Edge of Extinction: Are Americans Labrador Retrievers?

I was interviewed by Michael Welch for Global Research Radio on 25 June 2015. The program aired 26 June 2015. You can find the description, recording, and transcript here.

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    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.

    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

  • Aaaah, “The Church of Euthanasia” says:

    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

    … btw, how many members are there in that church? Can’t be that many… 8-)

  • .
    The Church requires administration – there are facilities to maintain, print materials to design and distribute, and lots and lots of paperwork… of course, when the Mission is complete, these dedicated servants will do their duty…

    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.

  • Guy, blaming innocent citizens for their misinformed ignorance is a gross error.

    I would go so far as to label it “ignorant” of the “real” causes.

    Many innocent pilgrims are misinformed because other malicious humans have the capacity & desire to misinform them.

    Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS. the NY times “news” lie routinely – but millions of “watchers” believe every word & nuance.

    The U.S. political establishment “successfully” lied & deceived the trusting citizenry with their orchestrated & concocted weapons of mass destruction hokum.

    Iraqi culture is completely destroyed.

    Exactly what Israel ordered.

    Just look again at political hack & 4 star general Colin Powell’s outright lying about Iraq.

    “We have sources.”

    Notice the two “evil” meatballs, George Tenet & John Negroponte, backing up Powell’s flagrant lies.

    Colin Powell in the security council
    View on http://www.youtube.com

    Can anyone blame an innocent child for believing a lie told to them by malicious calculating electronically overpowering adults?

    Even a faithful “intelligent” border collie can be taught to attack & bite whomever the master dictates.

    You might even say that Powell is an asshole with the most bizarre ethics & beliefs.

    I know that Powell said he was sorry & that even he was “deceived.”

  • I see…

    … and lots and lots of paperwork…

    Uuuhm, I hate paperwork… sometimes I think humankind one day will suffocate just of paperwork…

    My mother killed herself with a gun when I was 4 years old, my father killed himself with pills when I was 15 and lotsa good friends killed themselves with drugs, so, they did a good job, didn’t they?… And my more-dead-than-alive ex- girlfriend kills herself with alcohol downstairs, just like another neighbour does…

    … anyway, thanks a lot for the information and greatings to your cat, Salute :-)

  • The last post before this one – “A Topic Too Hot To Touch” by the virgin terry – prompted a very rich vein of postings. Alas, I noticed a typo in the T.S. Eliot excerpt I posted – it should read
    The only hope, or else despair
    Lies in the choice of pyre OR pyre—
    To be redeemed from fire by fire.

    I had already reached my two post limit so I couldn’t alter/correct the entry.

    Later on in the evening, after reading a lot of heartfelt material from you, the diverse community that attends here – not really a church (Pat) as such, perhaps more like a ragged group of pilgrims unsure of what shrine to aim toward – I wrote this:


    We are the sentinels
    watching on the wall as the barbaric tsunami sweeps over the hills.

    We are the witnesses
    to the dying everywhere, the cry from a million throats,
    of bird, of mammal, of injustice, of terror.

    We are the ones
    who grieve in the privilege of knowledge of the end.

    We are the skull strainers, the voice crackers, the heart beaters,
    tearing our hair in frustration as the sky slowly chokes.

    We are the lucky ones.
    We know.
    And wish that we didn’t.
    But would not have it any other way.
    Would not trade this dark privilege for ‘blissgnorance’.

    For we recognize the sacred nature of what is passing,
    the profanity of what is being done,
    and the overwhelming grief that, nestled within our hearts,
    gnaws on what is left of the sorrowing sinews.

    And yet are called to love.

    WoodWose June 30, 2015

  • Pat,

    Are you a true believer or is it your survivors who keep posting the message at your [owner’s] behest?

    (The Private Empire’s Social Media Hit Squads).

    Guy’s messages was for you.

    Wise up and become the Collie.

    Rebel against your Oil-Qaeda masters.

  • Gerald, I don’t think Guy was blaming anyone. He was making an observation about human nature. And while I generally refuse to respond to trolls, I just thought that needed clarification.

  • We are the innocent & faithful dogs of the propaganda wars.

    We are the raw material – labs, border collies, poodles, & mongrels.

    Steven Spielberg is, w/o qualification, the greatest & most successful liar & propagandists in history.

    Spielberg’s lying movies have successfully destroyed the brains & historical judgement of hundreds of millions of innocent people, including innocent children.

    He is sold to us as a creative movie making genius.

    His films are marketed as art forms & “true” history.

    “Schindler’s List” is orchestrated deceitful FICTION filled with preposterous lies, falsehoods, frauds, manipulations, & deceptions.

    What is worse than lying to innocent gullible people, especially children?

    Spielberg is a vicious lying brainwashing criminal.

    at Youtube; Schindler’s list=brainwashing program

  • That prose is like a rose WoodWose Beautiful, I feel the pain of thorns but live for the fragrance of words like yours ! Thx Sir

  • great new video with Peter Wadhams on youtube. Validates everything Guy is trying to put out. Sad thing is only about 1,200 views.

  • Baba jingo Says:
    July 1st, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Gerald, I don’t think Guy was blaming anyone. He was making an observation about human nature. And while I generally refuse to respond to trolls, I just thought that needed clarification.
    ba·ba: a small rich sponge cake, typically soaked in rum-flavored syrup.

    jin·go: a vociferous supporter of policy favoring war, especially in the name of patriotism.

    Pat’s wingnut dorks are always looking for members.

    You know, with their short lifespan and all.

  • Woodwose,

    You are a truly talented poet. Wonderful. I don’t know what else to say because you say it all in your poem.

    “…who grieve in the privilege of knowledge of the end….
    we are the witnesses….”
    That’s exactly how I feel.

    I’m so glad you’re posting and commenting here, don’t stop.

  • Dredd:

    Actually, Baba Jingo is a Robert Hunter song that The Other Ones used to perform. It’s really more of an homage to the Grateful Dead on the eve of their final concerts this weekend (those damn hippie bastards!).

    HOWEVER, I am a fan of sponge cake, especially if it’s soaked in rum. War? Not so much a fan of that.

  • Guy excellent metaphor I would like to add German Shepard’s and
    Doberman Pinchers to the list have owned both breed’s or I should
    say they owned me most of my life, the reason I am bringing up my dogs is I find both breeds are very loyal, have great integrity and if needed will defend you to the death see how many humans will do that for their friends, have always trained my dogs to not just be my buddy but also my friends buddy. Remember what Truman Capote said you can go whole your whole life and be lucky if you have one true friend.

  • This is for the idiot who calls himself Gerald Spezio, If you do
    not understand the content behind the message then sir you are
    an idiot, by the way 23 years ago I happened to obtain 2 masters
    degrees one in social economics and one in sociology with minors
    in business law and political science, I was just wondering Gerald
    do you think we are a democracy well news to you we are a republic witch is a couple stones throw away from a monarchy enough said.

  • Hi all,

    The temperature in England hit 37 Centigrade today, the hottest ever recorded in July. This I fear is just the start. I was told that dogs cant sweat so have more problems with their homeostasis, than humans, thought I’de better check my facts:

    Do dogs sweat? Yes, but not like humans. Dogs have two types of sweat glands. One type, called merocrine glands, are in their footpads. They sweat through their footpads. They also have some sweat glands in their nose. Although they help keep the dog cool, very little of their body heat is lost through their footpads. The other type of sweat gland is called apocrine glands, which are over most of their body, but are not to keep the dog cool. Their purpose is to release pheromones, which, to put it simply, makes a dog smell like a dog.
    Dogs sweat, but the main cooling function for dogs is panting. The Air is drawn in through their nose. There are folds in the nose that increase the surface area for moisture in the nose to evaporate from, cooling the nose. The air is exhaled through the mouth. The moisture in the air is absorbed and the heated air leaves the dog. Along with this, since the dog’s mouth is open with it’s tongue hanging out, the saliva on the dog’s tongue evaporates cooling the tongue which has a rich blood supply, and so cools the blood which has transported heat from inside the dog’s body.
    Another temperature controlling organ is the spleen. The spleen stores blood, and when the dog gets hot, the spleen releases additional blood into the blood stream to help carry heat to the surface. Relative to body size, dogs have larger spleens than humans. The greater release of blood from the spleen when dogs exercise may be one reason why dogs usually have a higher endurance level than most people.
    One other interesting physiological aspect of the dog’s body is that a complex of small veins and arteries at the base of the dog’s neck can thermally isolate the dog’s head from the rest of the dog’s body, where the muscles generate heat is during exercise. This protects the dog’s brain, which is the most temperature-sensitive organ in the dog’s body. Compared to other animals that don’t have this feature, the dog can endure high exertion in a hot environment significantly longer. A dog chasing a rabbit in a hot environment may not be able to initially catch the rabbit, but can keep chasing the rabbit until the rabbit slows down from overheating.
    So the answer to the question “Do dogs sweat” is yes. But it has little to do with cooling the dog unlike sweating does for humans.

    This leads to an interesting area in that dogs, like nearly all other creature except the two legged variety have been tuned by nature to be adapted to their environment. We have tried to adapt nature to ourselves.

  • From the very beginning, the settlements that eventually morphed into the USA were established and managed on the basis of deceit, exploitation and violence.

    As the ‘owners’ acquired better technology, they developed more elaborate systems for deceiving the masses and exploiting them.

    European ‘owners’ were supplemented by local owners but the overall game remained the same: keep the masses misinformed; keep them trapped in the ‘slave camp’; keep them believing the religious lies; keep them believing the financial lies, keep them believing they were free…..the Statue of Liberty and all that.

    Compare the Stars and Stripes with the flag of the British East India Company.

    It’s all been a massive lie from the outset.

    Of course Edward Bernays’ exploitation of uncle Sigmund’s analysis of the drivers of human behaviour gave a great boost to the proto-fascists capacity to manipulate the masses: They are not filthy cigarettes that will impoverish you and make you sick, they’re ‘torches of freedom’.

    Although some commentators view society through somewhat distorted lenses and believe capitalism can be benign (or even beneficial), it is worth listening to what they say about the nature of the scumbags that usurped power decades ago and are leading the US straight off the cliff in the pursuit of their dysfunctional agendas.

    Sadly, many other counties (I am always averse to the term nation these days) are in not much better states that the US, the manipulation and lies of the scumbags at the top being just as successful in misleading the general populaces.

    For the moment ‘soft’ fascism (the melding of government and corporate interest, backed up by force) rules.

    In the podcast I previously linked

    which some readers may have missed, Jim Willie plainly states that the fascists took control around the time they murdered Kennedy and the game has been the systematic looting of the public purse via fraud and deceit.

    Much the same has been going on in other ‘civilised’ countries.

    And, as we know, the game is almost up.

    The only real question is, will the fascists manage to gain even greater control that they already have, or will the coming unravelling result in anarchy?

  • Woodwose – Love. Your singing is at the TSE depth…or deeper. Thank you. Please continue…..it’s so beautiful….

    Curious – Love. “ Hail to thee, blithe Spirit! Bird thou never wert,. That from Heaven, or near it,. Pourest thy full heart. In profuse strains of unpremeditated art. Higher still and higher….

    You were so true, so right brother – I honor your suffering. Dostoievski said, “the pure gold of the spirit must go through the fire.” I deeply recommend to you “Witness to the Fire” by Linda S. Leonard – alcoholic, Jungian analyst, existential philosopher, and real beautiful human being. Uses some of our wounded greats to go deeper into “creativity and the veil of addiction” (subtitle). I got beat up and kicked around so much early in life, I spent a lot of time just wishing I could die. I remember in the seventh grade I would put my head on the desk, cover it with my arms, close
    my eyes and just keep repeating “I wish I was dead.” Something we shared my dear friend was misery. You warned me that some folks take delight in hunting and tormenting a wounded Steppenwolf. A mentor told me “non ilegitimus carborundum” (don’t let the bastards wear you down.) Also, “Don’t give what is holy to dogs” –
    Still learning the wisdom of that one, the hard way.

    That fire ain’t all that pleasant – but sometimes in a sweat lodge with some other souls seeking something higher, it can confer a gentler blessing than is offered on the mean streets and in dark slum pads. Lookin for a ‘cure’ took me to some strange places, but that Power was always there, waiting for me to open to it.

    I’ve got a warning for the assembled:

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

    If we fail this initiatory challenge our human story is over – as it should be.

    If we pass this crucial test, then we can go on as participants in the greater cosmic destiny.

    “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that your children may live and be happy.”

    Choose love. Do everything with love in your heart.

  • Daniel – You did not answer a single one of my questions, which were simple and straight forward. It appears you don’t want a dialog or sharing with me, but simply want to dictate to me, judge me, and tell me where to go. How much do you know about the cultic mentality, Daniel? You only want those who are 100% on the identical page as the leader to participate here? Do you have some sort of loyalty pledge you want me to sign to prove I have the right to be in your in group? I am not very good at being a conformist. I was around during the redscare witch-hunt. I’m an old dude – I was here when Hitler did his number and twisted the German nation into a compliant tool. I am not a member of any group whatever. I have no portfolio and no credentials. And guess what – I like it that way. You must think because I try to be nice and loving, you can roll over me with your bullying crap. Forget it. I’ve heard enough from you to know there is no point whatever in paying you any further heed whatever. You can always go sniveling to Guy and ask him to boot me off the blog. One of your predecessors already tried that – it didn’t work – but what the hell, give it a go. One thing more – your Nazi shit is not going to work on me, not ever. You and me are done talking.

  • I want to add my thanks to WoodWose. It’s bittersweet, knowing the truth about our future. Its made me a kinder person, my heart breaking now with every beat. Sometimes I wish, I pray that the noise in my chest would just give up, stop playing the life game. It’s not worth all the pain that comes with it.

    Hey, monarch lovers! I spotted some caterpillars on the milkweeds today! There’s about 10, from tiny to pretty big. I had been looking for them but couldn’t spot them until today. I hope they make it, I haven’t seen but one butterfly in the last few weeks.

    One of my peeves about sticks people chase is the ‘spiritual stick’. People seem to run after those sticks like crazy. They come running back shaking that stick for all they’re worth, as if that stick was their whole world. But as soon as they let go of the stick, it’s as if it never existed. I know many Christian men and women who have gone to church every Sunday, and are now in their 60s. They have listened to Jesus’ teachings ad nauseam! Yet they remain steadfastly exploitative and warlike, slaves of empire. When I see them tearing across the lawn with such glee, tails a-wag and big doggy grins to proudly snatch up that ‘spiritual bone’, I can’t help but laugh.

  • Mike

    You just got done stating:

    “ @Daniel – What kind of certainty do you have about NTE? What is your definition of NTE? Are you a climate scientist? Do you have complete confidence in Dr. McPhersons ideas? Why is that? Are you aware that the scientific community of climate specialists overwhelmingly disagrees with Guy’s ideas? You need not answer any of my questions.”

    Then you follow up with:

    “Daniel – You did not answer a single one of my questions, which were simple and straight forward.”

    And now you accuse me of being a Nazi, because I pointed out that it’s kind of obvious that you really don’t know what you’re doing here?

    The reason I didn’t answer any of your absurd questions, is because they’ve already been answered a thousand times over, you’re just too busy with your gods speak to notice.

    Oh yeah, way to go in accusing Guy of being a cult leader………definitely haven’t heard that one.

  • –cult leaders are all conservatives. or masquerading as conservative under the actual banner of a planetary extinction cult.

    –temperature in SE asia is 31 C. and still in drought. high for me was 35C in a non-AC classroom. The dear leader now hypothesizes that a giant tunnel can be dug from the mountains in the west, running hundreds of kilometers out east to the rice plains. This is not a joke. Rice food output will be down about 9% year on year in one of the largest rice producers in the world.

    –the weather is now weird everywhere. I do not recall anything so spectacularly off kilter ever in my existence.

    — i drive to work every day on my bike. i’m the only one at my institution tasked with caring for young people that does so. it’s a non-stop horror for me. Dodging multi ton two trailer cement trucks and insane drivers. Last week i was almost smashed into a pickup truck parked in the bike lane by a drive who just didnt care. He was going to basically kill me with his car, so i smacked his back fender since he obviously wasn’t looking or listening to me yelling at the top of my lungs. Well. might as well have pulled out a gun and started taking hostages because his first reaction was to call the police on me. Remember – according to these socially normalized pathology, i need to be hurling around in a trans humanist iron carapace destroying and killing small mammals, insects, birds like it just doesn’t matter, spewing carbon day after day even after it has become too grotequely obscene to continue to do so – all while pretending to have the welfare of the youngest kids at heart. No doubt the cops will come after the dangerous bike riders long before they even smell the carbon. I mean – plenty of people are already likely think i am off my rocker for even giving a toss. I am insane by their pathologies. The one even pretending to try to keep the kids’ interest at heart.

    I see the daily road that carries them to school as an endless reified horror show. non-stop. I can’t even express how much psychic trauma it demands that i carve across my forehead with a rusty knife.

    –i know Sliwa said he couldn’t be complicit in the indoctrination of schools. I am not in it to do what it’s supposed to do, i am in it to monkeywrench the mission, blow it to smoothereens, and give the kids any amount of breathing room between now and you-know-when in order to feel or be a normal kid in the face of this.

    –your upcoming extinction will be fully rationalized.
    along with all the privileges you will get to maintain through the demise.

    –My therapist is still Franz Fanon, not Maslow, Rogers, Fromm, Horney, Freud, Gabor Mate or even Carl Jung.

  • Hmm, not sure i’m on board this time. Dogs love to chase sticks because those dogs have a lot of energy and love the play this involves. The one dog i actually had, became mine because i bonded with its person, the woman who later became my wife (now ex), was a border collie, and he loved to play stick (or ball), only often he would turn it into “chase,” i.e. hold on to the stick and get us to chase him.I’ve known a bunch of German shepherds that also loved playing stick. Likewise Dobermans, though they tend to prefer chasing ball. Maybe not such a good metaphor for Americans, since mod of them hate what they do for a living, though they do it because they’ve been trained by the “education” system (a lesson reinforced daily by media programs and even more, ads) that it’s just a fact of life that we have to sell our ability to work in return for money in order so that we can buy our needs. That wage labor was a very rare social phenomenon till just a few hundred years ago is never told.

  • non ilegitimus carborundum” (don’t let the bastards wear you down.

    Sam Day, ex editor of Bull. Atomic. Scientists and The Progressive was a frequent flyer into jail and he used that phrase a lot. What with better food than one gets in jail, he might not have had that series of strokes that “legally blinded” him. But it could not silence him and his fervour for peace and pacifism. To see him and Kathy Kelly in action together at retreats prior to anti-nuclear civil disobedience actions was truly divine.

    NukeWatch is putting out an updated Nuclear Heartland book, only 650 missile sites versus 1000. And also about 65 L(aunch)C(ontrol)F(acilities)’s each with over 40 years of entropy and some of the best technology from the 70’s.

    more on Sam at http://no-nukes.org/nukewatch/samday.html

    To see, all I have to do is look up at the light reflected from the moon and see the fires ejecta from Saskatchewan playing a q.m. dance with those photons. One can view that as merely a pre-cursor to Loki’s blood moon when the Ur fuel pools become parched. It just might be Schrodinger’s cat and a collapsing equation whether or not I get to see that one.

  • Mike K,

    You know I’m German born, and please believe me when I say that Daniel is not a Nazi. Heaven knows how much I’ve studied and tried to understand the history (not only this recent chapter) of my people, you can’t imagine. So, a Nazi he is not. Nor is he a cult follower. Nor am I; in that sense we are both like you and everybody else here: individuals with very individual experiences which are obvious to read for everybody who cares to look, between the lines. You struck me as a person who’d have this ability, this intuition, but apparently not. If you had, this “Nazi name-calling incident” would not have happened.
    Something else to meditate on, maybe…

    Using the German abbreviation for “National Socialist” too often and in the wrong circumstances, like all the other abusive English four-letter words, takes away meaning, makes them ultimately impotent.

    I say it again: Daniel is neither a fascist nor a Nazi. It seems to me that he feels describable pain – because he actually looks and sees, has honed his awareness – for the wilful destruction of the non-human world, the world that concerns him most, like me and many others here. Therefore, personal salvation and any other (final, if there is such a thing) spiritual states are secondary to him. He sees the world as it is. You’ve chosen a different, more personal path, that’s important to you and some others here. I respect that.

    However, it seems to me that never the twain shall meet. One could, of course, do both but you never talk about the natural world, the one we’re only a part of, the one that should put us in our place (a place we don’t seem to want). Therefore, what should somebody like Daniel (or me) assume? We could assume that you don’t really care for the destruction of the natural, self-willed undomesticated world, our brothers and sisters out there suffering, and that the love you talk about is only applicable to humans, social constructs, a person’s way of coping via a spiritual path etc.
    I think differently because I “know” we’re nothing without the natural world, its ecological and evolutionary processes. Science is only just “discovering” these processes.

    My recommendation, as usual, is: you have to get out there, among your fellow evolutionary travellers: the animals and plants. They matter more than personal spiritual attainment via other paths because they will alter you spiritually in a way you can’t imagine unless you experience it. I bet Daniel does exactly that.

    Anyway, that’s the “stick” (thanks Kirk, for the word) I like to use, not for beating but for prodding. Zen masters always carried sticks:) but I’m only an old woman.

    Just another thought on “Nazis”:
    I find it very interesting but disconcerting that Anglos throw “Nazi” around willy-nilly as the ultimate insult. What has to happen before another word is used to express unthinkable evil? Is not enough happening now? So, Nazi might even be a bit passé.

    I had the impression that you were a person who chose his words carefully, in other words: always trying to avoid misusing them, somebody who knew how powerful words are.

    You also mention that you were around “when Hitler twisted the German people into a compliant tool” (a good turn of phrase, I like it) but that would make you almost too old to be alive now. I’m nearly 67, and my own father was only 11 in 1933 when Hitler was already doing his twisting very successfully. You made me curious: how old are you?

  • Please don’t search for endless metaphors to say what you gotta say like Stacey Herbert and Max Keiser, it’s demeaning to the message.

    My one dog, Loki, is exceptional in that he can communicate with me by reading my mind, albeit only when I’m hung over, and he tells me what the space aliens are trying to tell him, so that none of us can’t say we weren’t warned.

    Here’s a real Arctic scientist losing his shit. Hopefully, Loki doesn’t want to wallow in it.

  • Daniel – I’m always contradicting myself. It seems to be my crab-like style of locomotion. I said I would not talk with you anymore.
    Well…………. I was sitting on the porch last night as the twilight slowly faded toward night, gazing into the forest and the wispy fog arising, sprinkled with awakening fireflies – and I began to feel the blessing of that Presence, that Eternal Love saturating everything, beginning to fill my body and my being with it’s subtle, powerful blessing. My heart began to feel deepening gratitude for the totally undeseved Gift of Love that was pouring into and from everything without exception. Nothing is excluded from that Love. This morning as I sat down to the computer, I realized deeply that I could not exclude you from that Love, even if I delusionaly thought to do so. I love you Daniel, I have no choice. It’s just the way it is. You are that Love, I am that Love, all of this is that Love, and there is nothing outside of that Love.

    A note to my fellow brothers and sisters – religious bigotry is a two way street, and both ways really suck.

    And I have a Shrodinger cat, who sleeps on my bed. She was bit by a copperhead and survived – so much for quantum uncertainty. She had nine ways to solve that riddle!

    PS – Daniel, I really admire what Dr. McPherson is doing. And he is in no way a cult leader – the tolerance with which he manages this blog is ample proof of that. And…..Only Love Remains.

    Sabine – Thanks for your comments. I wrote the above before checking to see who might have signed in while I was doing my infinitely slow pecking on the Pc. You are right about my playing the “Nazi” card. That was uncalled for. I was angry and said things that were wrong and hurtful. I still have buttons that get pushed, and aspects of the “old Mike” come forth from the deep places that I had thought to have sequestered them and – voila! Dr. Hyde lives again! Scary to me too…. Well he’s back in his cell now. That Presence mentioned above reminded me of what self I want to be.

    As far as Nature – my love for that precious One is very deep. The times I would spend deep in the Hawaiian Forest alone for a week or two bonded me forever with the profound wonder of our natural world, and filled me with anger and dismay at what we were doing to Her. I committed my life to trying to help Her when a dragonfly asked me to speak for all the lives there, explaining that they had no voice to plead with humans except through people like myself who could speak for them. For those unacquainted with telepathy, my story will seem fanciful at best, but maybe if you read Derrick Jensen’s A Language Older Than Words you will glimpse what some of us are saying – but I suspect you already know what we are talking about…

    The religion that some are bashing here is a straw man of their own creation that has nothing to do with the sacred and all including dimension of divine love and blessing that I am speaking of.

  • Mike,

    I have also “communicated” with the other than human world all my life. But for me, this is not just a spiritual, aesthetic experience but a visceral one. That’s why I’m content but in pain at the same time. Yes, a language older than words, he puts that well.
    See, all this could be so much easier face to face. This medium leads people astray, a shame.
    I’ve always done this sort of communicating intuitively. The “reading” and “knowing” that other humans can to this too came later, only dawned on me later.

    I understand that Eastern spirituality tries to smooth a path there, back to nature too, connecting, for the ones that are looking. You are one of those but mainly discuss “scripture” (for want of a better word). Your experiences only shine through once in a while, at least in my opinion.
    Thanks for clearing that up anyway. Maybe these things are easier for women who generally, for cultural reasons IMO, have less of an ego to wrestle with. Maybe a cultural adaptation? However, exceptions make the rule here too.
    I’m not against ranting and showing passion, dislikes, etc. I’m very passionate myself and say the “wrong” things, just like anybody else. I just try to keep it our of my written communication. If it seems to anybody that I don’t, please feel free to beat my ego with a “stick”. I’m a hardy perennial not a hothouse flower.

  • Daniel – I saved your response to TVT from the previous thread. You have a way of summarizing issues and ideas that is eloquent, inspired, and gives a structure to the information that I can actually get a handle on.
    Sabine – Beautifully stated.
    Wester – Please stay safe, and thanks for all that you do:

    T.S. Elliott:


  • .
    I am just the messenger.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

  • .
    my second post for today:
    yes, it’s a real bummer to have to repeat the same message – since there are always new folks finding NBL for the first time – and they can’t be bothered with taking some time to review the posts from the early days to get a feel for the current regulars… oh well.
    Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind…
    Unsustainable Depletion of Resources
    The end is inevitable.
    If we won’t, who will?
    If not now, when?

  • X
    Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 3:7:23
    He is the unseen seer, the unheard hearer, the unthought thinker, the unknown knower. There is no other seer but he, no other hearer but he, no other thinker but he, no other knower but he. He is your Self, the inner controller, the immortal, the imperishable.

    (Not apprehended in a knower-knowing-known relationship.)

  • A very worthwhile article illustrating just how unsustainable the present situation is, even the Eco Village model.

    If Everyone Lived in an ‘Ecovillage’, the Earth Would Still Be in Trouble, Samuel Alexander, 6/29/15, originally posted at The Conversation, same date.

    We are used to hearing that if everyone lived in the same way as North Americans or Australians, we would need four or five planet Earths to sustain us.
    This sort of analysis is known as the “ecological footprint” and shows that even the so-called “green” western European nations, with their more progressive approaches to renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transport, would require more than three planets.
    How can we live within the means of our planet? When we delve seriously into this question it becomes clear that almost all environmental literature grossly underestimates what is needed for our civilisation to become sustainable.
    Only the brave should read on.
    In order to explore the question of what “one planet living” would look like, let us turn to what is arguably the world’s most prominent metric for environmental accounting – the ecological footprint analysis. This was developed by Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees, then at the University of British Columbia, and is now institutionalised by the scientific body, The Global Footprint Network, of which Wackernagel is president.
    This method of environmental accounting attempts to measure the amount of productive land and water a given population has available to it, and then evaluates the demands that population makes upon those ecosystems. A sustainable society is one that operates within the carrying capacity of its dependent ecosystems.
    While this form of accounting is not without its critics – it is certainly not an exact science – the worrying thing is that many of its critics actually claim that it underestimates humanity’s environmental impact. Even Wackernagel, the concept’s co-originator, is convinced the numbers are underestimates.
    According to the most recent data from the Global Footprint Network, humanity as a whole is currently in ecological overshoot, demanding one and a half planet’s worth of Earth’s biocapacity. As the global population continues its trend toward 11 billion people, and while the growth fetish continues to shape the global economy, the extent of overshoot is only going to increase.
    Every year this worsening state of ecological overshoot persists, the biophysical foundations of our existence, and that of other species, are undermined.
    As I have noted, the basic contours of environmental degradation are relatively well known. What is far less widely known, however, is that even the world’s most successful and long-lasting ecovillages have yet to attain a “fair share” ecological footprint.
    Take the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, for example, probably the most famous ecovillage in the world. An ecovillage can be broadly understood as an “intentional community” that forms with the explicit aim of living more lightly on the planet. Among other things, the Findhorn community has adopted an almost exclusively vegetarian diet, produces renewable energy and makes many of their houses out of mud or reclaimed materials.[Photo]
    An ecological footprint analysis was undertaken of this community. It was discovered that even the committed efforts of this ecovillage still left the Findhorn community consuming resources and emitting waste far in excess of what could be sustained if everyone lived in this way. (Part of the problem is that the community tends to fly as often as the ordinary Westerner, increasing their otherwise small footprint.)
    Put otherwise, based on my calculations, if the whole world came to look like one of our most successful ecovillages, we would still need one and a half planet’s worth of Earth’s biocapacity. Dwell on that for a moment.
    I do not share this conclusion to provoke despair, although I admit that it conveys the magnitude of our ecological predicament with disarming clarity. Nor do I share this to criticise the noble and necessary efforts of the ecovillage movement, which clearly is doing far more than most to push the frontiers of environmental practice.
    Rather, I share this in the hope of shaking the environmental movement, and the broader public, awake. With our eyes open, let us begin by acknowledging that tinkering around the edges of consumer capitalism is utterly inadequate.
    In a full world of seven billion people and counting, a “fair share” ecological footprint means reducing our impacts to a small fraction of what they are today. Such fundamental change to our ways of living is incompatible with a growth-oriented civilisation.
    Some people may find this this position too “radical” to digest, but I would argue that this position is merely shaped by an honest review of the evidence.
    What would ‘one planet’ living look like?
    Even after five or six decades of the modern environmental movement, it seems we still do not have an example of how to thrive within the sustainable carrying capacity of the planet.
    Nevertheless, just as the basic problems can be sufficiently well understood, the nature of an appropriate response is also sufficiently clear, even if the truth is sometimes confronting.
    We must swiftly transition to systems of renewable energy, recognising that the feasibility and affordability of this transition will demand that we consume significantly less energy than we have become accustomed to in the developed nations. Less energy means less producing and consuming.
    We must grow our food organically and locally, and eat considerably less (or no) meat. We must ride our bikes more and fly less, mend our clothes, share resources, radically reduce our waste streams and creatively “retrofit the suburbs” to turn our homes and communities into places of sustainable production, not unsustainable consumption. In doing so, we must challenge ourselves to journey beyond the ecovillage movement and explore an even deeper green shade of sustainability.
    Among other things, this means living lives of frugality, moderation and material sufficiency. Unpopular though it is to say, we must also have fewer children, or else our species will grow itself into a catastrophe.
    But personal action is not enough. We must restructure our societies to support and promote these “simpler” ways of living. Appropriate technology must also assist us on the transition to one planet living. Some argue that technology will allow us to continue living in the same way while also greatly reducing our footprint.
    However, the extent of “dematerialisation” required to make our ways of living sustainable is simply too great. As well as improving efficiency, we also need to live more simply in a material sense, and re-imagine the good life beyond consumer culture.
    First and foremost, what is needed for one planet living is for the richest nations, including Australia, to initiate a “degrowth” process of planned economic contraction.
    I do not claim that this is likely or that I have a detailed blueprint for how it should transpire. I only claim that, based on the ecological footprint analysis, degrowth is the most logical framework for understanding the radical implications of sustainability.
    Can the descent from consumerism and growth be prosperous? Can we turn our overlapping crises into opportunities?
    These are the defining questions of our time..

  • The end is inevitable.

    Yes, some end is inevitable since we were born. But do you really know that there will be the final End after Death, after this Life, after committing suicide?

    You can never run away from Yourself, never ever, not even thru suicide. We are here for a reason. We are here because we wanted to be here:

    Try to hold your breath just for 3 minutes if you can. Try it and then tell me what you feel? You’ll feel damned, HOT FIRE within your chest, within your mind, within your total beeing, there will be a hellish, irresistible WANTING for breathing, for oxygen. This Wanting is what brought you into this life, onto earth:

    Wanting to breathe, wanting to eat, wanting to drink, wanting to avoid pain, wanting to attain joy, wanting to commit suicide, wanting, wanting, wanting within and outside, wanting everywhere, man, even wanting to not want is Wanting. And this Wanting is exactly what will survive any suicide for shure, believe or not. It is exactly the same like trying to fall asleep thru wanting, willingly. Can you do that? No, you can’t. There is only one way to fall asleep:

    By letting loose, by letting go, never by Wanting, never willingly.

    Contemplate this hellish Fire of Wanting and then ask yourself, if anyone can escape this Wanting by wanting to commit suicide, by wanting to escape Wanting thru Wanting. You will never ever escape Wanting thru Wanting, never ever. You can’t douse a Fire by pouring gasoline on it. Death is nothing but a Door, you leave one form, one room, one world and enter the next one. And wich room you will enter depends mostly on your inner beeing, on your actions, on your sym- and antipathies, you reap what you sow in the short or long run.

    One of the main reasons why modern culture is in a massive crisis is MATERIALISM, economic Materialism and scientific Materialism, both go together, both claim that there will be no life after death, just nothing and that’s it. And so people try to get as much fun, as much consumption as possible, because they think: “Why bother, in some years I will be totally gone anyway, so let me grab whatever I can, I don’t care”. And so they don’t even care for the following generations, for their own children. If they’d realize that there is no real End, their thinking and acting would be totally different, much more relaxed, much more caring, because there is nothing to gain and nothing to loose after all.

    Wander through the Macro- Cosmos: You will never find any ultimate End.

    Wander through the Micro- Cosmos: You will never find any ultimate End.

    Wander through Yourself: You will never find any ultimate End.

    Wander wherever you like: You will never find any ultimate End.

    For most people Life is a Mystery, just like Death is- in fact: It is the very same Mistery, the very same “thing”, living and dying, Life and Death are the very same Process:

    To pick up and to let loose, to breathe in and to breathe out, high tide, low tide and so on. Life and Death are two sides of the very same coin, infinite- turn this coin around and you will realize: What goes around, comes around.

  • friends, if you have any doubt at all about Guy’s
    NBL please check this out.

  • Gerald Spezio at July 1st, 2015 at 10:22 am sez:

    “Steven Spielberg is, w/o qualification, the greatest & most successful liar & propagandists in history.”

    Considering the brethren Spielberg has in the propaganda department, it seems spurious to me to suggest that he’s the very worst. Still, I wrote about this same subject seven years ago:


  • Well, the USA may be leading the way in Pavlovian behavior, but the western industrial paradigm and its message has been pretty well established world-wide at this point, and folks of all persuasions have demonstrated a natural fascination with shiny toys.

    I guess we’re almost all dogs now.

  • Just got home from work and watched the video. one of guy’s best. the only problem is that i don’t like dogs who are smarter than me. god is dog spelled backwards, or, dog is god spelled backwards… i forget.

    In Sao Paulo Brazi, they poo in a bag or bucket because they can’t afford the water to flush their toilets. On the days the water does come on, it is usually around 4 a.m., so you have to get up early to get your share from the low pressure trickle of water that comes from your tap.

    Why My Goldfish Can Out-Stare Me!
    By the time a kid is 8 years old, he is staring at video screens for 8 hours a day. This is why our attention spans have dropped from 12 seconds down to 8 seconds, meaning because of our smartphones, goldfish now have longer attention spans than humans.

  • If the dorks at “The Church of Euthanasia” (what part of Asia do they hail from?) practised what they preach, their website for the walking dead would never change.

    No one to catapult the propaganda.

    And if down pat practised what s/he preaches s/he would not have to repeat ad nauseum.

    The message would in an ad museum.

  • Babajingo Says:
    July 1st, 2015 at 12:18 pm


    Actually, Baba Jingo is a …
    Goal post moved by a sponge cake.


  • Tweedle Dee’s on his hands and knees saying, “throw me something mister, please!”

    We can only hope…

  • I’d like to dedicate this song to Peter Wadhams, a true gentleman and scholar!

  • Awwww Dredd!! ILYSM YTB!!!!

  • Hi gary f
    Yes,Peter Wadhams says if we can’t stop and reverse atmospheric CO2 concentrations we’ll be in deep doo doo in 10 years. This fits in with Guy’s 2030 NTHE hypothesis. :-(

  • Hey Brutus: nice to see you back for a visit!

    Thursday, July 2, 2015
    East Siberian Heat Wave


    The image below illustrates the intensity of the heatwave over western Europe, with temperatures forecast to keep hitting the top end of the scale for days to come.

    Global warming is strengthening heatwaves. The Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the world, so the temperature difference between the North Pole and the Equator is getting smaller. It is this temperature difference that powers the jet stream. The result is that the speed at which the jet stream circumnavigates the globe is falling. Furthermore, the path of the jet stream is changing, sometimes extending far to the north, then deeper to the south, just like a river will meander more where the land is flatter.

    [further down the article]

    As the image below shows, the jet stream is forecast to move up high into the Arctic north of Siberia over the next few days. The image shows the jet stream as at July 8, 2015.

    [ends with]

    Note that the waters off the coast of Siberia are less than 50 m (164 ft) deep, so warming can quickly extend all the way down to the seabed, that can contain enormous amounts of methane in the form of free gas and hydrates.

  • Apparently, were termed “warmists” now, and no Dr Guy is not the self appointed leader of a cult, just an honest human being, which will probably get him into a lot more trouble.

  • I’ve written and posted a brief new essay. It’s here.

  • The collie and the cat
    You know, the one that sat on my lap
    Bonded so completely
    That I named them
    HE and NT

    I feel very anxious all the time and I absolutely cannot let go of internet. All my waking hours are lived with my computer on. I cannot tolerate to be without connection for more that 30 minutes when I am in my apartment. Which is most of the time. Hear me: it is totally useless to give me advice and tell me to meditate or whatever.
    There days, I am thinking exclusively about death, in all sorts of creative ways, as long as I have the means. Mostly, I am praying, whatever that means. Death is all around me, mostly visible in the trees of this city at this moment. And the skies. The shrubbery still looks exceptionnally lush because the temperatures have not been hot yet and there has been lots of rain.
    But it is crashing very fast. Humans by millions are thrown out of their dwellings all over the planet. Today. What is going on can be written in 3 words: wind, fire, water
    Love you all, really.

    p.s. just went out in heavy rain and walked/splahed in chemical soup that still looks and feels like clean water. On the side of the sidewalk, the water was rushing down the street, up about 2 inches above my ankles. And by chance, there were exceptionnaly long stretches without cars. So barefeet, with my eyes closed, I tried, like so many times before, to burn a beautiful memory in my brain, to retreive in times of suffering. Maybe it will work one day, practice makes perfect. Do not know if someone saw the 66 yo woman splashing in the water in a city street, under huge dying trees (although most humand do no see it, they have very few years to go), at the end of the world.

  • Love. Something to do while waiting for the Messiah, or the Apocalypse, Or Godot, or whatever –


  • Hey Brutus, great to hear from you man! Stay around! The climax is getting underway. We will appreciate what you will have to say.

  • I’m surprised (at least) two of you remember me. My NBL guest blogs are way, way back in the archives by now.

    Three reasons I stop by only infrequently these days: 1) I find it pointless to argue about who’s right (or wrong) with respect to root causes or doom scenarios, 2) I can’t keep up with the 50+ comments per day, and 3) I’m busy trying to lead a life of excellence. YMMV, which is fine by me.

  • I always wanted more. I wanted impossibly more. Infinitely more than infinity could give me. Beyond the beyond the beyond could even think of. Something that could not exist but must exist somewhere beyond all somewhere’s. Was it God that I sought? An unknown Something that was Everything and Nothing? A mystery for sure. An uncertain uncertainty. The x in the equation of x. The unknownable unknowning of it’s unknownness. Why was I drawn into the vortex of this excruciatingly unknowable unknowable? Oh cursed spite that I was born to set it right – but what was it after all? Was Bubba Adi Da right that fundamental ignorance was ultimate knowing? That which will be forever beyond knowing is the basis for all that we can ever be or know?

    And then thrown suddenly back into life, unknowing of my unknowing, questing, absurdly unconscious of my questing, waiting for another moment of knowing my unknowing. Forgetful of my ignorance, dreaming of knowing who I was and taking the world to be simply real without question or doubt. When was I more lost, when aware or unaware of my unknowing even what a single thing was?

  • ….like a tedious argument
    Of insidious intent
    To lead you to an overwhelming question …
    Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
    Let us go and make our visit.

    What is life
    Without Plumtree’s
    Potted meat?

    No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;
    Am an attendant lord….Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
    At times, indeed, almost ridiculous—
    Almost, at times, the Fool.

    ….riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to….??

    Tommy and Jimmy playing tag….. Just having fun?

  • Milendia – If you can play in the rushing water of rain-filled gutters you’re not done yet! (I was with you as a child – I loved the rain…)

  • Our beautiful orange cat Daisy is asleep nuzzling the keyboard. She may wake up and send everyone a message soon….

  • When someone on these pages said, “mike k just wants everybody to like him…” I thought of a line by Raymond Carver, “And what did you want? To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth.” Yes.

    And that’s enough from chatty ole me for now….have a good saturnalia everyone!

  • But just to be sure I didn’t leave anyone breathlessly hanging with Jimmy’s little ditty in Ulysses unfinished:

    What is life
    Without Plumtree’s
    Potted meat –
    With it
    An abode of bliss! (Now isn’t that nice?)

  • If you can’t
    Make sense
    Just be silly


    “We were born before the wind
    Also younger than the sun
    Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic
    Hark, now hear the sailors cry
    Smell the sea and feel the sky
    Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

    And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home
    And when the fog horn blows I want to hear it
    I don’t have to fear it

    And I want to rock your gypsy soul
    Just like way back in the days of old
    And magnificently we will flow into the mystic

    When that fog horn blows you know I will be coming home
    And when that fog horn whistle blows I got to hear it
    I don’t have to fear it

    And I want to rock your gypsy soul
    Just like way back in the days of old
    And together we will flow into the mystic
    Come on girl…

    Too late to stop now…”

    Van Morrison

  • Thanks for those precious teachings from Jimi, cuntagious. How could a guy who if you passed him on the street, you would probably think didn’t know shit about anything, turn out to be so deep and so understanding? Makes you think twice, to always think twice about folks….

    Sabine – Your kind words are like balm to my sore inner parts. Your Earth Mother is showing – and I love it!

    Robin – Today let’s celebrate Independence – from Everything!

    Still – Where are you? I need to share my epiphany about Osho……

  • Curious – Did you OD with bliss on the music set? I need to feel your heart closer to me….

    Everyone – I shared a poem by Rilke whose name got detached from it. I don’t want him mad at me when we meet up – so here’s my correction:

    Believe in a love that is being

    Stored for you like an inheritance,

    And have faith that in this love,

    There is a strength and blessing

    That is so large you can travel as

    Far as you wish without stepping

    Outside it.

    Ranier Maria Rilke

  • Firearms have a poor record of putting out fires, but are excellent for murder. Oh sorry – they are always used defensively – like the US Defense Department. Now there’s a bunch really loaded with firearms. I guess everybody should feel safe with them around. They should rename it the Department of Peace – Orwell would love that.
    Jimi H. should have said, “When everybody has a gun, the world will be at peace.”

  • @Kevin Provost

    I’m so fond of the two-post rule! Now that I see how it works in practice, I can simply stay away from any but the current thread, knowing that all older threads will be completely taken over by bromantic eye flutterings among two or three very spiritual people who love one another with all their hearts… Meanwhile, extinction continues apace.

    Do you know what Love is? Oh, and what could be more appropriate than LOVE in the face of extinction? As Dr. Guy McPherson says:

    Only LOVE remains.

    … but you won’t read that comment of mine anyway, because you will, as you said, stay away from “romantic eye flutterings” and stuff, as you are more interested in extinction primarily obviously.

    Just take your very own path, trust in yourself, good luck.

  • I know what LOVE is:

    It is a burning FIRE, exactly like climate change is a burning FIRE- who feels it knows it 8-)

  • That’s Ken, not Kevin, and bromantic, not merely romantic…..but here I am reading your response after all.

    I just think these warm fuzzy feelings are maybe what we should have been concentrating on, say, forty years ago…..today, it’s too little too late, as they say!

  • Ahahaha, OK, Ken, as I said:

    Just trust in your own way, trust in yourself, just like I decided to go my own way, to trust in myself, it’s ok to trust in oneself, there is even a nessecity to trust in oneself, a “Not- wendig- keit”, as we say in Germany :-)

  • Ken – If we are to soon be toast WTF WGAS. Looks like we’ve got some free time on our hands (my whole life has been free time except when I was locked up, then I had to do my flying in restricted airspace!) What better way to pass the time than tell stories with friends and make love and relax? No need to get all uptight about the weather report is there? Climate wise que sera sera whatever will be will be, the more it changes the more it remains the same. No man knows the hour or the day of his transition – relax and enjoy the ride (I used to tell my fares that when I drove a cab in Chicago, but they had every reason to freak about my crazy driving….). I often ask myself – Who knows? And I always answer myself “Nobody knows shit after all.” Very consoling mantra – and true too. I don’t mind some folks keeping a running score of our latest fuck ups and planet rapes or brutal cruelties to each other – that’s reality for you. I appreciate the scientific evidence mavens, they are doing good work, I think. But it doesn’t tell me how to live today – a topic some of us find relevant whatever goes down in the larger picture. So maybe loving and exploring the meaning of our lives together is not your cup of tea. Stay with what makes sense to you, we’ll try not to spill any tea on you. What you have shared doesn’t upset me at all. I know that a lot of folks find me pretty weird – I’m used to that. As long as they don’t throw things, I just take it as friendly kidding, mostly. You impress me as a good person, I like you.

  • Mike/Curious,

    Here’s one you might appreciate. :-)


  • Mike K writes: So maybe loving and exploring the meaning of our lives together is not your cup of tea.

    Pas du tout, mon frere, that’s JUST the kind of thing I was doing……in 1974! Along with reading Alan Watts, Krishnamurti, Schumacher, Bucky Fuller (heard him speak in a friend’s living room once), etc, etc.

    Unfortunately history dumped us hippies in a heartbeat, and here we are today. Too late to do what we shoulda done…..but I’m not dissing you, per se — I just can’t go there anymore…..

    Now it’s just watching the whole thing go down, and not worrying about how much the humans might be inconvenienced……