesn’t happen all that much on the Internet, does it? I mean,. it’s not like you were posting this stuff on Miley Cyrus fan pages.

    I’m grateful you spent the time you did in assembling your site. I didn’t register it as being unhealthy or coming from a malignant place; rather, I feel you’ve provided an excellent example of analyzing our predicament with restraint and compassion. “Climbing the Ladder of Awareness” is a wonderful piece.. it was on the famous syllabus!

    (Of course, dwelling or obsessing on the knowledge can easily be corrosive to our psyches, so I can see why you need to step away.)

    I’m pleased to have ‘met’ you and I wish you well on the remainder of your journey.

    @Daniel: “now I’m only able to interact with others if I lie.” A thousand times, this! A huge hug going out to you.

    I can’t remember where I saw this term recently, but I followed up on it:

    “Return to the Forest”.. after being out in the world.

    Nugteren[4] states that Vanaprastha was, in practice, a metaphor and guideline. It encouraged gradual transition of social responsibility, economic roles, personal focus towards spirituality, from being center of the action to a more advisory peripheral role, without actually requiring someone to actually move into a forest with or without one’s partner.[4] While some literally gave up their property and possessions to move into distant lands, most stayed with their families and communities but assumed a transitioning role and gracefully accept an evolving role with age.[4] Dhavamony[13] identifies Vanaprastha stage as one of “detachment and increasing seclusion” but usually serving as a counselor, peace-maker, judge, teacher to young and advisor to the middle aged.

    @Wren, yes, another INTJ here.

  • @Paul C
    Hallelujah! :)
    Yes-it is all being enjoyed- all the horror and all the beauty. Obviously this creature/apparatus (or meat robot as Robin likes to say :) ) has a preference for certain conditions and is permeable to the suffering of ‘others’ – but YOU remain untouched..

    As Ramana is reported to have said : there are only vasanas of enjoyment

    To all who are unhappy:

    Look at yourself
    I know no time that I am not here-no one does
    I know nothing about me that has ever changed-no one does
    (How hard can it be? :) )

    May all being know itself.

  • @Ken Provost, how did you become awakened? Was it through a person you knew or your own independent investigation?

  • Paul, Daniel, mike k, Lidia (and, perhaps, others of such perception), soon you will reach the “ultimate conclusion,” so brilliantly uttered by Chauncey Gardiner (in “Being There”), “I like to watch.” Raging against the dying of the light, or naturally dim bulbs, is and always has been a fool’s errand. Separating oneself from the foolishness of fools, all encompassing and ubiquitous since birth, is much more difficult than separating wheat from chaff. Relish the awareness and “enjoy” the grand parade of lifeless packaging while you are able, there is nothing else, not even love remains, only the unfolding of horrors beyond imagination.

  • @Lidia:

    Heinberg, Kunstler, Greer, Keith Addison (JtF!!) etc. etc.

    Somewhere along the way I realized global warming was the Really Big Deal (funnily, I had actually learned about the likelihood as a chemistry nerd in the early 60’s). When I had a daughter and a son around 1980, I told them everything I knew right from the get-go, and now that they have grandchildren, I’m sure the g’kids will pick it up soon.

    The main thing to me is to not shrink from the truth, but to acknowledge it and pass it on to anyone who’ll listen (or anyone else who won’t :-))

    Always best to try to face what’s coming, I think….

  • No, that wasn’t my last post, though I expect the style and frequency of my comments will change.

    The sense of “malignant self-congratulatory schadenfreude” that I mentioned was largely internal, but it did drive me to smack down most discussions of sustainability and degrowth with unseemly haste and finality.

    I’m glad “Climbing the Ladder of Awareness” struck a chord with so many people. It actually seems to have made a difference.

    For this phase of the awakening, identifying the origin of my Shadow was crucial. I suppose it’s appropriate that it happened through an examination of my MBTI juxtaposed with early childhood experiences. Jung would have smiled. When it happened, I know it instantly. The mixture of surprise, relief and delight was so heady that I couldn’t sleep for two days. Since then, much of the sense of overwhelming urgency has evaporated, along with the urge to defend “my” concepts.

    Lidia, thanks for the reference to Vanaprastha. I didn’t know of it, and once again I find that there is much in Hindu teaching that I resonate with. I see elements of both Vanaprastha and Sannyasa in my life now.

    The awakening has proceeded in fits and starts, with every step opening to a new set of challenges, growth experiences and opportunities for further awakening or backsliding.

    Due to the particular expression of Bodhi through this person, I expect my path will always flow back and forth through Samadhi and Jivanmukti without lingering over-long in either. And if something completely different happens, that’s fine with me. These are only concepts, after all; life is to be lived and celebrated – all of it, both the horror and the beauty as Diarmuid says.

    May you all live deeply. G’night.

  • @Paul and Lidia,

    Thanks so much for your comments. I was just so struck by your conclusions and your link, Paul, as they correspond with mine. And Lidia, your reply strikes a chord deep in my heart.

    Like you and others, I spent years trying to broach the subject to anyone and everyone to wake them up! Their hair is so obviously on fire, but no one is really interested. I gave up trying to reach people several years ago. They just don’t want to hear, they are completely oblivious, like others here at NBL, I am the nutcase in their address book. My single-parent daughter (who lives in another city) is somewhat an exception, but she’s overwhelmed with keeping her balls in the air; she knows on the edges of her perception and believes me that things are dire, but doesn’t want/can’t hear about it. I can’t in good conscience keep talking with her or anyone else about this anymore, especially as I have nothing to offer as a solution. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, no preparations that will make a significant difference to their longevity or their quality of living for any significant length of time. Giving that up did relieve me somewhat, but I was filled with despair, still relentlessly collecting information, watching the ramping up of systems transforming the habitats of every living being in our world, never mind nuclear war, economic collapse, nuclear reactor collapse, GMO contamination, etc. It was my daughter and granddaughter that fueled that despair the most, I am utterly unable to rescue or save them. As a mother, desolation. Auweee!

    Lately I’ve gotten closer and closer to your framing Paul. While I do still feel such sadness for what’s to come, I’ve pretty much surrendered to it all, I can feel myself growing closer and closer to that point. I’m more often filled with such gratitude for the privilege of walking this good Earth, for being a part of the whole thing. For the sadness and the loss, but as much if not more for the unutterable beauty and creative drive of the Life Force, which I can see is without doubt permeated, formed of Love. It’s a an unbroken whole, all of it. The destruction, the creation, it’s all movement, the meaning is in the living of it. The experiencing of it all, the choosing, the consequences and the moments of great Grace which can come at any time, revealing Creation, looking out through our eyes and beholding itself.

    Who could possibly wish for more? Species come and species go, we are no exception. I agree with Paul that we were inherently wired to grow in every way, as every species is. Our special talent is in being clever enough to find ways around every ‘natural’ governor on our progress. Species are not wired with governors, are never concerned with their environment or destruction of their own habitat. Overshoot always steps in and calls a halt to that. It will call a halt to us too, in the natural order of things.

    But, just because we screwed this up, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a grand experiment. We’ve done an uncountable number of unspeakably ugly things as individuals and as a species, but we’ve also created many sublime moments and heights, and grown in our ability past any other species to get a glimpse of what’s ‘behind’ what our senses tell us makes up our reality.

    So, I know a lot of people and can enjoy their company superficially, but there are precious few (and none in my neighborhood offline) who truly know me or know me much deeper than the level they are used to seeing. That makes me even more grateful for everyone here at NBL, so many, many like minds here.

    It’s been true from the beginning, that only Love drives our Creation, but now it’s become oh so clear that only Love and Kindness and the appreciation of the unspeakable beauty all around us remains.

    Many, many thanks to everyone here.

  • Pat :-) Back at ya, even more succinctly:

    Deckard: How can it not know what it is?
    Tyrell: Commerce…

  • Here is the TTIP and the TTP laid out.

    Sorry to say it is not good.


  • There are four stages to human life in the Vedic tradition. These are Bramachari (student), Grihasta (householder), Vanaprastha (forest hermit/contemplative), and Sannyasa (rununciate). A person can reach realisation at any stage.

    Among those who reached realisation in the first stage was Naciketas (Katha upanishad), and in the second stage was King Janaka – many references). The realised sage Yagnyavalkya, just prior to departure to the forest stage, imparts teachings to Maitreyi, one of his two wives, in a much quoted passage of the Brihadaranyaka upanishad.

    Starting a fire in the days before matches involved rubbing two sticks together, a significant task. Once lit, fires were kept going and shared between households. Little children, not capable of safely dealing with fire, are not qualified for cremation, and those who die in childhood are buried. Renunciates give up household activities, including fire, and may not cook food for themselves or others. Likewise, they are not to be cremated.

    Fires used for sacrifices and rituals (including wedding ceremonies), to be kosher, have to be started by rubbing two sticks, or derived from a fire started with two sticks. When my father died, the only way to start the electric crematorium was by pressing a big red button. One would hope that the gods will pardon such transgressions.

  • i too like what paul says

    Paul Chefurka Says:
    June 16th, 2015 at 6:32 pm
    No, that wasn’t my last post, though I expect the style and frequency of my comments will change.

    I’m just a lonely guy in england, but in a world of madness i find Pauls posts a help

    All we have is each other

    A bit of kipling for yo

    The story

    Originally all the tame animals were wild, but especially the Cat: he walked by himself and all places were alike to him. The Man was wild too until he met the Woman, who chose a Cave for them to live in, lit a fire in it and hung a horsehide over the opening. She cooked a meal of wild ingredients.

    Then, while the Man slept, she took the bladebone of a shoulder of mutton and made a Singing Magic. This attracted the Dog, and on the next two nights she similarly lured the Horse and the Cow to visit the cave. They agreed to provide services to the couple, the Dog in exchange for roast meat and the other two for hay that she had dried by the fire. Each time the Cat followed and eavesdropped, called them fools, and went off to tell no one.

    On the fourth night the Cat went to the cave and smelt the warm milk from the Cow. The Woman laughed at him and told him to go back to the woods. The Cat flattered her and asked if he might never come in the Cave, sit by the fire or taste the milk. She answered that if she praised him once, twice and three times, his three wishes would be granted, but swore she never would. The Cat left, but the Bat reported to him what was happening.

  • i listened to Guy’s presentation in Vancouver [linked @ seemorerocks] and the only comment that would help his presentation is for him to add the recent fact that over the past 6 months, global average temperature rose to .95 (or .96) degrees C over baseline [as opposed to his oft-quoted .85 C].

    Guy McPherson speaks about abrupt climate change at SFU

    Thanks to everyone who commented here over the past few days – they all resonate with me. Chey – your words felt like my own thoughts.

    Enjoy your days.

  • I’ve posted video from my current tour. It’s here.

  • Paul C. – I am so glad you plan to continue sharing here. I learned many valuable things from you – things from your scientific wisdom, but especially, also things from your heart….

    Chey Hahn – Thanks so much for sharing your wise thoughts and feelings with us. I sense that there are wise and caring folks lurking out there just beyond our little fire on the beach of doom, just waiting for their inner voice to tell the time is right to jump in and post something to let us know they are there and want to share with us. I agree with you that it can get pretty lonely sitting on our dark knowledge with no one to talk to about it. Among the things that drew me into this circle is the warmth that comes from being in a space where I feel safe and welcomed to tell it like it is without being ridiculed or ignored or preached at. It’s kind of a unique space here really.

    It hasn’t always been like that. Sadly, when I first started posting on this site a few years ago there were some here who were more like fundamentalists of their version of NTE, and they were quick to pounce on anyone who did not seem to conform to their ideas about all of this. When I put forward some of my doubts and sensitive feelings about our dangerous crisis, I was ridiculed and bullied, insulted, cursed, and threatened with expulsion from the blog. I want to make clear that Guy took no part in this nasty behavior, but kept a distance that respected the value of free speech, and his role of providing a forum without over controlling it. I guess he might have felt it would work itself out in time. His wonderful piece Only Love Remains told me where his heart was in all of this.

    Nevertheless I let myself be run off by the bullies on the blog, and only recently have come back. To my surprise things have changed for the better now, and there is a welcoming and tolerant spirit on the site that makes me and others feel more and more safe to expose some of our more sensitive thinking and feelings about these difficult issues. I have learned a lot since I returned, and look forward to more new voices and deeper levels of sharing….

  • mike k, I love reading your blossoming expressions of who you really are. They give me comfort, joy and great encouragement.

    I’d also like to add my vote of support for what this blog has become.

    Over the last few years NBL has given me a space to explore my more far-fetched science-y speculations. The general attitude has been one of respectful engagement and open-minded skeptical challenge. I have run into a few bullies here and there, but they seem to be largely silent today. As my interests have shifted recently towards the more overtly metaphysical topics of my own inner journey, the board has again provided me with a welcoming space for that too. Even though I do a lot of my posting on FB, NBL has a particularly special place in my heart.

    Colour me impressed by the quality of the posters these days; and kudos to mo flow for moderating this evolutionary shift in the blog’s Zeitgeist.

  • Robert Callaghan Says:
    June 15th, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    At 400 ppm C02, earth will increase 17°C in 1,000 years.
    At 400 ppm C02, oceans will rise 75 feet in 5,000 years.
    This is how long it takes for the full effects of 400 ppm to be felt.
    The IPCC only tells you what 400 ppm will do in 100 years.
    The IPCC is dishonest.
    Your form of guessing is just as good as mine.

    A hypothesis is better though.

    The IPCC has a reputable record on temperature / CO2 projection (The IPCC Record on Global Warming Temperature Projections).

    However, they don;t have a grip when it comes to sea level rise projection.

  • WoodWose Says:
    June 16th, 2015 at 2:29 am

    Anyone ever read Isaac Asimov’s short story The Last Question? The parallels to “now” are quite amazing (esp re Bodhi Paul’s recent posts) but played out across a much larger canvas of time and space (audio versions on youtube). It’s about 9 pages and you can download it here:

    Asimov advicates a virtual perpetual machine which is not kosher (Is BS The Only Thing Not Subject To The Law of Entropy ?).

  • WoodWose,

    I hadn’t seen that story of Asimov’s before, I read it when you first mentioned it. Very interesting, from a teleological point of view… I was also reminded of Arthur C. Clarke’s Nine Billion Names of God

  • Bodhi Paul ~

    I really appreciate that.

    mike k ~

    again, as I believe I have expressed before, I am so very glad you came back. :O)

    Chey Hahn ~

    let me add my thanks for your wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading that!

  • We may have tried to reach others and warn them. They, for the most part, didn’t get it. At least we tried.

    Now, when the shit hits the fan, at least we won’t look like the average slobs that twiddled and fiddled and denied, right up to the end. People will ask, “How did you know?” I’m going to wear that like a badge of honor. Nobody else will see it but I’ll know it’s there.

    Sometimes I wonder if deniers deny because they feel, subconsciously, that to accept the truth about climate change and NTE would kill who they see themselves as now, and they are irrationally afraid of that “death”. Would that make denial of climate change relatively on par with the denial reaction associated with knowledge of a terminal medical condition? Could irrational denial on many levels be “normal”? The manipulation of human feelings by TPTB to get what they wanted in spite of the evidence on global heating is the greatest crime in all of human history.

    I’m leaning toward a more compassionate response to the average denier. I still hate those in charge, who manipulated the masses to walk over the cliff.
    I would really like to see them brought to justice.

  • Einstein said the most important question to answer was: Is the Universe friendly? Another question that occurs to me is: Is the Universe intelligent, possibly vastly more than we are? And if so, is there a way we could get in touch with some of that wisdom? Are there certain criteria for gaining access to that – and how could we satisfy them? Answers to these questions might require a certain way, depth, and commitment in asking them…. Wouldn’t That Reality have a creative power and executive agency that dwarfs our own feeble capacities? How would you approach Something like That? Would a respectful silence and awareness of your own fundamental flawedness and ignorance be an appropriate posture, like prostrating before an awesome vastness beyond your understanding? Or would you hold on for dear life to your limited understandings, for fear of being swept up into something that might change you forever in inconceivable ways? What would you do in the presence of such a one?

    (Just a little thought experiment to help one discover….what?)

  • mike k Says:
    June 17th, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    Einstein said the most important question to answer was: Is the Universe friendly?
    Not if “we are the Universe” and not limited to “we are the world.”

    The Earth is invading us so is the Earth friendly (Greenland & Antarctica Invade The United States – 2)?