by the virgin terry

in his autobiography, PROVIDENCE, daniel quinn wrote of a fascinating life altering experience of his. i don’t remember many of the details he wrote of. it was in his youth, at a monastery in a beautiful natural setting. i don’t recall what, if anything, brought it on. it seems it came on essentially spontaneously, ‘out of the blue’. suddenly, everything shone brightly, and… as i said, i can’t recall much else other than it made a very profound impression. perhaps it was divine revelation. he had a sense that everything, nature itself, was living. weird, huh? no doubt this experience led him to become the famous author of ISHMAEL many years later, a book well known by many nbl readers for it’s observation/critique of what i’ll moralistically term ‘human depravity’, our self-centered pillage/rape of other species and ‘mother earth’. he made this judgement with much more grace, eloquence, and articulation than my poor mind can convey. good for him. good for us.

the point i’m failing to get across is that apparently i’m not the only one with experience of an overwhelming revelation, seemingly completely spontaneous, out of the blue. if memory serves, mine was on the very last school day of my 6th grade year, placing it in june of 1970. i was 11 years old/young. on the schoolbus going home, sitting by a close(?) chum. suddenly, i felt completely alienated from the self i thought i was just a moment ago. alienated and psychologically bereft, bewildered, isolated, unable to connect with my past or present. i suddenly felt fraudulent, unable to maintain my past personality (although i vainly tried to for decades) and unable to cope with this surreally strange, disturbing, puzzling development. perhaps at the time i hoped it might just be a passing thing, but it wasn’t. it’s remained with me ever since. it dramatically changed the course of my life. (for the worse).

i’m still struggling to come to terms with it, but i think now, some 45 years later, i’ve finally found a new (if unhappy) identity that seems a good fit. i’ve become a very disenchanted, disillusioned, still alienated (with the cold comfort of at least now having a rationale for being alienated, the relief of knowing that perhaps alienation is a sign of sanity in an insane society), still isolated (again with the comfort of knowing i’m not alone in this experience, thanks to the internet and comments from others to radical blogs/sites like nbl), heartbroken ‘doomer’. perhaps i’ve been all these things deep down for all of the past 45 years, ever since my strange and terrible ‘revelation’ (i’ll use quotation marks here to allow that there may well be some rational explanation for what happened to me, well beyond my poor comprehension). perhaps it’s just taken me 45 years to gain all the knowledge and understanding required to begin to put into words, something which appears to be insane, like this world we live in/on/whatever. perhaps at the age of 11 i became a ‘doomer’, having had a revelation of doom that only decades later makes any sense at all.

i think that for the vast majority of time i’m still in deep denial or forgetfulness (of ‘doom’). i think this is probably necessary to go on living, to not become overcome by suicidal despair. but there are now times when, as much as it can, i suppose, it sort of makes sense now, my ‘revelation’.

i highly doubt that without my ‘revelation’, i’d be a ‘doomer’ today. i might be a lot happier and a whole lot more clueless. i may never have developed as an independent, critical thinker, a radical, philosophical anarchist, a ‘conspiracy nut/theorist’, and a ‘doomer’. (deep sigh) in other words, i’m a ‘doomer’ by default. i’ve had no choice in the matter. i didn’t choose to be born, nor did i choose my revelation, or this clueless, crazy, cruel, and doomed civilization.

none of us has ever had any choice, have we? can any of u imagine that by sheer willpower u can change the present, or could have changed the past? can u/we change the future? i think not. whatever’s gonna happen is going to happen, whether any one likes it or not. like divine revelation, out of the blue, steamrolling any and all illusions in it’s path, a power none can comprehend, or deter. whatever god is, it’s it’s world/universe, baby. we’re all just along for the ride, passengers, not conductors.

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  • Terry – Thank you for the article. “steamrolling any and all illusions in it’s path, a power none can comprehend, or deter.” It is amazing that some people like McPherson & Beckwith take time to present the data when the facts look to dire to be worth telling anyone. please look to their web site events. Looking forward to promoting Guy McPherson speaking either Sat Nov 14 (4-6pm) or Monday 16th at 2pm – or both dates now in booking progress.

    When I return from dealing with Nuclear decommissioning problems in Vermont. A Dept of Homeland Security introduction supporting the serious evidence of NTE will be given before Dr. McPhersons lecture. Before the presentation we are organizing a half day professional TV crew to interview Guy on the steps of the Lincoln memorial. All NBL welcome to join & address issues you may want to provide for TV documentary.

    Decades ago I had Charlton Heston standing in front of the Natural History Museum mastodon in the lobby for his opening introduction for our PBS Environment TV series. This November it would be a great contrast to film Guy standing in the exact same location so we could cross cut from a ghost image of Heston to McPherson pointing out recent facts about environmental destruction & the progressing 6th mass extinction.

  • Beautifully articulated.

    Mine came at 16, when I finally saw the sheer volume of waste products generated by “the cost of doing business.”… HA! One small franchise in a chain of automotive supply stores…

    The immediate understanding that this was happening in every other building, everywhere… on a scale I couldn’t really ever truly comprehend was shocking… and that it continues to grow has made focussing on anything in daily life quite a chore.

    Almost impossible, really.

    And yet no one else sees this, let alone questions it. It’s welcomed with open arms and celebrated like it’s our birthright.

  • virgin terry, … and not just any ol’ revelation, but a “DIVINE” revelation – from Gawd, maybe?

    You sure are special & chosen, & you were only in the sixth grade when you were chosen.

    And you have known ever since.

    And these powerful divine revelations come “out of the blue, steamrolling any all illusions in it’s path, a power none can comprehend, or deter. whatever god is.”

    “Getting the right ideas from heaven;” so to speak, as in Christian Science.

    Mystical divinity of the true believer steamrolling everything standing-in-the-way commands lifelong trust & respect.

    “It can’t be horseshit because it’s divine!”

    St. Paul, Billy Graham, Swedenborg, Milton Friedman, & centuries of Popes, were always having profound revelations with impeccable divine pedigrees.

    Reverend James Haggee has all kinds of divine revelations “out of the blue” every day just after breakfast.

    Did Hilarious have similar infallible divine revelations out of the blue directing her to destroy Libya & waste “dictator” Gaddahfi?

    Bushie-the-younger quips that he has regular “revelations” from the all powerful Christian Gawd about how to do Gawd’s work advancing democracy here on earth?

    Bobo Netanyahu has divine revelations both “out of the blue” & from his Abrahamic Gawd giving him “divine” justification to murder Iranians for Israeli state expansion?

    Mystical divinity removes all doubt for the true believer.

    Many of our worst mistakes come from a simple unexamined & “infallible” premise.

  • Virgin Terry, you are not alone. I’m glad that you’ve come to realize that after so many years. Chalk it up to another “pro” in the pro/con of the interwebs. One of the interesting things about the moments like the one you describe (i.e. revelation/consciousness) is that it is something that cannot be forced on anyone. Yes, we can expose each other to revelatory thought, but we cannot force someone to take it in or change. Two people can watch the slaughter of an animal, and one of those people might become a vegetarian for life on the spot, while the other feels unmoved. As Ram Dass says, you cannot rip the skin from the snake. It must molt it in its own due time. I saw a Navy veteran speak once about the moment he became a pacifist (I can’t remember his name now): He was standing on the deck of his aircraft carrier, looking out at the ocean, the beautiful sunset, the birds, thinking about what a glorious, humbling planet we live on. Then he watched as a guy came out with a large barrel of trash and simply dumped it over the side, into the water below. He became a pacifist in that instant, recognizing the direct connection of his circumstances immediately.

    I can’t say that I’ve had a “moment” like this. More like a series of revelations over the course of my life, and they continue.

    Thank you for your essay and for sharing yourself like that!

    “I don’t know where the sun beams end and the star light begins, it’s all a mystery. And I don’t know how a man decides what’s right for his
    own life, it’s all a mystery.” – The Flaming Lips

  • i think i smell feet.

  • Daniel, we’re having two different conversations here.

    You’re talking (complaining, actually) about people who are willfully unconscious. Fair enough. I’ve done my share of that sort of complaining, too.

    I’m talking about the legitimacy of using humor as a coping mechanism when you’re going to be hanged in the morning – gallows humor, if you will – or holocaust humor (of which there are many studies) – or apocalyptic humor generally.

    It’s one of the normative ways human beings deal with their angst, as (perhaps) the single species that has to spend time contemplating it’s own forthcoming death.

    Now, if such humor to you is UNSEEMLY on a forum devoted to NTE/NTHE, that’s your personal aesthetic judgement, and certainly you’re entitled to it – for you, but not for anyone else.

    There are any number of people here who are as funny as fuck – deliberately so – and a whole bunch more who are funny as fuck in spite of themselves. I appreciate them all – the conscious fools, and the unconscious ones too – because they add some chuckles to my day.

    So now, here’s a joke for you that I’ve re-purposed from another venue:

    Question: How many doomers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Answer: One…and there’s nothing funny about it.

  • Bob S.,

    With your August 12th, 2015 at 10:52 am comment you demonstrate a level of ignorance of the meaning of the word empirical, and the nature of scientific research, that approaches the ignorance evident in Gerald Spezio’s recent comments. I find it fascinating that people with so little knowledge about a particular subject will write with such alleged authoritative omniscience about it. Amazing.


    Of course following authority figures occurs naturally, and dominance and submission occur commonly in the animal kingdom, including human animals. (I discussed this in in my “Love, Power, and Dominance—For ASGs and ESGs” essay here: I just meant to emphasize that empathy and cooperation occur naturally, contrary to Robin Datta’s claim otherwise. (We could argue about which may occur most often in various contexts. In that case, based on the anthropology I have read to date, I would argue that lacking competition with each other for scarce resources, which throughout most of our history as a species has occurred largely due to greater population pressure than the carrying capacity of a local land base could provide, humans far more often than not strongly empathize and cooperate with each other rather than behave in the ways that Robin Datta insists we must. With population pressures that surpass carrying capacity, our social hierarchy struggles become life-or-death struggles for the biological and other physical necessities for life—-something most of us will soon experience in spades with the related mass famine, disease, violence, and so on. But, even in this kind of dire situation, numerous examples exist of attachment bonds taking precedence over various individuals’ needs for food, water, sex, or shelter, which demonstrates the importance and power of attachment and empathy.)

    Regarding your August 12th, 2015 at 7:51 pm comment, (1) No, I do NOT have any fantasy of any utopian egalitarian past, I have no commitment to any such fantasy, nor do I wish to promote any such fantasy. Indeed, over the past year I have written extensively about exactly the opposite—-and thus received much verbal abuse from many who comment here who do push such ideas about our human past, so I find it difficult to understand how or why you might make such a claim concerning things that I do not fantasize. (2) No, my essays related to attachment theory and empathy, and my efforts with EF ESGs and ASGs, do not represent an “obsession with control and further human self-regard.” I just wish to provide some guidance for myself, based on our biology as animals, in how I might live in more loving ways during the horrors as collapse continues to unfold. In that process I sometimes share what I have learned with others in case they may have an interest—-and of course many do not have any interest. If you wish to interpret this as “an obsession with control” (or misinterpret it that way), fine. (3) I have no desire, intention, or plan to fix anyone or anything. If some people find the things I write about, helpful, fine. If others do not, fine once again. (4) The point about “involving no effort” relates to the nature of how emotional change occurs within us, a subtle but important point regarding our psychology and how we best promote that change in non-directed ways. For sure, getting there—-learning how to create the conditions within ourselves for those spontaneous emotional changes to occur, and helping others to do the same, especially when coming from our society, requires significant forceful, persistent effort.

    kevin moore,

    Regarding your August 12th, 2015 at 4:08 pm comment, do you really, seriously mean to suggest that the Maori groups you refer to did not survive based on their profoundly cooperative social nature because of the empathy between the group’s infants and their caregivers, and childhood and adult attachment bonds between the different family and group members? Evolutionary processes presumably did NOT give the Maori mirror neurons for their survival as social animals as they did other humans? And so, within families and tribes, deceit, bribery, murder, rape and so on occurred much more often than not, and yet, miraculously, they somehow survived? Okay. If you insist. You know vastly more about Maori family life than ever will. Sorry, Kevin, I see little that you have written here in the form of either evidence or reasoning that argues in any meaningful way against the fundamental importance of attachment theory and empathy in the survival of children, adults, families, and within tribes in general. Again, if you prefer for yourself, your family, and friends and to treat each other in those Lord of the Flies ways during the time you have left, by all means do so. I do not.

    Regarding your August 12th, 2015 at 5:11 pm, Part 2, I feel deeply sorry for the trauma and losses you have suffered—far more than the trauma and losses I have suffered to date (even though I did come extremely close to killing myself about 35 years ago)—and I have great respect for your survival and your efforts. You have exerted far more effort at working to correct some of our many social ills than I have made to date and probably ever will! While your Part 1 does not do so, much of your Part 2 poignantly supports many of the points I have tried to make. The fact that our profoundly pathologically sick, narcissistic, immediate-gratification-oriented, high-energy, collapsing society often forces people to behave in ways that dramatically contradict our needs for attachment and empathy does not mean that we do not have those attachment needs, that we have little or no capacity for empathy, or that we should not meet each other’s attachment needs often with empathy, which you have sometimes seemed to suggest. To me, our self-annihilation predicament suggests that I would best maximize my attachments to and empathy with others during the little time I have left. Meanwhile, you and some other readers here certainly remain free to consider this focus on love, excellence, empathy, and attachment during the little time we have left “facile nonsense” if you wish. A massive amount of highly competent clinical and nonclinical psychological and neuroscience work over the past 50 years, and especially the past 20 years, demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of attachment theory, empathy, and emotion-focused therapy.

  • Thanks for the revealing essay Terry. I had a comment but it got eaten by the capcha thing. I realized then that my response isn’t necessary and that it doesn’t make any difference what I think.

    Here’s a thought for the gang today:

    August 13th is Earth Overshoot Day this year – In less than eight months, humanity has used up nature’s budget for the entire year


    In less than eight months, humanity has used up nature’s budget for the entire year, with carbon sequestration making up more than half of the demand on nature, according to data from Global Footprint Network, an international sustainability think tank with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

    Global Footprint Network tracks humanity’s demand on the planet (Ecological Footprint) against nature’s ability to provide for this demand (biocapacity). Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s annual demand on nature exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. Earth Overshoot Day has moved from early October in 2000 to August 13th this year.

    The costs of this ecological overspending are becoming more evident by the day, in the form of deforestation, drought, fresh-water scarcity, soil erosion, biodiversity loss and the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The latter will significantly amplify the former, if current climate models are correct. [here the author injects the usual hopium nonsense, but it’s a good read nonetheless]

  • Peter Gabriel wrote a lyric in a song called ‘Here Comes the Flood’, that seemed to describe this sudden switch quite well.

    When the flood calls
    You have no home, you have no walls
    In the thunder crash
    You’re a thousand minds, within a flash
    Don’t be afraid to cry at what you see
    The actors gone, there’s only you and me
    And if we break before the dawn, they’ll
    use up what we used to be.

    That song is what let me know I wasn’t the first person to ever have the radical, instantaneous change in consciousness that you describe in your essay virgin terry.

    I’ll never understand why more of us never got this switch. Things might have been different if we’d all had our consciousness spontaneously raised, instead of just so very few of us.

  • Years ago I came across a Vedic term for this sudden change in consciousness. I’ve never been able to remember the term, but I remember its description. It described a specific stage in the raising of one’s consciousness where an instantaneous change takes place in the psyche of the person.

    Where one might have previously been like a bad schoolboy throwing sticks at dogs and running amok with little regard for anything but the self, this sudden switch in perception left one with a profound respect for all life outside of the self. One was left literally unable to hurt a fly, or willingly harm another life, or to be a disruption to the natural world of which we are (or were) an intrinsic part.

    The thing I’ve never figured out is why such an amazingly beneficial mechanism would exist in our consciousness, and yet only affect so very few people. It seemed obvious that if all of humanity was capable of such a radical shift in perception, then why wouldn’t nature pull that switch in all our minds and save herself from destruction at the hands of humankind.

    ”Yogi, what is enlightenment like”, asks the boy?
    The old yogi takes off his heavy pack and straightens his weary back for a moment.
    “Yogi, then what is it like after enlightenment”, asks the boy again?
    The old yogi once again takes up the heavy pack and carries on walking up the mountain.

  • “Let me be honest.”
    NO! FUCK NO! I want lies, all lies.”

  • @Tom

    Thanks for all the cogent links you provide for us readers. Some are great to learn from and others fun to debunk.

    My personal WAG would be Jan 5 or maybe 15 considering Fukushima, fracking, Amazon no longer a heat sink, etc..

    “However, it is not clear whether a sustained level of overuse is possible without significantly damaging long-term biocapacity, with consequent impacts on consumption and population growth.”

    Not clear? This is a wonderful summation of the current doublespeak attitude in the Green Tech hopium world. All we need are more Priuses ( Prii? ).

  • I meant Amazon no longer a CARBON sink.

  • Sheesshhhh ….

    What self-obsfucating and confusing trollop!

    You are right virgin terry, in that none of us asked to be born. That would presume each of us had at that juncture (the time of our
    physical conception) the same level of consciousness we now each currently possess.

    We are each here at *this particular time* (including you virgin
    terry), because our Soul understood and chose our time now on Earth as THE right place and time to learn the most vital lessons before progressing to ‘the next level’.

    IMHO virgin terry, methinks you have spent entirely too large a chunk of time of your life thinking about your*self*, to the exclusion of numerous even more important things, not the least of which being …

    1.- Learning the lessons your Soul chose *being here now* to accomplish.

    2.- Coming to the realization that there is no better time (your Soul
    chose it!) than now to spend the remainder of your life in service
    to others.

    3.- Loving and nurturing yourself so that you may do the same to/for

    Clear-cutting the majority of the Amazon rain forest was certainly a bad move on the part of humanity virgin terry, but in your particular case, again IMHO, I believe you are unable to see the trees for the forest.

    Do some serious ‘clear-cutting’ of your own. Sit down the baggage you have been carrying for SO long. Open it up. Examine it. Jettison the stuff that is no longer of use/help to/for you. Move ahead. Don’t look back. Love yourself. Love others. Smile and enjoy it!

    The End

  • At the largely unknown Institute for Consciousness Lowering, we teach/suggest that bewildered & struggling pilgrims listen to their profound revelations & deeply felt intuitions, but never trust them.

    Lt. Calley’s consciousness was raised to 5 sigma by his intuitions & revelations that the gaunt terrified My Lai peasants, including their sobbing children, were up to no good & the best solution was to waste their worthless gook asses.

    Besides Lt. Calley had orders Captain Medina, who had orders from Gen. Koster, who had orders from Gen. Westmoreland, who had orders from Gawd.

    Yabut, is it true?

  • While reading Ayn Rand on the potty in 1991, supreme economic guru, Larry Summers, had a profound revelation.

    Larry Baby just plain “knew” that economic truth had been revealed to him by a higher power.

    Larry’s revealed economic axioms were pure categorical untainted infallible economic gospel.

    Summers argued that the subject of economics was no longer up for debate.

    The final answers had all been found by elite trained economists like him.

    “The laws of economics are like the laws of engineering,” he said.

    “One set of laws works everywhere.”

    Summers subsequently laid out those laws as the three, “zations”;

    privati-zation, stabili-zation and liberali-zation.

    Some “genius ideas,” he explained a few years later in a PBS interview, have already become too “passé” for discussion.

    When you have the inside track to the whole monkey, you just “know” it.

  • Mark Austin. SAID: “it would be a great contrast to film Guy standing in the exact same location so we could cross cut from a ghost image of Heston to McPherson pointing…”

    Sure, why not just simply dress McPherson in a pair of old sandals, a dusty looking toga, a long flowing white beard, then have him hold an upraised lightning-tipped staff which is pointed at the latest CO2 content figures, and I think that you’ll have your shot!

  • the virgin terry,

    You are a mystic.

    Most everyone is to some degree.

    Lots of things are mystical too, but some things stop being mystical, which is the other side of the misty coin.

    Some things are made mystical so as to spread uncertainty and doubt.

    Some things end up being mystical, even to learned professors.

    Such as when gravity melts like ice (Peak Sea Level – 3).

  • @Gerald Spezio

    It’s interesting that you reduce the science and study of mind and consciousness into magic, and wrongly assume it refers to some ridiculous theistic nonsense along the lines of Christianity, or maybe the other silly supernatural religions.

    Long before people became obsessed with studying tiny atoms and having fun blowing shit up, they had at one point studied the mind and its behaviors. It’s really all quite empirical stuff, based on observation, experiment, and study. It was the study of human thinking and behavior, a study undertaken long, long ago, by some very much wiser people than are alive today. This study of mind is discouraged in today’s world because it’s simply too empowering, so it has been belittled by modern authorities. Gee, I wonder why?

    You do know that, under certain stimulus, a grasshopper can be forced to undergo a literal genetic activation, where it’s appendages change shape, it’s color turns brown, and it changes from a passive grass eater into a psychopathic, aggressive locust. That’s what was being studied by the Vedics; observed transformations in humans. It was an empirical study, not a magical supposition like Christianity.

    Shifts in human consciousness and awareness have nothing to do with spirits, or gawds, or the supernatural at all. It’s as much a part of nature as the metamorphosis of a butterfly. As you mock what seems to be a misunderstood concept for you, you are the one who appears to be the one steeped in a worldview of religious confusion and nonsense, for or against. Some of us appear to be speaking of something completely different from what your ego thinks we’re addressing. However, feel free to enjoy your woo woo religious take on what we’re actually trying to talk about here.

    Mormons think they have revelations too, everyday. However, that’s a very different thing from the shift in conscious awareness that we’re addressing here. Get with the program. George W conscious? … give me a break.

  • tvt,

    I understand what you’re saying, though it feels like I’m seeing it in a mirror.

    I had a similar “Aha!” moment when I grokked the implications of Peak Oil in 2004. The shift probably took no more than 10 seconds, but it provided a forklift upgrade to my perceptions that lased for 10 years. For the next decade I groomed my doomerhood, with the obligatory discarding of wives and friends, the delivery of graphics-heavy PowerPoint lectures, and the writing of endless impassioned polemics posted to a website few ever read. I became an expert in Excel, sarcasm and ironic cultural references. I was heavy, man. At least in my own mind.

    Then a couple of years ago I read a badly written, self-congratulatory, partially plagiarized paper on non-equilibrium thermodynamics by a rock-and-roll porn impresario Rod Swenson, and had another epiphany. This one led me down the rabbit-hole of root-cause essentialism, at the bottom of which I found a small gathering of renegade biologists, evolutionary psychologists and thermodynamicists all caught under the spell of Erwin Schroedinger.

    From them I learned that free will is an illusion, that natural selection drives absolutely fucking everything, and that we couldn’t be any different than we are even if we wanted to be. The benefit of my entrancement was that I found a way to stop hating and blaming others for playing their roll-of-the-dice role in the pageant of life. The cost was that I had to give up thinking of myself as an agent of change, and accept the role of an automaton, a meat robot. That was sufficiently contrarian to keep me happy for another couple of years.

    Then just a few months ago – another epiphany. This one was personal. I realized that I had spent my entire life being someone I am not, for a variety of banal early-childhood reasons. Better yet, I discovered who I might actually be – the personality that emerges naturally from my history and inner wiring. This realization is still somewhat essentialist of course, but no matter – the new version of me is a much more comfortable fit than the persona I’d been wearing for 64 years.

    It appears that my doom and gloom, sarcasm and snark, fatalism and defeatism are lifting. Yes, we’re probably fucked, but then we always were – life feeds on death, after all. Yes, some people are aristocrats and some are serfs, but Ian Morris (“Foragers, Farmers and fossil Fuels – How Human Values Evolve”) is currently enlightening me on how that whole hierarchy/patriarchy thing works. And we’re driving a lot of our planet-mates to extinction – that’s a hard and sad awareness, but utterly normal over planetary time.

    So now I see the whole show in all its grand and gory detail. But you know what? It’s amazing to be alive right here, right now. I will tread as lightly on the earth as I can, and watch in wide-eyed awe as the spectacle unfolds. I will find joy where there is joy, sadness where there is sadness, but leave the anger and blame by the side of the road. I prefer to fill my pockets with the forgiveness that comes from understanding.

    Oh, and I mustn’t forget the love. After all, it’s all that remains…

  • babajingo@ SAID:

    “some video about how world governments are controlling their populations with fluoridated water…”

    Get a clue! It’s a long time established ‘fact’ that the winning side in WWII had immediately placed fluoride in both the food supplies and drinking water of the three main Axis countries for the expressed purpose of promoting population control. Or, are you silly enough to still believe that then might have done that because they had actually been worried about their dental health?

  • BETA – let’s have a toga party in the capitol of corrupt Empire! Bring a fiddle & matches. We “cast” Heston in 98 because it was the only way to get the NRA staunch capitalist to watch. Hoping to host Guy in Miami early 2016 after my D.C. contract is done. He’s fun & I bet he’d do a bit on TV in a snorkel next to model of South Beach hotels getting hit by waves. Talk about going down under before it’s all over!

    ARTLEADS – I started to watch the video you posted of bacteria in co-operation. It’s long but interesting so I will watch more on the long train ride up to Boston tomorrow. Mutant Tardigrades inherit our radioactive Earth after our demise. Wonder if we can genetically alter extremeophiles to have enough cognition & information processing not to be as dumb as humans. Rudimentary Intelligence not to waste the planet…especially with nuclear waste we don’t really have a long term answer for moving it beyond Vernon Vermont Yankee plant.

    Most interesting part of the trip will probably be meeting LIDIA.

  • Thanks for your thoughts Terry. I cannot put a date on mine but know it came from watching the meadows and fields I had played on as a child get covered in concrete and asphalt when I was about 13. I visited the district 20 years later: a further concentric ring of dysfunction had been added to Southampton. And 20 years later yet another. Like the red weed in War of the Worlds, urbanisation chokes everything……and eventually everyone. Unlike in War of the Worlds, there will be no bacterial salvation for humanity, and the madness will continue until the energy required to make and shift concrete and asphalt is unavailable.

    Living on a doomed planet which is controlled by maniacs is not my idea of fun. Being an independent thinker adds to the burden.

    Tony Hancock ‘always knew he was somehow different from the rest’.

    It’s the blood, you see:

  • Using the word, extinction, in his title; Robert Scribbler just posted a discussion of deadly world wide toxic algae blooms & the emerging oceanic hydrogen sulfide monster in our gasping & dying oceans.

  • WTSHTF = fecal mist torrent patterns.

    Worldwide Tadpole Virus!!! How the end begins!

    My comments were unwelcome for the following link.

  • So glad the virgin terry popped the cherry again!

  • Bodhi: “Better yet, I discovered who I might actually be – ”

    Not being “something”, but being BEING itself, sans descriptors. The SUCHNESS or THUSNESS of the manifest (apparent) world: everything just as it is to be. One is obliged to act in accordance with the laws of Nature and does so even when it seems entirely ono’s own volition.

    There is no change, improvement, decrement or shift in consciousness. The bucket metaphor from the Taitteriya ufanishad can be helpful in this regard. Sunlight reflected off the surface of the water in many buckets gives the appearance of a sun (conscious being) in each of those buckets. Buckets are bodies, waters are brains, the surfaces are minds. The sunlight itself cannot be seen as it streams down from the sky towards the buckets. While itself manifesting no shape or colour, it can assume every shape and colour.

    “Awareness “of””is consciousness after it has assumed a particular form; in its original state it has no “of”. When illuminating the meat robot, it assumes the form of the body-mind complex (bucket+water+surface) and is for most persons indistinguishable from their body-mind complex. Hence they believe in their individuality (“I”-ness) and identify themselves as meat robots. But some have pointed a way to acquire discernment: “Blessed are pure of heart, for they shall see God”.

  • virgin terry thank you for sharing your story. My ‘revelation’ came much later in life than yours. For the longest time I sincerely believed if we just get the message out there about overpopulation (and its deleterious effect on other species), over consumption, climate change, etc., folks would pick up on it and change their behavior. WRONG!

    It took me until the early 2000s to finally wake up to the reality that most people don’t want to know. In fact, one is likely to encounter hostility or derision for even broaching the topic. Ever since my ‘awakening’ I’ve known we’d do ourselves in. I assumed the end would come in a few hundred years as we drew down the planet’s natural reserves and its ability to absorb the waste products of industrial civilization. Now I know it will likely occur much sooner than that, perhaps as soon as 2030.

    In short, the biggest disappointment in my life has been finding out just how irrational and delusional we are as a species. It leaves me stupefied.

  • BETA: The important thing is, the WW2 fluoridation experiment worked! We no longer have a population problem. Also, I thought the fluoridation thing was a communist conspiracy to poison US. All I know is I’ve never had a cavity. And I’m fertile as hell (unfortunately). Give me a fucking break.

    By the way, I have on good authority that Kevin Galalae is a disinformation agent for the NWO. Don’t tell anyone. I wish I could tell you how I know, but that would get me in trouble.

  • been visiting here for years
    I like it here because anybody can say anything
    just try not to say it more than twice-a-day

  • @Bud, just look at this one headline of yours that caught my attention:

    What do we wish to accomplish emotionally with empathy?

    I dunno Bud, what is it that YOU wish to accomplish? I don’t wish to accomplish one god-damned thing in this regard. Either you have empathy or you don’t. I don’t sit down and calculate what it is that I want to OBTAIN from somebody else with this or that emotion or behavior. Who does that? Actually, don’t answer that question.

    Sitting through some grueling workshop is not going to give somebody empathy, except empathy for those who have to sit through grueling workshops. Lo and behold, I already have that empathy! Look at all the trouble I saved everybody.

    Here’s the thing, Bud.. and I want you to consider this seriously. It is not an attack on you personally, because this applies to everyone:

    You think that the world needs more cultish psycho-seminars because YOU enjoy them, and they are important to YOU. It is your selfishness that is at the core of your efforts.

    The same thing for Guy: he goes around teaching, because he needs to teach. The answer for him lies in teaching; he obviously can’t stop. What he enjoys is at the core of what he thinks is important to do.

    That filmmaker thinks the answer has to lie in making films, because that’s what he likes to do, not because it will actually help the world any if he does it.

    The only thing that would help the world apart from suicide is if we all stayed home with the lights out. We know that, but none of us here do that. We keep doing what WE WANT to do. I have fun debating so I pop in and challenge things (but I hardly insist that everyone do this).

    Here’s another example Dave Cohen came across:

    Unsurprisingly, computer programmers decide that the way to end global poverty is by writing more computer programs.

    This is obviously how we are made. I’d rather accept that empirical evidence and work my future expectations around real human behavior than base them on some sort of aspired-to falseness that exists only in religious contexts (psychology and technology numbering among the religious endeavors).

  • How about some empathy for cockroaches?


    NEW YORK—Expressing concerns over dwindling resources and the preservation of the environment for future generations, an adult male American cockroach was reportedly worried Thursday about what kind of kitchen cupboard he was leaving to his children. “I look at the state of this cupboard right now and see how young my nymphs are, and I’m terrified there won’t be enough graham cracker crumbs left when they’re grown up,” said the insect, adding that he sincerely hoped his offspring would have the same opportunities to safely skitter around in dark cracks and crevices behind the containers of flour and rice that he had always enjoyed. “Sometimes I lie awake wondering whether the Quaker Oatmeal Squares will still be here when I’m gone, or whether my generation has been too wasteful with the brown sugar leaking out of the plastic bag. After all, this cupboard is the only home we’ve got.” At press time, the cockroach was reportedly grappling with the ethical dilemma of bringing several hundred children into such a cupboard in the first place.

  • @tvt, thanks for sharing those interesting moments.

    I’ve had at least four odd experiences: the most interesting was when I was walking across a long bridge and not thinking about much of anything when I started to feel that I could perceive all the trajectories of all the cars, trucks, airplanes and pedestrians, birds, all at the same time, moving about the entire planetary globe in an infinite number of unique speeds and trajectories. I really “saw” this for a moment, but then it faded away. If it had descended to the level of critters and microbes I probably would have gone insane! ;-)

    It didn’t change my life from that day to the next, but it did give me the understanding that we filter out a great deal of what we *could* be perceiving, at the same time our brains can have glitches just like other parts of our bodies, and generate hallucinations. I don’t think of these things as supernatural or beyond human biology to generate for us; I believe that is wishful thinking on the part of some.

    Other strange thing that I can recall are: my bed growing to an infinite size with me remaining on one corner of it (this happened more than once when I was a kid). Hearing everyone on the subway train simultaneously as though they were speaking in tongues, Babel-like. After a strenuous ballroom dance, feeling as though I were deeply in love with everyone in the room; it brought me to tears.

    I wonder if there are people who have *never* had odd sensations?

  • A Moonscape Totally Devoid of Vegetation !!

    Hooray for the Humans and Fuck the Seagulls !!

  • Robin,

    Maybe. That’s all I can say with certainty any more. Maybe

    The position you describe is one among hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of positions, each of which has been taken at some point. Positions come and go as life keeps on flowing by. What interests me now is the view from this position. Drink it in, savour it, for it will never be again. Do I move on, or does life?

    See you later, alligator.

  • Lidia.

    ‘I’d rather accept that empirical evidence and work my future expectations around real human behavior than base them on some sort of aspired-to falseness that exists only in religious contexts (psychology and technology numbering among the religious endeavors).’

    Me too.

    What I find so exasperating about Bud is that he seems so enamoured with his attachment theories etc. he doesn’t seem to comprehend what people write in response.

    I clearly stated that humans have evolved to have great empathy for those who are closely genetically related and to vigorously compete with those who are not.

    Bud comes back at me with comments about the great empathy between closely related humans, and presents that as evidence that most humans behave with empathy to all humans most of the time.

    I know I might as well talk to the wall or to my neighbours cat, but here’s one more attempt at presenting reality:

    The island of Rapa Nui is one of the most isolated in the world. The relatively small number of Polynesians who discovered it around 1000 years ago were fairly closely genetically related. All was fine until the human population began to reach the carrying capacity of the land and surrounding waters.

    To cut a long story short, various cults connected with statues and birds emerged, the various semi-tribal factions on the island began to increasing squabble, and as conditions got worse a lack-of-resources-generated civil war erupted, in which cannibalism became commonplace.

    With money-lenders, corporate executives, corrupt, bought-and-paid -for politicians and opportunists in control, most of the planet is progressively being converted into a multitude of mega-Rapa-Nuis.

    I have already pointed out that the tiny Maori population that arrived in NZ grew and grew, and exterminated large flightless birds in a matter of a few hundred years, and being short of food, squabbled and fought wars for the occupation of the best land; clubbing one another to death, taking slaves…..just as has happened in practically every other region of the world.

    Perhaps Walt Disney is to blame for narratives that are so very detached from reality.

    I do want to point out that a dog-eat-dog world is very much NOT what I wish for. However, that is the way the world is.

    Not exactly right but near enough:

  • I would like to give a whole-hearted recommendation for a new book by Ian Morris: “Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels: How Human Values Evolve”. Morris is a an Englisman who teaches archaeology, classics and history at Stanford. He’s an engaging writer and a deep/broad thinker. The book carries a very strong aroma of truth, but be warned that it presents a variety of challenges to our usual understanding of morality.

    Fundamental long-term changes in values, Morris argues, are driven by the most basic force of all: energy. Humans have found three main ways to get the energy they need–from foraging, farming, and fossil fuels. Each energy source sets strict limits on what kinds of societies can succeed, and each kind of society rewards specific values. In tiny forager bands, people who value equality but are ready to settle problems violently do better than those who aren’t; in large farming societies, people who value hierarchy and are less willing to use violence do best; and in huge fossil-fuel societies, the pendulum has swung back toward equality but even further away from violence.

    Morris describes his approach to knowledge as reductionist (as is all scholarship in his view), materialist, essentialist, universalist, functionalist and evolutionist. I resonate with them all. Others will not. Such is life.

  • humans will get the energy they need…through other humans…slavery! Proven to work for 10,000 years.

  • It is not so much a “revelation” to “discover” you are separate from all other beings,
    (which is physically untrue since we are all merely atoms, however intellectually in humans separation is very true), as it is the moment a person has a psychic break with all creation around her/him.

    Humans excel at this “revelation”, this separateness/apartness and from everyone including other humans. They live it every day and it is the foundation of our and every other living creature’s impending demise. It is how men were able to create weapons of mass destruction. They feel they are separate from those they plan on destroying horribly. They rejoice in it. Some few are saddened by it.

    However, there are those who do not consider such separate consciousness as ideal.
    People like the Peace Pilgrim, Dalai Lama, Kwan Yin (, Amma (, thich-nhat-hanh(, Pema Chodron (, as well as the Mbuti Bush Pygmies of the Congo ( who sing to the forest sprit to commune with it and they see the forest not merely as their home but as their mother and father and children, part of them. These handful of people above are the teachers we need to go to who can help us relearn connection to the life around us and to each other. Because as long as we embrace our isolation as a “revelation” and see it as being “conscious” we will suffer and hurt everyone we come in contact with including ourselves.

    There is a video game, Star Craft, Heart of the Swarm, in which a Hive Queen (yes, think Starship troopers or Ender’s Game) feels sorry for the pathetic humans who live isolated from each other, alone in their thoughts and misery. She wishes she can help them by taking their essence and then killing them off, effectively ending their isolation and pain.

    I laughed hard when she said that.
    We are doing it ourselves. Because we forgot we are all Stardust. Eternally connected.

  • @ed, that is hilarious!

    @Canoe Monster.. also hilarious. Black. Not white, black. Okey dokey, then…!

  • this song could be the National Anthem for Free Marketism, aka Disaster Capitalism, or simply capitalism;

    Please note the authors and the First Verse:

    Authors: Writer(s): Sigmund Romberg, Cole Porter, Billie Holiday, Arthur Herzog, Patty Smith Hill, Arthur Herzog Jr, Compte de Reserve, Mildred J. Hill, ArthurHerzog Jr, Howard Greenfield

    1st verse:

    Them that’s got shall have
    Them that’s not shall lose
    So the Bible says and it still is news
    Mama may have, Papa may have
    ut God bless the child that’s got his own, that’s got his own

    Still news huh?

    God Bless The Child:

  • TVT

    Another view, which maybe half the people in the world would support, is that of karmic arising from previous rebirths. You may have been a meditator or had some other different consciousness types of experiences in past lives.

    This line of thought has been very thoroughly drilled out of people in the West, even though the story goes that Jesus arose from the dead. Most people intuitively understand karma however, and it has become an accepted line of thinking in the West. Comes around, goes around etc. Not sure if this change may have been propagated in the media by the thieving overlords or not. It might have been done so that the patient proletariat would not seek revenge, but choose to wait and allow. It seems to be part of generally accepted kind of folksy mainstream thought now.

    In Buddhist philosophy karma and rebirth are taught together as one subject. The rebirth part is still a hard sell for most Westerners however.

  • I meant to say “but choose to wait and allow the functioning of the karmic action to take it’s course.”

  • Little White Ass Says:
    August 13th, 2015 at 11:02 am
    Years ago I came across a Vedic term for this sudden change in consciousness. I’ve never been able to remember the term, but I remember its description. It described a specific stage in the raising of one’s consciousness where an instantaneous change takes place in the psyche of the person.

    Its called a paradigm shift, a change in the way we look at the world, like the sudden realisation that the world was round, not flat,

    a renaissance

    Unfortunately, many will burn

  • Although Sheldrake would call it morphic resonance, but dont get me started on that

  • pauline wrote;

    “Humans excel at this “revelation”, this separateness/apartness and from everyone including other humans. They live it every day and it is the foundation of our and every other living creature’s impending demise. It is how men were able to create weapons of mass destruction. They feel they are separate from those they plan on destroying horribly. They rejoice in it. Some few are saddened by it.”

    What better example than the Manhattan project & the creation/development of nuclear power/fisson to vaporize tens of thousands of Japanese

    civilians in order win the war & further Western civilization with its “do unto others” Christian values.

    Opie, Szilard, Teller, Fermi, Kistiakowsky, Feynman, Einstein’s famous letter to Roosevelt … the best & the brightest …???

    Opie’s despairing angst (one could call it a revelation) at the demonstration of his paradigm shifting creativity; “I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

    On 16 July 1945, the first atomic bomb was exploded near Alamagordo, New Mexico. The American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the laboratory at Los Alamos where it had been built, who witnessed it, said later: ‘I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita… “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”’

    Oppenheimer was in fact slightly misquoting the epic Hindu poem. In the dialogue between the Kshatriya prince Arjuna and his divine charioteer Krishna, the god says:

    I am all-powerful Time which destroys all things, and I have come here to slay these men. Even if thou doest not fight, all the warriors facing thee shall die.


    Leo Szilard turned to biological research & never went near nuclear physics for the rest of his life.

    Because Opie’s reflection made him doubt both the professed “wisdom” & efficacy of his “revelation/creation,” Opie’s life was completely shattered by malicious right wing politics & blind winner-take-all yuppie lawyering.

    Opie’s enlightenment by the incredible power of the demonstration could be called a genuine revelation, but it sure didn’t come “out of the blue.”

  • @Robin: Hence they believe in their individuality (“I”-ness) and identify themselves as meat robots. But some have pointed a way to acquire discernment: “Blessed are pure of heart, for they shall see God”.


    Wait…aren’t you the sage who’s always telling everybody there is no “you”?

    So who’s the “they” in this little bit of Advaita borrowed from the Gospels preaching?

    And if someone is to be pure in heart, s/he has to have one first, no? So here ya’ go, Swamiji:

  • ‘Living on a doomed planet which is controlled by maniacs is not my idea of fun. Being an independent thinker adds to the burden.’ -kiwi kevin

    if one isn’t an independent thinker, isn’t one clueless re. doom and rule by maniacs? thanks, kevin, as usual, u sum things up neatly and concisely.

    thanks to the several who took the time to express their appreciation for this writing endeavor. i think perhaps a few readers were confused by the mention of 2 quite different ‘revelations’ mentioned, mine, and the author (guy’s interviewee on his most recent radio show) daniel quinn’s as described in his autobio. his was the more mystical, ‘nature is grand’ sort of revelation that might lead one directly to a pantheistic perspective. mine initially had nothing to do with any awareness of doom or any sudden enlightenment re. nature. on the contrary. the only reason i now make such a connection is because it jarred me out of the comfort zone of being/feeling/thinking ‘normal’ i had been in in my brief life up until then. it was like instantaneously i became a misfit, one without any choice other than to follow a solitary path of independent thought and discovery that ‘normal’ sheeple who easily fit in socially never have to tread. it’s not something i sought, expected, or understood, then or now. there was absolutely nothing intellectual about it. nothing rational. i thought it might make for some interesting discussion, how the fickle finger of fate can reach out and touch us, completely by surprise, anytime, anywhere, any way, demonstrating how fragile our surrealities are, how out of our control our own perceptions can be, subject to radical change at any moment. it’s humbling and mind opening, to say the least. if one can’t even control or predict one’s own moods or thoughts from one moment to the next, how much hubris/delusion is involved in thinking humans can or might one day control nature?

    perhaps a better explanation than ‘revelation’ for my experience was that it was simply a partial psychological collapse or ‘nervous breakdown’ that i never recovered from, perhaps triggered by anxiety about growing up, feeling unprepared for adult responsibilities…?

    a few days ago i placed an interlibrary loan request for daniel quinn’s autobio, hoping to have it on hand for reference prior to this essay’s publication, in case any questions pertaining to it came up. i see it just arrived for pick up. looking forward to reading it again. his story is more interesting than my own, much more relevant to the dilemmas humans face, the tension between ‘takers’ and leavers’, particularly now with ‘doom’ on our doorstep.

  • @Pauline: Humans excel at this “revelation”, this separateness/apartness and from everyone including other humans. They live it every day and it is the foundation of our and every other living creature’s impending demise. It is how men were able to create weapons of mass destruction. They feel they are separate from those they plan on destroying horribly.


    It also shows up in much more mundane situations, like when they deliberately lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, etc.

    The big bad things would never ever come to pass, if those silly humans weren’t so willing to indulge in the little bad things.

    Such is the human condition.

  • tvt — thanks for revealing much of yourself, and helping us to feel not so alone.

    I’ve been a doomer since 7 year old, little science jock that I was, — space, rockets and all — on reading the following article on nuclear war, fallout, and strontium 90 accumulating in children’s bones (from the milk I was drinking a lot of) in the Feb 1957 Popular Science.

    I can still feel the creepy, squeamish feeling inside me, “down in my bones”, that I was not safe, and that my entire life was not under the protection of my unseeing parents, but in the hands of idiots and psychopaths. Each low-flying plane over our suburban New Jersey town could be the last I’d ever hear.

    Time has only reinforced… and yes, allowed me time to adapt, and not blame myself as being “crazy”, just foresightful. There’s plenty to enjoy, as we find we are tied up like dogs, but, have wrapped our chain too tightly around a tree… there’s more to enjoy than there is time remaining to do it in.

  • Henry, membah duck & cover? Not much has changed?


    Everybody in Merica watched rasslin in 1950.
    1950 television was rasslin and more rasslin.
    Millions of us suffered severe brain damage in 1950.
    It was so bad, it was good.
    It was all there was.

    Everybody watched rasslin in Bahstin, Massachusetts
    Everybody smoked cigarettes while they watched rasslin.My Mum puffed away on Phillip Morris.My Fathah sucked up two packs of Old Golds every day.

    I ran to the drug “stoah” when they ran out.Clouds of smoke choked us in our living room.Clouds of smoke even choked the rasslin ring on television.
    Good guys and bad guys rasslin in victorious Merica.
    The boys were back home from the “Wah”
    The Goddamn stinkin Nazis were whipped.
    The sneaky Jap “bastids” were all burned up from the Bomb.

    Oh Boy, did our boys give it to those Jap bastids.

    The boys had been nourished by Spam.
    Spam was embalmed meat in a crazy tin box.
    helped to win the wah.
    Merica was strong and powerful because of Spam.
    Gawd gave Spam to Merica.

    My Mum was real “smaht” about Spam
    And she solved the I-hate-Spam problem.
    “If it was good enough for the boys, it’s good enough for you.”
    I felt real guilty for hating Spam.

    We watched rasslin and hated Commies.
    The dirty Commies were mean, but we had the Bomb.
    We could blow the Commie bastids to Kingdom Come.
    Everybody knew that we had a big one.

    When the Commies exploded their big one
    We hated the dirty Commies even more.
    Because they had a big one, too.
    The Commies were out to take over the whole world.

    The freakin Commies hated Gawd.
    Hating Gawd was the worst thing that the Commies did.
    Especially, if you were Cathlick in Bahstin.
    The Commies wanted to take away our Gawd.

    The Commie bad guys are completely gone.
    Now mad dog evil Muslims are the evil bad guys.
    The Dirty Commies didn’t even have a Gawd.
    But the evil Muslims are full-of-Gawd.

    Almost everybody in Merica watches THE NEWS on television.
    NBC News says that the Muslims are all mad dogs.
    CBS News says that the Muslims want to kill us.

    Much of the News is about Israel
    CBS News tells us that we must help embattled Israel.
    NBC News says that the vicious Muslims hate kindly Israel.
    CNN News says that the evil Muslims deny Israel’s right to exist.
    Fox News says that the evil Muslims even deny the Holy Holocaust.
    The News says that the Palestinians want to kill innocent Israeli children.

    CNN News shows furious Muslims shaking their fists at our Gawd.
    The News says that the Muslims want to take over the world.
    The News says that the Iranians want have a big one like our big one.
    The News says that we must give them a damn good whacking
    Because mad dog Muslims have too-much-Gawd.

    The two minutes hate & THE big one.
    Clouds of smoke everywhere …Everything burning & smoking …
    Everybody choking & gasping …Everything burning up like Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Berlin, Hamburg, & Dresden.

  • It is quite interesting when we have these shifts in consciousness. I have had many over my lifetime, of numerous types. Despite several of these experiences being quite profound, only a tiny fraction had obvious, and both immediate and long-lasting effects on my life and on my personality.

    Among the most interesting experiences to me, and they were not life-changing at all or the most profound, were a couple of instances of dual consciousness, where I experienced two very separate, very different “selves” or perspectives at the same time. In one of these experiences I was mowing my lawn with a power mower. The mower struck a small rock in the grass and propelled it straight at my eye. From the time the rock left the ground, I saw and experienced the entire thing in two ways. Fom my ordinary consciousness, the one I was in while mowing the lawn, I saw nothing, responded to nothing consciously, and felt my eyelid close seemingly automatically just before something hit my eye.

    From the other perspective, I saw the entire trajectory of the rock as if in slow motion from its emergence from behind the mower to my face. From this perspective I had all the time in the world to watch that rock and then purposely and with full control close my eyelid – and only my eyelid, no other facial muscles were involved – to protect my eye from the rock. The experience lasted only a second, but it was so clear, as was the sense that one of “I” (ordinary “I”) was quite shocked at the existence of the other “I,” but other “I” was not shocked, but rather knew things.

    People involved in accidents, car collisions and other times when they see disaster coming, frequently mention how on one level everything appears to be in slow motion, similar to my experience.

    I think potential multiple levels of awareness, other dimensions of reality that we are capable of experiencing, exist all at the same time. Our point that we call “I,” however, shifts, just as it does each night when we go to sleep and dream: “I” am always “I” everywhere “I” go. “I” do not have to have anything other than a sense of being, a sense of the state of being, in order to exist.

    I also believe that the two states I describe, two states that many people describe in connection with life-threatening situations as I mentioned above, are always there, and I know that I actually move back and forth between them rather fluidly at times, something most people never observe in themselves or anyone else. One of “I” is fully capable of taking over everything material at any time, and does, or perhaps, one of “I” is fully capable of letting go and defaulting back to a higher and more objective, clearer, and more in control(?) level of “I.” I don’t understand it all, I don’t claim to, and I don’t believe other people understand it all that much either.

    I hesitate to attempt to nail it all down with words, because words cannot express it. Words are of this world, were created for this world, are only good for describing this world.

  • Energy and Environment
    James Hansen’s controversial sea level rise paper has now been published online

  • Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms:
    evidence from paleoclimate data, climate
    modeling, and modern observations that
    C global warming is highly dangerous

  • Mystically, this caused a Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 48 for the other people.

  • Just listen to Paul Beckwith’s latest vids, I believe the Man because of the emotion in his voice

  • Danger is mystical (A Timeline of Endangered Sea Ports).

    “There is such a thing as too late when it comes to Climate Change.” 4 – President Obama

  • Old Growth Forest – wow: “potential multiple levels of awareness, other dimensions of reality that we are capable of experiencing, exist all at the same time.” OGF I’m on the train to Boston today thinking of you writing along the lines of what you just said above before I read it. Maybe it was because I was thinking about how Einstein was on a train when he figured out relativity of motion. Naturally I was thinking of NBL while requesting my office to get air tickets for Guy & his wife. I guess this is all coincidence since I can’t possibly prove how I felt what you were writing about before I actually read it. Then again there is some proof in the fact that you gave out “Peace Pilgrim” books in L.A. 1980 and I’m pretty sure the copy I still hang on to came from you. I hope all these connections continue for awhile as we connect the dots on everything coming apart. Pale blue dot. Atoms, war & what not.

  • Paul Beckwith’s recent (Aug. 4 2015) terrific visuals of Arctic Sea ice thickness.

    His simple explanation of the ferocious cyclonic winds churning the sea ice in August & causing much the 2012 minimum is especially good.

  • Thanks, virgin terry, for a great piece. I’m surprised no one here has written about psychedelics as a transformative factor in their consciousness. Psychedelics have been one of the most important, amazing, and wonderful influences in my life and that of my closest friends. Psychedelics, done in nature with a few good friends, have changed me and helped me become more loving, open minded, kind, and connected. Before I did them, in college my plan was to become “Vice-President of Public Relations for an International Corporation.” “Vice-President”, rather than President, because I was a girl and the patriarchy still was embedded deeply in my consciousness. “International Corporation” because of the prestige and money. Good lord, I could have ended up working for an oil company or Monsanto!

    After doing psychedelics, I realized what I really wanted to do was help people, become a social worker, and devote my life to Nature and Love. The trajectory of my life changed dramatically. Thank heavens I went on to become radical,feminist, politically active, an environmentalist, a gardener, and immensely grateful for the natural world and my fellow psychonauts. Psychedelics helped me see that the world was much bigger and radically different than what I had been taught growing up. It was revolutionary. I will always be thankful for this! And thankful too for finding Guy, and all of you.

  • off the peaceful train-of-thought I just received these notes for tomorrow morning meeting with Harvard Dr. Victor DeGrutola & M.I.T. atmospheric simulator. The air we breath and atoms in all of us are connected to a limited/distant nuclear exchange that could happen any shocking instant:

    A “regional” nuclear war, fought between emerging nuclear weapon states with relatively primitive nuclear weapons, would create a Nuclear Haze which would quickly lead to deadly global climate change. A large nuclear war, fought with thousands of modern thermonuclear weapons, would create either Nuclear Twilight or Nuclear Darkness. Extreme Ice Age weather conditions would result, and would trigger a mass extinction event that would extinguish most complex forms of life on Earth, including human life.

    The darkness and global cooling predicted to result from nuclear war (along with massive radioactive fallout, pyrotoxins, and ozone depletion) was first described in 1983 as “nuclear winter”. These initial studies estimated the smoke from nuclear firestorms would stay in the stratosphere for about a year. However in 2006, researchers using modern computer models found the smoke would form a global stratospheric smoke layer that would last for ten years.

    The longevity of such a smoke layer would allow much smaller quantities of smoke than first predicted in the 1980’s to have a great impact upon both global climate and atmospheric ozone which blocks ultraviolet (UV) light. Thus scientists predict that even a “regional” nuclear conflict could produce enough smoke to significantly cool average global surface temperatures, reduce precipitation, and vastly increase the amount of dangerous UV light reaching the surface of Earth.

    A nuclear war fought between India and Pakistan would produce enough smoke to make the blue skies of Earth appear grey. Although the amount of sunlight blocked by this Nuclear Haze would not produce the profound darkening of the Earth predicted in a nuclear winter (after a nuclear war fought with thousands of strategic nuclear weapons), the deadly climate change created by a regional conflict would likely have devastating global effects upon all human populations, through its shortening of growing seasons and corresponding negative effects upon global agriculture.

  • @twimc

    Interesting comment, how tin can meat “Spam” helped win the war.

    The Russian soldiers didn’t have canned meat, only flour and potatoes. They lived off the countryside and shot everything that moved.

    OTOH Russians had lots more fuel than Germans.

    The Allies made the strategic decision to bomb civilians rather than oil refineries, because they weren’t quite ready to end the war.

  • A nuclear war would get it over far too quickly. The maniacs who are in control prefer to poison the planet slowly via carbon dioxide and other waste products of industrial activity, causing mass suffering for humans and other ‘higher’ life forms for decades.

    Progressively disrupting the geo-chemical systems that make life-as-we-know-it possible is called progress.

    I know, it’s all been said before. But what else are we to do when we are rendered powerless by incompetent fools and liars, other than keep repeating the truth?

    By the way, I note that the Hellstorm video linked fairly recently has now been deleted from the YouTube system.

    Too much truth?

  • This was very interesting to me. Well, I believe that I would have enjoyed being a shrink. Anyway, see what it says about internet trolls.

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    NTHE Question #1

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    More about the dust devil:

    Consensus and Other Realities

  • Shep, truer words were hardly ever spoken and they apply to much more than just money.

    “Them that’s got shall have
    Them that’s not shall lose” Matthew, chapter 5

    “This is a principle of immense importance, and, like other weighty sayings, appears to have been uttered by our Lord on more than one occasion, and in different connections. (See on [1288]Mt 25:9). As a great ethical principle, we see it in operation everywhere, under the general law of habit; in virtue of which moral principles become stronger by exercise, while by disuse, or the exercise of their contraries, they wax weaker, and at length expire. The same principle reigns in the intellectual world, and even in the animal—if not in the vegetable also—as the facts of physiology sufficiently prove. Here, however, it is viewed as a divine ordination, as a judicial retribution in continual operation under the divine administration.”

  • ‘patriarchy still was embedded deeply in my consciousness’

    dr. e., i don’t read nbl as much as some here do. i skip days, and sections of comments quite frequently, but i read or glance over a good majority of it all, and this is the first time i’ve seen your moniker. if it was your first comment, i’m honored that it came in response to my modest little essay. modest talents must cultivate modest goals. if several sheeple liked what i wrote and if it inspired positive therapeutic commentary (including from ‘virgin’ commenters), if it gets more doomers to express themselves, i’m satisfied. can’t ask for more.

    as for the quote above, i think maybe sheeple have a lifetime tendency to believe that with experience comes enlightenment, progress towards becoming one’s own ideal of enlightenment. we think we’ve overcome our own foibles and youthful indoctrinations, to a greater extent than we actually have. the patriarchal indoctrination, or any indoctrination, i suspect is never shed completely… unfortunately.

    ‘Psychedelics helped me see that the world was much bigger and radically different than what I had been taught growing up. It was revolutionary. I will always be thankful for this! And thankful too for finding Guy, and all of you.’

    i’ve read and heard witness of many similar claims about psychedelics. curious and eager to expand my own consciousness, i’ve long been resentful of how the perverse ‘war on (some) drugs’ has made such experience more difficult/dangerous to pursue. the one ‘out of my mind’ psychedlic experience i’ve had wasn’t good, perhaps because it was with a still legal and relatively obscure ‘drug’/plant named salvia divinorum or something like that, noted for it’s extremely (and not always positive) powerful but brief effects. perhaps with a different drug a bit milder and longer in duration, it would have been different, but this was a nightmare, like visiting hell, only not knowing at the time that it wasn’t a permanent ‘visit’. perhaps this too has added to my future phobia, having had a taste of hell of a different sort…

    i’m thankful for ‘finding’ u too today, dr. e. it seems we’re off to an auspicious start, a mutual admiration society…

    i spent a little time earlier re-reading about the first 1/4 of daniel quinn’s rather brief ‘autobio’. the quote marks indicate this is a very unusual sort of autobiography. while i find quinn’s writing very engaging still, i’m finding myself more critical of the writing (like me, he rambles, could use better editing, and while what he says sometimes strikes me as very profound, it isn’t very substantive).

    i’d forgotten quinn’s tale of an early childhood dream that involved a telepathic giant beetle, which, he claims, served as inspiration for the telepathic gorilla character in his novel ISHMAEL. i find this tale more dubious than i did previously. dream memories are notoriously ethereal and hard to retain if not recorded immediately upon awakening. he claims to recall this dream in very fine detail, including exact dialogue that occurred in the telepathic communication between he and the big beetle. he says nothing of having written any of it down as a 6 year old, when this dream supposedly happened, and he claims to have ‘forgotten’ the dream at least a few times… in spite of such skepticism, i still recommend PROVIDENCE (sub-titled ‘the story of a 50 year vision quest’) to fans of quinn’s writing. as i see it, in the face of ‘doom’, a little literary license, a little mixing of fiction with nonfiction, in order to make a stronger artistic impression, is hardly a ‘sin’. besides, it’s a tale of alienation, isolation, and perseverence, something we all can relate to.

  • Kirk,

    The third line in the song I find to be the most interesting: “So the Bible says and it still is news”

    “Still is news”. When is it going to sink in? Never. I know because I do not believe there is time left. Too bad folks. If you had taken the Bible literally a long time ago we might have made earth a nice place to live for a very long time, until, at least, comet incoming….

  • @twimc

    The Wikipedia page devoted to Guy McPherson is missing.

    The page was there a couple of weeks ago.

  • I recognize the story of tvt’s moment of insight (into his alienation from himself and others) and that of Daniel Quinn (insight into the aliveness of the world). They are flip sides of the same coin: loss of connection and reconnection. They are also different styles of consciousness that have attracted considerable interest among a select group of anthropologists and psychohistorians who began to understand sometime back in the 1970s or so (perhaps earlier) that human consciousness has been constituted numerous ways over the millennia. Julian Jaynes and Morris Berman are the first I came into contact with.

    Unlike others, I never had the aha moment of intuition or a momentous realignment of my thinking. Rather, this subject has been a slow-boil preoccupation for my entire life, intensifying as I entered adulthood and gained the intellectual capacity to examine it.

    It may be that the sense of embeddedness in and merger with the rest of creation (ignore the religious overtone of that term), what is sometimes called animism, is the feral state of nature we are born into but lose as we are socialized into modern, civilized styles of consciousness. Paula Hays, who used to blog at Mythodrome (now defunct), advanced the thesis that the Biblical story of The Fall is actually a telling of how humans lost their grace (another loaded term) as individuality and concomitant separation began to coalesce in our prehistory. That telling lacks what we might regard as modern psychological sophistication, and our inability to decode the message properly now (or to simply ignore it, not unlike the Japanese who ignored the tsunami warning posts and pillars erected 600 or more years ago) has relegated the message to myth, metaphor, and mysticism. However, those who have had the flash of insight in either direction would probably describe things differently.

  • Oh Lord, and today I just threw out my Morris Berman books with the trash. That man thinks a lot of himself and thinks Chomsky, Hedges and others are stupid. Thought the Occupy movement was ridiculous because they didn’t have a “Port Huron” Statement. Well, the Port Huron Statement didn’t have any effect either as far as I can tell. Neither has the famed “60 Minutes”. Hell, they snuffed Socrates. NOTHING has ever worked except for “Them That’s Got”.

  • DrEpiphany

    Nice video. Thanks.

  • “I have no choice but to believe in freewill!”

    – Christopher Hitchens

    “If you believe there is no freedom of the will, why bother presenting and argument?”

    – William James

    “[On the argument of no free will]: You’re forced to make the argument, the person you’re talking to can not possibly be convinced, so why not watch a baseball game?”

    – Noam Chomsky

    I can’t believe that one might go to Schroedinger and not find free will there. I went to Heisenberg and seemed to find it flying around all over the place, constantly smashing into my face and smacking me upside the head. After looking at Einstein in the pre 20s, and then on to that dirty card carrying commie-hippy Mr. Oppenheimer, and then to John Bell, and after that to Edward Witten and M-Theory. [My favorite quote from any quantum physicist was Max Born: “Oppression and injustice provoke me to anger and Resistance.”]

    Then farther out to big Cosmology, we don’t even have half a mind wrapped around 80% or more of the fundamental fabric of the universe which is dark matter. I mean, what it it? We don’t have a clue about dark energy either. These are not trivial questions. So now, even Massless, Formless, Timeless, Empty space not only spontaneously generates physical particles from its non-being, but whole universes can pop into and out of existence in micro nano seconds with size being inversely proportional to the duration of their existence.

    I mean, we can’t even do newtonian level carbon sequestration. And here, the actual existant universe could, by mathematical proof, be an 11 dimensional, inflationary flat geometry construct, moving on a brane which births universes, generates intertwining multiverses and this collides into other branes in an undulating, never ending sea of roiling, spontaneously creative branes.

    I mean, this is exactly what? Indian Hindu philosophy? Mutated Buddhism or something? This is pure mystical metaphysics? Or real actual reality?

  • RE Uncle Morris. He shatteringly identifiers the US internally as “the most successful political formation of all time.” Then does nothing to really oppose, or even want to oppose in word or deed. And further identifies no apparent need to do so. As in putting your body on the line, with, for example, teachers in Oaxaca, or hanging with Zapatistas, or doing maquiladoa worker organizing, or cultural undermining authoritarian structures while living in country or anywhere else, etc.

    Second, one of Berman’s central pet criticisms of the US is the “huslter” culture. Then he endlessly scampers off to the F̶a̶t̶h̶e̶r̶l̶a̶n̶d̶ homeland, or a satrap like Japan, to sell books. Etc. Not to say I do not appreciate much of his critique. But, he and I have different philosophical dispositions.

  • kiwi kevin, There are still plenty of truely shocking HELLSTORM videos on Youtube.

    I majored in modern European history at the U of Florida as an undergrad.

    I was taught the exact opposite of the truth of HELLSTORM by a smirking pompous Zionist “historian/professor.”

    Most everything that we were “taught” as historical truth, especially about National Socialism & Adolph Hitler, is abjectly false.

    British historian, Alan Bullock’s definitive bio of Adolph Hitler, “HITLER, A study in Tyranny,” is perversely false.

    The real story is; Why & how has such inescapably critical TRUE historical information been SUCCESSFULLY kept from us.

  • I’ve been hovering outside the flickering firelight on this beach of doom for quite a while but have never posted. I tend to avoid online discussions out of anxiousness over not measuring up to the overall quality of other contributors, but it feels important to be a part of this conversation while it still exists. All I can really add right now is my own experience and the topic of revelations is an interesting place to dive in.
    I grew up in Alaska and spent much of my childhood surrounded by deep nature. As much as I loved the natural world and felt completely a part of it as a child, I also took it for granted, and didn’t learn to fully cherish it. My birth mother was half athabascan, her mother full blood, and her grandmother someone who barely interacted with non-native culture. I’ve only seen one photo of that maternal great-grandmother and she existed in almost another dimension. She was born and lived and even died in or near wilderness. My birth-mother retains strong ties to her culture, but I was adopted as a baby and raised by midwestern, post-war homesteaders. They loved the perceived freedom and beauty of Alaska, but I don’t think they truly cherished the land. They were “good people” and extracting resources from the land was what they knew to do. They were go-getters, and were definitely not reading ‘Silent Spring’ in 1962, the year of my birth. We had a private dump behind our house. Everything that was no longer “useful” was just discarded there. Like a shell mound except this one was full of tin cans, batteries, bicycles, probably an old refrigerator or two, broken toys, and all the other flotsam and jetsam of industrial life in the mid-to-late 20th Century. All slowly oozing into the local lake. I went back to the property some years ago, where a dozen townhomes now stand, and even though the old dump had been covered over with a mound of dirt, I knew where it was and dug out several fifties era license plates. All the other Alaskan families I knew and grew up around were pretty much the same. But I do also recall the cacophony of birdsong, of frogsong, the summer days filled with bumble bees, the streams brimming with salmon and rainbow trout. Or camping at the foot of Denali when individual cars could just drive to Wonder Lake, no reservations required. We didn’t have a television until the late sixties, but I remember watching movies like ‘Billy Jack’ and ‘Soylent Green’ and feeling like there was an important message I was somewhow missing. I remember the TV commercial of the Indian shedding a tear over a bag of tossed garbage, and Angry Mother Earth as played by a brassy actress: “You Can’t Fool Mother Nature!” Such mind control. And it worked; all that nature was kind of a drag to a teenager enamoured with pop kulture. I wanted to see cities and Kerouac’s red brick allys. One of my early revelations was hearing the Ramones. They spun my mind out way beyond the frozen lake and January gloom. Maybe it was a case of the exotic becomes erotic. I was drawn to art, literature, poetry, punk rock. I couldn’t wait to get out of Alaska and left, pretty much for good, when I turned 18. Going from rural Alaska to downtown San Francisco was quite a revelation. I think that was the first time I truly felt in the grip of an alternate reality and the day after I arrived, I walked from my residential hotel room down to Union Square and felt as though I would spin right off the planet. Like an alien. No connection to my native heritage. I didn’t belong in the Alaskan wilderness, and I didn’t belong in the center of an urban maelstrom either. In actuality, I still feel out of place 35 years later. I’ve bounced from one subculture to another, taken psychedelics (more revelations, including one trip where I became the earth itself for an eternity), collected various degrees, had some” career ” success, had some disapointments, found a partner that I adore, and now belong to the ultimate outsider club: Convinced about the data supporting NTE and a total doomer. Michael Ruppert was my doom mentor with his introductions of peak oil and civilizational collapse. The Lifeboat Hour where he first interviewed Guy McPherson was another revelation. Nothing has felt quite the same since. I can’t understand how the realities of resource depletion, the consequences of industrialization and overpopulation didn’t enter my consciousness long before. It’s been a journey down the rabbit hole for sure. I have pretty much walked away from my “career” and seem to have fewer and fewer friends. I just can’t be bothered with pretending all is well. My partner and I are slowly spending down our modest savings (some of which are the remainders of an inheritance from my parents that was built on the extraction of Alaskan energy converted to dollars). I float through most days and garden, read and listen to my big collection of old vinyl records (fossil fuel frozen in time). Still trying to figure out how to create art that feels meaningful in these days of post revelation, and what else I might do that would be somehow helpful to other beings. In the meantime, we keep taking in strays (a starving kitten a few weeks ago) and escorting spiders outside. So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…Thanks to Guy for maintaining this site and to everyone who posts here. Gabba Gabba Hey.

  • we are shit and were going to die out, nature wont give a toss

  • Daniel Quinn & Morris Berman are muddleheaded literary intellectuals, who believe that their unrestrained flights of literary fancy are critically important.

    Berman earned a PhD. in the history of science, but you wouldn’t know it from his lit crit ramblings.

    Berman’s “Reenchantment of the World” is an exercise in preposterous literary & academic ad hoc ideation!

    When I plowed through Berman’s literary fog in Reenchantment, I thought; “How did a historian of science become so speculatively moronic?”

    They are both primarily cavalier armchair philosophers & ideationists writing imaginative literature.

    Robert Scribbler is writing an imaginative novel (for future literary titillation I presume?)in his spare time.

    tvt, I just can’t waste my sacred human intelligence & scientific learning on this literary fluff, especially when there is so little time left.

  • I’ve penned and posted a new essay. Catch it, along with a 30-minute audio conversation, here.

  • There’s a great 8/14 interview with Kevin Hester on the Lifeboat Hour, if anyone’s interested. I found it especially interesting.

    Amazing McKenna video from DrEpitheny, thanks! I, also pay homage to mind awakening drugs. Without them I would most likely be living the horror of normalcy, YUCK! It’s wisely asked, “WHY BE NORMAL?” I’ve never heard an adequate answer to that question and most likely, never will.

    I’ve been depressed lately and got through it by doing a lot of research on different ways to perform suicide. There’s lots of good information out there. But hey, only yesterday I emerged from my depression and am now, again, relatively pleased to be here. We all need to remind ourselves, even in the midst of a depressive episode, that they are usually only temporary. I’m reminded of the old saying, “Don’t make a permanent solution to what is likely to be a temporary condition.”

    Been meaning to thank TVT for a fine article. I’ll share when it first hit me that doom would probably fall within my lifetime: Around 1968-70, I was at a traffic light where three major streets and highways intersected. I became aware of how bizarre and unnatural it all was, and the idea of un-sustainability washed over me. I haven’t been the same sense. I’ll never remember the number of people I accosted with the phrase, “Hey, I think the world’s gonna end soon…”, poor devils. I envision a lot of people are starting to mutter, ‘Kirk, that crazy old bastard, he was RIGHT!” HAHA!

  • Oh, I meant to mention the NBL podcast interview with Daniel Quinn. A fine time with a sweet old gentleman! Well done!

  • El Sea- Thank you for joining in the conversation! I appreciated your comments. Please continue to post :)

  • Hi, El Sea. Greetings from Alaska. I am still in awe of the beauty of the land here everyday. My area has been developed quite a bit since I first moved in, and I’m longing for a quieter, more remote homestead these days, but even now I love this place and my home here like no other. I even saw a bear in my neighborhood right by my house for the first time in many years a couple of days ago.

    I camped at Denali for a week every year around the Labor Day holiday for over a dozen years. I also love Byers Lake and made a point to camp there at least one night every time I went to Denali, and to stop back for lunch and a hike one the way home. What a beautiful campground, and awesome bird environment.

    This summer is the most beautiful summer I’ve ever seen in Alaska, and I have difficulty staying indoors at all. I find myself sitting on the grass outside with the dogs, or just watching the clouds roll by from the porch, just because the breeze and the sunshine feel so good on my skin. It is all reminiscent of other places and other climates. If Alaska was like this every year, even with cold winters we would be absolutely overrun with humanity.

    I bet it was amazing when you were growing up.

  • Thanks for the greetings OGF. I always really enjoy your posts, especially the ones about life in the mat valley. I do sometimes wish I could have had the wisdom to hang onto the land I was raised on (almost 20 acres on wasilla lake). In the sixties and even early seventies, the main street in wasilla was still dirt and the highway between anchorage and fairbanks was only a two-laner. It was big news when a stoplight went in…

  • There is new construction going on in the big Fred Meyer shopping monstrosity occupying a large chunk of Wasilla Lake’s shore, a shopping monstrosity that dumps toxic runoff into the lake daily. A big sign says that a new Panda Express is coming soon. I couldn’t help but think that I was in hell sitting there in my car reading that sign. More Mordor coming to Silliwa. Oh, joy.