Geoengineering, Real and Imagined

Humans have been geoengineering since the dawn of agriculture. Plows turn living soil into lifeless dirt while releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This process is properly termed geoengineering, and it has clear implications for climate change.

We continue to geoengineer every time we fire up an internal-combustion engine. Or turn on the lights powered by a coal-fired power plant. Or put a plow into a cornfield. Or … well, you get the idea.

Geoengineering is real, and it has been going on since civilization began. For much of that time, humans have been ignorant about the consequences. Even the compound word is relatively new to the English language.

On the other hand, the type of geoengineering proposed by the nut-jobs well-intentioned, easily misled folks promulgating mythical chemtrails is imaginary. This approach has been discredited thoroughly in the scientific community — notable critiques based on reason can be found here, and here — but the conspiracy freaks continue to pound the drum of their collective imagination, rabidly avoiding the evidence in a manner reminiscent of the deniers of abrupt climate change. I’ve no doubt they’ll shy away from reading the evidence presented in this short essay because it is contrary to their favorite faith-based junk science.

“Look up in the sky,” they proclaim, as if condensation trails provide convincing evidence of members of the Dreaded New World Order spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Operating in an evidence-free zone, chemtrailers offer excellent examples of confirmation bias, even when the “confirmation” is illusory. For a seriously scientific explanation, the likes of which chemtrailers are not interested, read this article.

In a move surprising only to the true believers in the chemtrail myth, the only journal article supporting the notion was retracted shortly after its publication. Check it out here. On the other hand, a paper published in an August 2016 issue of Environmental Research Letters further debunks the notion of a chemtrail conspiracy.

I don’t know which is worse: the chemtrail conspiracy crowd or the larger group that believes voting for the lesser of myriad evil candidates will lead to solutions for myriad insoluble predicaments. If you are contemplating The Donald, Jeb, Hillary, Bernie, or anybody else willing to take on the task of working for the big banks while allegedly promoting democratic ideals, your faith in a flawed system is unsupported by evidence (which, now that I think about it, is why it’s called faith).

Instead of voting for a substantive difference in this irredeemably corrupt system, one may as well go on the speaking circuit to profess the ills of the invisible, motive-challenged Illuminati trying to kill us. If they are trying to kill people, then they are failing miserably: The human population grows by more than 200,000 people each day. If anybody in a position of influence wants to kill people, war has worked stunningly well throughout human history. And the clueless followers who vote for the clueless “leaders” fall for war every time (conquest works, too, and is the tool of choice in America’s toolkit). The string of patriotism is easy to pull, and the groundless citizenry is yanked along for the ride of lies.

Initially, the chemtrail crowd claimed they — whomever “they” are — are trying to kill us by spraying toxic chemicals from airplanes. More recently, probably because of the abject and obvious stupidity of their former argument, the chemtrailers claim they — presumably the same mysterious “they” — are trying to keep us alive by blocking incoming solar radiation (skies are becoming brighter over time, probably because high-altitude ice particles from aircraft contrails scatter the incoming sunlight).

Actually, the arguments are so varied and ludicrous I can’t keep up with the latest excuse to blame others. HAARP is sometimes brought into the fray, apparently to double down on the conspiratorial “other” expressed with the use of the word “they.” And therein lies the heart of the issue.

Blaming others obviates responsibility. If the bad guys are spraying, regardless of their intent, then it’s not our my fault. Liberated from blame, we need not change a thing about how we live. If “they” are manipulating the weather and climate, we can keep living in the city and depending upon the services rendered therein. We can continue to promote the omnicide of civilization, sucking at the teat of empire. Why would we not?

We claim to be self-reliant. But take away the Nanny State and I doubt we’ll see many citizens taking care of themselves, much less each other. As a society, we traded in Edward Abbey’s anarchism-inspired version of the American Dream for a few extra dollars a long time ago. We continue to vote for patriarchy at our own expense (albeit with the attendant, unacknowledged privileges).

Ed Abbey quote about self reliance and growing food

For readers interested in the science of geoengineering, I’ve copied below some relevant information from my long essay, “Climate-Change Summary and Update.” Even a cursory glance at this information reveals what any rational person already suspects: Further attempts to use the tools of civilization to address a predicament created by civilization cannot be expected to succeed. The hubris underlying these attempts is stunning only to those unfamiliar with patriarchal human behavior.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) admits global warming is irreversible without geoengineering in a report released 27 September 2013. The IPCC is among the most conservative scientific bodies on the planet, and their reports are “significantly ‘diluted’ under political pressure.” On 22 April 2014, Truth-out correctly headlines their assessment, “Intergovernmental Climate Report Leaves Hopes Hanging on Fantasy Technology.” As pointed out in the 5 December 2013 issue of Earth System Dynamics, known strategies for geoengineering are unlikely to succeed (“climate geo-engineering cannot simply be used to undo global warming“). “Attempts to reverse the impacts of global warming by injecting reflective particles into the stratosphere could make matters worse,” according to research published in the 8 January 2014 issue of Environmental Research Letters. In addition, as described in the December 2013 issue of Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, geoengineering may succeed in cooling the Earth, it would also disrupt precipitation patterns around the world. Furthermore, “risk of abrupt and dangerous warming is inherent to the large-scale implementation of SRM” (solar radiation management), as pointed out in the 17 February 2014 issue of Environmental Research Letters. About a week later comes this line from research published in the 25 February 2014 issue of Nature Communication: “schemes to minimize the havoc caused by global warming by purposefully manipulating Earth’s climate are likely to either be relatively useless or actually make things worse.” Finally, in a blow to technocrats published online in the 25 June 2014 issue of Nature Climate Change, a large and distinguished group of international researchers concludes geoengineering will not stop climate change. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences piles on with a report issued 10 February 2015, concluding geoengineering is not a viable solution for the climate predicament. An analysis in Europe reached the same conclusion in an assessment published 16 July 2015. As it turns out, the public isn’t impressed, either: Research published in the 12 January 2014 issue of Nature Climate Change “reveals that the overall public evaluation of climate engineering is negative.” Despite pervasive American ignorance about science, the public correctly interprets geoengineering in the same light as most scientists, and contrary to the techno-optimists.

Unimpressed with evidence and public opinion, some scientists forge on, illustrating that the progressive perspective often means progressing toward the cliff’s edge. As reported in the 27 November 2014 issue of New Scientist, initial efforts to cool the planet via geoengineering have taken shape and might begin in two years.

I don’t mind the insanity of the chemtrail crazies except when the insanity is pointed my way. Unfortunately, it happens now and then. Fortunately, I’m so accustomed to dealing with insanity of all types that it’s more a source of amusement than aggravation.

I spent a bit of time two days ago in conversation with Kevin Hester and Robin Westenra (Seemorerocks). The resulting audio file is embedded below, and the description and audio are linked here.

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  • Paul Beckwith is my hero

  • this (over 100 000 flights (CIVIL AND MILITARY)24/7/365) is certainly enough to create a veil of condensation trails all over the planet AT ALL TIMES

    CARS, of course, but moreover PLANES!, a CHEAP way to the miracle of mobility and FLYING! have fueled and are fueling the inebriation on fossil fuels that is keeping humanity completely drunk 24/7/365.

  • Along the same ideationist line comes Professor of Holy Law, Mary Wood, who advances her JUDGES WILL SAVE US THEORY.

    Mary Christina Wood is the Philip H. Knight Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the U. of Oregon School of Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program.

    She pulls down about 150 K yearly

    Mary is considered a brilliant innovative legal scholar.

    Mary says that the sacred law, & careerist black robed lawyer/judges armed with a mystical “change of judicial mindset” can easily save the planet.


    Hosanna, Mama – Environmental law is your salvation!

    The following is an an excerpt from Mary Christina Wood’s legal blockbuster book, Nature’s Trust: Environmental Law For a New Ecological Age.

    “Today’s judges retain all of the tools necessary to enforce public trust obligations. But enforcement requires courage and a change of judicial mindset, an awakening by judges to the ecological urgencies of today’s world, and an appreciation of their branch’s crucial role in our system’s ’s balance of power.”

    “The world needs extraordinary jurists across the globe who, in solidarity with great legal minds that came before them, will rise to their constitutional duties and enforce the rights of the people as beneficiaries of Nature’s Trust.”


    Mary is completely serious, & serious legal scholars are seriously praising her insightful legal DEPTH.

    She went to Stanford Law, for Chrissake.

  • Supernation has more total lawyerfish than any other country.

    Israel has more lawyerfish per capita than any other country.

    How can the TWO countries with the most lawyerfish be the most law-less & murderous?

    Way it posta be.

    The rule of law is a masquerade for the rule of impeccably dressed lawyerfish, who use the mystical law as their instrument of control.

    Due process is where lawyerfish get their due & the producing public gets it in the arse.

    Harvard Law & Yale Law are the best for career advancement.

  • I find it amusing how the climate change crowd call geoengineering BS and the Geoengineering crowd call climate change BS and say the same thing that the climate is always changing.

    My take on all of this is, I trust NO ONE !

    I don’t trust the Govt’s and those in charge or the so called Elite with the mega wealth like the Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner types. My take on Geoengineering is I doubt it but I wouldn’t totally dismiss it. If Guy is reading this post he shouldn’t dismiss it either as some of the top climate scientist (John Holdren, David Keith) are proposing solar dimming to combat ACD.

    Now my take on Dane Wigington as obviously who this article is referencing, I find sincere, in his cause. Is he right? I don’t know. Would I dismiss it? Hell no, not with the all the psychopaths running the show.

    What I do find curiou about Dane Wigington is his control of the message. I used the same name on his website and posted two links to individuals who also believe in Geoengineering and those comments were posted and later deleted. One of which was a Youtube video of Kristen Meghan a former military personnel turned Geoengineering whistleblower. The other was Professor Michel Chossudovsky who also believes in weather warfare as well as Blogger James Corbett. If Dane is reading this I would like to know why those comments were removed?

    So is Dane a kook? I can’t say that’s for others to decide but he and Prof Chossudovsky have referenced a 1966 Govt document that acknowledges weather warfare. Fox News wrote an article on Chinese officials creating a snow storm that went wild.

    PBS also did a piece on Climate Change and in the video a climate scientist proposed solar dimming.

  • While I also roll my eyes at the “crazies” most of the time, to some extent I don’t blame people for believing in wacky conspiracy theories. After all, there are so many examples of insane things that have been implemented by the powers that be, like the CIA’s role in the crack epidemic of the 1980s or their MKULTRA experiments. There was a time when you would have seemed crazy for suggesting those programs were in place, yet now they are accepted as common knowledge.

    On another note, I was at a chain grocery store today. I always find it funny that, among the approximate 5,000 sq ft available in the building, there is a tiny aisle off to the side labeled, “Natural Foods.” What does that say about everything else in the store?!?!

  • Bioengineering?

    Upon my first time hearing the notion that we could maybe ‘bioengineer’ our way out of climate change, I reacted with an exaggerated eye roll. “Sure, great idea, spray a bunch more shit up into the atmosphere, that’ll end well.”

    Is it just another aspect of a mind long ago altered by a few little bluish fungi to be so acutely aware that every attempt by man at any large scale interference with the environment has always produced unintended and negative consequences as a result?

    Hey look, I solved world hunger with fertilizer; oops, sterilized all the soil, damn. Hey look, I sucked out all the sequestered carbon from all of earth’s history and burnt it up as a fuel; oops, altered the atmosphere and melted the icecaps, damn. Hey, check it out, I split the atom; oops, radiated all my children, damn. Hey, I built a hydro dam, look at me; oops, killed all the salmon that provided the nitrogen for the whole rain forest I live in, damn. And on and on it’s been, wash, rinse and repeat, every single time.

    Where was the scientific observation and conclusion, based on the collective empirical evidence that’s been right there all along, that every time humans mess with nature on a mass scale, that there’s always a backlash of unintended and usually quite grave consequences? Where was the scientific conclusion that concluded; “hey, don’t fuck with that, we’ll likely open up a Pandora’s Box here?” Where was the intuitive awareness, without the need of a scientific study, which acknowledged that everything was obviously very interconnected and probably highly interdependent on every other thing for its very existence? After all, it took millions of years to set this all up just right, so just stop and think about what you might be doing for a moment. But no. No, no, no. Nopesy dopesy.

    That conclusion was always obvious to me, even as a young child, just from observing the consequences of our technological advances over mine, as well as over previous lifetimes. I must be an alien to have noticed this and said to myself, ‘um, hello!’ Either that or it was just those little blue fungi; I was awfully young when I first tripped on them, a tween in fact. I always was such a bad, bad little non conforming boy. Come to think of it, I grew up pretty much thinking humans were stupid all the way along. :(

    Bioengineering? Um, sir, I think you’re supposed to hold that gun the other way around!

  • I trust evidence, Rodstar. You are welcome to present some here. So is Wigington. So far, I’ve seen no evidence to support the notion of chemtrails. In contrast, the evidence underlying abrupt climate change is abundant. That’s the point, which you clearly missed upon your initial reading of this essay.

  • Not sure this video will work for non-FB enabled viewers, but worth a try.

  • August 15, 2015 – From deep within his tightly controlled Nature Bats Last psy-op bunker, and whilst surrounded by his ever adoring cult of lemming-like followers and a thick ring of protective disinformation agents, the former professor, who has apparently run out of anything actually useful to say to this currently dying chemical soaked world, yet again let everyone know exactly where he stood.

    Guy McPherson SAID: On the other hand, the type of geoengineering proposed by the nut-jobs well-intentioned, easily misled folks promulgating mythical chemtrails is imaginary. This approach has been discredited thoroughly in the scientific community — notable critiques based on reason can be found here and here — but the conspiracy freaks continue to pound the drum of their collective imagination, rabidly avoiding the evidence in a manner reminiscent of the deniers of abrupt climate change. I’ve no doubt they’ll shy away from reading the evidence presented in this short essay because it is contrary to their favorite faith-based junk science.

    “Look up in the sky,” they proclaim, as if condensation trails provide convincing evidence of members of the Dreaded New World Order spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Operating in an evidence-free zone, chemtrailers offer excellent examples of confirmation bias, even when the “confirmation” is illusory…. [STOP]

    Which in turn might dare one to ask as to exactly how low – might this, former, self-proclaimed Socrates yet go – in respect to his patently absurd denial of that truth which anyone with a pair of actually functioning eyes can readily see?

  • I’m no scientist just a guy who with his own eyes has seen miles and miles of white trails from jets expand to greater and greater width to cover the blue sky. If some jets are doing it and others are not doing it I think it is fair to say that there is a difference in what they are emitting. There are plenty of patents discussing technologies to block solar radiation so why is it such a stretch to believe that the technologies are being used?

    I have plenty of pics and vids which show jets emitting something and minute by minute these emissions widen. I don’t know what they are doing, maybe it’s nothing more than water vapor (doubtful), but governments have done sinister things in the past and shouldn’t an educated citizenry be able to ask what the heck is coming out of those planes. Please don’t tell me that it’s not there because I see it with my own eyes and it expands in the sky.

  • I’m willing to bet BETA and Anthony didn’t read the embedded links. Rather, they “believe” what they see. This classic response is exactly as I’ve come to expect from people unwilling to pursue evidence.

  • El Sea- Great post of yours in the previous thread.
    Welcome to the beach of doom.
    There was a forum thread on art here awhile back you might find interesting –

    Kirk – It’s good to see you back to your old self.
    I’m glad you kept on posting through your dark night, though I could tell a difference and was concerned, as you were always one of the most stable and well grounded of us all. :)

    Guy –
    Chem Trails! Slowly he turned……..

    We all know about atmospheric conditions and condensation points, and breathing warm breath into cold air and all that.
    My question is about…
    Global Dimming.

    Engineered, deliberate or not, do you think it exists?

    In the days after 9-11 when air traffic came to almost a complete halt, and the sky looked clearer than it had in recent memory, the temperatures shot up by over one degree centigrade.
    I don’t think that the global dimming effect was a deliberate geo-engineering ploy, I think it was just an after effect of air transport.
    after 9-11, once they saw what would happen Without all the airline particulate pollution spewing out constantly, they definitely took note.
    So if it’s going on and they are aware of and happy about the effect, is that geo-engineering?
    And maybe they fly a little extra sometimes just to cool things off?

    What would the temperature be if, once more, air traffic came to a complete halt?
    Can anyone extrapolate the data from 2001 to now and figure it out?

    Niagara Falls ….. slowly he turned….

  • Wren, there is ample evidence in support of global dimming. I’ve written about it quite recently here. Observations in the wake of 9/11, made on 14 September 2001, support the idea that particulates reflect incoming solar radiation back into space.

    We’ve known about geoengineering for decades. Please re-read the first paragraph of the essay for examples. That knowledge doesn’t stop us from continuing the process, obviously.


    Just one of many patents!

    I believe It’s better to go into the world with eyes wide open than to shut them closed. I have no problem with raising issues about what I see and read. Guy-Please comment on the patent and if you believe this could “potentially” be a means to disperse something upon You and me.

    Guy-If these trails are normal-everyday occurances due to manned flight shouldn’t we demand that the engine manufacturers use upgraded technology to fix this?

  • I’m not particularly interested in the chemtrails controversy, because I think it’s moot at this point. I share the opinion of many here that we’ve passed the point of no return, and our inevitable future is NTE/NTHE.

    That said, I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised if some secret geo-engineering ops were being contemplated and/or undertaken by the government – via chemtrails or something else.

    There are a lot of folks – particularly in the Pentagon and our major research university – who are reading the climate tea leaves just like we are. They’re just loathe to share what they believe publicly, lest it trigger a collapse panic.

    That said, I will make an observation that should be obvious, but apparently is anything but:

    If you’re going to try to make a living calling people out for their incredibility, calling them liars, delusional, or both – you have to be credible yourself. If you lose your own reputation for credibility, your judgements of others’ incredibility won’t really be taken very seriously – even if you’re right on the facts.

    It’s like when the prosecutor gets some jailbird to testify against the accused – and then the defense slices him to ribbons because of his reputation as a less than trustworthy witness.

  • Wow. Suddenly NBL is an evidence-free zone.

    Anthony, issuing a patent doesn’t insure any outcome. The same year the first patent for weather modification via spraying was issued, so was a patent for the Big Hair Hat. I’ve never seen one of those, either.

  • Dr. McPherson hit it out of the park on this one.

    There are officials in government (e.g. Project Stormfury) who wanted to use nuclear bombs to geoengineer hurricanes.

    The geoengineering of Oil-Qaeda long ago got us to where we are now.

    None of us living now were around then to start that death spiral.

    NTHE is the work of clueless, but very well respected people, who began it long ago (The Universal Smedley – 2).

    And yes, it was a matter of faith then like it is now.

  • Guy- You asked for evidence and I gave you an initial response of how aircraft can be used to eject something into the atmosphere and you readily dismiss it since “you haven’t seen it”. How can anyone take you seriously with such a quick denial?

    I’m truly interested as a “lay person” to just get you to “consider” that man wants to play “God” and reduce global temperatures vis atmospheric emissions deployed via jet aircraft and other means.

    If we are all going down with the boat it is conceivable that some scientist may want to “save the world” with a plan like this to help reduce temps?

    I guess you believe it is nonsense to believe man would even consider a plan like this, but once again I just submit that patent as proof that people are thinking about this and just maybe it has started.

  • You misunderstood my comment, Anthony, not surprisingly.

    I’ve not seen a Big Hair Hat. Nor have I seen “chemtrails.”

    Read slowly: issuing a patent doesn’t insure any outcome.

    Then read the essay. Please note the expansive evidence against humans playing “gawd.”

  • Guy, hmmm–How would you know if you have seen one or if you haven’t? I’m betting that You haven’t seen hundreds of them! I continue to be interested in a dialogue.

  • I agree with you, Anthony: I’m betting that I haven’t seen hundreds of them. I’m betting I haven’t seen one of them.

    Y’know … because they don’t exist.

    I’m still looking for a shred of evidence in support of chemtrails. Dane Wigington has taken on the topic as his life’s worth, and he’s not come up with any evidence. But I’m sure you’ve got it right there next to your pictures of condensation trails.

  • You’re real smug, Mr. McPherson. Though you fancy yourself as some kind of enlightened American, the truth is you’re a typical American – profoundly ignorant and supremely arrogant.

  • Guy, people don’t care about what you’re saying, but the style in which you deliver it. You’ve created a tribe where folks with many different political dissatisfactions can gather. It doesn’t mean they have critical thinking skills, or are in any way are prepared or capable in changing their worldviews or assumptions when confronted with scientific truth.

  • DocNoss posts his/her first comment. It’s the typical shoot-the-messenger nonsense I’ve come to expect from an ignorant citizenry.

    I agree with your comment, Hamlet Jones. The absence of critical-thinking skills within this culture drove us to this point. Evidence simply doesn’t matter to most people.

  • I thought the “rocket plume” sighted off the Los Angles coast a few years back was evidence of a near coastal ICBM launch from a Chinese submarine. My opinion at the time was that the ChiComs were sending the USA a provocative message, yet an entirely safe one, because as the missile was directed out to sea, it avoided a NORAD alert.

    I had to give that paranoid idea up when I read about it here:

    The science is really good, but the whole subject gets a little fatiguing after a while, as most conspiracy theories usually do,
    even the ones that have abundant evidence. Which leads me to ponder
    if some organization like the CIA doesn’t have some kind of conspiracy factory, churning out all kinds of paranoia, and thus diluting the focus on the few real honest-to-goodness conspiracies…

    As if anybody really cares about the real conspiracies to be of any concern or consequence. It’s the dead lions and rebel flags that rule our public discourse.

    & that’s my two posts for the day!

  • I think chemtrails have a lot in common with UFOs. People who believe in one probably believe in the possibility of the other. The verifiable evidence for either is weak, or circumstantial and anecdotal at best, but the ideas seem interesting, conceivable, and fodder for endless speculation.

    For what it’s worth, I recently believed in both.

    Now I hate them all — the aliens are no friends of mine, and any attempts to modify the atmosphere with jet exhaust come from evil intentions and will fail anyway. I don’t even care if there’s any basis in evidence for either one.

  • We live in scientifically illiterate societies. (We live in societies which are financially illiterate too, but that is not particularly pertinent to the present discussion.)

    From what we observe, the USA is one of the most scientifically illiterate of all industrialised societies, having one of the worst ‘education’ systems in the world which generates amongst the worst levels of ‘education’. Tine after tine we see America at or near the bottom in the league of academic achievement, with countries such as Korea at or near the top.

    In the dumbed-down society that is America, can we wonder that the vast majority of people in America know no chemistry or physics and cannot comprehend that burning hydrocarbons at high altitude releases water molecules, and those water attract one another, and, in the extremely low temperatures at high altitude, form tiny ice crystals.

    Can we wonder that, in scientifically illiterate societies, people cannot comprehend that tiny ice crystals can remain buoyant and will tend to disperse, forming wider and wider trails across the sky until the distribution become even.

    Can we wonder that everything that matters gets made worse by the second when we are governed by scientifically illiterate sociopaths, who act only in self-interest and in the interests of ‘the controllers’ – campaign funders, money-lenders and corporations.

    As long as a profit can be made from extracting fossil fuels and burning them, fossil fuels will be extracted and burned. The carbon dioxide concentration (currently around 399ppm and approaching the annual trough, after which it will head for 406ppm) will continue to rise. The oceans will continue to become more acidic and lifeless, climate will become increasing different from normal and increasingly destructive, and nobody in a position to bring about change will do a single thing to stop any of it. Not even slow it down, of course, because the insane narrative of industrial empire is always about jobs, houses, roads, trade and economic growth.

    It seems we have to wait for economic collapse to bring about the changes needed in our societies, and there is extreme danger there, since most of us live in fascist police states.

  • Guy McPherson@

    Are you drunk? If so, then perhaps one of your aides or handlers should immediately pry that keyboard out of your hands least you end up permanently damaging your M/O with that portion of the thinking public which can usually quite readily tell when they are being lied to.

  • Hey virgin terry and Artleads~

    Thanks for liking my post on the last entry! It was only my third one ever, although I’ve been reading NBL and following Guy for a few years. Now I’m heading down to Waipio Valley on the Big Island, my favorite place in all the world. Beyond the reach of the internet and the news.

    Once upon a time I lived there for 11 years, hauling water from the spring, growing my own food, walking everywhere and never owning a car. Completely off grid, past the end of the road. I left to go get me some learnin’ on the mainland so I could have more ways to help other folks– first as a midwife helping women have their babies at home, and then to learn how to teach folks how they can be more embodied and less stuck in their heads, through the practices of somatic sexuality. I ended up as a professor, training the teachers.

    Living in big cities on the mainland, deep in Empire, made me crazy and sick. It’s time to say fuck it and return to the land. Unfortunately herbicides and pesticides, tourism and water wars, fences and fights between neighbors keep Waipio from being the Eden it once was. Not to even mention the ongoing effects from the horror of Fukushima.

    Nevertheless, the springs still flow, the river never stops, the ocean crashes and the gardens still grow. It still seems like a good place to pursue a life of excellence now, here, at the end of the world. I have some skills to barter now for after the crash, if there’s any time still left then. And I’m hoping to organize a short speaking tour for Guy on the Big Island this winter, and then bring him and his groupies all down to Waipio for some big time communing with Nature. Capital N! Swimming naked on the deserted black sand beach! Eating bananas and mangoes, papayas and avocados, swimming naked in the waterfalls! Taking psychedelics, playing acoustic music, making art (naked too, if you like)! You’re all invited.

  • PS~
    I’d love a Big Hair Hat!
    That’s a big hat made out of hair, right? Good for when those trade winds become chilly.

  • Who’da thunk it? More evidence-free, attack-the-messenger bloviation from BETA. Color me shocked, and still seeking that elusive evidence.

  • My oh my, Guy, you’ve stepped on the toes of some people, apparently science-illiterate but quite sure they know where to find all the “facts” on the Internet.:-) There are conspiracy facts, such as 9/11. And then there’s a lot of garbage such as “they control the weather.” stuff which reflects mechanistic materialist thinking at its worst, as if the global climate system is a machine with knobs and dials that can be tweaked like a car engine,rather than an organism with immense feedback, unmeasurable parameters, unknown unknowns, …. and subject to a high degree of contingency. Many of them in fact betray a feeling that they simply think they should be the ones at the alleged control panel.

  • @twimc

    Chief chemist of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Dean Burk when confronted with mountains of data, stated before Congress:

    “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.”
    Congressional Record 21 July 1976

    Drink up sheeple.

  • Well Guy, seems like you’ve really stirred up the hornet’s nest this time.
    This topic has certainly brought in a whole new set of commenters here at NBL. Eventually, maybe the newbies will come to realize that the ice is still melting in the Arctic and the methane is still escaping, and each day the passes we get a day closer to NTE.

    Waipio Valley. Very nice place. Was there in late 2013, staying at a house on Waipio Road, not far from the parking lot at the top of the hill. Certainly a lovely place to be.
    Welcome to NBL and thanks for your comments.

  • I’m not surprised the most scientifically illiterate society on Earth continues to confuse global dimming with solar radiation management, even though I posted an essay on the latter subject about three weeks ago, and brought that essay to the attention of the readership here in a comment on this essay. Similarly, I’m not surprised the ignorance goes on to include commentary from Dane Wigington as fact.

    Citing authority is not the same as citing evidence. With respect to Dane Wigington, his brother sent me a couple email messages a few months ago. They included the following information:

    “I am in complete agreement with Guy about the fallacy of my brothers false beliefs that geoengineering is currently ongoing, and has been for over 60 years. My brothers website is riddled with a long list of ideas that are not reality. … Dane’s site is in truth a massive dis-info site. Dane thinks he is some huge hero saving the world from the most dire threat ever to face mankind, but in reality he is just scaring a bunch of people into fearing and pining away about a whole bunch of ideas about things that are not even occurring or real.”

    “… its sad to have him lost into this cult like world of believing in so many nonsensical things. I think he is too far down the rabbit
    hole to ever come back out.”

    “He has been incredibly industrious throughout his life, sad that he is wasting his talents and energy away on all this spraying/chemtrail/geoengineering nonsense.”

  • Chemtrails, like the existence of guardian angels, is a belief system, not base upon logic and so evidence is not required.

    Attacking a belief system never wins friends.

    At least Area 51 hasn’t been debunked. And it’s true,
    Red Bull is made from alien blood.

  • One of the memories I cherish from days of youth, were the brilliant blue morning skies which lasted all day and well into the night, even partly cloudy days were the blue between vividly entered my visual cortex, these days…not so much, as for context roughly 40 years has elapsed…

  • .
    I know all about chemtrails. I see them all the time whenever I do a hit of acid.

    Does this count as evidence?

  • Paul Demorest, perhaps the thousands of additional flights each day have something to do with it? During those forty years, industrial activity has accelerated exponentially.

    Thoughtful words in this space have nearly disappeared. The lack of logic is virtually complete.

  • the early chapters of this book by richard manning provide an excellent detailed education re. guy’s point about agriculture being radical geoengineering:

    guy, another essay loaded with substance and substantive links. thanks for the umpteenth time for all the incredible work u do.

    ‘While I also roll my eyes at the “crazies” most of the time, to some extent I don’t blame people for believing in wacky conspiracy theories.’ -babajingo

    if one is willing able to devote the many hours required (unless perhaps u’re a speed reader and synthesizer of comprehensive and complex information) to an in-depth look at certain ‘wacky conspiracy theories’ (jfk assassination and 9/11 being most prominent and thoroughly independently investigated and analyzed), it’s virtually impossible imo for an intelligent, open minded rational sherson not to conclude that in some cases ‘wacky conspiracy theories’ are one hell of a lot more credible than the official fairy tales they dispute. true, there are a great many wacky conspiracy theories to choose from, and almost certainly most of are indeed wacky, but it’s best not to lump them all together, because sometimes (most of the time… always even?!) facts are one hell of a lot stranger than fiction!

  • “My own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.”” – J. B. S. Haldane

  • Guy McPherson Says:
    August 15th, 2015 at 6:26 pm… “…Thoughtful words in this space have nearly disappeared. The lack of logic is virtually complete.”

    Well, as far as the presence of thoughtful words, that depends on how you think about it, or them.
    As to the lack of logic, how ’bout changing the “Prove you’re on the endangered species list” question on the ‘submit comment’ from a math question to a logic question? Logically, that should solve the problem.

    For instance, this could be one of the questions,
    “OK, life as we know it on this planet is ending. And that includes humans. Therefore…”
    (pick the most logical response from the list below)….
    Choice a – “Run in circles, scream and shout.”
    Choice b- “I must post my latest thoughts online now!”
    Choice c- “Admit that in the light of NTE, Everything has to be redefined, and that the dogmas of the past are just an illusion to us now, like reading the story of our lives, each page illuminated by its own burning.”
    Choice d- “Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower, we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.” (Wordsworth)

  • Absolutely Professor McPherson, where I’m located on the north shore of Lake Ontario about 90 mins east of Toronto, it was a rare sight indeed to see the aircraft speeding toward England and points other in Europe, I remember my father pointing the odd one out most likely a McDonnall Douglas Stretch DC 8 or a Boeing 707, he would tell me as the aircraft left its signature in the sky of the days during his time in England the B 17 Bombers from the Americans would fill the sky with contrails during thousand plane sorties, from horizon to horizon the sky filled with them, and then he would say the afternoons would dim after they went over, much the same as today as L look up and see aircraft after aircraft from every nation day and night crisscrossing our finite atmosphere, changing the chemistry…right before our eyes!

  • Trump is producing chemtrails containing his hairspray!

  • Guy, I think that you must consider the possibilty that NBL is under attack by nefarious no-goodniks.

    A few days ago newcomer Phil Morrison dropped the farcical Wigington/chemtrails fluff for our edification & serious consideration.

    Phil’s new age product placement was promptly seconded by Marc Austin, who was just back from his trans Asia balloon trip w/ Deborah DeMornay’s hot geiger counter.

    Marc had to hurry off to update the Holy See’s manual of procedure for the duck & cover defense against predatory priests in the confessional.

    Phil is just a few blogs above telling us about the fluoride brain damage menace.

  • Those chemtrails conspirators must love AZ. I see very few of them here in Tucson. :-)

    Geoengineering is of course a joke. Technology got us into this mess, it will not get us out. Being so energy intensive, it will only dig our grave even faster.

  • I really liked this part of the article as well,
    “I don’t know which is worse: the chemtrail conspiracy crowd or the larger group that believes voting for the lesser of myriad evil candidates will lead to solutions for myriad insoluble predicaments. If you are contemplating The Donald, Jeb, Hillary, Bernie, or anybody else willing to take on the task of working for the big banks while allegedly promoting democratic ideals, your faith in a flawed system is unsupported by evidence (which, now that I think about it, is why it’s called faith).”

    Everywhere i go in “progressive” Berkeley i see signs of the Bernie Sanders campaign. The local “progressives,” who are totally wedded indeed to technological “progress,” think Bernie is their white knight on a horse, or knight on a white horse.

  • I must admit, I would be confused by Wrens logic test.

    Choice a – “Run in circles, scream and shout.”

    That sounds like a hell of a good choice, because it sounds like a bunch of people partying with DrEpiphany on a black sand beach in the Waipio valley after learning a little bit about somatic sexuality and then ingesting psychedelics. You know, a big old edge of extinction ‘yay, Rome is falling’ party.

    Choice b- “I must post my latest thoughts online now!”

    Ok, this is the choice I’ve actually been tricked into choosing seeing as I’m posting this comment right now and that I’m not tripping on a beach in the Waipio valley.

    Of course, I also liked choices c and d too, maybe especially c, just because it sounded so right. However, I know that’s not any way to choose an answer, and that you can never really know until you actually put some acid on it and see if it fizzes.

    So ya, I guess I’d be easy to keep out if you really wanted me gone. But hey, I can sing and play several musical instruments, and doesn’t everyone need someone to laugh at during their end of the world campfire party? I’ll even bring my own beer …

    Carry on my wayward son,
    There’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don’t you cry no more

  • Lots of coal makin’ lots of ‘eat.

    Warm face, warm ‘ands warm feet.

    Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly.

  • thats what pual and guy are fighting for, to inform and enlighten, thats why we have two ears and one mouth, so we can listen more and talk less

  • look your friends in the eye

  • Guy,
    Keep up the good fight.
    Unfortunately unscientific shoot the messenger types are not confined to Northern Hemisphere.. Local Oz GOVMT are biggest climate change deniers of them all.
    Without hope of survival we can only help others.
    Those who attack are the ones with too much invested in the status quo and somehow think shooting the messenger stops the event let alone the message.
    Monty Python sums it up perfectly:
    “I hope there is intelligent life somewhere out in space because there is bugger all here on earth!”


  • Friday, August 14, 2015
    Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Threatens – Update 4


    On August 12, 2015, Arctic sea ice extent was 6.043 million square km. For this date, the only years on record that sea ice extent was smaller were 2007, 2011 and 2012, as illustrated by above image.

    Similarly, on August 11, 2015, Arctic sea ice area on August 11, 2015, was 3.67025 million square km (bottom end yellow line). For this date, the only years on record that sea ice area was smaller were 2007, 2011 and 2012.

    So, will Arctic sea ice reach a record low this year? The situation is actually a lot worse than it appears when just looking at sea ice extent and area up until now.

    In fact, sea ice is in a horrible state. One indication of this is the almost complete absence of thick sea ice on August 12, 2015, which becomes even more clear when compared with the situation in 2012 for the same date, as illustrated by the image below.

    The absence of thick sea ice means that, in terms of volume, there is very little sea ice left to melt until the minimum volume will be reached around half September. In other words, the remaining sea ice could melt rather quickly.

    [further down]

    The methane situation is already very dangerous, given mean methane levels that recently reached levels as high as 1840 ppb, while much higher peak levels can occur locally, as illustrated by the image below.

    Methane levels appear to be rising by over 10 parts per billion a year at Barrow, Alaska. Worryingly, high peaks have been showing up there recently.

    In conclusion, Arctic sea ice looks set to take a further battering over the next few weeks and could end up at a record low around half September 2015. If things get really bad, sea ice collapse could occur and the remaining pieces of sea ice could be driven out of the Arctic Ocean altogether by storms, resulting in a blue ocean event as early as September this year.

  • @Guy

    You gave up field biology for this?

    U.S. Drought Monitor

    Been piggin’ out on sweetcorn – ‘Bantam’ (organic heirloom), tomatoes, cucumbers and ‘Redhaven’ peaches. ‘Sun Sugar’ cherry tomato cultivar is particularly outstanding although ‘Jet Star’ and ‘Bella Rosa’ tomato cultivars aren’t too shabby either. Terrific crop of ‘Candy’ yellow onions and ‘Waltham’ Butternut squash. Cayenne – ‘Long Thin Red’, habanero and sweet bell peppers are amazing. Bell peppers ‘King of the North’ and ‘King Arthur’ are amazingly large. Fall crops of spinach and lettuce have germinated and on their way. Could use a soaking rain. Very dry around this neck of the woods. Ash trees (Fraxinus) have had the radish and it’s sad watching them succomb to the Emerald Ash Borer onslaught.
    Sugar maples – Acer saccharum have already started to turn color.

  • Grant and Haydukes,

    two of a kind, the kind I like, thanks for making me laugh on a grey Sunday afternoon.

    El Sea,

    I’m also one of the posters here who enjoyed reading your comment on the last thread, and I can identify with the way you spend your time. It’s much like my way of living now..

    Re escorting spiders outside: Like me, you probably do that with many other insects too.

    Here in Europe (England) we also have house spiders. Spiders who wouldn’t do well outside, maybe you have them too? The females are huge and come out to mate at this time of the year when the males come inside. Normally, you never see these magnificent creatures but now, in my house, they scurry across the floor in the evening avoiding my cat.
    This is a spider which should stay inside, so if you have them too on your side of the Atlantic, welcome them as house guests. They’ll also eat a few of the insects you might not welcome, so they are useful too.

    and Wren,

    Thanks for reposting the Beach Art thread here. Those were the days!

  • Chemtrail philomaniacs don’t have a clue that global dimming is caused by mushroom spores and NOT jets. Fact based evidence to follow.

  • Guy, et. al. – always feel bad when these comment threads ‘devolve’ into conspiratorial word-salad. I’m pretty much with @ed above – all the chemtrail/9-11/HAARP/A51 madness is meaningless at this point. It’s far too late to worry about patents from the 1960s and such. And, sigh, there’s always this:

    (and of course, since this data is provided from a US Government source, it’s going to be suspect by some as invalid).

  • Just watched the real news interview Guy, that was really important and I believe can and should be repeated often. Unfortunately the cam and connection were very poor.

    I would propose a fund raiser for money to put together a reasonable home studio with quality equipment and highest connectivity and promote your inclusion in future news shows discussion on the subject.

    I guarantee that with quality production capability you will get picked up more and more.

    It is important that someone of your caliber and presence be available for comment on future mainstream news segments.

  • Of course the wacko Elite running the US industrial military complex is trying to pull off a nuclear war with Russia or China/ Iran/ Whatever- to try to slow down Global Warming through nuclear winter.
    That’s the only geo- engineering they promote.
    Billions dead- not just humans- and they think the Planet can be Re- booted just like an Apple Computer.
    But I guess this unrepairably damaged Biosphere couldn’t take any other shock without total and final collapse.
    I would think that a nuclear war would qualify as that final blow…

  • Hi Tom,

    Does anyone listen to Sam Carana (who IS Sam Carana?)—we’re now up to update #5:

    On Neven’s blog (from what I can glean—- which usually isn’t that much) it seems like it’s more of an interesting past time to monitor the extent. Posts like: “it looks to be an ‘exciting’ melt season” are very frustrating to read! More like horrifying! How can they seem so la de da there?

    What’s your take on these latest Arctic—-news. blog posts?

    @ Wren: love your last post! Brilliant!

    @ ? arguing about “chemtrails” seems ridiculous at this point given level of collapse—- kind of a waste of energy. Hate to see it even getting attention here . . . but that’s me.

    I miss moflo . . .

  • kiwi kevin, as simple as it is – what conditioned Liza’s working class behavior?

    Intellectuals, including cognitive psychologists, have no trouble establishing the origins of Liza’s “horrendous” speech patterns.

    BUT, when the very same cognitive geniuses account for the origins of Liza’s “coal fired desires” for basic warmth,we are led into the “spontaneous generation of ideas” & know nothing quicksand.

    Mentalistic/cognitive obscurantism & double-talk will keep bewildered social scientists looking for the “spontaneously generated ideas” & barking up the wrong tree forever.

  • Downunder here in Afraidia…

    ‘Climate Change Authority head Bernie Fraser issues blistering rebuke to Abbott government’

    A quote:

    “Labor’s proposed emissions trading scheme does not equate to a new carbon tax and the Abbott government assertion that its emissions cuts are akin to the United States are incorrect, according to the government’s own climate change advisers.
    Climate Change Authority chair Bernie Fraser issued the strong statement late on Friday, responding to the government’s post-2020 emissions targets announced this week.”

    Blah blah blah.

    There is one hope, that the Abbott will leave the building…

    But don’t hold your breath…

    Please take the 2 minutes to listen to the video embedded, and you will actually hear a politician… nay a National leader clearly state we must not choose the environment over the economy, business and jobs.

    Shall I go on?

    Put it out before, and here it is again…

    ‘World Party – Ship of Fools’

    Enjoy !


  • I guess DrEpiphany got himself planned it all out . And mr / mss Docnoss take a good look at yourself in Mcpeherson He is just a mirror mirroring you back to yourself as

    ” a typical American – profoundly ignorant and supremely arrogant.” .

  • Guy,
    I live in North Texas,for at least 10 years I have witnessed the odd trails across our skies.I grew up watching large military jets leave contrails as they crossed overhead at high altitudes.A few years back I began to notice this situation with contrails not evaporating as the jets came across the sky.If you watch the trail a few minutes it will begin to spread and become thinner and covering more area.One might think that these are just transcontinental airliners heading to far off destinations,not!How about creative designs with the trails such as giant crosses in the sky? Or would you prefer a giant # hastag for your viewing.Not to mention helter/skelter lines in no pattern just to wonder where all those people are going all at once in those planes.
    Your logic has as much depth as one or two google searches.I’ve spent years viewing reality here in North Texas.

  • Just for a cheer up…

    ‘Paul Mason: capitalism is failing, and it’s time to panic – video’

    A Quote:

    “The neoliberalist capitalist model has resulted in civil wars and economic disaster, and it’s only going to get worse. Unless, Paul Mason argues, we take advantage of the technological revolution we are living through and create a postcapitalist sharing society. If we let prices fall and delink work from wages, we can save the world from disaster.”

    The abrupt climate change now emerging will ‘delink work from wages’ alright.

    I very much like Mason’s analysis, excepting that what he describes as the new emerging post capitalism, amongst the decaying neoliberal capitalism, looks very much like the kind of gift culture humans had as hunter gatherers.

    And so the wheels turn.

    ‘Current stand – Kids in the kitchen’

    ‘There is no place to hide, this time…’


  • Many thanks Wren, Sabine, Babajingo for your welcoming and kind comments. You are all voices I have admired here… Regarding spiders: I was once fearful of most spiders, and would sometimes kill them. Such terrible karma. Quite a few years ago I started trying to train myself to co-exist with them by holding what we called “daddy-long-legs” and “crane flies” in my hands and capturing and then taking the house spiders outside. Now I feel very fondly towards all spiders,and all insects, although some of them are still a little unsettling, especially when encountered in an unexpected place. I don’t know enough about the differences in indoor/outdoor spiders to tell them apart, so this is an important area to study more. So much to learn in this short life…

  • @El Sea, hope to read more from you here.

    @ Oz Man: LOVE Karl Wallinger!!! Thanks for reposting Ship of Fools. Thankfully he is still going strong even after near death due to brain aneurysm.

    Is it Like Today is another one of his songs—-great lyrics —– Eliza Gilkyson does it justice in her recent cover.

    We may fit into a couple of categories Lidia describes on one of her posts regarding those that post on the beach of doom: “the boombox-ers playing their god-awful crap tunes” ——- that was harsh Lidia!! But would rather be in that category than the— ancient crone tanners whose skin looks like something from Louis Vuitton . .. although (imo) Karl Wallinger is anything but crap

    more boom box:

    “Man’s been killing the tigers
    Turn the green fields into sand
    And their saying how much they respect our work
    Oh god and his final hand
    But the world spins on regardless
    Which is lucky for you and me
    ‘Cause of all the places in the years right from here
    This is the only place to be”

    and yes, that’s Sinead O’Connor in this funny video

  • Much logical discussion about rampant & readily observable lack of logic.

    from Stanislav Andreski’s incredibly witty, “Social Sciences as Sorcery,” St. Martin’s Press, 1972.

    “Some of our worst mistakes do NOT result from poor reasoning or bad logic.”

    “Many of our worst errors result from a simple but faulty premise & proneness to delusion.”

    Saturation bombing of German & Japanese urban civilian population centers during WW2 can be readily supported by all manner of completely logical arguments.

    If Jesus is Lord & capable of delivering eternal life in heaven (assuming you want eternal life), it would be utter folly not to worship accordingly.

  • Sorry for three posts, but I can’t resist…

    ‘Icehouse – Great Southern Land’

    Beautiful, great southern land…


  • gawd simply can’t feed all the little egos

  • And this is the way the world ends
    this is the way the world ends
    this is the way the world ends
    not with a bang
    but with a confused blog post

  • Seriously–What’s up with all the odd videos. If I wanted to see videoes instead of having a serious discussion I would go to MTV.
    So in 2030 according to your data we will likely be dead– what should we tell the kids?

  • Here is a recent completely bonkers demonstration of proceeding logically from an un-examined Jungian premise.

    It all follows logically from Jung’s fertile literary & psychological imagination

    Starting with Jungian shadow archetypes, quaternios, higher & lower Adams, diamond shapes, apexes, vectors, bad mothers, etc; all is “revealed” to the true believer & dutiful Jungian follower.

    “There is no idea too preposterous that some professed intellectual won’t believe it,” Orwell warned.

    Mephistopheles, Child of Christian Civilization | Dissident Voice

  • Have you considered telling the kids the truth, Anthony? I know it’s not currently in fashion, as exemplified by Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the invisible man in the sky. But they’d probably appreciate it.

  • Wren, thanks for the enCOURAGEment!

  • Distributed Proofreaders Canada got hammered (Maxwell’s?) and is drudging back to a “life” of bringing “Death + 50” authored books for distribution as free ebooks (technically maybe only for up north here). where the free books are kept was not damaged, checkitout.

    Only one book presently offered to proofread as they struggle back, “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson. Bibliography section presently being proofed.

    Pleiades,sky watching, and some of the comments above etc. brings to mind (via a citation at Arctic Sea Ice forum under Antarctic Mehane)

    Meteorites, methane and water vapour are giving us earlier and more chances to see noctilucent clouds.

    Look up while you can.

  • I’m not impressed, G Gordon Daniel. If we blame chemtrailing for aluminum in rain, what’s next? Are chemtrails responsible for bird shit, too? Aluminum results from industrial activity. No fantasy is needed to explain aluminum in rain.

    Please read the thorough debunking of this horseshit in the links I provided. Then come back with a comment based on reason.

  • Guy- I guess as a Parent I think differently. You know I have always told my kids never to give up- and to go after what they would like to achieve. It seems like you have given up-kind of sad.

    It’s funny that a human being can be so hell-bent on doom and destruction and not want to even let kids enjoy being kids.

    This morning i awoke to a crisscross pattern of trails over my house- as I told you yesterday I was pretty happy that I haven’t seen those in a long time. Did you send those “chemtrails”– I mean “water vapor trails” my direction. I’m happy to forward you the pics and to have a friendly dialogue. The difference is that I have Hope and you don’t. Must be some kind of music video on that Oz or Kirk can post?

    My concern is the Earth’s ecosystem and I believe that these long white trails may be impacting all of us and assisting our potential demise. I don’t get why you can’t get behind the simple idea of researching this.

  • I have no hope, as I’ve explained repeatedly in this space. Mostly because I don’t believe in wishful thinking (i.e., hope).

    In addition, as I’ve often explained in this space — apparently you’re new here, and unwilling to read what I’ve written for the last 20 years or so — I have never given up on actions. It’s “kind of sad” you cannot comprehend my simply writing.

    Your ignorance continues, of course, with your misunderstanding of atmospheric phenomena. Apparently you’re unwilling to read. I don’t get why you can’t get behind the simply idea of researching this. And by “this,” I mean reality.

    You can believe whatever you want. I don’t believe in lying to people, regardless of their age. But you feel free to lie to your children. Perhaps they’ll thank you for it.

  • As I said to NPDC a few years ago, there is no cure for ignorance and stupidity, other than death.

    The ignorant and stupid cannot be made well-informed and smart: their genetic inheritance and early childhood experiences condemn them to lives of ignorance and stupidity.

    The ignorant and stupid make up the bulk of the population, and current social, economic and political arrangements foster ignorance and stupidity. The sociopaths in control want it that way, and have manipulation of the masses down to a sine art.

    I now recognise nothing will change for the better until the present corrupt system collapses. And then it will be way too late.

  • I’m a Libra, so naturally I am weighing the spectrum of benefits to myself and/or others concerning whether or not to snap the extinction mind-lock on someone, or crack their fragile, “eggshell mind”.

    If a young person asks me about NTE, then sure, I’ll welcome the discussion as an honor, a real honor, and I will try to respond in a real way. But, for young people living in a happy Lala Land like my kids, or, say, new grandparents wrapped up in all that that entails, like most of my friends, I’m going to leave them alone. Wouldn’t touch em if my concern about NTE had a ten foot pole. Let them be happy, for Chris’ake!

    Soon, the young won’t need us to tell them about NTE, anyway. Thanks to heroes like Guy, Kevin Hester, Gail, and many others, the minds of the young will soon be set ABLAZE, and the sooner the better. They will then hear about it from one another. It will be the greatest, most powerful spread of a new Zeitgeist in all of human history, you can bet your bippy on that! It will be good if the young’erns have time to prepare. I hope the older generation, who has worked through a lot of NTE, will be available and willing to offer help. Guy and Pauline’s course in grief counseling is a prime example of what we can do to help.

    Dark Times On The Beach Of Doom: an old fart like me, breaks into the conversation, wanting to explain how I saw it all coming. We’re passing the last joint and some kid asks, “Wellie well o well, o my brothers, I wonders what the smeggy old smelly blightbag, might o done to’ve saved us all this bother…”

    What can I say? I joined a really cool blog? I stopped taking a hot bath, every day? We didn’t take that last trip to Europe, even though someone told us about the really wonderful train ride from Venice to Vienna?

    Anyway, I want to recommend, again, the interview of Kevin Hester on Seemoorrocks! Absolutely stellar!

  • In 2007, the IPCC told us emissions must peak by 2015 to stay within 2 °C of warming.

    In 2014, the IPCC told us emissions must peak by 2030 to stay within 2 °C of warming.

    The IPCC says they can make this change because of what they call “negative-emissions bio-energy”. meaning we will get energy by consuming plant matter in a way that pulls more CO2 out of the air than it emits; for which, by the way, no such technology exists, and the kicker is, they say, that we will need 1.5 billion acres of NEW farmland to do it. That much farmland is about the size of India, which is equal to nearly 50% of all the arable land on earth.

    The acronym for this fantasy is BECCS (Bio-Energy Carbon Capture & Storage). The real acronym is BS (Bull Shit). Where do you think we’ll find all this new farmland? The rainforests. World hunger will guarantee it. Why? Read on.

    In 60 years, human agriculture will ground to a stop because of soil loss and degradation. 20% of China’s soil and 50% of its groundwater is already unsafe. We are right now already slashing and burning Brazil’s rainforests just to feed China’s pigs. China’s pigs already eat 50% of the soy grown in South America. The Chinese are buying up farmland all over the earth.

    Because we add 1 MILLION PEOPLE TO EARTH EVERY 5 DAYS (each who would very much like to eat every day for at least 50 years), we will have to grow more food over the these next 50 years than we grew in all of the last 10,000 years, combined. This is called math, get used to it, it will rule your life. We already converted nearly half the earth’s surface into cities and farmland. Do you seriously believe 9 billion people will stop eating meat and wasting food? There is no hobbit shire.

    To feed nine billion people all at once for all their lives means we will need 12 million acres of brand new farmland EVERY year for 30 years. Instead, we are losing 24 million acres of farmland EVERY year. We are losing soil at twice the rate we need to grow it just to be able to eat, never mind the additional requirements of BECCS.

    We will soon run out of easy access to 2 critical fertilizers which are irreplaceable, cannot be manufactured by humans and for which there are no substitutes.

    In 10 years 4 billion people will be without enough water.

    In 10 years 2 billion people will be severely short of water.

    Ground water depletion has gone critical in major agricultural centers worldwide.–at061615.php

    The world’s rivers and lakes are drying up.

    Drought is spreading across the earth. Try growing food for 9 billion people without water and soil. We kill elephants and orangutans before slashing and burning Indonesia’s remaining rainforests just to grow palm oil that is burned in Northern Europe’s German cars. 50% of Europe’s “Renewable Energy” comes from burning wood imported from all over the world. We call this the “Green Economy” on account of how green people are behind the ears when it comes to their e-CON-omy.

    Two degrees of global warming is not ‘safe’, it’s crazy: James Hansen

    All IPCC projections totally ignore accelerated methane emissions.

    In 25 years we will pass peak energy and minerals.

    This will happen when all our new solar panels and wind mills stop working and become expensive junk we can’t afford to replace or recycle in times of shortages in water, food, energy, minerals and civility. Recycling their component alloys costs more and uses more energy than mining for them does. Each time a mineral is recycled it loses its quality and usefulness.

    Over the next 50 years energy demand will double (at the same time we have to reduce emissions at least 50%) because over 2 billion rural refugees will move to cities, and 75% of the infrastructure they require does not even exist yet. Already, China has poured more concrete in the last few years than the U.S.A. has in all of the last 100 years. Concrete production is a super-emitter of carbon into the air.

    Yet, it also takes 10 times the amount of rated renewable energy to close one equally rated fossil fuel plant simply because renewable energy is intermittent and fossil energy is not. It will be a physical impossibility to meet all future demand with 100% renewable energy and reduce emissions all at the same time. Half the renewable power in Europe comes from burning imported wood from all over the world. Rainforests are slashed and burned in South America and Indonesia to grow soy and palm oils that are exported Europe to burn in German cars.

    M.I.T. predicts world economic collapse in 15 years.

    Lloyd’s of London predicts the end of civilization in 25 years.

    Collapse Data Sheet

    Collapse Data Cheat Sheet from collapse

    We are in a shit storm of apocalyptic proportions. We have an extremely explosive fecal situation. Gratuitous music video to follow:

  • what about the clips showing on off spraying method at same altitude, do the airplane engine gets shut off or the atmospheric conditions for persistent contrails change within a short distance.

  • Third post but I can’t help it! ( See steam emitting from ears)

    Anthony says, “It’s funny that a human being can be so hell-bent on doom and destruction and not want to even let kids enjoy being kids.”

    O’Riley? Scarborough? Rush? Beck?

    Come on Anthony, only a somewhat disoriented individual hits below the belt when pressured for evidence. It’s about SCIENCE, isn’t it? (a la, ulvfugl!:))

  • samuel, I notice you’re happy to post a comment but not so interested in reading the information. I believe this activity qualifies as trolling. Please come back after you’ve done your homework.

  • @ Ed

    Not that you’ve been anticipating a response, but I’ve been preoccupied with a few things, and I didn’t want to leave our seemingly “two different conversations” up in the air. So sorry for the delay, now, let’s split a few hairs.

    I believe this all started because we both initially responded to Martin claiming he was going to starve himself to death, and at the time, neither of us was responding to gallows humor, especially you.

    Then it turns out that Martin was just being cute, which I suspected, but Sabine more accurately sussed out. Leading to my rant about what is or isn’t considered funny, given the standard sarcastic ploy used by those who haven’t accepted NTE, which you then interrupted as me needing to ‘lighten the fuck up’.

    However, given you’ve mostly played the role of a contrarian at NBL up to this point, before recently stating “……I share the opinion of many here that we’ve passed the point of no return, and our inevitable future is NTE/NTHE.”, maybe I’m wrong about this—and I’m not motivated enough to scroll back through the archives to prove it—but it seems to me that you’ve had a certain change of opinion/heart where it concerns NTE, at least compared to your earlier perspective.

    And from my perspective that changes everything, particularly how one/anyone discerns the subtle differences between what is considered “gallows humor” on this side of acceptance, compared to the standard denialist sarcasm that has been an annoying ruse here from the very beginning.

    So, while you’re directing some attention my way, it seems to me, you’ve been having two conversations with yourself, not unlike the rest of us.

    But if what you’ve said is true and you’ve come around to the inevitability of NTE, then let’s just chalk this latest round as a silly misunderstanding and be done with it. With that said, I do enjoy your thoughtful posts and am glad you’re here.

    Again, if I’m wrong about your change of perspective, then allow me to apologize for my poor reading comprehension and I will atone.

    @ Sabine

    Such are the pitfalls of sarcasm. I know you’re German, so I was just poking fun at “you Brits”. I hope you know, or I would like to make sure you know I consider you to be one of the more astute and kind voices here, and who seems to have a well of patience far deeper than my own. And while you always encourage others to continue to share their voice, I would like to return the gesture, by letting you know how important you are at least to me, along with many here. As always, thank you for your kind words.

  • You’re supposed to read the articles before commenting? lolololol

  • @ TVT and Lidia

    TVT said:

    “They…jumped together, holding hands in their final moments. that’s kind of what i seek, a bit of solace, empathy, love, before it’s all over…”

    Lidia responded:

    “How desperate do you feel about dying? I don’t feel desperation. My main thought isn’t “maybe I’ll pull through”, and I don’t need cheering up so I don’t see the point in involving other people in what I feel is a deeply personal and private process……….No, I don’t want to hold hands with anyone when I’m dying. It would only make me feel worse.”

    Now that exchange seems like something worth exploring a little further. Hope you two don’t mind me interjecting a few thoughts on the subject.

    I have to admit, I’m torn between both of your perspectives. On one hand I agree with Lidia that death “…is a deeply personal and private process….” But on the other hand, we have the ‘unprecedence of NTE’, which I’m slowly coming around to accepting might just be the single greatest unifying event in human history, regardless of either our acceptance or opinion of its meaning.

    Personally, I imagine I will die alone at a time of my choosing, and the “I-ness” that is me (I’m winking at you Mr. Datta) hopes I will be happy to do so when the time comes.

    Nonetheless, a part of me can’t deny the existence of an opportunity to look at death in a completely new light before that fateful day arrives, because an unprecedented opportunity has indeed presented itself, simply due to a change of our meta-circumstances…..otherwise known as the universal loss of the meaning of life preceding the actual loss of life.

    Indulge in this thought experiment if you will….

    Imagine what would obviously be some kind of online community(s), numbering anywhere from two to twenty thousand somehow agreed upon a set of physical phenomena that would portend the immediate collapse of industrial civilization, which they all agreed would soon usher in unimaginable horror and hardship (at this point, the exact details are unimportant).

    And where if those agreed set of phenomena were to occur, said group would meet at a set location and all go out together Jim Jones style. Whether it be the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, or a collective one way walk into the desert, a shared bowl of hemlock, or some deadly elixir……again the details are superfluous.

    Maybe the night before their last act, they all drank ‘magic kool-aid’ and blew their minds with simply being present with the staggering moment in time now upon them, where a level of conscious rising might reach some unimagined crest, right before all earthly consciousness recedes forever.

    Maybe they all agreed to undertake this event with a vow of silence.

    The question then is: Would that be a more commiserate and consoling way to die than dying alone, sheltered from prying eyes?

    And would that experience have the power to completely change the last act, especially for those who are alone?

    I can’t help but think there would/will be many people who would rather figuratively go out jumping off a cliff together, than choose to put a bullet in their brainpan all by their lonesome, given the unprecedented universal circumstances that have without doubt completely changed the motives of our final act(s).

    I can also see where, even if said online group were to never meet due to unforeseen events preventing such a gathering, the idea alone might provide a little solace in the interim where there is little to be found.

    In my opinion, NTE definitely forces us to rethink not only our concepts of death, but actually how we die as well. It also seriously challenges the notion that we all die alone in the traditional sense, where death has long been perceived as just a random occurrence taking place at some undisclosed time at the end of one’s life.

    Here’s a couple of things to consider.

    Years back, a young couple in Oregon who were heroin addicts crawled out on a bridge after leaving a note that basically read something like, “we have reached the end”, tied a rope around each others neck and hung each other using the others weight.

    Did they die alone?

    Call me a morbid romantic, but what a lovely gesture.

    My mother sitting by her husband’s death bed during his last couple of hours of semi-consciousness, temporarily lost her mind due to her own anxiety surrounding death, and literally howled “go into the light” directly into his atheist ear no less than a hundred times, while rabidly choking back snot and tears. All I could think of, while watching this profoundly tragic moment play out, was I certainly hope he has already lost his hearing, because if my mother repeating herself amid a psychotic episode was the last thing he experienced………what an absolutely wretched last moment.

    I certainly hope he died alone among us onlookers.

  • As Guy has repeatedly suggested, the two links he listed,


    are two websites with very detailed, accurate, and truthful information about the various aspects of contrails.

    If those who believe in chemtrails/spraying programs go there and fully research the info presented you will find very logical and common sense explanations of what is occurring and why. The folks there also are very good about directing people to links to answer their questions, and they will do their best to answer your questions directly too. If after going there you are still a ” chemtrail believer “, then IMHO nothing else anyone here could explain to you will alter your ” beliefs ” on this subject.

  • With all due respect to Guy, I was shocked by the tone of this essay. In the broad truth-seeking community the last thing we need is more divisiveness. I felt a punch to my gut starting into the essay, though I know it was not directed at me personally. In addition, instead of offering more clarity to this complex issue of geoengineering, it actually produced more confusion (for me), though the factual information as it was presented was straightforward enough. I remain open to and consider what all serious researchers in various fields are working on. Of course we have to use our discernment, that goes without saying. As a visionary poet of this Age, dedicated to bringing the Big Picture into new Mythos, I must weave in many points of view and a wide range of research. For me personally, divisiveness and name-calling in the truth-seeking community isn’t helpful…it certainly wouldn’t help me to do what I do. I know, I am well aware that Guy is constantly on the defensive, with a lot of insanity “pointed [his] way.” But, anyway…to reiterate…the harsh tone made it difficult for me to get through this essay and actually made the whole issue of geoengineering more muddied than when I started into it…

  • Hi Third post today apologies, but this is important

    1. Chemtrails dont realy matter, think about specific heat capacity of air versus water

    2 What do we tell our children? – that we have messed up

    3 Why do people post music vids? – Because music is more powerful than words

  • I think there are two eds posting here. One posts as ‘Ed’, the other as’ed’. Perhaps Guy could confirm or refute this.

    Western Queensland is in prolonged drought. Emus are moving east.
    We saw a male emu (they hatch and raise the chicks) with seven almost adult young here yesterday.We have been here 38 years, and those are the first wild Emus we have seen here.

  • Daniel- You are a true romantic! Count me in.

    Ron Lampi- er, visionary poets don’t usually call themselves visionary poets. Sorry, but that’s for the reader to decide.

    And here’s my video for the day:

  • Daniel,

    In consideration of what you wrote, I think it worth noting there is a difference between ‘dying’ and ‘death’.

    For instance, you quoted Lidia speaking about “dying,” but then shifted her expression about such an event to death itself. While some may think this is a semantic quibble, I see it otherwise in regard to your exploration.

    None of us knows for sure, but I suspect that when ‘death’ occurs there is no sense of connection with anything other than what ever ‘death’ — with respect to any sentient life — is.

    So, whether one is having one’s hand held in a bed or while plummeting to pavement together, hanging by rope attached to someone else’s neck, or with no one around, it probably doesn’t matter at the moment of death.

    How this works when one is actively dying, in a bed of old age and failing body, or falling from a flaming tower before one’s time, or in recognition of NTE is another matter; which is what I think you were after.

    As I see it, how we might choose to die is the relevant query, not the death itself.

    This too is what I think TVT was trying to emphasize, again as regards our acknowledgement of oncoming NTE.

    Perhaps you’d care to reply before I go on…