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I’m featured each week on Extinction Radio. This week’s episode featured a long interview with me — starting at the 8:10 mark — along with my usual weekly contributions. The show is embedded below.

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  • The Red Planet 2036

    Starring, Matt Damon

    The spacesuit was getting hot, systems overload hot.

    The reclamation effort was losing EROEI.

    He could see now, Life on earth was tough.

    All the fancy words were not enough.

    He cursed his billionaire lineage.

    A captive of and by himself on his knees before Liberty.

    Star into the vortex long enough, and the vortex stares back.

    He knew blame was pointless before the lightless void.


    By 2050, there will be a couple of billion new urban humans.

    75% of the urban infrastructure does not exist yet.

    Steel, cement, glass, pavement needs to be built.

    This will increase energy demand 100% by 2050.

    To displace one fossil fuel plant, it takes 10 times as much intermittent energy.

    All the urban infrastructure energy and food requirements will destroy earth’s complex life biogeochemistry. Sorry for the interruption bacteria.

    We use 15 billion tons of sand per year.

    We need 30 billion tons per year by 2050 for renewable energy projects.

    Since renewables only last some 25 years, we will need 50 billion tons per year by 2080. Opioids and booze making will be the new currency.

    Sand Wars 2015:

    SS Green Ears

    Thermodynamics of Forest Driven Bio-diversity from collapse

  • Everyone is planning on a future that isn’t going to be there.

  • .
    I’m making no plans.
    Today is all I got.

  • The future Death brought to us by our authoritarian leader (“dear leader”) Oil-Qaeda (The Authoritarianism of Climate Change).

    Poor Oil-Qaeda was misled by all those hoi polloi whom Oil-Qaeda only wanted to serve for the common good (What Next, Mass Depraved-Heart Murder? – 2).

    Praise Oil-Qaeda (Oilah Akbar! Oilah Akbar!, 2, 3, 4).


  • Thank goodness, General Mills is here to save the day…


    SABINE: (re: the last thread) While religion might be a factor with regards to our “right to die” policies, especially after the circus that was the Terri Schiavo case, I think a bigger factor is probably the litigious nature of U.S. society. Everybody’s always suing everybody else, so I would imagine that a doctor saying, “But she had a DNR tattoo!” wouldn’t hold up in court, especially if there wasn’t any documentation to back it up. Such is the fucked up nature of ‘Merica.

  • babajingo: yeah, NOW they’re all concerned – where the f^@% were they all along? Apparently the CEO has no idea how bad it’s going to get and no idea how his GIANT AGRIBUSINESS contributed to our dilemma. No one in his position is going to do anything different until they have to (too late!) or can’t continue. Thanks for the post!

  • babajingo,

    August 30th, 2015 at 12:53 pm you made the following excellent, thought provoking point:

    Bud- Don’t you think sometimes a belief makes you feel bad but it’s also the truth? Let’s take an obvious example. According to emotion-focused therapy, tell me if this is how it would go:

    “(1) Identifying the content of a negative belief and say this in the second person to the self.”

    You believe that abrupt climate change is upon us and that we will all be extinct by 2050 at the latest.

    “(2) Experience how the belief makes one feel.”

    This belief makes me sad, depressed, angry and hopeless.

    “(3) Reflect on the sources and destructive effects of the beliefs, including how these beliefs influence one’s life.”

    The source of this belief are years of reading about climate change, taking classes in college about the environment, and watching the data get worse as I age. The destructive effects of these beliefs are that they make me not want to get out of bed. They make me question the point of virtually everything I do and think. They make me sometimes wish a massive virus would just take out every human being on the planet in one fell swoop.

    “(4) Formulate a resilient, freeing response to the belief so that the person can separate the self from the dictates of these beliefs and identify with their strengths and resources.”

    Perhaps the climate change deniers are right. Or the Christians are right and Jesus will come settle the score. Or perhaps the news of climate science and extinction is actually good, since I have no retirement plan anyway and the planet will be much better off without us. Might as well live it up now and hasten our demise.

    Thanks for the free therapy!

    Babajingo, I think that you did great up to step #4, responding pretty much as I did with only trivial differences. Perhaps your response to step #4 qualifies as a resilient, freeing response to the belief(s) for you so that the you can separate yourself from the dictates of these beliefs and identify with your strengths and resources, but your response certainly does not have that effect on me. Perhaps your response helps you to feel better emotionally and will help you to adapt and survive better in your day-to-day life, but I do not think it it would have that effect on me. If you did not find your response to #4 very helpful, as I do not, and you wanted my help to construct a more effective response, I would encourage and help you to construct a different response until you found something that did help. My response, which I HAVE found helpful, looks like this:

    This belief probably holds true in the world and it does neither me nor anyone else any good for me to upset myself about these multiple, unpredictable, irreversible processes.

    Does the Universe have to work as I think it should? Of course not! (Not now anymore than it had to when I got myself depressed regarding homeless people in Seattle many years ago.) Thinking that the world should work as I wish only illustrates my tendency toward childish, narcissistic, God-like grandiosity. Yes, it qualifies as extremely unfortunate–even tragic–that humans exist as such a highly irrational and destructive species (especially when poor contingencies exist between behaviors and ecological consequences). That does not mean that the Universe should work as I think it “should” or “must”!
    I will do what I can, when I can, in how I live my life in order to minimize my ecological impact, to protect myself and others, and to challenge other’s thinking (hopefully skillfully, in ways such that the resulting cognitive dissonance does not trigger their self-justification). As only an infinitely small part of God that knows and understands so little, I can only do my best with the limited knowledge, skills, and power that I have. I will work persistently to live my life in ecologically sustainable ways, fully accepting and loving myself and the mistakes I have made in the past regarding this, while also acknowledging the difficulty in making these changes, especially while living in this insane society, literally out of touch with physical, biological reality.

    “Terrible” and “horrible” exist only as judgments I make, not as characteristics inherent in the world outside of my head. Things most certainy should happen as they are, simply because they are happening in those ways!

    For sure, I would strongly prefer that this not happen, but I remember that I do not exist as God, the world does not revolve around me, and I do not know nearly enough to determine the ultimate “good” or “bad” of anything. I most certainly can “stand it”—at least until I die. Now, I need to get off of my butt, get out there and do what I can to change things for the better, based on the best possible knowledge and my limited degree of influence in the social and physical world that contains me! I will remember: I can only do my best, and that remains good enough.

    Hope regarding our self-annihilation trap only works as hopium. Giving up this hope frees me for other thoughts, emotions and behaviors. On the other hand, hope regarding my interpersonal relationships and my emotional responses to the the unfolding horrors makes very good sense! So I will do my best to learn about and implement attachment theory based relationships and emotion-focused therapy in day-to-day life.
    I will remember that I can only do my best knowing what I know and having the skills and personal power that I have.

    Okay, so I don’t know everything that I would like to know. So what? Welcome to life! I ACCEPT this universal reality!

    I can learn to accept and live with the ambiguity and my massive lack of knowledge and control. I can live the rest of my life asking the question “Does this purchase, choice, or activity have ecological sustainability?” More and more often, over time, I can make my choices, my decisions, based on the principle of maximizing ecological sustainability. I can consider the embedded energy in the products and services that I buy and the energy required in doing the things that I do. I can learn and implement primitive skills, gradually changing my life over time. I CAN live in reasonably joyful, productive, rewarding ways while believing that I and everyone else I know will soon die–just as I have known since I was a child–and I commit to doing exactly that for as long as that remains physically, biologically possible for me.

  • Bud Nye- why post the same comment twice? You’re taking up a lot of real estate here.

    Lidia- Thanks for your DNR comments and links! :)
    Think how much money hospitals lose when they honor a DNR request!

  • Wren- Bud was just responding to my post. It’s my fault!

    Bud- I definitely agree that your response for #4 is more productive and positive than mine was. I don’t necessarily think that extinction will occur by 2030, but I definitely think it’ll happen much sooner than most of the people I talk to think it will. In response, I tend to resort to sarcasm and cynicism, presumably as a defense mechanism against the horror. I truly do hope (there’s that bad word) that I am wrong, that I am being paranoid and hysterical (both things I’ve been accused of being). I know that I need to keep calm and carry on, but everything I’ve done in my personal and professional life up to this point seems so irrelevant given the impending doom. It’s very difficult to know how to proceed. Thank you for offering up your perspective- and I don’t mean that sarcastically, for once.

  • Babajingo, Out of due respect to Guy, he would not agree to come to D.C. if he had not had extensive contact information with all my address and phones.

    Personal e-mails and much work went into planning meetings that were above the level of myself simply renting a conference room or coffee shop talk.

    When you mentioned doing a protest in front of the White House I gave you my D.C. address. Rare that anyone is as open as I am.

    THANK YOU because I am dumb to say anything about acting like “Snowden”. I am having an anger moment. My security level is low but the NSA does track everything I say. I could only share analysis provided to many contractors in bio-medical, Energy & DARPA research depts which are inter-connected. Mostly They think are too big to fail & they are not very concerned with the level of info personnel like myself can share with family & friends.

    Guy knows my father was an Arizona Congressman and I took Guy’s class at UofA over 17 years ago. Even my personal resume was posted here by Bob S. I helped produced a PBS Environmental series in 1997 that was hosted by Heston, Redford, Julia-Louis Dreyfus & Ted Danson. All of this has been on NBL this past year.

    Sorry that I am stressed and concerned by issues that look very serious when you read current NOAA & State Dept climate reports along with Military updates.

    I stupidly felt fairly safe to take risks, since I am but a speck in the giant systems of Empire. I should not be afraid to lose my pension if Guy & Paul and many others working with climate and/or nuclear data prove to be true. Then again maybe the real crackpots are us who are too concerned about dire data and a dangerous military industrial complex. In my work review today, I agreed to go to N.I.H. stress counseling this week. I was strongly assured that 99% of the world must be correct that nothing major is going to happen in the near future with war or climate change. The only thing that needs to change is my radical level of concern. Otherwise I have been a perfect and trusted systems person who never made comments. Until now, as I approach my exit date, I was wise enough to stay off the radar for over a decade in government service.

    Hello BUD NYE – Until I start anger therapy I hope nuclear war does happen by accident this Sept. I’ve very sorry for the radiation that will massively effect evolution for thousands of years, but hopefully the radiation will stop the cancer of human existence from ever spreading & consuming Earth again. We keep building reactors and genetic bio-war weapons. The day will come when humans will get exactly what their taxes and careless attitudes have spent billions paying for. Only the half-life of extreme radiation will remain!!!

  • WREN – Yes thanks! Many of Michael HASTINGS friends were concerned that he was “in a very agitated state”, saying he was “incredibly tense” Michael’s line of work led to a “paranoid state”. USA Today reported that in the days before his death, Hastings believed his car was being “tampered with”

    If the propane tank in the galley of my sail boat in the Potomac Navy yards marina blows up, someone here please say something about tampering.

    Hastings reporting on the Pentagon & General Mc Crystal got him burned in a very fiery car crash. Interesting that now it is common knowledge how a car can be hacked and run by remote control.

  • Mark Austin:

    Thanks for going to bat for us in trying to dig up the methane related info. The integral zero to power of infinity formula seems about right, that’ll be all of us in one of the immaterial spheres of existence. Kevin Moore seems to have a pretty good grasp of what it’s about, I’m sure better than I have. It’ll be interesting to see if Paul Beckwith can comment on it. I hope you’re not in trouble over this.

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner but the power was out here in Vancouver for 36 hours or so. 60 mph gusts caused 400,000 customers to lose the juice. It may be evidence of the “Ozonista” Gail Zawacki effect. Maybe somewhat weakened trees breaking branches and trunks. I did notice some young trees, snapped off with rot in their tops, but not native species.

    On the topic of nuclear generating stations loosing their cooling pumps, why can’t they run the pumps from their own power without relying on the grid? They would need some step down transformers, and some large resistance to absorb their electrical loads, but couldn’t this be done using soil as the resistor, or some other more practical method perhaps, maybe some Tesla type lightning generators? Most likely there is some obvious engineering reason I’m not aware of but does anyone know that can comment on it? Or are we talking about when there are no personnel to keep things going, due to there being no groceries for them, among other things?

  • ‘By 2050, there will be a couple of billion new urban humans.

    75% of the urban infrastructure does not exist yet.

    Steel, cement, glass, pavement needs to be built.

    This will increase energy demand 100% by 2050.’

    Apparently we need to find only 5 another Saudi Arabias to maintain present economic arrangements into the 2030s.

    They must be somewhere to be found because we ‘need’ them.

    Only another few weeks or waiting and then we will know the answers to several important questions (but not the instantaneous relative factor for methane).

  • New Survey Up!


    Although we all basically agree that the population of Homo Saps is going to diminish, a good Timeline for how long this will take has not been established. At least according to the UN, population of Homo Sap globally is still increasing.

    In this survey, you get to pick out the timeline at which the population of Homo Sap will be half of the maximum level the species achieves before the dieoff.


  • RE: your question reveals your ignorance. The die-off is already underway for too many species humanity relies on for their existence, including soil microbes, vegetation, marine life, pollinators, birds, etc. Apparently you haven’t noticed.

    Secondly, unless you provide a figure for “the maximum level the species achieves” it will be pure speculation to arrive at a figure for half. Also, populations follow exponential curves for growth, with various mitigating factors effecting the rate. For example, if we’re at roughly 7.2 billion now but nuclear war breaks out in the northern hemisphere, the rate would probably change.

    Sudden collapse implies that the answer would be moot, since communication systems as well as any means of counting how many remain would be gone. Do you think there will come a time when you and your buddies will be suckin’ down beers by the campfire laughing over who was closest to the actual number for the instant that it’s correct?

    Almost all seabirds are eating plastic

    Ninety per cent of the planet’s seabirds are having plastic for dinner, a new study has found.

    The findings are from the first global assessment of plastic ingestion by seabirds, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Written over a century ago and perhaps not too far off the mark,

  • @Tom

    I am quite aware that many species are going extinct.

    The question is when does the Homo Sap species begin its inexorable decline?

    Is it this year? Next year? A decade from now? When does Homo Sap stop increasing in numbers and start decreasing?


  • MR. Jack London was one of the worst racists of all time. Boy did he hate dark people. His assessment was akin to the Indian untouchables and they have no souls I’m told.

  • Regarding my August 31st, 2015 at 3:48 pm comment to babajingo, importantly one needs to work with these negative thoughts while they remain emotionally hot. Cold emotion-related beliefs do not have nearly as much accessibility to change. People can talk about all kinds of negative views of themselves in their social and biological world in an abstract and intellectual way, and they will not change. We have to feel what we consciously, intellectually talk about in order to make the whole maladaptive scheme amenable to change—because we cannot leave an emotional place until after we have arrived there.


    I posted that comment twice because as an all-too-fallible human being I made a mistake.


    Regarding your most recent comment that “…everything I’ve done in my personal and professional life up to this point seems so irrelevant given the impending doom. It’s very difficult to know how to proceed”, yes, I certainly agree and have had similar experiences. Very difficult indeed, often in my experience extremely emotionally painful. This largely accounts for most people’s strong desire to avoid the issue. Avoidance and denial, including angry, blaming distractions, and intellectualizing, immediately give us powerful relief from our emotional pain, so those become seductive emotional traps. (Relief = “negative reinforcement”.)

    How to proceed? My response—and I think largely Guy’s as well, though I certainly do not presume to speak for him!—involves maximizing the quality of my emotional relationships with others; thus my focus on Les Greenberg’s emotion-focused therapy and Susan Johnson’s emotion-focused couple’s therapy, among others. As a highly emotional, social animal, as I reflect on my past and present experiences my relationships with others, and my emotions within those relationships, have served as the most important sources of pain and pleasure for me, by far, for my entire life for as long as I can remember. From what I see among others around me, including the many people I dance with, and certainly including the homeless(!), this seems to hold true for almost everyone else as well. With the little time I have left I want to “get this right” as best I can given my many weaknesses and limitations. I want to live my remaining days both passionately and reflectively. I want to learn to integrate my reason with my emotion, neither compelled by emotion nor cut off from it. I want to integrate my head with my heart, however much time remains for me. (Not much, I expect.) I want to regulate my emotions so that they guide me, not compel me, ideally right up to death.

  • CHARCTIC Interactive Sea Ice Extent Graph shows the 2015 curve crossing the 2007 curve at a slightly more pronounced downward trajectory.

    The 2015 curve is far below two standard deviations.


  • @Mark Austin

    CO2 gives science problems, because this gas is a variable gas, and not constant in the atmosphere like oxygen, nitrogen, and the noble gases. And the CO2 molecule is heavier than oxygen and nitrogen. CO2 reacts accordingly and much remains within 100 ft. of earth’s surface.

    Satellite and airplane measurements of CO2 see what they expect to see in the atmosphere, but miss the ground concentrations, entirely.

    CO2 literally falls out of the air onto waiting trees and plants, as Mother Nature intended.

  • Since I don’t own a television, I’m not prone to recommending television series, especially reality shows, however two friends of mine recommended I watch the History Channel’s survivalist reality show “Alone”, which we just finished and there is something quite different about this show that I feel compelled to share with you all, for I believe many here will find it as disturbingly poignant as I did.

    The show either intentionally or unintentionally touches on something very profound about human nature’s will to survive. Kudos to the producers for this was quality television.

    The premise of the first season is ten men with advanced primitive skills are left to fend for themselves on the Northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia at the onset of winter. They are completely isolated from each other with zero outside contact and have only ten items from a list of forty in which they can use to eke out survival. They have to film everything themselves.

    It’s a game of last man standing, with no timeline for when it ends. None of the men know anything about how the others are faring, where their only objective is to hold out for as long as possible, where the last one wins $500,000.

    While it’s annoyingly edited for entertainment value—it’s television after all—it nonetheless is a very intimate window into the souls of men, for the show immediately devolves into a very real mass psychological experiment more than anything else. You watch ten men who are all trained survivalist basically lose their shit, because they are completely surrounded by a brutally dense and wet temperate rainforest, no protection from one of the highest populations of black bears, cougars and wolves, with nothing to eat, virtually no fuel to initially start a fire, extremely inhospitable weather, minimal shelter and no outside contact.

    It’s brutal!

    I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to image they are somehow going to attempt to survive the collapse of civilization.

    And the winner turns out to be someone quite special indeed, and is worth watching just to see how he copes.

  • re: “Alone”

    That’s why the tribe is the basic human unit for survival.

  • Guy, regarding the posted interview, this is the first time I’ve seen you express such a personal and emotionally exposed side of yourself. Maybe you’ve expressed yourself like this before, but not that I’ve been a witness to. Thanks for your emotional honesty. It’s very much appreciated, and it really resonated with me.

    It sounds as though your journey ‘away’ from empire (as much as one can do that), was very similar to mine. The way you mentioned former peers perceiving you as crazy, as if you’d had some sort of a breakdown, is something I can really relate to. It was the same for me, and twenty years later, that ‘breakdown rumor’ has entrenched itself within my old community of peers and marked me like a leper. The few times I’ve chosen to interact with people from my past, I’ve found all credibility has been stripped away, seemingly as an attempt by my former peers to rationalize their current place within the dominant culture by simply dismissing my actions as being the result of insanity.

    I relate to how you’re looking back now and thinking it was a mistake to walk out of the machine, and it seems to be fueled by memories of some of the good things you realize you’ve lost, and have come to miss dearly. Most markedly, the social contact and the influence you once enjoyed as a leader and inspiration among your community. I know, I’ve lost that too, and have never stopped missing it, even to the point of regret sometimes. It’s a real tough one.

    However, I’ve learned that going back isn’t an option either. I’ve actually dabbled in that myself, and returned a few times over my twenty years out. But, like Castanada’s Don Juan remarked, “You can’t ever return to Ixtlan, nor would you really want too.” (I paraphrased that) It seems the mind remembers the good aspects, and quickly forgets how equally awkward and ugly it was to be involved in the first place. It’s a lonely thought, one exacerbated by walking into the desert only to find a pile of useless rocks. ;)

    The few times I have dabbled with returning to my old life (I walked away from my influential position that positioned me as a philosopher to my peers over twenty years ago), I’ve quickly found that things had only become even stupider than I’d even remembered. The negatives soon outweighed any positives that were gained from rejoining my community. There was also now that pervading loss of credibility to cope with, the loony label, which tarnished the very thing I was returning for anyway; that longing to recapture the human contact I was so thoroughly missing; to return to being that positive person of influence that I’d once been.

    I never have been able to recapture that though. People seem to subconsciously pick up on a person who no longer has the same objectives as they do. They don’t like it, like it might infect them. It seems you can only stray so far and remain a member of the in group. So, it seems what’s done is done. By sanity’s definition as relativity to the most common in group mentality, I guess we are technically insane. Groovy, such is the life of a right brained lefty. But insane doesn’t mean wrong, it just means uncommon insight in an insane society.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how I really appreciated you being so frank in your interview regarding your feelings about your past decision. I’ve lived for several decades now struggling with the same loneliness and occasional feelings of regret, although I hate that word; regret. I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone in how you feel. Others have walked this path too, and probably lost the same things as a result. People once flocked to me for philosophical and cultural insight too, and it seems like my vocation was just a tool to get me out in front of a great many people in order to facilitate this happening. Now, I’m alone and cut off from having any influence on people at all, or even being around them much anymore.

    I still miss that the most, everyday; the people. Such is the journey I guess.

    Sending you a big cyber hug, and hoping you find some peace. And thanks for your honesty.

  • .
    Just for interest sake, wiki-garbage actually had a nice summary of what ‘Ixtlan’ means, which I referred to in my post to guy. I thought it might be worth quoting here, you know, for the sake of uselessness. :)

    Journey to Ixtlan is the third book by Carlos Castaneda, published as a work of non-fiction by Simon & Schuster in 1972.[1] It is about an alleged apprenticeship to the Yaqui “shaman,” Don Juan.[2]
    The title of this book is taken from an allegory that is recounted to Castaneda by his “benefactor” who is known to Carlos as Don Genaro ( Genaro Flores ), a close friend of his teacher don Juan Matus. “Ixtlan” turns out to be a metaphorical hometown ( or Place / Position of Being ) to which the “sorcerer” or warrior or man of knowledge without reason or thoughts is drawn to return. This is because his elevated perspective leaves him little in common with ordinary people, who now seem no more substantial to him than “phantoms.” The point of the story is that a man of knowledge, or sorcerer, is a changed being, or a Human closer to his true state of Being, and for that reason he can never truly go “home” to his old lifestyle again.


    Once down the rabbit hole, you can’t ever truly go back to Ixtlan. :(

  • Phil Morrison – Thanks, I’m a terrible writer. You explained in easy terms what I was trying to translate from Roland at NOAA. Mucj respect to KEVIN MOORE who I think is correct about the possibly of a lab test that could be done – yet maybe “they” don’t want to fund and find the bad answer????

    JIMBOT – I was in Vancouver this past July on my way to Alaska. A lady friend lives in a wild old Victorian house on funky Commercial drive. So sad that Vancouver had terrible fire pollution on 7-7-15. Her power was also out for last few days!

    You can see our National Nuclear Safety team picture at http://www.nnsa.energy.gov By the end of this year all 109 Nuclear plants in the USA will have Faraday cages installed around the diesel emergency generators. I’m not a fan of Newt Gingrich but he did hold congessional hearings on why we needed EMP protection for the grid.

    ARTLEADS has been an excellent volunteer help to my team this year. On a different web site he gave us ideas on a tax break to people who live in the radius of plants who can store emergency supplies & disel tanks which must often be refreshed.

    LITTLE WHITE ASS – I really like reading you. I got sent down the rabbit hole of “Re-education” at N.I.H. stress management today. I saw a hundred pictures of how civilization always recovers bigger and better. Warsaw, Berlin, Nagasaki, you can world bank on it that every ground zero turns into an economic recovery.

    I guess ISIS is just a re-modeling team as they bomb the beautiful ancient ruins of Palmyra to bits.(I can’t wait to sail toward hurricane Andrew recovered Homestead Fla this winter!) I got a $25 dollar plastic card to go buy plastic stuff at the Pentagon City mall. Retail therapy to teach the crazy rabbit that consumerism is well being.

    LIDIA thank you for the handing me a copy of your book “The Silence Of Animals” by John Gray. Small book with big impact!

    BOSTON – The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) will measure naturally occurring background radiation over areas west of downtown Boston, Mass.A helicopter may be seen flying at low altitudes while the radiation assessment is conducted and will cover approximately 10 square miles.

    A twin-engine Bell 412 helicopter, operated by the Remote Sensing Laboratory Aerial Measuring System from Joint Base Andrews, will be equipped with radiation sensing technology. The helicopter will fly in a grid pattern over the areas at 150 feet (or higher) above the ground surface, at a speed of approximately 80 miles per hour. Flyovers will occur only during daylight hours.

    The measurement of naturally occurring radiation to establish baseline levels is a normal part of security and emergency preparedness. NNSA is making the public aware of the upcoming flights so that citizens who see the low-flying aircraft are not alarmed.

    Keep calm, shop on, Empire is striking all environmental concerns out of my head. I promised them today that I will tell everyone we will invent solutions to pollution. Work on, carry on. Eliminate all free radicals…yummy GMO food court full of tourists in scooter chairs. It will be like this always.

    1000 Independance Ave. Washington D.C. 202-586-5000

  • Bud Nye The Seance Guy,
    Coach Mark,

    Emotions, words, realities,

    There are lots of ways to feel.

    Sometimes I feel love,
    sometimes love feels me
    .” – NSNG

    (The Poet Laureate of MOMCOM – 5)


    Perhaps the survey is in terms of human exceptionalism. For all too many Native American / First Nations / South American Iindigenous Peoples, their dieoffs were completed by the invasive race before RE’s parents were born.

    For them and all the select limited groups within the Homo callidus species that are soon to follow, such surveys emanating from privileged melanopenics are moot.

    “I am quite aware that many species are going extinct.

    The question is when does the Homo Sap species begin its inexorable decline?”

    If the melanopenics had gone through the same attrition as the New World indigenes, the question would be moot to them.

    “CO2 literally falls out of the air onto waiting trees and plants, as Mother Nature intended.”

    Well then, some other Mother Effer is causing the warmer-cooler than average month coin to come heads up straight since early 1982.

    “however two friends of mine recommended I watch the History Channel’s survivalist reality show “Alone””

    They’re birds of a different feather.

    “The show either intentionally or unintentionally touches on something very profound about human nature’s will to survive.”

    Nothing special about it. Those lineages of molecules in the primordial soup that SURVIVED & REPLICATED made cells, and are here today in our cells. Those lineages of cells that SURVIVED & REPLICATED made multicellular organisms and are here today in multicellular organisms. Tnose lineages of multicellular organisms that SURVIVED & REPLICATED made (in some cases, including us) hierarchical societies and egalitarian communities are here today as those societies.

    The will to survive is very deeply programmed into individual humans, communities and societies.

    ““You can’t ever return to Ixtlan, nor would you really want too.””

    For those who realise, not only they will never reach Ixtlan, nor return to It, but also they never left It.

    “find a pile of useless rocks.”

    Every particle of dust contributes to the gravitational mass of the Universe(s).

    “I guess we are technically insane.”

    Sanity is the delusions we share with others.

    “elevated perspective leaves him little in common with ordinary people”

    Leaves one’s Being the Being of all, nothing alien: as as example, Carlos Castaneda’s mind-meld in Journey to Ixtlan with the beetle, à la Spock of Star Trek.

    “how civilization always recovers bigger and better”

    They are unacquainted with the Narrative Fallacy from Naseem Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan.

  • ‘By sanity’s definition as relativity to the most common in group mentality, I guess we are technically insane.’ -l.w.a.

    i take some comfort in this krishnamurti quote: ‘It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.’

    ‘Once down the rabbit hole, you can’t ever truly go back to Ixtlan’


    daniel, thanx for the heads up about the history channel survival series.

  • Mark,

    Although I’ve forgotten the plots of 1984 and Animal Farm, which I was encouraged to read in HS, I hear the term “Orwellian” used a lot. I very much believe the experience you describe today fits that term.

  • @Mark, @LWA, etc.

    The permanent lie becomes the only means of existence…”
    -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    I begged off the silly ‘fundraiser’ I’d been roped into. What a relief. One less lie.

    Now I’ll be seen as the unreliable one.

    When has society not been based on lies of one kind or another?

    The nuclear holocaust is part and parcel of humanity’s relentless “liberation” of energy. The end of the line in those terms. So I really can’t see the world ending up any other way. The DOE and all the rest of them are just the unwitting handmaidens of thermodynamics.

    Not to worry, though:

    • Nuclear power is the only large-scale energy-producing technology which takes full responsibility for all its wastes and fully costs this into the product.

    • The amount of radioactive wastes is very small relative to wastes produced by fossil fuel electricity generation.

    • Used nuclear fuel may be treated as a resource or simply as a waste.

    • Nuclear wastes are neither particularly hazardous nor hard to manage relative to other toxic industrial wastes.

    • Safe methods for the final disposal of high-level radioactive waste are technically proven; the international consensus is that this should be geological disposal.


  • sorry about the formatting glitch!

  • Things are a little slow today, so I’ll post a third time.

    @Robin Datta
    Thanks for reminding me about the mind meld with the beetle in Journey to Ixtlan. It’s been almost thirty years since I read all his books. Maybe I should read them all again whilst I hibernate this winter. Oh wait; we won’t be having a winter this year, just like last year. I almost forgot. :)

    Yes. I’ve read some very similar nuclear waste apologetics before. “Not to worry.”
    ”But Brawndo has what plants crave! It’s got electrolytes!” :)

    @Virgin Terry
    Thanks for the krishnamurti quote. :)

    @Mark Austin
    Sorry you had to go through the old ‘societal reconditioning’ treatment. Artleads thought it sounded Orwellian, and I agree. Animal Farm was one of my fav reads during my youth. However, Mark, the way they had you viewing those pictures even more so reminded me of ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ Just tell them you’re totally cured now. ;)


    G’night John Boy, Mary Ellen, Jason, Erin, Ben, Jim Bob, and Elizabeth. Jeez, there was some overpopulation for ya, even for a hypno-vision show! :(

  • Mark Austin,

    Many good coffee shops on Commercial Drive. Some are patrolled by our version of the NSA so I’ve heard. After all, the street even has a socialist bookshop so the denizens must be up to something.

    For the nuclear plant cooling pumps, maybe just run them directly from steam turbines utilizing low grade steam, just keep the plants on very low boil if possible. There could also be some backup package boilers maybe. These are quite cheap, although of course they do have very basic control circuits.

    Thanks for sharing the link, the NNSA assessment is probably correct. The best storage option is geological.

    As for Guy’s trip that was cancelled, the MIC top echelon and the administration probably already know the facts but they need to maintain plausible deniability, which seems to be the operative phrase.

    Hence Bill McKibben’s appeal. Just put the stuff back in the ground, minor technical issue haha. Even though a very misleading message, at least he has helped to bring some attention to the issue, I guess you could say. Promoting the idea that there needs to be a debate about straightforward scientific facts, such as a constant continuing series of increasing temperature changes, was maybe not his doing.

  • Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Threatens – Update 7

    There are a number of reasons why sea ice looks set to decrease dramatically over the next few weeks. On above image, extent for 2015 looks set to soon cross the lines for the years 2007 and 2011, while the sea ice today is in an even worse condition than one might conclude when looking at extent alone.

    Thick sea ice is virtually absent compared to the situation in the year 2012 around this time of year, as illustrated by the image below that compares sea ice thickness on August 30, 2012 (left) with August 30, 2015

    Furthermore, sea surface temperatures are very high. The North Pacific, on August 31, 2015, was about 1°C (1.8°F) warmer than it was compared to the period from 1971 to 2000

    sea surface temperature anomalies are very high around North America, both in the Pacific Ocean and in the Atlantic Ocean.

    The image below shows sea surface temperatures on August 30, 2015, indicating that a huge amount of ocean heat has accumulated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North America.

    The Gulf Stream is carrying much of this warm water toward the Arctic Ocean. Additionally, warm water from the Pacific Ocean is entering the Arctic Ocean through the Bering Strait.

    There still are a few weeks to go before sea ice can be expected to reach its minimum, at around half September 2015, while sea currents will continue to carry warmer water into the Arctic Ocean for months to come.

    There is a strengthening El Niño, while more open water increases the chance that storms will develop that will push the last remnants of the sea ice out of the Arctic Ocean, as discussed in earlier posts such as this one. Storms can also mix warm surface waters all the way down to the seafloor, as discussed in this earlier post. Typhoons increase this danger.

    These typhoons are headed in the direction of the Arctic.

  • Lidia – it was the militarization of nuclear before maturity where we fucked up. it’s too late now, the solar-wind conglomerates will fight nuclear tooth and nail. People have been bamboozled into believing that giant extractive corporations have our best ecological interests at heart.

    A lot of the comment is here is focused in one way or another on blame.
    Many focus on methane.
    Many focus on sea level rise.
    Many focus of cultural causes.

    It’s sort of like extolling one’s pet peeve.

    Before complete ecological collapse (the end game), industrial civilization will collapse, before ind-civ collapse, globalized financial collapse. Before financial collapse, economic quakes and dislocation.

    Humanity plans to build 25 million miles of road in 15 years.
    Many roads in the Amazon are illegal and thus uncounted.
    If we don’t even know how many illegal roads, mines, wood mills, coal mines are uncounted, we can’t predict shit, except to say, that it is far worse than we can imagine. But, you’ve already heard that before.


  • Early results on Q1 of the Homo Sap Dieoff Timeline.

    52 Respondents so far, a decent Sample Size for the Doomers.

    It appear that most Doomers expect Dieoff of Homo Sap to come between 2020 and 2030.


  • Tom Says:
    September 2nd, 2015 at 2:48 am

    Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Threatens – Update 7

    There are a number of reasons why sea ice looks set to decrease dramatically over the next few weeks.

    2015 is driving hard on the 2007 and 2011 records (2nd & 3rd place).

    But the 2012 record (1st place) seems out of reach with such a short amount of time remaining … ~2 wks.

    But, it could happen.

  • History is THE sacred text. It never lies. Those that would alter history looking back, are vile scabs on the human body.


    How in the world did you come up with your handle? Are u small in statue and girth & do u stand with all people of color? I’ll bet u have an interesting history. I’ve read some of it on this blog. Long time doomer?

  • On headlines today: “For the first time in recorded history, three Category 4 hurricanes have appeared in the Pacific Ocean at the same time”

    Reminds me of Mark Linus’ “6 Degrees” – and the new word “hypercaine”.
    And This in my local feed today from straight ahead Asia Review:

    People in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen seem deadly serious about this fabled apocalyptic scenario. Bangkok and the whole of the central plains will soon be under water, they say, thanks to climate change. Korat (or Nakhon Ratchasima) will become a port city, and the Thai capital will move up to Khon Kaen, near Thailand’s northeastern border with Laos…In the popular Isan view of the coming era of Lao dominance, Bangkok will soon be just a memory, sitting deep under water. http://asia.nikkei.com/Viewpoints/Perspectives/Passive-resistance-in-Thailand-s-northeast?page=1

  • talking about pet peeve:

  • In other news we’re not hearing (on the MSM)

    Salton Sea burps hydrogen sulfide; third time this summer

    The last line is hilarious:

    Concentrations of the gas exceeded state standards in the community of Mecca and another at the north end of the Salton Sea in Riverside County.

    So there are STANDARDS of deadly poison spewing out of the ground, and when these standards are ignored by NATURE the authorities do what, exactly . . . ? Hey it’s a lot like man-made radiation release!

  • This is what climate change means in our world


    Are we going to kill these people, or have we all-ready done so?

  • Looking through the archives for Kathy C’s comments, I found this one concerning my pet peeve:

    “Meanwhile all you out there with your tubes still not tied, think about the guilt you will have if you father or mother children with full knowledge of the future. Think long and hard about getting permanent birth control now while you can. It is the only thing left that I know of to tell people as far as preparing.”

    From a great post by Brutus:

    Memento Mori

  • Milendia,

    After all these years of reading your comments it is wonderful (albeit sad under these circumstances)to see you, hear you (and your son) in this poignant piece on dead and dying trees. My deepest, heartfelt thanks for sharing it here.
    Very moving, very true . . . . I could make a similar video here in the midwestern part of the U.S. —–perhaps I will.
    The same thing is happening here and all over the world.
    Making a video may not change anything but—-at a minimum—- it is bearing witness to what humans are doing to life on this planet—–in this case the killing of majestic trees, rooted in the ground, unable to flee . . . as if there were a place to go.

    Thank you so very much,

    ps the final comments by your son were especially powerful

  • .
    “How in the world did you come up with your handle?”

    The name was bestowed upon me by a Native American lady who was the wife of a ranch manager I worked for in my teens. She never called me anything else from day one, and it was spoken with equal parts derision and flirtatiousness, which confused me greatly (especially since her husband, my boss, was the ex president of a nearby city’s biker club.) When he would get cranky at me for not being able to hoist bales high enough onto the stack (I’m pretty short), he would sarcastically start calling me ‘little dumb ass.’ How cool, I’d been given an official Indian name, and I’ve always been very proud of it. I hope it isn’t offensive to anyone; I really do have the greatest respect for Native American culture and its peoples. What better poke in the eye to European culture than to adopt an Indian name?

    “Are u small in statue and girth & do u stand with all people of color?”

    Yes, yes, and yes. I’ve always identified with the underdog, and who’s been more maligned in American culture, right up to this very day, than the Indians? There’s a little known Native legend that proposed how someday the spirits of murdered Indian warriors would be reborn as the sons of white men, and return to be a great thorn in their side. If there’s any truth to that tale, then it could likely be what happened to me, LOL!


    “I’ll bet u have an interesting history. I’ve read some of it on this blog.”

    I’ve lived the most amazing life; a mixture of miracles and misery. Sort of a Jesus meets Kali story; a privilege to poverty sort of thing. I’ve seen both sides of life, and seem to have lived about fifty lives in the time most people around me have lived one or two.

    The craziest experience I ever underwent was after I’d spent a few years studying the Carlos Castaneda material in my mid twenties. I didn’t just read it; I tried to embody it. I lived in nature at the time on a mountainous ranch, and would try all the shit Don Juan taught Carlos. At the time I thought how great it would be to have a teacher like Don Juan.

    Shortly after completing his last book in the series, I met a strange shaman ‘crazy’ lady who had heeded a call to travel across the continent from upstate New York in order to meet a particular person. Apparently, that person turned out to be me, and she showed me what the Castaneda books couldn’t; primarily how to undo the laws of physics on a daily basis, without any drugs even. I actually stopped using intoxicants after my time with her; life was now weird enough without them, thanks. But, I do enjoy some cannabis when I decide to play music now and then; but, the cannabis is only for professional reasons.

    After a few years of intense time together with this crazy lady, she left back into the void she’d emerged from, and my life was never the same again. I’ve lived several lives since that time, some normal, some not so normal, but it’s always been full of change. Life never let me settle anywhere for long since that time, that’s for sure, until recently. There are many stories.

    Lately, I spend most of my time now being a reclusive hermit, performing little miracles that nobody cares to notice. Smart phones are more fun for people than turning water into wine it seems. Eventually I’ll die; like a flea on the ass of a camel. Until then, I guess I’ll just stay sitting here in the middle of the world’s oil capital meditating on bringing down the price of a barrel of oil. Bawahahahaha … (cue twilight zone music.)

    “Long time doomer?”

    Well, coming from a shamanic background, I lived a long time thinking there could maybe be some sort of great awakening. However, by the mid nineties, I began to realize that this all probably just needs to happen. So ya, a doomer, but a happy little sarcastic doomer … Little White Ass: Rainbow Warrior. I’ll stand hand in hand with the littlest, most defenseless of plants and animals, and take whatever Gaia dishes out to me. If they have to stand and face the peril, then so can I; we can do it together. It was such a nice little planet, wasn’t it?

    Thanks everyone for letting me bore you with my megalomania.

    Thought for the day: Armageddon financing; don’t pay now, don’t pay later! ;)

    P.S. I don’t believe those purple waves in Oregon are jelly fish. Just a hunch, but I’ve been wrong before.

  • I’ve posted video, recently made available, from a presentation I delivered in mid-April in Bristol, U.K. It can be viewed here.

  • LWA: Jonny Mnemonic of JJFH blog doesn’t think they’re salp either


    Category: Other Stories Of Interest

    2015-08-28 – Purple waves washing ashore in Oregon:

    Quote: “Another report from Neskowin said the purple waves had a funky smell to it…”

    Note: That is probably purple sulfur bacteria, and that is a very bad sign indeed that this extinction event is storming ahead with ever-increasing strength. Purple sulfur bacteria consume hydrogen sulfide and they only exist in waters where there is already hydrogen sulfide present. So as the waters of the Earth become more contaminated with hydrogen sulfide, produced by sulfate reducing bacteria, there will be more outbreaks of purple sulfur bacteria. That appears to be happening now.

    This is a sign that this extinction event is escalating rapidly now, the waters of the Earth becoming increasingly contaminated with hydrogen sulfide. That will cause more hydrogen sulfide to diffuse into the air, resulting in more fires and explosions, more animals and people sickening and dying, the Sun looking whiter and hitting the Earth with increasingly deadly levels of UV as the ozone layer dissolves, etc.

    Because this extinction event is fueled by bacterial growth rates, this is the type of problem that accelerates at a geometric [actually it’s an exponential] rate. Things weren’t nearly this bad in early 2011 when I became certain about what was happening, though the signs were plentiful enough even then. But just over 4.5 years later and now we’re seeing purple ocean waters – that is rapid escalation, and the escalation is only going to be even more rapid and extreme from here on out.

    [His next story, taken from the news, is on the East Coast]

    2015-08-28 – Foul stench hits coastal Staten Island (New York):

    Quote: “An offensive odor of unknown origins permeated the borough, prompting numerous 311 complaints and calls to the NYPD and FDNY, the Staten Island Advance reported.”

    Quote: “While most of the reports are from the North Shore, they are being made from all over the Island, including Grasmere and Dongan Hills.”

    Quote: “A brief emergency radio transmission described the call as a possible Haz-Mat situation.”

    Note: Purple ocean water on the West Coast and a foul smell hitting a large coastal area on the East Coast – these are both extremely bad signs. Watch for more incidents like these…

  • LWA ~

    great story, great link.

    thank you very much for sharing both.