Desconstructing The Newsroom Video Clip

The clip linked here is a great introduction to the impacts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (embedding has been disabled for this clip from The Newsroom, an HBO television show in the United States). It’s humorous and accurate, although it stops well short of explaining how irreversibly dire the situation has become with respect to abrupt climate change.

The clip falls well short of revealing the full impacts of ongoing climate change, much less future effects. For example, the clip includes only the effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide, thus ignoring methane and the other major greenhouse gases. And, although it points out that a 23-m rise in sea level is guaranteed, it fails to note that a 6 C rise in global-average temperature is also locked in. If you’re into Fahrenheit, that’s a 10.8-degree temperature rise. No humans survive such a rise in temperature because it will be accompanied by the loss of human habitat.

All citations and data mentioned in this brief essay can be found at my long, often-updated essay. It’s here.

According to the International Energy Agency, in their May 2014 assessment, we’re headed for up to a 6 C global-average temperature rise by 2050. That’s taking into account only carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, and assuming business as usual.

We’ve never had humans on this planet at 3.3 C or higher above baseline. Baseline refers to the beginning of the industrial revolution, about 1750. At slightly less than 1 C temperature rise since 1750, native organisms cannot keep up via adaptation … by a factor of 10,000 times.

As with nearly every major assessment, including those by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the International Energy Agency, methane is ignored. Methane is more than 100 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide at spans shorter than a decade or two.

Small wonder climate scientist Paul Beckwith said in late November 2014 we’re headed for a 5 C or higher global-average temperature rise within a decade or two. Beckwith is taking into account only one of dozens of self-reinforcing feedback loops, that of methane release from the Arctic Ocean.

I should also point out that all the impacts mentioned in the show are not events likely to occur in the future. Rather, they are already under way. Let’s take a look at each of the six of them, in order of mention:

  1. Mass migrations are already under way: I recently traveled in western Europe, where people are migrating in droves from northern Africa. Also, until last year New Zealand required for immigration either $2 million or one of a handful of rare skills. Now they allow anybody from small island states in the South Pacific where habitat for humans is being destroyed by climate change.
  1. Food shortages are already under way: California is increasingly unable to produce food. The ongoing dust bowl is the central U.S. is further exacerbating the problem. In the U.S., 40% of the honeybees died last year. These are primary pollinators for our food supply. That’s all on land, which accounts for half the food eaten by humans. But the oceans are dying, too, including a profound recent reduction in phytoplankton. These small organisms form the base of the marine food web. Already, 5 million people each year experience early death because of climate change every year.
  1. Water shortages are already under way: In northern California, many people have been without water through the taps for nearly a year. This matches the situation throughout much of the world. In Puerto Rico, for example — which is part of the U.S. — water rationing began in mid-May 2015.
  1. Spread of deadly disease is already under way: I was teaching my college students about the interaction between climate change and spread of infectious diseases more than 15 years ago. Examples that are reasonably well-known today include Lyme disease, malaria, dengue, and Ebola. Others are occurring, and many others are on the way.
  1. Endless wildfires are already under way: Most people are aware of ongoing fires in Siberia and British Columbia. This is shaping up to be quite the year in the United States and throughout the rest of the northern hemisphere.
  1. Storms that have the power to level cities are already under way: Katrina, Ike, Isaac, and Sandy are recent examples in this country. Typhoon Haiyan famously hit the Philippines in November 2013.

When asked how they could see the future, science-fiction writers George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, and Aldous Huxley each gave the same answer: Rather than predicting the future, they were reporting on events currently under way. I can relate.

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  • Temperatures soar to danger point for sun-loving creatures – ‘They don’t have the flexibility in heat tolerance to keep up with global warming’


    Alex Gunderson and Jonathon Stillman, biologists at the Romberg Tiburon Centre for Environmental Studies at San Francisco State University, report in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B that they tested their suspicions about overheating risks by combing through 112 published studies that delivered 394 estimates of potential temperature tolerance in 232 species of ectotherm − laboratory species that had been tested in extremes of hot and cold.

    Their sample of the cold-blooded living things included amphibians, reptiles, crustaceans and insects, land-dwellers and water-dwellers.

    They found evidence that all had some ability to acclimate – that is, adapt to different temperatures – and some, such as fish, crab, lobster and shrimp, had more tolerance to acclimation than others. But, overall, many of them proved less likely to tolerate increasingly extreme climate swings.

    “Because animals have some ability to acclimate to higher temperatures, scientists hoped that they might be able to adjust their physiology to keep up with global warming,” Dr Gunderson says.

    “We found by compiling these data in the first large-scale study of hundreds of different animals that the amount they can actually adjust is pretty low. They don‘t have the flexibility in heat tolerance to keep up with global warming.” [read it all]

    Thanks for your continuing bravery, honesty, and being. Thanks for connecting the dots for the people who need hard evidence that their world is becoming uninhabitable, as if watching the on-going heat deaths of people in Pakistan isn’t enough to indicate where this is going (since we clearly aren’t ceasing the behavior that’s causing it).

    All the best to you and your readers.

  • Guy’s up early as usual helping to get the real news out. Thanks for all of the hard work that you do Guy, and thanks to you and Sheila for a very relaxed, laughter filled and thoughtful stay, here at the Mud Hut.

  • What happened at the Portland, OR presentation?

  • Great post IMO.

    Guy wrote “The clip falls well short of revealing the full impacts of ongoing climate change, much less future effects.

    Guy speaks of an ingrained habit of scientists and science writers to succumb to BAU.

    Because of “aggregation, echo chamber dynamics, and fear induced reticence” at the heart of culture (The Epistemology of Goldilocks RE: Sea Level Rise, An empirical examination of echo chambers in US climate policy networks, Scientific Reticence and Sea Level Rise).

    It seems to me to also be a moral failure, like not warning motorists of a bridge out ahead.

    Let’s face it, cultural trances are very real (Choose Your Trances Carefully – 3).

    When discussing the issue with people, once you get the hang of it, you can tell what trances are wired into them by their local and other cultures.

  • Stark truth

    The world leaders know whats going on, they also know we cant do anything about it….

  • Thanks for all you do, Guy. I posted the video on my Facebook page.

    And so the Human Animal just doesn’t get it. Cruise lines are now booking excursions for this August and September to take people (for the first time in history) through the Northwest Passage from Anchorage to New York. Yeah! Like we should celebrate like it’s a good thing! Uh, I think not. Quite frankly, the whole notion that it’s now even feasible, truly terrifies me.

  • British Columbia is the lesser burning province , NW territories , Saskatchewan, Alberta burning like crazy with 300+ gigantic fires completely out of control(that this is not making constant hair raising headlines is that it is underpopulated areas ) the media sometimes showing a few satellite images the smoke goes down as ar as Illinois and Wisconsin and you can see the red orange glow of the flames from the f..cking outer space in the images

  • @Etyerepeyare

    Thanks for posting the comment. I live in St. Paul, MN and the sun has been apocalyptically orange from the smoke for several days now.

    P.S. on my previous statement… the cruise lines are booking for the Summer of 2016.

  • Martin … The world leaders know squat shit ..this is conspiracy theory bs .. they have no clue whats going on they all have their limited agendas they are trying to pull thru also their personal power struggles they have to advance that’s why nobody ever will do anything because this shit will go down in flames in a historical instant in the moment of criticality when it reaches the combustive state…. You count your blessings that you are “in the know” thats good since it is a liberating thing .. as i am concerned

    “I think it’s a bunch of bullshit, myself
    But I tell you this, man, I tell you this
    I don’t know what’s gonna happen, man, but I wanna have
    My kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames alright”

    The Doors – American Night

  • For those still unconvinced that we’ve wasted a perfectly good planet, here are a few articles published in the last couple of days,

    Record Heat Around the Western US, World

    Half a Million Acres Burned in Just One Day — Alaska Shatters Record For Worst June Wildfire Outbreak Ever

    More evidence that global warming is intensifying extreme weather
    A new study finds that global warming is causing weather whiplash.

    New research suggests global warming is accelerating

    Climate change could drain global seafood supplies

    Research downplaying impending global warming is overturned
    A new study finds Monckton et al. (2015) riddled with errors

    As if the temps outside weren’t enough

  • “The world leaders know squat shit ..this is conspiracy theory bs”

    Actually, the US military – for one example – has been openly stating for some time that they consider climate change to be a primary threat. The Svalbard Seed Vault was put in by someone looking forward. And “conspiracy” to do this, that, or the other thing is a common class of crime. It’s not all crazy paranoia. How our overlords will respond is another question.

  • When the herd turns

  • Much of what is presented by “writers” as solutions to our planetary peril is basic crypto Lamarckism.

    Lamarckism is far from dead.

    It remains as a very “intuitive” concept for many professed intellectuals.

    “My intuition is that the earth is flat.”

    You will see it everywhere if you look.

    Many well meaning scientific types do it routinely by calling for a grand change in “thinking,” and or “consciousness.”

    Humans can surely select as individuals – but not as a Linnaean species.

    Selecting/deciding to move to Tasmania, South Island New Zealand, buy a mountain top retreat, or buy a 44 magnum as defense against chaos/extinction are perfect examples of “narrow” human agency.

    And we all do it.

    The material & physical planet is selecting against humankind.

    The planetary selection pressure will be successful.

    I cannot advance one sound evidential reason that human extinction will not be completely successful in the near future.

    I cannot advance one sound reason why just a piddling amount of billions of tons of sequestered methane will not release even more rapidly.

    The planetary material & physical environment is selecting for its survival – not humans.

    Darwinian natural selection is doing its job by expelling humankind from the planetary survival process.

    Overpopulation “would” have done the job quite well, but our overpopulation extinction process was blindsided by our massive CO2 emissions.

    Both Paul Erhlich & Garrett Hardin missed the “real” causes of extinction by greenhouse overheating because they fell in love with their overpopulation theory.

    If one chooses to call it Gaian selection, I have no quarrel.

    The planet & its inhabitants are dying now.

    It can only get much worse & much faster.

    How & when we will die is the only choice left for some of us lucky enough to have a choice.

    Humankind, including all happy innocent children, will not survive on planet earth.

  • Oh heavens, a site which started out with a big focus on climate chaos/catastrophe is running an essay about climate chaos/catastrophe? And the comments are staying on topic? What is the world coming to? :-)

    Thanks a LOT for this, Guy!.

    New one at Scribbler, El Nino is looking more and more like a record event.

  • Excellent entry by Norman Pagett (The End of More) on xraymike’s site…I respect those who take overpopulation seriously and understand the suffering to come for all the unfortunate offspring of clueless first worlders and for the developing nations who have only shaky access to birth control, abortion, and sterilization:

    “Before our oil to food arrangement, the planet supported something over one billion people. We now have over seven billion, and the mothers of the next two billion are alive now and approaching the age of reproduction. Preachers, scientists and politicians will not stop the basic human function of eating and procreation, so if unchecked nine billion people will be here by 2040/50, and set to go on rising after that. Every new arrival expects to be fed, watered, clothed and housed, but by no stretch of the imagination will the global food system be able to feed that number let alone sustain them with what would be expected by way of the most basic material comfort. No one dares to stand up and make the rather obvious point that we are not going to reach 9 billion. Something has to give, and that giving is going to be very unpleasant.”

  • PODCASTJuly 2, 2015
    KunstlerCast 268 –
    Catherine Ingram of the Dharma Dialogues

    At 26:20 she mentions climate hospice: could be a good guest for the NBL podcsst.

  • No longer a pilot—–I am not far from you under this thick, hazy sky. I DO NOT find the orange red sun “spectacular”, “beautiful” as some in the media are describing the enhanced (due to wildfires) sunrises and sunsets.

    It is looking/feeling more and more like the world as depicted in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road—– dying trees, birdsong diminished and now smoke from wildfires muting the sky:

    “By day the banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp . . the days more gray each one than what had gone before. Like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming away the world.” (excerpt from The Road)

    Crying helps, this song helps release tears which seem to temporarily quell the pain from all the losses, the “knot in the gut” as Bruce Cockburn describes in his song Beautiful Creatures:

    There’s a knot in my gut
    As I gaze out today
    On the planes of the city
    All polychrome grey
    When the skin is peeled off it
    What is there to say?
    The beautiful creatures are going away

    Like a dam on a river
    My conscience is pressed
    By the weight of hard feelings
    Piled up in my breast
    The callous and vicious things
    Humans display
    The beautiful creatures are going away

    Why? Why?

    From the stones of the fortress
    To the shapes in the air
    To the ache in the spirit
    We label despair
    We create what destroys,
    Bind ourselves to betray
    The beautiful creatures are going away

  • Bush Meat

    There is a bear
    out there
    on the ice
    searching for food,
    slowly dying.
    He was once the king of the realm,
    majestic, primal, beautiful
    – and I am supposed to
    listen to
    and vote for

    There is a bear
    in there
    with her cubs
    spring has come early
    slowly frying the forest.
    She lived once surrounded by food,
    plenty, harvest, variety
    – and I am supposed to
    stand by
    and invest in

    There is a tiger,
    over there,
    in the jungle,
    looking for life,
    chased and hunted.
    She was once queen of her matrix
    superb, camouflaged, mysterious
    – and I am supposed to
    stand silent
    as our numbers prodigiously increase.

    There is a gorilla,
    deep inside
    the cathedral of leaves
    surrounded by young
    exhausted, running.
    She was once safe matriarch of tribe
    such power, such peace,
    majestic, secretive, shy.
    And now the murderers
    and rapists
    hunt her
    – for bush meat.

    There is a beetle
    in there
    gnawing on the
    we have betrayed,
    for profit.

    And I hear
    the sound
    of a billion tiny

  • Woodwose – Your poem makes us think – and feel – for all the life we are destroying. Thank you.

  • Wow, that is one powerful piece of feeling-with-words, WoodWose.

  • I’m using my second post of the day to say “Wow!” again. That is a spectacular, chewy, pungent poem, WoodWose. Like a lover’s knife in the heart.

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  • Does anybody else notice that if you ever go to Youtube to watch scientific videos about climate change/the environment, it always leads to a bunch of “suggested” videos about the Illuminati or warnings from the Book of Revelations? I mean, I get that it’s just an algorithm that recognizes that they’re technically talking about the same thing, but it doesn’t help with the stigmatization of us as fellow crackpots ranting about the sky falling.

  • Put on your tin foil hats:

    Prof Emeritus of chemical engineering Dr. Dick Thoenes on the influence of CO2 on climate

    “My conclusion is that it is impossible that significant climate change is due solely to an increase in CO2 levels. This means that all measures to reduce CO2 emissions are pointless. This has enormous financial consequences for the world.”

    This is why engineers don’t make good conservation biologists.

  • As operation Jade Helm commences, strategic models for World War 3 are being updated. With space technology being developed at a commercial level quite widely now, it is possible that the military efforts of participants in a World War 3 conflict could enlist these developing technologies to assist with the fight.

    Cyber guided predictive strike models include the fallout map from MIT. has interactive computer simulations of radioactive fallout patterns. Watch a limited Nuclear War in middle East zones = Nuclear Winter in a week. Crop failure. scale of radiation fallout by global currents.

    China and the United States have engaged in a massive arms race since the 1980s, and both Russia and the United States possess thousands of nuclear weapons. China has constructed more warships and warplanes than any other nation over the last few years, while the Pentatgon has also announced its strategy to counteract this productivity.

    Both China and the United States have been involved in alleged cyber activity against one another. China’s alleged hacking of federal records at the Office of Personnel Management underlined this tendency, with the crime generally thought to be strategic in nature.

    As the traditional world order led by the United States comes into increasing conflict with the China and Russia-lead BRICS power bloc, the latter becomes more bullish about its place in the world. Both China and Russia have indicated that they wish to play a more central role in global economic institutions, and have furthermore suggested setting up their own central bank to rivals that of the existing global financial infrastructure.

    This ensures that the dollar-dominated world that the United States has relied on is to some degree coming to an end. There have already been predictions that the dollar will lose its position as world reserve currency, and with it will disappear the advantages that are bestowed on the United States as a result. Although many commentators negate this possibility, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, indicated just a few years ago that the United States would lose is “exorbitant privilege” in the foreseeable future.

    What this means is that World War 3 is very much a physical manifestation of an underlying economic battle. As the BRICS nations accumulate resources and allies, so the existing Anglo-American / EU-NATO power structure engages in activity intended to dampen down the influence of this Eastern-based threat to its supremacy.

    Google Mr. Dan Utech U.S. Dept of Energy. Our research teams & private contractors reporting to President Obama are all well aware of Dr. Mc Pherson. The data Dr. Mc Pherson provides is correct. The newest data on the Arctic shelf is not available to Dr. Mc Pherson or any scientific study teams with out security clearance. Consequence management activities are in full development.

    7-4-2015 Thank You to Guy Mc Pherson for being a dark horse underdog reporter of data. You deserve better credit. Events are progressing. Possibly in the future you will consider meeting with us in Washington D.C. We do have some concern about avoiding civil unrest & disruption during the transition phase. Stakes for Global management are at an elevated risk level.

    All our very best for your Independence Day.

  • Heat by the simple numbers.

    Why is is very hot & getting much hotter?

    Why is the N. Hemisphere on fire?

    One gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel contains about 134,000 BTUs of concentrated energy.

    High quality coal is similar but contains less BTUs of energy per unit weight.

    The gigantic amount of heat produced by the burning of fossil fuels is miniscule when compared to the heat produced by the “waste” CO2 trapping the sun’s heat.

    About 100 times more heat is produced by the CO2 as molecules of heat trapping greenhouse gas.

    The heat trapped within our atmospheric commons = 13,500,000 BTU’s of heat.

    Heat death for humans & probably all mammals is here & escalating rapidly.

    We are stuck inside a planetary steam bath of our own making.

    An upside; parasitic bankers, brokers, bamboozlers, politicos, & blood sucking lawyerfish will bake too.

    Nowhere to run to – nowhere to hide.

    We are doomed, & those of us who will die by our own hand will be lucky.

    Love is fine, but don’t forget to hate the foul bastards who milked you, your parents, your grandparents, & …

  • **The data Dr. Mc Pherson provides is correct.**

    Do you mean his *interpretation* of the data provided by others?

    **The newest data on the Arctic shelf is not available to Dr. Mc Pherson**

    Which **artic shelf** ?? Do you mean the ESAS?

  • The unavoidable systemic flaws of industrial civilisation means that our bubble civilisation is destined to collapse this century. The disastrous effects of climate disruption that Guy highlights means that that collapse will arrive more quickly. There is no possibility of altering our trajectory from the position we are in now.

    Only blather remains. (and I do my share of blathering.)

  • If World Refuses to Act on Carbon, Oceans Doomed to ‘Irreversible’ Damage

    New study warns, ‘any new global climate agreement that does not minimize the impacts on the ocean will be inadequate.’

    wereflea says:

    ” Every week that goes by, it seems that wherever you look that the bountiful Earth that has existed for countless generations before us loses something new or is under assault or threatened with extinction. Whether it is acidification in the oceans, vast dead zones that have become permanent and ever expanding or it is drought desiccating farmland and tinder dry forests going up in smoke. Americas fire season is upon us and in some areas the fire season has become permanent and exists throughout the year. The sixth great extinction just may end up referring to many of us if we stay selfishly stupid. Homo sapiens is a sap!

    All around us it seems like the world is dying. Not just that there will be changes due to climate but that the world’s ecosystem is dying. It just takes time but not as long as you would imagine.

    Look back 15 or 20 years? Did the damage occurring seem to be so vast, so rapid, so inexorable? Back then seems like almost another planet and while there were warnings about what would happen by the end of the century, there was no sense of worry about the near future. Somehow the things we feared would start happening in the latter half of this century have happened or will soon do so in the first half. No longer is there debate as to whether Greenland’s ice cap is melting… yeah even 20 years ago it was still being debated as to whether that would happen. Antarctica was supposed to be immune from the effects of global warming for a thousand years was still being said ten years ago. Since then we have seen ice shelfs collapse and satellites record surface melting even in the deep interior. Penguins colonies starving.

    Massive fish die offs elsewhere. New hydroelectric dams that will drown huge areas of the Amazon, melting permafrost (that is perm no longer), dust bowl drought conditions and draining underground aquifers! Bees and butterflies… may take us with them when they go. Hear many songbirds anymore like when you were a kid?

    We are fast approaching the point where one day we will wake up and say – Where did it all go?

    Our world is actually dying all around us and we aren’t all that scared but we should be. We shoot ourselves in the foot when we allow politicians and lawmakers to play that ‘there is no proof that any of this is related to global warming’ game. They would see smoke billowing from the basement and delay calling the fire department because there is no proof that it is a fire that will end up burning down the house.

    Look around you week by week and see if you don’t feel like our world is dying. The statement that “If the World Refuses to Act on Carbon, Oceans Doomed to ‘Irreversible’ Damage” is scientific and accurate but that isn’t quite enough to my way of thinking. No sense of desperate urgency I guess? We need urgency considering we aren’t moving much at all as yet. By the time we do get going… how late do you think that will be?

    Our world is dying all around us. It is a truth that is more than inconvenient. It actually is a desperate truth though you’d hardly know it to judge from people’s behavior and the media.

    Our world is dying? Could it really be that bad? Yes it really is that bad but it is just in the beginning stages as yet. Wait another 20 years and what do you expect to see happening then?

    Some will scoff and say that I am being so dramatic and that the world isn’t dying but it really is dying just the same. It won’t be the end of the world though but it will be the end of the world as we knew it. What do you think things will be like in twenty years? That’s pretty damn scary considering what we all seen happen in the last twenty years and things are happening more rapidly now.

    Acidification of the oceans? Do you think that we will take that in stride? Was a melting Ice Cap not a big enough sign? We took that in stride didn’t we.

    Homo sapiens sapiens – that’s us (except maybe for my ex brother in law).

    Well Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a sap (and yes he is too)… and if we blow it on our own planet and destroy our ability to sustain our huge population… They might as well call us Homo Sappy Sapiens because we will certainly deserve the description.

    Our world really does look like it is truly dying. Pity the children…your children because what we do know it what will be done to them later and there will be no turning back the clock because the clock got broken. “

  • MOre comments from above article:

    Go neutrally buoyant and dive at night with a ray. Tickle its chin. Now, try and say it doesn’t matter. It does…

    You are not kidding! Anyone who dives knows how precious is the sea and how serious this is. Here in Seattle, I have looked eye to eye with a giant Pacific Octopus, outside her den, 65 feet down, where she had neatly piled up the trash from last evenings meal of tasty sea food! Her eyes were amazing – she gently”tasted” my mask, with her incredible suckers…. there was a definite communication going on. – my dive partner and I both felt honored for the experience…….

    Humans must remember that they themselves ARE of the sea! That they are 75 percent sea water! Mother Ocean lives inside each of us…….Dear mother, I’ve heard your call for help……We must all answer.

    Great post, but our world isn’t dying, it’s being murdered by human greed and stupidity. Otherwise, yes, it’s an emergency and this whole grotesque civilization is sleepwalking into extinction.

    Gadgets, screens, blinking lights, trashy entertainment, electronic circuses, while all around us the walls of ecocide close in. Entertained to death.

    City people might not notice the earth is dying except from what they learn from the media. Having spent lots of time hunting, fishing, diving in my younger years, I witnessed it. The wildlife is disappearing, the coral reefs are dead and dying, and there are few or no wild places left. It is rightly blamed on pollutants like carbon. But like everything else, poison is dose dependent. The more people, the more poison the earth has to absorb.

    As someone who used to dive on the Caribbean and Bahamas reefs, I have heard – and seen via underwater pictures (takem by people who apparently have no idea what the reefs used to look like) that these reefs are all pretty much destroyed now. The once abundant staghorn and elkhorn corals are now critically endangered species. The once common Nassau Grouper – a wonderful fish to see (and a staple at suppertime) – is now on the endangered list as well. High water temperatures, coral bleaching, and diseases associated with the high water temperatures are the cause.

  • Kevin Moore great classic movie about the end of man and the earth a primer for the ending. Mark Austin you show your hand and I call you. We will see now how real you are I thought you we’re alien. And I saw the new terminator movie today, it’s so funny that people love a movie about the end of the world, but when it comes to their extinction they want the movie that fixes it. Most might be better off not to know. The more I find out the less I care, to care, to bear, so there ! This has been a really good comments so far Thanks take care and then some

  • Woodwose,

    Do you know about the Dark Mountain Project? Paul Kingsnorth is one of its founders.

    It’s a site for “artists, writers (poets) and thinkers who’ve stopped believing the stories that our civilisation tells itself.”
    There’s a lot of talent and beauty there, and you’d be one of the shining lights.

    it’s great to read your comment, as usual. In spite of everything, have a good weekend.

  • babajingo Says:
    July 3rd, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Does anybody else notice that if you ever go to Youtube to watch scientific videos about climate change/the environment, it always leads to a bunch of “suggested” videos about the Illuminati or warnings from the Book of Revelations? I mean, I get that it’s just an algorithm that recognizes that they’re technically talking about the same thing, but it doesn’t help with the stigmatization of us as fellow crackpots ranting about the sky falling.
    The algorithms take into consideration the trail of locations and other info that have been collected relevant to the person accessing the video.

    As to “the sky is falling” note that “Versions of the story go back more than 25 centuries …” (Wikipedia, Henny Penny).

    Human intelligence is a lethal mutation according to Dr. Ernst Mayr (What Kind of Intelligence Is A Lethal Mutation?).

    Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee points out that civilization has a habit, not only of poo pooing its own demise, but of bringing about its own demise by ignoring the warning signs:

    “In other words, a society does not ever die ‘from natural causes’, but always dies from suicide or murder — and nearly always from the former, as this chapter has shown.”

    (Civilization Is Now On Suicide Watch).

    Today is a celebration of the propaganda that war (“bombs bursting in air”) is the mother of all freedom (MOMCOM Freedom).

  • How will that last long dance be

    Whirling off the globe?

    I only know for sure

    I won’t be the last one

    To say goodbye to

    The rest of you

    Who will take your turn

    Without me here to

    Blunder into you

    With my awkward

    Attempts at love

    Or futile anger.

    1936 was another world

    And I was five and feverish

    And dying in Italy

    Miracle drugs were

    Not yet to be had

    So my doctor dad

    Drove desperately

    Towards Switzerland and

    It’s cold embrace

    While keeping me alive

    With fantastic stories

    Of his invention

    That kept me in suspense

    And hanging on

    To hear the next

    Marvelous chapter.

    I’m still here

    But my Dad is dead

    And I am alone

    In a world that is

    Facing what may be

    It’s final fever.

    Will someone come

    To tell me stories

    Before the end

    Takes away

    All our dreams?

  • Robert Callaghan: have you seen this (to add to your collection)?

    Graph of the Day: World arable land per capita, 1961-2012


    if, in 2050, arable land per capita is half of its current value, crop yields must double to maintain the status quo. But agricultural intensification may raise the desertification rate, and even without considering the problem of soil degradation, there are serious doubts about increasing agricultural yields enough to keep up with human population growth [lots more graphs and such]

    Jade Helm – a Slippery Slope


    Guest author Kenneth Anton: author of Popsicle Man and Cancer Vortex

    It is stated by the government that “Jade Helm” is just a ‘Military Training Exercise’ taking place in 7 southwest states (possibly more) for just 2 months from 7/15/15 to 9/15/15.

    But many skeptics, including myself, see this incursion by the military into domestic affairs as a prelude to martial law across the whole United States.

    Why should we listen to the skeptics? Based on recent past experience the Ruling Elite have committed major false flag operations while training exercises were conducted at the same time as cover. So be forewarned that another ‘Military Training Exercise’ could precede a major false flag or terrorist event. [goes on to illustrate with examples from OK City bombing, London subway and Boston marathon bombings – and makes a good case, if you care to read it].

    Happy 4th of July (and 5th, 6th, . . . ) everyone!

  • The Pain was more

    Than I could bear

    From human contact

    At 12 I tried to leave

    And cut all communications

    With the feared and hated


    I prayed for death

    To somehow take me

    Without my helping it

    Being too helpless to

    Even deliver myself

    Over to that

    Final sanctuary

    Of darkness.

    My homeroom teacher

    Had me sent

    To a psychologist

    Who with infinite patience

    Waited for me to take

    His hand that

    Was searching for

    My deeply hidden


    His love pulled me

    Back into this

    Crazy painful world

    To suffer and

    Delight in endless

    Wondering and seeking

    To understand why

    We hurt each other

    So deeply

    When all we

    Really want

    Is love


    According to Professor Wadhams, the East Siberian Sea is a lurking monster. He believes the effect of a methane outbreak could be as catastrophic as an asteroid collision into Earth.

    The amount of warming would be immediate and large. The probability it will happen: “I would say it is about 50% because we’re seeing the permafrost melting and we’re seeing the methane already being released.”

    from Counterpunch; Methane Outbreak Nears
    Impact of Ice-Free Arctic

  • “I have lived here before, the days of ice,
    And of course this is why I’m so concerned,
    And I come back to find the stars misplaced
    and the smell of a world that has burned.

    ‘The smell of a world that has burned.

    ‘Well, maybe, maybe it’s just a change of

    Jimi Hendrix – “Up from the Skies”

  • Tom,

    I checked out your Washingtonblog link and as a European got the impression that your gun lobby’s perception plays a big part in this article.

    I can well imagine that martial law will be instituted in your country and over here too of course. That’s definitely on the cards. Extractions of “undesirables”, ones probably already on certain lists, are very likely, no certain. Anti-terrorist laws come in handy there, and we’ve all got those in place ready to be used on citizens everywhere. Also the “testing” of loyalty and keeping the public frightened and pacified, yes, that’s all being planned everywhere, of that I’m pretty sure. But all this singling out of “patriots” and veterans and 2nd amendment stuff… and there is a mention of right wing groups (always “patriots” as far as I can see), that’s a little odd, don’t you think?
    I always find the right wing groups, the “patriots” (patriarchs) the worst plague, probably because of my German background, and they always sounds so self-righteous to me – gets my hackles up.

    Of course I agree: any president who wanted to do something about the 100s of millions of private firearms in your country, would have to come up with a plan to disarm the public beforehand. Otherwise, all hell would break loose overnight, I can imagine. This thing about owning so many firearms, including truly scary automatic weapons etc. etc. is very difficult to understand from a European point of view. So many people on your side of the pond seem to feel “safer” because of it, but not having been exposed to this kind of “safety” I’d feel the opposite. I suppose it’s culture but, of course many of you here are different, I know.

    Just some musings…

    Mike K,

    Those two very profound poems are part of your story, aren’t they? Poor little boy….but how lucky to have such a father.
    What happened later when the pain became too much for you to bear?
    It sounds as if your parents put you into a private school where you suffered abuse. My heart goes out to you – so many children suffered and are still suffering.

    Thanks for sharing your story here and to Woodwose who maybe inspired you to tell your story in that form – I’m guessing.

    In these last years left to us, take good care of yourself and every being you love.

  • “This thing about owning so many firearms, including truly scary automatic weapons etc. etc. is very difficult to understand from a European point of view.”

    That is just the way to fend off any prospective Robespierre or Hitler. And let us never forget the great John Steinbeck quote: “When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away”. Also to be remembered is that those were times when there was more community and correspondingly less society. Today community has almost completely been usurped and replaced by society: cops have transformed into copsters.

  • Sabine, I used to think the ‘gun nuts’ were just that.. kinda nuts. A related slogan to Robin’s has been “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”, but among the “outlaws” these days is most clearly and egregiously the government itself.

    I really buy into very little of the far-right rhetoric, but a certain degree of their paranoia has already been validated. A libertarian minority, which is very outspoken in the gun rights arena, is increasingly alarmed about government overreach.

    The two “societies”, “civilian” and militarized, are going to have domestic clashes, no doubt about it.

    I could be wrong, but I remember seeing statistics showing an American Citizen was already far more likely to be killed by police than by any “terrorist.” The government itself is increasingly a terroristic one. There was a guy killed just the other day because he was waving a towel:

    We aren’t talking Officer Friendly anymore. They are no longer charged with “serving and protecting” the public, but with keeping the public “compliant” at all costs, up to and including innocent persons’ lives. There’s now basically summary execution for “non-compliance”. Orwell, if he is anywhere, must be smiling bitterly.

    Our small town 4th of July parade was twice the size it’s been the last couple of years since I’ve moved here. The local hospital put up a North-Korean-scale flag that was quite scary. Everyone is falling all over themselves with flaggy-flag flagness and military fetishism this year.

  • @mike k

    And I am alone

    Brother, I can feel your suffering as if it were my very own suffering, so you are not quite alone. As you said to me the other day: One has to go through the Fire, into the Fire to gain some real insight. All suffering will end when we will find ourselves just at home anywhere, everywhere in the Cosmos, at Home right within The Fire.

    Please notice my new comments at



    As every blossom fades
    and all youth sinks into old age,
    so every life’s design, each flower of wisdom,
    attains its prime and cannot last forever.
    The heart must submit itself courageously
    to life’s call without a hint of grief,
    A magic dwells in each beginning,
    protecting us, telling us how to live.

    High purposed we shall traverse realm on realm,
    cleaving to none as to a home,
    the world of spirit wishes not to fetter us
    but raise us higher, step by step.
    Scarce in some safe accustomed sphere of life
    have we establish a house, then we grow lax;
    only he who is ready to journey forth
    can throw old habits off.

    Maybe death’s hour too will send us out new-born
    towards undreamed-lands,
    maybe life’s call to us will never find an end
    Courage my heart, take leave and fare thee well.

    – Hermann Hesse


    Thanks a lot for that Hendrix- Quote !

  • We have to fight back somehow, i for one will be seeking to administer the Doctor ( As in Dr Martens )

  • Hey Lidia, Carlin, as per usual, said it best.

  • @mike k

    Man, I have to be carefull not to loose any comments you wrote to me )because of all those threads here at NBL).

    I always wanted more. I wanted impossibly more. Infinitely more than infinity could give me. Beyond the beyond the beyond could even think of. Something that could not exist but must exist somewhere beyond all somewhere’s. Was it God that I sought? An unknown Something that was Everything and Nothing? A mystery for sure. An uncertain uncertainty. The x in the equation of x. The unknownable unknowning of it’s unknownness. Why was I drawn into the vortex of this excruciatingly unknowable unknowable? Oh cursed spite that I was born to set it right – but what was it after all? Was Bubba Adi Da right that fundamental ignorance was ultimate knowing? That which will be forever beyond knowing is the basis for all that we can ever be or know?

    What you are searching for is within yourself (and also all around you, everywhere), you are the Knower that you don’t know (yet), you are the Fire that burns all thaughts, all ideas, all concepts and still searches for thaughts, ideas, concepts, as the Eye can not see itself, only shadows of itself, only thaughts, ideas, concepts of itself, it searches until it finds what it is searching for just everywhere, anytime, all the Time- You wil find it obliquely, like seeing the trace of a Lion or a Fire and realizing, that there must be some Lion somewhere. Man, You are the Eye within the Fire. You WILL find what you are searching for and you WILL then know it most intimately too, just trust me. And when that happens, you will loose all knowledge, thaughts, all ideas, all concepts, all words, all names and STILL knowledge, thaughts, ideas, words, names will arise, but you can’t, you won’t cling to them anymore, you just see them come and go and come and go like breathing in, like breathing out… When that happens, when you will loose all knowledge, thaughts, ideas, concepts, words, names, when you find that you can’t cling to all of that anymore and you begin to realize that you are the Eye, the Eye within the Fire and that you are the Fire and the Knowledge and the Knower, then you will loose all talking, so, then start to SING and DANCE, Brother.

    Curious – Did you OD with bliss on the music set? I need to feel your heart closer to me….

    I am not shure what the abbreviation “OD” means, but yeah, we had a lot of fun on that music session yesterday for shure, yeah. You quoted “Into the Mystic” from Van Morission, man, I love that song and it’s part of my repertoire for shure :-) And, man, I can’t be closer to your heart, I am so close to you that you can’t see me, so you are like somebody who is searching for his glasses, not realizing that it’s right on his very own nose 8-) I have to repeat your Rilke quote, Brother:

    Believe in a love that is being
    Stored for you like an inheritance,
    And have faith that in this love,
    There is a strength and blessing
    That is so large you can travel as
    Far as you wish without stepping
    Outside it.

  • I’m so fond of the two-post rule! Now that I see how it works in practice, I can simply stay away from any but the current thread, knowing that all older threads will be completely taken over by bromantic eye flutterings among two or three very spiritual people who love one another with all their hearts……

    Meanwhile, extinction continues apace.

  • Methane Outbreak Nears

    by Robert Hunziker

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as well as world governments ignores the risks of an ice-free Arctic (Wadhams). Rather, an ice-free Arctic is widely applauded by much of the world as a positive way forward for re-opening of northern shipping routes, new trips for cruise lines, and access to a huge cache of fossil fuels.

    ” According to Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University, an ice-free Arctic with its concomitant methane outbreak potential is scarcely mentioned by the IPCC in its assessment. Evidently, the IPCC does not want to discuss the possibility of major catastrophes.

    In truth, an ice-free Arctic tempestuously opens up eons of methane entrapped ever since the last Ice Age. The ramifications are profound. ”

  • Mark Austin,
    Thanks for your posts…. As sobering as it gets…

  • @Curious – yeah that Hendrix lyric – from 1967! – has proven to be remarkably prescient. The song – “Up from the Skies” is written from the point of view of an intergalactic time traveler revisiting Earth.

    Here’s the description from Wikipedia:

    “Up from the Skies” is a song by English/American psychedelic rock band The Jimi Hendrix Experience, featured on their 1967 second album Axis: Bold as Love. Written by lead vocalist and guitarist Jimi Hendrix, the song details the experience of a specimen of extraterrestrial life returning to Earth and displaying concern with the damage caused by the human beings living there. It was released as the only single from Axis: Bold as Love, in the United States and France only, and reached number 82 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.[2]

  • Dearest Ken, since your first comment here, I knew we had a psychic connection… We’ll no doubt remain in mutual communion as our auras reach Betelgeuse! Fly high, o beautiful one!

  • Lidia — I’ve always loved your contributions, also :-)

  • The milkweed blooms, quiet. I hear a butterfly. I see nothing.

  • As if we didn’t have an inkling this was so…

    “The US Needs War Every 4 Years To Maintain Economic Growth”

    “”This is not a secret,” explains Kris Roman, director of geopolitical research center Euro-Rus, “The whole [US] economy is built on the military theme: to maintain its economic growth, the United States needs a war every 4 years, otherwise the economic growth slows down.” The Belgian expert believes that with the collapse of the USSR, NATO should have stopped existing, but somehow the alliance “has grown to the size of the Universe because the motto ‘The Russians are coming!’ is relevant again.”

    In the 25 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO has not forgotten even for a moment about the idea of an attack on Russia, Belgian political scientist and director of geopolitical research center Euro-Rus Kris Roman tells Sputnik News…

    “But they had no pretext. Now, due to the chaos in Ukraine, this opportunity appeared and it is actively developed. The older generation, which had been brought up on the propaganda against the Soviet Union, has already accepted the idea of ??an inevitable conflict with Russia,” Roman said.

    Roman said that when the Belgian defense minister had announced that 1,000 Belgian soldiers would be sent to the Baltic states in the event of a “potential Russian attack.”
    The United States has repeatedly criticized Europe for small contributions to the NATO budget, saying that the EU tries to save money at the expense of its military budget.”

    Who is next?


  • Tom, fucking awesome link, many thanks

    jay said, “Gadgets, screens, blinking lights, trashy entertainment, electronic circuses, while all around us the walls of ecocide close in. Entertained to death.”

    By the time a kid is 8 years old, they stare at video screens 8 hours/day.
    As a result we now have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

    Watch a real scientist lose his shit over the Arctic.

    In Sao Paulo Brazil, they poo in a bag or bucket because they can’t afford the water to flush their toilets. On the days the water does come on, it is usually sometime around 4 a.m., so you have to get up early to be ready to get your share from the low pressure trickle of water that comes from your tap.

    Do you ever wonder why your goldfish can out-stare you?

    Collapse: Why How When.
    We only have about 10% of our earth’s original forests left. We destroy more than 20 million acres of forest every year. We already slashed and burned half the rainforests on earth. Rainforest soil is of poor quality and quantity so farming it only degrades it even faster. Rainforest roots are so dense, they don’t require robust and plentiful soils. But, why is this so important to how fast collapse will be? The answer lies straight ahead.

    In 2007, the IPCC told us emissions must peak by 2015 to stay within 2 °C of warming.
    In 2014, the IPCC told us emissions must peak by 2030 to stay within 2 °C of warming.
    The IPCC says we can make this change because of what they call “negative-emissions bio-energy”. meaning we will get energy by consuming plant matter so it pulls more CO2 out of the air than it emits; for which, by the way, no such technology exists, and the kicker is, they say, that we will need 1.5 billion acres of NEW farmland to do it. That much farmland is about the size of India, which is equal to nearly 50% of all the arable land on earth.
    The acronym for this fantasy is BECCS (Bio-Energy Carbon Capture & Storage). The real acronym is BS (Bull Shit). Where do you think we’ll find all this new farmland? The rainforests. World hunger will guarantee it. Why? Read on.

    In 60 years, human agriculture will ground to a stop because of soil loss and degradation. 20% of China’s soil and 50% of its groundwater is already unsafe. We are right now already slashing and burning Brazil’s rainforests just to feed China’s pigs. China’s pigs already eat 50% of the soy grown in South America. The Chinese are buying up farmland all over the earth.

    Because we add 1 million people to earth every 5 days who would like to eat for 50 years, we have to grow more food over the next 50 years than we grew in all of the last 10,000 years, combined. We already converted nearly half the earth’s surface into cities and farmland.

    We will need 12 million acres of brand new farmland EVERY year for 30 years to feed that many people all their lives. Instead, we are losing 24 million acres of farmland EVERY year. We are losing soil at twice the rate we need to grow it just to be able to eat, never mind the additional requirements of BECCS.

    We will soon run out of easy access to 2 critical fertilizers which are irreplaceable, cannot be manufactured by humans and for which there are no substitutes.

    In 10 years 4 billion people will be without enough water.
    In 10 years 2 billion people will be severely short of water.

    Ground water depletion has gone critical in major agricultural centers worldwide.–at061615.php

    The world’s rivers and lakes are drying up.

    Drought is spreading across the earth. Try growing food for 8 billion people without water and soil. We kill elephants and orangutans before slashing and burning Indonesia’s remaining rainforests just to grow palm oil that is burned in Northern Europe’s German cars. We call this the Green Economy on account of how green people are behind the ears when it comes to their e-CON-omy.
    In 25 years we will pass peak energy and minerals.

    This will happen when all our new solar panels and wind mills stop working and become expensive junk we can’t afford to replace or recycle in times of shortages in water, food, energy, minerals and civility. Recycling their component alloys costs more and uses more energy than mining for them does.

    Over the next 50 years energy demand will double (at the same time we have to reduce emissions at least 50%) because over 2 billion rural refugees will move to cities, and 75% of the infrastructure they require does not even exist yet. Already, China has poured more concrete in the last few years than the U.S.A. has in all of the last 100 years. Concrete production is a super-emitter of carbon into the air.

    Yet, it also takes 10 times the amount of rated renewable energy to close one equally rated fossil fuel plant simply because renewable energy is intermittent and fossil energy is not. It will be a physical impossibility to meet all future demand with 100% renewable energy and reduce emissions all at the same time.

    M.I.T. predicts world economic collapse in 15 years.

    Lloyd’s of London predicts the end of civilization in 25 years.

    But, don’t you worry your pretty little head about any of this because there’s always our backup planet.

  • Dave Thompson,

    Legacy of homo un-sapiens haiku:

    milkweed leaves intact
    air devoid of orange and black
    sixth great extinction

    But did you know( she says facetiously) monarchs are close to making the endangered species list? Rather ridiculous yes? Is anything NOT endangered? (jellyfish?)

    What is madness but nobility of soul/
At odds with circumstance/
— Theodore Roethke ~ ‘In a Dark Time’

    This soul here in the good ole Midwest is having a hard time being noble amidst the “4th of July” which is a perfect example of the stupidity and vulgarity of homo (un) sapiens, (un) sapiens.
    Anybody else having an extra hard time being part of this species during this obscene “holiday”?
    Did you know you can google, “I hate the fourth of July” and there are some excellent sites that are very helpful with catharsis!

    Carry on . . . .

  • I’ve posted a new episode one the Edge of Extinction series. View it here.

  • Mark,

    FYI…. I was mostly joking about your comments as being Greek… They are indeed in very plain English, and one does not need a Thesaurus to comprehend some of their implications. Thanks for being here, and hope you stay awhile…

  • @mike k

    Yoh, I need my OD music every day. Sorry, no videos on youtube so far. But I could do some mp3 recordings and send it to soundcloud. But you’ll have to fix your sound on your computer.

    You talked about the Divine Reality at

    Yes, Hesse is right:

    “A magic dwells in each beginning,
    protecting us, telling us how to live.

    Often it’s more like a whisper, like a breeze and sometimes we are too hasty and fail to hear that inner, whispering voice or fail to see the magic in the small things and situations around us, in every day life. We always try to take away something from reality or we try to add something to it, as if it were not enough magic already. We shouldn’t distinct Divine Reality from every Day Life, from the small things. If we can’t find it right before our eyes, right within the small thing, within us, within others, within every day life, we will never find it.

    But now I think – if it is The Divine Will, it will happen again in due time…

    Man, it’s there all the time. It’s not like flying all the time, wich would get boring for shure, so it’s sometimes just like walking on earth, sometimes swimming in the sea, sometimes it’s just like sitting on a chair and drinking some cup of coffe and typing some words.

    You quote Hesse:

    I can wait…

    Waiting for what? Waiting for what’s already there? There is nothing to wait for. We’ll have to find it right where we are all the time, we have to realize it here and now.

    … and a realization that there was nothing I could do or had ever done that would make me worthy of that Grace. It was a generous and unearned Gift.

    There is nothing to do to be yourself. And you are worthy to be yourself for shure. Love.


    Thanks a lot for Mr Bunny, “Every little soul must shine”, I love that little tune :-)


    Jimmy was a Voodoo Chile, a Wizard, a Shaman, he is still alive, somewhere, out there…

  • Jean Turcot – Thank you. I fly to Vancouver & Alaska tomorrow but if the Shell oil drillers do not kill me I’ll be back.

    Today Dr. McPherson & I are in contact privately. When I return I will proceed with Pentagon & White House security clearance process when dates are good for Guy to come to D.C. We are very much looking forward to future meetings with Dr. McPherson who deserves the best information from all departments. Public presentations on the pending NTE is a serious subject that needs greater $ support. Equally we need the best Guy has self developed as he gains the full attention of many others here on our team.

    If Dr. McPherson approves of us, later this year his audience will get much larger as we all face great transitions in every aspect of full disclosure. All my best to ARTLEADS & Mike K. In time you will see the exact truth of the events unfolding which we attempted to warn about in a personal & low key manner. There are ways for some to survive the next stages of climate, military & financial planned transitions in the time before the worst impact levels increase. Like Dr. McPherson, we do care about each of you, Your safety and quality of all life on Earth for as long as possible. Thanks Jean

  • Love. Curious One – It’s a shame that there is anyone on this blog who continues to enact the same kind of hateful intolerant behavior that got us into this sad planetary mess – without a clue that they are doing it! It’s sad, but that just tells us how deep and widespread the negative conditioning of our culture is. The dogs bark – the caravan moves on….

    I continue to get true guidance on my path thru you. It’s been coming thru even stronger since I began fasting two days a week recently. I am remembering how fasting during the intensive Sufi Work I did years ago sharpened my response and openness to the Spirit. Over the years that One has brought people into my life at the right time to give me a boost on my path. You are such a one, and I am really grateful for it. Some who might read this won’t have a clue what I am talking about – and I really don‘t give a shit about that anymore – so I’ll just keep posting here in the first basement below the lead thread. There are several others here who have some sensitivity to the inner life – so my stuff is for us. Others can go &#@! (Sorry guys, but I’m not so pure I can’t get pissed, but it doesn’t really go very deep like it used to.)

    It’s started raining on my little house in the woods at the foothills of the Appalachians in Ky. I’m at the base of a mountain which heads a valley, with no neighbors in sight for quite a ways… I like my solitude too you know. I’m going to die here – I’ve quit running chasing the sun or anyone or anything. This is my last stand, my last dance as Castaneda put it. And I love it! If God can’t find me here, He’ll just have to keep looking! Cause I ain’t movin’ no mo.

    The world is too much with us; late and soon,
    Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;—
    Little we see in Nature that is ours;
    We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
    This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
    The winds that will be howling at all hours,
    And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
    For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
    It moves us not. Great God! I’d rather be
    A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
    So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
    Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
    Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
    Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.

    William Wordsworth

    Were you born in Germany Curious? What city are you living in? See, I’m curious too. Gute nacht. Aujourd’hui est un autre jour…..

    Mark – “so many things humans could do if only they were above greed & destruction.” Well that’s the answer isn’t it? People think they can work some magic with technology or politics or force – but it only makes things worse unless they find their souls. But of course they have become contemptuous of such terminology. Material “facts” seem much more solid and real and doable. So the very thirst for more power and dominance leads to the downfall of those blinded by hubris. That was the basic insight of Greek philosophers, lovers of wisdom – and it still holds today. That which you refuse to look at in yourself and your culture will in the end destroy you. Very simple plot scenario still playing out in history. In individuals or societies the dark side not recognized and properly dealt with spells failure and premature death.

    How is it that people on the verge of self-destruction cannot see this simple truth? The dark side thrives by lies, illusions, and concealment. Misdirection is it’s essence, just like stage magic. If you don’t observe it carefully it can make you believe the most patent nonsense – and that is where we are in today’s world. So mesmerized, the obvious becomes invisible, lies become truth. Murder become heroism…. As much as Orwell, Fromm, Huxley, Jung and numerous Cassandras have tried to waken we sleepers, we have hardly stirred, not even slightly opened one eye. It is very discouraging, and hence it takes unusual people to continue in the face of being ignored or ridiculed, or worse.

    So the truth is that we need better ways to awaken these sleepers. We need a crash program of some of our best minds to find such ways that have a chance to work in the short time we have left to us. When you consider the massive resources in talent and funding that have been expended on for example the advertising world, which is basically this same program to persuade people and change their minds in ways desirable to those funding this enormous machinery – how can we match that effort more efficiently with less resources using more creative minds and talents? Amazingly, I would ask you to consider what might be done with almost no money.

    PS – I’ve decide to just post my stuff here so the electronic ears don’t have to run far to find me; and hiding a purloined letter is just a waste of time these days. I just pity the poor bastards at the Ministry of Truth….

  • mike k.

    “If God can’t find me here, He’ll just have to keep looking! Cause I ain’t movin’ no mo.”….

    Like Johnny Depp professed in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, “I love Trouble —- as it drifts by outside my window”. God may not find you, but I will, and we’ll celebrate His passing by…….

  • It’s a pleasure Mark… You have already ‘dared’… and maybe this time around it can be a reward for all of us…