I Am Dead. Won’t You Join Me?

by Grant Schreiber, who writes of himself: “I remain Grant Schreiber, in the great city of Chicago where one can see civilization in the death throes up-close. Despite city streets there is a lot of green, a thriving coyote population, an increasing number of birds that normally don’t appear in this area. Almost as if there is something going askew. Everywhere.”

“I do confess to having a morbid fascination with DOOM, having been raised in the thrilling Cold War when at any moment the USSR and the US would press the button and blow us to atoms. I greatly like zombie apocalypse movies, tv-shows and comic books where the End of the World isn’t anyone’s fault. It is a blameless form of global destruction and the main reason I suspect they are so popular.


I Am Dead. Won’t You Join Me?

It is sometime between now and then.

It is Spring and I haven’t fully recovered from that fall I took

on the ice two months ago.

Doctors demand cash up front and cash is

hard to come by since Things Got Worse.

I am dreaming of chocolate which hasn’t

been available for awhile.  I am hobbling

and worrying about my knee

and not paying attention to the people in the

Food Riot,  the fourth one since New Year.

The warning shot falls just over the heads

of the crowd and hits on the left side, just

below  the heart.  It isn’t safe anymore to

carry identification on you as the

Dying State can use it to punish your family.

I join several others in an unmarked grave

just on the other side of town where the poor

people used to live. The soil turns black and

rich and becomes a field of flowers.

It is sometime between now and then.

It is Summer and water is hard to find

despite being so close to the lake.

Something about the algae bloom

can’t be filtered or boiled out and bleach

is also hard to find.

It is too hot to think about anything.

I have to sit down, just for a bit, under

the shade of a dead tree and catch my

breath.  I never stand back up.

Flies are there within two minutes,

exploring my open mouth and visiting

my sinus cavity.  Birds pluck my hair

and beard to reinforce their nests,

a lucky crow takes my eyes, the empty

sockets a further invitation to explore.

 I rot quickly in the heat.

It is sometime between now and then.

It is Autumn and leaves of the trees never

appeared to fall.  I have finally lost all that

weight I gained as an American consumer.

 I’m thin and trim at last and close to death

from starvation.   My thoughts are

muddled, hallucinatory,  and infrequent.

I’m losing my hair my teeth my sight

my hearing.  In scrambling for food

I cut my hand and die of tetanus a few

days later.  The exact cause hardly matters.

My starved body is a feast for other

creatures and they use it well going so far to

crack the nutshell of the skull to eat the

brain.  Good for something at last.

It is sometime between now and then.

It is Winter and I no longer care if

I live or die.  I leave shelter for some half

forgotten reason and am gripped by cold.

And suddenly I am cold no longer.

I feel so hot I take off my coat and

sweater.  I drop my hat and gloves.

It is a miracle! I have found a hot spot

to soak into my skin.

My body is not discovered until after

the thaw.   The people are worried a bear

must be in the area but it is mice and birds

and snow and ice that have mauled my

corpse and disfigured me so thoroughly.

It is sometime between now and then.

In whatever season I go, let me be. Leave

my body to have one final use before you

join me with all the other extinct animals.

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  • Congratulations Grant, it’s a long ways from Commie Dreams to here.
    Too bad about them, money talks, bullshit walks.
    ie. – check the comments section


  • Grant- Great poem, thank you.

    I’ve missed your voice here… that double dip of dark humor over a bed of honest heartbreak and doom. I hope you’re back to stay, however long that may be.
    I also miss your humor thread on the forum. It was The Place to go for “laughing just to keep from crying”.

  • Nenni!’ said the Cat. ‘I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me. I will not come.’

    because i;m not dead and i wear the four corners on my hand

  • “I greatly like zombie apocalypse movies, tv-shows and comic books where the End of the World isn’t anyone’s fault. It is a blameless form of global destruction and the main reason I suspect they are so popular.”

    Well, you must be really digging Marvel’s new Secret Wars. The entire spectrum of quantum universes all got destroyed, every single earth, despite the best efforts of the Marvel heroes to try and save everything.

    The only world that remains in a dead multiverse is a patchwork planet of refugees held together by the cosmic-powered, autocratic will of Doctor Doom, who rules what remains with an iron first.

    Oh, and at antarctic south of the planet is a huge wall around that continent, behind which are zombies. So: superheroes, zombies, a global fascist dictator, and extinction.

    What more could anybody possibly want? :)

  • Ghostwheel i cant hear you mate your mouths full of shit

  • Don’t be so down
    if we all get together
    on a day when we are told we can get together
    if we march in line
    down a path we are told we can walk
    if we travel in peace
    if we promise no breaks
    if we start on time
    end on time
    we can do it
    as long as IT is nothing

  • I agree with Wren. Good to hear you. Your humor takes the edge off our collective horror!

  • Nicole Foss finds the NTHE ridiculous she has become an expert on it and said that “natural systems wont change in that kind of short timeframes” .. Aren’t we glad about that_!? And relieved . Please listen to it around minute 31 .http://soundcloud.com/doomstead-diner/tshtf-podcast-with-nicole-foss-raul-meijer-and-re
    thank You Nicole Foss . now we will go on no fuss about NTHE thank you thank you ..

  • “There are geological energy systems that contribute that aren’t anywhere in the models ” says the interviewer ( i guess he is also an expert now )
    Dont you get it folks ?! …..

    “There are geological energy systems that contribute that aren’t anywhere in the models ”

    now go home nothing to see here

  • “Sometime between now & then …”

    No more Barbie & Ken

    No more love

    No more hate

    Homo sapiens does zazen

  • Grant,
    Thank you for the very thoughtful poem. I suppose that for many of us who are in acceptance of the message on this website (NTE), we’d like to think that perhaps our last moments on the planet won’t be too painful. We should all be so lucky. I can relate to the winter part of the poem in particular. Many years ago, way back in my youth, I was walking on a bitterly cold winter night. I was past the point where I felt cold ( it was probably about -35C), and all I wanted to do was just lay down in the snowbank and have a rest. Thankfully, my friends encouraged me to keep on walking. My memory of the event all these years later, was that it wasn’t unpleasant at all. I felt comfortable, tired, and content to go to sleep. It would have been a peaceful way to go.

  • Grant, sometimes I imagine how fast I would rot in the Everglades. Hike a half mile or so into the swamp and the critters would make sure no remains were ever found. I’m very glad you’re here, I always enjoyed what you had to say.

    One thing for sure, there is no peace on this planet for me. People are cruel, mean-spirited. I pray for death. When I hear about so-and-so who recently just dropped dead, I’m jealous! When I hear of an abortion, I think, “ahhh, one of the lucky ones.”


    Ghostwheel, thanks for the movie tip, it’s right up my alley. There’s a collection of short stories I think you’d like, WASTELANDS.

  • Death by hypothermia- a description of accidental hypothermia.
    Intentional could be a different story, a bit more choreographed.
    This quote starts toward the End:

    ….. “At 85 degrees, those freezing to death, in a strange, anguished paroxysm, often rip off their clothes.
    This phenomenon, known as paradoxical undressing, is common enough that urban hypothermia victims are sometimes initially diagnosed as victims of sexual assault.

    Though researchers are uncertain of the cause, the most logical explanation is that shortly before loss of consciousness, the constricted blood vessels near the body’s surface suddenly dilate and produce a sensation of extreme heat against the skin.

    All you know is that you’re burning. You claw off your shell and pile sweater and fling them away.

    But then, in a final moment of clarity, you realize there’s no stove, no cabin, no friends. You’re lying alone in the bitter cold, naked from the waist up. You grasp your terrible misunderstanding, a whole series of misunderstandings, like a dream ratcheting into wrongness. You’ve shed your clothes, your car, your oil-heated house in town.

    Without this ingenious technology you’re simply a delicate, tropical organism whose range is restricted to a narrow sunlit band that girds the earth at the equator.

    And you’ve now ventured way beyond it….”

    Full article:

  • Bird deaths are occurring across Alaska, along with higher incidences of marine mammal deaths and very low fish populations in most of the state. I have not seen the following article published in the largest newspaper in Alaska, the Anchorage Daily News.

    Things appear to be crashing rather quickly these days.


  • “I’ve stepped in the middle of seven sad forests,
    I’ve been out in front of a dozen dead oceans,
    I’ve been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard,

    I heard the sound of a thunder, it roared out a warnin’,
    the roar of a wave that could drown the whole world,
    Heard one hundred drummers whose hands were a-blazin’,
    Heard ten thousand whisperin’ and nobody listenin’,
    Heard one person starve, I heard many people laughin’,
    Heard the song of a poet who died in the gutter,
    Heard the sound of a clown who cried in the alley,

    I’m a-goin’ back out ‘fore the rain starts a-fallin’,
    I’ll walk to the depths of the deepest black forest,
    Where the people are many and their hands are all empty,
    Where the pellets of poison are flooding their waters,

    And it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard,
    And it’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.” – Dylan 1963

  • I’m getting the feeling that most of the people here actually WANT everything to end. In a way I do, too, in the sense that the planet (and whatever life exists after we’re gone) will be better off without us. On the other hand, it feels like we’re all just sitting at our computers watching the bad news trickle in and feeling sorry for ourselves. Here’s a thought: let’s all meet up in the “acceptance” portion of the grief process, so we can get on with the “gallows humor” step that Guy has added to the model. Much more fun. Obviously, we can’t always be upbeat and laughing, and I guess people need to vent their feelings and this is the only place to do it, but come on people! Lighten up. So we’re all going to die, big deal. You already knew that (as Guy also mentions in his talks).

  • Everybody’s gotta live


    Have we “all” been born yet?

    How big is our “we” … small enough to let “them” not live?

    Have “they” all been born yet?

    (Civilization not being born is busy dying).

    (Dispatched From: Office of the Prescient of the U.S.).

  • Guy, since “the Crazies” are calling you “crazy”, I do believe you’re on to something.
    (spent most of my day listening and reading people who think you and your ideas are too far)

  • mt: i noticed that, especially with the reviews of Going Dark – these people clearly don’t get it. They can’t imagine not being privileged with sn environment we can just abuse forever, polluting at will, because, you know – the Earth is so BIG and we’re just a bunch of ants crawling around, can’t possibly have any effect on it.

  • OK babaingo, how’s this,

    Knock, knock!
    Whose there?
    Extinction who?
    Near term extinction! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    As an member of the spiritual and intellectual elite, I’m sick and tired of being persecuted! It seems that Christians are always trying to nail me to a freakin’ cross!


  • It’s a fine poem Grant. So many ways to end this drama, exit stage left, all these foolish dreams returning to dust.

    Lidia…please reconsider posting your long response to Daniels comment a few threads back. Can anything be to “raw” to be served at this table at this time? Not for me.

    Kate…was that you at the daily blog? Some swine shot your cat?! It brought back sad feelings for me, exactly the same thing happened to me. A cat I’d had from a kitten and brought back from deaths door, was trapped then shot by a neighbour. I’ve seen your art on desktop now and can see why Wren called it magical.

    Wren…thanks for the introduction to Chris Smither, not sure how I got to be 65 without hearing him before, but “killing the blues” was just wonderful, perfect melancholic drinker music.

    between an overload of information and
    striving for a pure dedication
    I find myself looking for the exit sign
    see your pretty face in the sunshine
    in the morning after staying up all night
    I want to wake you just to hear you tell me
    it’s all right
    and all I want to be is too much
    sometimes for me

    good morning baby hope I’m gonna make it through another day

    Not the first version of my fav n.z. love song, but I love Daves guitar on this live one.

    “good morning baby” by Dave Dobbyn, Bic Runga, Tim Finn
    Play it loud!

  • The house of seven(+) billion windows is collapsing.
    Won’t the sunshine collapse with it?

    The light reflected in the mirage is going out with the mirage.
    Will the sun thus blink out?

    The mirror is breaking.
    Must the image be mourned?

    The automatons, meat-robots with no sentience, but reflecting it, are dying.
    Must the sentience be mourned?

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone. I’ve been working on a series of extinction fables and generally keeping busy.

    Wren: I have no real plans to come back …. or go away for that matter. Moving through the web like a friendly ghost. Or a fart.

    Kirk: Surely you’ve seen animals vanish rapidly in the heat of Florida. If a raccoon is gone in four days, figure an adult male would be gone in about ten.

    Ghostwheel: Secret Wars 2015 is a loose collection of What If stories barely held together by one of the lamest excuses for a plot ever. While some of the titles are okay, the core story is awful, boring and needlessly long. And the whole thing is designed to skipped over since the New and Improved Marvel is headed your way with a batch of new number one issues, negating the entire function of the Secret Wars. Watching ZOO is much more rewarding.

    Babajingo: I’m in no hurry to become a pile of rotting flesh. However, it is true I’m more upset about the plight of moose, polar bears, walruses,and several dozen other animals than I am about human life snuffing it. With a hot arctic ocean and a major methane release fairly well guaranteed, it does get hard not become depressed but at the same token it makes each and every day one is alive all the more wonderful. Death happens at the very end of life, is minor fraction of it. Not something I really worry about — but it’s a fine subject to write about.

  • Well said Grant!

    My favorite Schreiberism: Rot where you drop.

  • “Those whose lives pay homage to the sacred are considered by many in the modern world to be eccentrics and cranks. On the other hand, those who live disconnected from the sources of life, who neither fear nor honor nor understand the power of nature, who place their faith in human technology and human power, are celebrated and rewarded with power as they propel the planet and the species toward extinction.” Chris Hedges

  • Grant Schreiber: Thank you! Death is indeed a fine subject to write about.

    Kirk Hamilton! You win the joke of the day award. Just because it was the ONLY joke of the day shouldn’t matter. Here’s your prize (Give this until at least 1:14)…

  • babajingo@

    “Lighten up. So we’re all going to die, big deal. You already knew that…”

    Sure, if we have individually already passed the ‘acceptance’ mark in respect to that Death-‘thing’, then might each of us now be lent the opportunity to become truly wise during these last days?

    And, if, because of the already long known and talked about reports of climate-caused NTE, many of us have already had occasion to largely overcome both the instinctual as well as the socially imparted fears of death – which had so thoroughly plagued and shackled our former lives – then shouldn’t we also soon expect to be able to enter onto an ever growing state of cosmological-enlightenment?

    Don’t you think that now might be the best time for each of us to finally burst all of the mental boxes, which had formerly constrained us, so that we might subsequently be made free?

  • Grant Schreiber@

    Thank-you for the very well crafted thought provoking article. What you’ve written does certainly seem haunting.

    It would seem that a person might really have no other choice but to quickly learn how to become highly ‘philosophical’ once they should discover that there is always a big loaded gun, being constantly aimed at the back of their head, which they cannot control. Global climate change would appear to be a lot like that. And, of course, if they cannot for any reason learn how to be ‘philosophical’ in respect to that matter, then won’t they probably quite soon end up being thoroughly crushed? These do, indeed, seem to be some very trying times. But, most especially all for those persons who should presently also be unprepared to think both quite long and quite hard about that which might be said to really matter.

    I do sometimes think that the term 1% might only be used in reference to that in fact always very small proportion of humanity which might not presently be said be functionally insane.

  • I don’t get the idea that renewable energy will change anything. To replace say 50% of fossil fuel energy to renewables, you’d first have to produce energy to extract mineral resources and process them – a venture that would use so much additional fossil fuel that it would probably make the entire idea worthless, if not even counterproductive. Not to mention that solars would have to be completely replaced every 25 years or so…

    Only way to reduce CO2 release is to reduce energy consumption – not symbolically (turning off the light when you leave the room…) but drastic – no more air-conditioning systems, no more heating over 18-20 degrees celsius in winter, no more V8 or similar gas-guzzlers, reduction of air-transport to the bare minimum, reduction of our carnivorous eating habits to only once a week at the most…

    If all that would happen today, I doubt, but maybe we’d get a slight chance…
    But since >95% of people in developed countries are not prepared to take that step, especially because they are not aware of the situation – we’re doomed for sure.
    And even if they were aware, majority would probably think that if it is so – then nothing doesn’t matter anymore – a realization which would only accelerate the collapse of the society.

    It may be that, paradoxically, the less people are aware of NTE – the longer we’ll all “enjoy” the perks of living in a “developed world”.
    Like electricity or functioning healthcare system.

    I guess it’s all too late now – public realization about highly probable NTE should’ve came 30 years ago – when there were means to stop it.
    Now, when there is nothing to be done to stop it, only to maybe postpone it a bit – it is better to leave the vast majority in their blissful ignorance.
    Because some of those ignorants are doctors, some are firemen, some are workers in nuclear power plants… Pragmatically speaking – it’s better for NTE-ers that there is nothing distracting Non-NTE-ers from their daily work.

    That way we’ll be able to pursue excellence for a little while longer. And that way we’ll also be able to prepare better for a pending collapse – which could give us some more time of survival into the apocalypse.
    Some of you won’t agree, but my intention is to live to see those epochal events unfolding.
    In any case, survival is a choice, at any time (if it became too hard to endure) – anyone can quickly and painlessly end it’s life by choice (also something you’d better be prepared for – given that you don’t want to suffer more than necessary).

    Any intention preppers might have, other than survival for the sake of pure curiosity and thrill to become one of the last witnesses of human demise – is doomed from the very beginning. There won’t be no light at the end of a tunnel as the conditions are only likely to get worse.

    I’m definitely a prepper, but one that is bereft of illusions.

  • While swimming in a pool the other day, I sought to save a drowning ant by lifting it out on my finger, thinking it was an ordinary black ant, but it was something more than that, and I realized my mistake almost instantly as we broke water. I could feel it’s bite and thought “shit, that was stupid”, but proceeded to throw it ashore. The bite has now produced a wound about four times worse than that produced by a fire ant I encountered in the sands of the Gulf last Spring which I thought was bad. Makes me think of all the dying venom ahead for us. Beware! The drowning person will inadvertently pull down the person trying to save him by desperately grasping onto him like a log.

  • https://arctic-news.blogspot.ca/2015/08/the-methane-monster.html

    The Methane Monster


    At no time in the past did humans exist under conditions that we are facing now, no matter how far back you go in history.

    Global mean methane levels as high as 1840 parts per billion were recorded on August 4, 2015. This is the highest mean level since records began and this new record is likely to be superseded by even higher levels soon.

    The carbon dioxide that is released now will only reach its peak impact a decade from now. Methane’s high immediate impact makes it more important than carbon dioxide emissions in driving the rate of global warming over the coming decade.

    The Pacific Ocean is very warm at the moment. Warm water flows from the Pacific Ocean through the Bering Strait into the Arctic Ocean. Sea surface temperatures in the Bering Strait were as high as 20.5°C (or 69.1°F) on August 4, 2015. That is 8.7°C (or 15.6°F) warmer than the water used to be. Sea surface temperatures as high as 11.8°C (53.2°F) were recorded in between Greenland and Svalbard on August 7, 2015, an anomaly of 8.5°C (15.3°F). [read the rest]

    Grant: timely poem, good job. Starvation and thirst still a ways off, but you can see them from here. Mayhem can arise at any time along the way. Violence will be the norm once the food shortages start.

  • Fantastic poem Grant.

    Hi 44 South, yes that was me ranting away on the Daily Blog… small world, I can’t help myself when the global warming isssue comes up to use a bit of the shock the sheep tactics found here over there. New Zealand needs a good shake up on that subject.
    I did just read a little book called ‘Paw Prints In The Moonlight’ by Dennis O’connor I hope I have that name right, it is about a man and his amazing cat Toby Jug, totally gorgeous book and it helped to read about others who have had beautiful friendships/kinships with cats. They are special animals. Hope your keeping warm It has been freezing in Dunedin, feeding the birds heaps of sugar water and fat rolled in seeds. Loving the comments here as usual while I cough and wheeze with a cold. Thanks for the comment on my painting it made it last week to the Curated New Collection From Around The World front page on saatchiart nice it got noticed even though the painting is in my studio out in the sticks with me living like a hermit these days. The good old internet got it viewed around the world.

  • Talking Heads And Walking Dead
    People who believe we will solve climate, energy, ecological, industrial and planetary collapse are delusional. Can’t blame ’em, but they are.

    Doomers who think they can build isolated, resilience communities are still delusional, but hopeful. But, that still leaves the billions of walking dead to deal with.

    I choose to comment here because the message is the medium, not the other way around. See comments.

    Fact Fun, did you know?

    75% of all sea bird populations have disappeared in the last 50 years.
    90% of lion populations disappeared in the last 20 years.
    100% fossil fuel displacement requires 1000% intermittent energy.
    50% of Europe’s “renewable energy” comes from burning wood.

    There’s lots more here:

    Thermodynamics of Forest Driven Bio-diversity from collapse

  • Here we can clearly and easily see that Commie Dreams has fallen under the Rockefeller funding formula to become a sad parody of its former self.

  • Jonny Mnemonic of JJFH was all over this years ago and has been documenting it every day with news stories.

    Methane the link between mass animal die-offs?
    Methane Gas Theory



    Since 2011 something inexplicable has been happening to our planet. On January 5, 2011 5,000 blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas fell dead out of the sky. The explanation was firecrackers. Tests were conducted on the birds and it was discovered that something had dissolved their insides, yet the media was told firecrackers frightened the birds to death. When have you seen a bird die from a firecracker noise? Frightening reports continued to pour in of millions of fish found dead on shores around the globe. As of 2013, the reports are still coming in. On January 17, 2013 South Carolina reported in two separate incidents that thousands of fish washed up on shores dead. And I’m sure you’ve heard about the mysterious noises and booms reported worldwide in the past two years. No doubt we are being warned of an event coming our way.
    These are just a few of the reports from 2011 before the 9.0 earthquake in Japan. [read it if interested]

  • Kilgore trout…
    the fire mans choir,
    it fell out of tune.

    so god damned much fire,
    they ran out of room.

    they squeaked and they spit,
    stopped giving a shit,

    and threw on the Harper log too!

    rift raft…will caitlan hop on a knob, or climb into a cavity? will she grow weary of the tyranny of being a woman? isn’t morphing into a butterfly always preferable? can we hope she takes kanye with her?

    Gnome chimpsky, paraphrasing Kilgore trout…humanity is a horrible way to treat an animal…………and so it goes.*****************

  • Grant,

    the way you put that so poetically – wonderful.

    I’m so pleased to read you again, here in this space, and I’ve missed your comments and exceptional humour very much. You’re a rare human being.

    And yes, that’s the way to go, as it will be for most of us….I know that too. I just won’t have a beard for birds to use as nesting material. Therefore, you’ll be much more useful.

    Please carry on to make me laugh.

  • I greatly like zombie apocalypse movies, tv-shows and comic books where the End of the World isn’t anyone’s fault.”

    It must be Charles Manson’s birthday, or anniversary, or the like (Greenland & Antarctica Invade The United States – 4).

    Or perhaps an Oil-Qaeda “there is no such thing as wrong doing” holydaze (The Private Empire’s Social Media Hit Squads).

  • Dredd; rampant relativism, no truth, “discourses” w/o end, opinions, doubletalk, nonsense, my feelings, my perceptions, me …

    And I blame the groundlessness of postmodernism, with its assertion that meaning is not inherent in anything, that there are no truths, and that each person’s perception of reality is equally valid. As well as destroying class consciousness—which is one reason modern blacklisting is often based on claims of how some speaker will supposedly hurt or trigger the individual, rather than emphasizing harm or gain to society as a whole—postmodernism has led to much of the insanity we’re discussing.

    As philosopher Daniel Dennett commented, “Postmodernism, the school of ‘thought’ that proclaimed ‘There are no truths, only interpretations’ has largely played itself out in absurdity, but it has left behind a generation of academics in the humanities disabled by their distrust of the very idea of truth and their disrespect for evidence, settling for ‘conversations’ in which nobody is wrong and nothing can be confirmed, only asserted with whatever style you can muster.”

    And if all you’ve got is rhetoric, that is, “interpretations” and “assertions,” as opposed to, say, factual evidence, then the only way, or at least the most tempting way, to conclusively win an argument is through rhetorical manipulations.

    If you can’t say, “Your opinion is wrong, and here are facts showing your opinion is wrong,” you’re pretty much stuck with, “Your opinion is oppressing me, triggering me, hurting my feelings.” And that’s precisely what we see. And of course we can’t argue back, in part because nobody can verify or falsify your feelings, and in part because by then we’ve already been deplatformed.

    at Counterpunch; Derrick Jensen, Liberals and the New McCarthyism

  • This is must listening. Maybe we can learn something from this creation story of the Penobscot. A river has been restored and two damns destroyed. Yea, for once. Click on the audio, please.



    All military leaders are war criminals. This includes Eisenhower, Smedley, Hitler, G. Kahn, Stalin, Raygun, Clinton etc etc etc. There is no worst of the bunch. They are all complete and utter psychopathic amoral killers. Nice little club, eh?

  • Gerald, I agree.

    You explain this well:

    “And I blame the groundlessness of postmodernism, with its assertion that meaning is not inherent in anything, that there are no truths, and that each person’s perception of reality is equally valid. As well as destroying class consciousness—which is one reason modern blacklisting is often based on claims of how some speaker will supposedly hurt or trigger the individual, rather than emphasizing harm or gain to society as a whole—postmodernism has led to much of the insanity we’re discussing.”

    and so on….

  • we’re all to blame, at least i will die before you becacuse im on hunger strike, death before dishonour

  • Ok digixplor, I see where you’re coming from now. I’ll give it a go. Here’s an old well worn joke for ya.

    So, an environmentalists and an oil executive walk into a bar.

    And, the bartender says, “What’ll ya have?”

    … wait a minute, I’m not in a fucking bar, I’m lying in a snow bank. How the hell did I get here … and where is my fucking shirt? There was something I was doing, wasn’t there? I’m so confused, it was something important, wasn’t it? Ok, ok, don’t panic, just lie here for a moment and try to focus … what the hell was it I had to remember, what was I looking for in this snow bank? I must have been looking for something …

    The bartender is repeating himself now, saying, “What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have?”

    The oil executive sips his scotch as the environmentalist just stands there unable to answer.

    … it’s getting harder to hear that bartender, but I don’t think I really need a drink here lying in the snow. I probably need a shirt. It’s getting darker and darker in this bar too … and harder and harder to hear. Come on damn it, I want to know how this joke ends. Fuck, what does the environmental order, that’s what I was here to find out. Hurry up and order motherfucker, I just want to sleep, but I’d sure like to know how this joke ends …

    “What’ll ya have?”

    “What’ll ya have?”

    “What’ll ya ha …”

  • Robert Callaghan Says:
    August 10th, 2015 at 4:39 am
    “Here we can clearly and easily see that Commie Dreams has fallen under the Rockefeller funding formula to become a sad parody of its former self. URL”

    Someone else might question the notion of calling a Rockefeller outlet “commie,” but it’s as if you’ve made “commie” a synonym for something you don’t like, as if the tern “communist” doesn’t have an historical meaning which LONG preceded the Soviet Union, which itself suppressed communists from the very beginning, as per here,
    Maurice Brinton,The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control, 1917-1921.

  • those extracts do not come from MSM:
    KUWAIT: Kuwait is currently being affected by an unusual heat wave and record high temperatures. During the past few days, temperatures in Kuwait City recorded between 47-49 degrees Celsius, while other monitoring stations recorded unusual temperatures between 50-52 degrees Celsius northwest of Kuwait. A heat wave has engulfed much of the Middle East, sending temperatures and humidity soaring throughout the region.
    EGYPT: The victims, who all died on Sunday, succumbed as temperatures soared as high as 47 degrees Celsius (117 Fahrenheit), in conditions made less bearable by elevated humidity levels. Although it is not uncommon to see summer temperatures in the high 30s throughout Egypt, it is rare for humidity levels to remain elevated during excessively hot weather.
    TURKEY: The Istanbul Governor’s office put out an alert on 5th August, urging people to be extra vigilant when swimming in the sweltering heat after 100 people drowned trying to escape 40C temperatures in Turkey.
    IRAQ: Three million people across Iraq are displaced — nearly a million are children — and most are living in refugee camps and makeshift shelters. In the city of Basra temperatures have held at 51C this week and are expected to rise to 52C on the weekend.
    IRAN: Temperatures, with humidity, at the same time made it feel like 73C in the Iranian city of Bandar-e Mahshahr. No relief in temperatures for the region is expected in the weeks ahead.
    PAKISTAN: As temperatures reached 45C in Karachi, Pakistan, 750 deaths were attributed to the heat. The victims were mostly elderly or poor people unable to find relief from the high temperatures. Electricity shortages have hit those who can afford air conditioning. “Those we are picking up from the streets – either in a state of collapse or dead – are often beggars, those who work outdoors all day, drug addicts and persons who get little shelter from the sun,” a spokesman for the Edhi Foundation, which runs a morgue and ambulance services, told humanitarian news site IRIN.
    LEBANON/SYRYA: In Lebanon, restriction on electricity are frequent and residents rely on gas-powered generators to power their air conditioning. Others there aren’t so lucky. There are more than one million Syrian refugees in Beruit fleeing the conflict in their home country. Thousands of Syrian children are on the streets of Beirut and take shelter under bridges to keep cool. Others are surviving in refugee camps in plastic tents.
    Probably due to the big blob of cold water in the northern Atlantic coming from the Artic (Pacific ocean pushing ice into the Atlantic in a grand scheme) (see Paul Beckwith) we are having a pretty cold week here in Montreal while a big chunk of the northern hemisphere including but not limited to europe, the middle east, the west coast of north america is baking. litterally. I posted an article a couple of weeks ago claiming that most of the humans who survive a heath stroke will die in the year following the stroke because the heath has damaged vital organs.

  • hey left brainers! Ego much?

  • Gnome Chimpsky…sorry …that was stupid.
    rift raft…we need a sedative today.
    Kilgore trout…the dumb ass wrote a valid post for a change…and it was vaporized.

  • Baba J~ thanks for the Talking Heads!A real trip!

  • i walked home home tonight in the sinister glare of the amber eyed one for all things are alike to him

  • A cat as black
    As blackest coal
    Is out upon
    His midnight stroll,
    His steps are soft,
    His walk is slow,
    His eyes are gold,
    They flash and glow.
    And so I run
    And so I duck,
    I do not need
    His black-cat luck.

    Author Unknown

  • From Shep! “All military leaders are war criminals. This includes Eisenhower, Smedley, Hitler, G. Kahn, Stalin, Raygun, Clinton etc etc etc. There is no worst of the bunch. They are all complete and utter psychopathic amoral killers. Nice little club, eh??

    Nice going, pal. It’s statements like that, boldly said, short and to the point, for all to see, that sets you apart as a true elite! Now, don’t let that go to your head. True elites are also humble speakers of the truth.

    I’d like to add, that anyone who supported these evil wars, including troops and their mothers, or just average citizens, have separated their individualistic lesser selves (egos) from their souls or higher self. Such is insanity. This is where repentance come in. One must repent even remote connection to evil deeds to regain the soul. The fire of repentance refines one to pure ‘gold’. A willingness to admit wrong doing is the first step, taking a huge amount of courage. Repent, walk through the fire before it’s too late!

    I don’t mean this to be mumbo-jumbo. I have no certainties regarding spiritual matters. It’s just that, as a simple man, I believe that the above hard work gives great rewards to those who are open and brave enough to repent.

    People need to hear the kind of things Shep said.

  • @twimc

    The Zionist movement was founded in Odessa, Russia in 1881.

    Theodore Herzl focused the movement before the Rothschild Family Council, saying the biggest obstacle to Universal Government was patriotism among the sovereign nations.

    In 1916, Kitchener set sail to Petrograd aboard British cruiser “Hampshire” escorted by two destroyers to nip the Russian Revolution in the bud. He planned to replace the Jewish communists undermining the Czarist government with Brits. The escorts were recalled, the Hampshire blew up, and Kitchener drowned. The 12 survivors vanished.

    President Wilson was blackmailed into appointing Zionist Brandeis to the Supreme Court in return for a packet of love letters he wrote to a neighbor’s wife while President of Princeton University. Rothschild agent, Colonel House, ran the Wilson White House, and worked with Zionist bankers and the British Intelligence Service to established Communism in Russia.

    The Brits united American Jewry in support of WWI with the promise to hand over Palestine to the Zionist cause.

    Clearly, there is a Civil War in the USA between American Patriots and Zionist patriots.

  • Martin- Keep us posted on your hunger strike.
    As exits go, that’s a hard one, I hear.
    I know Scott Nearing chose that way to go.
    Still it will be interesting to hear your first hand account.
    Have you fasted before?

  • martin…I hope you might reconsider…maybe it would be best if we all left at the same time.

  • Film about voluntary starvation:

    I came across it last year on Netflix.

    @44 south, yeah, it turned out to be one of those “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” things. Believe it or not.

  • Is there a euthanasia MD in the house?

    If so, what is ur e-mail, if u are available for consultation.

  • Re Martin’s committing suicide right now, here’s my thought in response:

    FIRST – whatever’s coming down the pike, it’s not here yet. So there’s no RATIONAL reason for choosing suicide right now. Any choice made in that direction is being made for EMOTIONAL reasons.

    SECOND – Whether you like Eckert Tolle, 12 Step Philosophy, the Stoics, Buddhism, Vedanta or none of the above, the plain truth is that we are boxed into TODAY. Indeed, it is only our over-developed and oft-malfunctioning big brains that make us do otherwise, and live fruitlessly and foolishly in the past or the future. So while it’s certainly not wrong or abnormal to experience ANTICIPATORY GRIEF (just as people do when given a terminal diagnosis), to just go out and kill yourself when you have no idea when it’s gonna happen isn’t sanity, but insanity.

    THIRD – If you think there’s nothing to live for just because you have a date uncertain terminal diagnosis, you’re just wrong. There are a ton of people out there suffering like hell, abandoned in the back wards of the VA hospital or a nursing home, stuck in bone-crushing poverty somewhere in the inner city or some rural outpost, aching from loneliness and other angst. Go find one, and make it your life’s work to brighten up his or her life.

    FOURTH – If none of this moves you to take positive, life enhancing action, or go seek help, then be kind enough not to burden everyone else with your thanatoptic drama. Just go about your deadly business quietly, and let the rest of us stumble along as best we can, until stumbling along just isn’t possible anymore.

    That said, I’m pulling for you.

  • “One must repent even remote connection to evil deeds to regain the soul. The fire of repentance refines one to pure ‘gold’. ”

    The sun is unaffected whether the sunshine falls on a sewer or a flower bush.

    Much difficulty arises from dualism, where a separate account has to be made for evil and an explanation sought for its existence. In non-dualism there is no two; the good and the bad are necessarily of the same origin: the diabolical is not different from the Divine. Creation is ntot different from a putative creator.

    BG 11.32: The Supreme Lord said: I am mighty Time, the source of destruction that comes forth to annihilate the worlds. Even without your participation, the warriors arrayed in the opposing army shall cease to exist.

    This verse was allegedly quoted by Oppenheimer at the first atomic bomb test.

    Inert gas asphyxiation can be due to any one of many gases; there is no sensation of suffocation, since carbon dioxide, which produces that sensation when it accumulates, is easily exhaled. The least expensive gas, tubing and a plastic bag would be more common for exeunt from the stage if the facts were more widely known.

  • Martin,

    It’s very difficult to tell whether people is genuine or not when you can’t see them.
    I like to think that I have a pretty good feeling as to who is genuine when expressing their feelings here and who isn’t. But then I’m only human and make mistakes.
    So are you genuine or are you telling porkies for the fun of it? I wonder…..

    If you are truly disturbed, I apologize.

    And what’s all that black cats and bad luck bit?
    So far, you haven’t actually let anybody know much about you, so who are you?

  • There is one Dictator (some wud like to call him) and Country that is a giver! CUBA

    They only fight defensively AND they are the only country that sends Doctors to stricken areas, all the freakin’ time. Do not understand how the hell they have survived for lo these many years.

    This new development is strange though. Castro must be dead. With Che’ and the rest (Women definitely included) they pulled off a miracle. It is my understanding that they gave the Soviets lessons too. They wanted a true Socialist Nation w/o the hustle, incest of possessions and higher up muckity (sp?) muck politicians

    wow. Many attributes comparable to indigenous cultures, like, ‘let us be’. A mirage in the 20th and 21st centuries.

  • Yo Sabine,

    ‘The Who – Who Are You?’

    Or a much older era, (the music is still there in the background if one listens carefully enough).

    ‘Who an I?’


    Do we ever really know?


  • Watch out where the huskies go,
    and don’t you eat that yellow snow.

    — Frank Zappa

    Commie is derived from Pinko Commie Fag. Our vernacular from the 1950s.
    History has, and will continue, to teach us absolutely nothing.

    I was brought up to be a racist, sexist, asshole. Oh well, 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    See what I mean? I strive to be provocative, so my comments are allowed on very, very few sites that matter. Scribbler, Climate Central, Common Dreams, Seemorerocks, etc. etc. I guess I don’t really need to look up the word Crazy in the dictionary 3 times for a successful self diagnosis. The Uprising will come, but only after it is way too late. Violent uprisings are food related. It is far, far more important that the daughters of the elite not be upset by the truth.

    The following comment was not allowed for an article about “Population” on TreeHugger…

    Scientific Consensus On Civilization’s Collapse Is 20 Years.
    Meanwhile, China, Europe and the U.S. are buying up farmland in Africa hoping to corner the market on feeding humanity itself. Do you think Africans kicked off their land will go hungry while corporate farms feed the world?

    We are adding about 1 million people to earth every 5 days, each who like to eat every day for at least 50 years. Because of this, we have to grow more food over the next 50 years, than we grew in all of the last 10,000 years, yet in just 10 years 4 billion people will be short of fresh water, and we only have 60 years left for world agriculture at current soil degradation and loss rates. In 30 years, all our wind and solar power products will end their life-cycles and become too expensive to recycle during a time of extreme shortages in food, water, energy, minerals and fertilizers. By then we will run out of 2 super-critical fertilizers (potassium and phosphates) which cannot be manufactured or substituted. Lloyd’s Of London predicts the collapse of civilization by 2030. MIT predicts collapse about the same time.


    Thermodynamics of Forest Driven Bio-diversity from collapse

  • Sorry, in my previous post I listed sites where my comments are banned. These are generally pro-intermittent energy sites adverse to the mass extinction message. If the so-called “progressives” can’t see reality any better than conservatives, then what fucking chance in the world does life on earth have?

  • Early in the 20th century, we killed millions of blacks in the Congo for control of the rubber plantations that cars needed to work.

    Early in the 21st century, we killed million of blacks in the Congo for control of the conflict minerals our hi-tech green energy world needs to work.

    Soon, we will kill millions of blacks in Africa so their land can grow our food. Kill too many, and there’s no one to work the fields.

  • science is great. but it’s just a big thermometer. it only measures what can be measured…which really isn’t very much.

  • 2 genderless drones go on about agriculture.

    Africa grows our food, while South America provides our fossil and “renewable” energies.

  • Bud Nye provides the latest essay in this space. Read it here. Also, Mike Sliwa and I will interview Daniel Quinn on today’s radio show.

  • the only thing that can unite humanity is a new world public crypto-carbon electronic currency based on 100% internationally private carbon tax dividends with no share for corporations and governments… but I always says that when I smoke weed, just like my old friends go on about the lottery.

  • damn Robert…I was thinking about that zappa line yesterday…but trying to connect it to that stupid “epa”, tailing lake spill…on the “ANIMAS” river no less!!!!!! orange snow if it ever froze. somebody posted this twain quote recently, (you know who you are and dog bless you!) but it bares repeating…”truth is stranger than fiction…because fiction has to make sense!”…speaking of animas, how’s yours today?

  • Gnome chimpsky…I think that carl jung and neil young would say our unconscious was trying to tell us that our thoughts were as polluted as our rivers…

  • Robert Callaghan@

    OK, if you can really handle the depopulation issue, then tell me what do you think of this guy? He also has several more videos and main page on You Tube.

    Please, by all means let me know what you think.

  • @ Martin

    You state: “we’re all to blame, at least i will die before you because im on hunger strike, death before dishonor”

    I’m not yet clear as to whether this is something you are deadly serious about or not. But let’s assume you are, though I suspect you’re not.

    I am an avid faster. I have fasted between 10-14 days every spring for the last ten years. Once anyone makes it past the first few days—generally three—a whole new reality opens up in regards to being able to let go a great many things.

    I am of the opinion that for those who are privileged enough today to experiment with it, one of the most self-possessed approaches to the reality of our inevitable mass starvation, can be found through long term fasting, whether one sees it as a form of suicide or not.

    Fasting can be seen as sort of a handshake with death while being very much alive, because you’re actually in the process of dying. While it’s easy to perceive fasting as being primarily a physical experience, it’s almost wholly psychological.

    Fasting is truly an exercise in the idea of “free your mind and your ass will follow”……quite literally.

    My unsolicited advice Martin, if this is something you’re serious about, I would recommend the ‘Master Cleanse’ ( just google it). This will allow you to basically function in life while you’re gradually starving yourself to death. It will allow you to tie up whatever loose ends remain in your life, and say your goodbyes in a fully, if not heightened cognitive state.

    Equal parts Grade B Maple syrup and lemon juice and cayenne pepper to taste. Start with drinking two courts of this lemonade a day and nothing else other than water, and then slowly start to ween yourself off around day ten. This way, you’ll avoid the headaches, dizziness and body cramping. As long as you aren’t doing heavy lifting, you can go 60-90 days. By that time, there will be almost nothing left of you, but your mind will remain surprisingly lucid throughout the process. You will also need to do a one quart salt oral flush every day as well, otherwise you’ll cease having bowl movements.

    But don’t kid yourself Martin, the end of your life through starvation will be very painful no matter how you go about it.

    So, it all depends on how you want to go out Martin. If you’ve chosen a hunger strike knowing it can only end with your death, the only question that remains is how long you want to drag it out. If you’re looking for a quick end, then just avoid drinking water, you’ll be dead within several days. Or you could just drive to the desert and go on a long hike on a very hot day, out in the middle of nowhere without any water and you won’t make it through the night.

    But whatever you choose to do Martin, spend at least several months thinking it through first. Don’t do it out depression or anger. Don’t be bitter or disappointed, because if you are, then you’re most likely making the right decision but for all the wrong reasons, and that will make a difference for those you leave behind.

    Probably one of most important decisions we have left to make, is how we approach death. I think starving oneself is an admirable choice, but make sure it’s a decision not made out of fear and desperation, but is something you truly believe in, and have seriously thought through.

    But if you’ve reached a point in your life, where you have come to see starving yourself to death as being a symbolic ethical act, why not fast for 5 to 10 days first, and see how you feel. Just this will be somewhat of a life changing event, which will help put a great many things in perspective. If at the end of this trial fast, you are still convinced that death by starvation is something you wish to follow through with, well, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re dealing with, and will be better able to plan accordingly.

    Best of luck to you Martin….with whatever you choose.

  • ‘pure curiosity and thrill to become one of the last witnesses of human demise… I’m definitely a prepper, but one that is bereft of illusions.’

    snowstormguy, i suspect your enthusiasm to be a ‘last witness’ to the coic (collapse of ind. civ.) is a definite sign u’re still illusioned about some things (as i suspect we all are). i suspect it’s going to be a nightmare, like a front row seat to genocidal warfare or a modern ‘efficient’ industrial animal slaughterhouse. won’t take long for the thrill to become a chill/kill/ill u won’t enjoy

    thanks for sharing, grant.

  • BETA asks: what do you think? ….ten years ago, I didn’t believe in ANY conspiracies. now I believe in every one that I have ever heard.