Edge of Extinction: That’s Your Projection

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  • Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
    Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen
    Ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Maaliki yaumid Deen
    Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een
    Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem
    Siraatal ladheena an ‘amta’ alaihim
    Ghairil maghduubi’ alaihim waladaaleen

    In the name of God, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.
    Praise be to God, Lord of all the worlds.
    The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Reckoning.
    You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
    Guide us on the straight path,
    the path of those who have received your grace;
    not the path of those who have brought down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.

    It’s good to know the opening prayer of mny millions of our Muslim friends.

  • We’re not quite wrapped tight, are we, Guy? Because we can drive cars, build awesome things, have gizmos, and do lots of things that compared to the rest of the animal world are rather spectacular, spectacular enough to exterminate the rest of life altogether, we perceive ourselves in a certain way. We confuse our creativity with intelligence, not facing the destructiveness of our ways of being, only focusing on the pinnacles of our actions.

    I find that I frequently cannot say what I think are ordinary things, measurable, material comments and receive a coherent, sane response.
    I feel that way when I try to talk about Native American cultures, traditions, and perspectives. I offer straightforward statements that can be checked out by anyone, such as my recent explanation regarding vision quests.

    The response I received? No one can really know.

    My reply was, Yes they can. Native Americans absolutely do know what a Native American vision quest is.

    Because I say Indians can know something about Indian traditions, a statement that I think is pretty close to water is wet, I get told I’m smoking drugs and have Disney-level fantasies about noble savages.

    I don’t really like a lot of people due to these things. I find it hard to bear, because it feels mean, and doesn’t make sense to me.

    From what I can tell, my angst over the subjects of Native Americans, indigenous culture and genocide, which is not in the least separate from my angst over our current self-created horrors, places me in a situation not dissimilar to yours.

    You tell people measurable facts, and they launch into attacks, debating whether you are a real scientist, that you are not qualified because you’re not a climatologist, whether you say it all in the exact right way, as if it’s your responsibility to correctly dispense the information to satisfy all your listeners, as if they were ordering a suit from a tailor, and so on. They malign your motives, tell straight-out lies about you, lie about what you have said, characterize you in profoundly offensive ways, you cult leader, you, and if you so much as tell them to read the essay, well, you’re also arrogant and rude on top of everything else.

    Can you not do ANYTHING right, Guy? I’ll answer for you: no. Not for some people, your can’t, and they will sacrifice their lives and sanity for the privilege of maintaining that opinion. Crazy monkeys.

    I just had a lengthy skirmish with the SJ bozos about their m.o, and it amazes me, dumbfounds me, absolutely stuns me that conversations ever go this way. I do not get the lack of responsibility, the incomprehension, the clear dishonesty, and the heartlessness behind interactions like these on the part of one of the sides.

    We aren’t that smart, and I so love it that you stop at “People don’t understand.”

  • Who are “the SJ bozos”?

  • Robin Datta,

    July 11th, 2015 at 7:57 pm you wrote “If someone wants to sell emotional and attachment snake oil, let them; caveat emptor!” Especially given that you have made it clear that we presumably should not use reasoning based on observations made in the world (natural science) regarding human thinking, feeling, and behaving, this comment raises a number of questions for me and perhaps some others as well:

    How do we best, most reliably determine that attachment theory and emotion-focused therapy amount to “snake oil” as you claim? Should we consult the Bible? Check in with the teachings of some philosopher, say Friedrich Nietzche or Immanual Kant? Refer to a poet, say Muhammed Rumi? Ask my U.S. Senator? Ask my next door neighbor? Consult with the Pope or my nearest indigenous shaman? Visit a Buddhist monk in Tibet? Should we meditate or pray while “knowing” that “the answer will come” if we will just “clear our minds of all thought” or “sincerely ask God for an answer”? Just write it off as “a mystery of faith” or a “mystery of the universe”? Should we ask you because you have the best, most reliable knowledge and judgment about such things and we all really would best acknowledge and accept that “fact”?

    You made the comment. Surely you must have had a highly reliable, if not infallible, method in mind for discriminating the “snake oil” from the “not snake oil” here. Three more related questions: Do any of the previously suggested methods, or the alternative method that you had in mind for repairing relationships, demonstrate a 70 to 80% clinical effectiveness rate and a low relapse rate as emotion-focused therapy based on attachment theory does? Does demonstrated effectiveness matter to you? If it does matter, how do you propose determining the effectiveness of your allegedly superior, “not snake oil” method without using reasoning based on observations of people in the world (i.e., studying humans using natural scientific methods)?

  • Why worry ! it can also come this way any minute no worrying will avert this …. “Live” ! that’s how you avert it “NOW” !

    “And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I
    don’t mind. Why should I be frightened of dying?
    There’s no reason for it, you’ve gotta go sometime.”

    “If you can hear this whispering you are dying.”

    “I never said I was frightened of dying.”
    and this song is called “The Great Gig in the sky ” Funny as shit !

  • (whisper) Lidia, it’s the Scott Johnson bozos who came out, anonymously, of course, to trash Guy in the comments posted about Jamail’s article a few days ago on Truthout. One of the Guy-haters’ criticism of Guy – that he keeps changing his monster essay. I suppose Guy should be using the “handy” 2007 IPCC report that Johnson waved about as a basis for his criticisms of Guy’s work. How’s that for critical thinking? Whew!

    a p.s. to Guy, I’ve been dealing with this kind of stupid-mean since I was five years old and gave my first show-and-tell presentation in kindergarten in the 50s on the subject of the four sacred colors and the four sacred directions. My teacher informed me that I was wrong, and didn’t know what I was talking about.

    Welcome to my world.

  • This video can help anyone understand why the media is not our friend when it comes to getting out message about the severity of our current extinction event including climate change. It’s much better than any other I’ve seen on YouTube.

    For instance did you know that there are only two print news services in the world: Associated Press and Reuters? Did you know that AP is owned by Reuters? Did you know that Reuters in owned by the Rothschild clan?

    Pass it on.

    BTW I read Gerry Mander’s book “4 arguments for the elimination of television” about 1980. It’s still very pertinent.

  • Guy, what you say in the video is true.

    I think it ties in to a discussion that came up several threads back. It’s just too difficult to talk about NTE with friends and family because it hurts them. It’s constitutionally hard to tell people we care about hurtful things, even if we are not the cause of the hurt!

    That’s why I keep hanging out here.. because it is impossible for me to speak as openly as you do, although I nibble around the edges, drop hints in glancing ways, leave breadcrumbs. I can’t imagine being as full-bore as you are, although I am equally convinced of the correctness of your conclusions. No doubt your calling to teach carries you through it.. you have to teach what you know.. there’s no psychological benefit, certainly, to teaching lies.

    I don’t know how you do what you do without going crazy, but I’m glad you’re doing it.

    P.S., you don’t make me feel bad. :-)

  • Perhaps it’s time to replace the fb descriptive of “gadfly” with “conduit”; less provacateur and, more accurately, a person whom acts as a channel to others.

  • People will come up with some sort of lame argument to cast doubt on any important message. It seems to me that it’s human nature to be disruptive of all things intelligent. But if the message is too clear, backed up with data and facts, they’ll fall back on, “you’re a mean person to make us feel bad”. Well, screw them and the horse they rode in on! I’ve seen it too many times, I’m done! They’re supposed to FEEL BAD if the message is threatening! Feeling upset about such messages should be the only real response, but sadly it’s not. Ignore them! Don’t give them a second thought, because it’s the common lame-brained people with their pathetic, hollow responses in place of serious inquiry that keep us walking steadily toward the edge of the cliff. They have never had anything important to contribute other than mindless consumption and never will.

    The stupids dominate the intellectual playing field with their confounding claptrap, their willingness to throw anything out there, just to get some attention, it seems. Most of the learned people smart enough to understand the information are too cowardly to step forward. Guy is brave enough to help those he can. He’s a real hero, to me. I’m the kind of person that gets excited by the truth about things. I haven’t thought people were smart enough to keep it together since I was a kid. I always thought I’d see the end in my lifetime, just from observing how dismally stupid humans are. Guy has shown us the seriousness of our folly and the path we’ve been on. I, for one, am grateful.

  • oldgrowthforest Says:
    July 12th, 2015 at 1:24 pm
    “(whisper) Lidia, it’s the Scott Johnson bozos who came out, anonymously, of course, to trash Guy in the comments posted about Jamail’s article a few days ago on Truthout. One of the Guy-haters’ criticism of Guy – that he keeps changing his monster essay. I suppose Guy should be using the “handy” 2007 IPCC report that Johnson waved about as a basis for his criticisms of Guy’s work. How’s that for critical thinking? Whew!

    a p.s. to Guy, I’ve been dealing with this kind of stupid-mean since I was five years old and gave my first show-and-tell presentation in kindergarten in the 50s on the subject of the four sacred colors and the four sacred directions. My teacher informed me that I was wrong, and didn’t know what I was talking about.

    Welcome to my world.”

    And i liked how people responded to the anonymous Scott Johnson posting.
    NOT!! No one pointed out the stuff you mention here, no one.

  • Gary Null = Mr. Super Positive Optimist, who can help you put hair on your bald spots.

  • ogf ~ no prob, and copied over. I am also confused as to what Jeff S is saying above.

    ~ mo

  • This morning, three districts outside Bangkok city in Thailand are without tap water. Water will be trucked in from other provinces. Reports from locals of factories still using water like crazy. Saw today where one of the raging local libruls urges golf courses to stop using water. I got news for you lady. The golf courses and factories are going to be THE LAST places to go without water.

  • Guy, I am sure that it is very hard to feel the hatred coming at you born of fear from so many. It’s a vibe thing too – not just words -and you’re sensitive enough to feel it. But you are ……right. No one can make you responsible for how they relate to these facts. The facts are very important and MOST people do want to know. The few who don’t can crawl away and re-boot into their shells if they happen to hear what you have to say and cringe in terror. They can stay away. BUT. They will be hearing it again and from more and more sources as time passes. Continue to stand up for your life and choices. There is nothing wrong with them. You are following your heart and mind. Its up to others to decide what to do with that. All that said, I believe that you are coming from a place of compassion and if people can’t see that, you can’t tell em. I have read your stuff a lot. I want to know these things. It helps me become more aligned with reality and thus…….more solid.

  • mo Says:
    July 12th, 2015 at 6:56 pm
    “ogf ~ no prob, and copied over. I am also confused as to what Jeff S is saying above.

    ~ mo”

    I’m saying that no one stood up against Scott Johnson, whereas several people supported him, including the ubiquitous Lisa Garret.

  • To Guy,
    I respectfully and honestly disagree with you. You are making it hurt. You make it hurt, not by presenting the scientific data, but by offering scary, alarming, and depressing commentary and conclusions, such as I see no hope, we’re at the edge of extinction folks, are days are numbered, total human extinction between 18 months and 20 years. OK, I’m scared, alarmed, and depressed and I feel hopeless. I don’t think I’d feel anywhere near as bad if all I had in front of me were the raw data. As I said it’s the commentary and the conclusions that are killing me, and it’s killing me that it’s coming from a very charismatic and effective public speaker. But on the positive side, Guy, you’re a nice guy. And you are a jolly joker. That helps smooth over all the negative emotions I feel.

  • @Bud Nye

    Bud Nye Says:
    July 11th, 2015 at 9:14 am [in the previous thread, Degrees of Cluelessness]

    “Diametrically opposite Guy’s “only love remains” theme, you seem to believe and strongly push the idea that “only hatred remains” while doing your best to MINIMIZE the emotional safety of the comment site. Please correct me if I have anything wrong here.”

    Thank you for standing up for the “Only love remains” theme.

    I’m reading comments threads that I missed since I last posted, and I’ve been appalled at the level of hate in some threads. I told a friend that NBL was about attacking and nothing else these days. Attacking. And we had long conversations about arrogance and a sense of superiority as part of Western civilization. Defining features of certain nations… And defining features of individuals’ egos – mine included. When only one ounce of my ego remains I am sure it will be an ounce of arrogance and feeling superior. This is the heart of my ego !

    I don’t know what Bob S. wrote. Nor what Jean Turcot wrote to warrant your thanks at the beginning of your post: “Jean Turcot, Thanks so much for your open, honest, thought-filled response.”

    But I found your whole post very articulate, well-argued, and courageous and right on. Thank you for it, once again.

  • @ Bob S.

    Man, take it easy. Love to you.
    Just read the thing.

    @Jean Turcot

    – Found out what the golf story was about. I learned from that. I know that sounds preachy or whatever, but this had me question myself about such a situation, if it occurred? Would I dare congratulate the person for her concern, for her daring to raise a taboo subject? Courage and fears are always there for me. Events that challenge me. I had one such event recently in my family life. Not daring say and do something for fear of hurting feelings – and finally ending up creating a whole hurtful situation by not daring in the first place!

    All this to say, your situation… will happen to me. I consider myself warned. :)

  • “It’s good to know the opening prayer of mny millions of our Muslim friends.”

    As when it (the Surah Fatiha) was recited by the assembly of all the students at the beginning of each school day in the school (Public School, Campbellpur) that I attended for a while in Campbellpur, West Pakistan (now Attock, Pakistan). I was the only non-Muslim in that school, inclusive of the administrative and housekeeping staff. But I learnt the Surah Fatiha by constant exposure at the age of ten. I also had the good fortune to learn Urdu, which was mandatory in school in Pakistan. Written in the Arabic script, it makes Arabic and Persian seem non-alien.

    Just twelve years prior, there was a substantial (30%+) Vedic and Sikh population in Campbellpur that had been completely evicted and/or exterminated. Campbellpur was named for Lieutenant General (later Field Marshal) Campbell who “secured” the area for the Crown.

    The word “Urdu” comes from Mongol, meaning army, as in the case of Genghis Khan’s hordes. In fact “hordes” is also from Mongol, and is the same original word as “Urdu”.

  • Supreme court of US has ruled against continuation of life on Earth:

    “In Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with a 5-4 majority opinion authored by Justice Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA’s proposed—and already widely enacted—regulations on toxic power plant emissions are invalid because of a failure to adequately consider the costs to industry that those regulations might incur. In this they validate the many lawsuits filed against the EPA by the coal industry and others since those standards were set.”


    Industry uber alles.

  • Dear Guy,

    There’s not much else to add to Lidia’s and Kirk’s replies – they say it all – except that I’m so glad you’re out there with your great courage and that you don’t make me feel bad either. The opposite is true: You make me feel good.
    In spite of being almost 67, I still feel strong, healthy and energetic, and I wish that it were possible to transfer some of that strength to you, whenever find yourself feeling low. It’s the only thing I could contribute,if it were possible.

    Always take good care of yourself – until the end.

  • Clathrate mind: a brain captivated within a cage of cultural bars, taboos, denial, ignorance, and fear.” – Dredd

  • Robyn, I’m sure you heard this, the opening prayer the British said as they held half the world at bay with a hundred thousand bayonets and thousands of tons of musket and ball, as they striped the colonies of their wealth and culture.

    “ALMIGHTY GOD, unto all hearts are open, all desires known, and from Whom no secrets are hid, Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, so that we may perfectly love thee and worthily magnify thy Holy Name.”

    HAHAHAHAHA! What a farce!

  • OOPS! The prayer should have started: Almighty God, unto WHOM…

    (I never fail to do something that reminds me that I’m as fumbling and stupid and careless as the rest of humanity. Say a prayer for me, will you please!)

  • Don’t be ridiculous Guy, the medium is the message, you are the medium and the message is you.

    Naomi Klein tells us in the New Yorker Magazine that the Pope was preaching to flowers telling them to sing to the Lord. The audacity. I think Klein may finally have met her match.


    I cut grass in a trailer park in Canada for a living. I kill more frogs, toads and bees every day than I care to imagine. I wish I studied the bible and became a preacher, just so I don’t gotta work no more. How many in the Vatican did just that? How many don’t even believe what they preach? You would be surprised.

    Preachin’ Blues

  • I live in old log cabin in the woods of northern Ontario where our secular Vatican, a.k.a. – our government, deemed in the 1979s that we should drive at a lower speed limit, but everyone ignored it and continued to drive at the older, higher speed limit, including the police. We still drive down the highway and see a great big lie every day for some forty years now.

    If you are poor by extra noodles every week. If you rich, move to Canada and buy my 20 acres at ten times its value. Do not over do food and shelter. Bug out stations are a hit. Raise rabbits, they don’t eat nuthin’ but grass and leaves. Store food outside in dispersed underground caches like in buried bug-out bags especially if you have to travel. A root cellar far away from the house is good.

    The only problem with Nature Bats Last is that humans bat first. Buy a cheap house in a small community with your own well. Fit yourself into those communities. Arm yourself.

  • @Still – Welcome back! I’ve missed your voice here. And I’ve really wanted to thank you for setting me straight about Osho. How could I have been so wrong about his final days in America?! I got down one of his books on Taoism, and as soon as I began to read, it came back to me in a flood how much this wise and wonderful man had taught me. Thank you so much for waking me up to my stupid error about him. In no way could this beautiful teacher have been responsible for the concocted charges brought against him that resulted in his deportation. All his books are coming down from our attic now, so I can resume learning from him. I discover that I have grown in spiritual understanding since reading him years ago, and am now in a better position to understand and profit from his enlightened wisdom. It’s like discovering a treasure that was gathering dust in my attic.

    How have you been? I was really afraid that I had insulted you or otherwise somehow been responsible for your stopping posting. I share your alarm at some of the ugly infighting that has happened on the comments blog recently. In light of what we are here to learn about on NBL it is perhaps understandable that some folks would be upset and angry; but to take it out on each other is hardly the way to deal with it. There are a lot of people who visit this site because of the serious subject it deals with. It would be a shame if those visitors left or hesitated to share due to the ugly tone that some seem to prefer. My own attempts to pour some oil on the troubled waters have been interpreted by some to mean that I am not a 100,000% true blue believer in their particular very near term definition of our present crisis. In their cultic mentality this seems to mean that I am a dangerous troll trying to undermine Guy’s basic message.

    The difficult thing to understand about those of a cultic mentality is that usually these are really good people who feel that their attacking someone is truly in the interest of a greater good. This makes it really difficult to respond to them once they have defined you as the “enemy.” Unfortunately those under the spell of cultism seem unable to exercise any degree of self-observation or self-criticism relative to their set in stone ideas. A sense of absolute certainty reigns in the kingdom of the cultic, which makes it nigh impossible to engage in meaningful discussion with them. If one who they have chosen to be their scapegoat should try to be nice to them and offer a parley – they interpret this as a sly trick and redouble their efforts to drive the hated goat from the sacred precincts of their self-defined tribe.

    All of this negative activity is done in the name of the putative “leader” of the gathering, Guy McPherson, even though he has wisely refused to be drawn into this tempest in a teapot. Nothing has come from Guy that endorses what some folks are putting out on his blog. Best I can tell he is a free speech kind of person, and probably feels that people will sort out their problems without his help. I do not get the feeling that Guy in any way wants his serious message turned into a cultic affair. I think he is acting as a teacher and a scientist who does not flee from criticism of his ideas, but uses it to strengthen his understandings. This is the spirit of good teaching and good science.

    My hope is that we can have peace on the blog, or at least a truce on the heavy attacks on each other. I hope we can learn to have disagreements with each other without descending into unproductive animosity. Dissensus is important for deep discussion, but emotion based personal attacks destroy meaningful sharing. If the people on this blog could agree to ease up on the heavy ad hominem stuff it would clear the air and dust off the welcome mat for others who might be interested in taking part in our sharings….

    @Robin D – Love. Thanks for sharing. I share your disgust at the perverted uses otherwise beautiful religions have been twisted to support. Separating the true from the false in religious matters is a necessary process, otherwise we throw away a lot of truth because of some lies that have been promulgated in the name of those truths. The Sufi group I was part of was anathema to the fundamentalist Muslim religionists.

  • I don’t dare mention NTE here at the hospital – all the folks seem so cheery and chipper – don’t want to blow my image as sweet old man telling jokes – to a grumpy old fart preaching end times!

    Shift change viewed from 8th floor reminds me of Hopi *crazy ants* prophecy. At 6:45 looks like someone sprinkled sugar where the buildings are and lines of *ants* from the parking lots march to their shift — must be a thousand or more in 3 different routes/lines.

    In this zero sum game on this cold hard rock, can’t help but ponder on the fate of those who suffer so I can fly in helicopters and have dozens of people fawning over me.

    OGF – i can relate to those who prefer the company of dogs to people :)

  • Stretch your mind to break the clathrate bars or die a victim (The Clathrate Minds of Oil-Qaeda).

  • .
    Number of emergency department visits for self-inflicted injury: 836,000
    Source: National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 2011 Emergency Department Summary Tables.
    All suicides
    Number of deaths: 41,149
    Deaths per 100,000 population: 13.0
    Cause of death rank: 10
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.

    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

  • I’m glad you can relate, Bob. Animals are very present in the now. They aren’t trying to change the world or themselves into some imagined perfection that doesn’t exist. I find it peaceful.

    Best wishes for your recovery. I hope you bounce back like a big rubber ball!

  • 2nd and last post for today:
    The Myth That’s Compelling ISIS
    Like several other religions, many Muslims believe in an end of time scenario that involves the emergence of a redeemer called al-Mahdi who will rule the world for seven to 19 years and fill it with justice after it was filled with injustice. Many Sunnis — who make up to 85 percent of Muslims — believe that al-Mahdi hasn’t been born yet.

    It is believed that his emergence, or re-emergence, will be the final chapter before the end of time and judgment day.

    A friend of al-Kadhimi’s on Facebook asked him, “anywhere to escape this madness?” Al-Kadhimi replied, “The south pole. It doesn’t show on the ISIS’s world map of its five Dinar currency. See you there!”
    Anybody know a realtor in Antartica?
    Please don’t have children.

  • Bob S.- Heal up soon and enjoy the meds!
    Here’s something to cheer you up:

    A Pastafarian Psalm

    As Lord is my sous-chef, I shall not fart!
He maketh me to lie down in green pesto,

    He droppeth me in the salt waters,

    He restoreth my boil.
He leadeth me down the path of ripe cheeses,
    for his strange cake.
Yea though I wade through the valley of the shadow
    of canned spaghetti,

    I will fear no weevils…

    But they outsmart me!

    Chef Rod and his staff, they comfort me.

    They preparest a table before me
    in the presence of Mime Cinema!
They anointed my tongue with soil!

    My mouth runneth over!!
Surly bees, and mercenaries shall follow me
    all the days of my life,

    and I shall dwell in the House of the Noodle forever
    and ever,

  • Pat . I told you .. there is a thousand ways ” The End ” can come . “the End ” is a natural phenomena that’s what the universe does it gives life and it takes it .. 97% off all on earth existing species are extinct now . The Planet saved itself from them already .. Now we are on the line .. Stop pitying yourself . As if someone can win this . Nobody can win this . All we can do is to live now . “The future is uncertain and the end is always near ” The Doors – The End . If you kill yourself than there is nothing . At least there is something until one is alive and until you here ….and who knows after , who cares, “Live here now” the greatest message also from Guy…. but hey go ahead and kill yourself if you feel like it …and as for myself

    “I tell you this, man, I tell you this
    I don’t know what’s gonna happen, man, but I wanna have
    My kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames alright”

    The Doors – American Night

  • Bob,

    I was a total pain in the ass during my hospital stays–complaining and fussing about every thing. Moronic. Glad to see your wise and dignified approach to the situation. Best wishes.

  • Guy, you must know this very well.
    Many people fear the dentist like a five year old child fears the boogie-man.

    Much of the population needed continual dentistry, especially before fluoride.
    Going to the dentist is still a dreadful horror for many people, even with routine anesthetics.

    Many dentists naturally picked up on their patients dread & took it personally.
    Constant foreboding, fear, & negative emotions from panicked patients caused many well-meaning & skilled dentists to get very depressed to the point of suicide.

    Not long ago dentists led the list for depression & the highest suicide rate.
    Proof that even trying to help folks can be a bummer.

    Delivering the best best scientific info about the increasing probability of NTE gives the listener the freedom to make the most of his days left.

    We can call it honesty, love, despair, or the ugly truth.
    We can call it all of the above.

  • @oldgrowthforest:”One of the Guy-haters’ criticism of Guy – that he keeps changing his monster essay.”

    The “Climate-Change Summary and Update” could certainly benefit from having the format of a wikipedia entry (GitHub would be overkill) with discussions and change history. I would call this user-friendliness though and less improved transparency.

  • before I discovered this site a couple of years ago, I believe it was a comment from the Ruppert Life Boat which led me here, I was well underway in understanding that something was terribly wrong with our climate.

    The information you provide Professor, has helped me to adjust my timelines insofar as my plans to not only survive, but to survive in such a way as to do as little damage to the planet as I can during my remaining time on it, simple really my projections have been clarified and so I say simply again…thank you Sir!…

  • I was just thumbing through a book called The Complete Journalist written in 1944. It’s opening chapter ended with “The Three Vital Points”.

    Vital point # 1 was – “When reporting news Be Cheerful. Cultivate a sunny outlook even in the face of difficulties: people don’t want to read morbid or bitter contributions”

    I guess that ever since we invented ways to spread the news we haven’t really wanted to know the full truth.

  • kt256,

    This is what I posted on the previous thread when I ran out of room here:

    “Here is a direct quote of the exact words of the criticism: “You probably know that McPherson keeps changing and sometimes correcting the monstrous essay to which he likes to refer critics rather than respond to specific questions.”

    Yes, I know that Guy keeps changing the essay. He begins with information about how it is updated frequently, he provides the date for the most recent update, and he even provides double asterisks to identify the specific updates.

    So, yes, I do know that Guy keeps “changing” the essay, and correcting it when he needs to, and I know that he refers people who like to malign his motives and his character to it. It is very difficult to have nonsense conversations, like someone criticizing Guy for changing (not “updating”) his monster essay, when it was specifically designed to be updated. Why on earth would he go there? He would never get anything done.

    My opinion is that the dude doesn’t appear rational. I could be snotty and talk about reading comprehension, but that’s not what is going on. What he is doing is willful. He is being willfully blind in order to continue with his faults of Guy. Sadly, he’s common. People are not that smart, and words fail us more than we can see. I agree with Kirk. The problem is not that people cannot cope with NTE. This is how humans are! I’m not a cynic. I do not believe that all people have selfish, base motives. But I feel that most of us are not very likeable. So I live with dogs, and I like that a lot.”

    I don’t think Guy can do a single thing to make any of this easier, not altering his delivery, not refraining from offering his justifiably terrifying conclusions, not changing the essay format, not anything.

    Even if it were true that there is a more perfect format out there that people think will be “better,” there is nothing wrong with Guy’s format now, unless you just don’t want to take the time to read it and look for updates.

    How many times a day do you think to yourself how much better things could be if only the world looked like the perfection in your mind, as you are doing now? kt, thinking like that is the problem, not the answer. It’s good enough. When things are good enough, and we get all creative about how it could be so much better if only, it’s destructive. I think our job here is to put all those ideals and fantasies of perfection on our selves and live them. Is your life “better” or easier everywhere it could be? Is there a single thing in your life that could benefit from your creative improvements? Even something so limited as a single essay, even if it is quite long? If so, then those things need and deserve your attention.

    The “ideology of the ideal,” as someone so kindly quoted Ward Churchill not too long ago, is a kind of psychosis that holds most westerners in thrall. And it is the inspiration for a lot of brutality everywhere. Unless we are in need of medical attention, are hungry, are without shelter or water, and a very few other necessary elements to support life, we don’t need things to be “better.” That’s our unconscious creativity and hubris that believes we are competent to make things better.

    Guy’s work is Guy’s work. He cannot tailor it to suit every level of intelligence, emotional sensitivity, and prior biases that exist in people. It’s good enough, even if it takes some work and time to understand, as it should.

    That’s my perspective on that.

  • Robin Datta,

    Regarding your July 12th, 2015 at 2:57 pm response:

    I see. Not the Bible, not a philosopher, not a Buddhist monk, nor the Pope. Swami Tadatmananda’s lectures on Adi Shankaracharya’s Drig Drishya Viveka presumably contain the infallible Truth in discriminating “snake oil” from “not snake oil” in life, as well as how we best resolve relationship conflicts (and with no concerns about demonstrated effectiveness nor relapse among people).

    As you wish. Though—happily(!)—you and everyone else have a right to whatever beliefs you may wish to hold that help you manage your existential anxiety, feel good, and cope with life and death (at least we still do for the most part in our present society), such reasoning, which seems arbitrary and authority-based to me, does not make much sense to me. It seems to me that whether one chooses the Bible, a philosopher, a Buddhist monk, the Pope, or Swami Tadatmananda’s lectures, the process remains fundamentally the same: relying on a chosen authority to define “reality” and “Truth”. (Well, not so much a consciously “chosen” authority as one culturally taught, for most people, most of the time.)

    I value quite a different process than reliance on an allegedly infallible authority regarding such things: I put my faith in reasoning about and constructing conceptual models based on verifiable observations in the world; models we change as we learn more. Meanwhile, the vast number of things that we do not know remain just that: things we acknowledge we do not yet know—and may never know. We have no compulsion to attribute such unknowns to one or some combination of alleged metaphysical forces and entities (while ignoring the problem of how such a supposed non-physical force, entity, or spirit could conceivably affect a physical one in any way). While I respectfully acknowledge your beliefs, I walk on a different path.

  • @oldgrowthforest

    I keep on hearing a criticism about publications on the internet that sounds much like the one you mentioned where a document is deemed too ephemeral to be taken serious. I normally point to wikipedia and how nicely it solves this problem and then some.

    It would make it a little bit easier to read, harder to maintain and would hand one less point to the detractors. Ultimately you may be right the cost is not worth the benefits. Given that the guys criticism is probably motivated by something much closer to loss of economic status than to gain knowledge he certainly won’t be convinced by a shinier essay.

    That perfectionism issue, I know how much work that is, Pareto’s law looks much better every day.

  • A couple attempts to post a page about me on Wikipedia have lasted less than 24 hours. Wikipedia doesn’t like my message. What are the chances a page about near-term human extinction would last even 24 hours?

  • What if?
    What if I use technical medical terms. Talk of many diseases and ailments. What if I encourage people to call me DR, and even get a phd in front of my name. What if I tell people to be positive, to eat properly, and to get off of their fat asses and exercise regularly(good chance that mat help).
    Now I KNOW I can’t actually prescribe medicine or even charge people for medical treatment, however, if I mix-up some crap in my shed out back, I can sell that!
    I can be rich!
    I know, I’ll mix-in this charlatanry with some good information and by god, I’ll do great.

  • Guy,

    Interesting. Does anyone at Wikipedia give any explanation for their failing to post? Does anyone know of any way to get an explanation? Does a link exist where one might post a query about this? What might happen if MANY PEOPLE, from all around the world, asked them about why they will not post such a page? I would like very much to hear their “explanation”.

  • Bud, I know the answers to none of your questions. I didn’t post the Wikipedia pages of me, but I saw them. They quickly disappeared.

  • when you think you cannot be fooled
    you are then the PERFECT FOOL

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_McPherson

    “This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.

    20:37, 22 March 2014 Bbb23 (talk | contribs) deleted page Guy McPherson (A7: No explanation of significance (real person/animal/organization/web content/organized event): G10)”

  • Try living a week without any purchase of plastic, our society is over

  • “20:37, 22 March 2014 Bbb23 (talk | contribs) deleted page Guy McPherson (A7: No explanation of significance (real person/animal/organization/web content/organized event): G10)”

    But they have an entry on the Pokemon game, “Hey you, Pikachu!”… Go figure.

  • What you will find on Wikipedia is huge levels of misdirection, misinformation, and suppression.


  • Conflation of non-acting witness with action by the insentient body mind complex in oneself is a starting point. Attribution of sentience to other body mind complexes is based on unwitting Turing tests that suggest such sentience as intrinsic in those body-mind complexes.

    The witnessing awareness performs no actions. All actions and all phenomena, both gross and subtle (such as mental), are based in time and space, in matter and energy and are insentient.

  • Gerald S.. I respect that your post is simply using the dentist/patient situation as a metaphor for Guy’s position vis-a-vis his audience.. but your words lead me to suspect that you may have unwittingly (and out of character) swallowed some dental industry propaganda?

    IMO patients have been perfectly justified in fearing the dentist. I don’t know much about the situation stateside, but in the UK, roughly from 1945 until the early ’90s, dentists working for the National Health Service were paid according to the amount of work they did, thus giving the dentist a financial incentive to do a great deal more drilling and filling than might be strictly necessary. Pre-teens could be set up for a lifetime of dental misery by over-zealous dentists determined to find every little site of potential caries, enlarge it with a drill, and fill with mercury amalgam. A process which more or less guaranteed for the patient the necessity of it’s repetition/escalation into the forseeable future.

    To be fair, that over-zealous approach was an over-compensation from the pre-war/pre-NHS days when, afaict, the most economically rational dental treatment option for most working-class folk was to get the whole lot pulled out and and a full set of dentures, at the first sign of trouble.

    And it’s more than likely that the dentist’s historical disposition towards depression and suicide was a result of chronic mercury poisoning rather than any patient/dentist emotional contagion.

    And luckily for the ‘heavy-metal generation’ (those of us with a gob-full of mercury amalgam) there are still some diligent dentists prepared to dig around in it to salvage what can be salvaged (of dental health, not toxic scrap metal, obviously).

    I once started to develop a theory that the whole industrial revolution thing might be down to creeping mercury toxicity (it was first used as dental filling material around 1815, iirc), but obviously I’d have to be ‘mad as a hatter’ (guess what made ’em mad?) to think such a thing. :)

    Sorry- well off-topic! As you were…

  • Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree,
    If mankind perished utterly;
    And Spring herself when she woke at dawn
    Would scarcely know that we were gone.
    — Sara Teasdale

  • Looks like the Sun is going to provide a Negative Feedback Loop Guy has not considered in his analysis.

    Winter is Coming: Scientist Says Sun Will Nod Off in 15 Years

    Posted: 07/13/2015 3:30 pm EDT Updated: 2 hours ago

    Might want to start stockpiling those down jackets: The sun could nod off by 2030, triggering what scientists are describing as a “mini ice age.”

    Professor Vlentina Zharkova of Northumbira University presented the frigid findings at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, Wales. Modern technology has made us able to predict solar cycles with much greater accuracy, and Zharkova’s model predicts that solar activity will drop by more than half between 2030 and 2040.

    Solar activity was thought to be caused by a turbine-system of moving fluid within the sun. In search of a more accurate system of prediction, Professor Zharkova and her team discovered fluctuating magnetic waves in two layers of the sun. By studying the data of the dual waves, she says, predictions are far more precise.

    “Combining both waves together and comparing to real data for the current solar cycle, we found that our predictions showed an accuracy of 97 percent,” said Zharkova, whose findings were published by the Royal Astronomic Society.

    Using this method, she and her team discovered that there will be far less solar activity in sun cycles 25 and 26, leading to a prolonged period of solar dormancy

    “In cycle 26, the two waves exactly mirror each other — peaking at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the Sun. Their interaction will be disruptive, or they will nearly cancel each other. We predict that this will lead to the properties of a ‘Maunder minimum’,” said Zharkova.

    The Maunder Minimum is the title given to periods of time when sunspots are rare. It last occurred between 1645 and 1715, when roughly 50 sunspots were recorded, as opposed to the standard 40,000. That time was marked by brutal, river-freezing temperatures in Europe and North America.
    — Matt Berical

    In addition, recent scientific evidence from Russian scientists in the Siberian traps suggest that methane craters being formed are the result of geothermal warming, not climate change.

    Mystery of Siberia’s 200ft-deep craters solved


  • RE, your ignorance knows no bounds. If you’d done a little research, you’ve have discovered a few tidbits about that cute feedback of yours:

    The clathrate gun has been fired. There is no way the proposed mini ice age will significantly slow the heating.

    Every report I’ve read about this study misquotes it. Solar *magnetic* activity was evaluated. Media reports are claiming solar *intensity* will decline.

    The anticipated 60% reduction in solar magnetic-cycle magnitude translates to a climate forcing of -0.1 W/m2. That’s equivalent to a decrease of 8 ppm atmospheric carbon dioxide. The atmosphere currently holds about 400 ppm CO2, with 350 ppm ultimately lethal to humans. Subtracting 8 ppm at this point is analogous to giving a blood transfusion to a dead man.

    Or you could read this. Even Joe Romm figured out this one.

  • No problem. The system maxes out at 22C average temp when all the clathrates have finished firing off.

    So, all we need to do is figure out how to survive with an average global temp of 22C or around 76F globally, which should remain somewhat cooler at the high latitudes and higher elevations.

    I’m figuring that 10,000 Diners can make it through the Clathrate Gun Blow Off in the Brooks Range with a community situated in a valley approximately 3000′ above current sea level. Temps should be averaging in the 50-60F range on average, and rainfall should be fairly regular.

    You need to let go of those Negative Waves Guy and think POSITIVE for a change. :)


  • Hey RE, weren’t you just pushing undersea volcanoes or some shit on your gaudy blog yesterday? Holy fuck boy you flip flop on the pet theories like a 5 term politician. Anything but what it actually is eh? You would think those 4.4 million plus former acres (and growing) of forest just burnt up in your own back yard (as was predicted by many AGW models) might convince you otherwise. Nope, moron to the bitter end. Keep up the bad work.

  • The stunning statistic that puts this year’s Alaskan wildfires in perspective

    “As of Monday, it is at 4,447,182.2 acres, according to the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center — a total that puts the 2015 wildfire season in sixth place overall among worst seasons on record. It’s very likely to move into fifth place by Tuesday — and it’s still just mid-July. There is a long way to go.

    According to the Center, 2015 is now well ahead of the rate of burn seen in the worst year ever, 2004, when 6,590,140 acres burned in 701 fires. “Fire acreage totals are more than 14 days ahead of 2004,” the agency notes. In other words, and although the situation could still change, we may be watching the unfolding of the worst year ever recorded.”


    Alaska Interagency Coordination
    Center Situation Report
    Monday – 07/13/2015


    A grand solar minimum would barely make a dent in human-caused global warming


  • Drop in the bucket here AM. That is 4.4M out of Alaska’s total land and water area of 424,491,520 acres. IOW, about 1%. Given the population here, we can lose a lot more before things get nasty.

    Far as my gaudy blog goes, it does pretty good in readership, certainly better than NBL. LOL. NBL is at 746K on Alexa, the Diner is at 304K.

    I don’t care WTF you write or what your spin is, if you don’t get readership you are just pissing in the wind. So, feel free to criticize my methodology all you want, but until you can put up a blog that gets more readers than I do, I will squash you like a bug by the numbers. Virtally nobody reads your shit. I have slightly greater than nobody reading mine.


  • You’re all the rage, RE. That’s why I see you on other media all the time.

    Oh, wait. That’s me, not you.

    So much for squashing bugs.

  • I’m confused. Isn’t 746,000 more than twice 304,000?

    RE says: “NBL is at 746K on Alexa, the Diner is at 304K.”

  • Or is that the ranking?

    Also, who gives a shit?

  • Been gone most of the day and missed the “goings-on”. About an hour ago, an innocent, 11 year-old, child died in my arms. It wasn’t his fault and, yet, he didn’t blame anybody; not even his parents, who had abandoned him.

    As his breathing labored, in his last waking moments, I asked if he wanted anything. “A hug”, he whispered. For most of the last year, his only human contact was with the doctors, nurses and staff, as they poked and prodded, wearing masks, gloves and sterile surgical gowns. He could have asked for a miracle, a chance to live the life he had been cheated, but all he wanted was a hug.

    At the edge of extinction, whether mass or just one life, only love remains.

  • 10,000 Diners, to dine on each other,
    5,000 Diners, to eat 500 mothers.
    1,000 to dine! a sumptuous repast!
    300 for dessert, as the bugs eat the last.

  • I repeat, so that RE can ignore it again:

    You’re all the rage, RE. That’s why I see you on other media all the time.

    Oh, wait. That’s me, not you.

    So much for squashing bugs.

  • sorry RE, I am going to allow the one overpost above, as Guy responded to that. but the others (if you want to post them again) have to go in the basement threads.

    the new two post rule is even more hardcore than cannibal Diner gas, I am afraid.

    ~ mo

  • Most of the crazy monkeys are going to jump on the mini ice age bandwagon. I can read the collective mind, “We don’t have to change a thing! The ice age will save us! Drill baby drill! Burn baby burn!” Or, “God is stretching forth His mighty hand to block the fires of the Sun! Howelinglulu!”

  • @ Mike K

    Mike, so nice of you, this welcome. You make me feel like the world – if that’s an expression, I think so…
    Been digesting my coming out as a lover of Osho. So, double thank you for your welcome. And been working. Read your post, it’s great, really great and then (sorry, really) it gets less interesting, or feels so.

    Really sorry to be saying so. Man, I remember a long post I made and you were one of the two people encouraging me to post. Grateful for that. Here is what you say:

    “The difficult thing to understand about those of a cultic mentality is that usually these are really good people who feel that their attacking someone is truly in the interest of a greater good.”

    Man, I am with you on that, all the way. The greater good. The fucking greater good.

    So up until there your post is great, and remains great in that paragraph. And then it becomes weaker. Maybe you feel like… so happy and such, company. I come here for company, so I can relate. But your 4th and 5th paragraphs are weaker than the first 3. Of course, your welcoming me back is the strong paragraph :) !! I’m riding my ego like a big car tonight… Mike K is welcoming me back. The very Mike K that encouraged me to (see what I mean, getting too much… less interesting right here).

    Thank you, all I can say. I owe you a lot. But more coddling will have to be in a basement ! :)

    I used to write poetry, and I was always overshooting by a couple of lines – the feeling was there for 12 lines and I wanted to add 2 more, just to tie ends nicely, or to whatever. But they felt different those 2 extra lines. Never stuck to the wall.

    But words are what we have for sharing here, so I should not be tough on you. Man, you warmed my heart tonight.

    @ Bob S.

    You made me smile on NBL for the first time in a long time with:

    “I don’t dare mention NTE here at the hospital – all the folks seem so cheery and chipper – don’t want to blow my image as sweet old man telling jokes – to a grumpy old fart preaching end times!”

    Check that gown! Never trust there’s no one behind. Get well fast and stay grumpy, please.

    @ Robin Datta

    Urdu. I envy you so much. I read Ghalib in English and I don’t understand anything. I wish I could not understand him in Urdu, at least.

    I envy you, and those who know Farsi.

    @ Kevin Moore

    Catching up on threads I read about your having had shingles. My god… wish to god I never have this baby.

    @ Mike K

    You seem to have a charisma for making me feel like simply expressing myself truthfully. Does it happen to other people around you? You said things that provoked me into being truthful. And tonight being kind, and so, again, making me feel that – and I even felt safe enough to tell you something I thought was a little too much in your post. Because I “know” you want to hear that, I think. I think you like the truth. Strange, just thought of that.

    Now I have to stop. And I might not post often, and I will miss a lot of posts. But I’ll say Hi to you on a current post sometime. I won’t be able to keep track of that fast moving train. I’m not finished yet filling the gap between this thread and early July comments.

    But I will be reading some of your posts, Mike. And I will say Hi.

    Love to you

  • Kirk H

    I feel you are right, sadly.
    However, as sociologist Anthony Giddens…


    …proposes, during Modernity, new extended ‘trust’ relations were creatded so that instead of trusting local known people and technology one knew how to make and repair, ‘moderns’ put their trust, and encouraged their children to too, in what he calls expert systems, (e.g. passenger plane flight, computer s), and symbolic tokens, (e.g. money) to get by. This began a whole culture wide process of distrust of earlier modes, like trusting people, and the agreements they make personally.

    So, it seems altogether understandable that there is the inertia to keep BAU, until the taps are dry and the food don’t arrive nearby in shops, not to mention the toilet paper. So too is the trust in the idea(s) that Santa Claus god will save the day, even through some waving of the cosmic wand that ‘creates’ a cyclic(?) mini ice age during the 2020’s 2030’s, which the non animist scientist have postulated, (afiak Guy’s ‘Magnetic’ corrections to popular uptake of the idea).

    Most children will prefer to have a horrible story, be scared out of their wits, and have it end with a clean safe ending!… in time to go by by beddy by by.

    I suspect Kirk, that many people will be continually believing the hopium put out on MSM, and Guy will probably never last longer than a day or two on Wiki.

    When you look at Guy’s new work regime, since leaving the University and moving to the mud hut, it seems obvious since the venture capital funding has not arrived, no one who has symbolic tokens to invest feels his message, claims and discerning discussion on the evidence for NTHE is not in the above category of a happy bedtime story.

    Guy went out into the woods….leaving bedtime stories behind.

    Just on that issue of ‘trust’ especially of symbolic tokens, here is the latest on how it still comes back to the t word…

    ‘Greek debt crisis: ‘Who will trust Germany after this?’ asks Paul Krugman’


    “The Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has said the EU’s demands of Greece are madness and accused Germany of killing the European project.

    In a blog published in the New York Times before eurozone leaders announced they had reached a compromise agreement on Monday morning, Krugman suggested German demands over Greece were vindictive, adding: “Who will ever trust Germany’s good intentions after this?” ”

    For those interested, here is the link to the NYT article by Krugman from above quote:

    ‘Killing the European Project’


    On a lighter note…

    Somewhere in the world it is clear, warm, bright and sunny. This occurs also in people hearts sometimes too, though you rarely read about it in the papers, or on screens.

    Just sayin ;)

  • RE Over in the Arctic Ice forums they demolished in a pretty systematic process the Maunder minimum or solar magnetic decrease causing cooling.

    And they did it just with CO^2

    http://forum.arctic-sea-ice.net/index.php/topic,143.msg56487.html#msg56487 specifically #347

    I lurk and read some of the links there at times. The Greenland mapping (all those below sea level portions of Greenland) and basal water forcings and the processes occuring on the north of Ellsemere Island – I find quite interesting in a morbid manner.

    As former editor of BullAtomSci and later a frequent flyer of Con-Air Sam Day used to say in Latin, dont let the illegitimate ones corrupt you.

    And don’t let the illegitimate news sources of tobacco -DDT- Monsanto – OilQaeda memes live rent free in your head either.

    I have talked to many a new or semi-new live-in assistant living and working with the mentally challenged and often said, “Do you want that idea (or what that person did) to live rent free in your head?”

  • “we presumably should not use reasoning based on observations made in the world (natural science) regarding human thinking, feeling, and behaving”

    The only way to be acquainted with the realm ot spacetime and matter & energy is through observation and logical reasoning.

    An infant performs Turing tests to categorise sentient and non-sentient. It may miscategorise a wind-up doll for a while. But the concept of sentience in others is a arbitrary projection consonant with prior sensory inputs; there is no rational way to prove sentience and not a sophisticated programming in every instance where sentience is presumed.

    With reasoning based on observations, everyone except “I” is a meat robot.

    “I see. Not the Bible, not a philosopher, not a Buddhist monk, nor the Pope.”

    The “I” fails to “see”. The whole purpose of that execiise of multiple diffrent treatments of the original work is to have the “I” that is the seer clearly discern the distinction between its self and tne seen in every instance of a seen, not just in some ancient text or its exegesis.

  • The equivalent of a drop of 8 ppm CO2e (e=equivalent) due to decreased solar magnetic activity is to happen by 2030. By how many ppm will the atmospheric CO2e RISE in the next 15 years due to emissions?!!

  • Jeez RE, I though I was stupid till I met you

  • to Still the Osho lover (for goodness sake!),

    after reading your love-in comment addressed to Mike K, which sounded to me as if you were on some sort of high, you might like to come down a little and read this as an antidote, put things into perspective a little:


    In my experience, people who are truly “spiritual” don’t need to go around expressing this constantly, shouting it from the roof tops.

    OGF knows about that, a wise woman.

    Go on, treat yourself to a low and some truth, read this essay – and maybe contemplate and reflect.

    I’m truly aghast at yours and Mike K’s reasoning here.

    If you have to boost each other’s egos constantly, please start a thread on the forum (the basement) where you can “discover” and communicate your “spiritual progress and experience” to your hearts’ content.

    Feel free to tell me that I’m a stupid old woman – or worse – but do remember that this site is about NTE, the only one on the internet.

  • The fake guru video says 0 about true spirituality. It is simply a testament that gullible fools abound.

    OGF’s excellent posts addressing the folly of trying to describe and/or understand native american culture by examining it from the outside – applies, IMO, to spirituality as well.

    While I have never read much Osho, the fact of 99 Rolls brings a smile to my face. Nobody paid Osho much mind – but with 99 Rolls suddenly Osho was on the tongues of even the most staunch non-belivers. He was simply following the ad writers grail AIDA – attention, interest, desire, action.

    Remember, half the time I don’t have a clue what I go on about!

    On another note – home from the hospital – doing OK. Thanks again for all the well wishes – they were indeed heartfelt and encouraging – thanks for sending those vibes this way.

    Finally, I don’t believe RE to be stupid – I believe his huge ego just has him tripping over his tongue – IMO, he manifests a strong desire to be The One – simply being one of the choir.

  • Find yourself.
    Find yourself on this table to assess your level of guilt and the relative benefit of you being downgraded to a lower level.
    Distribution of world GDP, 1989
    Quintile of
    population Income
    Richest 20% 82.70%
    Second 20% 11.75%
    Third 20% 2.30%
    Fourth 20% 1.85%
    Poorest 20% 1.40%
    Dead People 0.00%
    How many cars did you purchase, how many miles did you drive?
    How many children suffered? How many continue to suffer? Just so you can sit in an air-conditioned home and watch television?
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

  • I’ve posted a guest essay and much, much more. Catch it all here.

  • Finally, I don’t believe RE to be stupid – I believe his huge ego just has him tripping over his tongue – IMO, he manifests a strong desire to be The One – simply being part of the choir isn’t an option for him.

    As for Alexa – well one look at Alexa page reveals a diner or two with an Alexa toolbar (how alexa stats are calculated). Unless you believe the *average* visitor spends 2 hours on the diner blog!! These stats are manipulated to give appearance of more interest than actually exists. If a few batters were to install alexa toolbar – NBL’s *alexa rating* would skyrocket.

    I’m surprised even the 4 regular diners didn’t disappear after the thread of RE’s recent troubles with medical insurance carriers when he said he refused to pay for neck surgery as “a life without money isn’t worth living.” That kinda lays RE bare.

  • hey Bob S ~ glad to hear you are home and doing OK.

  • .
    @ Bob S.
    True! People that need YOU to tell them they are right are a waste of time.
    It’s not my job to validate you, get a dog.
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

  • Most folk view Alexa as worthless due to it’s ease of manipulation.

    similarweb.com offers a better look – unique visitors

    diner gets 8k a month — time on site = 2minutes with 2 pageviews — bounce 80%
    NBL gets 30k — time on site = 2minutes with 2 pageviews — bounce 50%

  • Like being a batter — it’s no fun :)

  • .
    P.S. I’ve noticed that many of us who think that we humans are done are those who chose not to have children and can’t believe it when we see people with kids.

    Does having offspring lead to denial?

    There are polls showing the people most likely to deny extreme climate change are young mothers. It makes sense.

  • .
    gail zawacki said…
    It’s really very simple if you can step outside of the ubiquitous conviction that humans are the crown of creation or indeed anything special at all. John Gray, Straw Dogs: “The destruction of the natural world is not the result of global capitalism, industrialisation, “Western civilisation” or any flaw in human institutions. It is a consequence of the evolutionary success of an exceptionally rapacious primate. Throughout all of history and prehistory, human advance has coincided with ecological devastation.” As far as the notion of NTHE goes, it simply isn’t now and never will be of any significant impact on human behavior or attitudes, so whether it encourages some to defeatism and others to activism is moot, merely an academic point to argue about while the runaway train continues on course towards the cliff, ever accelerating. As collapse proceedes, far more people are going to turn to idiotic religious beliefs than ever will understand ecocide, and the rest will simply ignore and deny until the very end. http://www.theonion.com/articles/71-billion-demonstrate-in-favor-of-global-warming,36984/
    9:53 AM

  • @Guy, re. “feeling bad”. I realized that was a weird statement to close with, but it’s because I’d excised a whole section of what I’d written about what your video comment dredged up from my past.

    I had an exbf who I now think must have had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He treated me pretty awfully, and I put up with it for a number of years, thinking (as one does) that somehow things might change with increased compassion and compromise. When he got together enough money to move out (in debt to me for a year’s rent or more), he went off to California and hooked up with that MLM self-help scam, The Forum®™ . A spin-off of est, it was popular in the early 1980s among some of the yuppie sales scum and middle managers I had ancillary contact with.

    ANYwhoo, exbf called me up out of the blue a year after skipping out, in order to “make amends”… not spontaneously but as instructed by the program, I later found out… and though the call is supposed to ask for “forgiveness”, attendees were instructed to contact the people who *they* felt wronged *them*!. Which is all kinds of fucked-up. See link below.

    Not only was it horrible to have to talk to this guy again, his idea of making amends was sharing this bit of Forum®™ wisdom: “I don’t make you feel bad; YOU make you feel bad!” This was his parting “forgiveness” gift to me! :-o


    Bizarre side note: exbf went on to run for governor of CA on a stoner platform.

    That said, the idea that someone else has the power (or not) to “make us feel bad” is not a ridiculous one. “Feeling bad” has its utility. It helps us navigate social duties and debts. It tells us when we are doing “right” vs. “wrong” (although right and wrong may be wildly contextual).

    We can, to a certain extent, though, manage how “bad” we feel like feeling.

  • Just the presence of someone doing something differently can cause “people to feel bad”:


    (“Radical Simplicity” guy provokes havoc at the family reunion by bringing his own cup and plate.. starts at about 1:51)

    “It’s hard not to have a shared reality.” Amen.
    “All I can do is listen to their pain and confusion.”

    He thinks people “get it in their heart”, though.

    Lots of goopy stuff in that podcast for mike et al!

  • This post should be on today’s thread, but i’m already over-posted there, so:


    Heavy summer rain in Greenland speeds up ice melt

    [quote by Edward Hanna, professor in climate change with the University of Sheffield, UK]

    “The trouble is we don’t really have a clear prediction of how such events will change in frequency and intensity over Greenland with on-going climate change,” he says.

    “But certainly this is another, now well-evidenced potential feedback that should be included in studies of ice sheet change during the rest of this century,” says Hanna.

    Yet another feedback . . .

  • .
    The problem is Overpopulation! We don’t need to “Feed the Hungry,” we need to “Starve the Masses” in order to achieve a sustainable population that, even so, will still be hard-pressed to survive the coming violent results of our past stupidity. That is, of course, if you WANT humans to have any chance – the bigger question is “Which Humans?”
    Would you rather commit suicide or be exterminated?
    The problem: overpopulation, overconsumption, and the cumulative consequences of both.
    The Solution? How is easy, Why is easy, When is easy, What is easy, but the WHO, that is the hard part! But, the bigger question is: Then what?
    Live simply, kill nothing. Eat only that which falls from the trees, sleep on the ground, drink from the river.

  • .
    Nearly 10 years after its launch, the New Horizons space probe made a flyby 7,750 miles from Pluto, marking the first time in history a spacecraft has examined the dwarf planet up close, and NASA has begun to release data and images transmitted from the approach. Here’s what we’ve learned about Pluto so far:

    Has really let itself go since reclassification
    Scant gravitational pull is only enough to hold one’s attention for about 40 seconds
    Probably doesn’t have any trees
    Will complete next orbit around the Sun well after certain obliteration of all life on Earth
    Has five beautiful moons that it loves equally
    May be capable of sustaining rock-based life
    Is part of the United States
    Will almost assuredly be plundered of all its natural resources within 20 years
    We were way off painting it purple for our third-grade solar system diorama
    Similarly cold, desolate, and uncaring as rest of universe

  • pat: did you see the latest picture of Pluto? Looks somewhat familiar