Presentation in Eugene, Oregon

The video embedded below was shot on 24 June 2015 in Eugene, Oregon. Thanks to Ivey Cone for shooting, editing, and uploading the video file. Thanks, too, to the enormous number of contributors to my Cascadian tour, headed by the stunningly competent organizer Robyn Wagoner.

I was interviewed for Truth-out while on the tour. The resultant article was published today, and can be found here. The commentary is hilarious, as the usual trolls make themselves “known” (anonymously, of course).

I was interviewed by Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV in March of this year. A description is provided here, and the resultant video is embedded below. For all the mean, ignorant comments, be sure to check the comments on YouTube.

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  • We have been exceeding out daily temperature but since forest fire in area smoke has caused the sun to go light red and temperature has dropped 5 degrees…38 to 33. Unfortunate test of the pollution particles keeping us a little cooler. Never gets brighter than early morning just before sunup kind of spooky end of the world feel to it.

  • That is a great article about Guy at Truth-out (“Mass Extinction: It’s the End of the World as We Know It”).

    Hey Guy, let’s start using the term “unnatural selection” as a contrast to “natural selection” in honor of Ernst Mayr.

    On The Origin of Unnatural Selection

  • When establishment operative & high profile “scientist”, Gavin Schmidt, openly denigrated the empirical & observational research of Semiletov & Shakhova about the increasing probability of abrupt Arctic methane release, many of us were forced to conclude that Schmidt was almost surely lying & whoring for his political masters.

    Science can be described very simply as – “no lying, no cheating, no nonsense.”

    Lawyerfish & sportfucking whore, Hillarious Clinton, is now openly lying & wailing about Iran’s existential threat to Israel, her paying client.

    Hillarious Clinton is, w/o qualification, a lying manipulating whore for ongoing Israeli land theft & murder.

    Hillarious is a disgusting careerist, sportfucker, & murdering Frankenstein.

    All the other so-called smiling presidential candidates mouth the Israeli hokum about Iran.

    And almost all are lawyerfish trained in double talk.

    Many innocent people have never known what was happening to them because they were too busy working their asses off to pay compound interest to their bankster betters.

    Billionaire manipulative bankster Henry Paulson advises; “We want people to be able to get the credit that they need.”

    “Consume & pay up you dumb Goyim.”

    Lying & distortion can work very well to fool & manipulate our fellows, as we observe every day; but lying & distortion cannot fool & manipulate nature’s laws.

    Sportfucking farce plays out routinely in the adversarial masquerade of lawyering, divorce, & “courtroom.”

    Television is filled with it.

    But, the well dressed banksters & lawyerfish are just laughing & shadow boxing.

    Yabut, we can’t elude abrupt methane heat death by lying & distortion of the hard scientific “facts.”

    We are like flies on window panes to lying & laughing banksters & lawyerfish politicos, who steal our life’s blood & kill us for laughs & more yuppie sportfucking.

    There is a perverse upside because even the blood sucking banksters & lawyerfish will suffer & die along with the rabble.

    The methane monster will deliver genuine democratic equality.

  • Dredd,

    I Do like the term “unnatural selection”. I’ll certainly be using it from now on.

  • Wake up early, go back to bed for a bit, wake up late, much refreshed, hot breeze through the open window.

  • This from Ran Prieur and I stir the pot. “My new theory on the Guy McPherson crowd: Why would anyone go out of their way to believe in something (near-term human extinction) that’s both depressing and unsupported by the evidence? It’s because these are people who are already depressed and despairing for a variety of reasons, and by telling a story about the whole world, they can all be depressed for the same reason, and feel a sense of community.”

  • Ran Prieur doesn’t know the definition of the English word evidence. He has plenty of company. Check with the acolytes of Scott Johnson, for example. Some of them used to comment here. Fortunately, the current commentariate is short on deniers.

  • @Guy McPherson

    Thanks a lot for mentioning Edward Abbey in your video! I have to admit that I’m not into any -isms at all, I am not even into Anarch- ism, as I am my own ruler, I’m just a lone wolf, but I still love Anarchists 8-)

    Respect & Love.

  • .
    The REAL reason we are going extinct:
    CALAIS, Maine (AP) — A 22-year-old man who was drinking and celebrating the Fourth of July tried to launch a firework off the top of his head, killing him instantly, authorities said Sunday.

    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.

    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

  • @pat

    Justa a little patience, humankind is on it’s way to killing itself… what’s next?

  • Congrats to Guy on the Truth Out piece.

    it won’t be the loss of arable lands that’ll get us, but the lost from Arab lands.

    I was just thinking about how many shelled planktons are dying in the oceans when I realized that all the fish that are gone are carbon sinks in of themselves. All those missing fish had once sequestered carbon too.

    If a heat wave like the Russian 2010 one parks its ass over the American breadbasket next year, all humanity will be in a major cluster fuck but America will be great once again.

    World Arable Land Per Capita Declines Exponentially from collapse

  • Guy, whether we call your clear statement in Jamail’s “Truthout” piece a prediction or a scenario, it is still testable by all observers.

    “Depending upon the timing of economic collapse and release of the 50-gigaton burst of methane Natalia Shakhova warns about, earth could warm an additional 3 degrees Celsius within 18 months.”

    An abrupt 50 Gt methane release with or without economic collapse, & we are all promptly suffering unto death.

    A 50 GT release in the next 18 months is surely plausible – even reasonable based on hard empirical predictive evidence.

    I have been preaching that even a “paltry” 2 Gt abrupt Arctic methane release “would” put us on the inevitable path to runaway exponential methane release.

    I claim that it is 95 % probable that a minimum 2 Gt methane release is in process NOW.

    So, a simple empirical experiment is clearly in process; “How much will the temperature increase in the next 18 months?”

    Or phrased differently; “How much methane will be released in the next 18 months?”

    Both questions are answerable & empirically quantifiable.

    If we observe a 3 degree C increase in the next 18 months from whatever causes, I doubt if many will be typing about it.

    Before we get to 3, we will observe 2.

    Before we get to 2, we will observe 1.5.

    At what milestone of heat we choose to exit by our own design will be our final exercise of our determined & limited “free choices.”

    We are observing a completely deterministic process leading to our own ugly heat death.

    The ultimate bummer & the ultimate hoot in one deadly package.

  • Alaska Air just landed in Vancouver. Normally beautiful blue sky was a sea of forest fire smoke as the plane descended.

    Lidia – you are the best. LOVE it. I’m just a semi-Snowden in progress when I pass on the info. Most insane stuff because they are our actual research projects with financing from many sources…while nuclear safety and EPA budgets get cut. Any surprise they are only sending a mid level admisistrator like myself to try to demand & negoiate Shell arctic oil safety procedures.

    Tom, OzMan, Dredd & Guyo Smith. I agree with you comments more than you know. Lizard meat robot reporting on all the aspects of loss with NTE. For some there is a shared sadness about the loss of ancient arts & culture. Some would miss the bright star of Venus if it vanished tonight. For myself it is more about dolphins and the brilliant reefs I used to swim around as a kid on Florida vacations.

    Sabine – I will always admire and remember our KuKu chats earlier this year. I will miss you and the English garden. The stupidity of human destruction can be as simple as flowers or as complex as a cosmic butterfly effect. We are a collection of voices here on NBL. A brief record in a blink of time. My bit of concern, experience & care might be here to include those who connect to issues that are overlooked in the more down to Earth matters. And unless there is some sort of Mo Flow – Curious “Energy” that does survive & evolve in spirit, far beyond human form….well then technically this is all nothing…and nothing matters a bit. Love it anyway ***

    Jeff S. – Our appreciation and future meetings with Dr. McPherson are not about anything but total support for Guy’s presentation exactly as it is. There will be new methane data to add, but it does not change his main message a bit. So far all countries are lacking an expert with the skills Dr. McPherson has developed. His presentation is already perfect and valuable for promotion to wider audiences. In 1993 I produced the PBS Environment TV series hosted by Redford, Charlton Heston, Julia Louis Dryfus, Ted Danson & others. Nothing new about some of our departments supporting environmental collapse warning documentaries. Voices against expansion, have always been here. We have also always been a minority opposed to mindless mass consumption. For now we are still free to present our position to brace for massive disruption. Even the Pope is daring to push the final round of warning messages. FEMA is always trying to get people to prepare. Trying to curb the shock & riots involving those who might have a chance during stage one. Many aspects-short time. My very best to Mike K. & Jean Turcot. ARTLEADS has been a kind volunteer help since I asked for it here last year with our N.R.C. safety problems. All over the world in every culture there are still people who simply know how to be sensible & constructive. Titanic goes down no matter what yet some provide music. Some help at the rail. Some push others overboard. What a trip. Next stop Anchorage.

  • I really enjoyed your conversation with Janaia above, Guy – thanks for sharing that clip and the presentation in Oregon. It’s notable that your observation of the responses of your audiences over the past few years has tended toward acceptance of your message, despite the constant glitz and distraction of society to keep everyone pursuing ‘wealth accumulation’ as opposed to living purposefully, which you espouse. This will become even more so in the years to come, since it’s becoming painfully apparent that “something’s wrong” and the world isn’t the same as it once was. The profound changes to sea life, pollinators, and plants are becoming noticeable to even those who aren’t paying particular attention.

    I took a look at the comments to the Jamail interview – especially the one from the entrenched climate science person who DARES NOT go all in, as you have, because he doesn’t want to lose his job. In his response he fully acknowledges that the evidence you present is valid, but he considers you “an extremist.” He says:

    “Don’t assume the wrong message here – global warming is definitely a threat to mankind, and likely the most serious threat that we have ever faced, but mankind is not going extinct within the next 20 years, even though we will almost certainly start seeing increased deaths through drought, famine, severe storms, etc.”

    See – he CAN’T face the fact that we’re into abrupt climate change NOW – especially when he trots out the ol’ “by the end of the century” canard; he doesn’t even MENTION habitat loss, and generally agrees with you, but can’t come out and say it because he’d lose his status (or he’s an incompetent climate scientist).

    The other commenters aren’t even worth reading since they are simply opinions from the privileged who can’t imagine it ending before they get to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

  • Dave, You wrote: “My new theory on the Guy McPherson crowd: Why would anyone go out of their way to believe in something (near-term human extinction) that’s both depressing and unsupported by the evidence”.

    Firstly, do you know the definition of “crowd”? Secondly, are you aware that this blog allows for dissention in spades? That in and of itself dispels any notion that this “crowd” is anything but, but that there is an absolutely genuine consensus that human extinction as the result of severe climate change in the near term is a distinct possibility.

    As far as going “out of my way” to believe that humans are in deep trouble, all I have to do is to be awake, and voila, I don’t have to go anywhere, the evidence is mostly overwhelming. But then you wrote in your post that you weren’t really awake yet…. MMMMmmmmm ??

    There are some dissenters in this blog who would disagree with any notion that would involve human survival, but they are not so imbedded with their own version of human extinction that dissent is not allowed. I did not notice the particularly depressive conditions on this blog to which you have referred. While depression is surely on the menu when one considers that we may, and I repeat, MAY be on the verge of human extinction, and the subject is of course not everyone’s cup of tea when faced with that possibility, there are still some who, like myself, have a sliver of hope that we can still save our bacon. If you had read some of the discussions from this group, you would have been aware that hope is not a popular condition on NBL, but that the word will not be removed in order to save the day. As such, if being aware that near term human extinction is on the cards for humanity, and if that is depressive for you, I would suggest an alternate non-depressing forum in which you can laugh all the way to your favorite pad.

    Again , the best thing about this blog is that you are allowed to write what you feel, which you have done relatively well, albeit incorrectly.

  • Another voice from Spokane (Ran Prieur is also a resident…)…

    As most are probably aware, we are having a remarkable heat wave (yes, I know its weather, not climate…) here in Spokane. June high temps were 11 degrees f over average highs. The average June high this year is higher than July historical average highs and approaches August historical average highs. From my apartment window, I can see a tree that is likely going to die this summer. (Ironically enough, it is in the right-of-way strip of a face lift joint. It doesn’t stand a chance; both the “doctors” and the clientele are ethically missing in action. It would be a concern, however, if the air conditioning in the Lexus vehicles in the lot couldn’t keep up.)

  • Lidia,

    Does Mark Austin have an inside track on things? MMMmmm! Not so sure, but doesn’t somebody have such tracks. Semi-Snowden? Isn’t a favorite pastime to label governments as the bad guys, the evil doers while the rest of us good guys await our fate? Do the bad guys only come from the bad guy club, or are they made up of a fabric woven by all of us? As far as travelling to distant stars, not your favorite pastime it seems, Jules Verne dreamed of submarines and journeys to the moon… I once read Captain W’E’ John’s space voyages before Star Trek was even on the drawing boards, and John’s stories about nature in this universe were truly mesmerizing, for me of course.

    Existence outside the Earth is there Lidia. People who venture into space are probably a little insane, but so was Christopher Columbus when he dared to think that his ship would not fall off the planet. You label space adventurers as “cosmic jack-offs”,” a masturbatory fantasy for disabled autists”, “artists I presume)? MMMMmmmn… Masturbating in cosmic space… now there’s a new take on escapism.

    Your take is that these people are “Insane”. But then what is the measure of sanity? How does one prevent insanity living in a world which allows nuclear weapons to exist? Maslow proposed that there exist a condition which he called self-actualization, a maturity of the human kind within a context of external factors which do not necessarily lead to a rational way of thinking. I remember thinking on whether the real cuckoos nests were on the inside or on the outside. Where would you place them on your map?

    You state: ” We can’t even manage to live in the environment we evolved in any longer, much less maintain ourselves on other planets.” I agree, but do you have any idea why we are incapable of living together without doing ourselves in? Any ideas on how we could make that condition better?

    Somehow you are aware that: “They already secretly tried to end the world once,” .. Really ? Don’t we think about that every day? Who are THEY Lidia?

    Somehow you were informed of this event when you state: “When they pushed the atomic button not having a fucking clue whether it would destroy the entire planet?” When did they push the atomic button? I’m very curious. I’m amazed that THEY had a nuclear war and I didn’t notice it.

    Mark wrote that he wants to add to Guy’s repertoire on facts and thinks Guy could use data which he may otherwise not have been made aware. Would that not be of benefit to Guy? Bogus or not, why not give the benefit of the doubt? Isn’t that what this blog is all about? Meeting Guy and discussing his views with government officials is “horrific and disturbing”???

    If this era happens to be the end of things, then what could be more horrific and disturbing than that for those who may want to live on this beautiful planet?, even other planets for those whose imaginations run wild. Like my grandchildren for instance? We do need a “positive leap” in human evolution, because the one we have presently generated certainly doesn’t cut the mustard, which you have correctly pointed out.

  • to learn something, one has to be motivated.

    as for the ones who feel powerless and see that they cannot act (do something about imminent NTE), they are in a state of inhibition of the action which makes the body secrete too much cortisol and other associated hormones from a precise spot in the brain. Cortisol will augment the quantity of liquids in the organism and an associate enzyme will at the same time reduce the size of the blood and all other vessels causin hypertension, seizures, hearth attacks. Cortisol will also burn holes in the stomach and destroy the immune system. The impossibility to act (fight or flight) is a killer.

  • @ jean turcoat-
    duhhh …. Dave was quoting ran prior…
    Are you actually reading these posts or are you a bot who just picks up on key words?

  • Air pollution alert issued over most of Minnesota today (including Minneapolis/St. Paul) due to smoke coming from fires in Canada. Very spooky skies leaving work today and you can smell the smoke in the air. We are living in the age of mega-fires. And yet people at the grocery store carried on with business as usual. Nothing to worry about here. Move along….

  • Milendia: Thank you for that info on cortisol! I think it also does something to fry out the adrenals which is not good. Whether you meant to or not, you gave us all a good reason to remain positive. I’ve had this odd double reaction to NTE- both despair and pain over its inevitability of suffering for all life, and a huge relief that it doesn’t matter that much whether I have any money in a retirement plan. We may not have the power to stop this madness, but we do have the power to change ourselves and the way we think. Guy talks about “being in hospice.” Generally speaking, hospice is a peaceful, loving, supportive and gentle environment. Or at least it’s supposed to be. One of the things that I appreciate so much about Guy is that he’s not really a doomsayer- his attitude is truthful but kind, rational but warm, sincere but not humorless. I’d rather hold hands with someone and walk into the fire together than be trying to push each other out of the way to escape it. I honestly think the most important message Guy presents is not about the scientific specifics of climate mayhem, but rather his demeanor in facing it. What a great example he sets for us all.

  • @Dave Thompson re. Prieur’s ““My new theory on the Guy McPherson crowd: Why would anyone go out of their way to believe in something (near-term human extinction) that’s both depressing and unsupported by the evidence?”

    MY theory on HIS theory.. which is MINE (my theory, that is.. ahem!) is that this is a massive case of projection.

    Look at the phrasing, “go out of their way to believe”. I find that very odd and a kind of “tell”. One doesn’t usually “go out of one’s way” to believe something.

    @jean turcot, when I wrote “autist”, I meant “autist”. People who cannot see or imagine the subtle sorts of relationships that sustain organisms. I attended MIT so I know these sorts of people intimately: they get so absorbed with a cool switch that they don’t care whether it turns on a baby incubator or a depleted-uranium warhead.

    They think they can all live off of the kind of Jell-O cubes that come out of the wall like in Star Trek (believe me, some of them actually do live like this, eating only a limited range of processed food and eschewing “vegetation”, as one past acquaintance called all members of the vegetable kingdom, which he refused to eat, outside of wheat, corn and potatoes)… SO, basically it’s the malnourished mentally-ill who are the big-idea folks and the enablers of these sorts of projects.

    When I wrote about pushing the button, I was referring to the Trinity test at Los Alamos. The very name indicates they knew they were messing around with god-like powers. Alternatively, they jokingly called it “the Gadget”. They really had no idea how much energy would be released, whether the reaction would propagate out of control, whether it might ignite the entire atmosphere…

    Wren points out, and I can see, Jean, that you really are not comprehending what has been written. What I said was horrific and disturbing was Mark’s opinion that emigrating to live on other planets, whether or not that involved time travel(!), would be somehow an enormous positive leap for humanity.

    If Mark can set it up so that Guy has a meeting with some government mucky-mucks, and Guy wants to meet them and can benefit from it, who am I to be against that? Please don’t invent things or put words in my mouth!!! I try to write with honesty and clarity in mind.

    Jean, so sorry for your grandchildren, but this is where the “warmists” and the “deniers” differ: you respond to evidence by telling me instead what “WE NEED”, and that is frankly bullshit. The world doesn’t care what you need, and don’t tell me I’m wrong because my beliefs don’t give you what it is that you want, which is apparently to fulfill the selfish and foolish fantasy of space colonization. Why are you even here? There must be plenty of blogs that talk about space/time travel.. ye gods!

  • Love. Milendia – Two things for cortisol: ashwagandha (ayurvedic herb proved to be safe and effective, and meditation – also proved safe and effective. I use both.

    Who was it that has shingles? Been there, had a bad case. High dose of tagamet very effective – also prevents post traumatic neuralgia often associated with shingles (I learned of these cures too late for me.) Also high dose 1mg 3x a day vitamin b12 plus 100 mg vitamin B1 3x a day. Google it.

    And for the heart and soul Hafiz –


    You have done well
    In the contest of madness

    You were brave in that holy war.

    You have all the honorable wounds
    Of one who has tried to find love

    Where the Beautiful Bird
    Does not drink.

    May I speak to you
    Like we are close
    And locked away together?

    Once I found a stray kitten
    And I used to soak my fingers
    In warm milk;

    It came to think I was five mothers
    On one hand.

    Why not rest your tired body?
    Lean back and close your eyes.

    Come morning
    I will kneel by your side and feed you.
    I will so gently
    Spread open your mouth

    And let you taste something of my
    Sacred mind and life.

    Surely there is something wrong
    With your ideas of

    O, surely there is something wrong
    With your ideas of

    If you think
    Our Beloved would not be so


  • Lidia – great post. Spot on.

    @ Jean Turcoat- Are you paid by word count or by number of posts?
    Just wondering.

  • Our tiny rescued kitten is doing well. We fed it with a finger at first then from a little vial with a nipple we got from the vet. He even purred his first purr today! His name is Julius Grey. Our dog Chunky is healing and almost ready to go out again. The world is not all bad…..or good. Our celebration of life acknowledges both.

  • @ mike k.
    and do you think there is enough of and that we an all have access to: ashwagandha (ayurvedic herb proved to be safe and effective, and meditation – also proved safe and effective) FOR THE 7 BILLION OF US?

    I don’t.

    take a break for dog’s sake.

  • I wonder if John Zerzan attended the presentation. He is in Eugene, Oregon and I never miss his radio show. That seems to be the litmus test, are you for or against civilization.

  • “I honestly think the most important message Guy presents is not about the scientific specifics of climate mayhem, but rather his demeanor in facing it. What a great example he sets for us all.”

    Subtle observation.

  • Great presentation in Oregon Guy, wonderful to see such diversity in the material in the last few published videos but consistency in the message of living a life of excellence. If only the detractors , deniers and bargainers could focus on that for once! Also great to see you on Peak Moment, Janaia is great and her program is how I discovered your message of abrupt climate change and living here now over a year ago.

  • Guy, thanks, as always

    Kevin Moore, hope you’re feeling better!

    Dredd—-thanks for the link to the Truthout article. Made the mistake of reading some of the comments following the article which in conjunction with the air pollution from Canadian wildfires and a new outbreak of hybrid milfoil killing the lake where I’m staying (was supposed to be an uplifting trip) was too much of a challenge for one day. And Scribbler has 2 new powerful posts. Climate chaos/dying ecosystems going exponential and I do not feel ready. Does anyone really?

    No longer a pilot—-how are you holding up in the Twin Cities?

    Air pollution alert expanded to all of MN; Twin Cities air is worse than Beijing

    With red eyes and tight chest on a dying lake in the smokey Midwest,

    ps anyone have any wildfire forecast for Canada? How long will this go on? Can you imagine how this is affecting the wildlife there? Damn, damn, damn

  • I was flabbergasted reading Mr Ran Prieur`s ignorant comments and immediately emailed him that i thought he became a little prick and a climate change denialist after he finally managed himself into a patriarchal setting with a live in girlfriend (survival whore ) now he thinks he is better of living out his life in that setting … dream on Buddy and get lost …PRICK !!!

  • More on the Ran Prieur theme
    Revolutionary Road Visit scene

  • Guy, the interview of you by Dahr Jamail is EXCELLENT!

    Mark Austin: you raise cluelessness to new levels. You didn’t answer any of my questions, and think that a recap of your past TV accomplishments and celebrity name dropping is somehow a response to what i brought up. The US government is not remotely about to undertake any of the actions which have even the slightest chance of changing our course, namely actions to collapse industrial “civilization” and terminate capitalism in all its facets. I’m not talking about environmental collapse, but about acting so as to collapse industrial civ. The Pope? The Pope is still against birth control, against abortion. But it’s quite obvious that you don’t get it, can’t get it.

  • Jeff S wrote:

    ‘The US government is not remotely about to undertake any of the actions which have even the slightest chance of changing our course, namely actions to collapse industrial “civilization” and terminate capitalism in all its facets. I’m not talking about environmental collapse, but about acting so as to collapse industrial civ’

    For the benefit of newcomers, another important video with an appallingly low view count:

  • I can’t remember whether or not I’ve posted 2 responses yet because I just got back from the bar, but I’m going to go ahead and try anyway… back in 2002/2003 when I was involved in the most recent anti-war movement (Iraq part 2) I realized that there were a lot of people on the “same side” who argued with each other. A lot. For instance, socialists who disagreed with other socialists about exactly how one should be a socialist. Then I went to Baghdad and Basra and discovered that the people there didn’t give a crap about our political philosophies. They just wanted the suffering from the sanctions to end. Then we started another war.

    So my plea to everyone here is the following: since we all basically agree on some basics (NTHE is fact) can we focus on supporting each other and respectfully disagreeing instead of tearing each other down? Our community is not very big (one of my best friends just told me that I’m succomnbing to hysteria) so there’s a strong possibility that all we have is each other. I get that we’re all upset and angry, but seriously…

  • About technical “solutions”:

    Most socalled technical “solutions” are there to circumvent ethics:

    “Oh, climate change? Well, let’s call the technical experts, they will find technical solutions, so we can go on with hording money, money, money, slaving people and exploitation of human beeings and raping of Mother Earth !”

    Most of the technical “experts” and their political and economic principals avoid to feel the pain of others, the pain of the slaves of capitalism, the pain of Mother Earth- until that day when they will feel that pain with their very own flesh and bones 8-)

  • @babajingo

    I realized that there were a lot of people on the “same side” who argued with each other. A lot.

    Therefore I freed myself from any herd, I don’t go to any demontrations (never been there at all), I am not involved in any political activities, I am just a lone wolf who learned to wait patiently in passive resistance. Active resistance of any political groups can always get infiltrated, can always get divided, can always get discredited, that’s the very effective way of the socalled “elite” to fight back any resistance, because groups, herds are always vulnarable to that strategy (Divide and Conquer) of the shepherds. As long as you fight the socalled “elite” actively, that socalled “elite” will win, therefore they want you to fight, so they can fight back. But it’s impossible and makes no sense to fight passive single, resistant individuals who just WAIT, muhahaha 8-)

    Yeah, I learned bloody patience, I am just waiting for that day to come and that day WILL come absolutely for shure, I do always trust in the Laws of Nature, yeah, I can smell it like an animal, like a lone wolf lying in wait for his prey:

    That day will come and it is fuckin near… whooouuuuuh 8-)

  • “When did they push the atomic button? I’m very curious. I’m amazed that THEY had a nuclear war and I didn’t notice it.”

    Enrico Fermi offered to take wagers among the top physicists and military present on whether the atmosphere would ignite, and if so whether it would destroy just the state, or incinerate the entire planet.

    “@ Jean Turcoat- Are you paid by word count or by number of posts? Just wondering.”

    Number of posts. Otherwise the “Hmm”s would be shorter.

    “ps anyone have any wildfire forecast for Canada?”

    Yeah. After the last tree has been burnt or logged: no forest; no forest fires.

    “Ran Prieur doesn’t know the definition of the English word evidence.”

    For some folks, the definition is SPLAT!

    “Mark Austin: you raise cluelessness to new levels.”

    Not really, if one recognises it for what it is. A substantial load of MBFM (male bovine faecal material). Dung beetles more useful than clues.

  • Thousands of birds abandon eggs, nests on Florida island


    SEAHORSE KEY, Fla. (AP) — The din created by thousands of nesting birds is usually the first thing you notice about Seahorse Key, a 150-acre mangrove-covered dune off Florida’s Gulf Coast.

    But in May, the key fell eerily quiet all at once.

    Thousands of little blue herons, roseate spoonbills, snowy egrets, pelicans and other chattering birds were gone. Nests sat empty in trees; eggs broken and scattered on the muddy ground.

    “It’s a dead zone now,” said Vic Doig, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist. “This is where the largest bird colony on the Gulf Coast of Florida used to be.” [more]

  • My lodgings are wrong… exactly wrong.

    But, on the plus side, I have no outstanding projects.

    Anyone interested can speculate as to what combination of experiences might compel a being to view the Earth as nothing more than an arena in which to trot in circles, consuming and metabolising your allotment of gruel, while slowly turning to dust.

    Yeah I know- it’s not about me… but I don’t think you need to be human to reach such conclusions.

    In contradistinction to Ran Prieur, I am constantly dumbfounded by what I perceive to be the majority of trotters, even here, who, having noticed that the arena is becoming a dilapidated edifice on the point of catastrophic failure, have the (to me, fundamentally optimistic) reaction: “The arena is becoming ugly and dangerous. This should have been noticed long ago, and it should have been lovingly renovated to it’s former glory, in order that we might continue to trot in circles, consuming and metabolising our allotment of gruel, while slowly turning to dust”.

    (btw the other bit of me is in full accord with Gil Scott-Heron’s line in “Shut ’em Down”-

    “Gotta work for Earth, for what it’s worth, ’cause it’s the only thing we got”)

  • another side effect of sea level rise

    This dome in the Pacific houses tons of radioactive waste – and it’s leaking

    The Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands is a hulking legacy of years of US nuclear testing. Now locals and scientists are warning that rising sea levels caused by climate change could cause 111,000 cubic yards of debris to spill into the ocean

    [of course this is in addition to the on-going Fukushima disaster]

    Alaska and Canada wildfires, 6 July 2015

    Total fires in 2015 [to date – the year is far from over]

    Alaska: 640
    Canada: 4526
    Total acres burned in 2015

    Alaska: 2,950,572 acres
    Canada: 5,315,200 acres (2,150,971 ha)

  • Robin – Apparently your exalted Vedantism does not extend to ordinary politeness.

    “Mark Austin: you raise cluelessness to new levels.”
    “Not really, if one recognises it for what it is. A substantial load of MBFM (male bovine faecal material). Dung beetles more useful than clues.”

  • What’s the essential difference between wishing to exceed the speed of light, and wishing to drive a car? Are some parts of civilization OK, while others are not?

    I’m delighted that someone who cares to read and comment on NBL has access to the workings of the extreme technocrats. But maybe others prefer to talk exclusively to the choir.

  • mike K,

    Good one! Just shows that the exalted world stinks like a pile of MBFM, too.

  • Shep – For those with sensitive sniffers, everything can have the odor of you know what. I can pick that up with my equipment. OTH the perfume makers know that the right dose of skunk oil makes the olfactory experience even more piquant and delightful. Kinda like a manure for the flowers of the nose. A little dissonance to spice up the music of life…. Just beware of Oding on that shit.

    “Glory be to God for dappled things –
    For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
    For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
    Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;
    Landscape plotted and pieced – fold, fallow, and plough;
    And áll trádes, their gear and tackle and trim.
    All things counter, original, spare, strange;
    Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
    With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
    He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:
    Praise him.”

    Gerard Manley Hopkins

  • Lidia,

    You asked : ” Why are you here?”

    Now where should I start….?

    I am here because I want to be here, and until someone says that I can’t be here I’m sorry to tell you I’m here to stay.

    Here are other reasons.

    1) Like many here, I basically like Guy McPherson, , and mostly agree that things don’t look too good on the climate front.

    2) I have a lot to learn on this blog. There are many posters who write comments which have interest for me.

    3) I believe that we are basically in deep, deep trouble and that our species is in jeopardy.

    4) There is freedom here to dissent without some yahoos censoring one’s opinions just because they don’t like it, most especially Guy who has occasionally written about his displeasure with postings but has nevertheless accepted them as part of the cost of exchanging ideas.

    5) I agree with most postings and don’t feel that your particular feelings towards what I write is shared by those whose comments I find interesting.

    6) Not many blogs deal with this subject matter, and therefore I have much to learn, but also much to share from what I have learned throughout my life. In fact there are blo9ggers here who have expressed that what I wrote was interesting, and since the feelings are reciprocal I don’t see why I should leave.

    In conclusion, since I don’t wish to bore anyone with answers to your question, that’s about it. As far as your other comments about me that’s your call and that is what’s nice about freedom.. you are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to ask me to leave just because you don’t have to favor my presence… Best advise I can provide is just to skip my comments. I won’t be offended.

    I wish you good health


  • Jean, I don’t wish you ill, and I did NOT ask you to leave.

    Again, issues with reading comprehension!

    I asked, rhetorically and in frustration, “why are you even here?” because you do not seem to grasp the message of this blog which, if you are able to read between the lines, rules out space travel for your progeny.

    Finally, I didn’t engage with you until *you* addressed *me* (July 6th, 3:10). YOU did a long number dissecting my comment addressed TO MARK. Please play fair and leave off the drama about how hard done you are by me.

  • The Peak Moment interview was one of the better ones.

    Very informative.

  • “Apparently your exalted Vedantism does not extend to ordinary politeness.”

    The politeness extends to dung beetles.

  • Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that rise from that plain. And no sooner did Don Quixote see them that he said to his squire, “Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished. Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them. With their spoils we shall begin to be rich for this is a righteous war and the removal of so foul a brood from off the face of the earth is a service God will bless.”

    “What giants?” asked Sancho Panza.

    “Those you see over there,” replied his master, “with their long arms. Some of them have arms well nigh two leagues in length.”

    “Take care, sir,” cried Sancho. “Those over there are not giants but windmills. Those things that seem to be their arms are sails which, when they are whirled around by the wind, turn the millstone.”

  • Lidia,

    I don’t feel “hard-done” by you in any way. The drama, if there is drama of course, is all yours. If you did not ask me to leave, then why did you ask :”Why are you here?” If you want to play rhetorical musical chairs that’s your call. But when someone asks why they come to an event in which the person asking the question thinks that ne should be elsewhere, then I assume the asker, you, must feel that my quest will be better served somewhere else.

    As far as addressing you personally is concerned, I did so because you addressed a blogger, Mark Austin, and derided his comments by writing that ‘he is insane”. And since I don’t share that opinion about someone who is not quite rowing your boat, (you seem to harbor such thoughts for a few people here) , I responded to what I perceived was an improper remark. I notice however that Mark Austin does not need any support as he is well able to answer your remarks with uncommon tack.

    We do seem to lack a sufficient common vocabulary which would allow us to exchange ideas in any meaningful way. My Oxford dictionary for example does not contain the word autist, the word which you used in your post and assured me that it is an MIT definition of people who can’t see things very well??? For myself, if the Oxford folks leave it out, then I suppose I can be excused for not being an MIT graduate.

    Moreover, you seem to have concluded through whatever I wrote that I am in search of extra-terrestrial voyages. MMMMmmmm!! ?? FYI, there is indeed a universe, possibly many universes, but even though Stephen Hawkins suggested that we had better find other planets to live on, given that this one may soon be unlivable, I am not a fan of space travel as yet. I was and still am fascinated with the size of this universe but I am very well aware, and quite well informed, that at the present speed of our fastest rockets that it would take about 100,000 years to reach the nearest star to our sun, and so since I don’t think my life span will be quite that long, I’m much more interested in what’s happening to the Earth, and a fan of keeping the lid on the heat on this planet. I love Star Trek, but I’ll leave the USS Enterprise starship to other travelers, and Mark Austin’s mention of some type of warped space travel was not a turn-off for me as much as it was for you.

    The fact that whatever I wrote made you think my interest is in space travel is quite interesting, almost incomprehensible and certainly a curious conclusion. If I wrote words that led you to that conclusion, then I do indeed need to substantially revise my rhetoric.

    Since we obviously cannot understand each other’s vocabulary, I will indeed refrain in the future on making comments about your posts.

  • .
    INDIANAPOLIS — Residents whose Indianapolis homes were battered by a gas explosion and relatives of a couple who were killed packed a court hearing Monday for the three suspects charged with rigging the blast. Prosecutors say Shirley and the Leonard brothers deliberately blew up her home so they could collect the insurance payout.

    The fiery blast destroyed five homes, including Shirley’s, and damaged dozens of others in the Richmond Hill subdivision in the far south side of the city. The explosion killed Shirley’s next-door neighbors.
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.

    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”

  • Some significant corroboration of Guy’s scenario of a 3 degree C. spike temperature in 18 months.

    Massive Arctic heat dome setting up to BAKE the sea ice.

    U.S. Navy forecasting models updated with new data predicting a very large Arctic ice melt.

  • @Jean, maybe you think I dropped the name of that institution to one-up you or something.. No.

    What I was trying to get at is that I KNOW this human illness extremely intimately without having to look it up in a dictionary.

    I lived with many many people who possessed this form of tunnel vision and I didn’t have a name for it then, other than “asshole”. Many of them are quite successful and well off now, having worked for Sandia Labs or Lockheed Martin or Monsanto or Bain Capital or the NSA/CIA or whatever other sociopathic enterprise gave them the most money and space to play. My favorite example which I’ve mentioned before is the guy who thinks he’ll successfully be able to have his head frozen and re-attached to some other poor sod in the year 2060. He runs a lab at Tufts U.!

    These are people who score off the charts in intelligence tests, but who are deeply stupid. I had my fill of this stuff 35 years ago. You can invoke Stephen Hawking, but if he thinks we are going to colonize other planets, he is deeply stupid as well.

    I’m responding to you mainly because, in my curiosity surrounding the *dictionary* definition of autism, I found this:

    2. a tendency to view life in terms of one’s own needs and desires.

    Whenever I hear that “we need” to colonize other planets or explore other universes or graft our heads onto other bodies.. that mental illness is what comes to mind.

    You wrote: “….those who may want to live on this beautiful planet?, even other planets … Like my grandchildren ..? We do need a “positive leap” in human evolution..” This is a view of things which is centered only on your druthers (desires), not on reality.

  • Considering the dire shape we are in, is this not ironically sad?

  • Looks like it’s Robin Westenra’s turn to get hacked:

    Wednesday, 8 July 2015
    Problems with the blog
    I am having familiar problems with getting stuff onto the blog just as the shit is hitting the fan with Greece and have resported to a clunky, unresponsonsive (in short, useless) computer at the public library to get the most important stuff up.

    I have lost almost all connectivity on the internet


  • Lidia,

    You wrote: “These are people who score off the charts in intelligence tests, but who are deeply stupid.” Yes, on that we can somewhat agree. How about people who make nuclear weapons? Very intelligent, but extremely stupid. But are they really responsible for their creations, or do their paychecks trump their stupidity. I would guess that paychecks are more important than their I.Q.

    You write: “You can invoke Stephen Hawking, but if he thinks we are going to colonize other planets, he is deeply stupid as well.” He doesn’t think that is a possibility in any way. Without even knowing Stephen Hawkins personally, I would vouch that he knows probably more than anyone that colonizing other planets at this moment in time is a no-go. People write things in jest, or in a context that has nothing to do with reality. Are you perhaps confusing reality with imagination. If you read any of Hawkins’ work, I’m fairly certain you would realize that the option of going to other planets is not in his repertoire in any way.

    As an example or misinterpretation, you wrote the following about my questioning your use of the word autist: ” I’m responding to you mainly because, in my curiosity surrounding the *dictionary* definition of autism, I found this”…
    BUT you did not write ‘autism’, you wrote “autist”. A typo maybe? I am very aware of the word autism, but “autist” is not a word which the Oxford people recognize, but which is the word you wrote in your comments. Right ? or am I missing something, again? I don’t mind being clueless about many things, but at least I want to know what thing I am clueless about, and “autist” doesn’t exist, even at MIT.

  • Hey Matt Holbert Since retiring from an investment real estate career in 1998,I was just wondering what epiphany you had to change careers to be more eco-minded you see I am a hard sell, carry a bit of south Chicago attitude to call out bull shit when I smell it, if you read the books on your web site then you know you like me we are part of the problem. I suggest you read Derek Jenson, James Knutsler and Richard Wolff, the one thing that is not talked about enough is exponential growth of the human population.

    If you would like to debate the debacle at hand as I would like to so come with both barrels loaded, by the way I have studied in college sociology, social economics, political science and business law and obtained 2 Masters degrees for my efforts, if you knew any thing about capitalism you would now that historically it is one of the worst systems ever.

    Eco Villages do not work to save the earth it has been proven.

  • **or am I missing something, again? I don’t mind being clueless about many things, but at least I want to know what thing I am clueless about, and “autist” doesn’t exist, even at MIT.**

    Don’t fret Scarecrow — just follow the yellow brick road.

  • Lidia,

    My apologies! The word autist does exist, and so your use of it was entirely justified, and correct. I should buy a better dictionary.

  • Bob S.

    You wrote: “Don’t fret Scarecrow” ….. MMMMmmmm! I won’t Bob.

  • Jean, you argue like a incorrigible child. I get a transient case of pinch-brain trying to make sense of your gobbledegook!

    On the other hand, I respect Lidia and read her writings with delight. She understands our pain.

  • Tom Says:
    July 7th, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    Looks like it’s Robin Westenra’s turn to get hacked:

    Wednesday, 8 July 2015
    Problems with the blog
    I am having familiar problems with getting stuff onto the blog just as the shit is hitting the fan with Greece and have resported to a clunky, unresponsonsive (in short, useless) computer at the public library to get the most important stuff up.

    I have lost almost all connectivity on the internet

    Add to that the virtual blackout of information about abrupt climate change in the MSM.

    And little if any discussion in presidential debates about AGW … again.

    One could surmise that a concerted effort is being made against those who are aware of a greater danger than the propaganda engines are advertising.

    We are being suppressed in one degree or another in one place or another at any given time it would seem.

    Finally, not satisfied with that, they infiltrate with bots intending to discredit us (such as with the suicide church pat advertises – but his longevity witnesses against his bona fides).

  • Hi everybody,

    you might like to read this article by George Monbiot in today’s Guardian:

  • Thanks for the link Sabine – all the best to you (i appreciate your voice)

    Here’s one that gets there from here in the U.S.

    U.S. Wealth-Concentration: The Most-Accurate Current Estimates

    [quote near the end of the well written article]

    But what, then, is really left of ‘democracy’ in the U.S.? After all, even before Obama, democracy in America was already dying, if not yet dead. And what meaningful democracy can even possibly exist in a nation where lying in politics is constitutionally protected ‘free speech,’ which no state may penalize, under any conditions? How may “the people” even conceivably rule in a republic where politicians can reasonably be expected to win only lying-contests, because not to lie in such a nation is not to be politically competitive there at all? Can democracy really consist of contests in deception? Is such a political race-to-the-bottom consistent with democracy?

    Eric Zuesse

    Guy: this journalist (Zuesse) would make an excellent interviewee (for your radio show) or ‘er (i’ll bet he’d do a superb job getting your message out through a conversation with you). Thanks always for you and your awareness/work.

  • Cat. It’s what’s for dinner.

  • For my second post today, I’m going to second Kirk!

    “pinch-brain” I’ve never heard that here in the UK before. Very expressive, thanks for that.

  • Sabine, Monbiot is good, but still stuck in the capitalist paradigm, imo. Ulvfugl is on fire today on this very subject. Starting with the origins of usury, through serfdom up to Greece. All in his “amiable” manner. His solution, drop out entirely.

  • .
    Glad to never hear from Ulf-oogle again…

  • .
    Posted: Thursday, June 16, 2011 12:49 pm | Updated: 2:47 pm, Fri Jul 22, 2011.
    Copyright Keene Publishing Corporation © 2011
    Editor’s note: On Thursday morning, June 16, The Sentinel received a “last statement” via mail from a man who insinuated that he planned to set himself on fire in front of the Cheshire County Court House, and an explanation of why he intended to do so. Through further reporting, The Sentinel is confident this is from the victim of Wednesday afternoon’s fire, although police have not yet received confirmation of his identity. The 15-page statement is printed in full, except for two redacted items: The names of the man’s mother and his three children. Details will be posted as they become available.
    Last Statement
    by Tom Ball

  • The latest post is ready for your eyes and comments. It’s here.

  • Welcome to the new basement! Jean T – non ilegitimus carborundum. I enjoy your talking back to the thought police. Those who imagine they have the last word and ultimate truth are really childish fundamentalists trapped in the dead end streets of their own minds.


    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesman and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall. Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day. — ‘Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.’ — Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.”

    From “Self Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Zen looks at fear and terrorism………….

  • .
    John Stark was a general from NH during the Revolutionary War. General Stark was a clever warrior. He was responsible for the bulk of the heavy casualties the British suffered at their victory at Bunker Hill. His orderly, fighting withdrawal allowed the other units on the hill to not only retreat but collect their wounded on the way out.

    General Stark would repeat this performance on three hill tops outside the village of Bennington, VT, one hot August day in 1777. At the end of the battle, the British lost over 900 men killed or captured. The Colonists suffered 30 dead. Two months later, the depleted British army would surrender at Saratoga. That victory at Saratoga would bring the French into the war. John Stark was the most competent general this country ever produced. For that reason alone his men loved him.

    But as brilliant as he was on the battlefield, General Stark would become even more famous for something he said. In 1809 the veterans of Bennington decided to have one last reunion. A delegation called on the General with his invitation. But the General was old and frail. He could not attend. But he did send a message, “You tell the boys I said live free or die. That death is not the worst of evil.” Since 1945 the State of New Hampshire has stamped “Live Free or Die” on every pen, coffee mug, license plate and highway sign that they have gotten their hands on.

    He would be troubled by the new enemy. Oh, he understood when a government betrays it people. He took up arms against the superpower of his day to get relief for the grievances of the Colonies. But the enemy we face now is the government we birthed at places like Bennington, Saratoga and Bunker Hill. Government is no different than the food in a refrigerator. Given enough time, both will go bad.

  • .
    Along with neighbouring Jharkhand state, Orissa has the highest number of households in India without toilets.
    More than half a billion people in India still continue to defecate in the open, according to WHO.
    Among the rural and tribal women studied, almost 60% said they had no access to toilets when questioned during the first three months of their pregnancy, while of the 40% who did live in a household with one installed, more than half reported using it rarely or a few times a week.

  • To Kirk & his flock,

    You wrote: “Jean, you argue like a incorrigible child.” and respect for Lidia for understanding your pain.

    What exactly is wrong with being a child? Children are loving, open-minded, they are eager to learn, and are full of the wonder of life. They have time to wonder about the beauty of a butterfly, and can watch clouds drift across the sky, or listen to the melodies of nature all around them.

    Children do not build weapons, do not pollute the earth, don’t shoot people, evict each other from their dwellings, and they don’t have hidden agendas. They are honest, forgiving, but most of all, they are still free from the pain to which you have alluded.

    I don’t know from what kind of pain you suffer, but if you were a child, you would not have these pains. Look for the inner-child inside you, and that may be all you need to be relieved.

    Children do not hate, they do not chop off the heads of infidels or stone women, they do not praise Lords, honor Mohammed, or need Gods to forgive them, as adults do. If only we were all children, we could not build nuclear weapons which may destroy all life on Earth.

    As Maurice Chevalier once sang: “Thank God for little girls”. Well. I won’t go as far as thanking God but I’ll sure thank Whoever that I am still a child. Thank you for that wonderful compliment.

    As far as Lidia is concerned, if her nasty rhetoric and disposition are your cup of tea, then by all means enjoy its flavors.

  • Mike,

    I loved Ralph Waldo Emerson, or at least what he represented… Freedom !

  • Hey Guy, when are you gonna do another video chat with gary mosher known as inmendham on youtube? i really enjoyed your last dialog, thanks

  • I knew Gerald had it in for Chris Hedges – even though he’s not a Jew. I wonder is there’s anyone G. doesn’t hate – Hitler maybe?

  • “Children do not build weapons, do not pollute the earth, don’t shoot people, evict each other from their dwellings, and they don’t have hidden agendas.”

    You must have had a remarkably insulated childhood. Or a short memory.
    I think “incorrigible” was the operative word.

  • izzy,

    “A remarkably insulated childhood” ??? Actually my childhood was not very well insulated, but rather quite oppressive and suffocating. There were many adults who tried to ram their God of love down my throat, and professed their love for humanity while their army dropped bombs on children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those children sure could have used some insulation don’t you think?

    Do you think we can insulate children from adults? Do you think adulthood is the panacea to strive for when these adults are awaiting orders to fire away?

    Incorrigible you say? You bet!

  • ogf – Love. Sorry I pissed you off. I’ll try not to again. Love.

  • Jean, you certainly do have a lot of spare time. I envy you for that.

  • When the horror of Near Term Extinction rises agonizingly in my consciousness, I find it helpful to ask myself some questions:

    1. Was there ever a time when I could change the overall direction of global culture? No.

    2. Am I uniquely or specially responsible for the coming extinction of humankind and many others? No.

    3. Is it my duty to be worried, anxious, or angry about what is happening in the world? No.

    4. Is there anything I can do to prevent the collapse of civilization, and the probability of mass extinctions? No.

    5. Accept the things you cannot change.

    6. Can I try to lead a good life, and help others? Yes.

    7. Change the things you can.

  • Kirk,

    “Jean, you certainly do have a lot of spare time. ”

    No Kirk, since as you imply I am using childish gobbledegook, and since you must be the adult here, please bear with me. According to Guy, seems most of us won’t have a lot of spare time anyway. So why go there? I would have to grow up too fast to keep up with all the adults in this room. Since we’re all going for a ride to hell anyway, why would you want anyone to become an adult like all the good people here? Now that would be a real waste of time.

  • Rita – Love. Thanks for your comments. The dreams of a better world have been often the seeds from which real improvements have sprouted. Utopian-ism is often equated with the foolish belief in how easily such dreams can be accomplished in real life. The many failed intentional communities are a testimony to that truth.
    These failures should not lead us to mistrust all positive hope for a better way of living together. Prematurely concluding that there is no way to a better human society of course precludes exploring such a possibility, and guarantees that it will never happen. The only success that hopelessness can claim is total failure!

  • Drought to cut Thai rice output to 11-year low

    Lingering drought has left the world’s biggest rice exporter, Thailand, on course for its weakest harvest in more than a decade, with a second year of below-average rains meaning moisture shortages even in irrigated areas.–8543.html

  • .
    In “Past the Point of No Return”, I promised that the solution would involve things that no one would particularly like. I repeat that warning now. Please try to bear in mind that what I present here is not something that I particularly advocate per se. The question before us is what could we do to mitigate the problem of overpopulation. It is that question that I seek to provide an answer for. This is an exercise in feasible solution finding. Not in politics.

  • Oldgrowthforest – Love. I am not a racist. There is no such thing as race the way many use that word. I am not white. There are no white people. There are only people. I am not “euro-centric.” I may be eccentric, but I am not that. You have constructed a version of me that is totally false, every bit of it. Then you start in to bash your strawman. I have deep respect for every living being on this planet.

    I don’t have much use for people who try to preach to me and try to make me feel bad because of their supposed authority to tell me who I am and how I am supposed to think. Part of my relationship to Native American Spirituality I got from Ed McGaa, Eagle Man. He had his own run ins with super traditional Indians who thought they were the only true keepers of the original Native spirituality. You are coming across as one of them, full of pride in your supposed knowledge and contemptuous of any one who will not bow down to you. What I have received in sacred sweat lodge and other contexts from the ancient wonderful understandings and practices of Native Americans is mine forever. And I will not stand still for a moment and put up with you trying to dishonor that. Your anger and lack of any patience or attempt to understand what I am sharing tells me all I need to know about your brand of knowledge. I can sense the trail that brought you to where you are, and I have compassion for you, even if you choose to spit on me and my path. I leave you with the same love I feel for all beings. Love.

    One more thing. Unless you choose to come to me in the spirit of love and understanding that I am extending to you – then I see no point in further discussion with one who chooses the way of hatred and arrogance. Love.

  • Love. Thanks for the data datta. Are you any kin to that android on Star Trek? :-)

  • June 2015 Smashes Heat, Rainfall Records Across the U.S.

    June 2015 shattered records across the U.S., thanks in part to Tropical Storm Bill’s inland resilience and two prominent heat waves in opposite corners of the nation.