Edge of Extinction: A Three-Century Drop Day

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    German scientists have confirmed that an Electromagnetic Propulsion Engine, claimed by some to be ‘impossible’, actually works.

    The EM Drive breaks the conservation of momentum law of physics, which is why it was originally widely ridiculed by the scientific community. However after repeated testing, it appears that the engine is actually producing thrust. Claims earlier in the year that it was creating a warp field have now been refuted.

    NASA’s New Horizons Reveals Flowing Ices on Pluto – IGN News
    It is propelled forward by microwaves bouncing around inside a closed chamber. It will supposedly be able to get us to Mars in just 70 days, without using expensive rocket fuel.

    Martin Tajmar, the German scientist who has been independently testing the EM Drive, has a history of debunking experimental propulsion systems. So far, the drive appears to work, even in a vacuum. More testing is required to examine exactly how it works, and whether it is viable for use.

    If it does end up being used, it could spark new space exploration missions to Pluto, where New Horizons recently found flowing ice.
    Matt Porter is a freelance writer based in London. Make sure to visit what he thinks is the best website in the world, but is actually just his Twitter page..
    To be spiritually reborn, the Oxford Group advocated four practices set out below:[11]:9
    1. The sharing of our sins and temptations with another Christian.
    2. Surrender our life past, present and future, into God’s keeping and direction.
    3. Restitution to all whom we have wronged directly or indirectly.
    4. Listening for God’s guidance, and carrying it out.

  • So, the big question confronting us right now is;

    What is the probability of more massive 300K km^2 Arctic ice melts in one day before mid September?

    Better than 50 per cent?

    Especially with a giant oceanic heat ejaculation from El Nino.

    This simple empirical question will be answered in 50 days or less.

    Should the Arctic sea ice melt completely or almost completely by mid September, will Jim Hansen change his models & time frame prognostications about SLR?

    Will Gavin Schmidt change his models?

    Will Paul Beckwith find a yellow submarine?

  • I too have concerns that the media is being “economical with the truth” with regards to arctic ice melting. This page is from my usually beloved BBC

    This goes against my other souurce of sea ice data


    What do you think guys?


  • A local lawyer here at home says that…there are no bad questions!…therefore I ask this in all seriousness …would the planets axis be disrupted by all of this movement of now ice free water?

  • What caught my ear with Paul Beckwith’s new videos was when he say’s Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are melting exponentially – with melt rate doubling now approaching 5 years !!

    And, I believe Paul Beckwith deserves our utmost respect, as he truly seems to be struggling with the data he has been seeing and seems open to the dire implications. Plus he remains on the front lines shouting from the rooftops – abrupt climate change is here now!

  • @ pat: We can’t carry our habitat to Mars. At the bottom – these 4 are all HUMAN based. We’ve sinned mostly against the soil bacteria, atmosphere and plants (especially trees), so even doing those wouldn’t prevent or mitigate climate change and our extinction.

    Gerald: T’ings aren’t lookin’ too good (using my De Niro voice).

    Martin: yeah, I saw that “sea ice volume has increased” but the ice is “young,” broken and choppy, not solid and thick, so it will be easier to melt from both below and above from heat (and by wave action on the surface). It would be great if there was some good news.

    Paul: The planet’s axis (as is the mantle – thus earthquakes) is always adjusting, so it wouldn’t be “sudden” anyway.

    Bob S.: yes, good points. Sea level rise is sneaking up on us.

  • It takes a lot to shock us these days, those of us who’ve been here amongst Guy’s Merry Band for a few years. This one’s a shocker.

    I never really thought this through before, but it’s the amount of open water, times the amount of time without ice, that determines the feedback loop, right? The September disappearance, when it occurs, will be a signal event, recognizable perhaps only to us, but it re-freezes, mostly, right? And each span of now-open water counts, already, mostly equally to any other? So it’s already happening, with the rapidity each bit of sunshine causes.

    But it’s just harder to have snowfall add to the ice when it has only water to fall onto. So there’s some rate of loss around the edges, and on top in the melt ponds, semi-exponential if you will, and so next year’s melt has a head start.

    I don’t put ice in my drinks, but Guy’s examples at lectures with the glass of ice melting, and then all the caloric gain going into temperature rise, sticks in my mind. Wonder what the arc of acceleration will be overall?

    Next big shocker? Candidates, anyone? I’m thinking temperature gain when El Nino bleeds into the atmosphere. All those liars and their 1998 temperature records, claiming temps have “stabilized”. Oh, they’ll shut up, all right, and run for their bunkers. The ones that don’t still need a paycheck for continuing to lie on Propa-vision.

    But I could be wrong. It’s in the nature of shockers to. Shock.

    I know people always draw the analogy of getting out of Europe in the 1930s, before borders closed.

    For some reason, my parallels have in recent years been drawn to China, and the immense flows of refuges that have happened there over the centuries. Maybe it’s from high school reading of Pearl Buck’s “The Good Earth”, about times of famine?

    Or remembering scenes from “The Joy Luck Club”, where the mother had to abandon her twin babies by the side of the road?

    Or even more recently, reading Iris Chang, and watching films about the Japanese assault on Nanking, and wondering why people didn’t escape while they could. Normalcy bias?

  • Martin,

    Please give up your love for the BBC.
    Tom knows a thing or two, listen to him and look at his links, as well as the others here (e.g. Robert Callaghan’s on the last thread).

    Only use the MSM for comparison and never forget what is being peddled there.

    And most importantly, keep looking for yourself to build your confidence and awareness, so you can trust yourself.

  • Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog Show yesterday hosted Dane Wigington from GeoEngineering Watch talking about damaged to the environment caused by nano-particle aerosols from the skies. Dane covers a range of issues, and is transitioning from hopium to possible 6th ME.

  • The worst feedback loop, by far, was/is elite greedy humans and will NEVER stop. Begun by whites and now continued by all dictators of people of all races. It’s an unending, inexhaustible opiate, as long as we exist. Period!

    What is the use of continuing education, except for grief counseling for those that discover the facts on their own, and even that is something I’m not sure does a thing except for a minuscule audience? Sorry Guy, I give.

    (This exchange from my daughter and myself, yesterday.)

    Me: “The last time we talked you said not to send anything or remind you. I am through with that, I hope, but do not discount recidivism.



    My daughter:

    “Yea really don’t bc it is starting to upset me! I fear of starting to have panic attacks-seriously!! I’m fine until you bring it up again. So please, I’m begging you-I really don’t want to talk about that ever! Sorry.”

    “I’M BEGGING YOU!” keeps ringing in my ears people!

  • Forgot to add a quotation:

    “James Baldwin: “People are not terribly anxious to be equal (equal, after all, to what and to whom?) but they love the idea of being superior.”

  • Seems to me the Aztecs had their kings, priests, elites, wars, slaves and human sacrifices long before Whitey showed up. China has a blood soaked, white free history as well. The list is long and we are just the most recent in a long line. Sorry to fuck up your narrative, but were a flawed, maladaptive species. A Megacancer.


  • On Friday, August 14th, 2015 a gathering has been scheduled at the David Marr Auditorium In Redding, California (seating for over 1000) to present indisputable evidence to the public on the ongoing covert catastrophic climate engineering/geoengineering programs. This is a FREE public education event, there is no admission fee. Numerous experts including former government biologists and defense industry personnel will present data to conclusively prove that the ongoing climate engineering programs are:

    Contributing to global ecosystem and species die-off
    Completely disrupting the hydrological cycle (rain cycle) all over the planet
    Destroying the ozone layer which is causing off the chart levels of UV radiation
    Contaminating our air, soils, and waters with highly toxic heavy metals
    Causing extreme and unquantifiable environmental and human health impacts
    Are being carried out illegally under the guise of “national security”

    Also the excellent article about climate scientists (When the end of the world is your day job) on Desdemona Despair is continued by clicking on the full link to full article. Most of them want to fight to the very end rather than let Koch & Nuclear industry convince us they are too big to fight. Maybe a bunch of starving radical kids from Albania will target the train loads of nuclear waste sitting in Nevada while we debate the Yucca mountain site and go to glittering NRC champagne parties at the Cincinnati society on Mass Ave D.C.

  • The “this is so rare” syndrome is a factor of our extreme temporariness mixed with a sometimes hysterical amygdala.

    That is, some surprises are anathema to our subconscious system of cognition (Global Warming / Climate Change Will Generate Dangerous Religion).

    In support of that notion, notice what was said when scientists discovered a similar event:

    Coastal sea levels along continental margins often show significant year-to-year upward and downward fluctuations. These fluctuations are superimposed on a longer term upward trend associated with the rise in global mean sea level, with global mean sea level rising at roughly 3 mm per year during the recent 20 years of accurate satellite measures. For society, it is the regional changes along any particular coastal zone that are most important. Our analysis of multi-decadal tide gauge records along the North American east coast identified an extreme sea-level rise event during 2009–2010. Within this relatively brief two-year period, coastal sea level north of New York City jumped by up to 128 mm [5.05 inches]. This magnitude of inter-annual sea level rise is unprecedented in the tide gauge records, with statistical methods suggesting that it was a 1-in-850 year event.

    (Will This Float Your Boat – 5). A surge in sea level rise of almost half a foot in only two years.

    Did you notice the predictable “statistical methods suggesting that it was a 1-in-850 year event.”

    IOW, an excited response engendered by extreme surprise: “this is so damn shocking we won’t have to experience it again for 850 years! … yeah, that’s the ticket.”

    Hopium on steroids.

    Denial generates the greatest surprises.

    Acceptance brings it down to “a dull roar.”

  • Mark Austin Says:
    July 28th, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    On Friday, August 14th, 2015 a gathering has been scheduled … to present indisputable evidence to the public on the ongoing covert catastrophic climate engineering/geoengineering programs …
    Unless that is a discussion about fossil fuel induced global warming, it sounds like another lame Oil-Qaeda diversion.

    Being fat, rich, murderous, opulent life style lusters, they like to draw attention away from themselves as the destroyers of humankind, or at least destroyers of current civilization (In the Fog of The Presstitutes – 4).

    Just sayin’ …

  • @Shep – Your daughter sounds like an intelligent, bright and passionate young woman. All you can do is love her and assure her that you will answer her questions…in her time. Meanwhile, remind her to do at least one selfless kindness for someone, every day, just for the joy of doing so.

  • somebody is rearranging the deck chairs
    come join the band

  • Habitat loss is the most important cause of species endangerment on Earth, and yes for humans. Especially for species that live in fresh waters, the habitat that has been most extensively degraded. Obviously, when habitats are destroyed or made uninhabitable the organisms living there are lost. Human have caused extinction for thousands of years primarily by overhunting. But habitat loss affects even those remaining habitat that are not destroyed. As habitats are progressively lost to human activities, the remaining habitat patches become smaller and more isolated. In other words, the habitat becomes increasingly fragmented!
    Small habitat patches are qualitatively different from larger patches of the same habitat in ways that effect the survival of species. Small patches cannot maintain populations of species that require large areas, and they can support only small populations of many of the species that can survive in small patches. In edition, the fraction of a patch that is influenced by factors originating outside it increases rapidly as patch size decreases. We lost our connection with nature with money.
    Close to the edges of forest patches, for example, winds are stronger, temps. are higher, humidity is lower, and light levels are higher then they are farther inside the forest. Species from surrounding habitats often colonize the edges of patches to compete with or pray on the species living there. The effects of such factors are known as edge effects, All that is left is fragmented patches and now we get the edge effects, we are now the threatened species, yet we can still Love

  • Henry

    ‘Next big shocker? Candidates, anyone?’

    A surge in suicide rates, especially in regions where climate chaos is starting to hit hard and in regions where the economy is no longer performing ‘as required’.


    Interestingly (or sadly), the shit is only just starting to hit the fan in NZ; the effect of low commodity prices and lay-offs is only now starting, and must be expected to gather pace over the coming months.

    Likewise for many other places, I’m sure.

  • “Phil Morrison” pops in to NBL & delivers the crypto news about evil chemtrails causing the pestilence, sin, heat, debt culture, preversion, & politcal corruption.

    “Mark Austin” audaciously announces the big chemtrails seance in the swinging town of Redding, CA.

    By August red-neck Redding might be smoking embers.

    Dane Wigington is a complete chemtrails crank with aluminum in his brain & up his ass.

    Bring your ouija boards, new agers – it will be real gaseous.

    “Why I think I see Jesus up there in the chemtrails?”

    You yuppie peeyar scumbags are a dead giveaway, & I smelled it from the start.

    Sent to you by the yuppie suits at the Breakthrough Institute?

    The ‘ol “keep em barking up the wrong tree” scam.

    We are at the doorstep to NTE, & you yuppie pricks pull this foul shit on innocent pilgrims!

    The plain truth is stupid enough.

    Dredd caught it right off.


  • Saw a billboard today driving home from work that said that 96 elephants are killed every DAY on the African continent. I knew poaching was/is an ongoing problem.. but I had no idea that we’re decimating them in such numbers. We deserve what we get when the proverbial SHTF!

  • You know it’s all starting to get to you when you pour the first drink at ten thirty in the morning.

    you know you’re on shakey ground when you enjoy the change in perception so much you pour a second!

    I stopped at two, I have the gene, so I know to be careful, but I expect there to be more days like that and very soon.

    Despite my strongly alternative lifestyle and aversion to driving these days, I just drove the furthest in the shortest time, in my life, to attend a funeral. 1250km in two days to pay my respects to a woman who’s meals I have eaten too often not to be there.
    The wife of the man for whom I have worked part time off and on these past fifteen years. these people worked all their lives to own one of the best farms around. They just sold up for multi millions and retired to a million dollar home by the ocean, only for the wife to get cancer and die a year latter. Hugely ironic in the Alanis Morissette sense of the word, and strangely mirroring our present situation.

    To Kate Williamson…it was a real treat to read a comment from another “mainlander”. I was thinking of laying claim to being the most southern member of our little tribe/club, but now you trump me!

    How did you find us? I came by way of the Kim Hill interview some years ago. Your art is intriguing, though I have not yet seen it on a medium to do it justice. I did take a look at your YouTube, your energy and enthusiasm is a delight.
    In eight years of writing letters to the herald re climate change, the only positive feedback I’ve had was when I criticized the local art scene for ignoring our dire situation; so I am doubly grateful for your presence.
    I am at Peel Forest, home of Ben Woollcombe and the late Austin Deans, both masters of old school watercolour landscapes.

  • Dredd – very good point. Seems every issue is a distraction from another. Then again Oil-Queda is in every thing. Even in ice cream!!! China & Russia military get their weapons from same Raython, Epigenitics & Intel contractors selling to all at exhibits that have become rather open to attend with a low security clearance pass.

    How about this future from DARPA pretending climate change is a minor obstacle to endless Oil-Queda manufacturing plans: Advanced drugs, gene therapy, physical modifications, etc. could change the physical properties of a person. Likewise with cyborg parts and androids. Cognitive enhancements will totally change the psychological aspect of design. User centered interaction design depends on known cognitive relationships which are no longer necessarily true when the user is non-human….We are only here to develop & place the future of A.I. on Mars. WTF a highly radioactive Earth sure does not matter to people who like to slaughter dolphins for sport.

  • @ Etyerepetyere: re; new $20 bill
    Governments are currently trying to bring about the corporate dream of 6 LNG plants on the BC coast and associated fracking and pipeline royalties. Big push on to get those treaties signed.

    @Martin: Sea ice data:
    My go to source is Viddaloo, right here on the NBL Forum. I meant to thank him for his efforts in collating and presenting this data for us, maybe the most important and relevant information there is these days ( apart from Guy’s big essay and feedback loop tally of course ), not to be found anywhere in the MSM.

    Surprisingly, our CBC television news presented a special about 10 or more years ago about the melting of the Arctic ice. The commentator was their top news anchor, Peter Mansbridge, reporting from an icebreaker. They said at that time that the ice was disappearing, but I forget the timeline they gave for it. They didn’t downplay the issue. Mansbridge tried to give some impression of how serious it was. Not sure what has come out from them recently, I stopped watching TV news.

    @Apneaman: Aztecs
    Well, they didn’t invent Industrial Civ. How far would their elites have gone to maintain control? Nuclear bombs?, who knows.

    Agree, it sounds like the priests were pretty bloodthirsty. I guess you’d try really hard not to be one of the captured slaves.

    They were feeding maybe 1 million people in the area of Mexico City. Some very ingenious farming methods, aquaculture, etc., were employed there from the little that I know.

    Did you know that the Canadian government’s method of dealing with the “Indian problem” was copied by South Africa when they established apartheid? Canadian society has always been racist, but they kept it hidden, along with the child molesting.

    It’s a good topic for discussion.


    The general rule is as follows:

    Examine the following chart:

    ——– ———–
    cows cockroaches
    bunnies flies
    dolphins in tuna nets tuna in tuna nets
    whales sharks
    red squirrels gray squirrels
    owls loggers
    harbor seals barnacles

  • Any fee paying animal with a paid lawyerfish has valuable legal rights.

    Only an impeccably suited bar member lawyerfish can deliver the legal rights game because it’s an elitist monopoly.

    Wigington has some lawyerfish on his side, too.

  • regarding the significance an arctic without any ice, obviously it’s not a good thing. Many animals have adapted to it and face extinction without it. Ice cover also reflects light whereas open sea absorbs light. But what specifically</i?, in terms of immediate, near term catastrophic effects will an iceless arctic produce? Will there be an immediate uptick in massive storms? Will there be a gigantic release of methane as the sea floor warms up with direct sunlight? Could we have an iceless Artic this year? What are the worst case scenarios? Will this produce a collective "oh shit" moment for civilization?

  • Hi 44 south, wow I am so pleased for my work to get noticed by a like minded person. I had an exhibition recently in Dunedin about global warming, named ‘Let The Earth Bear Witness’ Yeats. Not only was the blurb (about my work regarding climate change) left off the wall it was totally ignored by the Otago Daily Times art reviewer which covers every other exhibition that gallery has had. We have in NZ artist Dick Frizzel and his son fighting over who’s national flag design will be picked by our idiot leader( ponytail pulling) John Key. Also Graham Sydney (another artist) saying we need to change the national anthem more than the flag! While poor New Zealand is being dumped on by geedy boom (now bust) riding industrial scale dairy farming. Now many many poor cows will be off to the slaughterhouse, it is so gross. I am embarrassed of the art scene in NZ and as you mentioned the lack of activism, fighting over a flag design and the anthem to sing at rugby games, is ridiculous. It is sad to watch. To answer your question where did I find this site, I must have followed a link but it was a while ago now I can’t really remember where the link was posted originally. Anyway I am doing everything I can even if I am ignored mostly, so it is awesome that people here have noticed my efforts thanks again.

  • I once met a like minded person……………I ran like hell.

  • Phil- thanks for posting the Dane Wigington video.
    To me, ‘chem-trails’ never made sense as a means of dispersing bio agents- inefficient and ineffective… but this changes everything… it’s like one more piece of the puzzle falling into place.

    44 South- Retox is looking more and more attractive to me too these days.
    Plus, those of us with sensitive vascular systems are suffering more severe migraines in this age of super-storms.


  • There is no evidence to support the idea of chemtrails. Please see the following links.



  • The property we bought this past spring has a small brook. Previous owner said it is year-round; he has never seen it dry.

    A few weeks ago, there were a coupla-three inches of water.

    Today, it’s dry.


    ogardener thinks I am crazy, but I can see the poor condition of the forest. It’s not solely a matter of temperature.. the hydrological cycle is obviously not working like it did when the air and soil and plants were more healthy/healthful.

    It’s been warm recently (not terribly so, and night-time temps still dip into the 50s) but there’s also been plenty of rain (particulates from the wildfires?).

    I guess past owner could have been fibbing, but I’m still bummed out today, about that, and about Cecil. :-(

  • I can see the poor condition of the forest. It’s not solely a matter of temperature.. the hydrological cycle is obviously not working like it did when the air and soil and plants were more healthy/healthful.

    It’s been warm recently (not terribly so, and night-time temps still dip into the 50s) but there’s also been plenty of rain (particulates from the wildfires?). Love Lidia – not missing the simple truth of backyard insights. A witness to the change in the Vermont Maple trees as I imagine from my old memory of Vermont landscape.

    Must copy and repeat once for NBL record – witness the passing summer 2015. (No internet and areas of terrible violence in the most likely future. We are lucky to share any thoughts or communication here. Except for memory of this time period all of this actual sharing experience will start failing. I guess some will miss this easy IC internet time. The Day After the actual SHTF> this way of living will be over. I can feel JEAN TURCOT writting: HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Double-checking: According to Weather Underground, Avg. July rainfall in Central VT = between 4 & 5 inches.

    This month so far = 3.5″, so obviously my perception of us having had “plenty” of rain was off. Apologies!

  • Dredd Says:
    July 28th, 2015 at 1:38 pm
    “Mark Austin Says:
    July 28th, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    On Friday, August 14th, 2015 a gathering has been scheduled … to present indisputable evidence to the public on the ongoing covert catastrophic climate engineering/geoengineering programs …
    Unless that is a discussion about fossil fuel induced global warming, it sounds like another lame Oil-Qaeda diversion.

    Being fat, rich, murderous, opulent life style lusters, they like to draw attention away from themselves as the destroyers of humankind, or at least destroyers of current civilization (In the Fog of The Presstitutes – 4).

    Just sayin’ …”

    Right on!! And just how sleazy is it that Mark Austin then tries to make it seem as if he agrees with you as well. He agrees with everybody. everything.:-)

    Gerald Spezio Says:
    July 28th, 2015 at 3:20 pm
    ““Phil Morrison” pops in to NBL & delivers the crypto news about evil chemtrails causing the pestilence, sin, heat, debt culture, preversion, & politcal corruption.

    “Mark Austin” audaciously announces the big chemtrails seance in the swinging town of Redding, CA.

    By August red-neck Redding might be smoking embers.

    Dane Wigington is a complete chemtrails crank with aluminum in his brain & up his ass.

    Bring your ouija boards, new agers – it will be real gaseous.

    “Why I think I see Jesus up there in the chemtrails?”

    You yuppie peeyar scumbags are a dead giveaway, & I smelled it from the start.

    Sent to you by the yuppie suits at the Breakthrough Institute?

    The ‘ol “keep em barking up the wrong tree” scam.

    We are at the doorstep to NTE, & you yuppie pricks pull this foul shit on innocent pilgrims!

    The plain truth is stupid enough.

    Dredd caught it right off.

    URL ”

    You also nailed it. “Phil Morrison” all of a sudden starts posting about HAARP, Mark Austin chimes in, supporting him, they both then try to pretend that they really agree with everyone here. Disinformation at work, pure and simple. I smell Alex Jones’s hands.

    And good call, Guy, re the chemtrails.

  • Correction: 4″-5″ averages were taken from http://www.currentresults.com/Weather/Vermont/precipitation-july.php
    …while current readings of 3.5″ are from WU.

    Mark, from my layperson perspective, hardwoods are resisting here at the moment. It’s the conifers which seem to be suffering the most.. they of the colder, boreal climes. However, it’s also an open question as to the degree of acidity any of these can resist, like guyo smith talked about. Conifers enjoy and themselves perpetuate somewhat-acidic soil regimes, but they are still suffering greatly here. I remember hearing permaculturist Geoff Lawton saying in some video or other that one of the lowest soil pH readings he’d seen was in Vermont.. 2.something, due to the acid rain from the midwest.

    It’s something I would really like to investigate more, not sure to what end.

    Sorry, it’s late… By my time, it’s way past midnight, so do let this post count toward Wednesday. Good night, all.

  • @ Mark

    After the Elite invaded Russia and installed the communist regime, darkness fell.

    In the morning, the intelligentsia, bourgeois, and Christians were missing: tens of millions of them.

    Doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it.

  • @ apneaman

    The Aztecs are not who we’re dealing with now. And if the privileged ones we’re dealing with now only keep pointing to others–“he started it!”–they will make sure to evade scrutiny or any need for responsibility (whatever that means). They will be a continuing force of reaction.

  • I have previously commented on the Guardian going down the drain.

    Here is an explanation:


    The Guardian has become a liberal frosted version of The Daily Mail. You think not? Read on…

    Like the BBC – The Guardian is not independent, the old Scott Trust was wound up in 2008 and replaced by a limited company of which venture capital firm Apax Partners is the sole shareholder.

    Apax Partners appoints a board to run the show – the composition of which might startle those who still regard The Guardian as a left leaning newspaper.

    Neil Berkitt – a former banker (Lloyds, St George Bank) who then helped vulture capitalist Richard Branson with Virgin Media.

    David Pemsel – Former head of marketing at ITV.

    Nick Backhouse – On the board of the bank of Queensland, formerly with Barings Bank.

    Ronan Dunne – On the Telefónica Europe plc board, Chairman of Tesco Mobile. He has also worked at Banque Nationale de Paris plc.

    Judy Gibbons – Judy is currently a non-executive director of retail property kings Hammerson, previously with O2, Microsoft, Accel Partners (venture capital), Apple and Hewlett Packard.

    Jennifer Duvalier – Previously in management consultancy and banking.

    Brent Hoberman – Old Etonian with fingers in various venture capital pies including car rental firm EasyCar.

    Nigel Morris – chairman of network digital marketing giants Aegis Media.

    John Paton – CEO of Digital First Media – a very large media conglomerate which was sued successfully in the U.S. for rigging advertising rates.

    Katherine Viner – Startlingly not a banker, in marketing or venture capital. She is I gather (gulp) a journalist.

    Darren Singer – formerly with BSkyB, the BBC and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

    the only remaining guy is the secretary Philip Tranter – but don’t worry, he is a proper sort from some posh law firms in London.

  • kevin moore Says:
    July 28th, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    ‘Next big shocker? Candidates, anyone?’

    “The pillars of contemporary sucess – among them, high degrees of specialization , complexity, and manifold interconnectivity – could very well be humanitys achillies heel. Specialization works well under certain tightly controlled parameters, but it could be useless under changed circumstances.
    Complexity and interconnections multiply the strengths and advantages of a viable system but they also make it vlnerable to a rapid cascade of destabalizing impacts. Such a highly productive system is low on resliance because it focus’s on constantly reducing any slack or redundancy. the exact feature that allows resiliance to materialise.
    Buzz Holling, A Canadian ecologist said “The longer a system is locked into unsustainable growth the greater its vulnerability and the bigger and more dramatic its collapse will be”

    Basically, from my understanding, we have built a massive house of cards, and worse than that, its an upside down one which we are constantly kicking thhe pillars away from.

    We do not know what precise event will trigger the collapse, but were playing a game of global kerplunk, pulling out the sticks one by one. At some point all the marbles will fall.


  • kevin moore Says:
    July 29th, 2015 at 12:39 am

    I have previously commented on the Guardian going down the drain.

    The Guardian has two sections that all news media should have:

    The Biggest Story In The World

    Keep It In The Ground

  • Tuesday, July 28, 2015
    Storms Over Arctic Ocean



    There is a growing chance that the sea ice will collapse over the next few weeks, due to heavy melting and storms speeding up the flow of sea ice out of the Arctic Ocean into the Atlantic Ocean.

    The above situation alone is not likely to trigger sea ice collapse. It is more likely to be short-lived. However, there is a growing possibility for such storms to emerge and drive the melting sea ice out of the Arctic Ocean into the Atlantic Ocean.

    As the situation in the Arctic further deteriorates, feedbacks can be expected to kick in with growing strength.

    One of these feedbacks is the growing amount of heat (due to both latent heat and albedo changes) that will have to be absorbed by the Arctic Ocean as the sea ice disappears, and that will accelerate warming of the water of the Arctic Ocean.

    Another feedback is a changing jet stream, as illustrated in above animation. This, in combination with the presence of more open water, can be expected to cause increasingly intense storms over the Arctic to emerge. Such storms can bring additional heat from elsewhere into the Arctic Ocean and can additionally cause mixing down of heat to the seafloor, especially in the many places where the Arctic Ocean is very shallow. This can in turn cause destabilization of hydrates resulting in huge amounts of methane to be abruptly released from the seafloor.

    Methane itself is yet another feedback that will accelerate warming in the Arctic, in turn threatening to trigger further methane releases in a spiral of self-reinforcing positive feedback loops.

  • The Guardian has gone full frontal Naomi Klein style after firing Nafeez Ahmed for not being Jewish enough, shortly after Ahmed warned of the impending peak mineral situation that will be in full swing right after all the world’s current solar panels and wind turbines stop working at the end of their 25 life-cycles.

    Collapse is the confluence of many different, separate crises that merge together to overwhelm societies. Fossil energy depletion will hinder green energy development, soil depletion will aggravate deforestation, etc. etc. I don’t understand the pet peeve laser focus people have for their favorite scenarios. It’s not like sea ice depletion will get us, it’s more like everything will come together to get us.

    In 2007, the IPCC told us emissions must peak by 2015 to stay within 2 °C of warming.

    In 2014, the IPCC told us emissions must peak by 2030 to stay within 2 °C of warming.

    The IPCC says we can make this change because of what they call “negative-emissions bio-energy”. meaning we will get energy by consuming plant matter so it pulls more CO2 out of the air than it emits; for which, by the way, no such technology exists, and the kicker is, they say, that we will need 1.5 billion acres of NEW farmland to do it. That much farmland is about the size of India, which is equal to nearly 50% of all the arable land on earth.

    The acronym for this fantasy is BECCS (Bio-Energy Carbon Capture & Storage). The real acronym is BS (Bull Shit). Where do you think we’ll find all this new farmland? The rainforests. World hunger will guarantee it. Why? Read on.

    In 60 years, human agriculture will ground to a stop because of soil loss and degradation. 20% of China’s soil and 50% of its groundwater is already unsafe. We are right now already slashing and burning Brazil’s rainforests just to feed China’s pigs. China’s pigs already eat 50% of the soy grown in South America. The Chinese are buying up farmland all over the earth.

    Because we add 1 MILLION PEOPLE TO EARTH EVERY 5 DAYS who would very much like to eat over the next 50 years, we will have to grow more food over the next 50 years than we grew in all of the last 10,000 years, combined. This is called math, get used to it, it will rule your life. We already converted nearly half the earth’s surface into cities and farmland. Do you seriously believe 9 billion people will stop eating meat and wasting food?

    To feed nine billion people all at once for all their lives means we will need 12 million acres of brand new farmland EVERY year for 30 years. Instead, we are losing 24 million acres of farmland EVERY year. We are losing soil at twice the rate we need to grow it just to be able to eat, never mind the additional requirements of BECCS.

    We will soon run out of easy access to 2 critical fertilizers which are irreplaceable, cannot be manufactured by humans and for which there are no substitutes.

    In 10 years 4 billion people will be without enough water.

    In 10 years 2 billion people will be severely short of water.

    Ground water depletion has gone critical in major agricultural centers worldwide.

    The world’s rivers and lakes are drying up.

    Drought is spreading across the earth. Try growing food for 9 billion people without water and soil. We kill elephants and orangutans before slashing and burning Indonesia’s remaining rainforests just to grow palm oil that is burned in Northern Europe’s German cars. We call this the Green Economy on account of how green people are behind the ears when it comes to their e-CON-omy.

    All IPCC projections totally ignore accelerated methane emissions.

    In 25 years we will pass peak energy and minerals.

    This will happen when all our new solar panels and wind mills stop working and become expensive junk we can’t afford to replace or recycle in times of shortages in water, food, energy, minerals and civility. Recycling their component alloys costs more and uses more energy than mining for them does. Green Jobs without the pension.

    Over the next 50 years energy demand will double (at the same time we have to reduce emissions at least 50%) because over 2 billion rural refugees will move to cities, and 75% of the infrastructure they require does not even exist yet. Already, China has poured more concrete in the last few years than the U.S.A. has in all of the last 100 years. Concrete production is a super-emitter of carbon into the air.

    Yet, it also takes 10 times the amount of rated renewable energy to close one equally rated fossil fuel plant simply because renewable energy is intermittent and fossil energy is not. It will be a physical impossibility to meet all future demand with 100% renewable energy and reduce emissions all at the same time. Half the renewable power in Europe comes from burning imported wood from all over the world.

    M.I.T. predicts world economic collapse in 15 years.

    Lloyd’s of London predicts the end of civilization in 25 years.

    My BeezelyBillyBub persona at Reddit is no longer aloud to make submissions at r/Collapse, for reasons I don’t care to know.


  • What really bugs me is the ignorance of the elites – aren’t they also a part of this planet? I’m sure that them knew of numerous apocalyptic predictions for a few decades now. So why didn’t they react accordingly.

    Only possible, realistic explanation is that they just knowingly wait for all the hell to brake loose and thus efficiently completing the idea of depopulation of the planet. Maybe the initial idea was to complete the task via nuclear holocaust but it was abandoned because no one wanted to spend years and years in underground bunkers? Also the release of dangerous fast spreading deadly microbes was also found to be too dangerous for them?

    So, the abrupt climate change and loss of habitat is the way to go… Presuming that the Elites are not very much into suicide – it all leads me to the conclusion that there is a well developed plan on how to ensure comfortable and cozy survival for maybe 5-10 million people in the 4+ or even 10+ warmer world.

    Where would they settle – I guess someplace least affected by the climate change or a place which climate change would actually make more comfortable for humans? Having in mind all the above said – I’m more than convinced that such areas exist.

    With the current technology, and even more so by further development of it over the next decade or two – it will be possible to secure all the needed resources for such an amount of people to live in abundance without much effort using primarily robotics and automation – in farming, mining, transportation, construction, machinery production even medicine…

    It seems to me that this is a solution the Elites have in mind.
    And I’m sure the preparations are already well under way… somewhere, completely hidden from the public eye. Possibly at some remote boreal or mountainous area (or several of them)? Alaska, Quebec, Kamchatka, Chersky Range, Northern Urals, Scandinavia, Iceland, Tibet, Tierra del Fuego…?

    How does this scenario seem to you? Could it be true?
    And if it’s true – why shouldn’t we, the ordinary people – organizme and prepare to quickly establish our own bigger or smaller self-sustainable communities wherever we find appropriate for the SHTF event?
    I own a property in the mountains (and so does millions of people all around the world) – maybe it could become a viable solution…

  • I’ve previously commented, gently, about chemtrails. For foundation purposes, I am a fourth-generation aviation patriot. My great uncle was Paul Foster. He flew, in WWI, with Eddie Rickenbacker. After the war, they went on to work for Lockheed, (with SR71 architect Kelly Johnson), and then Eastern Airlines. They would later reunite with William Plummer, at Homestead Air Force Base in Miami. All three, still active in the armed forces, routinely flew between Miami, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. (These locations figure prominently.)

    Eddie Rickenbacker with Eastern Air Lines pilot Paul Foster

    There is no evidence of chemtrails. If chemtrails exist, they are not visible. For such an alleged process to be effective, it would have to be delivered at least 80,000’ (about 15 miles) up in the atmosphere. And, such an effort could not be accomplished by an MD-80 or a Boeing 737.

    We have plenty of evidence of contrails, going back to the beginning of powered flight. They have proliferated, in the Gulf of Mexico, for over 60 years. (Miami, Homestead, Lackland) Since 1957, super-cooled vaporized water has been dispersed in attempts, all but failed, to minimize hurricane activity. These contrails are highly visible to the naked eye from the ground. THEY ARE NOT CHEMTRAILS.

    Once again, it’s like ‘Butch & Sundance’. They’re worried about drowning, if they jump off the cliff into the river, when it’s the fall that’s gonna kill ‘em” [us].

    @Guy – P.S., it was June 17th & 18th when the Arctic had a 3-Century drop.

  • Callaghan has dared to mention the Israeli evil & control over essentially all mass media.

    Here is the whole story about how supreme journalist, Nafeez Ahmed, was canned by the “progressive” Guardian for “not being Jewish enough.”

    Ahmed had the journalistic temerity to tell the simple truth about the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza.

    With some photos of Gaza’s ghastly devastation by the murdering & cultured Israelis, including photos of smiling Zionist butcher Netanyahu & his smiling minister of death.


  • Crackpot chemtrials hoaxer, Dane Wigington, shows how crazy it can get in the video above.

    Wigington openly says with a straight face that massive jet engines burning jet fuel by the ton are “incapable of producing condensation trails.”

    “And we have evidential photos of the planes spraying & the spray nozzles goo.”

    And many people find this outright nutcase credible & reasonable?

    If wigged-out-Wigington had claimed that humans could live for months w/o breathing oxygen or producing CO2 & water vapor, would a high schooler believe him?

    Even if he produced a photo of a pilgrim holding her breath?

    Who are twisted merchants of outright stupidity, Phil Morrison & Mark Austin, working for?

    Tom, I was both surprised & gratified that Scribbler published your here-comes-heat-death excerpt from Arctic News.

  • Jimbot .. Tell me about it i live in Squamish BC

  • Guy-
    My point was that after seeing the dramatic temperature spikes in the days after 9-11 when air traffic was suspended and the global dimming effect of the particulate pollution subsided, that TPTB could see that if the global dimming effect was not only resumed as before, but ramped up, that the Game could continue awhile longer.

    It’s not about condensation points, or whether the trails are visible. It’s about particulate pollution blocking solar energy. I’m in no position to prove anything, I have no knowledge of what substances could be added to the fuel, I’m just saying that it makes sense that they would do that because it’s an easy, although temporary solution.


  • @ Snowstormguy

    Dude … ! You speak of as if there would be some “elites” Who would be aware of the situation the planet is in .. some might have some faint idea certain segment of it but one elite wont cant make no difference also elites are divided among themselves they fight and compete with each other they are so mired in their own ventures and agendas that they have absolutely no idea in my opinion whats going on. That is reserved to people like like guy and me and woodworm and a few . What you are talking is childish conspiratorial theory offshoot This thing is a “runaway freight train on a dark stormy night ” and nobody is in control ”

  • the evil puppets are raining down some kind of shit down on our heads…or putting it in our water…or just plain killing us with boredom. deny that!!!

  • yes, it’s out of control…that’s the scary part. our side is not winning. here comes the twister.

  • unless you are gnome chimpsky, you should all shut up and get back to work.

  • @Dredd + all

    Sled dog bunny takes a respite.

    @Lidia writes:

    “ogardener thinks I am crazy, but I can see the poor condition of the forest. It’s not solely a matter of temperature.. the hydrological cycle is obviously not working like it did when the air and soil and plants were more healthy/healthful.”

    The Picea like Picea glauca ‘Conica’, Picea pungens ‘Glauca’, Picea abies, to name some were dessicated this winter. This happens when the air temperature warms to around forty deg. F. and above during the winter and the leaves (needles) start transpiration and respiration processes. The dessication occurs because the soil is frozen and thus the plant roots cannot obtain water from the ground to hydrate the leaves/needles. The leaves turn brown and die from lack of water. Add some cold, dry, winter wind and the needles essentially freeze dry. While the plants may recover from this they may not recover if the dessication process continues into the following winter. Dessication was additionally observed with Ilex glabra and Ilex opaca on this property. Abies may have benefited from this cold winter as no damage was observed on Abies concolor, and Pseudotsuga menziesii. Broadleaf evergreens like Rhododendron(sp)and Kalmia latifolia suffered some dessication but have since recovered.
    Of course dessication stresses plants and like humans when humans become stressed they become susceptible to opportunistic diseases and in the case of plants disease and insect attack.
    The forest where I live. Image taken around the end of May. The white flowering tree is Robinia pseudoacacia – Black Locust, around one hundred or so years old. A youngin’. :-)

  • riff raff –

    Trolls come in various flavors. Yours seems to be “annoy them with over-posts and extreme stupidity”.

    I don’t usually bother to respond to idiots, but in your case I will waste my second post of the day (take note) to tell you that being alive right now, at this unique point in Time, is anything but ‘Boring’.
    Our generation was told that we were the ‘the crown of creation’.
    We believed it.
    We tried to ‘make real’ a world that was true to the principles of truth, justice, and equality for all species.
    We came close.
    We failed.
    It is a story line worthy of Dostoevsky.
    It is The Story.
    It is the Last Story we will ever know, and it is, above all, the most interesting story any of us will ever know.

  • I was never told I was the crown of creation…and I never believed it for a second.

  • I’m sorry you wasted a post on me…it’s the pretentious ”crowns of creation”bullshit I have to endure everyday.

  • @Snowstormguy – After the power grid shuts down, about 4,000+ military nukes rain down, and 400+ nuclear power plants melt down, the “Elites” will be just as dead as the rest of us.

  • Phil Morrison Says:
    July 28th, 2015 at 10:37 pm
    “@ Mark

    After the Elite invaded Russia and installed the communist regime, darkness fell.

    In the morning, the intelligentsia, bourgeois, and Christians were missing: tens of millions of them.

    Doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it.”

    Yeah, why don’t we start the day with some historical fiction, leaving out the entire history of the Russian Revolution, the invasion by the western powers intended to restore the Czar, the complete betrayal of everything the original revolution stood for, ….. See Maurice Brinton’s The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control, 1917-21.
    Your historical knowledge is as abysmal as your science understanding.

    Robert Callaghan Says:
    July 29th, 2015 at 4:13 am
    “M.I.T. predicts world economic collapse in 15 years.

    Lloyd’s of London predicts the end of civilization in 25 years.”


  • @Jeff S.

    I suspect that this is the source of the Lloyd’s story:

    Scientific model supported by UK Government Taskforce flags risk of civilisation’s collapse by 2040 by Nafeez Ahmed


    And this the MIT story:

    By Rebecca Boyle Posted April 5, 2012


  • Shep—-I can relate to everything you write above in your post about your daughter (and your other feelings as well)—-I have the same thing going on, can’t write about it now, too busy trying to fight the use of 2 4 D in a beautiful, still diverse(amazingly enough) lake but suffice(it)to say, I understand. Knowing how to carry this knowledge that life on earth is collapsing due to humans while parenting is VERY hard to deal with emotionally for both sides (parent and child)—-it is beyond gut wrenching and heartbreaking. Don’t know how to describe it really, along with having brought a child into this world and the guilt associated with that. I think I believed that we could turn things around many years ago . . . . how absurd/stupid was THAT???

    Really off topic: a poster named Mulga Mumblebrain (sp?) is posting on Scribbler’s site– love his thoughts, hope he lasts there but it’s doubtful . . . .

    Good news on the music front: Warren Haynes has a new album (with Railroad Earth to boot) —-yay! Helps stave off immobilizing depression.

  • @ kevin moore

    Anything Apax Partners invests in gets bigger, better, and more profitable.

    The Guardian has zero chance of going down the drain.

  • phil…”anything apex predators invest in gets bigger, worse, and more wasteful. the guardian has long since gone down the toilet”…fixed it fer ya’

  • @Etyerepetyere
    I guess I have a problem accepting just how enormous human ignorance can be? Probably because I’m not at all like that – I’m always on some kind of a search for truth. That is how I’ve stumbled upon this great site in the first place.

    In my homecountry, Croatia, it’s almost impossible to get such information. So, I’m lucky to be here where I have a chance to learn more. Actually, in Croatia there is a considerable group of people thinking that the whole “global warming stuff” is just a giant hoax?! Most prominent supporter of the idea is a locally well-known physics professor – believe it or not he is getting some serious media coverage telling us that we’re heading for an Ice Age!!

    He is just one scientist (and in fact not an climatologist but an theoretical physicist, he has never conducted any experiment to proof his thesis – so his words are not very relevant to the subject).

    But there are probably tens of thousands climatologists, oceanologists, meteorologists, biologists, ecologists out there collecting vast amount of experimental data – how come they don’t understand what is going on? I don’t know if that is a correct word – but isn’t it odd to claim that the truth is understood only by a handful of people mostly gathered around this site?

    What about all those scientists whose experimental findings and observations are being quoted here? That’s already a whole army of scientists who probably have an idea or two about the issues.

    You may agree or not but the elites do exist. And they are very powerful and interconnected with governments all over the globe. A great deal of the scientific research is directly or indirectly funded through their “hands”. And even if they don’t control “everything” they surely control much of socioeconomic and political processes in a highly globalized world of today. I have probably misexpressed myself in the former post (it tooks me some effort to think in English, and sometimes I can’t find the right expression as in my mother tongue)when I implied “elites” can affect such tremendous processes like NTE as if they’re nothing – I’ve just argued whether they don’t care for NTE because its’ outcome maybe even favors them is some disturbed way (at least they think so?).

    Therefore, only if they’ve experienced the slightest urge to find out more about this NTE-related issues – they could have easily been given enough information to start thinking (nevermind if they do not completely understand the matter – in fact, who can say that he understands such complex processes completely) – how can we preserve our superiority and well-being in spite of these circumstances?
    Even if we are unable/unwilling to make a difference in the big picture – sure we got to have some plan to save our own asses? Or are we just going to “dance” while the “Titanic” is sinking?

    I’m sure they are a bunch of immoral parasites, but I wouldn’t say they are all a bunch of brainless ignorants… The information discussed here are publicly available.
    I cannot imagine any reasonably sane man who woudn’t give a damn about his own existence and wouldn’t use his wealth and power to ensure it. And so would the “elites”.

    There is definitely a lot of media effort to avert public attention from this matter, and that speaks something about “elites” awareness of the problem. Media are mostly controlled by private conglomerates and whatever information they are giving off to the masses – be sure it doesn’t pass unfiltered.
    So, if they are such ignorant fools – how come they are trying hard to keep the people in the dark? There must be something to it that we don’t have information about.

    Regardless of their power to change the global course, they surely have more than enough to save themselves. In every mass extinction period there was some percentage of surviving species. The condicions are most likely to be such that will cut the food, water and energy supply for dozens of times… so there will be billions of dead and entire infrastructures abandoned or destroyed – but in some areas, well-prepared communities which would use recent technological advances to achieve sustainability could have a chance, if not to thrive – than at least to survive.

    But that chance doesn’t fall from the sky – you have to be very rich and well informed to be able to make needed preparations. To build infrastructure and create a supply chain for crucial resources that would work in such conditions, and protect it, by force if need be, from everybody else but you and your “comrades”.

    That is my current opinion. It will change if I get enough evidence – the video you posted is not an evidence, rather an opinion. I just cannot accept the idea that people who are so successful in staying on top of the pecking order, can at the same time be so plain dumb and short-sighted. If they don’t care for others, they at least do care for themselves…

  • @JC Dolph
    If it would happen overnight then sure it would be like that. But that is a process that will last for several years or decades. Military nukes stored deep inside underground bunkers won’t just rain down without someone triggering them. And there is a procedure how to shut down nuclear power plants when there is enough time to do it. Fukushima is another story completely because when the reactor melts down after an major earthquake there is too much heat and ionizing radiation to get inside the facility. That is why all they can do is pumping fresh water in it.

  • Snowstormguy, intelligence has nothing to do with it.

    Your brain won’t allow you to believe the apocalypse could actually happen


  • Great Reading and Reporting at the CounterPunch Magazine. Come out about 5 x year. In this next issue:

    Atomic Power’s Secret Spills: Paul Gunter exposes one of the nation’s hidden scandals: the systemic radioactive leaks plaguing America’s nuclear power plants; The Rise of Big Generic: Steve Hendricks on how we got to the $1,200 knock-off prescription; WWII Redux: Peter Lee on the rise of Neo-Fascism from Ukraine to Japan; The Masked Face of American Racism: Ruth Fowler on race mimicry by white women; Sick Behind Bars: Thandisizwe Chimurenga provides a grim assessment of the pitiful state of medical care inside US Prisons. PLUS: Kristin Kolb on the Great Northwest in flames; Chris Floyd on the radical economics of Pope Francis; Mike Whitney on how the Fed wrecked the recovery; JoAnn Wypijewski takes a drive across the blood-stained Great Plains; Jeffrey St. Clair on the once and future ruins of the American Southwest; Lee Ballinger the lethal legacy of Big Oil.

  • Gerald: heh, me too! Maybe i’m “un-banned”! i guess as long as one doesn’t just come out and SAY it, it’s okay .. .

    Saw this, related to the Earth axis question the other day (top of this post):

    Russian scientist: Slowdown in Earth’s rotation means we’re on the verge of major climactic upheaval


  • @Snowstormguy

    The Elite are all about power.

    The Elite don’t consider the consequences of their actions, not do they suffer people who do. They practice deception, not logic.

    Take Physics, for instance. 2,000 top physicists are very gainfully employed looking for a particle that doesn’t exist. Stephan Hawking, long dead, is flogging the project, and CERN is into guided tours to pay expenses.

    We know what dark matter is, but try to find that in the refereed literature.

    Keep questing Snowstorm. Some day it may make a difference.

  • Snowstormguy

    I have raised this matter before and raise it again.

    Although the scumbags, ratbags, maniacs, psychotic sociopaths at the top of the socio-economic pyramid are often referred to as elites, elite is entirely the wrong word to describe them.

    An elite person is an outstanding person who has reached the pinnacle of a particular field as a consequence of great talent or extreme effort.

    The people at the top of the socio-economic pyramid are in no way elite, and generally can be regarded as the dregs of society, people with no regard for others.

    Perpetuation of the use of the term elites continues to send an entirely wrong message.

    Since they are scumbags, the scumbags who are in control of most of the world will do nothing to protect the populace of the countries they profess to govern or protect the natural environment. Indeed, they are so maniacal they wittingly destroy their own progeny’s futures.

    As with many things, George Carlin summed up the maniacs at the top of the pyramid:

  • Frank Deford: Great sports writer.


    Check out his latest, where he says,”… and another reason boxing movies are so popular is, “It falls into the Great WHITE Hope category and the guy is the underdog so nobody has to feel guilty rooting for him.!!!!”

  • @ogardener

    Snow samples taken from Mt. Shasta tested 61,000 ppm aluminum. This was bio-available aluminum, not the inorganic kind mined from the earth.

    Microbes don’t do well in the presence of bio-aluminum. They shut down and soil nutrients don’t get processed into plant food. Then root systems go hungry and they shut down, turning plants and trees in to dead men walking.

    Metal nano-particles make good desiccants.

    I don’t like the term “chemtrails” either. “Aerosols” is better.

  • @kevin moore
    I absolutely agree. It’s just that I’ve seen the word being used here when talking about those damn psychopats. English isn’t my native language so I’ve just accepted that it’s ok that “they” would be referred to as an “elite” without in-depth understanding of the implications.

    In Croatian we also use the word “elite” and we use it to describe “small group of most prominent people” in any given field – science, arts, business, politics… It doesn’t bear any moral evaluation. It only describes certain stratifications within any given group.

    Actually it is by far most often used in written media when talking about big business and politics – “political elites” and “business elites”. But we all know they are scumbags, dirtbags and we refer to them that way. Usually they are called “thieves, criminals and evildoers” and a number of other words that cannot be translated.

    All in all, it doesn’t make a difference to me whatever I call them. It’s only that I’ve assumed that everybody will understand whom I refer to if I use the word “elite”…

  • Chemtrails? Aerosols? GMOs? Clearcut logging? Poision, death and destruction everywhere. So what? What will you do? Start a fucking facebook petition?

    Do the details of what they are doing really matter? We’ve been pissing and moaning about this and that for longer than any of us can remember. And where are we now? Still pissing and moaning **Massar just don’t treat us right** — well no shit Sherlock.

    We’re past all that – these issues are distractions we cling to. Fact is TPTB will do whatever they want – and if you complain too loud, the’ll kill your arrogant ass. The possibility for incremental change is over.

    You think what is happening to Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Greece won’t happen to us – to the West? You think they won’t come for everything we have just like they do everywhere else they want?

    We’d sooner debate whether Kimmy K’s ass should be a national monument, or whether they’re putting cardboard in our breakfast cereal — or spraying shit from above. What do we think of *The Donald* or *Is Capitalism Destroying Democracy*?

    It’s yard out. Game over. Time for a new plan.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :)

  • KEVIN! Thanks for the dose of Carlin and thanks for re-grounding the term ‘elites’.

    As for me, I’d really like to know how the maniacs that destroyed the planet tricked us into calling them the ‘elites’! After all, when I think of an elite, I think of someone a lot more like, well…me! Me and the likes of the fine individuals I’ve come to know and respect here on NBL. Hey, let’s face it, if we had had our way the future might not look so gloomy.

    I think the following Carlin video complements Kevin’s. When it comes to voting, there is something I take very seriously: Guilt By Association! Wasn’t it Jerry Garcia who said, “The lesser of two evils is still evil.” I don’t want blood on my hands because I voted for a murderous asshole that promised me a health package that includes a pretty nurse to rub my balls! So, fuck it! I don’t vote!

  • As We Lay Dying
    Stephen Jenkinson On How We Deny Our Mortality

    The default manner of death was for the dying person to endure — to not die — for as long as possible…
    The other mantra he heard is “Everyone knows they are going to die,” but in Jenkinson’s experience the opposite is true:..
    “We end without any ending,” he writes. “We are gone without any leaving.”

  • “Doctors are so accustomed to holding out the chance of survival, Jenkinson says, that they often encourage hope where there is none — and thus discourage patients from dealing with the difficult business of death.”


    They will give a colleague plenty of morphine so he/she can pass on.
    Just happened to a good Radiologist friend of mine. I told everyone that it was suicide and no one believed me. He was in terrible pain. He had broken his neck and they operated on him to relieve the pain and it just got worse. So, they killed him, as it should have been.

  • Lidia said – the only reason Entergy backed out of running VT Yankee (NUCLEAR POWER PLANT) for another 20-40 years is because it became UNPROFITABLE when pitted against fracked-gas-powered plants and cheap hydro from Quebec. The VPIRG folks all patted each other on the back, pretending it was a big victory for “grassroots activism”, but I assure you these nuclear fucks only care about the bottom line. If that plant could make money, it would still be online.

    Now that’s the total truth said freely.

    >Really, why on earth do you (the NSA “cutout” blackhat character played by stage name Mark Austin) present the Federal Gov. as some sort of flaccid nothingburger that’s so weak and dithering it can’t get anything done unless a lot of people light up Change.org?

    <Fact is TPTB will do whatever they want – and if you complain too loud, the’ll kill your arrogant ass….by tracking my IP and causing a really simple little accident. Death by nothing dramatic, shit I almost got to retire and see the big ending from a bunker in Patgonia. Eat lima beans and die from the fallout a month later than the rest with a few boring elite.

    The possibility for incremental change is over. Rapid change. Exponential change. Got any pocket change? When they want to get shit done, like invade/bomb,(HAVE A BALL WITH bail-in money.) Except the few elite I know do fear riots. Dreadfully inconvenient when all the services & staff quit getting menial shit done.

    Instead of blaming the victim here, why aren't you challenging your overlords directly, asking them why they don't have the balls to Marshall the resources that might make things less-bad? Where are the anti-trust rulings? Where are the nationalizations that might have at least a small chance of clearing out the worst of the bad actors and bad practices? (Oh dear I thought all of us CIA failed "Cutouts" were bad actors) Final curtain and you just gave away the whole truth for free $$$$$$$$

    Nothing gets done unless there is money in it!

    Follow the money! (Swiss. Grand Cayman. Bitcoin or even Carbon Credits. Invent it. Print it. Know how to use it before we lose it.)

    1% of 7 billion people = plenty of elite. But only .0001% of them pay serious attention to the most probable plan. All the rest are distracted by the profit game. Too much too lose. Too invested. Out of control thinking we can keep the radiation under control. Spent billions on H+ biogenetic systems they think will buy them longevity. Our did we use their greed & resources to build a little bit of Botox binary they cant apply themselves. The instructions are not coded in English. Take good care.

  • Hey privileged home owners, Mega drought got you down? Worried about end-times property values? The future may look apocalyptic, but there’s no reason your lawn should.

    Mirage Lawn Painting


  • Can we really be all that bad?

    Like the butterfly’s beautiful wings, or any other animal, really, we occasionally evince some measures of beauty, as we see beauty anyway.

    But the days of our existence are mostly taken up with flying from plant to plant, or predation of one form or another.

    A week alone with my animals, wondering who I might stumble over as I lurch out the back door, or in my hammock wake up to find grazing near me. Snakes and rabbits and coyotes singing to the moon. Just another animal in the zoo, a domesticated hound yearning to rejoin the pack.

    A silly film I watched today, “Get Hard”, not expecting much, but it really put me in a mood of seeing challenges ahead. Preparing for a hard time on this “prison planet”, and finding myself dependent on the soft life I now have, as I went down my own checklist.

    Yes, Martin said it above, about specialization. Animals adapt via evolution to the natural environment. And are vulnerable to its changes.

    Evolution gave us cultural adaptability in our brains, a more rapid ability to fit in to changed technology and culture. But in the many over-specialized cul-de-sacs that humans have developed, in which to compete and rise above one another, few now can even feed themselves from the basic ingredients Nature provides.

    Me, if I go a day without Internet, without driving at least a few errands, without spending money, it feels strange. I swam a few laps in a pool recently. Out of shape for that, too. I am “Out On A Limb” with the rest of ’em.

    “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” But we’re getting close…so close.

  • Shep:
    A bit crude, but on target. Doctors know the limits of modern medicine, and appreciate frankness. Moreover they are not bullshittable. I have pointed out to the nurses many instances where if the patient had been my mother or father, I would just load them up with narcotics and keep them comfortable. The nurses agreed. But non-medical persons hawe different expectations and will not be satisfied with this.

  • I so love the whole concept of massive earth energy cycles, the whole concept of the solar system being some kind of electro-magnetic circuit pulsing over millennial time scales. Fascinating shit. It adds to the overwhelming confluence of crises idea. It’s just too bad our immediate concerns are more on a scale of decades, or even just years.

    I like the diversity of eccentric cranks and trolls who infest this site. There’s just enough to be fun and not enough to bite you on the ass.

    M.I.T. predicts world economic collapse in 15 years.


    Lloyd’s of London predicts the end of civilization in 25 years.


  • I would love to believe that I’m some sort of superior being who possessed some special insight. I’m not though, I’m just a lowly worker bee who diligently collects facts to assemble a teetering tower of facts to overwhelm the psyche. It’s some kind of fact fetish.

    I’m not anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim or anti-Christian, I’m just anti-stupid. Welcome Riff Raff, may your flash in the pan be bright and merry.

    How Fast Will Collapse Be? from collapse

  • Only the Love of Music Remains:

  • There is no “real” question that we will lose the Arctic Sea ice cover soon.

    If not this September; then, almost surely, September 2016.

    All the wasted energy expended on the professed Arctic sea ice “recovery” during 2013 – 2014 is just wasted energy to a long term trend doomer.

    The Arctic Sea ice going, period – so plan accordingly.


    Empiricists need only watch, & make the most of the time left.


    from Neven;

    Perhaps 2015 can still make the top 3, but it will require a continuation of weather conditions that are conducive to melting, compaction and transport all the way to the minimum. Either way, the rebound (or ‘recovery’, as some called it prematurely) is in danger of getting wiped out, which brings us back to square -10, meaning that Arctic sea ice loss is still progressing much too fast.

    We now await the latest PIOMAS update to see what has been happening volume-wise and whether the Arctic sea ice pack returns to the post-2010 position from where it could go really low, perhaps all the way to essentially ice-free conditions. All it takes is the preconditioning of 2010 or 2012, followed by a July like the one that is almost behind us, and then 2007-style compaction and transport through Fram Strait. I’m really convinced of that. The question is not if, but when.

    ASI 2015 update 5: late momentum

  • @Phil Morrison

    Where’s the beef? Soil and water chemistry data concerning your hypothesis – peer reviewed and verifiable of course.

    I’m gonna start planting my fall crops of kale, beets and lettuce today. Full moon or thereabouts. Sugar snap peas would have made Mendel proud this year. I’m still eating them fresh from the vine daily. So sweet. I planted them as soon as the soil could be worked in April this year. Some years I have been able to plant them on Saint Patrick’s day but not in the past several years. Pea plants like to climb via tendrils, so I trellis them and therefore become more convenient to pick and the plants respond well to increased light and air circulation when grown this way. The plants are over six feet in height.

    Mini-drought here (so far). My pond water level has receded about a foot starting this week. Strange. I thought the pond may have had a leak but I haven’t found one. My neighbor’s pond is nearly dry but that happens nearly every year around this time to her pond. We may get some rain today of the heavy, violent kind. I hate it when that happens.

  • Apneaman, My Bahstin working class Italian fathah bought a new 1958 Oldsmobile, & immediately covered the seat in thick clear plastic seat covers.

    The slick covers made your ass slip all over the place.

    They were real cold in the Bahstin wintah & super sweaty in the humid summah.

    When he sold the car about 10 years later for $200, he removed the miserable plastic covers & the original upholstery was “like new.”

    Removing the covers was a major task.

    My fathah was real proud at the success of his calculated mission to maintain the value of his expensive cah.

    After removing the plastic covers from his $200 dollar cah, he exclaimed; “Look at that upholstery – ain’t it beeyoutifool?”

  • The latest essay in this space comes off the keyboard of Bud Nye. Catch it here.

  • Gerald — No wondah yoah so wicked smaht!

    Same here, only remembah how hot those seat covahs got on a summah day? We had to get into the cah right aftah chuhch, and you could not touch anything without buhning yoah skin. And my fathah would not even give me the keys to run out and open windows to let it cool off a bit.

    Cars are still a big-status item for people around the world who want to look better than those around them. It’s so 1950s. Give them credit and they’ll spend themselves back into poverty. Not just testosterone-laden teen boys, but poor women just trying to get to work. Repo men, court lawsuits, always in repair shop. Try to persuade them of some climate consequence, and they’ll give you a 1956 blank stare, they will.

  • i’ll be damned! r.c, I knew I could count on you! before a redneck shot him, my dog was named loki as well! funny as shit Gerald…more! apnea…you think Greece is turning to shit?…good read…wren, or is it shrew?…thanks…clowns of creation is a great name for a band. I never thought dentists were particularly dangerous, actually bland comes to mind, I guess they’re trying to shed that image…but, lure them out with a cavity, and bite the hell out of him. now! back to your regularly scheduled round of meds and masturbation. it’s o.k. folks…you’re uncle, Kilgore, said so.