Near-term Habitat Loss for Humans

Fact: This planet has not harbored humans at 1.73 C or higher above baseline (i.e., the beginning of the industrial revolution). The number may be much lower. The jury is still out.

Fact: Humans are animals that depend on myriad other species for survival. As with all other animals, humans require clean air, potable water, healthy food, and the ability to maintain body temperature to sustain themselves.

Fact: Humans will die without a living planet that continuously supplies the elements listed above.

Fact: So far, all humans born into the physical realm have died. There is no rational basis for expecting any human to avoid this fate.

Fact: The Sixth Mass Extinction is under way.

Fact: All species have gone extinct or will go extinct. There is no rational basis for expecting Homo sapiens to avoid this fate.

Earth is officially at 0.85 C above baseline. The actual, unofficial global-average temperature is at least 0.1 C higher than the official figure. The ongoing El Niño will take Earth well beyond 1 C, the 1990 Rubicon from the Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases. As David Spratt points out in this video from October 2014, 0.5 C is was a more reasonable target. But those days are long behind us.


The rate of evolution via natural selection trails the rate of climate change by a factor of 10,000, according to a paper in the August 2013 issue of Ecology Letters. Clever as we are, we will not evade the ongoing Mass Extinction Event in the absence of myriad non-human organisms to supply the necessities of human life.

“Dramatic emission reductions (35%–80%) in anthropogenic aerosols and their precursors projected by Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 4.5 result in ~1 °C of additional warming,” according to an analysis published in the 20 May 2013 issue of Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Instead of taking the cherry-picking, conservative approach assumed by academic scientists and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s RCP, I will use the upper end of the conservative projection: Reducing industrial activity by 35% results in ~1 C global-average temperature rise, and eliminating global industrial activity results in an attendant ~3 C global-average temperature rise.

In other words, the absence of global dimming associated with reflective particles could cause an abrupt rise in global-average temperature beyond that which has supported the existence of humans in the past (about 4 C, the number at which this headline from 2008 in The Guardian conservatively concludes human extinction: “On a planet 4C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction”). A large majority of the rise in temperature will come much more rapidly than the initial 0.85 C. Assuming the least-conservative end of the very conservative spectrum offered by the journal literature and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change takes Earth well beyond the temperature at which human life has been harbored on this planet. Earth only gets hotter from there.

On the other hand, nobody knows the global-average temperature at which humans will become extinct. We have not yet completed this trial. By the time we complete the trial, there will be nobody left to record it. The lesson will come after the exam.

The industrial economies of the world are inextricably linked. If Europe goes down the tubes because the derivatives bubble pops on that continent, then there will be consequences throughout the world. There’s a reason the Federal Reserve System of the United States gives money directly to foreign countries.

The rapid rise in global-average temperature I have described in this scenario occurs within days after collapse is complete. Sans methane and its exponential rise in Earth’s atmosphere. Sans 10-year “lag” in maximum heating from atmospheric carbon dioxide. Sans nuclear facilities melting down catastrophically.

I am not suggesting all humans will die within days after the ongoing collapse of industrial civilization is complete. Rather, that process is likely to require months, or perhaps a few years. But it is difficult for me to envision Earth with humans in 2030, notwithstanding the IPCC’s fantasy technology.

Contrary to conventional “wisdom,” we cannot sustain this unsustainable set of living arrangements indefinitely. Industrial civilization will end. Those of you believing somebody has the system under control are deluded. Nobody is in charge of the system, despite the goals of the Deep State. The system teeters on the brink, even according to the International Monetary Fund and The Guardian (and see David Stockman’s overview from 22 December 2015 and this summary from 23 December 2015). With respect to the lifeblood of civilization, crude oil, and its home base: “Saudi Arabia is starting to come apart, and when its unscheduled rapid disassembly is a little farther along, the Industrial Age will come to an end.” Even the former head of the Dallas Fed admits there is no remaining ammunition to sustain the unsustainable monetary system.

Ergo, nobody is responsible for industrial civilization, much less in charge of it. Only you are responsible for yourself.

Shortly after civilization reaches its overdue end, habitat for humans will disappear. Between now and then, every year will be worse than the one before, except for the few who benefit from oppression abroad, obedience at home, and destruction of the living planet. Obedience at home is exemplified by thoughtless people still on their hamster wheels.

Preppers take heart: Bunkers of beans will see you through a few years if you avoid fires, floods, superstorms, bitter cold, infectious diseases, and numerous other hazards. After that, it’s microbes and bacteria for ten million years or so, assuming humans become the first animals to persist beyond seven generations despite lethal mutations associated with bathing in ionizing radiation.

Everybody take heart: We get to live. It’s quite an amazing deal. Let’s get on with it.

McPherson and Pauline Schneider were interviewed for Evolve and Ascend on 7 July 2015. The description and embedded video were posted yesterday and can be found here.

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  • @Dr. Guy McPherson

    Thanks very much for that song of The March ahead! You are seeing things and more than that:

    You are seeing things beyond things. As you say:

    Everybody take heart: We get to live. It’s quite an amazing deal. Let’s get on with it.

    I post the lyric of that song, it is worth it:

    ” Let’s Face Facts, We Are All Going To Die
    All The Things That You Held So Close Are Gone
    This Is The Start Of Letting Go Of Everything You Ever
    Leave It All Behind Stop Chasing The World
    Sell Everything Chained To Your Leg
    That Keeps You Down, That Keeps You Lost
    Leave It All Behind, Stop Chasing The Wind
    This Is The Start Of Letting Go

    Save Yourself The Sun Is Setting Fast
    Your Time Will Come To Pass
    The Things You Own Won’t Follow Your Soul
    Save Yourself The Flood Is Rising Fast
    This Chance May Be Your Last And The Things That You
    Own Won’t Follow Your Soul

    You Can’t Measure Yourself By The Things That You Own
    Think Of The Time You Could’ve Spent With Everyone You
    Ever Loved
    Run To Them Again Stop Chasing The Wind
    This Is The Start Of Letting Go

    Save Yourself The Sun Is Setting Fast
    Your Time Will Come To Pass
    The Things You Own Won’t Follow Your Soul
    Save Yourself The Flood Is Rising Fast
    This Chance May Be Your Last And The Things That You
    Own Won’t Follow Your Soul

    Let’s Face Facts, We Are All Going To Die

    Save Yourself The Sun Is Setting Fast
    Your Time Will Come To Pass
    The Things You Own Won’t Follow Your Soul
    Save Yourself The Flood Is Rising Fast
    This Chance May Be Your Last And The Things That You
    Own Won’t Follow Your Soul”

    – The March ahead


  • According to the mathematics of exponential equations, we must abandon the idea that anything will work forever. Right now CO2 curve, the population curve, and the curve for compound interest [for profits], are all out of control because they are all attempting to climb towards infinity.
    They have reached irrational end points they won’t be dealt with. It’s failing, falling into anarchy and death on a broad scale from many causes, there is no system left that can bring a peaceful or a constructive future. If anyone thinks there is a easy route to the other side of Armageddon, they are kidding themselves. I am not a believer but I believe this. So no bunkers of beans for me, thanks for not pulling any punches all these years, Guy McPherson, I will not go down fighting, Nobody said it would be easy, please enjoy the day with love, like it’s the last

  • July 21, 2015

    A new study released Tuesday reveals that the poverty rates among American children have risen under the Obama Administration, especially African-American, American Indian, and Latino children.

    The study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation showed poverty rates among all children have grown since 2008, when the rate was 18%; the rate increased to 22% by 2013. The report indicated particularly bleak news for African-American, American Indian, and Latino children, stating, “On nearly all of the measures that [it] track[s], African-American, American Indian and Latino children continued to experience negative outcomes at rates that were higher than the national average.”

  • Dr. James Hansen and 16 co-authors are said to accelerate the date of catastrophic sea level rise (SLR) in a paper coming out this week.

    They put SLR up to the number one spot as the cause of the demise of civilization within 50 years: “sea level rise is the big impact of human made climate change” (New Climate Catastrophe Policy: Triage – 13).

    I haven’t read the paper yet, but the sea ports are the crucial infrastructure of petroleum civilization and industrial civilization.

  • .
    At the start of the year, a group of 57 Native Americans students from the Lakota tribe were taken to a minor league hockey match in Rapid City, South Dakota to celebrate their academic achievements. But what started as a field trip to reward the students quickly turned into a nightmare, when a group of drunk men in an executive suite dumped beer on their heads and yelled “go back to the Rez!”
    Seven months later, only one of the perpetrators faces criminal charges. His trial begins today, and if found guilty he will be convicted of disorderly conduct and fined $500 — avoiding hate crime charges, a jury, and jail time.
    The children suffer.

  • Love. For all my fans….and others….I have posted at the sub-basement known as Normalcy Bias. Come on down, the air is cooler there…..

  • Good one, Guy, once again!

    Meanwhile, on Pacifica’s flagship Berkeley station KPFA, host Brian Edwards-Tiekert of UpFront interviewed Mark Hertsgaard, author of Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years, was quite cheerful about human survival prospects, contending that coal burning for power is being replaced and shut down thanks to activism, with natural gas (for all its admitted faults) and “alternative” energy taking over, and humanity can (and he believes will) avoid the worst. Hey, no point in stations like KPFA pushing “green activism” is that’s not the case. Not only does UpFront not feature Guy, but not even the deemed-more-respectable Dahr Jamail. Not good for the message.

  • Halt the presses. Mister Rush Limbaugh has saved all of humanity from global warming, if nothing else.

    He says (7-22-2015 at 12:05 pm), “I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY that the US government is placing FALSE DATA on their websites that confirm Global Warming is REAL.”

    Thus in the one simple utterance of a HUMAN voice, we are saved.

  • A fine summation of the points you present, Guy, at each public appearance, and the musical contribution is exquisite in its simple message. May I just add, ahem-ahem, THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT! both in ecology, and philosophy. A lot of good it did us, however. Oh well.

    Though when I see some of the old, grey ponytails who come out of the woods near me once in awhile, I think, they have watched this, too, and seem content to have had the post-Earth Day lives they have led. They went “back to the land” long ago, in the Scott and Helen Nearing, E.F. Schumacher “Small is Beautiful” era. Who remembers any of this? An eclectic bunch, it turns out, watching the world going to hell, each in their own way, through the lens of a lifetime’s wisdom.

    Back when we thought we could make a difference. Why does wisdom seem always linked with so much pain and tragedy, and not as much its opposites?

    To your points, and the interactions they present:

    To cite the 3.3 degree figure in reference to human proto-history, you are conflating scenarios which would admittedly be difficult to present in fewer than a few paragraphs. But let me try to tease it out, for anyone to condense later as they will:

    Humans evolved as hunter-gatherers, in many climates, but initially in Africa. If we were still one million hunter-gatherers, this planet and its animals and plants would sustain us, at a range of temperatures. 3.3 alone would not kill us. But we are not those early humans, either in number or in skill.

    So, true, humans have never been faced with 3.3 degrees before. And they also have never been faced with collapse of Industrial Agriculture before. That seems to me the more pressing point which lies behind your 3.3 number, and arriving at a time way before it.

    Petroleum and other technology has allowed us to crawl out on the limb of Industrial Agriculture, which we are rapidly sawing off behind us. Without IndAg, perhaps a billion humans could survive briefly as H-Gs, or subsistence farmers. So you first have your mass die-off, but not yet the Extinction.. Methane lies in wait.

    Then, you cite the El Nino, the loss of dimming by industrial civilization’s particles falling out, and of course, there awaits the first disappearance of Arctic ice as a shock factor. Just assume for the moment that each or any of these alone produces a ONE-TIME bump of 1 degree. If that was all there were to it, you would have die-off, and more die-off, but not yet Extinction.

    It must lie in the TRIGGERING that each or any of these later (or sooner) produce — triggering SOMETHING ELSE — that seals the deal.

    Extinction, itself, is a subset of Mass Die-off. One which is difficult for the thinking humans among us to parse today, since we are ourselves likely gone in an early wave. The final survivors are unlikely to be among today’s bloggers.

    I personally have met only two potato farmers from the high Andes slopes of Peru. (And that was at a bar in LAX, so I didn’t have time to learn much, my Spanish being very slow. 5000 meters altitude, I think they told me.) But I doubt they would be killed by the same thing that gets me.

    Especially when you cite a collapse of industrial civilization — and I think the broad sweep of economic consequences cited here do not necessarily end fossil-fuel burning, much less the previously prevalent wood-burning by humans — you could also conclude that the ENDING of particles emissions would be a good thing, though diminished by a one-time bump in temperature by the falling-out of the steady cover that now “shelters” us from the 1 degree rise.

    It comes to matters of proportionality when we discuss the onset of human extinction. But without a secondary but powerful triggered phenomenon that takes it out of human ability collectively to change or individually to survive, or out of the normal corrective or exhaustive cycles of Nature, we still have only mass die-off. The last pockets of survival must be blanketed with something they cannot escape or adapt to.

    And this is where Shakhova’s estimates and probabilities come in. They are hard to talk about with specificity, because most people don’t get Probability, much less Mathematics. And the existing measurements are necessarily sparse. I’m not planning to get on one of those boats for my summer vacay. Never will. (Now, Antarctica, that’s another possibility.)

    But if 50gt will kill us, and there’s 500gt out there, you only need a 10% probability of its release to create a pretty nasty Bell curve presenting our chance of extinction. I think it’s that uncertainty (“Uncertainty Bias”, Mark?) that makes Guy reach for other topics to present in reference to extinction, but IMO, which really bolster the certainty of Mass Die-Off. And I, like Guy, refuse to hide behind Uncertainty Bias.

    (In the Nuclear Freeze era, we used to call it “bouncing the rubble”, as a description of nuclear weapons overkill. In this instance of climate chaos, the Northern Hemisphere is toast, in so many overlapping ways, radiation adding to it. I still hold with Malcolm Light’s distinctions in regard to methane flux.)

    Without the methane, going global as it eventually can, you don’t snuff out the last pockets of survival. And I never forget the (angry?) quiver in Shakhova’s voice, or the near-tears in her eyes, as she tells us what she finds, and fears may happen. Through her, I really get what wickedness this way comes.

    So we really don’t know whether that 10% is really already a 20%, or a 30%, at current primarily carbon levels. But, FACT: The methane does exist. And FACT: There exists some probability of its release, in some amount. And FACT: Any of Guy’s triggering events — El Nino, particles fallout, or Arctic ice — increases that release probability — by SOME AMOUNT. And probably a proportionately-huge amount with each of those individual 1-degree increases. How could it not?

    There is a tipping point to methane release, lurking in parallel with a vanishing point in the snuffing out of the last human habitats. And we just don’t know when the combination of the two crosses 50%. They are in an exponentially-climbing search for each other.

    But human behavior now — with petroleum still in the ground, and methane lying under the sea and tundra — guarantees that they will intersect. It makes no sense to quibble over when, but only to live with the passion and quality of being with which Guy concludes every message.

  • Are water shortages the biggest threat to the Middle East? “Doha has just three days’ supply”

    Burning oil to make water to make oil

    [here are some of the other water-related articles posted there]

    Scientist warns of ‘environmental disaster’ in Lake Baikal due to ‘irreversible’ pollution – ‘The coast has never looked like this before’

    California drought: Measuring life in gallons – ‘Water, water, water, water. I never thought about it before. Now I don’t think about anything else.’

    Marking the mileposts on the road to extinction, each day brings fresh evidence that we’re “going the wrong way!” Nobody in charge means the train is running full steam ahead down a track that takes us over a yawning ravine. The engine has already gone over, but all the people further back in the dining cars are still eating and don’t even know what’s happening. Won’t they be surprised?!

    Thanks Guy for keeping up your message in the face of the denial industry, your exhortations to live now with purpose, love and appreciation of the little time remaining in which to do so. You are a fine example of practicing what you preach.

  • I’m sorry guys guys, been feeling a bit below par of late, hope this helps

    There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.

    Socrates, from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers

  • Another great article on truthout (sorry if someone posted this already):

    And speaking of relevant songs, here’s one of my favorites…

  • In addition to the on-going disaster that is industrial civilisation. some people face the risk of losing ‘everything’ in a matter of minutes.

    We can speculate the effect the following announcement will have on the irrational bubble housing market……none.

    ‘The San Francisco Bay Area could be struck by a major earthquake “any day now”, says a scientist with the US Geological Survey.

    The Hayward fault historically causes a huge earthquake every 140 years and it has been 147 years since the last major quake on the fault.

    Hayward caused a magnitude 4.0 earthquake on Tuesday that caused no major damage, but Tom Brocher of the USGS says it will not be long until the next massive quake, which would cause loss of life and economic damage on a large scale.’

    Similarly, the capital city of NZ has been constructed on a major fault line, and the second biggest city, having been devastated by earthquakes, is undergoing rebuild, despite the fact that the region will be inundated later this century when sea levels rise.

  • I looked up the definition of the word, crazy, three times and it’s still the same.

    It’s great to be alive at the pinnacle of human pride and folly… if you’re nearly 60, if you’re nearly 20, perhaps not nearly so much so.

    The elites say, we cannot tell the public because there would be mayhem in the streets. You see? Civilization will collapse when the public knows the truth so, don’t be dismayed by all the lies and liars.

    Five volcanoes went off in Indonesia today, do you think the Gods angry? Our magnetic pole is flipping at the same time the heat rising is changing the gravity at our planetary poles. This will absolutely hasten unexpected methane bursts. It would be stupid not to think so.

    As our biogeochemical battery runs down and outer space descends towards the surface of our planet, there is almost no chance for the riding a train to nowhere to survive. I hope some small group can last a few years past the bean bucket. I ate beans as a poor kid, yetch.

    Thermodynamics of Forest Driven Bio-diversity from collapse

  • On living with dying in mind there is one poem that says it all for me:

    Among many tasks
    very urgent
    I’ve forgotten that
    it’s also necessary
    to be dying

    I have neglected this obligation
    or have been fulfilling it

    beginning tomorrow
    everything will change
    I will start dying assiduously
    wisely optimistically
    without wasting time

    Tadeusz Rozewicz (1921-2014) Translated from
    the Polish by Magnus J. Krynski and Robert A. Maguire

  • Robert says: “Our magnetic pole is flipping at the same time the heat rising is changing the gravity at our planetary poles.”

    I thought the pole shift thing was a myth? Or at least if it was true, that it would take thousands of years to occur, or something like that.

    Don’t worry everybody, Jesus will return soon (or, if you’re Jewish, the first and only Messiah). Then the aliens will abduct us all and we’ll live perfect lives on our wonderful new planet Blisstonia. Can’t wait!!

  • This is why our military is spraying tons of aluminum, barium and who knows what else to reflect the sun. One wonders how bad the warming would be without this “National Security” act. It no longer is an argument if they are spraying but an argument as to IF it is working at all.

  • According to NASA via Robert Scribbler were are not at 1C and climbing very quickly.

  • Henry Says:
    July 22nd, 2015 at 10:25 am

    The final survivors are unlikely to be among today’s bloggers.

    Astute observation in an insightful comment. Thank you.

    “Marking the mileposts on the road to extinction, each day brings fresh evidence that we’re “going the wrong way!””

    SUCHNESS, THUSNESS! All the ways, the wrong ways and the right ways. All part of being, one’s own Being.

    “Nobody in charge means the train is running full steam ahead down a track that takes us over a yawning ravine.”

    That wouldn’t be so bad. It’s into the ravine that’s the predicament.

    “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”

    Actually there’s only the not-two (advaita): it’s the good, it’s the bad, it’s the knowledge and it’s the ignorance. Also called The One without a second at numerous instances in the Vedic literature and once in the Judaic tradition (Sefer Yetzirah 1:7).

    “Do you realise that everyone you know someday will die?”

    That’s due to non-realisation of the One that is Every.

    “Among many tasks
    very urgent
    I’ve forgotten that
    it’s also necessary
    to be dying”

    The “I” has neither been born nor can it die any more than the water in a mirage came into being or can be drained out of it.

  • Kevin Hester: that’s “we’re NOW at . .” [I posted that too]

    Guy hasn’t added it to his presentations yet, as he’s still using .85C

  • @Apneaman
    Thanks for the spirit-lifting clip from La Bammer.
    Maria does have some of the oddest Venn-diagram overlaps I’ve ever come across.

    Since essays & comments here occasionally touch on the topics, here’s her take on Manifest Destiny, the inherence of corporate icons and their relation to God & suicide.

  • Imagine that!…..Permafrost in this part of the N.W.T. contains a high percentage of ice in headwalls, which can be up to 30 metres thick. That ice has been there since the retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet 20,000 years ago.

  • Hi All,

    Been tuned into this site and info for a good while. Look at the arctic news blog and have listened to ALL NBL radio shows.

    Filled out the radio show survey and mentioned this about ALEX JONES.

    Please,… Who is LYING ??? Should not this article be challenged?

    How about Sam Carana who has posted Duty to Act twice about how dire the situation is. If Alex Jones and company are in fact putting out false information they should be challenged.

    Recently Pro surfing had a shark attack or encounter during a Pro final in South Africa (Mick Fanning). The main video has been up 4 days now and is heading towards 20 million views,… as compared to Alex Jones claims of 3 million a week and Arctic news blog has some 2 million page views over many years.

    Can’t a Global Warming/Climate Change Challenge debate be proposed and hyped up over the internet and various other media channels as a Winner Take ALL or Loser Shut the MF-UP.

    Really sick about these Polar Opposite (pun intended) viewpoints being slung about.

  • Climate activists who should know better than to believe the official 9/11 story, when challenged, point to Alex Jones, as if HE is the 9/11 truth movement. 9/11 truth activists who get interested in the reality of the climate crisis face a hard time at forums from those who insist that 9/11 truth requires the rejection of global warming as nothing mor than a New World Order conspiracy. If the government were to put forth one of its agents as a 9/11 truth activist with the task of discrediting the movement in the eyes of other social movements and isolate it, all the easier to destroy it, it couldn’t do better than someone like Alex Jones. And the really bad thing is that most likely, highly likely, that he’s not even an agent, just perverse, power-tripping, and not very intelligent, bit good at manipulating people, images,…

  • Woody

    Preventing informed discussion is a key component of the strategy of the scumbags who sit at the top of the pyramid (and in doing so obtain obscene short-term benefits at the expense of everyone else).

    There is no informed debate. There will never be any informed debate. The best you can look forward to is the promulgation of bigger and bigger lies by those in power. And the worst you can look forward to is overt fascism which includes arbitrary arrest, detention without charge, disappearances etc. on the basis of ‘if you disagree you get annihilated’.

    Alex Jones has raised awareness when it comes to 9/11 and political skulduggery but has no credibility whatsoever when it comes to environmental matters.

    Never forget ‘statistics and lies’ and cherry-picking of data.

    In 2012 there was an extraordinary and unprecedented meltdown of sea ice in the Arctic.

    Well, surprise, surprise, when the northern hemisphere turned away from the sun (due to orbital factors) and temperatures dropped, ice formed at an unprecedented rate.

  • Babajingo,

    Every year, since 1959, the USGS (U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey) has placed a marker at the Geographic South Pole. It’s about 3” in diameter and looks like a bronze hockey puck. Because of the constant shifting of the ice a new one is placed each year at the new location. It is currently about 1,800 miles away from the Magnetic South Pole.

    Since 1959 the distance between the two has increased, by about 6%, which is why there is concern that the magnetic poles are shifting. The “flip” process may be contributing to the change in ocean conveyers into and out of the Arctic. In the short term, it could be added to the list of positive reinforcing feedback loops. In the long term, good news, we won’t be around to see the flip happen.

    @Tim – Thus why one big black plane is in the NY harbor but 6 others are still in service.

  • RT interview with Paul Craig Roberts

    ‘MH17 crash used by US to break Russia’s relationship with Europe’

    …shooting down an airliner for Washington this doesn’t mean anything; they kill more people than that while we are talking in Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, in wherever. For 14 years the US has been killing people all over the Middle East and Africa and why are they so worried about a couple of hundred on an airliner, they kill that many every hour.

  • .
    Cannibalism can show up at the most unexpected points in history.

    Most people don’t associate cannibalism with the Soviet Union. But as Timothy Snyder describes in his book Bloodlands, the 1933 Stalin-imposed famine in Ukraine was so severe that cannibalism became surprisingly prevalent. The state had to set up an anti-cannibalism squad, and hundreds of people were accused of eating their neighbors or, in some cases, their family members. (Ron Rosenbaum shares many of the gruesome details in a book review for Slate.)

  • Hi pat –

    Believing empire shills can be hazardous to the truth :)


    In the Service of Imperialism: Right-Wing “Intellectuals” Gather in Kiev

    A group of right-wing academics, journalists, pro-war human-rights activists, and specialists in “discourse” are gathering in Kiev this coming weekend (May 16–19). The purpose of the meeting—headed by Professor Timothy Snyder of Yale University and Leon Wieseltier, the neo-con literary editor of the New Republic—is to bestow political and moral respectability on the Ukrainian regime that came to power in February, through a putsch financed and directed by the United States and Germany.

  • Thank you for this. Had recently embarked on writing a ‘NTHE 101’ for disbelieving friends, but yours is far better than whatever I could come up with. Life has no meaning now that NYC is losing ‘Hogs & Heifers’ bar…

  • It seems to me that some people here confuse the processes and results of natural science, and the derivative technology, with the USES OF them. Might I suggest the distinctly high probability that neither science nor technology has killed anyone or anything as some have suggested? (Well, other than that related to research accidents and ignorance.) Natural science most fundamentally involves reasoning processes and methods (not just one) that some people use based on confirmable evidence in the world, processes that produce significantly more reliable knowledge than basing one’s beliefs on personal subjective experience or the authoritarian dictates of some allegedly infallible authority. Again, to say that science and/or technology kills confuses a way of gaining knowledge about ourselves and the world with how we USE the knowledge gained. Confusing the difference in this way makes about as much sense as someone insisting that personal opinion kills, or religious, spiritual, or authoritarian beliefs kill, or that ancient wisdom kills, all of which I disagree with. Instead, it seems to me that PEOPLE—living, breathing animals in the world—kill and do many other self- and other-harmful things based on USING various kinds of emotion- and reasoning-based processes, including power-politics within and between various individuals and groups.

    Much as with the idea that “Guns don’t kill; people do”, similarly neither natural science nor technology kill; PEOPLE do in putting the knowledge to various harmful uses—within the present context, ultimately ecologically harmful uses. In writing this, I do not mean to suggest that we do not need to control access to guns as most people suggest with the guns don’t kill, people do phrase. We definitely DO need to control such access and use of guns, scientific knowledge, and technology because people can kill with far greater power using guns, related weapons, and various forms of technology, certainly including mass control through television and other media(!), than without. We need to carefully regulate how we use the power inherent in science and technology, but for the most part we have done very little of this regulation. We certainly have not regulated that use in any ecologically significant way.

    Natural science has not produced a disaster for life on Earth. Many HUMANS USING powerful natural scientific processes have. Natural science puts the power of some intellectual and practical tools and weapons into the hands of emotional children (most humans, most of the time) fighting each other for dominance within our families and within our other social hierarchies, processes that have occurred among us from our beginnings as a species about 200,000 years ago. Modern tools and weapons do not produce the problems. WE do, just as we did long, long before we had natural science and science-based technologies. Back then, of course, we had much more primitive technologies. Even in much smaller numbers and with technologies primitive in comparison with that available today, we had sufficient power significantly to upset ecosystems and produce many important species extinctions. Our eventual development of natural science just turbocharged those pre-existing, destructive processes, which have always made maximum use of any energy available to us, whether through cooking foods, which appears to have powered our brains in developing much greater complexity in the earliest stages of our development as a species, through agriculture, which powered us in building cities and complex, hierarchal societies, or through fossil fuel use, which has powered us in creating Earth-killing, global-scale industrial societies. WE have remained the common denominator in all of those energy-driven, energy-dependent processes, not natural science or modern technology. Natural science just produced a quantum jump in our power—literally our ability to do more physical work in one unit of time—whether that work involved moving soil, pumping water, or killing other humans and other species.

    Have some law(s) of nature ensured that we would use our power, science-based and otherwise, to attempt to dominate other humans, other species, and the planet that produced and supports us? This seems an excellent question to me, and one quite possibly answered “yes” as suggested by systems ecologist Howard T. Odum’s Maximum Power Principle as well as the Parable of the Tribes. (See my essay titled “A Tragic View of Human Destiny” found here for much more on this.).

    I know: these concepts clash pretty dramatically with the beliefs of some here who wish, way over-simplistically it seems to me, to blame someone or something—anyone or anything, other than themselves, their group, and quite possibly the fundamental nature of Earth’s biosphere—for the supporting roles that they played in the past and play in the present in creating our irreversible self-annihilation trap. Why do so many people naturally distract themselves and others with the secondary reactive emotion of anger and related blaming? Most likely, most often, due to some underlying combination of primary unconscious but extremely painful emotions of fear and shame related to both attachment and identity issues. These painful emotions often remain blocked, outside of one’s awareness, and feel overwhelming while serving as the source of much confusion and distressing bodily experience. Meanwhile, reason will seldom change these automatic emergency-based emotional responses; instead, one needs to replace one emotion with another. Ah, but one cannot do that without experiencing the blocked painful primary emotion. While thinking usually changes thought, only feeling can change emotions, which our secondary emotional reactions all too often keep well-hidden from us.

    Or so it seems to me.

  • .
    Tear down civilization, dismantle the toxic infrastructure of industrial civilization, live simply, plant no crops, build no cities.
    The children suffer.
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”
    Live simply, kill nothing. Eat only that which falls from the trees, sleep on the ground, drink from the river.

  • kevin moore Says:
    July 23rd, 2015 at 12:17 am

    “There is no informed debate. There will never be any informed debate. The best you can look forward to is the promulgation of bigger and bigger lies by those in power. And the worst you can look forward to is overt fascism which includes arbitrary arrest, detention without charge, disappearances etc. on the basis of ‘if you disagree you get annihilated’.”

    Indeed, here’s what’s ahead.
    General Wesley Clark calls for putting “disloyal” Americans in internment camps, Thomas Gaist.

    Retired US Army General Wesley Clark called for the internment of persons deemed “disloyal” to the United States government in an interview with MSNBC last Friday.
    Warning of the threat posed by “lone wolf” attacks similar to last week’s mass shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Clark advocated stepped-up surveillance of US communities and pre-emptive detention of persons suspected of ideological or political opposition to US government policies.
    “We have got to identify the people who are most likely to be radicalized. We’ve got to cut this off at the beginning,” Clark said.
    “On a national policy level, we need to look at what self-radicalization means, because we are at war with this group of terrorists,” the former top military commander added. “They do have an ideology. In World War II, if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put him in a camp, they were prisoners of war.”
    He continued: “If these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they are disloyal to the United States, as a matter of principle, fine. It’s their right, and it’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.
    “And I think we’re going to have to increasingly get tough on this, not only in the United States, but our allied nations like Britain, Germany and France are going to have to look at their domestic law procedures.”
    Clark’s recommendations, proclaimed openly on national television, amount to a recipe for mass detention of political opponents of the American state……
    These are not the ravings of some television talking head or military crackpot. Coming from a figure of Clark’s pedigree, such comments necessarily reflect views widely discussed within the US state.
    As supreme commander of NATO, Clark held one of the most senior and politically influential posts in the US military. While serving as Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Clark oversaw the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, Operation Allied Force, beginning in March 1999.
    In both the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns, Clark was considered among the Democratic Party’s leading contenders. He would likely have gained a senior position in the Obama administration had he not backed Obama’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton after dropping out of the 2008 primary campaign.
    [In 2004, Clark won the endorsement of Michael Moore, a darling of the “left.” ]
    His role as a high-profile supporter of Hillary Clinton’s latest presidential bid suggests, however, that Clark’s political ambitions have only been placed on hold. Under a Clinton presidency, Clark could well get the chance to implement his proposals for mass “segregation” of dissidents.
    Preparations for the sort of measures advocated by General Clark are clearly well advanced.
    In recent weeks, as videos shot in locations from Arizona to New York show, US military units have conducted training exercises, practicing military internment and crowd control techniques at mock internment camps, with military personnel posing as detainees.
    Clark’s statements, made last Friday on the major cable news outlet MSNBC, have been met with total silence from the corporate-controlled media, failing to receive even a passing reference in the pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, or the Wall Street Journal…..
    For decades, the military and intelligence bureaucracies have developed the administrative, infrastructural and police components of an embryonic totalitarian state. [Details in that article and elsewhere. Search the web for articles by Frank Morales on the topic]

  • You know that underground military storage site in Norway [the doomsday seed vault] where all of earth’s plant seeds are being stored? Well, couldn’t that also be planned for keeping a remnant of humanity going for as long as possible? I find it hard to imagine that they wouldn’t build into it this possibility.
    and there are a number of various military structures around the world. Certainly some of them could keep going for several years and possibly more. Is there any way they could get a little sustainable ecosystem going in them? Any thoughts on this?

  • Hey infanttyrone,

    This ever happen to you??

    From a CounterPunch article: “I have also done articles on how police have relied on ludicrous pretenses — such as Grateful Dead bumper stickers — to harass innocent drivers.”

  • Dan- Sorry for your loss.
    I lost hope back when Rolling Stone stopped believing in the cosmic giggle.
    …And welcome! ‘Here’ is The Place to share info, heartbreak, and the topography of where our heads are at.

    For those who are interested, Part 2 of the Silk Road saga:

    Back in the land of mosquitoes now, I’m finding it necessary to heavily medicate with the best malaria medication ever – gin and tonic with lime.

  • Jeff S, I am really blindsided & soundly shaken by these revelations from/about Gen. Clark.
    I would not have expected such outright crankery & craziness from him.
    I always considered Clark as a more reasonable & level headed military type.

  • Shep,

    No, that hasn’t happened yet…I usually restrict the Grateful Dead to the internal audio system of the car…no telltale bumper stickers on my ride.
    And I am ready to turn the volume down at a stop-light in case some local gumball-dispenser-on-wheels pulls up alongside or behind me.

    I remember an interview with one of the band members who said that they eventually had to stop booking gigs on Long Island because the Suffolk County cops tended to flood the area of a venue and make arrests in a turkey-shoot (or shooting Phish in a barrel, but that would be another band) fashion.
    The band just got tired of having to know that balancing out the good vibes of a concert were the bad vibes of fans being harassed.

  • Gerald Spezio Says:
    July 23rd, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Jeff S, I am really blindsided & soundly shaken by these revelations from/about Gen. Clark.
    I would not have expected such outright crankery & craziness from him.
    I always considered Clark as a more reasonable & level headed military type.
    To the camps! To the camps!

    Near Term Human Encampments (NTHE).

    The new human habitat for awhile (Another One Bites The Dust).

  • I made a comment.

    It did not show up.

    When I reposted it, the message “Duplicate message … you have already made that comment.” (paraphrased)

    Mo Flow gone … did Guy hire an IT person from DC?

  • @ Gerald Spezio Says:
    July 23rd, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Were you, perhaps, thinking of this guy? I sometimes get them confused, too(?)! As near as I’ve been able to ascertain, General Wesley Clark (U.S. Army) has always been a hawk of the first order. Contrarily, Richard Clark, formerly associated with the U.S. National Security Council (but NOT a General in any force), has always seemed much more sane.

  • This is nothing to me because I hear it all the time. You can see it in their demeanor and their thought balloons, their swagger and frowns.

    A legislator in Atlanta, Ga. made a suggestion to, instead of sand blasting Robby Lee off the side of Stone Mountain, Ga., that instead other individuals be added to demonstrate compromise and a more peaceful solution.

    So the guy gets this e-mail: “I hope you and your family eat sh*t and choke and die,” one person emailed Bond. “Black lives don’t matter. The only good n****r is a dead n****r.”

  • Shep, Over on (a worthy and respectable blog), some lurkers couldn’t resist chiming in when the conversation touched on the confederate flag. All of a sudden a couple folks came out of the woodwork proclaiming the virtues of slavery. Despite my post on the absolute necessity to see to the welfare of poor white men ALONG WITH the welfare of blacks. They were completely blind to any idea of fairness and even-handedness. For them the only problem was black behavior. Now I never know which people where harbor such feelings.

  • Colin Says:
    July 23rd, 2015 at 3:34 pm
    @ Gerald Spezio Says:
    July 23rd, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    “Were you, perhaps, thinking of this guy? I sometimes get them confused, too(?)! As near as I’ve been able to ascertain, General Wesley Clark (U.S. Army) has always been a hawk of the first order. Contrarily, Richard Clark, formerly associated with the U.S. National Security Council (but NOT a General in any force), has always seemed much more sane.”

    Richard Clarke is one of the mod evil spin masters regarding 9/11, endlessly putting forth the limited hangout to the effect that the US government was negligent about dealing with the terrorist threat because of the Saudi Arabia connection, endlessly pushing the mme of “15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi,” when in fact there is no evidence for the presence of ANY hijackers on the supposedly-hijacked planes, when in fact several of those identified as 9/11 suicide hijackers turned up alive after 9/11, when in fact the planes which hit the two WTC towers could not have brought them down, let alone cause a third tower (WTC7) to come down at free fall gravity-driven acceleration, when in fact the physical evidence regarding the Pentagon shows it’s impossible what happened there could have been caused by an airliner, when the only thing found at the alleged crash site of the fourth plane is a big empty hole, though plane parts were found up to eight miles away, impossible due to a simple crash. Richard Clarke is a disinformation disseminator pure and simple.

  • The C-Realm podcast this week was a discussion of Thomas Ligotti. Some very interesting stuff there (to me, anyway).

    Dismayingly, KMO, who I think is generally excellent as an interviewer, had to write a closing essay cautioning against the possibility that “…we set aside skepticism, and gather in adoring circles at the feet of gurus of pseudo-science, who hold us in thrall with promises of near-term human extinction.” He really seems to enjoy launching irrational digs at McPherson and insulting anyone who gives him heed.

    Aside from that, though.. I’d still recommend it.

  • Sadly neither Ligotti nor KMO, in spite of the “C” purportedly standing for consciousness, seem to have much acquaitnance with the Vedic and its derivative traditions. Hence the their inane rambling.

  • Clay B – There are over 500 “D.U.M.B.s” (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) in the US. They will provide only a temporary hiding place for a few occupants. The “moles” will, eventually, have to attempt a return to the surface and their inevitable demise.

  • “At a time when America could use his comedy to confront taboo issues that white America does not want to discuss, Dave Chappelle has announced he is returning to the comedy stage!

    Thank God! Dave Chappelle is coming BACK!!

  • I’ve posted the latest EoE. You can catch it here.

  • .
    rice paddies are responsible for as much as 17 percent of the methane, or CH4, in the Earth’s atmosphere. And cultivation is growing to meet the increase in the world’s human population.

    The methane is a natural byproduct of the decomposition of organic matter in the rice paddies. Because paddies are flooded, the report said, their “warm, waterlogged soil and exuded nutrients from rice roots provide ideal conditions for methanogenesis in paddies.” As a result, the world’s rice paddies emit between 25 million and 100 million metric tons of methane every year.
    The children suffer.
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”
    Live simply, kill nothing. Eat only that which falls from the trees, sleep on the ground, drink from the river.

  • The bad news for Western [Canada] drought: ‘monster’ hot El Nino on the way

    Canada’s Prairies have just experienced their driest winter and spring in 68 years of record keeping. “So they were behind the eight-ball before the summer season ever came,” says Phillips.

    That, coupled with a record low snow pack in North America, and few of the traditional June rains needed to grow crops, has had a cumulative effect that’s hit some producers harder than others.

    Says Phillips: “For ranchers it’s pretty much game over.”

  • That’s when she said she was pretending
    Like she knew the plan
    That’s when I knew she was pretending
    Pretending to understand

  • Guy, thanks for the link to that Salon article, fascinating reading. Given that the people involved in the deep state know as well you that we’re heading into events that will likely mean the extinction of the human race, Richard Dolan’s take on this is relevant; he looks at the deep state as having become what he refers to as the “breakaway civilization”, essentially the corporate industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about. He’s an Oxford university educated historian that has spent a lot of time focussing on the UFO issue, working exclusively with government documents released via FOIA requests; the short version of the breakaway civ is that the intel agencies and various military corporations have had access to very high technology for multiple decades now, and have developed a civilisation that involves level of technology, entirely hidden from the world’s view, and not necessarily restricted to planet Earth (which might be part of why they appear not to give a hoot about the planet).

    A sensible question to ask, when wondering whether this take might be true, is to follow the money; Catherine Austin Fitts (“Fitts served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., an investment bank and financial software developer”) has picked up the baton on that, and notes that the deep state/breakaway civ has been receiving trillions of dollars every year for multiple decades to enable their work. She details a lot of how that worked in practice from her time at HUD, at mortgage fraud is one of the main tools used to divert such huge quantities of money.

    So a couple of videos, should you find any of this interesting (you surprised me with that Salon link – most people won’t even find the courage to entertain the idea of a deep state):

  • Doesn’t it seem that things are even worse than your projections 5 years ago? It is complete runaway warming.