Trivializing Global Warming

by Alton C. Thompson

The July 6 – 13 issue of Time magazine includes “53 pages of answers,” divided into eight categories, one which is titled “Questions we should be asking.”  In that section we find the following questions:

  • What is the best job in America?
  • Why don’t we have a cure for the common cold?
  • What are my risk factors?
  • What could America’s $18 trillion debt buy?
  • What should I order?
  • How does art work?

Oh, and there is also this question:

  • Am I hurting the planet?

The page on the “planet” question offers some useful facts regarding the number of pounds of CO2 associated with various activities (per year in the U. S.):

  • 7 Having a beer (“the ingredients, electricity and transportation”).
  • 379 Running the dishwasher.
  • 6 Answering email.

However, I suspect that any reader of Nature Bats Last will regard all seven of the above questions as trivial, and will especially wonder why there is not a question about global warming.  Time, in an article dated June 18, discussed Pope Francis’s recent encyclical on the environment.  That article had said, for example:

Francis’ vision for change is comprehensive.  He addresses the challenges of food production due to uncontrolled fishing.  He reminds readers that migrants are forced to flee poverty induced by environmental degradation but are not recognized internationally as refugees.  He offers a corrective to past theological interpretations that say that God gave humanity dominion over the earth and challenges the idea that humanity should be the center of concern when it comes to the Earth’s future.  He calls out the failures big business, politicians, and international summits.

Thus, it is rather surprising that the current issue of the magazine makes no reference to global warming—especially given that nothing that is occurring at present is as important as global warming!

Of course, the question about “hurting the planet” implies that global warming is occurring.  It also implies, though, that:

  • Because human actions (such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation activities) are, and have been, “hurting the planet” (by causing global warming), then a reduction in those human activities will solve the problem.
  • Our “hurting of the planet” is just that, and has no relevance for our well-being (or survival, for that matter!).

By “talking around the edges of” global warming it trivializes global warming; and in doing that, it fails to inform the reader that:

  • Global warming is an extremely serious problem.[1]
  • So serious a problem, in fact, that it is likely to lead to the extinction of our species “soon” (by, e.g., 2030?).

Given the strong possibility that our species may not be much longer, rather than one answering the trivial question “Am I hurting the planet?,” one should (a) “face the music” about the future, and (b) ask oneself:  “What, that would be worthwhile, should I do with the rest of my life?

The fact that Time does not take seriously is not surprising:  It’s a business (like the energy production business), and doesn’t want to confront the future in any meaningful way; as a business, making money in the short-term is what it’s all “about”!  End of story!

[1] Noted British climate scientist Professor Kevin Anderson (Deputy Director of the Tyndal Centre), In a devastating speech “at the University of Bristol Tuesday November 6th, 2012, accused too many climate scientists of keeping quiet about the unrealistic assessments put out by governments, and our awful odds of reaching global warming far above the proposed 2 degree safe point.”  The media must also, however, be blamed for failing to report on the research done by climate scientists.

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  • Thank you Alton.
    Some say that the reason TPTB will not bring up the Hard Questions, or listen when someone else does, is all about money, power, and control… but behind that curtain lies dopamine:

    “In a nutshell, power/money/esteem addictions are the reason our species is flirting with self-annihilation.

    Safety/acceptance/esteem addictions are the reason few want to know.

    Understanding how a powerful neurotransmitter manipulates behavior is a major threat to dopamine flow.

    As a result, even dopamine experts aren’t interested in considering the possibility that they’re under the spell of the dopamine-induced addictions (to safety, acceptance, esteem, and money) responsible for every man-made problem.

    If this sounds simplistic it’s because we inherited our addictive behaviors from aggressive simpletons who had more in common with chimpanzees (who also obsess over safety, acceptance, and esteem) than humans. Countless generations later, the same unconscious commitment to maintain dopamine flow, that kept Galileo’s adversaries oblivious to the obvious, keeps today’s scholars from wanting to know how dopamine-induced ignorance is the reason they’re as clueless as their 16th century counterparts….”

  • I have just made the long transition back to the First World – I had been teaching college and living in a small coastal community in Oman. The place where I lived had only one decent restaurant, no fast food outlets, no chain stores, very little to spend your money on – great. It is a farming area with endless groves of date palms and cultivated fields of melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.: a thousand years of patient cultivation – the Second World. I was teaching students studying business, IT and engineering. Most of them want jobs in Oman’s booming petro-chemical sector. I don’t want to teach anymore.

    “Money perfectly manifests the desires of our culture. It is safe. It neither lives, dies nor rots. It is exempt from experience. It is meaningless and abstract. By valuing abstraction over living beings, we seal not only our own fate, but the fates of all those we encounter.” Derrick Jensen (A Language Older Than Words)

    My journey “home” was Oman-Bangkok-Hong Kong-Vancouver-Calgary. Five airports and four planes. Remarkable as that itinerary is in terms of its technological complexity, carbon footprint and sociological uniqueness, I let a friend talk me into breaking the journey into two parts. And how glad I am that I did – doing the journey all in one go would have taken about 48 hours. That time includes the one hour drive to the Oman airport and the 45 minute drive from the Calgary airport to my parent’s home in a little town (one red light at the railway crossing) on the prairies of the Great Plains.
    In the airport in Muscat the destinations include Daman (Jordan), Lagos (Nigeria), Riyadh, Cairo, Baghdad, Kuwait City, Antananarivo, Columbo. The aircraft form lines taxiing for take off in the heat of the dark desert night.
    My friend’s fiancee met us in Bangkok and we went down to Pattaya for three days. I have visited Thailand before but never Pattaya. It is your cliche “sin city” of girly bars, souvenir shops, restaurants (I love Thai food!), and middle aged men searching for young Thai girls (or boys) as “companions”. Sadly, the beach is nothing much, the water dirty (so I wouldn’t be snorkelling), and the bay crowded with jet skis and freighters anchored offshore (dumping god knows what into the bay).
    I had left Oman in 46 degree daily temps (and 39 nightly lows) so the Thai climate was a welcome if humid relief.
    The first night we went to a place called Walking Road which is a pedestrian mall lined with strip clubs, girly bars, souvenir shops, eateries, kickboxing venues, gay bars, etc. We found a fantastic bar with a house band (Hot Tuna Band) that really kicked out the classics: Hendrix, Floyd, Skynyrd, Sabbath, Santana, Purple, Lizzy, you name it these guys played it (and took requests).
    The bar was open to the street and the constant stream of tourists surged up and down. Large groups of Japanese and Chinese tourists (all following someone with a flag) would pass by, pause for a moment to see the heads nodding to the music, the band roaring their passion. Then they would take a photo on their phone – or more often turn their backs to the bar, swing their selfie sticks and snap a selfie.
    I became fascinated watching them. Some barely paused in their steps as they took a picture. I used to teach my students that you don’t “take” a picture, you “make” a picture. However, watching these people mindlessly taking their shots made me aware that they are barely even conscious of what is around them – it is just a collection of moments that they will review when they get home and say, “I was there.” But they weren’t.
    Around midnight I had had a few drinks and was shifting into CCW mode (it happens after a few drinks in social situations: CCW mode stands for Critical Conscious Witness). So we walk to a pool bar (pool tables) also open to the street. My friend and his fiancee start playing pool and I sit surrounded by “friendly” bar girls. The band is very loud – they are playing the song The Final Countdown. I think about Guy’s website (I had been on it in the morning in the hotel room) and watch the show unfold: drunken revellers, dancing, laughing, playing pool, middle aged men with young girls on their laps, young couples, alcohol flowing in streams. One young American guy is on the stage singing a soppy karaoke to his lady – a western lady – it is actually quite touching as they are truly in love, obviously in love. The bar girls mask their sadness. My CCW retreats slightly.
    Some of the bar girls approach but I am getting more and more cynical by the moment. I smile and chat, but I am witnessing the party at the end of the world – for them it is just another night. The band come back on and the song “Final Countdown” is followed by a rendition (the female singer is really very good) of “The Show Must Go On” (Queen: Freddie Mercury) and my irony meter swings into the red zone. Freddie died of AIDS/HIV – Pattaya is probably AIDS/HIV central but “the show must go on.”
    Everyone in Pattaya is happily drinking and eating and f’ing themselves into NTHE. It might not be a bad way to go.
    Then I fly to Hong Kong airport. I like it because it is spacious and quiet. However, you can’t find plugs anymore (to plug in my laptop and enjoy the free wifi while I wait six hours for my connecting flight). I wonder how they vacuum without plugs and then I see a guy vacuuming – no cord – batteries.
    Hordes (I use the word on purpose) of conservatively attired Chinese are lounging across acres and acres of seating regularly punctuated by power sources. These are posts set back to back in the middle of seating areas in which are set usb jacks and sockets for recharging your laptop or mobile phone.
    Unfortunately, I can’t find a single one that is unoccupied. Entire families are arranged around them with father, mother, son and daughter all glued to small glowing screens. There are strollers, babies and small children everywhere.
    I am gobsmacked (to use the colloquial English expression) at the sheer plethora of electronic devices and the ubiquitousness of people gazing into screens while eating, walking, sitting. I gloss on the idea that in five years from now they will need power points at every seat (instead of the one for six seats they have now) – and how much more electrical power supply that will entail.
    The guy across from me is watching tv on his mobile phone (I can tell because he has it too loud) and I wait and wait – he is not recharging he is whiling away the hours mindlessly. I give up and move on and find another power point with a young guy who is only using his laptop. I gesture and he invites me to use the port. He moves to the other side.
    In Hong Kong airport the destinations include: Macao, Beijing, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo. The aircraft taxi into position and take off moments apart. I can see them ahead and behind from my window seat as we taxi.
    Everyone in Hong Kong airport is happily texting, tweeting and surfing themselves into NTHE. It might not be a bad way to go.
    After 12 more hours I arrive in Vancouver airport – it is 11pm and, unlike most international airports, Vancouver’s practically shuts down at night. By now I am feeling strange and a couple of times think I am in the wrong airport and have missed my flight – the twilight zone of sleep deprivation.
    A fire alarm sounds and over the noise of the man driving the vacuum cleaner around I can hear prompts to evacuate the building. I don’t. There are only a handful of comfortable seats in the airport – those not made of wood or metal – and since I am in here until my 630 flight to Calgary I am not surrendering my seat. No one tells me to leave so I don’t. There are two coffee shops open and I pass the time online reading Scribbler, Guy, the Arch-druid, Desdemona, etc. You know, just to cheer myself up.
    Forest fires are raging up and down the West Coast, the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge is drying up the boreal forests and the wheat growing prairies. Alaska has already exhausted its fire fighting budget and fire fighters from Australia are on their way to North America to help.
    On the flight over from Vancouver to Calgary, I sit in a window seat on the right side of the plane. I notice the parched brown grass between the runways of the airport. Once in the air, I see Mount Baker – gorgeous sentinel – which I know is struggling with the lowest snow levels ever recorded.
    The ground below (and I can see the ground most of the one hour journey) is obscured, veiled, not sharp, and I realize that it is obscured by the smoke of the fires and early morning evaporation from the ground surface below.
    We pass over the Rocky Mountains – I have made this flight a number of times before – and I see there is hardly any snow – the glaciers are tiny patches here and there. By the time we begin our descent into Calgary it is looking very green – they at least have had lots of rain.
    My flight arrives in Calgary. My sister is late in arriving so I find a comfortable chair (I really do – a row of big vinyl armchairs one of which I sink into gratefully, stretch out my legs and fight not to fall asleep). She arrives with my nephew – I haven’t seen them for 17 months – we hug, we are glad to see each other, family, love remaining.
    We head out of the airport in her new 4×4 and join the ranks of huge trucks and 4x4s on the highway out of Calgary: oil, beef, trucks, tar sands. Most of the trucks are Chevy’s, GMC, Dodge Ram, most brand new, most have one person in them and hundreds of horsepower under the hood. Gas prices are low. It is time to celebrate by driving, endlessly. We pass endless fields of canola, wheat, rye, grazing cattle, horses.
    Where I am now, here in my parents humble home, I look out the window – the grass is really green – in the week I have been back we have had four cracker-jack thunderstorms, three hail storms, two tornado warnings and water spouts dancing over Calgary – and intermittent sunshine. There is a huge camper parked on the street next door, across the road a sweet little sports car (British racing green) and behind it a huge black Dodge truck – you know, two seats and massive amounts of horsepower.
    It is now Sunday morning – an Alberta Sunday in July. It is sunny out. Within an hour or two all the highways around here will be filled with recreational drivers: huge campers (some towing a 4×4 or a boat), vehicles towing power boats and jet skis, trucks with two quads on the back, sports cars. And, most noticeable of all, Harley Davidson’s – the quintessential symbol of hubris and pure, noisy assholeness – thundering down the highways; in their leather chaps, the “weekend warriors” will cover kilometres of highway for fun, stop off and have some brew somewhere and then ride home. That will be a perfect summer day Alberta style – go to the lake and pollute with noise and petroleum, go to the mountains and set up the camper with barbecued beef and pork, a satellite dish and plenty of brew in the cooler, ride the highways in a huge truck or on a thundering Harley.
    The farmers are worried. The firefighters are worried. Oil prices are down so Calgary is worried, Alberta is worried, the tar sands rapists are worried.
    Everyone else in Alberta is happily driving, working, eating, mortgaging, tweeting, ignoring, drinking themselves into NTHE. It might not be a bad way to go.

    In about a month I will drive out to the coast in my Jeep. I’ll spew carbon and leave rubber on the highways all the way across – and I may be dodging wild fires much of the time. I will return to Vancouver Island, green gem in the blue Pacific. The forests are drying out there, the West Coast sardine fishery was shut down more than a month ago. They have banned freshwater fishing in the rivers on the island because there is not enough water and they are worried about the salmon not having enough water to get upriver to spawn (the First Nations asked “them” to do so months before but they were ignored). The glaciers on the Island and in the Coast and Rocky mountains are disappearing.

    I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
    I really love to watch them roll
    No longer riding on that merry go-round
    I just had to let it go. I just had to let it go. (John Lennon)

  • One good thing we should do is know where we are and why (You Are Here).

    It, at least, avoids being lost in space.

    The first thing to remember is that “it” is not your fault (The Psychology of the Notion of Collective Guilt).

    Murder is not something a victim does.

    You are a victim (like me).

    The mass-murders who create the victims have active agents everywhere, including here (The Private Empire’s Social Media Hit Squads).

    (Whether GS hates jews and wants the world gassed by methane, instead of being drowned or not, does not change the science)

    The invasion is ongoing and is unstoppable by the bullshit (Greenland & Antarctica Invade The United States) which the oil-Qaeda operatives spew in shame (Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media).

    Oil-Qaeda is your killer, you are not your killer.

  • To WoodWose. Brilliant

  • Woodwose`s comment should be a Whole blogpost in itself ..

  • Alton and WoodWose: thank you both!

  • A most honorable tip of the hat to Miss Siegel. Nicely done.

  • Global warming is trivialized because thoughts are commodities.

    Why do Americans think what they think and do what they do?

    THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.

    Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.

    They govern us by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply needed ideas and by their key position in the social structure. Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons — a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty [now 320] million — who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.

    It is the purpose of this book to explain the structure of the mechanism which controls the public mind, and to tell how it is manipulated by the special pleader who seeks to create public acceptance for a particular idea or commodity. It will attempt at the same time to find the due place in the modern democratic scheme for this new propaganda and to suggest its gradually evolving code of ethics and practice.
    ” (Propagands, by Edward L. Bernays).

    Bernays is celebrated as the American “Father of Spin” which he unapologetically called propaganda.

    The German SS leaders considered Bernays to be the best propagandist (Exceptional American Propaganda Inspired NAZI Goebbels).

    Just sayin’ …

  • WoodWose – Loved your comment – kinda handy to ‘take a trip and never leave the farm’ :) Thanks.

  • Wren Uber Hilarious, WoodWose Beyond brilliance, and Dredd enjoying Dredd Blog ! Thanks ! Have a great Sunday everyone ! Best regards and Love !

  • And Thanks Alton C Thompson !!!!

  • I painted this painting with extinction in mind. I have been ‘talking to my hand’ so to speak about Global Warming for years with no one really listening. The serious reality is hardly even being touched by the media around the world.
    It is actually boggling my brain how the science and facts are being mostly trivialised or ignored, the public are kept mostly totally ignorant, and I suspect many would rather carry on as usual than change a thing, so it suits them to be ignorant. Head in sand. Thats what I find most frightening about the human race.
    I love Guys work he keeps it real and with respect to all the beautiful pure spirits of the animals that our ridiculously selfish ways are harming.
    P.s I hope this link does work and is ok to post here, I am not that good with a keyboard more used to a paint brush.

    kate williamson, Radiance: Deep Reflection

    Browse Art Painting Kate Williamson Radiance: Deep Reflection

  • Kate, your link was not active, but I entered it in search and found your painting.
    It is lovely and magical!
    Not sure what you did, but one way is to just drag and drop the link into the message.
    Like this:

    Woodwose – What a gift to have such a real glimpse into your life. Thank you. Apple really has the dopamine thing figured out with their little addictive devices, keeping the focus away from the reality of what we’re losing.
    Happy Sunday, guy, and everyone!

  • Thank you so much Wren for fixing that, and your kind words.

  • Guy Mc Pherson is turning into a political hot potato here in Washington D.C. Had a typically obtuse meeting about clearance for booking a date for him to lecture at our KOSHLAND science center. (Koshland is the most focused on climate change. Major computer interactive models include abrupt climate change & current extinction levels.) Dan Utech (who is our chief climate adviser to Obama) agrees that our FEMA directive to prepare the public needs to increase. The next administration is facing riots if the general public is not given more advance warning. Yet PBS & ESPN who ran my “Environmental Review” series in 1997 are afraid Mc Pherson is too controversial fro family viewing. So we have our commercials to continue production however the actual truth here in monthly State Dept reports is too disturbing & disruptive??? WTF !!!

    More climate modeling has been done on West Africa than East Africa because West Africa is more relevant to Atlantic Ocean atmospheric events, such as the hurricanes. Super-computer time is not cheap. Trained climate scientists are not plentiful. And there is only 1 Dr. Mc Pherson who is willing to come to Washington and really get the most dire point across to start living in excellence. Sure solves our unemployment problems. Who needs to fake job figures when our NASA satellites know the world is melting. Rome is burning along with Glacier National park.

    Politically, the incentives are to treat violence first and foremost as a military problem, rather than a mixture of economic, social and environmental problems.

    Seriously get ready for a limited nuclear war as climate disruptions increase. The new DARPA tower in Arlington is casting a long shadow over the Potomac. Why is everyone here in Washington D.C. fiddling with denial when we have the most up to date methane data???

  • Culture is a deficiency of artificial intelligence.

    The common cold is a deficiency of silver.

  • As I watch my nieces grow up (14 and 18 years old) and I see them cluelessly participating in the very culture that is destroying us all and making their own futures impossible, I’m left with an even larger feeling of dread than I had before. I look at their twitter pages and they retweet things from @billionaires and something called @gwagonsdaily, both of which celebrate our ubiquitous conspicuous consumption lifestyle. Maybe it’s just their age. But what a mighty crash they’re in for. No, they won’t have “bank accounts that look like a phone number” because by then, they will simply be fighting for survival. The worst part is, even if NTHE weren’t happening, the pursuit of such hollow materialism would still be sad. I wish they had a future, but even more than that, I wish they had a PRESENT!!

    In the past, it was easier to come up with some kind of “action” against our social ills, like a protest, a march or massive civil disobedience. But I don’t even know what to “protest” or “say” anymore. I’ve sincerely thought about just staging some kind of hunger strike in front of the White House in anticipation of the Paris climate talks in December. I know it’s a lost cause, but it’s very difficult for me to just shrug my shoulders and give up. I guess it’s just my ego talking anyway. I feel like our efforts at this point (politically and socially) should just be to mitigate the impacts for as many animals/humans as possible. But how to do that? I don’t really have that answer.

    p.s. Love the painting, Kate. And your other ones on the site, too.

  • Alton, another way to phrase it.

    Global “heating” & approaching methane death trivializes our lives, including all our petty personal hopes & dreams.

    It can make our limited time left into a desperate attempt to maximize what has always been trivial, &/or possibly give us a chance to reflect & nod at the ugly mess we have made with our large & crafty brains.

    We have fooled ourselves with a vengeance, & premier scientist Jim Hansen’s recent perverse scholarly hopism confirms our ignorance as a failed species.

    Hilarious, the preening queen of ultimate deceit & darkness, wanting to be chief dopamine dragon for the final macabre act is pure ironic comeuppance.

    Social Darwinism in reverse should be the twisted title of our “broil live.”

    And you thought that broil live was only for lobsters.

    I am sure that Natalia & Igor are weeping.

    Laugh it up because we will all be weeping soon enough.

    All the rest is nonsense.

  • I’d like to add my complements to Alton and WoodWose! Well done! WoodWose hit on that surreal mood that invades one’s space when you suddenly see yourself separated from others by the fact of extinction. I recently worked for a young, recently married couple, helping to fix up their new house. She’s 7 months pregnant, they’re both full of bright expectations, totally lost in a world I experienced only a short 40 years ago. Poor little Lalalanders, they believe life’s just a big bowl of cherries! I can’t imagine bringing anything negative into their lives, like the truth. They broke my heart and they’ll be among the most splattered when the shit hits the fan.

    Wren, I used to think that testosterone was the most dangerous substance on the planet. Add testosterone to the dopamine equation and it makes one wonder how we’ve made it this far. My testosterone’s about done for and shots of dopamine are few and far between, but ya know, I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in this life.

  • Woodwose:

    Nice essay, thanks.

    A highlight of Vancouver airport for me is this. Like many of the words of the people who inspired it, it’s very hard to confuse the message that this piece embodies:

  • Kate Williamson, thanks for putting an art gallery on the Beach of Doom! I had a very enjoyable time there and liked, ‘Terns Preening’, the most.

  • WoodWose – excellent personal essay. Might have even passed you a few days ago at 6am in YVR airport. I had a window seat to S.F.

    “hunger strike in front of the White House in anticipation of the Paris climate talks in December. I know it’s a lost cause, but it’s very difficult for me to just shrug my shoulders and give up.” THANK YOU THANK YOU. Thanks. Your feelings are so touching compared to Lidia who gave me an emphatic “Fuck You” at the start of this year about even taking a minute to write my Dept of Energy office or White House about decommissioning nuclear power plants along the lines of Germany when we could have gotten the subject on docket.

    Over 400 reactors melting down will be the worst humans leave behind after a series of impact events. Radioactive mutations to plants and animals will last for over a thousand years after people are gone. Yet even most of those who know NTE level events are pending do not have a minute to care about thousands of years of evolutionary healing. 99.9 percent are too self involved to spare any effort yet you BABAJINGO are willing to come here to D.C. and sit in hunger. WOW you are my hero and reason not to give up on nuclear zero as Obama once promised my safety team in 2008. Yes it is too late on the Carbon/Methane front but the entire human race could stop in it’s tracks and focus all final effort on reducing the levels of radioactivity we have generated and probably will abandon in a bio-war induced pandemic panic.

    Even our NORAD & D.U.M.B shelters are not prepared for Fukishima x 400. Very few can even fathom Cherynobl x 50 happening in a week of EMP chain reactions. Dr. Mc Pherson is correct that there will be no survivors. Not even the Norway seed bank or hiding down below Hobart. Look at the MIT radiation computer models. The 2 week animated graphic of global circulation patters should say it all to those who do not understand and continue to forget the ultimate death scale from the reactors most nations continue to build.

    Excuse my ESPN mistake above. My “Environmental Review” TV series was on PBS, C-span, Discovery & TLC. Certainly not on ESPN…LOL

    Maybe before the end we will produce an “Extinction Review” special featuring Dr. Mc Pherson.

  • Mark Austin Says:
    July 26th, 2015 at 5:29 pm
    “Your feelings are so touching compared to Lidia who gave me an emphatic “Fuck You” at the start of this year about even taking a minute to write my Dept of Energy office or White House about decommissioning nuclear power plants along the lines of Germany when we could have gotten the subject on docket.”

    Germany has been decommissioning nuke plants and making up for their energy supply with coal and wood burning. Great. NOT!

    Phil Morrison Says:
    July 26th, 2015 at 4:11 pm
    “Culture is a deficiency of artificial intelligence.

    The common cold is a deficiency of silver.”

    Mechanistic materialism, a paradigm which uses the machine or mechanism as an explanatory metaphor to explain the worlds many facets, ‘s a deficiency of real scientific understanding.

  • I heard something today that is very interesting to me at least.

    There wass a lady named Marni Nixon (Marni Nixon (born February 22, 1930) is an American soprano and playback singer for featured actresses in movie musicals. She is most famous for dubbing the singing voices of the leading actresses in films, including The King and I, West Side Story, and My Fair Lady.)

    The sad part is that she was never mentioned in the credits of the films that she sang for others.

    (This was mentioned in the show I heard today on a June 2002 addition of the Prairie Home Companion.)

    When she sang the audience went totally wild with applause and they would not shut up. She was really good.

    Anyone know about this little know fact. Is it true? Sounds reasonable to me. Everything turns out to be crooked in this shit hole country. All illusion. DOH!

  • Alton states:

    “Given the strong possibility that our species may not be much longer, rather than one answering the trivial question “Am I hurting the planet?,” one should (a) “face the music” about the future, and (b) ask oneself: “What, that would be worthwhile, should I do with the rest of my life?”

    Forgive me Alton for what might appear as splitting hairs, but while I agree with what you’ve written, you provide sub-context of what I currently find interesting at NBL; which is how most everyone who IS aware of NTE is choosing to pass the time.

    Alton, you fully well know humanity will not ‘face the music’. If this was even possible, then “we” would most likely not even be having this conversation. Maybe a quick visit to your nearest county fair will remind you of this.

    You know many of the reasons of when/what/how/why an about-face will never occur. And because you know this, you also know that “we”—or the vast majority–will neither get around to asking “what should I do with the rest of my life”, not to mention the utter social chaos that would ensue if “they” did.

    However, even though you know this to be true, you still rhetorically tell “us” what “we” “should” do knowing that you’re either barking up the wrong dead tree, or just preaching to the grizzled dung beetle choir. Whereby, you’re either wasting your breath attempting to communicate with those who will never listen–not alone visit this blog–or you’re just telling those who are aware, nothing they don’t already know.

    And by doing so, are you not guilty of the same projection you’re accusing others of…..just to a lesser degree of willful ignorance?

    It seems that for a large number of people who comment about NTE, they still seem to either be stuck or transfixed by past vested behavior/modality in absence of not knowing how else to act/think. But continuing to belabor such tired accepted truths i.e., humanities general incuriousness, it only serves to ‘trivialize’ the unprecedence now upon us with the hopium/romanticism of a past paradigm that this moment in time could have somehow been averted if only……

    In my opinion, continuing to be surprised, annoyed, dismayed, disappointed or mystified at this point is actually a passive act of holding onto a past ideal that not only is no longer there, but never was to begin with. And ultimately serves as a means of continuing to emotionally live in denial of what we like to imagine we’ve intellectually accepted.

    There is a reason why the concept of NTE hasn’t advanced much over the last couple of years, and has more or less regressed back to a point of cataloging the details of collapse, or just vicariously living through the Guy McPherson spectacle. While I can’t claim to know why this is, one thing is rather obvious: NTE is extremely difficult to remain mindful of, especially if one has to make a living off the cliff. And where even we dung beetles are all too susceptible to retreating back to a familiar state of mind, where cynicism once served to mask our idealism.

    However, NTE is well advanced towards erasing/temporarily rewriting everything, and where even our hard bitten critique of our decadal societal woes is now becoming rather passé.

    In other words, “we” “should” be long passed being surprised by anything within the pages of TIME magazine.

  • Alton,

    Surely you recognise that the game being played by politicians and the mainstream media is the game of keeping the general populace as uninformed or misinformed as possible, in order that the looting and polluting of the planet by corporations and opportunists can continue just a little bit longer.

    The only reason one might listen to or read anything mainstream would be to keep abreast of the misinformation/lies being promulgated……and after a while that becomes tedious and irritating.

  • A reminder that we have been circling the drain for a while, and circles are getting smaller and faster.

  • @Mark Austin, you said “Lidia who gave me an emphatic “Fuck You” at the start of this year about even taking a minute to write my Dept of Energy office or White House about decommissioning nuclear power plants along the lines of Germany when we could have gotten the subject on docket.


    ON the mother-fucking DOCKET?

    What the hell DOCKET are you talking about? Are we going to adjudicate world-wide nuke closures after we deal satisfactorily with immigration, the TPP, and GMO labeling? How does Monday the 27th work for you, counselor?

    There is not, nor will there ever be, a “docket” or any other initiative to shut down nuke plants in the US nor in most other places. The prevailing policy (subject to modification only under circumstances of nominal unprofitability) has been and will continue to be run-to-failure. This was doubly guaranteed: first, when the plants were conceived and constructed, and second, when they were privatized.

    As for Germany, which possibly twigged to the general net-unprofitability angle sooner than most… they are only now beginning to dismantle plants that were “de-commissioned” 20-25 years ago. We don’t have 25 years to BEGIN this process.

    I’m amazed at your sensitivity to my imprecations, given the waters in which you claim to swim. Perhaps if you’d been in the LBJ admin, you’d be a little more hardened to it, a little less prone to clutching your pearls?

    I said “Fuck You” and “Fuck Your Overlords” and I meant it. You may well have a high degree of nominal intelligence, Mark, but you are playing the fool. When you ask me to write my congressman or write to the White House about nukes, you are yanking my chain, and insulting my intelligence, which occasions my bad language. The individuals you have in mind and have contact with know perfectly well that there is no solution to the problem of nuclear waste, that there never has been, and never will be. Writing letters is therefore idiotic, the futile gesture of a kindergartener writing with crayons, and you must know this as well. So fuck you, and fuck them.

    Even if we were to posit a global dictator mandating that all earthly resources be directed to the task of nuclear plant “decommissioning” tomorrow, to the exclusion of all other major economic activity, it still would be nowhere near enough for the task. Your overlords must know this, even if you yourself do not.

    What you are doing, and what you are asking of us, is to continue playing the quarter slots in Vegas while the real game is played for millions in back rooms. Scratch that metaphor.. you’re playing footsie/Twister in the front parlor while the real game is Russian Roulette, Deer-Hunter style, as it has been played for generations, in the squalid back kitchen, with five bullets in the revolver,

    Except now there are six bullets.

    Game over.

  • Soil microorganisms were extracting the useful elements from the soil rock long before there were higher plants-and they are still doing the job.
    Plants are predators like the rest of us. Their roots extract the protoplasm from the microorganisms. The plants, as well as all animals, alter some of the protoplasm compounds to provide enzymes, hormones, etc. specifically needed by them But the basic supply of protoplasm comes from soil microorganisms. The quality [health, vigor, intelligence, longevity, etc.] of all living things depends on the availability of elements in the soil stone.
    Chemical Ag. uses soluble chemicals which either acidic or basic and which have the final effect of acidifying the soil, destroying the soil life, using up the organic matter, and finally rendering the soil useless.
    The natural system of soil remineralization calls for glaciation to start up every 100,000 years. The glaciers grind rock in the top layers of Earth’s crust, and high-velocity winds carry the ground rock dust all over the world. We blew right past the ice age burning oil. [] Check it out ! And now the word Love reminds me of what remains, I need reminding a lot, not much remains

  • Mark Austin: Thank you for the suggestions with regard to focusing on nuclear power. I suppose the question becomes: how can we proceed from here on out that will mitigate lethal effects for the most species and is there a way to do it in a humane way (i.e. I would never advocate genocide/suicide,etc)? Decommissioning nuclear plants seems reasonable. Yes, we will still need energy. But meltdowns have a pretty huge potential for catastrophe. What happens, for instance, when the San Onofre plant is under water? Will that be L.A.’s Waterloo? If it really takes a full 40 years to decommission a nuclear plant, and we go by the most conservative of sea level rise estimates, wouldn’t it be good timing if we started now?

    Some scoff at the notion that it’s even a better option to decommission nuclear power plants because it’ll mean more burning of fossil fuels instead. What are the tradeoffs? Seems like Fukushima is worse than putting more CO2 into the air, but I actually don’t know if that’s true. Again, what can we do that will most mitigate suffering on planet earth? If I don’t think I know the answer to that question, I seriously doubt I will be able to fully execute a hunger strike around it. Know what I mean?

    On another note, here’s another great Simpson’s clip. The only version I could find is in Spanish, so hopefully you speak it:

  • @Woodwose, great observations. That’s certainly how I find myself these days: a stunned and jet-lagged Observer. I daresay most of us here share this sensation to some degree, but you put it into words wonderfully.

    @Alton, yes, at some point (probably around now) global warming will morph from “unlikely, and certainly not a big deal now”.. into “maybe, but not a big deal now”, into “sure, but still not really a big deal now”. The majority of people are not constitutionally capable or conditioned to perceive the extent of it, the true horror. This is why I’m intrigued by the philosophy of pessimism (realism), “brightsiding”, and all that.

  • For anyone with doubts as to how fast habitat is changing, go and find and talk to your closest beekeeper. Not one who travels almost year round, they are in deep shit. But the local beeks who raise bees for honey and other hive products, we are experiencing unprecedented SUMMER losses as well as Winter losses last year that AVERAGED 42.4% nation wide.

    Might want to savor every last of your favorite fruits and nuts. The book for kids by Guy and Pauline barely but bravely touch upon the impending AG crash and who will suffer hardest, I suspect, I haven’t read it yet.

    We can’t keep rebuilding our losses season after season, besides the $$$, the loss of morale rots my heart dearly

    We moved to a location that limits the spraying to public/private forests, our neighbors get it and don’t spray even the fence lines, bless them for it.

    We are feeding our girls syrup right now because the heat evaporates most nectar as early as 9:30 AM. No nectar, bees starve. It is delusional to think this can go on much longer.

    So we live in a bit of a sanctuary, but our literature is reporting ionized pollen none the less. So ad that to the 25+ other toxins found in ALL beeswax and is it any wonder they have made it this far.

    Massive die-off globally in ongoing NOW. See the Extinction Protocol, I ignore the religious tilt, but look at the global bee die-off.

    Bee habitat is disappearing so fast as to boggle one’s mind. So you really think folks here are ready to hand pollinate as in China, oh yeah, that will work.

    So lets trivialize global or climate chaos, let’s keep toxifying the flowers and blooms vital to all pollinators, but be prepared for the loss of the foods that even those who eat seasonal will face. What little is raised will be like the strawberry jam in Soylent Green.

    One other little fly in the soup, cold climate has limited the invasion of africanized bees, but that is changing and these real ornery little critters are marching north rather quickly. What fun they will be.


  • Babajingo – Mucho Gracias. Yo viven in Costa Rica por dos anos. 1999-2001 volentario guardia parques. Limpa mucho basura en de playa tortugas.

    As it currently stands decommissioning is 35 year process…No realistic answer for Nuclear waste, etc. I’ve learned it is all pretty impossible in the past decade of working on the issue.

    I admire Dr. McPherson because the truth is that we are running out of years for any kind of solution. Nothing to do anymore. Just dealing with the nightmare of losing any hope along with the reality of what all the radiation is going to do to many other species. Naturally after so much work in the field I have an blind spot wish for 5 to 7 billion people to suddenly take responsibility for the Energy sources they used. Humans have created such amazing & terrible technologies. Just imagine if they put all that effort into the one source that will have the worst long term effect. But of course I understand that will never happen. Prior to my time here connected to research/communications for Energy projects I worked in Hollywood. I’m very aware of what we spin -vs- the exact ultimate “game over” facts in progress.

    If you do come to D.C. please do not starve. I truly admire your spirit. I’m on Capitol hill at 700 E street.

    If Lidia comes please aim at Mitch McConnell, Inhoff, Ted Cruz & others first. Honestly, Lidia would be great here in D.C. Love her anger and all her points are correct. Same for Jeff S. & Bob S. both of you actually help with your anger at the insane Military & Energy projects I occasionally mention when I return to this capitol of crazy.

    Before I was born my mother was hurt by fallout from the 1961 Nevada test site above ground tests. We began as an alliance of affected peoples, organizers, health workers, and scientists who wanted to take on a military complex that was poisoning communities, wasting billions of our money, and putting the world at risk. Nuclear Zero supports over 30 member organizations and groups who are working throughout the country to empower citizens to take action and to protest an opaque and mismanaged nuclear complex. Our leaders, from across the country, are experts who are deeply rooted in the impacts of nuclear weapons, waste, and energy on our health and environment. We work to find solutions that can dismantle the world’s nuclear arsenal. Doctors advocating against nuclear waste, irresponsible tests and dangerous use for political reasons.

    Through our collective action, we have shut down nuclear weapons sites that were contaminating local communities, established funds for monitoring and technical assessment, and ensured that Federal Facilities are subject to state environmental enforcement. We have blocked dangerous nuclear weapons programs, supported more responsible management plans, and worked to decommission hazardous nuclear reactors.

    Although the task is now beyond control, in the past we made some progress against an often intransigent government and contractors that waste billions of taxpayer dollars through mismanagement and, sometimes, sheer incompetence.

    My term is over here in 2016, however maybe a new volunteer leader with better vision will succeed. Otherwise I’m afraid that human nature will bat continued mis-direction…till only radiation will remain.

  • Alton C. Thompson,

    It’s a very relevant topic you have written about here. Professor Wadhams mentioned this in one of his YT talks. According to Dr. Wadhams, climate change is really more about weather patterns such as El Nino or decadal oscillations. The correct term for what we are experiencing and which will cause our demise is global warming.

    Perhaps there should be a more strongly worded phrase that gets this across effectively, but it likely wouldn’t be adopted by the mainstream.

    From my very faulty recollection, the term “climate change” seemed to be adopted quite universally in the mainstream about the same time as the “safe temperature rise limit” was revised from 1C to 2C. It was also about the time governments started to admit that something was going on ( with the “weather” as they framed it ). It’s all “natural”, nothing to worry about.

    This is written from unceded Coast Salish territory. Only about 8 out of 37 or more tribes in BC ever signed treaties with the crown, in spite of the genocide and continuing marginalization of the survivors. In some cases, the treaties were strangely signed with an X by tribe members who knew how to write.

  • It’s not anger, it’s contempt.

    De-commissioning is 60+ years by private industry’s own reckoning.. We’ve been through that. And you end up with a “SafStor” solution which, as you also know, is no solution at all. Why are you even talking about it?

    Mark, you are the one who is trivializing this situation, by pretending it is subject to political action, when this is patently not the case, nor has it ever been the case, nor will it ever be the case. Citizens were never in a position to effectively protest nuclear power or nuclear weapons. Never.

    “The task is now beyond control” It was beyond control the moment nuclear power was made manifest. If you know this, then what is it that you are doing? To me, it sounds like you are merely perpetuating and legitimizing a known criminal enterprise, by rounding off a bit of the rough edges here and there.. A consigliere to the nuclear mafia.

    Doctors: I have never seen a doctor who did not irradiate me.

    “Ensured that federal facilities are subject to state environmental enforcement”, while the NRC works overtime to obliterate local regs. And consistently wins.

    It’s hardly a question of “better vision”, as though a nice cotton rag will help clear our smudged glasses and allow us to find a safe exit from the coming nuclear horror.

    “Otherwise I’m afraid…” There is nothing to be afraid of. Fear is of something that *might* happen. I don’t know what the word is for something that *will* happen, but “fear” seems misplaced, when what we are talking about is certainty.

  • P.s. Re. Nuclear “experts”. If they are experts, then they know there are no solutions to the nuclear poisoning to come, and there never have been. If they do not know this then they are not “experts”. Fuck me, this is soooo trivial and always has been.

    How come I never had a chance at the big consulting bucks, is what I wanna know …?

  • WoodWose Says:
    July 26th, 2015 at 11:40 am

    You wrote …
    I don’t want to teach anymore.

    Everyone in Pattaya is happily drinking and eating and f’ing themselves into NTHE. It might not be a bad way to go.

    Everyone in Hong Kong airport is happily texting, tweeting and surfing themselves into NTHE. It might not be a bad way to go.

    The farmers are worried. The firefighters are worried. Oil prices are down so Calgary is worried, Alberta is worried, the tar sands rapists are worried.

    Everyone else in Alberta is happily driving, working, eating, mortgaging, tweeting, ignoring, drinking themselves into NTHE. It might not be a bad way to go.

    “… pursue a life of excellence,” not a death of excellence.

    (Choose Your Trances Carefully)

  • For reasons passing any logical understanding, I accepted a dinner invitation for last night. (No, it wasn’t a romantic liaison. Had it been, I may have been more inclined.) A friend, co-volunteer and former fellow patient, wanted to celebrate our “anniversary”. Yesterday marked the closing-out of another year, our 5th, of battling Cancer together.

    I really wasn’t in the mood because she has continued her fight, with all of the machinations and invasive modalities, while I have chosen not to and had yet to tell her so…or why.

    She’s incredibly optimistic, about everything, and would be crushed to know I had “given up”. We have had no discussions about ACC, EOE, NBL, NTHE, OLR et al. I haven’t been able to find the words to share…”Good news, you might beat Cancer. Bad news, you’re going to die anyway.” (Or, is it the other way around?)

    When I arrived, at her home, I discovered I wasn’t the only invited guest. My faux-celebratory demeanor weakened as I greeted the middle-aged couple I met about 2 years ago. They had, past tense, an 8 year-old daughter. She died…exactly 1 year ago…holding my hand.

    “Suzanne” was precious and precocious. Like my Mom, she hated that her name was spelled with a “z”. She told me, “Susan would have been just fine. It’s not “Lotuz” it’s “Lotus”. My daughters visited her a couple times and adored her giggle. When she got really sick, and knew she was dying, Suzanne shared that she regretted never having a sister to love, the way my daughters love each other. That was on July 25th, last year.

    Dinner turned out to be very nice. My first glass of wine in a long time, and the food, was fabulous. Not so much for our hostess; the treatment regimen affects her appetite and taste buds. I felt guilty, very briefly, for my gluttony. She quickly smacked my arm and pointed a wagging index finger at me, “Don’t get all sadsack on me, ENJOY!”

    Careful conversation avoided discomfort with anecdotes, and favorite stories generated laughter, until the night waned and it was time to go. I hugged my friend and then the couple. As I was almost out the door, the woman said, “I wanted to save this for last so we’d always remember the happiness and not sadness”.

    Beaming, with her husband, she told us she was pregnant. After their daughter died, and against sound medical advice, they decided to have another child. I froze for a second, but it seemed like a lifetime. It took all of my strength to strain a smile, and feign joy, as we shared a group hug. My friend was ecstatic and, repeatedly, singing heavenly praises. All I could think of was “How?”

    How could these people bring another life into this cesspool of our making? How could they be so selfish? How could they, so negligently, diminish the memories of Suzanne? How do I tell them this was a stupid decision? How do I tell them it was foolish and will be heartbreaking? How do I tell them it just doesn’t matter? The doctor told her not to get pregnant. She didn’t listen to him. I have no reason to expect she’ll listen to me.

    I was up all night, thinking. About an hour ago, I called my friend and said, “We need to talk”. (All my life I’ve heard that line from women; granted it’s a different scenario, but I have to say…it felt great saying it. lol)

    I invited her to lunch today. She needs to know. She deserves to know, and hear it from me. And, no more “anniversaries”; no more birthdays, either. Just moments…precious moments…of purpose.

  • In the age of slide rulers, before computers, a nuclear scientist devised a safe thorium nuclear reactor, but because it didn’t help blow shit up, it was abandoned for the more dangerous high pressure uranium reactors. The government spends half a trillion bucks to menace Iran, and to do Saudi-Israeli bidding. Nuclear technology is not evil, but that won’t stop the 400 meltdowns.

    Thanks to the Wild Woodwose of North Texas.

    I know many readers wonder why the fuck don’t we deal with our reality? Well, I’m here to tell you why. Way back in 1999, only 1 child out of 500 people was autistic, 16 years later that number is 1 out of 88 people. By the time a child is 8 years old, they stare at video screens for an average of 8 hours per day. Because of this our attention spans have dropped from 11 seconds to 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfish. This is why my goldfish can always out-stare me, because I can’t stay focussed long enough to…, oh, never mind. Anyhow, it’s not the collapse of civilization you have to worry about, it’s economic collapse that will get you. Education and money won’t matter too much when the whole world goes broke. Long before we go hungry, we’ll be broke, probably in a year or two, or less. Right now in Europe clashes are breaking out between police and dark people.

    ► 99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.

    ► 97% of Tigers gone since 1914.

    ► 90% of Lions gone since 1993.

    ► 90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.

    ► 90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.

    ► 90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.

    ► 80% of Antarctic Krill gone since 1975.

    ► 80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

    ► 60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.

    ► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.

    ► 50% of Human Sperm Counts gone since 1950.

    ► 80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

    ► 50% of Forest Bird Species will be gone in 50 years.

    ► 40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.

    ► 40% of ocean phytoplankton gone since 1950.

    ► Ocean plankton declines of 1% per year means 50% gone in 70 years, more than 1% is likely.

    ► Ocean acidification doubles by 2050, triples by 2100.

    ► 30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.

    ► 70% of Marine Birds gone since 1950.

    ► 28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.

    ► 28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.

    ► Humans and livestock are 97% of earth’s land-air vertebrate biomass.

    ► 10,000 years ago humans and livestock were a mere 0.01% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

    ► Humans and livestock are now 97% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

    ► Our crop and pasture lands caused 80% of all land vertebrate species extinctions.

    ► 1,000,000 humans, net, are added to earth every 4½ days.

    ► We must produce more food in the next 50 years than we have in the past 10,000 years combined.

    ► We need 6 million hectares of new farmland every single year for the next 30 years to do this.

    ► We lose 12 million hectares of farmland every single year due to soil degradation, depletion and loss.

    ► Humanity has only 60 years of farming left at current world soil degradation rates.

    ► We already passed world peak production growth-rates in 2006 for wheat, soy, corn, wood and fish.

    ► IMPORTANT: All IPCC mitigation, sequestration and adaptive strategies assume m-o-r-e farmland is available,

    ► In 10 years, 4 billion people will be short of fresh water, 2 billion will be severely short of fresh water.

    ► One billion humans now walk a mile each day for fresh water.

    ► Humans and livestock eat 40% of earth’s annual land chlorophyll production.

    ► We are running out of cheap, accessible potassium and phosphates.

    ► These irreplaceable fertilizers cannot be manufactured by humans.

    ► We can recycle phosphates, but we don’t because of because of mining interests.

    ► The nitrogen cycle is so badly corrupted it kills off river and ocean life.

    ► We face mounting crop losses due to drought, flood and extreme weather.

    ► We destroy 13 million hectares (26 million acres) of forest every single year.

    ► There are 80,000 untested chemicals in our environment.

    ► Mixed together in our bodies they are even more dangerous.

    ► We add thousands of chemicals to our food in a untrustworthy regulatory environment.

    ► We spray so much herbicide and pesticide, our croplands are “Green Deserts”.

    ► Super Weeds & Super Pests make us spray more & different poisons on the land.

    ► GM foods destroy soil ecology and poisons us without our permission.

    ► GM crops destroyed 90% of Monarch Butterflies in 20 years.

    ► GM cotton stalks kill livestock that eat it.

    ► 3 neo-nicotinoid infused seeds will kill one bird. Nicotinoids are water soluble.

    ► Monocultures cause bee malnutrition due to a lack of bio-diversity in pollen sources.

    ► Bee malnutrition weakens colonies against poisons, disease and extreme weather.

    ► We add nanoparticles to our foods without testing for long term safety.

    ► We add computer designed, synthetic DNA to our food.

    ► We kill elephants and orangutans in Indonesia to clear forests to grow palm oil.

    ► This palm oil is burnt as “green” bio-fuel in Germany’s diesel cars in Europe.

    ► Rainforests are slashed and burned in South America to grow soy.

    ► Pigs in China eat half of all the soy grown in South America.

    ► Soy oil is burnt as bio-fuel in Northern Europe.

    ► Our food is killing off life on earth.

  • Honestly, I wouldn’t wipe my ass with Time magazine.

  • Jimbot Says:
    July 27th, 2015 at 12:37 am

    You wrote: “… The correct term for what we are experiencing and which will cause our demise is global warming.

    Perhaps there should be a more strongly worded phrase that gets this across effectively, but it likely wouldn’t be adopted by the mainstream.

    From my very faulty recollection, the term “climate change” seemed to be adopted quite universally in the mainstream about the same time as the …”


    Oil-Qaeda operative Jim Luntz engineered that propaganda:

    It’s time for us to start talking about ‘climate change’ instead of global warming and ‘conservation’ instead of preservation.

    ‘Climate change’ is less frightening than ‘global warming’. As one focus group participant noted, climate change ‘sounds like you’re going from Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale.’ While global warming has catastrophic connotations attached to it, climate change suggests a more controllable and less emotional challenge.”

    (Exceptional American Denial).

    As Alton has pointed out in his post, trivializing global warming is part of a very, very massive propaganda campaign.

  • “…trivializing global warming is part of a very, very massive propaganda campaign.” Recently, there have been numerous extremely dire articles in mainstream media about global warming/climate change/the sixth mass extinction.

    There are so many that it challenges the quoted statement as an explanation for why the trends – the dieoffs and the melting and the droughts and the wildfires – continue to accelerate.

    It isn’t propaganda. It’s human nature. People will ignore the news even when it is staring them in the face, which it is, because they don’t want to admit our species is responsible for destroying a habitable planet, and they don’t want to give up modern amenities for the sake of future generations or for wildlife.

    As more and more articles are published and there is more coverage on the news, this will become even more abundantly clear.

  • bkpr: well said (poignant, eloquent truth)—-I hear what you describe from beekeepers I know and I see this in other species all around, nothing is healthy. Everything is dying, just hanging on by a thread . . let me rephrase that; everything is being murdered —– premature death at the hands of human avarice, stupidity and ego.

    How anyone can think that this earth and all the creatures/oceans, forests, wetlands, soils can recover from the onslaught of humans? This is the only place I can go where I don’t feel crazy for my perceptions of the dying around me. Smart people, “progressive” people I know still think it’s all going to be OK, earth will recover and all will eventually be well.

    Lidia: right on!

    Kirk, love what you said about testosterone/dopamine! You have a way with words!

    ps I did not realize 3 brilliant climate scientists died in 2013—-wondering what NBL readers are thinking about the latest news re: their deaths and Wadham’s comments

  • @ Kate Williamson re: painting

    Good work, strong, evocative, technically sharp – wow!

  • Kate Williamson says: “It is actually boggling my brain how the science and facts are being mostly trivialised or ignored, the public are kept mostly totally ignorant, and I suspect many would rather carry on as usual than change a thing, so it suits them to be ignorant. Head in sand. Thats what I find most frightening about the human race.”

    Me too.

    Thanks for sharing your art here——just getting a glimpse of your painting via this cyber world was helpful and, in a way, soothing (albeit sad). When you say you painted Radiance deep Reflection with extinction in mind—-how did you feel while painting this? Seeing this painting moved me to tears. It wordlessly portrays so many things related to what we (those who SEE/feel) are experiencing in this extinction.

    What you depict is similar to the lake that I love that is ailing from invasive species (spread by power boats) and now the STUPID/HARMFUL use of 2 4 D which is killing all the beautiful native species and not making a dent in the life of the invasive species it was put in the lake (by the “lake association”) to kill. I’ve tried to stop it but am portrayed as an irrational, tree hugging crazy woman. Paddled through the carnage last night (dying water lilies, native milfoil, blobs of algae) the lake was as you painted . . . and that sky . . . the light . . . beautiful . . . heartbreaking . . . thank you

  • Some really good posts.

    Woodwose, your story of your flight home: What an evocative writer you are, and you sum up what most of us feel like: in Lidia’s words like “stunned and jet-lagged observers.
    Or witnesses, that’s all I seem to be now.

    I read your comment to my husband and he really liked the

    “Harley Davidson’s – the quintessential symbol of hubris and pure, noisy assholeness – thundering down the highways; in their leather chaps.”

    This “Pure noisy assholeness” thunders down our narrow country roads here in England too. Here, on winding roads and lanes that were designed for walkers and horse-drawn carriages, now only a little wider than in the 19th century. I have fantasies of scattering large nails on our road on Sundays to make them crash – but that’s my kindest fantasy.

    And Alton, Daniel has a point there which I’d like to elaborate to include all other “Westerners”: Why would any of the regulars here be surprised at anything that happens or is said or written anywhere in our consumer society, in any language? It’s the same story everywhere.

    I can’t remember what surprise feels like.

    As Kevin rightly says:…”The only reason one might listen to or read anything mainstream would be to keep abreast of the misinformation/lies being promulgated…”

    I rather spend my time outside among other life…while I can.

    Kirk, your observations on hormones are priceless and being your age, I know what you mean and, like you, I’m also content.

  • Kate,

    I love your pictures. You are gifted.

    And thanks Wren, for linking them.

  • Hi guys guys;

    just watched the latest paul beckworth utube thing;

    Dont have much more to say, its all been said more eloquently than i can put it. I too liked Kate’s pictures, especially Morning Voyage.

    Whenever the coming collapse happens, it will happen very quickly. Our Cities are not sustainable as they have been designed around the car. Someone said once that any society is three meals from revolution. Three days without food and we go feral as a species.

    Good luck everyone


  • We are causing the 6th Mass Extinction & if you do not actively participate in the slaughter, you are subject to criminal arrest in the USA. Wildlife has no value. Assholishness rules in this shithole.
    TITLE: “Motorists told not to stop for ducks crossing freeway”
    From the article:
    “I completely understand the connection to a mother duck and her babies, but if there was a crash which resulted in a fatal or serious injury, a driver who stopped for ducks potentially could face a criminal charge,’’ Nielson told the Star Tribune.

    Nielson said it becomes the value of a person versus the value of an animal or wildlife and that a person outweighs the value of ducks.

    Carrol Henderson, a nongame wildlife program supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, agreed, saying braking and swerving in a situation like that “places lots of drivers at risk.”

    “Whether for deer or other creatures like ducks, we all need to look at not placing ourselves at risk in order to save an animal we might otherwise run over,” Henderson told the Star Tribune.

  • @Gail writes:

    It isn’t propaganda. It’s human nature. People will ignore the news even when it is staring them in the face, which it is, because they don’t want to admit our species is responsible for destroying a habitable planet, and they don’t want to give up modern amenities for the sake of future generations or for wildlife.

    So does this mean you’ve given up driving the LandCruiser¿


    What do you do in the winter when the lawn grasses are buried under feet of snow in Northern Ontario? Lay around the shack till the mail train comes back whilst rolling in your sweet Baby’s arms? I agree with your comment about Time, Time the mag, mag.


    Not to worry. Ewe shall be eating cadaver soon enough. ;-)

    This past Friday I saw David Frieberg sing this song live with Jefferson Starship. Quicksilver Messenger Service – Fresh Air. A good time was had by all.

  • Robert Callaghan ….
    there are still people here who dream of thorium ..?! Is that a nightmare, a bad dream or just the kind you dismiss with a snare after one wakes They say ” Hope dies last ” eventually it will .. Another saying goes ” Here some …nothing … hold it steady “

  • .
    The children suffer.
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”
    Live simply, kill nothing. Eat only that which falls from the trees, sleep on the ground, drink from the river.

  • Forgot the link to the article I referred to above where the police tell drivers to run over ducks & other wildlife, rather than risk a car accident. There is even a video where you can choose who to root for…

  • We used to call it SLIME magazine back when they were busy “framing the debate” about the Vietnam holocaust.

    The traditional lament of many native American people “Stupid effing white men” (in top hats, who invariably thought themselves to be very smart) goes a long way in summing up how we got to this point.

  • I have a baby duck story that I’ve never told before. Everyone has these tales from the meat grinder. The meat grinder, that integral, unavoidable part of our culture that’s always waiting to express itself in nasty ways. Being a witness is far better than being a victim, but either way, the grinder has a lasting effect on people.

    I was driving on S. Dale Mabry, in Tampa, years ago. It couldn’t have taken more than five or six seconds. Traffic was fast on the old concrete highway through the city with curbs and the sidewalk bordering the curb. I saw the little girl, I remember the summer dress, running toward the edge. In the same instant the mother screamed the child stopped and her baby duck jumped down the curb. In a flash it was flattened. She threw her hands over her mouth, you could see that she saw.

    The Grinder moves on.

  • To jimbot

    they made it to a 20$ bill an abomination

  • Lidia:

    I like your style of brutal honestly. So many others think that if they don’t talk about it, it may not happen.


    Here’s Every Single Animal That Became Extinct In The Last 100 Years (PHOTOS)

  • Wow, such amazingly fascinating comments here.
    Thank you Caroline, Lark, Kirk Hamilton, babajingo, Wren, Sabine, and Martin for your beautiful comments on my latest painting Radiance; Deep Reflection.
    @Caroline, I feel your pain about your lake what a horrible event to be witnessing. You asked me how I felt painting this work. I actually have you lot to thank as I have been reading NBL for quite awhile and all the comments. This painting I think came together through me pondering the feelings I have from reading all of your expressions and true emotions so eloquently put here. It is a breath of fresh air to read from real emotional feeling people from all over the world who care alot. I have been painting in silence lately and your thoughts were on my mind seriously. Sounds arty farty but it is true. I am so thrilled Caroline that you saw the emotion in this work. As I have greatly appreciated reading from such a group of beautiful caring smart people. Maybe this is my way of saying thank you.

  • pat will get a kick out of this video. You’re right pat. The children suffer, they suffer most of all. Remember being scared of the boogie man? That kind of fear can be pretty intense. But now, the fear of sudden and violent death is no longer only imaginary for huge numbers of children.

  • When you truly live with nature you can see where and how certain sayings originated. I live in a now semi-rural area of Alaska where people live on anywhere from one to a few hundred acres. It was more semi-wilderness when I moved here more than twenty-five years ago, but I still found bear scat in my yard as recently as three years ago, but all that is fading quickly.

    I was walking down the road in the late spring one day and I passed by a natural pond on a neighbor’s property. On the pond were a hen teal and her numerous newly hatched ducklings. She had a line of painfully cute golden fuzzballs swimming behind her in an orderly fashion, as if they were coming off a production line in a factory, one after another. All except the last baby, which was swimming in every direction, sideways, forward to swim next to its closest sibling, in circles, paddling backwards, much like a disco dancer.

    The pond was small and as the hen swam round a curve in the pond she saw behind her the wild child rocking out at the end of the line. She gave a quick, loud “QUAAAAAKKKKK!” and baby got in line like all the other fuzzballs, face forward, head up.

    It was such a great moment for me. I love watching the animals so much. Language prevents us from seeing them in all their depth and intelligence and goodness.

    That little teal hen had all her ducklings in a row, for a purpose. They were already in training for migration in the fall, when they will fly in formation as a flock, taking the harder and more punishing point position, dropping back or moving forward to do their turn at the demanding job that will be shared amongst them all.

    They hatch being willing to kill any wounded members, because it is the odd one, the one with the uneven movements that will attract a predator. Predators are attracted by the weak one, but once in motion it won’t always be the weak one that is caught.

    My duck story.

    News story: Half of Columbia River Sockeye Salmon Dying Due to Hot Water

    Half this year, half next year, pretty soon you don’t have much. It’s an extinction even right in front of our eyes. But they are divvying up fishing rights in the Arctic now that so much less ice to get in the way.

    How about that news that climate caused the extinction of the megafauna? Dang; who woulda thunk it? Many thanks again to whoever previously quoted Ward Churchill’s hilarious comment about early indigenous people causing the extinction of the megafauna (saber-toothed tigers, mastodons, prehistoric lions and wolves, among others)with “[our] little sticks.”

  • Climate change tops the list of government concerns of late, and CC fixes jam the news cycle. Guy has them on the run.

    Hillary jumped on the bandwagon and giant techs pledged $140 x-large towards sustainability and pollution.

    According to the article on Google News, “The tech industry members aren’t really changing course (they’re already using or moving to 100 percent energy, for example).”

    100 percent energy sounds great.

  • Lidia & Bob S. Consulting contracts require navigating a “twilight zone” of Regan, Schwarzenegger political actors. Living in half denial & suspended animation where you actually believe in the “Hopium” of creating better technologies. Which is of course just more contracts to feed industry & research.

    I’m probably the only one here with a decade in D.C. & previously Hollywood who sees the TRUTH both Lidia & Guy better understand that there was no solution long ago. Otherwise the rest of the “overlords” are far to invested to ever face really hard facts. That of course is a feedback loop to denial, bargaining & pretending we can still find answers to Nuclear waste, control meltdowns & nature.

    Even the Kenau Reeve version of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” plays in the back of Pentagon minds, as if some alien power might get us to shut down IC long enough to clean up our act.

    I knew exactly what I was doing when I solicited your contempt Lidia. Your helpful in spelling out the unavoidable nuclear horror that awaits in a more direct way (like Guy) because you are not brainwashed nor under contract. Even if there is still any question about carbon or methane….I like to find ways to get the final point across that 400 Fukishima’s will certainly = Extinction.

    Sabine is an excellent example of being kinder and more politically skilled here on NBL. Yet months ago Sabine honestly revealed an aspect of her dark side when she wanted the selfie stick man to fall off a cliff. Most people have complex emotions & many aspects. Yet D.C. is nothing but masks in a global media circus. Agents in China, UK, Russia (even in Peru) NSA players construct layers of identity. Dis-info, propaganda & political persuasion involves so many methods of smoke & mirrors that rarely does anyone know the truth. Most of the pubic is deluded & subdued by carefully constructed messages. Emotional manipulation is a dangerous game where everyone loses sight of climate realities….especially the radiation we can not contain after an EMP, Pandemic or other pending event.

    Geoengineer David Keith is no more than a public relations prop for those in power. He has no regard whatsoever for the truth and in recent years seems to make it up as he goes along. At the International conference Mr. Keith was pushing for the dumping of 10 to 20 million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere annually.

    ROBERT CALLANGHAN constantly does a excellent job here posting so many facts.

    On a personal note my best wishes forever to OLD GROWTH FOREST & ARTLEADS. Kindness & love will remain in my memory for each of them from our KuKu chats long ago. MO FLOW knows where ever he goes.

  • I wanted the selfie stick man to fall off a cliff too, except I was hoping the smart phone would survive so we could all watch the POV video on youtube…….a preview.

  • Alton wrote:The media must also, however, be blamed for failing to report on the research done by climate scientists.

    [I commented yesterday] “… trivializing global warming is part of a very, very massive propaganda campaign.”

    In reply to my comment, quoting me Gail Says:
    July 27th, 2015 at 6:15 am

    “… trivializing global warming is part of a very, very massive propaganda campaign.”

    Recently, there have been numerous extremely dire articles in mainstream media about global warming/climate change/the sixth mass extinction … There are so many that it challenges the quoted statement …”
    Gail, you provided no links, implying that we are to take your word for it.

    Here is the truth of the matter, with links.

    First some arithmetic:

    days in a year x hours in a day x minutes in an hour = total minutes in a year

    365.25 x 24 x 60 = 525,960

    Minutes of coverage in each of the last six years
    (for ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX combined) (year:minutes):

    2009:205, 2010:48, 2011:47, 2012:67, 2013:129, 2014:154

    Thus, total minutes in the last six years, on this planet:
    525,960 x 6 = 3,155,760

    Total coverage in minutes in the last 6 years by all 4 of those main streamers (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX combined):

    205 + 48 + + 47 + 67 + 129 + 154 = 650 minutes

    650 minutes ÷ 3,155,760 total minutes = 0.021% (0.000205973 ÷ 100)

    If you consider 0.021% adequate (650 minutes out of 3,155,760 total minutes over 6 yrs.) for the main issue for our time, you are entirely incorrect and inadequate IMO.

    Media Matters 2015

    Here is the propaganda aspect of it:
    Media Matters: “How Media Has Helped Advance Big Oil’s Climate Deception Campaign

    The Union of Concerned Scientists recently pointed out:

    Internal fossil fuel industry memos reveal decades of disinformation — a deliberate campaign to deceive the public that continues even today.

    For nearly three decades, many of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies have knowingly worked to deceive the public about the realities and risks of climate change.

    Their deceptive tactics are now highlighted in this set of seven “deception dossiers”—collections of internal company and trade association documents that have either been leaked to the public, come to light through lawsuits, or been disclosed through Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests.

    Each collection provides an illuminating inside look at this coordinated campaign of deception, an effort underwritten by ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP, Shell, Peabody Energy, and other members of the fossil fuel industry.

    (The Criminally Insane Epoch Arises – 4).

  • Apneaman,

    I get the irony, and it’s good, well said.

    However, when I look around me, it seems that I’m one of the few humans left in our consumer society who doesn’t have a smart phone. My laptop is quite adequate. As far as I’m concerned, it’s “technological magic”. I prefer real life communication with everything around me to “social media” connection and don’t need to be entertained or distracted. (Exception are blogs like NBL and others I like to read but to me that’s not social media.)
    Could it be my age or that I actually prefer to be aware, engaged and entangled because that’s what I’ve practised all my life. No apple dopamine injections necessary or indeed other drugs.

    And yes, I have many dark cruel fantasies about some humans – who doesn’t if they’re honest with themselves. I’s part of a passionate nature, and I’m OK with that, even without therapy or any of the other crutches that modern Westerners seem to need
    But I’m only speaking for myself, what others need is not my business.

  • I once met a young woman who waitressed and had a price bar code tattooed on the side of her neck. She told me she was very tired of guys asking her, “How much?” Silly girl, what did she expect?

    The point I’m trying to make is that people who work in public, like waitresses and cashiers hear the same old jokes over and over, day in and day out. I don’t know how they keep it together.

    As regular readers know, I love to overwhelm people with facts. To get these facts, I have to read a LOT of climate and environment articles, collect the facts and compile them into what I call data bombs.

    After years of reading comments sections, I’ve noticed ideas repeat themselves among the casual readers. One comment that stands out for me is, “After we’re gone, the earth will be fine.” This particular glib quip has always bothered me, although I’m not insightful enough to bother to figure out why.

    Then Apneaman posted this particular link to a story that bothers me greatly. If humans don’t go extinct soon enough, we will wipe out the earth’s atmosphere. We will eliminate earth’s atmosphere. Think about it. Our atmosphere depends on the sheer volume of phytomass for sustenance. When the trees are gone, so is our atmosphere. They are the only thing standing between us and outer space. When I was young, I used to take LSD, mescaline and mushrooms to blow my mind, now I just read climate stories. Although this weekend, my wife agreed to try shrooms for the first time.

    Read this paper, it’s the best version. If anyone has something to add to it, please do so. It has the word “thermodynamics” in it, which really pisses a lot of deniers off, gotta love it.

    If you are a sick, twisted bitter doomer like myself, you can indulge your masochism here:

    Thermodynamics of Forest Driven Bio-diversity from collapse

  • The genie in the magic oil lamp is fossil carbon fuel, before we discovered that lamp, our lives were short and brutal. Now we live in a world of immense luxury and indolence. When the magic lamp went briefly empty in 1973, we spent trillions of dollars to build a war machine to protect that lamp. We killed millions of civilians to protect and control that magic lamp. We are now so corrupted by its magic, we will destroy the very earth that begat us. It’s like killing our mothers. We are motherfuckers, but genies always have a way of twisting our dreams and wishes around to harm us.

  • So many great thoughts here, NBL is a great place when some of the riffraff is on hiatus…

    woodwose very clear picture you painted of your journey echoing many of the thoughts I have had as another member of this club, aware of NTE and the evils of the dominant culture, yet living in this world and witnessing the best and worst aspects on a daily basis. I visited Canada and stayed on Vancouver Island a couple of years back and it was truly a blissful experience, especially a guided tour up Bute Inlet. Nowhere is untouched by this culture, but that was a beautiful tiny glimpse allowing me to imagine what it might have been like a few hundred years ago.

    Excellent post as well Daniel, no one here at NBL should be truly surprised by anything in this culture.

    Beautiful work Kate, very evocative and powerful imagery, words are never enough and you’ve captured something special in your art. Thank you.

    I’ve been watching Beckwith’s videos he has recently posted in light of the paper by Hansen and others.

    In his last video (9 of the series) he seems to be nearing a true realization of where we really are, he only briefly mentions (almost in an offhand manner) something about carbon tax/dividend and needing to slow emissions, yet does this after spending 8+ other videos describing the non-linear nature of the ice loss and subsequent sea level rise as well as pointing out the complete omission from Hansen’s paper of any mention of methane, already present amplified arctic warming nor the associates jet stream “waviness”. He hangs his hope on crop disruptions and food price spikes to drive people to action but as already pointed out that has been going on for a long time and it is still BAU. He knows we are headed for 5-6 C warming in 10-20 years and 5-9 m sea level rise not long thereafter, and seeing this evidence it may be clear to him finally that there is no solution, it’s truly a predicament. I mean I don’t really believe that given his “nuclear submarine solution” Guy has mentioned but it seems he is slowly coming to terms with how bad things really are.

    For a random “wow is this culture completely insane” moment, here is an article about a scientist looking to end the suffering of dairy cows having horns burned off, not by actually questioning a system that leads humans to do this horror, but of course by genetically “modifying” the cows so they don’t grow the horns and yet (of course…) produce more milk:

    Oh and that of course is only the beginning, but the “ultimate goal is animals with just the right mix of traits—and much less suffering.” Yeah, right, as long as “they” serve the dominant culture and produce to drive profits.

    Robert Callaghan, thanks for all of the links and giving them hell on Reddit, subscribed to a few subreddits you frequent like r/collapse , always appreciate the copious knowledge you deliver to the deniers, technotopians, etc…

    As to that paper linked, I have read it and simply carrying forward their Omega sustainability value from their last data point (1029 years in the year 2000) forward to now assuming the deltaOmega rate of decline remains more or less the avg it’s been for the past 2000 years gives us the limiting factor of Omega reaching 1 year (1 year left of phytomass food for the entire global human population) in early 2030. So this paper predicts human extinction (or, more likely, collapse of habitat and civilization followed by massive die off) not due to abrupt climate change, or even current climate change exclusively, but solely driven by industrialization and human population overshoot.

  • I’ve posted a new edition in the Edge of Extinction series. It’s here.

    goavs, Beckwith was interviewed for Extinction Radio a few weeks ago. He presented a “solution” to evade near-term human extinction: Humans will live in nuclear submarines.

  • riff raff…you talking to me? I’m still here pal. under a rock maybe…but never on hiatus. have a hot day.

  • Bob S, doesn’t Mark Austin have two, maybe three, thorium powered yellow submarines?

  • .Let’s be clear:
    The children suffer.
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”
    Live simply, kill nothing. Eat only that which falls from the trees, sleep on the ground, drink from the river.

  • Gerald SPEZIO – Just an old sail boat I once lived aboard. Might take it back down to Miami to snorkel around the skyscrapers when they go under. Yikes, but what about the mutant fish from Turkey Point nuclear power plant? I wonder how long the champagne & cigars will last inside the yellow subs?

    BOB S. – My mom was battling cancer in 2011 so I wrote the book about her fight against above ground atomic tests, mutations & genetic “codes” while I had plenty of nights sitting in hospitals. Yes it is about time management rather than stupid TV & sports.

    Bob S. you would make a great researcher. CALLAGHAN is focused on some really important stuff. Otherwise politics in most every country is just a big media act. They are all scripted speech readers. Yes – I was on General Hospital ABC soap as a teenager. Only part time and I helped pay for me to study biology at USC later when I worked for Universal/Amblin. Hollywood and all Depts in D.C. are very inter connected, even before Homeland Security was created.

    127 labs worldwide splicing Ebola, AIDS & Anthrax to bring you a better bio-war. Wonder if any of them will have a breach or accident? Oh yeah, chemical warfare is illegal so it’s all under control even if some other pandemic event leaves the labs unsecured.

    Alliance for Nuclear Accountability read the post I forwarded from Lidia. Might be nearly impossible to make any more civil progress but it really helps the Nuclear Industry to convince people they can’t fight at all even if they wanted to. The private power companies love to hear they are way too big to tackle. Don’t dare be a David against Goliath. Die quietly & do not attempt any fight against nuclear problems.

  • bwa ha ha.. re. submarines. That is hilarious!!

    Now you see why people don’t trust scientists.. Might just as well believe in Jesus Christ Rapturing Me Up.

    Mark, the nuclear material is all already there. It’s not going anywhere, whether I “fight” the private energy co.s or not. They are bankrupt and are raiding their decommissioning funds. The NRC could disallow this IF IT WANTED TO, but it doesn’t want to.

    Listen, on purpose I live in the only pip-squeak state that is actually even a little bit resistant to these people (and to Monsanto), and I give money to VPIRG and all that.. but the only reason Entergy backed out of running VT Yankee for another 20-40 years is because it became UNPROFITABLE when pitted against fracked-gas-powered plants and cheap hydro from Quebec. The VPIRG folks all patted each other on the back, pretending it was a big victory for “grassroots activism”, but I assure you these nuclear fucks only care about the bottom line. If that plant could make money, it would still be online.

    >Really, why on earth do you present the Federal Gov. as some sort of flaccid nothingburger that’s so weak and dithering it can’t get anything done unless a lot of people light up< When they want to get shit done, like invade/bomb, etc., they get shit done.

    Instead of blaming the victim here, why aren't you challenging your overlords directly, asking them why they don't have the balls to marshall the resources that might make things less-bad? Where are the anti-trust rulings? Where are the nationalizations that might have at least a small chance of clearing out the worst of the bad actors and bad practices?


    There's no money in it!

    Follow the money!

  • Oh wait… you turd, you ARE!!

  • …following the money, that is…

  • get him lidia